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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 30, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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people." the response that we are seeing from around the globe, including spain's caretaker government urging restraint by the governments of cuba and bolivia reiterated their support for the maduro regime. >> bill: look at that smoke coming out the back of that barracks there. we are watching this together, folks. stay with us, our coverage will continue here throughout the da day. >> harris: fox news alert, and we will stay with the uprising in venezuela. venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido has taken to the streets today with a small contingent of heavily-armed soldiers, calling for the military to rise up against the disputed president, nicolas maduro. reaction coming from the trump administration with both vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo backing guaido. national security advisor john bolton tweeting this -- "venezuelans have made clear that the current path toward democracy is irreversible. venezuela's military has a
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choice. embry's democracy, protect civilians and members of the democratically-elected national assembly, or face more man-made suffering and isolation." rich edson is live at the state department with the more on this. rich, this has turned violent in the streets. >> it appears to come if you're watching that video, harris. this is as opposition leader juan guaido singh the time is now. what he's going to beginning of operation liberty. american officials say they are closely watching this, counter protests, protests, street fighting, what appears to be violent repression of those protests for those who want nicolas maduro to leave power. the military leadership and that country has long supported the disputed president, nicolas maduro. it's a question whether they can turn to support guaido. that's the intention of guaido here. he calls this a coup attempt and says he still has the support o. guaido's government says this is not a coup attempt. it's only a legitimately-elected
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government trying to seize power from an illegitimate leader, that would be nicolas maduro. publicly, only a tweet from the state department and secretary of state mike pompeo, saying, "today interim president juan rigo announced operation liberty. the u.s. government fully supports the venezuelan people in their freedom and democracy. democracy cannot be defeated." the foreign minister said, "it flaunts diplomacy by promoting and financing coup attempt in venezuela paid washington's obsession with controlling venezuelan oil wells takes them clumsily. they underestimate the people of simon bolivar." he's also tweeting at john bolton, vice president mike pence, saying of penance that in the name of god he calls for violence and death. "is this what a good christian does?" in january, the united states recognized one way to as the legitimate leader in venezuela. more than 50 countries joined the united states in that.
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the administration followed with sanctions, attempts to bring aid to those suffering from a humanitarian crisis in venezuela. maduro, though, has remained in power. he has support of many in the military leadership. in the cuban and russian government, we are hearing from russian state media on this that russia president's letter report and paid attention to news reports about the coup attempt in that country. we know that russia had recently flown russian hardware there, and some military -- what were expected to be military to that country. the u.s. is hoping that this is a final push for venezuela, that they can finally replace nichols merger with the interim government, and that it would eventually lead to elections and permanent democracy in the country. harris? >> harris: i just want to kind of set the table here. we have been watching video for the last 30 minutes or so. we've given some details here.
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we saw appeared to be military vehicles that were not stopping for clouds of people. we talked about the violent turn that this has taken. that's what we're talking about. we are going to step away from this for just a second and let's go to the white house, because of your news is being made right now. two big stories. speaker of the house nancy pelosi there, just after meeting with the president. let's watch. >> and agenda of that kind. we did come to one agreement, that it would be big and bold. our distinguished leader from the centage will announce how big and how bold. >> thanks. [laughter] >> what remains to be seen, we agreed we would meet again to talk about how it would be paid for. but we are very pleased with the positive attitude toward recognizing the trillions of dollars of need according to the american society of civil
