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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tucker. >> tucker: you too. we are out of time. back tomorrow 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. a lot of bad things going oned in the world. the good news is it is a pretty interesting moment. sean hannity from new york right now. >> sean: welcome to hannity. we begin tonight, the walls are caving in around the deep state. tonight, we can absolutely positively report a pivotal document release is only days away. we're talking about transcripts, specific transcripts from the fbi top surveillance of the trump campaign, george papadopoulos and george carter at the height of the 2016 election. papadopoulos will be here in a moment to preview this major development. he used exculpatory language and we have the tapes and transcripts. and according to the sources
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this is groundbreaking information fwild copious amounts of exculpatory evidence. obama's d.o.j., comey's fbi had mountains of information proving that trump-russia collusion was always a hoax. they knew on it five different levels. massive red flags were limitered all over the place. but instead of putting the breaks on the witch hunt they kept digging and digging and digging blinded by rage and hatred, desperate to take down the president, donald trump, they never understood why he won. they didn't think of it. by the way, their guiding light the entire time, hillary clinton's russian bought and paid for unverifiable dirty dossier full of lies. a clear example of what is premeditated fraud, conspiracy, against trump, members of his campaign, and guess what, on fisa courts. all must be held accountable.
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thankfully, truth did prevail, four separate investigations to date have cleared the president and his campaign of any and all wrong doing. the hoax has been laid bare for all to see. we will give you so much more information. democrats in congress, apparently they haven't gotten the memo. jerry nadler's clown show is in full swing, never ending string of frivolous subpoenas, after failing to haul in don mcgann. nadler issued subpoenas for his chief of staff. even former aid hope hicks, currently serves as ebp at this network, here at fox. we're going to make hope hicks spend another million dollars on lawyers to answer the same exact questions again? only this time it will be a perjury trap, god forbid anyone that goes before congress, they have one minor detail, one little discrepancy. that's wrong or different from the last time they testified. it's called a perjury trap. the attorney general, barr,
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defied a request to appear before nadler's circus. he's now speaking out telling the "wall street journal," quote, i felt the rules were being changed to hurt the president, president trump, and i thought it was damaging to the presidency over the long haul. if you destroy the presidency, and make it an errand boy for congress, we're going to be a much weaker, more divided nation. democrats don't seem to care. they're still fuming. and don't forget, clinton aid brian pagliano, hillary's aid, server, he totally ignored his 2016 congressional subpoena related to the hillary e-mail scandal investigation. at the time democrats, they could have cared less. again, selective moral outrage. we are now witnessing this selective outrage at its worst. meanwhile, jerry nadler's sir kulgs is eager to feature, they want robert mueller to come n democrats hope for one last
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ground of baseless trump conspiracy theories and hoaxes they can perpetrate on the american people. team mueller is reportedly reluctant to testify publicly, ploib for good reason. we will have to answer in his case very important questions for example, i'd like to know why did mueller hire a team of only democratic donors? why did he hire hillary clinton's former attorney for the clinton foundation? why would he ever give so much power to andrew weissmann, hyper partisan, hillary-loving hack, at hillary's victory party with an atrocious protectional track record. when did he realize russia collusion never happened? when did he learn about hillary's bought and paid for russian dossier. and by the way, to impact the race, that's important. mueller needs on answer, if he had time to investigate taxi medallions, decades old tax returns, bank fraud on loan applications, perjury, he didn't
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have time on look into real evidence of collusion? because it featured hillary, the heart of his so-called mandate? and christopher steele, multiple foreign governments no, time for that either. by the way, i have bad news for the democrats, look at this poll, most americans, they are not interested in mueller appearing before congress. they got it. they read it. it's over. you just don't recognize a simple truth. the mitch hunt is done. the only thing -- the witch hunt is done. the second act that, curtain goes up, but you have it rad cam base of the democratic party calling for impeachment long into trump's second term. nancy pelosi, only speaker of the house in name only, being pushed around by her colleagues, freshman congresswoman socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez is the real speaker, demanding the president be removed from office. and nancy better watch out and listen. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez i call up with, also said this
