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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  June 2, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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[national anthem] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ start me up ♪ pete: good morning, everybody. ed: great song. got my coffee mug i usually use 8 cups during the show i will just use one. jedediah: dressed like a retroband. ed: let pete speak for himself. jedediah: polka dots and stripes. breaking into song.
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pete: let's ask like it's summer. that tie is retro, too. ed: barbershop. we have a lot of news breaking overnight from 2020 to the president. again, doubling down on his push to get mexico to change migration rules so that we can actually toughen what's going on at the southern border. the president sending out a series of tweets about how he is serious about instituting these 5% tariffs. pete: one of these tweets, this one right here, when you are the piggy bank nation that foreign countries have been robbing and deceiving for years the word tariff is a beautiful word indeed. others must treat the united states fairly and with respect. we are no longer of the fools of the past. he is pointing to multiple countries. this one is mexico. outsource by different countries different rules advantageous to them and handcuff ourselves.
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it's time for trade. is he using trade as leverage on immigration. jedediah: some are worried about the implication. my point is that the economy is such a strong point for trump 2020 i'm concerned about his potential jeopardizing of that in an effort to secure the border. that's a legitimate concern some have. i do understand why is he doing it. he feels backed into a corner and he has no other option and he wants to address this humanitarian crisis that the democrats have ignored for quite some time now. ed: counter argument for the president is when the economy is strong is when you leverage. pete: absolutely. ed: in the economy was weak are the president wouldn't have as strong a hand to push mexico. now he feels like he has time on his side and interesting that the mexican president all of a sudden is hitting maybe hhinting he will e concessions. main thing is to inform about what we are already doing on the migrant issue and if it's necessary to reinforce these measures
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without violating human rights, we could be prepared to reach that deal. ed: is the art of the deal and forcing the mexican president. yesterday the president had a much different approach, was lecturing us about the statue of liberty. maybe there are some things we need to look at. jedediah: this is what donald trump was elected to do by many. this is what he is supposedly good at. is he a business guy. he goes into these meetings. he is tough sometimes he puts things on the table that people don't like and persuade them. is he not afraid to be bold in doing that. i don't know where this is going to head yet. as of today that shift in the mexican president is a good sign that the president's motives are being successful. pete: there is a lot of ambiguity reinforce the measures without violating. what measures are you making they are clearly working like gang busters. clear shift inside that
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government much of which is corrupt and much in the cartels. you were about to shoat cover of "the new york post." it says u.s.a. or bust. and it talks about how migrants are ignoring government warnings in their own country not to come to the united states including warnings from our country. there is also a statue on there. that statue is from guatemala. it is the homage to the migrant. basically calling on citizens there to make the track. this is a statue of the first migrant from that small town went in the 1980s, go there and send your money back. that is our way of life. ed: to your points where we can trust the mexican government to come to the table and cut a deal, there were some tweets that were surfacing from the foreign secretary who is cooling his heels in washington planning to meet with ourselves mike
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pompeo as soon as wednesday. where he basically laid out if you read what he said. jedediah: this is a translation. ed: trump is the worst enemy we have met. we must curve it with votes in the u.s.a. i hope those votes are u.s. citizens, i presume they are. what would you expect? trump ran on hard line immigrant stance. if you are against that you won't like him. if he is secretary of state meeting with ourselves. maybe they can. jedediah: kellyanne conway coming out and saying mexico hasn't done enough to solve the crisis at the border. here she is on "watters' world" yesterday. >> essentially he has to have an emergency, which we clearly do. this president the courage to call it an emergency for many months, in fact called it a national emergency and talked about a crisis. the democrats were calling it a manufactured crisis. more and more of them who have visited the border agree it's an urgent situation. >> what about the actual
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cost that illegal immigration brings to this country every single year? we know it's in the billions. we know drugs are pouring over. mexico hasn't done enough. and congress has done less than that. it looks like the president got their attention. he means business angsdz he has been completely consistent on this issue. pete: we are transition now to the 2020 democrats. to this issue, what are they talking about when it comes to immigration? they are still talking about screen phobia. racism. kids in cages, open borders. it's a total mischaracterization and some of them still believe it was a manufactured crisis by this president as opposed to what all the experts, even some democrats were saying what was happening. jedediah: even bernie sanders out there talking openly how it is a humanitarian crisis and not doing anything about it. now have shifted to the language acknowledging the crisis but still being obstructionist when president trump is trying to do something to solve it. if you are going to be out there, when this is a crisis. why are you running on the line yes this is happening
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and i'm going stoited back and use stupid talking points instead to try to make a political argument? i don't think that's going to be play so well. ed: democrats talking about how big conference in strand san francisco. most of the candidates there. joe biden not there. you see the list, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, some of the second tier right behind vice president biden. pete buttigieg, cory booker, to your point, they are not laying out some major immigration push to strengthen the border. instead they are talking left, left, left and attacking the president, watch. >> democrats, with this president it's a fight for truth itself. we need to begin impeachment proceedings and we need a new commander-in-chief. he is tearing apart the
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moral fabric of this country. >> some say if we don't just calm down, the republicans will come to their senses. but our country is in a time of crisis. >> we better come up with something completely different, and that's where i come in. we are going to help remove a reality tv star from the oval office: this series is cancelled. pete: this is a lunatic convention not only the democrats but california and san francisco. you have hard core democratic activists, most democrats going there to give them red meat, right? this is socialism, this is open borders, all that one candidate and joe biden not there we'll talk about that. jedediah: is he in ohio. pete: he is hiding. john hickenlooper took to the stage. look what happened. >> if we want to beat donald trump and achieve big progressive goals, socialism is not the answer.
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[crowd booing] you know, if we're not careful, we will end up helping to reelect the worst president in american history. we shouldn't try to achieve universal coverage by removing private insurance from over 150 million americans. [crowd booing] >> we should not try to tackle climate change by trying to guarantee every american a government job. [crowd booing] >> hold on, hold on. as the democratic party. we have to create a vision for this country. ed: you could see a documentary in 2021 about the democrats losing again and starting with the sound bite like that. and they didn't listen. because green new deal, boo, we want to double down on that. socialism, yeah. give us some more of that and here is john hickenlooper a successful democratic governor in colorado. a purple state. he had to reach across the aisle. he had to oh gosh work with republicans. he is trying to give them not even spinach it's common
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sense. pete: they won't eat it. jed gentlemen he didn't market his message to san francisco. this is a hub of extreme liberalism. this was not going to be well-received. democrats across the country in more moderate districts and states this will appeal to them. many democratic voters feel they have been lost in this mess. they feel like they don't have a party anymore. when they look at someone like hickenlooper i am a democrat, i do computer x. >> y and z. i'm not will upheaval i believe in freedom and et cetera. there is an audience for that, just not san francisco. pete: good for him doing it. jedediah: gutsy. pete: he was a stand-in for joe biden. hiding joe biden is in ohio he couldn't do. this good for him having the courage to say what joe biden won't say and not go.
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imagine if he had gone there and said similar things and got booed. that would be the national headline. ed: so maybe joe biden made a smart move? have been saying hiding joe biden. i get it. maybe joe biden is smart. go to the middle of the country. go to battle ground ohio and saying i ain't going to san francisco. pete: it's still a problem. you can't run a general election until you run a primary. if you hide from your primary voters it's knot a good sign. ainsley: it is very smart. he gets to watch other people. he gets to watch hickenlooper go there. ed: let us know what you think. [. jedediah: heathethink. think. jedediah: a cruiseship losing control and crashes into a tourist boat in ital italy. video posted on twitter
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showing people run for their lives as a massive ship smashes into a dock. at least five people reportedly injured. the collision happening on a busy canal that leaves saint marks square. hundreds attend jill vigil to. took out the shooter after a gun fight. >> there is one thing that is most evident. that has come about we in virginia beach are a stiff heroes. jedediah: long time city opened fire killing 11 and a contractor. the federal government will be there and will be for whatever they need. god bless the families and all. the shooter posted a hand written note expressing con del lenses to the victims. talk about obsessed. theater groups are hosting a reading of all 448 pages of the mueller report. one of the groupings is promoting it with a picture
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of a giant black wall with the words redacted. organizers want to give the findings of the report for themselves instead of the media. those are your headlines. wow, what do you think? redacted? ed: two of our nation's heroes meet with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. should go well, right? well, no. they say she started bashing american foreign policy. it's what happened next that everybody is talking about this morning. ♪ goodbye to you ♪ goodbye to you ♪ ♪ we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate,
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where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. >> do you feel joe biden should have to answer for
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that? >> there is no question anybody run for president has to obviously speak to their record. >> every candidate is going to have to answer questions about their record, their experience, their plans for the future. ed: there you see 2020 democrats julio castro and kamala harris to call on joe biden to answer for his stance on immigration president of media district group and fellow at the independent women's forum beverly hallberg. good morning. >> good morning. ed: one thing that strikes me before we get into the bide's record how these other democratic candidates and others ones are not leaning in too hard. everyone has sort have to answer it. they are not challenging the former vice president. >> even the way they answered those questions they would say biden by name. these are answers, responses to questions being asked of them. because biden is the frontrunner at this point in time that they are going to have to hit him hard on some
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issues. when it comes to immigration i'm not sure that the whole of the democratic potter party s as some are on immigration policies. even a recent poll showed when it comes to americans including voting democrat, they actually are more willing to call the situation a crisis. it's gone up about 11 percentage points since january. i think they have to be how progressive they want to take this issue. joe biden is in a better lane for that. ed: very interesting point you make. if you go back to 2006, he might not have used the word crisis but then senator joe biden made it sound like it was one, watch. >> i voted for a fence. i voted for 700 miles fence. i believe a fence is needed or not immigration as much as drugs. it's coming up through corrupt mexico. >> you have 11 million illegal aliens here. they have to have a way to earn their way into the deal. this isn't am nest city. they are required to take 11
3:19 am
years work. they pay a fine. they have to learn how it speak english and they have to pass tests. tests.he had you are. he is on camera. got the record in 2006. actually voted. didn't just talk about it. voted for 700 miles of border fence. now he oppose you had a border wall fence. whatever you call it in terms of sanctuary season he was against cities that defy immigration law 2019. does not support a crackdown on those very sanctuary cities. sounds like hypocritical record. >> not just him talk about secure fence act. he had two colleagues then senators obama and clinton also supported this fencing, the 700 miles. so democrats have changed their tune. i want to bring up another point that even biden did talk about years ago. that is he actually proposed that employers who hire undocumented workers should be put in jail for hiring them illegally. he has a lot to answer for. what we are seeing, he hasn't come out with a policy position fully on
3:20 am
this area. a spokes person did come out and say that one of the areas that biden is firm on is he does want smart border security. that's going to include technology. he has a lot to answer for. as you saw in those clips he has been very forceful in his rhetoric and positions on immigration. ed: beverly hallberg interesting points this morning. as you listen to then senator biden talking about drugs coming across the border sounds like president trump which the democrats were saying extreme they were saying it themselves. beverly, appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. ed: leading on faith in a time crisis. alex trebek thanking his friends during his brave battle of cancer. >> with the help of your prayers, also, i plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease. ed: can prayers truly heal? our religion panel on that, next. made with fresh milk and real cream.
