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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 3, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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at least some people have some alternatives, right? >> you vegans can go to the same place. >> you did a good job there. you got half it down. we have to go. >> fake cheese, too? >> hopefully you can digest that. thanks for joining us. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. 3:00 a.m. in beijing. the pentagon warns china's military is making moves and fast. officials say the asian nation is hell-bent on becoming a world power before this century hits the halfway mark. >> china has a stated goal of becoming a world class military by 2049. >> a look at china's plans to expand. and the shady strategy that the pentagon says they're taking to become more powerful than ever. another blockbuster month for jobs in america. unemployment hitting a new lowest level in decades.
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some small businesses are struggling to hire. ahead, why you could be getting a second look if you're looking for work. and waiting for word from windsor. big excitement in britain and beyond over when the newest royal might arrive. we're on baby watch and the rest of our reporting begins now. >> shepard: by some miracle, it's friday. the threat from china. our reporting begins with new details on the chinese racing on becoming one of the world's top military super powers and breaking the law to get there. that's the warning today from the pentagon. its report finds beijing is spying to steal foreign military technology and using espionage and hacking. they also use chinese citizens, the pentagon reports, in other countries to quietly push china's plan for military
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domination sometimes reporting in coercion and blackmail. according to the pentagon, china's military modernization targeting penties to degrade core technical advantages. in other words, with goal of demolishing the it military might. beijing set a date aiming to become the world's military power house by 2049, a generation from now. defense officials say that's not all a far-fetched thought. >> china seeks to erode u.s. military advantages and seek to gain and maintain influence. they back these ambitions with significant resourcing which translates into real capabilities. >> shepard: and beijing is making bold moves in every arena. the record indicates china is planning more military bases placing troops in more corners
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of the world. china it reports is expanding their reach as far as the arctic and the pentagon reports could be sending submarines there as a deterrent against nuclear attacks. the pentagon is warning about weapons of the future, including supersonic missiles that travel five times the speed of sound. china is making rapid progress on their space technology, which includes missile intercepters, lasers and robots. with that as the backdrop, lucas tomlinson is reporting live from the pentagon. lucas? >> democratic frontrunner joe biden down played the threat from china. i asked a senior pentagon official to respond. >> former vice president joe biden says china is not a competitor of the united states. what is your response? >> i'll stick with the language in our national defense strategy which identifies china as a strategic competitor. >> last week, china marked 70
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years of its navy. the pentagon says their forces can increasingly project power including with new ballistic missile submarines carrying nuclear missiles under the arctic. their growing stockpile is one of the reasons that the u.s. called russia to see if vladimir putin can get china to enter into a three-party arms agreement. >> i think we're going to start up with russia and ourselves and china will be added down the road. we'll be talking about nonproliferation, we'll be talking about a nuclear deal of some kind. >> the pentagon says that china will likely launch their first aircraft carrier made in china and could field their first fifth generation fighter jet, shep. >> shepard: what are pentagon officials saying is china's most advanced point?
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>> i asked them the same question. >> they've made progress in a number of various, i would say -- their power projection through cruise and ballistic missiles is an area they made tremendous progress. they invested a lot in cyber, space, ai. a very aggressive modernization effort. >> china's now likely the third country outside the u.s. and russia to have a nuclear triad capable of launching nuclear missiles from the land, area and sea, shep. >> shepard: lucas tomlinson live. gordon chang now, author of "north korea takes on the world". gordon? >> the pentagon is concerned. you go back a few years a lot of happy talk in this china military power report that comes out. now it's much more detailed, much longer. an indication that we're starting to come to grips with this. shep, we've got to understand, of course they want a bigger military. the issue is how you get there.
