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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 12, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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steve: reaction to escalating standoff between democratic leaders and white house. that is lawmakers ramping up investigations into president trump's finances considering house vote to hold attorney general william barr in contempt for not handing over the full unredacted mueller report happy mother's day america news headquarters, in for arthel. >> house democrats holding off on contempt vote for now as they give white house officials, time to comply with a number of subpoenas meanwhile the president sounding defiant activating quote from long before i ever took office, i was under a sick and unlawful investigation concerning what
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has become known russianhooked my campaign seriously spied upon by intel actions, democrats never happened before in american history turned out a total scam witchunt yielded no collusion no obstruction, this must never be allowed to happen again. julián turner live from washington. . reporter: congressional democrats are all aboard to constitutional cries train today in wake of the house judiciary committee announcement that special counsel robert mueller will not testify this week, as the chairman had hoped. >> so i think yes, i think fair to say that we are looking at a crisis, not only of confidence, but a constitutional cries. >> you have to be undefeated i don't know how much more democratic institutions can take of this kind of -- attack on rule of law. >> i think we made a mistake in partied by waiting until the mueller report came out, the fact of the matter is that this is our constitutional
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duty. >> democrats of issued a slew of subpoenas in recent weeks targeting president trump, and his administration. including the subpoena for his tax returns, and one for his son to testify. republicans are taking to the air waves today to punch back against democratically colleagues who they say have done too far. >> a hypocrite all for president obama using executive privilege now against this president the bottom line he 35 minds investigating president no undergo crime. >> knew front on capitol hill is opening up, now lawmakers have the attorney general in their crosshairs. >> american people have ever right to hear what man who did investigation has to say, and we now know certainly can't rely on attorney general who he misrepresents conclusions. >> democrats died to hold off on judiciary committee o resolution holding attorney general barr in contempt chairman nadler says he plans
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to hold over on a vote to before i the administration a little more time to comply with subpoenas, that have already been issued relating to the president's business dealings, and political activities. >>an turner in washington thanks. >> you bet. >> for more on controversy republican congressman from long island new york peter king, congressman should the house committees employ either the president's taxes financial records start with that. >> i think it is dangerous -- to stop this president i think president should have voluntarily turned this over voters have been heard on that not a major issue to them i don't think the government should be targeting anyone for the tax returns this sends a very dangerous press dent where do you draw the line if you want to first of all, you are getting records you know they will leak out people are going to see it violates most basic elements of privacy i don't think congress should get them i think this is a decision the president has
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made and voters have been heard on. >> it what about the fight over executive privilege and subpoenas? do you endorse what white house is doing or do you think they should turn that material over and allow people to testify. >> issues, first of all, i think bob mueller should testify i don't think there is anything to add quite frankly but i think, the mueller report did validate the president said there was no evidence at all of russian collusion that is what this is about two years two 1/2 years going to comey before mueller implying there was collusion with the russians, turns out there was absolutely none i have no problem with bob mueller testifying i know he is under executive department but still i think history -- he should be allowed to testify. >> i was going to say didn't have word "collusion" found no evidence of criminality aside from collusion aspect did not come to determination on