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simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. pete: a fox news alert. israel launches airstrikes on syrian military targets after a second round of attacks in week. israeli forces responding after two rockets were fired toward israel from inside syria. the retaliatory strikes left at least three syrian soldiers dead, according to state media. and in another story, a pair of military veterans walk out of a private meeting with the socialist in the bronx alexandria ocasio-cortez this after they say she bashed president trump united states of america and person who foreign policy. those two war heroes will join us on this program 8:00 eastern hour to tell us what they heard from her. jed? jedediah: thanks, pete. alex trebek revealing his
3:25 am
pancreatic cancer is near remission. he asked for the help of prayer. >> i'm going to fight. this and i'm going to keep working and with the love and support of my family and friends and with the help of your prayers, also, i plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease. jedediah: trebek credits the power of prayer for helping him. abraham cooper, can that ahmed and christian scholar zacharias. he is also the author of the logic of god. great title for a book. cachan that, i want to start with you. what do you think of people kept call of prayer. prayer is not about outcomes. it's not worth it? >> well, there is a great deal of scientific research which does confirm prayer both spiritual and secular can have an impact on
3:26 am
physiology, the immune system and even outcomes in some ways as a physician, i have seen that many times. and i think we should actually be inquiring a spiritual history of our patients to help them not to impose our beliefs as their doctors but to help them access second d.a. dear position if you are sick you seek help from a doctor but recovery. when others pray for you it can impact your. when we pray for animals they can do better. there is very interesting science in this area. jedediah: rabbi, we have a quoted from alex trebek in people magazine. i have a love o out there in my direction and prayer. to me sometimes it's also about community. it's about having a
3:27 am
community. a network of people how feel are on your side and out there helping you, you cannot underestimate the power of that in terms of healing capacity for someone. >> well, my wife rose watches jeopardy religiously every day. she is one of the millions praying for alex and myself. that's a community. you know, we let people into our homes every night. i think it's useful to give a bit -- prophecy has been defined as god reaching out to man. and prayer is defined as man reaching out to god. you don't need a synagogue, church or mosque. you don't have to be religious. but if you reach out, it's one of the gifts that god has given us to meet the challenges of life. in the jewish history, including most recently, i know people who risk their lives to lead quiet secret prayer groups at auschwitz death camp if they had been caught they would have been
3:28 am
killed. when you asked them afterwards why did you do it? it reminded them it wasn't a number tattooed on their arm that defined who they are but a higher force. the growth soviet refuse he refused to go across that bridge in berlin until the soviets gave back a little book of king david psalms that he said carried him throughout that time. so, just one very important bottom line idea about prayer is that sometimes the answer is going to be no. but i think the process of individuals and communities coming together, going beyond themselves to try to help the other, it's a beautiful concept. it's a healing concept. but it has made a difference. jedediah: robe, that issue of the answer being no really gets to some people. how can prayer be successful or powerful if i pray for one thing and the outcome doesn't come to fruition and then i pray for something else and it does, does my prayer have an impact at
3:29 am
all? what do you say to those skeptical people? >> you are asking me that question? jedediah: yes. well, i think it's a misunderstanding of two things. jedediah. number one, whether god actually exists. that's the first question. otherwise, it's all auto suggestion. and number two, what prayer is really all about in the christian prayer you have prayer as communion. you are in a relationship with god. and it's a two way street. what prayer actually does, if you remember when jesus was on his way to the cross as he was kneeling before his father and saying if it is your way, is there any way for you to change this cup and take it from me but not my will, your will be done. prayer, to me, is not so much changing the will of god as much as allowing god to change his will within me. so that i back reseptember call ireceptacle inorder to rec.
3:30 am
if you are a praying person within god, your faith of god will carry you. if you are not a praying person with god, you will have to carry your faith and you will get exhausted trying to bear the infinite. that communion is a two-way relationship and that burden is lifted because god is within you and enabling you to carry whatever it is that you are looking into. i think it's very real. i myself came to know god personally on a bed of suicide when i was 17 in delidelchilly idelhi. here i am. jedediah: questions i have asked you are ones i have struggled with i appreciate your take and i'm sure everyone at home does as well. the doesn't like meghan markle nasty. we have the truth coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ that kind of love just ain't for us. jedediah: well produced music for what's coming up. ed: the president is heading across the pond tonight. pete: he is not going because of the royals. ed: he will be seeing them. pete: a ton of politics with the future of the party and brexit. it has become about the royals if you listen -- if you look at the headlines now. these are the headlines and we will get to the con fedex of president trump's visit to upcoming visit to the u.k. trump's nasty slam at meghan markle proves her point. ed: donald trump cnn. pete: nasty debate erupts over criticism meghan markle. jedediah: trump says duchess meghan was nasty about him. fueling debate in the u.k. ahead of his state visit. meghan markle called trump a misogynist in 2016 and now he called her nasty.
3:36 am
i had he had you would think that the president completely tore her apart. we thought we would play what he actually said. >> d will you see her? because she wasn't so nice but during the campaign. i don't know if you saw that. >> i didn't know that no, i did not know that no. >> she said she would move to canada if you got elected it turned out she moved to britain. >> that would be good. there are a lot of people moving here. no, i didn't know that she was nasty. >> is it good having an american princess? >> i think it's nice. i think it's nice. i'm sure she will do excellently. she will be very good. she will be very good. i hope she does. ed: here's the point. i didn't realize her comments were nasty? yeah he said that laughing, okay. i hope she is doing well
3:37 am
then it becomes he called her nasty. pete: that sphak news. foe news. pseudo news is when people take a word. turn it into a headline and try to make it a scandal when it's nothing. jedediah: they want their #nasty woman. hillary clinton made that popular. oh, is he a misogynist. he hates women. i didn't know she was nasty. i wish her well. you can listener to the tone of his voice when he says it it's so telling that he is not defining her as a masty woman. media, honestly take a map. seriously. ed: will the president ever get a fair shake on even something small like this what he thinks about the roiled. pete: answer is never. jedediah: new developments in the case of the connect cut mother of five. police questioning and
3:38 am
taking nay samples from the estranged husband. the case something treated as homicide investigation as traces of blood were found in her home. appeared last friday after dropping her kids off at school. she reportedly lived in fear of her estranged husband while going through a bitter divorce. a woman falls to her death while taking a photo at a water fall. california rescue crews said she lost her footing and fell over the fall's edge. her body was recovered from a bay. park visitors are urged to be extra cautious when taking photos. last month in oregon. a student fell to her death while taking a photo at a mountain lookout. and shocking new images are surfacing of trash and rats overtaking the streets of los angeles. the city recently removed limits on homeless people's property. accelerating fears of a typhoid fever outbreak. dr. drew pinsky telling fox news it's worse than a third world country. >> i can't believe i live in a city where this is not
3:39 am
third world. this is medieval. third world countries are insulted if they're accused of being like this. no city on earth toler rates. this the entire population is at risk. jedediah: so far one laptiond officer has been diagnosed with typhoid fever. forget scooters hundreds of poo go sticks could be san francisco. challenging electric scooters as transportation. hundreds were launched people complained they blocked sidewalks. company hopes to launch the poo go stick by the fall. jedediah: i enjoyed it quite a bit. ed: did you commute to work with it. jedediah: no. pete: hopped around your driveway for a couple times and got bored. rick: that will be a great investment for you. rick: start-up business all these companies. ed: we have extreme weather that's very serious.
3:40 am
rick: really serious weather going on. we have been talking about flooding and sever severe weathr the last couple of weeks. talk about all this flooding going on central part of the country. if you remember the 1993 floods. it's the flood across the mississippi river that everybody uses as the benchmark for flooding. really close to those levels along the r-e-s-p-e-c-t river. arkansas river. show you video throughout the day today of this video going on. all of this is part of the mississippi river watershed which any drop of rain that falls anywhere that you see highlighted here eventually is going to drop down across parts of the mississippi river or across down through the mississippi river into the gulf. that is if it doesn't absorb. so much rain it can't absorb. all this rain running. in this is what happens this week. take a look at this. a huge drunk of the country, 2 inches plus that's going to be falling on spots that have already received this rain and have the flooding. we many will be seeing isolate you the spots 6 to 8 inches of rain. that's going to exacerbate problem.
3:41 am
those levees already stressed from that long duration flood up against those levees, some of those will continue to be threatened and seeing a lot of that up across iowa. a town of burlington flooding. flooding going on especially across arkansas right now. so much going on here, guys, we will continue to watch. we have a tropical system watching down across busterville. talk about that today as well. pete: serious stuff down there, as well. four days, 75th anniversary of d-day. d-day. ed: we mentioned the president will be starting in u.k. make his way to france and helping to mark those ceremonies of this really, really remarkable moment. and not just american but world history. and our own martha mccallum will be there. and she put together a special that's airing tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern. take a look. >> after the liberation of paris, the operation moved
3:42 am
into belgium and north of france. >> what the americans did in landing in normandy was preserve western europe for item crazy but had this not happened, it's all together possible the germans would have dominated europe into the 21st century. >> i think throughout the whole invasion of europe, the ingenuity of the american soldier was what won the war. ed: martha mccallum will be there live in france tonight hosting this 75th anniversary special. and on the day, the anniversary of d-day she will be right here talking back and forth on "fox & friends" and giving us a look on the ground. jedediah: looking forward to it 8:00 p.m. pete: i'm so glad the channel is honoring this the way it needs to be honored. we are honoring this generation 75 years later. if you don't honor it you don't remember it a and forget what those men did: pete and presiden kirsten gillid
3:43 am
hopeful in iowa. ed: todd piro is there having breakfast with friends. todd: gillibrand. we are both here in. kirsten gillibrand is talking to chris wallace tonight. i'm talking to these fine people when "fox & friends" returns after the break. and that includes maybe. high five. >> have a good day. todd: mable. ♪
3:44 am
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ed: hiker got lost apologizing for not taking her phone with her. >> again it was never my intention to put anyone in harm's way or to require rescue efforts because of my
3:47 am
irresponsibility. ed: amanda eller spent 17 kays in that forest before being. she clarified saying spiritual journey saying it was never her intention. want to get paid to date around the world. new position being offered by the dating app. bumble. the company is looking for adventurous and creative to be global connector be. the deadline to apply is june 14th. june 14th. jedediah: creative job title. those are your headlines just hours away with democratic presidential hopeful kirsten gillibrand in iowa. jedediah: todd piro is having breakfast with friends. todd: we are talking to the folks here busy busy day in dubuque including the town hall with kirsten gillibrand tonight. we are asking the folk folks in dubuque about it.
3:48 am
ron was a democrat in 2016 until he decided to vote for the president. when i asked you about kirsten gillibrand. you said nothing is for free. why did you say that? my mother told me when i was very young you only get what you work for in this world. nothing is free. somebody has to work for it in the long run. todd: crowds shouting impeach nancy pelosi she is in between a rock and hard place. >> i wouldn't want her job she has the far left and far right. the other wants to impeach and the other wants to win in 2020. todd: ron, thank you very much. mable, it's mable time. not a fan. you want to hear what she these say on world leadership. >> because we have too many countries now that are against us that used to be friends why should have more of those countries coming back and wanting to help with the united states. but our present president doesn't want help from other
3:49 am
countries. but we need it bill is in -- gave me a cool hockey jersey for the dubuque fighting. you say gillibrand doesn't have realistic attitude, why? >> everything in life you have to pay for. nothing is free. todd: democratic activists booed john hickenlooper when he said socialism isn't the answer. >> they are not realistic. nothing is free. you have to pay for everything. todd: travis, when i asked but impeachment you said ha, why? >> grasping at straws. i have one here for you. todd: proption as well, guys. back to you. pete: plastic straws not yet illegal in iowa. jedediah: not yet. pete: said it twice and right both times. ed: kirsten gillibrand mod der rate offed by chris wallace 7:00 p.m. eastern. we will be checking in live with todd throughout the
3:50 am
morning. pete: can't wait. jedediah: could bias on college campuses lead to their demise? >> there is the other way forward which is to get rid of universities all together. pete: new op-ed says the p.c. culture may be the end of american universities. it's a great op-ed. i love it. charlie kirk weighs in on that coming up next. ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
is it sounds as though we have two solutions. one is to start new universities outside the nexus of state control. but there is the other way
3:54 am
forward which is to get rid of universities all together. pete: conservative philosopher roger scrut-on-controversy by suggesting we scrap cforts all together to end bias on campus. jedediah: gaining traction as new op-ed means pc culture could mean an end to american universities. pete: here is charlie kirk. are campuses that are gone so far left are they irredeemable. is it time to start our own or scrap them al all together? >> i'm not sure yet. the trending on college campuses is concerning. look at the list at some of the most outrageous politically correct moments i will share a few real quick. evergreen state college in oregon. some of the students petitioned their professors to have their feelings factored in to their grades at the end of semester. at clemson university they had a lecture by one of the
3:55 am
diversity officers requiring students to be on time could be culturally offensive because certain cultures don't look at time the same way as others. you look at outrageous moments that political correctness is used to honestly stifle speech and also make students less prepared for the reeled world. that's what this is all about, pete. isn't college supposed to be having students go through four year journey to be better prepared afterwards? seems like the exact opposite is happening on college campuses. jedediah: parents are struggling with this they feel like they are running out of ops. send them to a place learn how it think and diversity of thought thrives and so few places do that they don't want to take a lot of the money. college ♪ cheap. very expensive. a lot of their hard earned cash and send their kids to a place where it basically functions as indoctrination camp and if their kids deviate at all from that they are worried that their kids will suffer consequences. auto what do parents do right now? >> that is such a great point.
3:56 am
not only are college campuses becoming more radical, more intolerant. not only is a college degree worth less today than any other time nut history of the academy. prices are skyrocketing. sign of a bubble. when you have something worth less over the time where the product isn't as good and it's getting more expensive. this is a bubble that's happening. i'm seeing so many parents say hey, go to community college. go to two-year school. maybe take a year off. a gap year. i'm a huge supporter of gap years. parents should go through the same sort of financial consideration they go through when they buy a house or a car than when they send a kid to college. getting $70,000 in debt to hear how horrible the country of america is -- pete: once upon a time universities were institutions dedicated to the pursuit truth in transition of the highest values of our sizzles. today most are dedicated to the destruction of those values. past time to call them to account we know you do that thanks for what you do. jedediah: thanks, charlie.
3:57 am
pete: bernie sanders calls overcrowded border facilities inhumane. the fact he used to shut bernie down coming up ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ my sharona. pete: is sharona a person? that could be a name. jedediah: i sing a lot of old school songs i sing the wrong lyrics. my husband will say that's not what he is saying, babe. i said my way is better. ed: she is having a boy.