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you highlighted that by saying they're stealing technology. this is the core of the competition of the u.s. and china. >> shepard: and that's how they have made the vast majority of their advances? >> and they're far ahead of the united states in some critical technologies. >> shepard: like what? >> shooting down satellites. the u.s. does not have a deployed weapon that can shoot down a satellite. china does. we have the capability to do it. we have the technology. but because political considerations from the white house, the pentagon didn't make much progress in the last decade. that's a problem. of course, we were in the intermediate nuclear forces agreement which means we couldn't have cruise missiles. china does have if missiles. we have to race to build them. >> what is your take, some context on these supersonic missiles that have described in this report? >> the hypersonic glide missiles
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that can deliver nukes. china has more tests of them than we do have. they're probably ahead. russia is making a lot of progress. you mentioned about president trump wanting discussions with both moscow and beijing over arms control. you can't have arms control with just russia if china isn't in the room because china's nuclear force is probably big enough so that they're a factor. that means if you're going to have discussions, you have to have china there. >> shepard: what is china's first goal? >> china's first goal -- that's a lot of disagreement over that. really smart people say it's too intimidate. make sure that countries in the region and the u.s. don't challenge china in the south china sea, east china sea and taiwan. we've seen chinese military go deep into indian controlled territory. that means it's more than intimidation. they probably plan to use this
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someplace. >> and regarding the south china sea, if china establishes what many experts expect dominance, what happens with the relationship with taiwan and otherwise and how does that affect us? >> it affect us because taiwan is the cork in the bottle. they keep china bottled up. that's important for us. more than a century, we defined our western defense perimeter not all of california or guam but off the coast of east asia. taiwan is critical to our defense. >> thanks, gordon. >> potus and putin had a call today. the first call between trump and putin since the release of redacted mueller report. the president talked about that around warnings from the white house about russian meddling in american affairs and attacking american democracy. was that in the call? john roberts reporting live on
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the north lawn. john? >> shep, good afternoon to you. in the oval office, with the slovakian prime minister, president trump was asked if he would like to see mueller testify. the president had a short answer to that. he said that really is up to the attorney general. the president had a longer answer when he was asked if he would claim executive privilege to prevent don mcgahn, the former white house counsel that testified with robert mueller for more than 30 hours from appearing before congress. listen to what the president said. >> that will all be determined over the next week or so. you know, i will say this. there's been no president in history that has given what i have given in terms of looking at just a total witch hunt. >> the president also talked about that hour-long phone call, a little more than an hour with vladimir putin of russia saying the two of them did discuss, didn't say how long, they did discuss the mueller report and the end of the investigation
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into whether or not the trump campaign colluded in russian. he seemed to indicate that vladimir putin was amused by the whole thing. listen here. >> we discussed it and he sort of smiled when he said something to the effect of starting as a mountain and ended up being a mouse. he knew it. >> the president said he did not discuss meddling in the 2020 election. much of the call was spent on the russians and the president talking about the potential of a new nuclear deal to reduce the number of weapons that both the united states and russia have, possibly trying to involve china in the deal. they also talked about north korea and steps that the president believes that russia could be taking to get north korea to denuclearize. they also talked about the importance of getting food, water and medical supplies to people that are really suffering
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in venezuela. no word on whether or not the president and vladimir putin may get together in the coming future for a summit. there is a big opportunity, shep. they will both be in japan at the end of june for the g-20 summit. i would not be surprised if we hear of a bilateral meeting coming up at some point. >> shepard: we'll listen for that thanks, john. have a good weekend. the april jobs report is out and it's a blockbuster. economists say it's packed with good news for all of us, including better paychecks and the lowest unemployment since i was 5 years old. so like 100 years. we'll go through the numbers and what they mean if you're looking for a job or hiring. that's coming up as our reporting continues on this friday. - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. it's the best of pressure cooking and air frying all in one. with tendercrisp technology, food will be juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside. (upbeat drumming) the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps.
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the april jobs report. look at, this it shows the unemployment rate fell to 3.6%. employers added more than 250,000 jobs. well above expectations. the drop in unemployment rate shows fewer americans are looking for jobs. kristina partsinevelos is live with us with a further dive on jobs and the rest. hi, christina. >> i want to focus on the labor participation rate. when you have fewer people looking for jobs, it's more difficult for small businesses. there's surveys out because it's national small business week next week. what we're seeing with the small businesses america, they're having difficulty hiring people and keeping up with the increase in wages. we know a lot of large businesses like amazon are paying a minimum wage of $15 per hour. we know the difficulty with some small businesses is tariffs. some are saying the tariffs are offsetting the tax cuts.
