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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 30, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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demarcus from rascal flatts in his new book in the "after the show show". >> before that listen to the radio show from 9:00 to noon on fox nation. now watch us. >> bill: thank you, guys, breaking news now on a tinderbox lit in venezuela. the country's opposition leader juan gado is calling on the people of venezuela and the military in that country to overthrow maduro's socialist regime. fox news learning that security forces have fired tear gas at guaido when he was surrounded by military members in caracas. president trump watching it from the white house and the trump white house supports the venezuelan people. another one afghanistan war vet custody charged with playing a terror attack in southern california and where we start today. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to tuesday in new york city.
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nice to see you. >> sandra: good to be back together. i'm sandra smith. federal prosecutors say mark deminger planed to commit mass murder in long beach, california in retaliation on two new zealand mosques. >> at times mr. today mingo said he wanted to kill jews when they walked to synagogue. other timings he wanted to kill and target police officers, attack a military facility or crowds at the santa monica pier. his stated belief in violent jihad and that americans should pay for attacks on muslims around the world. >> sandra: jonathan hunt live in los angeles with more. >> the man is 26 years old and infantryman who served in combat. according to prosecutors, wanted in his words to give
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americans, quote, a taste of the terror they gladly spread all over the world. >> he repeatedly spoke about becoming a martyr. at one point he said he would pledge allegiance to isis if they managed to create a presence in the united states. >> investigators say domingo posted an online message mark 3 saying america needs another vegas event. an apparent reference to the 2017 mass shooting in las vegas that killed 59 people. he then began discussing seeking revenge for the new zealand mosque shootings that killed 50 people. at that point an f.b.i. informant began talking with him online about his plans. domingo talked about bombing the busy santa monica pier and then a white nationalist rally
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due to take place in long beach. he bought eight pounds of nails for a bomb and handed them to a man he believed to be a bomb maker but who was an undercover police officer. he was arrested two days before his planned attack after he was given the bombs that he believed to be real and began surveying the area where he intended to set them off. the u.s. attorney in charge of this case described domingo as a man who was consumed with hate and bent on mass murder. the u.s. attorney also praising the joint effort by law enforcement agencies to identify domingo and prevent what prosecutors called a chilling terror plot that could have killed hundreds of innocent americans. sandra. >> sandra: thank you, jonathan hunt. >> bill: attempted military coup underway in venezuela. juan guaido has the final phase
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of his plan to oust the maduro regime. he is calling for a military uprising. how the military is responding is an open question. the trump administration supports the venezuelan people. here is a statement a moment ago that's been provided attributed to sarah sanders. the president consulted with his national security team and leaders in the region who share his concern and this designation is working its way through the internal process according to sarah sanders a moment ago. >> sandra: three-minute video he posted to his twitter account juan guaido calling for the uprising saying the armed forces have taken the correct decision and can count on the support of the people of venezuela. the moment is now those in uniform. everyone should come to the streets. in peace. he added we must all mobilize. it is time to conquer freedom.
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this is all happening now. a developing situation on the ground in venezuela. >> bill: tough to say how many people are responding to his call. the socialist party boss in caracas down playing the significance of this rebellion we've been watching for the better part of two hours saying caracas is calm. big city, big country. northern part of the country. the military base is just on the outskirts of the capital city of caracas. >> sandra: marco rubio issuing a statement acknowledging the military efforts on the ground there. he says as usual the maduro regime with the help of china technicians has taken down all social media access inside venezuela. adding to that we know maduro has shut down all public transit in caracas and surrounding areas. they have had to take to the streets to mobilize. >> bill: what started this was
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the twitter video that was posted three hours ago at this point where guaido was saying we must all mobilize. it is time to conquer freedom. minutes after the video was shared, the venezuelan government said it would put down this quote small coup attempt by what it considered military traitors and the communications minister, a fellow by the name of jorge rodriguez called on all the people of venezuela to remain on high alert alongside the glorious bolliveian national armed forces to defeat the coup attempt and preserve the speech in spanish now, we will win. >> sandra: tear gas was fired near the caracas air base where guaido and others were standing guard. the tear gas appeared to have been fired from inside the air
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base. more people are gathering there and going back to what we heard from rubio earlier. here is the tweet. after years of suffering, freedom is waiting for people of venezuela. do not let them take this turnt opportunity from you. do not allow this moment to slip away. it may not come again. >> bill: repeat now. people of venezuela he said it's necessary we go out together to the streets to support the democratic forces and recover our freedom. organize and together mobilize the main military units. we'll see who responds. kellyanne conway live from the north lawn. thank you for your time. trying to piece this together in the country of venezuela. what can you tell us? you just got out of a briefing at the white house. what's happening in venezuela? >> thanks for your indulgence there. as you know, we stand with the people of venezuela and it's time for maduro to go. we made that very clear. we certainly support a peaceful
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transition. you have seen tweets in the last few minutes from secretary of state pompeo and senator rubio, ambassador bolton and we want to review for you in quick order what maduro has done to his people. starving them, chavez was in power for 20 years. this has gone on for three months with guaido. we support the people of venezuela and that is why we in the united states have tried to deliver so many supplies just to meet basic needs. three million venezuelans have the fled to columbia and brazil. average person has lost more than 20 pounds in the last year. a disgrace against humanity. i think secretary of state pompeo put it best in his recent tweet when he said it is operation liberty. we'll stand with the people until they are free. and they are free from the grips of this mad man in power,
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maduro. >> bill: guaido is appealing to the military. do you know if the military is responding to his call this early hour? >> that i'm not going to comment on. i'll say we believe there can be a peaceful transition of power and that you've seen the maduros around the world who cling to their power no matter how they treat their own people. it is time for him to go. the vice president has made this clear over the last year, the president. we have certainly welcomed mr. guaido's wife here recently and others, of course, who we refer to as freedom fighters, if you will. >> bill: on maduro, though, have you heard from him? do you know his whereabouts? has anyone heard or seen him? >> i'm not aware of that. i didn't hear that in any briefing this morning. >> what is next? are you watching and waiting? >> we are watching and waiting. we hope the result is democracy
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and freedom for the people. the president has made clear around this world that america first is not america alone. we'll stand in the breach when people like the venezuelans are suffering and they're suffering from a lack of food and medicine and having basic needs met. as the president has said including very recently, bill. venezuela was once one of the most wealthy countries. now you've seen what people in power who try to hang on to a power and wealth for themselves and not share it with their own people, what has happened. an exodus of venezuelans, we stand with the venezuelan people and juan guaido. >> bill: it is a country in crisis. we'll follow it. let's do a quick lightning round. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer coming to the white house next hour. what can you do together, kellyanne? >> hopefully infrastructure. we have crumbling bridges and roads in disrepair, 260,000
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water main breaks a year. air traffic control system was built to accommodate 100,000 annual passengers. we have close to 1 billion. if they'rreand not talking about impeachment we welcome them here. it is a big bipartisan effort. it can't be the green new deal in disguise. it can't be the environment and labor unions as some pieces of that letter suggested yesterday. true infrastructure, let's work on that together. >> bill: we remember the last time we got together. will bill barr testify before the house thursday? >> we'll leave that to him. he is testifying to the senate. the harassment of bill barr and the disrespect is disgraceful to this man who spent his career in public service and private law practice. no less of a soul than joe biden voted for his confirmation of attorney general first time around. i think people are mad at bob mueller and his investigators
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for not getting the president in an interview, shutting down the investigation before those who felt they should produce the goods got it. i'll leave it to him. i think it's outrageous they want to play advertise sem. i read an interview of jerry nadler saying they can arrest people or fine them up to $20,000 a day for not complying with subpoenas to appear. are we going to do that with chuck and nancy coming over to talk about infrastructure? are we dangling arrests of innocent citizens for not complying with subpoenas? i think congress needs to calm down a little bit on this. >> bill: we'll watch in the senate wednesday and see what happens in the house on thursday. i'm out of time. >> a lot of news this morning so thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert a terrorist leader with a $25 million bounty on his head seen for the first time in five years in new footage released by isis. what all baghdadi is saying
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about the bombings in sri lanka and jihad straight ahead. >> bill: president trump offers anover haul to an asylum system. we'll talk to rick scott about that next coming up live.
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plus with most insurance a safelite chip repair is no cost to you. >> mom: really? drive safely. all right. ♪ acoustic music >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. >> bill: trying to overhaul the asylum system including a new fee to process applicants and a ban on anyone who crosses the border illegally from obtaining a work permit. rick scott from the senate armed services committee. bullet points. don't go on the screen, guys. development of regulations to bar certain eye asylum seekers from obtaining work authorization. fees on applications, i can understand the monetary cost there. speed up court decisions and limit access to other forms of relief. you take all this together and maybe in 90 days you have it implemented. what does that add up to you, senator? >> well, here is what's frustrating. the president is doing these
6:17 am
things because our system doesn't work. so we have to figure out how we have an asylum system that does what it is supposed to do. help those with asylum and not alou people to take advantage of the system. the democrats are sitting on the sidelines. they must think it is good politics for them. i've been to the border. it is not fair to our agents. they don't have enough people or technology or barriers. democrats have to show up and say we have to secure the border. come up with an asylum and visa program and make them where they work not have chaos all the time. the democrats are on the sidelines. they must think it is good politics. >> bill: have you seen any of the reporting that griff jenkins is doing down there? >> i have. >> bill: this morning he found people from india. he found people from cameroon. he listed off half a dozen other countries. he has only been there 24 hours, senator. >> i was down in panama in the venezuelan border, columbia last week.
6:18 am
i met with dea agents and telling me all the terrorists that they have found trying to cross the border. this was in panama trying to cross through panama to get north through the central america to get to mexico to get to the united states. we have to understand there are people that are coming all over the world, some of them. they're wonderful people who want to do the right things but some are there to harm us. we have to secure our border. >> bill: i don't know what washington is thifmgt it's about time. i think you would agree on that. on venezuela what are you hearing? is maduro public? is he staying quiet for now? this guaido appeal for the military? has anyone responded? >> i got a briefing from the white house and talked to military members. i was on the border of venezuela, the columbian border last week. i saw -- you see these moms and two or three kids sleeping on the street because they don't have a job and the only food they get is from a usa food
6:19 am
station. they get one meal a day. they're waiting hours. so i'm hopeful. i'm hopeful the military has come to their senses. we should expect that china and russia walk away. that should be our expectations. let the people of venezuela dictate their future not some faraway power. so if we don't here is what will happen. we'll have a syria. you have russia, china, iran, hezbollah down there. we have to support guaido. i'm hopeful by the end of the day that maduro will be in cuba or turkey or someplace. guaido will be an interim leader and -- >> bill: you think it's possible by tend of the day maduro will be out of the country? >> if the military does their job. lopez is out, that's a big deal. they have military around them right now. i think -- look, i'm -- i feel
6:20 am
so horrible for the citizens down there and i see those little babies and their faces not having enough food. the children walking for hours to get to school because they want to get educated. we have to do everything we can whether it's -- we have to use our military to get humanitarian aid in. today i pray to god that juan guaido is the leader at the end of the day and maduro is living someplace else. >> bill: kellyanne conway talked about a peaceful transition. we hope that's the case. you say we have a syria-like situation in venezuela. >> look who is there. china, russia, hezbollah, iran is there, cuba is there. you have all the bad actors. so if maduro doesn't step aside all these bad actors will get bigger and bigger. what will happen, it will cause problems for columbia, brazil, panama, all the countries in south america and central america. what is america going to do? sit on the sidelines then?
