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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  May 11, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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campus? >> is this you? >> yes. >> ma'am, don't do that ♪ please, please. >> you are a [bleep] [national anthem] le person. griff: pro-life activist attacked in that video joins us live next. ♪ pete: the tolerant. ♪ life is a highway at carvana, we have only one standard ♪ i want to ride it all night long ♪ jedediah: i love this song. pete: i love this song but the tom cochran original version my favorite growing up in the 90's. jedediah: life is a highway is good no matter who is singing it. griff: get behind rascal flatts. i'm on team rascal flatts. when it comes to the quality of our cars: the highest. it's why only 1 in 10 cars we look at ♪ qualify to sell on our site. jedediah: oh, it's karaoke. if it's been in a reported accident, we won't sell it. and at our state-of-the-art facilities our ase certified mechanics pete: karaoke, welcome, saturday morning. roll up their sleeves and get to it. jedediah: it's saturday. inspecting, dialing-in,
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i never know the date. and fine tuning every single car inside and out, pete: look right now. bringing all of it up to our high standards. look down in the banner and by the time we're done, you know the date. our cars are beyond "certified." they're carvana certified. griff: getting a new pair of so whether you have it delivered or pick it up, shoes? we do it all so you can rest easy. pete: these are my summer shoes. i got a new pair of shoes i don't know if they are (coughing) need a change of scenery? allowed on tv i wore them kayak searches hundreds of travel sites and filters by cabin class, anyway. griff: new pair of shoes. you don't wear those in wi-fi and more. september. so you can be confident i love it. you're getting the right flight at the best price. jedediah: soft tie combo on kayak. search one and done. point. pete: you are look fantastic. jedediah: guys only have ties and socks. pete: and pocket squares but i can't pull that off. no deal after a set of long and contentious trade talks the u.s. and china still without a trade agreement. trade talks wrap up as i said with no deal. jed there is hope. both countries are scheduled to meet again. griff: david with more. >> china state media reporting that u.s. negotiators will continue
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those talks in beijing in the coming weeks. this comes after what appeared to be a stale meat stae after yesterday. two days of talks in washington. news that talks to continue stocks higher than expected at the close of business yesterday. at 12:01 a.m. on friday morning. those tariffs went into effect up from 10 to 25%. $200 billion in chinese goods. those are some of those goods affected. clothing, learning electronics, funeral temperature, even colognes and perfumes. trade representative robert lighthizer is negotiating with the chinese put out a statement late yesterday. i want to read it to you in part. it says quote the president also ordered us to begin the process of raising tariffs on essentially all remaining imports from china, which are valued at approximately $300 billion. this is what we could see in the next few weeks. now on friday, after a few short hours of talks leu he the latest inisn't just a store.ty had was spouted at the it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store.
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hotel. he said talks would continue and they went fairly well. those are his words. it's a look what your wifi can do now store. vice premier said it's up tout two presidents meaning trump and china's xi to talk this out directly and work a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. tout. we are told those two presidents have actually not it's a now there's one store that connects your life spoken yet. president trump said thursday that he received a like never before store. letter from the chinese president and they may speak the xfinity store is here. by phone soon. and it's simple, easy, awesome. until that time, china has already made it clear they are preparing to retaliate for the move made by the trump white house but it appears this morning both sides will continue those talks. ♪ back to you. >> ma'am, don't do that, please. please. >> [bleep] terrible person. >> please. pete: david, thanks very >> you are a terrible person. much. the negotiations are tense. >> ma'am, calm down. i think this white house >> this is not okay. realizes this is the moment. shut the [bleep] up right either you go big now or you now. this is wrong. don't. so you have made a threat >> i'm at the pit -- >> a pro-life activist at about tariffs, enforce it, do you even more, enforce it. this is very meaningful and the university of north i think the only chance we carolina chapel hill. will get to get concessions on what they do in china. julian arrested fo. >> also one of the two main topics trump talked about. pete: she was triggered.
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china and immigration. austan was the one attacked on those two issues in in that video. particular he wants to come outreach member of created out and show he is a equally a pro-life businessman. he calls himself the great organization dedicated to changing opinions on dealmaker. he wants to come out and say abortion. austan, good morning, thanks listen, if i lay something for being here. out on the line i'm not i hope you are doing well. we have all seen that video. going to retreat. we have seen him stand firm on immigration. you are there with your the expectation from his supporters as you head into viewpoint a pro-life 2020 he will be a guy who perspective. did you anticipate at any point it would turn to something like this. digs his heels in on issues >> i think we have been that really matter. seeing more of a trend of violence towards pro-lifer will. griff: not just a stance on notice community. i think that's because the immigration. a crisis at the border. pro-choice argument is still a few democrats, losing no. refusing to call it that real scientific argument you can make for killing an acting patrick shanahan innocent human being. because of that they don't heading to the border today have actual arguments. and he, of course, just resorting to violence and harassment like we saw with representative sims. allocating $1.5 billion for additional 80 miles of the jedediah: what was the issue border fence back in march. with the signs here? i can only assume that if he pushed for fence and there were a planned wall. whatever you want to call it parenthood booth or any sort now we have him wanting to of pro-choice or proabortion push the 1.5 billion -- booth those people would want to be respected despite pete: reallocation of 1.5 whatever display they have going on? within the defense department. if you look what they're >> absolutely. that is the funny thing reallocating from big parity of it is from the war in about it.
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afghanistan and funding of misward and other people who attack pro-lifers they don't security forces there. and i say bravo. want to live in the world do you know how much we they are creating punching spending there on security each other in the face forces that won't defend instead of having respectful their own country. dialogue. about time we take that we are about the exchange of money and move it to ideas and civil dialogue. securing our own border. not hitting each other in jedediah: that's why a lot the face when topics get of people are supporting this too it is a emotional. pete: what is it about the reallocation. not new money. mentality that says i'm thought going to come up to is he saying let's make this whole system run a little you and dry to win a debate. i many come up and punch you bit more efficiently. and say you are not allowed here. that's not discourse. border apprehensions 913,000. that's a pretty big powerful that's violence. number. >> beings exactly. i think it's a bold statement for those who were hope that's not the american for so long saying this was we are becoming. a manufactured crisis not a real argue. looking at that and saying on why you can dismember or this is a real thing. pete: put that number in context. that's a big number but you decapitate. there is no argument you can know the details. make for that moral case. griff: it is. jedediah: what is your what is unbelievablably important to talk about this message to jillian ward who number when you talk upwards assaulted you? of a million people coming, >> well, you know, i believe a decade ago, it was mostly in the rule of law and that justice should be upheld but personally i offer her my mexican, mostly male people that were coming. unconditional forgiveness now it's central american for what she did. god has forgiven me of much family units, unaccompanied and i will also forgive her children. of much. we have to put them pete: that's wig o big of you.
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somewhere and we have nowhere to put them. the tents that were erected we got a statement from the school. they went ton to say the a week ago filled up in two federal education rights and daydays in el paso, in privacy act prevents the mcallen, texas. university from commenting i was calling this week on discriminatory actions because i reported almost every day this week on "fox involving students. so they are basically saying & friends" about this issue. we are not taking a i was calling my guy down in position. do you feel like if it was texas who is one of the an incident the other way public relations guys. around they said they i said, hey, griff, i can't couldn't comment. do you feel like it was the other way around maybe they talk because i'm would come out for a transporting people right now. they have made me transport. i'm not doing public student? >> we have seen a trend with these universities becoming relations anymore. they are so overwhelmed. more indoctrination centers when you talk about having than anything. i'm a college graduate with 900,000 people estimated and a political science degree. we are already half of a i saw that first hand in the way these students are being million that are already here. you are talking about a raddized to not use civil dialogue be rad activists problem that literally is going to take over all other priorities. resort to theft and pete: the problem is the cartels are in cahoots with vandalism. this is something i face every day on the front lines the government which is facilitating so much of what of abortion debate to be is going on at the border right now. created equal. get more on this. jedediah: there were consequences faced for her. brian kilmeade, host of the she was arrested. she will have to explain herself. there will be, you know, she weekday "fox & friends." he is going to talk to didn't just get off the hook acting defense secretary for, this correct? >> correct. patrick shanahan on monday yeah. she has been charged with a
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newly put forward as the class 2 misdemeanor for full time defense secretary. non-aggravated assault. that interview will be on her court date is in early this show on monday morning. june for this. pete: austan thank you for griff: now as we talked activism and very important democrats refused to say cause. thank you for joining us this is a crisis. this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: kind of. pete: a school is going above and beyond to make jedediah: inching there way in now. they have to. sure they don't offend anyone. get. griff: opportunity to call this they are renaming it a crisis and put their own solutions forward. mother's day to this is a sound bite acknowledgment day. flashing back to joe biden jedediah: i'm acknowledging that i'm a dog mom on this back in 2006 when he was national dog mom day and i'm taking a bold move to celebrating with my new support a wall. take a listen. >> i voted unlike most puppy today. look how old she is. democrats, i voted for my baby ♪ ♪ 700 miles fence. but, let me tell you we can build fence 40 stories high. unless you change the "wow, maybe i'll glow too dynamics in mexico. if i book direct at" whether i believe a fence is who glows? needed or not immigration as just say, badda book. badda boom. much as drugs. i'm the guy to wrote the national crime bill. book now at i'm the guy that wrote the national drug trafficking. i'm the guy who wrote the
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drug czar. inginginging methamphetamine to cocaine to heroin. it's all coming up through corrupt mexico. pete: wait, was that joe biden or trump? that's when the crisis wasn't even what it was today. he mentioned the national crime bill which he is walking back from. jedediah: he has it to apologize for. pete: he is talking about a wall and drugs. and that's before this crisis. play that tape in front of joe biden and ask him what he believes today. jedediah: that's joe biden before he had to compete with a very far left with a democratic party and voting base that likes the aoc and bernie sanders. we have said many times is he trying to find his way. you are right. he is going to have to answer those questions because i think what people are looking for in the democratic party, they are looking for a clear contrast between who they are going to run and president trump. i don't really blame them for that, as someone on the right i'm always looking for a contrast candidate. he has this long history and record of being kind of moderate and saying a lot of
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stuff that goes right down the middle. now he can't apologize for an entire record, right? here and there, fine, you can evolve. it's going to be very difficult for him to come out on key issue i changed my mind. griff: this is going to help him. him. pete: is he taking a huge step, bold. you can't deny that. griff: in biden president trump sees a little bit of himself. this is what he says about biden. i look at it like my race. if you remember the day i came down the casey later to the end of the primaries i was in the number one position, i was center stage every debate and, you know, nobody else came close. pete: trump early on took a big lead and the gap never closed. this is, i think, a reaction to the recent poll out of new hampshire that shows new hampshire is right next to vermont. bernie has been polling strong there biden doubles him up 36 to 18 or something like that in that state.
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and that's a big lead for biden coming right out of the gates and nationally he has raised money and showed some traction. but the third on that list is pete buttigieg the mayor of south bend, indiana. president trump gave this interview yesterday, which has been widely reported to politico, a print report. and he was asked about pete buttigieg and his response was to introduce a new nickname and president trump said this about mayor pete. he said alfred e. newman cannot become president of the united states. if you are like me and didn't know who that was. that was mad man. uh, well, this will be the kitchen. steve: i knew write away mad and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, magazine for a kid growing and a dock with a boat, maybe. up in the 1980s, you why haven't you started building? couldn't wait for this. mad magazine made fun of well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... politicians. called out politicians, actually. and eventually we would like to retire. but, of course, alfred e. yeah, it's a lot. but td ameritrade can help you build a plan for today newman was the face of the and tomorrow. mad magazine and gullible great. can you help us pour the foundation too?
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idiot and the caption was, i think you want a house near the lake, not in it. come with a goal. what, me worry? leave with a plan. td ameritrade. interesting people. ♪ meme.concern is what president trump has nicknamed you. have you arrived when trump gives you a nickname. jedediah: i don't love it i think it undermines his ♪ oh you are making me live ♪ whatever this world can inability. give to me pete: whose inability? jedediah: president trump. pete: no. ♪ you, you are all i need come on. this is what he does. jedediah: it is your shot of jedediah: people laugh and the morning. smile. i have a sense of humor. this is my baby, daisy i get it but i think when you are trying to reach those people in the middle. buchanan bill la who i named when you are trying to reach those people who may go over after daisy buchanan. to a joe biden who may be say hi, everyone. intrigued by a buttigieg. she has -- notice her little turns them off kind of like outfit. she is a patriot. is is a hand me down from the pocahontas nickname great for the base. her sister emma. have you got to win a i have another dog that's a general election. maltese. this is a maltipoo baby. pete: reaches the heart. mayor pete, nice kid. smart, just not there not heart and soul, two and a ready yet to stare down half pounds right now. china. i love her to pieces. jedediah: does he have to go there? pete: of course he dose. pete: today is national dog griff: i do think it's the mom's day. basics of politics that is this is your day.