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begrudge. >> there was no collusion you go through whole mueller report no evidence of showing any collusion between trump campaign and russia, in addition to that no crime no collusion no conspiracy, nothing at all. to me, it was a really it was a terrible a terribimposition n just on president trump but country i hope never done again. >> despite that meetings don, jr., had in trur tower evidence of collusion they -- >> i sat through all testimony in that intelligence committee absolutely no collusion the reality is first of all, if collusion not you there e-mails a guy promoter i think -- universe contest don, jr., knew him he said i have more information beginning of june don, jr., says great see you end of the summer, no if you are looking for some kind of collusion you don't put off almost two months if russians are serious about it not go
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doing having a meeting in trump tower then gets back to don, jr., i am in town can i come over tomorrow, he says come on over, person posts selfie of himself worked through lobby of trump tower walks through trump tower probably shouldn't have meeting that is not collusion that was a mistake in judgment, i doubt if russian spy agencies russian government works that way certainly nothing was done with it meeting lasted 20 minutes, nothing came out of it again, it was a meeting don, jr., trying to put off. >> democraticallimens of the committees they want more information on all this, here is your colleague adam assistive. >> there is no executive privilege over the hundreds of thousands of documents regarding events that took place before donald trump was president, you can't have a privilege an executive privilege when you are not the executive, so they know that vast categories of inapplicable to the privilege they are just stonewalling. >> want records they think the
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president is -- doesn't have legal basis defending himself when it comes to actions previous before this president. >> now, talking about tax returns? >> yeah. >> executive privilege issue. >> i don't think executive privilege again imp a lawyer but i am not expert as far as -- pre-- >> let's assume executive privilege does not apply to tax returns before he came president i am saying congress i don't care who it is congress should not be able to get elected officials's tax returns because that can be used for political abuse, there has to show an real undergo reason that underlying, part of conspiracy issue crime operation to say you are going to ask to have tax returns turned over not leaked to the public? no, this is -- i wouldn't say executive privilege would i just say basic issue of privacy they should not be allowed to do it. >> you think using constructive privilege for presidential actions, while he is president do you agree that
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the president has a leg to stand on that or that they are just trying have to -- stonewall in the words of the democrats? >> no president definitely has right to -- to assert executive privilege this is time -- i done continually since then, the courts have recognized executive privilege, and i think the president should claim it especially in these cases where the democrats are obviously, over reaching they didn't get what they want on mueller there was no evidence of collusion so now trying to raise every possible issue they can, and as far as the attorney general, i don't see how he can turn over the documents, that are being requested, certainly the grand jury testimony he can't, then there is a million and half other documents that apparently are part of his report. i mean this could be innocent people in there could be allegations raw material the if fact is closed investigation i don't see how that can be turned over, unless it is really carefully analyzed by a court also you could have names of sources, methods of intelligence --
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>> they -- >> at risk. >> they are not have that in 37 but will become they are not giving up they are continuing, lindsey graham as you know the senator not want to go mitch ince words called it a freak show, over in the house. what he thinks the senator on the alleged fisa abuse, sig there should be investigation of that. >> fbi was on notice that the confidential informant went to department of stage to urge department of state to take enj dossier leak to it affect the the election we know for sure before the fisa warrant was ever applied for, about the fbi was on notice that christopher steele was trying to -- trump's campaign used it anyway. >> we are waiting for inspector general's report that attorney general about task force could be hearing held by mr. graham senator on alled fisa barbecues do you
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think that has been investigated so far properly? >> no, i think fisa abuse real never should have gotten warrant fbi justice department acted entirely could improperly should never have happened beyond that inspector general does not have subpoenas power attorney general would have i think we get the inspector general report first then attorney general should launch a complete and full investigation as to how this all came about, to me when you look at steele you look ats do dossier papadopoulos all of that undentsdz, unpresented was grateful was wrong, whole top level gi fbi. corrupt. >> nassau county new york, good to see you happy birthday
