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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 13, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> thank you. >> dana: thanks for joining us. the president will be going to the g-20 and meeting with president xi of china and president putin. we'll talk about this more on "the five" later on. thanks for joining us. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 on wall street. the dow did it today, plunged more than 700 points after china fought back a bit in the trade war. anything could happen in this final hour of trading. we're also keeping an eye on federal court in boston. the actress felicity huffman pleading guilty in the college admissions scandal and facing possible prison time. will she talk about what she did? amazon offering to pay its workers to quit their jobs. why it could be a good deal for shoppers, too. reporting begins now. our reporting begins this monday
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afternoon with the dow singing 700 points after china fired back a bit at the united states in the trade war between the world's two biggest economies. president trump speaking minutes against, accusing china of taking advantage of america for many years and denouncing that he will meet with the chinese leader and the russian president, vladimir putin, at the g-20 summit next month. more from the president just ahead. this morning, officials in beijing announced retaliatory taxes on $60 billion of u.s. products. starting on june 1. our corporate cousins report it will affect about 5,000 items. including certain kinds of green tea, frozen spinach, coffee, flesh flower arrangements, meats, vacuum cleaners, celling fans, cotton baby cloths, blankets, umbrellas, padlocks and lawn mowers. a lot comes from china. trade talks fell apart last
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week. the white house accusing the chinese officials of trying to go back on commitments that they made in earlier negotiations. officials in beijing deny that. friday the trump administration hiked tariffs on about $200 billion of chinese products coming into the united states and threatened even more of these taxes. the new chinese tariffs sending markets tumbling. the dow off 541 points. down from session lows of 700 points as well of talk about talking more. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange in just a moment. first here's john roberts live on the north lawn. john? >> good afternoon, shep. the president is presenting this as all good. still maintaining there's a chance for china to get a deal saying china wants a deal. the president with the big announcement this afternoon in the oval office saying that he has not yet decided whether to go ahead with the final tranche of tariffs on $325 billion worth
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of goods made in china. that would have been his biggest stick yet. the chinese coming back with retaliation. the president in the oval office the prime minister of hungary saying i didn't have a choice. listen here. >> we had a deal with china. it was 95% there. my refs, as you know, secretary mnuchin and bob lighthizer, they went to china and they were told the things that were fully agreed to were not going to get anymore. they're going to unagree to them. that's not acceptable. >> so china now in retaliation targeting $60 billion in goods, 20, 25%. some of those include sugar, fish oil, shelled peanuts, fruit juices, peas, wood products and self-tapping screws. china basically saying today, you self-tap us, we're going to
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self-tap you back. here's the foreign ministry spokesman. >> raising tariffs will not solve problems. china will never surrender to external pressure. we have the ability to safeguard our rights and interests. >> the president believes the united states is in a better position to weather a trade war. the president tweeting, i say openly to president xi that china will be hurt badly if you don't make a deal. companies will be forced to leave china for other countries. too expensive to buy in china. you had a great deal almost completed and you backed out. the president insisted time and time again that it's china that will pay the tariffs and the u.s. will benefit from money coming in from those tariffs. here's what he said a few minutes ago. >> we'll be meeting as you know at the g-20 in japan. that will be i think probably a very fruitful meeting. we're taking in right now hundreds of billions of dollars. we're taking in billions of dollars of tariffs.
