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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 31, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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frightening clipping looking down from the balcony. he saw the woman directly over this big shark in panama city, beach, she had no idea and people on the beach started screaming shark, and she managed to get back to shore. jillian: thankfully she did. wow. have a good friday, everyone. rob: see you later. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: i'm coming to work with tears in my eyes this morning because i watched this video. it is about eli young is going to be our group today for the summer concert series responde response soaredy sandals. wounded warrior how his girlfriend hard to stay with
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someone when they have been so badly injured he lost all four of his limbs. she stuck by his side. at the beginning of the video talks about their relationship and goes all the way through for our great country at the end they get married. recalling. brian: that's the name of the tour love ain't tour. released their best of album. i don't know -- does anyone study in college anymore? this band met in college. ainsley: perform in a garage? brian: a garage band. pete: if it's friday the summer concert series and dave's famous barbecue. ainsley: one time we were throughout and brian said is that a mop you are using to marinate? brian: it does look like martha mccallum and tucker carlson response soaring the summer concert series. today they are response soarinsponsoringthe band.
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brian: always there angle merkel gave the commencement address at ivy league school here and secretary of state mike pompeo here. by the way some of her remarks quite critical of our president. pete: they could be discussing iran, china, withdrawing u.s. troops from afghanistan and a number of topics that they will be discussing we will be monitoring. ainsley: this afternoon is he going to leave for switzerland. we will monitor their conversation and keep you posted. brian: one question will come up if they open up to the press about walls. she thinks walls are bad. the berlin wall would be a lot different than a wall on our southern border. i think the integrity of our country is different than dividing between communism and capitalism, freedom and oppression. ainsley: speaking of calls, immigration. president trump hitting mexico with a new 5% tariff. and it's going to group from there if the border surge does not stop. pete: big one. the president's announcement coming as this new video shows over 1,000 migrants
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crossing the border together illegally. that is a record. brian: that is a record that we did not want to break. leland vittert joins us live to break it all down. leland? >> pete, ainsley, good morning to you. the president said mexico has 10 days to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants from mexico into the united states. or american companies that import things from mexico will have to pay the u.s. government 5% on every good. and it doesn't stop there. >> the mexican government is uncapable, incapable, unwilling to assist us in solving the situation at our southern border. that tariff will go to 10% on july 1st. >> all right it. goes up from there more than $300 billion in goods come from mexico into the united states. it goes up at 5% per month until the president decides mexico is doing enough to stop the migrants. the mexican president says
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his country of is doing as much as possible. but their actions didn't stop that group you just saw a thousand plus central american migrants coming across the border in the el paso sector. they said it's the single biggest apprehension in history. this isn't the first time the president has threatened mexico over this issue. in the past month he has talked about closing the border and shutting down all trade from mexico if they didn't do more. the president then backed down and even some of his staunchest supporters like iowa senator chuck grassley isn't so sure about this saying it is a misuse of the presidential tariff authority to counter congressional intent referring to the law president trump says is he going to use to impose these tariffs. democrats on the homeland security committee called the move asinine and wrote in a letter with all due respect although you have the right to express america first is a fallacy the markets, guys, are not very happy about this either. dow futures right now indicate that the dow will
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open down roughly about 300 points. back to you guys. brian: because we have so much trade with that country. thanks, leland. i don't know what that statement mental by the mexican leader who is socialist. and he has got praise before but he goes america first a fallacy. has nothing to do with that hate us or like us. watch your southern border and make our southern border somewhat usable, tenable and workable. it is falling apart right now. and mexico doesn't seem to care. ainsley: he said we do want to avoid a confrontation if we can yeah, it was kind of odd when he said that until the end of time, justice and universal paternity will prevail. pete: what does that -- and universal fraternity. will working on a trade deal a new one. usmca with canada and mexico. we want that fraternity but we also want our own borders and our own sovereignty. no president has been more focused on focused on our southern border stymied by a congress that won't do
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anything. courts that block his action. he has to take out actions that he has at his disposal. when you watch a video like that. that's an entire migrant caravan crossing the border at the same time. claiming asylum because they understand the loopholes in our system. the president saying ultimately we don't have the wall yet because is incompletion because we haven't been able to build it all. what tools do we have? put pressure on mexico. maybe this will make them up. do you think what mick mulvaney sums it up though. you are working really hard so your tax dollars can pay for them. mexico needs to pay for them. they're allowing them to come into our southern border. brian: civilian building of the wall in new mexico, being done. stopped. back on. they passed the permits. the bad news is the money used that we need to build a wall has been stopped by a court last week. this week we said hey, while you are guys are debating it can they keep building it? they said no. sierra club, aclu matters more than all of us here in this country. so we can't build a wall.
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if it doesn't stop it, it will slow down. and if it doesn't totally stop it, will funnel. that's what they need. they need a barrier. given no help. a lot of story given traction elsewhere to keep in mind to read it and understand it. "the washington post" says the u.s. is holding minors at border longer than allowed. flint firefighters union will see all these 24 democrats say look, look what the bush administration -- excuse me, the trump administration is doing. but let's be honest, 2,000 unaccompanied minors being held in overcrowd you had u.s. border patrol facilities. they are coming at such a crazy rate we can't even process them at the rate. we can't house them at the way we're doing things. they are getting no help. we don't have the resources. the people that deserve the least blame are the border patrol trying to deal with these kids. here's another story of a 10-year-old walks over with a note that says my mom is in chicago. that's it. what are you supposed to do with a 10-year-old that says return me to my mom in chicago who doesn't speak english? these are flawn stop stories
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getting thousands a day. 45,000 unaccompanied minors since october. and they are going to be critical of our border people. ainsley: it is so sad and we welcome anyone to come in our country, of course. we want kids to be reunited with their mom in chicago if that's even true. but tough do it the right way so our country knows who is here. pete: this is child exploitation. the parents putting these kids at risk. women who have faced terrible horrors on this trip. what our agents are doing on the border is incredibly humane and incredibly difficult. brian: great use of our logo. did you watch fox business bob iger hopped on ce owmplet of disney. ainsley: you know what's happening in georgia. heart beat abortion bill nurel january. detect a heart beat you can't have an abortion in georgia. unless it's extreme circumstances. southerners are for this.
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bible belt area. i grew up there you have 40eu8d, have yohollywoodand biga corporations we are not going to film in that state if they implement in january. pete: here is what bob iger had to say. >> i think if it becomes law it will be difficult to produce there. i doubt we will. one, i think many people who work for us will not want to work there. and we'll have to heed their wishes in that radar. brian: netflix is right on their heels saying just that these companies, i don't know, do they shoot in saudi arabia? do they ever do anything in china? yes, and yes. tucker carlson weighed in. >> netflix, for example filmed its show marco polo in malaysia. in case you haven't been to malaysia recently being gay is a crime there the country lives under sharia law. just as it is in colombia where netflix filmed its show narcos. disney just filmed its
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upcoming live action mulan film in china which is to say in a police state where huge parts of the internet are banned and people are executed for vghtd wrong opinion and i some case the abortion is. right no matter what the flacks claim. their real concern and only colonel is power. brian: so on the money. if you are going to sit there and make a stand in georgia because of a heart beat bill, and put your company in jeopardy, i mean, you picked georgia for a reason, it's affordable. the scenery, the work environment, i believe the lack of unions might be something that's been attractive there. now all of a sudden if you are going to put yourself to that standard it's got to be all the way through. bob iger with so a ceo and track record should have went back to his so-called stars and said i have a problem with this. it's a standard we can't keep up with. because of what tucker just said. because we can't control every country we shoot in. do what china does. have a man made island with no laws and shoot there.
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pete: the hypocrisy is glaring. this is textbook virtue signaling. they want to show how good they're and how committed they are to there new social justice cause ultimately they don't care about georgia. they don't care about what the people there decide to do. they want to look good in the ice of the friends at their cocktail parties. ainsley: that's right. the proof is what tucker just said. they are filming in countries that don't allow abortion, either. then, you know, you are right. the standard has to bed same across the board. let us know what you think in the meantime hand it over to jillian. friday. jillian: it is friday. good morning, everybody. let's begin with a fox news alert right now. because people have been told to get out immediately as a live failed along the arkansas river. the video is dark. but you can see the rushing water putting homes in danger in the city outside of little rock. the breach happening overnight after days of stark flooding. you can see the river's water all the way up the tom of this bridge with sand bags to protect drivers.
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there we go. that's the video we are talking about. more floods and evacuations are expected today. that is incredible video. wow. president trump and kim jong un's failed summit may have had deadly consequences. according to south korean media, the dictator executed at least five officials after talks fell apart in hanoi. kim's top nuclear negotiator is reportedly imprisoned in a labor camp. general jack keane tells the story this is how the rogue regime operates. >> this is the behavior that reminds us how repressive and how outrageous and how atrocious this leadership is in north korea. and a terrible expense a good reminder to us really what we're dealing with. jillian: south korean officials have not confirmed the report. all the emotions here. tears, smiles, and hugs as navy seal eddie gallagher walks free. his wife speaking outside the courthouse just moments after being released from custody in california. >> my brother-in-law and i have been fighting for my
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husband for so long and for his freedom and and sometimes felt like, you know, that was never going to happen. and then today it happened. jillian: a military judge releasing gallagher after prosecutors were accused of tracking his legal team's emails. charged with murdering an injured isis prisoner. his trial is set to start on june 10th. the scripts national spelling bill doesn't have a national champion it has eight. bee ending in historic tie. >> champion spellers, we are now in uncharted territory. we do have plenty of words remaining on our list. but we will soon run out of words that can possibly challenge you. will will will will. ainsley: the competition crowning 8 co-champs for the first time in 94-year history. the judges say they had no choice after returning out of challenging words for the skids. we will meet all 8 winners in the next hour.
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that is pretty incredible. pete: ran out of words? have you seen the dictionary? brian: coming up next. the crowded 2020 field of 16 candidates combine 181 years of legislative experience. what do they have to show for it? we will talk about that ♪ like a true survivor ♪ feeling like a little kid.
