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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 3, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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loses the piece this time, looks like he is going to hurt himself and didn't get the ball, sometimes you have to sacrifice the food. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. heather: this is "fox and friends first," happening right now i 4:00 on the east coast a fox news exclusive. cameras capture the moment mexico deport 100 illegal migrants. is this proof that mexico is finally cooperating with donald trump? new development on the crisis at the border. democrats fuming after attorney general william barr is a no-show on capitol hill. >> chicken bar should have shown up and answered questions. >> is attorney general the united states of america, not telling the truth.
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>> i have given total transparency. heather: the collusion crusade has turned into threat of contempt charges. forget the moon, the trump administration could soon take us all the way to mars. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ heather: reminds me of home down south, florida georgia line, live shot of new york city where it is a little foggy. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning, you made it to the
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weekend, thank you for starting your day with us. let's begin with an exclusive video you will only see on fox news, mexico deporting 100 migrants while on their way to the us. a major sign that mexico is keeping its promise to the trump administration in battling the border crisis. griff jenkins joins us with a firsthand look inside one of his overcrowded shelters. >> reporter: keeping a promise indeed and almost a firsthand look at migrants trying to escape. just moments ago, the top of this wall a migrants was trying to escape. 40 police and guards bringing them back under control. i tried to get back through the gates, they ran me out as well but it is a quick window, making the video we have, we followed them to the airport and got this
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exclusive video of what is on record as 93 cubans. it was all cubans. the reason it was cubans, the director said this shelter, one of two children here, they had become very aggressive, not last night but the night before, there was a riot of sorts inside. we don't know if the does 93 were part of that group. we assume so. either way, the vehicle that was absolutely smashed, we talk to the director, two nights ago, 200, 300 migrants escaped. we went into one of the other shelters. we got an exclusive look at the number of migrants, people from pakistan, bangladesh, sri lanka, ghana, cameroon, el salvador,
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guatemala and congo. we talked to migrants on the streets who was in that shelter and has gone through the process, gotten a legal temporary work visa as he tries to work his way towards the united states to apply for asylum. his name is marcus and has a message for other migrants and donald trump. >> we have to enter legally. illegally is bad. to enter the united states, going to have our life and us, to keep and to keep our life. >> reporter: this comes as customs and border protection tweet this morning on the rio grande river in texas, the body of a child was recovered, with migrants that were trying to cross. a reminder of the dangers of this journey. heather: unbelievable.
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some other headlines we are following. he was plotted to blow up the new york city subways. and admitted terrorist could soon walk free. a judge sentencing the the to 10 years in prison, time served. could have life in prison for plotting the attack in 2009. he got a much lighter sentence after meeting with investigators 100 times and providing information about al qaeda. he is originally from afghanistan and will be supervised for the rest of his life. he could be free within days. a college student behind bars accused of threatening a mass shooting was west virginia university freshman telling a friend he felt like, quote, going on a shooting spree and then killing himself. he will not be allowed on campus if released. no weapons were found at his campus apartment, the school taking a stream caution following the deadly shooting at
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the university of north carolina. it is done, donald trump sitting down for a fox news interview shutting down the crusade to find collusion he says does not exist, this comes as democrats blasted the attorney general for skipping his hearing on the hill. todd pyro joins us in studio is the president tries to change the conversation. >> reporter: the day started with a no-show followed by theatrical hearing that wasn't much of a hearing at are intended with the president saying this. >> congress should be -- >> this is all -- it is done. i think what they should be focusing on is how did this message start? i think it is corrupt as hell. >> reporter: the president doubling down while you were sleeping tweeting it is time to get back to business and for congress to focus on immigration, infrastructure and lowering drug prices after fox
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news learned special counsel to the president and it flood towards robert mueller and his investigators in a letter to william barr accusing the special counsel's team of political statements saying they failed to act as traditional prosecutors. as for the, quote, hearing which barr refused to appear at over demanded staff counsel be able to question him democrats using the no-show as an opportunity to attack the president and the ag. >> system of not having a president as a dictator is at stake. >> he lied to congress. if anybody else did that it would be considered a crime. >> reporter: a visit from the kernel, congressman steve cohen's attempt at humor. >> chicken bar should have shown up today and answered questions. he was afraid of mary burke, attorney general who picked for his illegal acumen and abilities would not be fearful of any other attorneys questioning him
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for 30 minutes. >> reporter: jerry never for the contempt citation against william barr if he does not meet democrats demands. it is a shame for democracy when you bring the kernel into it. heather: i didn't find it very funny but theatrical is a good word. thank you so much. meantime some new revelations on how the fed tried to spy on the trump campaign in 2016. according to the new york times a female us informant posed as a researcher in an attempt to probe george papadopoulos on the campaign's possible ties to russia. the former foreign policy advisor sounding off to tucker carlson. >> i met with her, she was younger, very flirtatious, this wasn't the job of an assistant and she barely spoke english, was very flirty. >> reporter: papadopoulos adding he had suspicions she was the us