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or about happy mother's day sorry. >> okay -- thank you very much. >> of course, thank you. >> meanwhile, the white house still hold out hope for trade deal with china after u.s. chooirmz officials completed another round of talks with no plans to return to the bargain tame tariffs more than double to 200 million dollars on chinese goods, live in washington with more rich. reporter: the trump administration maintains two sides were approaching trade agreement when klein back tracked on commitments that it previously made several democrats republicans are urging the white house to hold ground in goebs, to try to correct what they say is decades of unfair chinese behavior. >> trump is fighting back, schumer actually said something good about trump's engagements with china so this is the best chance in my my lifetime to get china to change cheating ways, a tariffs tools that bring china to the table. i am standing one hundred
9:12 am
percent with the president we are going to have short-term pain in america, to get china, to change their behavior, if we don't get china to change, they are going to destroy or i economy over time. >> this trade fight trivia retaliation from china maintenance higher prices for consumers lost business for american farmers. white house says the administration is considering assistance to farmers, still some democrats are criticizing the white house strategy. >> i am not saying the tariffs should not be an option on the table, but that means that we actually build our allianceness pacific, i am calling for using the nato model in the pacific to help contain china in north korea, 3 the president doing compact opposite under miguel mining allies. >> he says is a good chance chinese president xi jinping and president will meet next month when they intend international summit in japan. >> secretary of state mike performance apple traveling to washington? >> he is state department says secretary of state pompeo will meet with russian president
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vladimir putin next week, in sochi, the highest level u.s. russia engagement since president trump and putin met 10 months ago in helsinki wants to discuss -- differences arms control election meddling, venezuela russia sports maduro regime secretary pompeo dismissed questions whether he would raise the report with russian government, he says he has been raising election interference with russia regardless of the special counsel report. >> rich thank you, in washington. >> new developments in major international story that we are following, for you, growing fears in ailisrael tens have been escalating recently israeli energy minutes saying he cannot rule out a possible armed confrontation with iran
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or any of its islamic militant proxies in the region, live in bureau has been following the latest developments on this hi. >> eric tensions do continue to rise between united states, and iran, the country is sending a second warship along with a patriot missile defense system to assist other u.s. forces ussarlington joining uss abraham lincoln, capable of holding up to 90 aircraft in the persian gulf. fox has independently confirmed the move comes after a specific incredible threat against u.s. forces i'd by israeli intelligence services given to the americans. a anybody of b-52 bomber planes sent to air ace in qatar this week, as part of a u.s. readiness preparation, commander in iran revolutionary guard said if america maze a move against iranian forces would get the quote hit the compromise commander anticipateding u.s. aircraft carriers used to be
9:15 am
an threat to iran now seen as opportunity have a iran called american military buildup quote psychological war fer the israeli minutes said they could fire rockets at israel, increased threats from hezbollah. >> military moves in middle east come as iranian regime is under immense pressure president trump adding knew sanction targeting iran's industrial metal industry. steve: thanks so much. >> presidential accounts taking shots at president over strategy, on china this is administration pushing a trade deal to try and get beijing, to stop stealing our intellectual property. we will tell you more about that, straight ahead. >>
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on a possible motive, martia am airlines is cooperating. >> north korea continues to be aggressively defiant, they testified several short-range missiles did that less than a week the president is downplaying the the efforts saying he has not given up on kim jong-un. telling "politico" short range i don't consider that breach of trust you know at some point i may but at this point no these were short-range missiles various standards there is mounting pressure on capitol hill for washington to have stricter sanctions in name of otto warmbier his father and if he united nations concerns frye on human rights history of bucks sports a bill named for his son intended to increase pressure on kim jong-un. >> we use term chairman kim i
