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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 5, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ welcome to "fox & friends." yesterday there was a horse race and it didn't quite go the way they normally go. >> i hope that people did not rip up their tickets after the initial thing. my guy was a 65 to 1 and lost and then all of the sudden the long shot won because of a penalty. >> everyone thought maximum security was the winner because that's the horse that went across the line first, which is why i thought that's how horse e racing work. but then they gave it to country
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home. >> i love that name. i used to win a lot. you got to go with your gut. >> your knowledge of horse racing, base on what happened at fox square yesterday. >> that videotape is under review because i believe your win might have been disqualified just like what happened at the derby. >> interesting. >> and ed may have gotten off to a bit of a run. >> we've checked the tapes. janice is still at curbing hill downs with the details if you messed it. lots going on in sports. big baseball game. >> i like the yankees. i don't know a lot about baseball but i like the yankees. >> race for 2020 out in full fours. joe biden out on the trail in south carolina, a key early state. he's clearly not holding back and going right at the president of the united states. >> he's claiming that jim crowe laws are making a comeback.
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take a listen. >> the single most important right you have has an american, the right to vote, the right to vote. and folks, last year, 24 states introduced 70 bills to curtail the right to vote. and guess what. mostly directed at, quote, people of color. you see it. we got jim crowe sneaking back in. no, i mean it. why. if everybody has an equal right to vote guess what. they lose. >> jim crowe sneaking back in. that's his play. he hasn't talked about policy. can't go as far left as the other folks where the energy is, his is to punch trump as hard as possible and adding to the racial division by claiming that president trump doesn't want the minorities to vote because we believe in voter id laws and you
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prove who you have when you come to the ballot box. >> running against. he's constantly running against someone. trump does this. this is bad. i've yet to hear him say one positive thing that he brings to the table policy wise. people are waiting saying, you know, i like him, like i want to support him but what he's actually going do and they can't name one thing. >> a lot of my friends is democrats is a sentence. >> it's true. we live in new york city. a lot of them are. >> this candidacy has a lot of contradictions. he wants to run on unifying the country. what does he do right out of the box? this stuff about jim crowe, charlottesville, let's divide, let's atalk the president attac. he also yesterday behind closed doors was saying i don't want to get into an insult game with the united states. here, quote, so many nicknames i
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want to give this guy. start with clown. the only place he has any confidence is in the mud. are you going to unify the country or not? are you going to insult the president or not? >> bluster is his play, division is his play. people are very impressed. a lot of us on the surface, biden had a bigger rollout than we thought but his crowds are not there. he made a gaffe about a senator's daughter. >> what about china saying we're not in a competition with china. >> and he's blockin blocking th. he's been shielded and i think that's because his advisers know he doesn't have the speed, the rust is there. he can't compete with trump on the stage. >> but that was critical in south carolina. that's why he's making a play on jim crowe in charlottesville. >> trump can get into the name calling game pretty well, too.
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biden place that game well. i think on a debate stage, if biden makes it, they will go toe to toe. trump plays the game and people can't play it with him. biden is good at it, a way toin sult you and still be likable. it will be an interesting dynamic for all of us to watch. >> you may be right. i'm still not sold. >> you're never going to be sold. >> i'm sold that bernie is the energy of the party. and he's got such name id, joe biden and the press wants to crown him because they think he can beat trump. he's not that good. >> he's lost in single digits. >> obama picked him out of the crash bip antrash bin and made e president. >> and nancy pelosi is concerned about where this is going. gives this interview to the "new york times" where she has a warning about her party.
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if we win by, he's not going to respect the election, poison the american mind, challenge each of the races saying you can't win these people. so as we go forward we have to have the same approach. she's suggesting that the president of the united states will not accept the election results which is pretty rich when you consider the fact fa there are many democrats who haven't accepted the results from 2016 as of today. >> and yes. do you know which one is my personal favorite? hillary clinton. she's still saying that the election was stolen from her. listen up. >> i think it's also critical to understand that as i've been telling candidates who have come to see me, you can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you. >> so we're going to unify folks
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but more than two years later we're saying it was stolen. basically i'm not accepting the election results of 2016 which is what mueller and everything else is about. the resistance. >> the democrats are so tired of listening to her because they realize there were a lot of mistakes made by hillary clinton. >> that's my favorite. >> not just with her deceit and e-mails, that created a huge problem but the fact that she ignored so many voters throughout the country. joe biden is trying to make up for that right now. it does a disservice to the democrats when she has tone deafness, i told that to her face, she has a tone deaf ps that doesn't acknowledge the weaknesses and if you don't acknowledge what u you did wrong. >> i don't know where they got that chair. it's like from "star trek." but i'll say this.
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the tickets for the events are being slashed. they can't sell them. at the last minute tickets were going as low as $2. they're telling me it was 20 but i read online it was 2 bucks. who cares. whatever it is, they're not popular and/or relevant. but to already discredit the 2020 election, that's what nancy pelosi is doing in that previous statement. already we're already talking about legitimacy. >> would you shell out 20, would you shell out 22 buck to see bill and hillary clinton. send us an e-mail. if you put down a $2 bet on a horse to win the derby you might be confused. this derby was one for the history books. >> maximum security wins the kentucky derby! >> there is an objection posted on the board. >> after the objection country house winls the kentucky derby.
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>> in an historical reversal country horse declared the winner after maximum security was disqualified for race interference, the first time this ever happened in derby history. >> race interference? >> we had to dig deep to find our horse racing correspondent. we found her in our senior meteorologist. she is all over it from church hill downs. good morning. reporter: i might have had one too many mint jul juleps last nt but i'm excited to be here. here in louisville, kentucky, i'm not the expert but i brought one in. pat couple couplpat comings is e director. what happened. >> it's unprecedented. the winner was demoted for
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interference caused during the race. it was a true once in a lifetime event so far. >> you were here when it happened. did you know something was going on? >> it seemed to take a little while. there was a little pause in the action and something was clearly going on and then this announcement was made that country house jockey alleged interference against the unofficial winner maximum security. and then it was later revealed that one of the horses interveered with another lodged a foul. and the stewards upheld the reums as it was written. there was interference. >> who bumped who? >> maximum security came out and three or four horses were really involved. and they lost the opportunity for a better placing. that's the rules in kentucky. if there was some interference and the horse lost opportunity for a better placing there's a demotion. the question is are those the
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best rules we have in place particularly for america's great esterase. >> people are mad this morning. it was luke a like an nfl game e refs calling something and the fans hate this idea. this is history here. people will be talking about horse racing because of this event at the kentucky derby. >> we'll be getting back to you throughout the morning. whether it's the nba, major league baseball, you love the instant replay when it can get it right but then other times it's 15, 20 minutes. >> i would ban all instant replay all together if i could. i watch the sport as a fan. i want a touchdown to be a touchdown or the end of the horse race just be the end. who knew that a horse could interfere on the path. to me, isn't that the point? >> horses can be very sub born. you never know. >> so can pete. >> e-mail us at did you place a bet. >> did you place it based on the name as i would.
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we're going to turn the headlines for you starting with a fox news alert. a police officer is killed during a rue teening strask stop in north carolina. police say a support shot k9 officer jordon shelter and took off. the officers tracked the suspect to an permanent and found him dead inside. officer shelton was on the moorsville police force for 16 years. he is the 15th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. tensions escalate in the middle east as palestinian militants in israel swap hundreds of missile strikes. unleashing 120 air strikes on terror targets after palestinians fire more than 400 rockets into israel. the u.n. is working with egypt to restore a cease-fire.
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wyoming congresswoman liz chaney is being eyed for a senate seat in the state. the door is open for chaney who once challenged. those are your head lines. >> i bet she'll run. >> she's a force still in the conservative movement. the media predicted president trump would destroy our economy for years, but after a huge april jobs number will they apologize? >> probably not. joe has hi own predictions. he joins us next. ♪ this is not a bed...
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it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999... senses your movement and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? how smart is that? smarter sleep. so you can come out swinging, maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested and ready for anything. sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j. d. power. save $400 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. the economy is booming with huge numbers just out. but the data shows a stark contrast to the economic amageddon some experts in the media predicted. is it about time they about face
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and apologize? here to react joe concha. thanks for being here. i listen to you all of the time because you're in my geographic area. well done. the media, are they prepared toe admit this is a booming economy? >> i believe that would be called the rhetorical question, pete. because did we see after the mueller report that they were wrong about all of that reporting that dominated our news cycles for the last two years? of course not. apologies almost never happen in this business anymore because egos simply don't allow for that. i get a kick out of the fact that paul crewingman is the bill kracrystal of economists and mae should get out of the prediction business. this is what he said after the president was elected, he said it really does look like like president donald j. trump and the markets are plunging. when do we expect them to
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recover. we're probably going to go into a global recession with no end in sight. but a terrible thing has just happened. what happened in april we've never seen numbers like this as you've talked about, 3.6 unemployment and markets through the roof. time for paul to get out of the prediction phase. >> we'll see what his next column sed. some in the media have had to acknowledge at the very least that there's good things happen. >> are we looking at another four years of president trump? >> the jobs report and more like it could boost him to a second term. >> the economy is on a roll. >> the fist woman couldn't say it are we looking at another four years of president trump. they can barely say it. they have to with these kind of numbers. >> look. when was the last time an incumbent got beat. i think it was george h.w. bush
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more than 25 years ago. and in an economy like this, how can you see people in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, key states, north carolina, florida, looking at how they're doing financially, the security that they have in their jobs and say you know what, i want to go with that other guy or girl who's running because they say that president trump is a bad giet without an economic message. i don't remember hillary clinton's message or platform for that matter on the economy at all. president trump had one and that's the difference here, pete. >> i'll throw you a quick curve ball. curveball. is there a candidate on the democratic side that's trying to sake something unique or interesting that might resonate with voters? >> i know bernie sanders is saying something unique but it's not going to resonate when you make it about socialism. biden't doesn't have something to run on. the candidates are not running
3:20 am
on the economy because any know it's a losing argument given the numbers that we're seeing. >> great stuff. thanks for your time this morning. appreciate it. >> thanks for listening. >> i did listen. it was excellent. a pro-life celebration in the heart of new york city. thousands gathering to send a message to new york's governor andrew cuomo for his late term abortion law. two women who were part of the event join us next. ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we know sooner or later... every chip will crack. this daughter was home visiting when mom saw a chip in her windshield. >> mom: honey is that a chip? >> tech: they wanted it fixed fast so they brought it to us. >> mom: hi. >> tech: with our in-shop chip repair service, we can fix it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance a safelite chip repair is no cost to you. >> mom: really? drive safely. all right. ♪ acoustic music
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why are you at this event? >> because i believe that life is precious. >> that all new yorkers don't feel the way that our current government officials do. >> seeing the ultrasound image of my first daughter probably
3:24 am
saved her life. >> do you have a message for governor cuomo? >> look at a sonogram and ask the question, what am i looking at. >> my scheduled to abort me and she walked out of her appointment. make a better decision for new york. they deserve better. >> several months ago new york's famous landmarks lit up in pink to celebrate the controversial late-term abortion bill signed into law by governor andrew cuomo. in response to that a christian group held a pro-life event. the first ever, broadcasting a live ultrasound on billboards for all to see. their message, here we are. my next two guests were part of that, an by johnson and abortion survivor clair caldwell. abby, i have seen the mov movie "unplanned." it will change you. but both of you, what was your
3:25 am
experience, claire, your experience at the rally. you're doing a pro-life rally in new york city which is very pro-choice turf generally. what was the experience like? >> it was great because we're being told right now in our country that, you know, there's not humanity in the womb and babies don't survive abortions. and it's incredible to show them through ultrasounds that there is life and humanity in the womb and those babies deserve to be protected. and there were two o survivors with me, show the world and show new york city that we have names and faces and stories and we grew up to be somebody and that this does happen. it affects people just like me and just like you. >> abby, as someone who works in a planned parent hood clinic, why the ultrasound? does it bring humanity to the
3:26 am
issue? why that? >> i think it does. and we see that across the country. we see the statistic is that 85% of women who see an ultrasound of their child, each if they're considering abortion will choose life. and it's hard to deny the humanity in the womb when you can see the heart beating, the little face, when you can see the baby in the womb. you can't say it's anything else other than a human child. >> claire, i want to remind people if you could, briefly, your personal story and why this was significant for you to be a part of this. you are an abortion survivor. >> i am. i met my birth mother ten years ago and never imagined what she would share with me. she told me when he was 13 she became pregnant and told the only choice for us was an abortion. she had an abortion while she was pregnant with me and they didn't know she was pregnant
3:27 am
with twins. the abortion was successful on one bib but bu bib by but baby . >> that's not something that can't completely change you, i don't know what is. we have a sound bite from alabama state representative john rogers. abby, take a listen and let's get your reaction. >> some kids are unwanted. so you kill them now or kill them later. you bring them in the world unwanted and unloved, send them to the electric chair, so you kill them now or kill them now. >> some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later. what do you feel when you hear that quote? >> the democrat democrats are sg themselves in a really special way right now, particularly on n the issue of abortion. i listen to that and it's so utterly ridiculous. the solution for those who feel unwanted and unloved is not
3:28 am
violence, it's not to kill. it's for us as a society to come alongside them, to accompany them and show them that they're wanted and loved. and how sad it is that this man who is an elected representative of a state would say -- would bow to the pressure of the throwaway culture that we live in today by saying that some people don't have value and don't have dignity. she should be absolutely ashamed of himself. >> claire, quick reaction, your final reaction to that? >> i was that child. i was unwanted by my biological family. but through the gift of adivorce i am wanted. and so there aren't unwanted children like he's describing, not through communities and through support that we can provide. >> i want to thank you both for being here. abortion becomes a very political debate but it's important to remember the heart of the issue and bring people like both of you on to share
3:29 am
that. thank you for sharing your story. next, adam sandler returns to "saturday night live" for the first time in 25 years and he brought back an old favorite to roast the 2020 field. >> here we go again, 70-year-old men. ♪ yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance. a cockroach can survive submergede guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow.