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engineers, the deficit that we have in our infrastructure, and now we have an opportunity to work together in a bipartisan way. building infrastructure for america has never been a partisan issue, and he hoped to go forward in a very nonpartisan way. for the future. >> thank you. it was a very constructive meeting. it's clear that both the white house and all of us want to get something done on infrastructure in a big and bold way. there was goodwill in this meeting, and that was different than some of the other meetings that we've had, which is a very good thing. first, we agreed that infrastructure is crucial to the future of america. we agreed it creates jobs. we agreed it keeps us competitive. we agreed that for 25 years this kind of build we could pass would make america a better place. this is just not a one year or 2-years. we agreed on a number, which is
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very good. $2 trillion for infrastructure. originally we had started a little lower. even the president was eager to push it up to $2 trillion. and that is a very good thing. then we talk about a number of things we would do. obviously, the roads and the bridges on the highways. obviously, water. but also, a big emphasis on broadband. that every american home, we believe, needs broadband. an emphasis on the power grid. so we can bring clean energy from one end of the country to the other. and several other issues. we told the president that we needed his ideas on funding. the last bill he proposed to, which was smaller, but b, took as much money away, and the speaker emphasized this. it took as much money away as it put in. where does he propose that we can fund this? certainly, in the senate, if we don't have him on board it would be very hard to get the senate
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to go along. and we said we would meet in three weeks, and he would present some of his ideas on funding. this is a very good start and we will see -- we hope it will go to a constructive conclusion. >> reporter: how hard is it to work with this president on infrastructure when when he is stonewalling you on investigations? >> obviously we are here to do something for the american people. we have said all along in our "for the people" agenda that we ran on that we were there to lower the cost of health care for the american people by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and we hope to work with the president on that. we said we were there to lower health care costs, bigger paychecks, by building the infrastructure of america and ia green futuristic way. we talked about cleaner government. for the first two, we think we can work at president on it
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while we may have difficulty in other areas. but we cannot ignore the needs of the american people as we go forward. [reporters shouting questions] >> reporter: did that issue come up in this conversation? >> you can ask the same question of the senate -- >> reporter: to both of you, right after the midterms, the president suggested he wouldn't be able to work with you if you were simultaneously investigating him. do you get the sense that that has passed? can i ask you, what is the bigger priority for democrats? investigating a president or trying to work with him? >> our priority is to honor our responsibilities under the constitution of the united states. to meet the needs of the american people, and to honor our oath of office. i will yield -- >> in previous meetings, the president has said if these investigations continue, he
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couldn't work with us. he didn't bring it up. we are going -- i believe we can do both at once. we can come up with some good ideas on infrastructure, and we want to hear his ideas on funding. that's going to be the crucial point in my opinion. dowson senate can proceed in its oversight responsible it is. that you are not mutually exclusive and we are glad he didn't make it that way. we will take one more. >> you all turned into shouters! >> last question. >> i will take one from a woman! [laughs] reported next thank you. did you choose a leader don't nag leader you to run the infra- structure going forward? >> we have our leader there. i have a rule, when we go to a meeting with many members, and that rule is the purpose of the
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meaning is not to criticize the president of the united states. secondly, that every person has a chance to say what he or she came to say. this is a collaborative effort and we hope it will be very bipartisan. but we will be meeting next about how it's paid for, and that will engage, of course, the secretary of the treasury, among others. and our leadership, in terms of the ways and means in the finance committee. >> wait, wait. we agree -- >> some of it will spring from the committee of jurisdiction, for example. transportation infrastructure committee, which has its own funding. this is a technical question you're asking asking. but everybody who is appropriate to the solution will be involved. >> this is the last thing we are going to say. we agreed that the same group would meet in about three weeks and the president would present his ideas on funding, and we would take it from there. if we had to break up in small groups after that, so we would.