9:21 am
swear makes me sick. he is a criminal. we give him this status on the world stage, and we call him a chairman he should be called criminal kim. if we're afraid to tell the truth of who we are dealing with, we don't stand a chance at making a difference here. we aren't willing to stand up to north korea if we are going to coddle this guy in enable him we're going to have same conversations five, tens years from now every member of kim's regime is a -- he is a thug, he is a criminal, and he is a administered murdereder it is that simply. >> federal judge in washington ruled otto walk beer femalesly arrested tortured sent home to die by regime of kim jong-un because american there is a push to make the dictator ship
9:22 am
pay for continued he dwooens to denuclearize. >> this is an opportunity to stand up, for otto for a world where bullies cannot have their way the kim regime kim himself ultimately needs to beheld responsible for the brutal horrendous murder of otto, by putting his name on legislation, it is a way to -- keeping his memory alive to rhyme world atrocity of this regime. >> is it senator toomey republican of perns and senator creates van hollande democrat maryland have come together in bipartisan efforts he, to honor otto and hend similar a message otto was 22 wreerld college student from ohio when he was arrested in 2016 on a tour of north korea. the otto warmbier act short for banking restrictions involving north korea would clamp down on banks, that
9:23 am
support regime and nuclear program the goal to put maximum possible economic pressure on kim regime of north korea, in effect about would a bank have a choice to deal with north korea or deal with us? >> yes, it is either one, right if you are going to deal with north korea, you will not have access to the u.s. banking system. i want them to have to choose i am pretty sure i know what choice they will make designed to increase the economic pressure on kim. >> senators say the measure especially needed now, because two summits with president trump have not moved kim to get rid of his nuclear weapons. >> we've seen, no progress, no real progress in fact maybe some back sliding, now, so, yeah, i think -- it is absolutely time to ratchet up the pressure. >> do you think think kim wants to give up nuclear weapons. >> i don't think so. >> ottos parents support the bill. >> unless we keep the pressure on north korea, they are not going to change. and i am very afraid that we are going to let up on this
9:24 am
pressure. >> analysts say bill sanctions could get kim to being about a down. >> u.s. really needs to increase its negotiating leverage by enforcing tough sanctions against north korea and north korea appearance. >> exert enough international pressure so kim grows worried. >> behind effort legacy of otto, a young man represented american freedoms and values, and whose fate exposed true face of the kim regime. >> what happened to him reflects the nature of the north korean regime, and kim jong-un. kim jong-un you know, around the world goes to summits a lot of pomp and circumstance, but he runs a brutal regime, that killed an american. and so we thought it was really important to remember, remember otto he false into the clutches of a profoundly evil dictator, and you know, obviously, they beat him to death but brutality of a
9:25 am
regime that would do that. >> it is a disturbing reminder how monster monstrous this can be. >> it has to be voted on before the full senate they hope he eventually will go to the president's desk to sign ottos bill into law breaking news in one senator plans to do about what he considers a broken asylum laws that are contributing he says to the crisis on southern border we will weigh in on that next.
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entyvio®. relief and remission within reach. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. >> candidates for 2020 democratic nomination making weekend stops in several states and taking aim at president trump's trade strategy with china after negotiations ended last week with no deal. kristina coleman live with
9:30 am
reaction. >> hi, alicia, democratic presidential hopefuls hitting president hard on negotiations with china and some calling disaster and suggesting the strategy could pose a real threat to the u.s. economy. >> we need to have a comprehensive strategy for china because they are a massive threat but just wheeling tariffs because it makes the president look tough, that only hurts american families. >> california senator kamala harris telling cnn state of the union this morning she believes trade trump policies as whole doesn't protect american workers and industries, the senator also said she would not have voted for nafta and added that climate change also needs to be addressed in trade deals. at town hall in new hampshire on saturday, new york senator kirsten gillibrand called trump's trade war with china absolute disaster and said negotiating style was stalled tried talks.