4:01 am
pete: she said she hasn't gotten a name. ed: she was disappointed by your suggestions. jedediah: you sent some that are really cool. gout hear that one name where you are that's it. i haven't done that yet. pete has expanded my horizons. mental horizon to think about names of things that might not be named. people you might apply to people. don't worry we'll fill you in later. ed: i don't know if she has considered bernie but bernie sanders running for president. jedediah: not going there. ed: he had a spat yesterday with republican dan crenshaw. bernie sanders out in california, of course, with many of the democrats, not all of them. joe biden the frontrunner skipping that convention of democrats. bernie had a unique approach to immigration. pete: unique is very kind, ed. this is a tweet from bernie sanders on the stats that we reported yesterday on "fox & friends." he said 900 people were held at a border facility with maximum capacity of 125.
4:02 am
according to the dhs inspector general. this is inhumane. it must stop now. we must end the dehumanization of immigrants and develop a humane policy for those at the border who seek asylum. jedediah: that's what we have been. nice of to you wake up. dan crenshaw noticed bernie's tweet and started with his own by saying maybe you could start by supporting potus request to include more facilities. maybe you could support lindsey graham's bill to reform asylum process. maybe you won't support actual solutions because you prefer to virtue signal about the crisis. amen thank you for saying that so tired of people who go out there bernie sanders loves these one liners. sounds great and sounds productive like he wants to do something. when push comes to shove he does absolutely nothing. even worse he stands in the way of the people who actually want to solve these
4:03 am
problems. ed: dan crenshaw calling out hypocrisy whole series of democrats say not a crisis it's manufactured. now they say humanitarian crisis. not a security crisis is what they are trying to say. it's humanitarian. we need to help people who are coming across and it's all donald trump's fault. hang on a second. the president didn't ask people to come across the border. so the parents have some role in this. also the congress democrats and republicans feel like it's a humanitarian crisis. put your money where your mouth is and physician out a way to tremendously treat the folks coming across the border humanely while we sort out whether or not they should be here legally or not. pete: i will say it is a manufactured crisis by the democrats and congress unwilling to do the things necessary to make sure that the crisis is dealt with. it was a crisis because our border was porous and still is wide open and asylum laws magnet for people. became a larger crisis because so-called leaders in washington were never willing to pass legislation that would fund or address our facility that deal with
4:04 am
the crisis. they called it a manufactured crisis when it was a real one. now, that it is a real crisis, they are manufacturing it by making it worse. because they won't help the president to do anything. because they hate him so much. jedediah: easiest bay to solve the humanitarian crisis stop incentivizing illegal immigration and those channels where these women and children in particular undergo horrific circumstances. bernie you want to talk about it talk but back it up with action. ed: why are democrats in congress not voting and pushing to actually get this money for important priorities? like these detention centers? dealing with healthcare, dealing with other issues they promised when they ran in 2018, taking over the house? because maybe they are distracted by impeachment. jedediah: they are busy, he biz. ed: let's investigation and send a couple dozen subpoenas. nancy pelosi out there yesterday trying to talk perhaps about some of these other issues. remember, she has had tried to have a hands off approach to impeachment. instead, she is drown you had out by the left chanting, yes, impeachment.
4:05 am
>> special counsel mueller warned us in the starkest terms that there was an attack on our elections and an attack on our democracy itself. president trump calls this a hoax. why is it that the president won't defend our democracy from this foreign threat? why is the president covering up. [shouting impeach] >> this isn't about politics. it's about patriotism. we will go where the facts lead us. we will insist on the truth. we will build on an ironclad case to act. pete: you couldn't hear it. there were growing yells of impeachment, impeach him,. ed: just not that they are not listening to the leader of their party. >party. jedediah: she has lost control for a while now. that's san francisco again. ed: her base. >> amazing oh the reasonable
4:06 am
nancy pelosi has lost control, these what's going reasonable because you have the party being taken over by the far left wing tout point where shear is a leftist with you she wants too win an election. in the midst of all of this though we have to talk about the democrat convention heating up. one democrat miss hog is it, pete? pete: it would be hyden joe biden. jedediah: is he better off keeping his mouth shut staying out as a frontrunner. skipping san francisco and doing some work in ohio? pete: i don't know if it was a good move but intentional move. he didn't want to be john hicken hickenlooper or nancy pelosi who said slocial is not answer and gott booed
4:07 am
that's not joe biden's base and not where the energy is in the primary process. i want to go to ohio in a staged event where the media can't -- where something like this. there was a protester that ran on stage and grabbed the microphone from kamala harris during this event too. jedediah: it was a little scary. pete: he wants to move above it. how long can he do that? ed: in their story biden going it alone as a democratic 2020 frontrunner. here they say the trends though are clear. joe biden is running his own race at his own pace and embracing his spouse atop national and early nominating state pools with itinerary and message focused more on general election with donald trump then dispatching the 23 other democrats facing in the nomination process. looking at this on paper it does make sense for him to say look, did you go out there to sphrab and gte
4:08 am
drowned out by boos and chants of impeachment. people charging the stage and taking microphones away and cheering on socialism. i want no part of that i will be in ohio where there are 18 electoral voted. no republicans won the white house without ohio. donald trump carried ohio and that was one big research why he won the white house. the downside is if you don't win the elections you can't be the general election can date. if all this strength is on the left and joe biden is not only failing to cap turf that enthusiasm, perhaps in the early days but is ignoring it all together and not engaging with the left and and figuring out how he captures out energy they have against donald trump and push it in a positive way maybe he never gets the nomination. jedediah: another democrat having some trouble lately is elizabeth warren. she did interview we talked about it yesterday with the breakfast club stumbled answering questions about native american an says tore
4:09 am
and trying to -- >> a lot of people want to talk about the guy in the white house. i get it. ugh. [laughter] but we need to think about an america that was broken long before he arrived there. the america that elected him, right? that is a broken country. that is a country with serious problems. but here's the deal, we have the chance in 2020 to take it all and make it country work. pete: it's the same as idea as hillary's deplorable moment. when she said the america that elected him. they project all the worse things she thinks of this country onto the people that voted for donald trump that wanted to make america great again while she is saying america was never great. ed: i agree with you to a
4:10 am
point. i think it's deeper than that when she says america elected him that is a broken country with serious problems. what is she leaving out he inherited a country from barack obama. his policies, his approach for 8 years. so now you are saying we want to go back on the tax cuts and the cuts the regulations and everything and go further to the left than barack obama, which, according to elizabeth warren, barack obama left us with a broken country. she never mentioned him. jedediah: yeah. ed: that was the 8 years prior to donald trump. a broken country. now you wants to go back to that plus, plus, plus. even further left, socialism. seriously? jedediah: i think it's her way of making america great again argument for herself. i think she is trying to say something trump a lot of heat for when he said make america great again what do you mean it wasn't before. she is referencing the trump years. this is number that has
4:11 am
happened here and before. pete: america that elected him i. jedediah: is this smarted i'm curious? is this smart for elizabeth warren? is is hurting her as a treating. pete: it's all doom and gloom. jed headlines begin with a fox news alert. a cruiseship loses control and crashes into a tourist boat in italy. [horn blowing] video on. massive ship smashes into a dock. at least five people are reportedly injured. the cruise ship's owner says there was a mechanical problem when trying to dock. red light cameras are now banned in texas. governor greg abbott signing a bill officially outlawing them. >> i'm about to sign this bill that bans red light cameras in texas is now law.
4:12 am
jedediah: the bill does make one exception the city with contract for red light cameras can continue using them until their contracts are up. pete: love it. jedediah: basketball hall of famer jerry west gets the gift of a lifetime just days after his 81st birthday. president trump tweeting, quote: the great jerry west will be receiving our nation's highest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom for his outstanding career both on and off the court. happy birthday, jerry. silhouette is used. pete: heck of a player. jedediah: i don't know much about him. can i smile and pretend i do. pete: played for the lakers. jedediah: more and more obama officials recognizing the crisis at the border. >> 50,000 people in two months on our border is a crisis. >> this is a crisis for anyone on either side of the policy aisle that said it's not a crisis, these numbers are a crisis.
4:13 am
jedediah: for democrats to seat problem and do something about it? that's coming up next.
4:14 am
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4:16 am have to do more work? (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. quickbooks. backing you. president trump is right. it's that simple. we have a crisis. >> what we faced in 2014 is a fraction of what we are seeing today. 200,000 people in two months on our southern border is a crisis. now what are we going to do about it? >> this is a crisis. for anyone on either side of the policy aisle that said it's not a crisis, these numbers are a crisis and the work load is tremendous. ed: there they were former border patrol commissioner. and former dhs secretary jeh
4:17 am
johnson and former border patrol chief mark morgan they all three worked for president obama. recognizing now there is a crisis at our southern border. what will it takes for democrats in congress though to realize this growing problem is not going away? joining us now is executive director for the center for immigration studies mark care corian. good morning, mark. >> good morning. ed: when you hear that from three people who worked for barack obama. is there a wake-up call that needs to to be sent to congress. >> it should be key word is former. these are former officials. even a former senator no one currently in office. not the speaker of the house or presidential candidates is willing to acknowledge that there is a problem on the border. and the danger for the democrats is that as this spins out of control, they
4:18 am
are going to have to take responsibility. this is the schumer-pelosi border emergency. they are refusing to make the changes that are necessary and to fund the resources necessary to deal with this. this is on them. ed: mark, to your point, we are showing video next to you a second ago of something just over a thousand immigrants crossing the border in one point. the video we saw just this week alone, one spot on the border. you can see it there. yet we played a clip earlier in the show in 2006. senator joe biden was saying we need a fence and he voted for 700 miles of fencing because basically he thought it was a crisis in 2006. what's changed for democrats? >> the democratic party has become increasingly radicalized. some is a reaction to trump. if trump wants it, then they are against it. this started before trump. and the basically the
4:19 am
standard now the mainstream democratic position anyone who makes it to the border should be allowed to get in and allowed to stay unless they actually kill somebody. and that the border patrol should be turned into a welcome wagon instead of a law enforcement agency and that's actually kind of what we are seeing now. they are devoting renor must resources just to baby-sitting and giving people water bottles and taking them to the doctor. the border patrol really is turning into a welcome wagon and we have to get control over this. ed: the president tweeting this a few moments ago the democrats doing nothing on the border to address the humanitarian and national security crisis. could be fix sod easily he writes if they would vote with republicans to fix the loopholes. react to that which just came in a couple moments ago but maybe more importantly moving forward. let's fact check the
4:20 am
president as well. he now is talking about tariffs for mexico. is that the sound trying to mexico to the table? >> i'm hopeful. i'm skeptical because you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. mexico always has a chip on its soldier with regard to us. the danger is they will kind of get their backs up and maybe cooperated less with us. i mope i'm wrong. maybe i will be. we will see. but mexico is working with us. there is more mexico can do but ultimately controlling our border is our responsibility. we need to plug these loopholes and spend the money it takes to stop this. ed: the president has made that point. john mark karr critic corian thank you for coming in this morning. pastor robert jeffress with a special message on this sunday morning ♪ that's why i'm keeping the faith ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ keeping the faith ♪
4:21 am
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or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. ed: time now for news by the numbers 2.8 million how many pass jerusalem and crew the tsa screened on may 24th. making it their busiest day ever. they also checked more than 1.5 million bags. next, 1.6%. that's how much global alcohol consumption dropped last year according to a new study. begiginn saw a huge increase as beer and wine sales actually dropped. the alcohol industry as a whole will continue to grow over the next five years. finally 1135, that's a record number of home runs smashed by mlb batters in may alone. blue jay's rookie hit the.
4:25 am
led the league with 21 homers through may and dealt it 22nd yesterday. let's not forget gary sanchez hitting a lot of them for the yankees. pete: twins have their fair share as well a lon a lot of log balls. christian leaders calling on the country to pray for president trump today. jedediah: the call spearheaded with referenced franklin graham. >> i think if people would just pray for our president, pray for our nation that god will hear and answer those prayers. the president is the president. he wouldn't election. it has been very difficult for his enemies to accept that just pray for the president. that god will give him strength. give his wisdom as he leads our nation. pete: more than 250 u.s. christian leaders are planning to join in today, including our next guest. jedediah: senior pastor at first baptist church and fox news contributor robert jeffress. thank you for being here. >> thank you, jed.