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thank you. >> reporter: limp >> let me just add one point i want you to take us home with you. one important advance that we made in this meeting was the president's acceptance or maybe just agreement -- i don't want to say except it's because he may have been thinking of this all along -- and that is that infrastructure should include broadband. and it's important. health care, for education, it's important to commerce. his embracement of that, in addition to her transportation and water issues, was very important. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> melissa: a very different tone coming out of this meeting than the last time we saw this group get together. we have their senator chuck schumer and, of course, the leader from the house, nancy pelosi. just coming out of a meeting with the white house where they were talking about infrastructure but they described it as a very constructive meeting. they said it was clear that the
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white house wants to get something done on infrastructure, that they quickly came to a number. shockingly, they are all good at spending money to give it. >> harris: [laughs] >> melissa: a few trillion dollars committee came up with that number. it's going to include roads, water, bridges, broadband. nancy pelosi saying they are, you just heard, one thing the president -- "maybe he was thinking this all along, that we wanted to include broadband." very effusive about the president, saying that they will meet in three weeks to talk about and hear his ideas on how this could be paid for. remember, that's in the context that they had said some of the tax cuts would have to be rolled back in order to pay for it. they wanted to raise taxes. obviously they said they would hold back on talking about that for another three weeks. based on what she said. asked a number of times by reporters, "is your priority investigating the president or working with him?" they sort of demerit and said they could do both at the same time, that it was very
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friendly. "we are in a position where we are supposed to to to her overt duties. close group at a very different tone coming from this meeting than the last. lawrence jones, what did you think about that? >> lawrence: first of all, after they said it was a constructive meeting of the first press do not question from the press corps was, "how hard is it to work from with this pn a?" >> melissa: when you want to impeach him. >> lawrence: housel there. it doesn't surprise me that they don't have a problm spitting money. deciding what they will steal from the american people to pay for these programs. what got me most is the broadband thing. so now governments responsibility is to get broadband for the rest of the country. the theme of the conversation that i heard from the democrats seemed like a lot of things could potentially be in the new green deal as well. i'm sure we are going to hear upgrading facilities, upgrading private -- >> harris: >> melissa: she saidn
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and futuristic way. >> lawrence: exactly. >> kennedy: you know who was watching this press conference? shoeless joe biden! he took off both of his loafers and threw them at the tv! this whole thing could've been paid for by the trump reelection committee. this was so congenial and so it effusive, and not really what i expected from them. and that is not my issue. americans want to see the president and congressional leadership work together in their best interest. nancy pelosi is absolutely right about that. i do share your trepidation, that they are spending this much money -- $2 trillion. is that on top of the $32 trillion we will care for medicare for all? >> melissa: no doubt. i want to tell our viewers, we will get to venezuela in a second. but this is also a huge story. go ahead, katie. >> katie: infrastructure across america is pretty bad. it's about the government mishandling and abusing them i
9:15 am
need been given. the stimulus package that president obama pushed through, the trillion dollars there, is a perfect example of that. money was just handed out for infrastructure projects, shovel-ready job sprayed some of the same language being used now but nancy pelosi and chuck schumer about millions of jobs being created. and yet those jobs never came to fruition and the projects in the that was put aside for that never actually got spent in the way it was supposed to. the trump administration has talked before about having accountability to the states that are given the checks for these local projects, and doing private and public partnerships. so there is a streamlining of the costs and the fees associated. also, one more thing -- since we are talking about the green new deal -- the president has talked about how we can get any infrastructure projects down this country because of all the permitting processes and all the lengths of time to the environment to impact studies take for example to get companies there permits to actually build a new bridge or to build a new freeway. it'll be interesting when they get to the details of the
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negotiation, if democrats are willing to do dominic adjust some of the regulations in addition to finding ways to pay with it with accountability and not just blank checks to all of the projects in the pork barrel spending they want. >> harris: i just wanted to point out one point you were in agreement on, the fact that it almost looks like we are going to the words "make america great again." house speaker nancy pelosi was asked, about those investigation. not only was the first question, it was also the second question. "how are you going to do both?" and she said, "we can't ignore the needs of the people. want to lower health care costs, build bigger paychecks." and senator schumer said, "crucial to infrastructure, creates jobs. we reached a number, is $2 trillion." it sounded a lot like the politics have crept back in. i agree, both loafers to the screen for an off by joe biden. because they just stole his whole train. >> kennedy: i'm so sorry,
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lawrence, but joe biden is talking about this being a battle for the soul of the nation. and here are nancy pelosi chuck schumer... >> katie: with labor workers, as well! >> lawrence: the question is, where do they get the true trillion dollar number from? the programs -- is this going to be another project for all of their friends in congress? where they get to pay them and say, "hey, we know that guy! let's give him the construction deal." there needs to be transparency in and a bidding process. >> harris: you know what that sounds like, like? swamptastic. >> lawrence: it is. what trump won that they have to take back, in this presidential race. they need promises and those congressional districts. there is nothing better than telling the local businessmen that is a construction worker, "hey, i've got you." >> katie: it from the companies, as well.
