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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 8, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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face. he comes in, and he talks about his country. but then they have a picture of him five days sooner walking up, flying the national flag of their country. >> sean: my opening monologue coming up in just a minute. but first, we go back to the president. he is in panama city beach at a rally in florida. stay with us. >> change that flag. we love our country. we are afraid of it for purposes of getting into the united states, we are afraid of our country. we can't let this happen. the democrats, we need the votes. we need the votes. otherwise you are going to have to vote them out of office by congress, senate, going to have to vote them out of office. come november, next november, november 3rd next year. you're going to have to vote them out of office because otherwise you can't make a chase. we need the votes. we have to go through congress. however we ended with this is
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incredible. but they don't mind it so much because they do not mind crime. they don't mind crime. no nation can tolerate a massive organized violation of its immigration laws. and no one should run for office without an ironclad plan to protect and defend america's borders. shouldn't be allowed to run. and to confront this crisis --you saw that! it was a big deal two months ago. i declared a national emergency, which is what it is. this is an invasion. when you see these caravans starting out with 20,000 people, that's an invasion. i was badly criticized for using the word "invasion." it's an invasion! and it's also an the invasion of drugs coming in from mexico, okay? an invasion of drugs. they all better be careful. because, you know, we are destroying the lives of hundreds and thousands of people a year
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with the drugs that are pouring across our southern border. they better damn well be careful because people are wise to it now. they have drug dens and drug labs in factories right along the border. they make the crack right there and send it over our border what we don't have walls. they drive it right through because we have 2,000 miles between the gulf and the pacific. 2,000 miles! a lot of it, you don't need the wall because its mountains, big strong rivers, snake country. nobodies walking to certain areas. you've got to like snakes a lot. >> [laughing]. >> they got some rough country. but what we need and what we have done, but they can't do this. they can't let this happen. we've been very tough with them, i will be honest. mexico made $100 billion on average over the past ten years, 100 billion! they took 30% -- almost -- of our automobile business. we make cars.
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they send them to the united states. that won't happen anymore under the usmca. it'll be prohibited. it'll be economically prohibited. our current immigration crisis is the result of democrat back policies that prevent border policies from being swiftly returned home. a border crosser comes in? sorry, we are taking your home. that sounds nice. i want to do that. but we are the only one that has judges. think about it. they come across, they have judges. nobody else has judges. we give them a trial. we need perry mason. it's crazy. folks, it's crazy. and then they say, and the wall would help. it would not help, but the wall would stop it. when you have 15,000 people marching up and you have hundreds and hundreds of people, and you have two or three border security people who are brave
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and great. don't forget, we don't let them and we can't let them use weapons but we can't. other countries do. we can't. i would never do that. but how do you stop these people? you can't. >> [laughing]. >> that's only in the panhandle you can get away with that, folks. only in the panhandle! so it's a tough situation. but if they change the loopholes, we'll have it perfectly. when the wall is finished, it's going to be great. democrats even supported deadly sanctuary cities which release dangerous criminal aliens onto our streets. they are protected. republicans believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not criminal aliens. congress must act to fix our
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horrible immigration laws. we must end catch and release. stop human smugglers. have you seen what's happening? human smugglers, human traffickers. have you seen what they are doing? this is an ancient thing. it's an ancient crime. it's bigger now because of the computer, the internet, than ever before, worldwide! not just worldwide, most come through our southern border where we don't have a wall. they don't go through ports of entry -- you have people looking inside the cars. you can't do that. if you have women tied up with tape over their mouths, you can take them through a port of entry. and a lot of these people say, they come to the ports -- they don't come through the port. they come to areas where you don't have the wall. 15 miles up, make a left. we've got to shut down sanctuary cities. deport criminal aliens and
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replace the visa lottery, the chain migration. with a modern system of immigration. we have to do it. democrat party has never been further outside the american --i've never been that i've never heard of anything like what's going on. i want to run so badly. i want to don't make this race to start immediately. now democrats are pushing a $100 trillion takeover of the u.s. economy. known as the green new deal. that was written up by a real genius. the new democrat party believes in socialism. take a look at venezuela. republicans believe in freedom. we need to get senators elected, we need to get the votes. we need congressmen and an women
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elected, republicans, we need to get the votes. you've got to get out there. you got to work. otherwise we'll be playing around for too long. and democrats are aggressively pushing late-term abortion. allowing children to be ripped from their mothers' wombs. right up until the moment of birth. and then you have this governor in virginia, you saw that? the baby is born, and you wrap the baby beautifully, and you talk to the mother about the possible execution of the baby. can't do that. so who heard of that one, that came up and they don't even want to discuss it. they don't even want to discuss it. and to protect innocent life, i call on congress to immediately pass legislation prohibiting extreme late-term abortion.
