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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 2, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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it's called jealous rice. >> this will be gone. you have to make your own. if you have time head over to the radio and also on fox nation. see you soon. >> have a good day. >> bill: looks good. 9:00. moments from now house judiciary committee gaveling a hearing without a witness. bill barr says he will not show up for round two after a highly contentious showdown in the senate yesterday. we say good morning on thursday. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. the attorney general not going to appear today. the d.o.j. is claiming the format being pushed by house democrats is unprecedented. we also know chairman nadler is threatening to subpoena the a.g. or cite him in attempt of congress. republicans say it's nothing more than politics. >> bill: here is a little bit
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of what we watched yesterday. five hours in the u.s. senate. it went like this. >> do you expect to change your mind about the bottom line conclusions of the mueller report? >> no. >> do you know bob mueller? >> yes. >> do you trust him? >> yes. >> that we have those notes? >> no. >> why not? >> why should you have them? >> you still have a situation where a president essentially tries to change the lawyers' account in order to prevent further criticism of himself. >> that's not a crime. >> mr. attorney general giving for credit for knowing what the hell is going on with you. >> not really. >> this line of questioning. listen, you slandered this man. >> what i want to know is how do we get to this point? how do we get to the point -- >> bill: a sample of yesterday.
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we'll go to jerry nadler in a moment. sarah sanders is with me now on the north lawn of the white house. we may have to interrupt this interview. has the president told bill barr what he should do, sarah? >> i'm not aware that he has instructed him to do anything. what i am aware of is how much the democrats embarrassed themselves yesterday. the outrageous questioning that they laid out to the attorney general frankly was astonishing. you showed a clip of senator hirono. the outrage that she came to the attorney general who came there and sat for five hours of questioning was just unbelievable. the hearing that you mentioned that we may have to cut away for with jerry nadler where there is no witness is because the democrats saw what happened yesterday and they've decided they are incapable of actually asking questions of the attorney general. i lost confidence in jerry nadler a long time ago. i was unaware he had lost confidence in himself and his
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ability to do his job. that is to ask questions. the fact that he needs to staff that out is unbelievable. frankly it's pathetic. democrats have to step up. >> bill: they determined this format before yesterday to have some members of the committee staff, lawyers, ask the questions. apparently it won't happen. bill barr won't be there. a question on this. why not go ahead and appear at the hearing and get it over with? >> look, the attorney general sat for five hours yesterday, bill and answered every question put in front of him. he was willing to sit down again with the house. naturally the democrats have changed the rules in the middle of the game. they took a vote yesterday, a special vote in order to allow staff to question the attorney general. he is a cabinet member for the president of the united states. and this is a straightforward oversight hearing in which members of congress should be able to ask those questions. they shouldn't need to staff that out. in fact, a number of these members are attorneys
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themselves and should be perfectly fine making those asks and doing that all on their own without having somebody else do that. >> bill: it's rare but not unprecedented to do this. 1987 iran-contra. >> it's pathetic they can't do their job. >> bill: it happened during watergate. will the white house try to prevent don mcgahn and others from appearing before a house or senate hearing? >> we've been transparent from this entire process. we've put forward dozens of people to talk with the special counsel. 1.4 million pages of documents. we've been fully transparent. this thing is over. time for democrats to move on. they can't continue to drag this thing out and continue to put the american people through this. look, there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. now they need to come together and work with the president to actually fix real problems. they've shown they aren't capable of working with us on immigration but maybe they
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could help on infrastructure or lowering prescription drug prices. there are a lot of things we have to be able to look the american people in the eye and say we're working for you and doing things to help you. not just continuing to attack the president. they have to get to a point where they love this country more than they hate this president and so far we're not seeing that from them at any point particularly on what they're doing on display today. >> bill: if they file a subpoena later today against barr at some point or mcgahn or whoever, take your pick in the administration, are you willing to fight that in court as long as it takes to prevent them from appearing? >> we'll see what happens. i won't get ahead of the process. we'll play those cards as they come. at this point i think we've been very clear and i think that the information that is in front of the entire public that attorney general bill barr has put forward because he put that report out, has shown there is no collusion or obstruction and it is time to move on and focus on some real problems that face
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our country. >> bill: bill barr left his house. probably going to the office at the department of justice. we'll see where he ends up today. on venezuela maduro has proven to be a pretty stubborn man. has he won? >> not at all. this is something that we knew wasn't going to be a one-day process. it is something that is going to take some time. maduro is a fighter, no question about that. but the people of venezuela are hurting. many of them are without food, without water, without the needed medical supplies, life threatening illnesses that some of these people have. they're fleeing by the millions. something has to be done and maduro needs to step down and allow the people of his country to thrive and to survive and live in freedom. >> bill: i apologize for interrupting our conversation here. i hope you come back, sarah sanders from the white house. jerry nadler opening statement now underway. let's see what happens. >> i believe my colleagues nld
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i were right to insist on the extended questioning. to my knowledge not even the ranking member was opposed to the idea of moving into closed session if necessary. but even if democrats and republicans disagree on the format of this hearing we must come together to protect the integrity of this chamber. the administration may not dictate the terms of a hearing in this hearing room. the challenge we face is bigger than a single witness. late last night the department of justice wrote to inform us that they will ignore our subpoena for the unredacted mueller report and the underlying evidence. they have made no meaningful attempt at accommodating that subpoena which was due yesterday. the letter references the attorney general's offer to 12 members of congress, 12 out of 435, to look behind some but not all of the redactions provided that we agree not to discuss what we see with our colleagues, that we leave our notes behind at the department
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of justice. it is urgent that we see the documents we have subpoenaed and i cannot agree to conditions that prevent me from talking about it to my colleagues and acting on the report in any meaningful way. accommodation designed to prevent this official action is no accommodation at all. every member of this committee, democrat and republican alike, should understand the consequences when the executive branch tells us they will simply ignore a lawful subpoena from congress. if left unchecked, this act of obstruction will make it that much harder for us to hold the executive branch accountable for waste, fraud, abuse or tone act legislation to prevent that kind of misconduct no matter which party holds this chamber or the white house at a given moment. the challenge we face is also bigger than the mueller report. if all we knew about president trump were contained in the
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four corners of that report there would be good reason to question his fitness for office. the report is not where the story ends. in the days since the department of justice released the redacted version of the report, president trump has told congress that he plans to fight all of our subpoenas. the average person is not free to ignore a congressional subpoena nor is the president. his promise to obstruct our work is far beyond the contacts with the russian government and allegations of obstruction of justice. the president has prevented us from obtaining information about voting rights, aca litigation and cruel family separation policy among other matters. the challenge we face is also not limited to this committee. in recent weeks administration witnesses have simply failed to show for properly noticed depositions. the secretary of the treasury continues to ignore this clear
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statutory obligation to produce the president's tax returns. the president's private attorneys sued chairman cummings in his personal capacity in an attempt to block the release of certain financial documents. ladies and gentlemen, the challenge we face is that the president of the united states wants desperately to prevent congress, a co-equal branch of government, from providing any check whatsoever to his most reckless decisions. he is trying to render congress inert as a separate and co-equal branch of government. the challenge we face is that if we don't stand up to him together today, we risk forever losing the power to stand up to any president in the future. the very system of government of the united states, the system of limited power, the system of not having a president as a dictator is very much at stake. attorney general of the united states is sworn to uphold the constitution as our nation's chief law enforcement officer.
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he has an obligation to do everything in his power to warn the president of the damage he risks and the liability he assumes by directly threatening our system of checks and balances and of limited government. sadly, the attorney general has failed in that responsibility. he has failed to check the president's worst instincts. he has not only misrepresented the findings of the special counsel, he has failed to protect the special counsel's investigation from unfair political attacks. he has himself unfairly attacked the special counsel's investigation. he has failed the men and women of the department of justice by placing the needs of the president over the fair administration of justice. he has even failed to show up today. yes, we will continue to negotiate for access to the full report. for another couple of days. and yes, we will have no choice but to move quickly to hold the attorney general in contempt if he stalls or fails to negotiate in good faith. the attorney general must make a choice. every one of us must make the
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same choice. that choice is now an obligation of our office. the choice is simple. we can stand up to this president in defense of the country and the constitution and the liberty we love, or we can let the moment pass us by. i do not and we have seen in other countries what happens when you allow such moments to pass by. i do not know what attorney general barr will choose. i do not know what my republican colleagues will choose. but i am certain that there is no way forward for this country that does not include a reckoning with this clear and present danger to our constitutional order. history will judge us for how we face this challenge. we will all be held accountable in one way or the other. and if he does not provide this committee with the information it demands and the respect it deserves, mr. barr's moment of accountability will come soon enough.
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and now recognize the ranking member of the judiciary committee for his opening statement. >> thank you, mr. chairman. let's be very clear. there is only one reason and one reason only at this point we are not being able to fulfill our constitutional role of oversight, that is the chairman's demands that were played out yesterday. we could have had a hearing today, what bothers me the most about this is not only did in standing for the questions that were discussed an the issues that were discussed between me and the chairman, not only did he take the ability for the american people to hear from bill barr he took our ability to hear from bill barr today. to protect, maybe. because some didn't feel like they could ask proper questions. maybe they wanted more staff questions, who knows? but yesterday he claims he wants staff to question the attorney general because the five-minute per member is not
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enough. yet we spent and approved a motion yesterday that said we could do a whole hour, an extra hour between the chairman and myself. he could have said one of these fabulous members he has. he has some excellent attorneys on his side. some of the best. he could have given them all 30 minutes. and they could have questioned the attorney general any way they wanted to. instead, we go back to a circus political stunt. to say we want it to look like an impeachment hearing. because they won't bring impeachment proceedings. that's the reason. take whatever you want to take. go out and have press conferences and say whatever you want, but the reason bill barr is not here today is because the democrats decided they didn't want him here today. that's the reason he is not here. you could have done anything else you wanted. what is amazing to me is to say that he is scared of answering
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questions, scared -- you can disagree with the attorney general all you want but for yesterday he said for six hours in the senate voluntarily answering questions even on the second round that was taken up by democrats who wanted to ask more questions. did he do good or bad? it doesn't matter. we're not getting that opportunity today because the stunt and the circus continues over here. all we had to do -- we agreed to more time. we can talk about executive session but no, for some reason for some purpose except the optics of something they can't do or don't want to do right now, they wanted to have a staff member ask questions. i said before if that staff member wants to ask questions, run for congress. put a pin on, find a committee. but i can continue on and on and on about the issues that we have here and the impeachment attorney and saying he is terrified coming before the committee. yesterday he is not terrified to sit before anybody.