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go. >> you got it. >> yes! >> oh, ed for the win. ed for the win. >> the year of redemption is over. >> in fac in case you missed it. >> look at the opening start. no. that was a walk. we've reviewed the tape. >> boy, you went down hard. that's the real story. >> they put it in slow-mo. is that necessary? see that? boom, boom, boom, boom. >> it seemed like a little bit of a walk. >> that was not hopping. >> it's just like. >> that was tough. that was a tough call. >> come on. look at this. >> it wasn't my most athletic moment ever. this is ed at the beginning though. >> yeah, the question is friends@fox news. com did ed
3:34 am
play fair, did he cheat. >> should we do what the kentucky derby did, review the tape and go to the rules. very formal rules on these events. >> the key is friday morning when i wasn't here pete came on with the weekday crew said this is year of redemption, i won a lot in 2018 and falls on his face. >> i did not take my humble pie. we're going to review the tape. >> and when "saturday night live" is good, it's when they're having fun. so when adam sandler came back last night it seemed like a lot of fun. >> he talked about being fired from "snl" a while ago. fun stuff. check it out. ♪ i was fired so sad to tell ♪ i never saw it coming, like a ♪ i got fired from snl
3:35 am
♪ i guess nbc has enough of crazy intoed head ♪ ♪ and the songs i sang on the news notes. ♪ maybe they were sick of canteen boy but i think they just hate the justices ♪ ♪ nbc said i was done and then i made over $4 billion at the box office ♪ ♪ so i guess you could say i won ♪ >> that is pretty awesome. funny guy. >> someone used to tell me you get street credit if you get fired. like if you haven't been fired you're not cool. >> who said that? >> greg gutfeld. >> never heard of him. >> i'm working on my street kred. >> you were actually on the street yesterday, fox square. >> well adam sandler went on to do a skit a lot of us enjoyed back in the day and he talked about the 2020 race.
3:36 am
listen. ♪ beto will have to wait-o. here we go 70-year-old men. ♪ ♪ [bleep]. >> again, funny stuff. have fun. go after everyone. go after the president, go after the democrats. >> do you have a favorite comedian? comedy is so personal. i'm a ben stiller melissa mccarthy girl. >> i love the laugh.
3:37 am
the comedy. i've always wanted to be a stand-up comedian. >> it's the hardest thing on earth. >> i'm not that funny and i'm very invie you invie yous of grd and others. >> rick, you crack me up all of the time. >> are you aware they have a new york's funniest reporter contest? >> really? >> every year they do a standup and reporterses g reporters do . if you go to it, it's really funny. janice deen won it one year. >> very good. >> all of my weather time is gone. here's your temps.
3:38 am
not that bad. if you're across the eastern seaboard a lot of times i try to make it seem better that it's not a washout. today is a washout. spotty showers across parts of florida. that will be okay. but look at the carolinas, mid atlantic and the northeast is going to take a long time for this to get out of here, inch, hinch and a half oinch and a hat people. it's not going anywhere. this week we've had a lot of flooding across the central part of the country, the mississippi river cresting at the highest ever peak, which is saying something. we'll take a look at what happened this week. a lot more rain across the central part of the country, severe weather. but i'm concerned about the flooding continuing across the center of the country. temperature wise, good for everybody expect for us here in new york. >> bring better news. >> i'm sorry. >> he brought some good jokes. headlines for you.
3:39 am
the hero student who died saving others in the unc charlotte shooting will be laid to rest today with full military honors. police say the rotc cadet riley howell tackled the gunman likely preventing more deaths. the flight data reporter from the boeing 737 that slid into a river in florida has been recovered. it is on its way to ntsb headquarters in washington, d.c. the flight carrying 143 people out of guantanamo bay was landing during thunderstorms. no one was seriously hurt. sadly, three pets on board are presume dead. ntsb officials say the plane has no history of accidents. an attempt to push back on president trump's judicial pick back first. the democrat senator committee posting a poll on twitter asking if people want for supreme court justices like ruth bader
3:40 am
ginsberg or brett kavanaugh. 70% of the people voting for kavanaugh. wow. and a couple could bearly believe their eyes when they spotted a black bear lounging in their hot tub. the bear taking a dip while playing with two other cubs outside a tennessee cabin. the woman who took the photo said she had within sitting in that spot for hours earlier. the bears eventually left only to return hours later to play more. i would love a bear. very upset about the animals that died. i warned everyone to get them out of cargo. >> you would love a bear until it mauled you. >> got a cub. they know i relate to them. we get each other. me and the animals, we get each other. >> let's get a bear onset. >> a polar bear. if we're going to do it, do it right. >> meanwhile, joe biden loves that he got an endorse frment a
3:41 am
key firefighter's union. >> general president and my friend for a long, long time, make no apologies, i am a union man. >> union mt. is one of his good buddies but i digress. president trump is calling union member foolish and one former member says he's correct. joins us coming up next. we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and
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3:44 am
. welcome back. some not so quiek sports headlines. the houston rockets beat the golden state warriors 126-121 in an yof time masterpiece but it was a bit of an embarrassing moment for steph curry. >> steph curry drives down late and misses. he missed it. >> that was late in the game. they were mounting a comeback. the warriors lead the series 2-1. i stayed up way too late watching this game to
3:45 am
conclusion. james harden hit a three that was unbelievable. the brewers beat the mets in a marathon 18-inning game. brewers win 4-3. and my minnesota twins finally win at yankee stadium for if first time since 2016. thanks for that reminder. our starting mucher throwing six scorelesscoreless innings. we got another one today if it doesn't rain out. ed, sorry about that. >> joe biden loves that he got an endorsement from the national internasal firefighter you onthis week. >> general president and my friend for a long long time, make no apologies, i am a union man. >> president trump firing back tweeting the international association of firefighter union is rebelled on their foolish leader. perhaps they will vote him out of office. he doesn't get it. our next guest agrees. joining me now, retired fdny
3:46 am
fire writinger and 9/11 responder chris evans. when we hear and the story is told that the union quote unquote endorsed joe biden, it's not really the union, it's the union leadership. >> correct. none of the members have ever been polled to see who we wanted to endorse. as far as the brothers that i know, and i've spoken to like in the past, i would even say since president trump has been president, have been behind president trump 100%. >> so the president of the union is someone who has worked with joe biden closely and he gets to say look, i'm throwing the union support behind joe biden, not just against president trump but against all of the other 20, 21 other democrats. he can unilaterally say we're behind him. >> he's basically lost the grass rots. hgrassroots.
3:47 am
he has no idea what the members want. this is a decision he's making based on his own behalf, not on behalf of the members of the iaff or even, you know, ufa and ufoa. >> because there's multiple organizations. >> right. yeah, the iaff is the internationals. we're under it. that's local 94 would be new york city fire department. >> let's get specific then. what do you like beyond all of the back and forth within the yuan whereon, what do you and other union members like about president trump? >> he stands behind us. i mean, the guy -- you know, president trump hasn't done anything to be really go through all of the stuff that he's going through. the constant attacks on his personal life and his wife and kids. you know, he's done stuff -- he's a grassroots guy. he knows -- you know, he's basically gone out and he built an empire with an intear tense
3:48 am
that he got from his family and it was all based on the people that worked for him. >> talk about the connection. how is it then that someone who is rich, ran a business empire as you say has this connection to firefighters like you? >> because we're the grassroots. we're the ones that -- you know, we're the ones that the blood sweat and toars of what things have been built on in this country. we've got men and women running into fires, running into buildings. all of the people making decisions for us don't do that anymore. >> what's your message for the union president for the firefighters and any other union leader who may make a unilateral decision like this when some of the rank open file members like yourself might like president trump or someone other than joe biden? >> i think it's time they wake up. i think it's time to wake up and put all of their political stuff aside and start thinking to the members, the men and women in the street, the men and women who make up the union. that's who it's about.
3:49 am
it's, like i said once before, the weakest link in a chain is just that. >> we appreciate you telling your story and appreciate what you did after 9/11. thank you brothers and sisters. >> can i say one thing? >> yes. >> before i left my house my daughter said to me, dad, whatever you do, don't wear your coat. and i told my daughter the reason why i wear my jacket is because to have 343-plus firefighters that have died since 9/11. i wear it if are the brothers who died before 9/11 and i bring them with me and i can't thank you enough for the opportunity to be out here. >> no disrespect to your daughter but we hope to have you back in the future and we hope you wear your jacket then and in the future. >> thank you. facebook under fire for banning controversial userses. u be could the move to crack down on hate speech cause more problems? we have that story next.
3:50 am
3:51 am
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3:53 am
facebook facing backlash after the social media giant took steps this week to enforce its so-called hate speech policies and community standards by banning several controversial figures including alex johns, com.>> but could this cause more problems? joining us kara sedwick. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me back. >> the concern here is who is doing the policing and who is deciding what hate speech is. there's a slippery slope that
3:54 am
can unfortunately happen here. i think if firs first and forcet it'foremost it'simportant to rew complicated this problem is. constant policing and identifying bad actors on the platforms is very tricky. and then you add something as subjective arguably as hate speech. that makes it so much harder to define and review. i think we should have some degree of sympathy for the hard work that the talented people are trying to get after, and our perceptions an approach should be grounded in that reality first and foremost before we analyze and prescribe any sort of weight to this. >> i'm going to challenge you for that. i have no sympathy for them. i think the answer to complex things like this is simplicity. we have the first amendment in this country, the peach that we don't like the most is the most protected. take laura loomer, an activist
3:55 am
is banned from facebook, instagram, twitter, paypal, uber eats, facebook the latest because she's dangerous, what? her speech is too far? >> that's the crux of the issue. so facebook itself has been very public about not wanting to be an arbiter of truth. but nonetheless these slippery slope arguments arise. you have free speech questions, facebook is a. >> what's dang louse about laura loomer? >> you don't want facebook saying this is dangerous. you don't want them to provide value judgments on whether or not this person is a actually dangerous. the way to get around that is having clear and transparent terms of service and uniformly applying the standards for banning people. you should really allow people to have resource for contesting a ban if they believe that it's been unfairly immediated out. >> we have a quote from facebook
3:56 am
saying we've babbed individuals and organizations that promote and engage in violence and hate regardless of ideology. the process for the violators is extensive and it led up to our decision to remove these accounts today. there's a distinction between people actively calling for violence and the conversation about hate speech that becomes more subjective. >> absolutely. and i think, again, if facebook wants to be a marketplace for ideas, then they have to be consistent in that regard. >> you know they're not being consistent. they're not. they're blocking conservatives an folks on the left that say hideous things get a pass. >> and everything they do though is really in the context of attempting to prevent real-world harm. and i think key to this, critical in really understanding what they do. full disclosure, i worked for facebook in terms of counterterrorism, to try to help get that stuff off of the
3:57 am
platform in 2016 and 2017, everything they do is preventing the real-world harm. >> thanks for your input. for "fox & friends" coming up at the top of the 7:00 hour.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ ♪ if you missed the kentucky derby, what happened at the end is not actually what happened. a horse in the lead, maximum security won before our eyes, but then it was revoked because apparently the horse broke the rules or the jockey did and instead they gave it to country homes. i'm confused. >> horse broke the rules. it happens. >> country house. >> that's a great name by the way. >> you might have to take a poll to decide who wins. know and company would do that?
4:01 am
gallop. >> well played. >> that was a good one. >> what's going on. my joke. >> we've got janice deen on the ground. oh, wait. clearly, look at that hop. >> if anything was made for a review it's ed false's start. >> look, i'll admit it. >> might have had it if you didn't face plant. the face plant set you back. >> i was overcompensating for this sudden lead that ed took based on his admission. >> and did like a little run in the start and then hopped. >> it was only a little wet yesterday and you slipped. today if we did it. >> a slip and slide. >> who actually won. janice is probably listening right now. she's our derby expert. we're going to go to her and jed you're going to weigh in too. >> i've already weighed in. >> i thought you were on my side. >> i don't encourage him ever.
4:02 am
>> look, politics out there, obviously as we race to 2020, nancy pelosi has a little warning for her party about trying to stay moderate instead of moving too far left. >> moderate? >> to the left side in her party is even saying everybody calm down. >> i think you see the job numbers yesterday, see what's happening in the field. a lot of uncertainty. this is nancy pelosi's warning. she said this to the "the new york times," own the center left, own the mainstream, our passions were for health care, bigger paychecks, cleaner government, a simple message. we did not engage in the exhumeu brinses. but to say that means she's -- there's a lot of worry amongst democrats about bernie sanders. >> nancy pelosi is a moderate centrist.
