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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 7, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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20th birthday on sunday. happy birthday! >> melissa: very nice. we'll be back here at noon eastern tomorrow. now, here is harris. >> harris: fox news alert, new escalation in the standoff between the white house and house democrats. the administration told a member of its legal team not to comply with the congressional subpoena. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the white house telling former counsel don mcgahn not to turn over any documents related to the mueller investigation as democrats have demanded. administration officials are citing executive privilege. in a letter to the house judiciary committee. meanwhile, officials from the justice department and chairman jerry nadler's team our meeting today ahead of his panels vote tomorrow on whether to hold the attorney general in contempt for refusing to turn over the full mueller report. republicans say it's time to move on. democrats don't agree. >> it doesn't make it so. the american people want answers and accountability.
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case closed, really, it should case very much open. the american people want open and transparent. >> harris: john roberts has more from the north lawn. as we've talked about it, to force william barr to turn something over unredacted, isn't that forcing him to break the law? by the bay, congress could change the law. >> they certainly could if they wanted to. we will get to the barr aspect of all this in a minute. another subpoena fight brewing between the white house and congress. don mcgahn was supposed to, by 10:00 this morning, turn over documents that have been subpoenaed by the house judiciary committee to the house judiciary related to the mueller investigation. instead of getting documents from don mcgahn, jerrold nadler, the chairman of the committee, got a letter from pat cipollone, the white house counsel. which said, in part, "the white house records remain legally protected from disclosure on long-standing constitutional privileges because they implicate
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significant executive branch confidentiality, interests, and executive privilege." the letter stopped short of claiming executive privilege, only pointed to it. he instructed nadler's committee to send any further request to the white house. in another letter, mcgahn's attorney bill burke writes, "we are coequal branches of government, making contradictory demands of mr. mcgahn concerning the same set of documents. the appropriate response for mr. mcgahn is to maintain the status quo. this letter only covers documents that mcgahn was supposed to produce this morning. again, at 10:00. it does not cover his scheduled testimony on may the 21st. it is still unclear how the white house is going to respond to that. indications that we've been getting are the white house will move to block it. in another battle, this one you mentioned -- this time overnight
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unredacted copy of the mueller report. the house judiciary committee chairman jerrold nadler would be meeting with dig officials to try to negotiate access to that fully unredacted report. in a statement, saying, "it remains vital that they have the full unredacted report and the underlying materials. at a moment, our plans to consider holding attorney general barr accountable for his failure to apply, comply still stands. my hope is we make concrete progress at tomorrow's -- meetg toward his own mistress dispute that a broader justice points out that jerrold nadler so far has shown no interest in reading the less redacted version of the report has been on l for weeks. the doj also says it has to stay within the parameters of the law and relationship releasing mate are references to grand jury testimony in the unredacted version. the house speaker nancy pelosi supports the colleagues demand.
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listen to what she said earlier today. >> the facts, the data, the evidence. the truth is what we want to base our decisions on. and the administration should be willing to share that. unless they have something to hide. >> both nadler and the doj are remaining highly secretive about the wear and wind of this meeting. we understand it might be somewhere midafternoon. but it would appear likely, harris, that if we can't reach an accommodation that nadler will, tomorrow, move to hold barr in contempt of congress. we will see where this goes. >> harris: really quickly, doesn't congress -- rent they already in receipt of a less redacted version than what went out into the bloodstream of the public? >> yeah, i mentioned that. the deferment of justice out that nadler has not shown any interest in going down the hall to read that report. >> harris: in a scif come to see what the rest of us cannot read. >> it's a principle thing. nadler saying, "i don't want the
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less redacted version, i want the unredacted version or nothing." >> harris: thank you, john roberts. appreciated parade let me bring in now hogan gidley, principal deputy press secretary. you heard us going back and forth. if you don't read what you can get your hands on, at least you could be making use about a time. start with don mcgahn and this decision to not comply with handing over documents before it testimony later in the month. is this a final decision? >> don mcgahn does not have the legal right to disclose the documents. he does not have the legal right to see it. jerry nadler knows it. it's about putting politics prayed as he does mention, 99% of this report, unredacted, sit. a secure location. not one single democrat has gone to read it yet. it's because the democrats it don't care about getting information. they care about getting this president. it has been very clear from the