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define your opponent. is he defining them. griff: tomorrow is mother's day today is dog mom's day. m. let us know what you think. is it a smart idea to go down this route and make jedediah: whether a do i get another puppy. pete hegseth very happy or she is such a good girl. are you with me? let us know. keeping us up a little bit. i'm in love with these we are starting with animals. daisy had a little surgery. headlines and a fox news she had umbilical cord alert. surgery when she was a baby. sending a patriot definition i heard that story and i was system. on the fence about getting a the system can counter dog. i heard that story. ballistic missiles, cruise i have to have this dog. i skypeed with her in arkansas through a friend of a friend and i was like this is the dog i want. missiles and aircraft. deploying the u.s. arlington here she is. to the region. ramping up efforts amid pete: is there a dog's dad threats toist forces. day? >> daddy's day. at least three students are in the hospital after a bus mommy's day and daddy's day. this is a baby not a puppy. carrying a girl soccer team collides with a vehicle in missouri overnight. pete: national dog dad day. authorities say both drivers jedediah: there thu should be. were air lifted to the hospital. it's unclear how the driver if there is not we will create one. she is shaking because she and injured students are doing. the crash is under is nervous. investigation. and the president and first griff: serious, serious lady honoring military moms cuteness alert. pete: can i hold her? just before mother's day. griff: my dad had that.
3:13 am
four years goes away no problem. >> military moms are the jedediah: can i hold her a backbone of america. second. pete: i'm a little worried your unwavering dedication but. we will be friends. and support strengthens our [sigh] entire nation. jedediah: this was the thirdable celebration of military mothers at the white house. beautiful. pete: my mom prayed for me kissing pete hegseth. in iraq there were some moments where i feel like it carried me. i say that with high jedediah: she likes you. she smells the chick i chick-fi. hyperbole. moments you shouldn't have peace. she was praying and i was there. griff: hats off to military griff: mentioned a dad dog day. maybe they will make it acknowledgment day. moms. jedediah: yes. definitely. griff: on the border calling pete: come on up. it a manufactured crisis. hand the dog off. hand over the football. >> president trump must stop real thing in australia. a school. holding the american people crisis. must stop manufacturing a crisis. >> this president just used the back drop of the oval griff: wants to rename mother's day and father's day for that matter and office to manufacture a calling it simply acknowledgment day. we need to rename it. crisis. griff: are they manufacturing their own crisis over the mueller here is what the principal report calling it a janet d. pill la says, constitutional crisis? media reporter joe concha quote, i sincerely humane joins us next on this society this change in name
3:14 am
will show that we as a saturday. pour a cup of coffee. community recognize that our families are not made of any particular combination of people we no longer subscribe to a binary world just let it hang out there for a second. anytime scientists but i'm pretty sure that every person has a biological mother at some level. we are doing a lot of things with engineering. i get all of that ultimately you call somebody mom. you can't call them mom anymore? jedediah: i understand the sentiment that every family is different and there are unconventional families i get it and appreciate that leave the names alone. mother's day is mother's day and father's day is father's day. you don't have to change the name to have inclusiveness. i get it. you don't have to change the name to get there. pete: correct. griff: do you want it mother's day or father's day or acknowledgment day? pete: change it to something other than acknowledgment day? jedediah: acknowledgment day is silly. pete: greatest person in your life day.
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do that. only pay for what you need. i'm going to write about my ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ experience was food included this that. pete: no lodging or food. jedediah: good deal. rick: it's more than i save right now. ♪ >> we are now in a pete: you and my me both. constitutional crisis. >> this administration wants to have a constitutional rick: let's take a look at the weather and show you what's going on this morning. a lot has been going on crisis because they do not respect the oath of office. right across the central >> the president now seeks spartan of the country. all of the flooding. to take a wrecking ball to we have been talking about flooding the better part of the constitution. six and now down across pete: all right the democrats now calling the parts of the south. battle over the mueller heavy rain. sugar land, texas over four days saw over 17 inches of report a constitutional crisis. the crisis at the border rain. that's manufactured. and that has caused >> president trump must stop incredible flooding there. holding the american people hostage. must stop manufacturing a across areas of the south. crisis. >> this president just used more rain today but we are almost done with the worst of it, i think at least the back drop of the oval office to manufacture a we'll have one little batch crisis. >> this artificial crisis of of rain move across texas the president isn't going to later on today. at least southeast texas. justify his appropriating and clear out a little bit money for a wall that congress is unwilling to tomorrow for mother's day
3:18 am
give. which will be good. see rain across southern pete: well, is it the democrats who are manufacturing their own california. crisis? it's very uncommon this time good question. of year. jedediah: here to react is rain and storms across parts media reporter for the hill of the southwest. and radio talk show host on here is the forecast rainfall we will see over the next few days. wor joe concha, welcome. little bit of flooding going >> good morning, jedediah, on. temperatures pretty good. hot in florida. 90's in older. pete. yesterday jed crisis at the take at areas across the border manufactured but now great lakes and towards the they deem a constitutional northeast for mother's day crisis as a result of barr unfortunately not looking and what he brought forward good 53 in chicago. and the fact he doesn't want to turn over anything and 51 in buffalo. everything to them asap. all right, back to you. >> jedediah, that manufactured crisis the griff: thank you. border thing that went away how did liberal states sell in a hurry, didn't it, once legalized marijuana by the "new york times" said yeah, there is a crisis at promising a ton of money in the border. yes, give the president his california. pete: in california that promise just went up in money and then jay johnson smoke. see what we did there? also homeland security secretary under president jedediah: well played. obama when he said there is pete: i'm good at reading absolutely a crisis at the what other people write. border, i think once the other side of so to speak started saying that, that income from sin taxes. debunked that completely. he joins us coming up. constitutional crisis, ♪ ♪ therefore, doesn't have a lot of impact because if you let's be honest. are the boy who cried wolf and keeps yelling crisis about things in terms of safe drivers shouldnt have to pay okay, constitutional crisis. as much for insurance...
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again, the mueller report -- i'm convinced that probably most democrats, 80%, 85% really thought there would be collusion there and at least obstruction. and then the plan b. was then to therefore move ahead with either impeaching the president or badly injuring him moving up to 2020. those things are gone. so, therefore, the only thing they have left is to attack bill barr who only was, i don't know, overwhelmingly confirmed under a previous president 30 years ago and no one is buying it. and now it's going to have the same effect. we have talked about this before, i will say it again. day one after president clinton was impreached his approval rating was 71%. when you go ever at president and the public isn't behind you in terms of the reasons why, your president poll numbers arise and highest numbers since his inauguration. that's because of democrats and the way they are acting and not offering real solutions for the miner people. jedediah: question is, joe, does it work for the democratic base focus on
3:21 am
issues. thanks so much for being here. >> all right, guys, thank you. pete: disturbing situation at the border. record number of agents calling in sick as the surge of migrants rises. why are so many getting sick? jedediah: brandon judd coming up next. priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels
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uncomfortable looking at those emoji, pete. thanks, pete. how does liberal states selling marijuana they did it by promising taxes in california that promise went up in smoke. jedediah: the newsom administration is slashing tax revenue estimations by slashing 223-million-dollars by june 2020. griff: radio take show host out of california mike slater. i love when you have you on you have a good way of putting it. this is pretty stunning. this is supposed to make money and clearly it is not. >> too many problems with these type of sin taxes. first of all, they already spend the money that they predict they are going to bring in they brigitte they will bring in this much but they only bring in this much and now we have to fill in the rest with other higher taxes us non-pot smokers in this case have to fill in the rest of it with taxes every week they are coming up with new taxes here in california. the other thing with sin tax, the states rely on the
3:24 am
in connection with from them. so the state actually promotes the use of them. right? so gambling, tobacco, the state needs people to gamble more and smoke more and smoke more marijuana and they always say it's for the children. they are going to spentsd money on things for the children it. promotes bad behavior and we're seeing a lot of that in california, obviously. jedediah: gavin newsom has this very shall we say ambitious california for all budget it. includes things like expanding medical coverage, eligibility tore 19 to 25-year-olds regardless of immigration status. proposes two years free pete: welcome back. community college tuition. pour a cup of coffee but do $1 billion to fight homelessness. not get out of bed. they were counting on a lot of this tax revenue from can toxic chemicals into the houston channel. eej barge carrying cannabis. they are not going to get it 25,000 barrels of a chemical from the legalization used to make gasoline. market. where is this money going to no injuries have been come from, mike. reported. officials are monitoring the >> this is where this will air quality. and in a second story, two crash 50% of the income tax revenue in california come people are dead and several from the richest 1% of hurt after a gas station californians. those richest 1% their suddenly explodes in virginia. at least three people, incomes fluctuate a lot
3:25 am
depending on how the economy is doing. unfortunately, unaccounted richest 1% are very mobile for. witnesses say they heard a loud boom before it went up in flames. and can move and can get out police launched a criminal of this state. investigation but say the when they are out of here explosion does not appear to the whole thing crumbles. be suspicious. griff, jed, down to you big problem especially guys. pete: all right, thanks, silicon valley. pete. the department of defense no reason why silicon valley approving $1.5 billion for needs to be in california. the border wall. back story why it got there this as u.s. border patrol in the first place. really chance, random says they have more migrants in custody than agents on happenstance happened to be here. the ground. it could be anyway. soon it will be. jedediah: here to weigh in is the president of the 2k3w5678 has no one to rely national border patrol on. my car broke down yesterday. council brandon judd. welcome. >> thanks for having me. no whoa is me here. a couple thousand dollars. jedediah: what do you think we can afford it not a huge of this 1.5 billion of reallocation of funds? deal. there are people in >> thank goodness. california that could be a the unfortunate part is that crushing expense now not only are taxes going up. congress isn't doing their job. harder and harder for those and because congress isn't doing their job, the people citizens gavin newsom president is left to use is going to tell that person thinks authorities to actually look at ways that we have to raise your taxes he can solve a crisis. because for some illegal if congress would actually immigrant that is here this step up we wouldn't need the is craziness but people keep department of defense. voting for these guys. because they are not stepping up, the president griff: do you predict this has to step in and solve won't eventually work this problem on his own. because gavin newsom, to be fair, said it would take a couple years for this roll
3:26 am
griff: brandon, as we said in the intro, there are more out to bin to pay off. migrants in custody than you >> i'm sorry for the rollout have agents in the field on for? the force. why is that significant? griff: gavin newsom said it would take five to seven >> it shows you that we are years to start seeing the real benefits of this 15% setting records every single day. griff, as have you traveled to mexico, have you seen the levy on the can business tax migrant caravans that are are you saying what we have coming up. have you seen the shear seen so far will never work. >> no. numbers that we're dealing it will never come. with and when we are dealing always make the rosiest of with those types of numbers, when we take them, in we tax projections. have to process them, we are holding these people for flip side expense think healthcare is going to cost days when we -- when our always predict the absolute facilities were only made to hold them for 72 hours lower potential. never bring in the tax simply because it takes that long to get them processed revenues they promise and expenses way, way more than and through the system. they ever say as well. jedediah: i want to ask you it will never work out. about a report that's come out that is saying that a jedediah: i'm always record number of border surprised there is not a patrol agents are reportedly calling in sick. bigger mass exodus from do you think that's true and, if so, why is that business leaders. i have understand the happening? >> no, it is true. weather is nice. that's wife go. and the reason why it's happening is just yesterday at some point this stuff is i got an alert that we just had a case of measles. we're dealing with diseases crippling especially if you that we don't see here in the united states very are tying to -- demoralizes. regularly. these are diseases from why don't people flee more third world countries. readily.
3:27 am
they are coming up. >> it's hard for businesses and because of, this because to leave. of this meestlesz that we right? had to deal with, we had to you have invested a lot of money to be here. quarantine i believe it was a lot of employees are here. a huge expense to leave big 69 illegal aliens in our custody. we also then to have to go thing that's happening through and screen our businesses aren't expanding agents. when we are dealing with here. major companies been here for decades they are staying here but expanding in texas these types of diseases the and all these other places. scary part is when we california is not seeing the release them if we don't growth it normally has. catch them we are releasing as you said the weather only these people into the united states with these disguises lasts for so long. thadiseasesthat have the potento only so nice here before you can't take it anymore. effect millions of griff: if you want to know when the exodus is starting in california will be americans. totally empty it will be the griff: mcallen to l rfrmt day that they start taxing bg ground zero. surfing. [laughter] 2400 apprehensions on one >> and i know that is near and dear to your heart. i absolutely hate that. day may 4th. brian kilmeade will be griff: it actually is interviewing shanahan there indeed. we actually are going to do as well. why is it that democrats some surfing later on today. refuse to acknowledge the problem and do something keep us posted. about it? that is what all the border interesting to see if we patrol chiefs say is the crisis. >> this is politics. also get new marijuana is causing in terms of health they are pandering to their base and the primary season issues in california. >> don't forget marijuana is right now that are going to not good for you. have to go far left. and as they go far left, let's not forget that either.
