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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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this is summer claire. congratulations to jenny and andrew, adding to the edition, one viewer at a time. it helps the demo. thank you for inviting us into your home. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid from the white house. here's a "the story" with martha. >> martha: beautiful bay become a beautiful night at the white house. thank you, bret. breaking right now, we have two fast-moving stories we are following live for you this evening. here is one, joe biden, the front runner rising in the polls, about to take the stage in iowa, a state that sent him home back in 1988 when he got less than 1% of the votes, 2008 rather. tonight, he's in a very different spot after eight years as vice president. now a live look at the very volatile situation that is unfolding tonight in venezuela, where nicolas maduro is in hiding after deciding not to get on a plane this morning to cuba and the white house is urging
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him to turn around that decision and get on that plane and go. they say all options are on the table to preserve democracy there. good evening, everybody, i'm martha maccallum and this is "the story." joe biden continues to field questions on the decades old anita hill hearings. he answered them again this morning. but now, some are saying that all of this apologizing is rewriting the past. it is somewhat unfair to supreme court justice clarence thomas, who, after the long and dramatic hearing, had the belief of 58% of americans. 24% believed the story of professor anita hill. in a piece about to publish in "the new york post," writes that he wished the committee had been more fair to anita hill. sorry, joe, that is rewriting history. the hearing was fair. anita hill's testimony was full of holes and devoid of evidence to back a perp claim." there are also questions tonight about how biden saying he believed a need help from the very beginning, when and justice
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clarence thomas is 2007 book, biden told him, "i will be your biggest offender." there's a lot to unravel. marc thiessen and chris hahn standing by, also with me, carly free arena, with her unique take on all of those. also, first to mike tobin come alive in iowa as we erase the former vice president joe biden. good evening. >> could evening. we are expecting him in dubuque, iowa, at any moment now. somewhat of a light deer here in iowa. in an official stop in between cedar rapids and dubuque at an ice cream store in monticello. he made his first official stop, cedar rapids, iowa, he waited little time getting into the general election business, and gunning for president trump. >> we can't afford four or more years of a president whose entire agenda has been to divide the country, to split us, to make us be -- we have to talk about unity.
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we have to bring people back together again. >> this is biden's third term as a solo candidate in iowa. in 1988, it ended poorly. in 2008, he took fifth place in iowa with less than 1% of the vote, dropped out shortly after that. now he shows up in iowa with a dominant lead. according to the latest cnn poll, he's 24 points ahead of bernie sanders. some say big on front this early makes biden vulnerable. >> he's coming in with a target on his back this time. as a front-runner, people are already targeting him but not least of which is the president of the united states. >> about half hour ago, biden weighed in on twitter over venezuela, "the violence in venezuela today over peaceful protesters is criminal. maduro's administration is due to suffering. we must restore democracy." serious element to an otherwise exciting day for the biden camp as they show up in iowa with a
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commanding lead. martha? >> martha: thank you very much. move back in a few moments. marc thiessen, american enterprise scholar and fox news contributor and chris hahn, syndicated radio host and former aide to senator chuck schumer. great to have both of you with us this evening. marc, your thoughts on the fact, as we walk this unfold, and everybody rehashing the anita hill story, which is decades old, you have to think also about clarence thomas, who was watching all this play out yet again and sort of going through the very painful process that it was for him as well. >> he had to go through doing the kavanaugh hearings because everyone was rehashing the history but back then. joe biden is a super old candidate. he's -- if he wins, he'll be 77 years old on the day of his inauguration. that is the same age ronald reagan was when he left office. one of the problems with being old as a candidate as you bring up -- you have old baggage. you have the anita hill hearings. this happened in 1991. there is a poll out there that showed 30% of democrats don't