4:26 am
jedediah: let me just express some concern that some people have with this is just that there seems to be no space free of politics. i have spoken to a few people who, you know, yes, they like the idea of praying for the president. they don't want to go to church on sunday and don't want that that become political. what do you say to those people? >> well, this is more than being political. here is why i say this. there are millions of christians out there who believe that the conflict we are seeing in washington right now is really not just a conflict between trump and mueller or republicans and democrats. this is a conflict between good and evil. here is why i say that for the last 70 years the left has been in a relentless crusade to turn this country? a goodless secular nation. with the hip of leftist judges they have succeeded from banning bible reading and tearing down crosses and war memorials and making roe v. wade the law of the land. then about two years ago came president trump who
4:27 am
began to reverse that trend. and what has the left in a real panic is they see their most sacred belief the right to kill children in the womb for whatever reason they see that under attack and they are absolutely determined to take this president out that is why so many christians today are standing with this president. not because we think he is perfect. none of us are perfect. we stand with this president because we believe is he right about the most important issues in life. i happen to believe that if the left is successful in taking this president out, we will have lost, perhaps, the last opportunity we have as a nation to reverse the downward trajectory of this nation. and that's why we are praying today. pete: stark terms for sure. you are making the exact opposite argument. if our culture is under assault the way it is. it is going to be our pulpit and willingness to support some political leaders who will doing good things saying that from the pulpit so that folks go and do
4:28 am
something about it. >> well, that's right. and, look, i don't think we want to divorce the pulpit from speaking out on issues. remember, it was pastors who led the way in the american revolution with the black robed regiment. it was christians who led the way in the abolition of slavery. it was christians like martin luther king jr. who led the way in the civil rights movement because they believed the bible has application for every part of our life. including how we do politics. pete: when you rip it out of the public square, you get a lot of consequences intended and unintended. jedediah: thank you for being here and sharing your opinion. we appreciate it? >> thank you. pete: well, we are counting down to tonight's fox news town hall with 2020 candidate kirsten gillibrand. jedediah: todd piro is in iowa talking to voters. todd: good morning, guys. this table has two people that run a bridge building company. do you only build bridges? they said.
4:29 am
>> not walls, just bridges. todd: if you could? >> we would build walls. todd: we have some folks that want to build the wall even though they are a bridge building company. fox news returns on the other side of this break. ♪ ♪ drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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4:33 am
message discipline. democrats snipe and [bleep] each other. they are like the couple that's divorcing but they came to the dinner party anyway? [laughter] not republicans. you're afraid being on message makes you look too much like a politician? let me tell you something, the millennial vote will not be won through tweeting and emojis or calling your budget plan fire. think can smell desperation through their phones. cut the crap and do you. >> the whole thing is pretty funny. you could argue -- i would argue it's the other way around. i think each side sees the other side the way they want. to say democrats often have the talking points and message discipline and good at sticking together especially in the minority and when they control the house it. can go either way. jedediah: he is talking to the aocs of the world. is he so tired of that he
4:34 am
sees democrats are running against something. this is what can i do for you. that's the mistake hillary clinton made. people left that election why would i vote for her? he doesn't want them to make the same mistake. he wants them to win. once again in the nancy pelosi camp of being practical and saying come on, get it done, wake up and stop snap chatting and actually win this election. ed: think about what mar said calling out democrats for not coming on fox. you have to get a spine. reach out to voters. i think he is calling them out and smart for them to say some of the folks in his party are spineless. pete: speaking of voters. bring in todd piro live in dubuque, iowa ahead o. >> we are at the sunshine family restaurants. how cool is that? how cool is christa a member of that bridge building company. what are your thoughts on kirsten gillibrand? >> i think kristin is not
4:35 am
experienced enough for the position. a lot of people are leaving new york, why? rules and regulations that are impactin impacting business. i think our current administration is doing a good job on helping streamline permitting process for our infrastructure project. todd: when i asked but the democrats, some of them wanting to continue to investigate the president. you said one word, done, why? >> we have already spent $34 million in taxpayer money on this special investigation. that did a thorough job investigating emails, conversations what more are they going to get from this? we have to say no and move on with our business. we have a lot of other problems in america that we have to deal with. todd: christa, thank you. we go over to nick. a high school teacher, democrats. really locked into this whole primary season trying to find a candidate. you like gillibrand but you say she will have a tough sled ahead. >> she will have a tough sled because you look at somebody like joe biden and
4:36 am
elizabeth warren and bernie sanders as an independent. going to be tough to have a message. only thing unique to her is paid family leave. tough for her at this point to get ahead and stick out. todd: what do you think of some democrats booing john hickenlooper form governor saying socialism isn't the answer. >> i would disagree with people booing john hickenlooper. we live in a constitutional republic and have a fair economy and do the best we can to make sure everybody has their needs met. having everyone get their needs met isn't necessarily socialism. it's when the government gets involved and regulating how much everybody gets that's where socialism takes place. everybody making a living isn't socialism. it's capitalism and what this country is based off of it. todd: thanks for your work with the kids. that's awesome. les works for john deere. iowa, veteran thank you for your service, sir. what do you think of kirsten
4:37 am
gillibrand. >> i really don't know kirsten gillibrand very well. i think we have enough liberals in our administration already. todd: when i asked you what touch pick socialism and impeachment. you said i want to talk about the wall. why do you want the wall? >> the wall is necessary because our culture is going to be changed by foreigners. todd: you are worried about slomple. you don't want socialist mind set from europe and other parts coming to the united states. >> that is correct. >> why in. >> we like what we have with america today and europe socialism is not desired by the average american. and coming from the south, below the border, they are dealing with socialism as is, and it's not doing too well. i think that the capitalism is a way to go for america. todd: thank you.
4:38 am
we a great time at this table. send it back to jed, ed and pete. pete: he doesn't know this i stole 20 bucks out of his wallet. >> i will give you 20 bucks if you find one kirsten gillibrand voter in iowa this morning. 20 bucks for you. does. todd: does it have to be in the next five seconds or next two hours. pete: two hours. find me one. i want to hear what they have to say. ed: there is your test. ed: meanwhile tonight, whether there is a voter or not we will find kirsten gillibrand town hall right here moderated by chris wallace. 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. jedediah: he does do a great job. secretary of state mike pompeo holding talks with iran. [[inaudible]] jedediah: statement at a news conference in switzerland where he is meeting with his
4:39 am
counterparts. hundreds of guatemalans are reportedly ignoring government warnings to stay home and heading toward the u.s. they have even built a monument there. dedicated to border crossers showing a man with a backpack facing towards the u.s. more migrants coming just a week after u.s. officials inked a deal with the guatemalan government to step up borde border security. mexico's president suggesting is he open to tighter border restrictions if there. governor larry hogan will not run against president trump g.o.p. nominations despite calls tore him to do so. maryland republican firmly telling "the washington post" quote i'm not going to be a candidate for president quote in 2020. instead hogan says is he focusing on his second term as governor and new role chairing the national governor's association. a navy dad surprises his family with an early home coming at his daughter's ballgame.
4:40 am
the little girl was at bat when her father surprised her at home plate. dad dropping down to hug her as the three other children run out onto the field in washington state. brad kennedy had been deployed on the uss senate since october. i love that story. those your headlines. head over to rick reichmuth with weather. how is it doing? do you have some sunshine? rick: we do have sunshine. you will be happy throughout the northeast. more showers later. so much weather across the country. especially the central part of the country. take a look at the maps and show you what's going on this morning. temperaturewise starting out pretty good. down across the southeast we have been talking about the rain in the central part of the country. we haven't talked about the heat in the southeast. if you are in the southeast, you know what i'm talking about. and with that we have got some drought that is beginning to take hold, especially across parts of georgia and south carolina, the panhandle of florida, southeast alabama. i bring this up because we probably are going to be talking about a big crop loss across much of the central plains because of all of the flooding.
4:41 am
now we might also be dealing with some big problems across the southeast because of a alaska precipitation. we have got this feast or famine going on. more rain this morning across parts of texas. some of it has been severe. watch out for that it's the beginning of hurricane season. that means some tropical system that's beginning to develop across the bay of campeche. some of that moisture across texas and across the south as well as this week. that will exacerbate our flooding conditions unfortunately. pete and ed? ed: thank you very much. what better way to kick off summer than with a new season of competition starting with inflatable obstacle course. ed: here to show us the ropes the owner of bounce around. particular off summer with kids to get some sort of moon bounce or bounce device in your backyard? >> i'm sorry. ed: get some sort of bounce device in your backyard? >> absolutely. we have over 100 of these inflatables, jump houses, obstacle courses, combos,
4:42 am
hamster ball. big three story tall water slides. obstacle course is actually a little bit bigger than. this 20th anniversary. pete: what's the website. >> www.bounce yesterday jed this is my dream. i have wanted a bouncy house. i can't do it because i have a little peanut in here. man, this looks like you guys. ed: can you lead us through? >> i have two j that are going to escort you and show you how to go through. >> this is the starting line right here. and you get going you have the 20-foot rock wall climbing. the second level and then the big rock wall at the end. ed: show us how it's done. we will follow you. jedediah: demo. let's see it. pete: going through, over. climbing the wall. and ed, you are in trouble. ed: they build a wall here. >> they did.
4:43 am
in the military. >> did i similar not inflatable. >> the guy's name is pete. so you are up, you are down. i feel like this is this made for kidsor adults? i don't really know. jedediah: it's kid and adult friendly what from what can i see. jedediah: do you have any assessments of likelihood or defeat? >> have you got to be quick and ends with amazing slide. pete: well done. jedediah: you have to be quick but also strategic. pete: what's your name, sir? >> brendan. >> what's your tip. >> try to jump over the hills and slide down. pete: jump over the hills and slide down. jedediah: speed or strategy? >> both. jedediah: you are in trouble. pete: ed is over there with the guy who lost. jedediah: in a fox news exclusive we go inside the hezbollah network. it's a story you will only see here and it's coming up
4:44 am
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good morning, pete,eth and jedediah. amid regional tensions with iran. there is concern that iranian backed proxies like hezbollah would launch attacks towards u.s. troops and u.s. allies like israel in the region. hezbollah is one of the largest proxies with an estimated 25,000 active fighters. we did get a look inside attack tunnels group recently in israel. >> we are lowered by the israel military under ground one of six hezbollah attack tunnels. the structures were discovered by israel a few months ago and were sealed off to prevent infiltration into their country. >> just a few feet behind me the country of lebanon. hezbollah fighters dug this
4:49 am
tunnel in an effort to prepare for the potential of a ground operation into northern israel. >> fighters dug almost a mile from lebanon into israel working in shifts for many years to cut through the rock and stone under ground [inaudible] making too much noise. digging through. >> parts of the core drilling machine still seen in this hezbollah aattack tunnel dug by the militant group from lebanon into israel. can you see this machine used to carve out the walls of this tunnel. they used this rail system to transport material to where they were digging at the time. if you look up here, can you actually see a phone line used by the fighters for communication throughout the tunnel after we were given access to the tunnels they
4:50 am
were destroyed by the israeli military. hezbollah leadership says they have a number of surprises in store should a war erupt on the ground and in the air. back to you. pete: scary report is it's probably not the only one. imagine we already have problems on our southern border but any of our borders include mile long tunnel with terrorists that want to come out and slaughtered civilians. jedediah: terrifying. it was a record year for hot car deaths. ed: coming up next. what every parent needs to know to prevent such a tragedy. ♪ save the day ♪
4:51 am
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jedediah: summer is here. >> hotter temperatures and cars. >> according to the national safety counsel. 2018 had a record number of hot car fatalities, pushing new legislation for automakers that could save lives. jedediah: here is more is vice president of kids and sue, so great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. jedediah: talk about this hot cars act. >> the act would require that some sort of sensor technology be installed in standard equipment that would detect an occupant in the rear seat of the vehicle when the car is turned off and the person starts to walk away. rick: is it going through legislation? stalled? where is it in the process. >> going through the senate and waiting for the house version of the bill. hoping to push it through this year so all families can have life-saving technology moving forward. jedediah: people who have children deeply concerned about this or pets. it will register if there is a dog in the backseat of the car. >> absolutely or vulnerable adult ago well.
4:55 am
rick: this key i kia is built wh it automatically show us how it works. >> get in my vehicle, i'm going to start the car, just to show you how to trigger the system. i started my car. i go on a trip. when i arrive at the destination, simply by turning the car off, it triggers an alert on my dashboard that tells me when i open the door to check the rear seat. jedediah: yeah. >> cars tell us if you have left the keys in the car or left the lights on or low on gas. this is something that's really important. now, i'm going to walk away from the car. i'm locking my vehicle. i forgot to go to the backseat and check it. if there is anyone in the vehicle, and they move around at all, it's going to start to set off a motion sensor. like this. [laughter] what happened? >> it is locked. oh, i left the accessory on. bear with me. live tv, okay.
4:56 am
[bell] rick: something would have given you an alert that you something wrong getting out of your car. >> i left the car on. that was my mistake. i have locked the vehicle, there is a person inside the vehicle. [horn blowing] jedediah: you cannot miss it which is important. you got your mind on other things. you are running into a store. you hear that sound. you run back and you say oh my gosh and you retrieve person this is the kia, is this going to be the new trend most cars equipped with this. several manufacturers step forward, g.m., hyundai, nissan all have a system similar to this. this comes on all trim packages. rick: real quick, there are things can you buy if you can't buy the car can you buy some sensors just real quick how can people find information. >> the sens sample life it alerts the driver if the baby is left in the car seat. stick it under the padding of your car seat and there is a loor alert. rick: thank you so much. jedediah: thank you so much for being here.