3:28 am
they are going to have to >> mike, thank you. ignore this particular >> appreciate it. jedediah: are you in a crisis. market for a new car in the again, unfortunately for the car coach is with the latest american people, that doesn't work. we have to have them step trends to look for this summer. that is coming up next. up. we have to have our ♪ ♪ legislators step up. we have to have them tackle this problem head on. and if they don't, then we're gone that be in trouble. jedediah: i'm not sure it works at all because in ignoring it you are ignoring humanitarian crisis that democrats are going to have to explain why they didn't care enough about that to do something about it and be proactive. >> they are. my fear though is when you look at some of the things that are coming out and some of the policies that we are wanting to implement such as going after the individuals that do not show up to their court dates, the judges order them deported and they don't show up to their court dates, you know, we have to have the leadership in dhs step up. and we have to have them do the right things to get rid of this magnet. that's part of the catch and release program. we have an avenue to try to end this catch and release program. you have to remember you don't accept nominations for political appointees to be
3:29 am
popular. you accept nomination to be a political appointee to do your job and you have to have dhs do that. griff: that's right. we will see if anything gets done. it will be an interesting day. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. woman: ahh! griff: next, pete talks with vice president pence in his need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites home state of minnesota. >> good to be with you in and lets you see how your baggage minnesota. this is a president who will affect the cost of your flight, turned the blue wall red all so you can be confident across the heart land. you're getting the right flight at the best price. minnesota is in play. we will take that message kayak. search one and done. all across america. i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that. as a financial health coach, i help people every day. i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there. helping families like mine save a little money changes everything. this is personalized guidance. this is wells fargo.
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would want and the price point on this car is $50,000. very limited production. the key thing also with trend long warranty, 10 year 100,000 miles. it does stand out in a ♪ you're as cold as ice crowd. [horn beeping] ♪ you're will to sacrifice >> horn works. our love ♪ also great american car of pete: uh-oh. someone is going to the go the year. griff: what else have you log. it's your shot of the got? >> technology. everybody is talking about morning. rugs president vladimir autonomous cars. putin hitting the ice literally. super cruise with cadillac. pete: is he tripping on red carpet and face plants rick: what do you mean. during his victory lap after >>ct 6 little line you see a hockey exhibition game. right there actually tells >> his teammates rushed to you about driving. it tells you green when you help him get back on his can take your hands off the feet. wheel and i actually tested he is okay. putin scored at least 8 it. can you take your hands off goals. pete: my goodness, 8 goals. the wheel. it's a trust factor but the technology actually works. kim jong un once had 8 hole and it's constantly being upgraded. rick: i mentioned something about the heats. in ones. something will wake you up you will let him score 8 to kind of alert you if you are not paying attention? >> all distracted by everything. if you are not paying times. pete: i'm surprised he has a attention there is a camera looking at you and it has -- shirt on. jedediah: that would have been a better video. have you get.
3:34 am
pete: do you know how many rick: shock? shirtless video he will have >> it's not a shock. a vibration that makes you to do on a horse while pay attention. hunting to make up for that? be on the lookout. jedediah: you are probably a rick: what's jed looking at. >> range rover eagle actual great ice hockey player. first on television to bring pete: i'm a great booth hockey player. the evoke. i don't skate well. jedediah: super comfortable you told me a tech savvy car. >> very tech savvy car. griff: john kerry is actually a good -- pete: we are having a good on road and off road take time and you bring up john the range rover start at $42,000. kerry? [laughter] a reasonable price for range jedediah: what a counselor, rover rear view camera griff. unbelievable visibility that you have never seen before in suv. on road and off road capability and comes with griff: wa-wa. pete: whoever put that carpet down in that ice rink full maintenance. jedediah: oh, wow. is in big trouble. >> you wouldn't think that i had an opportunity to sit down with the vice jaguar and land rover have president. he was there for big event. done that new technology we had a chance to sit down engine you get better get up and talk to him on and go and fuel economy. abulbasher of in issues. busy moment right now on jedediah: i feel super empowered in this car. american politics. this is what the vice president said to "fox & >> you look great in it. friends." listen. >> mr. vice president, you this is one of my favorites. have been in minnesota a couple times. so has the president. >> that's right. alpha amaze owe. pete: not even ronald reagan >> beautiful. >> rev the engine for me.
3:35 am
in 1984 carried minnesota. >> my goodness. only state he didn't. [engine revving] do you and team trump think that minnesota is truly in play in 2020. performance suvs super hot >> we absolutely believe minnesota is in play. i was here a little bit more trend. stand out in a car my rule than a month ago. the president was here just of thumb is you are what you a few weeks back. the enthusiasm that we saw are drive. pull up and you make a in 2016, i just sense has statement. pete: extra even pronounce only grown since then. i had one of the se steelworks it. >> alfa ararmeo. here grab me by the hand and said tell the president we very track worthy. got your back in minnesota. great brakes. we only lost minute society when you buy a that vehicle like this great statement. by a point and a half. this is the president who a lot of competition in this category and everybody is turned the blue wall red all wanting to get into. this starts arranged across the heartland from pennsylvania to wisconsin. $79,000. and we -- and michigan. pete: she is a beauty. we think not only is the griff: we saved the best for heartland in play, minnesota is in play but we will take last. time to get out of fancy that message all across sports cars into the trucks. america. >> this is a hot trend mid pete: that would be a game sized trucks. changesser. in minnesota we have made everybody is looking to get national news because of one in to mid size trucks. of our representatives ilhan they are super popular. this is a range rover fx 4. omar her district is right next door to here. >> right. watch your foot there close pete: your reaction to all the comments she has made. the door and see a lot of great technology.
3:36 am
>> ilhan omar has made it has towing capacity. [horn beeping] statements, anti-semitic >> you love the horn. comments against israel that 7500 pounds. great pay load. ought to be rejected by short bed. every american. frankly, the fact that very pete: window to talk to recently she has been trying rick. hey, rick. to blame the united states >> starting price on a of america for the ranger is $24,000. that's why they are selling deprivation and poverty so many. seats for four or five. brought on by the and you still got towing dictatorship in venezuela just tells me, look, the people of minnesota will decide whether or not she capability. remains in congress. you are moving do you have a pickup truck? >> true. congresswoman ilhan omar has no place on the house foreign affairs committee and the democratic leadership ought to remove griff: pickup trucks gotten her. pete: are they afraid to fancier misperception they're getting more remove her? >> look, you would have to expensive? >> not on the mid size ask them. yongsd it we have seen trucks this vehicle around the 40's. you can use off road. republican leadership take into camping or hiking i steps before. the people of your district know you love all the elect you to congress. outdoor sports. your conference elects to perfect fit for you. you committees. put all your gear in back this is fully within the and people inside. purr few of speaker pelosi. jedediah: get it. griff: if you get this one pete: have you heard the report there is a bipartisan it comes with fox news channel. subpoena of the president >> great. donald trump jr. the first time a family ♪ member. richard burr, a republican ♪
3:37 am
you, a part of that subpoena. richard blumenthal has said griff: still ahead dan he may have to go to jail. bongino. he is joining us live at the top of the next hour. >> now that the mueller report is, in no collusion, [horn honking] no obstruction. now the senate intelligence committee is starting over ♪ again and what the american people want us focused on in ♪ washington, d.c. is the kind of things i was talking about steel factory today and on a farm in minnesota. they wants us talking about this growing economy. they want us talking about making america more secure. they wants us dealing with the undeniable crisis at our southern border that voices left, right, and center are now acknowledging. i really do believe and i hope that congress will get the message that we'll move on. pete: nancy pelosi says we are in a constitutional crisis over bill barr. are we unlv a constitutional crisis? >> no. the president and i fully support attorney general barr's decision this is not a constitutional crisis. this can be resolved. we'll leave it to the attorney general to work out arrangements, but it's time to dial down the rhetoric on
3:38 am
capitol hill. the american people know this economy is roaring. america is standing tall again in the world. they want us in washington, d.c. working on the things that are going to make a difference in their security, in their lives. they want to see us addressing the border crisis. they want to see infrastructure bill. they want to see deals like the usmca enacted. they want to see more growth, more jobs, more opportunity. not more politics. pete: he was in great spirits. the economy, everything going on they dismissed the investigation so it was very gracious of the vice president. he was also very gracious because i had my two boys with me gunner and boon. you are interviewing the vice president and he was .. great with them. i set them separately. sit down and shut up i'm interviewing the vice president. 45 seconds into the interview they start playing rock paper scissors. can i see my kid. the vice president can see. ask your doctor about entyvio®. entyvio® acts specifically in the gi tract, rock paper scissors. during the interview.
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3:41 am
pancakes. cold across northeast. parts of east texas, much of louisiana flooding. >> if you're a mother of a dog areas of arkansas, it is national mom dog day as we mississippi. we have more rain still today. this is one batch, this is moving through. take a look at all these saw in the last hour. area that has flood warnings and warnings going on. >> happy dog mommy day to you. very large area. saw some spots 10 inches of rain this week and likely i love you all. see few spots get an >> what are you doing today? additional 3 to 5 inches or so in the next couple of days. here is where the heaviest >> i don't think this dog could be spoiled anymore? of the rain is now kind of exiting louisiana break and moisture off towards parts of the west it will again do you see? >> i you sons and daughters and everyone else, mother's day move in through parts of tomorrow, if you haven't done this area. more heavy rain west texas anything yet, do something today, you can't show up with and more across louisiana. nothing tomorrow. this is tomorrow. much of the eastern seaboard >> you are not alone. seeing a lot of showers, unfortunately and that's going to cause a little bit more localized floodinged in the south. and temperatures here tomorrow what do you want me to just tell you a number? how about 52, jedediah. >> special guests too. you might be surprised. >> speaking of special guest, fox news contributor, former pete: rick, just go home. nypd officer and author of spy you are released for the
3:42 am
day. rick: all right. gate, the attempt to sabotage donald trump. that's fine. jedediah: you are in time out, rick. are you a father of a dog or pete eat thank you very much. griff: not fair to blame the weather man for brain. sticking to mother's day? jedediah: who else am i >> one of the great regrets of going to blame? my lifetime is coming down with dog allergies. i love dogs. >> it's the cross they carry. >> you haired democrats this is the most important thing i ever set on "fox and friends". promise things like freely college and free healthcare. how are they going to pay for that of course with taxes and your money. griff: tax plan come up. anybody, please make a mean out of pete hegseth's face on the lots of free stuff renaming mother's day story. ♪ i need money if you have a screen of that it ♪ that's what i want ♪ accomplish knows what i would be the most viral meme the want most? internet history. >> changing the name. unbelievable. we've got to get to topics of the day. what? what?? what?! senators johnson and grassley (laughing) what?? sent a letter to fbi director what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance,
3:43 am
paying for this could ray and mike pompeo demanding document connected to feel like getting robbed twice. christopher steele's meeting saying the fbi may have been so get allstate... warned of steel's political and be better protected from mayhem... motivation before they launched like me. the investigation. >> a couple big take aways from ♪ this. sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save $1,000 on the new queen sleep number 360 we have absolute proof that the united states government new special edition smart bed, only $1,799. christopher steele, the source of the fake bogus information on donald trump paid for by hillary only for a limited time. was politically motivated. the woman at the state department who interviewed steel before the dossier -- before the fisa warrant was issued takes a note saying his motivations were political, he wents this out before election day. take away number 2 is critical and is getting looked over in all this. christopher steele was like the post man. this guy delivered no matter what. if you needed a negative piece of information about donald trump paid for by hillary christopher steele delivered it. he gave it to jonathan weiner at the state department, the media, the justice department, the fbi
3:44 am
but most importantly, overwhelming evidence he gave the same information to john brennan and the fbi didn't know about it. if the fbi thinks they are getting information from donald trump that is really negative and it is the same information from the same guy we have a real problem here. >> do you think anyone will ask joe biden when he learned about the steel dossier? >> i would hope so because there are a couple interactions, the first is the white house is running this text by the fbi and the other is the white house, the potus, president of the united states wants to know everything we are doing.