6:21 am
what are the military from all those countries do? you have terrorists like the alm bombing? no, we'll have a syria if we don't figure out how to get maduro to step aside. china and russia need to walk away. >> bill: rick scott, we're watching it from here. live in washington, senator, come on back. >> sandra: now to this breaking news out of sri lanka right now. officials warning more terror attacks may be coming following the easter sunday bombings that left more than 250 people dead. they say they have intelligence showing there could be more suicide bombers out there. we'll bring you more on this as we get it this morning plus our first look in five years at one of the world's most wanted terrorists. what the leader of isis is saying in a new video. tein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar.
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>> bill: breaking news from overnight. president trump and his family suing deutsche bank and capital one in an effort to block subpoenas issued by democrats on two top house committees. both banks have said they will comply with the subpoenas by intelligence and services committees who want to look at the trump financial records. eric trump on the program before us today calls it presidential harassment, trump's lawyers argue the subpoenas serve no legitimate or lawful purpose. democrats want to see these records for any potential foreign influence, they say. we'll see what happens to that. >> sandra: isis releasing new video of its leader for the first time in five years in a propaganda video the man believed to be baghdadi notes the terror group's defeat in syria before praising the deadly easter sunday bombings in sri lanka. benjamin hall joins us live
6:26 am
from london with more on this. >> hi. this is the most wanted terrorist in the world and it is him making a rallying cry to his followers coming at a critical time for isis as they move from a territorial caliphate, a terror group able to inspire and insight attacks if not actively direct them. the 18 minute long video shows him speaking to a few followers. he appears in good health despite persistent reports that he was either dead or injured. in it he says the territorial defeat of isis will be avenged and he reminds followers that the caliphate has people across the world willing to follow his command. as you say he praises the recent sri lanka bombings saying they were revenge for the loss of the caliphate and he calls on followers to launch more attacks, specifically naming france as a target and africa as a possible base for other affiliates. a state department spokesman has said they're still confirming the video's ou then
6:27 am
advertise tee and add isis defeat was a psychological blow. baghdadi hasn't been seen since 2014. he has gone underground but thought he is riding somewhere in the vast deserts of eastern syria of western iraq. intelligence services have hunted him for years and a $25 million bounty on his head. the great fear this video might bring more recruits to his cause and five days away from ramadan there are fears there could be an uptick in violence. >> sandra: a rallying cry for his followers. >> bill: for five years you never heard from him or saw him on video and pops up after sri lanka. some of the video had been edited with updates for audio inserts to suggest that the video itself may have been recorded several weeks or months ago. they wanted to update it with
6:28 am
current events now. sandra in the fight you lose the caliphate but spread the word with your foot soldiers all over the world. that's what we saw in sri lanka. >> sandra: first time in five years we've heard from him. >> bill: another story today we're watching the first ever hearing for medicare for all taking place moments from now. house democrats on that next. republican congressman greg walden is a complete government takeover. calls it socialism and he will explain and make his case next. >> sandra: the trump administration taking bold new action in a broken immigration system as a new caravan makes its way to the border. we're live on the ground talking to some of the migrants trying to make their way here. >> we really do have a crisis at the border. in fact, it is inhumane for us to ignore it longer. we have a number of unaccompanied children skyrocketing. the number of those individuals coming across our border, being smuggled.
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>> sandra: all eyes on venezuela, a military uprising against the maduro regime may be underway. opposition leader juan guaido with substantial military support is calling on supporters to oust the socialist regime of maduro. security forces firing tear gas in the streets there. guaido declaring the final phase of his plan to rid the country of the maduro regime. this as the white house monitors events saying it stands with the people of venezuela. we'll have more on this as it develops through the morning. we talked to kellyanne conway earlier. she said the president and white house are watching on as things develop on the streets there. >> bill: i thought the key phrase was the peaceful transition he hoped for. hopefully that's the case. one image from caracas, the rick scott interview was interesting when he talked about a syria-like country that is developing in venezuela with elements from all over the world that could spread to central america and then eventually he is making the case that the u.s. would need
6:33 am
to take action. the other thing he said is that he hopes maduro is out of the country by the end of the day. now based on the interview with conway, no one knows where maduro is and no one has heard from him yet. it's early on in this right now. been watching it for 3 1/2 hours. we'll see when and if maduro speaks. >> sandra: we'll continue to watch the situation there. meanwhile onto this. >> bill: president trump calling for an overhaul of the asylum system. thousands of migrants about to set out in another caravan heading for the u.s. border. griff jenkins live on the ground in southern mexico. you have found some interesting people. tell us about them. >> good morning. that's right. bill, we've covered these caravans since last year in october, january of this year. what's different now is the global makeup of it. word is out that there are caravans headed to the u.s. and the catch and release is probably the main reason why
6:34 am
they're being here. here you're looking at people from angola, congo, cuba, togo, cameroon, india and bangladesh. we spoke to a man from cameroon who took an unbelievable journey. here is what he said about his journey. listen. >> i'm from cameroon and my journey i started from cameroon to nigeria, start coming now by boat. i come to columbia and i take my boat from columbia i arrive in panama. i walk now. i left panama to costa rica, from costa rica to nicaragua. from nicaragua to honduras from guatemala, from guatemala to mexico now. >> an unbelievable journey, bill. he said he battled crocodiles in the panama jungle.
6:35 am
no one has seen inside until now. we have exclusive photos. you can see the overcrowding in the unsanitary conditions of which they're living. a lot of people here behind us don't necessarily want to go in. just get a 20-day visa to make their way up north. >> remarkable stuff. thanks. southern mexico again today. thank you, griff. >> the best way to go forward in my view is through medicare for all single payer program. >> i say medical for all. expanding healthcare, lowering costs. >> i believe the solution and i feel strongly about this is that we need to have medicare for all. >> sandra: it's a hot issue on the campaign trail that's for sure. on capitol hill as well. house committee set to hold the first ever medicare for all hearing moments from now. lawmakers considering a proposal to provide coverage for anyone living in the united states within two years. the ambitious legislation does not have the full support of
6:36 am
the democratic party, though. republicans slamming it as a complete government takeover of healthcare. some calling it socialism. let's bring in oregon congressman greg walden. based on what you know so far and the proposals out there for medicare for all we can throw it on the screen. comprehensive benefits, freedom of choice. no private insurance premiums. co-pays or deductibles. reducing the cost of prescription drugs. they say they can do it all in two years, congressman. >> we're not venezuela and that's what they're talking about doing here. a complete government takeover of your healthcare, 158 million americans get their health insurance through their employer or union plans. that would be gone. medicare advantage plans gone. tricare gone. they think the government can do it more affordably and efficiently. both liberal and conservatives think tanks the bill's cost you would have to double or triple
6:37 am
personal income tax and get doctors and hospitals take a 40% cut. what are the wait a lines going to be? there is a woman no nova scotia whose video has gone viral. she waited two years to get a diagnosis that she had cancer. by then it was stage three. she is 33 years old. we know about the wait times. if you think it's fun to wait in line at dmv you'll love bernie sanders wait times medicare for all. that's what it will be. people will wait. we won't have innovation in medicine in america. that's where we innovate in the world. they're doing all this in the small room in washington that's the speaker's pocket committee, 5-2 in the rules committee. not the committee that has the policy. >> sandra: tell me about that. we've heard from nancy pelosi on this issue herself dating back to a february rolling stone interview said she was personally agnostic on medicare for all. she openly asked the question how do you pay for that? so while we showed a bunch of
6:38 am
2020 hopefuls who are in favor of this, nancy pelosi seems skeptical. >> remember, she is the one that told the national association of counties about obamacare that congress had to pass it so we had to find out what was in it. this is her committee. the rules committee is appointed by the speaker of the house. she has chosen to have the rules committee, her own committee where democrats outnumber republicans 5-2 are the ones doing the hearing. the energy and commerce committee that i chaired the last two years, that's where you have over 50 members, big hearing room. lots of opportunity for the public to participate. that's not where the hearing is. i've asked for a hearing on medicare for all. the democrats won't do it in the committee that has the jurisdiction to do it. they are doing it in the rules committee. this is unprecedented and the wrong way to approach a complete government takeover of our healthcare system. >> sandra: in addition to 2020 hopefuls and we were showing
6:39 am
some images of alexandria ocasio-cortez because this legislation secured the backing of more than 100 congressional co-sponsors including alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar. cory booker, kamala harris, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren. some of them have fully endorsed the proposal that's out there. amy klobuchar has supported only a public option, congressman. >> it is also a great admission, isn't it, on their part that obamacare is not working for so many americans. so what they want to do is double down on that concept and make it all government run. we've got government-run systems. while the v.a. does help veterans every member of congress i would argue has one or two staff people that spend full-time trying to get their veterans in their district access to timely care in the v.a.. that's the kind of system you end up with there and the delays will cost live as they do in other countries, single payer system. it is a great bumper sticker
6:40 am
but an expensive solution. >> sandra: what will happen on the first ever hearing on medicare for all. republicans have invited charles playhouse from george mason university. a senior researcher. he plans to answer the question that nancy pelosi asked how do you pay for it? he is suggesting in a study that this would increase government healthcare spending by over $32 trillion over a 10-year period. lead to historic tax increases. those tax increases would recoup only $2 trillion worth. we'll hear from some in the hearing room. i would press you, then, what is the republican solution then? >> i think we've had several. one is to take some of the models out of states where they come in and my state does this, maine does it, maryland does it. buy down high-cost patient cost through reinsurance programs. those can work if they're designed correctly. i want to go after costs of healthcare. if i remained as chairman.
6:41 am
trying to get drug costs down, find out why hospital costs are so high. every part of this medical industrial complex. we're all paying more out-of-pocket when we go to get our drugs through higher and higher co-pays and deductibles and why this system is costing america so much. go after the cross drivers not turn it over the government. not the most efficient way to run anything. >> sandra: we all look forward to seeing what comes out of this hearing this morning happening a short time from now and appreciate your time ahead of that this morning. thank you, sir. >> bill: funny moment here, president trump welcoming the 2019 women's ncaa basketball champs, the baylor bears. they presented the president with his own jersey making for this exchange here. roll it. >> we would like to present you with one of our jerseys. >> president trump: i love that. >> it may not be the right size.