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approve of his handling of the anita hill hearings. 44 percent don't know because they weren't born. [laughter] acids lead expands, as we are seeing the polling coming and that he has a 24-point lead or so, it makes it more likely this will be central in the campaign because the 19 other democrats and counting will go after him on it. the more his lead grows, the more they are falling behind, the more they will go after joe biden on the anita hill thing. >> martha: that is right. chris hahn, i want to play this for you, this is a quote from lucy florez, one of the women who accused him of inappropriate touching. she said, "as anita hill recently found out, not exactly sorry either, what do we do when the offender hasn't bothered to take the first step forward toward forgiveness." then you have this for me make a pretty make a bridge is key. >> i can promise you, i know joe biden, he went up behind her, take a deep breath because he was about to go on stage. you took a deeply personally and i you are writing a
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"new york times" op-ed about it, demanding an apology. this, once again, is completely ridiculous, at the rest of america thinks it is ridiculous, too. i'm done. >> martha: chris hahn? >> i don't think she is totally wrong. i think lucy florez may have felt her personal space invaded but she even said herself that she didn't think it was in nature or meant to offend. i think it is time to move on from lucy flores. i think it is also -- what vice president biden said about anita hill, i think that was good enough. i think that we've moved to a different place in our society than we were in 1991 when these hearings were going on. i think more people believe anita hill today than believed her then, who remember those hearings come at us like more people believe monica lewinsky today then believed her in the '90s. things have changed, our nation has evolved, joe biden is a good man, and if he has invaded people's space or made them feel
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uncomfortable, i don't think he was intending to do that in a negative way, and the same way that we think there are some people who have done this and women should be believed. but i do think that joe biden is going to move past this and to be very formidable contender. people will attack him, martha, but -- >> martha: i think it will mostly come from the democrats side. let's take a look of a cnn poll, which sees him getting an 11% bump since his announcement came out. back to you, marc thiessen, in terms of what he needs to do in iowa, bad memories for him from 2008. some say that he was upset that he sort of left the race as early as he did, both times he ran, and he doesn't want their staff to dog him and he will fight his way through at this time. >> knocked out. this time he's a front-runner go again. a very different situation back then. he was in the back of the pack. that is why everyone will come after him. the whole thing about the
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smiling of the hair and the rubbing shoulder isn't going to go away, and he says this is a different era, it was never okay to come up to a woman you don't know in a work environment and smell her hair and give her a massage. if someone did that to my daughter tomorrow, i would be ticked off about it and so would most americans. the difference is that women are coming forward now and saying something, where before they were afraid to lose their jobs. the other thing is, anita hill said to "the new york times" a few weeks ago that joe biden set the stage for the kavanaugh confirmation. that is an open wound for democrats about is a very big vulnerability because that is how they will go after him. the handling of the anita hill testimony set the stage for brett kavanaugh to get through in the senate and that will hurt him. >> martha: go ahead, chris. >> marc, you are clutching your prose over nothing would have a present of the of united states who said that he grabs women by the you know what. you had nothing to say about it then, you have nothing to say about it now. his offenses are minor compared to the president.
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your release of any nondisclosure agreement that any one ever assigned to the president of united states, -- >> martha: chris, the problem is on the democrat side -- >> smelling people's hair. >> martha: marc, chris, problem is on the democrats aside for him because he has 20 people running, so he is the target. that is where the target is. it is on joe biden. guys, i will bring in -- thank you very much for being here. also joining me, 2016 presidential candidate, former ceo of hewlett-packard and author of the really good new book called find your way which i highly recommend, carly, good to see you. work in progress. what do you think about that? why do you think about the relitigation of this anita hill thing? what does it say about joe biden
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and where we are right now in politics? >> i do think it says that joe biden has to get through a primary in the democratic party. the democratic party is moving further and further and further and further to the left. let's take it outside of politics for just one moment. there is real abuse that goes o on. matt lauer, other people in this town, harvey weinstein, other people in tinseltown, the gymnastic coats, there is real assault and real abuse. this kind of thing diminishes all of that. i'm sorry, relitigating anita hill, that was litigated. clarence thomas is a supreme court justice. brett kavanaugh was litigated and he's a supreme court justice. putting someone's shoulders in a work environment -- honestly, it happens all the time. things that may make women uncomfortable doesn't make a man bad. it may be makes them thoughtless or clueless or careless but not a bad man. this categories about real abuse and assault.