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caucus should not be hesitant in moving forward with impeachment. >> you know, i instructed -- i'm not sure saying everyone. [unintelligible] >> sean: nancy pelosi, speaker in name only, lost all control in the u.s. house of representatives. by the way, sad sight to really behold. she's utterly powerless to the radical demands from ocasio-cortez and others, and according to a report from plipt i co-massive infighting among capitol hill democrats and theible fighting in full gear in the deep states. congressman doug collins issued massive document release, hundreds of pages, closed door testimony transcripts, loretta
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lynch, mccabe. we know that loretta lynch was pretty much accusing james comey of lying before congress. that would be lying before congress, testifying under oath, that she never asked comey to refer to the clinton criminal investigation as just a matter the way comey said. somebody is lying, somebody committed perjury. the only question now is was it comey or was it lynch or maybe both? and coming up we have treasure trove of developments from these newly released transcripts, it's pretty clear the high-ranking anti-trump officials in the deep state are scared and forming a circular firing squad as the walls begin to cave in. they know what they did, they know they're in deep trouble, and breaking tonight john solomon is back with another bombshell new report. detailing yet another red flag in the fbi witch hunt into the trump-russia so-called collusion. according to john solomon, investigative reporter for "the hill" state department official
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kathleen kavalek did send the fbi a salacious piece of so-called intelligence from her meeting when ch was not appropriate with christopher steele. only problem the intel was total and complete b.s. which could have easily been disproven with any simple level of verification. it never happened. several days later comey used steele's b.s. as the basis for the fisa request and he signed the first fisa application. a request he swore was ver tied, at the top of the document. and accurate and true w more on this developing breaking investigative report, john solomon from "the hill" is with us. john, wow, this is now three, four separate instances, they were warned directly. >> and, sean, it is the first time that we know for sure that the fbi was in possession of appeals of intelligence from christopher steele that had been
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debunked before they went to the fisa court. they weren't in the process of verifying it. they had debunkted it. on october 17, 2017 i went to the fbi and asked about the same intelligence, what is it. it was being peddled by everybody in the clinton world there were computerpings going on between a trump tower server and that alpha bank server in moscow, the russian bank. the theory that the clintons were peddling including steele, this was a secret communication channel, some beacon where donald trump would know it was time to call vladimir putin. the fbi knocked this down in october. so, they told me on october 17 as well as other u.s. officials, it had been ruled out as credible intelligence. yet four days later, they go, knowing that christopher steele was peddling it, go to the fisa court and they represent christopher steele is credible, information is accurate, they have no derogatory information with that b. that.
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this revelation calls into question all of those representations before the court. >> sean: last point, it happened, bruce orr warned them, now we have conflict in testimony between loretta lynch and comey, comey signed the first fisa application in 2016, in october, then told president-elect trump it's not verified. three months earlier he swore it was. how big a problem is all of this conflict, pretty much between every member of the deep state involved? >> first, the president is going to add to the problems of the deep state when he declassifies these documents. the most important thing that has changed -- >> sean: that is a big detail. >> yes. >> sean: we have similar sources i'm guessing. >> i have confirmed in the next 7 to 8 days the president will declassify the first of many documents, first one we used to call bucket 5, exculpatory statements about the targets before it went to the fisa court.
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one important dynamic that changed, today at the hill we had a new poll for the first time the majority of americans support investigating the fbi conduct in the start of the russia investigation. that is a sea change in public sentiment, the american public is on to the skwam that was going on here. >> sean: its lease sign of the great investigative work you, sarah, gregg, i'm going to forget, jeannine, i'll miss 100 names. you've been on this for over two-plus years. because of the important investigations we fee cure each and every night on this program, as i said, now mueller is finished and that means, yes, the second act, the curtain is being lifted on the seedy bureaucrats in the deep state. the release of the closed door hearing transcripts is playing a critical role. yesterday, hundreds of pages, a batch of documents, featuring very revealing moments from obama's former attorney general, loretta struck.