4:57 am
[horn blowing] >> mic huckabee and. still in the car. motion sensor. she wears that apron to sell insurance. nobody knows why. she's the progressive insurance lady. they cover pets if your owner gets into a car accident. covers us with what? you got me. [ scoffs ] she's an insurance lady. and i suppose this baker sells insurance, too? progressive protects your pets like you do. you can see "the secret life of pets 2" only in theaters.
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♪ it's the final countdown ♪ ♪ ♪ the final countdown ♪ jedediah: oh, yeah. you know what that is. that is a countdown to the competition in the obstacle course bouncy house it's killing me i can't compete in this. i can't do this because i'm pregnant. they are afraid i would hit into stuff. i would win. this i have mastered the bouncy house in my day. you are lucky i'm not in it. i'm going to narrate and you both better give it your all. ed: it actually looks harder than i thought i was like uh-oh. time running out on the year
5:01 am
of redemption. pete: it could. ed: last time you used the year of redemption the following day you lost. jedediah: you don't want to miss this race. it's going to be good. stuff to climb, stuff to slide down. there is obstacles. good stuff. ed: yeah. jedediah: really good. pete: basically fourth of july everyday is fourth of july on "fox & friends" because we love our country. today we didn't even coordinate this. jedediah: that is true. ed: the president is up and tweeting. he begins to focus on cracking down on illegal immigration moments ago tweeting people have been saying for years we should talk to mexico. the problem is that mexico is an abuser of the united states, taking but never giving. it has been this way for decades. either they stop the invasion of our country by drug dealers, cartels, human traffickers, coyotes and illegal immigrants which they can do easily or many companies and jobs which have been foolishly allowed to move south of the border will be brought back into the united states through
5:02 am
taxation and tariffs. america has had enough. obviously trying to frame this on his terms because of the tariff that has been very controversial that he is threatening mexico with 5% each time that he feels they do not do anything about cracking down on the migration crisis. pete: correct. ed: eventually reaching a cap of 25%. jedediah: quite a lengthy tweet from the president. with us we have the author of rare, medium, done well make the most of your life. welcome, governor. what do you think of that tweet from the president. >> well, it is long. but he gets to the point there is a couple of things that could be done that will fix all of this. i don't understand why nobody is pushing congress. because they are the ones who can fix it. work with the president. build the wall. put the resources necessary at the border. and we can stop this. second thing, while nobody likes tariffs i will tell you what we don't like we don't like having hundreds of thousands of illegal people breaking into the country and we have no idea who they are and why they are here.
5:03 am
they arare they bringing communicable disease. put pressure on these countries to start arresting and imprisoning the coyotes who are charging between 3,000 and $15,000? human trafficking. this is a terrible injustice. they are exploiting these poor people. bringing them up over the border. telling them they will be able to come into america and be voting citizens. as long as democrats are in power. by golly they may just be right. we have to stop it. and if people don't like the tariffs. work with this president, stop the process at the border. get congress to get off their back sides and we can fix this. ed: governor, you are right inaction by congress. are tariffs the right way to go forward? here is my question. let's say mexico doesn't make a deal. let's play this out and the president has to tariff them as he says, he uses it as a verbal. anverb. mexican economy worse than it is. wouldn't that cause more people to come across our
5:04 am
border illegally more poverty and more problems with the mexican economy? could that make the problem worse? >> it's a risk. ed. i mean, it is. and you have to factor that in. here's the other question. what's the alternative? i don't hear anybody telling me okay, here is the alternative. what are we going to do ship a billion dollars word of supplies across the border every day and say here, can you get food, shelter, we will put up a school just across the border? mexico is never going to allow that i don't know. the president is doing everything he can but the problem is he can't do it by himself. pete: no, he can't. he has tried and he will continue to try. we will see where this goes. there is a bunch of folks as you know, governor, try vying be to the candidate running against him in 2020. many of them are in california at the democratic convention in san francisco. controlled by hard core leftists. a lot of talk of socialism. a lot of talk of open borders. one candidate, john hickenlooper, governor, took to the podium with a bit of a different message.
5:05 am
look at the response he got. >> if we want to beat donald trump, and achieve big, motive goals, socialism is not the answer. [crowd booing] >> you know, if we are not careful, we will end up helping to reelect the worst president in american history. we shouldn't try to achieve universal coverage by removing private insurance from over 150 million americans. [crowd booing] >> we should not try to tackle climate change by guaranteeing every american a government job. [crowd booing] >> hold on, hold on. articles the democratic party we have to create a vision for this country. pete: governor, joe biden not there hickenlooper getting booed. >> actually, let me correct you. they were not booing him. they were all really dry and thirsty and they were yelling booze, booze. they want you had the bars to be open. and that's what they were doing. there is an old story about a couple of guys out in the
5:06 am
woods and a bear approached them. one of them said we better run. the other one started putting his tennis shoes on he said what are you doing putting your tennis shoes on. i don't have to outrun the bear i just have to outrun you. here is the point of the story, democrats, 374 of them all running against donald trump. i get that the truth is, they have to outrun each other before they outrun him. and if they don't start coming up with the contrast, none of them are going to be able to beat joe biden because is he playing it safe. is he playing it smart. is he out there by himself. he has his tennis shoes on and staying away from them and letting them get eaten up by the bear when the time comes. pete: sounds like you think it's a smart strategy. can you really run without engaging the hard core part of your party which has a lot of energy right now. >> well, in a way he can. up until his poll numbers start dropping. the reason he can do that is because whe does go out on the
5:07 am
trail. you know, just like the other day he gets in trouble because he gets too close to a little girl and he starts sniffing her hair and he starts making gaffes and so, yeah, they are going to keep him in an underground bunker as long as they can and send down videotapes that look like a hostage tape from hi i'm joe biden i'm somewhere in the middle of america hiding. that's why they are calling him hyden biden. >> another candidate making waives is elizabeth warren. she has had slip-ups. more gaffe proof than joe biden in my book. latest comment -- get your reaction. >> a lot of people want to talk about the guy in the white house. i get it. uck. we need to think about an america that was broken long before he arrived there. ththe america that elected him. that is a broken country. that is a country with
5:08 am
serious problems. here's the deal we have the chance in 2020 to take it all and make this country work. jedediah: okay, so, governor did, she not learn anything from hillary clinton that made that deplorable comment, tried to walk it back, was unsuccessful. i mean, you are as central sizing all the people that voted for him in good faith. >> that's the big mistake. she might as well have put on a cap make america great again. the people trying to make it great again, you know, are ruining it. that's not the case for the people who have jobs, who didn't. whose wages are up. people who believe this president is actually fighting for them rather than against them. but elizabeth warren represents the wings of america that have their noses so high up in the air that a good rain would drown them. the elitist snobbery that has so infected the swamp lands of the really nerve centers of d.c., new york,
5:09 am
silicon valley and hollywood, it's the very reason that president trump is not only president but the reason he will be reelected. pete: also so condescending not even make america great again, governor. finally make america kind of okay because it never was great and the sick and broken people who voted for trump. that's a pretty strong strand inside the democratic party right now. >> and i don't know if it's just me, but every time i hear elizabeth warren talk she has this tone that sounds like, you know, a 3rd grade teacher who is just pointing her finger and shaking it and wagging it in the face of her students telling them now, let me tell you something. and i'm just not convinced americans are going to respond to that. jedediah: she is very preachy in my book. ed: good point. i want to thank you for the encouragement. as i stare at the obstacle course i have to do. i don't have to outrun the bear i just have to outrun pete. >> that's exactly right. just let pete look at the bear. you look for the landscape and get out of way.
5:10 am
ed: thank you, governor. pete: i will take the bear for you. jedediah: don't miss the obstacle course. tune in. extreme weather. thousands of people last ditch effort to save their homes from flooding. raves to fill sand bags and build a temporary levee after a breech in the arkansas river. meanwhile raging floodwaters have overpowered a barrier in burlington, iowa. in louisiana out army corps of engineers now stepping in to open a critical spillway to control the overflowing mississippi river. and now to a fox news alert. a desperate search for 8 missing climbers in the himalayan mountains. the group which included two americans reportedly lost contact last week a day before an avalanche. an initial aerial search spoited the group's camp but found no sight of life. comes amid a surge of death at nearby mount everest. and talk about obsessed.
5:11 am
two new york theater groups are hosting a live 24 hour reading of all 448 pages of the mueller report. would you see that? one of the groups is promoting it with a picture of a giant black wall with the words redacted. organizers said they want to give people their chance to hear the findings of the record themselves instead of through the media. those are your headlines. i don't know but guys but i wouldn't pay to see that. pete: i don't think a lot of people will. jedediah: maybe it's the redacted portion which will be like 8 minutes? that's possible. pete: are you going to make an appearance and do some reading? ed: i don't think so. jedediah: interesting part. ed: i'm more interested in dean cain reading the strzok page text. pete: for sure. ed: study millennials more likely to spend more money than they can actually afford to do. look at this study. 41% among genx. 48% among millennials, --
5:12 am
genz 41%. 16% boomers. pete: modern wealth survey how they spend their money and how they save their money the point is this one and the next one most likely to spend because of something they saw on social media. millennials far outpacing previous and former generations the way they spend money. the challenge they face their boomer parents didn't really raise them to work as hard and be responsible. very san quentin. also the temptation to have what your parents have right away or have what you see on tv right away. we all face that i buy a ton of stuff i don't need on social media. jedediah: i do, too. pete: when you do that don't have the money you want or saving so you can do the next thing. jedediah: really hard when you live in technology age. you feel like you have to compete one everyone. and all the wannabe. everyone is posting designer bags and shoes and you should be doing it. you kind of assume like everyone i guest just spends all their money because we
5:13 am
all have to have status symbols that becomes new norm. have you no money in the bank tengesd. ed: explains a lot. pete bought that suit on instagram. pete: i have had this suit a long time. i might have bought it on instagram. i mite buy another one. jedediah: is this a problem for millennial? do you have kids, nieces nephews. are you a millennial and struggling with this. pete: how do you teach your kid to forget about the joneses what other people have doesn't matter be yourself. live authentic life. jedediah: sometimes it's not about the joneses you just want the cute shoes. pete: that's legit. ed: hickenlooper southed down. pete: next report not so fast. you can't outsource impeachment. his message to those democrats coming up next. ♪ ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> prepare for impeachment. that's what i have told my colleague. >> told us enough to interpret what he said as a referral for impeachment. >> it may well be a time for an impeachment inquiry. >> this is as close to impeachment referral as you could get. >> we should combine impeachment proceedings against donald trump. ed: democrats are jumping all over robert mueller's report. russia investigation to back their calls for impeaching the president. our next guest says in a new op-ed this is an abuse of power. pointing out they cannot outsource an impeachment as he puts it. here to explain constitutional scholar david
5:18 am
rivkin, he served doj and wows counsel office under reagan and president bush 41. >> good to see you. ed: how do you believe they are outsourcing impeachment. >> the framers had deep misgivings about impeachment. they appreciated how formidable is that power? not just the power to override the democratic choice of the american people, it's something that is fundamentally distorting of a separation of powers. and, in fact president at the membersy of congress. they plan to cabinet primarily by ensuring you congress, particularly of the house, takes full political responsibility for it, which case have they have to indicate clearly what they're doing and why. so they have to start the impeachment process if they want to. they have to finish the impeachment process. sole power of impeachment in the constitution. you cannot have a never branch in this case, executive branch in the form of special counsel give them
5:19 am
impeachment fodder if you will. ed: what if jerry nadler the chairman of the house judiciary committee would lead exeevment proceedings if they happened look i just took the report from mueller. i'm not outsourcing it. taking the information from there and go through our own investigation and have impeachment proceedings so it's actually the congress doing it not the executive branch. >> a couple of things. first of all, the report is out. it does exist. the democrats, however, are seeking to obtain hundreds of thousands of pages of information including grand jury testimony. the report, frankly speaking is not sufficient impeachment fodder. as you know, the report indicates that there is no conspiracy with the russians. it does not reach the conclusion of obstruction that was reached by attorney general barr. they need more. what they are trying to do is the imeemplet recal impeachm.