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>> martha: being more considerate and aware, which he says he is going to do what you make a great point about the real abuse that goes on out there and how these things become a magnet for discussion. there was an interesting piece, the importance of the union backing that joe biden has received so far. some people have concluded that is the old style of writing. but with these union leaders were saying to her in pennsylvania, we don't like the fact that the party is coming so far left. that is why we came out so early in favor of joe biden. the president says the membership is with him. and the leadership is with biden. >> here's the thing, here is why the union backing is powerful. because unions have a powerful organizing mechanism. they get their people out to vote. so trump shouldn't dismiss the outcome the other democrats should not dismiss that. you will recall hillary clinton worked really hard to get union backing and did not get all the
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union's tobacco because they weren't with her. >> martha: they were uncomfortable with her. they say that. >> i think it is significant that he does have the backing for backing. >> martha: let's take a listen to the joe biden on medicare at a rally he was out yesterday because this is a big writing ground for the democratic party in deciding who they are and what they support. watch this. >> what are your coverages from your employer or on your own, you all should have a choice to buy into a public option plan for medicare. your choice! [cheers and applause] the insurance company isn't doing the right thing, you should have another choice. >> martha: is that politically the right place to be in for him? >> well, for most americans, it makes a heck of a lot more sense to say, my gosh, how long have we been arguing about health care? with what he saying, is, you can have a choice. i was speaking with a left-leaning person today and they said, health care is a right. i said, yes, but if the democrat party were bernie sanders or
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their nominee continue to say the policy is the end of private insurance, and a big government program that is going to -- >> martha: taking away our rights. >> i'm sorry, that is a losing game. i think biden is trying to thread the needle. he has his left flank of the party. >> martha: another guy who's gotten a lot of attention is pete buttigieg, and he was asked on "the daily show" if he felt he was benefiting from white male privilege in this very broad group that has a lot of women, people of color in it. take a look at what he had to say about that. >> i do think it is simply harder for candidates of color, or for female candidates. i'm very mindful of that. >> martha: is that the language that everyone needs to speak these days? >> in this case, i think he's right. i think it is harder when you are different. that is not a political comment. when you are different, it's different. so i think it is different for women. i think it is different for people of color, and i think things have been done in a certain way for a really long
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time. so i agree with him on that. however, it is a big step to go from that acknowledgment of reality to, gee, because you are a white man, you are a bad person or you shouldn't get this job are you are not qualified. that is a bridge too far. >> martha: we are looking at live shots from venezuela tonight where things are getting very agitated on the streets. this is actually pictures from earlier this evening. we'll get the live shot back up as well. what do you think the white house response should be to this? if you were president, what would you do? >> i actually think the administration has handled this very well. i think they were clear and coming out and backing the legislature and guaido. i think that early action caused the rest of the world to follow suit. i think that unanimity around the world was very important. i think it is a demonstration once again that russia is not our friend, that cuba is not our
4:15 pm
friend. however, i also think now we are at a very delicate point because you will recall how long the obama administration and the rest of the world called for bashar al-assad to go. he must go, he must go, he must go, and he didn't go. so i think now we are at the point where the united states has provided all the support that it can, and we need to see what the venezuelan people do. the venezuelan military. >> martha: if they need our support? >> i think that is a very serious move with major repercussions. i would be very thoughtful and careful about that. >> martha: carly fiorina, great to see you. good to have you want tonight. as we mentioned, joe biden is in iowa tonight. he will take the stage any minute now. there is a lot of reviews and critiques of what he said last night. let's see how he does tonight when he gets up there. we all take a little bit of that as president trump was at the
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white house tonight, monitoring the violent clashes that are still going on this evening in the streets. we just saw some real pushback's between some of the flashing lights of the maduro regime and people on the streets this evening. we will show that to you live in just a moment as nicolas maduro weighs his options tonight. we'll go there lives. ♪ let's be honest. it's kind of unfair that safe drivers have to pay as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! ah! that was a stunt driver. that's why esurance has this drivesense® app. the safer you drive, the more you save. don't worry, i'm not using my phone and talking to a camera while driving... i'm being towed. by the way, i'm actually a safe driver. i'm just pretending to be a not safe driver. cool. bye dennis quaid! when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless.