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overalthough, there's a recent study from the bank of america small business survey, they looked at 1,500 small businesses america. 69% of those business owners are preparing for a recession. it's not all doom and gloom. several of these business owners say they have to get more creative in how they're finding workers in the tight labor market. they're looking at people with less experience, less education and looking at people with criminal records or an older demographic. we know we're in a tight labor market, which means it is difficult for small businesses of america. >> shepard: so what did the market think of this? well, every component of the dow 30 is in the green today. the fox business network's gerri willis is live at the new york stock exchange. >> the dow up 195 points. the s&p up 26. they like this report down here and for several reasons. first of all, a lot of people
12:18 pm
got hired. 263,000. understand that the experts, the economists got it wrong. their expectation was up 185,000 jobs gained. you don't have to think about worries about inflation on this. normally when employment markets get tight, you have to worry about wages popping higher, inflation going through the economy. the average hourly earnings came in 3.2%. right in line with expectations. let's take a look at the jobs here. i think it's interesting to see who is getting jobs and who is not getting jobs, this is computer systems design. 76,000 jobs in business services created. construction, 33,000 jobs. in only real losers, retail. you know what is going on in brick and mortar stores. they're having a heck of time staying in business.
12:19 pm
with amazon, online shopping, you're seeing it play out. overall a good news story. think about it. 3.6%. most americans a lot of americans wouldn't remember the last time we were at those levels. way back in 1969. shep? >> shepard: kindergarten. gerri, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: the uprising in venezuela. the people's uprising as they were billing it has failed. and now the united states is reviewing military options for venezuela. think of what this is. the dictator in venezuela is supported by the russians and the cubans. the opposition leader supported by the united states. things have not gone well. what now? that's next. run with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. beacuse changing your attachments, should be as easy as... what about this? changing your plans. yeah. run with us.
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>> shepard: the rebillion in venezuela has failed thus far and u.s. military action is still a possibility. that from the pentagon. doubling down today and insisting that u.s. military action is still on the table. the acting defense secretary, patrick shanahan, mike pompeo and john bolton all meeting with a top u.s. military commander to review their options we're told. this comes after u.s.-backed opposition leader juan guaido's uprising failed to overthrow nicholas maduro a dictator that russian and china are propping up. guaido haas been calling for maduro's troops to defect and fight for liberty. maduro has been posting photos of himself surrounded by generals and soldiers who he says are loyal to him.
12:25 pm
we're hearing from a protester, run over by one of the regime's armored vehicles. it was one of the dramatic scenes of the uprising. even though he almost died, he remains defiant. he can calling for venezuelans to keep rising up against maduro. >> i tried to get out and run, to get out of the pack. it came quickly and ran over me. at the time it passed over me, i remember the darkness. i didn't see anything. it was all dark. the only thing i thought of is that i was alive. that's when i thought because it knocked me out. without fear and with the same conviction and strength, if we all go out together, maduro will not stand the pressure and he will resign no run over by the tanks and now speaking. venezuela's neighbors are overrun with refugees. aid workers telling npr, they've seen more and more elderly people, people in wheelchairs and families with baby strollers
12:26 pm
crossing the border into columbia. we have team fox coverage. ellison barber reporting live from columbia. first, steve harrigan reporting from caracas. steve? >> shepard, it appears to be a remarkable shift in the u.s. tone towards russia over this crisis. president trump speaking with russian president putin for an hour this morning later coming out in the oval office and telling reporters that russia and the u.s. want the same thing for venezuela. here's president trump. >> he is not looking at all to get involved in venezuela other than he would like to see something positive happen for venezuela. i feel the same way. we want to get some humanitarian aid. right now people are starving. they have no water, no food. this is the prime minister, one of the richest countries in the world 20 years ago. now they don't have food and water for their people.