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strzok and page say she made the decisions as it relates to getting hillary clinton off the hook and rigging that investigation. we reported lynch accusing comey about lying under both the clinton investigation saying that she was quite surprised by comey's remarks about saying i'm telling you to call the investigation a matter. but get this, lynch also testified the obaba administration never spied on the trump campaign. not true. political reasons, calling such an action, quote, inappropriate. and that's not all. as part of the new batch of information during the lynch hearing, congresswoman sheila jackson-lee claimed that four trump campaign associates were the subject of fisa warrants. okay, where are the other ones in addition to carter page, she named papadopoulos, paul manafort, and lt. general michael flynn. if jackson lee, the congresswoman, know's what she's talking about that could be a new massive development. here now with more on his big
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release, house judiciary committee ranking member doug collins. thank you, we wouldn't know so much that we know but for your courage to release these closed-door testimony documents. what did you take out of yesterday, about loretta lynch and so much more? >> well, thanks, sean. one of the things that john talked about is the american people are turning because they're seeing the truth, they're seeing the testimonies that the investigators did, you saw it with my colleagues, radcliff, jordan, meadows, other. what they found out, there was a conflict, what they were finding out, there is a coverup, they knew if it was ever uncovered that there would be trouble. lynch, we knew, it was basically we've seen the incompetent she showed as attorney general. now we're seeing them turning on jim comey, who, his little run as captain america is coming to an end. he is not what he has portrayed himself to be, there's going to be answering for that based on the transcripts.
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there's contradictions at every turn. >> sean: what do you make of john solomon's report? bruce orr warning, we know this woman ten days before the first fisa application warned all of these upper echelon, again, not rank and file, not the 99%, very important. and they were warned in so many different ways, they had probably 10 times the amount of evidence that was exculpatory, including transcripts we're going to hear about as john said in the next week or so, within the next week. and they never listened to it y? >> because it was what they, i think they had a pattern all the time. this is a ruptca bal of the top leader -- a kor run cabal, didn't like candidate trump, didn't like the idea of president trump, they were covering for themselves. they had what they believed was an insurance policy, they believed it was going to be the investigation that would show there was a problem. what is disturbing here, they knew that they had a problem with these information they were
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getting from steele and the dossier. yet they went with it as you said, comey verified this, just a few months later, said it was salacious. we have that today, that's the thing that's interesting. they've never been verified. >> sean: they've been debunked. now look at this, the attorney general under obama, lynch, basically accusing the fbi director at the time of perjury. congressman, this is so important what you're doing, thank you, we appreciate it. congressman collins from georgia. now, with each passing day you, the american people, you're getting much more access to the truth. we're finally getting unfiltered information by the bureaucrats in washington. a majority of the country is backing in fact the d.o.j.'s ongoing investigation into deep state spying as john mentioned. now during the height of the 2016 election. joining us now is a person who was a central target, we know of the seedy surveillance of the
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government, author of the best seller "deep state target" former trump campaign aid george papadopoulos. thank you, george, good to see you. >> hello, sean. >> sean: you had been hinting and then kind of saying it, you were slow in its release. you actually told people, and they have transcripts and tapes apparently, you were being taped, did you know you were being taped? >> no, well, so i was -- i had suspicious meetings. dating from march of 2016 all through, let's say, the transition of the trump campaign. so when i was meeting with a lot of these officials especially australia and the u.k. i felt that they were spying on me. i wasn't sure if they were recording my conversations, but some of their actions were so disturbing that i ended up actually reporting them to the fbi including this australian diplomat. >> sean: have you heard about
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the transcripts and tapes that you are apparently on tape saying that you never saw any trump-russia campaign collusion, you would never be a part of it, tell me where i'm wrong, stop me at any point, and you would say that would be a debetrayal to your country and they heard you say that, have you heard that? >> just reference you to the meeting that i remember saying that, that was with stephon halper, and it's clear now he was a cia operative, with azra turk, working with the cia, feeding the information later on to the fbi. but i do remember halper pointedly asking me strange questions. i told him what you're talking about is outrageous, trump has nothing to do with the russians, i have nothing to do with the russians. never met a russian official in my life. what i told him is what you're referencing is treason and we have nothing to do with it.