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the senate they -- he asked the question. my chairman told me yesterday not a matter of whether we agree or disagree we do the motion. you can agree with the attorney general or disagree with the attorney general but not hearing from him is a travesty for this committee today. but i would be remiss if i also did not mention the largest tragedy of this day. that actually was from yesterday. the chairman just stated a few moments ago we can't let moments pass, i agree completely. because what happened yesterday on this dais was a travesty. when you do not recognize members for valid motions. when you call things dill tory questioning the motives of what members are doing it for. i have sat on this committee for six years. and i have sat through hours of motions to strike the last
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word, of giving other members on the minority side more time, more time. one of my biggest concerns i ever had with chairman goodlatte is why do you let it continue? just call the previous questions. two occasions last congress he did on a resolutions of inquiry after almost six to seven hours of debate. the question i have here is not what bill barr is scared of. what are the democrats scared of? they don't bant bill barr here today. they have read the report. the chairman won't go look at what the attorney general offered him. amazing to me he wants to go in executive session and ask questions about it but he won't go read it. go read it and ask some more. but here is the problem today and this problem from yesterday is not over. if the majority wants to run a committee in which minority rights do not matter, parliamentary procedure does not matter, we saw it on full
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display yesterday. it will not continue. we will continue this exercise and we will exercise what we have as minority, which is the minority rights to ask questions, to make motions. because at the end of the day unless we've forgotten, mr. chairman, you have more votes than we do. you will get what you want. but just like we sat on this side and you got to spend hours talking about whatever you wanted to talk about while chairman goodlatte sat there and let you do it. and all you want to do -- the question that bothered me the most yesterday. we have time, we have to get onto another bill. timing doesn't trump minority rights. freshman members or anybody else for first time that's not how this committee works. if you don't believe me, ask chairman sensenbrenner for three times was chairman of this committee and laid it out clearly yesterday. when we deg regait members of
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my side calling the amendment ridiculous. calling ours dilatory is wrong and should offend everybody on this dais. mr. chairman, this is wrong. the tragedy of the day is not that you have an empty chair and have props. i'm reminded of sticks and stones quote. what bothers me today is the travesty of what happened in the minority rights yesterday. democrats can't honestly look me in the face and say you all were not treated much better than a chairman who followed the rules than how we were treated yesterday. i yield back. >> thank you, mr. collins. i would introduce the witness ordinarily at this point. but instead we will conclude this proceedings. i just want to say we didn't choose not to have mr. barr come. he chose.
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we cannot permit him or anybody in the administration to dictate the manner in which we function. this does not include our inquiry into the attorney general's handling of the mueller report. >> parliamentary inquiry. >> nor does it conclude our efforts. >> i seek recognition. >> for the entire report. we will not hear from the attorney general today but this committee intends to obtain the information that it needs to conduct its constitutional oversight and legislative responsibilities. we will defend the prerogatives of congress. we'll defend the rights of the american people to know what's going on. we will defend the constitutional scheme of equal and coordinated branches of government and we will make sure that no president becomes a monarch. we need the information without delay. the hearing is adjourned. >> and we'll do so with
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trampling minority rights. >> there won't be a recognition of members who seek legitimate inquiries as to the procedures. >> that may happen in washington, d.c. but it does not happen often on live television. that was matt gaetz trying to interject at the end. it is playing out what some have predicted at the start of the day. jerry nadler clearly upset that bill barr is not there. you heard collins saying that democrats didn't want him here today and why they altered the rules and he called it a stunt and circus and suggest it continues today. >> sandra: that was something to see a committee member's microphone cut there, matt gaetz. you heard doug collins
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frustrated with an empty chair in the room and not having the ability to ask william barr the questions that both parties would like posed to him. andy mccarthy and josh holmes. your take on what you heard. opening statements from the chairman jerry nadler and ranking member, doug collins. they gaveled in and out. we expect them to step up to the microphone for press conferences nadler and collins following this 20-minute period inside the hearing room. what did you make of what you heard? >> i think it's a lot of posturing, sandra. from what we understand all this business about how barr is trying to dictate the proceedings. they have to subpoena him. if they haven't subpoenaed him it's a vounl tear appearance. they didn't ask him to come. as i understand it he volunteered to come. when it's a voluntary appearance it is a negotiation between both sides about what the conditions are. if they want to impose terms, what they have to do is issue a
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subpoena and we'll see what happens at that point. i think up until then it is just a bunch of posturing. >> sandra: he said we will move -- jerry nadler, we will move quickly to hold the a.g. in contempt if their requests are not met. and we know that they are asking to not only to have him in that hearing room and ask him questions but also have counsel ask him questions outside staff. they also want to see the full unredacted report and the underlying evidence. >> think about how silly that is, sandra. first of all, this has been going on for a month. if jerry nadler really wanted to see for example the grand jury material in the report, all he needed to do a month ago was propose a two-line amendment to rule 6e. federal rules of criminal procedure to allow congress to view grand jury material in a special counsel investigation. he never did it. so what they want is to tee up an issue of cover-up rather than to deal with getting the
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information. and i'm interested in what information is it exactly that they want? because this report, which the attorney general didn't have to put a comma out on, has been released -- i think it's 95% of it and 98% of the part that they really want, the obstruction part of the report, what's mainly redacted here are methods and sources of intelligence about what we know about an adversary foreign power, the russians. is that what they want to have? >> bill: he goes one step further. yesterday we were told lawmakers have the opportunity to look at knit a secure room is what lindsey graham said. only a few lawmakers have taken advantage of that. i want to squeeze in josh holmes. about a month ago, josh, you worked for senator mitch mcconnell on the fear. barr says i'm available to
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appear may 1 and 2. is it true that democrats changed the rules and format for the hearing after barr said he would come voluntarily? >> 100%, bill. he volunteered to show up. i heard jerry nadler's comments this morning. that was some of the most melodramatic nonsense i've heard in my life. 15 house staffers that need to question the attorney general after bob mueller has spent two years investigating the president of the united states under false pretenses. remember, what they found as the core of this case is that there was no collusion with the russian government, none whatsoever. 400 pages that's the core of this. but what is evident is that democrats didn't have a plan for that conclusion. i think they thought for the last two years that somehow bob mueller would end the trump presidency. after that didn't happen now there is no plan whatsoever. they have to create a complete circus. what you saw from jerry nadler
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today injecting staff into this discussion and trying to change the rules of the hearing is just trying to continue and perpetuate this discussion over the russia narrative that has now been totally debunked. >> sandra: some of the words that doug collins the ranking member used in his opening statement. he called it a stunt and circus. the ability to ask bill barr questions has been taken from us. and he also went on to say it appears as if they're trying to do impeachment hearings addressing his colleagues there, democratic colleagues in the house. andy, to you on this, jerry nadler in his statement said the president wants to prevent us from asking questions. the next big question as well is whether or not as william barr said, the president would allow robert mueller to testify. the ranking member is talking now, doug collins. let's listen. [inaudible question] >> it's not -- 206 years of
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this committee they have never questioned in an oversight hearing outside of impeachment. if the chairman wants these documents he is asking for, just start an impeachment hearing and he will get the documents. he won't come out to these cameras and tell you the truth. he is telling you he wants these documents. all he has to do is start an impeachment inquiry and he will get the documents. it's never happened to 206. it is not inaccurate gsh- >> we're not the senate. we operate differently. you can say precedent and i would agree president in the senate. when it comes to the house and how we operate it is unprecedented. >> thank you. >> sandra: you heard from the ranking member doug collins. we understand some of the democrats that just left the room are stepping up to the microphone. when we have some of those we'll bring those to you. standing by is andy mccarthy and josh holmes.
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let's listen here. >> this entire situation has deeply, deeply -- [inaudible] i think what the house judiciary committee and my colleagues and chairman nadler did today was to do something the american people have not seen. since the watergate proceedings of richard nixon they haven't seen a president not stand up to the congress but stand up to the constitution in a way that rejects all of its parameters and all of the dignity and the order that we have run this country. the constitution started out by saying we wanted to form a more perfect union. today the attorney general joined with his supervisor, the president of the united states, decided to show the american people that this is not a democracy, that in fact we do not adhere to the rule of law,
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and we will continue to be disrespectful to the people's house. i think my line of questioning, as my colleagues have indicated, would be just the truth. as march 27th mueller letter stated to the attorney general that he wanted the documents to be released. they were not released. and so here we stand today with no other option other than to hold the attorney general in contempt, which we hope that will happen. we have not done that because we wanted to continue negotiation. so i would simply ask the question is this the way we want to run this nation? do we want a president that does not welcome the truth and subjecting those who work for him to be tested on the truth? do we not understand the constitution and article 1 and article ii? this judiciary committee will
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not be targeting anyone. all we'll be doing is doing our job. and that is to have members of the cabinet of the president of the united states to come before this committee and tell the truth. we will not stop until we get the truth, until the truth is told to the american people and the american people will decide as we go forward that the truth has to be acted on and that's what i think some of our republican friends are afraid of. >> >> sandra: you were just listening to sheila jackson lee, a house judiciary democrat from texas. you've been listening to this, andy mccarthy. what did you just hear and the indication you're getting from house democrats? >> what a performance this is, sandra. they're invoking watergate but they won't call this what it is, an impeachment hearing. they want to have impeachment proceedings without calling
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them impeachment proceedings. they looked everybody in the eye and said they won't give up the documents. barr didn't have to give up a sentence of mueller's report under the regulations. they have 95% of a 448 page report which is rife with information that is unsavory about president truck. all the bad stuff is out there. they are claiming they need the unredacted report. the stuff that has been redacted is grand jury material they could have easily gotten. they needed to amend the rule. methods and sources information about russia which is the last thing that responsible legislators in the united states should want to have released. this is just sheer theater and i'm glad they're being called out on the fact what they want here is impeachment proceedings but they haven't got the courage to step up to the plate and say this is what we're seeking. >> bill: so it appears the white house will refuse the
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ability of don mcgahn to appear and perhaps other members of the cabinet, right? until then you go to court and battle it and stretch out the calendar. how much of this is an effort to muddy up bill barr in the event he comes back a year from now with this team he put together to investigate the alleged quote, unquote spying that he referenced a month ago when he was on capitol hill then. do you -- is the strategy to get ahead of that now? >> there is a lot of this going on. the reason you're hearing this get revved up is i don't think it's a year from now. it may take the attorney general a long time to reach final conclusions but this is coming. this is going to start within a matter of two, three, four weeks we're going to get to inspector general's report. so i think it's going to be a stream of information. it is not just going to be whatever barr comes up with a year from now. so what's clearly going on here, and we've seen this kind of thing again and again, is an
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attack on the people who are daring to investigate the investigation and daring to ask questions which i dare say, if this had been an incumbent republican administration that had conducted counter intelligence monitoring of the democratic campaign, we would already have answers to all these questions. >> bill: horowitz is the i.g. what are you hearing about this in washington, josh holmes? >> i think the i.g. report is very important. we spent the last two years investigating the trump administrations for allegations that are completely unfounded. the question is how did it all start? there has been evidence to suggest that you have got not only malfeasance but the obama administration didn't do anything about this russia sort of infiltration of the american electorate at the time, right? so instead what we focused on
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is what the trump campaign has been doing. meanwhile, we're halfway to 2020 elections and they laid absolutely no ground work to protect the american people at a time of need. here we are in 2020 still debating what it is that the trump campaign may have done. we need to set all this aside. the most important thing that we can do is go back, see the i.g. report. go back, review the intelligence at the end of 2016, figure out how to protect american elections and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the russians are coming again, the chinese are coming again, american adversaries will try to affect american elections. that's what we need to be focused on. >> sandra: here is the ranking member doug collins just a few moments ago. >> they could have questioned the attorney general any way they wanted to. instead, we go back to a circus political stunt. to say we want it to look like an impeachment hearing. because they won't bring
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impeachment proceedings. that's the reason. take whatever you want to take. you can go out and have press conferences and say whatever you want to have, but the reason bill barr is not here today is because the democrats decided they didn't want him here today. >> sandra: he went on to say, josh, it is not what are republicans scared of, not what the president is scared of, it's what the democrats scared of with his question. >> i think that's right. he did a great job of pointing that out. there was no question whether barr was going to appear today. the question was could you create a circumstance to get him to reject it. chairman nadler did very skillfully and created a political circus in the process. if what the democrats are looking for is the truth, i suggest they walk down the hallway 45 feet and get in a closed session and read the mueller report unredacted. it's totally available. they haven't done that. instead they're sitting in an empty hearing room lamenting the end of democracy for answers that we already know.