3:45 am
the third one opens up, they are coordinating a meeting at the white house with the beauty director of the cia to, quote, speak with one voice while they are discussing the case. it's only fair to ask joe biden what did you know, joe, and when did you know it? shannon: when it comes to the mueller report democrats wanted more information, more information, they want the non-rejected version, they want the 1%, the underlying evidence. not one democrat has read the less redacted report. what is going on? is it to make a big talking point? do they really care about this information? >> this is as funny as pete's face, this is hysterical. in a devastating opinion piece, chemistry also lays out the stupidity here. we've reached peak stupid. here is my phone. i can pull up on this phone
3:46 am
amazon barnes & noble whatever and by the mueller report. anybody -- it is out for anyone to read. think about this. democrats potentially trying to criminally charge william barr for not producing a report they could go to the internet and by tomorrow. with regards to the redactions this is hysterical. but he is talking about andy mccarthy has a piece of fox news talking about this. repealing the president's the law, the grand jury secrecy tax cut. that is going to kind of be law that prevents bill bar from disclosing this information, he a base line for everybody. would be committing a crime if he thinks too much goes to he gives it to the democrats, the rich. the law could be changed by he wants to get rid of that and get rid of loopholes for congress tomorrow. the bill on capitol hill, millionaires and he wants to put more money back in remember schoolhouse rock, middle class voters' congress can change that are but pockets. that makes sense. they won't do it. at the end of the day recommendation his biggest we are living in the dumbest of proposal is getting rid of the 2017 tax cut. he thinks it's not popular. times right now. >> why aren't they reading the he thinks it can be a win information if they are so for him politically. hungry for it why not read it? going to mean higher prices
3:47 am
for everybody. griff: let's see what voters have to think about that. >> they have been invited to look at the classified information. bernie sanders, there was a william barr offered to bring it to them in congress. why aren't they reading it? time when proposals were thought of ludicrous. because it is classified and if now they have become they leave it they would be mainstream in democratic circles. what's he proposing. >> i don't know if we have enough time to talk about what sanders. committing a crime so what almost no tax he doesn't better way to impugn the want to raise. integrity of william barr than to never read the classified estate tax he's to repeal information, speculate about it trump's 2017 tax cut. in the media and accuse william raise the payroll tax. barr of obstructing even though very has got to raise just he is offering for you to read about every single tax out there if he wants to come even within earshot of the it. >> those democrats see the amount of money is he entire report, they don't want talking about spending. he wants to go after to know, when they do they can't talk about it the way they want to which is to impugn him. corporations. he wants to go after the it is amazing. wealthy. >> we have a new way of viewing he wants to raise top tax rates up to the 70, 77% mark. things we haven't seen in decades in this country because he thinks he is going to pay for it by 2020 democrats and that is based on the nicknames donald trump taxing the rich. gives them. donald trump has given one of those candidates a new nickname and that is mayor pete griff: senator elizabeth warren poster child of the buttigieg. progressive movement out there she slapping on. her proposals are similar to sanders but in some ways different. he said, quote, alfred e newman >> the things she wants to cannot become president of the united states. add. she probably likes when you heard that reference everything sanders is talking about and she wants
3:48 am
to add a wealth tax. she doesn't want to just tax did you know what he was talking your income, how much money you bring. in she wants to tax about? everything you have, every year if you have wealth >> does anybody born in our generation not? of course, mad magazine, everybody read mad magazine, about $50 million. wealth above a billion everybody had their favorite dollars that is a very portions, spy versus spy or radical new proposals. most people would say a very whatever, mad magazine responded unworkable proposal. she thinks it will bring in a lot of the money. most economist also say it has been tried else somewhere. it doesn't work. who is this pete buttigieg guy? go back to the drawing board. griff: senator kamala harris nut middle lane here. she is putting some proposals out there. >> she, again is, talking he is the master role as this, picking out a name that is going about repealing the to stick. i have no personal beef against president's tax cuts. she thinks that's going to mayor pete, i disagree with his policies but that is going to fund her spending proposals. again, you hear the rhetoric from her. it's all about going after the wealthy. she wants more income for stick from this point on. middle class americans. trump is great at that. he makes it stick like you are she wants to basically just in a mouse trap. >> mayor pete took it in good faith but wasn't sure how to give them money. it's sort of a tax credit every single year. but she is focused primarily react, pointing out he is a young guy running for president. on repealing the president's tax cuts. the big thing to understand he had to google it. about all these plans is every one of these folks, with the exception of biden speaking of another presidential has signed onto the green new deal, which means candidate, beto o'rourke jumping
3:49 am
minimally they have got to have $50 trillion over 10 years to pay for that. none of these tax plans come on kitchen counters and countertops blazing into the within any distance of race based on enthusiasm of running a close race in texas. paying for that amount of navy headline about what he plans to do says he plans a money. there is a huge gap between what you can pay for if you are only committed to taxing reintroduction as 2020 buzz the rich which means to do that everybody has got to fizzles, hitting the reset button. pay. griff: last question are any democrats putting proposals what does that say? out there that aren't beyond what we are seeing with >> it means storm clouds are ahead. this is one of these techniques these? >> you have got -- well, candidate to do to garner media have you got dozens of attention when they are getting candidates and all sorts of lost in the big field, it is not proposals out there. most of them have gone to the left you have a few sort of stay to the center. hickenlooper and biden potentially. uncommon. you make announcements about huge pressure to move left. announcements about announcement so the media has to cover it, biden talked about climate make an announcement you are thinking about thinking about running for president, then you make an announcement you're change proposal. said it was going to be thinking about running for president, then you make an announcement you're running for middle of the road. president, then you make another everybody hammered him. announcement, thinking about not far enough. running for president. more and more money. griff: we ended where we began with joe biden. thanks, brian. you may remember next story. high school student rejected and it is a sign of storm clouds ahead.
3:50 am
by the national honor society because is he a beto could come back but his campaign has fizzled big time. trump supporter. now he is on a mission to expose bias in schools across the country. >> he was so overestimated, the next obama, so many members of his story is coming up next. i just talked to him nut green room. you don't want to miss this the democratic party thing this ♪ ♪ is the next shining star, before they listened to what the guy had to say. nobody got out and spoke, wait, maybe it's not him and they are taking a step back and he is getting nervous about it. >> the beto phenomena and, goes are from ghostbusters, he's whatever you think, if you think he's conservative he's conservative. he doesn't stand for anything. what he is finding out is when he's not ringing against ted cruz, and running against other media darlings who are miserable the media will not let them be goes are from ghostbusters. he has to take a stand on stuff and that is so funny. you know why?
3:51 am
woman: ahh! in this half-hour it was going to wake me up. all of a sudden the media has to need a change of scenery? stick a bunch of talking points kayak searches hundreds of travel sites and he doesn't like it. >> ghostbusters might be calling you. >> i thought of the theme song. and lets you see how your baggage >> that was my alarm to wake me up. will affect the cost of your flight, so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. kayak. search one and done. >> we have headlines, terrifying moments as a murder suspect opens fire during a wild police chase in california. >> oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! he has a gun! >> the suspect hanging out the passengers window firing shots. police fire back, but a ending when the car gets stuck in traffic, the driver surrenders and police pull the suspect out. he is in the hospital. chicago judge steps aside in the jussie smollett case, judge leroy martin junior was supposed to decide if a prosecutor should identify the state attorney's decision to drop charges. his son works in the state attorney's office so he's passing this off to another
3:52 am
judge. small it is accused of staging a hate crime against himself was a driver barreled into deputies at an arizona gas station. carlos diaz is accused of speeding through the parking lot on purpose. he claims he was forced to hit the gas. the deputies, police officers have minor injuries. diaz failed is a friday test after the crash. he was arrested on several charges. >> here we go again. golden state warriors not the houston rockets out of the nba playoffs. >> carrying tucker right with him, lunges to 3. let's do it again. >> there will be no game 7 of the game 6 in houston. capping his 33 point second half, a goose egg in the first half it came back big without kevin durant win the game 118-113, they will play the nuggets or the trailblazers sunday night in a game 7. there is another game 7 as well.
3:53 am
a final for rolling along. >> nba has become hazardous to your sleep. >> this series in particular. some of the greatest shooters we have ever seen in nba basketball and they hit shots no one else can hit. >> we shall see what happens. donald trump set to nominate patrick shanahan as secretary of defense and already making bold moves on the border. a retired air force attorney general says shanahan is an outstanding choice, he explains why coming up next. there was a moment, my son i believe was about four, pete: back in february, we brought you the story of a new jersey high school student who says he was where he actually asked me "mommy what's wrong with your teeth?" rejected from the national if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... honor society for publicly voicing his support for i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. president trump, watch. >> i had the requirement, i it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. had the community service requirement. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. i posted the when i trump at aspen dental we're all about yes. quote i had a character like yes to flexible hours and payment options. issue. yes to free exam and x-rays pete: can't support the president. for new patients without insurance. now high school junior
3:54 am
and yes whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. forest is launching a grassroots effort to expose call now at 1-800-aspendental. bias in schools across the country. the name of his new group is called high schoolers for freedom and he joins us now exclusively. boris, thanks for being here this morning. >> pete, thanks for having me. pete: you were confronted personally with bias in the classroom being a trump supporter, not supported at at the high school. >> right. pete: law doing about it? >> after i shared my story some other students told me their stories as well similar things happened in different states. can i go on fox and i have been able to tell my story there is a lot of students who can't go on fox. hi dad. no. edon't try to get up. just because you are alex from high school in illinois hi, i'm julie, a right at home caregiver. doesn't mean you should be predicted america day some and if i'd been caring for tom's dad, people be offended or you i would have noticed some dizziness that post a pro-life post. could lead to balance issues. doesn't mean class that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. presidency. pete: a lot of students have we'll be right there. reached out to you since you launched high schoolers for we have to go. freedom. hey, tom. you should try right at home.
3:55 am
>> high schoolers we can't vote. one of the other places we they're great for us. the right care. right at home. have a voice is in the classroom. so when it's taken away from us, when we are not allowed to express our opinions in the classroom and ostracized for that students have to take it somewhere else. despite this leftist bias and indoctrination, 100 students in 20 states publicizing those stories that they have. students of liberal indoctrination and that's the first step. pete: if they are not exposed, nothing happens. if it happens inside the classroom and no one talks about it or not videotaped then the indoctrination continues. parliament of your mission is to expose what is happening in public schools today? >> right. one of my big things is i had a lot of students come up and tell me after trump won teachers crying in front of the classroom when trump wears in 2020 and kids are wearing keep america great hats i don't want students to come ostracized for that when students wear these hats they should be free to do. so. pete: or the american flag and things like that. >> exactly. pete: apparently are not acceptable in some places.
3:56 am
you even said merry christmas at your high school. >> yes. pete: what happened to you. >> students said happy holidays to me and i said merry christmas. my english teacher went me on a rant i was imperialistist. i asked them six years ago you could say merry christmas. and you could say the "n" word. he said it. pete: you and me talked about this before, where can folks, where can parents, grand parents, students learn about high schoolers for freedom. where can they get info. >> first stepping follow hs for freedom on instagram and facebook. share your story. pete: share your videos. get involved. hopefully next year you are hoping to make a big splash and expose what is happening. >> 2020 is a big year and be prepared with these stories so we can make a difference. we are doing a national launch right now and we will focus on funneling resources to funnel into each state >> welcome back. donald trump set to nominate patrick shanahan as his next focusing on indoctrine defense secretary as tensions rise on the world stage and nature. one state at a time we are
3:57 am
coming to you. pete: one state at a time along the southern border of so who is patrick shanahan and what coming to high school near can we expect from his leadership at the pentagon? here to weigh in lieutenant you. good four, boris, for stepping up. >> hi, pete. general richard nixon, assistant vice chief of staff for the u.s. pete: charles payne, charlie hurt, dan bongino all alive air force, thank you for being on this saturday edition of here. "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ who is patrick shanahan? >> good to be with you. (danny) let me get this straight. patrick shanahan has been acting secretary of defense since the departure of mattis at the beginning of the new year. before then he was deputy secretary of defense confirmed by the senate in a 92-7 vote in july 2017. he's been serving in the capacity as acting secretary. the president has decided, very good choice, to nominate him to be secretary of defense and that nomination will be going forward in the u.s. senate. >> the ceo of boeing. >> he served in senior executive position in boeing. he had been with boeing after a long day of hard work... corporations and he graduated have to do more work?
3:58 am
(vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. from college in 1986 or so but (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! has been known as mister fix it of boeing, taken on a number of (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. major projects in the commercial quickbooks. backing you. since you're heading off to dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... sector aircraft arena and has doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. done very well for us far as acting secretary and deputy secretary. this meter shows how much stuff, >> we have a list of some of his or dissolved solids, gets left behind. accomplishments at the pentagon. our tap water is 220. brita? 110... seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. he approved more border wall, expanded authorities of some troops at the border, supports trump's plans for a space for sanders deputy different secretary involved in weapon systems and projects. i need to find the receipt for that. the border has become something the defense department is oh yeah, you do. focused on. what approach will he take their? >> he shares the president's car vending machines and buying a car 100% online.vented vision to put a border, not just now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. about the border. whether it's a year old or a few years old, it is about us national security we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, and border security but also us answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value national security and sovereignty of our nation. so he will implement plans to
3:59 am
and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, enforce our border, safeguard pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. and so forth but beyond that he that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- will be focused on us national security beyond the border as at carvana. well. >> other than the border, they are moving money to build the wall, what will be since 9/11 around the globe, the focus of patrick shanahan? >> he shares the view of the power competition with china and russia with emphasis on china. as we face the economic talks with china, not only the great power competition with china and russia but a keen eye on the global war on terror. he's been to iraq and afghanistan. in my view, he also garnered the trust of a lot of the civilian leadership around the pentagon. 's duties will be to lead the department. we have to.1 million men and women in uniform supporting
4:00 am
them, very much engaged with not only china and russia but others around the country, around the world. >> thank you for your service and breaking it down for us. >> thanks for men and women serving and family members as well. >> be sure to keep brian kilmeade's one on one on monday with acting defense secretary pete: yes, they did it right. patrick shanahan right here on you always get a mulligan in "fox and friends". life. don't want to miss that. they are making sacrifices on toe ba played the wrong and off the battlefield. version of this in the 6:00 a.m. hour. [buzzer] jedediah: griff and i loved the military spouses of the year it. we like rascal flatts. and family members making extraordinary contributions to griff: physical you bullied the nation, joining us live in people around here to get honor of military appreciation month, their incredible stories coming up next. tom cochran's version. ♪ e safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... pete: bullying? [sighs] with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... [laughter] pete: it's a great song. i feel like i got my footing ...and brake too hard.