12:27 pm
we want to help on humanitarian basis. i thought it was a positive conversation with president putin on venezuela. >> that statement appears to be in sharp contrast to remarks made earlier this week by mike pompeo who blamed the russians for thwarting u.s. goals. here's the secretary. >> he was ready to go. he made the decision we urged him to make. he was diverted by that action from the russians. we hope that reconsider and get back on that plane. >> so pompeo blaming the russians for the problem here. today the president coming out with a different tone and content with regards to russia and this crisis here in venezuela. as far as the situation on the streets, they're quiet after more than 200 people injured
12:28 pm
during the protests earlier in the week. they'll have more protests tomorrow despite the wounded and the dead. opposition leader and the man recognized as president, juan guaido, is calling for his followers to come back out on the streets tomorrow. shepard? >> shepard: steve harrigan live in the capitol city. thanks. i mentioned there's a border crisis happening as well, especially in columbia. let's go there now. ellison barber live. ellison? >> hi, shepard. in the last four years, officials say four million venezuelans have had to leave their country. most have come here to columbia. every day there's venezuelans that come in to columbia for a little while. we're here on the simon boliviar bridge. people come here legally. they come if they need to get food.
12:29 pm
also if they have medical needs and need medicine.we spoke to a number of people that make this trek monthly, some every day. they say they have no choice. they have no food, no work and no medicine. listen to what one person told us yesterday. >> the money i earned from doing this won't be able to live in another place not venezuela. we have to live in venezuela. there's no feed in venezuela. we have to face the national cared that always find an excuse when we come to buy things. >> he said they support maduro. they come in legally and they cross this back area. you can see my photographer can walk with me. you can see some people through the bushes. they come through this area. it's the trenches. we were here, we've been here
12:30 pm
the last two days. about an hour ago, we heard gun fire from that area. the trenches are controlled by a gang-like group. they're former military men and police officers that work in this illegal gang-like malitia. we've been told by columbians that they work on behalf of maduro and use violence to suppress anti-government voices. they charge venezuelans a lot of money to illegally cross into columbia. people that want to come. many of them come and stay here for good. according to the people here, they started shooting about an hour ago. for 30 minutes, it was nonstop gun fire. i'm going to let you see and hear what we saw and heard about an hour ago.
12:31 pm
>> people ran, they screamed. there's so many people that we see come through in wheelchairs. people clearly sick and coming here because they have no choice but to come here and get their medicine. they were running, screaming in fear for their lives. that's why you can see the police behind me. this many police have not been here as long as we have. but they're here now because of that shooting. we heard from some people they're that some migrants down in the trenches, that they were injured. perhaps some people died. we have not been able to confirm that. you can see here, a humanitarian crisis. they need food, they need necessities so badly in columbia. shepard? >> ellison barber, fantastic reporting from columbia. steve harrigan the same from inside caracas. comprehensive coverage from fox to continue throughout the day and into the evening. a family from connecticut says that their calm caribbean vacation turned into a nightmare. how did it happen? a hotel worker ended up dead in
12:32 pm
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>> shepard: a federal court in ohio has now ruled that that state's congressional map is unconstitutional. a three-judge panel determined that republicans manipulated the district boundaries for their own political gain. that is called gerrymandering. today's ruling blocks the state of hall of fame from holding anymore elections unless and until there's a new map. matt finn reporting live. matt? >> shep, three federal judges in cincinnati ruled in 2011, ohio republican lawmakers redrew the state's congressional maps to give a disadvantage to republicans and keep republicans in power. part of today's ruling reads in
12:37 pm
part that ohio republicans and operatives in dc used software to predict outcomes to determine elections. they split hamilton county and cincinnati in a strange curve dividing democratic voters. this stems from the aclu of ohio on behalf of the league of women voters arguing the map is illegal. an appeal is possible to the supreme court, this is the second time that a federal court has struck down a redistricting map created by republican lawmakers. last month, part of michigan's maps were to be ordered redrawn for 2020. two decisions were made by democratic presidents and one was appointed by george h.w. bush.