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guess what? bob mueller already provided all of it. it is in 400 plus pages that the american people have now read, digested and come to the conclusion we ought to move on from here. >> bill: we want to move back to capitol hill. democrats continue to press this. drop on in this for a moment. >> the attorney general is abrasive, evasive and unpersuasive. he is a disgrace to the office that he currently holds. so-called attorney general is missing in action, absent without official leave and has clearly made the decision to serve as the personal fixer for donald trump. inconsistent with the oath of office he has taken. and we as house democrats recognize that we are a separate and co-equal branch of government. we don't work for donald trump. we work for the american people. we have a constitutional responsibility to serve as a check and balance on an out of
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control executive branch, donald trump the so-called attorney general and his mignons are out of control right now. we won't overinvestigate and over politicize but do our constitutional oversight responsibility. the so-called attorney general can run but he cannot hide. >> bill: the tone we're getting already today and republicans will return serve in a moment, sandra. i think this whole idea about the inspector general's report is very intriguing because you get a chance to bloody up bill barr yesterday and he had so many democrats who are running for the democratic nomination call for his resignation. if you force barr in a corner and paint one picture of him and if i have a chance to rebut the i.g. and what bill barr
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comes up with down the road. it's interesting to watch. >> sandra: we played doug collins from a short time ago and now here is a little bit from jerry nadler. >> the challenge we face is also bigger than the mueller report. if all we knew about president trump were contained in the four corners of that report there would be good reason to question his fitness for office. the report is not where the story ends. in the days since the department of justice released the redacted version of the report president trump has told congress he plans to fight all of our subpoenas. the average person is not free to ignore a congressional subpoena, nor is the president. >> sandra: as a result of their additional requests william barr did not appear this morning and doug collins said the ability to ask bill barr questions has been taken from us. he called it a travesty a few moments ago. >> bill: with us andy mccarthy,
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josh holmes and mike waltz will join us as well. back to josh holmes. what is the sense that you get in washington as this plays out, josh, when you reflect on yesterday and knowing the events that have happened today, what comes next so viewers know? >> well, look, yesterday you had a bunch of 2020 democrats all running for president in the senate judiciary committee that put on a shakespearean performance worthy of broadway. it had nothing to do with the underlying facts or really brought up anything of consequence that bill barr has done in terms of the release of this report. the key contention that they seem to be seizing upon was a letter that bob mueller had sent to attorney general barr asking for 19 pages to be released of his summary of his report. guess what? he released all 19 pages and 400 more and the entire report. so he has been incredibly
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transparent here, all of this is just -- comes down to the fact there is no plan in the democratic party for a bob mueller report that didn't conclude that the president of the united states was colluding with russia. >> sandra: andy mccarthy, will we hear from robert mueller? will he testify? >> i think so, sandra. the attorney general said that he didn't have any objection to mueller testifying and i understood from chairman nadler yesterday it may be as early as may 15th. at this point my understanding at least is that the issue is what date it is going to happen not whether it will happen. >> sandra: as far as what -- go ahead. >> it's a different issue, that's on mcgahn. the reason mcgahn presents a different issue is he is an advisor, on the white house staff. so there is a big difference
6:41 am
between whether congress can compel the appearance of, say, cabinet department officers who work for departments that are actually created by congress versus whether you get to bring in members of the white house staff who are the president's key advisors. to look at it another way, if the justice department were conducting an investigation and decided to start subpoenaing the staff of different members of congress, i think you would pretty quickly hear from jerry nadler and folks like that a lesson in separation of powers. they can't just ask for the top advisors but they can ask for mueller, they can ask for barr, they can ask for -- >> bill: we'll probably get mueller in the house. that will happen. as for mcgahn and others it's debatable. democrats are looking for the tv moment to drive the story. that's what we're waiting on
6:42 am
today. josh holmes &y mccarthy. thank you. day three of these clashes in venezuela. the u.s. affirming -- military action is possible but how far should the u.s. go to back the uprising led by juan guaido? congressman mike waltz is here and will respond to that coming up. >> sandra: the trump administration asking for billions for border security. >> the city of charlotte, north carolina mourning victims of a deadly campus shooting and how one student died a real american hero. >> it did not come as a surprise to me. that seems very much like something he would do. and i want that to be his legacy. so when his joint pain from psoriatic arthritis got really bad it scared me. and what could that pain mean? joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain
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the delivery woman? hey you can't float everyone's boat. new gain scent blast. love it or hate it, it's intense. >> the president has been crystal clear and incredibly consistent. military action is possible if that's what is required.
6:46 am
that's what the united states will do. we're trying to do everything we can to avoid violence. >> bill: mike pompeo has been doing a lot of things this week reiterating u.s. support for military uprising in venezuela. juan guaido said he and his supporters are determined to recover their freedom. bring in congressman mike waltz sitting on the house armed services committee. saw an interview last night the president did with trish regan on fox business. the military option is there. how close they might be to it, if at all. >> what the military is doing now in terms of the pentagon and i spent yesterday with admiral fowler, the commander of our southern command based out of miami. they're looking at all options. they're looking at what assets they have in the region. we've had special forces next door in columbia for many years training the columbian army. we have how do we pre-position
6:47 am
ships in the region. importantly humanitarian supplies. and also talking to our allies. in talking to him the columbians are ready, brazilians are ready, dutch and french have assets in the region from french guyana and the whole dutch protector yat. at the ends of the day it needs to be a coalition effort. the u.n. is a non-starter because of the russia and china veto. we looked to the organization of american states, 34 nations and keep in mind, 50 nations have recognized the guaido regime. but importantly, bill, this would be a supporting and would be a logistics effort. if we're putting boots on the ground, they need to be regional troops and it needs to be a humanitarian effort that they're protecting. >> bill: the quote from the president. we're doing everything we can do short of the ultimate. i know he has been very hesitant to get more involved
6:48 am
overseas. i'm not suggesting there will be involvement. in terms of keeping it on the table and the pressure is what pompeo and others want to do when maduro goes on tv and says the time to fight has come. maduro has been a stubborn guy. do you think that window of opportunity to get him out of the country is passed? >> i don't think it's passed. what's important, it is not that maduro is stubborn. maduro is kind of dictatorship is crumbling. what's propping it up is the cubans, from 5,000 to 20,000 cuban intelligence and security forces are on the ground. it is important to keep saying why does this matter to americans and to floridians? two-fold. one, you have a massive refugee crisis that i think has been underreported. it is approaching syria. 3 million refugees are flowing
6:49 am
into other countries and destabilizing the region and they'll start destabilizing central america as well and it will affect the united states. we have to look at what happens if maduro doesn't go. he has opened the door to the chinese, opened the door to the russians. the cubans are already there in a big way. if maduro does go, i think the castro regime is not far to follow because they shifted the cuban regime's dependence from the soviet union to venezuela and chavez, maduro's predecessor a long time ago. there is a lot at stake here. i commend the president. >> bill: a tangled mess. ilhan omar suggested that u.s. policy has contributed to this. she mentioned the word bullying. she talked about sanctions, starving the people. what do you think of that? >> that's nuts. one word, that's crazy. look, i would invite her to go down to the border and go down to venezuela where you have
6:50 am
rolling black-outs, people are literally starving, formerly the richest country in south america sitting on the world's largest oil reserves. not because they lack resources. it is the absolute corruption of socialism because that flies in the face of her and others' narrative and they're looking for excuses and point the finger at others. >> bill: we'll see what comes of day three. thank you for your time, sir. >> sandra: the lead state attorney at the center of the jussie smollett controversy is set to appear in court on whether to appoint a special prosecutor. a student killed in a campus shooting this week now hailed a hero. why police are saying he may have saved many lives.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> he was my classmate and friend. i did not want his courageous acts to protect all the students in that classroom and among the rest of the university to go unnoticed. >> sandra: fox news alert on the victim of a deadly campus shooting who probably saved many other lives. university of north carolina student riley howell was honored last night at a packed vigil. he was one of two people killed when a gunman opened fire at the school on tuesday. riley tackled the shooter protecting countless others as the suspect is now charged with two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder. jonathan serrie is live in charlotte where many are looking back and remembering this brave young man. >> indeed they are, sandra. tristan terrelle is scheduled to make his first appearance in court at 1:00 this afternoon. the 22-year-old defendant faces
6:55 am
multiple charges including two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder. the shooting spree would have been more deadly had it not been for the heroics of the 21-year-old student riley howell. >> when i spoke to the father, one father to another, i told him personally i wish i had words. what i did tell him is we're committed to the work. we're going to get to the bottom of it. we assured him we would find out the why. >> last night many of the buildings in uptown charlotte were illuminated in green in honor of the school colors. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: jonathan, thank you. >> bill: we thought we might see doug collins the republican from georgia. jerry nadler at the microphone now. >> when the trump administration ends we have as robust a democracy to hand sto our children that was handed to us. today is a day of testing and everyone will be judged by history in terms of how they
6:56 am
react to this. [inaudible question] >> we are going to use whatever -- what process we have in the courts and elsewhere to get the answers and the information we need. in particular, the subpoena for the entire unredacted mueller report and the underlying documents was due yesterday. the attorney general, we got a letter late last night refusing us -- refusing to adhere to the subpoena. this is indefensible and part of the attack on american democracy by this administration. we will make one more good faith attempt to negotiate and to get the access to the report that we need and then if we don't get that we'll proceed to hold the attorney general in contempt and we'll go from
6:57 am
there. [inaudible question] >> a day or two. [inaudible question] >> maybe by monday, we'll see. [inaudible question] >> we cannot concede to the administration the ability to control the manner in which congress does its job. the attorney general is bound as are other witnesses to come before the committee and he cannot dictate to us how we'll do our job. we feel this is the most effective way of doing it and it is our decision. and -- [inaudible question]
6:58 am
>> we will explore all the options. contempt is one of the options. >> why can't you question william barr yourself? you're a lawyer. >> the attorney general is apparently afraid of proper cross examination. we ask questions under the five-minute rule and seen a pattern from this administration. administration witnesses filibuster for 4 1/2 minutes and give an unresponsive answer to the next half minutes and on to a different questions and who may have other questions in mind or may not properly follow up the way a good cross examiner would. we feel the best way of doing this is to have all our members ask five minutes of questions each and have counsel be able to bat cleanup and follow up loose ends and hold the
6:59 am
witness, the attorney general in this case, to ask follow-up questions so that he can't evade as easily as he can. obviously the attorney general is afraid to face that kind of questioning. what we saw today is besides the attitude of contempt the administration has for congress, what we saw is fear. fear of effective cross examination period. [inaudible question] >> will you do the same for mueller? >> bill: good question at the end to congressman nadler. you are an attorney, what's wrong with you asking the questions? this is the contentious back and forth we're watching on day two of this. >> sandra: clearly jerry nadler taking another opportunity to threat en a contempt citation in the opening rashltion owe remarks and on the microphone. let's check in with kristin fisher on the hill. >> a lot going on.