4:01 am
underneath me now. with feedback to help you drive safer. great to have you, griff: giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. jedediah: rock, paper scissors. there we go. pete: there is a back story to that and we will bring it to you later on the show. now that you know the truth... thanks for being here what is it may 11th. are you in good hands? jedediah: that's exactly right. pete: finance fright. pete: if it's may it's more subpoenas. i know this is what has happened after the mueller report. taken to reaching out to any member of the administration, donald trump's family. subpoenas. an attempt now the treasury secretary and i believe the irs commissioner are being subpoenaed. griff: jerry nadler at the center of all of these subpoenas right now and the irs commissioner broadening the investigations right? we were stuck on the mueller
4:02 am
report. people said hey, risen listen, we have had enough. now we are broadening. now nadler is broadening his dive into this administration. this really tells us once you are going after the irs commissioner. you are sending a signal that no place is safe in this administration that he won't go with his new found power. jedediah: there is a hunt to find something. they didn't find what they wanted now what can we find and let's see if the "new york times" picks that story up. interestingly enough, which they probably will. jerry conley democrat from virginia is saying there will be jail time, fines and only at bass pro shops and cabela's. disbarment for trump officials who ignore the subpoenas. check it out from cnn like redhead trail head cargo shorts friday. >> i believe that is starting at under $20. ultimately in our future and world wide sportsman angler shirts because of the reckless starting at under $20. defiance across the board of the trump administration and your adventure starts here. former trump administration officials. congress is not going to roll over and play dead. and we won an election in november and part of our mandate was to provide checks and balance on an unhe canned which,
4:03 am
unbalanced presidency. we're going to do that whatever is required. pete: you don't have to be a genius if they are going after the irs commissioner they want trump's taxes. they wanted them from the beginning. they don't have a right to see them. they will do whatever they can to get them. griff: i left out a little important part nadler of the judiciary committee richard neil the chairman of the ways and means committee. they write the tax laws. that is perhaps the most powerful traditionally committee. chairman neil is the one that's subpoenaing the irs commissioner. it's not just nadler. it's really all of the chair men in this house that are going after it. and, look, you will hear subpoena after subpoena. they are far from done. pete: do people care at all about this? jedediah: sad. they have nothing to run on. they need. this they were banking on something being in that mueller report conspiracy something to latch on. to say they latched on to a little bit of barr's initial release.
4:04 am
but they need something to run on to say you can't reelect this guy even though the economy is doing really well. even though you have more money in your pocket. even though is he doing great on immigration and >> quick binds for you. trying to deal with this london as mayor slamming donald humanitarian crisis. don't vote for him because of x. trump ahead of his visit to the no matter what that is. uk. that hunt is going to continue because they don't have any ideas to run on. listen to joe biden. have you heard one single really amazes idea come out of his mouth policy-wise? >> history tells us a -- donald i haven't and neither has the voting base. pete: none of it in good trump is in the same class as faith. those two. 12 members of the house have the ability to view the less >> referring to former president obama and george w. bush during a radio interview. redacted hearings version of the mueller report. so there are people in power who has viewed it? five of the republicans. donald trump will travel to the five of six have view you uk june 3rd. mike pence is returning to had it. zero democrats have walked into that room where they liberty university today where can view the report read he will deliver the commencement speech. what's redacted and get the pence was vice presidential candidate when he last spoke at truth they say they want. the virginia school in 2020. it's not about the truth for >> in honor of military democrats. it's about smearing president trump they want appreciation month donald trump the process as you said to keep going so they won't giving a special salute to the nation's military monson even view it and they say it spouses. must be viewed by everyone and they know with the grand jury material and everything else, you can't release. >> military moms are the backbone of america.
4:05 am
this very jed no. today we honor you, celebrate pete: it's against the law. you, salute you. jedediah: paint him as our nation is forever in your someone that doesn't care debt. about transparency and he >> celebration comes as military hasn't released his tax returns and won't release all the underlying evidence in the mueller report make spouse of the year award was given to our next guest thinkable contributions to the community. this anti-to the here with more is holly and her administration. it's very sad for the democratic voting base that want to talk about the husband of 18 years, also issues and look into these joining us christensen's and candidates and saying listen, i'm sorry, guys, anderson received military enough with this. talk to me about healthcare spouse of the year award in 2018 and talk to me about the economy. talk to me about climate along with her husband master change and about the issues sergeant gus anderson. i care about. stop talking to me about subpoenas that aren't going anywhere. griff: you have a good point you have some pretty tough names. thank you for being care, thank though the underlying documents is the reason democrats say they want to you for your service and the not read the report but they amazing work you have done. i want to start with you first. want to get everything. but, you know, it's looking you won in 2018 you won this a lot like politics, joe concha, our media reporter had a lot to say about award. what was it like to receive this democrats' intentions behind. award? this take a listen. >> i was blown away. it is something we have in >> i'm convinced that probably most democrats, common, we had no idea we would 80%, 85% really thought there would be conclusion win something like this because we don't do what we do for the
4:06 am
there and obstruction and recognition. the plan b was therefore it was an incredible honor. move ahead with either impeaching the president or >> tell us about your late badly injuring him moving up husband. to 20206789 when that got debunk now the goal post has >> staff sergeant michael moved to well, we have to harrison with special forces, a create conspiracies around green beret and in 2013 was on a the report but 1% of the report that isn't unredact would and therefore that's mission. it was incredible. the constitutional crisis. it's vig zero imacket very, you know, incredible, whatsoever. pete: as they try this is this is what trump's godly, wonderful man. approval ratings go. try that nonsense he gets >> one of the things i love more popular. about this award is it pays it's a charade to make him tribute to volunteer work, many look bad. jedediah: we have talked about the rift on the right oftentimes. remember we had the tea party and had the people don't know what that is. establishment. what have you done outside that now there is a rift on the left. if you look at the 2020 race, you see that now you think inspire people to give democrats, a fa lot of far left you support in 2018? democrats are coming out and highly critical of joe biden >> our organization, goldstar not only on past record a lot of things he said is he families, surviving families, trying to appeal to that mission has evolved over independent voting base. here is an example. a tweet from bernie sanders saying there is no quote middle ground when it comes time since i married my husband and -- to quote climate policy if >> congratulations. >> i serve as goldstar and
4:07 am
we don't commit to transforming our energy surviving for the green beret system away from fossil foundation. fuels we will doom the next and multiple boards as well as generation. fossil fuel billionaires like it or not. now this is in response to currently military ambassador joe biden's commentary on for army emergency relief. climate change where he gave a very measured of comment. >> you are the new 2018 winner an amazing honor. pete: he is about to releash a bigger plan on climate how does it feel? >> i sat there and cried. change. >> yeah. middle. pete: someone to your point this is amazing. i got to sit on the stage with a saying middle is not okay. this is world war iii. jedediah: he wants to win a bunch of my military sisters for general election democratic base. griff: let me show that you tweet jayensly one of the 23 three days. what an amazing experience. people running. >> tell us about your family. pete: is he running? >> three children and my marine husband. griff: urgent crisis middle ground approaches and half measures won't cut it we i come from a long line of military family members. need large scale mobile sation to defeat climate change and grow millions of my grandfather was a marine. >> the outside work you do? jobs. i talked to brian brenberg of kings college the minute >> i volunteer -- i give all my numb number of green deal all those democrats have
4:08 am
signed on to is time -- i'm a heart advocate. $52 trillion. and as. pete: unbelievable. griff: we talked with military hearts matter and for 6 brenberg brian has this challenge but only one going years now, i love giving back. to the middle lane. we will see what unvalsz when you are talking about a policy that cost 52 trillion robust economy. that's a big enough number i am kinds, giving. i want to promote -- what do you do? let me help you. >> congratulations to both of toy offset a booming you. i have to get to those who serve our country, thank you for your economy. pete: time yourous what it is going to be. >> it will be extreme. yesterday jed it doesn't service, lieutenant colonel xavier, what is it like to see seem like that's where the your wife get this amazing base is if he has his finger honor? >> incredible. on the pulse of the movement incredible. i don't know how middle ground that will be. she has done a lot. especially if you look at it's not for recognition but the top issues among registered democrats. this was fascinating knee only to serve others. she is the most giving person i actually. 28% climate change. 75% healthcare. know, very proud of you. 65% gun control. so when you see this, the economy is not in the top three right there. you have to wonder are these far left democrats that are running right now, are they doing the right thing by >> what is like to have family support when you are out there
4:09 am
catering to the base and talking about climate change doing the tough job you do? as a priority. gun control, things like has to mean something? that. pete: climate change is the >> unbelievable to know what we are doing has support of our religion of the left. families. without ladies like these we couldn't be doing it. it is a family oriented military they have indoctrinated and we need our lives to support young kids to believe it's world war iii. come rad cortez says we have -- >> tell us about your family? 12 years to left. this is what they think. they are willing to use any tool of government including all of your taxpayer dollars to remake our economy and society. they think we are changing >> over here. >> our family is fantastic. we got married in 2017 and it out mr.. they won't point out what doings because way worse has been one major right after than what we are doing. another so we are pushing hard to do everything we can to support the people that support great question whether or not becomes an issue. us. joe biden is in the middle. is amazing being a dad. >> so many people watching look extreme by the way. he catches big problems from the base. to military families that are so griff: put a climate change inspired by all of you and what you bring to the table and how program forward which you support each other. doesn't impact the economy which by the way democrats still refuse to give president trump any credit for this robust economy. if you had one message to send to people, i will be this to the they pretty much everyone is two winners of this amazing in agreement that it is award, what would you though -- booming. it came up last night on they face challenges and feel
4:10 am
bill maher. they are impossible to overcome, they look to you women and are pete: you were watches? griff: i was. with congressman tim ryan. >> i know where the economy is going. >> where? so inspired by your courage and >> well, right now. what you do for the community and the support you give your >> what do you know they husbands and families. don't know? >> right now nowhere. do you have any words of advice for them? for people out there who may need it? but we have got to get in. myself included. >> the economy is not horrible. 4.4% is the unemployment rate in ohio. >> find your faith, find your way and share your testimony it's kind of hard to run because it can be the light for against the economy in ohio, others and somebody will step in isn't it. >> no. because the average wage has and help. only gone up 20 bucks a >> no matter what we do don't week. >> wages went up big. wages did finally rise. compare because every little we >> after how many years. give is so much and people don't appreciate that. after how many decades. >> trump is president for two years we can't ignore we appreciate our community, really givebacks was a lot. that fact. finally wages went up. he is the guy in office at >> thank you for being here. that time. >> the question is do you feel better. jedediah: i love this show. >> the uso supports our military i do. i like when bill maher has these moments when he is not families like no other. afraid to challenge someone and say listen, this is what this shirt right here can be we see happening. it's great when he is faced with you a accurate who just wants to spew that talking found on and for doing that for the month of military families. point. regardless of the relates
4:11 am
what's happening around him that taking point comes out. >> this is amazing. it could bring me to tears evidence talked about many issues. because it is so inspiring to so he doesn't tolerate that. i like that show. many. i look to you guys when i need pete: he has been on this it most. show, he is a centrist thank you for being here. i am going to wear this appears a as a centrist you everywhere. he runs blue dlarp guy. whatever happened to healthy windchills the president competition? revive the economy and wages one school says the victorian honor creates a competitive culture. rise. that is a weary of what a we will discuss. nothing says summer like a beach trip, debate would look like with trump trying to make the economy look bad. pete: we have been in this industry 34 years we have never seen it booming the way it variety now. they all said it all started with trump. it didn't start with obama or anybody else. so let's promote our summer travel deal griff: what does it say when a bleeding heart die hard on like this: surf's up. television liberal like bill earn a fifty-dollar gift card maher is taking a moderate when you stay just twice this summer. democrat trying to say or.. badda book. badda boom. economy is anything but booming? like we have really -- it book now at was a moment and as you point out, jen, is he just being honest. come on, be honest about it.
4:12 am
>> bill maher used to be a libertarian. moments like this it shines he is just a realist. he just challenges people. payment, this is happening. what roux talking about. jedediah: headlines for you two. people dead and several hurt as a gas stations suddenly explodes in virginia. at least three people still unaccounted for. witnesses say they heard a loud boom and within section the gas station up in flames. four adults rush you have had it out hospital. police launched a criminal investigation but say the motion does not appear to be suspicious. a chicago jump judge steps aside in the jussie smollett case. judge leroy martin jr. was supposed to you decide if a special prosecutor should investigate the state's attorney decision to drop charges. the judge's son works in the state's attorneys office he is passing off the decision to another judge. smolts s. a could you seed of staging a hate crime against himself.
4:13 am
pete: sports headlines. and here weave go again golden state warriors knock the rockets out of the nba playoffs last night. steph curry clutch three pointer capping his 33 point second half. he had zero points nut first half and they were without kevin temperature rant as well. warriors win the game 1-18 to 113. i watched that game to its conclusion last night. seth curry looked like a disaster until the fourth quarter. they move on in the western conference finals. >> i'm getting a lot sleep because of the will players. jedediah: you said that last week i can't wait for the end that game and that game ism. griff: one democrats candidate who reminds him of himself. we break down the road to 2020 text. ♪ you're taking me higher what dit looks like georgeailure having a busy day.