5:20 am
oh no we are not the ones that concluded that president trump obstructed justice. special counsel mueller did or doj did. that's. ed: when the report came out they didn't seem to think there was enough for impeachment. when mueller made the statement this week they seemed to jump on that and say ah-ha now is the time to imbeach. >> they wants him to testify again. they are trying to dilute political accountability. that the is fundamental constitutional check against this very formidable power with the house. ed: david rivkin bringing us historical perspective. >> good to be with you. ed: alexandria ocasio-cortez supposed to be a good moment. but then they say she started bashing america and u.s. foreign policy. the two men join us live explaining what they did next and it's god everybody talking. ♪ ♪ to look at me now,
5:21 am
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it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. ed: some quick headlines starting with a fox news alert. israel launching strikes on syrian military targets after a second roun round of attacks in weeks. two rockets were fired toward them. at least three syrian soldiers were killed. that, according to state media. and migrants trying to enter america will soon have to provide their social media information. the state department requiring most i have applicants to submit to heightened background checks before entering the country. migrants can claim they do not use social media but could face serious consequences if they lie. pete? pete: thanks, ed. socialist from the bronx alexandria ocasio-cortez sparking outrage in new york city. jedediah: military veterans say they walked out of a
5:25 am
private meeting with a congresswoman after she allegedly bashed the president, america, and our foreign policy during a conversation with community leaders. pete: here with more are the two veterans who walked out, anthony how i do pronounce that. jedediah: bataliano homicide detective sivio i love how to you point to the aitalians. jedediah: my grandfather was silvio. thank you for your service. >> [speaking foreign language] jedediah: this jacket may be the best jacket we have ever seen on "fox & friends" you are proud americans. represent your district. a dozen people in the meeting or so. she is taking questions. what happened? >> it was a prepared agenda for the -- put in this way
5:26 am
she is our congresswoman. tuesday at 5:30. everybody else in the united states has seen her except her own district. so she comes to us. we had a prepared agenda. she came to the local issues. our chairman angelou was the lead. and he asked questions that we wrote down. one was the postal service. the second one was graffiti, amtrak. the third was columbus day. pete: how did it get? >> i will tell you, well, in our board, we have yemenese board member from yemen. is he a citizen now. and his cousin he relates a story that his cousin was in the houthi area of yemen. pete: civil war going on there. >> no work there so the cousin divided to go to the government side and in
5:27 am
process -- in the process of going there, she was captured -- it was a female. captured and summarily executed by the houthis. pete: now how the foreign started. >> the question was posed to her what could we do about the people getting killed there? there are so many people in yemen getting killed? and started off. her comment was it's american bombs. >> that was insulting. >> i heard that american bombs. in my head i say to myself what about the iranian bullets and iranian bombs? aren't they killing people, too? jedediah: you both served our country with great honor. silvio, i want to get to you, as someone who served our country so proudly. we have a photo of you in service. pete: sharp looking. jedediah: beautiful photo. as someone who served this country, when you heard that what did it stir in you that
5:28 am
inspired you to get up and walk out. >> didn't feel good. it reminds me when i came home from naum and we had the protests here. you know that's not the way to treat people. pete: we can have differences about american foreign policy well within the bounds to discuss that you say it goes deeper. almost as if she looks at america as the problem in the world. >> a couple issues that came up that night. another issue came up was the president, our president trump and -- two clones. in other words, they are both the same it wasn't a positive impression. >> there was another insult. israel is one of our strongest allies. to do something like that and come out like w. a statement like that is not good. that's not who we are. pete: did she refer to you
5:29 am
as autocrats? >> they were clones like i don't remember that part. but i know it was like clones. netanyahu and the president are two peas in a pod. they're the same. they are no good. they are no good for the area. the area. and that's where we got the second part about the tension in the middle east what's going on. right after this is when i left. she says that the tension is being caused by president trump because he withdrew from the iran deal and that is why we are having all this tension. i think she should do her homework that tension has been going on since 1948. >> in other words, she was beating on, beating on him the foreign policy i just said that's it. i have got to get out of there. best for me to leave. and i picked my umbrella up and i walked right out.
5:30 am
>> she also indicated that trump was not cooperating with them on the different things. yet, they don't cooperate with him with the wall, which is a very important issue, by the way, protecting this country. jedediah: what made you feel, silvio, she says stuff i don't agree to. she is entitled to say whatever she wants. you are entitled to say i don't want to be here. i don't want to listen to this. what made you feel so strongly i don't want to be in this room i need to leave? >> well, that's what it is. you know, before -- i don't want to break out something that i'm going to regret doing. okay? it was -- better to walk out okay? and be a gentleman, okay? than stay there, okay, i'm not going to stay there and take that. against our country, okay, against the veterans,
5:31 am
against israel, so many things. talk about the post office, we made the request back in february, okay? and she is oh we will look into that now. okay? pete: you are a patriot and -- >> -- not only that there is another thing. she has been in office, right since january. okay. what has she done for the community, the district that she is -- that has been voted into. okay? what has she brought back from there? pete: she will have to answer that, no doubt. >> to help. we have a lot of issues here. okay? what are you doing? jedediah: yeah. >> what benefit are you doing? jedediah: we have a statement from her spokesperson to the "new york post" staying the only person that left the meeting someone had to pick up their children. pete: she is saying you are lying. >> i got up. she saw me leave and he left
5:32 am
and another guy left. >> the truth is probably too much in to themselves. okay? pete: i believe you guys. we have to leave it there. jedediah: we have to leave. pete: they're cutting us off. thank you for your time. jedediah: more "fox & friends" is coming up next.
5:33 am
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5:35 am
_ i'm on my way
5:36 am
♪ old country lane. ed: the president heads across the pond tonight. pete: some people live in castles. jedediah: that's my dream. cinderella's castle. pete: meghan markle got that job. ed: with brexit and theresa hey on the way out and what's going to happen. pete: the president leaves tonight. >> leaving tonight for the u.k. on to france going to mark the 75th anniversary of d-day. really important moments. what is the media is going to focus on heading into the trip. look at cnn's trip. trump's quote nasty slam at meghan markle proves her point. politico nasty debate erupts over trump's criticism of mechanic meghan markle. trump says duchess meghan was nasty about him fueling the debate with u.k. ahead of the state visit. buzzfeed meghan markle called trump a misogynist in 2016 and now he called her
5:37 am
nasty. narrative going back to the 2016 debate with hillary clinton. now gone from hillary clinton to meghan markle and calling her nasty they can nicly he used that word. jedediah: let's listen. >> she wasn't so nice about you during the companion if you saw that? >> i didn't know that no. i didn't know that i hope she is okay. did i not know that, no. >> she said she would move to canada if you got elected. turned out she moved to britain. >> that would be good. a lot of people moving here. so what can i say? no, i didn't know that she was nasty. >> is it good having an american princess? >> i think it's nice. i think it's nice i'm sure she will do excellently. she will be very good. i hope she does. jedediah: this is not trump saying oh, she is a nasty
5:38 am
woman. #nasty woman buy old hillary clinton recycled t-shirt from last election. i didn't know she made that comment. i wish her well. he goes on to say nice things about her why does that not make the headline? i know it's not click bait and doesn't want you to make you go beat on trump and media narrative but honestly does this stuff get old after a while? that's why the media has as much credibility as this sharpy? this is what fake news looks like twisted news, pseudo news is how mark levin talks about it. this happened before twitter. happened in the "new york times" decades ago as well. they choose what they want the narrative to be not what the news is the news is big trip, brexit, may, boris johnson, who is it going to be nigel farage that's the topic. instead talking about a princess who is never going to be the queen from america who may v. made a online
5:39 am
comment. jedediah: no story. fabricated ridiculous story. ed: didn't know she said it until the reporter brought it up. jedediah: that's how hungry they are for a nasty headline against donald trump. there is your nasty. ed: we asked your comments. trump didn't call meghan markle nasty. read the transcript yourself. that's your media twisting words to start wars. pete: the media is being misleading at best. viciously lying at worse. trump is very kind to markle here. he was referencing her making a nasty comment. and not calling her a nasty person like the media headline suggests. exactly. thank you. jedediah: listen to the tone of his voice. i don't understand these people who don't even like listen to the clip. it's so obvious that he is not being nasty to her or calling her a nasty woman.
5:40 am
i'm so tired of the media. it's exhausting. pete: trump derangement system. jedediah: media you are nasty sometimes. congressman dan crenshaw calling outline bernie sanders. detention centers quote it is up main must stop now. texas congressman answering back why he won't support bills for more aid tweeting, quote: maybe you won't support actual solutions because you would prefer to virtue signal about the crisis? and a fox news alert. a cruise ship loses control and crashes into tourist boat in italy. [horn] video posted on twitter showing people running for their lives as a massive ship smashes into a dock. five people injured. cruise ship owner says there was a mechanical problem when trying to dock.
5:41 am
pete: big problem. this is story that hit me really hard about a week ago. today i'm paying tribute to my dear friend fellow soldier army ranger justin gonzalez. his two young daughters were killed in car crash over memorial day weekend. his 8-year-old son who was also in the car survived -- no his 8-year-old son also in the car survived. career infantry officer who deployed four times to afghanistan. he earned his master degree from duke university. is he a new jersey native. leaves behind a wife and two sons. they were on a flight. going from one duty station to another. i know him. he was in my company and served with him for ear year. one of the best americans can you imagine. went on to earn his commission. served in the battalion. served four times. severe. wonderful family man great patriot. you spend a year with subreally get to know him. i have been in touch with my guys in the new jersey national guard. he was beloved by all of them. many of them are traveling
5:42 am
to the funeral. unfortunately i can't go. his funeral is tomorrow in new jersey. if you want to support his family. he leaves behind a wife and two boys. young girls were in that car with him. accidently rear ended a car parked on the side no. foul play involved at all. total and tragic fluke. go to his go fund me page and search for the gonzalez family. there you see a picture of him and his daughters. we do things with frank siller and other organizations on this program. sometimes just direct support to the family is fantastic as well. if you do anything for me today, go to that page, give a few bucks to his wife and two boys. sometimes you just look up and say why lose someone like that. he served his country and we love him so much. so gonsz thank you so much my brother. we appreciate everything have you done. ed: counting down to tonight tonight's fox news town hall kirsten gillibrand. jedediah: todd piro is in iowa talking to voters. how are you doing out there? todd: good. pete, obviously my
5:43 am
condolences. thoughts go out to the family as well. you heard the old adage a realtor, a doctor and a priest walk into a diner? it's not an old adage. it's what's happening on "fox & friends" on a sunday morning right after the break. ♪ ♪ i was born a traveling man ♪ ♪ screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed! but ocuvite has vital nutrients to help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- at carvana. ed: we are a few hours away with the town hall with kirsten gillibrand with chris wallace at 7:00 p.m. tonight. todd: pete, you may not know. pete todd his have industry. last time i meet pe hegseth. lois just said to me todd, you are almost as good as pete. those words hurt. and while i can't decide whether or not -- one thing i do know if you have seen
5:47 am
pete's outfit you do know he knows the colonel's secret recipe. thank you. you said gillibrand is quote not appropriate. what do you mean by that? >> i thin she was too far to the left. if she were a moderate she would have a better chance. todd: yelling to impeach what do you think. >> she better change her mind. if she doesn't change her mind the democrats will lose and they will lose big. todd: have i tied pete now. >> yeah, yeah. i'm getting to like you more and more. todd: i have lois. again pete is colonel sanders. your husband is a vet. >> i like she is outspoken against sexual assault and harassment. todd: in the end you are voting for trump and you think whole impeachment thing is wrong. >> bad idea. democrats are angry that hillary lost the election. and they are trying to move this country towards socialism which is not the right thing for our country. todd: thank you, a doctor and veteran.
5:48 am
thank you for your service. you say you are going to vote for anyone who preservative liberty and that doesn't mean socialism, why? >> that's correct. i believe socialism results in the loss of individual liberty. socialist i can leads to dictatorship. what job can you hold and food can you eat. what athletic program you can have and executed you attend. you lose your liberty. certainly they want to take away our right to defend ourselves by the use of having a weapon on us. to have haded to going to come up a lot. gillibrand got a great score from the family and medical leave act and no longer has -- . >> he says i'm going to be excommunicated to the 9:00 a.m. hour. his words not mine. we will talk to him and a few more people in the next hour. his words and not mine. ed: we can't wait to hear from the father and more todd pete history.