7:00 am
chairman nadler's threat to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress is not tied to his failure to appear before this committee this morning. it is tied to the justice department ignoring a subpoena for the unredacted mueller report and all of its underlying evidence. but still democrats made sure that that empty chair that bill barr was supposed to be sitting in this morning was front and center at today's pretty short hearing given the fact there was no witness to question. at one point a democratic congressman put a chicken in front of the empty chair implying the attorney general was too scared to appear before the committee today. but the committee's top republican, congressman collins, blasted it all as a political stunt. >> there is only one reason and one reason only at this point we're not being able to fulfill our constitutional role of oversight and that is the chairman's demands that were played out yesterday. not only did he take the ability for the american people to hear again from bill barr,
7:01 am
he took our ability to hear from bill barr today. >> sandra: ranking member doug collins at a microphone. >> we understand maybe it's the democrats who have something to be worried about. maybe they don't like what was in the mueller report and maybe they don't want to continue to have to answer questions about it. i will take your questions. [inaudible question] >> i don't think so. they will do what they need to do as past administrations have done as well including president obama and others. they fight subpoenas. one very much concern i have and the chairman was out here talking about going straight to contempt. that's typically a two-week process. you don't typically go straight to contempt. you work with the agency and try to make accommodation. it's been a long process typically. this democratic majority seems to be impatient. they don't want to go through
7:02 am
the process. why are they so concerned? they hate the this president. they want to keep the circus going and keep the american people believing they're doing impeach. when they're not. >> is there anything -- beyond the precedent is there anything inherently wrong with staff attorneys questioning a witness? >> as your network said there is no precedent for this. i think for 260 years of this committee actually working where we were able to do our job except in the area -- the only two areas even the chairman talked about is in impeachment. what is happening is my chairman wants to let the american people believe by fighting impeachment as the president we're actually doing in impeachment when in reality they don't want to bring impeachment. if he would work with the attorney general to find betters ways instead of rushing to have a press release, rushing to have our committee. by the way, trampling minority rights of this committee.
7:03 am
yesterday was a travesty in our committee. our chairman should be ashamed. >> what is wrong with having the staff attorneys question? >> it is irrelevant. why does the chairman think so little of the lawyers on his committee he wouldn't take 30 minutes for himself tore for others to actually ask questions? he has great attorneys. it's a slap in the face to his own people. we're going to continue if the chairman wants to continue down that path my questions will be what is your hurry, have you looked for accommodation, have you tried to work with this department of justice or do you simply every time you didn't get what you want, the pattern of the first 100 days, this chairman runs to make a subpoena. runs to make a contempt charge. it is almost like they're daring to go to court instead of doing proper legislative oversight. that's a travesty for this country. thank you so much. >> sandra: that was doug collins on capitol hill.
7:04 am
more reaction coming in as william barr does not show to a hearing where he was asked to answer questions to staff in addition to lawmakers. more on this now robert ray independent counsel and former federal prosecutor. nice to have you this morning. >> the first thing to keep in mind about the talk about contempt, so we're clear, is a decision about contempt relative to the unredacted mueller report, right? and the contention since all of it now is available, even though apparently democrats haven't afailed themselves of this opportunity to view the classified information and information about uncharged third parties and whatever else is in there with the exception of grand jury material. that's the only issue now outstanding. with regard to grand jury material, if the democrats push
7:05 am
this forward to contempt before a court, they will lose. the reason they will lose is because there is clear law in the d.c. circuit that there is only one recognized exception under rule 6e for the release of grand jury material to the congress or to the public, and that is that it has to be preliminarily or in connection with a judicial proceeding. the precedent here is from watergate and the closest available precedent for this is the fact that when the house judiciary committee during watergate was conducting an impeachment proceeding, the justice department and the chairman of the judiciary committee went forward together to a court to say that that exception applies and should allow for the release of that grand jury material. that's the only way that can be done. if there was any doubt about it there is a recent d.c. circuit opinion just last month. >> bill: two specific questions.
7:06 am
lindsey graham, is he live now? my apologies. hang on one moment. senator graham on the hill. >> yesterday whether you liked it or not our members weighed in and asked tough questions. sometimes over the top, i think. but it was democracy in action. >> are you worried at all that precedent set that the trump administration is not complying with any of these congressional subpoenas on the house side that any future democratic president will decide not to comply with any at your request? >> i think after mueller is the definitive word for me. if -- if i were trump i would fight them. i don't think this is oversight. this is trying to destroy him and his family. oversight is to hold the executive branch accountable, not to retry the election. trump won. this is more about destroying trump than it is trying to oversee the executive branch in my view.
7:07 am
mueller was a different story. he was a man of the law allowed to do his job. if i were to president i would not give in to these demands about everything i've done because i think they're politically motivated. >> are congressional subpoenas optional? >> you go into court and fight it out. you just can't subpoena a person because you're a member of congress. you have to have a reason. so we have a legal process, the president can challenge the subpoenas. he has every right to do so. i would challenge some of these subpoenas. it is not about overseeing exelbytive it is to destroy trump. >> here is what the conversation that barr had with mueller about the letter i'm going to write to mr. mueller are you okay with that representation about the conversation? if there is anything mr. barr said that you think is wrong,
7:08 am
this is your chance to correct it. >> thank you. >> bill: lindsey graham making his position clear. he said democrats want to destroy donald trump and his family. why would jerry nadler want lawyers who are part of the committee staff to lead the questioning of bill barr today? >> i think he wants expert cross examination. i don't understand. look, everything now seems to be we devolve immediately into a constitutional crisis in order to actually get something accomplished. frankly the democrats should take half a loaf and allow bill barr to testify and fight whether or not they want to have follow-up from staff. they are not prepared to do that and stand on the principle of you won't dictate to us how we'll conduct a hearing. >> bill: so the observer would say does nadler think he is lying or not telling the full truth or trying to catch him in a lie? >> i think this is more about
7:09 am
political theater, which is why the attorney general is resistant and you heard that at least the outlines of that from the judiciary committee chairman graham on the senate side. at some point we're going to get to the point where is this really about oversight or is this just simply an adjunct to the 2020 political campaign and we're going to be through this process now for the next 18 months right up until november of 2020? if that's what really truly the democrats have in mind and they aren't actually going to conduct an impeachment inquiry but an inquiry to further a presidential campaign i can imagine the administration is going to be quite clear they aren't going to be party to that and they'll stone wall it. they will not defy, i don't think, a subpoena that is litigated. they have the right to object a subpoena. if a court orders them to comply i imagine the
7:10 am
administration will comply. but there are -- with regard to many of these things serious question about whether or not they are appropriate grounds for a subpoena. >> sandra: should barr have just answered questions of lawmakers and staff today? >> i think that's a fair question. one of the things he could have done is simply show up, allow the members to ask questions and at the point at which as you suggest that staff stood up this thank you very much, pick up and leave. i don't think he wanted to give the democrats on that committee that theater in public so he has avoided it. we may ultimately get to that point. this isn't done yet as we all anticipated it will go on for a while. >> bill: no subpoena thus far. jerry nadler said we've got one more card to play before we go there. >> i don't know what the card is. they'll talk about it more. >> bill: more requests? thank you for coming. appreciate your expertise.
7:11 am
this story, mike pompeo on venezuela. >> the maduro regime continues to allow starving children not to eat and kids who are sick not to get medicine. been going on a long time. the devastation is deep and why you see the venezuelan people in the streets today. >> bill: secretary of state mike pompeo urging regime change that that country. the disputed president will not step aside as the country enters a third day of protests. steve harrigan in caracas. good morning and what have you heard? >> we've seen two days of violent protests here in caracas. 70 people injured on tuesday. at least 20 people shot wednesday. one of the injured yesterday was a venezuelan reporter covering the story here. he was in a helmet and gas mask when a member of the national guard fired a riot controlled grenade that exploded at his faoe. he is recuperating but he
7:12 am
lives in a country where members of the press are attacked. as far as the disputed president nicolas maduro he made an early appearance today, 5:00 a.m. at a military base. if you watch state tv here you see maduro day in and day out surrounded by troops. a real effort to show the troops are loyal to him and maduro is claiming victory. he said he has defeated a coup attempt on tuesday. here is maduro. >> today i have a much clearer picture of the plot. the conspiracy and coup we defeated yesterday. yesterday a handful of traitors tried to impose itself and look add what happened. they were caught. >> maduro still is in control of the senior military figures but his position is not all that secure. the opposition leader juan guaido still maintains freedom of movement around caracas. you have an opposition leader calling for a military overthrow and the current president afraid or intimidated is not throwing him in jail. back to you, bill.
7:13 am
>> bill: thank you, steve harrigan live in caracas, venezuela. >> sandra: here is the president reflecting on states -- >> we must always protect the religious liberty enshrined in our constitution and in our lives. it is so important for us all. >> sandra: that was the president as we await a big event in the rose garden later this morning as the president and first lady prepare for the national day of prayer service. we'll be bringing that to you live in the 11:00 hour. >> bill: the scorecard is out on medicare for all. how much does it cost for taxpayers and what it means for your bottom line. >> sandra: and former v.p. joe biden saying he is not worried about a major u.s. rival. why he is down playing concerns that china could soon match the united states as a global super power. our headliner, dr. bill bennett, will be joining us and weigh in straight ahead.
7:14 am
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7:18 am
it has been said of joe biden every decision he made in foreign policy was a mistake. this is a big one. they are an economic and ideological competitor and the
7:19 am
biggest one in the world. i'm glad mitt romney got it right and that's two for him over the last six or eight years. i'm glad to see he got it right. biden really is dead wrong on that. there are problems with his statement and there are problems with maybe why he made the statement as well. >> sandra: here is hillary clinton on china. listen to this. >> so why should russia have all the fun? and since russia is clearly backing republicans, why don't we ask china to back us? not only that, china, if you're listening, why don't you get trump's tax returns? >> sandra: that's where things are today, dr. bennett. >> yeah, sometimes, you know, it is time to leave the stage. i think when she starts making comments like that it is time for her to go. look, there is a new organization called the committee on the present danger, china. and it is very much like the
7:20 am
earlier committees on the present danger about the soviet union and others, a group of distinguished policy intellectuals, democrats and republicans simply to address the threat of china. the threat of china is very well. joe biden has to explain some things here. one wonders why the soft attitude? >> why would he say that? >> peter schweitzer, a great investigator and writer points out that the bank of china, a government entity, gave a billion dollars to joe biden's son, hunter, who accompanied vice president biden on air force 2 in a visit in 2013. one hates to think that these two are connected but a billion dollars is a lot of money. he needs to be pressed on it. if he is running for president he needs to be pressed on that. that's really quite something. >> bill: we mentioned the romney response on twitter. he said this will not age well.