4:03 am
think about how times are changed. years ago we were talking about how pelosi and obama were so far left and now aoc is dominating the democratic party that you've got people calling for socialism and saying that terrorists in jail should have voting rights. >> aoc recently said moderates are eh, right? >> that's who she's talking to, to aoc who has a huge social media following. she has all of this attention and nancy pelosi recognizes that her message is not going to resonate with so many democrats in the country who are mainstream. he's trying to pull everybody back to focus. whether or not that will work, i don't know. >> focus, people. >> we got to win. >> in the beginning of the quote where she says we have to be in the mainstream, socialism is not in the mainstream and maybe that's an alarm bell, a warning she's sounding through the "new york times." folks wake up. anytime we have a damn -- you d-
4:04 am
oh, you guy guys guys are exagg. >> at the same time she's also fanning the flames of will the 2020 election be legitimate. this is her saying if the democrats win by four seats, 1,000 votes, he, meaning president trump is not going to respect the election, poison the american mind, challenge the races. he had to win. imagine if he hadn't won. don't even imagine. so as we go forward we have to have the same approach. >> i think back to that last presidential debate in 2016 when our own chris wallace asked would you accept the reults and resultresults andthere was a puy clinton, dum donald trump won't accept the results. and then he wins and it's hillary clinton today still saying that the election is
4:05 am
stolen from me and resisting. >> as a result of not accepting that election we've had to talk about the mueller investigatio investigationed ad nauseam.thers controversy. but it's interesting. americans, there's a new cnn poll, 69% of americans think congress should investigate the origins of the doj inquiry into russian meddling. 69% independents and 62% republicans. now people are saying media, you the story started as collusion for the longest time and now we have questions for was there a basis for the whole thing? >> did the democrats misunderstand the question there? >> i think so. they want, what else did trump do. they don't understand that it's going to turn around an barack obama maybe. >> they totally don't. our country has a couple of different conversations at the
4:06 am
same time. they barely rarely intersect. you watch that network that starts with c ends with n, you wouldn't know about the dossier, you wouldn't know about all of the things that led to this. >> when it appears on the front page of the "the new york times" there's a whole part of the country, what's this dossier thing, what's this spying thing. it was crazy. >> no it's real. >> a lot of democrats are upset about this because they feel like democrats are losing the election by focusing on this so much. they're sitting at their dinner tables and saying why is my party not talking about this. enough already. stop talking about trump and mueller, talk to me about health care and the economy. they feel neglected. that's turned on the investigation quite a lit. saying enough of this, talk about the elections so you can win the election. >> i might have to turn on the channel to see how they report on their own poll or go to an airport. >> don't get me started. but i will say, how do you even
4:07 am
break that down. >> ari flies ari fleischer, hert he's saying. quote, i have a hard time believing the fbi used covert techniques versus a presidential campaign without obtaining approval from above. did attorney general loretta lynch, the democrat, you remember, did she or anyone else tell the obama white house is what he's saying, who at the white house, did biden know, did obama know? this story is not over. think about it, how high up the chain did this go. do you think it was just james comey and andrew mccabe going rogue? maybe, maybe not. think about the time that we spent talking about trump tower meetings. did trump whisper this, have the conversation about this. the media doesn't want to discuss what the obama white house may have known. this is a huge implication for 2020. joe biden wants to be the commander of chief. >> he says there was not a whiff
4:08 am
of scandal. >> and we don't know if he knew about it. and the folks and the rest of the town won't do much to find out. >> that's what's going to keep it alive. joe biden is going to be expected to answer tough questions about what he knew. he's tied to all of that? >> nancy pelosi trying to keep her base calm saying don't go off the rails to the left. look at the p's base and how excited they are. they're loving the president's claim of the collusion delusion. they have merchandise flying off of the shelves. >> the campaign team, i've seen a lot of the t-shirts and mugs and the shirt collusion delusion is apparently jumping off of the shelshelves. and it's a reflection of ind vegas. >> there is it coffee mugs with the president. >> it's smart to launch that. and everybody loves a logo tee. i do. it's a smart idea to take the concept and market it.
4:09 am
there's a free market guy for you right there. >> that's free. and i do owe ed a gift. i'm going to have to log on and -- are m. >> are you excited, ed? >> i think i get to pick my mug of the tweet and whatever it is you have to have it on the show. >> reluctantly, leet me read it first. >> can you imagine the t-shirts he wears off of the air? >> no. >> i've got a lot of them. >> i don't want to know. >> i bought that one capitalism shirt that we saw in the diner. >> we were talking about the kentucky derby and what a race it was. >> the 145th kentucky derby was one for the history books. >> maximum security wins the kentucky derby! >> there is an objection that has been posted on the board. >> after the objection country house wins the kentucky derby. >> yes, historic reversal. country house now declared the official winner at maximum security, the horse who actually finished first was disqualified
4:10 am
for race interference. >> it's time to cheak back with janice dean live from church hill downs. how are you? reporter: louisville is waking up to an upset, the first time in 145 years. this is what the headline is of the courier journal. i'm going to bring in an expert here with wdrb. oh my goodness, what happened? >> that's exactly right. we don't know what the day is going to bring. but this is fascinating. no kentucky derby winner has ever been taken down on the track and the reaction has been strong. reporter: what do you think? what's the reaction? >> i don't know. a lot of it is against. you hate to see the horse that crossed the finish line first have it taken away from him. that's a tough thing to swallow. but then you look at the tape and see this is kind of the swerve heard round the world by a horse that got spooked maybe by some noise inside and came
4:11 am
out, some other horses affected. you've got stewards, video replay, a 22-minute wait. what else do you need? reporter: you were here and you've never seen anything like it. >> no. i was on the track and it was surreal. you had a group around one horse and his connections and another imrowp around the other and a whole crowd, 150,000 people waiting to see who would be the winner holding tickets to see if they could cash nem them. a huge upset in terms of who won. reporter: we're going to be talking about this all morning long. it's mystery whether you like it or not we'll be talk about it for years to come. >> does you see ed and i eerks ? can you call it? >> we need to ask the judges. i clearly saw an upset. >> she's not saying it was
4:12 am
overturned. >> we'll get her to check at the end and come back to her. this is like the mueller deal. you don't get the answer you like and you're going to g keep investigating. >> thanks for backing me up. headlines for you this morning starting with a fox news alert. a police officer is killed during a routine traffic stop in north carolina. police say a suspect shot k9 officer jordon harris sheldon and then took off. sheldon died at the hospital. the officers tracked down the suspected gunman to an apartment and found him dead inside from an apparent self-inflected gunshot wound. he was on the police force for 16 years. he is the 125th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. the leader of north korea putting his troops on high alert following live fire drills of long range rocket launchers. north korean media releasing these images of kim jong-un overseeing the drills. this is wawn day after they u
4:13 am
fired projectiles off of the eastern coast. this is amid stalled talks between the u.s. and north korea. there are so many good tweet mugs. you're going to get a good one. i think this is the biggest story of the weekend. the video is shocking. children performing at an islamic center in philadelphia saying they will kill for the army of allah. watch. that's in philadelphia. philadelphia. that was just the beginning. so why aren't more people talking about this? we will be in a moment.
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
. she a part of a very crowded
4:17 am
democratic field. why do we need so many candidates. >> 21. that's a lot of people. >> wow. >> 21 people running for the nomination and there may be more. >> the 2020 poll, guess what, it got a little more crowded. seems like that's a daily occurrence. another democratic has jumped in because apparently the water is great. >> the water is great. maybe, maybe not. 22 democrats officially in. two more expected to join as early as this week. is the growing list of con teppedders a plus or a minus for the democratic party and for the president. here to weeg in weigh in, a forr bernie sanders worker. i remember both sides of this, the republicans are going to be so damaged by all of these potential candidates, 16, 17 in there and then maybe it made donald trump stronger in the general election. what say you now about 20, 21 or
4:18 am
more democrats. >> the same thing. pit's it's a wonderful thing. in 2016 they were told they could not. and of course there's a lot of people running to boost their name recognition. it's a good thing. it's good to see competition. i believe in competition. i think it gives everyone an opportunity to see different policies to distinguish themselves to see who is really for medicare for all, who is not and who has a plan. i think it's a good thing. i'm hoping that maybe we can get to 25 or 30. it will be entertaining. >> it will be entertaining. but if you get to 25 or 30 and bill deblasio here from new york far on the left talking about maybe getting in this week as well, your own party leader, speaker nancy pelosi is saying, folks, calm down. you may be going too far to the left. how do you stay in the mainstream when you have socialists and other liberals tacking the party to the left? >> yeah. i think, you know, what we saw with bernie sanders, although it
4:19 am
was popular, had a lot of young voters who wanted to go to the left, unfortunately it it didn't work out that way in the polls. most of the americans are moderate. i'm not a socialist. one of the things that progressives need to pay attention to is the people who won the house were more in the center who took the republican seats. if they lean too far to the left, that will be a problem when we look at the general election. >> let's talk about joe biden who has a former vice president is trying to run as a mainstream candidate but then said this in south carolina. watch. >> last year 24 states introduced or enacteds at least 70 bills to curtail the right to vote. and guess what, mostly directed at, quote, people of color. you see it. we've got jim crowe sneaking back in. no, i mean it. why? because if everybody has an equal right to vote, guess what.
4:20 am
they lose. they lose. >> he said he's going to run as a yuan fire. nofeununifier.he's talk about j. >> everybody loves uncle joe. but for him to be talking about jim crowe and the one who implemented the crime bill when it was worse than jim crowe when it comes down to what he's done to my community, my generation of locking up more, he has a lot of explaining to do and it's going to go deeper than the right to vote. >> worse than jim crowe. strong words this morning. appreciate you come in and giving your point of view. >> thank you. the video is disturbing. children saying they will kill for allah. and this happened at an islamic center in philadelphia. the birth birthplace of democra. why aren't more people outraged? we'll discuss it next. with an ingredient
4:21 am
originally discovered...
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
. it is time now for your news by the numbers. first $9 million, that's how much maximum security's disqualification cost the kentucky derby betters according to reports. the favorite losing its win in the historic finish after being accused of interfering with other horses. next $2. that's how little you could pay to see bill and hillary clinton. ticket price for the two speaking tour plummeting after initially selling for more than $1,700. that's quite a drop. the 13-city tour started late last year and wraps up tonight in las vegas. finally $1.1 million, the price tag on this nashville home once owned by dolly parton. the singer lived at the property from 1980 to 1996.
4:25 am
the seller says he's tried to keep parton's signature style including wall paper she's personally selected. a shocking video shows kids in philadelphia, in america, at an islamic center appearing to vow to chop off heads and sacrifice their lives all in the name of allah. watch. ♪ ♪ [speaking foreign language] >> we will chop off their heads. dr. ahmad is a muslim sco
4:26 am
alreadscholarand joins me to we. to see this in philadelphia is disturbing. >> beyond shocking. this is out of the islamic playbook, pure muslim brotherhood indoc indoctrinatioe it's completely shocking and absolutely divorced from islam which recognizes jews as legitimate people, recognizes the holy land belonging to jews and condemns suicide and this kind of warfare on civilians. >> this school is run by the muslim american society. you say this group has tie to the muslim brotherhood. >> the united arab emirates dez designated this as a terrorism
4:27 am
group. remember, the muslim brotherhood is the mother ship of islamist terrorism. that's what bitte birthed hamash is launching tickets on israel right now to the tune of 430 in the last day. that's what birthed hezbollah. >> and it seems to come walk to israel, jerusalem. and to you hatred. you're totally right about that. here's a statement that the muslim american society put out saying not all songs were properly vetted. this was an unintended mistake and the students are remorseful. they're going to conduct an investigation to make sure it doesn't happen again. this was a mistake. there were adults in the room. >> someone was filming it. the parents must have given permission and the children didn't look remorseful. it's horrifying. plus they have more than 50
4:28 am
chapters. where is this happening. >> 50 charms in america? >> in america. >> so 5 50 charps 50 chapters oe this going on, we just don't see it. >> could be. we don't know. we don't want to demonize all muslim centers in america but this gives us pause. >> that's the point. you don't clarify who's doing this type of thing, everyone looks at the next islamic school in their community with suspicion. you've made the point, call out the radicals and it liberates the peaceful muse ims. >> including the muslim parents who want to have their children educated in muslim and afraid to participate in centers like this. and the president of egypt just met with our president, president trump on april 9th to recommend that the united states designate the muslim brother hood as a foreign terror organization to free up our intelligence services to investigate the finances, the backing and affiliations of groups like this. >> that might be coming from
4:29 am
dangerous places. >> president trump should be commended for that. >> this should be a wake-up call for a lot of people. this is america, folks. thank you for your time. the april jobs report shows our economy is booming. well but not if you ask bernie sanders. >> unemployment is down. i want you to think, does that mean that the economy is booming for ordinary people? think about that. >> he moonlights as an economist. no, he doesn't. but this guy does. stuart varney says bernie won't win in 2020 with that kind of a message. coming up. ♪ you only pay
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
♪ that's good producing right there. well done, folks. let's bring in stuart varney host of "my take with stuart varney" one of the hardest working in sho showbiz. >> that was very appropriate music. the president is winning on the economy. america is winning on this economy. light bulb has just gone off. we now realize that yes, we've returned to prosperity. imre, we do have the most competitive best performing economy in the world.
4:34 am
better yet, there's every sign that it's going to keep going at least through this year. we've got 3% growth now. larry kudlow told me the other day you've got a shot at hitting 4% at some point this year. now that produces, doesn't it, a democrat dilemma. how do you run against prosperity. how do you run against his store rick low unemployment. >> ai i'll show you how. here' bernie sanders. >> show me. >> unemployment is down. i want you to think. does that mean that the economy is booming for ordinary people? think about that. and you got to do something that the media often doesn't do, that congress doesn't do, that most politicians don't do, go into your own hearts and into your own minds and say what is going on in my life. >> 30-second rebuttal, sir. >> he's running on feelings.