12:38 pm
shep? >> shepard: what are republicans saying about this. >> fox news has reached out to republican leaders, they have not given us any comments. frank larose released a prepared statement writing ohions approved the fair, accurate maps pending the conclusion of the judicial process. if there are any appeals, the state of ohio could argue that they want to keep the current map as the appeal process plays out, shep. >> shepard: matt finn reporting live. thanks. an american vacationing in an upscale caribbean resort with his wife and kids is now accused of beating and choking to death a hotel worker. he said it was self-defense. his name is scott hapgood. he was on vacation a couple
12:39 pm
weeks ago. his family released a statement. the man in a hotel there in a hotel uniform came into their room, claiming he needed to fix the sink. when scott hapgood let him in, he pulled a knife. that's when he fought back. representatives from the family released this photo. it showed him right after the fight. the accused attacker is this man. kenny mitchell that did work at the hotel. scott hapgood says a security guard restrained the man, mitchell, and he went to a hospital for treatment. but later learned that michael had died. the hapgood family said they're thankful they survived this
12:40 pm
dangerous encounter. police say he was arrested and released on a $74,000 bond. he got on a private jet and flew back to the united states. in anguila saying he's getting special treatment because he's a white tourist. now scott hapgood is now back at home, this is dicey with the water between us and the different legal systems, i'd guess. >> absolutely. but as an american, when you're overseas, you're away from the protections of the american justice system for all intents and purposes. he will face justice in anguilla. it's a british territory. there's due process save guards in place there, but it's not the american justice system. >> shepard: we're getting the
12:41 pm
hapgood story. the anguillans, they're not releasing much is. that because of laws or customs? >> with any pending investigation, that's typical. i'm not particularly sur priced by that. we will probably get more information once they finish their initial investigation so right now, doesn't seem to be particularly different than any other u.s. investigation, for example. >> shepard: would this end up in a jury trial? >> in anguilla, there's a justice system that is similar to the american justice system. he is entitled to a jury, a lot of safeguards in place as far as criminal due process. he can in fact prevent a defense of self-defense. he can face a jury. with any jury, especially a foreign jury, you'd be concerned about bias because they're not
12:42 pm
local. but he will have to go through the process as it stands now. >> shepard: katie cherkasky, sorry about messing up your name. >> no problem. >> shepard: a former miss university contestant has been found dead in a hotel room. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. plus, tensions flare between israel and the gaza and now the israeli military is running gun fire hit two soldiers at the border. hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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>> shepard: a powerful cyclone in india is forcing more than a million people to evacuate. the storm is enormous. it's hitting the east coast of the country now. it's the strongest landfall on this coast in many decades. many people in the area where it hit lived in thatched roof homes and the wind were stronger than hurricane katrina. the storm destroyed most of the houses and knocked out electricity. some local news outlets have reported several deaths. so far, no official word. the storm affected the weather
12:47 pm
on mount everest. at one point, maximum sustained winds were 155 miles an hour. but it lost some of its strength as it came ashore. final reports likely days away. a very powerful and enormous system. a former miss universe contestant found dead in a hotel room in mexico city. police say the bodies of a 31-year-old was hanging in the bathroom. she represented uruguay in the pageant in 2006. investigators say they're trying to figure out if she killed herself or if somebody killed her. jacqui heinrich with more. >> shep, few details right now. investigators are looking at the possibility of homicide even though her body was found hangi hanging. the 31-year-old arrived in mexico city for a job interview.
12:48 pm
investigators have not disclosed who she was with, only saying an acquaintance helped her settle in the hotel. they didn't name the hotel where she was found dead. there's been no official ruling on the cause of death. she had been working as a model since 2006 and in the miss world pageant in 2008. she starred in a mexican show called "triumph of love." she used social media where fans expressed sadness. the miss universe organization said they're deeply saddened by the passing of miss uruguay. according to the newspaper, she was named in an undercover police sting in 2011 aimed at a prostitution rank that was operated by a modelling agent. she reportedly testified about that in court in 2012.