7:21 am
rather succinct answer there. >> romney is right about that. i don't mean to be mean to mitt. he has been mean to the president. it won't age well. give romney credit. in 2012 he was the guy in the debate who said russia is a problem and was laughed out by the cnn moderator and by barack obama. mitt romney was right about that. >> sandra: we have been watching the events on capitol hill this morning resolving around the house democrats, their push to have staff ask questions of william barr. he didn't show to that hearing. what do you make as far as what you've seen the treatment of the attorney general in the past couple of days? >> i just -- it was terrible. i watched the whole thing yesterday on fox, of course, with the commentary. barr is amazing. when i was in those hearings and i would fire back and get
7:22 am
in a tangle that didn't do me much good. he was like a psychiatrist saying go ahead. vent your anger, it is good for you. it wasn't good -- it wasn't good for the country to see. there is an old expression called indecent exposure. we don't use it much anymore because the way the world works but people exposed aspects of their personality, their attitude, their hatred and dislike of donald trump and bill barr that was almost embarrassing to watch. the odd thing is it's all there, the mueller report is out there. what is the information that they are seeking? it's there. it's done, it's complete. it's over. hats off to bill barr. he is now the new, i guess, the new impeachment target for the democrats. i think they looked ridiculous. >> bill: what do you think of his move today not to show before that house committee run by democrats? >> i think that's absolutely
7:23 am
right. he had a long day yesterday and i think they should play by the rules that have been established and do it. there are enough lawyers on there. he can, by the way, change the five-minute and seven-minute business nadler and say all right our best lawyers here on the committee, committee members will have more time. the notion that bill barr is afraid of them or afraid of lawyers is kind of ridiculous. i also admired the one word answers. i've never been good at that. that's why i do interviews. i loved the no, yes, no. he is a master. it was a master class. >> bill: he is terrified of having a skilled attorney is what jerry nadler said. >> it was a master class by bill barr yesterday. remember, he was head of the office of legal counsel, which is the lawyers lawyers in the department of justice. i think he just made so many good points. the one thing i would pick up
7:24 am
from republican senator josh hawley who is i think a real star. when he talked about peter strzok's email talking about going to a wal-mart and smelling the trump people and said this is what it's about, there is a cultural dimension to this war against donald trump and donald trump's people that cannot be neglected. this is this snobbish attitude. people who think they know better and have a superior abilities and i think josh hawley got to the heart of it. but barr's performance was stellar. i admire it. a little jealous of it. >> sandra: we'll see where it all goes. bill bennett. great to have you. >> bill: work on those one-word answers. >> yes. >> bill: we'll see you soon. thank you. back to venezuela now. the dictator maduro calling for military unity. went on national television as the white house calls for him to step aside after days of mass demonstrations.
7:25 am
>> maduro is a fighter, no question about that. but the people of venezuela are hurting and maduro needs to step down and allow the people of his country to thrive and to survive and live in freedom. >> bill: we're into day three. the a-team will take on what the u.s. could or might need to do next. >> sandra: hawaii senator hirono facing backlash after yesterday's questions of bill barr. >> this is an example of the poisonous hatred that has taken over the democrat party and the american left.
7:26 am
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7:30 am
following. >> the christians murdered in sri lanka on easter sunday, i grieve for the muslims murdered at their mosques in new zealand. here at home we also remember the three historically black churches burned recently in louisiana, and the horrific shooting last year at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. violence and terrorism against people of all faiths must end and it must end now. >> bill: that from yesterday. this from today. i believe the rabbi from the synagogue in southern california will make the trip to the white house and we'll be watching this very carefully coming up. 30 minutes from now on "america's newsroom." >> it has been very hard. we have sacrificed, today 24-year-old has died due to the brutal repression.
7:31 am
one of the goals in venezuela today the dictator continues to usurp the power in venezuela but that is not going to stop the people. >> sandra: venezuela's opposition leader saying there is no turning back. vowing resistance against the maduro regime as the pentagon down plays speculations about u.s. troops getting involved. let's get to our "america's newsroom," a-team. james freeman, and david asman is here, anchor of bulls and bears on fox business network and judy miller, from institute of policy research and journalist and fox news contributor. david, to you first on what we're hearing from the white house about the military option being on the table for venezuela. >> it is hard to know what that actually means. i don't think it means boots in venezuela, boots on the ground in venezuela. there is a lot that can be done. remember, there are three million venezuelans who left
7:32 am
the country, two million in columbia, the rest scattered throughout latin american and some coming to the united states as well. so there are a lot of people outside that want change inside and we can work with some of those people. may not be -- i'm not talking about a situation like the contras in nicaragua where we helped train a military force but a lot of people are trying to activate change inside the country. we were so close it appears on tuesday when john bolton came out tuesday afternoon and said we had three people, the head of the supreme court, the defense minister and a couple of other key generals that had agreed to turn over to guaido from maduro. and they were talked out of it by the russians. the russians stopped this turnover from taking place. >> that is the administration's explanation for what happened. >> you don't believe it? >> we don't know. my concern is, is our intelligence good enough to formulate a kind of strategy
7:33 am
that's really going to work in terms of getting rid of maduro? he is proving very, very stubborn, very resilient. >> he is very afraid of the russians and cubans. >> the c.i.a. disagrees with the administration on the importance of the cuban presence. i think that's something once again that it's an intelligence issue. do we have the right information that is going to enable us to put together a strategy that will get rid of this guy finally? i'm not sure we do. >> bill: regime change is pretty tough. >> it is. we see the misery there and we see the great desire among the people protesting in the street to have a change of government. but it's hard to see that happening without violence. this is not to argue for u.s. intervention but i think the people that mr. guaido, the legitimate president of the country is leading, i think are probably going to have to explore their own military option. we've been hoping to see
7:34 am
members of the venezuelan military turn against the regime. to this point it hasn't happened in big numbers. i don't see maduro the dictator making a dignified exit. >> bill: the longer it goes on the more difficult it comes to get him out. >> i want to speak to one thing judy says. you shouldn't assume the cubans don't play a huge role in venezuela. when you are suggesting there are disagreements between the c.i.a. and defense department and the department of state. everybody knows that the cubans are there en masse and have been there for decades. i've seen them there for decades. they're there heading up the security forces and the spy agencies that all these communist countries have there. >> bill: 20,000 cuban soldiers. i want to go back to the barr hearing from yesterday, sandra. >> sandra: a lot of folks yesterday afternoon were talking about this exchange with hirono from hawaii.
7:35 am
lindsey graham, the senator and attorney general william barr. watch. >> do you think it's okay for a president to offer pardons to people who don't testify against him to threat en the family of someone who does. is that okay? >> when -- >> i think you know what i'm talking about. please. please, mr. attorney general. give us some credit for knowing what the hell is going on around here. >> not really. this line of questioning, listen, you have slandered this man. >> what i want to know is how did we get to this point? how do we get to the point where -- >> sandra: the reaction starting pouring in on the right. rush limbaugh responding to that. >> she is ignorant, a liar, mischaracterizing what barr's work has been,
7:36 am
mischaracterizing and slandering his honor and his integrity when he has done nothing even close to what she has alleged. he didn't change anything in the mueller report. >> sandra: what a day, what a moment that was, david. >> well, when politicians run out of evidence, it is clear there wasn't enough evidence for mueller to indict the president on obstruction. when they run out of evidence for their narrative they turn to hot air. they turn to expletives and everything that you saw senator hirono turning to which was rush nailed what it was. it was just hot air without evidence. we have a criminal justice system, whether it's the president or you and me that relies on specific evidence. if there isn't enough evidence to indict we're innocent until proven guilty. we don't have to prove our innocence. the government has the prove our guilt. they couldn't do it with regard to the president. >> bill: you are entitled the make a statement, speech or ask a question. there wasn't a question in that statement.
7:37 am
>> no. that rant began with accusing mr. barr of lying about mueller's findings and beliefs and just to be clear -- i know this "washington post" story got a lot of attention this week. you had to read down to see and learn that mueller did not say that barr had mischaracterized. he didn't say there were inaccuracies. i think the senator was kind of laboring under a misimpression which is that barr somehow had mischaracterized the mueller report. he didn't. >> i think that what annoys the democrats is the extent to which bill barr was able to shape the narrative of the report before americans got to read that report for themselves and draw their own conclusions. now, i'm not sure americans are going to read 440 some odd pages as we've all done. but i do think that what she was trying to do was highlight
7:38 am
some of the things that people have been saying on the air about the contents of the report such as donald trump's repeated efforts to try and get witnesses to change testimony or to say something that he didn't want them to say. now, would she have been more effective if she had just asked the question and let him answer? yes, she would have been. calling him a liar is completely out of bombs. you need one bomb thrower on that side to make their point. she was the designated person. >> i don't think she did her party or the republic any goodbye that. she is a lawmaker. lawmakers are supposed to go by the law. the law worked its course through all this. mueller didn't find the evidence to indict. he did not indict. that was essentially the summary of barr's report. there were people in mueller's committee in the group of people like andrew weissmann who is a diehard hillary
7:39 am
supporter probably ticked off the press was covering it. this is probably what the letter was about and the phone call afterwards where mueller was not blaming him. it was just a misunderstanding he was blaming the press coverage. we'll find out what happens. >> sandra: they stay again on the record he offered robert mueller the opportunity to see the findings before he made this public. robert mueller said no. >> i guess that would have created some accountability for mr. mueller and you saw that part of what came through is sort of barr saying in a more polite way, you know, mueller, you had one job and you didn't do it. i think the fact that mr. barr did exactly what he said he was going to do. even gave mueller a chance to look at it and put out the findings as soon as he could and put out the report. >> one word we didn't hear yesterday was collusion. >> the word of the day
7:40 am
yesterday was snitty. >> bill: chicago, illinois, prosecutor -- a judge deciding whether or not to hire a special prosecutor to address the handling of the jussie smollett matter. matt finn is on that story live in chicago. good morning there. >> good morning, bill. the hearing is happening right now. the chief judge cook county criminal court is addressing a petition for a special prosecutor to launch a fresh investigation into the jussie smollett case and also investigate any potential wrongdoing at kim foxx's office. the petition was filed by former court justice sheila o'brien and so far kim foxx has not appeared in court this morning. o'brien writes in her petition that the people deserve the truth and that law requires a special prosecutor should have been appointed. foxx admitted her recusal was
7:41 am
in the colloquial sense, which o'brien writes makes foxx appear less than truthful. foxx wrote the motion for a special prosecutor should be thrown out because there is no real conflict of interest. all of this, however, was put on pause for a moment this morning because it was discovered that the chief judge's son here has a son who works for kim foxx. now the petitioner for the special prosecutor has ordered an out of county judge should hear the case for a special prosecutor to investigate jussie smollett. the judge would be put in a position to judge the truth-telling ability of his son's boss. foxx's attorneys argue the judge's son is not a witness or a party member or does not have any monetary interest in this case. it's an ongoing hearing. we'll keep you updated, bill. >> bill: matt finn following all this in chicago. >> sandra: medicare for all, the congressional budget office
7:42 am
revealing new numbers that could derail some democratic hopefuls. money man charles payne will be here next. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom.
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7:46 am
>> bill: it is a major campaign playing for some of the left wing 2020 democrats. a reality check on medicare for all. what does it mean? charles payne host of making money on fbn. they gave you an assessment of quality of care and -- >> an the government's role and cost. not the overall cost. john yarmouth, a democrat from kentucky asked the cbo to score it. he said don't worry about the overall spending. according to the cbo administrative costs would go down. so far so good. wait times way up. access to care would go down and overall government spending would go up. one out of four probably wasn't what he was looking for. certainly is not practice wha*
7:47 am
the proponents of medicare for all have been promising. they talk about it being cheaper, quality of care improving. those things are hard to reconcile when you see around the world with systems similar you don't get both. usually it's care that takes the hit. >> it would significantly increase government spending and require substantial addition government resources. >> the same folks proposing this are saying let's use new monetary theories, the fed to print money. in a way they're acknowledging that this thing would be so expensive that not even higher taxes on the so-called rich would be enough to pay for it all. >> sandra: what's interesting is democrats who back this sort of plan are going to use this as a rallying cry for it but the analysis was requested in january by john yarmuth chairman of the house budget committee but he didn't ask for a spending estimate.