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♪ >> in an interview earlier, you said that nicolas maduro was on his way out are planning to leave by plane to havana, cuba. how close did he get? >> understanding that he was ready to go, he made a decision that we had been urging him to make for quite some time. he was diverted from that action by the russians. we hope you'll reconsider and
4:21 pm
get back on the plane. >> martha: that was a great secretary pompeo with bret baier moments ago urging a nicolas maduro ticket on the plane and head for havana. the white house that it is time for the rightful leader, juan guaido, to take over. here he is earlier alongside armed troops, telling the people of venezuela in a video statement this morning that they are in the last stages of the maduro rain, saying, "the moment is now to rise up and we have seen that happening throughout the last several hours of the day. here's a live look now at what we are getting this evening. we are still waiting for our live look. we had live cameras that were looking at this area in the dark, which has suddenly disappeared. we don't have access to them at this moment for whatever reason. as soon as we get those back, we'll let you know. in the meantime, the trump administration says that a peaceful transfer is the hope by that all options are on the table as the violent power
4:22 pm
struggle continues, unfolding in caracas, venezuela. joining me now, a former senior diplomat representing venezuela at the u.n. he left his post there in 2017 in protest to fight what he calls the humanitarian apocalypse that is plaguing his beloved country right now. it is good to have you back on the program. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you so much, martha, for having me. >> martha: first of all, i don't know if there is anything nefarious behind the fact that we know longer have a video look at what is going on in the streets tonight. tell me a little bit about your reaction about what you are seeing unfold right now. >> first of all, i have to say that our interim constitutional president, juan guaido, he has crossed the rubicon. there is no way back. this is a point of no return. it's about time. there was a response from the military and to begin with, we have to look at this from the global perspective, there are
4:23 pm
many pillars of support for maduro. internationally, as you have seen, he's got $12 billion arsenault from russia and military support, and of courses financial clout, you have a rand, you have turkey, you have profiting from blood gold and all they want to do is just expand their geopolitical stronghold in the region and to challenge the u.s. values and interests in the hemisphere. of course, the regional situation where maduro is actually pushing people out. we have 3.7 million people pushed into challenging the sovereignty of brazil and of colombia and then you have the domestic problems. we have at least 22,000 cubans infiltrating armed forces with 40% of our territory, you name it, they are there. it is moving forward. i think it was the right moment
4:24 pm
to do it. now we have to see what is the problem. china and russia are managing as well, satellites, intelligence surveillance, and this is what is happening right now with internet. they closed the radio stations this morning, they have put the people in jail, journalists, for the last few weeks. now this is going to get harder and stronger. >> martha: it's incredible. we all think back to the 140 mostly students who were killed by the maduro regime when those protests began. i know that was heartbreaking to you and one of the reasons that you left in protest. i want to play this, a venezuelan ambassador to the u.n., talking about what he sees as a buildup in the colombian embassy. listen to this. >> 3,000 intelligence officers, 3,000 trainers, 3,000 technicians, 3,000 information warfare technicians. it's a war embassy. show me where ever in the world
4:25 pm
there are more than 3,000 americans in one embassy. so they are planning for war. let's take off the blindfold and look the reality as it actually is. >> martha: what is your reaction to his claim that the united states is readying for war across the border in colombia? >> there is no one else that has been our strongest supporter without a doubt, the trump administration. of course they have led the charge in the international diplomacy arena. now we have more than 54 democratic prenations recognizing juan guaido and what is happening at venezuela. i think he has the wrong country. talking about probably russia and the 100 military technicians that are put in, as 300 missile components and our borders. they have already 5,000 that are
4:26 pm
shoulder mounted, surface-to-air missiles. more dangerous than what we have right now. it would only be to let them keep the stronghold in our territory because this is the gateway to america. what they are trying to do with their convergence with terrorism, that is why iran is present there, -- they are bleeding the country dry. theory will head into the hemisphere. >> martha: it's an important moment. you are such a strong voice on this. i thank you very much for being here tonight. no doubt, we want to hear from you in the coming days. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you so much, martha. >> martha: you are welcome. we are waiting for joe biden to take the stage, he's been running a little bit late over the course of his candidacy so far over the last couple of days. we'll take it their life to get a sense for the feel of the room, the into enthusiasm when it gets underway in a few moments. plus 2020 candidate cory booker ways into the debate over giving
4:27 pm
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take the first step. and learn more about dupuytren's. at ♪ ♪ >> does this mean that you would support in franchising people like the boston marathon bomber, a convicted terrorist and murderer? >> i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. yes, even for terrible people. >> martha: met with senator bernie sanders who believes that even the worst offenders still have the right to vote. they carry that with them, he believes, even behind bars. now democratic rival cory booker is getting to the debate saying that it's not about whether a convicted felon like the charleston church shooter
4:32 pm