6:42 am
maybe melania will wear it. >> president trump: i love it, wow. i might have to wear it. i'll mess up my hair but that's okay. it is mine. >> sandra: lovely. >> bill: let's say it came from a different rack. >> sandra: it won't fit. battle lines drawn already ahead of the 2020 election. joe biden holding his first big campaign rally while the rest of the field pushes to stand out from the crowded field. we'll be speaking to democratic candidate andrew yang, his pitch to voters. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's
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>> sandra: the latest on the chaos in venezuela. you are looking at live shots here as venezuela's opposition leader juan guaido has urged the military to take to the streets in an uprising there. i want to tell the venezuelan people guaido says this is the
6:46 am
moment to take to the streets and accompany these patriotic soldiers. that's happening now on the streets in venezuela. troops lawyer to maduro have been firing tear gas from inside the air base there as the crowds now have been gathering in the streets. some brandishing venezuelan flags. as you can see this is happening now, a developing situation. we'll continue following this for you and bring you the breaking news as we get it in venezuela. >> the only thing that stands in our way is our broken political system that is being undermined by the president to abuse the power of the office. donald trump is the only president who has decided not to represent the whole country. the president has his base. we need a president who works for all americans. >> bill: as you can see joe
6:47 am
biden is tearing down president trump making his appeal to middle class voters and unions. other candidates trying to stand out from the field in the democratic crowd. here is one. andrew yang, nice to see you in person meeting for the first time. biden didn't go after you or any of his democratic challengers. >> he has the advantage of having sky high name recognition and been in the public space a long time. he is focused on donald trump. we have to solve the problems that got donald trump elected in 2016. >> bill: i wonder if you were insulted by the lack of acknowledgement in pittsburgh, you and the others. >> not at all. sitting vice president for eight years. leading in the polls. if i were him i would have done the exact same thing. >> bill: you want to do universal basic income and give people in iowa $1,000 a day --
6:48 am
sorry, $1,000 a -- $12,000 a year i should say. are you pandering to the folks in iowa to try to get that attention? >> we've already done this in new hampshire and what's fun about this is that when people get $1,000 a month you see they do positive, productive things. a family in new hampshire is paying their daughter's tuition. the same thing will happen in iowa. there are fears about people getting $1,000 a month. >> bill: what changes for people if you do that? because some would see it as a simple hand-out, as you know. >> there is a lot of data on this. what happens is that people's mental health improves. stress goes down. relationships improve. physical health improves over time. their trust in community members and their society goes up. there are a lot of phenomenal effects and we're seeing this on a very small scale with a family in new hampshire that i've been doing it for since january 1. >> bill: interested to see how people in iowa respond to it.
6:49 am
how do you beat this administration when you are growing at 3.2%. the gdp number for first quarter. >> gdp is a highly flaw educator how we're doing. it is at a record high but life expectancy has declined because of drug overdose and suicide. what do you care about? life expectancy and gdp number. >> bill: i don't think you can make the case that it's phantom. it moves markets. you support the green new deal, correct? medicare for all. a hearing on that today in the house we're waiting for. you support a carbon tax, you support free or drastically reduced tuition at community colleges. we have a big list. who do you believe is the most liberal or most progressive in this field today? >> it's a fun question. a big field. for me the liberal and conservative, it is not left or right it's forward.
6:50 am
we have to solve the problems of the american people and know that one of the main things or several of the main things driving americans to record levels of stress are sky high education costs and our sky high healthcare costs, the leading cause of bankruptcy. they have to come together. congress person who was talking about it said that the cost in our healthcare systems are out of control and we need to bring them down. >> bill: i didn't get a name from you on that question. >> you noticed that, huh? >> bill: andrew yang, $1,000 a month, thank you very much for your time. we'll see where it goes. medicare for all hearing coming up in minutes. thank you, sir. >> sandra: senate democrats preparing to grill attorney general bar on his handling of the mueller report. tomorrow a stand-off growing between the a.g. and house democrats. our a-team will take it all up. >> mueller said to barr i can't decide obstruction of justice.
6:51 am
no underlying crime it is hard to prove intent. the president did nothing to deter mueller. if the house pursues it it's because they've gone crazy when it comes to trump. >> mom: honey is that a chip? >> tech: they wanted it fixed fast so they brought it to us. >> mom: hi. >> tech: with our in-shop chip repair service, we can fix it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance a safelite chip repair is no cost to you. >> mom: really? drive safely. all right. ♪ acoustic music >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. there's brushing...and there's oral-b power brushing. oral-b just cleans better. even my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth.
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and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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6:54 am
>> sandra: north korea issuing an ultimatum to the united states. the vice foreign minister warning of severe consequences if washington does not soften its stance on sanctions and resume nuclear talks. also slamming secretary of state mike pompeo and demanding a more careful and mature counterpart. greg palkot from london. >> north korea leader's vice foreign minister intensify the talk. one, they don't want to deal
6:55 am
with secretary pompeo. two, u.s. has until tend of the year to come up with a new approach fordenuclearization and for his part pompeo brushes off the charges that the u.s. could consider military measures. he also says that north korea doesn't get to pick who it talks to in the negotiations. and he refuses to be pinned down on a deadline. also sandra in an interview today pompeo weighs in on american prisoner otto warmbier revealed that north korea had demanded $2 million in medical costs at his release in 2017. he was comatose and died. let's listen to pompeo right now. >> made clear at no time in this administration have we paid for any hostage to be released and we have no intention of doing so. >> sandra, overnight we
6:56 am
communicated with the north korean envoy for the u.s. at the time. he confirmed to me one, he had signed the agreement, two, it was authorized by the secretary of state at the time rex tillerson, and three, he does believe it came from president trump but he also has one other opinion that a lot of people don't share. he thinks we should have paid north korea that $2 million just to maintain credibility. a lot of people don't agree with that. back to you. >> bill: a couple big stories now monitoring a possible revolution in venezuela. juan guaido calls for tend of the socialist government. will the military respond on that. we're watching caracas as we continue at the top of the next hour. which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. you can barely feel. we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at".
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7:00 am
by conditioning and smoothing fibers, so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done. >> sandra: breaking news on an attempted revolution in venezuela. u.s. backing juan guaido as he tells the military to uprise and overthrow the maduro regime. >> bill: good morning. tensions boiling over, tear gas filling the air. the trump administration keeping close tabs on all these developments maintaining calls for maduro to step aside. >> sandra: juan guaido announcing what he is calling the final phase of his plan to overthrow maduro. here is what senator rick scott said last hour he wants to see happen immediately. >> i'm hopeful that the military has come to their senses. look, we should expect that china and russia walk away.
7:01 am
that should be our expectations. let the people of venezuela dictate their future not some faraway power. we've got to do everything we can to support guaido. i'm hopeful by the end of the day that the maduro will be out of the country. >> bill: phil keating is live in miami now. what have you found out? >> good morning, bill. it is a fluid situation down in venezuela right now. tear gas has been fired. there are reports of gunshots being heard as well. rocks are being thrown and some of the venezuelans who oppose the government of nicolas maduro are heavily armed and they do appear to be ready for battle. whether this is truly the beginning of a coup and overthrow of the disputed socialist regime or a minor uprising or demonstration that will soon be quaushd, everything is possible now. it depends on the loyalty of the venezuelan military which has remained with the socialist government and disputed president nicolas maduro.
7:02 am
opposition leader juan guaido released a call to arms this morning which appears to show some military defectors backing him and said to be shot on a caracas military base in the pre-dawn hours. guaido claims members of the armed forces have agreed to back the constitution and what he is calling operation liberty. he is really sharpening his urging of the people to overthrow the maduro government like he hasn't done before. according to venezuela's minister of defense things in venezuela are mostly normal. especially and critically on every military base. where we have seen crowds of several hundred possibly into the thousands this morning gathering in the area in the capital could be the flash point today, later this afternoon or any moment now really. secretary of state mike pompeo reacting now on twitter, quote, today interim president juan
7:03 am
guaido announced the start of operation liberty. the u.s. government fully supports the venezuelan people and their quest for freedom and democracy. democracy cannot be defeated. according to the white house, president trump was briefed on the situation first thing this morning and people inside the white house are closely monitoring all developments that are happening right now in caracas. >> bill: phil keating in miami. >> sandra: fox news alert on a big event in 30 minutes at the white house. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer will be meeting with the president on infrastructure. that's the official topic on the agenda. it is anyone's guess where it will go. here is kellyanne conway. >> hopefully they're serious about that. we have crumbling bridges and roads in disrepair. 260,000 water main breaks a year. air traffic control system was built to accommodate 100,000 annual passengers.
7:04 am
we have now close to one billion annual air passengers. if they're serious about infrastructure and not indictment and impeachment, we welcome them here. >> sandra: mike emanuel has more and what to expect. >> the primary topic is expected to be the nation's infrastructure the white house is signaling immigration could likely come up as well. president trump met with the top democrats in congress back in december and that meeting blew up when the president aggressively pushed for his border wall facing a funding deadline. that led to a five-week partial government shutdown. speaker nancy pelosi and senate leader chuck schumer sent a letter yesterday to president trump noting the nation's infrastructure is -- it needs to be a game changer for the american people we should go beyond transportation and into broadband, water, energy,
7:05 am
schools, housing and other initiatives. we must also invest in resiliency and risk mitigation of our current infrastructure to deal with climate change. leader schumer also offered a preview on the senate floor. >> it's important to remember two things. first, our country has large infrastructure demands. we need to go big and we need to address roads and bridges but also schools, housing, broadband, green energy and more. >> of course in the senate republicans are in the majority and you can expect majority leader mitch mcconnell and many members to ask how democrats intend to pay for infrastructure. democrats are talking about raising the corporate tax rate. seems to be a non-starter with many republicans. one thing we've heard from both sides for the past couple years is one possible area of agreement could be infrastructure. we'll see if this meeting produces some results. >> sandra: we await that meeting. thank you. >> bill: ready to roll.
7:06 am
jessica tarlov, alex conant and kristen anderson. this is our a-team. nice to see you all. do you want to go back to december? oval office, roll it, one of the greatest hits. here we go. >> mr. president, please don't characterize the strength that i bring to this meeting as its leader of the house democrats who just want to -- >> elections have consequences, mr. president. >> president trump: that's right and then that's why the country is doing so well. >> it's called funding the government, mr. president. because you can't get your way. let me say something, mr. president, you just say my way or we'll shut down the government. >> bill: they are sitting down today. no cameras. >> we'll see.
7:07 am
that was great. transparency in government, right? clearly that episode did not go all that well for trump. he ended up owning or getting blamed for a lot of the shutdown and he ends up having to fold on it. i would be surprised if he brings the cameras back in the room. i do think there is a lot of area for agreement for them especially on infrastructure and prescription drug costs. hopefully if they have a substantive discussion something could come on it. >> it brings a little reality tv vibe to the moment. infrastructure. you have americans saying they would like to see investment in infrastructure across a number of those priorities, things that chuck, nancy and the president have said need to be done. it is the sort of thing on the one hand yes, you want transparency in government. sometimes the stuff needs to be hashed out with the cameras off and ability for people to feel candid and not perform.