7:48 am
how do you not look at that? >> because you don't want to hear it. it's pretty simple. we should also remind folks that an institute said it would be $32 trillion over 10 years. it won't be cheap. >> bill: the point they're making. dr. marc siegel has been on countless times in the last couple weeks saying it won't be good for the patient or the doctor. >> right. all these polls show people are for medicare for all. 70%. when you start to fine-tune the question to well, what if it means higher taxes and less care? those numbers plunge. people -- we want our medicine to cure us. one thing to say you're not paying for it. another thing to say it doesn't work. we want to be cured by the medical miracles we're creating and developing which goes far beyond -- that's one of the few things that people want to work more than anything else. >> sandra: can we drop this tweet that was sent out by chase bank for motivation
7:49 am
monday getting a lot of response including from ocasio-cortez, tell us the story. >> people complaining about not having enough money in the bank. the balance is low. >> that's a tweet that has been deleted. >> eat food that's in the refrigerator. make coffee at home. don't take a cab when you can walk. sound economic theory. my aunt stayed with us for a week recently. old school. she dropping hints the same thing. how come you guys never eat the food in the refrigerator? but i can take it from my aunt. chase, we don't need to hear from them. >> sandra: got it charles payne. >> bill: the teenager at the center at the covington controversy filing another lawsuit after what his legal team calls a false narrative. that's next.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> bill: the covington catholic high school student suing nbc. the third media company. what is the story this time? >> nick sandmann was involved in the situation on the mall they sued nbc after filing
7:54 am
suits against cnn and "washington post" for $275 million. first of all the covington kids were badly maligned by the media's rush to judgment. cheer journalistic malpractice. right now we're seeing a public relations battle as much as a legal one. i don't think sandmann will get $275 million from nbc or other news outlets. he would have to prove the network deliberately aired a false version of' vents. nbc was going along with the media mob in perpetrating the misleading narrative that was the indian native phillips who gave a lot of interviews. >> sandra: the suit harder for nbc to fight. what are they? >> nbc has msnbc, as they lay out in the suit the attorneys can argue they have an anti-trump agenda. the reason this got so much attention was the kids being
7:55 am
painted unfairly they were wearing the maga caps. nbc has not retracted or issued a correction or clarification for what it did. that helps the attorneys say look, haven't shown any regret for their mistakes. it underscores we all make errors in the news business in this twitter age. what we need to do in these instances, a classic case, is to say folks, we screwed up. this was wrong, here is what really happened. we shouldn't rely on one video. rather than saying new information came in which we'll share with you now. >> bill: howie, thank you. we'll see where it goes from there. thanks, howard kurtz in washington >> sandra: we're moments away from the president and first lady. the national day of prayer ceremony about to get underway from the white house rose garden. it will be expected at the top of the hour. stay with us. we'll be right back.
7:56 am
- [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this.
7:57 am
this and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself. >> sandra: nancy pelosi speaking at her weekly news conference this morning on capitol hill. let's listen. >> i thought this isn't about president trump only. it is about a right wing ideological handmaiden to the special interests in our country. it is important to connect the dots. the american people have to know what this means to them. if you're a young person and you care about the climate crisis, passing that bill right now on the floor and i'll have to leave momentarily to vote
7:58 am
for it. it will be dead on arrival. if you're a young person you care about net neutrality. the grim reaper will get it in the senate. equal pay for equal work we sent to the senate. the grim reaper, mitch mcconnell, will kill it. if you care about reducing the role of money in politics as hr1 legislation, stopping the voter suppression and expanding the voice of the people in our political process, mitch mcconnell will kill it because he has said the problem is not too much money in politics, he says there is not enough money in politics. our hr1 is about expanding the voice of the people. their hr1 was giving 83% of the tax benefit to the top 1%. so this is about policy.
7:59 am
it is also about gun safety. gun safety. we sent over hr8 and hr1112 for responsible background checks. handmaidens not national rifle association and special interests. connect the dots. when you see barr sitting there, what is his motivation? his motivation, his loyalty, is not to his oath of office and it is to donald trump. but all of it and the republicans in congress is to the special interests. so whether it's hr1, gun safety, paycheck fairness, violence against women, save the internet, climate action now, the list goes on. we'll be sending more legislation. apparently i have news for mitch mcconnell. he may consider them dead on arrival and the grim reaper for all of these actions taken by the house of representatives,
8:00 am
but they are alive and well among the american people and there is a direct connection and really probably the i biggest and saddest of all while the attorney general was sitting there withholding the truth from congress, misrepresenting, being inconsistent in his statements, the shame, how could he do such a thing, but again, having the support of the republicans in congress and the senators behaving in a way that is said to them we don't care about the branch of government in which we serve. we're not even loyal to strengthening the institutions which we are a part. sitting there once again, his justice department was intensifying its assault on the affordable care act. and that they did their filing, their further filing to get rid of the entire affordable care act. so that's what it means to
8:01 am
people with pre-existing conditions. his sitting there in that arrogance. i don't care about your pre-existing condition. i care about the special interests in our country. that was the message of barr. so the connecting of the dots between mitch mcconnell, the republican agenda, and congress such as it is, the special interest agenda fueled by dark special interest money, that's what that hearing was about. it wasn't about technicalities. it wasn't about who wrote the letter and how he characterized the letter. that's interesting. but what is deadly serious about it is the attorney general of the united states of america was not telling the truth to the congress of the united states. that's a crime. yes.
8:02 am
>> what kinds of questions are you considering for members of the administration who don't comply with congressional subpoenas? >> i have great confidence in our committees. we have six committees that have -- five of them have subpoenas. so far we don't have one from the foreign affairs committee. but five of the six committees of jurisdiction have the potential for subpoenas. they haven't all issued subpoenas. that's where we see some of that activity. as you probably know in the articles of impeachment for president nixon, article 3 was that he ignored the subpoenas of congress. that he did not honor the subpoenas of congress. this is very, very serious. my judgment will spring from the judgment of our committee chairs and in terms of -- i'm just looking at mr. nadler's statement. in the close of his statement
8:03 am
today relating to the attorney general he said history will judge us how we face this challenge. we'll be held accountable one way or another and he, barr, if he doesn't provide this committee with the information and respect it deserves mr. barr's moment of accountability will come soon enough. i think that applies. the committees are trying to make accommodations in terms of receiving the redacted -- unredacted mueller report. let them work their will and we'll go to the next step. [inaudible question] >> he lied to congress. if anybody else did that it would be considered a crime. nobody is above the law, not the president of the united states and not the attorney general. being the attorney general does not give you a badge to say
8:04 am
whatever you want and it is the fact because you are the attorney general. [inaudible question]. >> there is a process involved here. as i said, i'll say it again, the committee will act upon how we will proceed. [inaudible question] >> you said you wanted your caucus to focus on the investigations that are already ongoing. given the fact you can't get information and obstruction from the white house, do you think that the time has come to move that deadline? >> i think that the statements being made by the president of the united states has given a blanket statement that he is not going to honor any subpoenas is obstruction of justice. i think that all -- many of the statements that the administration has made has been about obstruction of justice. we are in a very, very, very
8:05 am
challenging place because we have a republican party in the congress who are complicit in the special interest agenda of the national rifle association, the fossil fuel industry, the special interests at large. so they're not going to say anything. so that's why i say sometimes impeachment is the easy way out for some of these people because they know it will end at the senate's edge. but the fact is is that we still have that responsibility. now, many people just -- i meetly agree with them. our responsibility is to create jobs, protect access to healthcare as we said in our for the people agenda. lower the cost of healthcare by lowering the cost of prescription -- and other initiatives that will spring
8:06 am
from that. so there is a direct relationship between healthcare in america and the behavior of the attorney general of the united states who is taking the lead on overturning the affordable care act which has within it the legislation -- the law to protect people with pre-existing conditions and the list goes on and on. so again, every day that goes by we see more reason why the republicans in congress should respect their own oath of office and send a message to this administration that while they share their special interest agenda it shouldn't include undermining the constitution of the united states. >> mr. trump tweeted this week that the working people want
8:07 am
the new nafta. do you want to spend time to get a consensus in your caucus on what enforcement is needed for the new nafta and how to change the provisions so democrats can also -- >> i will add to that the environmental provisions. three provisions. we want it to help american workers. you don't want to exploit workers in mexico. the lower it is the worse it is for american workers. it's about american workers, the environment, the climate issue. we are voting right now on climate action now. the environmental issues are very important to us. as a californian i can attest to the need for us to improve the provisions there. and then the biologics and the concern for member. overarching issue is enforcement. you can have all the good
8:08 am
language in the world you want. if you don't have enforcement you are just having a conversation. you are not having a real negotiation. >> are you working to get a consensus on what kind of enforcement is needed? >> there are different suggestions. i say it has to be part of the agreement. it can't be a side bar or side letter or later legislation or anything like that. to your basic first question, yes, we would like to get to yes. i thought it would be easier than this because we've been clear about enforcement in any trade agreement whether it's with china, whether it's with in our own hemisphere, that enforcement is key to all of it. >> on infrastructure with your meeting earlier this week with the president. in a couple of weeks you expect him to come up with some things. what do you have in mind talking to republicans here on capitol hill it sounds like they aren't really looking at a
8:09 am
gas tax? >> sandra: you've been listening to nancy pelosi at her weekly press conference on capitol hill. she targeted william barr saying barr not loyal to his oath but to president trump. when asked about the judiciary committee's decision to have staff question william barr which led to him not showing she said i have great confidence in our committees. and on the mueller report and request from jerry nadler to see the full unredacted report and the underlying evidence she said committees are trying to make accommodations to receive the unredacted report. that continues on capitol hill. we want to bring in brit hume, fox news senior political analyst who has been following all this for the past 24 hours or so. you were listening to nancy pelosi there. what do you think of the moment? >> it is interesting to see what she is trying to do there because she doesn't want all the oxygen in washington and in politics to be consumed by the
8:10 am
fight over the mueller report and the failed effort to prove collusion with the russians. so she tried to weave into her discussion as you saw there to connect all this to the legislative agenda that democrats are pushing through the house knowing full well that most of it is probably going nowhere in the senate. so this is an issue for them. do the democrats really want to go to the voters in what less than a year and a half's time now and have nothing to show for the last year and a half but fighting about -- over william barr and subpoenas and testimony and the mueller report and all that and the prospect of impeachment or do they want to say look at the agenda we've laid out for you, america. we passed as much as we can and the nasty republicans in the senate are blocking it. likely to be a more appealing message than impeach, indict, subpoena, and fight. >> sandra: but still that
8:11 am
didn't stop jerry nadler on multiple occasions this morning threatening that next step which could be using subpoena power. what do you expect -- how do you expect nancy pelosi and her party to proceed here, brit. >> nadler is hell bent and either make a move to hold the attorney general in contempt but we've seen that show before. eric holder was in contempt. it affected him almost not at all except a note in his wikipedia. they may go to court to try to enforce a subpoena against nadler to testify in the manner in which the committee wants, but that stuff takes time. and these matters can take, you know, a year or more, years. so i'm not exactly sure how they are going to go here. but barr doesn't seem inclined to go along with them or to be
8:12 am
intimidated by them. and so dagger is drawn here and it makes good copy. it absorbs all the news space, and it doesn't look like pelosi wants to put a stop to it so here we are. >> sandra: always great to get your thoughts. thank you for joining us this morning. >> daggers drawn. now to the white house, beautiful day in washington the vice president and his wife there in the rose garden. national day of prayer service to begin there at the white house and the president and first lady should be there in a moment. we'll take you back there live when it begins. day three now in caracas, all eyes on that city as the u.s. weighs its options on venezuela's future. >> this would be a supporting and would be a logistics effort. if we're putting boots on the ground they need to be regional troops and it needs to be a humanitarian effort that they are protecting. >> bill: what is next in the fight to oust maduro's regime?