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democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, witch hunts, and delusions. the republican party is the party for all americans. we want to make america great again. that's what we are doing. >> [cheers and applause]. >> will you please show these people? you hear it! you can hear how many people. but they never show it. they don't want to do it.
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it's like an florida-florida state football game, isn't it? we are the party of the american worker, the american family, and we are the party of the american dream. every day we are making very, very good on our motto. much better than we promise. do you know what it is? its promises made, promises kept. we've given you more promises. my opponents said this. they weren't happy about this. but we've given you more promises than we said we would do. that's very unusual for politicians. -- a first. that may be a verse. earlier this year, i signed an executive order to defend free speech on college campuses. and we are carefully monitoring the actions of social media
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giants, big tech must not censor conservative or other voices. we are also taking steps to address judicial overreach, activist judges whose issue --that's right. you know about that, right? we did a big thing. and the democrats hate that i did this, because you know who started this in reverse was bill clinton when he was president. because activist judges who issue nationwide injunctions based on their personal beliefs undermine democracy and threaten the rule of law. take a look at what we did for criminal justice reform. nobody thought it could be done. and we passed it. and it's tough as hell, but it's also fair. it's fair. that's why we are appointing judges who will interpret the
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constitution as it's written, and we just confirmed -- listen to this, our 100th federal judge. we'll be in record territory not to mention two great supreme court judges. we've got two great supreme court judges, what a difference having him up here makes you feel good about your country. makes you really go to got your country. we've launched a historic initiative to reduce the price of prescription drugs. we are doing big. last year, prescription drug prices went down for the first time in nearly 51 years. we announced that the drug companies will be required by law to reduce prices in television advertise. first time. going to drive the price down. we are vastly expanding affordable alternatives to
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obamacare before we terminate it and replace it with something good once we take over the house, the senate, the presidency again. we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. always. the republican party will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. people with pre-existing conditions. for the veterans, we passed v. a. choice, right? as they wait in line for three weeks, ten days, four days, two months, people who weren't even very sick, the terminally ill, before they get to see a doctor? they immediately go outside, find a good local doctor, get themselves fixed up, and we pay the bill, and it's a great thing
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for our veterans and trying to get it passed for 44 years, we've got it passed. and we also passed 46 years they've been trying va accountability. because under the va, you couldn't fire anybody. they were terrible to our great vets. they could be sadistic, they could steal, rob, do anything. we had no way of firing these people. now we passed va accountability. they don't treat our vets right? boom. you are fired. 46 years they tried to get it. that case, it was against the union, civil service, not too easy. we are unlocking american energy. united states is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world.
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one. we are slashing delays for plummeting and infrastructure projcets. we have highways that will take 21 and 22 years to get approved. we brought it way down. we are trying to make it one year. we are close to getting that. we are down to two or three. it used to be a straight line, now it's a line like this. you had a couple of drinks? you had a very bad shot of making it home. it cost a fortune. 21 years. now we are trying to get it down to one year. maybe it gets rejected for environmental reasons. that's okay. but you have people who worked on projects almost their entire life. then they go to a vote on some counsel and they lose three to two? you may get rejected, it's going to take a year, year and a half,
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you will not get rejected. it's going to be done in a really good way. we are trying to get that quality process down for roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, everything. no reason you should be taking 20 years. as promised, we've directed more than half a billion dollars to fix lake okeechobee. herbert hoover dike. everybody wanted that done. your governor, both your governors. your former governor and current governor wanted it done. the army corps of engineers wanted to get it done. it'll now be completed in three years, way ahead of schedule, years ahead of schedule. i was out there eight weeks ago and it was incredible. earlier this year, i signed legislation providing $100 million to fight the red tide that harms coastal regions especially in florida. the red tide.