7:08 am
i think if the cameras aren't in the room it will be more conducive to something getting done. >> sandra: sarah sanders sounded optimistic the two sides can come together. >> this is a president who likes to build things. he knows how to build things and do it well. and i think this is a great place where democrats and republicans can come together. >> that's the case. you look at what president trump campaigned on, it was the one area of overlap that seemed realistic considering his caucus is. he promised the republican base that the senate and house would never go for. i'm concerned how brad -- broad it will get. if it's about bridges and airports and all the stuff that people are using that people need. it's schools, healthcare and everything that makes america
7:09 am
livable and dare i say great. that's where i think we could get sticky here but i hopeful. i want to point out amy klobuchar has made infrastructure the backbone of her campaign. she will make the case. >> bill: do you think there is a desire on both sides to get something done ?ao >> a lot of disagreement on the details of how you do it. >> yes, president trump would love to have an infrastructure plan traveling around the country and house democrats who ran because they wanted to do things, they need something to show voters next year. >> bill: yes or no? >> yes. >> sandra: you asked for short. >> bill: bill barr tomorrow in the senate. maybe on thursday. kellyanne conway last hour said this. >> the harassment of bill barr and the disrespect is disgraceful to this man who spent his career in public service and in private law practice. no less of a soul than joe
7:10 am
biden voted for bill barr's confirmation as attorney general first time around. >> sandra: why can't the house just agree to have lawmakers question the attorney general? >> why couldn't they agree that dr. ford would only be questioned by lawyers? the precedent for this is important here. bill barr is not a victim. he put out a four page summary of a document that was misleading. he had a press conference before journalists looked at it to ask informed questions. there are reasons to be suspicious of him and you want to best people possible questioning him, staff attorneys. i think we'll get into subpoena hell after this and it will go back and forth and it happens in other administrations. the victimization of bill barr is too much for me. >> look, if i was president trump i would be glad bill barr is my attorney general. he will go up to the house and senate at some point and democrats will come after him.
7:11 am
if it's anything like his confirmation hearing he will put himself very well. i have full confidence in bill barr. i think it's good he is trying to put the democrats in their place but they need to be careful what they're asking for. >> this is the sort of issue where now that the mueller report has come out it has really faded from the minds of most voters. they would like to see washington moving on to other issues. that's not just a republican thing or supporters of president trump. i think there are a number of democrats who think their best opportunity to beat president trump in 2020 is to focus on other issues rather than staying in the russia/mueller report topic. >> donna shalala said my voters need to see me deliver something. it is important to keep in mind russia was the number 12 most important issue to democratic voters in the mid-terms. >> bill: they're looking for a moment. >> they've had plenty of moments. >> bill: they're looking for a tv moment to help drive the story for the next year and a half.
7:12 am
that's what's going on here. >> that's absolutely right. the last word on the mueller investigation on the russia investigation was good for president trump and so i think you're right. the democrats are trying to reset the narrative. grasping at straws thinking bill barr up to the house and embarrass him or don mcgahn. by flooding the white house with subpoenas they're trying to grind the gears of the executive branch so president trump can't continue to be as effective as he has been. that is part of their strategy. frankly republicans did it when president obama was there. we called them up and had a lot of investigations. it goes both ways. president trump is right to fight it. >> sandra: we'll continue watching for that and we continue to watch the streets of venezuela as juan guaido, the opposition leader is calling for a military uprising to overthrow the maduro regime. kristen, you are following this
7:13 am
closely. some of the latest reaction coming in from the vice president mike pence. i'll dig up that tweet here. he says to juan guaido, the national assembly and freedom loving people of venezuela taking to the streets we're with you. america will stand with you until freedom and democracy are restored. #free venezuela. what happens? >> guaido is much more the sort of embodiment of american values and what america would like to see sort of modeled around the world in terms of freedom and democracy and maduro is about oppression, socialism and thor -- authoritarianism. the constitution says guaido is the leader of the country. the military tussle. the maduro will try to claim it is not just the u.s. backing guaido in tweets but somehow the u.s. is nefariously involved. that's the message coming out of maduro in response to the tweets. >> my former boss marco rubio
7:14 am
is right in the middle of all this. from his very first meeting with president trump he has been pushing the administration to take a strong stance on venezuela. trump has done that. it is being successful. put a lot of pressure on maduro which i think has led directly to the events we're seeing this morning. it appears that some members of the venezuelan military are breaking with the maduro regime. something the president and marco rubio have been calling on and pushing for for months. i think it's a very tenuous moment. these things can play out over a long time. it's vital the people of venezuela understand the united states of america and trump administration supports them, has their back and if maduro takes a violent route i think all options have to be on the table. >> i agree completely and want to throw in. this isn't just the united states that is backing guaido. this is everyone in the western hemisphere. it was interesting that the spanish caretaker government released a statement saying we want to avoid blood shed at all costs. something when you're talking
7:15 am
about a potential revolution that could end up getting bloody. we'll be watching where this falls. supportive of guaido. >> bill: rick scott describes venezuela as a syria in our hemisphere. elements from all over the world have gathered there. if they don't manage it now there will be big problems down the road. >> sandra: one of the latest tweets from rubio saying finally, the choice is yours. the choice you make today will define the rest of your life. >> that's right. having a failed country in the western hemisphere is not acceptable. that's essentially what we have in venezuela right now is a very destabilizing to the entire region. it creates all sorts of problems that will ultimately appear in the united states. that's why marco has been pushing the trump administration so hard to take a leadership role and they have. an exciting moment but a potentially scary one. >> bill: we'll talk to you in 40 minutes.
7:16 am
another alert right now. the first-ever hearing on medicare for all underway in the house. republicans calling it a government takeover. more on what's happening inside that room in a moment plus there is this today. >> i corner and i saw it. i dived down and hit the ground. terrible. >> sandra: horrifying eyewitness accounts after a tour helicopter goes down in hawaii. details on this deadly crash next. >> bill: joe biden touting his ties to labor unions. is organized labor just a shadow of its former self? money man charles payne straight ahead on that. aw a chip in her windshield. >> mom: honey is that a chip? >> tech: they wanted it fixed fast so they brought it to us. >> mom: hi. >> tech: with our in-shop chip repair service, we can fix it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance
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7:20 am
>> sandra: three people are dead and debris scattered everywhere after a tour helicopter spins out of control crashing nose first onto a busy suburban road in hawaii. witnesses who heard the crash say they saw the chopper completely engulfed in flames yesterday morning. >> came out and we weren't expecting the really see anything except maybe two cars hit each other. they we heard screaming and the word fire and i saw smoke over there. we walked over to the corner and saw the helicopter on fire. >> sandra: one state lawmaker
7:21 am
calling on federal authorities to prohibit tour flights over the state's residential areas and national parks. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> bill: a hearing on a medicare for all bill underway in the house. a proposal by progressives to reshape the american healthcare system. republicans call it government takeover. charles payne host of making money on the fox business network to break it down for us. this is a real thing in arguably what will be very soon and election year. >> and the progressives are hoping it will be an election year topic. we'll see. because i listened to joe biden last night and he didn't really go that far. some are even saying this whole hearing might have been the sort of interesting brain child of nancy pelosi to put progressives on the spot and actually hurt their chances of advancing this as a top democratic issue. there is a report that one of her aides told health insurance
7:22 am
companies not to worry about anything. it adds a little more intrigue to all of it. >> sandra: 56% when asked. oppose 38%. those who support medicare for all when the changes are actually explained to those being surveyed specifically would you favor or oppose a national medicare for all plan if you heard it would do each of the following lead to delays in treatment, then 70% oppose it. if it would required most to pay more in taxes, 60% oppose it. it is all in how you ask the question. >> it would involve a delay in treatment and higher taxes. both of those things are true wherever this sort of system already exists. it is not free. it sounds great just like all of these things sound fantastic on paper. it sounds utopian but real life it's tough. >> bill: are you suggesting pelosi wants to get on the
7:23 am
record to -- >> not dissuade them but put it out there. i'll give you a chance, put it out there for the world to see. by the same token like the last graph it could be exposed not to people per se but as a plan -- platform, a key foundation of the democratic platform going into 2020 i don't think nancy pelosi and others want that to be the case and their chance to show the world maybe it doesn't work. >> sandra: big labor's big shrink. we talked about this yesterday. union membership continues to decline thanks to unions in that peace they talk about liberals blaming capitalism for weaker unions. public unions in private industry are shrinking because they've extracted pay and benefits that made their employers less competitive. growth by political coerce is not a sustainable business model. >> there was a time when we needed unions in this country, no doubt about it.
7:24 am
but i think particularly around the 1970s we got to a point where it became unions fighting with management over the spoils and not necessarily the workers but grabbing wealth. we have seen it over and over again unions are designed to seniority, they're not worker or business friendly and why so many states have shifted to right to work states including the swing states, wisconsin, indiana. wisconsin, when they did it, they saw union membership drop 30%. and now it's getting harder for unions to say hey, if you do join a union we'll make you more money. since the recession that hasn't been the case. >> bill: have you been able to gauge the reaction of this president tweeting in realtime toward joe biden and the supporters in pittsburgh about taking your dues and membership dues? how deep does that run do you believe? >> i think listen, it's always con -- conflated.