8:13 am
we'll talk to congressman mac thornberry. he is coming up shortly here. 13 past the hour. ♪ ♪
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8:17 am
the white house on this may 2nd. >> mr. barr, the american people know you are no different than rudy giuliani or kellyanne conroy or other people who sacrificed their reputation for the liar who sits in the oval office. you have betrayed that trust. america deserves better. you should resign. >> sandra: fiery words from senator hirono to william barr at yesterday's committee hearing. one of several democrats calling for his resignation for impeachment. democrats using barr -- accusing him of lying to congress about the mueller report. but a "wall street journal" opinion piece is arguing the a.g. is being maligned just for doing his job. unlike attorney general loretta lynch. tom dupree joins us now. we'll get to the national day of prayer service happening at the white house when the president begins a short time
8:18 am
from now. but before that i just want to ask you about what we are hearing from democrats as their demands increase and now william barr not showing at the hearing today because he didn't agree to the additional questioning from staffers. >> absolutely. look, i think we're at a bit of an impasse here. congressman nadler clearly does not want barr to be questioned by himself or other members. he wants to bring in their staff lawyers to really grill barr. i suspect at the end of the day they'll reach some sort of accommodation that will enable barr to testify. i think from the democrats' perspective sit posturing themselves for 2020 for making speeches. there wasn't a whole lot of questioning of the attorney general as distinct from statements by senators who want to use their time and comments to indict the president, call for impeachment, that sort of thing. not exactly an information gathering exercise.
8:19 am
>> sandra: sarah sanders joined us at the top of this show and said reiterated a point i've heard from you leading up to these hearings. here is sarah sanders. i don't have that. she was making the case, tom, that you've made on this program about before. they wanted to bring in outside counsel to ask questions of william barr. they are members of congress, this is their job not to mention this is the house judiciary committee filled with a bunch of lawyers. >> that's the irony here, sandra, right? these are the folks who were elected by the american people to do their job, to hold hearings, to exercise overnight, to do these sorts of questions and investigations. so it's a little strange they would basically subcontract that job away to their staffers. as you point out, it is not like these people are just random folks off the street. former and current lawyers. former prosecutors, others experienced in doing the questions. i don't see why they can't bring in the attorney general.
8:20 am
ask their questions themselves and let's get it on. >> sandra: "wall street journal" piece, a real attorney general. bill barr gets smeared for refusing to duck and cover like loretta lynch. how do you see this going forward? nancy pelosi is talking about next steps for her party. jerry nadler threatening his subpoena power but not using it next. what happens next? >> what the democrats will do is continue to try to turn up the volume on the attorney general and frankly other administration officials. i think we're at the beginning of a long process of subpoenas, contempt citations, additional investigations. they're doing a lot of it just for political purposes to try to create the impression there is rampant criminality here and the administration officials are hiding things from the american public. interesting to see how the white house approaches it. whether they battle it out and force the disputes into the courts who will decide whether or not the administration
8:21 am
officials will testify or work out -- each side gives a little and you have the testimony under conditions acceptable to both sides. >> sandra: great to get your analysis. thank you. >> bill: 21 past. julian assange fighting in court to avoid extradition to the u.s. a legal battle might take years to solve. a report on that. >> sandra: the white house asking congress for billions in emergency funds for border security. but not for the president's wall. we are live to mexico next. >> mexico needs to do more and they aren't doing enough. the criminal cartels that are moving people to the border and managing their crossing the border i have said many times the cartels push a group of families through one sector so they can move bad people and drugs through other sector.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> bill: quite a collection an gathering of situation knife can't people in this crowd as well. >> sandra: a day observed on the first thursday in may. the first lady. >> good morning, welcome to the white house. please bow your heads for a prayer. the lord bless you and keep you, the lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. the lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace, amen. the president. >> president trump: thank you very much, honey. thank you. [applause] >> president trump: thank you very much. and thank you, melania, for the great job you do as first lady. people love you. no matter where i go, they love
8:25 am
you. [cheering and applause] >> president trump: on this national day of prayer the first lady and i are absolutely delighted to welcome all of you to the white house. a very special occasion for us. i know it is for you, too, the white house is a very, very special place. i would like to begin by sending our prayers to the people of venezuela in their righteous struggle for freedom. [applause] the brutal repression of the venezuelan people must end and it must end soon. people are starving, they have no food, they have no water, and this was once one of the wealthiest countries in the world. so we wish them well. we'll be there to help and we are there to help. thank you. very importantly this morning we're grateful to be joined by
8:26 am
so many of our representatives and great representatives they are. i want to start with somebody who is very special to the success of our administration, we're doing things that haven't been done in a long time including an economy that may be the best ever. and he has been a big, big help. you will never guess who that is, mike pence, the vice president. [applause] and also a wonderful lady and a real friend of the trump family and a tremendous wife, i can say that, karen pence. [applause] thank you, karen. we're also glad to have with us secretary sunny purdue. where is sunny, stand up, sunny, agriculture. secretary of housing, ben carson. great job, ben. great job.
8:27 am
deputy secretary eric har gin. i'm looking at that beautiful red hair. please stand up. what a voice, what a voice, huh? it is so great. you better come up here. great to have you. thanks also to the many faith leaders from across the country with us today. special, special people and one of the things i am most proud of is the johnson amendment. you can now speak your mind and speak it freely. [applause] i said i was going to do that. i told paula white, who i want to thank so much for everything she has done. paula. that was one of the things i said. they took away your voice politically and these are the people i want to listen to politically. you weren't allowed to speak. they would lose their tax exempt status.
8:28 am
that's not happening anymore. so we got rid of the johnson amendment. that's a big thing. [applause] and also i want to very much thank somebody who has done a fantastic job, president of the national day of prayer dr. ronnie floyd. and along with reverend rivera. thank you, ronnie, great job, i saw you this morning. thank you very much. father trulis. stand up please, father. thank you very much, father. mrs. bachu. thank you very much. thank you very much. chaplain agbara. great having dinner with you last night. thank you very much. rabbi cohen. thank you, rabbi, great being with you. and the preston wood baptist
8:29 am
church choir, wow. great job. [applause] on this special day we join communities and congregations across our country in continuing a great tradition that helped build our nation and we have built it now stronger than ever before. they are starting to find out. in march of 1776, as the founders prepared to draft the declaration of independence, the continental congress asked everyone to join in a day of prayer and fasting for the cause of freedom. they go hand in hand. it is a beautiful thing to watch. today we give thanks for this magnificent country and we proudly come together as one nation under god. [applause] and one of the things that mike and i were discussing just a little while ago, people are so
8:30 am
proud to be using that beautiful word god and they are using the word god again and they aren't hiding from it and they aren't being told to take it down, and they're not saying we can't honor god. in god we trust, so important. a little thing on the campaign but it wasn't such a little thing to me when i first started. four years ago, haven't been doing this so long. we did a good job. but when i first started campaigning, people were not allowed or in some cases foolishly ashamed to be using merry christmas, happy christmas. they'd say happy holidays. they would have red walls and you would never see christmas. that was four years ago. take a look at your stores nowadays. it is all merry christmas again. they are proud of it. i always said you'll be saying
8:31 am
merry christmas again and that's what's happened. as we unite on this day of prayer, we renew our resolve to protect communities of faith and insure that all people and all of our people can live, pray and worship in peace. [applause] in recent months, it has been pretty tough. we have seen evil and hate-filled attacks on religious communities in the united states and all around the world. one month ago three historically black churches were burned tragically in louisiana. in sri lanka and new zealand hundreds of christians and muslims were brutally murdered at their places of worship. in october, an anti-semitic killer attacked the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. that was a horrible event.
8:32 am
the first lady and i went to see that and it was not even believable. and last week a gunman opened fire at a synagogue in poway, california, while jewish families celebrated the last day of passover. we mourn for the loss of one extraordinary member of that congregation, lori gilbert kaye, who stood in front of the shooter and gave her life to protect her rabbi. an incredible man and an incredible person. this morning we're privileged to be in the presence of heroes who raced after the murderer and helped disrupt the attack at the poway synagogue. army veteran oscar stewart and border patrol agent jonathan morales, please stand, please stand. [applause]
8:33 am
say a few words, please. >> this is incredible. i want to say everything that the president has said i echo. we need to be strong as a group of people that love god, whether you call him mohammed, whether you call him shi -- we need to be strong to defeat evil. do not be afraid to be who you are. be proud and lift yourself up. that's all. thank you, mr. president. >> president trump: that's beautiful. [applause]
8:34 am
>> border patrol agent assigned to central sector in california and like president trump said we are celebrating our last day of passover, supposed to be a joyous, festive event. we were attacked with our backs turned but brave people stood up and confronted this person and we ended the situation the best we could with the resources we had. and like i said, i would like to use a quote, in order to fight these random acts of violence we must continue to do random acts of kindness and all of us keep doing good deeds and we will overcome this evilness. [applause] >> president trump: i'm proud of you. thank you. thank you both.
8:35 am
a great honor. thank you. incredible job both of you have done. your bravery is an inspiration to us all. we're also profoundly honored to be joined by somebody i've gotten to know a little bit by telephone. i had what was going to be about a one-minute conversation just to express my sorrow and gratitude and everything else you could express and it ended up being 25 minutes and it was a very warm -- he is a very warm, incredible man. israel goldstein, rabbi. i will tell you, it wasn't in the schedule but rabbi, i would love to bring you up. there was nobody that expressed the horror and the beauty of what you represent better than you did. i very much appreciate it, rabbi. i very much appreciate it.
8:36 am
please come up and say a few words. [applause] >> just five days ago, saturday morning, i faced evil and the worst darkness of all time right in our own house of worship, right in poway. i faced it and i had to make a decision. do i run and hide, or do i stand tall and fight and protect all those that are there? we cannot control what others do, but we can control how we
8:37 am
react. my dear rabbi taught me the way we react to darkness is with light. it was that moment that i made a decision no matter what happens to me, i am going to save as many people as possible. i should have been dead by now based on the rule of statistics. i was in the line of fire, bullets flying all the way. my fingers got blown off but i did not stop. the rabbi taught me as a jew you are a soldier of god. you need to stand tall and fast and do whatever it takes to change the world. my life has changed forever but it changed so i could make change. and i could help others learn how to be strong, how to be
8:38 am
mighty and tall. many have asked me rabbi, where do we go from here? how do we prevent this? and my response is, when president ronald reagan was shot the rabbi said we need to go back to the basics and introduce a moment of silence in all public schools so that -- [applause] so that children from early childhood on could recognize that there is more good to the world, that they are valuable. that there is accountability and every human being is created in god's image. if something good could come out of this terrible, horrific event, let us bring back a moment of silence to our public school system. i also want to thank the united states of america. i like to thank our dear
8:39 am
honorable mr. president for being a -- par excellence. mr. president, when you called me i was at home weeping. you were the first person who began my healing. you heal people in their worst of times and i'm so grateful for that. >> president trump: so beautiful. thank you. [applause] >> you have helped me bring great honor to mrs. lori kaye. a 60-year-old friend of our congregation. i've known her for 25 years, she works for the friendship circle, an organization that helps children with special needs. this year on june 2 we're doing a march in her memory to show that nothing is going to stop us. we'll march for victory, and
8:40 am
you helped us bring lori kaye great honor and god bless you and god bless america. >> president trump: thank you, rabbi. thank you very much. [applause] >> president trump: such beautiful words, a great man and he said this is my greatest moment in life to go from darkness to the white house, right? that's great. beautiful. thank you very much, rabbi. appreciate it. anything we can do, you know that. [applause] truly your courage and grace and devotion touches every heart and soul in america. we're blessed by having you and your family here with us today. thank you, rabbi and please give our regards to everybody. that was a tough period of time. we will fight with all our
8:41 am
strength and everything that we have in our bodies to defeat anti-semitism, to end the attacks on the jewish people, and to conquer all forms of persecution, intolerance and hate. [applause] you know that. you know that, rabbi. every citizen has the absolute right to live according to the teachings of their faith and the convictions of their heart. this is the bedrock of american life, to protect this heritage my administration has strongly defended religious liberty, two words you haven't heard too much about for a long period of time. now you are hearing it all the time. religious liberty. [applause] earlier this week i took action to insure that federal employees can take paid
8:42 am
time-off to observe religious holy days and just today we finalized new protections of conscience rights for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, students and faith-based charities. [applause] they have been wanting to do that for a long time, right, mike? they've been wanting to do that for a long time. it happened today. together we are building a culture that cherishes the dignity and worth of human life. every child born and unborn is a sacred gift from god. [applause] thank you very much.