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those tariffs will be tremendously -- if you l what we've done with china, we have never taken in ten cents until i got elected. now we're taking in billions and billions. >> that is somewhat at odds with what larry kudlow told chris wallace yesterday when pressed by chris, he acknowledged yes, the united states consumers will pay some of the costs of the tariffs. so the pain will be spread around between the united states and china, shep? >> shepard: john roberts, live. thanks. context now. remember here friday that we reported china had a few options in setting the pace of this trade war going forward. go light, escalate or goo nuclear. going nuclear is banning soy bean imports. there was retaliation but not a gut punch. no real impact on consumers a
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few weeks. now there's talks of more talks. nothing firm. what matters is what happens next. if president trump does what he's threatened and levies tariffs on all china goods and china retaliates accordingly. that's a new world. we're not there yet. the white house hope is, their goal is, the pressure on china will lead to a long overdue reset of our relationship, that china will be fair on intellectual property and fair from an american perspective on trade. that would be a big win, a huge historic win depending on the details. we're not there yet either. for today, the markets are reacting to this uncertainty. so far. almost an hour to go. we're watching. deidra bolton reporting live. this sell off is more about china relating holdings. it's really broad. >> it is extremely broad, shep. look at the 10, 11 groups that
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compose the s&p 500. only one hanging on by a threat, utilities. more investors know that is a defensive play. you talked about this back and forth not quite being sure what the next move is. i spoke with a trader down here at meridian. i'm going to quote him. he said the jockeying and position is getting alarming. the ball is in the president's court. there's no tell on how he will react to china's latest move. so you highlighted that move for the dow, at its worst point, down 700 points. at the moment, it's down 540 and change. as you said, very broad. so one of the elements that you talked about is how this affects american consumers and businesses and as larry kudlow alluded to, we're literally the ones paying. so as a result of that, you are seeing consumers discretionary
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stocks move lower, tech is lower and industrials as well. shep, back to you. >> shepard: thanks. there's 30 industrials that make up the dow 30 and every one of them is trading under water today. so the trade war with china is just one of the foreign policy crises testing the white house right now. two leaders still claim power in venezuela. north korea has started firing off missiles again. united states forces stand ready for potential conflict with iran in the middle east. the secretary of state mike pompeo hitting the road and getting to work. he's in europe ratcheting up pressure on tehran before a big meeting with vladimir putin. that is next. we'll keep a close eye on the markets. in the final hours investors go oh, this looks cheap. let's buy. sometimes they go man, this china thing is going south. i'm getting out. one of those could happen in the last hour. as it does, we'll bring it to you with context and perspective
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>> shepard: continuing to follow breaking news out of boston. actress felicity huffman is in the federal court here and expected to plead guilty in the largest ever college admissions scandal. our report from inside is that she's apologized to the families and students that were affected by what she did. the prosecutors are saying that they are recommending four months in prison for felicity huffman. this is not a courtroom with cameras. there's a sketch artist in there and we have people in there. when we -- it's one thing for the prosecution to say she should have four months. that's one thing. what matters is what the judge decides about felicity huffman. we're expecting something on that momentarily. we'll bring it right away. as we reported, the united states is dealing with a lot of
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big global concerns right now. there's the china matter, there's venezuela, north korea. there's also the escalation of tensions and rhetoric for that matter involving i ran. there's movement of military machines and military personnel. it's all happening quickly. the secretary of state mike pompeo is making what was a previously unscheduled visit to brussels, nato head quarters to meet with our european allies face to face about iran. the air force reports b-52 bombers in the mideast flew their first mission in a message to deter iran from increasing conflict. after reports of damage to oil tankers in the persian gulf over the weekend. the pentagon has sent patriot missile batteries. there's an escalation and a message. it's all part of what patrick shanahan calls a maximum pressure campaign. secretary pompeo is leading the
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diplomatic charge on this. sources say he's putting pressure on our european allies to put pressure on iran. his counterparts say they still want to salvage that 2015 nuclear agreement afternoon after iran with drew from some parts of it last week. as with china's next move on trade relations, it's iran's next move on nukes and military activities that matters most. if iran escalates by making an aggressive move, the situation shows us could escalate. if it capitulates and gets in line, things on that front could improve. that's washington's goal. we have trey yingst from the situation on the ground there. first, rich edson from the state department and what we're learning about secretary pompeo's trip. rich? >> secretary pompeo was supposed to be in moscow today. for the third time in less than a week, the secretary scrapped part of the trip, an entire
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stop, saying threats from iran. the u.s. representatives for iran, brian hook, is also travelling with the secretary in many of these meetings. he says "the secretary shared information and intelligence with allies and discussed the multiple plot vectors emerging from iran. iran is an escalating threat and this seemed like a timely visit on his way to sochi." seam pompeo met with leaders from the european union, franks, germany and the united kingdom. those countries are in the iranian nuclear deal. pompeo said you have to help us circumvent sanctions. the european governments have criticized the iranians for making the threat but criticized the united states for leaving the deal in the first place, shep. >> shepard: rich, another move
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here. the next stop is sochi in russia for a high level meeting. >> that's on the schedule. secretary state pompeo is scheduled to meet with vladimir putin. this will be the highest level enga engagement between the united states and russia since the president met with putin last year in helsinki. they will discuss iran, points of disemployment like syria, ukraine, arms control, election interference. this is also one of the first meetings after the release of the mueller report. the secretary has dismissed questions of whether he plans on bringing up the mueller report with the russian government. he has said the united states has brought up election interference with the russian government. shep? >> shepard: thanks, rich. now the tensions in the persian gulf. saudi arabia reports two oil