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experience. but, they have few solo legislative accomplishments to show for it. does this have any effect on their candidacy for president -- presidency or does the average voter really care about this at all here to discuss this is grier grier kelly. thanks for being with us. >> hi, ainsley, thank you so much. ainsley: you are welcome. 16 candidates out of the 24 dems from experience in legislation, in congress. if you look at their records it's not really successful. we will go through some of those in a minute. how important is that when we go to the polls to vote? >> we think it's incredibly important. legislative effectiveness. we want our candidates to be getting things done when they are elected to congress. what i can say about this field is that they are no more or less effective than your average member of congress. we are seeing in some terms they are more effective. in other terms they are less, but as a majority, they are representative of congress as a whole. ainsley: let's look at some of the bills that were solo
3:19 am
sponsored. kamala harris, zero. ainsley: that became law, actually. and senator gillibrand she sponsored one bill that became law. beto o'rourke, he sponsored one bill that became law. former representative john delaney, he left congress without a single one of his bills being signed into law. and then senator elizabeth warren she has introduced 150 bills but none of those was signed into law under her name. >> that's correct. ainsley: i couldn't believe that when i read that. >> it is shocking when you look at the data. there are 535 members of congress every year. so i don't want to misquote any specific statistic but i would point your viewer to the center for effective lawmaker website where they can look at the effectiveness lawmaker and bills passed by every member of congress in every term since the 1970s. ainsley: if you ask the trump supporter president trump didn't have legislative experience and people think he is getting
3:20 am
things done. does it matter? >> i think to be determined the center for effective law making we hope effective law making and getting things through the process does matter but it's intentionally designed to be complicated. ainsley: do people go to the polls based on permanent and how well they do on debates? do they even consider this legislative information? >> that's a great question. we have done a number of surveyor exermts. and the easiest answer to your question is not yet. people are not voting based off effectiveness. they are most likely to vote based on party affiliation. ainsley: right. >> the interesting thing we did find is that when given information about effectiveness, voters were likely to use that information and potentially switch sides. ainsley: thank you so much, grier. >> thank you so much, ainsley. ainsley: decline in kids playing sports. are parents to blame? >> what has always surprised me to is to see these grown-ups in theory clapping when the opposing team
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yuck, that's gross. you got to get that under control. [ dogs howling ] seriously? embrace the mischief. say "get pets tickets" into your x1 voice remote to see it in theaters. ♪ ♪ brian: all right of school, sports are the most popular activities for kids. yet, organized leagues are seeing a disturbing trend. the number of kids ages 6 to 12 playing sports decreasing going from 45% in 2008 to 27% in 2017. one reason behind the downward spiral, perhaps, their parents' behavior. here's why. >> youth sports is increasingly competitive and profitable. >> when they scream and curse at me, it makes me -- it likes take my head off the game. brian: add in obsessed parents. you don't need to be an
3:25 am
adult to see the problem. >> when the parents start getting angry and start escalating like the game, it kind of gets out of control. brian: adults living too vicariously through their children often cross the line. verbal attacks and even b ring violent. >> it's corrosive. it's absolutely corrosive to kids. what has always surprised me to see is to see these grown-ups, you know, in theory, clapping when the opposing team misses a foul shot. to have grown-ups cheering a child's mistake. brian: this is 13-year-old dillon. son of fox news executive producer martin hit it'ston. play as 10 month season with practice and games he plays 8 to 10 hours a week. >> when parents start coaching on the sidelines, it's very annoying because if the coach tells you to do something and then the
3:26 am
parents tell you to do something different, you are like what should i do? the team -- they do what the parents say. they are all like kick it, score, shoot, pass that way. it's like if we're not supposed to do that, you shouldn't be yelling at us to do something we are not taught to do. brian: one motivation for, this parents are spending more money than ever on youth sports. and they want results. >> they need to dial it down quite a bit. brian: dr. marshall mint is a clinical psychologist. he has spent career treating athletes under high stress to perform hay tie level. >> a lot of times it's the parents coming in and wanting little jamie to excel more. and i usually wind up pointing out that at this point, it really is crucial to just emphasize having fun.
3:27 am
brian: many coaches agree with that message. >> i see more of a burn-out factor really. a season is becoming fun and becomes a chore. when it's a chore, you start to lose kids. your kids might not be a pro-player and that's okay. you might not get a scholarship and that's fine, too. there could be 100 parents out here. and they are going to hear one voice. and they are going to hear your voice. brian: here to explain more is the president of positive coaching alliance tina styer. tina, you see the numbers effective. what do you think parents play a role in that. >> as we heard in the piece when kids make a mistake in the game anything we know as sports parents first place they look is at us on the sideline or their coaches. as parents we are passionate and get wrapped up in that game. many times we hear about parents living through their kids vicariously in sports. it's hard not to react in that moment. we care. we care about the score board. when the kids first look at us they may see our head in our hands because we are
3:28 am
caught up and passionate and want to see our kids succeed. brian: bethesda, maryland, parents have to stay 100 yards away from the field. other times on weekend, one weekend every season, quiet weekend where no parents allowed to talk at all. but why do you think -- is this something that has always happened and why do you think -- according to this piece and stats, why do you think it's getting worse? >> yeah. i know what you are talking about. there are those silent saturdays and on the soccer pitch when they have saturdays kids report favorite day of the year and officials and referees really love that day as well. i think it's happening because i really appreciate you guys running this series on youth sports. it's true that parents are investing more and more in their kids' youth sports experience and you are seeing these incredible absorb tant funds spent on club teams and year around play. parents start to feel that investment needs to pay off. if their child is going to make the high school team and eventually get into college and learn that allusive college
3:29 am
scholarship. there is so much invested in it and changes the way we look at youth sports. brian: 70% of the kids quit by ninth, tenth grade. some of it is because they just seem to have a place for the elite players to go and not for the players that do this along with other things like scouting, or clubs, being involved in clubs after school, right? >> that's right. that's right. and i think what we all need to remember as parents and coaches is that youth sports is a competitive setting and wonderful place to teach life lessons that transcend the playing field. and as parents and as coaches, that's our number one job. what can our kids be getting out of sports that they can take into their future jobs and lives after they are done playing. you know, we can learn so many wonderful character traits like resilience and team work and the effort really matters. but that's only if the parents and coaches are on the same page really reinforcing those sorts of life lessons. brian: i wanted to fintsd word fun. fun as in tag smiling all
3:30 am
the time. fun is coming and beating that team 3-2. that can go into the category of funnel, right? >> that's right. i know, brian, you played soccer at high level into college. i also was able to play sports into college. and there are some times i think about the lessons i learned through playing sports how to respond after a mistake. how to respond after a tough loss. what do you do when the official makes a call that you don't agree with? how do you respond? and those are things i lean on now in my professional career. brian: absolutely. you are helping out. we have got to keep kids playing. i don't care how good he or she is. tina, thanks so much. especially with all the other temptations out there. tina, thank you. >> i hope that parents and coaches can visit us at positive for more free tools for parents and coaches. thank you, brian. brian: a lot of sincere parents don't know they are doing the wrong thing. coming up straight ahead, more than a thousand migrants getting caught crossing the border illegally. is mexico doing enough to stop the flow? i am going to ask tom homan
3:31 am
that i think i know the answer.
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♪ i want to rock ♪ rock ♪ i wanna rock ♪ rock ♪ i want to rock ♪ rock ♪ pete: twisted sister to wake you up on this friday. brian: what is going on on the border is absolutely twisted. ainsley: that is true. glad you brought that up. tom homan is with us. former ice director. fox news contributor. the president is slapping tariffs down on mexico starting at 5% and continue to increase it if you don't stop these folks from coming into our country. what are your thoughts about that. >> i think the president is doing the right thing. once again the president is showing leadership on this issue. he is the only person that is showing leadership on this issue. and i will will on the table. mexico has not done enough. we talked about it many times. criminal cartels are operating with impunity in
3:35 am
mexico. 31% of women being raped, children are dying. the cartels are pushing the large groups through the border in one area so they can move their drugs and people that don't want to get caught like ms-13 members through unguarded piece of the border. right now 40% of border patrol agents are not on the line because they are busy the family units, processing them. brian: senator grassley republican is obsessed by. this trade policy and border security are separate issues. this is a misuse of presidential tariffs authority. your reaction? >> he's wrong. look at what is happening on the border. i have done this for three decades unprecedented what's happening. i have never seen chaos like this on the border. one issue i have, we could do more. i mean, interior with our agency could do more. i have said many times there is hundreds -- over 100,000 family units with final orders been ordered removed by immigration judge. we need to seek them out and return them to their homeland. we need to execute the final
3:36 am
orders issued by the judgesz so there is integrity in the entire system. that's not being done. did i it. did i it four years ago and it worked. i can't understand why that's not happening. pete: will these escalating tariffs work? will mexico respond to this? >> i hope so. i think so. but, again, i think in the long run, you know, the consumer is going out paying the higher price of the goods. but again, i think all these options need to be on the table. we are at a crisis right now. we got to release family units because of court decisions. we have to release children through orr, hhs because of child victim act. ice 50,000 beds. numbers keep increasing. number keep rising single adults. isis is getting to the point if they have to start releasing single adults because there is no more money and beds, when they start releasing single adults, we have lost the border. that's that final category if that rises, and we have to release them.
3:37 am
you are going to see numbers at the border that we have never seen before. we will lose the border and it's going to be tough to regain control of the border. ainsley: it looks like to me. the president was tweeting out. the democrats need to stand bide our patrol agents and fix the loopholes. because congress is not doing. this the president has to go around them and find ways to implement the wall, he had to get emergency money. and then in this situation is he putting tariffs on mexico. is he doing whatever he can. it appears to many people to -- he has to go around congress some way. and if you look at it's just getting worse. the largest group apprehended on wednesday, tom. 1036 migrants near el paso. we have that video. look at this. just running across the border. 63 unaccompanied. 39 are single adults. this is just going to continue to happen and get worse and worse if congress doesn't step in and if a wall isn't built, right? >> yeah, we have been talking about this for a long time. congress is not going to help. the democratic leadership hasn't offered up one thing.