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we love, mr. trump loves america, i love america, we have nothing to do with what you're talking about. >> sean: let's assume that the transcripts xils the and that hannity for the last two years has pretty good sources as has all of this ensemble team we bring on this show every night. that would mean that if they taped you and they transcripts of you, and you just said everything you just said, then when you finally were brought in you were walking right into a perjury trap if you did not remember perfectly that which they knew you said. does that sound like it to you? >> i think that's exactly what happened. i've never met a russian official in my life. i worked at neoconservative think tank in d.c. then in the energy business throughout my professional career. as an american, the last thing you are doing is promoting russian interest. so you're right, when they came
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to my house after they knew i was innocent of any dealings with the russians, they were looking for a perjury trap. that's when they went after flynn within 48 hours of going after me. from what loretta lynch testified to, it looked like we have fisa warrants issuedous. if it's true that there were fisa warrants i will lils italy issued on myself, flynn, and manafort, that's problem. why would they be ish ring a fisa warrant on me, i never traveled to russia. that is at the core of the corruption of this investigation. why i think it's paramount that the president offers any assistance he can to investigate the investigators. >> sean: they even turned it into a james bond novel when one of the stephon halper meetings, they brought in a flirtatious blonde bombshell character, right out of james bond. but they will -- they heard what you said, what a patriot you are. they heard from bruce orr,
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steele hates trump, it's not verified hillary paid for it. then we have a state department official to be super sure and put the cherry on top, warning the people involved in this abuse of power, including the fbi upper echelon, literally saying an unauthorized meeting just took place with christopher steele, on a deadline, this is a political hit job, all of that was known and they did it anyway and they used the information anyway. you were set up big time. >> absolutely. and, look, the last thing i'll state is i think the fbi is going to stone wall the administration, considering so much of this hoax went through foreign governments and abroad, i think the president should pick up the phone, make? phone calls to theresa may the new australian leader and the italian prime minister and find out who is prodding them on spy on us. that is a key point of this entire investigation moving forward. foreign government involvement. >> sean: two weeks in jail for
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you, two weeks. limit's see what happens in the end. george, thank you for being with us, appreciate it. all of our best to your family. coming up impeachment hysteria causing a big-time divide. allen dershowitz and sarah carter with reports and analysis. also tonight, the great one, mark levin, weighs in on all of these new developments and how the media lies and peddled one conspiracy theory after another for well over two years. straight ahead. tures. other species avoid pain and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures.
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>> sean: impeachment frenzy reaching an all-time high. democrats seem to be on an unshakeable mission to destroy a sitting president. instead of doing what they were elected to do. that's serve you, the american
6:26 pm
people. now, let's take a look at some of the worst dills plays of trump impeachment vitriol on capitol hill. >> nobody runs for congress with the idea i want to start impeachment. but i think that's what it's come to. >> the impeachment process is going to be inevitable, a question of when not if. >> my position on impeachment is what it has always been, and that is the president of the united states of america needs to be impeached. >> sean: are they offering anything to serve their constituents, the american people, forgotten men and women, to advance prosperity or keep us safe and security secure? no. minutes ago the president tweeted, democrats are on a fishing expedition wanting to interview the same people and see the same things as we just went through for over two years with robert mueller and the 18 angry dems. never happen to a president before, never even happened to
6:27 pm
president obama. it should never happen again either. joining with us reaction alan dershowitz, and fox news contributor sarah carter. you have been following john's story, you have courses confirming to you, bucket 5, exculpatory information, transcripts, and likely tapes of papadopoulos and page, basically saying no, we would never do this, the trump campaign never did this. and asked to do it, we would consider that unpatriotic. they had that information like they had the orr warning and state department warning. >> apparently they did have that information and they failed to turn that information over to the foreign intelligence surveillance court. this is the most secretive court in the land. they're required by law to give all of the fochlgts and clearly have the evidence to support their fisa want. both over the last year and in
6:28 pm
recent weeks, the associations i spoke with, they did not share that information with the courts. this is very seriously damaging. this affects everything. because when you think about this, carter page and neither george papadopoulos or anyone else, possibly now we're hearing michael flynn or paul manafort, can't go before the courts and defend themselves. so when they can't do that, it's up to the fbi, it's up to the bureau, to enslur that it's given the court every bit of evidence possible in order to protect that person's fourth amendment rights. it appears they did not. when that information comes out, that will be one of the most damning pieces of evidence. against the fbi. >> sean: that's only one small bucket. professor, i love the fact you're a civil libertarian, we share that, i agree with you. we better pay attention here. now, we do know when you look at this report in particular and you know, you listed the examples, we now have far more examples, ten times the amount
6:29 pm
of exculpatory evidence, andrew weissmann licensed to lie sydney poum said he withheld exculpatory evidence, why was he hired, why was he on that team. bruce orr warning everybody. the state department warning everybody. then we have tapes for papadopoulos and page, was that a perjury trap? they knew what he said, they spied on him, they set that kid up and he said exculpatory things. >> no doubt it was a perjury trap. whenever the government knows what you're going to say and calls new fronted of the grand jury to see if you say anything contradictory to that, that's the classic perjury trap. you can fall into a perjury trap even if you're totally innocent. if the government chooses to believe somebody e78s's truth, somebody who's a bought with it or rented with it, who testifies contradictory to what you have said under oath that's a perjury trap. more important what your previous guest said, this idea
6:30 pm
of a fraud on the fisa court, the fisa court is unique, they only hear one side of the government, they have to trust the government. when the government doesn't provide information, everybody's civil liberties, everybody's civil rights are in danger. >> sean: we know that it was the fbi director, comey, and sarah's reported this, signed the first fisa application. i just gave you the history of all of the red flags that they purposely ignored. on top of the fisa warrant, sara correct me if i'm wrong, it says ver i fied. comey put the signature on it. went to trump tower and said it was not verifited but salacious. now loretta lynch has accused james comey super patriot that he is, mr. integrity, of lying when he claimed she directed him to say it's matter not an investigation. who's lying there? >> well, we have to get to the bottom of that. that's not just a matter of words.