4:35 am
ignore policy. ignore the idea that socialism would ruin us. no, you run on feelings and he's flat out wrong. he's saying most ordinary people have not cashed in on this boom. flat out wrong. lowest unemployment come on. >> . >if i have more money in mypock. how it is going to work if people feel better, that's going to work against him. >> he's got the media on his side. you watch the evening news, you going to see anything about the economic boom? no, you are not. you are going to see investigate, impeach, green new deal, socialism. you're not going to see the triumph of capitalism. >> how has the media reacted to the headlines? disbli was astonished. i can't get on my phone here but there was a headline on the
4:36 am
"washington post." >> there it is right there. good producing again. >> one step ahead. >> is this dmi too good to be true. they're desperate for me to say yes, it's too good to be true. we can't believe this. >> do you actually mean to tell me that bill deblasio getting into this race is going to change everything in your mind? >> socialism will really change everything, won't it? it will ruin us. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, this extreme leftist politics is going to ruin what we enjoy. america is going to see this. the president is at 56% approval. >> i don't care what the media says anymore. people don't care. if you have more money in your pocket, you don't care what the head line reads. but i have a question. for you. pressing question of the day. i hope you're redy. what color are these sneakers,
4:37 am
are they teal and gray or pink and white. >> pink and white. >> where is the pink? help me out. >> thank you. >> it's like a split coach. couch. the pic and white over here and the teal and gray over here. >> what color is teal. >> it's like a lighter shade of what i'm wearing. >> see the blue next to it for "fox & friends," see the blue color of our screen. that's blue. see what's in the middle? that's pink or beige or whatever you want to call it. what do these people see. >> these optical illusions. >> hegseth right again. >> is that the head line here? >> this is the dmz, we're on the right side of it. >> friends@kno@fox news. com. >> this is the internet things that people see everything differently. >> remember the dress? >> so glad we dragged you into that. >> glad we have an economic
4:38 am
expert in to weigh in on the color of these sneakers. appreciate it. headlines for you now. the credit card belonging to an american killed in mexico six months ago resurfaces in the u.s. police releasing new images this week saying this man used the card at an atm in oklahoma city. investigators are looking for the man and the woman seen with him. taylor meyer who is from california was killed while vacationing in mexico whil in november. >> tennessee's health department is shutting down its measles hotline. the hotline was created last month to answer questions about the virus. health officials say now that people should call their doctors directly. there are five confirmed measles cases in tennessee and more than 700 cases nationwide. the world's rich etchma etcn could pocket $400 million when uber goes public.
4:39 am
he initially invested 3 million in the company. he's counterly worth $157 billion. that number is too big to imagine. 18 months after a severe spinal injury on the field, pittsburgh steelers linebacker did this. that's right. he is dancing at his wedding. even though doctors once told him he only had a 20% chance of walking again. he hopes to where you know day play football again. >> it was a devastating injury. >> mind over matter. rick, i wonder what rick thinks about the sneakers. did you get a look at those? >> i did. >> what did you see? >> green and gray. >> thank you. >> what's wrong with you people. >> you really see pink? >> 100% all the way pink. >> that is so bizarre. we need like some doctor or somebody do come in and break this down for us. >> we should.
4:40 am
rick, you've got a hardy umbrella. >> i do. i had to make one. and today, you i tell you what. we've got a rainout of your sunday. a good day to stay inside. in fact it's the only thing you're going to be able to do. take a look at the map. this just in the last 24 hours we had incredibly heavy rain across the south, flooding, severe weather, now all of that moisture is across the central plains and across -- excuse me, the central east coast and the northeast. it will be out of here overnight tonight. today is the washout. anywhere you see across the coastal areas, that's where the rain is. in the southeast not as bad, showers in florida, not a washout of your day in florida. showers across oklahoma, that is not a washout either. same for the showers you see across the missouri river valley. get ready for flooding this week. more heavy rain moving in across the southern plains. and here you go across the west
4:41 am
you're warm, the heat up the pacific northwest this week, up in the upper 80s by the time we get to the latter part of the week. now that the mueller report is done and over with, a new poll says most americans want to know how that russia investigation all started. >> so will the american people get their answers? well, sean spicer is here to react coming up next. ♪ he'd be proud of us. a family business should stay in the family. see how lincoln's insurance solutions can help protect your family, your business and everyone who counts on you, at
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...ancestrydna can help her uncover her history... tell a story as unique as she is. order a kit for mom (or dad) at good morning. quick head lines. the national parks service will soon ban private tours at the stew chew of liberty to ease overcrowding. the ban impacts tours to the statue's observation deck and the ellis island museum. the park system will offer its own tours. the change takes place may 16th, the say dam day the kw 26,000 square foot statue of liberty museum opens up.
4:45 am
nighin niagara falls maid oe mists ships are going green. the first two all electric zero emission double decker boats are expected to be ready by the fall. the boat tours started in 1846.. turn up your thermostat. the temperature is going town. they saved the day. a new poll revealing more than two-thirds of women wants congress to investigate what started the doj inquiry into russian interference in the 2016 election. >> where does this scandal go from here. here to weigh in sean spicer pep welcome to the show. >> good morning. >> do you think the new theme of investigating the investigators gets picked up especially with joe biden entering the race and having to answer key questions about what his role was, what president obama's role was and what the role was in the
4:46 am
administration in generating and initiating this investigation. >> absolutely. the report came out and report there had was no collusion with russia. what the president said was true. they came up with what the president has been saying all along. there was no collusion. the "the new york times" on friday came out with a bombshell story saying there was someone that came to george papadopoulos clearly trying to illicit something from him. there's a question of where that came from. understanding what happened is going to be very important. pane what the whole of the obama administration is. who knew what when is interesting. what's interesting about the poll is two things. one, there's clearly an interest in the american people of understanding why this happened in the first place, what the origins were at the beginning of the investigation so it never happens again. but secondly they're giving president trump the credit he te deserves for moving the economy forward. we want to know what happened so
4:47 am
it doesn't happen again but secondly we want to focus on the things that matter in our lives. >> do you think the democrats are confused? they're the highest number, 76% of democrats think we should investigate the origins of the inquiry. are they forit or do they really want to get to the truth? >> that's a great question, pete. i don't know. there's a little confusion. but the other part of it is i if you're a die hard democrat and you've been hearing the collusion story months on end and you're wondering to yourself, wait a second, you hear people like adam schiff say conclusively there was collusion, it was staring us in the face and then you see robert mueller come out with a thorough investigation saying no there wasn't any. it leaves a lot of the base that has been brainwashed walking around saying wait a second, i don't understand what's happening here. i was told it was clear and day that it was there and then you put this gentleman robert mueller who there who doesn't find anything and i think there
4:48 am
is a degree of confusion among the democratic base. >> you used to help shape the message at the white house and you still from the outside have a chance to do that with the campaign come in 2020. you mentioned the economy. all of these are important issues we're talking about with the doj and how this started. but when you see the jobs number that was off the charts for this president as he heads into 2020, about 80% or 90%, have to be about mueller and the rare-view mirror stuff. would you suggest that the president that he needs to look forward in 2020 or should he keep talking about the investigation? >> well, there's -- this is a double-edged sword, ed. yes, the more we talk about the economy, you have 263,000 people that got jobs last month, that's amazing. the unemployment rate dipping to 3.6%, the lowest since 1969. the more we talk about those kind of issues, the the impact of the daily lives of the
4:49 am
american people the better. this being said, president trump is where he is because of how he's conducted himself, tweeted and acted. to come in and say if you only didn't do this. the reason he's president is because he didn't listen to a lot of people and did what he believed in. it's tough to monday mornd quarterback and say only if you did the following. for my standpoint it would be better to focus on the accomplishments and the way the economy is moving forward. but you have to give him credit that he wouldn't be where he was if he listening to a bunch 06 washington pundits. >> no doubt about it. we'll find out in 10 minutes when he tweets what the answer is. thanks a lot. >> have a great sunday. a child's tragic choking death motivated our next guest to save lives. >> as the father of a young daughter he did not want other families to suffer. his invention is being used worldwide. you'll meet him and hear about
4:50 am
his road to success as an entrepreneur. ♪ let's be honest. safe drivers shouldnt have to pay as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! that's why esurance has drivesense.® the safer you drive, the more you save. although i'm not really driving right now that would be unsafe. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless.
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4:53 am
day seven of our week long series "we built that." this morning we introduce you to an inventor who created this life-saving device after hearing about the tragic choking death of a 7-year-old boy. joining me now, authur lee. i'm so excited to have you. i read about this device online. my grandfather saved someone in a restaurant one time from choking. i never forgot that story. what was your inspiration for creating this. >> i was visiting a friend of
4:54 am
mine, i was keeping his busy. he said the last time i was here there was a 7-year-old that passed away on the gurney. he and told me about the pain, the paren parents, the crying. my daughter was seven. i emotionally felt that moment. i said what about the heimlich. well it doesn't work. when she was born i took the course. thought i was fine. when i heard it didn't work i thought, i'm not going to get my child die in my arms. i'm going to to figure out a way to save her. >> many think i'll take a heimlich case and learn but it was stunning to hear how common it is that sometimes it doesn't work. can you show this, hold it up and explain to people how this works in case of emergency and how people can get it if they're interested in. >> it's got a one-way valve.
4:55 am
when you push it down the air exits the side. if you heard that noise, it creates a suction. 300 millimeters of mercury, will pull it out every time. should. it will save your life. that simple, place, pull and pull. >> do you have anie advice for w someone could get started or the challenges they may face? >> this is the simplest way i can do it. on my 54th birthday i received a letter from ikea that we saved a 3-year-old child. the best birthday present i every got. if you have perseverance to go down the entrepreneurial path, your wildest dreams could come true. i guess i would say it takes courage and perseverance but you don't know where i it will lead
4:56 am
you. >> how did the word get out about this device? people using it? >> it's in every country. we save lives all over the world, greece, spain, australia, america. facebook mostly. it's startup. i started in any garage. it's from zero to where we are today. mostly parents. that's who we see most. pi passion is schools and special needs but mostly parents like myself. >> we appreciate you being here. an inspiring story. appreciate it. anthony scaramucci, rachel compos duf duffy and maria bartiromo, all here live. ♪
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> ♪ party rocket in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time ♪ >> [applause] jedediah: i feel the same way. pete: i'm on planet america. and you can go to about this shoe it is definitely painted white. jedediah: there are clear teams here there's me and ed versus pete and stuart stuart varney so you got to pick your team wisely stuart: i love my team. ed: we've got a great show for you still two more big hours to go, anthony scaramucci coming later this hour, joe biden out on the stump slamming the president, interesting, you know a lot of democrats doing that but he was initially running as a different kind of democrat and he was going to unify the country. pete: to your point he maybe have said that but its been the
5:01 am
exact opposite as candidate biden starting with the video about charlottesville and taking it straight to the president. he went even further yesterday in south korea when he talked about, well, listen. >> the single-most important right you have have as american is the right to vote and folks, last year, 24 states introduced 70 bills to curtail the right to vote and guess what? mostly, directed at "people of color." you see it. we got jim crow sneaking back in no, i mean it. why? if everybody has an equal right to vote guess what, they lose, they lose. ed: he's doing this in south korea where the african american vote is key in the democratic primary. jedediah: a question for me is always how are democrats hearing that? it was interesting, ed you spoke to former bernie sanders national staffer, and you talk about she talked about why joe
5:02 am
biden needs to explain these comments particularly in relation to his prior support with the crime bill. take a listen. >> for him to be talking about jim crow and when he was the one that implemented the crime bill which was worse than jim crow when it comes down to what its done to my community particularly my generation i was locking up for black men in prison, so he has a lot of explaining to do and it'll go a little bit deeper than just the right to vote so i'm looking forward to hearing what he will do to actually fix that plan. ed: something hillary clinton had a deal with in 2016 because her husband signed that crime bill into law, joe biden was the chairman of the senate judiciary committee and he explained the context was violent crime was on the rise in america, democrats were tarred with the idea they weren't tough on crime so they wanted to make that a tough crime bill but the rhetoric around it as well as the policy implications were a lot of african americans were locked up but they talked about "predators " out on the streets and mostly joe biden and bill
5:03 am
clinton talking about young black men. pete: but whose made the criminal justice a big part of his administration? oh, president trump. african american unemployment historic lows. i mean, it's worth relitigating because it's exactly what they are doing. they want a race about race. they want to say that president trump is racist. ed: as you said with charlottesville. pete: that he, joe biden is going to be a healer and bring it together but what he actually does with his rhetoric is further divide because it's so disingenuinous. what these voter laws are about in minnesota i can walk to the polls and be like i'm joe smith and they would be like do you have any proof? and i'd a no, i'm joe smooth and they would be like okay go vote. i show my id to get on an airplane, or buy a six pack and i don't have to show an id to vote and that makes me racist or get rid of a voter on the list, maybe that's a good idea too. it's all disingenuinous because he wants to frame it in terms of
5:04 am
helping him in that primary race and make him look like he's tough on trump. half the time he's reading he's not all that energetic, he's overhyped. he's well-known. ed: other democrats have big problems as well because they've been pushing the party further further left. jedediah: that's right, napolitano is actually out there talking a lot talked a lot about the 2020 election and in some respects she's trying to reign in a lot of the folks on the left like the aocs, but here she said if we win by four seats by 1,000 votes each he's not going to respect the election he would poison the public mind and challenge each of the races. he would say that you can't see these people we had to win. don't even imagine so as we go forward we have to have the same approach so they are obviously talking about if democrats were to come through and were to win the election in 2020 coming out saying well president trump, he won't respect the results of that election which is real rich when you think of the fact that hillary clinton is out there still saying that was stolen from me and so many democrats
5:05 am
are out there talking about how elections were stolen from them. ed: nancy pelosi and many leader s and many of her party have not accepted president trump as a legitimate president more than two years later so now they say oh, he's not going to set the results? they haven't accepted the results. pete: you're exactly right but also basic admission he's going to win. they look at the jobs numbers. they look at the cast of characters they've got running and they say if he wins this thing how do we legitimize him a second time because whose another member of congress saying he's probably going to win. ed: al green. pete: he's gone the impeachment training since the beginning but now the idea is he's probably going to win. ed: he's saying he's probably going to get re-elected so when you talk about not accepting results so here is beto o'rourke out on the actual p battling joe biden or the 20 or other democrats and he's saying stacey abrams basically run won the
5:06 am
race in georgia. she's out on the stump with him. >> he is invalid to question it , and he wants to run for office you've got to concede the election. their humanity and their citizenship has to be in question. [applause] >> we have automatic voter registration so that when you turn 18 years old you're ready to vote. we need to end the members of congress choosing their voters no more in the united states and as president of the united states, if she's willing to do it you will put stacey abrams in charge. ed: i didn't mean to imply they were together. i meant that they're together on this issue because she's saying
5:07 am
basically, i won. i should be the governor of georgia and beto o'rourke is then out saying i would put her in charge of voting rights if i'm elected president when she's saying i won, i didn't lose even though the votes actually were counted in the other direction. pete: she also said we're not going to ask you about that citizenship thing any more. that's exactly what we're going to ask you if you come to this country. did you come here legally or not it's lunacy and listen, she's frustrated fine. she lost a very close race, but again, it goes back to what biden was talking about. it's legitimaticy of elections saying what's the next one maybe i'll make a better case next time and win. jedediah: the democrats create their own alternate reality like oh, i lost the election instead of actually acknowledging what happened or doesn't a phase of acceptance ever come into play for them? they create this alternate reality and speak about it as if it's real the same way to create this oh, trump is a racist all talk but when the problem is when you look at the results like you were talking before about african american unemployment when you look at
5:08 am
what he actually wanted to accomplish on immigration and how he has separated legal versus illegal immigration and the reality just doesn't match these democrats talking points that just aren't rooted in any reality so people need to realize that. pete: voters get a choice eventually. jedediah: something else we got for you is some headlines starting with a fox news alert. police in north carolina are expected to hold a news conference this afternoon, after an officer is shot and killed during a traffic stop. canine officer jordan harris sheldon was on the moorsville police force for six years. officers tracked down the suspected gunman and found him dead inside from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound and he is the 15th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. also breaking overnight, tensions escalate in the middle east as palestinian militants swaps hundreds of rocket strikes israel's prime minister vowing to ramp up attacks on the gaza
5:09 am
strip after unleashing 120 terror targets after palestinian militants fired more than 400 rockets into israel. at least one israeli man was killed and eight palestinian militants along with a pregnant woman and young child have also died. and michael cohen reports to prison tomorrow. president trump's former personal attorney was sentenced to three years for campaign finance violations, tax evasion, fraud and lying to congress. it comes as federal prosecutors refused to meet with cohen who claims to have damaging information on president trump. ed: wow so as winner of the fox derby let me read the kentucky derby, historically controversial finish. sounds like us too, the 145th kentucky derby. >> there is an objection that has been posted on the board. >> after the objection, country house wins the kentucky derby. ed: wow maximum security crossed
5:10 am
the finish line first but was disqualified for race interference as you can see in that circle. country house declared the winner. i want to clarify yesterday i was saying my old kentucky home is played after the racist actually played before the race. at kentucky basketball games they play my old kentucky home after the game. pete: well that's fitting you got it mixed up just like we did on the winner of the race. ed: so i mixed that up and a lot of other people mixed up some things. the winner of a race or maybe the winner of a pageant? pete: yeah, it was brought to mind a few other instances to have a little fun in places but they didn't quite get it right the first time. watch. >> miss universe 2015 is columbia! >> [applause] >> i have to apologize. runner up is columbia.