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doesn't look too inviting. i come down to florida. i say, what the hell is that. the red tide. we are going to get rid of it. to keep america safe we are rebuilding america's military might like never before, including $133 million for the gulf coast test range. do you know what that is? anybody there? anybody like practice shooting? trust me, it's a good thing for you folks. it's a good thing for 133 million, the military needs it so badly. it's going to be very quickly completed. and many other enhancements of the great state of florida to help our wonderful warriors doing such an incredible job. as an example, at eglin air force base. eglin! eglin. great people.
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and we have made a decisive break from the failed foreign policy establishment that sacrifice our sovereignty, stranded our jobs, and tied us down to endless foreign wars. i do not know if you saw it, but about eight weeks ago, we took 100% of the caliphate. it was supposed to take two years in syria, isis. that doesn't mean they are going to go around. these people are stone cold crazy. it doesn't mean that they will go around blowing up a store and blowing up something. they are just nuts. but we took 100%. when i took over this helm, this great country, we were way behind. i showed you the map. it was so much isis. within a short period of time, we wiped it out. the caliphate. we had 100%. but still. still. it's a mental condition.
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these people are sick. they are crazy. they are crazy. so always keep your eyes open, be careful. and let law enforcement go when you see a kook. let them know. we have the greatest law enforcement on earth. and everything we do, we are now putting america first. for years, we lost in so many different ways but we were losing on trade, getting beaten by people in countries that had no chance. we were insisting that no nato members -- you had to see this. the nato folks, they don't pay their fair share. they were supposed to pay. taking over and sending almost 100% of our money to protect the countries in nato, which is europe. and i said, that's not right. on top of that, the e. u.
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absolutely kills us on trade. it's all changing, folks. $100 billion extra was just given by those countries that's now pouring into nato. because i said, you've got to pay off. your past presidents would go meet them and wouldn't talk about it or say, gee, whenever you get a chance pay up. you've got to see. it was like a chart this way. now it's like a rocket ship the other way. they are paying up. $100 million, they pay. 100 million with a v. last month, i announce that my administration is underlining the u.n. arms trade treaty. which is great. via the second amendment, we love our second amendment. we will never allow foreign bureaucrats to trample on that very precious second amendment. and your rights under the second amendment.
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i also withdrew the united states from the horrible iran nuclear deal. >> [cheers and applause]. >>unfortunately, just today, i felt compelled to authorize new sanctions on iran's iron, aluminum, and copper industries because i hope to be able to at some point, maybe it won't happen. possibly want, to sit down and work out a fair deal. we aren't looking to hurt anybody. we want a fair deal. we don't want them to have nuclear weapons. that's all we want. i recognized israel's capital and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. >> [cheers and applause]. >> and just two weeks ago, i
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announced the united states would recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights. that's a big deal. and as rockets rained down on israel, we reaffirmed america's solidarity with the citizens of israel in their fight against terror. they have done just a great job. it's a dangerous place. the middle east is a dangerous place. we also recognize the legitimate government of venezuela and we forcefully condemn the socialist brutality of the maduro regime. our hearts are united with people of venezuela, many of the relatives with us tonight for the people of cuba, the people of nicaragua in their struggle to be free. it'll all happen, folks.
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it all happen. each of us in this great arena, this arena doesn't have a roof, but a minor detail. problem is if you had a roof, couldn't hold this many people. we are all united by the same timeless values. we believe in the american constitution. we believe in the rule of law. we believe in strong borders, strong families, and a strong national defense. we believe in the dignity of work and in the sanctity of life. we believe in religious liberty, the right to free speech, the right to keep and bear arms.
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we believe that mothers and fathers, not government regulators know best how to raise our children and teach our great country's values. and we believe in the words of our national motto. in god, we trust. these are the traditions, customs, and principles that bind us together as neighbors, as citizens, as americans. these are the values that unite people in the panhandle. panhandle. oh, we love the panhandle. you all of the panhandle! i think so. you are incredible people. i tell you. you are incredible people. you are smart, you're loyal, you are unbelievable people. but all across the magnificent
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state of florida and all over our country, you join our movement because you rejected the values and betrayals of past politicians. you stand down a corrupt system that enriched itself at your expense. the system is rigged. i still read, but a lot less rigged. we are getting rid of a lot of the rigging rapidly, folks. you defended your destiny, you defended your dignity, and he took back your country. you have always been loyal to your nation. now you finally have a president who is loyal to you. >> [cheers and applause]. >> thank you.