dylann roof for the boston marathon bomber should be allowed to vote but rather what sends people to prison in the first place. >> bernie sanders wants to get into a conversation about whether dylann roof and the marathon bomber should have the right to vote, my focus is liberating black and brown people and low income people from prison. my focus is tearing down the system of mass incarceration so we don't have to have the debate about people's voting rights because they want to be imprisoned in the first place. >> martha: juan williams is faulkner's political analyst and cohost of "the five." these are the democrats trying to get their own lane and they all know that bernie sanders stepped in it with her thing. 75% of voters in one poll said that they do not support felon's voting at. >> the key here is that there is a constitutional right to vote and sanders understands that emotionally most americans can't tolerate letting a terrorist board. there is a separate conversation about what happens to people once they get out of jail and
4:33 pm
try to reintegrate into society but in jail, as you say, the polls don't support that. but remember, martha, bernie sanders burroughs as they are called, they like the idea that he is an out-of-the-box guy who will push the limit, and i think it has a separate appeal in the democratic primary, people saying, bernie's always challenging the establishment, he will stand out. booker is saying there is a bigger issue here that bernie may be touching on, and as may be intentional, which is, mass incarceration, especially the idea that you have so many african-americans and hispanics, disproportionately in the prison population. right now for black men, it is six times more likely they will be put in jail than white men, about two times for latino men. remember, america has more than 2 million people in jail. we have the largest jail and prison population of the world. >> martha: the numbers have been going down. i want to talk to you about the economy. he wrote a piece, "the reality of the trump economy."
4:34 pm
no doubt when joe biden steps on this date, he will tell the people that things are going as well as i think it they are. >> just last week, we had great numbers for the trump economy. how does it feel to me, to you? if you are saying it cost more to pay for education for my children, health care costs are up, and you say, gosh, gas gasoline prices are up when youy stagnant wages -- >> martha: listen to the scallop poll. 56% of people in america feel positive about their finances. households are benefited from the trump tax cuts who make between $50,000.100000 are in the high 80% of people who got . you have business stimulation that is helping people who have not been in the workforce forever coming back in. i think it is a very tough argument to make that people aren't feeling better. >> no, i think if you watch with the democrats are doing, you will see it as an argument about income inequality that has tremendous traction right now.
4:35 pm
i think goldman sachs said the other day, 40% of the american population says $15 an hour or left by the famous district about $400 emergency expense, about half the population says we cannot afford it without borrowing or using credit card debt. that indicates there is pressure on the middle class in this country, think about education, health care -- >> martha: more of them have jobs now -- >> but they are not paying -- >> martha: it's been really good for good people out of the unemployment line and back to work. >> again, if you are trying to support a family, martha, and you are making $15 an hour, you understand -- >> martha: wages are growing up. >> they are still relatively stagnant. that is the problem. i think lots of people are saying, hey, how come the tax cut, which was supposed to be the centerpiece of the trump economy, how come and 80 plus percent will go to the top 1% -- >> martha: that is the argument. the truth will be and how people vote. juan, thank you. still ahead tonight, missouri
4:36 pm
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isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio®. entyvio®. relief and remission within reach. ♪ >> martha: we are awaiting joe biden in iowa and in the meantime, and the controversial netflix series, "13 reasons why," hugely popular, a high school girl commit suicide and leaves behind a recorded tapes for those she claims contributed to her death. >> no return engagements, no encore. this time, absolutely no requests. get a snack, settle in, because i'm about to tell you the story of my life. more specifically, why my life ended. if if you are listening to this tape, he where one of the reasons why.
4:41 pm
>> martha: this is just unreal. now right before the release of the third season, a disturbing study shows that suicide rates among those aged 10-17 rose almost 30% in the months following the 2017 debut of the show. trace gallagher live in the west coast newsroom with the back story tonight. >> martha, we are not pointing fingers at netflix or "13 reasons why," because there is no proof of suicide connection but numbers are certainly concerning. "13 reasons why debuted in march of 2017. in april of 2017, 190 children between the ages of ten and 17 took their own lives. so the april 2017 suicide rate was higher than the previous 19 april's. it was almost 30% higher than at any time in the previous five years. it's interesting that the increase of national suicides was primarily young boys but the protagonist, as you mentioned in the show who committed suicide,
4:42 pm
was a 17-year-old girl. watch. >> i'm about to tell you the story of my life. more specifically, why my life ended. >> if one thing had gone differently somewhere along the line, maybe none of this would have happened. >> people were starting to talk. i had to do something. >> coauthor of the study, lisa horwitz said females of all ages are three times more likely to attempt suicide but males are four times more likely to complete it. we should not the national institutes of health supported the study but it was actually conducted at hospitals and universities across the country. netflix told fox news, "we just have seen a study and are looking into the research, which conflicts with last week's study from the university of pennsylvania. in that study, it found that students who watched the entire season, the second season of "13 reasons why," were less likely to purposely injure themselves or seriously considered suicide.