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tankers were damaged in a sabotage attack. the country's energy minister said one of the ships was on its way to pick up saudi oil to be delivered to the united states. there's no word on who is special. this as a top commander in iran's revolutionary guard says u.s. military presence in the region is no longer a threat but a target as an opportunity. trey yingst reporting live. trey? >> the united states is sending a message to iranian leadership. today b-52 bombers were seen near iran, this as two u.s. warships are heading to the gulf. the u.s.s. lincoln is headed to the south see. the u.s.s. arlington has been ordered to join the american fleet in the gulf. images released monday show f-35 and f-15 fighter jets flying
12:19 pm
deterrence missions with a patriot missile defense in the area as well. it's important to remember that the united states has 5,000 troops in iraq. they could also assist u.s. forces looking to bolster their presence in the region. shep? >> shepard: what do we know about this attack on oil tankers in the gulf? >> the united arab emirates said yesterday there were four tankers that were attacked off of their coast. saudi officials say this was an attempt to undermine the security of oil supplies to the west. this come after sanctions at the iranian oil industry. the u.s. maritime administration has warned ships traveling in the region of future attacks. they want to keep an eye on the
12:20 pm
situation. shep? >> shepard: trey yingst live in jerusalem. ahead, murder by machete. an fbi agent says one man took on a group of hikers in an attack on the appalachian trail. and the effort to keep the government out of your face. the major city that is considering a want to keep cops and local officials from using facial recognition. i've got some big news for veteran homeowners about their valuable va home loan benefit. the newday va cash out loan can get you $54,000 or more to pay off credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can help veteran homeowners when other lenders won't. home values are rising. now's the time to use the va home loan benefit you earned with your service. go to or call 1-800-406-4921
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12:25 pm
approaching their camp site claiming he was doing to pour gasolines on their tents and burn them to death. weeks ago, sheriffs in tennessee arrested the same man for threats with a knife. the victims let him go because they didn't want to press charges, this is the 17-inch knife that investigators found on him. bryan llenas with the rest of the news. bryan? >> after james jordan threatened to burn down the camp site, the fbi says two hikers ran for their lives. jordan chased them with a 20-inch knife but stopped giving chase and went back to the camp site. that's where jordan stabbed and killed a male hiker in front of a female hiker. according to the complaint, the female hiker turned to face jordan and raised her arms as if to surrender when jordan stabbed her. she received multiple wounds. victim number 2 fell to the
12:26 pm
ground and played dead. at which point jordan left to find his dog. the bloodied woman hiked six miles to get help. the male hiker sent out a gps location before he died. >> we got to the spot where the victim sent an sos signal. we were contacted by the company. they gave us the gps coordinates where that came from. >> shep? >> law enforcement, bryan, had sent out a warning about him. >> that's right. the stabbed woman identified the suspect from past incidents. the unicoi county sheriff in tennessee said they arrested him three weeks ago for harassing hikers with a knife and a
12:27 pm
shovel. three hikers gave police statements but the hikers chose not to pursue charges. jordan received probation and let go. he appeared in court. the massachusetts man faces two federal charges including one count of murder and undergoing a psychological evaluation. shep? >> shepard: thanks, bryan. what can they do with your face? san francisco could be the first city in the country to ban police and other government agencies from using facial recognition. the board of supervisors is set to vote tomorrow. critics of this ban say facial recognition can really help law enforcement because it allows them to catch criminals. supporters say the technology is not accurate and the city could have good policing without it. claudia cowan is live with more. >> some critics call this unchecked surveillance. big brother following them everywhere. san francisco police do not use
12:28 pm
facial recognition technology. this proposed ordinance would make sure they never could. the software is able to run head shots against numerous databases to look for suspects and prevent crimes like identity fraud, computer vision tools can also pinpoint a missing child in a crowd. critics argue it comes at a price. they say people of color are misidentified because of their darker skin tones and the technology raises concerns over civil rights. >> in the public spaces where people are moving around, covered by these cameras, they're being facially recognized and being treated as suspects. >> across the bay, the city of oakland is considering similar restrictions on government's use of this fast-growing technology. >> shepard: there's those that support the use of the facial recognition. what do they say? >> especially in law
12:29 pm
enforcement, that's right. they argue banning this technology could put communities at risk. >> we want to be on the forefront of fighting crime. we recognize that criminals will keep committing crimes and always be trying to find ways to stay ahead of the law enforcement investigation. this is another tool. >> special software from amazon called recognition can take an image of a suspect from a surveillance camera and find a match among thousands of jail mug shots in seconds. it's hid police in oregon caught a convicted thief. the software nabbed a criminal that shaved his beard, a city ban would not impact facial scans being used by the federal government at local airports or stores that have the software connected to private surveillance systems. if the ban passes and it's expected to, it would be the latest example of san francisco restricting technology it helped invent. shep? no claudia cowan live in
12:30 pm
san francisco. ahead, it's felicity huffman's day in court in the college admissions scandal. she entered the fell courthouse in boston this afternoon and is still in the hearing now. we're waiting for an update. ahead we'll check in at the court, talk to a lawyer and what her expected guilty plea could mean as other high profile actors in the case, lori loughlin, plans to fight her charges. and a pilot pulled off a plane and arrested minutes before take off. what investigators said he did coming up. there was a moment, my son i believe was about four,
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but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? >> shepard: bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news headlines. passengers stunned when cops slapped cuffs on this pilot. the person responsible for keeping them safe in the skies is accused of killing three and torching their bodies. sun, sand and soda bottles?