6:31 pm
you're not supposed to be deceiving obviously the public any more than you're supposed to be deceiving the court. i just think it's so important to understand that what could be done to the people who the fisa court issued warrant against, could be done to any american. that's why every civil libertarian should be concerned with the fisa court. this is an unusual court that requires the trust of everybody who files an application. there's a continuing obligation. even if what you said was true at the time you signed the application, if you find out anything else that's inconsistent you have an immediate obligation to to the court f they didn't to the court they violated that obligation and that trust. >> sean: last word, sarah carter. >> we're starting to see people throw each other under the bus, sean, not just loretta lynch and james comey but john brennan and james comey. the audience should keep their eye on that, more information is
6:32 pm
going to be coming out. >> shannon: thank you, apparently -- >> sean: apparently we're talking to sim already birdies, that information is confirmed to us on the show. we aren't the ones that lied to the american people for two years. thanks to all of our ensemble cast. he's back, mark levin, weighs in on the liberal media's hate trump rage and psychosis. socialism rising in america, we'll tell you why this is an awful thing. by the way, you won't believe what joyless behar at "the view" says should happen to every republican. i'm glad i'm a registered conservative. -♪ just like any other family ♪ the house, kids, they're living the dream ♪ ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪ -maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪ -♪ why, oh, why -♪ she's not the maid we wanted ♪ -because i'm not the maid!
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you might or joints.hing auto. for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> president trump: right here in pennsylvania, we have added
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155,000 new jobs including 20,000 new construction jobs, nobody thought that was possible. more than five million americans have been lifted off of food stamps. we're getting americans off welfare and back into the workforce. and it is happening by the thousands and how sands thousands. >> sean: that was the president in pennsylvania last night. now even always the trump economy roars, the hate trump media mob raging on in a psychotic state trying to drown out the president's success with never-ending lies and smears and besmirchments. look at this poll, voters overwhelmingly support and love the trump economy. look at this, a whopping 71% describe it as, quote, good or excellent. the highest in nearly two
6:38 pm
decades, 18 years. 52% say they were better off financially than they were in 2016. far fewer say they support the president. okay, he did it, though. why? it's been like we've been telling you, the democrats, the media mob, are committed every second, minute, hour, every 24 hour day, every seven-day week, all year long. it is attack, attack, attack. they never show their audiences these facts, this reality, this incredible success story. they just double down on smears, lies, conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. the man exposing it all, phenomenal new book, gives a history and brings us up to tremendous day as it relates to the corrupt press, unfreedom of the press, the great one i call him for a reason, the host of the number one show on sunday nights, really killing it for us, life, liberty, levin, nationally sinld kapted radio
6:39 pm
host. great one, how are you. >> how are you my brother. >> mark, i want you to go -- we went through the history, i want you to take where we are and where is the -- what is the status of the media now? >> let's look at this way, let's break it down this way. when is the last time the "new york times" and "washington post" run a positive news story about the president of the united states? or a negative news story about pelosi, nadler, shumer? think about it. when is the last time the "new york times" or "washington post" published a leak that was positive about the president or supportive of the president? name one host on cnn or msnbc who is right of center, just one. now, the 79 of the united states, they questioned his mental health, right? did they ever question nancy pelosi's mental health? why. did they ever question jerry
6:40 pm
nadler's mental health, why not? tax returns. why are the media disinterested in paul and nancy pelosi's tax returns? they're multimillion airs, she's speaker of the house, all legislation comes through her. there's issues with elijah cummings, we see, where his wife runs these two foundations and enormous amount of money comes into those foundations and she gets a big paycheck from those foundations. and some of those who are donating, have donated, are overseen by his committee. why don't we have the tax returns of nancy pelosi and the bank records of nancy pelosi and the chairman of these committees. all of the members of these committees. why are the media absolutely disinterested in this. why are joe biden and hunter biden and their influence peddling with a foreign government untouchable? why aren't these issues why aren't these investigate sntd another example, we talk about executive privilege, i hear the so-called legal experts and senior this and senior that talking about executive