5:49 am
pete: if you want to hear a great interview tonight watch our town hall with kirsten gillibrand moderate by chris wallace at 7:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. he will ask the tough questions. jedediah: good stuff. pete: new hit song shut up about politics making a difference. founder and ceo explains how and plus a very special message from john rich. i didn't even know about that. ed: is it about his whiskey. jedediah: i read the packet, pete. ♪ you punc punch left. i punch right. caught up in the middle of a deep swamp fight ♪ some people lie ♪ and some people steal ♪ everybody's talking about the green new deal ♪ shut up ♪ about politics ♪ ain't nothing but a ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new loaded fajitas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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♪ shut up ♪ about politics ♪ ain't nothing but a big pile of dirty tricks ♪ i'm tired of all the fighting ♪ and the pitching fit ♪ shut up ♪ about politics ♪ you punch left ♪ i punch right. jedediah: shut up by b. politics by john rich and co-written by our very own "the five" greg gutfeld taking over the charts and making a difference for our country's heroes. ed: profits going to folds of honor. pete: here is major dan rooney, big friend of the show. thanks for being here this morning. ed: good morning. pete: always love it? >> we are living on salsa time. i know that is your refuge. you have been involved in this project, folds, this song has been number one and number two on itunes, selling out. what's your reaction? >> it's amazing. i was talking to john rich
5:54 am
on the phone. he is in california. he said major dan you don't understand go to number one in the world and after our discussion like so many things associated with folds it's a god thing. my walk with john is so unique and relates to this song is i go to my cousin's over in arkansas for thanksgiving every year. man, this is redneck city. we ride atvs. we drink budweiser and shoot high powered rifles. ed: sounds like pete's saturday. >> it does. my cousin rich and julia live on this big piece of land and their neighbor who is a quarter of a mile away walks over, a fellow by the name of p.j. mcdaniel and he is john rich's partner. that's the moment of sin critical condition misyou have s
5:55 am
donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to folds of honor. john rich calls me about this song another great installment in supporting these families at folds and we know john is a beautiful, god-fearing flag waving unapologetic american. jedediah: we have a special video message from him. let's listen. >> i wear the folds of honor in remembrance of those men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice or became seriously disabled through their sacrifice for this country. i wear the folds of honor thinking about all those families left behind and making sure they don't fall through the cracks. i wear the folds of honor because i'm a proud american. i love this country and i know that we have everything great in this country because of our veterans their act of duty. god bless america. god bless the folds of honor. pete: what a great message. jedediah: yeah.
5:56 am
>> i mean, it's powerful. and you listen to that pete and i heard you in the last segment god bless oggie and his his two daughters. folds of honor will stand with his spouse and two kids to make sure they get an education. while we can't change what's happened we can stand with these families. pete: it's a personal example for me i ne ogie gonzalez. he was killed in a tragic car accident. two sons left and his wife will get to go to college even additional schooling. amazing. human connection on a tragedy. do you testify single day, dan. >> it is. we are honored to stand with them. i think you look at this song shut up about politics. the positive side of this is why are we not talking about faith, family, and freedom. and people can visit folds of ed: that's right, dan. >> get one of john's t-shirts or mine and become
5:57 am
a wing man and we will send it to you. ed: download the songs. number one and 2 on itunes right now. thank you, dan. ♪ shut up about politics ♪ it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts : : .
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6:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ we built this city ♪ we built this city on rock 'n' roll ♪ ♪ we've got competition coming. >> i heard ed say he might even put on his sweatpants was getting serious. >> my shoes have rubber soles. >> that's what i heard. we should go barefoot because in sock to slip on a bouncy house. i know this from experience.
6:01 am
you have, i love the bouncy house. you take your kids. [inaudible] i also have to give a small shout out, little jared, i see you through the camera. you did a good job summing yesterday. there's a lot of division growing on the couch about who's going to win. >> division everywhere. up to at least 55 house democrats now demanding more from that impeachment proceedings begin against president trump nancy pelosi has been going slow on that. when she went out to this liberal confine and others out in san francisco, her home base, this is supposed to be her people. that's important to remember. instead, i think she was a little bit out of step with the progressive base of her party. this is a democratic convention in california, a
6:02 am
big state super tuesday, nancy pelosi starts on her speech and this is what she gets. >> there was an attack on our elections and our democracy itself. president trump calls this a hoax. why is it that the president won't defend our constitutional threats. what is the president covering up? decisions about politics, this is about patriotism. we will go where the facts lead us. we will insist on the truth. [inaudible] >> wow. she has really lost control of her party. i mean as you said, that's san francisco. that's where she comes from and people are going to be applauding her and not booing. you have such a far left wing
6:03 am
of the party that have gained so much traction. i think she's trying to have this practical, rational approach because she doesn't think impeachment will bode well for chances of them getting elected in 2020 and she's trying to rein that in. >> they are a party divided. it's a house divided. they like to call it a handful calling for impeachment credits over 55 now. many of the. [inaudible] are doing it including kamala harris who came on stage after her and said it's time to impeach the president put on display, on that page you've got democrats playing to the base but some of them actually didn't play. as you see nancy close either trying to walk that line thing maybe not impeachment yet. one of the many democratic candidates john hickam looper who sort of carved out a niche as somebody who gets things done, sort of a centrist
6:04 am
democrat, somebody who is for free markets, he stands up and says folks you're going off a cliff if you want to support socialists. they didn't like it. >> if we want to beat donald trump and achieve big aggressive goals, socialism is not the answer. if we aren't careful. [inaudible] we should remove private insurance, we should not try to tackle every american urgent government job, hold on as a democratic party we have to create a vision for this country. >> and when we talked about taking healthcare or private insurance away, that was a swipe at kamala harris who in a cnn town hall weeks ago said that was her idea for medicare for all.
6:05 am
>> he's a moderate. there is no audience for him out where he was in san francisco, but i do think there's an audience within the party and i do think the video clip will be played elsewhere. i think there's a lot of democrats out there that feel completely disconnected from a party that has been labeled the party of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and aoc. they're saying i'm a democrat but i'm not an extremist and they're probably happy to see somebody in the party that at least exist like this and is willing to get up on stage and make a case for a more moderate approach to survive in that party. >> when i see that visual, i see joe biden and he's not there but he was a stand-in for joe biden. he had the courage to go where joe wouldn't go, to say what joe wouldn't say. he's in ohio, doing his thing while he hides from his base in the american people.
6:06 am
it's a general election strategy but when you watch the way he was treated, what is he gonna do in the bi debate question markets can be fascinating. when the question of impeachment comes up when a green new deal comes up, when healthcare money comes up, he has not yet been where the base is. is the base going to boo him on his own debate? that's a really legitimate question because he's not there. there's a big difference between democrats and leftist. >> he knows the left he talks about, he wants to see the mistakes they made in how they play out in the primary. we talked to mike huckabee last hour and he talks about comments on socialism. take a look at this. >> these democrats, there's 374 of them, they're all running against donald trump. i get that. but the truth is, they have to outrun each other before the outrun him and if they don't start coming up with the
6:07 am
contrast, none of them are going to be able to beat joe biden because he's playing it safe, he's playing it smart. he's got his tennis shoes on and he's staying away from them and let them just get eaten up by the buyer when the time comes. good point. can't just run for the second one if you don't win the first one. and yet there's democrat after democrat doubling down on what can i do. it was called the big idea summit. >> it's sort of like buying votes in a way. he wants to give out a thousand dollar baby bond if you vote for him. that's cory booker. listen to his proposal. >> my big idea addresses the wealth inequalities in our country as well as the racial
6:08 am
gap in our country by saying a nation that uses hundreds of billions of dollars to transfer wealth to people that already have it through our tax code, it's about time we target the creation of wealth equally for all people in america. my idea to do that is something called baby bond, making sure every child in america gets an interest-bearing account with the thousand dollars in it. depending on the wealth of your family you get up to $2000 placed into that count every single year. oh you're not in a vote to me oh wait, i've got checks, look every year. it's so desperate. >> with the premise that people are only wealthy because they talk about transfer of wealth due to the tax code, sure there's people who benefit from the tax code, yes, but do people only earn money because of the tax code in the government or is it because of their own hard work, their ingenuity. there's a lot of centers where
6:09 am
they believe in that. he ran a brewery in denver. he was in a rich guy. to say there's this transfer of wealth and so in reaction to that a minute give every kid who's poor or middle-class a thousand dollars a year, by the way you're paying for that. the left always frames things incorrectly. they're talking about income inequality. it's always going to exist. you can have rich and poor, you want to minimize these exacerbations. it's about social mobility. you have a place in this country we can start and end where you want to be. anything that helps that is a good thing. redistribution of wealth is a nonstarter from the beginning. i liked the idea because i thought, everyone that grew, come on. i like to incentivize folks to
6:10 am
have kids. but this is not what he's trying to address. let me give you something as opposed to you want to help kids, let's talk about school choice, talk about economic ac opportunities for parents to go out and keep their hard-earned cash. i'm sorry but there handing somebody a check. that's a temporary solution i won't fix the problem if you have a system that inhibits those people from rising to the top or if they do then they get penalized. >> aren't you talking about the schools in newark, schools you said you were going to fix and you totally abandon, talk about income equality. >> isn't there income inequality for black and hispanic people in this country. >> that's what they're talking about. >> we begin with a fox alert. they crashed into a tourist vote in italy. video posted on twitter showing people running for
6:11 am
their life as a massive ship smashes into a dock. five people are injured. the crews ship owner said there was an mechanical problem when trying to dock. >> hundreds attend vigils to remember the 12 victims killed in a mass shooting in virginia beach. the mayor praising the officers who took out the shooter after a gunfight. >> there is one thing that is most evident that has come abou about. we, in virginia beach are a city of heroes. >> a long time city employee open fire inside a municipal building, killing 11 city weepers and a contractor. the family posted handwritten note at their home expressing their heart felt condolences. >> president trump doubles down on his threat to punish mexico. he tweeted this morning, people have been saying for years that we should talk to mexico. the problem is mexico is an abuser of the united states,
6:12 am
taking but never giving. it has been this way for decades. either they stop the invasion by drug dealers, cartels, human traffickers and illegal immigrants with which they can do easily or many companies and jobs that have been foolishly allowed to move south of the border will be brought back into the united states through taxation, tariffs, america has had enough. the president has suggested he's open to tightening borders. the reigning champ isn't just a winner on camera, he's also winning big in his community. james whole power donating $10000 to a nonprofit that helps keep kids in school. jeopardy james has made several donations since starting his 31 game win streak. they have one nearly $2.4 million putting him just behind ken jennings. >> i think ken 160 times her robe. he made that just 30. >> that's a lot of money. he gambles and goes for the big dollars.
6:13 am
he finds the daily doubles and makes big money. >> jeopardy is not easy. if you can make that kind of money you are one smart cookie. straight ahead, we go inside the terror tunnel network that exists and has blood. they're under threat every school day. it'sry will only see here, comingse up. mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens.
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6:16 am
welcome back. there does sending for the california convention with one big exception, joe biden wasn't there, going it alone in ohio. it comes days after headline reported on his campaign of limited exposure. what's the strategy here? let's ask fox news contributor to president obama, robert wolf, you've met with a lot of candidates. >> have met with 12 or 13 of them. >> it goes up every time i talk to. >> it does. i know you're in the midst with this. is this a campaign of limited exposure? joe biden skip this
6:17 am
convention, super tuesday, the democrats are all there, he decides to go to ohio. >> a couple things. he's not skipping california. he's been there many times, certainly during the midterms. >> but for this event, 14 showed up, it was a very progressive event and the vice president had a commitment for human rights campaign during pride month to speak about lgbtq concerns so i don't know, listen i think he's going to spend a huge amount of time in california. the event yesterday was a great event. kamala harris had an amazing day and obviously beto or rourke got a lot of applause and cory booker. >> so the progressives got a good response but john hicken looper goes to the stage and says america shouldn't be a socialist country and he gets booed. if biden went there with his more centrist approach, would he not have gotten the same reception. >> it would've been interesting to see their reception, but remember, he's going to do very wellin
6:18 am
california. you have the vice president bernie sanders, kamala harris, all in the top three in california. a lot of that is probably name recognition. i think that's why the vice president of the need to go to every one of these events. there's 14 people on stage, he doesn't need to be the 15th. my guess is when he goes he will have his own stage. i do think yesterday showed that a lot of the party, at least 30% is in the popular space. whether it's about the green new deal or medicare for all, certainly yesterday there is a lot about impeaching donald trump which the vice president is not there. >> put yourself in the first debate. do you remember when trump was running, the crowd, the reaction, a lot of the response from the media would be from that. imagine the stage with joe biden there with other progressives, topics like socialism and impeachment, green new deal, medicare for all. what happens when the vice president doesn't call for impeachment, doesn't say he loves socialism. is he going to get booed by his own party for those
6:19 am
debate. >> he may but that's not about where you can be victorious. he's for climate change, he's just not where the green new deal is. he's pretty immigration reform, he's work on reform, he's for healthcare, you don't need to be for medicare for all. i don't think medicare parole is something that we can transition. >> i think for democrats those are far more reasonable positions, but you know the bas base, energy with the base and primaries is critically important. even if you have high name id, getting dismissed is never good. >> there's no question but i think during this time, listen, socialism is, in my opinion, it's not the way to go for our country. that being said we have to find out how do we make capitalism good for all trickle down economics is not working. no disrespect for the president. >> you deny we have a robust
6:20 am
economy and wages are girl going up and unemployment is going down. >> i would respectfully disagree on some of that. the economy is doing better, no question, i'm happy about that. i'm glad gdp is better. real wages haven't really moved. with respect to the economy, listen, 76 months in a row we have had job gains with president obama. we have 27 with president trump that's a good trajectory. let's also be clear, one out of two people cannot afford their college tuition. 1.4trillion of student loans, for out of ten cannot afford an emergency so there's no question economy is doing better. trickle down economics is not making the middle class richer. they're actually feeling poor. if i was on the debate stage, i would actually go to the president and say, i would challenge some of these policies. >> i know they will do that.