4:14 am
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>> no deal after a sets of long and contentious trade talks, the us and china still without a trade agreement. >> there's still hope as both representatives are scheduled to meet again. live in washington, david has more. >> reporter: there is still hope, some 10 talks over the past couple days, chinese media reported us negotiators will continue talks in china, specifically beijing in the next couple weeks, this comes after what appeared to be a stalemate after talks finished after two days in washington. news that the talks will continue, making stocks close higher than expected yesterday at the close of, 12:01 am friday morning, the tariffs went into
4:16 am
effect up from 10% to 25% in $200 billion in chinese goods, (indistthat was awful.tering) you can see some of them, clothing, bedsheets, why are you so good at this? electronics, furniture, even colognes and different perfumes. had a coach in high school. robert lighthizer was at that negotiating table with his really helped me up my game. chinese counterpart and put out i had a coach. math. a statement, quote, the president also ordered us to ooh. so, why don't traders have coaches? who says they don't? coach mcadoo! you know, at td ameritrade, begin the process of raising we offer free access to coaches and a full education curriculum- tariffs on all remaining imports from china which are valued at just to help you improve your skills. boom! mad skills. $300 billion, that could be a sign for the next few weeks but after a few short hours of education to take your trading to the next level. only with td ameritrade. talks, the chinese vice premier was spotted at the nearby hotel having lunch saying talks will continue and they went fairly well. it is up to the two presidents, trump and xi jinping to talk this out and work it out directly. the two have not spoken yet but donald trump did say during a news conference he received a
4:17 am
letter from the chinese president and they may speak by phone. until that time shanahan has made it clear they are preparing for retaliation and it appears both sides will continue talks. we don't know what retaliatory measures they will take the chinese say they will take those measures. >> specifically the ministry of pete: welcome back. real clear politics polls show president trump's commerce, necessary approval rating reaching countermeasures, probably an highest point since first month in august. jedediah: here to explain is understatement. co-founder and president of the whole point is debate over who will end up paying these real clear politics tom bevins. tom, welcome. >> good morning. jedediah: to what do we owe this boost or does president tariffs, there is an argument trump owe this boost. >> he owes it to some really whether china or us importers. good economic news the >> we had one of the smartest g.d.p. number and also the unemployment number and i think he owes it to the guys in media to talk about this, charles payne had a great mueller report and mostly to take on this and here's what he independents. the unique thing about donald trump is since the said. day he took office about 8 >> necessary pain we have to take the country. to 10% of democrats approved of him. no matter what he has done
4:18 am
a lot of benefits to being the even if he has done things best economy in the world. we don't want to lose it through that they have liked they have never given him credit unfair trade policies that for that other end of the hollowed out factory jobs and spectrum 90% approval among crushed absolutely crushed the republicans. independents in the middle heartland of america. moving his numbers around put some skin in the game and right now independents are feeling better about trump so his numbers is as because this is a fight every good as it has been in two and a half years. american should be behind. pete: considering what he >> you can get mired in the has been up against, tom, details or take the big picture investigations, a media that loathes him, put this number that now is the time with the roaring economy in the right in perspective and compare negotiator to stick it to china and make sure we have it. >> i am a fan of the fired up charles payne. i like when he gets -- he knows it to the previous administration. >> this is a great number his stuff, bring it. for trump. typically. 45 percent approval rating we turn to some headlines, the has been seen as not being us is sending a patriot missile defense system to the middle great. donald trump is not from a tissue. east amid rising tensions with iran. the public uniquely the system can counter ballistic polarizing, to tip 45% is a missiles, cruise missiles and advanced aircraft. the us expediting deployment of good nun. he was 46% in our average the day after he was the uss arlington to the region. inaugurated. that's his all-time high. is he basically back to that number now, which is good for him and obviously officials say ramping up presents a problem for efforts, at least three students democrats. jedediah: tom, president
4:19 am
trump made an interesting comments to politico about joe biden. are in the hospital after a bus i look at it like my race. carrying a girl soccer team if you remember from the day i came down the casey later collides with a vehicle in until the end of the missouri overnight. authorities say both drivers primaries i was in the number one position. were initially airlifted, i was center stage every troopers now say there were no serious injuries. debate. and, you know, nobody came the cause of the crash is under investigation. close. why do you think is he saying that about joe biden? russian president vladimir putin does he want joe biden to be hit the ice quite literally. the guy is that the guy easy to beat? >> if you talk to trump campaign officials they are north worried about anywhere watch as he trips during his victory lap. democrat. every hockey exhibition game. his colleagues helped him get to your discussion dis back on his feet but he is okay. he scored equal during the game discussion energy preachous so they say. segment go so far left is he unelectable in the general elections. biden is the one who presents the most promise to trump and trump recognizes >> dana loesch scored all times. i would not want to be there and that tipoff in trump's he where i want to be as outdoing went from sleepy joe to sleepy creepy joe. the weather. jedediah: stepped it up. it may rain on mother's day. >> under his nickname game is he taking biden >> take mom out today. seriously. pete: polls can be deceiving early. you are in the aggregation
4:20 am
business of polls how strong can you do that? celebrate mother's day today if is biden's lead right now in you're in the central plains, celebrate tomorrow, that's how you have to do this. welcome from where? india. reality? >> that's a great question. i mean, certainly, you look you get the farthest traveling at the national polls. throw those out those don't award for us this morning. matter in the early states >> thank you. that matter. in iowa his lead is 3%. i like new york. >> good. he just had a really good poll in new hampshire that we are glad. bumped his average up to 13% show you what is going on. temperatures otherwise a little there. before that 1%. not as strong as out media is poor tryin trying it to be. cool in the west. things are cooler today, not as nice and this rain, a lot of flooding this week. his i history of running for president is not true. more rain across texas where you jedediah: keep on eye on how see the flooding concerns. many more crazy commence makes. >> you bet. one more day of rain, jedediah: losing 3-year-old much-needed clearing out for son cancer after they stopped chemotherapy. your day tomorrow. they said they were seeking all right, back to you. other treatments. authorities say they were putting his life at risk. i learned a fact during the who is right? commercial break as we were we have the legal debate talking about what we are going coming up next. to talk about next is you were a valedictorian. >> it was hard work. a lot of hard work which is why it's time for our memorial day sale on the
4:21 am
i am peeved about this next story where an ohio school decided the name valedictorian is too much. not a good idea. bobby dodd's statement the recognition system reward students for genuine academic success based on academic accomplishments will help reduce the competitive culture to allow sleep number 360 smart bed. students to focus on learning opportunities of interest to them. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save $1,000 on the new queen sleep number 360 i worked my butt off to be valedictorian. it was good for the soul, special edition smart bed, only $1,799. prepared me for the real world, the real world is not easy. only for a limited time. people in school and administrations trying to make it easy for kids in schools you are doing them a huge disservice which give them a trophy if they win. let the other kids strive to get that trophy. let them reach for something. you are training could not have a backbone by doing this kind of stuff. >> what about the fact you learn at a formative point to make
4:22 am
sacrifices not to see the of ventures because you want to stay home and get in a. the hard work and overall commitment is what valedictorian is all about. we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. >> in my high school i was going to be valedictorian in the last one or two clicks and everything was up and running. minute they changed it to top 10 i was printing out labels and saving money. so there were ten valedictorians shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. and i remember thinking this is such a fraud. i did skip the avengers to study shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. my homework and get the a, to be in that spotted they take it away and it is a demotivated. you want to reduce the go to and get 2 months free. competitive culture, we live in a competitive world. >> no one, you don't always win. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. ♪ sometimes you win and sometimes someone else wins and you reach the next time. it builds character. you are not always opposed to win and get something for free book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. and get a trophy just because. norwegian cruise line. feel free. >> check university school records. what do you think?
4:23 am
>> you are our valedictorian. >> let us know what you think. there is a new battle over climate change but it is between democrats. why the left is going after joe biden coming up. ♪ ♪ makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2019 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. most of us don't know how much data we use... ♪ ...but we all know we're paying too much for it. enter xfinity mobile. america's best lte with the most wifi hotspots. combined for the first time. when you're near an xfinity hotspot, you're connected to wifi, saving on data. when you're not, you pay for data one gig at a time. use a little, pay a little. use a lot, just switch to unlimited. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy.
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griff, you are also perfect flights, hotels, cars, activities. in my book. expedia. everything you need to go. griff: thanks, pete. turning to a story now in flights, hotels, cars, activities. florida. a couple losing custody of their 3-year-old son who has cancer opting out of further [kno♪king] chemotherapy. after initial chemo treatments they decided to exercise their parental rights and seek another treatment option in kentucky ♪ for their son noah you see him there because they were concerned about the side effects of the chemo. local authorities said they were putting his life in danger. memories. noah's grandparents currently have custody of what we deliver by delivering. him and a judge ruled this week that he must continue with chemotherapy but in his moving? that's harder now because of psoriatic arthritis. process it's been determined what's best for him and but you're still moved by moments like this. whether or not there is a relation here of parental don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. rights. we have here to debate debra taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. blum and brian ragner. guys, this story really tugs for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, the heart strings. brian, i will start with 90% saw significant improvement. you. what do you make of this. >> first of all, it's important to know that the taltz even gives you a chance parents have the best at completely clear skin. interest of the child as don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis.
4:26 am
well they simply disagree with what the medical taltz may increase risk of infections requirement or medical suggestions are. and lower your ability to fight them. they removed the child from tell your doctor if you florida to kentucky. have an infection, symptoms, and by all accounts were or received a vaccine or plan to. trying to seek alternative inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, medicine. we don't need to agree including worsening of symptoms. whether or not that's right or that's smart. serious allergic reactions can occur. but we should acknowledge for all the things that move you. that that's their right to try to do. ask your doctor about taltz. and at this point the court has stepped in and said we are going to take the child away and we are going to decide what's in the best interest of the child. griff: judge ruled the parents could continue to seek that treatment for the child. the child by the way according to the parents the doctors said did not have >> the 2020 race continues to the cancer in his bloodstream he has a form of heat up his democrats are still blood cancer. getting in the race, when the garden recently joe biden. the mother, taylor bland ball spoke to affiliates in florida. i want you to take a listen to this and we'll talk about it. >> we are disappointed with as he continues to run, his policy platform, recently news the fact that they are came out that he was going to be moving forward with talking more about climate change. deadline from reuters, chemotherapy. it's really important that presidential hopeful joe biden looking for middle ground people know that there are climate policy. the quotes are on middle ground other options other than that have a lot of democrats. chemotherapy. and i think this really >> very upset about that. opened up a good discussion
4:27 am
on parental rights, about patient rights are. >> debra? >> here we have a stress this child has a chance to survival no cures to his bernie sanders tweeted there is no middle ground when it comes illness. that's why the state has the to climate policy. we don't commit to fully transforming our energy system right to step in and away from fossil fuels we will doom future generations. fighting climate change must be our primary whether fossil fuel override parental decision billionaires like it or not. making. they could be depriving we have j inslee tweeting their child of the right climate change is an urgent crisis, middleground approaches and have measures won't cut it. we need a large-scale national o-to-survive. parents have a right to mike mobilization to defeat climate change and grow millions of jobs medical decisions well settled laws in extreme in a clean energy economy. cases when parents could be making life altering choices that jeopardize their children's life, the state intervenes and we have a panel of doctors that could you have democrats coming out to attack joe biden as a moderate, support the choice chemotherapy here. the judge said you only have tried to make it not workable for him to win a primary because to do one round of they need him to lose that primary so some of them are chemotherapy and the child eligible for general election. is with its grandparents. >> in the wake of the green new not like out child is with deal and polls we have out the top issues among registered democrats, climate change at the strangers. griff: do these protections and we reached out of to the hillhillsborough county sheriff's office. they did not give us a statement. do these cases go too far we
4:28 am
very top, 82%, then healthcare, then gun-control. saw them tied i want to find there was a time when healthcare was above that but the fact is if you are democrat running and don't have something akin to the green new deal you don't stand a chance but joe biden may be the alternative because of the smartest one in the bunch situation. >> in this particular case i think it went too far based on what ms. long has said. recognizing that at a minimum the judge said you could do you are talking $52 trillion on the price tag the experts are putting on the green new deal so one round and then look at alternative medicine. as you see the suburbs like judge, what's the difference sanders and inslee marching to between one, two, or three. not a slippery slope argument. at what point does the judge the left, rebranding their version of the green deal biden start stepping in and saying is trying to create space that now i'm making the medical decisions. would accomplish satisfying those 82% but not breaking the that's what is offensive to me is that ultimately the parents aren't on the same platform as doctors they bank. >> that number is huge and didn't have ample time to that's a reflection of get their own medical expert indoctrination of a lot of kids to get in and there testify would ultimately climate change about alternative medicines as well. for the left is a religion like griff: deborah, how does this end? earth day is their christmas, al >> i think the child is gore as their savior, they going to continue to receive worship at the altar of recycling, composting and treatment. the judge did say that you windmills. could have alternative treatment here. so the parents are going to continue to be involved. this is your modern leftist and and there could be further when they look at joe biden who might be the standardbearer and hearing. say we're going to do but, it's important for middleground have approaches they -- he is an apostate, children, just like adults, to be treated immediately. and the state has strong
4:29 am
support to step in when it's expelled him from the church of climate change and that's what a curable illness, which it he is going to deal with this on this issue walking the middle ground you are talking about. is here. even if it was religious than bernie sanders and everyone else are smart to attack him on right, the constitution does that and make him stand for give us strong religious something bolder. protection. but the state could still step in there as well and say no, you must give making him less viable in the chemotherapy to the child. general election. even this administration has it's in his best interest. been smart about conservation griff: we will stay on top of this. thank you for being here and which we all support. >> show biden will find himself our thoughts and prayers to saying what do i say on monday, noah and officials. it's thought easy. tuesday, wednesday. he has a long record of saying things that are quite moderate thanks, guys. >> thank you. and now he has to fit into the field but he wents to win the griff griff charles payne primary but also win the general. i don't know if you can juggle this. with the fox business network breaks it all down for us coming up next. ♪ we're an american man >> he might go surfing. >> what better way to give on ♪ we're an american band the fox square. ♪ we're coming to your house look at that. don't miss this. we are going all together. ♪ ♪
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♪ freedom ♪ freedom freedom. >> countdown this summer is on. what better way to get in shape pete: you didn't hear than to go surfing. charles payne saying it's a great video, also. you to show us how it is that is the head instructor for surfit, the show has gotten smarter and better charles payne is here fox business network long island. host. you have a great show coming up thursday. >> capitalism vs. socialism tell us what is going on. >> work out with designs around live studio audience. the board. in the new york area still we want to make it a fun workout. time to come. open questions and open forum. the instability of the board is really it's an honest debate forcing you to engage in brussels you wouldn't using to book a workout so your cord is conversation because i think it's really where this country goes.