9:31 am
trump 2016 campaign message of no bad trade deals has in practice hurt american producers. >> i wouldn't be surprised if voters in places like pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin and ohio thought that was lies, but he's not done that actually, he's created disrupted in trading partners across the globe and started trade war with china. i think because he's belligerent and overly certain and so self-consumed that he can't actually work well with others and find common ground, you to spend as much common ground listening instead of talking and he has not done that. >> other than that quiet on trail for most candidates, alicia, as they spend time with families and celebrate mother's day. >> thank you so much, kristina. eric. eric: there are u.s. customs bor
9:32 am
patrol agency with apprehensions this year, this comes as senate committee chairman lindsey graham plans to introduce bill aimed at tightening the asylum laws. bryan llenas with the very latest development. >> u.s. customs and border protection tells griff jenkins that there's been over 504,000 apprehensions in southwest border in fiscal year 2019. there have been more border apprehensions of immigrants trying to cross illegally so far in 2019 than we had seen in any full year since 2012. we still have 4 months left in this fiscal year, fiscal year runs from october to september. just in april alone, more than 98,000 immigrants apprehended while trying to cross the border illegally, that is up 159% compared to bill of 2019 when 38,000 immigrants were
9:33 am
apprehended. now, struggling to handle the huge surge in central american migrants. the department of homeland security requested on friday more temporary shelter for detained immigrants. acting defense secretary patrick, well, he visited mcallen, texas, on the border yesterday, there are currently over 4300 military troops deployed on the border including active duty and national guard. the troops will remain on the border until dhs is able to recruit more officers to handle the surge. >> we have to have help from dod to increase our toll capacities. >> in terms of numbers, what is pentagon committed to, what have they been asked to do? >> we will be here until the borders are secured. we have to have the backs of men and women down here being overrun. >> in the meantime this morning republican senator lindsey graham announced on sunday morning future with maria
9:34 am
bartiromo that he will introduce new legislation that he says will stop the border crisis. >> if you're from central america we can't sent unaccompanied minors like we do for méxico and canada. you can only hold minor for 20 days, most importantly you can no longer apply for asylum at our border, if you're from central america you have to sign up for asylum in your country. >> he claims his legislation would stop 90% of illegal immigration. eric. eric: bryan, thanks so much. >> as bryan llenas senator lindsey graham will announce legislation on wednesday. joining me now is congressional reporter for usa today, thank you so much for being here, appreciate it. >> of course. >> this almost feels like a rhetorical, what are the chances of congress coming together on
9:35 am
ash issue like this? >> very, very low, the thing is immigration is very complicated issue and congress has not come together on all sorts of things, the wall, the dreamers and i really have my doubts they will come together on something like this, this is an issue that democrats fundamentally disagree with republicans on, democrats control the house and the senate needs to both, the senate needs democrats, this may move through judiciary committee which graham is chair of but chances making through the senate and the house are very low. >> what are the democrats offering up right now, do you know? >> democrats are not offering anything up related to migrants coming to the border but they do have legislation that should come up for a vote in the house sometime over the next month that would provide a path to citizenship for the dreamers and those are the undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children, were given temporary protections under the obama administration, president trump has reversed that and now they are sort of in this limbo, that's an interesting issue because there's broad-base partisan support for giving
9:36 am
these people a path to citizenship or at least protections in the u.s., the problem is republicans that should not be done alone. they want comprehensive immigration reforms, maybe looking at something like the migrants coming across the border or wall money, democrats think they should move just on its own, so like graham, this probably also does not have chance of passing, though, it does have likelier broader support within lawmakers. >> when it comes to dreamers and path to citizenship, senator graham has changed his point of view on this and aligning himself more with the trump administration because he was more in favor and really did bipartisan work in that regard. >> absolutely, graham has worked with democrats a lot on the issue and he has helped produce some of the pieces of legislation over the past few years that would provide a solution to this, now, graham insists he still is for a path to citizenship for these dreamers, he just says it cannot happen alone.