3:38 am
not one idea to control the border. the president is taken executive action. declared national emergencies, increase resources on the border. wrote immigration plan to put on the table they are not even talking about it. now he is doing this tariff on mexico. is he doing everything he can. he he's a great president. is he trying to keep his promise. is he doing his job trying to secure america and protect our sovereignty. and is he doing -- the man is fighting the fight against the courts and against congress. he's doing the right thing; however, i will say it once again. you know, the secretary of homeland security, he needs to prove this operation. ice has been ready to do this operation for months to go seek out those who have final orders. if we don't do that there is no integrity in the system. it works. we need to put more on the table. brian: "the washington post" was w. a huge story today saying unaccompanied minors have been staying in custody longer than 20 days? why because we have 45,000 since october there are no facilities because congress won't even appropriate the funds. plus, what are we a day care?
3:39 am
i mean these people come over with notes and it's our fault that it's happening? we can't have a wall to stop them. we don't have the feel ferry them but we have to house them, clean them, get them out. pete: healthcare. brian: in 20 days or else "the washington post" does a story. i'm sure they will be vilifying the border patrol on every other channel. >> that's by design. and the fy19 appropriations bill the democrats added language ice could not arrest or even charge a parent or sponsor for harboring a criminal organization smuggling a child. they added that to fy19 appropriations language. i said at the time that is going to result in unlimited number of children coming across this border because the democratic part of that community basically said you can do what you want, smuggle your child put them in the hands of a criminal organization and ice can't charge with you a crime and ice can't arrest you and put new immigration court to stand shoulder to shoulder that was by design. brian: don't worry go to california and get free healthcare. if that isn't a magnet, i don't know what is.
3:40 am
unbelievable. thanks, tom. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: we are following a number of stories and follow. this andrew cuomo and bill de blasio blow off a dedication ceremony for the 9/11 heroes. he said he never planned to attend and at work at state capital. reps for mayor dede blasio claims he had internal meeting. he was at the gym. dedicated to first responders who died from toxic exposure at ground zero. families called the politicians' absence unacceptable. casey anthony is planning to make a movie about her life. according to the daily mail, the film, titled as i was told, will detail the events surrounding her daughter kayleigh's death, including her murder trial acquittal in 2011. she claims she was told to cover up her knowledge that kayleigh had drowned and was dead for a month. anthony tells th the daily mail the movie will prove she was
3:41 am
innocent. it's expected to be released next year. do you remember when hillary clinton was pressed about deleting emails from her personal server. >> did you wipe the server. >> like with a cloth or something. >> i don't know. you know how it works digitally. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. jillian: that shows you maybe she is not a computer expert. that's not stopping her from being the keynote speaker at cyber defense summit. she dual a question and answer forum at an event in washington, d.c. later next year. brian: whatever she recommends do the opposite. grab a hammer and smash it to smithereens. pete have you some news about fox nation. pete: if you haven't seen what's made america great ainsley's bible study. battle in the holy city you missed out but there is more to come. if you don't have fox nation you truly are missing out. easy to get. you can download it on your phone easily with the avment did you go to the google store, if you have an android on iphone it's the app. store. download the fox nation app.
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3:43 am
brian: download it on the plane and real explain. coming up straight ahead. ainsley: bill de blasio wants to let thousands of teen criminals walk card? we'll debate that next. he is in the gym. he won't be watching.
3:44 am
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on charges as serious as armed robbery, assault, and burglary. these offenses, according to the post can involve using a deadly weapon or inflicting personal injury on the victim. so is this really a good idea? here to debate is retired nypd ryu lieutenant dr. darryl porcher and criminal defense attorney philip hamilton. thank you, gentlemen, both
3:47 am
for being here. >> thank you for having us. pete: is this criminal justice reform or is he using that as a title to say we are just going to let people off the hook? >> it's not so much that he is letting people off the hook. you have to understand at the end of the day in new york judges are the ones who are vested with the power to either release a defendant or to set bail, right? all de blasio is doing in this situation is expanding some eligibility guidelines with respect to those defendants who may be eligible, not necessarily manned torely sent there for supervisory. pete: judges have more power and latitude to release kids or young teenagers. >> they have the same power that they have always had. these guidelines at best are advisory. they are simply opening up eligibility for certain, you know, teenage generally to be able to potentially get on supervised release as opposed to being sent to rikers island which we know is a terrorist show right now. pete: this is what the mayor has to say. i will get to you respond, darian.
3:48 am
darren. >> we are ensuring there are real alternatives for incarceration particularly for our youngest new yorkers who we need to focus on getting them on the right track. we need to support them and be sure they are being redeemed not just locked up. pete: we are all about second chances. you don't want kids immediately being labeled one way or another. is this a slippery slope? >> i think it's a slippery slope. one of the things we are leaving out. how about the rights for the victims. oftentimes these people that are victims of crimes know the offenders. and mayor de blasio is putting them to the side and focused on poll numbers that are in the toilet. the truth of the matter is these communities are under siege. when someone is arrested, bail should be set. there should be a surety connected with that individual that's arrested. in many ways, act is determined. this is going to up the numbers for the nypd squad to go out and catch people that are absconding as a result. pete: that's a good point. if there are no consequences the victims look around and say where is my justice. >> let's remember about this
3:49 am
everybody we are talking about prestyle presumed innocent until proven guilty. if we accept that fact. look reich right now we have harvey weinstein is he walking out he is alleged serial rapist. when we talk about pre-trial detention is talking about putting innocent people who are presumed people innocent in jail until and unless they're proven guilty. it should not be a situation based on fundamental fairness where have you some people able to pay to get out and those that aren't. when de blasio is putting forth these guidelines, there is a lot of factors that are involved. factors involving fundamental fairness in terms of who is able to get out and who is not. we know he wants to ultimately close rikers island. rikers island is starting to look at one of those prisons when we look at locked up abroad something comparable along those lines. it's not a good place for a lot of these teenagers be. to the extent they are coming out you don't want them coming out from a system that has made them worse particularly when they are presumed innocent. pete: looking at the city, all neighborhoods of the city do you get a safer city of this approach vis-a-vis
3:50 am
maybe what you saw under mayor giuliani? >> i think the city is going in the wrong direction. i was just in san francisco last month. horrid conditions. the quality of life is in the toilet. and i think that's the direction that mayor de blasio is pushing us because he sees himself as a progressive and that's the agenda that he wants to touted in his presidential campaign. unfortunately, that's not where we are. we need someone that is going to stand up for new yorkers and protect us as citizens. so when we take into consideration victims' rights, what message do we send to a victim that is the victim of a crime and they see that same offender come out of jail 24 hours later and back on the same block? >> tough remember. pete: we have to leave it right there unfortunately they are yelling in my ear. philip, and darren, two smart dudes, we appreciate you will you can on the program. >> thank you for having us: pete: parents, listen up, twitter may be making your kids or you dumb. is it time to lay off the social media platforms? we will discuss that coming up next. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: millions are using twitter every day. a new study suggests that it can make you dumber. pete: yep. research yo youreresearchers fog worse eve than ever on exams. >> 1500 students in italy leave it up to the italians that know life. they know how to get to the core of what makes us happy and how we get smarter in life is not by using twitter. how did they find that out? they studied a famous nobel laureate novelist.
3:55 am
read the book. the other book read the book but also learned not through instruction but just what the other half of the class was saying on on twitter about it. you would think they have more information from all the discussion on twitter, but the fact of the matter is, 25 to 40% less results performance occurred for the people that had more access to twitter. so twitter does indeed in this particular study make you dumber. pete: not like if you tweeted it's making you dumber. it's like if you are getting all of your information from twitter you are going to get dumbed down. >> or distracted. the lesson here is we could go and say get news watching "fox & friends" in the morning, then we go to twitter to try to get the same context of that news and it actually degrades the overall knowledge you have. ainsley: better to watch fox news. >> so there you go. brian: i will give you a personal story that i think will make the segment better. >> no, we don't want to hear it. brian: it takes me about a
3:56 am
half hour to read a book after i have been reading the news because i can't concentrate. i have got to keep moving. it takes me a while to settle down if i'm going to read something that's more than 20 pages. >> no one here is surprised to hear that we love you and you are very smart. brian: i think you just hurt my feelings. >> i'm complimenting you. brian: quick mode as opposed to the cerebral mode. >> i'm just saying i think the study here tells us that cliff noting via twitter in life does not work. ainsley: old school traditional methods, read the book, learn about it in class. brian: chalk. >> chalk. eraser. ainsley: study it at home. pete: shocking twitter can oversimply things sometimes and you don't get the true context. >> next which phrase did brian have to write on the chalkboard repeatedly in school. brian: do not chew gum in glass. brian: that's not a problem.
3:57 am
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♪ ♪ brian: i thought i liked eli young band but the more i listen i love them. i cannot believe. they have been around since 2002. this is a huge concert. it's a three year hiatus. they are back together. best hits with a brand new love ain't series. they stop here in about an hour. pete: all-american summer concert series brought to you by sandals where they say luxury included because it's all inclusive. sandals a great supporter of
4:01 am
this event. ainsley: go online and watch the video of love ain't. it's about a wounded warrior. they are going to sing it this morning. it's a great song and tribute to a navy veteran who lost both arms and both legs. brian: crazy girl is a big song as you hear. and drunk last night. that is pete's theme. and that is the song that's going to be playing here. pete: they call that life anthem. ainsley: you are the drunk guy. i'm the crazy girl and you are love ain't. brian: that hurts my feelings. my feelings are hurt twice. ainsley: there is the guy marionating the meet out marinading the meet. steve: famous dave's always supports as well. brian: that's what we write for ainsley in the prompter there is a guy marinading meat. we asked him to. ainsley: i was going to say the guy marinading the mop
4:02 am
with a brush. it looks like a mop and brian said where do i buy one of these mops. it tickled all of us. pete: i will ask his name and we will bring it to you in the 8:00 hour. brian: this happened last night on june 10th, the united states will impose and this is big news a 5% tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico. our best trading partner. those are my words. until such time as illegal migrants coming through mexico into our country stop. the tariff will gradually increase until the illegal immigration problem is remedied at which time the tariffs will be removed. details -- from the white house to follow. and they back this up. we are desperate for some attention for central and south america. they are blowing us off. allowing chaos to reign. ainsley: you are already paying for them, america. now we will let them pay for their folks coming in across our border. if you like a chart and visual learner. this is what it is going to
4:03 am
look like 5% increase on june 10th in a few days. 10% increase on july 1st if they are still coming through. 15% increase on august 1st. 20% increase on august 1st and 20% increase on october 1st. pete: if it got to october and you are 25%. that's a significant tariff rate all goods coming from mexico it's because as you said, brian, this president is fed up with the unwillingness of our allies, our friends in mexico stemming the tide of these family units falsely, a lot of times. claiming asylum. the courts are working against them. undermining his ability to build a wall. and they won't change the laws here which are only an incentive for more people to come across the border. brian: nothing you said is inaccurate a price to pay for this. a lot of the rural states aren't happy with this. people who trade with mexico. the markets the futures are hating. this you have the usmca we need to pass. canada has just passed it. we need pressure on nancy pelosi to pass it. mexico might be looking to bow out of this and, in fact, here is what the mexican president said lopez
4:04 am
broor. end the times beyond borders justice and universal fraternity will prevail. that makes no sense even in any language and that will not help anything. ainsley: a thousand people coming in one day. pete: temp rarply so we can get control of what is happening at the southern border. a lot of people who support this president will temporarily take that tradeoff. brian: here is what tom homan said. is he seething about this. likes the move. >> i think the president is doing the right thing. once again, the president is showing leadership on this issue. he is the only person that is showing leadership on this issue. and i. mexico is not doing enough. the criminal cartels are getting rich. that group of 1,000 is not an accident.