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informant before she was out of last year. according to the times they did not receive any useful information. the fbi has not responded to fox news for request or comment. democrats desperate to keep focus on the mueller probe fox news legal analyst greg jarrett says a new chapter in the russia saga has already begun. >> now that the russia hoaxes been exposed to the witchhunt and that i call it the next step is the reckoning. people who abuse their positions of power to frame donald trump need to be held accountable and they will be looking at the actions of hillary clinton, paying for russian disinformation and feeding it to an all too willing fbi that is normally launching without credible evidence an investigation of trump but spying on the trump campaign, not just electronic surveillance carter page and probably others
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but also mobilizing confidential informants to insinuate themselves into the trump campaign in order to gather incriminating evidence of a conspiracy that was nonexistent and they knew it was nonexistent. heather: attorney general william barr expanded his investigation into the origin of the russia probe and investigating several criminal leaks. add another one. the crowded 2020 democratic field is growing. colorado senator michael bennet officially joining the race as the 21st candidate. there could soon be 22. >> i will make my decision in the month of may and when we have something to tell you we will tell you. >> you are saying may 31st and then you are out.
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>> i will make my decision in a month. then i will tell you my decision. heather: according to a quinnipiac poll 70% of new york city voters do not want him to run. foxbusiness alert, making america work again. in a few hours april jobs report will be released and economists predict 180,000 jobs added last month with the unemployment rate staying steady at 3.8% as us worker productivity rises 3.6%. according to the labor department, it is the best rate in nearly a decade. good news to start your day. eric trump, the president's son and executive vice president of the trump organization says despite the chaos and capitol hill, america's economy is booming. >> the best consumer confidence of all-time, lowest unemployment
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of all time, i could go on and on. we have the hottest economy in the world, no question about it. my father is doing everything he said he would do which is put jet fuel on this economy and we are the envy of the entire world and it is amazing, when you look at the charade you've seen over the past couple days, we are doing so well and distraction that point. everything he said he would achieve for this country, it is hugely detrimental to the country. heather: donald trump's approval rating on the economy is at 56%. the time is 12 minutes after the top of the hour, joe biden isn't worried about china. >> china, come on, they are not bad folks.
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they are not in competition for us. heather: should he be worried? his idea why the former vp is playing the threat joins us live next. the kentucky derby this weekend, janice dean got a history lesson.
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>> china, come on. they can't figure out how they are going to deal with the corruption in the system. they are not bad folks, folks but guess what? they are not competition for us. heather: joe biden facing backlash for downplaying china after to the united states. a presidential writer for george
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w. bush, thank you for joining us, great to have you with us. as we begin, different areas where china is seen as being a strategic threat to the united states. what do you think of joe biden's comments? >> the communist, not bad people, that is one of the more staggering parts of that. a deeply irresponsible and deeply dishonest statement by somebody who is heavily conflicted. people should be asking biden to those comments have anything to do with your son hunter and chris heinz having the ability, $1 billion investment for the government run bank of china into investment firm five years ago. the fact of the matter is i think we have to have more transparency in washington dc.
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any entanglements our elected officials might have on money from foreign actors or transparency, but also with regard to those lobbying on those issues. that the issue in washington dc and biden plays prominently in this. i don't trust them in china, china is a real threat to us. it is clear they want to displace us on the economic front, i have written about this. the struggle between the largest authoritarian police state and the largest free-market economy on technology. i have written about this for fox news. the 5g, the battle for 5g. heather: it is one of the first things donald trump campaign on in reference to trade in china. here is what he said in reference to biden's remarks. >> he's very naïve about china,
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china during the obama years, took advantage of the country so badly, biden actually said that, that is a very dumb statement to make. heather: not only did biden say that about china but back in the day he and president obama in reference to russia because mitt romney said russia was a threat, they both said that's not a big deal to that brings us to what is going on today with william barr who cannot fathom why president obama didn't want the trump campaign about russian interference efforts. is this evidence of democrats only worried about setting up the trump administration? what do you think of that? >> highly unusual. if the fbi was concerned about foreign influence, meddling with a presidential campaign, what is normal protocol would have been for them to sit down with donald trump and inform him and ask to make sure none of this is taking place, they never briefed him,
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never asked his assistants and as we saw in the new york times report the fbi was spying on the trump campaign and one of the things i think democrats are deeply concerned about and fearful of his we now have a real attorney general william barr who made it clear there was spying on the trump campaign, he intends to get to the bottom of it and is not going to stop until he gets to the bottom of where this information comes from. the fisa abuses and looking into illegal leaks from the doj and fbi. that is what we are starting to see. highly unusual behavior, probably criminal behavior by the fbi and william barr couldn't get to the bottom of it. heather: the obama administration received multiple warnings from national security officials from 2014-2016, trying to catch the russians, wouldn't you tell the people involved who could help you? >> if it was that big a deal the
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obama administration, the democrats compared to as big as pearl harbor, why don't we have a commission that goes back looking at 2014-16. who fail this? heather: thank you. we will be right back. you've had quite the career.