9:37 am
he has taken a harder line on immigration like with this bill he's about to produce, graham is also up for reelection, he's trying to keep, you know, a primary challenger out of the picture and so that could be part of it and the president -- graham has also aligned himself much closer to the president in recent years. >> i want to play sound so folks at home can understand if they don't understand exactly how far apart we are talking, first, i want to play something from tom, fox news contributor and beto o'rourke, presidential candidate. we will start with mr. homan. >> this is unprecedented. i have seen the numbers a couple of decades ago, as discussed many times, mexican nationals that were moved within an hour or two hours, this population isn't going home and that's the driver behind the whole thing. >> you don't come here to take someone's job or for the kicks or to feel benefits, you come
9:38 am
here because there's no other option left. the way to meet this challenge is to go to the very countries in guatemala, el salvador and honduras where these families are fleeing now to work with our partners in the region to invest in solutions that prevent those families from having to leave in the first place. >> so alyssa, my question is and point is, both sides can't seem to decide what the problem is, what it is they are trying to attack here in terms of coming up with solution, how on earth they will come up with legislation to connect to pass and sign? >> that's the exact point. they are disagreeing on what the problem is, right, although you mentioned earlier in the show, the numbers of migrants coming to the border has spiked dramatically, democrats are no longer able to say there's no crisis at the border which is something they were saying a few months with the shutdown and the wall fight, they were saying at that point that this is sort of a made-up problem, they are now acknowledging that there's a
9:39 am
stream because the numbers are there but they are saying because policies that the trump administration has put in place and i deeply disagree with what republicans are proposing to stop it, republicans are saying, this is a crisis and they need to be solved and they're proposing something different than democrats. so i really agree with you, i don't see how they come together on this when they disagree on what the problem is. >> well, and you also have the president running for reelection, you have members of congress doing the same, kind of dicey to get anything done that you can attach your name to when you're out on the campaign trail, isn't cincinnati. >> absolutely. neither side wants to give each other a win but i'd like to point out that even when republicans had control of the house, the senate and the white house, they could not come up with a solution on immigration and this has been something going on for decades. they keep trying to solve the problem, everybody acknowledges there's a problem, they disagree on what the problem is and how to solve it, i do not see that in this politically-charged environment. we have all sorts of investigation that is the democratic-controlled house has going on with the president,
9:40 am
tensions there, issuing subpoenaing for information art -- about family separation and the trump administration is blocking that. tense environment on top of an issue -- >> gone, gone, exactly. >> exactly. >> eliza collins, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> constitution crisis in the wake of the mueller report, is there y and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. ♪ on a john deere x300 series mower.
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[inaudible] >> yes, i do agree with chairman nadler because the administration has decided that they will not honor their oath of office. >> that, of course, house speaker nancy pelosi on the clash between executive and legislative branches that's escalating, the house judiciary
9:45 am
committee voted to hold attorney general william barr in contempt over his refusal to turn the full unredacted mueller report. chairman congressman jerry nadler accusing the white house of, quote, stonewalling the american public, that after president trump evoked executive privilege urging the ag to refuse to comply with congressional subpoenas. what does all this mean? former counsel to the senate judiciary committee, good to see you, greg. are we in a constitutional crisis in your view as the critics are claiming? >> we are a long way of constitutional crisis. the phrase has to do with democratic-base politics, it's kind of a way of tip-toeing to line of impeachment but not crossing it. what we are seeing is exactly how the constitution is supposed to function. each branch competing with each other, fighting with each other, this goes back to the very
9:46 am
founding president fought with congress, separation of powers that founders designed for. eric: were we in constitutional crisis when eric holder was held in contempt for fast and furious. >> obama administration was much more substantial than what's going on with barr, barr was under no obligation to hand over confidential report, he turned over, very lightly redacted. the redacted information is information that's protected by law. barr has done really all that he can do, so the idea of putting him in contempt for essentially complying with the law with farcical. >> what would a constitutional crisis look like, if a federal judge or ruling was ignored, let's say? >> it would be something like that, complete disregard for lawful authority, what's
9:47 am