12:35 pm
what we can do to help hour beaches. and there's breaking news in boston. actress felicity huffman in the last few seconds pleaded guilty in the country's largest ever college admissions scandal. she's the highest profile to admit wrong doing. prosecutors say felicity huffman paid $15,000 to have somebody corrected her daughter's sat answers. they say they recommend add punishment in the low end of the federal sentencing guidelines. said she came clean. she told the judge that they were recommending four months in prison compared to 20 years. felicity huffman previously apologized to the victims, if you will. she said she's ashamed after what she did and her daughter did not know anything about it. the other big name in the case is the full house actress, lori loughlin. she's pleaded not guilty and is due in court in a few minutes. but felicity huffman is the news
12:36 pm
of the day. molly line reporting live outside the courthouse in boston. molly? >> shep, as you mentioned, we expected this guilty plea from felicity huffman. we have just received that here in federal court. now word also that as she begins to address the judge, she's been breaking down in tears specifically discussing her daughter. the whole center of this case, the allegation is that she paid $15,000 through the mastermind of the scheme, rick singer, to have a proctor help correct the test after it was taken. she wanted to ensure that everybody knew in the earlier statement that her daughter had no knowledge of what she had done. as she broke down in court, she explained since eight years old, her daughter had wanted to be a neuro psychologist. she started to receive extra time for test taking. that's important. across this scandal, the reason these students were able to get the extra time and get to the
12:37 pm
special testing location is because they asked for extra time for medical reasons, because of a learning disability or some other reason that they could get the extra time, get a specific testing location and have this special test taker come and correct or help with the exam. so in this matter, she's breaking down before the judge. shep, you noted that the prosecutors in the case asking for four months. the judge gave a rather lengthy explanation to both of the defendants in court today. felicity huffman as well as a man named devin sloan who is also pleading. he paid $250,000 and took advantage of the other side of the scheme. not the test taking side but the fake athletic phony profile side of this in which coaches were bribed. ultimately to get his sign to usc as a fake water polo recruit. the judge noting that it will be up to her, that she will look at
12:38 pm
the guidelines and make the determination and asking both of these defendants today whether they understand that she will make her own determination, which could mean more than the four months that prosecutors have recommended for huffman and for more than a year and a day that prosecutors recommended for the other defendant, devin sloan. shep? >> shepard: thanks, molly. back to her as events warrant. first, alex little, criminal defense attorney. good to see you. >> good afternoon. >> on the fairness matter, how are the optics here? >> well, you know, there's a question when you have lots and lots of money and you give millions of dollars to a university. maybe they name a building after you. you better believe they'll let your kids into school. they spent $15,000 and up to $200,000 to bribe folks. that doesn't sit well. the folks that look at this are those that didn't get into school and don't have the money to bribe somebody. it all smacks of unfairness of what the admissions process
12:39 pm
looks like right now. >> shepard: it does feel like those that did the right thing early, in other words, came clean clean early are getting one treatment and those that are fighting are getting another. >> that's what you get in the criminal justice system. you work with the government, you're more likely to get a lenient sentence or no jail time. i don't think felicity huffman will get any jail time. many say that will be the case. likely probation. the folks that hang on, try to fight it, go to trial, more likely they end up behind bars. >> shepard: there's these questions about whether they realized that it's one thing to give that library money. it's another thing to change saturday scores. how could you not know what you're doing is wrong? >> it's clearly wrong. the question is we make a lot of things that are wrong criminal. none of these parents are proud of what they did. doesn't really deserve fbi agents, criminal prosecutors, time in federal court.
