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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 5, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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i would like for this to be a dialogue not just us talking at you, we are back here, 11:00 eastern, see you then. eric: fox news alert, growing showdown between congress and the executive branch. with more democratic members of congress are calling on attorney general william barr to resign over handling of the mueller report. this as lawmakers are now confirming, yes, they have reached a deal for special counsel robert mueller to testify on capitol hill. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters this sunday, i'm eric sean. >> i'm anita vogell, mueller will likely testify next wednesday, it would be first appearance since release of lightly redacted report detailing russia's interference in 2016 election and whether the president obstructed justice during the investigation.
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here is judiciary committee david on fox news sunday. >> may 15th, we hope the special counsel will appear, we think the american people have a right to hear directly from him. >> let me interrupt because we are running out of time. has the special counsel agreed to that date? >> well, i think counsel -- representative of special counsel has and obviously until the day comes we never have a guaranty. >> okay, garrett tenney live at the white house with more on all of this, garrett, good to see you. >> well, anita, at this point the justice department has not responded to nadler's demands, so 21 hours from now that does not change, nadler vow to go move ahead with proceedings for the attorney general, with that in mind on sunday shows this morning democrats were out defending that potential move and arguing arguing that they hd to work with attorney general william barr to provide congress with the full mueller report.
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>> the chairman of the committee conveyed to the attorney general some additional compromises and said, you know, produce all of the documents but prioritize those that are referenced in the report, give us an opportunity to see the unredacted version and gave until tomorrow morning at 9:00 o'clock to produce the documents. if the attorney general does not, the chairman will ask committee to move forward with a contempt citation. >> republicans point out that back and forth between legislative and executive branch is normal. democrats are now attacking william barr in an attempt to try to detract or prevent him from investigating the investigators, to look into the origin of the trump-russia probe. in a bit of other news, the president announced new pick to lead ice in a tweet saying i am pleased to inform all of those that believe in a strong, fair and sound immigration policy that mark morgan will be joining the trump administration as head of our hard-working men and
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women of ice, true believer and american patriot, he will do a great job. now, this comes after the president withdrew his previous nominee to lead, he wanted to go in tougher direction and morgan certainly brings a lot of experience including brief tenure of border patrol chief under president trump and he's been a very strong supporter of president trump's tougher actions to secure the southern border. anita, eric. >> lots of news there, we will keep our eye on may 15th for robert mueller to possibly testify, thank you for that report. eric: more now on "the new york times" report that the fbi sent undercover informant to question george papadopoulos about possible communications and cooperations between the trump campaign and russia. papadopoulos said the agent who met him in london bar, blond woman who he claims tried to seduce him for information.
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there is papadopoulos with maria bartiromo on sunday morning futures. >> i was in jail for 11 nights because of this, after i had money thrown my way, wiretaps surveillance by foreign countries and then i finally get caught in perjury trap and i go to jail for 11 nights. it was entrapment. >> what revelations mean, legal fellow for heritage foundation, former attorney, sounds like james bond movie, portrays herself as assistant, research assistant to abstract information, what do you think? >> well, if what papadopoulos said it's true is unethical, still remains the big question remains unanswered by the fbi particularly james comey and it's this, if the fbi actually had any evidence that the russian government was trying to
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penetrate or get into the trump campaign, why did they not immediately call candidate trump to brief him to warn him about this, very same way, you know, the secret service gets presidential candidate to protect them. eric: maybe because he's the target, maybe because the campaign officials themselves are the targets and the fbi doesn't want to tip them off. >> they had no president that the president was involved and if members of the campaign were -- the russian government was trying to influence them, he should have been informed of this immediately so they could take steps to prevent it. that's the way the fbi would normally operate and i just don't understand why they didn't take those steps. eric: let's get back to george papadopoulos' claim, he said the words seduce.