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heather: donald trump sounding off on this brings up the that would prompt the us military to get involved in venezuela. >> what are your redlines in venezuela? >> i don't want to say but we have lots of options and some of them are tough options. >> is there a tipping point from is a intervention? >> there is always a tipping point but something i would rather not do. people are dying. they have nothing.
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heather: juan guaido is remaining defiant in overthrowing nicholas madero's regime. four people were killed, 200 hurt during the violent protests. a bill to advancing story cities in florida is a step closer to becoming -- one step away from becoming. the state legislature passing the measure of our local and state law enforcement to cooperate with ice. governor ron to santos is poised to sign it. democrats oppose the measure saying florida would become the republicans, quote, deportation and family separation machine. thousands of sailors and marines heading out to see for the next mission, family and friends giving them a heartfelt sendoff. jess mcadams captured it all. >> reporter: parent held up signs and screamed at the top of their lungs. >> a little bit of both.
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>> person, one of the 4500 a.from the san diego naval base. >> the flagship of squadron 5, 3 ships unlike any others, marines, navy officers working side-by-side for major combat operations and crisis response, capable of launching helicopters. >> they have are up and down and do everything. they are from the vietnam era. >> reporter: corporal sean tyler on board this ship. >> he was excited to do his job and help people but especially our son. >> this is the first time as a father. she put out the same sign she did the first time he deployed. >> i am really -- i couldn't be
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anymore proud of this. >> reporter: the time is 26 after the top of the hour. facebook banning dangerous people. who are they? did the social media giant do the right thing?
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". exclusive video you will only see on fox news, mexico deporting nearly 100 migrants on their way to the us, a sign that mexico is keeping its promise to the trump administration battling the border crisis. and inside look at one of mexico's overcrowded shelters where migrants from 15 countries are staying.
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democrats threading told william barr in contempt of congress. he skipped the house judiciary hearing after being grilled by senators for 5 hours the day before. jerry nadler demanding william barr hand over the unredacted mueller report or risk contempt citation. michael bennett officially joining the packed field of 2020 hopefuls, bennett has served since 2009. there are 21 democrats running for president, their they all are. university of north carolina charlotte now launching an extensive external review in the wake of the shooting, one of those victims being hailed a hero, he took the shooter -- the latest on the suspect's day in court. >> accused schneider has his first appearance, tristan terrel facing a host of offenses
1:32 am
including two counts of murder and four count of attempted murder. the dax offices the former unc student waived his right to physically appear in court. >> he was appointed an attorney. is next court date will be may 15th for a bond hearing. >> reporter: police and the community are hailing the heroic actions of one of the deceased, 20 when-year-old riley howell tackled the gunman, knocking him off his feet as an officer rushed into the classroom and disarmed him. howell was shot in the process, losing his life but saving countless more. a madison police procession escorted howell from charlotte to his hometown in the north carolina mountains. 150 mile journey. the father of his girlfriend says he's not surprised by how's actions. >> trying to stop it from happening. he runs toward instead of running away. >> reporter: students individual admitted they are not sure they
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can never go back. >> unc charlotte will not be the same after this. it just kind of shifts your reality. >> reporter: there is no clear motive for the shooting. school officials say the former student was not on their radar. heather: donald trump marking a national day of prayer at the white house with victims of last weekend's california synagogue shooting. >> we will fight with all our strength and everything we have in our bodies to defeat anti-semitism. >> reporter: the synagogue's route like colin donald trump mentioned car excellence, a person of integrity and honor. >> the first person who began my unit. you helped people in the worst of times and i am so grateful for that.