6:21 am
tariffs are not a great policy. we don't have enough time, president trump doubling down on those tariffs we just talked about against mexico. what will he do and will it work? thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying?
6:22 am
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6:25 am
men who lost their life. it began the liberation of france from nazi control. on friday, the women's world cup kicks off right here on fox. our family of networks. she will be joining us in the u.s. begins its title defense on tuesday, june 11 against thailand and it's going to be awesome. good stuff. >> this week mexican officials set to sit down with the trump administration to discuss looming tariffs as the president doubles down on his threat. >> earlier he tweeted, people have been saying for years we should talk to mexico. the problem is mexico is an abuser of the united states, taking but never giving. it's been this way for decades. either they stop the invasion of our country by drug dealers, cartels and illegal immigrants which they can do very easily or many companies and jobs that have been foolishly allowed to move
6:26 am
south of the border will be brought back in the united states through taxation and tariffs. america has had enough. >> cured away in maria bartiromo. >> qc the case he's trying to make? then i made comments he's trying to make. they said months ago if there's a trade war this is going to wipe out the benefits of the tax cut. this is a presidential supporter. how does he balance this the fact that we now may have trade wars with china and mexico. >> the president once leverage in this leverage that he has used so far in all of these disputes has been tariffs. so far they have been working. the idea to put tariffs on steel and aluminum all over the world and in any port where it's coming in is really to do with china because china was producing all of the steel
6:27 am
and aluminum and getting it into america through different part ports. he had to put it on everybody so there would be no loophole for china. also on the situation of the border, when you say people are seeking asylum, that means they are fleeing their country where they are staying they are being harassed, they could be beaten, et cetera. when you seek asylum you're supposed to do that in the first country that you arrive outside of your own country. that would be mexico. but they're not. they are bypassing mexico and coming into america. a lot of the people that i interviewed when i went to the border in el paso, they were saying things like what are you playing, what was happening, why do you need to flee and go for asylum. they say we really weren't fleeing anything we just want better opportunities for my kids. i think my daughter would have a better situation in america. that's sort of the backdrop. there is a risk they get for the delays and that's really the bigger risk because the president is already facing
6:28 am
pressure from the democrats. they don't want to give him a victory regardless of what it is. now he's picking a fight with mexico. that could be an issue, however the fact that they're having a summit this week, i have a lot of optimism. i think they will come and mexico will say something even if it's just like let's put a band-aid on it, mexico will do something to avoid tariffs. they're not in place until june 10. they have a little wiggle room. >> what's coming up on your show. you always have a great lineup. >> all of the people that i'm talking to today have talked about these very issues. we are going to have an exclusive with the vice president to talk about the border, talk about china and mexico and he reiterated, there gonna talk to kevin mccarthy. he's going back to work next week for the first time in dealing with the tone after mueller he will talk to us before that. were talking with john radcliffe, the former federal prosecutor, house judiciary committee, will talk about mueller as well as bill barr.
6:29 am
he's had a long time, i just want to get to work. i don't want these impeachment conversations happening. then we end with former attorney general and he's got a thing or two to say about what took place last week. i think were going to break some news. >> interesting. they were not in session last week so you can get reaction. >> i'm so curious about that impeachment. i think it's a lot stronger than nancy pelosi would like it to b be. at scooters, would you take this to work? could pogo sticks be a new option for commuting in your town? plus it's time to compete. we take on. [inaudible]
6:30 am
no matter when you retire, ensure you still have income every month of your retirement, guaranteed. see how lincoln can help.
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dramatic story, closing off a secret passageway into israel that was built by terrorists. >> there looking at attack tunnels. what's being done to fend off the ever-growing threat. >> good morning, a lot of
6:34 am
regional tension with iran and there is concern that proxies could attack israel or u.s. troops in the region. they have an estimated 25000 active fighters just along the northern border. we did get to take a look inside some of these tunnels recently dug into israel. >> we are lowered by the israeli military hundreds of feet underground. it structures were discovered by israel a few months ago to prevent infiltration into the country. >> just a few feet behind me, the country of lebanon fighters dug this tunnel in an effort to prepare for the ground operation into northern israel. fighters dug only a mile into israel, working in shifts for many years to cut through the rock and stone underground.
6:35 am
[inaudible] part still seen in the attack tunnel dug by the militant group from lebanon into israel, you can see this machine used to carveout the wall of this tunnel. they use this rail system to transport material to where they were digging at the time. if you look up here come you can actually see a phone line used by the fighters for communication throughout the tunnel. after we were given access to these tunnels, they were mostly destroyed by the israeli military, although has below leadership says if a war erupts, they will have a number of surprises in store both from underground and from the airport back to you think about people working in shifts for years in mile-long tunnels just to kill jews and attack. that's what hazlitt is doing. >> all the communication. >> amazing insight.
6:36 am
i can't imagine. great job. were going to turn to headlines. new developments in the case of a missing connecticut mother of five. police now questioning and taking dna staples from the estranged husband of jennifer julia. the case is being treated as a homicide investigation after traces of blood were found in her home. she disappeared last friday after dropping her kids off at school. she reportedly lived in fear of her estranged husband while going through a bitter divorce. hundreds of guatemalans are reportedly ignoring warnings to stay home and heading towards the u.s. anyway. they even built a monument dedicated to order crossers. more banquets coming just a week after u.s. officials step up border security. mexico's president is also suggesting he's open to tighter border restrictions there. greg abbott gives a green might to a new law banning red light cameras. >> i'm about to sign this bill that bans red light cameras in
6:37 am
texas. the cameras automatically take pictures of drivers who run through red lights. they invade privacies and take away the right to due process. hundreds of pogo sticks deployed, their challenging. [inaudible] hundreds relaunched in the city last year but people complain they block the sidewalks. the company hopes they launch pogo sticks by the fall. no one is going to do that ever.
6:38 am
>> i think this is a complete story that were being pumped. it's like an onion story or something and were all falling for it. >> that could actually happen. would you commute on a pogo stick to school. >> yes. >> okay, maybe it's all true. let's talk about the weather. we've got so much going on across so much of the country including the flooding, these are all the flood gauges across the missouri, arkansas, mississippi and many gauges are in major flood stage, some close to 93 levels. no significant rain in that area today but it is coming. we have one line that can move across that will cause a quick hour-long rainstorm for everybody. aside from that were looking pretty good. we have storms across the central plains and over the next number of days, take a look at what happens. the exact area that is waterlogged and flooding, this week, more rain returns and will see some spots in a lot
6:39 am
of areas in the 2 - 4-inch. that will be problematic. these are your temps down across the southeast, no big break, 93 in orlando. we got one pogo stick taker. what you think? i'm a kid at heart. there's a lot of kids hard out there. >> meanwhile this rotc unit is setting an example, not what pogo sticks but there inspiring all cadets to reach even greater heights. cadets from the navy junior rotc program were named the most outstanding unit in the nation. and some of their all-stars are here onset, nicole and gregory join us now. congratulations. what an amazing honor. >> have had a chance to spend some time with the program in the past, what makes you guys different and special.
6:40 am
>> what makes you successful. >> to have me in charge, that's a tough one to answer your clearly doing something right here. >> when i arrived there 12 years ago, i saw the potential and basically figured out a way to unlock it. they are willing to work hard, i have a lot of great administrator support, parent support and when you put all that together, you should not fail. >> nicole, what's the toughest part. it seems like it might be a little tough for me, tell me, be honest. >> i think the hardest part about all of it is learning how to balance everything. there's so much that goes on to becoming the best in working with your cadets and sharing that everything is getting done, setting up a plan, planning was honestly the key in getting everything done. >> how old are you question might. >> 18 in the battalion commander. it comes with a lot of
6:41 am
responsibility and it sometimes lacking in our culture today. >> we emphasize continually that this is a citizenship program. how are you a good citizen? a good citizen is involved. they know what's going on. even at their small level, their town, they're willing to pitch in and help just to help out, make their communities better. we emphasize to all of them, look you want to be smart, academics want to be strong, physical fitness and self-discipline. that's the drill and all the other things we do. pete is an army guy. is there anything you want to teach him besides reading. [laughter] >> we salute everything you have done. >> hundred 91 in the program. it's a wonderful town in new jersey, one town over from where i live, great folks
6:42 am
there. congratulations. you are the best. tonight is the fox news town hall. the democratic candidate kiersten children. we will check back in with him only come up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ we could be heroes ♪ ♪ ♪ and dessert, starting at $14.99. hurry in for this complete dinner before it's completely gone. and try our everyday lunch combos, starting at $7.99. who used expedia to book the vacation rental
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welcome back, some quick headlines. the hiker who got lost in a hawaiian forest apologizes for not taking her phone with her. >> never my intention to put anyone in harm's way or to require rescue efforts because of my irresponsibility. >> amanda ellis spent 17 days in the poorest before being
6:46 am
rescue rescued. want to get paid to date around the world? that's a new position being offered by the dating app bumble. the company is looking for someone adventurous and creative to be a global connector b. the deadline to apply is june 14. not a bad gig. we are just hours away from the fox news town hall with democrat and presidential hopeful kiersten gibran in iowa. >> having a little breakfast with friends in dubuque. >> good morning again. let's leave it off with father richard, lead us off in a debate on 2020. not prayer but that's later. when you think of kiersten gibran, you said you're very excited to go to tonight's town hall. why. >> i want to hear her positions on some moral questions and on socialism and on the chinese and i'm really
6:47 am
looking forward to hearing what she has to say. >> when i ask about fox news doing town hall you said it's awesome, you want to see more of it. what does it mean to have a town hall here in dubuque? >> i just think fox is the more objective and i like the questions in the style of chris wallace. he's really what a moderator should be instead of somebody promoting somebody's viewpoint one way or the other thank you for your time. we appreciate it. armor small business owner, what was the name of your business. >> lottie doc coffee bar. what do you think of john brown. >> i think she's in a negative situation and a non- contender why did you say it's over. >> with all the millions of dollars that we spent and everything else, if they had
6:48 am
something to get him on, they would've gotten it and it's not there. >> understood. >> paul is an army veteran. thank you for your service. you said gibran is not experienced enough, why. >> you never heard her until she ran for president and she comes from new york and i will know more after the shakeout. >> i can change my mind. >> you say you hate this push to socialism. you told me vets before illegals. why is that your slogan. >> they come home and the va, you can ask hildebrand if she thanks the va is doing a great service to our veterans and if she would change anything, what would it be.
6:49 am
>> all right, that's the question from paul renoir. father richard thank you very much. we've had a great time in dubuque. give yourself a round of applause. a big night tonight, chris wallace on the channel. christian jell-o brand that will be a great time, you will learn a lot. >> well done. tell paul i agree, vets before illegals. summer is here and that means a new season of competition between these two, ed and pete. [laughter] he made a basket there. we made an obstacle course. who's gonna win? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new loaded fajitas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. applebee's new loaded fajitas. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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6:53 am
redemption. >> yes. nice. the battle between pete and ed is only heating up as we head into the summer season. here we have the owner of bounce around in this inflatable course. tell me about your company. >> it's 20 years old this month and because of the trump tax cuts, awesome economy, people have more money, they spend more money on this. i've got ask you guys a question. why doesn't president trump wear glasses question my keys are ready got 2020. [laughter] what is this competition gonna look like? should we line them up. were going all the way through, if you want you can
6:54 am
start right here and you can tackle them. you want some headgear. >> before you start, can you give them one tip quest marketing they're going to need it, just one secret. >> move fast. >> i disagree, small entrance flow is smooth, smooth is fast. when you get to the top take a hard right okay come over and accounted down, three, two, one, go ♪ ♪ he's already up on the wall, go pete wears ed.
6:55 am
he's heading through to the final wall climb at the end. will he make it up the wall? here's ed. he's hit the wall. he's near the top. ed is gaining, he's right on it, come on. he's coming down the slide. he's got to get down the slide. look at that. he is cheering ed up. come on ed, you can do it. this is team righ teamwork right here on fox and friends. you're doing it. you've got it. he's getting up that wall, the audience behind us is cheering for ed to get up the wall. look at that. he extends her hand. they both get up to the top of the wall. here comes. he makes it to the bottom of the slide followed by ed, while you got a trophy. what was it like. >> thank you so much.
6:56 am
they're keeping me active. ed's coming around my mom is a huge fan. it's not easy to climb. he got smoked. where is ed? here comes ed here he comes, come on down what was the hardest part? ♪ ♪ ♪ serts.
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7:00 am
that was amazing. that was fun. a great weekend. good sunday morning. welcome. thanks for joining me. straightahead right here, vice president mike pence sitting down with me exclusively just hours before president trump plans to slap mexico with new tariffs. he's talking about immigration and why he's concerned about censorship and it could play a role in 2020. john radcliffe is here. he sits on the house judiciary committee on whether robert mueller will ever testify.


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