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and every day between now and november 3rd, 2020, i think of that. november 3rd 2020. boy, it's close. but every day, we are going to keep on working, keep on fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winning winning. remember, i used to tell the story that your governor would come to see me. you'd be winning so much in the state of florida, governor ron would say, "president, please, in the oval office, please, we are winning too much. we are not used to this, mr. president. we aren't used to this. for years and years, we've been losers. mr. president, now we are winning so much. the people of florida cannot stand the winning so much. can you maybe pull it back a
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little bit, mr. president?" and i said, no, i can't, ron, i'm sorry. he said, "i thought you'd say that." we are going to keep winning. we are never going to be winning like we have now. you've never had winning numbers. you never had -- i think, more loyalty. you look at what's happening to this state and you look at what's happening to this country, and we have probably done. we are proud again. with every last ounce of heart and hope and sweat and soul, we are going to make our stand. we are going to stand for liberty. we are going to stand for justice. we are going to stand for faith, family, and freedom. and we are going to stand for the sacred rights given to us by the hand of almighty god.
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we are one united movement, one united people, and one united states of america. and together, with these proud people of the panhandle, the proud people of florida, we will make america wealthy again! we will make america strong again! we will make america safe again! and we will make america great again! thank you, florida! thank you very much. >> [cheers and applause]. ♪ you don't always ♪ get what you ask for ♪ >> ♪
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>> sean: you can keep the volume up. 12,500 strong. the president speaking in panama city, florida. 12,500 people you know? the president is right. we do not see the crowd a lot. frank are a great director here. seeing more shots of the crowd and we are told 12,500 strong estimated inside. pretty big arena. crazy uncle joe couldn't get a thousand people. let's see. in iowa? pretty amazing. all right. there you have it. the president wrapping up. and we start tonight with breaking news about the president fighting back after two plus years of nothing but complete and utter cooperation. 1.5 million documents handed
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over. every single person in the white house encouraged to cooperate and speak with mueller and congress. not one time did the trump white house invoke executive privilege. not once! even white house counsel which to me unfathomable again. with hillary's attorney. the president saying enough is enough, today, the president did finally say enough is enough by exerting executive privilege over all aspects of the mueller report in the white house ordered former counsel don mcgahn from testifying before congress bear they already had 30 hours. attorney general barr is refusing to be interrogated not by the house judiciary committee, by their staff. for the 206 years of that committee, not one time has that ever happened. the attorneys general says it's not going to happen now.
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the endless streams are now being rejected by the administration. the witch hunt is over, the democrats lost, and what the democrats are doing is nothing but radical revenge born out of a mass psychotic rage against the president. by the way, four separate independent -- four! they have an irrational inability to accept four independent results, the nine-month fbi counterintelligence investigation? no, peter strzok, no there there. we have nothing. lisa page said to it we have the house intel committee investigation. no collusion. no conspiracy. no cooperation with russia. the bipartisan senate investigations. the 20 month mueller witch hunt. all determining the same thing. no collusion, no obstruction.