9:18 am
if you go solyndra on us after we give you millions and billions of dollars, you have to repay that money to the market taxpayer. because you're being given an opportunity to help your country, rebuild the infrastructure. if you want to waste it with accountability, there has to be a consequence for that, or else people take the money and they walk away. the >> kennedy: that's why government contracts are so great. there is no account ability. you don't have to end on time or on budget for it hallelujah. spew on the president has said all along the lack all along we could do something on infrastructure. she said, "he may have already been thinking about this. >> kennedy: very gracious. >> harris: the big story of the day also breaking at this hour, venezuela. the violent uprising there, as opposition leader juan guaido has of course, back engineer, declared himself interim president. and now protests in support of guaido, pushing out maduro, the current president under fire right now, are happening in the streets.
9:19 am
you see our own senator come marco rubio, in a tweet storm this morning. if you want to call it that. a breeze of treats talking about what's going on with this liberty operation on the streets of venezuela. the president has back in rare form and opposition leader, recognizing guaido as the legitimate leader. history being made today. we will get right back to that breaking news after a quick break. stay close. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
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9:24 am
into the streets. some of our own leadership here in america, secretary of state pompeo, senator marco rubio, and others, giving support to the people on the ground in venezuela as they wage toward what they are calling a day for democracy. moments ago, when things turn disturbingly violent, a military vehicle was involved. you will be able to see this. i want to win people because you can see people being run over by this military vehicle, and people pouring into help the injured. let's roll that now, with some morning. i will lower my voice and see if you can hear anything. that is very clearly what you think you are seeing. and we saw it live, not too long ago.
9:25 am
we are playing this video for you to be able to see what the world is talking about today. it has been since generate 23rd that opposition leader juan guaido declared himself the interim president and has scooped up all sorts of support. not only within his country but outside his country, particularly by president trump. who come in a historically rare move, recognize the opposition leader as the legitimate leader. 3 million people have fled venezuela, mostly to neighboring countries. you got a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions there. venezuela's 2019 hyperinflation is estimated to hit 10000000% this year. the economy is largely dependent on oil exports, and yet it is still failing its people. more than 130 antigovernment protesters have been arrested in the last five years. lawrence, i come to you. because when we talk about an economy that crumbles under the weight of socialism and a lack
9:26 am
or just a vengeance in his leadership, i guess, that's one way to put it against its people, this is what you see see. >> lawrence: this is socialism. every american should be warned as they see this display before their eyes. a couple of things, the freshman senator from florida -- >> harris: hold on one second. is this live? this picture? okay. because you can hear gunfire there. we've been hearing about all morning. this was moments ago. i want you to hear that it's something else. it's a violent situation on the ground and then. >> lawrence: the freshman senator, rick scott, from florida, talks about what the u.s. role would be paid would be set on the sidelines? he saw adam kinzinger alluding to that, as well. as it relates to foreign policy on these topics, especially on the right, there are some disagreements on this. i would like to say that the people have to fight for themselves right now. this is a tragic situation.