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heather: one woman was killed and 3 others hurting and shooting including the rabbi goldstein who lost a finger. the suspect, john ernest, is charged with 3 counts of first-degree attempted murder. julian assange kicks off what could be a long legal battle to fight us extradition, he is due back in a london courtroom after later this month. they surrender for doing journalism that has won many awards and protected many people. assange was arrested last month for conspiring with chelsea manning to break into a us government computer in 2010, spent the last 7 years taking refuge in the ecuadorian embassy in london. big tech crackdown, facebook banning several accounts deemed dangerous as part of a new hate speech policy as the washington
1:35 am
post sparks backlash for calling the anti-semitic nation of islam leader louis farrakhan far right. that and more, good morning. >> the company remove the counts, band pages and groups associated with a number of people including nation of islam leader louis farrakhan, info wars host alex jones, milo the annapolis come after reevaluating content and activities outside of facebook lose the social network has taken heat for not moving quick enough or strong enough against hate messaging. some say this is a sign that facebook is doubling down on its hate speech policies. a spokesperson tells fox news, quote, we have always been organizations who promote or engage in violence and hate regardless of ideology. the process for evaluating potential violators is extensive led us to our decision to remove these accounts today.
1:36 am
the washington post caught heat for this headline. blue is farrakhan along with some far right leaders. after a flurry of criticism the post corrected his headline writing this. correction, louis farrakhan is an extremist leader who has espoused anti-semitic views. an earlier version of the story incorrectly included him in a list of far right leaders but the damage was done. plenty of reaction online. donald trump junior tweeting the gas lighting from democrats and their friends in the media trying to convince us the obama administration didn't spy on the trump campaign, almost as bad as the washington post attempting to get ladies into believing louis farrakhan is somehow right-wing. ben shapiro tweeting the words mean things anymore? farrakhan is far right, blatant
1:37 am
and isolate, a significant portion of the left. that headline not good. heather: the original story people pay more attention to that than the correction was the correction always tends to be in the background. >> a lot of people have views on this. we asked what you thought of the washington post labeling farrakhan as far right and many of you share the same opinion, john on facebook that i think the post doesn't know the right from the left, typical. if you are instagram says should have stated he is far gone. aaron on facebook says farrakhan is anything but far right. he is as far left as they come. heather: great to have you with us, see you later. the time is 20 minutes until the
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top of the hour. forget about the moon. buzz aldrin says we are headed to mars and the trump administration could get us there. the former astronaut explains why this would be a big boost for america when he joined us next, do not miss it. ♪
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heather: the trump administration looking to expand protections for doctors who have conscientious objections to certain procedures like abortions and euthanasia. health and human services announcing update to a 2011 expanding the number of protections to 325, they will be protected from discrimination a punishment if they opt out for reasons like religion. for the first time ever the head of a major american pharmaceutical company is convicted for fueling the opioid crisis.
1:42 am
john cup or found guilty of bribing doctors for prescribing fentanyl spray. it is stronger than morphine. prosecutors say their actions killed tens of thousands of people across the country. this is exciting. former nasa astronaut buzz aldrin who walked on the moon 50 years ago is now calling for the trump administration to prioritize the exploration of mars. what would that mean for america? lieutenant colonel andy allen joins us live, good morning, thank you for joining us. >> good morning. heather: he said mars is waiting to be discovered not by clever robots or rovers but by living breathing walking talking caring and daring men and women to make that happen.
1:43 am
the american public must care enough to make human exploration missions a national priority. do you agree with him? >> i absolutely do and i think it is time. there is a need for us to do be out there exploring. there is a lot to be discovered. there's a lot we don't know about and what you don't know can hurt you. let's go back and figure it out. heather: in june we heard the president talking about directing the pentagon to plan for the space force. do you know anything about that you can tell us? >> a little bit. i think the space force is inevitable. we have to make sure we can protect our environment, protect our society, protect our nation and our planet. the leadership that is driving
1:44 am
is leadership that will drive discovery, drive inventions, technology development and those are all good things that create wealth, all good things that make us one of the great civilizations we are. heather: we look at the pictures and listen to someone like you who has been in space and think how cool it is but it has an economic impact as well. >> it absolutely does. great civilizations are about technology development and economic prowess. this technology, this goal to go to the moon the we had many years ago that we accomplished and a goal to explore something like the moon and mars with great technologies create tremendous wealth, great return on the investment. once it does, it is a better solution to create more wealth than cut expenses. heather: how realistic is this? how long would it take to happen?