4:05 am
pushing large groupings across the border in one area move drugs and don't want to get caught like ms-13 members through unguarded piece of the border. ice is getting to the point if they have to start releasing single adults because there is no more money and no more beds. when they start releasing single adults, we have lost the border. ainsley: you better pay attention. look at this. this is the video from wednesday we were talking about. the largest group apprehended at once 1036 migrants near el paso. 63 of them unaccompanied. and 39% are single adults. the president tweeted out and said democrats need to stand by our border patrol agents and they need to fix these loopholes. pete: sped that tape a little bit. they are not that fast at running. brian: they might be that fast but we did speed the tape up. ainsley: they want to get across the border. pete: so many of them we can't show it all. brian: every five days we get a caravan we just happened to see that one on tape. border patrol asked to be the first line of defense. you are going to see a mass walkout and i can't blame them.
4:06 am
what congress should be doing is focusing on illegal immigration. what they are doing is focusing on investigation. whether out president's bid to get the buffalo bills, to getting his tax returns and lg and now dare i say impeachment in light of robert mueller's nine minute address at which time he seemed to take some shots at his good friend bill barr. there is a discrepancy there. bill barr said the president can -- he asked him flat out, are you not charging the president because of a obstructions of justice because is he sitting president? three separate times robert mueller said no, that's not the reason. bill barr yesterday sat down on cbs and talked about obstruction of justice. and the fact is mueller should have made a ruling on it. >> i personally felt he could have reached a decision. >> in your view he could have reached a conclusion. >> he could have reached a conclusion. the opinion says you cannot indict a president while he is in office. but he could have reached a decision as to whether it was criminal activity. but, he had his reasons for
4:07 am
not doing it, which he explained. and i'm not going to, you know, argue about those reasons. pete: a lot of people are arguing about those reasons right now. you give that kind of statement and then you let the ambiguity marinate. everyone what this want out of it. maybe it means impeachment. maybe it means he wanted to charge him but he couldn't. and as a result bill barr is covering up. you laid it out nicely between. barr feelings like he is following the law as it was written. ainsley: the report says there wasn't enough evidence to prove obstruction. the president yesterday when he was leaving for that commencement ceremony he said i am innocent. and that is how the system works. if you don't have enough evidence to prove someone is guilty, then they are innocent. still, these democrats are pushing impeachment. nancy pelosi was on jimmy kimmel live last night. he was pushing her on that question are you going to go for impeachment? this is what she said. >> when we go down this
4:08 am
path, we have to be ready, and it has to be clear to the american people. and we have to hope that it will be clear to to the republicans in the united states senate. the public deserves to note truth. >> yes. >> the facts. let's just put it this way. we understand our oath of office to support and defend the constitution of the united states. [applause] >> apparently the president does not understand. >> i think he understands. >> i think the president wants us to impeach him. brian: he doesn't. nobody would. that's ridiculous. i wish i could be arrested. jimmy kimmel is more left than nancy pelosi and is pushing to do it. the crowd loves it. here's the problem. the question to be asked of bob mueller is did the president of the united states stop from you getting any piece of information at any time? outside sitting down for questioning which if you saw all the perjury traps that robert mueller put out he
4:09 am
would be crazy to sit down with bob mueller. nothing to do with the russians. had everything else to do with it. number two is he didn't do anything wrong. if you read the report rather than read somebody's summary of the report. vladimir putin was panicked because he had no ins with the trump administration. that's the fundamental question. what did the trump administration do or the trump candidacy do with the russian government and the answer is almost zero. pete: i think nancy pelosi doesn't want to do this is my assessment. brian: 10 americanamericans dont to do it. pete: they want all the upside of impeachment talk meaning frothing up their base with none of the cost of impeachment talk which is actually going through the process. she will keep saying these things. they want a clear path. they want more investigation. more investigation? we just paid for it. we just got a report with all the power they could have want you had. the only way they get more power is if they impeach that would be her
4:10 am
temptation. ainsley: she said the american people want truth and facts. that's true. we want to find out the origin of the mueller investigation. pete: good point. ainsley: those are the facts we want to know. how this all started. wasted a lot of money and a lot of time. brian: michael horowitz is about to come out with the inspector general report. we have the u.s. attorney working this and john huber. he got this assignment. went to utah and we haven't heard from him since. he is supposed to do something in terms of finding out. comey, clapper, strzok. did you see what catherine herridge reported yesterday that strzok actually assured lisa page he will not get elected. will he? will he? he said no, we will make sure of it. that was a text message by the guy in charge of the interview process. pete: pretty bad. he did get elect you had. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. jillian, you have some headlines for us? >> i do. good friday morning to you. let's begin with this fox news alert right now. secretary of state mike pompeo is meeting with german chancellor angela
4:11 am
merkel in berlin. expected to discuss iran, china and u.s. troops withdrawal from afghanistan. secretary pompeo arrived overnight first stop of the european tour. the trip was postponed earlier this month over rising tensions with iran. he heads to switzerland later this hour. a convicted killer gives chilling final words during his execution. christopher lee price just put to death by lethal injection in alabama. he killed pastor bill lynde with a sword and knife right before christmas in 1991. moments before the execution, he reportedly said, quote, a man is much more than his worse mistake tears smiles and hugs as navy seal eddie gallagher walks free. his wife speaks just moments after he was released from custody in california. >> my brother-in-law and i have been fighting for my husband for so long and for his freedom and sometimes felt like, you know, that was never going to happen. and then today it happened.
4:12 am
jillian: a military judge releasing gallagher saying earned feared with sixth amendment. charged with murdering a. his trial is set to start june 10th. of course, we will keep you updated once that begins. pete: we are following that very closely. it's talk like this that helped president trump defeat hillary clinton. >> the nafta deal signed by her husband was one of the worst deals of any kind signed by anybody. it's a disaster. >> just like trans-pacific partnership. she called it the gold standard. it's a horror show. brian: will the same strategy work against joe biden. we ask a former obama advisor. he will be here live next. ♪ feels like out first time ♪ feels like the very first time ♪ claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray is indicated for 6 symptoms... claritin-d is indicated for 8...
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4:17 am
long career in politics for personal gain. would the same strategy work against joe biden? here with insight former economic advisor to president obama and fox news contributor robert wolf. robert, thanks for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me. appreciate it. pete: some would say hillary clinton ran on the extension of the obama legacy, a third term. joe biden was the obama team. the president trump has recently labeled him swamp creature joe biden. might he face the same challenges that hillary faced? >> no, i don't think the premise is right. i saw the article yesterday comparing vice president biden to secretary clinton. pete: why not? >> i think vice president is going to run much more on the obama platform. is he not going to be pushed to the left. if you look at some of the things he has come out with, for example, you know, everyone is coming out with medicare for all. evidence is not agreeing with that he said we should extend the public option and extend the affordable care act. the green new deal, he hasn't signed up for that he is for going back into the paris accord. i think he will have a great
4:18 am
debate with president trump if he gets there on tariffs tpp. tpp is a much better way to combat china than tariffs. pete: you are saying hillary clinton was pushed to the left by bernie sanders primary process you believe the former vice president will resist the temptation to be moved left by beernl and elizabeth warren and stay where he is. can he do that and win a primary. >> yeah. we just saw in the midterms thought reason we flipped red to blue in the house was because moderates won. because we took back the blue wall in wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan. not ohio. but in the other areas. if we can do that, we have a winning formula. pete: it feels like there is so much energy on the far left, and have you got a lot of folks in the bernie camp who are sort of bernie or nothing. is there a fear you lose enthusiasm. >> there is no question that the electricity and the populist left is real. but all 24 candidates are progressive in their own way. it could be moderate progressives or populist
4:19 am
progressives. everyone believes healthcare is a right the 24. everyone believes in gun reform. everyone believes in immigration reform. and everyone believes there is a need for criminal justice reform. so. pete: amongst that group. >> amongst that group. all are already within that spectrum. pete: is joe biden resisting the left ward impulses? is that support of the reason is he nowhere to be found? he is not really campaigning right now. >> i would respectfully disagree with that i don't think he is on the stump the way some of these other candidates are because he doesn't are to go introduce himself. it's very different. his name recognition is at 100 percent. there are 24 candidates. 14 of them are recognized by less than 5%. you know, i think he has an advantage going on the june debate stage. same with bernie and elizabeth warren. they have very high name recognition. kamala harris. there is reason you have the top core tile. a lot of that is because the electricity and excitement is around that group.