5:11 am
>> [applause] pete: oh, i forgot about that. jedediah: i was actually traumatized by that. pete: i give that man so much credit. jedediah forget about him the girl that was named a winner and then retracted there had to be a moment i don't know how she kept her composure. i would have completely lost it. ed: what about remember when warren beaty read lala land as best pictures at the oscars in 2017 instead of moonlight? pete: that's true and then of course you've got this call, um, the bad saints/rams call, obviously pass interference and the guy gets mauled before the ball even got there, no replay on that one. jedediah: i remember you complaining about that. ed: so the rams come out on that one and then they go to the super bowl and lay an egg. if the saints made the super bowl -- jedediah: just so you know i'm still mad that pete said horses
5:12 am
don't have emotions. they do have emotions and they're very tender and sweethearted and they will be in trouble through the commercial break. pete: can they do addition and subtraction? jedediah: yes better than some people. pete: i know they can run fast. all right, president trump picking up a major win despite resistance from democrats. the senate just confirmed his 100th judge to the bench, so glad, ed. ed: so why our next guest says the democrats obstruction will backfire big time. >> ♪ just what i needed, i needed someone to please ♪ prestigious jobs over the years. news producer, executive transport manager, and a beverage distribution supervisor. now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time. thing is, i like working. what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire? then let's not create a retirement plan. let's create a plan for what's next. i like that. get a plan that's right for you.
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5:15 am
ed: and democrats obstruction attempts president trump just hit another milestone in his
5:16 am
efforts to reshape the federal bench with the senate clearing his 100th federal judicial nominee. pete: but the left's obstruction led to a two-year backlog meaning as many as 36 judges are still awaiting confirmation. here to weigh in is chief counsel and policy director at judicial law and justice clarence thomas, so how significant is a number, at this point in his presidency especially considering what he's been up against? president trump made confirming judges a priority, leader mcconnell, chairman graham and former chairman grassley made this a top priority and it's so important because these are lifetime appointments. he has broken records historical records for appointing appellate nominees and it's really exciting because this isn't just about quantity it's about quality and we're talking trump really wins the defenses. these are nominees who are totally brilliant, well- experienced and they have long records of applying
5:17 am
constitution and law is written and they're very brave they have in their careers stood up for their principles in lots of different ways so on the bench we've also seen already some real boldness from these new judges. ed: can i go off script because it dawns on me since you checked for justice thomas, a lot of democrats are saying he owes anita hill an apology and i've heard conservatives say maybe he owes justice thomas an apology. >> oh, he owes justice kavanaugh an apology and it's balling to hear biden make these statements right now when you've seen him involved in the shame less smear campaigns against judges and that's the same thing we've seen from democrats all along. they are doing everything they can to block these qualified judges because they would put activists in the bench we'll just put liberal policies into action from the bench. pete: two of the nominees awaiting confirmation would go into the ninth circuit would be
5:18 am
significant. i ned to ask with this newer wave of constitutionalitieses entering the federal bench are there one or two individuals still awaiting votes are there one or two issues or pieces of the law that you'd expect to be challenged in a way we haven't seen before? >> well i think that the challenge is you never know where the next attack is going to come. we saw for example, the ninth circuit has been notorious for stepping out of the normal legal standards to block the president 's made laws for example, i think any chance they get they are going to try to go around the normal legal process the courts unfortunately have taken part in this resistance movement so it's very exciting somewhere especially like the liberal ninth circuit to see great judges put on and if trump can fill all the spots available in that circuit for the first time in decades we will be within almost pairity on that circuit and that's very important. ed: the judicial crisis network and author of an upcoming back on justice kavanaugh, is that right? >> that's right just it's on
5:19 am
trial coming out in july about his confirmation process. pete: write a book on that for sure, thank you. well, adam sandler back on saturday night live for the first time in almost 25 years. ed: he brought back an old favorite, to roast the 2020 field. comedian michael loftus is here to react, next. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to.
5:20 am
serious allergic reactions may occur. how sexy are these elbows? ask your dermatologist about cosentyx.
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i can customize each line for each family member? yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. get the data options you need and still save hundreds of dollars... do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. pete: back with a couple of sports headlines for you. the reason i'm not prepared for today's show i stayed up so late to watch this entire game. the houston rockets beat the god en state warriors 126-121 in
5:23 am
overtime after a critical and embarrassing moment for steph curry. watch. >> drives down a layup, and misses. oh, he missed it! pete: it was in overtime and after that james harden hit a huge three-pointer to seal the deal, and series is still 2-1 in favor of the warriors and smart man. all right, well in baseball the milwaukee brewers beat the new york mets in a marathon 18-in ning game, and there was a walk-off hit and brewers won it 4-3 at citi field and the minnesota twins, twinkies, i'll take that, they win at yankee stadium for the first time since 2016. our starting pitcher throwing six scoreless innings twins win 7-3 and play again today if it doesn't get rained out. ed: i was there and i admit your pitcher was on fire yesterday. he's good. jedediah: brandon wall . from
5:24 am
90210. pete: he liked the wins? i think he's from minnesota, you're right. jedediah: well for the first time in nearly 25 years adam sandler makes his big return to snl bringing back an iconic favorite to roast the 2020 election. ♪ here we go again, 70-year-old man ♪ [laughter] >> [clapping] ed: comedian michael loftus joins us to react. i just want you to jump in it was pretty funny. >> it was hilarious, sandler was bringing the heat and i'll say i was a little disappointed with you three as i'm getting ready to do this show you're teasing the snl story and you're
5:25 am
like welcome eddie is great, we love comedians and i'm like oh, here we go like you know whose funny? i'm like these guys. and like greg gutfeld is funny and then it's like do you know who else is funny like rick richmuth. jedediah: [laughter] >> rick saccone hilarious. pete: you're right. >> you could hear my heart break in 50 states. i was crying in the makeup chair jedediah: but it gave you a great opportunity to come on here and make great jokes so there you go. ed: but sandler isn't it good when saturday night live doesn't just spend an hour eating up on president trump? they made fun of the president a little bit and made fun of the democrats too. >> yeah it's the best. like right now, saturday night live is like a toddler, and you have to praise them when they do something good. you're like good job, lauren, you hired adam sandler, just be
5:26 am
funny. just be funny. it was so nice to have balance. no one is afraid of people making fun of trump as long as you make the other side too, although with the amount that that shows a democratic propaganda machine it would have been great if sandler was like make america great again ♪. pete: well it took adam sandler to make saturday night live great again. one evening. i've got to ask you, politicians , not often funny sometimes they try and -- ed: accidentally funny. pete: they like to use props. here is steve cohen calling attorney general barr a chicken. watch. >> chicken barr should have shown up today and answered questions. he was afraid of nora mycin, an attorney general picked for his abilities would not be fearful of any other attorneys questioning him for 30 minutes. ed: he can't even pronounce cabbies you men.
5:27 am
>> he knows the bit is failing and he's just shaking because he's dying on stage. what a horrible little prop act. like first of all isn't this guy from tennessee? shouldn't he have picked a product made in tennessee like jack daniels or something or like bill barr is drunk on power something like that? ed: [laughter] you're right. >> this whole fried chicken stunt was horrible. it's the perfect embodiment of a democrat policy. i guarantee the taxpayers paid for that chicken and then the government gets to eat it and then it didn't work. it was a failure. and right now they're like but we need more money for more chicken. we should try it again let's raise your taxes for more chickens. jedediah: we got another one for you from hillary clinton who never disappoints. here she is saying that she's living rent-free in trump's brain take a listen. >> i'm living rent-free inside of donald trump's brain and it's not a very nice place to be i can tell you that.