4:34 am
i think 202 2020 ultimately will being engaged. be about this. i don't surf, a lot of people think you have to be a surfer to do this and you don't, that's griff: capitalism vs. the great part about it. socialism. not to digress how do you make the case having more someone said this would help them in their work out. money, buying nice things is i can show you some moves. a bad thing? >> the case is being argued is that, yeah, some people are doing better but the folks at the top are doing so much better so while you may be making a little bit grab a cowbell and start with more those other people are dominating and you can't the cattle bell swing, you are going to squat and come up and really move the needle lift it this way with straight because it's always stacked against you. but, with socialism it's all fair, it's all even it's a arms in the air. >> my balance is terrible. you can see the board wobbles conversation and argument getting people to buy into it. underneath you forcing you, that's normal. the capitalis rejection of capim we go for modifications, you can take it to the floor if you needed to. you are rocking it absolutely and engaging core muscles, by young people is fright everything is working right now versus just being on the floor frightening. jedediah: 33% can't afford which is really great and if you come on down you can take the bands and we will do some $400 surprise expense. what is going on? >> we are talking decades, decades of wages that are bandwidth which is great for the grown less than inflation. oblique. you stand on the board again, take the bands in both hands i mean, really stagnant wage which is important.
4:35 am
growth. that has been changing. we have had nine months in a >> i will fall off my own row where wage growth has been phenomenal, better than surfboard. a decade. we have a lot of catching up >> keep them licensed rate and to do. you will come up and twist. the flip side of that, too. there is some fiscal responsibility amongst people, too. to save more and invest >> like surfing and golfing. more. i'm a preacher you can and twist, exactly. you want to keep a bend in your leg. everything is shaking and change your life you don't everything is amazing right now. have to go to a relative or another move. friend or sell something if an emergency comes up. only in the last year or so have we seen these wages which have been stagnant for everybody knows mountain climbers. totally different. now your shoulders have to stay decades stuart to move. pete: can you acknowledge the problem of wage growth over the decades while also saying we have had wide as well. those shoulders and triceps are short-term reversal on that working, you want to bring the thank goodness. >> reversal again we have knees to the chest as fast as you can, show off your stuff and not seen in over 10 years. pete: another topic he is if you need to slowdown you can slow down and take it to your trying to high stakes china level. trade talks. they wrapped up with no you get an arm workout without deal. but stocks seemed to rebound. what's the view amongst the even noticing. business community and wall street of you who this shakes out? >> all right. i'm glad you said the
4:36 am
business community and wall street. i like to separate them. grab a cattle bell. i will give you this. >> a workout over -- >> i will show you. while you are on the board you pete: you have to separate them. >> you really do. what wall street did this week was sort of try to push take that cattle bell, one arm the white house. i think the titans of wall street hitting the right sell buttons. and then. you are already more stable so they have pushed the federal you are going to squat, for that reserve as much as president trump tries to intimidate cattle bell up, shoulder press. okay, squat, pick it up, ready, the fed wall street also tried to intimidate the fed. squat and press, one more time, don't hike rates. the same thing this week. guess what? squat, take it up, squat and it's a mess pain that we have to take as a country press. because this is a fight for our preeminence on the world stage as -- there are a lot of benefits to being the >> you are our resident surfer. best economy in the world. >> the toughest part of surfing all right. is popping up. the reserve currency, our dollar. everyone uses a dollar. if you hand someone a dollar once you get it -- bill you will get. if you hand them a ruble they make kick you out of >> you are paddling along, here you go, and then you have to hop the store. up. there a lot of benefits that come with that we don't want to lose it. >> that is awesome. we are on the cusp of losing it through unfair trade policies hollowed out factory jobs that have >> the transition is the court.
4:37 am
>> is a surfer you are the absolutely crushed the heartland of america. resident surfer. is this a good workout? you want to talk about the >> it is a workout because it is opioid epidemic. i trace it in part to unfair just like surfing, go try it trade practices. out, surfing in long island, "fox and friends" coming back, the business side can handle thank you. this, i think, right? they just have to -- guess what? slow down the buy backs, hey, who are you? have lower margins a couple oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... of quarters. what?! put some skin in the game i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. because this is a fight every american should be what? willing to join. what?? what?! griff: president trump (laughing) what?? slapping the tariffs on maybe even more tariffs to what?! what?! come. who is going to pay for [crash] what?! that? haha, it happens. there is an argument out and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, there that says that u.s. paying for this could importers and businesses are feel like getting robbed twice. going to pay for it. not china. >> here is the way it works. so get allstate... and be better protected exporters in china a lot of from mayhem... them have made concessions by lowering their prices if like me. you made a thousand widgets ♪ but you couldn't sell them and they started to back up in the warehouse it would be better to discount those widgets now rather than having a sharp discount on them because no one bought them a year from now. already seeing discounts from the exporter side on china so that the u.s.
4:38 am
importers get it at lower price to begin with some of these businesses are aiding eatg this some passing it on. the idea it goes straight to the consumer this is where the businesses are doing unfair job of public relations. they keep telling consumers it's all about one price there should be one thing that comes before low prices that's a job. that's a job, okay? let's get american jobs. these things we are buying in the first place loot of it should have been produced here to begin with. pete: yes. >> that's a longer story. i will say, griff, to your point, the pain that's being spread out, okay, but it is a necessary pain to win this are with a. every war comes to collateral damage and pain. this is also the same thing. jedediah: remind us town hall. >> capitalism vs. socialism thursday at 2:00 p.m. live studio audience. come it's going to be fair and balanced. jedediah: much needed conversation. >> thanks a lot. jedediah: we're going to turn to he ha headlines now starting with a fox news alert. the u.s. is sending a patriot missile defense
4:39 am
system tout middle east amid rising tensions with iran. the system can catch a ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and advanced aircraft. the u.s.s. also expediting deployment of the uss arlington tout region. officials say they are ramping up efforts amid threats to u.s. forces. judith clark driver in heist that left three dead including two police officers released from prison yesterday. property 37 years for role in 1981 brinks truck robbery in new york. some lawmakers officials and families of victims opposed her release. and london's mariucci is slamming president trump ahead of his state visit to the u.k. >> his industry tells us -- they are president trump [inaudible] jedediah: referring to former president obama and former president bush during
4:40 am
a radio interview. president trump will go to the u.k. on june 3rd. noso let's promote ourke summer travel deal on like this: special delivery the surf's up. security administration earn a fifty-dollar gift card reveals the most popular when you stay just twice this summer. baby names of 2018. or.. badda book. badda boom. the top five boys names are liam, noah, william, james book now at and oliver. top five for girls are emma, olivia, ava, isabella and sophia. this is the fifth straight year emma has topped the list. i have a puppy named emma. she is so popular. pete: i have a daughter name >> i'm not jumping on this. ginn her name is not on the list i haven't registered here we go. her with the social security number. you i'm not going to. why should have to register he is down! >> thanks for joining us today, for a government program to be identifiable in this join us tomorrow. country. jedediah: wow. pete: that's a little much more short segment. break it down later on. rick: i'm stick stuck on this social security number. >> no deal, 24 hours later no jedediah: not enough. pete: shouldn't have to have
4:41 am
response from china after trade one, rick. talks end without an agreement bigger conversation. rick: have to write an op-ed. pete: i have been talking about it and thinking about it now i have to do it. rick: big story i'm intrigued by. new segment for tomorrow. but we haven't update from the happy anniversary. >> 30 years. president of the united states. rick: brand new friends nafta tariffs are close to kicking in and stocks are still bought them coffee happy being kicked up and down. our consumers on main street next? anniversary. take a look what's going on this morning. i am neil cavuto and a trade war we have got some cool air out across the west. is putting everyone on edge. 39 degrees in denver. we have edward lawrence where the talks went down. have you had snow this week. allison barber of the white you are going to warm up tomorrow. up towards 70, going to get a lot better. rains still across parts of the south. one more day to get through a heavy rain that later on is going to move across southeast texas. across parts of louisiana. flooding threat continues. we get a bit of a break by tomorrow afternoon and things do ease up a little bit this week that said we have some rain that will come back in later on this coming week it. will get better. temperaturewise, today across the east is the nice day. tomorrow the mid-atlantic and northeast, temperatures drop out going to stay that way for few days.
4:42 am
unfortunately feel like maybe february or march. all right, guys. back to you inside. pete: robert francis bungled first roll out. if you at first you don't succeed try, try again. jedediah: new plan to restart his presidential campaign. pete: could he restart? jedediah: i guess he could. griff: charles heard is coming to join us on the couch ♪ ♪ -and we welcome back gary, who's already won three cars, two motorcycles, a boat, and an r.v. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance. saved me a ton of money. -love you, gary! -you don't have to buzz in. it's not a question, gary. on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ]
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4:46 am
her time taking a bottle of booze to steal. she is charged with criminal damage and burglary. pete: you know you might have a problem. griff: russian president vladimir putin hits the ice literally. watch as he trips on the red carpet and face plants victory lap. his teammates help him to get back on his feet. he is okay. he scored at least 8 goals. >> ridiculous. you cannot score 8 goals. ainsley: troubled by his struggling democratic campaign. hopefuhopeful beto o'rourke goig for a restart. >> reintroduction to the 2020 race. so robert frap sis 2.0 any different than the first tr try. griff: here to react fox news contributor in person on the couch charles heard, charles you and i see in washington. the bureau there we talk about things. we haven't talked about
4:47 am
this. does beto have a chance of hitting the reset button. >> i don't know. you know you are in trouble if you are doing beto 2.0 and year and months from the campaign. so, you know. and i would love to think it was about issues that somehow, you know, his opinion that we should be tearing down fencing along the border is why he has dropped in the polls. has nothing to do with that it is all about, he was the golden boy for no reason at all. he fits the box and he has a funny sounding name people liked him. democrats in the field right now. they golden boys or golden gals now. and that's all that really matters at this point. he was mildly overestimated. which buttigieg stepped in and stole some of thinks thunder he got nervous. check out quote from him from the a.p. i think in part i was trying to keep up when i first started up i really found like i found my rhythm and pace and i feel comfortable
4:48 am
and feel like this is what i'm supposed to be doing. i mean, it's kinds of -- i almost feel sorry for him in a way because i feel like everyone in the party built him up so extensively and he didn't have the goods to compete at that level. >> all the hamlet hand ringing he sounds like a drama queen. it's not a good look. it's not a good luck for president and i don't think it's a good look for the nomination. griff: hang on. let me push back because the thing that o'rourke did is he came into this campaign saying i want to listen. i'm going to let you, the american people form my policy and campaign. his way to connect. when he ran for the senate he blew away fundraising numbers in senate race which he lost by a small margin compared to what it has traditionally been. his campaign didn't work where like make it about all of us. now is he going to re-set with hard policy positions. we presume. otherwise it would be foolish. does he not have a chance in
4:49 am
this wide field to lay down some hard wore policies to include the shocker ground zero of this crisis. is he going to put immigration policies forward. >> i think anybody in this field has a chance and certainly he is still does. and you make a very important point. that you know, obviously out performed democrats democrats. that's something that democrats should be going for. honestly, i don't think so that's where the party is going right now. they are not looking for somebody who does well in texas right now. they are looking lunancy over all the left edge. and that's why i just think that his skateboarding days are over. pete: make sure he spells his re-set button correctly. >> this is true. pete: spell it right. this is amazing. thank you, charlie. >> good to see you. pete: grass is going to be
4:50 am
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♪ pete: welcome back. well, from here on out, the grass will be greener on your side of the fence, they tell us. griff: that's right. experts at "consumer reports" have put all the latest mowers and trackers to the test. we have the best ones here on fox square. jedediah: here with more from "consumer reports" is sarah martin. welcome. >> thanks for having me. jedediah: we will go down the line and tell us what we have got. >> look at five top tier mowers from our ratings at
4:54 am
"consumer reports."org. every year our test engineers cut 450,000 square feet of grass all to determine which are the best mowers can you buy right now. pete: cool job. >> this is a gas push mower from toro. one of your most basic machine. in our tests ratings across the board. solid value $220 for this. jedediah: that's pretty good. >> in addition to our exhaustive field test we also survey our members about the mowers that they own. we have data or more than 40,000 mowers and tractors we know from that survey data this rates excellent for predictability. pete: more of a beast right here. >> if you have a bigger lawn this is a self-propelled model. something like this is going to do you for maybe a quarter of an acre or less. stepping up to a close half acre or hill. diverts some of the power from the engine to the wheels which move forward for you. it does have electric start. that's convenient feature here. honda mower a little bit
4:55 am
pricy 850. top notch performance. griff: it is gas as well? >> it is gas. can the battery compete? >> that's a great question. we are recommending a record number of battery mowers this year best of them do compete with gas mowers. this one. two batteries something stood out. run time on this 70 minutes. pretty impressive. this is from ego. 750 for this one. yeah. you have really convenient features here. bush button start. handle bars move down. store upright. if you don't have much storage space in your garage that's handy. griff: if you don't want to push it you can ride it. jedediah: favorites. [started engine] pete: i didn't realize it really start.