12:40 pm
it's a hard decision to make. i was a federal prosecutor. i wouldn't have been excited about this case. >> if there's a plea agreement, say felicity huffman is recommended to get four months in prison, does the judge normally as a matter of course go along with such recommendation or more gray than that? >> not in the era of federal sentencing now. those are federal recommendations. the federal judge has the discretion to sentence a defendant as he or she sees fit. this judge is very likely to give probation to at least mrs. huffman and mr. sloan as well. >> based on what we've seen in this scandal, is the message that is coming from these proceedings one that is helpful and informative? >> i think the message is that there's a lot of stuff going on at institutions of higher learning and in businesses that are improper. the fbi wants us to play by the rules, this is a case where they're upset that parents were not playing by the rules.
12:41 pm
you look at the ncaa recruiting scandal, this is stuff that some people knew was going on. had gone on a long time. all of a sudden the fib said we're going to make it criminal and take it to court. >> shepard: it was a poorly kept secret. thanks, alex. appreciate it. we're keeping the camera up because we expect felicity huffman to come out in just a moment. our producers are there, our cameras are there if she decides to make some sort of chat, we'll bring you that. passengers waiting to board a flight in kentucky learned that they were being delayed because their pilot had just been arrested in a triple murder case, this happened at the louisville airport early on saturday morning. the man in question is this pilot. 51-year-old christian martin. he's a pilot from an american airlines subsidiaries. it's like an american eagle. now he's facing murder and arson
12:42 pm
charges. trace gallagher has more. >> when the passengers heard the pilot was arrested, they assume he was drinking. word got around that it was a murder arrest. kentucky prosecutors say any 2015, christian martin that goes by kit killed a man named calvin phillips and his wife and their child. mr. phillips was found shot to death in his home. the bodies of the wife and neighborhood were found out in a nearby corn field. the murders happened in pembroke, kentucky, a one square mile town. population 800 along the tennessee border. calvin phillips was skilled before he was supposed to testify at martin's court martial trial. he told the nbc affiliate the allegations were crazy and he took a three-hour polygraph. he said they went through my entire life. have you ever done anything illegal? i hadn't even had a speeding ticket in my whole life. i was said no, i'm like an eagle
12:43 pm
scout. american airlines issued and statement saying all of us at american airlines are deeply saddened after learning of the allegations. our team was made aware of the arrest in louisville. we have a commitment to the safety and security of our customers and will provide any help news to law enforcement. police did not have enough to arrest martin till now. they have not revealed what the new evidence is except to say that perseverance pays off. shep? >> shepard: what do we know about the court martial? >> the court martial involved charges that martin sexually abused his former girlfriend's three children and threatened to kill anyone that told on him. calvin phillip's son says his dad witnessed some of the abuse. because he was murdered and did not testify, christian martin was convicted in a military court of simple assault and
12:44 pm
mishandling classified information. he was given a dishonorable discharge. american airlines said that martin underwent a background check and had no criminal history that would disqualify him from being a commercial pilot. before becoming a pilot, martin served 30 years in the army. >> shepard: thanks, trace. really quick, a live look in washington here. see this? a white van has crashed into the gates around the white house. eisenhower executive office building. the white house has not issued a lockdown. we have gotten word from dc metro police, they think it was an accident. like a car crash. had nothing to do with anything. investigators are on scene. we wanted to make you aware of it. if you see it on social media and getting concerned about it, authorities are telling us not something to be concerned about. accidents happen and apparently this one did.
12:45 pm
attention passengers. our plane does not have front wheels right now. we're going to land anyway. that happened in burma. the pilot safely touched down after the landing gear got stuck. nobody got hurt. this is days after a jet scheduled off the runway. amazon offering employees a sweet deal to quit their jobs. but there's a catch. plus, where has beto been? the democratic presidential hopeful has been struggling to stay in the spotlight. his team's plans to stage a comeback. sad to see this morning. saying good-bye to hollywood icon doris days. the animal foundation confirmed
12:46 pm
that she died in her home in california. she's 97. she was born in cincinnati and given the name doris mary ann caplehoff. she broke into show business as a teenage singer and in a way by accident. she was about to head to hollywood as a dancer. but she broke her leg in a car crash. while she was recovering, doris day passed the time by singing. discovered a talent that she didn't know she had. of course, her talent was not limited to her voice. far from it. her acting skills propelled her to a career that stretched three decades including 40 film credits. former president george w. bush honored doris day with the presidential medal of freedom. when she was found out she was getting the award, she said for
12:47 pm
what? the white house says it was for both her career as an entertainer and her work on animal welfare, which was how she spent much of her lifetime after leaving show business. dorie days' foundation posted this image from her birthday. she said of her work with animals, she always believed "things wok out as they're supposed to." or in in other words -- ♪ ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we know sooner or later... every chip will crack. this daughter was home visiting when mom saw a chip in her windshield. >> mom: honey is that a chip? >> tech: they wanted it fixed fast so they brought it to us.