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start of this. the information that came out for everyone in this country to see and understand what's there is no collusion, no obstruction. they wanted it to be so true, they believed all the people on the democrat side and the media so they had evidence. stone cold proof that there was collusion with the president of the united states, a foreign government. proved not to be the case. no evidence, no proof. they pushed a lie on the american people for more than two years. i understand, why they don't want to come to that, they would be admitting the last two years of their life was a complete and total lie. the fact is this president has done nothing wrong and now the world knows that. >> harris: i want to get a speaker nancy pelosi and what she had today, and get a reaction paid ordering don mcgahn not to comply with the subpoena. she tweeted this. "from family separation and border security to health care and pre-existing conditions, the trump administration is standing in the way of countless legitimate efforts by congress
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to get america answers. this and unprecedented stonewalling is an acceptable. >> i don't know what she's talking about. 99% of the time. that might tip the scales to 100% just now. we have been more transparent in this process. we gave over 1.4 million documents, 30 plus hours of just on mcgahn testimony, by the way. to the special counsel. 2,800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, 500 warrants. 40 fbi agents. 19 attorneys andy partridge in a pear tree. and we now know there is no collision, no obstruction. we have been moving the ball forward on countless fronts, whether it's defeating isis. remaking fiduciary, changing the tax code. incredible results of the american economy, uplifting people from the bottom of the scale to the top of the scale. they've had control of the democrat congress, it has done nothing except play political games and it's disgusting.
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>> harris: it's even less redacted than what went out to the public. earlier, and a scif, something they really want the american people to know. they want to go down the hall and read some of this. >> absolutely. grew quickly, this is not oversight prethis is overreach. they are pushing these things. they want information they know they don't have the right to see and they know it's illegal. >> harris: they can change the rules. they could see what is underneath that blanket. i've got to move onto the fbi director. christopher wray, telling a senate panel today that he would not describe government surveillance such as that conducted on the president's 2016 campaign as "spying," as attorney general william barr has said. is this a break between the fbi and the white house sees it? >> the way the american people see it, that's this. we know someone was sent into the trump campaign to infiltrate the campaign and get information. we know that a fisa warrant was
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obtained on a fake, phony, fraudulent ostomy. we know that the trump campaign was in fact spied upon. all of these things occurred under the watchful eye of the barack obama administration. all of these things occurred with russian meddling, under the barack obama administration. they did nothing about it. the president has been right about this from the beginning and that we have to find out not just how we got here but who started this whole thing. that's important, that the attorney general and others look at the bottom of it. the market people observant information. >> harris: he has questions and want to ask him specifically of bob mueller about how things got started. why is the word "spying" so incendiary? >> i don't know. democrats are have used it for the better parts of two years as related to the case against donald trump. now when the tide turns and everything looks like he could be the democrats were guilty
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here, they don't want to use the word "spying." they are shying away from that. what you call it? what do you call it when a warrant is obtained on front of an information customer if you ask majority of the american people, they should recall it spying. the american people deserve to know the truth here. so does donald trump. who is spied upon in this campaign. >> harris: what's interesting is what barr said. you are continuing to hear it today. that the spying not necessarily as pejorative, if, in fact, it was surveillance done legally. we will move on. republican senators are set to attend a 3:00 p.m. meeting our value there in the white house to talk about the administration soon to be released. immigration plan. what can you tell us about what's upcoming in that meeting? anything about this plan you can share? >> i can't get out of the president come as you know, but i will say we have a crisis at our southern border breathed air immigration system hasn't really been touched since the 1960s. it sent updated. we have to protect the market people. it's funny you talked about
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nancy pelosi saying we haven't done much. they haven't come to the table at all. even people are dying in this country, based on how people come here illegally and unlawfully. democrats repeatedly stand with those hundreds of thousands of people. they have no right to be here. as opposed to hundreds of americans. they will have to answer that one way or the other. he's taking the lead, not waiting on congress. we have to move forward with a plan. not only that addresses the crisis as we know it today, but to close those loopholes on the southern border. we have to put forth a complete plan that actually makes a lot of sense. it seems rational pear that pops up merit-based immigration and not the system that we have today but it is wages and hurting the american workers. >> harris: we know today that border patrol has caught in the last ten days 30,000 people crossing illegally. that's an unsustainable number. the drumbeat continues of a crisis of the border. hogan gidley outside the white house today. thank you for your time. >> thank you so much.
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>> harris: despite speaker pelosi's warning, the democrats must own the center lane to be president trump, 22020 candidates are suggesting we should prosecute gun owners who refuse to give up their assault weapons. is that too extreme for a party trying to win back the nation? >> i think most americans agree that these weapons of war should not be on our streets. ♪ (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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>> harris: an off-duty police officer in san antonio saved a woman from a burning car. officials say the woman hit a guardrail flipping her vehicle to its side. she could have lost her life and how this officer not stepped in. >> i slow down to look and realize there is a car on its side. it was on fire. there were two males standing
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there, it turns out they are students here. but i walked up and asked them if they were in the car, they said yeah. i just went to work. i feel great about it. honestly, i cried after i got her out of the car. >> harris: thanks to officer hamilton, the woman inside the car survived with only minor injuries. fox news alert now, just more than an hour from now a group of republican senators will attend a white house meeting to talk about the trump administration soon to be released immigration plan. i was speaking with hogan gidley with a can make about that. they are urging congress to give president trump the additional $4.5 billion he's requested for emergency border funding. saying there is, in fact, humanitarian crisis at the border. i want to bring in alfonso aguilar. the u.s. office of citizenship under president george w. bush. in one of those meetings, held
10:18 am
to talk about immigration that included senior white house advisor jared kushner. he's been working on this for several months. what are some of the things that you know of from being in a room with him that are important to put in this legislation that they will pitch? >> i think he was asked to look at the immigration issue from a broad perspective. i met with him in january, along with a group of other experts in different groups. we talked about everything, really. certainly the need for border security to strengthen the security of the border. at the same time, the need our economy has for foreign workers. right now we have about 7 million unfilled jobs because of our strong economy. unemployment is down to 3.6%. we have 6 million people unemployed, so basically we have a million jobs that cannot be filled with the people we have in the country right now. we need to find a way to
10:19 am
legalize the flow of the foreign workers that we need. moving toward a more merit-based legal immigration system. at the same time, creating a workable guest worker program allows companies to bring in the foreign workers. that's important not only for corporate america, but if we are not able to fill those jobs it's very difficult for us to create good paying jobs for americans. >> harris: it's interesting what you are talking about, the flow of productivity. you can have to keep that up. what do you say to even some republicans like senator tom cotton, they don't like this idea. they say h to be worker visas, allowing an additional 30,000 seasonal workers into the country for kids dome i can't force them to compete for jobs with noncitizens who drag down we jut paid what he say that? >> i disagree. frankly, he's in the minority in congress.
10:20 am
i've met with a large group of republican senators and republican members in the house. they don't want to cut legal immigration. frankly, if migrants are not taking jobs away from americans or depressing wages they are taking jobs americans don't want or for which there are no americans of working age. they are usually taking jobs in the pulse of the labor market, even jobs that require advanced degrees or so called unskilled jobs. again, by ensuring we are able to fill those jobs we create jobs for americans in the middle. good paying jobs. >> harris: you have all of this because of the booming economy right now that's creating jobs at such a huge clip. let's get to "the new york times" editorial board. they have been criticized in the past for maybe not chiming in and seeing this as an emergency. however, they've done some great
10:21 am
reporting on the women who said they pay with their bodies to get into america, across the border. now the "times" is calling on congress to give the president the money for border security. >> harris, said to say, don't get your hopes high with "the new york times." while they say they want democrats to support this funding request, and still don't believe its initial secured crisis. >> harris: you don't think so, even with some of your reportin reporting? >> they say it's a humanitarian crisis. they don't realize that we have hundreds of thousands of people swarming toward our border trying to enter illegally, that it's a national security crisis. i agree that the majority are good people, but within those groups of people trying to enter the border there is a significant group that are criminals, sex traffickers, and for the life of me i don't understand why in the liberal media democrats don't want to accept that. they don't want to more funding
10:22 am
for detention beds. what they want is for people to come here, for us to detain them and then release them into the community. we have a significant percentage of people, 20 to 40%, that don't show up for their court hearing. imagine, if we have 1.2 million people trying to enter illegall illegally, about 400,000 would just go into our communities without status and not show up. >> harris: is interesting, the words that are different here. national security, humanitarian security. some might even say -- or humanitarian crisis. would it matter if the president discusses many customer google talk on the other day. alfonso aguilar, thank you for being with me. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: president trump pardoning a former army lieutenant convicted of killing an iraqi prisoner suspected of being part of al qaeda.
10:23 am
he was originally sentenced to 25 years, but has been out on parole since 2014. jennifer griffin's life for us at the pentagon but more on this. jennifer? >> harris, the highest court later expressed concern about how the trial, the first trial, had handled the first tenant's claim of self-defense. in a statement announcing the full pardon, press secretary sarah sanders said "his case has attracted broad support from the military, oklahoma-elected officials, and the public. 37 generals and admirals along with a former inspector general of that affirmative defense signed a brief in support of his self-defense claim. during his trial, he acknowledged disobeying orders and not transferring a suspected al qaeda prisoner to an ordered destination. he instead took the man to a railroad culvert, stripped him naked, and question him at gunpoint about a roadside bombing that killed two members of his platoon. behenna was 24 at the time and claims he acted in self-defense when the prisoner through a
10:24 am
chunk of concrete at him and reached for his weapon. that's when the army officer killed him. the full pardon came hours after president trump hosted the west point football team at the white house last night. an army patrol board had reduced sentence of 15 years and paroled behenna, and will culminate of come after five years. oklahoma's republican state attorney general applauded the president's decision. "first lieutenant behenna served his country with distinction, honor, and sacrifice. he has it been to his mistakes, has learned from them, and deserves to move on from this incident." the director of the american civil liberties union, national security project, called the pardon a presidential endorsement of a merger that violated the military's own code of justice." behenna said he is grateful for what he describes as president trump's act of mercy. oklahoma senators have pressed president trump for the pardon. >> harris: jennifer, thank you very much.
10:25 am
iran is interesting don't like issuing a new threat after the united states announced to deplane warships as the result of a possible attack on our u.s. forces. a live report next. though it has telling former counsel don mcgahn to refuse a house subpoena for documents related to the mueller report. how long could this legal battle go on? ♪ those bonds were definitely tested. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family, i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership from navy federal. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. eat your food my big sis likes to make tiny food. and i'm okay with that. navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission.
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for just $149 you'll receive five screenings that could reveal what your body isn't telling you. i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. 's view on this is breaking news, iran says it plans to restart portions of its nuclearm nearly one year after president trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal. this, after the white house national security advisor john bolton announced the u.s. would deploy an aircraft carrier -- and has done so. that aircraft carrier strike group is going to the middle east and made apparent indications of a potential attack on american forces there. rich edson at the state department the latest. >> iranian state media reports that iran is again threatening to stop complying with its
10:30 am
components of the iran nuclear agreement. this is as secretary of state mike pompeo was traveling in europe and he says there that the united states will maintain pressure against iran. >> what we've been trying to do is to get iran to behave like a normal nation. we laid out 12 elements of that. every single one of them is consistent with what we ask every other country to do. over the past year the nutrition has been a strength sanctions that it had once lifted as part of the nuclear deal. the islamic revolutionary guard cord, as a terrorist organization, and officials are forecasting more measures against iran. the countries that remain in the iran nuclear agreement, britain, germany, france, russia, china, and the european union, have been working with iran trying to hold the deal together even as the trump administration builds pressure against iran. national security advisor john bolton announced that the u.s. is sending the
10:31 am
uss abraham lincoln carrier strike group to the persian gulf in response to what he says is troubling and escalatory indications and warnings from iran. the iranian government says that they lack military understanding and his remarks are mostly aimed at attracting attention. secretary pompeo says the administration has been working on this strategy. it's a case of the unites states has seen escalatory actions from the iranians. pompeo is still overseas. he was supposed to have meetings in germany today with german chancellor angela merkel, and other senior officials pay that's been scrapped. it's unclear where the secretary is. the state department is only saying that the schedule has changed for the secretary because of what they are calling "pressing issues." harris? >> harris: with the latest on that, thank you very much, read don microjet's and at the state department. i want to move on back to our fox top story. the white house former counsel don mcgahn not to hand over documents related to the mueller investigation, which house democrats have now subpoenaed.