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does congress care one iota how much this is costing in legal fees? and for what? what about every single person that had been called before the committees, called before mueller? they all have to pay for lawyers. lawyers in washington, d.c., can be as much as a thousand dollars an hour! now they are going to be called in to ask the same questions, fourth, fifth, sixth time? this is nothing but harassment and abuse of power. and frankly, a brand-new taxpayer-funded witch hunt designed to smear the duly elected president of the united states and anybody that has dared to enter his orbit in support. that's why tonight we turn to the washington swamp, 19 term congressman jerry nadler wasting valuable time, resources to continue to prolong and continue to push and debunk hopes of conspiracy, the desperation wreaks an effort to be totally
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transparent, the attorney general gave nadler and 11 other senior lawmakers access to a totally unredacted version of the mueller report. that included everything except grand jury material. .1% was handed over because that's illegal. you've got to keep in mind that this is because of a law that nadler supported in the 1990s. barr was under no obligation because people like nadler wanted the law this way but didn't even want the starr report to be seen by the american people. then they change the law. the attorney general has no obligation to release one word of the mueller report. but still, the attorney general barr, well, unredacted classified information, ongoing case materials, publicly withheld content that might reveal sources and methods, the
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whole entire country was able to see. the judiciary chairman nadler refused to take the time and see the unredacted version. go see the whole thing! instead today, chairman nadler's circus voted to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress. according to nadler, this is all about barr's decision to defy his subpoena that demanded the unretracted screen and report be released to the full committee. the ranking committee member doug collins pointed out that a subpoena was "a powerful and course of tool only need to be used when attempts to reach an accommodation with the witness have reached an impasse." during the hearing, chairman nadler on his high horse in a circus committee, he said the subpoena was merely intended to start a dialogue with barr's office. that's new. let's start a dialogue. we are going to subpoena you and have others member threaten the sergeant of arms to put you in cuffs and drag you to the
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committee. take a look. >> the subpoena is written as the beginning of a dialogue process. a beginning of a process to talk to the attorney general and to the department of justice. and ultimately to go to court. but it's designed to be the foundation of a dialogue and it's not designed to force our hand in what we insist on in court. >> sean: this is not the first time that nadler and his circus has been caught totally and completely contradicting himself. nadler has one set of standards for his good friend bill clinton -- remember him? the starr report listed 11 separate felonies committed by clinton. he lost his practice, his license to practice law! he did pay paula jones almost a million dollars! yeah, he was impeached. yet nadler has a whole other standard for president trump. democrats care about collusion,
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but not if it's ukraine and hillary. they care about obstruction but not hillary and her leaning subpoena emails, 33,000 leads been in hammers, sim cards removed. they care about i believe but only for a high school student, kavanaugh, not for the commonwealth governor of virginia. watch this. >> a culmination of three months of request, negotiations with the complete unredacted report by special counsel mueller. >> perhaps the ranking judiciary member is going to have to go over this material, the 400-500 pages in the report to determine what is fit for release and what is a matter of decency and protecting people's privacy
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rights, people who may be totally innocent, parties that must not be released at all. >> do you believe the president obstructed justice? >> yes, i do. it's very clear the president obstructed justice. >> we must not remove a president from office except to defend our constitutional liberties against a dire threat. >> we have to protect the rule of law, and that means we have to investigate and hold hearings and layout to the american people if this administration is involved of abuses of power or obstruction of justice. >> the american people have heard the allegations against the president and they overwhelmingly oppose impeaching him. they elected president clinton, they still support him. they have no right to overturn the considered judgment of the american people. >> sean: just a phoney hypocrite but his shift in the opinion is not an exercise in antitrust vitriolic hypocrisy. this current fishing exhibition is more than a simple case of
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trump hate/rage derangement syndrome. democrats fear the attorney general caught red-handed, concocting, perpetuating a massive fraud. this is what's underlying the fear and the hatred in the attacks of the attorney general. the attorney general will expose their hoax, the conspiracy theories, what really happened. it scares the living daylights out of them. because he's going to investigate the biggest abuse of power, and that's only just beginning. so they've got to smear him before he does his job. we'll have more of that in a moment, but joining us with more on the ranking republican on the house judiciary committee, doug collins. we will get back to my monologue in a second. congressman, you actually picked up, i saw on twitter, another guy, a lot of credit, so i have to give credit and attribution. the hypocrisy of what he said that in what he's saying now. >> it's just amazing, sean. what we saw today is they want
10:38 pm
to destroy bill barr because they will not like in the attorney general who does his job and follows the rules. what happened today, bill barr did what they sent him to do. he offered more than he should have but what do they reward him with them a contempt in record time, ten times faster than eric holder was held in contempt. this was over 400 days for eric holder. we are less than 40. this is nothing but a political crusade to do -->> sean: congressman, you said it. the reason they are doing it. you fear what barr said to senator lindsey graham, which we've played numerous times. the mueller report is over. he's not changing his mind. he has the definitive answer there. but now he's been very clear, hillary's rigged investigation.fisa abuse, of course we've had the horowitz report, the attempt to unelect a duly elected president.