6:41 pm
privilege like it's never been asserted before. so the media doesn't provide any context for their audience in many respects. george washington was the first to assert executive president. dwight eisenhower, no particular order, just thinking about it. ronald reagan, jim are you carter, george w. bush. grover cleveland, barack obama, bill clinton, i'm sure there are many others. why does the president exert executive privilege? he's trying to hide crimes or financial misconduct, doesn't want information to be out? no, he's protecting the executive branch from congress. it doesn't say in the constitution that congress gets whatever it wants, that congress can issue whatever subpoena it wants against anyone it wants for their personal records, for whatever it is. congress doesn't function that way, isn't spoelsed to. executive privilege can be asserted for a number of reasons. including protecting the privacy of white house deliberations. in a is a president with
6:42 pm
immediate staff. like don mcgahn, his lawyer. i heard somebody say, i forget which network, i said what a knucklehead. they present themselves as a legal analyst. the president waived privilege with don mcgahn, he allowed him to speak to the prosecutor. the prosecutor is in the executive bran mp. we're talking about -- branch. we're talking about asserting privilege against congress getting the information for mr. mcgahn. what does mr. nadler do, whose tax returns i'd like to see and psychological makeup as well, what does he do, well, he claims that the fact that they can't get don mcgahn should start discussions about impeachment. president asserting executive privilege, like other presidents have to protect the executive branch, the office of the president, should start a discussion about impeachment? and of course over chris cuomo at cnn, dumb as a rock, allows
6:43 pm
that to go through. now they want hope hicks, a confidant to the president, and the chief of staff for the white house counsel, all of these people fit within the circle of close advisors and confidants of the president of the united states. they'll never get them but they want the media dash dashts owe all for the media, they want the drama. we have subpoenas 412 times and 412 times he's resirnlted the subpoena. and he won't allow these people to talk and nadler is on tv yesterday, complete fraud and disgrace, and he accused the. united states last night, he announced that he's committed crimes. is he a judge? is he jury? is he prosecutor? no, he's just another, may i say, jerk politician from new york city. and now he's declared that the president has committed crimes. while he's waving around the constitution of the united states, in his star chamber. let me explain a few other things. mr. nadler, you're interested in tax returns, why aren't you
6:44 pm
interested in obama's tax returns? you're interested in bank accounts, why aren't you interested in owe bam's a tax returns? you're interested in making sure there's no foreign influence with a. of the united states. i don't remember you all worked up with johnny chong, the riyahdi campaign, the money that flowed into the dnc, millions and millions of dollars. i don't remember you demanding a special counsel. here's what half the country knows, nadler is a fraud, the democrats in the house are a fraud, they want to reverse the course of the country, disenfranchise the 64 million americans who voteded for them. the democrats have the press in their back pocket and the press has the democrats in their back pocket. you want to know the details, check out "unfreedom of the press", the rest of us stand for free do. press, not the per vision of the first amendment. >> sean: number one book on for a reason. a must-read, i have read
6:45 pm
cover-to-cover, one of the best. nadler, he didn't even want the strar report out. what a tony hypocrite. changed the laws from the independent counsel to the special counsel. great one, this i a must-read. this is about real press and real corruption and the media mob, thank you. life, liberty with levin, 10 clock p.m. sunday night. up next you won't believe, yes, "the view"'s joyless behar, what she thinks should happen to all republicans. i'm not a registered republican. i'm explain next. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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♪ >> sean: getting more unhinged
6:50 pm
every single day. on "the view", joyless behar, had this to say about republicans. kind, loving, liberal that she is. take look. >> nixon was, he said, i was in the wrong period of history. [laughing] he would have gotten away with everything, just like this corrupt president is getting away with. this is an unbelievable corruption, corrupt president, corrupt administration. and the republican party is right behind him and they all should be thrown into jail as far as i'm concerned. lock 'em up. >> sean: a conservative, register conservatives included in that? i'm not registered republican. pretty unbelievable. at the cannes film festival, filmmaker trying to get distribution for a movie called "when women view the world", sounds good until you see they'll portraying, a decapitated president trump head.