5:28 am
jedediah: [laughter] pete: how long did she practice that line? >> [laughter] i'm telling you like what intern came up with that not thinking like how bad it's going to back fire. hillary you wish you were living in trump's brain because my man is in the white house and you're not. you could look around for one more time. she's living in the woods. she's living in a box of chardonay. she's living in a fantasy land with big chairs and strange moo- moo's i don't know what that chick is thinking. i like how her story keeps changing. first it's like trump isn't going to accept the election and then it's like oh, russia colluded and now she's saying it's stolen from me. she's on the road with bill just she's losing grips with reality. ed: you could get those tickets for $2. you should go! it's right in your backyard. >> i know and i like how they have her and bill like way far away from each other on the stage. there's some place she's not living. she's a little angry with me
5:29 am
i'll tell you what. >> [laughter] ed: i think we got to leave it there. pete: now we'll list you michael in the future. you've earned it. >> do you know what? listen i'm going on the road. the loftus party live and pete hegseth and all of you i'll put together a show in manhattan and you're all coming out. ed: your accumen is fantastic. >> we'll raise money for charity, it'll be beautiful. pete: i guarantee it i'll be there. 100%. ed: this is like hippity hop horses, ed henry is going to win pete: oh, man, thanks michael. jedediah: thanks so much. well a jobs well done for the trump economy as unemployment hits a 49-year low. pete: anthony scaramucci the mooch here live on the big economic win. come on in. ed: how are you? >> ♪ we'll wake up all the neighbors ♪
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
>> there is an objection that has been posted on the board. >> after the objection, country house wins the kentucky derby. ed: yes, country house declared the official winner of the 104th kentucky derby after maximum security, the horse who actually finished first, was disqualified , for race interference. pete: let's check back in with janice dean live from churchill
5:34 am
downs. janice the latest on the controversy? reporter: yeah, house upset. it's all over. the courier journal here this morning in louisville let's talk history. i've got chris goodlet here the museum curator for the kentucky derby museum. first of all your museum is spectacular. >> thank you. reporter: tell us what happened? >> well for the first time in history we had the winner of the kentucky derby disqualified for interference. maximum security was deemed by our officials to have interfered with four horses so he had to be placed behind all four of those horses. the last one finished 16th so maximum security was placed 17th and country house was deemed the winner of the kentucky derby. reporter: what happened who bumped who? >> well maximum security bumped a horse named war of will and it was a cane reaction and other horses became involved. reporter: wow historically where does this go? well it's going to be a famous first since it never happened it's something we'll always be talking about because it's the
5:35 am
first time that it happened. we've had some disqualification reviews before, but never resulted in a winner actually being taken down. reporter: you were in the winner 's circle with the owner. tell us what was it like? >> well it was a very interesting moment. they were excited but then they were watching everything transpire over those 21 minutes and of course we're a little stunned but what i found really interesting about it, i found out just this morning that the owners of maximum security gary and mary west even after all of that were still very gracious and just kind of saying that's horseracing that happens they've been in this industry about 40 years and understand those things do occur. reporter: and we're talking about it. >> right so that makes it very important and again, something that we'll be talking about in the museum. we've had instances previously, one of the earliest ones 1933 we had a horse named broker's tip and a horse named head play, and don meade broker's tip and they were coming down the stretch and kind of fighting with each other , became known as the
5:36 am
fighting finish, and so there was an objection, but no number was taken down and broker's tip won the derby. reporter: we can learn about that at the museum. what an amazing day this will go down in history maybe not what people wanted but we'll still remember maximum security as being a very strong horse with a strong finish and well an interesting end. all right back to you guys. ed: here we were talking about hats and bourbon and we got a pretty interesting race as well janice thanks for all that. who better to comment on this than an than anthony scaramucci a man whose never stayed in his lane. >> every lane is my lane. ed: that's good though. >> i felt like i was falling in here good morning everybody. jedediah: i love your new book title trump the blue collar president. ed: it makes the liberals crazy. jedediah: i think that's actually going to drive joe biden out of his mind. >> if you've ever seen trump support up on fifth avenue he
5:37 am
looks like lewis the 14th smoked crystal meth and decorated the apartment have you ever seen it? it's unbelievable but he captured the blue collar people he will do it again and look at the job numbers and the depth of the job numbers in lower and middle income areas so if you study this stuff which i have over the last 30 years the thing that you learn in the labor economics is three things. you don't get this tight of a labor market without inflation. we have this tight of a labor market without inflation and second thing pete and i were talking about at the break it's very very hard to get the number s even better than this because there is always a little bit of friction in the marketplace so it's kudos to the president and his economic team because at the end of the day policies actually really matter. they have deployed some of the best policies in the history of america and what steve moore said consistently is you can get the full employment and aggressive growth without lots of inflation so that's a theory that the president understands that and thank god he won. i know i saw you guys seeing
5:38 am
hillary clinton bellyaching stuff i was sitting there saying prayers on a sunday morning thank you that president trump won because look at the economy now as a result of his policies. pete: i'm going to try to continue the horseracing now, they lodged a complaint and from the complaint the election results were changed, so like the last two years were a big complaint from the democrats because trump went into their lane, but they didn't change, because he's still the president >> but they couldn't find a way to beat him so they had to start negative stories about why he won so now two and a half years of that you went from mueller time to the barr-be-que. they couldn't beat him, made up a story and now it's false and secretary clinton is upset she thinks it got taken from her from director comey but that's really not true. she didn't do all of the campaign rallies or inspire people the way he did and remember she didn't go to wisconsin one-time, once or
5:39 am
twice. the president was out there hustling and doing the same thing. ed: so there was a cnn poll a couple of days ago a 56% approval in terms of the jobs in the economy and now a cnn poll saying 69% of americans think congress should investigate the origins of this justice department inquiry into russian meddling it seems like the idea of investigating the investigators is catching on. >> what i said on the show friday night that if the inspector general and the fbi says the following people did the following wrong things they have to get prosecuted. if people don't like that, that's a little bit too bad but i want the president to focus on winning, i'm not tired of winning. i want him to stick to the policies. i want him to continue on course what he's trying to do is take the anxiety out of the system economically but also from a national security perspective. i like the fact he's talking to president putin. why not? i think it's a very very good strategy for america so the
5:40 am
combination of things he's doing that are offensive i want him to stay doing that . the defensive maneuver to go after the investigators let somebody else focus on that we need the president's time and energy on all of the good things he's capable of doing. jedediah: with joe biden running though i think that investigate the investigators point becomes stronger because now he's tied to that administration and people have questions for him as to what did you know what did president obama know what was going on that justified this investigation. >> when the time is right and he goes into the president's cross-hairs, it's going to be a rough time for vice president biden. jedediah: but a great debate. popcorn would be -- >> it'll be fun. ed: you guys remember the president, this guy can take you right off the playing field in ways that you can't even expect. pete: anthony scaramucci thanks for being here. jedediah: turning to headline headlines the search continues for two missing workers as two others are confirmed dead in a devastating explosion at an
5:41 am
illinois factory. three people are still in the hospital following the blast at a chemical plant near chicago. crews will be on scene to investigate what caused the explosion. damage is estimated at $1 million. and health officials board a cruise ship quarantined because of a measles scare. the ship owned and operated by the church of scientology is back at its home port in curasao only the passengers who were vaccinated or previously had the disease can leave. health officials will vaccination sin ate the others so far there's only one confirm ed case. there are about 300 people on board. and today is sing o demayo and while many americans plan to celebrate a new poll shows many don't know what they're celebrating. so the survey finds only 22% know that it marks the mexican army's victory over the french in 1862 and one in four people said they have plans for the
5:42 am
holidays. i celebrated because any excuse to eat tacos for me, i'm there. i don't care what it is. pete: that's true i agree but beating the french? no i'm just kidding. jedediah: that is all pete. pete: just kidding. rick: margaritas, i appreciate your tacos. jedediah: i will and call it a day. rick: all right guys a really rough day out here just over to my side there is the bike race or tour going on, take a look at that, not a nice day for this, everybody has some sort of rain gear on, really rough one out here. it's not going to change we pretty much have a washout of your entire day today with a lot of rain that falls take a quick look at the map to show you what this radar looks like a little bit of rain moving in across parts of north florida we'll see that get out of here. it's not going to last too long that florida rain but what will is this mid atlantic and north
5:43 am
east rain kind of gets out of here say by about 5-6:00 tonight , and then overnight tonight, sets our stage for a much better day tomorrow. just do want to show you this week a big setup again for a lot of rain across the central part of the country, where we saw incredible flooding the past week and unfortunately i think we'll see that continue. back to you inside. jedediah: thanks, rick. ed: pro-life celebration in the heart of new york city thousands gathering to send a message directly to andrew cuomo for the abortion law. jedediah: you'll hear from people at that rally, coming up next. at carvana, we have only one standard when it comes to the quality of our cars: the highest. it's why only 1 in 10 cars we look at qualify to sell on our site. if it's been in a reported accident, we won't sell it. and at our state-of-the-art facilities our ase certified mechanics
5:44 am
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5:46 am
jedediah: thousands gathering in times square this weekend for the massive pro-life rally live from new york.
5:47 am
ed: the event came in response to new york cover nor andrew cuo mo signing a controversial late term abortion bill into law earlier this year. pete: the rally even broadcast a live 4 d ultrasound in times square so fox & friends hit the streets to see what those attending had to say. take a look. >> why are you at this event? >> because i believe that life is precious. >> it's an opportunity for us to gather together as a community of people who want to support life. >> all new yorkers don't feel the way that our current government officials do. >> what did you think of the 4 d ultrasound? >> that it was absolutely beautiful. >> i think the 4 d ultrasound is the best possible argument for life. especially to hear the heartbeat i just started crying, seeing ultrasound image of my first daughter probably saved her life >> do you think that ultrasound in an event like this could change public opinion? >> i pray to god that it does.
5:48 am
i think it can. >> at least some of them had to stop and think why do we think that this is okay? >> i do believe some people will be changed and i think the other people won't be. >> and our state representative about abortion -- >> some kids are unwanted so you kill them now or kill them later. >> i am speechless to that representative. >> killing is not the answer but the answer is to correct the things that are tough for the community in alabama. >> he showed world the ugliness of his thoughts. i would say to him, um, i pray for you. >> do you have a message for governor cuomo? >> look at a sonogram and ask the question what am i looking at? it's alive and the weeks and months before he's born and even the day of conception. >> my mother scheduled to abort me and she walked out of her appointment. my life is valuable. the life of the baby that we just heard the heartbeat is valuable, all lives are valuable make a better decision for new york. they deserve better.
5:49 am
pete: wow. jedediah: powerful stuff in fact i spoke with abbey johnson a former planned importanthood clinic director turned pro-life activist and an abortion survivor and they talked to me about why this ultrasound was important. >> it's hard to deny the humanity in the womb when you can see that heart beating and that little face, when you can see that baby in the womb you can't say it's anything else other than a human child. >> to stand up there as an abortion survivor and there were two other survivors with me , and show the world and show new york city that we do have names and we have faces and we have stories and we grew up to be somebody and that this does happen and it effects people just like me and just like you. pete: i've seen a live 4 d ultrasound and you're seeing a little baby all the way around. it's not just that grainy black and white. it is flesh. jedediah: and the story is
5:50 am
absolutely amazing. we talked to her and she survived an abortion. pete: really cool right just a block away from here. jedediah: absolutely. there are five democratic women running for president but all struggling with the key voting block female voters. pete: rachel campos-duffy weighs in on that coming up next.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
jedediah: there are five democratic women running against president trump in the race for 2020 but if you look at first quarter campaign contributions, they aren't getting all the support from their fellow female s. president trump takes a top spot with just over $1.4 million raised from women donors. joining me now with her take is fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy.
5:54 am
welcome always a pleasure to have you here. reporter: thank you so much, happy sunday. jedediah: i want to take a look at these numbers, kamala harris, $3 million, and then klobuchar at about 1.5 million and then president trump a little over 1.4 million, followed by kirsten gillibrand followed by elizabeth warren and my question how is now why president trump why has he served so much he did win in 2016 but what has changed? reporter: well there's a lot of female rural voters that love donald trump i'll tell you that. we've won over the blue collar women at the working class women that used to belong to the democrats but that said it's nor than that jedediah. these are usually your first time stepping into a race is when you raise the most money. donald trump has been raising money for women for the past two years so these numbers are really strong. i will say when you look at the numbers that it shows that democrat women really do want a
5:55 am
female candidate these five female candidates received more donations from women than the 11 male candidates in the race so that tells you there's real energy behind the democrat women wanting to have a female candidate and that's not always the best way of deciding whose going to be your nominee. i could tell you jedediah my husband's own race, the primary voter in his congressional race in the americans was a female but there was an energy in the democrat party to get women candidates on the ticket. jedediah: the democratic establishment keeps talking about joe biden and joe biden and i keep saying don't underestimate kamala harris when we have these hearings for example, whether it's barr or kavanaugh she has a moment to shine. she's very tough. she's very smart and i think a lot of women out there say put her at the forefront because joe biden has a lot of baggage that she doesn't necessarily have. reporter: absolutely you can see from these numbers the females
5:56 am
in the democrat base believe that kamala harris is probably their best bet and i think you're right, jedediah. it's a good bet. she's a great contrast, she's tough, but here is the problem for democrats no matter who they nominate and that is they will all run into the buzz saw of this remarkable record breaking history-making economy and when you think about women, and what they really care about, it's not just their paychecks. it's the paychecks and the financial independence of their children, so under the obama administration, a lot of kids were living in their mommies basement. right now, if your kids living in your basement there's a problem because there are lots of jobs out there. when kids can't pay their student loans moms and dads have to step in and help out usually, so this is really, this economy is great news for moms, and dads , and that's going to be the biggest problem that democrats have because you can't deny the numbers. jedediah: thanks so much rachel always appreciate your input and we'll check it out. i'm curious to see if kamala harris holds tight on the female
5:57 am
numbers. reporter: it's a fun race to watch thanks jedediah. jedediah: this video is disturb ing children saying they will kill for an islamic center in philadelphia so why aren't more people outraged? we'll discuss that coming up next. and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe. why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire. yeah, it's a lot. but td ameritrade can help you build a plan for today and tomorrow. great. can you help us pour the foundation too? i think you want a house near the lake, not in it. come with a goal. leave with a plan. td ameritrade. ♪
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6:00 am
pete: there it is. they started it right where they needed to. ed henry, and way out of the gate. jedediah: wow! ed: i am proud. hey, you've got to own it. this is brutal. i mean, i saw you in the putting competition. you started winning recently because you hit this thing for a wall it wasn't even legal maybe, it's like you've got to win. pete: the real derby had controversy so did ours. jed gets the definitive final call and she's declared me the
6:01 am
winner. jedediah: i think we need a redo actually. because that angle of ed, i don't know and then you face planted and we didn't capture which was actually one of the best. ed: head start or no head start you face planted look at the right of the screen. that's key. jedediah: oh! ed: pete goes down and that is why -- jedediah: i think we need a re match. ed: there's no dispute here. we will go live to churchill downs and to janice dean. the real winner is derrick utley , i don't know him, he's a donald trump fan he says on twitter there are more democrats running in 2020 than there were horses yesterday in the kentucky derby. we checked and he's right. fact checked it. pete: that's true. and -- ed: they are jockeying for a position and there are more democrats running. pete: a lot of them are running in each other's lanes you might say, kicking each other. jedediah: i said we'll need a two-tier stage and we might need
6:02 am
a three-tier stage. pete: who would win in a running race of these presidential candidates? ed: bernie said that he ran in high school as young man he's still in great shape and ready to do it. bernie versus biden. jedediah: and kirsten gillibrand is always lifting weights remember? i would say to see that. can we watch that instead of the debates actually? i'd be down. ed: so nancy pelosi speaker of the house obviously seems to be sending a message to the 2020 democrats several on one hand she says look don't go too far to the left good luck with that so they seem to be there but she is also firing a shot at the president by suggesting he will not accept the election results and this is pretty rich since her party hasn't accepted the results from 2016 basically. pete: yeah that's right this is what nancy pelosi said, if we win by 1,000 votes each he's not going to respect the election. he would poison the public mind and challenge each of the races and say that you can't seek these people, he had to win.