12:49 pm
a mexican newspaper reports that investigators are looking into any possible connections. prosecutors have not confirmed that with fox news. we did reach out to them today. we have not heard back. shep? >> shepard: the israeli defense reports report a new strike against hamas. the idf tweeting that it came after gun fire and wounded two israeli soldiers. we've seen a flare up in tensions in rockets and rhetoric. after some israeli air strikes, the leader of the jihad threaten to hit the biggest cities. jeff paul reporting live from jerusalem. jeff? >> despite the egyptians effort to prevent the escalations, the border is in a violent back and forth between israeli soldiers and palestinian militants and protesters. now in total, three protesters were killed today.
12:50 pm
one was a 19-year-old palestinian protester that was killed along the border. the two others were militants that died in an air strike. the air strike was ordered shortly after two soldiers were shot and injured from sniper fire coming from gaza. the health ministry reporting that up to 50 people were injured in today's protests. >> egypt is often the case trying to calm things here. >> yeah, that's right. and the hamas leaders in gaza we're learning tonight from our sources there are telling fox news that they have ordered the militants and factions within the gaza strip to be ready to react. it important to point out that the hamas leaders and leadership are still in egypt. that's where some high level talks are taking place. egypt continues to play the role
12:51 pm
of mediator between gaza and israel. israel wants the situation to stay quiet with the country hosting a large international music festival and celebrating independence day. palestinians in gaza want their quality of life improved with increased electricity, more goods flowing into the strip and extended fishing zones. a senior hamas official told fox news that the situation in gaza is "a state of anticipation and very fragile and unstable." shep? >> shepard: jeff paul live. the end of the aids epidemic may be in sight. there's a brand new study that finds that drugs which treat aids commonly known as prep, now work at a 100% rate. scientists tracked 1,000 gay couples and found when one partner had i've, fully suppressed by anti-retro viral
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>> shepard: well, the royal baby watch has hit fever pitch in britton after a bookie stopped taking bets on when he or she would arrive. kensington palace has not revealed an official due date, but back in january, duchess megan told fans that she's due the end of april, early made.
12:57 pm
jonathan hunt with more. hello. >> hi, shep. in the interest of honest and accurate reporting, we know pretty much nothing. that's because harry and meghan insisting on private cease. harry was due to head to the netherlands. he's delayed that trip by one day. is the baby already here? will it arrive tuesday? we don't know. the queen is at windsor castle. she might give birth in her home. the paraphrase, the royal correspondent with the british private eye magazine, do we know when it will happen? no. where it will happen? no. do we know if it's a boy or girl?
12:58 pm
no. is this an almost entirely useless report? yes. shep? >> shepard: most are. what is the betting? they're betting on names, i guess, huh? >> yeah, the book makers have put out the odds. you won't be surprised to hear if it's a girl, diana is the favorite. followed by allegra, which i thought was an allergy medicine and grace and alice. boy's name, arthur is the favorite and james, albert and edward. no charles or phillip, harry's father and grandfather. what is it going to be? for that, shepard, of course, we call mum sitting in the beautiful english village of blagdon and it will be cold diana. she said all the tabloid speculation, including report being i'm doing right now is a
12:59 pm
load of codwallop. that's the word of day. >> shepard: and the other ward, harry and meggy? >> yeah, i decided to give them new names. i think it might stick. >> shepard: it's fair. tally-0. the most powerful person in new zealand is engaged and almost went unnoticed but didn't thanks to a journalism student. the student was working as a reporter internal noticed that the prime minister was wearing a diamond ring on the middle finger of her left hand so the internal asked the office about it. hey, what is this in the spokesperson confirmed that she and her partner, the tv host clark gayford got engaged and the prime minister is wearing a ring. the final bell is ringing on
1:00 pm
wall street. love the jobs numbers and so much more. every single dow component except one is in the positive today. that and the rest of the day's news coming up on "your world" with neil cavuto. have a fantastic weekend. see you hear monday. >> neil: you are probably wondering why we're opening a show showing launch of apollo in 1969. that's when man landed on the moon a couple days later. here's why. we now have an unemployment rate that was the same as around 1969. december 1969. some months after we walked on the moon. that's how far back you would have to go to see an unemployment rate this low. some would argue an economy firing on all cylinders almost like saturn 5 cylinders like this right now.
1:01 pm
welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto.