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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 31, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> we'll play crazy girl for you. >> our assistant. today is her last day. thank you. >> thank you very much. you are awesome. >> bill: good morning, everybody. president trump with a surprise announcement trying to make a difference on illegal immigration threatening mexico with tariffs until it stops the flow of those trying to cross our southern borders. we say hello on friday here. good morning in new york city. >> sandra: good news, happy friday, good morning, everybody. i'm sandra smith. the white house rattling markets with threat of new tariffs on all mexican imports a day after the border patrol arrested more than 1,000 people in one group of migrants, a record. the president tweeting this on june 10th the united states will impose a 5% tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico until such time as illegal migrants coming through mexico and into our country
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stop. the tariff will gradually increase until the illegal immigration problem is remedied. white house chief of staff mick mulvaney say the ball is now in mexico's court. >> it is an action related to an immigration matter. we fully believe they have the ability to stop people coming in from their southern border. if they're able to do that the tariffs will not go into place or will be removed after they go into place. crisis at the border is urgent. and we are interested in seeing the mexican government react tonight, tomorrow, and we're hopeful that they will. >> bill: waiting on reaction on that. kevin corke lays the ground work from the north lawn. how is mexico responding? >> you have know what, bill? we'll often talk about the idea of a crisis, right. this is deadly serious. mexico is treating it as such. their foreign minister is trying to tamp down not just a humanitarian crisis but financial crisis as you heard
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sandra mention. let me tell you more about the tariffs. we talked about that 5% set to kick in. it gets worse quickly as you look. increases in 10%, 15, 20 and 25% in october if mexico refuses to act. the president has accused the mexican government of engaging in passive cooperation and allowing a mass incursion into our country. it constituents an emergency and extraordinary threat to national security and economy. i want to read part of the statement. it is lengthy. it says the united states of america has been invaded by hundreds of thousands of people coming through mexico and entering our country illegally. this sustained influx of illegal aliens has profound consequences on never aspect of our national life. overcrowding our hospitals, schools, draining welfare system and causing untold amounts of crime. the president's words representing, bill, a shift in
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tone and tactic as he tries to get the mexican government to do something about the mass migration. >> bill: the president of mexico issued a statement. what did he say? >> this is interesting, too. he is saying listen, we're your neighbors, your friends. i want to get right to the statement. it is important to read this. he is also questioning this idea of national sovereignty and this is really interesting. talked about the statue of liberty. the statue of liberty is not an empty imboll with all respect even though you have the sovereign right to say it, the slogan america first is a fallacy because even until the end of time justice and universal fraternity will prevail above national borders. wow. gold star families event later this afternoon for the president. we don't expect to see him on camera. we'll watch his twitter feed carefully. >> bill: beautiful day at the white house, kevin corke.
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much more coming up in 25 minutes. we'll talk to the white house press secretary sarah sanders about this and a lot more. do not miss that coming up here at 9:30. >> sandra: breaking news out of north korea. the new report says the kim regime executed five top officials after the failed trump/kim summit in hanoi. another top aide who once delivered a letter to the president at the white house is doing hard labor for his role in those talks. benjamin hall following this story as it breaks from london. good morning. >> good morning. if the story is true it is a reminder how the north koreas see the hanoi summit and the failure it was. they were left with nothing having misread president trump and senior envoy led the working level negotiations at the summit was apparently executed with four other
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officials including the translator for betraying kim jong-un and the purge went further. north korea's foreign secretary was sentenced to hard labor in one of the numerous labor camps in that country. choi was the man sent to deliver a letter to president trump in person and who had met regularly with secretary of state pompeo. it is always hard to verify news out of north korea but the regime has executed people for political flops in the past. it was a failure for kim on the world stage. the official newspaper also called out the betrayers and turn coats saying that they would come under the stern judgment of the revolution. there now remains growing concerns that diplomacy that blossomed since early 2018 might be reversed. since the hanoi summit ended in failure north korea was tested weapons and boosted their
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rhetoric towards america. unclear if there will be a third summit between president trump and kim jong-un. many people look at the g-20 when president trump meets with president xi of china to see if there some progress could be made on this issue which seems to be at a crossroads at the moment. >> bill: attorney general bill barr now giving his second interview in two weeks responding to bob mueller's statement wednesday of this week. barr believes mueller should have made a call on obstruction whether or not he found a crime. here is bill barr on cbs news earlier today. >> we didn't agree with the legal analysis, a lot of the legal analysis in the report. it did not reflect the views of a department but of a particular lawyer or lawyers. so we applied what we thought was the right law. >> bill: want to bring in "washington examiner" editor in
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chief hugo gurdon. let's go through the barr interview. i don't know if there was a lot new in the interview saying mueller should have made a call on a crime has gotten a lot of attention. >> it was a characteristically impressive and impasseive interview by the attorney general and almost a demolition of robert mueller. you know, robert mueller said that he could not decide whether there had been obstruction or not. it wasn't entirely dependent on the idea that you can't indict a sitting president. he couldn't decide. there had to be a clarifying statement coming out of the doj and special counsel's office after mueller made his statement. bill barr and rod rosenstein didn't find it difficult to conclude there was no obstruction. robert mueller kind of cited this advice that you can't indict a sitting president, it wouldn't be fair to conclude
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that the evidence was of obstruction if you couldn't indict and the president couldn't defend himself in court. the whole of the report and that public statement by mueller was an invitation to the democrats in congress to proceed with impeachment. that's a much bigger cloud than the suggestion of obstruction. >> bill: here is one more sound bite from cbs on the shredding of institutions in washington, d.c. >> one of the iron east today say it's president trump shredding our institutions. from my perspective the idea of resisting a democratically elected president and basically throwing everything at him and, you know, really changing the norms on the grounds that we have to stop this president, that's where the shredding of our norms are institutions is occurring. >> bill: what he is saying and said it two weeks ago on fox as well. if you are worried about
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influence russian influences and meddling you should be equally concerned with our own associations in washington meddling with it as well. as he would say the thumb on the scale, hugo. >> he is absolutely right. it has been, i think, apparent to many of us for more than two years that president putin wanted to interfere with the election and undermine trust in american democracy. there is a very strong case to be made that the resistance is doing putin's work for him. one of the big failures of the mueller report and the whole investigation is that he was tasked to look into russian interference but hardly bothered to look at the origins of the dossier filled with falsehoods. he didn't look into fisa abuse. it is quite possible the information in the dossier was russian active measures of dysinformation designed to produce the turmoil we've suffered from for 2 1/2 years.
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>> bill: democrats want mueller to testify. maybe behind closed doors. what do you think the endgame is for them? >> the endgame is to perpetuate this narrative to cast a cloud on president trump right through the 2020 election and sew enough public disquiet and sow the seeds did he obstruct justice or collusion? bring down his poll numbers and defeat him in the election. >> bill: hugo gurdon, thank you so much. major headlines mueller could have decided whether or not it was criminal. just two days ago we were sitting here when bob mueller made a statement. feels like two weeks. >> sandra: other busy morning. president trump threatening tariffs on all mexican imports. will it get support from republican lawmakers? we'll ask one of them, new york
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congressman pete king will join us next. >> bill: an update on the navy seal ed gallagher less than two weeks before his trial. why he is a free man for now. >> sandra: people bracing for a new round of severe weather. how serious is the threat? >> we are expecting the worst. this last seven days has been the worst. we're not expecting it to improve. we think the levy may breach and completely collapse within itself and we'll have a wide open hole there of water. when you're not able to smile, you become closed off. i felt withdrawn, alone... having to live with bad teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed. i wish that i had gone to aspen dental on day one and not waited three years. at aspen dental, we're all about yes.
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weeks until floodwaters recede and residents can return to their homes to assess the damage. >> bill: president trump threatens to tax mexican imports until the border crisis is solved raising concerns about the passage of the new trade agreement, the one to replace nafta. chuck grassley don't like this move. trade policy and border security are separate issues. this is a misuse of presidential tariff authority and counter to our congressional intent. a lot of concern for the farmers on behalf of chuck grassley from iowa. the republican congressman from new york, peter king. does this move help or see it sticky? >> it will be tough. i understand the president's frustration. mexico can be doing more. they're not doing enough. the president feels he has to take tough action. i understand grassley's position. his people could be directly affected by it. i think it has to be thought out and see what all the
6:16 am
collateral damage is going to be. the unintended consequences. more of an impact on mexico than on us but many american businesses, that means many american workers could be affected by this. again, the president has the power to do th. he has the right to do it. it may be the appropriate thing to do. i hope as they do it they watch the consequences very closely. on the china tariffs i have had some businesses in my district which have been affected which probably people wouldn't have thought they would be actually hit hard by but they are. again, look at this carefully. if the president wants to do it i think we should support him. >> bill: what sort of businesses? >> basically these were companies that used things from china putting other products together. nobody was thinking of them but they are the ones hit by the tariffs.