8:43 am
in addition, i am committing to you today that my administration will preserve the central role of faith-based adoption and foster care agencies to care for vulnerable children while following their deeply-held beliefs. [applause] and those are words you probably never thought you would ever hear. to give former inmates a second chance at life, we passed criminal justice reform. ivanka, stand up. ivanka trump and jared. ivanka and jared worked so hard. [applause] now for the first time faith-based organizations can serve federal prisoners. they can take care of the people in and they can take care of prisoners as they get out. we have had the greatest success because of the economy
8:44 am
being so strong where people leaving prison now on a much more fair basis, but people leaving prison can get jobs and they've done incredibly well. employers who would never have done that before because there was a stigma obviously, a pretty tough stigma and they wouldn't go that route and people would end up back in prison. but now employers that would not have done that before are doing it and i know somebody who has put on seven prisoners -- former prisoners and he told me you have no idea how really great they are, how good they are. he said they're better than most of the other people working there. so that's a tremendous thing. that's probably the first time in -- since the beginning of this great nation where they are doing so well. so we hope they keep it up.
8:45 am
the economy is helping. the economy is helping. but now they are helping themselves and they're doing a fantastic job. we're also supporting faith-based addiction recovery programs because we understand the power of prayer. [applause] and i will say our first lady has taken to this. it is incredible what she has done. we're down 16% with opioid -- 16% is a lot. and melania, please stand up. that's a fantastic job you've done. please. incredible. incredible. i heard that number the first time the other day and i said that's a lot. that really is. it's not there, but we hope to get there. and we're also trying very hard through the tremendous amounts of billions and billions of dollars that we give out to
8:46 am
hospitals and pharmaceutical companies and everybody to come up with painkillers that are non-addictive so you don't go into the hospital with a broken arm and come out a drug addict. which is what happens in many cases. so we're trying to come up and we're getting very close to come up with a powerful painkiller that at the same time is non-addictive. wouldn't that be nice, right? wouldn't that be nice? hello, ralph. here with us today is ashley evans from dayton, ohio, who was melania's guest at the state of the union. two years ago ashley was suffering from the grip of heroin addiction. when she found out that she was pregnant. she returned to a recovery center and was welcomed by her mentor angie dennis, who was waiting at the door. ashley and angie developed a great relationship and angie
8:47 am
said to her i'm so glad you made it back. i've been praying for you. today angie is sitting right next to ashley and as ashley says prayer is what got me clean. next week ashley will celebrate 16 months free from addiction and she has earned back the custody of her beautiful daughter, olivia, who is here also right now with mom. and ashley, olivia, i had a feeling that was olivia. i've been listening to olivia the entire time. olivia has dominated this service and that's okay. ashley, come on up and say a few words, please. [applause]
8:48 am
>> i would just like to say that finding god saved my life. it has been incredible. it has been a journey but without him i could not do this. and i would like to say thank you, angie, for helping me find him. it has been -- it's been a crazy experience. it has been incredible. god has been with me every step of the way and everything has worked out perfectly. i have reunited with olivia. i have an amazing support system back home and in columbus, ohio. and i've gotten to do some amazing things. and that's by the grace of god. so thank you. >> president trump: that's fantastic. thank you. [applause] i just said how is she doing? >> she is so awesome.
8:49 am
the biggest honor that i could have was to pass along to ashley it's a relationship with jesus. it's a relationship. not a religion, it is not a bunch of rules. it is -- [applause] it's just that personal relationship. if you will trust him and you do your part, you do your part and then trust him and ask for help for the rest he will make doors open that no man can close. you know, so i'm just honored to be a part of it. [applause] >> president trump: i'm glad i asked you to do that. thank you. thank you. thank you very much for those beautiful words. ashley, olivia and angie, thank you for being with us and reminding us that prayer works miracles and prayer saves lives. [applause] as god promises in the bible,
8:50 am
those who hope in the lord will renew their strength. they will soar with rings like eagles. they will run and not grow weary and they will walk and not be faint. and that's something that mike and i think about all the time, right, mike? on this prayer day, what do you think, mike? i think so. we deserve it. man. [applause] people say how do you get through that whole stuff? how do you go through those witch hunts and everything else? and you know what we do, mike? we just do it, right? and we think about god. that's true. so thank you all very much. on this day of prayer we once again place our hopes in the hands of our creator and we give thanks for those wondrous
8:51 am
lands of liberty and this is truly the greatest of all lands of liberty, our country. our country is special. it will always be special. it will be greater than ever before. we're doing things that will make it better than ever before. and especially for churches and synagogues and mosques and everyone else. people of faith, we pray that this nation, our home, these united states will forever be strengthened by the goodness and the grace and the eternal glory of god. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] so it's an honor to once again host so many believers in the rose garden. now i would like to ask those who are leading us in prayer to please come up. please come up. some of the great leaders,
8:52 am
please come up. you know who i'm talking about, don't be shy. come up, ralph. i see ralph in the audience. franklin was here. we have some great, great people. thank you. please. >> please bow your heads for the prayer. our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. on this special national day of prayer we come to you united as a nation to give you glory. you created the universe and endowed the human person from conception with such dignity
8:53 am
that made the psalmist explain what is man that you should be mindful of him. you have given him rule over the works putting all things under him. dear lord, help our country, protect our people, the born and unborn, the young and the old, the healthy and the sick, those who serve or have served our country and all of us and our families. from those who want to dismiss and undermine the values and the laws you have established in the core of our nature for our own happiness, and help us to hear your voice so that we can fulfill your will on earth as it is in heaven. lord jesus christ, born of the virgin mary, you said there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's
8:54 am
friends. and through your death on the cross, for our redemption, you showed your infinite love for us. as st. john says he loved us to the end. move our hearts so we come to love one another, to care for one another especially for those most in need as you did. forgiveness is the highest expression of your mercy and we beg your grace so that we can imitate you. god, holy spirit, enlighten with your wisdom the hearts of all of our leaders. of all the leaders of our country. of all who hold positions of responsibility, of all of us so that we may find the right path and choose it when we make our decisions in life no matter how narrow the gate may be. god our father, accept the prayers we offer for our nation
8:55 am
as we celebrate the resurrection of your son, so that people everywhere may enjoy the protection of their lives through freedom and find your happiness through christ our lord, amen. >> quite a moment in the rose garden of the white house. the rabbi from california had quite a statement when he talked about a moment of silence in public schools and talked about his finger being shot off last week at the synagogue saying my life changed so i can make change. want to bring in the anchor of "the story" martha maccallum. that is something we don't hear all the time. >> it is interesting to reflect on the fact that a moment of silence, not a moment of prayer but a moment of silence is something that is controversial. that's a stunning thing to sit back and think about. these are not the kinds of things we see happen in public school anymore. this is a very nice tradition, this national day of prayer.
8:56 am
and you have all of these different faiths coming together and the president making some comments toward the end there about how they get through the witch hunt and mike pence saying with a little bit of help from god and from prayer. you look at what's going on on the other side on capitol hill and nancy pelosi laying into bill barr saying basically she thinks charges should be brought against bill barr for perjury in terms of what happened and what we watched play out yesterday. >> bill: she said he lied to congress during her weekly press conference. d.o.j. came out with a statement on behalf of bill barr. nancy pelosi's reckless attack on the attorney general is false. >> sandra: it is up to the democrats whether or not they pursue impeachment. the report is done. i couldn't help but think after the experience of watching the testimony yesterday and this morning. i don't think democrats are really that angry with bill
8:57 am
barr. they're angry are robert mueller. he didn't deliver what they believe should have been delivered from that report. and i also think it's good to look back at bill barr's statement that he was surprised when robert mueller's folks came in and said we won't have a finding on whether or not there was any obstruction of justice. they were clearly taken aback by that move and wondering why after two years and hundreds of subpoenas and thousands of hours of interviews they felt they couldn't find on that. there is an enormous amount of frustration that this process did not produce what democrats thought it should. now they have to figure out what their next move. >> bill: jerry nadler has a decision to make. does he file a subpoena? the ball is in his court as of today. >> absolutely it is. right now they're hiding behind having other attorneys ask the questions bill barr didn't show up this morning. that's a big ab dick shun of
8:58 am
the judiciary committee. swalwell said i will ask my own questions. it is an odd place we're in. >> bill: democrats have a new story, the call on bill barr to resign. the presidential candidates so far. swalwell, harris, booker, and others, they all want bill barr to step down. i would imagine there will be others who pile onto that same list. >> sandra: i'm sure there will. you have to ask the question why. the fine point of the back and forth with charlie crist last time and the letter we learned about this week they're hanging their hat on that as what they see as perjury. bill barr didn't feel that robert mueller had any dispute with the conclusions that were drawn in the lets he drafted but with some of the process of how it went out. he would have liked to have seen more of the summaries come out. it seems like a fine point of distinction. again, i think the concern really with a lot of these
8:59 am
folks is that they are angry and i think republicans know how it felt on the other side when hillary clinton they didn't get the result they wanted with hillary clinton after that investigation. they are wearing that hat right now. >> bill: you can read this report if you are a member of congress. >> of course you can. >> bill: all of two members of congress have done that. >> both republicans. >> bill: how many on that committee did that? >> it's only the leadership can go in and read it. nadler and schiff have not gone in to read the unredacted version. that's a good question for them. >> bill: see you tonight at 7:00? >> i'll be there. >> bill: sandra, here we go. a whacky, wild day today. not sure what we were going to get and there it is. >> sandra: the service at the white the people of venezuela. the president often purchaser that the opiate addiction and faith-based recovery. that was a really powerful
9:00 am
moment there. the president saying that prayer saves lives. yes, bill, an unexpected turn of events. we took everybody three. >> bill: more tomorrow. >> sandra: see you back here tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, an escalating showdown between the top administration and democrats in congress as the inch closer to a vote to hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress. city he declined to testify before the house, an empty chair in his place. very dramatic. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis appeared here today, my partner, harris faulkner. fox business network anchor dagen mcdowell. fox news analyst and cohost of "benson & harf" on fox news radio, marie harf. joining us on the couch, former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york and fox news contributor, andy mccarthy. we will lean heavily on your legal knowledge today as we sort


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