9:27 am
but we are seeing what happens when a dictatorship is in play. >> harris: kennedy, i want to go to you real quickly. just what we know about guaido. 35 years old, industrial engineer before he came president of the national assembly on january 5th. why is he gaining popularity? >> kennedy: he's getting populated because venezuelans are miserable and the wealthy ones -- the engineers on the doctors and anyone who has any sort of economic mobility -- have left the country. that means the people who are there, children, the very second, the very old, they don't have a lot of health care. the country is literally crumbling around them. they've got something like a 10000000% inflation rate. >> harris: that's what they are projected for this year. >> kennedy: it's a phenomenal number. when that math starts to add up, it really doesn't bode well for maduro. but he will not go gracefully, because he has the backing of china and russia and cuba. it is not just going to be the
9:28 am
united states helping out militarily. if we are on the border of venezuela, we are taking on in a proxy war some very dangerous -- >> harris: one second, we have an opportunity to bring in the former state department senior advisor for both the trump and george w. bush administration's. christian white and, you're with us now. i want to ask you about the opponents of maduro, and what it has meant to be living in this country where if you speak up against maduro, what happens to you? >> it's been increasingly repressive. that's one of the things that led to this new spike, this much higher plateau of activity with the release, by the military, of someone who had been thrown in jail. lopez, who had been somewhat of a mentor role model for guaido as far as leading a political movement. it hasn't been as repressive as, say, north korea, where any dissent gets you killed, but there has been intense repression. the attempt to turn guaido into a political prisoner himself also helped spark this new level
9:29 am
of protest. >> melissa: christian, it's melissa francis preliminary sku, vice president mike pence tweeting, saying "we are with you." what does that mean exactly? are we with them militarily? at what point would you guess of the united states would step in here as we see trucks mowing down people? >> we are with them politically, we are with them economically. it's amazing, actually, how unified the atmosphere is. this is part of the rightward shift within the hemisphere. we have great allies in brazil and argentina and colombia. they are putting a lot of pressure. this is not an interventionist demonstration. we are seeing here is trump-pentz foreign policy. you can be very active, you can american power, political worker. short of actually getting in an intervening militarily, which actually is best for the venezuelans in the long run, as well pray that they achieve their own freedom. that it's not the gringos scene
9:30 am
coming down and imposing some form of government. as the new government they want. >> katie: christian, katie pavlich here. there are questions about the u.s. interest in venezuela. can you talk about why the united states is so involved with backing guaido as the legitimate leader of the country? >> sure. that's a fantastic question for the most critical national interest we have is in the security of the hemisphere. i don't mean that an abstract sense, i mean that in the sense of having millions of people streaming across borders as refugees. really, swamping columbia and coming for our borders in the long ter long term. more broadly, the idea that we should resist socialism and oppression within our hemisphere. we had this thing since the monroe doctrine was promulgated, that we do not allow this hyperforeign political and military interference that we are seeing from russia, china, and others, and certainly from cuba. a lot is at stake. focusing on our own backyard. we've been so distracted by wars in afghanistan, iraq, and
9:31 am
faraway places. this is something that is in some ways much more critical to our interests. >> harris: this has just come in. before we leave go, i want you to hear this. pat shanahan just tweeted, "the fans in support of one cueto and the people of venezuela in their quest for freedom and democracy is a take back the country. #operacion libertad. that is more of that american support that you just heard christian talking about. we will take a quick commercial break as the story continues to develop and bring you the very latest on the other side
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9:36 am
attorneys. the ag has objected to that format. here is the ranking republican on the committee, doug collins. >> he is doing everything he can to sabotage a perfectly good hearing in which the attorney general has volunteered to come. more or less, they are wanting to look like an impeachment hearing. they wanted to have the feel of an impeachment hearing, because they do not want to go to an impeachment hearing. they just want people to think that they are. >> melissa: in the meantime, house speaker nancy pelosi saying that barr must appear before the committee, and slamming president trump. >> honor your oath of office. >> melissa: barr is set to testify to our before the senate judiciary committee. lawrence, let me start with you. do you think it's right for attorney general barr to refuse to do that last hour of questioning? not from congress itself, but from lawyers that they bring in?
9:37 am
>> lawrence: well, i mean -- to be fair, the lawyers do -- congress does have the right to allow questioning to happen by a counsel. we saw that happen during the kavanaugh hearing, as well. i think that is kind of wrong to deny that, because he has a role to answer to congress. two i agree with congress' actions? no, i don't agree. there questioning him -- this is all going to be on the obstruction case. what we know from the attorney general is, even though he disagreed with mueller's theory of obstruction, he still took it and ran with it and decided, "can't we actually take this to court?" he wasn't able to take it to court. there wasn't enough proof. you can't have obstruction when you are the chief executive. that was the theory behind that. that's with the question is going to be, and we are going to have is a lot of legal scholars going back and forth with the ag. that should be done in court, not in front of the american people. >> kennedy: by the way, the people in the house judiciary
9:38 am
committee, the numbers of congress, they are lawyers. they are perfectly capable of asking the attorney general questions. >> melissa: answering from anyone, however it is anyway. we are going to go back to this situation in venezuela as soonest we get back from the break. if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, call newday usa. home values are rising, and with newday's va cash out home loan, you can borrow up to 100 percent of your home's increased value. you could get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. take advantage of your home's increased value. call newday usa now. go to or call 1-800-405-6714 cake in the conference room! showing 'em you're ready to be your own boss. that's the beauty of your smile. bring out the best in it with crest 3d white. crest removes 95% of surface stains...