4:43 pm
but both studies emphasize the influence of the media has on young people and the responsibility that outlets should bear. my teenage daughters both watched the show as do many of their friends, some like it, some don't, but it has certainly been the topic of many conversations. >> martha: it really has. thank you very much. here now, tim winter, president of the parents television council. what is your reaction to the study? speak of this is the latest demonstration of something thatx has been aware of for a couple of years. right after the show premiered, the search term on google for "how do i kill myself" went up 26%. now what we are seeing a year or two later is that many of those children are acting on that google search term. you have a television show, "13 reasons why," that is targeted at teenagers, yet romanticize his teen suicide, and what are we to expect that what we are starting to see? one thing to point out come of the of pennsylvania report that just came out focused on adults ages 18-29.
4:44 pm
this report from nih is focused on children ages ten to 17. there is a demonstration of the cognitive development and the ability, the impact on the media of a younger child versus an adult. >> martha: before i saw the study, i thought that this show was very disturbing. it was hugely -- is hugely popular with middle school students, high school students, all across the country. it's a huge hit. but there is not necessarily a link. this research does not necessarily show that there is a direct link, does that? >> there is not a conclusory proof that there is causation. there certainly is a link. any other product and the commerce, think of any other product in a stream of commerce in this country that was linked to children killing themselves, it will be pulled off the shelves until you could make sure it wasn't true. why do we have to sit here and wait until we find out that it is true? how many more children have to die because of this. i'm responsible, publicly traded
4:45 pm
corporation would step up, be responsible, take this off the air at least until they could get more solid research to make sure that it was not harmful. >> martha: let me ask you this, the third season is coming outcome what you tell parents at your council to say to their kids about the program? >> there's never been a more difficult time being a parent in terms of monitoring the media consumption for your children. you have pads and phones and computers and smart tvs and you name it, it's everywhere. it's a ubiquitous media. parents have to be involved. an informed parent is the best line of defense, but at some point in time, we have a net corporation that is profiting, this is literally blood money n. at some point in time, they have to step up and take accountability for its contribution to this very terrible equation. >> martha: what we hope they will come here and talk to us. tim winter, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> martha: will lawmakers pressure attorney general william parr on his vow to investigate the origins of the russia probe?
4:46 pm
senate judiciary committee josh hawley will be doing some of that questioning live tomorrow morning. he is next. ♪ let's be honest. safe drivers shouldnt have to pay as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! that's why esurance has drivesense.® the safer you drive, the more you save. although i'm not really driving right now that would be unsafe. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. with advil liqui-gels, what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels. >> tech: you think this chip is well sooner or later... every chip will crack. >> mom: hi. >> tech: so bring it to safelite. we can repair it the same day... guaranteed.
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♪ >> martha: this new development breaking right now, "the washington post" is reporting that special counsel robert mueller wrote a letter to attorney general william barr
4:50 pm
complaining about the summary of the special counsel's investigation. according to this report that just came out from "the post," the letter said, "the summary letter the department sent to congress and released to the public late in the afternoon of march 24th did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this offices work on conclusion." there is no public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation. this threatens to undermine a central purpose for which the department appointed the special counsel. to ensure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigation." it will play at front and center tomorrow when the attorney general appears in front of the senate judiciary committee. my next guest is a member of that committee, missouri senator josh hawley joins me now. senator, good to see you. thank you very much for being here tonight. first question is about the other side of the building there and the house judiciary committee who wants to have staffers on the judiciary
4:51 pm
committee do the questioning of william barr, the attorney general has said that that issue is off the table. that is not going to happen. what do you think about the request? >> it all sounds bizarre to me, martha, and frankly, sounds like more grandstanding. the democrats can't come to grips with the fact that the mueller report found that there was no collusion, there was no conspiracy, there was no obstruction. what we should be focused on here is what has been going on in our government, what has been going on at the highest levels of the fbi. that is where the focus needs to be and that is what i look forward to asking the attorney general about tomorrow. >> martha: senate judiciary chairman, senator lindsey graham basically sounds like it is going to be a fairly quick process tomorrow. he said we will do one round and then potentially a second round of questioning. what is the direction that you are going in tomorrow? >> what i want to know is, what led to the president of the united states, the duly elected leader of the country, having a counterintelligence investigation opened against him by the fbi?