4:20 am
a lot of it is name recognition. pete: president trump, a lot of reason he won is the frustration with washington. d.c. politics. the swamp. still fighting the swamp. supporters feel he has had to do the entire time. joe biden spent entire career in politics he is of the swamp. doesn't the president have a pretty familiar foe there that he will be able to use? >> it will be very fascinating. first of all, i think for the vice president to get through a primary, that will be, i think, an incredible feet for anyone getting through 24 people. with respect to the put, there is incredible differences between where vice president bide and president trump is. 35% strong. bide will have his 35%. people will fight for the middle. i actually think. so things the president is doing today. the tariffs with mexico. the tariffs with china, moving out of the paris climate accord. pete: we will see about that. it will basically come down
4:21 am
to issues like that. >> we will be debating this for a long time. pete: we have to leave it there. we have more "fox & friends" on the other side. thanks. i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro. who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes
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4:25 am
the leader of the group says they will demand house speaker nancy pelosi stop impeachment proceedings. and finally, 1,000. that is how many dollar tree stores will start selling alcohol. of the move is meant to boost sales. all right. yes. it's $1 -- something. pete: we will get to it. the abortion debate escalating as another company threatens to leave the state of georgia over that state's pro-life heart beat legislation. brian: here we go the ceo of disney speaking out and companies like netflix are considering halting productions in the state. >> i think if it becomes law, it will be very difficult to produce there. i doubt we will. i don't think, one, i think many people who work for us will not want to work there. and, we'll have to heed their wishes in that regard. ainsley: our next guest is from georgia and says his state is irreplaceable to the film industry. retired u.s. marine corps
4:26 am
bomb technician joey jones joins us now. joey, what does it mean for you and your state? you live in a city where chick-fil-a has done a lot for the film industry. >> cathy the owner of chick-fil-a brought hollywood to georgia in a lot of ways. a lot of people don't know. this i'm excited you had me on and talk about the issue people don't talk about. pinelwood studios in georgia the same town chick-fil-a was founded and operates today. pine wood studio is the home of disney and home of marvel. the last 10 films, i think since ant man have either been filmed in georgia or at least the reshoots have been down at pine wood studio in georgia. the biggest actors and directors are buying homes across pine wood forest green energy town dan cathy pioneered: dan cathy after the expressing personal religious views and was all but persecuted which ended up backfiring because the boycott became one of the best sales bumps ever for
4:27 am
chick-fil-a. health h extend olive branch i will bring culture to georgia and cross poll lynn nate and express who we are and get alone. no we are just going to boycott georgia after we moved there and after y'all made an investment in our industry and what people don't understand i live in a town noonan georgia where alyssa milano films her netflix show it's not the tax cuts. most unions have still operated in georgia. they extended that over to get the workers there to begin with what really makes georgia irreplaceable to the film industry is the commitment any town u.s.a. small towns have made to the industry. if they want to film in georgia people gladly close up shop and let it happen. also, the amounts of workers it would take just to do netflix set list alone don't exist in this country. the interesting is booming that much. the georgia film academy has thousands enrolled and they have thousands more on the waiting list. they can't just pick up and move. pete: is this a bluff by companies like that. >> well, i think that people
4:28 am
like the president of disney and netflix they are in a hard position because you have these people who exist in the imagination land and play other people for a living who are like oh we are just not going to film there. that's cool because you are not going to be able to get a job anywhere else they will not be able to produce films and shows anywhere else. brian: here is the other thing if you are somebody who wants to take a stand on this bill. are you going to shoot in saudi arabia? do you ever shoot in china. >> hype is i is a whole other conversation. brain brian same conversation. remember the bathroom bill in north carolina? we had our governor thought he was running for president tell any new york team you can't stay overnight in north carolina because of same sex bathrooms? and where did that go? >> the people in georgia have been the same people for a really long time. they knew what they were getting into. i mean, my town of noonan, georgia, is a christian conservative town also open-minded welcoming arms out come have a conversation kind of town. and i know i'm muted by
4:29 am
alyssa milano to have coffee and conversation that doesn't make it on the news. that doesn't get her instagram views and twitter retweets. that's what all of this is about. they don't know how to exexpress themselves. don't don't know how to fertion v. a conversation. ainsley: i don't know why they are telling georgia what to do. >> run out of states. everything is trending in the direction of protecting the unborn. that's what people in this country want to do. it's not like a bunch of politicians in atlanta made this up. we just had a set of elections. we had some before that we just had nathan diehl, one of our most successful governors ever leave and we elected right in brian kemp who signed this bill. it's not like it's coming outs of nowhere and hyde act from the people. the fact georgia remains irreplaceable to this industry we welcomed them here and bent over backwards to give them the opportunity to make good shows. brian: how could disney build put 100 million
4:30 am
muslims in reeducation camp but upset about the heartbeat bill. >> the one thing the hurt behl beat bill doesn't kill anyone. pete: perfect guest on for this subject. good to see you. ainsley: 30 minutes after the top of the hour. our all-american summer concert series brought to you by sandals continues. you will meet the eli young band. ♪ ♪ guys, what's the matter? i heard there were fleas out here. and t-t-t-t-t-icks! and mosquitoooooooooooes! listen up, scaredy cats. we all have k9 advantix ii to protect us. it kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too.
4:31 am
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4:33 am
brian: kids playing baseball with a twister in the distance. wild week of weather. storms flooding. think about oklahoma. ainsley: that is unbelievable.
4:34 am
they are out there playing. a levee failing across. putting city of darn del. pete: that's where we have matt finn. how dangerous is that situation? >> the emergency manager here tells us they red alert yesterday when they feared this levee would breech. it habreached. the sheriff went door to door asking people to evacuate. this is as close as we can get to this breached levee. next hour "fox & friends" hope to have a much better and safer view of this levee. emergency managers here tell us it began seeping and leaking yesterday and unfortunately it has breached the town of darrdanelle. homes asked to evacuate and unfortunately this might be a major if not catastrophic blow to farmers and agricultural community in this area. we will keep you updated in the next hour of "fox & friends." brian: thanks a lot, matt. appreciate it.
4:35 am
meanwhile jillian mele following other stories not weather related. jillian: that's right not weather related. a young officer stopped a fellow veteran from jumping off a bridge. the powerful moment was caught on body cam. >> i just want to end it. >> you ain't going to end it today. >> i just want to go. >> no, sir, no, sir. i ain't going to let you go today. today ain't your time. jillian: georgia officer and army vet daniel grabbing the navy veteran's hand pulling him off the ledge. police say the man was struggling with ptsd. look at this video. this is unreal. a shark circles arn unsuspecting swimmer off the coast of florida. the man recording the frightening clip looking down the beach balcony. he saw the woman directly over the massive shark in man thapanama city beach. she had no idea until people on the beach started screaming. you can hear those screams.
4:36 am
wow, the woman was able to safely swim back to shore. that's incredible. look at this. this kid just cannot wait to get his check out awesome moment from graduation. [cheers] how cute is he? that is josh stepphon jr. excitedly waiving his kindergarten diploma in the air. jumping up and down with joy. his mother capturing this adorable moment from his school ceremony in maryland. you have to love when you see something like that. i feel like it's just contagious when you see someone with that much excitement and congrats to him. outside to you guys. pete: we are outside with multiplatinum country music stars. >> that's exactly right. eli young band they have turned out hit after hit like drunk last night and even if it breaks your heart. brian: the first one is pete's theme.
4:37 am
the gang is all here to celebrate their fourth career number one and latest album this is the eli young's band greatest hits out in 2019 and here we are. pete: here now mike eli guitarist young. john jones and drummer chris thompson. gentlemen, thanks for being here. brian: eli young band is here, ladies and gentlemen. [cheers] >> there is not eli young. last name eli and last name young and you all came together. you all are the originals is that right? >> yeah. we all met around the same time in college when we were 18 and trying to figure out what the heck we were going to do with our lives. brian: mike eli and james young you guys stuarted this whole thing, right? >> you can blame us. brian: unbelievable success. you are in north texas. you start hitting it off. was anybody studying? it seems like every country music star instead of studying is playing the guitar. >> we worked really hard. we all graduated from college and finished our degrees but, yeah. i mean it was hard to juggle
4:38 am
both. graduate and you can all do whatever you want. brian: and you did. you help the wounded warriors too. i love the song love ain't. i watched the entire video this morning. i encourage everyone at home to go do that on youtube. so touching. how did you come up with this idea. >> we do a lot of work with wounded warrior projects. we'll kind of were trying to find ultimate love story and taylor and daniel morris. taylor morris is a veteran came home quadruple amputee this is their love story. ainsley: she was with him the entire time through rehab. >> absolutely some of the coolest home footage you could watch. i think it's one of those it will make you tear up a little bit but it makes you feel good. feel like you want to be a better person, a better husband, a better partner, better everything. pete: as brian mentioned from texas, strong texas roots. you write all your own songs. what is your inspiration? you go older and go through life. what inspires you to write those songs?
4:39 am
>> i don't know. >> we all have families now. that changed the dynamic a little bit. pete: how about drunk last night? >> that was prefamily. [laughter] ainsley: what about crazy girl? >> i think anybody that is with a musician the way that we travel and the kind of life that sometimes you have to lead, i think it's going to be a little bit, you know -- >> more the endearing term. brian: guys, whoever want to take this. what was with the three year hiatus. come back with a huge hit. guys are unbelievably successful. why did you take the three years off? how did you benefit from it. >> we were just out on the road playing shows. there was a time when, you know, our focus was on that. and then a lot of us, all of us have, you know, brand new babies at home. and so i think that you have to find that right way to balance both. we were trying to find that. brian: did you? >> maybe. brian: was it good to get back together? did you have a different
4:40 am
feel when you got back together? >> we never really left each other. because we were still out on the road and going back and forth and performing. would he see never really stopped the whole touring thing. >> so different now, it's not like we were going in and churning out new records, too. it's more of a thought-out process now and finding songs and how do you go about touring those songs. brian: musician to musician and i played the clarinet up until the 8th grade. [laughter] has music changed? there is no set country? there is no set dance. i listen to the highway and others i'm saying to myself am i listening to a country song? do you guys notice the january are a has changed that you were playing in college? >> i think that country music in general has had dynamic that has stretched the it goes back to the old days it hasn't changed much.