happening now is the house democrats are being extremely aggressive in oversight. and i think they have close to 2 dozen investigations into this president right now. and administration is has responded by taking position on executive privilege and protecting information. that needs to be litigated out and either settled by the courts or settled by negotiation as often happens in these kinds of disagreements. >> you'd have a litigation next tuesday, it's going to be a hearing this at the u.s. district court in washington. judge amet meda, subpoena to get the records from the president's accountants before he was president, what do you expect to come out of that hearing and how would this process play out? >> yeah, i mean, i don't know what's going to happen this week, we will see but the thing to remember is that every single one of these investigations and every single subpoena has daring merit, congress has legitimate oversight interest whether this
9:48 am
president or any president like it or not, it does, the president also has legitimate prerogatives to protect, beginning with executive privilege but not ending there so court wills have to strike a balance and they will in likelihood allow congress to get access to some information and not others. every single hearing is going to be about line drawing. >> when you talk about the line-drawing, what happens if the president or the executive branch refuses to comply with a judge's order? >> that is when you're getting into some real kind of crisis territory, that's not really happened in our history but certainly just a trial court ruling would be appealed. i imagine that whoever doesn't like the ruling would appeal to appellate court and supreme court and we will see what kind of results we get. what's interesting about the area of law is often not been litigated. it's often been settled before it reaches courts or certainly before it reaches supreme court, congress and the white house come to some sort of deal which could involve matters that they
9:49 am
may be disagreeing with on say legislative issues. white house gets something and congress gets something else. >> do you think they'll be a deal here? >> we are in opening act, both sides are political bases that don't want to give an inch, but i think there will be some accommodations made when everyone sees that it's in their best interest. eric: thank you, we will see how this plays out especially in court next week. >> thank you for having me. eric: severe weather on the move for places experiencing dangerous conditions, take a look at the window behind me, it is pouring, we will have more news on that in a moment. that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ]
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>> in certain parts of the country mother nature not presenting the best weather for moms. meteorologist adam klotz in fox weather center, what the heck, adam. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry to all the moms that were looking for beautiful day especially in eastern part of the country, it's wet, cold, windy, kind of a raw day, 51-degrees in chicago, with the wind and with the rain it just feels nasty out there. continuing to see a lot of heavy rain especially across the southeast areas where it's been pouring the last several days, really for the last week, heavy
9:54 am
rain from eastern portions of texas, the system running farther to the east but heavy rains along the gulf of mexico run to go mid-atlantic in new england where it is continue to go see heavy rainfall here in new york city, down to philadelphia and further south all the way into boston and the inland up state areas, all heavy rain, most of the rain over the last week where we have seen a lot of flooding has been in the south, widespread, you see reds and purples and pinks, you're talking anywhere from 6-inches of rain to 12-inches of rain, it's been a soggy mess, unfortunately that kind of continuing and lingering right now but the system mostly at this point even though there's still some rain across the southeast, really beginning to settle in the northeast and running through this, this is future radar, time stamp there, it continues to rain all through your sunday eventually into your monday and lingering there in new england all the way in early monday morning and in tuesday morning. so it becomes a mess and the temperatures stay cold as well. they are in mid-40's all the
9:55 am
way through today dropping down to lower 40's unfortunately. kind of a rough mother's day, i will take the blame. >> you will have to. as a mother, all i can think about all the fellow moms out there who love their babies locked inside with children who can't get out their energy, we will have a special mother's day tribute to those woman we love next. safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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>> mayor league baseball fans giving special recognition, bat girls representing each club all supporting the annual bat. eric: absolutely, happy mother's day to the love of my life, lisa, you can see on a rainy day. >> yes, i would like to say happy mother's day to lisa and to my mom carmen, wonderful woman watching from arizona, i hope, and there's my big-blended family of 5 kids and my wonderful husband brian, i miss you all, we will celebrate mother's day. eric: another tribute for lieutenant colonel u.s. air force retired robert sean, uncle bob, mustang pilot in world war ii, there's his kids, tory, tracee and bill, one of three
10:00 am
brothers who served, my dad and uncle jay, happy birthday uncle bob, you guys are the greatest of the greatest generation. have a great night. >> happy birthday. ♪ >> rain is coming down here in washington, d.c., president trump at the white house on twitter this morning sounding off on the mueller probe. you thought it was over, the president does not. i want to get something out of the way here because i forgot to do this and didn't end well, happy mother's day. >> hopefully folks are enjoying it out there. >> spend it with us i'm leland vittert. >> i'm molly, whispers of impeachment as the trump administration stonewalls


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