6:51 pm
making america great men hat. reaction, fox news contributor dan bongino, and ver ral dough rivera. you're atmosphering the most, geraldo, why? >> i'm a registered republican. >> sean: dan, what are you registered some. >> i'm registered republican. >> sean: in new york you can register as a conservative. but on a serious note, the media has never been this wrong, geraldo, never, on such a high level of lies, conspiracy theories, outright deception, and a hoax. >> well, there's some truth to what you're saying. but a lot has to do with mark levin's book, what it's about, these days people get the news from outlets that they agree with. if you spend all of your day watching "the view" and bill mahar, cnn, reading the "new york times," you'll hate president trump, too.
6:52 pm
>> sean: that's not the same at fox. with all due respect -- there are people on air here that probably hate every word i say. just guessing. >> you're probably right about that. >> sean: go ahead. >> i think that everybody should spend five, ten minutes a day watching a news outlet they do not agree with. i think, like my wife and i, erica watches msnbc, maybe puts on grudgingly fox to see me, then she -- she comes in, she's mad at me. why are you mad at me? president trump is a liar and a cheat and a thief, you know works manizer and martian and you name it. you know, that's part of the problem, we don't communicate any more. there are people like joy behar,
6:53 pm
tom arnold, rob reiner, these are people i really like. when you hear the tone of their discourse regarding the president of the united states, there's an absolutism about the worst possible spin on whatever he's doingle it's disappointing to me. and i don't know how you work this through. >> sean: are you a unifier, who you really are. dan you add that to the new green deal, you add the rage of trump, 43% of americans have embraced some form of socialism. it's failed everywhere it's tried. >> yeah, and there is a reason for that, that's why i have to disagree with geraldo about watching other networks you disagree with. the reason you disagree other networks is because they say things that aren't true. why would i want to want to hear about a collusion hoax that never happened. i don't understand, why people -- that's why mad al's rate rings in the can. people understand for two years they wasted their time.
6:54 pm
and on this socialism question, they do the same thing on socialism. the media wants you to believe socialism is norway. socialism is cuba and venezuela. socialism is the government control of the means of production. the taking of your private property. the media wants you to believe, you know, it's summers and long vacations in europe. why would i watch that crap? >> sean: it's a function of age also. >> if you're not a liberal as a young person you have no heart. if you're conservative you have no brain. >> sean: good to see you, geraldo. when we come back you won't believe who's getting released from prison. trace gallagher has the details, villain of the kay. -- villain of the day. perform. it's miracle-gro's next big thing. -- villain of the day. a. -- villain of the day. y. -- villain of the day. ♪ ♪ and work... and work. ♪ ♪ and yes we did say organic.
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you want soothe xp from bausch + lomb. soothe xp helps restore the eyes' lipid layer... ...seal in moisture... ...and protect against further irritation. soothe xp. the right choice for dry eyes. ♪ >> sean: the villain of the day. remember john walker? a big release for the indy had a prison, trace gallagher has the
6:59 pm
very latest. that guy that joined the taliban, that one. >> upon his release this week from an indiana president, he will be under supervision for three years and banned from medicating with extremists but he has already said he will continue to advocate for global that in 2016 the counterterrorism center said he remains as radicalized as he was and 2001. in november 2001, he along with a group of taliban fighters was captured by u.s. forces in afghanistan just hours later they staged an uprising that killed 500 including cia operations officer who i finished interviewing him. back in march his mother said, "he had the opportunity to tell him that you are an american, we have weapons in this building and we are going to overtake this fort. he chose not to because he was a
7:00 pm
tele- band." he grew up in northern california and dropped out of high school to head to the middle east has refused to denounce radical ideology. >> sean: trace gallagher, thank you. we will never be the media mob, let not your heart be troubled. >> laura: you have to say, i will always be raging for the truth. don't state your identity in the negative, you are truth teller. they rebrand? >> sean: you have to come month and attack me. i want to say one thing. there weren't a lot of us and this is true. every newsroom in america wrong for two plus years. every single one without exception. it took the talk show host that actually are members of the press and actually do let's see,