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tried to get information about russia and possible contacts, the fbi, they were getting all the reports of trump campaign officials meeting with various russian intelligent covers in various ways and the fbi has come under criticism for that, do you think that's justified? >> well, we don't know yet but hopefully we will find out because, look, now that we know that the whole russian-collusion claim was a hoax, ag has said that they are going to investigate, what credible evidence does the fbi have to initiate this investigation because if they didn't, they didn't have any actual credible evidence than it's possible the fbi actually abused its power to launch a law enforcement operation, actually counterintelligence operation when it didn't have the authority to do so. >> well, james comey has been defending that and officials have said that they followed all the rules in the book appropriately. here is what was said on knf
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radio. >> and the one that's the craziest, the notion that we were out to get donald trump, okay, well let me ask a question trump supporters, i knew and a very small number of people and the entire world knew before the election that we were conducting counterintelligence investigation about individuals close to the trump campaign and i told the fbi team it's really important that we keep this close hold and this not get out. why on earth wouldn't we leak that. eric: what about the view that they did not follow up legitimate concerns, that they did not do that. >> yeah, but comey saying they had legitimate concerns, remember, andrew mccabe, the former number 2 of the fbi said that what they relied onto start the electronic surveillance or counterintelligence operation was the steel dossier and comey
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himself has admitted that the information on the dossier was unverified. that calls into great question any claims by comey now that they actually had legitimate information or evidence that would justify opening up this counterintelligence operation. >> welshing it started with the claim from the australian diplomat to papadopoulos and then went off to dossier but as you said part of ig horowitz, as well as attorney general's as well as lindsey graham and all this, always good to see you, thank you. >> thanks for having me. eric: anita. >> well, in venezuela opposition leader juan guiado preparing to make another bid for support of the country's military. it would be another attempt to overthrow nicolás maduro. here is secretary of state mike pompeo responding earlier today on fox news sunday.
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>> sometimes it takes time. chris: why did we think it was going to happen on tuesday and it didn't happen? >> we know it's going to happen. >> we have live fox team coverage now. ellison barber is on the venezuelan border with colombia, but, first, steve harrigon live on the ground in vensan capital of caracas, steve. >> anita, juan gui a, -- guiado, opposition leader, is giving reasons of his own why it didn't happen on tuesday, why that military uprising he tried to lead did not come off. guiado would consider any u.s. offer for military intervention here inside venezuela, we have seen over the past week is a real decline in momentum and in
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numbers of opposition, by saturday, the opposition called for protests drew just about 200 protesters out on the streets here in caracas, really not interfering with traffic at all. they tried to give letters to military to try to bring them over their side. some of the soldiers set letters on fire or simply walked away. as far as disputed president nicolás maduro, he has visited military bases now for 3 days in a row. it's clear he is trying to sure up support among military, he's expecting the ak103 assault rifles, chanting loyalty forever with the soldiers, so far in this 3-month dispute between guiado and maduro, just one high level security official has flipped from maduro to guiado. guiado not getting military backing yet in venezuela. anita, back to you.
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>> seems like a changing situation on the ground there day by day, thanks so much for your coverage. eric: meanwhile thousands of venezuelans are pouring into neighboring colombia every day, they are in desperate search of food, medicine, shelter and safety to get away from the chaos in venezuela. ellison barber on the ground in colombia, right at the border at the simon bolivar bridge. hi, ellison. >> hey, eric, yeah, this is a neighborhood just next to that bridge, you can see the bridge just past where i'm standing, the neighborhood is known as la parada, a way that migrants come into colombia. i want to show you how some of them are making noun buy food and things as you mentioned, they do not have at home. this is scrap metal. we see venezuelans go through,
9:12 am
los mangos. people come with carts filled with scrap metal that they try to sell. if you walk a little we can show some of this. we spoke to two brothers earlier today, 9 and 17 year's old, they make the trip to colombia every single week because they need to try and sell some scrap metal. we walked back this way, perdon por favor. they come in here and sell scrap metal, they sell metals here and put it in trucks, essentially junk yard, melted down, a lot of this are old car parts, a lot also some stuff that they have been able to take off of statutes in venezuela that they then carry here to sell, they do this for pennies, those two brothers we sphoak said that they do this 3 times a week and they do it because they don't have food back in venezuela. ultimately how much money they
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make, they make 17 cents, u.s. cents, perdon, 17 cents for every pound of scrap metal, that's not a lot of money, they are doing for pennies and the brothers and everyone we spoke to said they have to do this because they have no food, the brother who is are 17 and 9 year's old. not only have they trying to get money for themselves but the rest of the family back in venezuela, eric. >> eric: ellison, vivid look at hard-breaking humanitarian crisis that's caused by maduro, thank you. anita. >> president trump confident that a deal can be reached with kim regime. gillian turner live in washington with more, gillian, good afternoon. >> hi, anita, secretary of state mike pompeo joined fox news sunday this morning to confirm
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the hermit kingdom launched missiles yesterday but rather than condemn the tests which sources tell fox news likely violate the terms of an existing from u.s. and north korea, pompeo said this. >> we have high confidence that they were not long-range missiles or intercontinental missiles but we want to put in larger context, we still have every intention of negotiating good resolution to north korea to get them to denuclearize. we knew it wouldn't be straightforward. gillian: president trump and dictator kim jong un met in vietnam where negotiations fell apart after just 2 days, pompeo says he doesn't hold against dictator kim either. >> i have extended our negotiating hand to north koreans. i extend my hand to continue negotiations, we want to continue to work towards a peaceful resolution.