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>> shepard: the breaking news now. we mentioned felicity huffman would come out of the courtroom. she did. here she is. not a word for the cameras. we did learn no sentencing today. the plea was or the recommendation by the prosecutors four months in prison, a $20,000 fine. they'll do sentencing in the middle of september. amazon is urging its own employees to quit their jobs so they can start their own businesses delivering amazon
12:52 pm
products. the company offering $10,000 to help cover startup costs along with three months salary. this comes as amazon tries to cut its shipping time from two days to one day for prime members. kristina partsinevelos has more on this. hi, kristina. >> hi, shep. that's why they're launching this program. amazon made a promise to expand prime to one day only. think of the packages, the vehicles they'll need. what you're seeing on the screen right now is an example of how to be a delivery partner. you can get a van a uniform, discounts on gas and insurance, this is to incentivize employees to quit their jobs and become delivery contractors. they launched this in 2018 with veterans. it was so successful, the company said they would be expanding. they did release a statement
12:53 pm
saying since the launch of the program, amazon has enabled the creation of new small businesses that have hired thousands of local drivers to deliver packages. so the big take-away, if you're an amazon employee, why would you quit your job? there's the big risk of auto make and that threat is coming on the forefront. you have a new report from reuters just today saying amazon is shifting more towards automation, which means a lot of people could potentially lose their jobs as robots put more and more items into boxes. so could be an opportunity before they get laid off. for amazon, the win for them is cost in the short term but long-term they'll have an entire network of delivery services that they don't need to rely on ups or any other service like fed ex. one day shipping means a lot of congestion. >> shepard: thanks, kristina partsinevelos.
12:54 pm
almost every country from the world reached an agreement to reduce pollution from plastic waste. one of them not? united states. happened on friday. as part of the deals, countries will track plastic waste outside of their borders. they will take trade of plastic more transparent and better regulationed. environmentalists says 100 million tons of plastics pollute our ocean. jonathan hunt is at sail beach. >> shep, you only need to take a cursory look here to see the kind of plastic that contributes to the problem. coffee cup lids a nasal spray. a big culprit here, the single use water bottles. beach cleanups help but trying to get rid of this stuff is a never-ending task.
12:55 pm
listen here. >> we also finds a ton of stuff that comes in out of the oceans. micro plastic, styrofoam. we're filing chip wrappers, single use containers. it's all coming in by the buckets. >> and when it gets into the ocean, that stuff, it breaks down to tiny particles. 100 million tons of it believed to be out there in total, a vast problem, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt. sail beach, south california. breaking news. jimmy carter is in the hospital. a spokesman said the president was leaving his home to go turkey hunting. when he did, he fell and broke his help. the surgeon said his surgery was successful and recuperating comfortably. he said his make concern is turkey season.
12:56 pm
he has not bagged the limit. he's hoping state officials will let him add what he department get on this year to next year. priorities and such. jimmy carter, wish you all the best. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. it all takes cash. getting that cash is just a phone call away. call newday usa. the newday usa 100 va loan lets you take out an average of 54,000 dollars to pay debts or put in the bank and it lowers your payments over 600 dollars a month. and because newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va they can close your loan in 30 days or less. they even do all the va paperwork for you. helping veterans get the financial peace of mind they deserve. that's what newday usa is all about. at newday usa veterans can buy a home with no down payment. at newday, your service is your down payment.
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>> we're in a very strong position. our economy is very powerful. their has not been. this is a very positive step. i love the position we're in. >> neil: president trump may love the position we're in, by try telling that to investors that did not. stocks getting slammed as china retaliates imposing steep tariffs on upwards of $60 billion worth of u.s. goods. the dow at its worth point was down 700 points. it finished down 618 points. not quite complete yesterday. who will blink first in this high temporary game of trade chicken? welcome. glad to have you. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." it was a seller's