7:25 am
i had a democratic guest that said the president was against union. it singled out union leadership. the same with illegal immigration. not immigration. media will take a tweet, statement or policy and broaden it out to make it seem less intelligent and hume aifnlt it's not the case. a lot of people and unions. they are -- some of them don't understand you have to be in unions in new york city. they really work. you can't work on any high rise construction jobs without being in a union or do makeup without being in a union. you have to be in unions to get job. they'll do it because they need the work. they just don't necessarily benefit. the flip side of that, though, i know someone who actually went to jail for a year and worked at verizon, was in a
7:26 am
union and came out and got the job back. there is an argument there is still a good role for them. >> bill: he is right when he says if he is the nominee and to win it will happen in places like pittsburgh. you think about the special election a year and a half ago he is probably right. >> look at the economic benefits that happened in pittsburgh since president trump has been in office versus the time that obama and biden were there and why joe biden kept saying yesterday. he said yesterday work and jobs are about more than wages. he used the word dignity more than any other word last night. it was so interesting. he was trying to say it should be a new metric, not necessarily your wages are up but you have a dignity while you're at work. he is trying to have it both ways. it is going to be a real serious tight rope to say people aren't doing better so he is saying do you feel like you're doing better? >> sandra: heard that. charles payne, we'll see you at 2:00. moments from now a big meeting at the white house. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and
7:27 am
president trump will all be sitting down together at the topic rebuilding america's infrastructure so we'll see what is actually discussed in that room. cameras off for now. >> bill: joe biden taking aim of the president on the trail. can he deliver a message voters want to hear? donna brazile is our headliner and she is coming up live in a moment next. >> the president has his base. we need a president who works for all americans. we can afford this. we can do this. who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. call 1-833-844-6702 i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners
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>> bill: fox news alert 10:30 in new york. all eyes on the white house. president trump meeting in a moment with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and a dozen other democrats. so far we hear senator dick durbin and steny hoyer have arrived. the topic a massive package to rebuild america's crumbling roads and bridges. the sit-down could veer off in
7:32 am
a number of different directions. we'll bring it to you happening from the west wing. >> the only thing that stands in our way is our broken political system being deliberately undermined by the president to abuse the power of the office. donald trump is the only president who has decided not to represent the whole country. >> sandra: joe biden sticking to his anti-trump message during his first official rally yesterday in pittsburgh. today he is kicking off a two-day swing through iowa where he dropped in the 2008 race after finishing fifth in the iowa caucuses. full coverage with reaction from former dnc chair donna brazile but we begin with mike tobin live in cedar rapids, iowa. >> good morning, sandra. joe biden has got to come to iowa for the first time since 2008 as a solo candidate and a new campaign video out standing
7:33 am
in contrast in what he told peter doocy that he didn't want the endorsement of barack obama. the new video taps into a speech from the medal of freedom. >> this is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary career in public service. somebody who devoted his entire professional life to service to this country. >> asked about the anita hill hearings biden took a statement farther than he has yet. >> i believed her from the very beginning but i was chairman. she did not get a fair hearing. she did not get treated well. that's my responsibility. and i committed that i am determined to continue the fight to see to it that we basically change the culture in this country. >> already in a position at the top of the heap biden got an 11-point bump with his
7:34 am
announcement. 39% of democrats favor biden. more than 20 points ahead of bernie sanders and the rest of the field is in single digits. the vice president will come to cedar rapids. >> want to bring in donna brazile. how are you doing and good morning to you. >> sandra: hi, donna. >> good morning. >> bill: the message seems to be the lack of a message on behalf of democrats. howie kurtz headline fox democrats struggling for pocketbook message as roaring economy helps trump. how will you counter that? >> you know, if we had a song we would break it. we have 21 candidates. i think the message is going to be very clear and concise as this campaign moves along. we want an economy that works for everyone and make sure there is shared prosperity just at the top but in the middle and bottom. so i think democrats will have a strong message and something that will resonate with those
7:35 am
americans who are still struggling to make ends meet. i'm not afraid right now we don't have a hit record. >> bill: veteran democratic polster. she was quoted as saying we will tend to talk about things like equal pay that don't end up to an economic message robust enough to win the presidency. what do you think of that? >> i think she is right. we cannot just talk in the abstract. people want to know how this will benefit them. how it will make their lives better. how it will put food on their table and reduce the cost of prescription medication that they are on. so i get what she is saying. i was just at the gas pump on my way to fox news and i'm astounded about the amount of money we pay for gas as we get into the summer season. at the end of the day the american people want an economy that works for everyone. as long as democrats can talk about that, we have a lane in which we can grow support and
7:36 am
take on president trump. >> sandra: has president trump been good for the u.s. economy? >> look, i thought president obama was. he was able to help get the economy back on its feet. now that we're standing up and the stock market is soaring remember, many americans don't have any stocks. they don't have a pension fund that is based on their average in the market. we want an economy that works for everyone. i think that's what the democrats' message will be. i'm very excited to see the president will be meeting with leader pelosi and leader schumer and others because infrastructure, rebuilding our infrastructure and investing in hometown america is what the democrats are working for. >> bill: you think about the barr and mueller stuff. those sides sitting down today. do you think there is a will and desire on behalf of everyone to get that done? >> bill, i believe that if i had my one meeting with president trump it would be to
7:37 am
focus on what will make our economy stronger. how do we prepare our children for a 21st century economy, global marketplace where they have to compete not just with children and kids from other towns and cities, but other nations? and i think this is a very important time to discuss this. >> sandra: how do you think joe biden is doing so far as he has rolled out his -- the first days of his campaign. >> you know, i was worried in the beginning because of all of the stuff that came at him. you know, when you are trying to get back into the race and get back into the game, although joe biden is someone who knows how to walk and chew gum and he is a great fighter, but, you know, the interview yesterday -- the appearance yesterday in pittsburgh, the interview this morning, the new video, i think joe biden got his stride. >> sandra: you are referencing back to allegations of inappropriate contact -- >> touching, retail politics, whatever you want to call it.
7:38 am
>> sandra: what did you think of his handling of the anita hill question he got saying he believed her from the very beginning but he took responsibilities that i was chairman, she did not get a fair hearing and did not get treated well. >> we see so many men and others when these allegations come out they're like no, you know, i didn't do it. he took responsibility. he finally owned it. if you own it, people respect that and i hope he can now move on because there are a lot of issues. joe biden respects women. >> bill: it doesn't appear that everyone is willing to move on at this point. sandra was just pulling a quote here, here is the clip from abc "good morning america," >> i believed her from the very beginning but i was chairman. she did not get a fair hearing. she did not get treated well. that's my responsibility. and i committed that i am determined to continue the fight to see to it that we
7:39 am
basically change the culture in this country. >> bill: can he shake these questions or is it just going to continue to nibble at him? >> first of all, it takes a long time for wounds to heal, we know that. these scars are real. i was a congressional staffer when my former boss walked across the tarmac and made sure anita hill had an honest hearing. compare that to christine ford and what happened to her last year. she will be able -- >> bill: do you think that was unfair? >> it was a travesty the way she was treated from the moment she rose up and the way they treated her. but look, i do believe this is a new era and new time. joe biden is at least understanding you cannot just go back on your record and say i'm a great leader without explaining some of the errors and mistakes you've made. we've all made mistakes and
7:40 am
seek forgiveness. i'm glad joe biden has the grace to do so. >> sandra: trump team seems flaws in biden. appeal to white working class voters as advantage to him in a general election match-up. right now 20 democratic 2020 contenders. who is best to go up against president trump, donna? >> all 20 of them. by the way, might get 21. i believe governor -- >> bill: come on. >> we'll break records this year. it will be record number of candidates, record number of voters going out to vote, record amount of money raised and record appearances by donna brazile on fox news. hello. >> bill: okay. you'll have to come up with a better answer next time. donna. >> i will work on it, bill. it will be a beautiful year, get ready. >> sandra: thank you, donna. >> thank you. >> sandra: breaking news continuing on what could be a
7:41 am
revolution happening in venezuela. the trump administration is standing behind opposition leader juan guaido who said the time has come to overthrow the maduro regime. chaos on the street unfolding in caracas right now. tear gas has been thrown and fired at those who are supporting the opposition leader. we're working to understand exactly what's happening on the ground there and we'll continue to update you as the news breaks. >> bill: trump administration taking new action on immigration. what they're doing to try to curb asylum seekers. the a-team is back on that coming up shortly. >> it's clear they're -- there is a loophole and people are coming with children. so they can't be detained with children and they're being released into society and we never see them again. it is -- the frustration is -- the president has good reason to be frustrated. you're headed down the highway when the guy in
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: president trump calling for sweeping changes to what he believes is a broken
7:46 am
asylum system proposing measures like new fees to process applicants and a ban on anyone who crosses the border illegally from obtaining a work permit. this is as a surge of migrants continues to overwhelm resources at our border. bring back in our a-team. joining us now is kristen, jessica, alex. alex, i'll start with you first. what do you think of the president's proposals. >> he diagnosed the system. it is broken and hasn't been updated for decades now. it doesn't deal with the realities facing not just our border agents but what is happening in our own hemisphere where we have all these countries that are failing, crime is rampant in central america, a humanitarian problem at the border. we have to refit our entire immigration system. >> bill: griff jenkins found a guy from cameroon, western africa.
7:47 am
and he is about to tell our viewers and the rest of america his journey to how he got to the southern border. this is the sound bite of the day, folks. listen to his travels. >> i'm from cameroon and my journey i started from cameroon to nigeria, start coming by boat. i come, reach columbia. i take the boat from columbia, arrived in panama. i walk and i left panama to costa rica, from costa rica to paraguay, to honduras and mexico. >> bill: this is extraordinary. the word is out globally. >> a lot of people have always wanted to come to the united states. the question is do we have a system that can a, make sure folks who legally can come here that we have the ability to
7:48 am
know who they are, and to make sure they can come through a process that works. we don't have that right now. second the asylum process was set up for instance someone fleeing communist cuba would be able to come here. some of the things being proposed for instance fees on someone who arrives here seeking asylum. someone who comes fleeing the regime in cuba may not afford to fee to have their application process. >> the vast majority of people are coming from central america or mexico. if you listen to david martin, instrumental in reforming the asylum system in the 1990s. deputy general counsel at the homeland security. the fee is a bad idea. if we take people who are fleeing bad conditions not just economic -- wanting more prosperity or coming for a better life. they don't have the money for the fee.
7:49 am
the 180 days they can't work waiting for their trial. we know the courts are packed. judges aren't going to be able to see people within 180 days. you take away the rights for these people to be earning a living to support themselves which will put them more on the government dole as it were. and this feels like a continuation of what the president did a few weeks ago where he said he would stamp out overstays on visas, the number one country sending people here and people are coming from that stay over on their visa is african countries. >> bill: you are making the case these policies would dissuade people from coming here. >> i'm saying the policies don't diagnose the problem. >> they don't diagnose the problem or don't solve the problem. the issue, putting a $1,000 fee won't prevent somebody fleeing violence with their small children and desperate for a better situation. they'll come to the united states as they have for the last 200 years from around the world. we're a beacon for asylum
7:50 am
seekers around the world. the only thing that will ultimately change it is fixing the situation in these home countries so we have fewer people fleeing them in the first place. i think president trump did something not helpful when he cut funding for some of these countries. that needs to be revisited. if they don't have security and jobs at home they're coming here. that is a problem. >> sandra: one of the latest tweets from the president. coyotes and drug cartels are in total control of the mexico side of the border. they have labs to sell drugs into the united states. must eradicate this problem and stop the march to the u.s. the president showing since of urgency. final thoughts. >> when you look at the mexican economy, the areas up near the border are some of the most prosperous in mexico in part because of the trade and exchange with the united states. these are two countries with economies intertwined. if you go to the border culturally very interstwiend. the border region is dangerous
7:51 am
but also a prosperous part. >> bill: out of time. subpoenas, the trump team suing two banks to keep them from disclosing certain financial records. we'll explain in a moment. come on back. so you have ten years experience... i do. but no phd? i do have a masters in early childhood development. you don't mind if i record this, do you? uhh, no! first kid here's all the numbers, food's in the fridge, oh and lucas likes to pull on jewelry so you might want to lose the nose ring. by their second kid, parents are more likely to choose luvs. it absorbs 20x its weight
7:52 am
and the new triple leakguards lock away wetness for outstanding leakage protection. live, learn, and get luvs.