6:03 am
imagine if he hadn't won oh, don't even imagine so as we go forward we have to have the same approach but he did win, of course, and i think she's basically admitting i don't know if we can win or will win this is going to be close. jedediah: you started off by saying that nancy pelosi is telling democrats don't go too far left. that's where we are people. nancy pelosi? ed: you're rightist ironic. jedediah: who knew. pete: well a non-voice, representative al green has been calling for impeachment for a long time but he made a statement recently that caught our eye. watch. >> i'm concerned that if we don't impeach this president he will get re-elected. if we don't impeach him he will say he has been vindicated, he will say the democrats had an overwhelming majority in the house and they didn't take-up the impeachment. we must impeach this president, if we don't, it's not the soul of the nation that will be at risk only. it is the soul of the congress that's at risk.
6:04 am
ed: hats off to al green whether you like him or dislike him he is speaking truth there. pete: i love him. ed: that's what the left wing of his party thinks which is that the president is basically vindicated by the mueller report and if the democrats don't trish regan to impeach him, he's admitting he's likely to get re- elected and that's what the democrats are saying. jedediah: you're telling donald trump we're afraid of you not necessarily you but of your success afraid of these economic numbers and these accomplishments because we can't fight you on policy so now we have to try to impeach you because we're afraid of that battle at the battle box wherever if we lose it that's a huge admission trump saying do you know what? pete: the minute you think you understand this presidential race is the minute you should just stop and keep watching. really because remember where it was at this time four years ago and the rep can side tons of candidates, people no longer in the race, we just don't know everyone knows joe biden's name
6:05 am
so they kind of assume, but he hasn't had as good of a rollout as people think he's going to have gasps we shall see. ed: well the president was on twitter all week going after joe biden who may be the democratic front runner now and also in recent months been going after saturday night live for being an anti-trump mostly. last night adam sandler hats off comes on as a former cast member and they made fun of the 2020 democrats, but also interesting, he turned it around on himself and his colleagues at snl, instead of making the a trump bash fest. watch. >> i was fired, so sad to tell ♪ well i never saw it coming, i got fired from snl♪, i guess nbc had enough of crazy spoon head, and the songs i sang on the news , maybe they were sick of canteen boy, but i think they just hate the jews ♪ nbc said
6:06 am
that i was done, and then i made over $4 billion at the box office [laughter] so i guess you could say i won ♪ >> [laughter] pete: i forgotten he was fired by nbc. ed: the billion had a b. jedediah: it's a great story i find when people are fired and they go on to be super successful and they joke about it. one other thing he did and you mentioned this, you referenced it ed was that he returned as opera man and he kind of dished on the 2020 race. check it out. >> ♪ ♪
6:07 am
[applause] pete: it's almost like one weekend adam sandler made saturday night live great again. ed: he's not my favorite comedian. michael loftus is. i would have answered. false praise. jedediah: starting to notice that. pete: we had him on the program and he had a great take on this. listen. >> it was hilarious. sandler was bringing the heat. saturday night live is like a toddler and you have to praise them when they do something good it was so nice to have balance. no one is afraid of people making fun of trump as long as you're making fun of the other side too. although, with the amount that that shows now a democratic propaganda machine, it would have been great if sandler would
6:08 am
have been like ♪ make america great again ♪. pete: there's so much material on the democrat side going into this, they better not miss the opportunity to have it. jedediah: i like when comedians make fun of everyone like equal opportunity humor no one should be exempt from good comedy. we'll turn to headlines for you in this 9:00 a.m. hour, and a fox news alert, police in north carolina are expected to hold a news conference this afternoon after an officer is shot and killed during a traffic stop. canine officer jordan harris sheldon was on the moorsville police force who're six years. officers tracked down the suspected gunman to an apartment and found him dead inside from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound and he is the 15th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. and the flight data recorder from the boeing 737 that slid into a river in florida has been recovered and it is on its way to ntsb headquarters in washington d.c. the flight carrying 143 people
6:09 am
out of guantanamo bay was landing during thunderstorms and no one was seriously hurt, but very sadly, three pets on board are presumed dead and ntsb officials say the plane has no history of accidents. right now, 2020 hopeful joe biden is attending mass in south korea as he campaigns across the state. these are live pictures inside the church. the former vice president is hoping to build support among black voters and fellow 2020 candidate pete buttigieg is also in south carolina on a two day campaign stop hosting a town hall in north charleston tonight a couple could barely believe their eyes when they spotted a black bear lounging in their hot tub. the bear, you know, just taking a dip, while playing with two other cubs outside a tennessee cabin. the woman who took the photos said she had been sitting in that spot hours earlier and the bears eventually left only to return hours later to play some more. i would like to announce i would
6:10 am
like a baby cub and that is my goal. ed: i like that you find that cute. jedediah: it's adorable. ed: it would maul you. jedediah: not a little cub, i disagree. pete: we can try that. ed: bring the bears in. jedediah: i'll take a bear. pete: polar bears are even more dangerous. they don't like people. ed: meanwhile there's a video that caught our eye. pete: yeah, if i had my way and i have no power we'd cover this every hour. this is a huge story the muslim america islamic center in philadelphia, a video emerged of kids listen to what they were saying, listen. >> ♪ ♪ >> [speaking in a foreign language]
6:11 am
pete: now, someone thought it was a good idea for the kids to say that someone taught them that, someone directed it and someone filmed it and someone put it online and it makes you believe the muslim americal society. ed: this is in america. pete: this is in philadelphia of the usa. the muslim america society runs about 50 schools like this and they have affiliation with the muslim brother hood like this strikes me as a bit of a problem jedediah: they issued a statement saying not all songs were properly vetted. this was an unintended mistake and an oversight in which the center and the students are remorseful and they will conduct an internal investigation to ensure this does not occur again ed: not properly vetted they say well, a muslim scholar, said this video is no mistake and it's a terrible slur on innocent american muslims, watch. >> this is out of the islamic playbook. this is pure muslim brotherhood,
6:12 am
of apparently american youth here in pennsylvania. parents must have given permission, the children certainly didn't look remorseful and this is a terrible slur on innocent american muslims, so it's horrifying plus they have more than 50 chapters where else is this happening? pete: 50 chapters in america? ed: in america. and dr. bill bennett of course former u.s. education secretary fox news contributor is on this program in just a few moments talking a little bit more. pete: i really want know his take. this is in his school in america , chop off heads? how in the world is that allowed jedediah: having worked in the school i have to tell you i find it really hard to believe that no parents saw that ahead of time that was the first time they saw it, it seems really odd to me. pete: unless they are empathetic with a certain viewpoint similar to that. we don't know we'll find out more because this story is baffling and scary. joe biden says he won't insult president trump by calling him
6:13 am
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ed: back with a fox news alert disputed venezuelan president rallying his troops after an attempted uprising. jedediah: secretary of state mike pompeo sending a clear message to the people of venezuela. >> the time for transition is now. no more starvation. no more children without medicine. no more repression. pete: ellison barber is live along the colombia venezuela border with a closer look at the crisis. good morning. reporter: good morning, to you guys. yeah it sounds you hear people saying there are children without medicine and it's hard to believe but here on the
6:17 am
border in colombia we have met many venezuelans who have crossed over here because they say that is exactly what their life is like. they say not only do they not have medicine for their children they also say they don't have food for their children back in venezuela. this right here is where a lot of venezuelan migrants are showing their passports and also a buzz pass to get into their red cross area. we seen a lot of people here in the last day or so getting medical treatment and then also just sleeping in and around this area. i met a family who was underneath that tented area yesterday. they told me that they were here with their three-year-old. they left because they could not feed him. they have not been able to give him a full meal in months they felt they had no choice but to come here and they had been sleeping on the sidewalk for two days. right over here there was an ambulance and we met a mother who was crying, distraught with her 12-year-old son. we just spoke to this woman, she is venezuelan and here with her son and he's right here he's 12
6:18 am
years old he's getting some treatment and she showed us his paper and forms that shows he is diabetic and he's not had insulin or any medicine to treat his diabetes in two weeks. >> i need to stabilize my son. the red cross is telling me to take my son to the hospital, to walk him there but i can't take him there this way. his sugar is high right now. he suffers from diabetes. i'm just asking them to at least take me to the hospital. reporter: so they ended up taking that mother and her son to the hospital so she could get him some insulin, some help this is another area where a lot of venezuelan migrants have been sleeping out on the streets. colombian officials say at least 25,000 venezuelans crossed into their country every single day. some people come temporarily, they have a pass, a humanitarian pass where colombians have agreed to let them come here to get food and medicine. you can see some people coming out and this woman in the wheelchair. we see a lot of people who come in who appear sick and elderly
6:19 am
and who are here for medicine. one woman you met said she comes every month to try and get her mother the insulin she needs because she's diabetic. other people head back with these massive bags filled with supplies. food, water other things they can't get. they then carry it on their backs walking all the way up the bridge. it is a difficult journeyman it people say they walk, miles and miles to get here. miles and miles to get back home , often with elderly parents and wheelchairs, young children who they are carrying in addition to all those bags of stuff. now on the other side of the bridge is an area that's known in english as the trenches. yesterday, we went to one, we've been to them three different times and one known that is an area where people are illegally crossing into colombia. they have to pay off this gang- like malitia in order to be able to come in. most of their money. they then go through an
6:20 am
incredibly difficult path. all of it is in the woods. it is dirt. there are massive amounts of rocks to try and get across not only is it difficult but it's also dangerous. they make this journey every day and for now it seems like there's no signs that these people will stop. it seems like from what we're hearing from everyone here they feel like they will not have any hope in venezuela in the near future. back to you guys. ed: ellison barber doing an outstanding job for us on the ground and great job bringing the human aspect of this. meanwhile it's the finish everyone was talking about this morning the kentucky derby winner disqualified for interference. janice dean live on the ground at churchill downs with one of the big winners from that controversial ending, that is next.
6:21 am
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a business owner always goes beyond what people expect. that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network along with complete reliability. then went beyond. beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. ed: quick headlines jeopardy
6:24 am
host alex trebek joins awe pancreatic cancer walk out in l.a. as he fights the disease himself. inspiring the crowd of survivors by telling them "we will beat cancer." in march, he revealed he has stage iv pancreatic cancer. meanwhile, our brave men and women overseas surprised with a special screening. disney bringing the new avengers end game movie to troops in afghanistan after the wife of an air force major suggested it. in just its second weekend the record breaking film is expected to top $2 billion, worldwide. jed? jedediah: it's the controversial finish everyone is talking about this morning the 145th kentucky derby, is one for the history book. >> the upset! >> there is an objection that has been posted on the board. >> after the objection, country house wins the kentucky derby.
6:25 am
pete: in a historic finish country house officially named the winner after maximum security the horse who actually finished first was disqualified for race interference. ed: well president trump just weigh in tweeted the kentucky derby decision was not a good one it was a rough and tumble race on a wet and sloppy track actually a beautiful thing to watch only in these days a political correctness could such an overturn occur. the best horse did not win the kentucky derby not even close. jedediah: oh, wow. well done. ed: let's check in with our own janice dean she is live at churchill downs how about that? [laughter] reporter: oh, my, the pressure is on. i know that i lost my bets yesterday but i'll bring someone on who won big, and that is pete rotendo. i've known him for a long long time, vp of bead breeder's cup. so you won a lot of money. >> yeah, i won a lot yesterday. reporter: how does that work?
6:26 am
>> well simple i have $100 betting strategy, and if you took that hundred and bet it you win 15,000. so it was like an all night affair. reporter: so president trump should watch this and say because you won big it's kind of a good thing? >> exactly of course i'm re investing in the economy. reporter: so tell us what happened yesterday? >> yesterday so maximum security went right to the lead, ran an amazing race but on the turn he came out and knocked off war of will number one off stride and that horse looked like he could run a huge race. you just can't do that. you have to be disqualified. it feels unfair but it's the right call. reporter: so where do we, how much did you make for your friends? >> well anywhere from 15,000 to 150,000 that's what i'm seeing across so many text messages, and i do feel bad for the people who bet maximum security. he ran a winning race, but some things happen. it's like in football when, you
6:27 am
know, a penalty sometimes you go to the replay and this is what happens. reporter: but you like the call because you made money on it? >> well i don't into that i like the call. it was the right call and we would have actually, it would have stayed up anyway so either way it was okay for me but it was the right call and i feel bad for the people who bet the horse but what are you supposed to do some types times it happens. reporter: how much was put on maximum security? >> i believe 6 million was bet on him to win versus the half a million at the country house but remember the track takes their cut and the money goes back to the winners so the winners there is always winners here. reporter: country house, great horse, with a great organization behind it. >> oh, home for the troops, home for our heros. they respond to this weekend, they brought them out, we spent the whole weekend with them entertaining them and then their horse wins and it was like they were so happy. it made the whole, we were party
6:28 am
ing all night. reporter: that is the good part of the story, i think because pete won this is a good news story. i know a lot of people were upset but there is good in this story. >> oh, yeah there was good and listen maximum security will be back in the preakness i'm sure, country house will have a re match and war of will will be back too. reporter: can you give me my money back? >> of course i've got enough to pay off everybody. ed: well thanks janice. thanks for all of the hard work. congrats. just to be clear though that pete won. pete: no, no. he said pete won. ed: literally he jumped off the couch. jedediah: i think we should poll the audience and they should decide who won that. roll the tape slowly. pete: a twitter poll. ed: [laughter] pete hegseth was wrong. jedediah: for the win. pete: never know! fox & friends in the morning the unemployment rate is at a 49- year low, but bernie sanders says that may be a bad thing.
6:29 am
>> unemployment is down. i want you to think, does that mean that the economy is booming for ordinary people? >> no! >> okay you got to think about that. jedediah: one of my favorite analysts maria bartiromo is here to react, coming up next. drivers just wont put their phones down. we need a solution. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. brought to you by geico.