4:52 pm
treated like a spy by the fbi. based on what we have heard from news reports, this is because fbi leadership didn't like his policy positions on russia, didn't like his campaign. this is extraordinary. here's my concern, martha, we thought it time in this country when the fbi tried to run the country, tried to tell elected leaders what to do. i don't want to go back to that time in our history. we need to make sure that we never do. >> martha: i want to play a sound bite from the last time that the attorney general testified and that's got quite a bit of attention when he said it. >> yes, i think spying did occu occur. >> let me -- >> the question is whether it was predicated, adequately predicated. i'm not suggesting it wasn't adequately predicated but i need to explore that. >> martha: there were a lot of dropping draws in that moment. did that surprise you that he said it and the way he said it? >> i did. what surprised me even more, martha, he went on to say that we may be talking about not just the fbi but about other agencies and the government as well.
4:53 pm
this is extraordinary. i have never heard of an example in american history when a presidential campaign has been spied on by agencies from our own government. a presidential candidate and then elected president has been treated like a spy by agencies of our own government. we need answers on what exactly is going on at the fbi and may be in other agencies and that is what i hope to get tomorrow. >> martha: what are you going to ask bill barr tomorrow? what you want to know about how that process is going? >> i want to know what he is learned so far about how those counterspy, counterintelligence investigation of president trump got launched. he was responsible for it, why did the fbi leadership tried to take steps to insulate that investigation from discovery and political oversight? was responsible for it? i want answers to these things and i also want to ask if we need a special counsel. i think we do. the fbi -- martha, i've been pressing the fbi for answers on this for months. they have been stonewalling me. if they are going to stonewall
4:54 pm
and obstruct a special counsel should look into this. >> martha: that is a tough question for the attorney general. it falls under his domain. i guess the question is, you will be pressing him, i would imagine, on how objective that whole process can be when it's part of the department of justice, the fbi. >> i'm encouraged that he had set up a tax force. he said that he will come he will press forward, he is asking the right questions. tomorrow is a chance to see if he's gotten any answers. it may be that he needed help in getting answers. it may be that the fbi needs the consequence of a special counsel to really come to terms with their own behavior and so the american public can get answers. >> martha: will be watching closely. one more question because i know you are very interested in the issues of privacy and social media. mark zuckerberg made some big statements today. the one that caught my eye was that he said the future is private. the future on social media, where facebook is concerned, is going to be private.
4:55 pm
the absolute antithesis of what we have all heard for the past decade about social media, that privacy is gone, that it's over. >> my question is, where has mark zuckerberg been for the last few years? the american people have wanted privacy, been expecting privacy for years. facebook has basically admitted that they have done anything but. they've been scooping up our private personal information, they've been monetizing that, making big profits on it. so in terms of their privacy push, i will believe it when i see it. but what we need to do now is get answers from facebook. we need to know what information are you collecting on consumers, what are you doing with it, and why are you discriminating against conservatives on our platform? speed when you called it a creepy company, facebook, we will see where that is going. we'll talk to you that next time, senator. we'll see you tomorrow, watching everything. take care. >> thank you. >> martha: we take that interview before the show. before that barr news broke. more of the story is up next. stay with us.
4:56 pm
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hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. terminix. defenders of home. >> martha: here's the latest on the breaking news right now.
5:00 pm
the spokesperson for robert mueller's and we declined to comment on a new article at "the washington post" complaining about the summary. more on that tomorrow and have a good night. "tucker carlson tonight" is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." wide spread political violence erupted in venezuela today. two factions both claiming to be the legitimate government of the country. the beginnings of what could become a brutal civil war. thousands of miles to the north the foreign policy template pushes for an american intervention. another conflict in a faraway place. sadly that looks entirely possible. much more on this developing story but we want to begin with a assessment on what is happening in venezuela right now. for that we will go to trace gallagher


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