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>> since then the north korean government has repeatedly called for the trump administration to lift economic sanctions, so far refused but president trump lent support publicly in response to yesterday's missile test, he tweeted, anything in interesting world is possible but i believe that kim jong un fully realizes the great economic potential of north korea and will do nothing to interfere or end it. he also knows that i'm with him and doesn't want to break his promise to me. pompeo said this morning that deals always seem impossible until they are finalized and he's focused on his mission which is to get a deal despite obstacles along the way, but national security sources are ringing alarm bells and they tell fox news the administration's failure so far to hold north korea accountable for continued nuclear activities could ultimately tip the scales in kim's favor, anita. >> all right, gillian, thank you so much for the report. eric.
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eric: and guess what, north korea's ambassador to the united nations, while he does not want to talk about otto warmbier, you know otto university virginia student who was basically tortured to death by kim's in 2016, he was grand on false charges, the north koreans could use otto as propaganda pond against the u.s. more recently approached north korean ambassador to the united nations and i asked him about otto and the new york city council proposal in front of offices in manhattan after otto, that would be memorial to otto. here is the result. do you have any reaction?
9:17 am
>> no. >> any reaction to the warmbier family? anything to say at all, sir? as you say, i pushed him on fox news microphone away twice. no apology, no kind words, nothing for the warmbier family from top kim's diplomatic in the u.s. >> north korea to me is the cancer on the earth. fanned we ignore this cancer, it's not going to go away. it's going to kill all of us. >> mrs. warmbier joined others victims of kim's regime. they said we must remain tough on kim jong un. >> there's a charade going on right now, it's called
9:18 am
diplomacy. how can you have diplomacy to someone that never tells the truth? that's what i want to know. i'm all for it, but i'm very skeptical. they only care about themselves, they do not care about all the people in the concentration camp, they are concentration to me. the only difference between hitler and him is he's doing it to all of his people and to other people too. >> thanked the u.s. government for otto's return. we will be right back.
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9:23 am
the investigation is ongoing. >> well, eric, michael cohen facing bleak reality. set to report to federal prison tomorrow morning to begin serving a 3-year sentence for tax evasion and lying to congress. jackie is following the story from new york city's news room. time sup for michael cohen. >> michael cohen out on the town in manhattan, they went to diner and barbershop and some of them shouting i love you and give him a break. giving press conference tomorrow morning where he's expected to share some final thoughts before heading to prison. >> are you going to have a press conference before you leave on monday. >> yes. >> what do you plan to say at the press conference? >> the president's former fixer heading to federal correctional
9:24 am
institute in new york, he will serve 3 years for tax evasion, lying to congress and campaign finance violations, cohen made hush-money payments to stormy daniels and former playboy model karen mcdoogle on president's behalf. cohen could have had it worse, correctional facility is known for large collection of kosher food and home visits for those who qualify. offers areas to play tennis, basketball, plus gym with weights and other exercise equipment. >> he is very fortunate though he may not be it today, very fortunate to be going to federal prison camp, he should be grateful and feel very fortunate that he's going there and pursue
9:25 am
educational activities, write his memoir. >> also cautions it's more comfortable than other is not a country club and cohen is in for a big change in the life he's used to anita. >> still doesn't seem like the typical jail but serving a 3-year sentence there. thank you so much, jackie, i appreciate the report. eric: 2020 democratic field man, oh man, it is getting larger by the day, 21 candidates now for the chance to challenge the president for the white house, all stretching for opportunity to break out of that patch field, dan springer with the latest in los angeles, so many we can't put them on the wall anymore. >> i was going to say you can't put them on the screen there, 21 democratic candidates, close to washington so they can edge their way onto sunday talk shows, but a couple focusing on south carolina which is the first primary in the south, the first real test of strength among african-american voters, former vice president joe biden
9:26 am