4:41 am
it definitely a genre bend genre. brian: you folks ready to hear from the eli young band soon? [cheers and applause] pete: top of the hour you will play some hits for us. >> love it. we can't wait. brian: as much success have you had i predict the best is yet to come. > pete: never wrong on predictions. brian: although i hut giants winning the super bowl last year. meanwhile, people say the president can't win the white house again without texas. is that why joe biden has been spending so much time there or is that a pipe dream? ainsley: could the lone star state really turn blue like democrats claim? we're going to discuss that coming up next. ♪ ♪ with advil, you'll ask... what sore muscles? what pounding head? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts.
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4:45 am
three children are in critical condition. investigators say the castle was not properly secured. and a child falls off a roller coaster and reportedly drops 30 feet to the ground. witnesses say the 6-year-old boy was hanging backwards right before he fell. he was airlifted to a hospital in england and is expected to be okay. the coaster is closed and an investigation is underway. send it back to you guys. pete: thank you, jillian. brian: thanks, jillian. do you know where the president was yesterday? he flew in to give the commencement address to the air force academy. ainsley: he stayed after and shook hands with every single one of them. brian: 900 plus. ainsley: they asked me if i wanted to do this i didn't have to. i could shake one or two he said i want to shake every
4:46 am
one of them. pete: air force the lucky to get the commander-in-chief to give air force address. here is a portion of what the president said in colorado springs yesterday. >> each of you is graduating at a truly incredible time for our country. you exemplify the grit and the guts ands grace that make america's air force by far the best in the world. and we are restoring the fundamental principle that our first obligation and highest loyalty is to the american citizen. no longer will we sacrifice america's interest to any foreign power. we are putting america first. win so much. you will get so tired of winning but not really. [cheers] >> we never get tired of winning, do we? >> no. >> no. brian: the air force which could morph in to the space force, too. that's going to be the opportunity get a lot of
4:47 am
money. money. pete: people resonate you will put the citizens of your own country first. troops first. send them overseas benefit our country as oppose today remaking another. those are themes he hit on in the campaign and also ones he is reinforcing now commander-in-chief. ainsley: becoming officers, putting their lives on the line. they have don't know what's ahead. to have him be the commencement speaker i'm sure that's so special each if they did or didn't vote for him that is so special to have the commander-in-chief talking. ainsley: let' brian: nonstop flights to first en40s no-fly zone. and start the campaign in iraq. and then when you talk about syria and the bombing campaign that we had there, guess who is doing that it has not stopped. and the precision with which they do it now. >> it's not just people -- not just the pilots. >> no. it's the crews and everyone involved the mechanics the whole portion of it from the stuff that happens at 30,000 feet to the direct air support that happens to the guys on the ground.
4:48 am
the air force is involved in every aspects of what our military does today. including close quarters combat. ainsley: what do you have to go through to be accepted into these academies? brian: you have to get a congressional recommendation we know that. pete: goes through every congressional office they have representation at each one of these service academies. it's a pretty tough process. ainsley: very pretinge just. brian: the scrips national spelling bee at a loss for words. i'm not kidding. >> we are now in unchild supported territory. we will soon run out of words that can possibly challenge you. pete: instead of one champion, there were 8 ending in historic tie and they all join us live coming up. ♪ ♪ abc, ♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪ baby you and me, girl.
4:49 am
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♪ ♪ >> champion spellers, we are now in unchartered territory. we do have plenty of words remaining on our list, but we will soon run out of words that can possibly challenge you. the most phenomenal assemblage of super spellers in the history of this storied competition. ainsley: the scripps national spelling bee doesn't have a single champion this morning there are 8 champs. unprecedented tie with 8 competitors crowned co-champ your honors after historic 20 rounds. all 8 of those champions join us this morning. good morning to you all. >> good morning. ainsley: so cute. rohan, i will start with you, tell me about what was going through your mind last night when they said all of you are going to be champs. were you disappointed or happy it was over? >> i was really happy
4:53 am
because it was really tense because i knew that, like, until they announced that there could be -- that all of us could be champs, i do know they would only take like up to three in a championship rounds. so, it was really hopeful for all of us. ainsley: how about you? what were your thoughts? did you want to be the sole winner and keep going? >> i was happy. i mean, i would much rather share it with all of the seven other great competitors than just win it by myself. ainsley: gosh. not only smart but very sweet. i know rohan, you are the designated speakers for this group. how did you get to be such a great speller? i'm a mom. i'm raising a daughter. i would love for her to be an excellent speller like you guys are did you read a lot? what did your parents do? >> i just put as many hours as i could -- i worked hard and hard work pays off.
4:54 am
ainsley: yes, it does. what about you? what happened in your household sikah? >> same as rohan. everyone in -- who won just worked really hard and the hard work paid off. >> ainsley: what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a gastroenterology just. ainsley: how about you, rohan? >> maybe a pediatrician. ainsley: you all are great. was there any word, rohan, that one of your counterparts got and you were like i'm so glad i didn't get that word because i wouldn't have known how to spell it? >> i think -- there were only about three words here or there i didn't know. but for the most part i was confident with myself. i'm trying to think of a word -- ainsley: there are some hard words. >> like make [inaudible]
4:55 am
ainsley: pretty tricky. what are you going to do with your winnings? do you each get the $50,000 or do you have to split all of that? >> yeah, everyone gets $50,000 each. >> what are you going to do with it? >> probably save it for college. >> that's great. where do you want to go to school? do you know yet? >> like a really good school like ivy league school. ainsley: i'm sure you will accepted. thank you all so much. congratulations to each of you. i know your parents are proud and you are proud of yourself as you should be. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. bybye guys. we have a huge hour straight ahead. geraldo rivera and. eli young going to perform summer concert series brought to us by sandals. ♪ ♪ imagine if we ever got to meet.
4:56 am
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♪ ♪ every note just wrapped around a soul feel the memphis on the way to rock and roll ♪ ♪ i can hear them playing, i can hear the ringing of the guitar ♪ ♪ oh, i can hear them singing, keep on dreaming if it breaks your heart ♪ ♪ downtown is where i used to wander old enough to get there
5:00 am
but too young to get inside ♪ ♪ so i would stand out on the sidewalk, listen to the music playing every fried knight ♪. ♪ oh, i can her em playing, i can hear the ringing of at a beat up ol' guitar ♪ ♪ oh, i can hear em singing, keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart ♪ ♪ ♪ some dreams stay with you for ever. ainsley: this is the best city. you walk outside you hear live
5:01 am
music. great band out there. american flags on the avenue of the americas, 48th and 6th avenue. we have free barbecue. pete: if it is friday, the summer concert series brought to you by sandals. brian: that is ely young band, "even if it breaks your heart note. to over to the app, come back here live. this ban is playing personally for geraldo rivera. >> that's right. brian: they wouldn't be complete without the concert series sponsored by sandals. one thing is consistent, we rotate sponsors but not geraldo. >> i wake up an hour ago, and i look at you people eating ribs, i barely had one morning coffee. the major gobbling these big pieces. brian: don't male have an extra
5:02 am
rib? pete: i have no idea. >> what a great question? it is biblical. brian: see what i'm talking about? i'm always referencing the bible. pete: you're right. ainsley: geraldo -- >> sort of grotesque -- ainsley: talking about man's ribs. let's talk about william barr. >> i'm a big fan. ainsley: william barr had his interview after mueller briefing on another network. we'll play a sound bite. this is this morning. brian: giving us more of the interview than they did yesterday. ainsley: here is the interview. brian: word spying, can't wait. >> like many other people who are familiar with intelligence activities i have a lot of questions about what was going on. i assumed i would get answers when i got in, i have not gotten answers that are satisfactory. in fact have probably more questions. that some of the facts that i have learned don't hang together with the official explanations of what happened. >> what do you mean by that?