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♪ >> this is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary career in public service. somebody who has devoted his entire professional life to service to this country. he revitalized american manufacturing is the head of our task force, he fought to make college more affordable. >> katie: former vice president joe biden releasing a new campaign video today featuring the voice of former president barack obama from biden's metro freedom ceremony in 2017 he's trying to break out from a
9:43 am
crowded field, of 2020 hopefuls, it just is after entering the race. getting a boost from a new poll. this shows his lead over senator bernie sanders increasing to more than 20 points. in the meantime, biden is such a burn storm the state of iowa where he plans to hold two events to be. he is holding his first rally ih yesterday, where he slammed the first commander in chief. president obama isn't giving an official endorsement, but it seems like joe biden wants when! [laughter] >> lawrence: it's so funny because he told us to start off with -- he asked the president not to endorse him. now if overdue endorsement. it's very obvious that the obama coalition is split amongst the other candidates. especially ones that have the energy like kamala harris, the beto o'rourke prolapse of the world. so he is trying to pull as many of them as he can. i think you will pull some of the voters away because of the rest of them are so crazy. as far as those diehard obama
9:44 am
campaign workers, they won't -- >> melissa: cannot i just add, joe biden told an outright lie yesterday at a rally? i know it's not unusual for politicians who want to be elected to lie, but he said, "the stock market is growing but you don't feel it. there was a $2 trillion tax cut last year. did you feel it customer did you get anything from it? of course not. all of it went to the folks at the top." so i'm wondering if the media is going to say that he lied the same way that they -- >> harris: a which media? >> melissa: i don't know. [laughter] won the president does say things that are untrue, and they say he lied, when joe biden says something that is untrue, will they say he lied? >> kennedy: that is a complete misrepresentation. may look at 3.2% gdp growth, low an appointment, hourly wages going up for lower-income americans who work in retail and the service industry.
9:45 am
>> harris: the upper echelons of economy, which is rare. >> kennedy: they have bigger paychecks because of the tax cuts. the thing to cut spending? of course they do. he also completely missed or presented the unit picture in this country. go visit some of the cities in california that have been -- >> lawrence: it's a good move by him, though. there is some polling to suggest that when people got their tax refunds back, despite it being -- >> harris: we talked about this a little bit yesterday. >> lawrence: the way they feel about not getting that extra money back -- >> katie: but for him to say didn't get anything, even the middle got a tax cut. >> harris: what you did is -- the state and local taxes. when you take that away, it feels like you got -- >> lawrence: exactly. but it was an emotional play, not a factual play. >> harris: a lot of people may have complained in different brackets. >> kennedy: that's why you see the gdp growth. there will be more in the second quarter because people will be
9:46 am
spending more money. it's a very tight labor market. that means wages are finally going up and following the logical chain. that's a really difficult thing to campaign against. to melissa's point, you can't use lies in order to make your case when people know what they feel and they know what they are able to spend. >> harris: i just look of a conversation we are having now. it's not about a cultural issue. it's not about foreign policy. it's about that dinner table topic of the economy, taxes, which you feel. is happening under this current president. that also makes it very tough to fight, because we know our history of incumbency. it's very rare for an incumbent not to come back >> kennedy: melissa, a lot of joe biden suggested he was about the comic, talking about worker. that he puts his video today with president obama talking about his character. what doesn't that also remind people of the gdp growth under president obama? the loss of jobs, the stagnant wages we saw under his tenure. there are some risks to tying
9:47 am
himself to the obama legacy. >> harris: or arista obama's legacy. >> melissa: he has two arguments -- to try and talk down the economy, which we know is factually incorrect and he has to tell lies when he does that about the numbers that exist, or he does the moral argument. interesting to say that he is about truth and being street and at the same time he says that he asked the president not to endorse him and put his thumb on the scale. [laughter] that doesn't ring authentic and true to a lot of americans. to try and take the moral high ground where you are telling something that sounds untrue -- >> kennedy: then there are commercials like the hologram. it's like tupac at coachella. to someone who didn't see the commercial, "president obama that did endure some, this is great!" >> katie: we will cover venezuela after the break. we're family. we'd do anything for each other. but this time... those bonds were definitely tested.