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>> sandra: venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido. you are looking at live pictures on the ground in
7:55 am
caracas, venezuela. he is calling on the country's military to step into the streets and fight back against the maduro regime calling it an uprising there and joining the protestors to topple the maduro regime. this is happening now in the streets of venezuela. we're staying on this story for you and we'll continue to follow all the breaking news on the ground there. >> bill: quite a scene. the battle over the trump financial history ramping up. laura engel has more. >> the president's son said it's straight up presidential harassment. i had a chance to talk with eric trump today. they're fighting back as a family after house democrats subpoenaed years of records. and look at their lives. it was filed on behalf of president trump, his three children and organizations aims to stop deutsche bank and capital one from turning over financial records to the
7:56 am
chairmen adam schiff and maxine waters. they say they want to investigate foreign influence on the u.s. political process. i spoke with eric trump. some have unabounded time limits and he told me they do hope to turn over whatever they can. we also want to mention the deutsche bank issued this statement say we remain committed to providing appropriate information to all authorized investigation and abide by a court order. we have not heard back from capital one on this. more to come. >> sandra: thank you, laura. we're following the breaking news on the ground in venezuela. we'll be right back. country honorably.ved our whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. a military uprising underway in venezuela. opposition leader juan guaido calling for the end of the socialist regime there and the final phase of operation liberty. to oust nicolas maduro as we're hearing from maduro for the very first time. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: good morning. i'm bill hemmer. gunshots ringing out. tear gas being fired into crowds in caracas. meanwhile juan guaido speaking with supporters moments ago. they clashed with security forces on the other side. kellyanne conway telling us earlier today the white house is watching all these events very closely as this u.s., she says, stands with the people of venezuela. >> we believe that there can be
8:01 am
a peaceful transition of power and that you've seen the maduros around the world who cling to their power no matter how they've treated their own people. we hope the result is democracy and freedom for the people. >> sandra: chief white house correspondent john roberts is live at the white house now with more on what we're learning, john. >> good morning to you. the situation in venezuela very fluid right now and i'm told by u.s. officials this could be a make or break situation. the interim president juan guaido calling on members of the military and people of venezuela to take to the streets in what he is calling the final phase of operation freedom. thousands of people have answered the call. there are some fires burning on sidewalks, tear gas in the air. guaido said to be at a military base outside of caracas with military members who are loyal to him. while there is no u.s. military involvement at this point in the events unfolding, the u.s. has thrown its full support
8:02 am
behind guaido. the vice president tweeted to juan guaido, national assembly and freedom loving people of venezuela taking to the streets today -- we're with you, america will stand with you until freedom and democracy are restored. free venezuela. and this from illinois senator dick durbin, democrat at the white house right now quote, juan guaido, who i met and continue to work with is putting his life on the line with a direct appeal to the military to join him. lopez is with him, the russians and cubans are in caracas to save maduro. must step back and let venezuelans decide their own future. white house acknowledges they don't know which way it will go. elements of the venezuelan military are siding with guaido. maduro holds many of the reins of power and maduro says nerves of steel, i talked with the
8:03 am
commanders of all the country, military units who have the authority to act the autonomy have shown me their total loyalty to the people, constitution and homeland. i call the maximum popular mobilization to insure the victory of la paz, overcome. maduro has managed to shut down most of the social media in the country. the opposition figures are finding it difficult to organize people to come out in large numbers. though they're doing their best this morning. >> sandra: last night the president called for the united states asylum policies as far as immigration proposals. what are the details? >> likely those are being discussed now. they say dick durbin is here as well as senator chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and a few other democrats. they were called to a meeting that began at 10:45 at the white house t. topic is supposed to be infrastructure. you can bet immigration will figure prominently in that meeting. last night the white house informed us the president
8:04 am
signed an executive order to make some changes to the asylum process. among the changes streamline the court proceedings for aliens who pass initial fear determinations. adjudicate all asylum application and immigration courts within 180 days of filing and this one controversial, require fees for asylum applications and fees for work permit applications. the opposition is criticizing that proposal. here is senator angus king from maine this morning. >> it clearly is designed to try to impair people's ability to seek asylum. people will probably find the money because they are fleeing for their lives and they would have to do it. to me the first thing i thought of was the poll tax in the south designed to disenfranchise african-americans. >> 2016, the latest year there are figures 73,000 people out of a total of more than 400,000
8:05 am
claimed asylum. of those 20,000 people, 28% were granted asylum. >> sandra: john roberts at the white house. thanks. >> bill: another alert on the afghan war veteran who converted to islam now charged with plotting a terror attack in southern california. federal prosecutors say 26-year-old mark domingo planned to commit murder at a white supremacist meeting in long beach. jonathan hunt has the latest from los angeles. >> good morning, bill. mark domingo is 26 years old. an infantry man who served in afghanistan. he converted to islam. he wanted, as he put it, to give americans, quote, a taste of the terror they gladly spread all over the world. >> our biggest fear is this was a rapid what we call
8:06 am
radicalization to mobilization to violence. this was -- sometimes we get asked what keeps you up at night. this is a case that keeps us up at night. >> investigators say domingo posted an online message march 3 saying that america needs another vegas event. an apparent reference to the 2017 mass shooting in las vegas that killed 59 people. he then began discussing seeking revenge for the new zealand mosque shootings that killed 50 people in march. at that point an f.b.i. informant began talking with him online about his plans. domingo allegedly talked about bombing the busy santa monica peer and settled on attacking a planned white nationalist rally due to take place in long beach this past weekend. he bought nails for a bomb and handed them to a man he believed to be a bomb maker but was actually an undercover
8:07 am
police officer. he was arrested two days before his planned attack after he was given the bombs that he believed to be real and began surveying the area where he intended to set them off. federal agents also raided the domingo family home. >> this whole thing is surprising to us. it is all the domingo family and relatives. we complied. we were compliant. we did not resist. they showed us the warrant. we allowed them to search the house. >> the u.s. attorney in charge of this case described domingo as a man consumed with hate and bent on mass murder. the u.s. attorney also praising the joint effort by law enforcement agencies to identify him and prevent what prosecutors called a chilling terror plot that could have killed hundreds of innocent americans. >> bill: jonathan hunt in l.a. thank you for that. >> we have to unite the country.
8:08 am
we'll talk a lot about that. whether i win the nomination will depend on the democrats and whether or not to beat donald trump will depend on the american people. >> sandra: joe biden hitting the campaign trail jumping into the 2020 race and breaking away from the democratic pack holding a 24 point lead with vermont senator bernie sanders coming in second. the rest of the field in single digits. the real clear politics average of all the polls also has the former vp with a healthy lead. let's bring in chris stirewalt. how is it going so far for joe biden? >> he did what he needed to do. his roll-out was quite successful. he raised more money than anybody else raised, that's saying something. bernie sanders can hoover up small dollar donations like nobody in history. biden out-raised and out-bounced in that poll 11 points we see on the state level in new hampshire, similar
8:09 am
performance biden doing well wherever he is. and the events he had with the union hall in pittsburgh was very successful. biden, despite a lot of skepticism how he would start out, joe biden hit his marks very nicely for the beginning of his campaign. >> sandra: bill had an interesting interview earlier with and drew yang, a 2020 democratic candidate who is advocating for universal basic income. here he makes the case for what democrats need to do to beat president trump. >> joe biden has the advantage of having sky high name recognition. he has been in the public space for a long time. so he is focused on donald trump. i agree with the fact we have to solve the problems that got donald trump elected in 2016 and that's what democrats should be focusing on. >> sandra: what do democrats need to focus on to beat the president? >> i don't know if it's giving everybody $1,000 a month for free but i do know that
8:10 am
americans will vote for very liberal people. they will vote for very conservative people but they always vote for people. one of the biggest reasons hillary clinton lost to donald trump in 2016 people didn't like or trust her. they didn't think she had their best interests at heart. joe biden is very well liked. now, he is getting ready to go through the wringer and the bounce -- today is all of the good news. today is the ice cream sundae. but in the months to come his fellow democrats -- you hear it from yang there, you will hear it more from bernie sanders as they come after biden and paint him as yesterday's news, a retread, a guy who doesn't have the future on his side. he is too old, too white. all of those things. they'll hear that. we don't know what condition biden will be when he gets to a general election. the one we know he has going for him he is very well liked and popular, american voters respond well to him. >> sandra: let me repeat the
8:11 am
words at the pennsylvania rally by joe biden. he is not -- donald trump is the only president who decided not to represent the whole country. he makes the case why we need a president who works for all americans and we can afford it. the economic message will be very important, chris. joe biden right now is trying to run against a president who is overseeing a record breaking stock market and a lot of growth. >> yeah. we have rebust growth, basically full employment, we're seeing wage growth. that will be tough for any democrat to run against. >> sandra: chris stirewalt. thank you very much. nice to see you this morning. >> bill: we're watching this 11 past the hour now. eyes on venezuela, military uprising said to be underway. opposition leader is juan guaido calling for the end of the socialist regime of maduro. we're hearing maduro forces are firing tear gas at the other supporters. the situation is fluid. changing by the hour.
8:12 am
where will today end? adam kinzinger will join us for his analysis. >> sandra: house democrats in a showdown with william barr, will a planned vote tomorrow result in barr cancelling his appearance before a key committee? >> the harassment of bill barr and disrespect is disgraceful to this man who spent his career in public service and in private law practice. that led to the ride which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> this is the attorney general, he is afraid to subject himself to questions we can follow up that may indicate lack of confidence in his own position. it is not up to the attorney general to tell the committee how to conduct its business. we will decide what the most effective way of asking questions are. >> sandra: house judiciary committee chairman nadler calling out attorney general william barr after barr threatened to cancel his appearance at a hearing thursday over who will question him. let's bring in deroy murdock. jerry nadler will hold a committee vote tomorrow where the house will -- committee will decide whether or not they will allow staff lawyers to question william barr on thursday at that house committee hearing. do you think this should be allowed? >> in is unprecedented. unusual.
8:17 am
not -- highly unusual to have staffers interrogate the attorney general. we have this idea of co-equal branches of government and appropriate for the executive branch to be questioned by the house of representative and remember, this is a voluntary appearance by william barr. he didn't have to show up for this. all he had to do under the special counsel statute is send a letter to the congress saying here is what i found and he could have said no collusion, no obstruction. end of story. he volunteered to show up and answer question and the democrats shifted the goalpost and said we don't want you just to come in. we want staffers to ask question. the goalpost keeps shifting. >> sandra: the senate judiciary committee will be chaired by lindsey graham. he called democrats political hacks for what they're trying to do to a.g. barr saying he doesn't care about the evidence of obstruction that mueller laid out. from my point of view i've
8:18 am
heard all i need to know. i want to find out how all of this happened. >> he did. look, lindsey graham and the democrats on the senate judiciary committee can ask whatever questions they want of william barr. if the house democrat elected members want to ask questions that's appropriate. for him to be questioned by staffers i'm not sure it's unprecedented but you rarely see that sort of thing. they didn't ask for this early on. they suddenly asked for this after he agreed to show up. >> sandra: if it is decided staffers won't question them democrats thursday in the house will have their first chance to ask william barr questions. >> they will be tough, nasty questions. i think the democrats are very upset that the russia hoax has been taken away and like screaming infants they'll holler and yell until they're quieted. maybe not until november of 2020. >> sandra: i want to read from your op-ed from last week. if barr broke the law and delivered an untouched copy of
8:19 am
mueller's report democrats would whine about so many pages. democrats would shout we want it in i max. >> they always want more and more. never enough. nothing the administration can do to satisfy these folks. >> sandra: we're left what will happen tomorrow whether or not william barr will decide to stone wall congress if they decide to go forward and have staffers ask him questions on thursday. everything will begin tomorrow with the senate hearing. >> correct, if the democrats dig in i'm sure they will subpoena him, it will go to court and it will go on for months. >> bill: medicare for all center stage on the hill. a hearing underway. house lawmakers debating a proposal. dr. marc siegel and how the doctor/patient relationship could change. a beluga whale causing concern over what the beluga whale is wearing.