10:32 am
administration officials are pointing to executive privilege in a letter to the house judiciary committee. all this, as the doj and house judiciary chair jerry nadler's team are meeting today ahead of his panels vote tomorrow on whether to hold attorney general barr in contempt of congress. for failing to turn over the full unredacted mueller report. at bill mcgurn is is a columnit and editorial board member for "the wall street journal." he was chief speechwriter for president george w. bush. he's also a fox news contributor. great to see you today. i want to tell everybody about this op-ed that you have written earlier today, and maybe just go real quickly to some of your own words. you and i can fill them in together. you wrote in "the wall street journal," "jerry nadler's content, the chairman issued his demands and set his arbitrary deadlines in a manner to all but force mr. barr to refuse. allowing democrats to shout
10:33 am
cover it. plainly, mr. nadler cannot get donald trump." when you say that, what do you mean? >> i mean impeach. he could launch impeachment hearings except that his boss, speaker pelosi, doesn't want them. they think a lot of senior democrats worry about the political ramifications, basically of relitigating 2163 impeachment hearings. jerry nadler has been itching to start impeachment hearings. the house judiciary chairman, that's probably his most important function. one of his most important functions. he has been talking about impeachment publicly, at least since director comey was fired. so now he gets there, he's at the wheel, his boss says, "you can't do it." what is the next best thing or contempt citation against the attorney general. >> harris: what does that do customer kino eric holder had one. it didn't seem like much happened to him. >> much didn't happen to him. conger has ways to can force contempt.
10:34 am
sending the sergeant of arms to get the guy, that -- it's not visual, detaining someone until day -- that hasn't been done in 75 years. eric holder went on to serve nearly three years after the contempt vote. so it's a lot of show. this is the sound and fury. it's what they are doing until they can do impeachment. >> harris: i've had this discussion with former house speaker newt gingrich. the political cost of going forward with something like this without, as nancy pelosi had put it, clear evidence or reason for impeachment. >> right. even jerry nadler had set a couple of months ago that impeachment is a high bar that you have to have evidence so overwhelming, these are his words. that even trump supporter's, people who voted, say that you have to do it. he said, otherwise you get in a situation where half the country thinks that basically you have overturned an election. so that seems to be going out the window. even mrs. pelosi, she has sort
10:35 am
of put the brake on impeachment. but she ridiculously said it bill barr committed a crime before congress. she seems to be on board with the strain. you mentioned eric holder. >> harris: when barack obama was present. >> when he did the fast and furious gun operation that went amuck, it was something like 255 days between the committee issuing the subpoena and holding him in contempt. if they go ahead tomorrow with the contempt vote on mr. mueller, it'll be 19 days. there is no good faith. you have to give and take. >> harris: that's interesting. but do take it on good faith that he's not going to cooperate then? what if they want william barr to do? >> the problem they have, we have separated powers. the congressman's right. mr. barr can't dictate terms. he can't say you can't have this, so forth. the executive branch is also coequal. one of the things they have, the advantage they have, they can delay and a slow walk or make
10:36 am
you go through the courts, which could drag it out for two years. the result of that is people genuinely try to reach accommodation. i'll think they are interested in information. i think they're interested in a big show so they can shout "cover-up" and substitute for impeachment. >> harris: it's always under the blanket, the things you can't see. the mueller report. anything you would save you can't get answers on, it must be the part we can't see. >> and i would leave her know that? they're not even reading the part that mr. barr has made available. it has 98.5% of the information. you would think you would have a stronger case if you could go and say, "on page 93 blacked out -- i want to see that." they are not interested. speed when you are saying what i said hogan gidley, you're just saying it better. what i said was if you have the opportunity to in good faith tell the american people that you've gone down the hall, lock yourself the scif and read that nearly unredacted report, less about a percentage of half -- >> we have to get back to the main point.
10:37 am
they are asking bill barr to break the law. the law prohibits recent grand jury information. to go but the irony of that is that democrats are in the majority. they could look at that law and change that grand jury testimony law. >> but that would require do something decisive. they don't want to do it. they just want the show. they want to pretend impeachment. >> harris: it seems like they just like to fight. >> my money is on bill barr. >> my money's on bill mcgurn. thank you for being on "outnumbered overtime." now to the latest on a missing 4-year-old houston child named melia davis. her stepfather since she and he come along with his 2-year-old son, were kidnapped friday evening by men who knocked him unconscious. the father, that is. police say the stepdad, derian vince, reported her missing on saturday. authorities issued an amber alert for her on sunday. casey stegall is live in dallas with more.