was up bright and early attending church in west colombia, he was asked by reporter how important south carolina was for his chances to win the democratic nomination and he said it was critical, biden spoke to congregation and spent most of the time bashing president trump's character but he did talk a bit about trump tax cuts and instead of giving him any credit for strong economy, he blasted them saying it only help it is rich and running you have up the tax cut. >> not only did it go to the top 1% of the american people, it did something else, a new loopholes in the wall, to keep the super wealthy from having to pay taxes. >> president trump has a very different story to tell in this week he had yet another better than expected economic report
9:27 am
and 263,000 jobs last month, unemployment at 50-year low, wages are rising faster than inflation and stock market is hitting record high. president trump says it's due to tax cuts and cutting regulations on the businesses that provide jobs, but candidate bernie sanders disagrees. >> what we are looking at is a 10-year rebounded from the wall street crash of 2008. i do not believe that trump's massive tax breaks for billionaires is cause of good economy. >> tax cuts along with wage growth are giving people more money to spend, so these candidates, how they frame the economy will be interesting going forward and here is a look at where they are right now. mayor pete buttigieg will have a town hall meeting in south carolina later this afternoon, first debate next month and several candidates are just trying to qualify to be on the stage by having enough donors and supporters in the early
9:28 am
polls. eric. eric: about 20 minutes we will be talking about the trump economy and this week, dan, one more city mayor expected to join the crowded field. >> 223. >> big drama at kentucky derby. we will have more on that in just a moment. juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. go from fresh to deliciously done in half the time. which means it may become the only thing you use in your kitchen. (tapping) for cooking, at least. (upbeat music) the ninja foodi, with tendercrisp, the cooking while parenting technology.
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thanks to their fast approval process, when it came time to buy a new car, we got everything we needed to transport my wife's little bundle of joy... ...who i just adore. navy federal credit union, our members are the mission. eric: stunning and historic upset in kentucky derby, maximum security crossing the finish line first only to being disqualified, interfering with the other horses, the decision handed victory second-place horse, 65 to 1 long shot country house, live in louisville, kentucky with the very latest.
9:33 am
some are very happy and some are really sad. >> they call it the greatest 2 minutes in sports and frustration and debated and never lost a race on racetrack before. 2019 security for 20 minutes and crossed the finish line first, maximum security, 20 minutes will do most complaints and for the first time in kentucky derby history, the winning has disqualified, one of maximum security owners called the most egregious disqualification. he's is one of the stewards. >> we had a lengthy --
9:34 am
>> you know, as far as the wind goes, it's actually and you always want to win, people are furious, here are some of the tweets sent to derby, quote, i see horse impede and bump into the others every year, why is this year different. sad day for racing fans, perfect
9:35 am
record led wire to wire in really bad conditions. the right call was made, we spoke to spokesperson here and this was obviously not the popular call but it was the right decision according to rules, $41.2 million was set on yesterday's race, $6 million was placed on maximum security, the original winner and just $500,000 for country house. eric. eric: wow, shocking and controversial. all right, matt. >> quite a controversy, for more on this, michael joins us over the phone, the president and founder of retirement home for horses, retirement horses which houses two derby winners. we appreciate it. >> sure, anita, my pleasure. >> call it upset, call it a first, this is something that has never happened before in kentucky derby, a horse seen
9:36 am
disqualified, you were there, what did you make of yesterday's outcome because as we heard in reporter, mixed of reactions, some people are very upset about that call. >> well, that's no different than any horseplayer's revolution when they lose. so people who thought they won lost, people who they lost won. although the country house minority, they they were excited. i went to a derby yesterday, was the first time ii ever attended. i was with a guy from austin, texas, after disqualification made $6,000, he's overjoyed but in a larger way as the sport itself beyond the gambling, they've never disqualified a horse because the kentucky derby is probably the roughest race ever run all year. >> yeah. >> 23-year-old horse coming out of the gate and everybody wants to win and they give no quarter and that's what happened, i mean, if this was a wednesday
9:37 am