6:17 am
somebody buying a good directly from china wouldn't get hit by the tariff. people using supplies from china to make the goods would be. this is something no one anticipated. there are probably other cases like this across the country. that's what i'm saying, there are many unintended consequences. >> june 10 increase 5%. june 1 is tomorrow. 10% increase in july. 15% in august. it goes up in increments of 5%. if the american economy stays strong you have a good economic weapon. it came as a surprise to many of us. did you know this was coming? >> i don't think anyone did. i'm just saying we should try to limit the damage on our side of the border as much as we can. the mexican president did not help himself by basically saying we should do away with borders. that national sovereignty doesn't play a role here. we can't have open borders. that's what he is saying here. i was surprised. i thought he would try to find
6:18 am
some common ground with the president. he is almost playing into the president's hands by saying that mexico doesn't believe in the sovereignty of borders. if that's the case this is a whole new ballgame and he has put himself in a bad position. >> bill: see how it develops. i know you are in touch with the law and your job. i don't know if you saw bill barr on cbs. i know nancy pelosi was out last night as well talking about having bob mueller testify. her quote was it will be useful to have him testify. democrats are pushing for this. what is your view about what's next? >> listen, i think it's dangerous to the country to go ahead with impeachment. no basis for it. i have a strong position on this. i thought there was no basis for an investigation to begin with, no evidence of collusion, no proof of collusion. it was a phony issue. i agree with the attorney general. we're talking about people who are tearing down institutions in this country. it is those who say for 2 1/2 years saying the duly elected
6:19 am
president of the united states was an agent of russia, was a russian operative. it is unheard of in our country. the full force of $30 million investigative team trying to prove the president was a russian agent. unprecedented. i don't think anybody ever cooperated more with an investigation than president trump did. millions of documents. close aides testify. nothing torn apart and they're trying to hang it. i thought mueller lost his nerve. i don't accept his interpretation that he couldn't have indicted. there is no reason why he couldn't said we think the president committed a crime. he couldn't conclude the president committed a crime. if you can't do that, then the case is over. it is not a prosecutor's job to turn the tables upside down here and say in our country that you are guilty until proven innocent. they have to show you are
6:20 am
guilty. mueller could not do that. now they're trying to prolong this. the democrats will try to drag it out. it is damaging to the country. politically it may help republicans. it will show the democrats are desperate and the resistance movement will tear down institutions but it is damaging to the country. >> damaging to the other side i don't think people had in full view until this week. we'll see if that's the case. peter king, thank you for new york today. nice to see you. >> sandra: it was a murder case that gripped the nation more than 30 years ago. socialist was convicted and then cleared of trying to kill his wealthy wife. he has now died. how his story ushered in a new era in media coverage. >> bill: the political odd couple. cruz and ocasio-cortez, the issue bringing these two together. rather intriguing coming up on
6:21 am
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by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> bill: a military judge releasing navy seal edward gallagher from custody ahead of his murder trial citing interference by prosecutors. gallagher accused of killing an isis prisoner in iraq in 2017. gallagher's lawyers want all charges dropped over allegations that the prosecutor spied on their client by tracking his defense team's email. the judge has not yet ruled on that motion. gallagher's trial set for the 10th of june. >> sandra: the danish foreign socialist accused of trying to kill his wife. in 1982 he was convicted and acquitted of putting his wife
6:25 am
in a coma so he could inherit her fortune and live with his mistress. it was the basis for a book and feature film. we have more. david lee. >> there was once a time in this country when everyone knew his name von bulow and everyone had an opinion whether or not he tried to kill his wife. it reads like a hollywood screenplay. it was turned into a film. as is so often the case reality was much more compelling. in 1982 he was convicted in rhode island of trying to murder his wife, a wealthy socialist. she was found in a coma. it was alleged he injected his wife with an overdose of insulin. according to the prosecution he had an affair and wanted to inherit his wife's fortune. he was sentenced to 30 years in prison and where he might have ended up if not for a harvard law professor who masterminded
6:26 am
his appeal. alan dershowitz argued that police did not have a proper search warrant when they sent pills found in a black bag to be tested. it also contained a hype determine i can needle with traces of insulin. a new trial was ordered. for the second time the country was captivated by the proceedings. defense successfully argued sonny abused drugs and alcohol and her coma was incorrectly diagnosed as being caused by too much insulin. he was acquitted and back in a courtroom facing a $56 million lawsuit filed by his wife's children. sonny, who never regained consciousness died in 2008. klaus passed away in london. the controversy remains. after the trial one of sonny's children from a previous marriage said we know and he knows he tried to murder our mother.
6:27 am
a jury disagreed. sandra. >> sandra: as you mentioned, harvard law professor alan dershowitz represented von bulow and wrote the book about this case. it was turned into a major motion picture. he will walk us through what it was like when he joins us at 11:20 a.m. eastern time. >> bill: in the meantime new developments now on a missing mother of five children. new evidence suggesting she could be a victim of a violent crime. we have the latest on that. >> sandra: critics pushing back on president trump's plan to crack down on the border. we talked to sarah sanders about the threat of these new tariffs on mexico just announced last night. she joins us next. >> president trump: we have brought something to the light of the people. they see now it is a national emergency and most people agree, the democrats agree, too, but they won't give us the legislation you need to fix it.
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6:32 am
all imports from mexico. so markets are jittery it's fair to say about everything going on. >> bill: based on your previous life when you see the dow dip below 25,000 is that a benchmark or not so much. >> sandra: not a technical indicator but a psychological marker for the average investor. >> bill: investors don't like the deal with china. trying to see light of day in the tunnel there as are we. the mexico thing will rattle some. the headlines will rattle some markets. >> sandra: we'll try to get clarity on this. >> bill: you have 10 days to clear it up. whether it's enough time remains to be seen. a lot of concern on that. >> sandra: new reaction on that now. to the president's tariffs on mexico congressman pete king a few moments ago said this. >> if the president is going to do it, it has to be thought out and to see what all the collateral damage is going to be. the unintended consequences. more of an impact on mexico
6:33 am
than us but many american businesses, many american workers, could be affected by this. >> sandra: let's bring in white house press secretary sarah sanders. good morning to you. happy friday. >> good morning. >> sandra: what we've heard so far, you heard pete king there. he wants to know if the white house has thought this through before making this announcement talking about potential collateral damage, unintended consequences of 5% tariff on imports from mexico. what more can you add to what we are learning on this, sarah, this morning? >> not only have we thought this through but we've been talking about it since the president not just on the campaign but took office. the president has been saying for months, if not years, that we have to do something to secure our border. we have to make sure that we're protecting the people of this country. and the president is looking at all options to make sure he is doing exactly that. congress has failed. at the same time mexico has the
6:34 am
ability to step up and do more. the president has been asking them for months to do that. now he is putting some measures in plate that hopefully will get them to engage more so that they will start to help us in this process. we can't continue down the path we're on. we can't continue to operate as a sovereign country with no borders and without enforcement of our law and mexico needs to enforce their southern border as well. we're hopeful they'll step up and help fix this problem. they can easily do that. >> sandra: some of the critics of this and we've been -- calls are out there to look to who would support the president in this move. chuck grassley from iowa senate finance committee chairman speaking out about this announcement saying trade policy and border security issues are separate. this is a misuse of presidential tariff authority and counter to congressional intent. is the president going to get support for this? >> look, certainly have a lot
6:35 am
of respect for chairman grassley and we work with him on a lot of things. but at the same time, the president's number one responsibility is to protect americans and that's exactly what he is doing. this is fully supported by the law and under the authorities of the president through the iepa provision. case law supports the action taken by the president and frankly if other people were stepping up and doing more the president wouldn't have to continue to look for ways to stop this problem on his own. we would love for congress to engage and we would love for mexico to step up. look, let's not forget that when people come across the southern border of mexico it takes them on average 21 days to get to our southern border. that gives them three weeks to apprehend these individuals. mexico has some of the strongest immigration laws. they have the ability to repatriot the individuals and put them back in their own country.
6:36 am
>> sandra: the president has sent a letter back to president trump in the face of this announcement and calling into question the america first policy of the president calling it a fallacy, sarah. just now he is saying we are not going to respond to any provocations the mexican president saying. any disputes must be resolved by dialogue. he is sending the foreign minister to washington any plans to meet with the president today? >> we want to work with the mexican government. we have been clear about that from the beginning and talking to them for months asking them for months to step up and take on a greater role and a greater responsibility. wednesday alone we had over 1,000 people move as one. one large group. the largest group we've encountered come through the mexican country up to our border and try to cross all at one time. 1,000 people. the fact that they didn't break thaup. they didn't try to return those
6:37 am
individuals back to their home country is what we're asking them to do. they have the capability. it is within their law to do that. their immigration laws allow for this and we want to see that happen. at the same time we have a good relationship with mexico. let's not forget a great trading partner. we want to continue that but at the same time because they are a good friend, they should be willing to help us fix this problem that they can so easily do. >> sandra: these are some big numbers throw it up on the screen. this is what the white house detailed in that announcement last night that it would start out at a 5% tariff june 10th but would incrementally go up, october 1 if nothing is done if mexico hasn't acted the white house is proposing a 25% increase there. we'll see where it goes. markets don't like it this morning. dow is down 265 points. the trade war with china the rhetoric there heating up as well. we have to move on to bill barr. we heard him respond to robert
6:38 am
mueller's public statement this week. they spared over legal analysis in the russia report, sarah. he said they could have reached a decision on obstruction, said bill barr but he did not. what did the president think about what this exchange first robert mueller bnd then bill barr. >> the president has a great deal of confidence in his attorney general. he has done a fantastic job of laying out all of the parameters of what has taken place with the mueller report, making that public. this is total exoneration and case closed. we saw robert mueller this week closing up his shop, completed his investigation and moving on. we think the rest of the country should, too. democrats have got to stop obsessing over something that never happened and start engaging with the president to fix some of the real problems that are happening right in front of their faces like the problem at the border.
6:39 am
if democrats would quit wasting so much time attacking this president the president wouldn't have to engage mexico in the same way because congress would be doing its job. at some point they have to get serious about solving real problems and so far they continue to be unwilling to do that. >> sandra: final question on impeachment. we're hearing a lot of this on the left. nancy pelosi went on jimmie kimmel last night and finished by saying she thinks the president wants them to impeach him. how does the president respond to that? >> the president addressed this. nobody wants to be impeached particularly when they have no reason to be impeached like this president. he spent 2 1/2 years making our country better and fixing and cleaning up the messes of his predecessor. if anything democrats once again should be working with this president not fighting him every step of the way. you would think they would want to be part of some of these great successes that we've had instead of running away from them. the idea they would impeach this president over something
6:40 am
that didn't happen is ludicrous and a disservice to the country. >> sandra: we really appreciate you coming on this morning. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hour. new developments this morning on a missing mother of five from a wealthy connecticut suburb. police are reportedly treating the disappearance of her as a homicide. we have the developments. what changed, laura. >> good morning. the details are devastating if confirmed. the hartford reporting today that investigators found traces of blood and other evidence to lead them to believe she may have been the victim of a violent crime. the 50-year-old mother of five children including two sets of twins all between the ages of 8 and 13 was last seen friday morning dropping off her kids at school around 8:00 a.m. she failed to show up for two appointments that day. by 7:00 p.m. her friends reported her missing. her 2017 chevy suburban was found near a local park where
6:41 am
canine units found out yesterday as local and state police continued the search. they cited sources from detectives the home where the traces of blood were found appear to have been cleaned. jennifer had filed for divorce from her husband in 2017 and the two of them locked in a bitter divorce and custody battle ever since. nearly 500 court filings involving their divorce. she filed for full custody denied in 2017 stating her husband was controlling, had been having an affair and had a gun. one of her statements in the court documents reads this. i am terrified for my family's safety especially since discovering the gun as my husband has a history of controlling, volatile and delusional behavior. the husband said he only had a gun to protect his family and never threatened their safety. police will not tell us if he is cooperating, if he is interviewed or where he is. he hasn't offered a comment
6:42 am
himself. a vigil for jennifer was held last night. the children are safe and hopeful their mother will come home. they are reportedly in the care of jennifer's mother said to have hired an armed guard at her house. >> bill: a lot of attention. thank you today here in new york. >> sandra: chicago police releasing new documents in the jussie smollett case. what they're revealing about the prosecutor's decision to drop charges against the actor. >> bill: you just heard from sarah sanders on speaker pelosi saying the president wants democrats to impeach him as house democrats pressure bob mueller to come and testify. sol wisenberg has a lot to say about this. he is coming up live next. >> president trump: to me it's a dirty word, the word impeach. a dirty, filthy, disgusting word and has nothing to do with me. no high crime and no misdemeanor. how do you impeach based on that? ke my bike, and my calves.
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6:46 am
>> so when we go down this path, we have to be ready and it has to be clear to the american people. and we have to hope that it will be clear to the republicans in the united states. i think the president wants us to impeach him. he knows it is not a good idea to be impeached but the silver lining for him is then he believes that he would be exonerated by the united states senate. >> bill: that is the latest statement from the house speaker with jimmie kimmel last night. what will she do on impeachment? sol wisenberg is a fox news contributor. go ahead and address that comment first and we'll move to bill barr. >> you know, that's politics, not the law. i don't think the president wants to be impeached but he is prepared to deal with it if he is. >> bill: so sarah sanders just called impeachment efforts ludicrous in an interview with sandra a moment ago.
6:47 am
bill barr from cbs. listen to this from earlier today. >> i personally felt he could have reached a decision. >> in your view he could have reached a conclusion. >> he could have reached a conclusion. he had his reasons for not doing it which he explained. i won't argue about those reasons. but when he didn't make a decision, the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and i felt it was necessary for us as the heads of the department to reach that decision. >> i have heard you speak before. i don't think you have a problem with that. what did you hear in the barr interview? >> i have no problem with that at all and never did. that's the attorney general's job to make that final call if it wasn't made by mueller. i thought it was an interesting interview like his interview with you a few weeks ago was. the most interesting thing to me was his statement. they asked him about presidential tweets and if he was concerned about presidential tweets. he said i'm not on twitter.
6:48 am
i don't read tweets unless they are brought to my attention. he said i don't consider the president's tweets to be official communications or directives to me. i think that's very important. i actually that -- i think everybody in the administration should feel that way. a lot of times that's the president letting off steam. the comments can be very inappropriate. they can be incorrect. i think the thing to do is if you're an office holder particularly if you are head of the department of justice sworn to uphold the law you ignore the tweets. you deal with the president's official communications to you. i think we could all benefit from listening more carefully to barr. he said something else i thought was very interesting. more people need to say. he said people are saying that president trump is shredding our institutions and our norms. then he said i think people who resist a democratically elected president and try to throw
6:49 am
everything they can at him are shredding our institutions. >> bill: he has expressed that a couple of times saying if you're worried about foreign influence you should be just as concerned with influence domestically here at home. the other thing with regard to mueller from two days ago, you say he wasn't trying to rebuke barr. many disagree with that. explain yourself. >> well, there is no -- they can't disagree because now mueller and barr the other night their pr people, official spokesmen issued a statement that said there is no contradiction. mueller said i never made the determination whether or not he committed a crime. that's different than what barr said was simply that mueller told him i didn't -- mueller told him i didn't just say that the president didn't commit a crime because of the doj policy.
6:50 am
there are two different things. sorry, i should have said obstruction of justice. barr said mueller never told me the only reason i didn't say trump obstructed justice was because of official doj policy saying i can't indict the president. mueller confirmed that. it is not what he said. he simply said i won't make that determination one way or the other. i think that when mueller and barr, when their two spokesmen issue a joint statement yesterday saying there is no contradiction, i think it's ridiculous for other people to say there was a contradiction. the
6:51 am
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>> sandra: alarming numbers from the cdc showing measles cases across the country at highest levels since 1994. marc siegel is joining us now. highest. 25-year high for these cases. what are we doing to stop the spread of this disease? >> we need to target the areas where it's the worst. we do have a 94% compliance among children across the united states still. so it is not really a problem in all of our states. but especially you're showing the states there where it is. i'll tell you where it is the most. new york.
6:55 am
new york city has seen 550 cases since october. that's the most of it. and that's because of vaccine non-compliance. it is in our orthodox jew i shall communities but it is people spreading propaganda about vaccines. that they're unsafe and cause autism. been disproven again and again. propaganda groups are spreading this disinformation to people vulnerable and aren't believing otherwise. >> sandra: the way we end the spread of measles is by ensuring that everyone is vaccinated. >> it's the only way we can do it. you can't take it if you're immunocompromised, cancer, under six months old you can't take it. we have to protect people like that to make sure everyone who can take a live virus vaccine gets it. it creates immunity throughout the community. that's what we've been doing. we've been doing that since 1989 with tremendous success. how do you think we stamped it
6:56 am
out by 2000? with vaccines, mmr vaccine. only travelers bring it into the united states. we're reaching a point right now and almost there where we're going to have smoldering embers of measles here in this country. so you won't have to bring it from overseas. >> sandra: 971 cases this year alone and halfway through the year. >> it will at least double. >> bill: immunity within the community. the white house defending president trump's decision to level new tariffs against mexico. we heard from sarah sanders a moment ago. the a-team will react to this. a lot more coming up. come on back top of the next hour on a friday morning. protects. 'cause it turns liquid to gel. so i have nothing to hide. always discreet. you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish,
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7:00 am
if you'd rather be home ask your doctor about neulasta® onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. >> sandra: fox news alert. parts of arkansas and missouri praising for flooding with torrential downpours pushing rivers to record levels across the nation's mid section. several levies are near their breaking point. a rough situation there. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: it's a friday. bill hemmer, good morning at home. two levies already breached. the arkansas river spilling over near dardanelle. the mississippi breaking through barriers in missouri. they're warning every community along the arkansas record to experience record flooding over the next seven to 10 days. >> it is pretty bad. i don't think i've ever seen anything quite like this.
7:01 am
a lot of homes, a lot of properties damaged. it is kind of sad. >> the last two days i filled up sandbags. these are my neighbors. these are people that i depend on and they depend on me. >> meanwhile a tornado touching down yesterday in maryland snapping trees and damaging homes as the dangerous storm front swept through finally heading out to sea. >> bill: the twister capping a dreadful months. hundreds of tornadoes across the country. a handful of states. now more on dangerous flooding. matt finn is live in dardanelle in arkansas. how is it looking there? >> it is stunning. we're standing on highway 155 now a few miles outside of dardanelle and you are witnessing the river rushing into this area. the levy has breached. we've been reporting on this river hitting levels of 50 feet
7:02 am
in some places and now imagine a little bathtub drain has opened and the river is emptying into this community. the river has been hitting record level all week long. state police tell fox news there is sandbagging happening among canalls to prevent this water from making its way into the nearby population center of dardanelle. emergency officials say dardanelle is not in immediate danger but this is a cat as astrophic blow to many farmers. the locals say the racing water has to go somewhere and could make its way back into the town of dardanelle. >> distressed, worried. but law enforcement and emergency management are doing their job. they're doing it the best they can. >> emergency management here tells us that about 350 homes in this rural area have been asked to evacuate. they sent out a red alert.
7:03 am
right now the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning until 3:00 p.m. we're certainly witnessing a flash flood. we've watched this water engulf this road and all the fields around us in a matter of minutes. >> bill: it is a remarkable sight to think it is a highway behind you in arkansas. back with you later. thank you, sir. >> the president has been saying for months, if not years, that we have to do something to secure our border. we have to make sure that we're protecting the people of this country. the president is looking at all options to make sure he is doing exactly that. congress has failed and at the same time mexico has the ability to step up and do more. >> sandra: white house press secretary sarah sanders a few moments ago addressing a new push to tackle the crisis at our southern border. president trump threatening to impose tariffs on mexican goods starting next month unless the country does more to stop the
7:04 am
influx of illegal migrants crossing into the u.s. let's bring in the a-team on this, juan williams forks news political analyst. amy stoddard, columnist for real clear politics and bill mcgurn from the "wall street journal." former speech writer for george w. bush and fox news contributor. bill, to you first on this. it took a lot of us by surprise, 5% tariffs june 10th. >> the journal has been clear. we aren't a tariff-friendly people and we believe chuck grassley makes a good point mixing the trade and the national security policy. tariffs really should be a prerogative of congress. congress ceded the authority to the president. the president likes it because there are so few limits on him for using it. he can put them in one day, take them off the next day. i'm not sure that's really the way we want to do business. i feel more --
7:05 am
>> bill: short term solution could you get mexico to change its policy? >> there is always a long-term price to short-term solutions. >> bill: grassley said following through on the threat would seriously jeopardize passage of the usmcd. central campaign pledge of president trump and what could be a big victory for the country. juan to you and a.b. >> it is more than the journal that has concerns about this. i think people across the political spectrum look at the economics and understand unlike the tariffs he imposed on china this will impact us at the supermarkets. any time you buy vegetables, fruits, the commodities that come so central to our trade with mexico, we'll be impacted as americans. tariffs are taxes. >> sandra: what do you think? >> the political response from the mexican government made it very clear they think this is outrageous. the president said he is not
7:06 am
without valor and he acts on principle. the ambassador to china say they won't be bullied by president trump. they think it's a rash move. this promised to escalate without benchmarks. we have no metrics for how the administration is going to measure what the mexican government does to decrease or mitigate the flow at the border. it is up to president trump. if you look at what senator grassley is pointing out, this is shooting himself in the foot. the passage. usmca. >> sandra: here is mick mulvaney. >> the two are absolutely not linked. keep in mind this is an action related to an immigration matter. if the mexican government is able to do what we think they can do. they have some of the strongest immigration laws in the world. >> sandra: he is calling on them to act. there is still to your point time here.
7:07 am
>> the problem. mexico isn't doing enough. the question is do you want to jeopardize the trade agreement the trump people have reached with mexico and other things for this problem? >> sandra: all right. moving on. >> bill: bill barr, cbs, fresh interview. second one in two weeks' time. let's play the clip number four about the legal analysis. here is bill barr responding to that in alaska. >> we didn't agree with the legal analysis, a lot of the legal analysis in the report. it did not reflect the views of the department but the views of a particular lawyer or lawyers. and so we applied what we thought was the right law. >> bill: a.b. what was interesting is that bill barr went to alaska and bob mueller went to the podium in washington, d.c. where bill barr works. my sense is this was coordinated. to give bob mueller an opportunity to get his statement out and we wait to
7:08 am
see whether or not bob mueller has more to say. >> bob mueller i believe went to make that statement because after the two letters he sent to bill barr he believes the attorney general misrepresented his report finding. i know they're saying they're on the same page. bill barr on may 1 we accepted the special counsel's legal framework for purposes of our analysis and reaching our conclusion, may 31 we didn't agree with a lot of the legal analysis in the report. we applied what we thought was the right law. one day later in the cbs interview purposely contradicting bob mueller. despite all their statements that they put out together, this is a real escalation and astounding that he is taking this public -- changing his story. >> bill: barr said if he thought there was a crime, call it that. >> bob mueller explained to us the other day he believes under the fairness that is the framework to which you see the olc guidelines you don't taint a president with a charge or
7:09 am
even any kind of characterization of guilt because he can't defend himself. >> i couldn't disagree more. i think that what bob mueller did in that statement to be standing at a podium with the department of justice logo in the back talk about i couldn't exonerate the president. when did it become the job of any prosecutor to exonerate someone? people have the presumption of innocence, prosecutors speak to their filings. he had the chance to call it. maybe the government wouldn't prosecute because of the olc guidelines but he had the chance to call it. it seems to me it is so dishonest to say i didn't charge him because the president couldn't defend himself and then put out this kind of smear where we couldn't say he was innocent. i think that's very two-faced. >> i think it was all in the report. i think it was all there all along and it is not the case that he is smearing him. i think what he is saying is we felt especially on the conspiracy charge there was insufficient evidence and when
7:10 am
it came to the obstruction charge we laid out a case, let the process go forward opening the door i suppose to congressional action potential impeachment. i will note it is not that barr acted or spoke unilaterally. to me the big news was the president yesterday. he went after mueller saying it was a witch hunt. his team was loaded with hillary clinton supporters, denied a job and the next day he becomes special counsel and he says all this at the same time that he wants to tell everyone look at the mueller report. no collusion, no conspiracy. you say mr. president, either this guy gave you a fair report or he didn't. but he still is smearing mullber. >> bill: let's go back to one more point. peter king was with us last hour. everybody has their own view about bob mueller whether he testifies or not or right or incorrect. here is what peter king said on our show. >> i thought mueller lost his nerve. there is no reason -- i don't accept his interpretation that he couldn't have indicted.
7:11 am
there is no reason why he could not have said we think the president committed a crime. he didn't. he could not conclude the president committed a crime. either collusion or obstruction. if you can't do that, then the case is over. >> bill: lost his nerve. >> the one purpose of the prosecutor is to decide whether to prosecute. whether there is criminal activity. he didn't do that. he punted on it. and i think you mentioned trump saying this, trump says it in a heated way. it is true. he hired democratic supporters to investigate him. he comes out -- this was a james comey move. when james comey said hillary shouldn't be prosecuted but she did all these slimy things. prosecutors aren't supposed to do that. >> comey did it. i agree with you it's not a good thing to do. i will say this. those people who were hired by mr. mueller are all experienced, high-quality prosecutors. >> democratic supporters.
7:12 am
>> sandra: that's like saying the policeman is a democrat. >> it does matter when you look for the appearance of fairness. i can say some people can rise above their donations. but to stack it all in one way. >> the report favored the president. >> bill: one more topic to get to. i can tell you what they're saying at the leading levels at the department of justice. bob mueller could have chosen other people than the team they believe is stacked up against them. that's their opinion. >> sandra: the president wants to put it to rest. see where democrats go next. meanwhile some unlikely buddies getting together and pitching a potential bill on banning former members of congress from lobbying for life. ted cruz the republican and ocasio-cortez. if you're serious about a clean
7:13 am
bill i'm down. let's make a deal writes ted cruz. maybe finding some common ground. >> i like it. this is the populist -- productive populist urge in our politics at the moment. two people across the political aisle say enough on politicians becoming lobbyist and making a mint off their government service. people are tired of it. i think it's instructive. >> all the members i've known who have gone on to lobby won't be pleased but i completely agree and i think that juan is right. what is mutual in two camps on the left and right wings of the parties in their base is this incredibly dangerous distrust of government and this is the kind of thing that would build more trust with voters. >> bill: we putting the troll farm out? >> i have sympathy for the same ideas. i'm not sure it would be constitutional lifetime ban. maybe a five-year ban.
7:14 am
there are bigger -- it might be constructive in some of it. half the problem is the staffers get the jobs, too. when i worked in the white house you have people who work there and their spouse is a lobbyist. i don't know how you prevent that. it's all over washington one spouse works for the national pork belly association and the other is in the white house or on the hill or something. >> did he say pork bellies. is there a suggestion about a feeding at the trough. is that it? >> it wasn't, but i'll take it. >> bill: thank you, juan, a.b. and bill mcgurn have a great weekend. >> we have to dig deeper on this. there are additional layers of the onion that have to be peeled. the people of chicago and illinois and the entire country are entitled to know why kim foxx dropped these charges.
7:15 am
it was what myself and many other people call a slam dunk case and she gave him a slap on the wrist. >> bill: a chicago-based attorney on fox and friends earlier today. new details about the jussie smollett case. police in chicago releasing hundreds of new documents. a retired judge who wants a special prosecutor investigated why the charges were dropped heads back to court momens from now. ellison barber is in court where the judge will appear. what do you have? >> if you look behind me you can see the yellow jacket, the retired judge walking into court here right now. some court documents have been unsealed but that retired judge, judge o'brien says it is not enough. she wants a special counsel to look into the dismissal of charges related to jussie smollett's alleged staging of a hate crime. she wanted a judge from outside of the county to make the decision and she wanted cook
7:16 am
county's states attorneys kim foxx to testify. a judge previously said no to those requests and here is judge o'brien speaking last week. >> the handling of the jussie smollett case by this states attorney has been a disaster. i hope that the law is obeyed and the law appointing a special prosecutor has not been obeyed. interesting if you look at that law it says the court -- on the court's on motion can do this. the court can do this on their own motion. >> i meant special prosecutor which you heard her say there. the push for a special prosecutor and the latest release of the documents adding more twists and turns in a case that was never straight forward. now it seems chicago police knew cook county prosecutors were working on a deal with smollett weeks before the charges were officially dropped. in the 500 pages of official documents released by the
7:17 am
chicago police department yesterday, it says after a grand jury indicted smollett a cook county prosecutor told detectives i'm quoting here, she felt the case would be settled with smollett paying the city of chicago $10,000 in restitution and doing community service. that is what happened. the police superintendent and then mayor rahm emanuel were outraged about that. a spokesperson for the chicago police department said the detectives were not aware the case was going to be handled in the manner it was the detectives writes the case will be closed through arrest and prosecution. an official with the chicago police department tells me that prosecutors indicated to detectives that smollett would pay restitution and do community service in exchange for some sort of admission of guilt. that did not happen. that official says that detectives were under the impression the charges would still be prosecuted, not dropped. jussie smollett said he was
7:18 am
innocent then and maintains he is innocent today. >> bill: ellison barber at the cook county courthouse. >> sandra: robert mueller said his report should speak for itself. is there anything more to learn about his investigation or is it political theater? our headliner donna brazile will weigh in on that next. >> bill: border agents apprehending the single largest group of migrants at a single time in one day. up next the stunning number when we talk to robert perez the deputy commissions for customs and border protection. >> we have crisis on our southern border. we are on track to have more than a million apprehensions at our southern border. with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint.
7:19 am
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7:22 am
>> sandra: as we learn more about president trump's threat to impose new tariffs on mexico over our crisis at the southern border we're also getting word that border agents apprehended more than 1,000 migrants near el paso on wednesday alone. the size of that being called an all-time record. robert perez, director commissioner of customs and border protection. a lot of people talking about this. these are big numbers. it calls more attention to the
7:23 am
problems at our southern border. >> thanks for having me, sandra. and absolutely. if there was ever an example of the ongoing humanitarian and security crisis on the borderist was this event. we had 1036 individuals cross at one time just a couple of days ago early wednesday morning just east of the el paso port of entry. two years ago customs and border protection encountered just two groups of over 100 illegal migrants or more. last year we encountered 13 groups. this year alone we are already up to 180 groups of 100 or more. again, this group of 1,000 larger than anything we've ever seen and the last 21 days we've averaged over 4500
7:24 am
apprehensions and encounters across the entirety of the southern border. a migrant caravan every day. i can't say enough about what our front line border patrol agents and officers are doing. we need everyone and anyone who can positively impact the situation to act now. that is absolutely critical. >> bill: everyone who goes down there comes back with stunning statements about the reality what you're dealing with down there. what would explain why you had 1,000 in one day? >> a few things, bill. first certainly what i've been talking about with many of us in the department and the agency are talking about more months and over a year now. the pull factors. the legal loopholes we have in the current immigration framework that need to be changed. at the same time, there are criminal organizations, smuggling organizations exploiting the loopholes and taking advantage of these very vulnerable populations and fueling this illegal migration
7:25 am
through and from the northern triangle into mexico and up to our border. we need the resourcing we've been asking for right now. because the entirety of the system, not just customs and border protection and department of homeland security. the entirety of the immigration system are lacking the resources to deal with the crisis we have at hand right now and we need these long-term solutions and our international partners to work with us to deal with this hemispheric crisis. >> sandra: we hear you calling for anybody who can positively impact the situation to act now. i know you and your colleagues continue to call on congress to act, to make the situation better at our border. the president has made a decision to threaten mexico with a 5% tariff. i know you don't want to comment on the politics of the situation considering your role there. the president is basically trying anything at this point to try to stem the crisis and the flow of migrants over the
7:26 am
border. >> you are absolutely right. it is what we've been saying for months now. we are going to continue to do all we possibly can, use every tool that we have available to us to positively impact this crisis. look, we're encouraged by some of the actions taken by our partners but we need more done. right now we are again equivalent to one full caravan, 4500 or more on average every day crossing our border. it's a significant number that has to be come and our acting secretary was mentioning just yesterday the need for our mexican counterparts to control the southern part of their border to specifically the area where guatemala and mexico meet. to deal with the criminal element and work with us on our asylum laws. make no mistake. i'll continue to also emphasize the need for congress to act.
7:27 am
we need emergency supplemental funding for ourselves, our partners in health and human services who look after the children, who are particularly vulnerable within all aspects of this crisis now and we need the legal framework changed now. >> bill: you frame it very well from congress down to mexico city. here is the apprehensions numbers so far 2019. they're half a million already. 504,000. that far surpasses anything going back to 2015. sir, final question. if you could get one thing today, what would it be? >> well, bill, i say it has to be more than one. i wouldn't accept one. the complications of this issue is more so than one single solution. it is a security crisis that is being exploited by criminal elements and humanitarian crisis that iswaying on some of the most vulnerable populations you can imagine. i urge again everyone who can
7:28 am
positively impact the situation we all need to act. we'll continue to do our part. i can't thank enough our front linemen and women and what they're doing. we need our partners and everyone else that can positively impact the situation to act now. >> sandra: robert perez, thank you for your time. >> bill: good luck, sir. 1,000 in one day, remarkable. thank you. in a moment here, a free man for now. >> he has maintained his innocence all along. we know we have the law, the facts, and the truth on our side. we're ready to go to trial. >> bill: eddie gallagher's family and legal team fighting the charges. could the judge toss the case for misconduct on behalf of prosecutors? >> sandra: we're watching that. mark your calendar. president trump and joe biden heading for a key primary state on the same day. details on that plus is biden still the candidate to beat on the democratic side?
7:29 am
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>> i think it's likely that special counsel mueller will return. special counsel is perfectly clear yesterday oats why he came out. he wanted to clear up or try to dispel the propaganda fog that attorney general barr and president trump have cast over the land. >> house democrats pushing for bob mueller to appear on capitol hill ramping up efforts to compel testimony. today's headliner donna brazile. how are you doing? good morning to you. thank you for -- >> this is a friday morning. it's a friday morning. a special morning. i have a song for you, bill. if i sing it today you might hear it tomorrow. it's called shut up about politics produced by the five, sung by john rich. i'm a supreme this morning.
7:34 am
one of the background singers. >> sandra: it must mean you didn't stay up and watch nancy pelosi on jimmie kimmel. did you catch that? >> no, i got to bed 8:40 last night. my 3-year-old godson is visiting me. yesterday he told me he was smarter, faster and stronger than me and i tried to prove him wrong. i was in bed. >> sandra: here is nancy pelosi on kimmel. >> we have to be ready. it is a very -- our founders, in the darkest days of the revolution said the times have found us. well, i think right now the times have found us. we have a defiance of the constitution of the united states. [cheering and applause] and so when we go down this path, we have to be ready and it has to be clear to the american people. and we have to hope that it will be clear to the republicans in the united
7:35 am
states senate. >> sandra: if the plan is to impeach the president, donna, why not now? >> well look, i think there is this rush to try to come up with a conclusion before we have all the facts. and i trust that what the speaker is saying and many other leaders is that we have to continue to unravel the things that occur. after all, it was the special counsel just told us 48 hours ago that this deserves the attention of all americans. not all democrats, all independents. all americans, which means republicans as well. if we want to protect the future of our democracy, protect our constitution, protect the integrity of our elections we need to make sure that we have all the information going forward. >> bill: sarah sanders said last hour stop obsessing over something that did not happen. >> well, sadly to say ms. sanders, this was something that happened. this was something that was a very severe that happened.
7:36 am
if we want to protect the integrity of our elections. i have a problem when people want to sweep things under the rug because they don't want to see the dust. there is a lot of dust and debris on our democracy that needs to be cleaned. whether you're democrat, republican, independent or someone else we need to take full responsibility for what happened and to insure it doesn't happen again. >> bill: do you want bob mueller to testify publicly? >> he should do a two step. go in private and say here is why i can't say this publicly. he says we need to read the report. i'm reading it at page 358, almost done. by the way, it disgusts me to read this and then get up and watch television and say excuse me, this doesn't bother you? it bothers me. >> bill: there is a suggestion it can backfire on democrats and what bob mueller did this week is paint nancy pelosi into a corner. your response?
7:37 am
>> i'm not worried about the democrat or republican party. i'm worried about the integrity of our elections. this was an attack on our country, the united states of america, not just the democratic party. i became chair as a result of the russian hacking. thank you very much. mr. putin. >> sandra: out of the 23 democrats running for president here is where they stand on impeachment. this is the list of those that have stood up and called for the president to be impeached. meanwhile here is the latest real clear politics average on the 2020 democratic race. joe biden clearly the frontrunner polling 35%. bernie sanders still double digits there but far behind at 16% and elizabeth warren falling in single digits, 10%. that's where the race stands today, donna. a lot of talk about the debates coming up and where democrats stand and who is the best shot that you have right now?
7:38 am
>> you know, we have so many hot shots who are running today. so many people who are still not as known as mr. biden but they are still as viable as the vice president. i still believe that over the next 240 days before the people stand up on a cold wintery night in iowa. i've been there and seen it, they will have plenty to choose from. let's just remind ourselves john delaney, many people don't know him, former congressman from the eastern shore of maryland has held over 172 events over 54 days. visited all 99 counties. that night during the caucuses where everybody is saying biden, beto, buttigieg, warren, somebody will say i visited john delaney and i visited eric swalwell who has made a lot of trips or -- >> bill: 30 seconds left.
7:39 am
on june 11th 12 days from now joe biden and president trump are in iowa on the same day. you know what that story will be about? crowd size. when joe biden debuted two weeks ago on a saturday afternoon in philly. did he have a couple hundred, 500 max? some suggest it might have been 300. that's the story. >> you know again, bill, on that cold wintery night you need one person who will stand up for you in the precinct caucus. while we compare crowd sizes, the amount of money people have in the back, someone will feel in their heart that night and stand up and say i had a coca-cola, beer or sprite with joe, or john or elizabeth or kamala, kirsten. this is a personal decision. and while i love a couple of them, i'm still following in like with a lot of them. give me some time. we have a long time. 240 days. 248 days.
7:40 am
>> sandra: go feel the room. >> bill: like the lime jacket. >> size is not the only way to firg out what's in a man's heart. size is quantitative, not -- >> sandra: the navy seal accused of killing an isis prisoner in iraq is freed before his murder trial. a judge freed him after defense lawyers accused prosecutors of tracking their emails. gallagher's wife who has been on this program had this to say last week. >> what we're encountering here is that the corruption knows no bounds within the prosecution that has done limitless amounts of corrupt behaviors. my husband's amendments and rights and constitutional -- what he is afforded by the constitution have been completely disregarded. >> sandra: dan springer live in seattle for us. >> the release yesterday of
7:41 am
navy seal eddie gallagher was a stunning development. now there is a possibility there won't be a trial. his defense today will ask the judge for the case to be dismissed. releasing him from custody was a remedy that prosecutors did in order to find the source of a leak. embedded a tracking code in emails to lawyers and journalist. the judge said it interfered with gallagher's right to counsel. >> we have a per saysive pattern of misconduct that started before he was arrested and continued up through the present and it has made it so that right now you can't put this thing back together and have a fair trial. the only proper remedy is dismissal. >> gallagher had been in custody since his arrest last september charged with pre-meditated murder of an isis fighter that was injured near months you will.
7:42 am
some members of his platoon said they saw him stab the man in the neck and shooting civilians and bragging about the kills but no physical evidence. the case comes down to the fellow credibility of the fellow seals given immunity for their testimony. gallagher's wife has always maintained his innocence. >> just a huge step in the right direction. i'm so thankful. i thank god that we're here at this moment and that we know that we've only grown stronger through this. >> this case was gotten a lot of attention and president trump said he was considering a pardon of gallagher and other servicemen charged with war crimes. that drew sharp criticism from some including retired army general. the wholesale pardon of u.s. service members accused ever war crimes signals we don't
7:43 am
take the law of armed conflict seriously. we should learn today if the trial is dismissed or scheduled for june 11th. >> more of an impact on mexico than on us. but many american businesses and that means many american workers could be affected by this. >> bill: so is the congressman peter king right? we're watching the dow. the reaction on the latest threat. charles payne has a lot to say on this. we'll have him coming up next. 100 percent of your home's value you could take out 50,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa.
7:44 am
they've been given automatic authority by the va they can often help veterans when other lenders won't. need money for your family? call newday usa right now and use the va home loan benefit you've earned and deserve. at newday usa veterans can buy a home with no down payment. at newday, your service is your down payment. o;
7:45 am
♪i'll help you carry on.♪ ♪lean on me.
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7:47 am
♪ ♪ how far you travel is up to you. how comfortable you travel is up to us. fly emirates. fly better. >> bill: we have a decision now. slap tariffs on mexico because of illegal immigration. the market is off 300. charles payne, what is your take on this? >> potentially they've got until june 10th. the mexican president is
7:48 am
sending someone over to d.c. to talk. maybe we'll be able to avoid this. there would be a lot of economic damage there particularly on the auto side because that's where we have the biggest relationships. auto parts and automobiles. they go back and forth in what they call supply chain before we get the finished product. but that's the one hand. the other hand you have to believe president trump who tweeted the video wednesday of 1,000 people illegally crossing just in el paso alone in one day, it is a crisis. mexico certainly i think could be doing a lot more. and this is in president trump's bag of tricks and something that does work and it does get everyone's attention. and hopefully maybe it won't have to escalate. >> sandra: the dow is down almost 300 points. bill had a question about it dropping below 25,000. >> i'm not sure. it could but i tell you what. i'm salivating right now. >> bill: it did. i didn't know if it was a
7:49 am
benchmark psychologically. >> i'm salivating to get ready to buy. there have been so much great economic news out this week that has got completely ignored. this morning consumer incomes, last month incomes were up 92 billion, spending was up 46 billion. both better than expected. yet the savings rate went to 6.2%. americans sitting on a trillion in savings. wages are going up. this market is so oversold right now for political head winds and things that may or may not happen, i love these kind of markets. it's scary for most people. but these are when the opportunities are. i think in the next couple days. i hope these don't go through. i don't think they'll go through. but we'll see what mexico does in the next couple days. >> bill: 2:00 on fbn. see you then. >> sandra: hurricane season kicking off tomorrow. some parts of the country still trying to recover from the last
7:50 am
storm season. how the florida panhandle is rebuilding seven months after hurricane michael.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
>> sandra: hurricane season begins tomorrow. the florida panhandle is still recovering from hurricane michael. phil keating is live from mexico beach, florida this
7:54 am
morning. >> mexico beach still looks a lot like it did the last time we were here seven months ago. much of it a wasteland. this beach down once had 1200 people. now just 400 people surrounded on all sides by wreckage. >> no help. >> these people still live in their fema trailer surrounded by destructions, few neighbors and homes like theirs gone and not beginning to be rebuilt. their new life of the past seven months. >> people can get frustrated easy when you look around and still see debris and not things going as fast as you would like it. it becomes part of your life looking at debris. >> up the road at the air force base critical life training returned five months ago where the eye of the storm made
7:55 am
landfall. the fighter squadron has not permanently returned. >> it blows out windows and roofs off of buildings. that happened hundreds of times on this installation. >> the colonel is overseeing the $3 billion base rebuild. base commander says tons of progress has been made and continues to be daily. but getting pre-michael will take years. >> how is tyndall doing? we're getting it done with a bunch of temporary solutions, not long-term solutions. >> up the beach in panama city still more than half of all of the apartments are not livable yet. 13% of the people fled, evacuated never to return. about 5,000 school kids are still crashing with friends and family or living in fema tents and trailers. >> sandra: what a scene there still today. >> bill: what a story seven
7:56 am
months later. they're looking for a lot of help down there. phil keating on the panhandle in florida. another alert. historic flooding set to get worse as the waters rise. the warning about flood dangers coming up at the top of the next hour. to a single defining moment... ...when a plan stops being a plan and gets set into motion. today's merrill can help you get there with the people, tools, and personalized advice to help turn your ambitions into action. what would you like the power to do?
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. feels like a friday, doesn't it? i'm telling you. the president making that surprise announcement a day after border patrol detained more than 1,000 people near el paso. the largest single apprehension in one day to date. lawmakers raising concern about the economic impact of new tariffs. here is what sarah sanders told us two hours ago. >> not only have we thought this through but we've been talking about it since the president not just on the campaign but took office. the president has been saying for months if not years that we have to do something to secure our border. we have to make sure that we're protecting the people of this country. and the president is looking at all options. >> bill: doug mcelway leads our aisle from the north lawn. good morning. >> good morning. the markets are not taking kindly to this new tariff proposal. the dow down 269 as we speak.
8:01 am
critics fear this could potentially spiral into another trade war hurting american consumers and workers and throwing a very big wrench into the usmca the proposed replacement for nafta. the president tweeting moments ago, quote, in order not to pay tariffs if they start rising companies will leave mexico which has taken 30% of our auto industry and come back home to the usa. mexico must take back their country from the drug lords and cartels. the tariff is about stopping drugs as well as illegals. in a gaggle with reporters an hour ago sarah sanders defended the proposed tariffs that take effect june 10 at 5% and increase at 5% increments until they reach a level of 25% in october unless mexico takes some as yet undefined steps to stem the flow of central american immigrants through its own country and into our country. here is sarah sanders.
8:02 am
>> we've been giving them advance warning for months. we've asked them repeatedly and told them they have to do more. let's not forget the average individual that crosses over the southern border of mexico takes 21 days before they reach the united states border. that gives them three weeks in which to break up. they could have easily broken up this group, arrested them or sent them back home and they didn't do anything. >> i asked sanders in that gaggle why the president blind-sided his own party with this proposal. here is her answer. >> we notified a number of members of congress prior to the statement yesterday. but at the same time anybody in this country or frankly in the world that says that they are surprised by this has been living under a rock and not paying attention. >> in fact, the tariffs caught a number of republicans by complete surprise. senator chuck grassley from iowa, a big supporter of the
8:03 am
usmca said it's a misuse of presidential authority. iowa, senator ernst, this isn't the right path forward. i'm asking the president to reconsider and democrats to work with us to find a solution to the crisis at the southern border. mexico president lopez also responding with some gentle diplomatic resistance quote president trump, social problems are not resolved with taxes or coercive measures. he also sending his foreign minister to washington for what purpose we are not quite sure. sarah sanders said she was unaware of any proposed meetings at the white house with the mexican foreign minister. back to you, bill. >> bill: thank you, sir, from the white house. >> sandra: now to the latest on 2020. bernie sanders setting his sights on iowa hoping to surpass joe biden and claim victory in the state that holds the first contest in the 2020 democratic race as elizabeth warren sees a boost in the
8:04 am
polls. let's bring in "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. good morning, chris. >> good morning, sandra. >> sandra: what are you seeing and how are you seeing this race shape up for 2020 at the moment? >> well who knows? it's more of a cavalry charge. they talked about the field of the kentucky derby being crowded. when we finally get to vote, americans finally get to vote and it will begin in iowa with caucuses that you'll begin to see the winnowing out of candidates fast. the first thing that will happen is have the debates. and particularly with the dnc has indicated in september. the second round of debates they'll dramatically toughen the requirements to get in. you may see people not getting on the debate stage at all and dry up their funding pretty quick. people can try to live off the land until you get to iowa.
8:05 am
i would think after iowa we'll be down under 10 and there are different fields. different lanes. for instance, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, two people on the left, two populists are bumping into each other. if warren were able to beat sanders in iowa or new hampshire it would be a big boost. if sanders beats her in boast especially in new hampshire it would be damaging to her. if she beats bernie sanders in new hampshire next to his state of vermont would be damaging for him. >> sandra: we asked the same question of donna brazile former chairwoman of the dnc last hour of the state of the race and here is how she characterized it. >> we have so many hot shots who are running today. so many people still not as known as mr. biden but they are still as viable as the vice president. i still believe that over the next 240 days before the people
8:06 am
stand up on a cold wintery night in iowa, i've been there and seen it, they will have plenty to choose from. >> sandra: the latest real clear politics average. 2020 democrats biden clearly the frontrunner polling 35% to sanders 16%. warren 10%, harris falling behind at 7% and pete buttigieg who you recently spoke with at 6%. kirsten gillibrand's failure to launch writes "politico". she is tough and smart. she seemed like a top tier 2020 contender. why is she crashing? chris. >> we'll be talking to her and have a live town hall with her from iowa. it was the important first stop when people actually start voting. it's interesting because i think people did think she was going to be a top tier candidate. she is down 1%, well behind not
8:07 am
only harris and warren but also amy klobuchar. there has been backlash. she has been running very much as a feminist but a lot of democrats didn't like on second thought or third thought the fact that she led the charge to push al franken out of the senate. she is having great difficulty raising money. at this point she would qualify to be in the first debate stage for being 1% in the polls which isn't anything great. but she is having real difficulty raising money from 65,000 separate donors. that's an indication of some backlash and some thought in trying to appeal to a lot of people, she has diminished her standing as a feminist or message as a feminist and in that way has given up maybe her most natural base. whatever the reason, she has had some problem launching and we'll be talking to her and sunday and people get a chance to look at her for an hour and
8:08 am
answer the questions from people in iowa and see what they think of her. >> it's nothing like you guys with three hours a day but for people like me it's stale lot. sunday morning we'll have a top white house official not locked down yet to talk about what doug mcelway was, the president's surprise imposition of these tariffs starting at 5% on june 10th unless the mexicans are able to persuade him they'll stop the inflow of people illegally across the border and also talking to republican congressman doug collins, the top republican on the house judiciary committee. everybody still reacting to robert mueller finally going public and talking about his report earlier this week. >> sandra: looking forward to that. see you sunday morning and again at 7:00 p.m. with the town hall of kirsten gillibrand. >> you can't miss me on sunday. you can try but you can't hide. >> sandra: love it. thank you, chris. >> bill: a telethon, not a show.
8:09 am
see you sunday. secretary of state mike pompeo saying the u.s. is checking on a shocking report that north korea has executed five officials who were connected to the trump/kim summit in hanoi that ended without a nuclear deal. benjamin hall is running down the story in london and joins us with more. what do we believe happened here, benjamin? >> straight up this is a brutal purge from a brutal dictatorship and seen as a reminder the hanoi summit was a failure for north korea and for kim jong-un in particular. their negotiators went out there with a aim of sanctions relief but came back empty-handed. refused to budge on denuclearization and they misread president trump. senior enjoy who led the working level negotiations at the hanoi summit who was executed an airfield by firing squad along with four other officials including the translator from the summit.
8:10 am
apparently they had been spying for the americans. the purge went further. kim choi, considered north korea's foreign secretary was sentenced to hard labor in one of the country's numerous labor camps. he was the man sent to hand deliver a letter to president trump and who met regularly with secretary of state pompeo. it is always very hard to verify news out of north korea, the regime has executed people for political flops in the past. it was a failure for kim jong-un. the official newspaper called out the turn coats saying they would come under the stern judgment of the revolution. there remains growing concern that the diplomacy that has blossomed could be reversed. since the hanoi summit ended north korea has tested weapons and boosted its angry rhetoric towards america. all eyes look toward the g-20 at the end of june in japan.