10:39 pm
the tools we have by a few high-ranking people, all of this now will come to the forefront. will it not, sir? >> it will. again, you brought this earlier. when you have a chairman of the just every committee saying a subpoena to start a dialogue with? that's crazy. it's not what a subpoena is for. it's not to talk with positioning court, is to get documents and he asked for everything, including what the attorney general can't give him. he's asking the attorney general to break the law. you know what it's about today? listen to what hank johnson from georgia said. we've got to get the documents, so how can we impeach we don't get the documents? asked about the time frame, we don't have 400 days. sean, the people need to need to know what's happening here but a rush to judgment because they don't like what you just saw a few minutes ago in florida where the american public are seeing a president who's leading, the economy growing and booming. >> sean: last exit question in the few short minutes we have.
10:40 pm
you saw the testimony of bruce ohr, the testimony of baker, 350 closed-door testimonies i am aware of it will you continue for that release? >> yes. get ready for that. >> stay close to twitter, we will be releasing the rest of those. >> sean: any this week, sir? >> probably not this week. we want to let the democrats, their hypocrisy shine this week, will get back and go to what bill barr is doing and get back to exposing this to the american people. >> sean: over the next weeks, distinct sides are going to emerge. the attorney general barr will do his job. the inspector general horowitz is expecting -- we are expecting his report on fisa abuse, "wall street journal" says it all focused on the dirty dossier. by the way, why didn't mueller focus on that? on the other hand, democrats, media mob, bad actors in the
10:41 pm
deep state will tried to extend, even though we had four separate investigations that say no russia collusion, they will try to pass it on as long as humanly possible. this includes the king of the deep state himself, james comey. notably flustered at the thought of the attorney general that is now investigating the deep state buying, by the way, the fisa application that he signed in october that verify the bulk of information that he claimed was true to the best of his ability in 2016 and january 2017 toll of the present it was salacious and unverified. he lied either in october of '16 or both. i know he thinks he's a super patriot. jimbo, you have the right to remain silent or you talking like this is a bad idea. i suggest you take my advice. take a look. >> the attorney general believes
10:42 pm
spying occurred in the president's then campaign. >> i have no idea what he's talking about. the fbi doesn't spy. the fbi investigates. we investigated a serious allegation that americans and russian attacked our democracy. they need to breathe into a paper bag. >> so it's a semantic word. you wouldn't use the words by. >> of course. >> sean: he signed the fisa warrants that allowed -- well, based on what we know the russian disinformation according to "the new york times," that allowed the spying of carter page. he just lied. not democrats, running cover for comey and everybody else who rejected the hoax and lighting conspiracy theories everyone associated with the special counsel's 20 month investigation, including mueller himself.
10:43 pm
block mueller from appearing and put this divisive witch hunt to rest after two plus years, mueller does have serious questions i'd like answered. let not your heart be troubled, because the coming weeks truth will prevail, justice will be served. our constitutional republic will survive. joining us now, freedom caucus chairman mark meadows. ohio congressman jim jordan. i've got to give credit to both of them and the entire freedom congress including doug collins. it's your questioning that nobody knew behind closed doors that got us new information. good to see you both. mark meadows, it's now beginning to unravel, the attorney general? it's over. mueller is dead. it's finished. they can cling as tightly as they want to their sinking ship and the conspiracy theory. but what is coming is fisa abuse.
10:44 pm
the rigged investigation in into hillary, the attempt to bludgeon an undo an election, the attempt to steal an election, all --where are we going to do this? >> by days, i mean just a few days, we are starting to see a lot of this unravel. part of why you are seeing, hearing nadler and others go crazy because they know that the truth is coming out. and for as passionate as they were today and my good friend jim jordan did a great job in that committee hearing, but as passionate as they were today, they haven't been passionate when we've been in the privacy of those rooms, asking those questions like jim and i and others have. they won't even look at the documents because they don't want to know the truth. and director comey? he had his day of reckoning too. he says they investigate?