10:38 am
i misspoke. the stepfather saying this. what's the latest? >> that's right, harris. volunteers are telling us they are at this point praying for the best but preparing for the worse, as we've not entered the fifth day since this little girl was last seen. what's more, according to her family she has a medical condition that requires extra care because she is recovering from a several recent brain surgeries. k-9 units, volunteers, multiple law enforcement groups, family members, the prince covering the area searching. going door to door, handing out flyers in the houston suburb where she was reportedly last seen. 4-year-old melia davis was last seen friday night. her stepfather tells police that he was taking melia and her brother to the airport to pick up their mother, but they never made it. according to the stepfather, he heard a pop and thought they got a flat tire, so he pulled the car over to check it out. that's when he claims to men jump out of a pickup truck, assaulted him, knocking him
10:39 am
unconscious. his testimony continues that he woke up the next day, some 20 hours later on the side of the highway, holding his son. but melia and their car were gone. [crying] >> if there's anybody that can help, please. i just want to find my baby. i just want to find her. help me find her, please. help me find her. >> at this point, police have not named the stepfather as a suspect. however, officials with texas child protective services confirms to fox now that the children were removed from the home in august of last year after investigations into a head trauma injury. in february, a judge allowed the children to return home. and yet another sad twist to all of this, the little girl's mother just buried her father. she was flying home from her father's funeral on the east coast and the children were
10:40 am
on the way to the airport to greet her. harris? >> harris: god bless melia davis, four years old, in houston. casey, thank you. amid a surge of illegal border crossings, no ice officials are announcing a program allowing local police and think three jurisdictions to arrest and det. details ahead. keep watching. ♪ this is the couple
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the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. go to, or call 1-877-806-8332. >> harris: breaking news, let's take a look at the john dominic dow jones industrial average dropping sharply right now. the market racking to growing concerns over u.s. china trade talks in the d.c. area. among our limiters are not. u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer double down on a threat from president trump accusing beijing of reneging on commitments and saying that the administration $200 with a chinese goods by the number done on the dell, 559.
10:45 am
we will keep watching. 545. it comes back and forth, but that the triple digit number at this point. we are awaiting a meeting at the white house. a group of g.o.p. senators set to chuck about the immigration plans for this, as ice officials have announced a new program allowing local police to arrest and detain immigrants on behalf of federal agencies. even if sanctuary policies block them. william la jeunesse is live in a los angeles newsroom with more. this is a big deal as we see more and more of the sanctuary jurisdictions pop up across america. >> you are right, focus on the board but most don't stay there. we migrate around the u.s. most were, but some to make do not commit crimes. they are protected from deportation. a new ice program, the aclu calls abusive, it allows deputies to serve a federal warrant, mandating that ice receive those inmates within 48 hours after the release from jail. regardless of sanctuary laws.
10:46 am
>> the sheriffs can sign up for this program, get this training, they will be authorized to execute an immigration warrant at the direction of an ice office or supervisor. >> expected blowback and liberal cities where they stop sheriff's rice corporation paid some cities are actually changing their criminal code to make criminal aliens ineligible for deportation. this divide locally is symbolic of the national paralysis were key democrats deny there is a border crisis despite 33,000 apprehensions in the last ten days. that's $1.2 million a year. highest in 18 years. the fed set up to 30% of asylum seeking families are fraudulent with abilities in children, not their own, to get released. and cartels are busing central american's of the board approved earning up to $1 million a day in south texas alone in smuggling fees. one solution, titan asylum standards and deport unaccompanied children to parents and their own country by reforming the trafficking victims protection act.