1:45 am
>> the technology has a good foundation, we could get there. it is more about getting funding, making the initial investment, the return will come, not in a short-term but in the long-term. we could have boots on the moon that the president talked about, great opportunity to get the first step going, first-person on the moon was an american, the last person on the moon was an american, the next man on the moon is going to be an american, the first woman on the moon should be an american as well. heather: is great that we are talking about it again. i remember growing up in school we would stop and watch things that were going on at nasa, now we are coming back to that point and it is becoming important again. >> i agree. it fuels a passion, a great part about life that you have, passion drives i performance and improvement, passion drives tenacity to make the impossible possible, passion is contagious.
1:46 am
it was very passionate when the first person walked on the moon. it will be again. heather: amazing, the red planet, colonel allen, thank you very much, appreciate your time. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. it is kentucky derby weekend and janice dean is giving us an inside look at this historic race. >> big room, triple crown winner justified, literally a trophy room. these are winning shoes. >> these were worn in the kentucky derby. you are looking at history right there. heather: hi, janice, we see you. so with xfinity mobile
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heather: welcome back. with the kentucky derby just one day away, the fastest two minutes in sports and as the horses cure up in the race janice dean is live for an inside look at the kentucky derby museum. good morning. love the hat. >> i love yours too. we are wearing pink because it is the kentucky oaks, traditionally the phillies run for the lilies and we are wearing pink in honor of breast cancer. you will see a lot of pink hats like the one heather is wearing and i am wearing it yesterday i
1:51 am
got to tour kentucky derby museum. i didn't know there was a museum inside churchill downs. what are the exhibits? they have a brand-new exhibit for the triple crown winner. bob bakker was a traitor. we will talk to him on "fox and friends". i want you to have a look with me. it is quite amazing. right now. >> we are here in the kentucky derby museum. you have a replica of the starting date. what do they say? they are off. let's go. tell us about the museum and this is the winner circle. >> 325,000 people come to this museum every year and this is their chance to experience the kentucky derby. >> i didn't know there was a museum. i'm glad you point this out. it is beautiful. >> check out your announcing
1:52 am
voice. >> in the back of the field, they race on towards the finish line. triple crown winner justify, this is literally the trophy room. >> brand-new, we have all four starting with the derby, the preakness trophy, the belmont and all horses win the three races they get the big one. justify is the only horse we have gotten this model, the triple crown trophy. these are winning horseshoes. >> these were worn by justify in the 20th kentucky derby. you are looking at history. >> i can see the mud. >> when i think of the kentucky derby i think of high. it has its own exhibit. >> the outlandish, gorgeous, lots of feathers and wacky things.
1:53 am
>> i feel like the winner goes home. you pulled some hats for me. >> let's do it. back in the saddle. thank you for taking me around, and amazing museum. >> i will be back. >> the running of the kentucky derby. >> i think you are going to win. the hats are awesome. >> rachel collier. rachel, she was a wonderful tour guide, she did an amazing job. if you are here at churchill downs today or in the next couple years you've got to check out the museum. it is fantastic. the derby is tomorrow, 145th
1:54 am
churchill downs kentucky derby, three favorites, roadster, game-winner and improbable, all three horses trained by bob bakker. we are also going to talk to and infamous trainer, a wonderful man, wayne lucas, one of the winningest trainers in derby history. i fell in love with him and you will too. heather: frank olive, they will cover that a couple years ago at the museum. i don't remember that being there either. >> it has been there for a few years but we will make it popular now. >> it is amazing. everybody should check that out. thank you so much. see you later. we will be right back.
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heather: donald trump will award tiger woods the presidential medal of freedom monday, celebrating his fifth masters win at the white house, joining jack nicholas, arnold palmer and charlie suffered who received the highest civilian honor. donald trump and woods have golfed together several times. dale earnhardt junior find a lost vintage racecar in his
1:59 am
racecar graveyard, the retired driver finding this old guy that belonged to wayne jessel. the exact spot the video posted to twitter, more than 1 million times. the bad, diet coke may not be so diet after all. >> somebody bring me a diet coke. heather: researchers find diet coke increase cravings for sugary foods, they found those
2:00 am
who drink regular coke took the same calories as those who took diet alternatives. the ugly. call this a sting operation, virginia firefighters covered in beans, turns out one of them is a beekeeper. the effects were safely removed. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". have a great weekend, "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. rob: nearly 100 migrants deported from mexico and fox news was there for an exclusive new look at the situation the country is dealing with. jillian: should washington taken as a sign mexico is ready to work together? griff jenkins is live on the border. a house hearing explodes into chaos when attorney general william barr is a no-show. >> chicken bar should have shown up today.


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