10:45 pm
we also know they criminally leaked as well. it's time for accountability. >> sean: if the law is apply equally, do we have to go back to hillary and the rate -- rigged investigation? by the way, you two got the information, you didn't share it with me. which by the way, i deeply resent. but i know, because of the closed-door testimony, number one lisa page said after nine months, the fbi had nothing. but we also, strozk and page, right inside loretta lynch's office. but we'll see what -- >> comey said the same thing. still have no evidence. of collusion. the mueller report demonstrated jim comey though, to not
10:46 pm
use the word "spying," remember we got from "the new york times" but we got the story last thursday where the fbi put a person posing as someone else to talk to george papadopoulos. >> sean: we had a 30-year-old flirtatious suggestive blonde bombshell spy trying to seduce information out of george papadopoulos. you can put this in a bond movie. >> if that's not spying, tell me what is. i did not know anyone who puts much weight into what jim comey says other than cnn. >> sean: wait a minute, when he signed the first fisa warrant, was that based on a dirty dossier which could be russian disinformation according to is the "new york times" that not spying or am i out of my mind? >> it's worse than that. he actually knew there were
10:47 pm
credibility problems. that's the problem. >> sean: mark -->> they didn't tell the court that christopher steele was desperate to stop trump. and that christopher steele was fired by the fbi. but yet they use the document. >> sean: i believe that would be footnote eight in the dossier, in the application. the application -- you guys correct me if i'm wrong and thanks for not sharing all the secret information. you got the information from bruce or that he warned everybody that hated trump, wasn't verified, hillary paid for it. but now we have steele at the state department. >> exactly right, sean. >> i think there will be good reporting that'll bring all of this to light in the very near future. >> sean: by the way, both of you are in deep trouble because you kept it all from me and i hounded you to death for that
10:48 pm
information and you wouldn't give it to me. when we come back, a lot more to get to tonight. sara carter, gregg jarrett on all this new breaking information and attempts to character assassinate barr straight ahead. ♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. but i'm more than a number. when i'm not teaching, i'm taking steep grades and tight corners. my essilor lenses offer more than vision correction
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: here with tonight's breaks. author of the "new york times" best seller and greg jarrett and sarah carter. sarah, the president cooperates for over 2 years. everybody gets to talk to mueller and the congressional committees. no executive privilege. president answers questions. it goes on and on. the 4th time now.
10:53 pm
no conspiracy collusion. okay. 1.5 million documents. now, this is now about harassment. this is not about trying to get information. the people the working men and women, they don't make a whole lot of money in d.c. every time they are stuck testifying they are paying up to 1,000 an hour for their attorney because nobody would be stupid enough not to hire one to go in for a perjury trap every time they are called in. >> that's right, sean. we have seen what happened to general flynn and to the other people who testified like sam clovis. they are dragging it out. i think the merge realize what is going on here. this has been sopoliticized. the president did the right thing evoking executive privilege over the mueller report. attorney general barr gave every
10:54 pm
chance for representative nadler to review this. the only thing redacted is the grand jury material by law. looking at the be of spying and how the democrats are polititizing this -- >> sean: comey said he didn't spy. what plan set this idiot living on when he signed the fisa warrant to spy. we are running out of time. in the 206 year history of the house judiciary committee, nadler doesn't want to question barr or the democrats. they want their lawyers to do it. it never happened, greg jarrett. they had access to the un-redacted mueller report. they are just lying. it's a circus sideshow. >> the ever hysterical jerry
10:55 pm
nadler thinks this is a crisis. he will think a dirty diaper is a crisis. barr could be prosecuted for turning over grand jury material that nadler is demanding. barr is following the law and jerry nadler would not the law if it slapped him in the face. took him forever to get through law school. >> sean: apparently. that's spying. stop lying. you have the right to remain silent. sorry to cut it short. more "hannity" after this break. when we started our business
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: that's all the time we have for you that's all the time we have fo you this evening. don't forget we will never be the media mob that you hear about. thanks so much for watching.
11:00 pm
a big show tomorrow, the big one . they want to stop him from getting to the truth. but let not your heart be troubled because the news continues and she is back in th swamp tonight, laura ingram.ou >> you always say that when i landed today from texas i said am back in the swamp >> laura: i said i am back in the swamp. it's in my brain. you say it every night. >> sean: exactly. let me be clear. i pay more taxes than you because new york is worse than the swamp. there are 10 rats for every 1 person in new york city. >> laura: [laughing]. "hannity" when you walk in certain parts of new york city they are giving uber and lyft a run for their money because the rats are so huge. >> sean: i have seen them the size of a cat!ge