10:47 am
>> that has to stop. congress can change that by tweaking, fixing the decision. they refuse to act. they should come to the table and do something. >> easier said than done. do the republicans go small, try to peel some democratic votes only on asylum, or did they go big with immigration reform and legalizing millions that are currently here? send it back to you. that will he will talk about today in the white house. >> harris: 3:00 p.m. eastern, that's what we will be talking about. important news. william la jeunesse, thank you very much. 22020 candidates are taking a hard left turn on gun control. even though the speaker of the house pelosi just said democrats need to hold the center lane to defeat president trump in 2020. who is right about that? the power panel slides in next. ♪
10:48 am
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10:51 am >> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino paid what is kevin mccarthy think about the democrats thought the whole bill barr in contempt? i will ask him. plus, we are keeping a close eye on the stock market. it has taken a nosedive in the last hour. then a judge will decide this afternoon with a truly sick oscar lieutenant accused of stockpiling weapons and drafting a hit list of prominent democrats and journalists.
10:52 am
we will tell you all about that on "the daily briefing." >> harris: 22020 democrats in bruising and other controversial position, this time on gun control. senator cory booker and congressman eric swalwell both suggesting they back legislation that would potentially deal gun owners that refuse to hand over assault weapons as part of a buyback program. this after nancy pelosi told democrats manage to ride in the center. in the center lane. here is senator booker yesterda yesterday. >> do support the government buying them back? if not, potentially people could go to jail if it onto salon back. yes or no? >> again, we should have a law that bans these weapons. we should have a reasonable period in which people can turn in these weapons. >> harris: let's bring the power panel now. kevin mccullough, radios with assailant media. judy miller, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research. good to see both.
10:53 am
you can't ride in the laflamme in the center of the same time without crashing. >> [laughs] not even democrats can do that, we think. however, i think that holding cory booker up as an example of the left wing of the party right now is a little bit unfair to this field of 22 cory booker ise he is looking for areas in which he can distinguish himself, set himself out of the pack. he is having trouble raising money. i don't think this is where the democratic party's. the party -- and, by the way, most americans are in favor of sensible gun control restrictions, tightening them. that includes normal things like background checks, et cetera, et cetera. >> harris: you've told me that forcing the democratic debate is like manna. >> it is. everything that you just said is true. it's also already a reality. background checks exist, three-day gun weights at gun shows are already in place. sensible legislation has been
10:54 am
with us for a long time. every time -- and broker is not alone. you've got swell well, kamala harris, making those she is going to win all book of delegates in california. when bernie sanders is your pro-gun candidate in your party, your party is in trouble. >> harris: wow. the speaker to be repeated her call for democrats to stay in the center, to be the president. >> in terms of owning the center ground, i think at the center ground can be owned by the left. whether it's raising the minimum wage, securing social security, medicare, medicaid, redefine with the center is and don't let them define our agenda as something that is far left. a >> harris: i will come back to you, kevin, real quickly. you confiscate guns, how many states do expect rebel against her democrats to win or lose? >> 38 to 42.
10:55 am
>> harris: in the win column? >> for trump. if booker says, "i'm going to take the fight for the nra," you will rile up the base like you have been seen in a long time. >> harris: you are there this morning. she frustrated? it seems like some people who are needing to raise money are not listening. >> i think she is very tough, disciplined, and very adamant about keeping the party in the center. >> harris: but she is not running. >> she identifies herself as a liberal from one of the most liberal cities in the country. she says since the republicans have abandoned the center the liberal agenda has effectively become the center. >> harris: real quickly, kirsten gillibrand is now saying that she pledges by way of a medium post to only nominate judges who vote to uphold the 1973 decision in roe v. wade as well as protect reproductive rights at large. real quickly, kevin. >> nancy pelosi is trying to make that message and she's doing so any frustrated state
10:56 am
because no one is listening. it's not a party anymore. >> we will see that. the american people will determine it. >> harris: i'm bringing you back and we will continue to argue and debate about it. for now, i've got to get to this. hi i'm joan lunden.
10:57 am
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...fearless... ...and there's no looking back, because i am cured. talk to your doctor about mavyret. >> harris: thanks for watching. here's dana. >> dana: hi there, your daily briefing starts now. the stock market selloff accelerating right now over concerns about a trade war with china. more on that. plus don mcgann has been directed by the white house not to appear before the house judiciary committee, which doesn't make democrats happy. and republican senators head to a meeting with president trump in about an hour to get the l e latest on immigration. this is "the daily briefing." but first the white house telling former counsel don mcgann not to comply with a subpoena for documents related to the mueller report, as the standoff between president trump and house democrats continues. john roberts is live on the no


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