afternoon race in belmont park we would have been disqualified in 90 seconds. because they hadn't done this before, they really took a look at it. they should put a statute for this horse because kept the horse up right, kept them from going down and the horse smart enough to hold because if he slips an falls down, it could have been the end of horse racing. >> particularly rough yesterday because of the rainy conditions and the soggy track there so, so, you know, they took 20 minutes, the officials, they took 20 minutes to figure out what happened, you were there, i'm sure a lot of people are on pens and needles during the 20 minutes, what were you thinking during that time? >> well, i didn't see it -- i was at the track, as i said i was watching it live, so i didn't see what actually happened but as soon as i saw it
9:38 am
on tv i knew that they should disqualify. i mean, maximum -- that doesn't mean the best horse won, that doesn't mean that country horse is better than the other horses, when maximum security came out and wiped out half the field or more, you had a situation where a lot of the horse that is should have been coming at the end and a lot of horses that i think frankly are lot better than country house would have been coming at the end, they lost all chances to compete at that point and that's why they took maximum security down. >> so what happens to maximum security now? i guess he's owner can appeal the horse is still qualify today run in future races, i think belmont right after that, right? >> yes and i think that's probably -- i think that's probably what they'll do because very good horse, bob who had 3 horses in the race, we have two retired kentucky derby winners and he was at the farm on thursday, he told me the only horse he was worried about the
9:39 am
race was maximum security. >> well, that's a funny thing to think considering what happened. so beyond country house, the eventual winner would win were long shot, 65 to 1, what do you think that says about horse racing, does it agree a new sense of excitement to the race that really anything can happen so we should watch and especially, you know, keeping in mind a lot of the bad press this year with so many horse deaths out of santa anita in california where i'm from? >> well, i think that, you know, racing has to pay attention that 23 horses died and they have to get to the center of this and they have to fix it and if they don't fix it, legislation pending, pending in congress to -- to put new rules in effect that will take better care of
9:40 am
the horses. >> a few words of excitement of the race, sometimes it's not the outcome that you think it's going to be, right? >> no, i didn't anticipate the outcome at all. i thought country house might be good enough to be fourth or fifth maybe if you got lucky third but i never thought -- i never thought he'd win and that's why he went 65 to 1. those who we think are doing are totally incorrect. >> thank you very much for the insight on this, really appreciate it. >> thank you so much, anita. >> you're welcome and we will be right back
9:41 am
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eric: president trump has a lot to run, reacting to another positive job's report, april numbers released on friday showed unemployment rate following to lowest level since
9:45 am
1969. strong hiring and wage growth picking up. dan springer reported earlier in newscast, some like vice president joe biden are saying the gains are not being shared by all americans. >> first thing i'd do repeal this trump tax cut. [cheers and applause] >> not only did it most i will go to 1 tenth of 1% or 1% of the american people, it did something else, gathered new loopholes in the wall from keeping super wealthy from having to pay taxes. eric: what about this, capital management and investment adviser and fox news contributor. gary, you know what the vice president is saying, another democratic candidate tax cuts went to corporations, the wealthy and real poll, not seeing success, does that accurately reflect the reality? >> yeah, i don't think so. i'm a big number's guy and when you have 3.6% unemployment and
9:46 am
3.2% gdp in a world where gdp around the globe has been coming down and as big as our economy is those are darn-good numbers. i don't think i've seen stark contrast, trump will run on tax cuts, i don't think there's a tax hike that's not been opposed by the democratic candidates from marginal tax breaks, to wealth taxes, capital gains taxes all kinds of others so the next bunch will be quite interesting. eric: well, if tax breaks go to corporations and companies and businesses, hiring more, could be? >> yes, and look -- our corporations were out of line with corporations over the globe, ireland was 12%, we had to come down. so we are more in line, that's good for competition but more importantly you can see what's
9:47 am
happening right now and for me the biggest part of the equation, how many people and estimates all over the place, how many people have come off of welfare, these are people that were not producing, that were taken check from government, now have jobs and spending a check to government, what a difference in how the economy is running right now. i think the momentum is behind it and i think the businesses, they're quite happy not to mention the regulatory part where they skyrocketed over the last couple of decades and i think that has helped also. eric: unemployment at 4.2%, the lowest that we have seen since 1970's for african-american, hit record low, you know, last year, what does that tell you about the politics?