4:56 am
>> traditional lawn tractor from john deere great performance in survey excellent ratings for predictability and reliability. owner satisfaction. pete: i have owned one. they are fantastic. jedediah: looks like fun, too. pete: it is. griff griff what have we got here? >> this is like ground crew. >> zero turn radius mower no. steering wheel. arms to navigate. everything turns on a dime. so if you have got lots of obstacles, trees, beds, flower beds, this will do a great job. excellent ratings across the board beings, excellent owner satisfaction. jedediah: awesome. pete: i will take this for a ride. is that cool? griff: president trump is known for giving names for his political opponents. this one he reveals one for 2020 democrat pete buttigieg and it's not mayor pete. you don't want to miss it. that's coming up.
4:57 am
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on like this: surf's up. earn a fifty-dollar gift card when you stay just twice this summer. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at ♪ it's a beautiful night ♪ it's a beautiful night ♪ it's a beautiful night. griff: your life is complete now on this saturday morning. jedediah: i love that song. reminds me of being a teenager and learning how to dance. griff griff perfect summer song, too. pete: i didn't learn to dance as a teenager. i was a wall flower. it wasn't until college and then weddings and now i will dance any time. jedediah: couch all the time. pete: feel like you have always been a dancer. jedediah: dancing makes me happy. if you are home, if you are depressed, if it's raining out. put a new music on do a little dance i promise you
5:01 am
will feel better. pete: that's a little weird. dancing by yourself at home? jedediah: yes, of course. griff: anything goes. i take guilty pleasure in covering the story that i think is the most important of our time right now and that's the border. pete: no one covers it better than you. griff: hey i enjoyed watching you at the border. the truth is i think it's important and i enjoy getting a front row seat to that story and it is perhaps even though we have been talking about it for a year perhaps at a point unlike ever in this country even though the numbers are comparative. the border patrol now saying by the edged of this year they will have apprehended more than 900,000 people what's different and historic about this is that these people are family units, mothers, children coming from central america which are countries not contiguous like mexico to the u.s. they have no place to put them and literally overwhelmed at this very moment more than 2,000
5:02 am
apprehended yesterday in mcallen, texas, in the rio grand valley where defense secretary patrick shanahan will travel today brian kilmeade will be there. it's a story whether they are just late getting to it. you need to be paying attention. pete: an issue come to the defense department. patrick shanel hand is going to head to the southern border today as the pentagon now approves $1.5 billion of reappropriation of funds sent to the dod funds used to build new border walls on the border. this is money which i am personally vested. in a the of it was going to be used to train afghans in afghanistan in the way that mission has gone to say hey, it's about time we fund defense of our country and our own border. that makes a lot of sense to a lot of people. jedediah: amazing how people have been forced to budge on this. first manufactured crisis even news outlets friendly to their cause actually this isn't manufactured this is something real going on here.
5:03 am
they have had to shift and shift and shift. they don't want to be viewed as ignoring crisis on the border. we had brandon judd on and he was slamming congress for actually not doing his job in fixing this crisis. take a listen. >> because congress isn't doing their job, the president is left to use his authorities to actually look at ways that he can solve a crisis. if congress would actually step up, we wouldn't need the department of defense. but because they are not stepping up, the president has to step in and he has to solve this problem on his own. >> remember, you don't accept nominations for political appointees to be popular. you accept nominations to be a political appointee to do your job. we have to have dhs do that. griff: now, shanahan back in march already did this once, built 60 miles of wall in huma, arizona. this is the next one. the agents tell you don't just infrastructure in wall you need congress to change loopholes which is the driving magnet behind it all it. will be interesting to your
5:04 am
point, jed, whether democrats finally decide to get on board and solve it or continue to use it as a 020 campaign issue. pete: you talk about it as a driving magnet. you are right. also a driving force of our politics for the last couple of years president trump then candidate trump made it a center piece of why he ran for office. now everyone on the democrat side is trying to figure out what they stand for. beto says i want to tear walls down. and joe biden now the priblive frontrunner. ahead in all the polls at this moment is trying to get his footing on where he stands. interesting as he lays out his policies. pretty light on policy so far. what we did is let's take a look back at what then senator joe biden thought about a wall. this is november of 2006. this is 13 years ago what joe biden really thought about a wall. >> unlike most democrats some of you all
5:05 am
jedediah: joe biden is going to have to run from that footage if he wants to win in that primary because folks on the far left are going to say what is this? not only mention the crime bill which he has had to apologize for repeatedly he sounds like president trump on the border. is he saying look, this is a problem. i stand tough on crime. this is what i want to do about it. so how -- my question is how is he going to backtrack on this you have to make a decision, joe. do you want to appeal to the the far left base of the democratic party or look ahead. assume you are going to get the nomination and look forward to independent voters who are going to hear something like this and actually, probably, it's going to palatable for that. pete: run away from it and
5:06 am
sound like a hypocrite. griff: i don't think he is going to. president trump is giving him some advice in a round about way. this is what president trump said to politico about biden saying that he sees a lot of himself in him. here's the quote. i look at it like my race. if you remember from the day i came down the casey later until the end of the primaries, i was in the number one position. i was center stage every debate and, you know, nobody came close. pete: i'm genuinely intrigued by. this. jedediah: me too. pete: i underweighted the amount of his appeal amongst democrats who want to find a foreign beat trump and put progressivism aside momentarily. we asked tom bevan the co-founder of real clear politics about the biden phenomenon him being outfront. here is what he had to say. >> i do think biden is the one who presents the most promisproblemto trump and trump recognizes that in iowa his lead is about 3%. he just had a really good poll in new hampshire. it's not as strong as i think the media is
5:07 am
portraying it to be. keep an eye on the early states. again, joe biden his history of running for president is not good. he has to prove that he doesn't have a glass jaw. pete: that is true. talk about nicknames how the president. he became not just sleepy joe. but sleepy creepy joe in that very same politico interview. the president has his eye on who his potential candidates. he is starting to frame them. jedediah: i think he wants it to be biden. he wants that challenge and biden has a long record that's going to expose him a lot of liberals are not going to like. if you are lift between a choice if you look at that video and see someone like biden at the time in 2006 stump on immigration and have to choose between him and president trump. i think trump feels confident those voters will go with him. those democratic voters, that hard left, those primary voters that base, i think president trump theres they are going to stay home if it's biden. griff: you mentioned nicknames. the president rolled out a
5:08 am
new nickname in this one. this one for the mayor pete as he is known. buttigieg, here is what he said in that interview. alfred e. neuman cannot become president of the united states in reference pete buttigieg. pete: who is alfred e. neuman. >> mad magazine myself and middle aged men. remember what me worry? that was the dubious gullible face of mad magazine. here is mayor. pete: pete pretty spot on image there. griff: here is pete responding to the new nickname, listen. >> to be honest i had to google that i guess it's a generational thing. i didn't get the reference. kind of funny, i guess. but he is also the president of the united states and i'm surprised is he not spending more time trying to salvage this china deal. pete: pretty sure he is spending a lot of time trying to make an effective china trade deal. there is no doubt about it. jedediah: i had to google it
5:09 am
too. i'm with mayor pete on this one. i googled it. actually a good response from mayor pete. laugh it off i guess it's funny but, you know. griff: i got the reference andy in the set-up. president trump, i think, has done a good job answered did it in 2016 and doing it now with this field is defining your opponent. defining people. in this case he is saying this is a silly, gullible kid like a comic magazine you pick up and read. jedediah: i'm not a huge fan of the nicknames but you love them. pete: i love them how effective they are in defining opponents in a way regular people relate. to say this guy shouldn't run for president. go back and be mayor of that town. same thing with the fraud that was elizabeth warren's representation of her background, pocahontas. you can't cut to it more effectively. his opponents don't like it because no one wants to be lyin' ted or little marco. ultimately look proximate result ted cruz and marco rubio are today big allies of the president in the
5:10 am
senate. not like he does it because he hates that person. i'm in a race to win and i will do the most effective thing possible. i had to google it also but then when i saw it -- jedediah: contrary argument is he should be above all that nonsense. i wonder how he would take to a nickname. if someone gave minimum a hick name. pete: is he president and they are not that's what i would say. [laughter] griff: let us know what you think about it yes or no? jedediah: up or down. pete: come on. jedediah: 755-foot oil tanker collides with two barges releasing thousands of barrels of a toxic chemical into the houston ship channel. each barge was carrying 25,000 barrels of a clem call used to make gasoline. one capsize you had. the other has a huge gash. no injuries have been reported. officials are monitoring the air quality. and a former u.s. intelligence analyst is charged with leaking classified military documents to a reporter. daniel hill was arrested thursday. officials say he leaked
5:11 am
information regarding military campaigns against al qaeda to someone at the intercept. the news outlet claims out documents are a vital public importance president trump sign as bipartisan bill to you create more shooting ranges across the country. legislation expands federal grants to state fish and wild life industries. funded from sales taxes on hunting equipment. and chick-fil-a a boycott is back firing. yahoo finance reporting it's now the third biggest restaurant chain in the u.s. tripling in sales the last 10 years. it's also considered one of the top restaurants for cleanliness and staff friendliness. the ranking comes as several colleges and airports ban chick-fil-a over its alleged anti-lnt views. those are your headlines. pete: we have chick-fil-a. jedediah: what's going on. smelling good. i had to read that with all those yummy smells. griff: number one in the
5:12 am
fast food in terms of fresh deliciousness. pete: i went through the chick-fil-a drive-thru. the guy the nicest guy i ever met. chick-fil-a sauce. do you have not know. jedediah: i have only had the fries. pete: chick-fil-a sauce is like manna from heaven god gave it to us. griff: we would drive for south carolina for a week at the beach and we looked forward to not one but two stops. breakfast at chick-fil-a and then lunch at chick-fil-a double stoim. pete: spicy chicken with pickles. congratulations. here is all the haters and losers, you are still winning. griff: indeed. what happens when a pro-life group shows up to a college campus. >> ma'am, don't do that please. [bleep] you are a terrible person. griff: pro-life activist attacked in that video joins
5:13 am
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♪ ♪ griff: welcome back. no deal after a set of long and contentious trade talks. the u.s. and china still without a trade agreement. jedediah: but there is still hope as representatives from both countries are scheduled to meet again. pete: our own david spunts is live in washington. >> good morning. chinese state media is reporting u.s. negotiators will continue talks next time in beijing in the coming weeks. this comes after what appeared to be a stalemate after those talks finished after two days in washington now the talks continue prompted stocks to close
5:17 am
higher than expected at the close of business yesterday but at 12:01 a.m. friday morning after the stroke of midnight those tariffs went into effects up from 10 to 25% on $200 billion in chinese goods. you can see some of those goods right there. of course, many more as well. representative robert lighthizer negotiating with the chinese put out a statement that reads in part the president also ordered the u.s. to begin the process of raising tariffs on essentially all remaining imports from china valued at approximately $300 billion now, that could be coming in the next few weeks. on friday, after just a few short hours of talks, leu he had was spotted having lunch. he said talks would continue and they went quote fairly well. vice premier he said it's up to the two presidents meaning trump and counterpart xi to work it out.
5:18 am
we are told the two have not spoken yet. the president said thursday he received a letter from the chinese president xi and they may eventually speak by the phone at some point soon. until that time, china has already made it clear they are preparing to retaliate for the move made by the trump white house. it's not clear though exactly how they will retaliate we will see that unfurl over the next few weeks. it does appear this morning that both sides will continue those talks next time they are going to be in beijing. pete: david, thank you very much. as he was reported i'm reminded that joe biden has a vulnerability here. remember he said china is not competition for us? griff: yeah. pete: down played show down this is right for trump to get it right for american workers. interesting clash on trade. griff: china's ministry of commerce said on friday they will take quote, unquote, necessary counter measures tariffs on 200 billion on chinese goods go in effect. now the lighthizer statement threatening another 325 billion essentially the number that i am hearing at
5:19 am
some point china is going to have to. pete: let's do it and stair them down. let's go. et. griff: as charles payne was saying in the last hour this is a fight necessary to have. you have got to have this fight because of the egregious. pete: abuses. of our country and people. jedediah: joe biden is going to have to answer for the obama legacy many issues on china the list is very long with dissatisfaction with obama policy.
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