5:03 am
no that is all i really will say. things are just not jiving. brian: talking about investigating the investigators. he used the word spy. he is not backing off of it. >> that is very casual setting. there he is in hunter clothes and speaking in mellow tones. what you just heard is a bombshell. if i were james comey right now or james clapper, or john brennan right now, i would be quaking in my boots. why? because the attorney general of the united states set his target on you. he want to know why you started this counterintelligence investigation of the trump candidacy. how long did you sustain that investigation of the trump candidacy, the trump transition, the trump administration? what tools were employed? what foreign assets were employed? what spies indeed were employed to, for you to have this investigation of the president into whether or not the
5:04 am
president of the united states was a spy? was a russian asset, was a traitor to his nation? this is big stuff, brian. you know, sometimes tend to be overly passionate about some of these issues but i tell you what you just heard is, it should ripples of fear and apprehension and right now, i wouldn't be surprised if there is document shredders weren't going overtime. if people weren't being debriefed and debriefed about what they did and what they said. i think this is really big stuff. the attorney general wants to know why you started the investigation against president trump. why you sustained this investigation against president trump. why didn't you tell the president of the night when you knew to a reasonable certainty that there was no collusion with the russians? why didn't you tell the president then? why did you treat the president of the united states as an enemy of the state? i think that you can, you know, the popular notion or the
5:05 am
mainstream media has, oh, just messing around they're just looking into the investigators, just fighting back. we won't cover that. you know, that is just a sideshow for fox news. bs. this is big stuff. why? because they did something fundamentally suspect. brian: if you want to know why the president has second thoughts about his intelligence community, this is the relationship, how it got started. the relationship how it got started, comey, head of the fbi, i can't trust him. head of cia john brennan has become political pundit. those people set me up for failure when i was president-elect. james clapper can't stock rubbing top of his head. peter strzok and text messages tell everything. that a investigative reporter, you don't care what the topic is. you're also a lawyer. hard for you to be duped by any
5:06 am
there there. >> i'm a patriot. i love my country. when t president uses the word coup, donald trump is a exaggerator a brag guard, he is this or that. i'm telling you what i had a chance, if i have a chance to cross-examine rod rosenstein i'm going to ask him what you did. tell me exactly what you did against this man, and when did you start it? i want to know exactly who was directing you to do these things. i want to know how deeply you went into, for example, the wiretapping of trump tower? was there wiretapping? i know you did carter page's phone. i know you had some sweet honey pot -- pete: papdopoulus. >> coast soes iing up to papdopouluslous in london. i want to know what tactics you used. this was an attempt to delegitimatize donald trump in a way that will be historic when it is revealed. ainsley: democrats want to
5:07 am
impeach him. >> you know, ainsley, that is an interesting point. yes they do. why? they want to impeach him because they are upset he is a president. they want to impeach him, as long as they are going forward they don't think the other side will go behind to see what was at it this is one point. i know there is no collusion. me, you know, the prober, me, robert mueller, st. mueller, i know there is no collusion. i figured it out, early in he 2017 i knew that donald trump did not collude with the russians. why didn't you tell donald trump? were you trying to get him his associates in perjury traps. were you trying to get them in a place where you can trip them hupp, like michael flynn. you told us there were three meetings. there were really four meetings. that's a felony. you're facing 20 years. your son will get screwed too
5:08 am
unless you play ball. brian: michael flynn. pete: he talked talked about ine policy. president is spot-on. every day are we talking about that, still living within the insurance poll any part of the insurance policy is to discredit this president. >> did they say 25th amendment? did they ponder using the constitution of the united states to get president trump out of office because he was not fit for office because of the spying bs? i really want to know the full parameters of what is the biggest story in years. brian: geraldo, he will make sure of that. >> he is great guy. brian: i will just add one more thing, if you're going to say robert mueller deserves respect, serving marines, fine. what about 32 years of lieutenant-general michael flynn. does he deserve the same? >> free michael flynn. geraldo says free michael flynn. brian: he has to get his life back together. he has to get in court in front
5:09 am
of a judge. meanwhile another story that is brewing with disney. ainsley: "heartbeat bill"? georgia padded in january. a lot of media companies say they will not film the state once it is enacted. yesterday, bob iger disney ceo was on fox business, this is what he had to say. >> i think if it becomes law, it will be very different cut to produce, i rather doubt we will. i don't think, one, i think, many people who work for us will not want to work there. and we'll have to heed their wishes in that regard. ainsley: geraldo. >> however sympathetic i am to the issue, i consider what is happening now in georgia to be a secondary boycott. this is the same as president putting tariffs on mexico because mexico is not doing enough to stop immigration. so the story is immigration but president is making it about tariffs and trade. when they boycott fox news, i
5:10 am
will not fox news if you don't, i'm boycotting advertisers of fox news if you don't take geraldo off the air. secondary boycotts are easy to do, and i am opposed to all of them. i think it is an unfair tool to hurt a third party. who will be hurt in georgia? brian: the grips, lighting guys. >> will be the supporting actor. it will be the person whose property is rented for the movie. it will be someone who had nothing to do with the heart beat bill. why i don't like secondary boycotts. i don't like them against us. i don't like it against mexico. i think that is what it is. pete: how about totally hypocritical as well where the countries do business in other countries where it is illegal to be bay or abortion is banned all together. >> where they kill people. brian: "game of thrones" is shot in ireland. it is illegal to have an abortion in ireland? >> still? i think secondary boycotts are bs. if you have a beef with
5:11 am
fox news, don't watch fox news. if you have a beef with mexico about immigration, deal with them on the basis of immigration policy. if you have a beef with georgia because of their policies vis-a-vis abortion, you know, you personally don't go to georgia if you don't want to go. i like when there is a boycott, farmworkers perfect example, when they were boycotting grapes. people didn't eat grapes because the farmworkers were being treated unfairly. that is boycott because a direct correlation. they wanted to help farmworkers, so they didn't buy the grapes that the farmworkers were exploited in picking. direct boycotts, okay. just you and the object of your scorn or you object to, that's fine. when somebody -- brian: i don't tan. that is my boycott. pete: i don't want watch disney movies. >> i'm boycotting dancing anyway.
5:12 am
brian: america is a worse place if i have to dance. ireland for 12 weeks they let you have an abortion. >> shot in -- not northern ireland. brian: you don't consider northern ireland ireland? >> that is good question. one is heavily protestant. one is heavily catholic. very different but similar. i would love to see ireland. brian: that is part of brexit. they don't know how to divide ireland. >> if people have a passport to go to northern ireland it will restart the trouble. pete: we ended on irish politics. brian: if you're irish call us, 1-86- >> i'm puerto rican jewish but i'm an expert. brian: stayed at holiday inn last night. pete: hillary clinton is hardly a cyber expert. maybe she stayed at a holiday inn herself. she said so herself.
5:13 am
>> did you like wipe. >> with a cloth or something? >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. pete: how did she score a keynote gig at cyberdefense summit. ainsley: she knows how to defend herself. brian: she must bring a lot of wipes. ♪ d there were fleas out here. and t-t-t-t-t-icks! and mosquitoooooooooooes! listen up, scaredy cats. we all have k9 advantix ii to protect us. it kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too.
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♪ brian: welcome back. pete: update on story you heard a lot about. chicago police releasing a stove of documents related to to the jussie smollett case. ainsley: he was accused of filing a false police report but all the charges abruptly dropped in march. pete: here to reveal what the files say about the case. adjunct at northwestern law school andrew stoltman. i ask you the question. what got released and why? >> there were 400 pages of documents released, in large part there was a motion made by the media to release these documents. the argument, look, the sunlight is the business disinfectant right?
5:18 am
smollett tried to keep these hidden. the judge who ordered the documents released, you want to quiet but you're on national tv to talk about this case to everybody. he decided to release them. ainsley: here are the headlines of a documents release. "new york times," documents suggest prosecutors quickly changed mind on jussie smollett case. "usa today." , detectives new a jussie smollett deal was in the works new documents show. what you read the new documents. what stands out to you. what is shocking? >> i wouldn't say there was much that was really, really shocking in these. it ends up still, we don't know why these charges were dropped. there were no ex-pull paer to documents, exculpatory evidence released to lead us to the conclusion gee, this was a good decision by prosecutor kim foxx to drop the charges. that is why we need a special investigation into kim foxx to figure out the real reason why
5:19 am
she dropped those charges. pete: if anything, the little i've seen of documents they point toed fact the story was made up. brothers admitted they were part of it. they had evidence of it. the big we is, you kind of referred to it, lingering why in the world were the charges dropped? it is all here. >> we have to dig deeper on this. there are additional layers of the on i don't know have to be peeled because we don't know. chicago spent $130,000 on this investigation. chicago's reputation was got driven through the mud. the people of chicago and illinois, quite frankly the entire country are entitled to why kim foxx dropped the charges. it was when i and many people called a slam dunk case. she gave him a slap on the wrist, let him go on his way. why? pete: releases like this is sunlight. it is helpful. andrew, thank you for your time. >> anytime. pete: president trump hiking tariffs on mexico until they
5:20 am
stop the flow of i will lowell immigrant new our country. ainsley: our next guest just got back from the border, congressman doug collins. he will join us live next. pete: here is eli young band performing, "where were you? " . ♪ ♪ i was looking for a reason
5:21 am
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>> good morning to you, welcome back. we have quick headlines now. any moment secretary of state mike pompeo will leave berlin for switzerland. he just met with german chancellor angela merkel to discuss iran, china, and withdrawing troops from afghanistan. germany was pompeo's first stop on a european tour. the trip was postponed earlier this month over rising tensions with iran. >> shut up about politics. that is not coming from me. that is the name of john rich's new song. it was cowritten by "the five"'s greg gutfeld. ♪ shut up about politics, ain't nothing but a big pile of dirty tricks, i'm tired of all the fighting, shut up, about politics ♪ >> greg and other hosts of the "the five" sipping on the track.
5:25 am
available on itunes. shouting shut up is number two on itunes, coolest part, all proceeds from the song go to folds of honor, providing scholarships for military families. brian. brian: download that. turning to the growing crisis on the border. president trump hiking tariffs on mexico until they stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country. the numbers are staggering. we have never been there before. our next guest got back from the border and sees something needed to be addressed. we have georgia congressman doug collins, ranking republican on house judiciary committee. this is flood, this is an invasion, no one is acting, do you blame the president, do you back his methods? >> i do not blame the president at all, brian. i got back from the border. what i saw the at the border will break your heart. the perverse incentives we will not fix laws causing this to happen. that is why the president is doing what he is doing. the president is working hard,
5:26 am
understands the pain of these families in hope they come here and get a free pass. they will get into come into america without going through rules and proper immigration channels. they're putting themselves, more important, putting kids as young as one, two, three months years old to fix this. this is on us to do. brian: if you talk to any democratic legislator. congressman cuellar was at border. he is moderate democrat in texas. he knows what needs to be done. he does not believe there is any sentiment among leadership to do it. can you somehow, whether horse-trading, get them to act? maybe, just what lindsey graham drew up? >> we proposed a bill about three month ago that does the three fixes. it does the flores fix, the credible fear part of asylum and trafficking of victims. those three have to be addressed. what my problem is right now democrats want to use immigrant and migrants as pawns. they don't want to fix the
5:27 am
problem. they want it to use as political issue to bash the republicans and presidents. here is my challenge to democrats. i put a bill out there. senator graham put out a bill. where is your bill. that is my question to democrats. brian: we can't house numbers we have. we can't feed them, clothe them, move them. so this is not something that want wait to 2020. i do not want to hear anyone, see anyone on the stump talking about it. i could care less about their point of view. we need action. do you think you could go to, can you name some democrats that understand what you're saying, that might be able to stand shoulder to shoulder to you on the steps of the capitol and do something? >> my door is open at any point. mr. cuellar or anybody else wants to come and sit down we'll definitely do that we'll do what needs to be done because i care about these people but there are also, one of the things i care about, there are superheroes among us. there are border patrol agents. our agents with i.c.e. and
5:28 am
agents at ports of entry. they are superheroes. they're dealing with a problem. one looked at me, we're doing our job, do yours. brian: congressman collins. thanks so much. be relentless on this. make people respond. you have a way of getting your point across. thanks for joining us. >> we definitely will. thanks, brian. brian: mark levine, author of number one book in the country. here is the eli young band performing "saltwater gospel ♪ ♪ ♪, yeah i got all the proof i snead ♪ ♪ and it sure makes me believe,
5:29 am
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on this cuddeback moonlight ir game camera. and save $70 on this garmin etrex handheld gps. your adventure starts here. ♪ >> the bottom line, the bottom line was, that bob mueller identified some episodes. he did not reach a conclusion. he provided both sides of the issue and he is, his conclusion was he wasn't exonerating the president but he wasn't finding a crime either. brian: bob barr -- pete: bill barr. brian: bill barr talking about bob mueller. their relationship is fractured. they have believe have differing conclusions about a key meeting where mueller said multiple times, the only reason there was beyond just the reason that you can't indict a sitting president, that there was no collusion, he changed his story yesterday. meanwhile bring in mark levin,
5:33 am
host of the like liberty and levin. number one book in "the new york times" list, "unfreedom of the press." mark, welcome. ainsley: congratulations. >> thanks, guys, i appreciate it. brian: absolutely. >> i watched bill barr there. first of all he is outstanding attorney general in a very difficult time. here's my question and he is right on. if bob mueller can say we can't say the president didn't commit a crime, i would say to bob mueller, i read your report, volume two. can you show me where in your report you say you had probable cause to indict a sitting president but because of those memos you couldn't indict him? can you show me where in your report, you say, here is the evidence for probable cause but because of these memos we couldn't indict him? this guy is a complete fraud. when he was standing there, i thought to myself, i know why you can't go before congress,
5:34 am
you're incapable of grilled for seven, eight, nine hours, why jerry nadler doesn't want him to apappear before the house judiciary committee. the democrats have their narrative. this guy pops off, you know mine the constitution. they don't want republicans questioning him. why he didn't go areas he shouldn't have gone into, what he means by obstruction of justice, go through all the law, the points, the democrats don't have any opposition. there is no court hearing to challenge this man. president has not been able to put out a report formerly under this report as under the old independent counsel. one way, media push, impeachment, impeachment. pete: why did he do it, mark, why did he give that speech, bob mueller. >> he gave the speech because they will not force him to testify. the republicans will have to force him to testify. he gave nadler, what nadler wanted. they were not happy with the report. he wept further in the report. things he said during that eight 1/2 minutes regarding
5:35 am
collusion and things that he said about obstruction, are not in that report. he took two steps further. the republicans must demand that he come there, he testify under oath, they want eight, nine, 10 hours until they're done. they control the senate judiciary committee. lindsey, little less tv, a little more oversight. call him in front of your committee. subpoena him. i don't care if he has gone off to the villages or boca raton, wherever he is retiring to, drag him back. you don't get to drop bombshells, throw molotov cocktails undermine a president. ainsley: democrat are calling for impeachment. nancy pelosi was on with jimmy kimmel. watch this. this was last not. >> if we go down this path we have to be ready and it has to be clear to the american people and we have to hope that it will be clear to, to the republicans in the united states senate. the public deserves to know the truth. >> yes. >> facts. let's put it this way.