8:20 am
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take advantage of your home's increased value. call newday usa now. go to or call 1-833-844-6703
8:23 am
>> sandra: a mysterious sighting raising eyebrows in norway. fishermen discovering a beluga whale with a russian-made harness, equipment st. petersburg and had a camera on it fueling questions about spying. the russian military is believed to have trained sea mammals. >> bill: right now the first congressional hearing on medicare for all is underway on the hill. that is a hot issue on the campaign trail for many democrats and also the focus of a u.s. op ed by marc siegel. medicare for all might be a
8:24 am
politician's dream but a doctor/patient nightmare. you said as i dig deeper into a single payer future it looks less and less appetizing for me and my patients. explain. >> well, this morning house rules committee chairman jim mcgovern says healthcare is a right for all. it sounds great. that's a politician's slogan. what does it mean healthcare is a right? when you to go a doctor's office and wait for an honor and you have a big co-pay is that a right? high deductible you can't get the healthcare you need? paying doctors less for doing more where we have to appeal to a government bureaucracies on high, destroying healthcare system that right now provides health coverage for 177 million people, the employer-based healthcare system? how does that get us closer to the right to healthcare for all? >> bill: as medicare changes to single payer more regulated insurance that rations care.
8:25 am
it will feel and operate more like medicaid than medicare. >> single payer to the north, canada, here is how it looks. here is how it would look here probably. that's our model for this. 20 weeks between the time you see your primary care doctor like me, 20 weeks between then and receiving care from a specialist. 20 weeks. 10 weeks wait for an mri. i need a one day wait for one. if i think you need an mri10 weeks doesn't work. hip surgery months. cardiac stint months. i can't work like that. it is closer to medicaid. >> bill: wait times will increase and i imagine the billing changes, too. >> we don't have the same access to innovation that we have now. we have private solutions coming. personalized healthcare solutions based on genetics and robotics, based on immunotherapy. a one size fits off clunky insurance won't be able to
8:26 am
cover all of that. >> bill: you write private insurance is flawed, costly and preferable. >> it is flawed. i'm still trying to get approvals all the time. i still have patients that can't make co-pay or deductibless but private insurance pays more. a doctor more, a hospital more. our medical centers, this something they're not talking about on capitol hill. it isn't an nih grant that funds research, it is private insurance that pays hospitals enough to keep them afloat. doctors can't afford to be paid less. >> bill: single payer healthcare is probably not going to happen here. probably not? >> i'll tell you, even today that's a door opening rules committee hearing but there are people there like a commonwealth foundation that is proposing other solutions. the real story there is to try to keep obamacare afloat. tomorrow the cbo is coming out
8:27 am
with how much this is going to cost. you'll find more and more people running away from it. the democrats are trying to figure out if they can get behind it for the 2020 election. my prediction is it's the extreme only that will stay behind it. you can't destroy the employer-based healthcare system. it won't work in the united states. >> bill: one more point. others who support it would argue obamacare pushes you there slightly and you keep moving the ball forward toward it and eventually you do have it. what do you think of that theory? >> i don't like how much subsidizing of obamacare is necessary from the federal government, billions of dollars. and i do think we have to figure out ways to take care of the 28 million people in the united states that don't have insurance. i don't think obamacare moved us closer to that. i was concerned at the time. i don't really think so. medicaid expansion did cover people that didn't have it, insurance before. the federal funded clinics are taking care of more people than ever before. those are public solutions.
8:28 am
single payer is way over here to the right -- to the left. we're nowhere near there and we aren't getting there unless something like this happens. >> bill: check it out. the piece is in usa today. thank you. >> sandra: the most wanted man in the world not seen in years. the leader of isis appearing in a newly-released video. what all baghdadi is now threatening and u.s. officials are warning about his reappearance. >> bill: how democrats want to look at the trump financial records as the family counter punches with a suit against two banks not to release the paperwork. congressman brad wenstrup weighs in on that >> all we have to fight back. we're very fortunate that we have the backbone to be able to do it. this is presidential harassment.
8:29 am
8:30 am
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8:31 am
>> bill: waiting to see when the next shoe drops in the venezuela situation.
8:32 am
we're hearing from juan guaido, the opposition leader who made a call to arms for the military to rise up earlier today and so far we're waiting to see whether or not the military responds to that pledge. upper right-hand corner, this is juan guaido's representative in washington, d.c. speaking now in spanish. we're going to get his message and we'll bring it to you in a moment as it unfolds before every hour of every day so far, sandra. and it is a wide open question as to what happens in venezuela. the leadership, the government, the military, it all hangs in the balance together. back to that story in a moment. >> sandra: to the fox news alert. president trump calls for an overhaul of the asylum system. thousands of migrants from around the world are now in southern mexico to form another caravan heading for the u.s. border. griff jenkins is live from southern mexico with more. griff. >> sandra, what is different about the caravan flow this
8:33 am
time is the number of people from around the globe. let me just show you the scene here outside the largest shelter here. we have more than 10 countries represented here. there are people from angola, congo, togo, cameroon. people from india, bangladesh. of course, cuba/haiti in the northern triangle of el salvador, guatemala and honduras. the journey has been unbelievable. this is a gentleman from cameroon. here is what he said about his journey on the way. listen. >> i'm from cameroon and my journey i started from cameroon to nigeria, came by boat, i come and to columbia and i take my boat from columbia. i arrive in panama. i walk, i left panama to costa rica, from costa rica to
8:34 am
nicaragua, from nicaragua to honduras, in honduras to guatemala, from guatemala guatemala to mexico now. >> so clearly what it is that's drawing them is our catch and release policy and while it isn't the same size caravan we saw before it is a constant flow of small caravans. this is the shelter where we had some 1300 migrants escape because they're being detained in there. these folks want to get in there. the images we have we can show you inside overcrowding, it is unbelievably overcapacity, sanitary conditions are terrible. the situation is very fluid here. the mexicans trying to keep the migrants in the southern part of mexico but i'm not sure they're having much success. everyone here has one single goal. to get north to the u.s., sandra. >> sandra: thank you for your continued reporting from there. >> first they subpoena 81 young kids and a bunch of other people that were in the white
8:35 am
house. then they subpoena attorneys, right? then they subpoena accountants and then they subpoena banks. they don't want to do their job. we're just saying this is presidential harassment. this is all these people do. >> bill: eric trump calling it harassment as the trump family and organization sue deutsche bank and capital one to block subpoenas for financial records. republican from ohio, brad wenstrup joins us now. the effort is to prevent the paperwork from the banking institutions to go to democrats on the house committee. can you stop it? >> well, we'll see if they can stop it. i certainly do not fault the president for trying to stop it. it is a shame that we aren't dealing with more of the issues like you were just talking about with venezuela and at the border. instead we're going on these expeditions to try to get information. the subpoenas are coming without cause. i think back when we were trying to get the financial records to find out who paid
8:36 am
for the dossier, going back that far. keep in mind who was trying to block us. it was the democrats. they didn't want to know the financial information about that. but now for no reason other than what i can only surmise as political reasons, they are trying to get as much financial information or other information they can on trump or the trump campaign, on the white house staff, and that is merely just to try and find things that they can make a big deal of. it is all being political rather than doing the work of the government that they got elected to do. >> bill: let me pull this on the trump lawsuit. part of it reads the committees are seeking all banking and financial records not just concerning the individual plaintiffs but also their family members. this means the subpoenas request documents about accounts of the plaintiff's children and in some cases grandchildren. respond to that as you reflect on cause or lack of it. >> well let's look at the system we have in place. for one we have within the
8:37 am
i.r.s. and auditing system. the president's tax returns are being audited currently. every president and vice president undergoes an audit. we have an extensive financial disclosure. there is information out there. as far as we can tell the president and vice president have all complied with the law. but this seems to be more trying to find something that they can make a big deal out of for political purposes rather than any problem with the process. if you have a problem with audits, then maybe we should have a hearing on how audits are conducted by the irs rather than go specifically to the president's tax returns, which is not required by law. >> bill: let's see where it goes. you mention the border crisis and you were referring to venezuela as well. can you -- are you getting information that we are not as to whether or not the call on behalf of guaido is being received well by the venezuelan military and others? >> yes, we are. as a matter of fact as members of the intelligence committee
8:38 am
we have done some traveling. just got a report this morning from one of the members who went to south america and is looking into that and seeing what is taking place, those trying to leave venezuela to get assistance and aid. this is some of the works of what we're supposed to be doing so we can try to make sure we have a secure americas and also try to secure democracy throughout the americas. >> bill: rick scott said something a few hours ago on our program. he said venezuela is the syria of south america talking about all the influences that have flowed in there. >> i think it's accurate. you see players from around the world trying to make their way to the region to have influence on the outcome of the events taking place in venezuela. certainly we have some interest in there as well but this is our neighborhood and this is on behalf of democracy and on human rights and what is taking place there is very serious, as you are starting to see more and more. but we certainly want it to end
8:39 am
in a positive fashion for the people of venezuela. >> bill: brad wenstrup, thank you for your time and we'll see how the day unfolds. it might be sometime. i'm sure you're prepared for that. >> sandra: fox news alert on isis releasing a new video of the terror group's leader. the first look at baghdadi in five years. the 18-minute clip showing him rallying fires after the caliphate strongholds in iraq and syria. benjamin hall is live in london with the details. >> as you point out there, it comes at a critical time for isis. comes at a time they are transitioning from the territorial caliphate and moving towards a more ideological caliphate. a terror group that can inspire and insight attacks if not carry them out. the clip shows baghdadi in good
8:40 am
health despite persistent reports over the years that he was either dead or injured. he says the territorial defeat of isis will be avenged and reminds his followers the caliphate has people around the world to follow his commands. he said the sri lanka attacks were because of the loss of caliphate. he encourages africa as a base for other affiliates. they were confirming the authenticity. he is a wanted man with a $25 million bounty on his head. >> bill: there is a rebellion underway in venezuela. juan guaido getting support from the u.s. and dozens of other nations as he declares a final phase of a plan to liberate venezuela from maduro. we'll hear from adam kinzinger
8:41 am
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>> sandra: live pictures in venezuela as the u.s. is backing juan guaido's call to liberate venezuela. the ambassador has appointed his interim -- the ambassador
8:44 am
from the interim government just spoke in washington i want to stay on the live pictures. this is just happening right now. literally government vehicles driving through the crowd of civilians and military. you see the presence of both there. juan guaido has called for a military uprising to topple the maduro regime. this is one of the most serious challenges yet that we have seen to maduro's rule since guaido declared himself the country's interim president. here is what we just heard from the man representing guaido in washington >> today interim president juan guaido announced the beginning of the freedom operation. he has called the military institution to support the venezuelan people on the streets and to restore our
8:45 am
democracy in our country. and also to support the full implementation of the constitution approved by the people in 1999. this is only the beginning. the situation that is developing right now. we will see more events in the hours and days to come. i want to be very clear for the international community. this is not a military coup. this is a constitutional process led by the venezuelan people under the leadership of a civilian. the interim president of venezuela, juan guaido. he is calling for the restoration of our constitution and for the restoration of our democratic system. we want to send a clear message also to the dictator nicolas maduro. your time is over. >> sandra: that's carlos, the ambassador to the interim
8:46 am
government there. we'll leave the live pictures up. joining us is illinois republican congressman adam kinzinger from the foreign affairs committee. we were all just witnessing violence in the streets there that we saw military vehicles plowing through the crowds. we'll turn the tape and show it to you. it is alarming to see what is happening there right now in the wake of juan guaido calling for a military uprising making his strongest effort yet to topple the maduro regime there. >> this is a very serious moment. this is something that i think for the next decade we'll look back on today and whatever follows from this as an indicator of what will happen in central and south america in terms of what's the future. keep in mind the russians have a small military presence in venezuela. the cubans have sent thousands of people to surround maduro to make sure he stays in power.