9:48 am
>> election time, those are two voting blocks, here in florida the hispanic is going to be important, in florida trump won by very, very little, 29 elect real votes so it's going to matter. if the black vote moves towards republican, that is another biggie for that side, so i think that's why you're seeing a lot of shouting from the left right now, for me i don't think you can argue against numbers but they certainly are and they do it normal way, demonization that the wealthy get everything and the poor getting nothing but all i can tell you you have to really decide, you want less money in the economy by tax hikes or more money staying in the economy or with people with tax cuts and seems to me the tax cuts are working right now, of course, we have a long way before the election. eric: you talk about the election, the numbers, we will show you wall street journal nbc poll and the president on the economy, look, over 50% mark for those who approve, 41%
9:49 am
disapprove. he's doing very well, pretty well in the economy, so obviously you think it's going to run on it if it keeps up? >> if it's the economy, he's going to win, but there are a lot of factors with this president and all the things that are talked about on a daily basis. if he stops tweeting everything else and tweets numbers that will go a long way but i don't think he will listen to me, he talked about the kentucky derby this morning, he's into a lot of things, if he would talk about numbers and how many jobs have been created, i think 2020 can go very well for him but, again, he's president trump. eric: okay, gary, good to see you, that's a good idea. up here in fox news channel exclusive investigation whether or not the president will only tweet numbers and not words, we will be right back alright, i brought in
9:50 am
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>> wet weather warning after storms and flooding along the liver in parts of iowa the water rise to go levels not seen in more than 150 years, adam.
9:54 am
>> heavy big storms in the middle of the country, unfortunately that's going to continue, the most recent one running out to mid-atlantic to new england. middle of the country and making soggy weekend across the dc up to new york and boston, for your sunday, there's already system coming together in the middle of the country. this is a future radar so actually doesn't look very bad right now but you can pay attention to the time, we will see another line of big thunderstorms firing up by later this eaching into the afternoon hours, any one of those could have severe weather, that's a slow-mover, portions of north texas, that's the next one we are paying attention to. i don't think likelihood of seeing tornadoes but there's a chance there. all throughout thunderstorms, big heavy rains, damaging wind up to 60 miles an hour, even hail, this is the one to pay
9:55 am
attention to. we are in a set-up right now where we are getting storms piling up in the middle of the country as this one moves out more lining up behind it. this is our precipitation, right along mississippi and further off to the west, widespread, additional, these folks have seen a lot of rain, 3 to 4 to 5-inches, unfortunately the rain at least in the next week or two, it just continues to pile on, it could be a while for the folks to dry out. >> how about that in adam klotz, thank you so much. >> all right next up the surprise in the hot tub you don't want to miss this. with licensed agents available 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy!
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>> bear site needs to common this time of year and animals are coming out of hibernation, but this kind of society may not be so common for a tourist at resort in tennessee should this video of a black bear cub taking a quick soak in a hot job or two other cups were spotted nearby splashing around a bit before heading home. can you imagine? >> look at that. do you have a hot tub? >> we have a jacuzzi. >> what would happen if you came home and there was a barren yurt jacuzzi? >> i would scream, but my 5-year old would be in her glory. >> we have a bathtub. james, you have there is a new
10:00 am
jersey. and they hang out. thank you for spending time with us. we appreciate you spending your hours watching the box news channel. >> have a nice afternoon. >> democratic congressman telling fox news he hopes special counsel robert mueller will agree to testify before congress may 15 or talk about report of russian meddling. welcome to america's news headquarters in washington. i'm leland vittert. just when you thought we would get one day to digest yesterday's news. >> i'm molly and as the clock is ticking for attorney general william barr to release the unredacted version, we are l


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