9:48 am
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>> kennedy: medicare for all facing a major test on capitol hill just this morning. the house rules committee holding the first ever hearing on the health care legislation, which two democratic congress women introduced in february. medicare for all asking popularity among some top 2020 democrats, and drawn fierce
9:52 am
opposition from republicans. jim mcgovern. jim? >> you can go broke if you get cancer. you can use it on mike lose your home if your kids get sick. that's not health care being delivered as a basic. that's health care that remains out of reach for too many. the medicare for all would change every thing. the uninsured americans and our country today would get health care. the 40 million underinsured people would have the peace of mind of finally knowing that their health care would be there for them when they need it. >> kennedy: plus, the top republican on the committee says this is pure socialism. >> medicare for all would require all americans to pay more in taxes, wait longer for care, and received potentially worse care. this bill is a socialist proposal that threatens freedom of choice and would allow washington to impose one-size-fits-all plans on the american people. everyone. every man, woman, and child in america with private employer or
9:53 am
union have a base health care would lose their plan. >> kennedy: does this proposal add up? >> melissa: no. not even close pay [laughter] the reason people like medicare so much when you look at the numbers is because they use, in dollar terms, four times as much care as what they pay in. the only reason that works is because you have younger people subsidizing. medicare for all would be medicare for none. but we should make the same mistake we did last time, which is to blow up things that are working in order to provide health care for those who don't have it. if we are really committed to providing health care for those that don't have it, we should focus federal dollars on that and leave the part of the system that is working, working. there are people who have insurance, that it's working for them. why would you disrupt that? we could just focus, if we were going to come on the part not working. >> kennedy: bernie sanders is a promising maternity care,
9:54 am
rehab, dental, vision. this is what they don't have in places like canada and australia. >> lawrence: they are making a lot of promises they can't keep. people know where i stand on this when it comes to socialized medicine, but i'm willing to have that debate. but that doesn't belong in the rules committee. the fact they're putting it in the rules committee shows -- it has nothing to do the rules, first of all. they're not willing to have that debate because they have no grounds to stand on. >> katie: but they are having the debate. they're having it on the 2020 campaign trail, the primary. people like malaria saying they're going to get rid of private insurance and having to walk it back. they don't know exactly what they want. the thing is that republicans love to come up with a way to talk about this on an individual, emotional level. it sounds really good to be able to get free health care, which we all know is not free, but that sounds good. when you are sick or have a child who is sick and you can't afford to pay for something, or you are on don mcgahn entry to the time, that sounds great.
9:55 am
how will republicans message to those people about how a social system will actually make you unavailable to have health care? it's not medical care. they have to be able to message that, and they are to ready for a fight. interested in the idea. the >> lawrence: after the failure of obamacare, the fact that it wasn't the first thing babe don't like that congress -- >> kennedy: they tried. >> lawrence: of the problem. >> kennedy: but once you have an entitlement it's almost impossible to unring that bell. we've got more ring a ding dong for you. morse p25 and moment. please stay. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt
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10:00 am
will see where things go. but it looks pretty violent and ugly today. hopefully things get better. >> lawrence: important for the people to duke it out. fight for the country. >> harris: we are back here at noon eastern tomorrow. for now, here's harris >> melissa: >> harris: let's gee breaking news. unrest boiling around venezuela, where a military uprising is underway. i'm harris faulkner pray this is "outnumbered overtime." opposition leader juan guaido is calling on the military to help with "the final phase" of a plan to oust embattled president nicolas maduro. chaos unfolded today in caracas, where guaido took to the streets with a group of heavily-armed soldiers. we want to warn you about this next video. it is graphic. you can see government vehicles plowing into crowds of people, driving through, not even stopping for the people they are crushing. maduro loyalists clashing with antigovernment protesters. tear gas being fired into those crowds, as well. the u.s. is standing with juan guaido


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