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♪ why you have to go make things so complicated ♪ ed: the shot of the morning. only the most important thing. pete: apparently the internet this is a couple years old but its been revived by the internet , is that shoe teal and grey or pink and white? yesterday can i just say something? now it looks pink to me. ed: boom! pete: conversion that is pink and white. ed thinks he sees teal. ed: i see teal and we have viewers weighing in in and also a very important expert. e-mail from jim: pete i always pull for you except for today i see teal. jedediah: an e-mail from wendy the shoes are pink and white. you can't feel it any other way just like the economy is booming pete: nice eye. dennis says is jedediah wearing a pink dress? the sneakers match her dress. jedediah: see, i was saying the color of my dress and what is interesting because now i feel tricked and betrayed because i
6:34 am
saw teal and now i see pink. ed: we'll settle this one of the smartest people in the world and maria what do you see? maria: i've got to tell you, i see teal. ed: what! maria: teal and grey. pete: look at the blue on the side of fox & friends? maria: that's just a different blue. i'm talking about tones. it's a blue tone. ed: listen up. she's smart. maria: [laughter] pete: i surrender. ed: even smarter on the economy. this jobs report on friday it doesn't take someone with the ac cumen of yourself to realize this is big. maria: gangbusters much better-than-expected talking about the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years things are really on fire here and now we're just a couple months away from the longest expansion in history and what i like about this expansion is it's not just job creation and you're seeing job creation in a number of industries by the way but you're seeing wages move higher but not in a way to trigger inflation, which of course would move the federal reserve to move on interest rates, so you've got
6:35 am
low inflation, and yet wages are up 3.25% year-over-year this is the first time americans have seen a pay increase in a decade, so it's very good. jedediah: bernie sanders coming in saying hold on a second it's not that good. take a listen. >> unemployment is down. i want you to think, does that mean that the economy is booming for ordinary people? >> no! >> okay got to think about that jedediah: so if he is living on earth or where is that coming from? maria: it's funny to hear him talk about it he's so gloom and doom. unemployment is down. i mean, it's just crazy. you would think that you'd want to be celebrating this kind of an environment. i think the democrats are looking at the current economic back drop saying we've got to get another plan. i mean, it can't just be take trump down when you've got numbers like this, because everybody is feeling it. look at the asian unemployment number, lowest on record, hispanic, lowest in decades, black. i mean the whole nine yards every category is seeing real job creation, and you've got a
6:36 am
situation where people are afraid of technology getting into their lives in terms of replacing them taking over jobs with artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and people were worried and yet we're see ing job creation across-the-board in all of these new areas so it's very positive and obviously the back drop keeps an going. it has to do directly with the policies we've seen come out of this administration. you can't say not only lower taxes but the deregulation was a big deal and that's why businesses without the neuce around their necks in terms of higher regulation, they're putting money to work in terms of job creation. pete: democrats trying to figure out how to talk about the economy and also figure out what to do as it pertains to the next page of the mueller russia investigation. you've been all over investigat ing the investigators, where should they go? you've got a great show on that today too. maria: we do and thank you so much for that pete because we are really going now to probable cause, and the predicate, what the fbi told us that the reason that they launched the investigation into donald trump was because of george
6:37 am
papadopoulos. we're going right to him. devon nunes is coming up, he of course sent a letter to major agencies on friday. he wants more information about certain spies that were involved in this. he wants answers in a week, so we'll talk to him about the breaking news got representative jim jordan as welcoming out in the house judiciary committee to talk about the circus bill barr last week but importantly wait until you hear the scope of this strategy to take down donald trump from george papadopoulos. it's incredible how global it went, and really, how they tried to lure him and entrap him from the very beginnings, as they wanted to come up with this conspiracy that donald trump colluded with the russians. george papadopoulos coming on and then i've got former ag, michael mukasey will talk about bill barr because there's nothing else for them to do. they can't go anywhere so now their answers are let's rip bill barr and honest broker in all of this. ed: maria top of the hour. pete: thanks for being here.
6:38 am
maria: thank you. jedediah: we've got headlines for you, a choir puts on a powerful performance hours after their bus was involved in a deadly crash. >> ♪ ♪ jedediah: a tour bus carrying the california choir collided with an suv in california and the driver of the vehicle died. all 18 students and two staff members were able to escape the bus before it erupted in flames. and the credit card belonging to an american killed in mexico six months ago resurfaces in the u.s.. police releasing new images this week saying this manussed the card at an atm in oklahoma city and investigators are looking for the man and the woman seen with him. taylor meyer from california was killed while vacationing in mexico in november. and beto o'rourke has the
6:39 am
potential job offer for failed georgia gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams. the 2020 candidate telling supporters at a texas town hall he would put abrams in charge of combating voter suppression should he become president. abrams cited voting irregularities when she narrowly lost the race for governor. president trump will give the commander-in-chief trophy to the army football team tomorrow. the black knights earning it in back to back seasons for the first time after beating navy and air force last year. it comes the same day the president honors tiger woods at the white house for his fifth master's win. pete: wow. ed: a big day at the white house jedediah: for sure. ed: rick? rick: yeah it's a little bit better now, it's not going to stay better for much longer though. pete: i like how you change your umbrella colors throughout the show. good touch. rick: yeah i know it's because i left one in the other part already so i had to grab another
6:40 am
one there you go guys take a look at the weather map and show you what's going on we've got a lot of rain across a lot of the country this week especially right in the central part of the country. we have record breaking flooding going on across parts of the mississippi river and we have more rain unfortunately going across that same area this week i think we're talking about more significant flooding, just be prepared, know that it's coming your way. today across the mid atlantic the northeast picture city we'll put the map in motion you'll see the rain is with us for much of the day it's out of here by the overnight hours tonight and tomorrow, sets up for much nicer day. the southeast you're not looking bad you'll see showers across central florida some will be a little bit heavy but it's not a complete washout of your day and northern plains another little system dips through and you'll see that pink that is a little bit of snow and some freezing rain across parts of south dakota, so still have chilly air in place and finally out across the west things looking pretty good a little bit of rain across southern california, guys back to you inside. ed: rick your umbrella looks
6:41 am
teal to me. jedediah: very fashion forward i might add. rick: it's not it's orange. ed: the former vice president joe biden says he will not insult president trump by calling him names, so what happened next? why would he start name calling right after he said he wanted to unify the country. jedediah: the new twist in the growing debate, coming up next. ♪ another one bites the dust we're finally back out in our yard, but so are they. scotts turf builder triple action. it kills weeds, prevents crabgrass and feeds so grass can thrive, guaranteed. our backyard is back. this is a scotts yard. i got it! what? what? l.a. bookers book apartments and vacation homes as easy as hotels. ridin' scooter! l.a. baby! l.a. baby! be a booker you're welcome. at
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6:44 am
president trump: sleepy joe biden we call him 1% joe, obama came along and took him off of the trash heap and made him vice president. biden, he said i'd like to take him behind the gym. i dream of that. do you know what you do with biden? you go like this and he'd fall over. i'd be very happy if it were biden. >> happy why? president trump: i am a young,
6:45 am
vibrant man. i look at joe, i don't know about him. jedediah: [laughter] pete: some of the hits right there. ed: and he's referring to the preview. that whole bit in nevada he was talking about how joe biden has said i need him, this is months ago, i'd meet him outback the school yard kind of thing and remember joe biden walked back and said i shouldn't have done that i want to unify the country and fast forward now he launches the campaign saying i want to unify the country, and then he goes to south korea yesterday, and digs a deeper hole. jedediah: he sure did this is what joe biden said about president trump. "so many nicknames i want to give this guy. start with clown the only place he has confidence is in the mud" so this is why it's such a great match because trump doesn't pull punches when it comes to stuff like that that's what a lot of people feel they love about him, he's not censored he's just telling you how he actually feels and feels the very same way about joe biden so basically if those are the two guys grab
6:46 am
your popcorn people i know i will. pete: i think you're right but i just don't think joe biden is as good at it. and he said oh, i won't give names and he gives him a name and plays well in the mud like joe will make off hand statements but he's not as the vitality of the president, like the energy that he has, and the relentlessness with which he works and defines and markets, whose going to have a problem with that and try to compete because then he looks like a wimp if he doesn't and overplays his hand, it's going to be -- jedediah: he also has to cater to the left though. folks on the right line that donald trump is out there he's saying what he feels is unfilter ed. ed: go back to romney, obama and that debate in benghazi where he floundered and gave in, they want someone who can fight. pete: i really think that's a great point because if trump says something politically incorrect joe biden rather than
6:47 am
upping the ante says oh, man. jedediah: take the high road. ed: so unfortunate you'd use that. jedediah: that's not his instinct but he has to juggle it is it joe biden? pete: no its not. ed: how many polls do we do where they say i wish they'd talk more about the issues and then as you say they want the popcorn. jedediah: i want the popcorn on the issues i like my issues coupled with some pretty good entertainment you can have the best of both world's it's possible. we bring it all the time. pete: thanks for staying with us this morning so on another subject this 1948 john deere tractor is hitting the road driving across the country to honor our hero. ed: what a great thing to do and it's making a stop on the fox square. you'll meet the former behind the wheel, next.
6:48 am
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jedediah: welcome back quick headlines on what's happening this week. michael cohen reports to prison tomorrow. president trump's former personal attorney is sentenced to three years for campaign finance violations, tax evasion fraud, and lying to congress, and embattled r& b start r. kelly is expected back in court tuesday charged with 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse in chicago and on wednesday president trump is holding a make america great general it in panama city beach, florida and the president will visit parts of the state devastated by hurricane michael last october. over to you guys. pete: well over the next few months you may see this inspir
6:52 am
ing site on the roads and highways in america. ed: a retired farmer pledging to drive his modified 1948 john deere all across this great country while teaming up with operation second chance to give back to our nations heros. pete: here with more, retired farmer ivan stoltsvis, founder of across america for wounded heros, and author of dream to reality, as well as cindy mcgrue , founder and ceo of operation second chance. thank you both for being here. >> great to be here. pete: ivan let me start with you so where do you get this idea from? >> well my father, he would be over 100 if he was living yet but when he was 26 he went across america, and i was always very intrigued by his stories and when i was farming he would be helping me and he had, well before that he had a john deere a two cylinder which this is, and i loved to hear the sound of that and i started dreaming some day i want to go across america for some cause, in an old
6:53 am
tractor but it wasn't until later in the years one-day on the farm he just out of the blue said ivan if you have a dream don't wait until you're too old or physically can't do it just do it i wish i would have done more and it wasn't until later en my life i realized i was taking my freedom for granted and getting older and i started thinking what he had said to me and i thought if i want to do that i need to do that now. ed: what a great inspiring message from your dad that's just remarkable. cindy what makes you when you hear that work in operation second chance what you do. >> it's great for me because in 2004 i started going to walter reed and visiting the injured soldiers that were there and when ivan drove our tractor to our office in 2016 it was really exciting we had one of our interns take him to walter reed to visit. we've been providing emergency assistance since that time so we've been providing more than $7 million in emergency financial assistance to our wounded injured veterans.
6:54 am
pete: so vets and their families you're there to help them? >> yes, so we receive a lot of requests from case workers that we've got families that are living at poverty level and facing eviction, can we help because it comes from a case worker we're able to turn that around within 24-48 hours we're able to provide that assistance to keep them in their home. so it's a real pressing to serve ed: what about the tractor? how did you acquire it how long has it been in the family. pete: how fast does it go? >> it will go 18 but i don't want to have it full throttle. we have it around 14-15 so i keep it two-thirds throttle and a little gps on on the dash, whenever it gets over 15 i start braking and i bring it back but the tractor, i actually, for my dream, i wanted a john deere a, and it's the tractor i always wanted to have and of course when i got this tractor, one of the boys from southeastern pennsylvania restored that completely. some drove 40 miles just to
6:55 am
volunteer for a year to restore that tractor. my son-in-law, earl martin trucking put a peterbuilt cab on there and my son said ivan, i need to put something on there for inclement weather i was expecting a frame with a blue tarp but he came one-day and said i found the right cab. it's a 1984 35 peterbuilt cab, and they customized that and put two bucket air seats and put a customized dash in there. ed: so romantic to hear you describe it, the romance people have with a john deere and it's a piece of america. pete: you're hitting the road on may 11 how long will it take you >> actually may 10 i'm leaving from the operation second chance office, probably around five and a half or six months my final destination is middle of october in sarasota, florida. follow me on operation second, and they actually track me on there. right now if you tracked ivan you can see it setting outside
6:56 am
the building there. ed: we'll be tracking you all across the world. pete: sandy thank you. last word. >> oh, i'm sorry we're still looking for sponsors so everyone still has an opportunity to sponsor ivan. we can get their logos on to this and send it ahead to his next stop. ed: i'll be going to the website at 10:01 a.m. eastern time. right now they are setting aside , room for a lot more. pete: operation second chance. don't tell your mother. dad, it's fine. we have allstate. and with claimrateguard they won't raise your rates just because of a claim. that's why you're my favorite... i know. are you in good hands? whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices?
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that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price!
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pete: we're getting mail. phil says disqualified ed, pete is the winner! jedediah: and then mark says as a member of the pete hegseth fan club it pains me to say ed henry
7:00 am
ed: thank you! pete: nope, nope. ed: coming next. jedediah: you'll have to share it. ed: see you next weekend. pete: go to church, have a great sunday! maria: good sunday morning everyone thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo joining us straight ahead right here right now former trump campaign aid george papadopoulos reacting exclusively this morning to bombshell revelations that the fbi sent an undercover agent to interrogate him in 201f several agents that tried to question him. he tells us about the efforts to spy on him and new details on the suspected russian agent who sent him information about hillary clinton e-mails. the ranking republican on the house intelligence committee devon nunes with us this morning , and also digging into this as he has been demanding answers from our intelligence agencies about this


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