8:11 am
we expect president trump to meet president xi and president putin. that might be a step in the right direction for what frankly is a situation in the crosshairs. >> bill: another indicator he wanted sanctions relief in vietnam and didn't come his way. thank you for that. stunning report out of london today. >> sandra: on to this court action in the jussie smollett case as a judge weighs whether or not to appoint a special prosecutor. this as police there release hundreds of new documents pertaining to this case. what we're learning from those. >> bill: president trump's threat to increase tariffs on mexico unless it stops the flow of asylum seekers sparking reaction on the hill. senator ron johnson from wisconsin is live on that coming up next. >> tariffs are just another tax on american workers and farmers and ranchers. the last moment they need them. commodity prices are already low in this country.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
calling newday usa could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. at newday usa veterans can buy a home with no down payment. at newday, your service is your down payment >> bill: new developments in the case of jussie smollett. chicago police releasing hundreds of documents from their investigation and text messages of the actor buying drugs from the two brothers who accused him of staging the attack in january. as a retired judge is back in court today on attempts to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate why cook county and its states attorney kim foxx
8:16 am
dropped all charges against the actor. ellison barber is there and bring you updates as we get them from the courthouse in cook county. >> we can't continue down the path we're on. we can't continue to operate as a sovereign country with no borders and without enforcement of our law and mexico needs to enforce their southern border as well and we're hopeful they'll step up and help fix this problem. >> sandra: white house press secretary sarah sanders earlier on the program defending president trump's decision to put tariffs on mexican imports into the united states until the country stops the flow of migrants across our southern border. joining us now is wisconsin senator ron johnson, homeland security and government affairs committees. thank you for being here. do you support the president's decision to do this? >> in the white house announcement they say they're going to impose these tariffs under the international emergency economic powers act.
8:17 am
so i'll wait to hear their full justification in terms of how to impose the tariffs. i completely understand president trump's frustration about first of all mexico's lack of cooperation and congress's failure to act and encouraged by the fact the president of mexico announced his foreign minister will come here this week. i spoke with the foreign minister and mexican ambassador and asked them to enact a safe third country agreement so we can return migrants to the country. if you come from central america you need to claim that in the first safe country mexico. they completely rejected that. hopefully this move by president trump will bring them to their senses and they'll cooperate with us by enacting something like that. >> sandra: chuck grassley looked into it and has responded to the president's announcement calling it a misuse of presidential tariff authority and we spoke to pete
8:18 am
king earlier on this program, your republican colleague in the house and he shared his concerns about this move. >> we should try to limit the damage on our side of the border as much as we can. by the way, the mexican president did not help himself by basically saying we should go do away with borders, national sovereignty don't play a role here. we can't have open borders. that's really what he is saying. i was surprised. i thought he would try to find some common ground with the president. he is almost playing into the president's hands. >> sandra: like you, he understands the frustration of the president but he shared his concerns about the unintended consequences of a move like this. what concerns you about a 5% tariff on mexican imports? >> tariffs are taxes on american consumers so i'm always concerned. understand how president trump is trying to use it as leverage. the situation is out of control. in just the first eight months of this fiscal year 400,000 individuals have crossed the border illegally and been
8:19 am
apprehended coming in as either uncode child or member of a family. if we continue at maye's pace it will be 800,000 before the end of the year, fiscal year 2019. that compares to 120,000 people in 2014 when president obama declared humanitarian crisis. 120,000 in 2014, 400,000 in eight months and this pace continues it could be as many as 800,000 people in just one year. this is completely out of control. a recent poll in guatemala, a third of guatemalans said they intended to migrate to america. six million people. this is out of control. we need mexico to cooperate with us and currently they haven't done enough. >> sandra: we'll see where this all goes. i'll finish up with one of the president's latest tweet. mexico has taken advantage of the u.s. for decades. because of the democrats our laws are bad. they can easily fix the problem. time for them to do what must
8:20 am
be done. apparently the mexican president sending his foreign minister up to washington today. so there is some time before that tariff would take place. the tariffs would take place june 10th. we'll see if anything gets done. finally, senator johnson, i want to ask you about the letter you are writing to the maryland a.g. regarding the murder of this 14-year-old girl by three undocumented immigrants. they were held in prison for attempted murder of this girl but because of the laws there in maryland they were set free. i know you are demanding answers. >> this is -- the attorney general of maryland back in 2017 provided a guidance an opinion letter saying law enforcement in maryland doesn't have to honor ice detainers and as a result two ms-13 gang members had been arrested with attempted murder, attempted robbery, kid na*ls napping but they were released. they went on to kidnap a dc man
8:21 am
and one of the young women that were part of that crime, they were concerned she might talk to authorities so they murdered her using extreme violence. and again these people shouldn't have been on the street. they should have been turned over to ice and deported. it is one of the aspects of our completely out of control southern border and why i understand president trump's frustration. he is trying to secure the border but again mexico and congress are not cooperating with him. >> sandra: we hear you. please come back with an update on what you hear back on that. chairman of the homeland security committee senator ron johnson. we appreciate you coming on "america's newsroom." >> bill: 21 past. a murder case that captivated the country and changed the way the media covers high-profile trials after the death of the suspect in that case von bulo.
8:22 am
we'll talk to alan dershowitz.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. >> bill: a danish born socialite once accused of trying to kill his wife died. he was 92 claus von bulow. he was convicted and acquitted of putting his wife sunny in a coma so he could inherit for fortune and live with his mistress. a book, movie and a lot of attention. alan dershowitz was in the middle of all of this. won the appeal and wrote the best selling book "reversal of fortune." nice to see you again. just to bring our viewers up to speed on the trial. you won a ruling about a search
8:26 am
warrant that was improper. take us back to what you remember about the critical decisions you made there. >> first of all i wouldn't be allowed to take the case, claus said i had to treat it as a death penalty case. he said he would never go to prison. he was going to kill himself rather than go to prison. i handled that case as if it were a death penalty case. i assembled a great team of lawyers. we argued the search warrant but exculpatory evidence had been withheld by the lawyer for the children and at a retrial we were able to prove conclusively that there was no insulin involved and that she died of a self-administered medications rather than at the hand of claus von bulow. i gave him the best advice i'd given clients.
8:27 am
now you've been acquitted. disappear from public view. be low profile. he did. he went to england and he lived 20 happy years taking care of his grandchildren. unlike o.j. simpson who immediately put his face in front of the american public and paid a heavy price for that. >> that's interesting the conclusion you draw about the advice you give clients and whether they take it. a notion that jussie smollett should have gone quietly as well and he chose otherwise and still he is getting this attention. what do you think we're left with from the legacy of that trial of claus von bulow? >> i think we're left with the notions that a man's life can be defined by a false accusation. claus von bulow led a great life. he was charming, smart, handsome, terrific sense of humor. everybody will remember him as the man falsely accused of
8:28 am
trying to kill his wife. i have had many cases like that. i've had 15 murder and attempted murder cases in my career and won 13 of them and some were guilty, some were not guilty but all will be remembered for that one incident in their life. this also was the case that really brought criminal trials to television. the appeal i argued it was the first time an appeal was televised live. i argued it in front of seven justices but people around the country were able to watch it live and critique me and praise me and become part of the process. that's become typical now in some respects the von bulow case led to the o.j. simpson case, both of which were highly publicized, very controversial and in claus von bulow's case we conclusively proved that no crime had been committed. it was really also the use of science in the courtroom that was very important. our whole case was scientific. and then i used the same
8:29 am
science in an effort to help o.j. simpson. so signs in the courtroom is another legacy of the claus von bulow. pictures of you from years ago. thank you for sharing that. reversal of fortune captured the imagination of millions. >> sandra: historic flooding across arkansas with homes and farms now threatened by a new levy breach. >> we're expecting the worst. this last seven days has been the worst so we aren't expecting it to improve. >> sandra: how the state is dealing the with catastrophic flooding. attorney general william barr saying robert mueller could have decided whether president trump obstructed justice. we'll discuss that with congressman devin nunes next. >> i think the president wants us to impeach him. he knows it is not a good idea to be impeached. the silver lining for him is then he believes that he would
8:30 am
be exonerated by the united states senate.
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. record flooding devastating communities in arkansas. a levy breach along the arkansas river this morning. prompting national weather service to issue a flash flood warning. casey stiegel is live in conway with more. what are you seeing there, casey? >> that breach that you're talking about is 40 miles or so to the northwest of us in the community of dardanelle. levy breaches are also a major concern downstream especially where we are in the community of conway, arkansas. also neighboring mayflower where you can see back here floodwaters are already inundating these low lying areas. water that has spilled out of the arkansas river and creeks and waterways that feed it.