8:47 am
so this is a question for the united states, for the venezuelan people to say this, are we going to be a hemisphere dominated by china, russia and dictators, or will we be a hemisphere dominated by freedom and democracy. when we see the number of people coming to this country illegally, we can trace it to corrupt governments that steal money from people, that rob them of their own liberty. this is the venezuelan people standing up, taking their constitution back, and saying they want freedom, they want to be the richest country in south america again like they used to be and raise their family as they see fit. >> sandra: what we've also seen is troops loyal to maduro on the streets sporadically firing tear gas from inside the air base, water cannons you are seeing now going off in the streets. we're all watching and looking on at this together. vehicles literally plowing through the crowd there. how does this day end,
8:48 am
congressman? >> i hope it ends not violently. i hope maduro goes away. i hope they get their liberty back. but i think the people of venezuela have had enough and they are standing up. i think the united states probably has through back channels but needs to make it clear there will be no more russian troops or cuban troops in venezuela. it will be enforceible by the united states military to ensure they stay out of our hemisphere and let the people of venezuela get their freedom back. that's what needs to happen today. my prayers are with the people of venezuela and to their liberty. >> >> sandra: want to read from secretary of state pompeo's tweet earlier. the u.s. government fully supports the venezuelan people in their quest for freedom and democracy. democracy cannot be defeated. we have seen the full support of the u.s. government thrown behind juan guaido as they try to topple the maduro regime there. what more can be done on the
8:49 am
part of the united states, congressman? >> well, i think to the extent there needs to be a military option, there should be one. hopefully never have to use it because the people are rising up. but if you see the cubans, for instance, or the russians, or the maduro regime crack down violently with the military, i think we need to be clear the u.s. military option is on the table. to enforce the venezuelan military to turn loyalties. they fear for their life, too. maduro pays their paycheck. if they rob them of that and say get on the side of the people and freedom, this government will topple. the legitimate government of venezuela will take effect. the united states has to stand firm on this. hopefully we don't have to do anything like that but we need to understand the future of our hemisphere is at stake and i am not overstating that in any way. >> sandra: lopez has been at the side of juan guaido. this is the moment for all venezuelans, those in uniform and those not. the white house issued a statement in the middle of this
8:50 am
chaos. this is through sarah sanders, you can continue to focus on the live pictures there. as motorcycles go through crowds of what have now gathered we're told into the numbers into thousands. congressman, this is what we heard from the white house via sarah sanders a short time ago. the president has consulted with his national security team and leaders in the region who share his concern and this designation is working its way through the internal process is what we've heard from the white house when we began the program earlier. the president has being briefed on the situation there. >> yeah, god bless the president on this. it's a tough decision any president has to make. are you the leader of this hemisphere. you are the person people are looking to for freedom right now. and he will have some tough decisions the make. i know he will make the right decisions. hopefully there is no military action but when you have people like russia and cuba that have already used a military option
8:51 am
to uphold a corrupt regime it is incumbent on the united states not to take that off the table. when you have people who say that trump is being too far out there by leaving it on the table, you can't negotiate with an enemy without having a military option. that is what's required in order to see a successful conclusion, which we all pray for at this moment. >> sandra: and i want to share what we have heard from maduro's camp so far before i get to that video. what we heard from venezuelan information minister saying on twit their the maduro government is confronting what they're calling a small coup attempt led by military traitors. that's what we have heard from them. now we have the video i will prepare our viewers and you are watching this with us. it can be disturbing to watch. this happened a few moments ago in the streets of venezuela.
8:52 am
civilians, government military presence there and what we saw, congressman, was a military vehicles not stopping and going right into the crowds that have gathered there since this morning. >> sandra: how anybody in the military can confront their own people when their own people are starving to death. 50,000 venezuelans are crossing over the border into columbia every day just to buy milk. this was the richest country in latin america for a very long time. i am praying desperately for the people of venezuela to have their life back. it is a great country with great people. if the military cracks down on them, i think there will be hell to pay for the military in venezuela, the illegitimate military of maduro and hopefully the legitimate
8:53 am
government of juan guaido is in power soon and sets up a transitional process so we can have freedom again. >> sandra: what we heard from juan guaido who is actively tweeting throughout this this morning, he called on the people of venezuela initiate the ends of usurptation. i am meeting with the military units of our armed forces beginning the final phase of operation freedom. people of venezuela, he called on them to go to the street. national armed force to continue the deployment until we consolidate the end of usurptation that is already irreversible. he communicates via twitter. the maduro regime what shut down communications, oftentimes social media, internet usage, public transportation on the streets there has come to an abrupt end as we continue to see this violence play out in the streets. you can see people in some of these live shots taking cover, congressmen.
8:54 am
>> sandra: >> when you cut off people's ability to communicate the people aren't on your side. if they were on your side you would want them to defend your illegitimate regime. freedom will prevail in this. the chinese can help him take down the internet all they want. it reminds americans of the fact that we're a hemisphere that stands for freedom and we're going to be the shining light on a hill for the western hemisphere that continues to stand up for freedom of the venezuelan people, the nicaragua people, people all over central and latin america and people all over the world. >> sandra: thank you for your time and staying with us as we've been watching this breaking news unfold. what do you think is the time frame here? this is the highest we have seen this escalate yet. >> it is. i think we'll see some answers soon. it could prolong but i think we're reaching a crescendo here. i hope when it's over guaido
8:55 am
will stand in the presidential palace, people embrace him and we can move forward for a new transition to venezuela. >> bill: you said the future of our hemisphere is at stake. >> it is. >> bill: play this out. what does that mean? >> it is absolutely at stake. if you see what's going on in nicaragua and venezuela, you see the great movements that have happened in columbia as it's now a strong country and brazil and everywhere else. there is a battle in our hemisphere that we're either going to lose or win. the chinese are putting people all over as we know are trying to hold have hemisphere for too long. if it goes right in venezuela you'll see a freedom march through latin america that will be unbelievable. >> what we watched 10 minutes ago during the commercial break was pretty extraordinary. these large military vehicles, i would like en them to a large
8:56 am
humvee literally went into the crowd of people on that highway and several people got -- they were run over. the crowd started to back away. larger vehicles followed and then they fired the tear gas and the water cannons behind them. the essential question, guaido asked for military support. he asked for the people to rise up along with him. we do not know if there is any evidence that that message has been received or followed, sir. >> we're seeing some evidence. some national guard units, air force units. this has got to hit a tipping point, though, in order for the military to support juan guaido. we need to make it clear as a country we'll support the armed forces of venezuela if they pick guaido. we'll help them keep their jobs. this government, this government needs to be toppled and the united states has done a great job so far. the president has spoken clear and passionately about this and we need to make it clear russia
8:57 am
needs to get out of venezuela, cuba needs to get out of venezuela and let the venezuelan people take their government back and have freedom once again. >> bill: thank you for your time and input on this. sandra, we'll see where it goes from here. maduro sent out a tweet earlier today saying nerves of steel suggesting that he is -- he will see through this. >> sandra: all this continues to play out before our eyes. we're watching all this happen together. this has been developing throughout the morning. what you're hearing from the maduro camp is to fight back. juan guaido saying the opposition leader saying the armed forces have taken the right decision and the backing of our constitution and venezuelan people they are on the right side of history. how it goes and how it ends is a question. >> bill: guaido released a video around 6:00 this morning east coast time. in that video near the air base
8:58 am
in caracas is when he called on civilians and others in the armed forces and military to join this push to topple maduro. guaido has the u.s. support. guaido has the support of dozens of other nations around the world. but what adam kinzinger is talking about a moment ago is the direct threat on behalf of people like vladimir putin, put russian forces in there. the cuban government to go ahead and prop up and keep maduro in power. that's the conflict now that's playing out in the streets of caracas. and what rick scott told us three hours ago, sandra, is just something that it sticks in my mind at the moment again. he said venezuela has become the syria of our hemisphere meaning that all these different actors from all over the world have taken advantage of going into a weak part of the venezuelan government and exploiting it for their own gain. we wait, we see what happens next. >> sandra: and juan guaido saying that in the coming hours he would release a list of top
8:59 am
commanders supporting the uprising. more on this breaking news as we get it. >> bill: these military vehicles here, the tear gas being lobbed back and forth. we are not sure what comes of those who are on the overpass, but we will know in time. there is another camera you're off to the left, it shows what looks like a large fire truck. one has to assume that these are assets now being used on behalf of the government there in caracas. >> sandra: the u.s. national security advisor, john bolton, sent out a series of tweets. some he was retreating, some from lawmakers. in a twitter post he posted directly at the defense minister, saying that the armed forces "must protect the constitution and the venezuelan
9:00 am
people." the response that we are seeing from around the globe, including spain's caretaker government urging restraint by the governments of cuba and bolivia reiterated their support for the maduro regime. >> bill: look at that smoke coming out the back of that barracks there. we are watching this together, folks. stay with us, our coverage will continue here throughout the da day. >> harris: fox news alert, and we will stay with the uprising in venezuela. venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido has taken to the streets today with a small contingent of heavily-armed soldiers, calling for the military to rise up against the disputed president, nicolas maduro. reaction coming from the trump administration with both vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo backing guaido. national security advisor john bolton tweeting this -- "venezuelans have made clear


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