5:36 am
we understand our oath of office is important to defend the constitution of the united states. [cheers and applause] apparently the president does not understand. >> no, i think he understands it. >> i think the president wants us to impeach him. ainsley: do you agree with that? >> i think she's absolutely out of her mind. as a matter of fact, go on "jimmy kimmel" discuss impeachment? this is about promotion, ego, narcissism. she has no interest in finding the truth. she has no interest in the oath of office. they have no interest in the constitution of the united states. this is called separation of powers. all these subpoenas they're throwing at president which are outrageous. it doesn't say in the constitution, congress gets to subpoena and executive branch must bend on its knee. no. he challenged them in court. it is called judicial review. he is protecting the office of presidency. he doesn't have to give her
5:37 am
everything she wants. president didn't commit any crimes. there is nothing in the report that says they have probable cause showing he committed any crimes. i've never seen anything like this. the american people should be furious. you want to know what the old soviet union looks like? it looks like her. you want to know what despotism looks like? it looks like her. to go on the shows, mueller says this, he is prosecutor. nothing has been tested, challenged or contrary information. to hear nadler go on msnbc and cnn he is a liar around criminal, he is this or that. she sits there, let's see where this leads. we'll look for the facts. here is what they are up to. they want to drive the president's ratings down. they want him to 35, 34, 33%. then they will strike. right now the president's ratings are significant. right now the american people don't want impeachment so this is a full-scale propaganda effort with her, with these, with these chairman of these committees. and with their favorite cable
5:38 am
channels and newspapers. that is exactly what is going on. brian: mark, the dual sense of justice started with hillary clinton, what she decided to do with the private server. when she was asked famously by ed henry, did you wipe out your server, you mean with a cloth? sat with a private servewer top secret information, we know all about that. who will serve as keynote speaker at a cyberdefense summit. hillary clinton. is there anyone less worthy to be a keynote speaker at anything with cyber in the title? >> it is incredible what the left and democrats get away with. their arrogance, shamelessness. the constitution which they don't like. she will talk about cybersecurity. frankly she should be wearing an orange jumpsuit and sharing a cell with michael cohen. this is absolutely appalling. she will be on "jimmy kimmel" next to talk about cyberdefense, i don't know. the fact of the matter, republicans have a job to do on capitol hill. mr. mueller must testify under oath. she is irrelevancy. she is static, hillary clinton,
5:39 am
she is done whether she likes it or not. nancy pelosi, nadler, schiff, these are dangerous people who do not believe in the rule of law. who do not believe in the constitution. they seek to disenfranchise 63 million americans. that is a problem. brian: who voted for president trump. mark levin, unfreedom of the press is there. even though "new york times" is skewered in your book they had to put you number one on their list. that has burned them. ainsley: knocked out howard stern. >> i hope you all get it. thanks very much. ainsley: we already have it. jillian is over there. she has the headlines. jillian: let's start with this story. police are treating the case of a missing mother as homicide investigation. investigators finding traces of blood in jennifer's home. they say it appeared if the blood was wiped clean. a mother of five has been missing for a week after dropping her children off at school. right now she is the middle of a divorce from her estranged husband. casey anthony is planning to
5:40 am
make a movie about her life. according to "the daily mail," the film titled, as i was told, will detail the event surrounding her daughter caylee's death, including her mid trial acquittal. she claims she was told to cover up her knowledge that caylee drowned and dead for a month. she says the movie will prove she had no part in the incident. it is expected to be released next year. new jersey is the 45th state to sue makers of oxycontin for the alleged role in the opioid crisis. the state's attorney general accusing the family behind purdue pharma of downplaying the drug's addiction risk to capitalize on profits. the family has become focus of prosecutors across the country for their role in flooding the market with prescription drugs and making billions. sylvester stallone releases a new action-packed movie trailer. see if you recognize this iconic character. >> its the time has come to face
5:41 am
my past. ♪ and if it comes looking for me, they will welcome death. jillian: 72-year-old actor reviving his role as john rambo for a fifth time. ainsley: that is awesome. >> it will follow a vietnam vet on journey to rescue a friend's daughters. it hits theaters december 22nd. ainsley: when my brother shot his first deer, he licked the blood off his hand. why did you do that, son, that is gross. he said, rambo does it, dad. jillian: do it in the movies. don't have to do it in real life. brian: almost as good as rambo in the movie theater -- ainsley: this is better. brian: america great from the start on stage? i have a chance to put politics aside, talk about patriotism and our history. bonita springs florida,
5:42 am
fort myers area, july 19th 20th, in orlando. take three weeks off, shower and change, charlotte, north carolina, august 10 in birmingham, alabama. asking for a date in san antonio. it will be streamed on "fox nation." that will be good. pete: watch it in person or "fox nation." ainsley: no tie. brian: no tie. we have a whole bunch of people in person in a matter moments going outside. pete: that's right. brian: we have the "all american concert series," the ely young band, the whole band is here. that is them singing. ♪ ♪ you are never off my mind ♪ he feels bad, but i feel worse, and i swear it is the
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5:47 am
president trump to shake hands with every graduate from the air force academy. look how fast he does that. saluted nearly 1000 new cadets during his commencement peach in colorado springs. something tells me that video was sped up little, brian. brian: thanks, jillian. very true. to a fox news alert, it is about the weather. wild across the country, look at this. [inaudible conversations]. brian: wow, kids playing baseball with a twister in the distance. that is happening iowa. major flooding devastating the u.s., really all this week. ainsley: overnight a levee failing along the arkansas river, putting homes in danger in the city of darden nell. pete: we find matt finn this morning. how dangerous is the situation? reporter: we're on highway 55
5:48 am
outside of dardenelle. you're witnessing the arkansas river broke through the levee here. the raging arkansas river is raging through the entire region. we've been talking about historic highs up and down the river. imagine all the water has broken through a levee. it is rushing through the area. the emergency management told us think feared this would happen yesterday. they sent out a red alert. they asked 350 homes in the area to evacuate. the sheriff went door-to-door. the levee began seeping or leaking yesterday. it has become breached. the town we're told so far is not in immediate danger. we're talking to local police here who are assessing the situation. they say anything can happen because this is a lot of force and a lot of water, basically unloading into this area right now. back to you guys. pete: devastating effect of a levee breaking. brian: also in oklahoma, is getting slammed too. we know about ohio during the week.
5:49 am
meanwhile. ainsley: moment we've been waiting for. eli young band performs live next. brian: first performing at top of the hour, sandra smith with a guy named bill hemmer. sandra have you prepared your show? what can you tell us? >> actually a great question. i will ask bill what he has prepared. >> it is awesome. >> sarah sanders at the white house coming up about 40 minutes from now. she will join us live after big news last night the president is threatening 5% tariffs on all incoming imports from mexico. huge news. so we'll ask her about that. also bill barr, speaking for the first time since we heard from robert mueller, making that statement earlier this week. so a lot of reaction to that. markets are falling on this friday morning. a lot coming up. "america's newsroom." we're live at the top of the hour . "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom.
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>> we'll play crazy girl for you. >> our assistant. today is her last day. thank you. >> thank you very much. you are awesome. >> bill: good morning, everybody. president trump with a surprise announcement trying to make a difference on illegal immigration threatening mexico with tariffs until it stops the flow of those trying to cross our southern borders. we say hello on friday here. good morning in new york city. >> sandra: good news, happy friday, good morning, everybody. i'm sandra smith. the white house rattling markets with threat of new tariffs on all mexican imports a day after the border patrol arrested more than 1,000 people in one group of migrants, a record. the president tweeting this on june 10th the united states will impose a 5% tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico until such time as illegal migrants coming through


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