8:34 am
you see the trees and power lines. normally clearly that's not under water. but you want to talk about too close for comfort? if you follow me over this way you can see just how close that waterline is getting to that house there and property. so no doubt residents that we've talked to, the locals all up and down through here tell us they're watching this extremely closely. no doubt they are monitoring things in case it's time to evacuate. sandbagging operations have been underway and check this out. nowhere do you really get the best perspective in terms of scale and impact of this historic flooding than by air. look at this drone video. the water from oklahoma and northern arkansas from the storms over the last two weeks is making its way downstream towards little rock. at this point all eyes are on the levies. in addition to the future forecasts as more roads go underwater and anxiety here rises. >> it is difficult to comprehend when you see it from
8:35 am
the air, the flooding, you realize the historic area that we're in in terms of the arkansas river. we've never seen this before. we've never had to deal with this before. so there are a lot of unknowns. >> now government leaders so far estimate that about 500 homes statewide have been impacted by this flooding and more could be expected if this water continues to rise. so we'll just continue to hope for some sunshine and blue skies to dry things out here, sandra. >> sandra: a long road ahead. casey stiegel on the ground in conway, arkansas. thank you. >> i personally felt he could have reached a decision. he could have reached a conclusion. >> he seems to suggest yesterday there was another venue for this, congress. >> i'm not sure what he was suggesting but the department of justice doesn't use our powers of investigating crimes
8:36 am
as an adjunct to congress. >> bill: that's bill barr earlier today saying he believes bob mueller could have or should made a call on whether or not there was a crime and did not. california congressman devin nunes, good morning to you. thank you for your time from your home district there in california. you saw the headlines on barr. what did you think of his second interview in two weeks? >> well, i'm glad he is being out there and also stating facts, the department of justice is not supposed to be telegraphing whether or not somebody is possibly guilty or not, right? either you are or you aren't. they're going to prosecute or they're no. saying the d.o.j. doesn't operate as some adjunct piece of governing body of the congress is exactly right, bill. >> bill: rush limbaugh has a few opinions on this. roll this real fast, guys, this from yesterday. >> this has always been a
8:37 am
political effort to destroy trump before the election and after. during the transition and after his inauguration. it has always been that. it has always been tell graphed and been there for all of us to see. >> bill: if limbaugh is right. what do house democrats do then, sir? >> well, i think rush limbaugh is right and i was thinking about this this morning. looking at the times that the steele dossier, the dirt that the democrats have paid for. they began receiving that information in june of 2016, long before the election. and really a long time before they briefed the president, the new president trump on this in january of 2017. there were multiple installments of that. there are multiple ways the f.b.i. in short order, the most powerful law enforcement on earth, how is it they couldn't figure out whether or not
8:38 am
michael cohen was in prague? carter page was willing to talk to the f.b.i. and sent james comey a letter in october of 2016. so, you know, month after month goes by, the most powerful law enforcement agency on earth. something doesn't add up here, bill. it really stinks. i think the american people know it. i think their gig is up and the democrats are in trouble because they perpetuated this hoax on the american people. the clinton folks and democrats in congress. don't forget, i'll finish with this. the democrats opposed us every single time we had to go to try -- whether or not it was to figure out it was fusion gps that wrote the steele dossier and being paid by the clinton campaign and democrats itself. they opposed that. we put out a memo saying fisa abuse occurred.
8:39 am
they opposed that. the same characters that are not being held accountable by the press and i don't mean you specifically but the press has really let us down in this country. >> there is a federal prosecutor looking at this now. if you're worried about russian meddling in our election you should also be worried about domestic meddling to paraphrase the words barr is using. the latest from adam schiff from your state as well. >> what makes bill barr so dangerous is that it is bill barr's view that the president could have shut down the mueller investigation any time he wanted because he thought it unfair. that is a prescription for a president who is utterly above the law. >> bill: we know that did not happen. just bring it to present day now. what is speaker pelosi's play. if you saw her on jimmie kimmel last night she was pretty fired
8:40 am
up. >> i don't think that she wants to go down the path of impeaching the president, especially since this whole obstruction idea, so there is this idea there was no underlying crime, right? are you going to go after somebody for obstructing justice when there is no underlying crime? look, the only time i'm aware of that this has been done. it is like when you know whoever they've been investigating they destroyed a murder weapon or destroyed tapes or they did something where there really was and the prosecution believed beyond a reasonable doubt there was a crime and they did something to cover up the crime. in fact, what the president did here, i always joke the comey memos are really defense exhibit a against an obstruction of justice charge. you have the president of the united states saying look, comey, investigate this. cohen wasn't in prague, there is no tape.
8:41 am
i didn't have girlfriends in russia or talk to anybody in russia. that's the president saying this. how were they going to get an obstruction of justice charge? the whole thing is as nine from the start and what they're doing is they just keep digging. that's what the democrats in congress keep doing. they keep digging. if the press would actually tell the truth in this country there would be overwhelming that what barr is doing to rein this in and go after and investigate the investigators, i think you would see 75% of america say yeah, what happened here is wrong. we shouldn't use the counter intelligence capabilities in this country to target a political campaign. >> bill: barr said things weren't hanging together. things weren't jiving. devin nunes in california. we'll see what we get. thank you very much. >> sandra: disturbing new details in the search for a missing mother of five young
8:42 am
children. what investigators reportedly found in her home and why it is raising suspicions this morning. >> we are just hoping for her safe return. everyone is trying to come up with a theory. a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at georgand a busy day ahead. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren,
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t-search continues for a missing mother of five in connecticut. police reportedly are treating jennifer dulos as disappearance as a homicide. the nation is looking on at this story. a mother of five missing for a week now. >> very, very troubling that bloodstains were found, sandra, at her home. the fact is nothing ever vanishes without a trace. that's the central theme to criminalism. reality is although blood doesn't talk, it speaks loudly. so they will tie that blood
8:46 am
into her dna, and that will ascertain that she did bleed at the house. and blood spatter will identify how she bled. the time frame and ver oste. it is a tough time for a criminals. >> sandra: the police have not confirmed the bloodstains. those reports are out there but the police as laura engel has been reporting on the story have been pretty tight lipped but put out a release this morning confirming that they -- the reports are that they're treating it as a homicide. the police are saying we have not classified this case as a homicide. we have not recovered a body. they aren't discussing any possible persons of interest or suspects, including the husband, which is interesting. we don't know where he is. >> so when you take these
8:47 am
factors, sandra, in totality you have a very disturbing heightened level of probability of bad behavior, foul behavior. this is a mom of five who was glued to all five children. she is missing for 168 hours. there is blood in her home on the floor that was recently cleaned vigorously cleaned. the husband is nowhere around. by all accounts there was a very actry moneyous divorce and custody battle. the probability of foul play is certainly there. >> sandra: that's what they have classified this so far. they are convinced that the mother, jennifer dulos, is a victim of foul play. she was last seen dropping off her children off at school driving a chevy suburban. the chevy suburban was then recovered at a nearby park. it is our understanding they're
8:48 am
now handing out flyers trying to get any tips or information on when she was last seen, pat. >> very, very disturbing series of events and again totality of circumstances. the reality that it was first homicide and now perhaps not is neither here nor there. exactly everything you pointed out, sandra, is precisely the totality of the factors that lead me to conclude the probability of foul play is high. the blood is the really big thing. a big find. husband missing, big factor. where is he? most central to this she is a mother of five children. where in god's name is she for 168 hours? that's a really big deal. >> sandra: we know that we have gotten a look back at some of those initial court documents that began the divorce proceedings where they were battling over who would get the children in this divorce in
8:49 am
those papers she accused her husband of infidelity. cruelty, threatening to kidnap the children and take them back to greece. there is a trail of what she said on the record about her husband, who again is not considered a suspect to our knowledge at this time, about how he was treating her. final thoughts as we really wait to learn more about this case in connecticut. >> i also took a look at some of the diligence and the notes as related to the divorce this morning. happened to speak to small world that it is someone who knows the husband and affirmed a lot of that and mentioned there was a bad temper. just reporting the facts as they fold in. this is a very troubling case. >> sandra: local news outlets are reporting the children are with the maternal grandmother and hired an armed guard to protect them. there was a prayer vigil last night at the school where the
8:50 am
children attended. pat brosnan, thank you. >> bill: a check of "outnumbered." melissa and harris, how are you doing? >> listen to this opening line. president trump wants to be impeached. so says house speaker nancy pelosi. why is she saying that? whether her caucus will force her to begin proceedings as the number of house democrats calling for impeachment is climbing towards 50. >> more potential bad news for democrats. poll numbers on how many people see president trump as having leadership qualities that fit the office. how he compares to previous presidents and what it can mean to 2020. >> can't wait to get into it. bill, when will you come join us? >> bill: i'll come soon. >> have a good weekend. hi, sandra. >> sandra: have a great weekend, ladies. >> bill: china threatening to black list foreign companies as the trade war heats up. what it could mean for businesses sounding the alarm
8:51 am
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excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> bill: beijing expected to raise tariffs tomorrow on u.s. goods in retaliation for the trump administration's decision to raise tariffs on $200 billion on chinese imports. we're watching it in washington june 1 is the big day. how are you doing? >> very big day. today china is stepping up the retaliation announcing their own unreliable entity list. a spokesman for the commerce ministry said it will include companies and organizations and individuals who china deems as impeding their legitimate economic rights. this is upping the ante of retall indication. the u.s. commerce department added huawei and banned u.s.
8:55 am
technology imports from going to that manufacturer. the move cut the company off at the knees. huawei relied on u.s. technology to roll out its 5g network. china's list gives them the ability to go after possibly apple with a large footprint in china and rnd center in four cities as well as the company's iphone production. in an interview on fox business today vice president mike pence outlined why standing up to china is so important. >> intellectual property rights, forced technology transfers. essentially the respect for private property that at this point china has not reflected in their practices and we need to see reforms in that regard. >> as you mentioned tomorrow china as retaliation tariffs go up on $60 billion on u.s. imports. to 5, 10, 25% that targets
8:56 am
farmers who are importing into china. the trump administration is taking steps this month to possibly have the option of putting everything china imports to the united states under a 25% tariff. >> bill: more to come. edward lawrence watching that in washington >> sandra: attorney general william barr speaking for the first time since robert mueller made his statement earlier this week. the a.g. saying the special counsel could have made a decision on obstruction of justice. so how will that impact house democrats calling for mueller to testify. why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services.
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>> sandra: now, to the "newsroom news vault." on this day in 1988, president ronald reagan declared the cold war over as his summit with soviet leader mikhail gorbachev in moscow came to an end. reagan's think it accomplished a good deal of important work during the four-day meeting. >> bill: i'll say. >> sandra: there is a look
9:00 am
back. happy friday to you, bill hemmer. >> bill: ntu, sandra k smith. >> sandra: [laughs] i think we need a weekend. >> bill: we will take it. >> sandra: it was a good week. we'll see you monday morning at 9:00 a.m. thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: new reaction to attorney general william barr's first public comments since former special counsel robert mueller broke his silence on the russia investigation. it's friday. it's been quite a week. the attorney general saying mueller should have reached a decision on potential charges against the president. as we hear new calls for mueller to testify. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. next to me, melissa francis. fox business network anger dagen mcdowell. i love saying that. former ohio senate democratic minority leader, capri cafaro, with the wave. in the center seat, you better salute. retired u.s. marine corps bomb technician, joey jones. good to see you, triple jay! >> joey: things o


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