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tv   The Amazing World of Gumball  FOX News  June 21, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> up about it all back up daniels. >> the news as morning and one hour, could get a key decision from the u.s. supreme court could have a major impact on the election of 2020. the justices may issue about whether a question about citizenship can be included on the senses. either way, he could have a significant implication on the future for american politics. we are keeping a close eye on that. and bring it to you as it gets handed down next hour. if fox news confirming that president trump ordered air strikes on iran last night, then called them off at the last minute. big questions this hour, why and what happens next as we say good morning on a busy friday here, welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemmer.
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>> sarah: good morning to you everyone, targeting several iranian assets when the call came to stand down. if all of this coming after an american drone was shot out of this guy sending washington into a frenzy. >> this drone was in international waters and it made a very bad mistake. i find it hard to believe it was intentional, it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid. >> whatever it was, it was iranian. how we go forward from here has to be strategic and smart and in close alliance with our allies. >> to get trump back to negotiating, they're trying to use hostile acts as a means to do that. if they are successful, that becomes the template for other outlawed regimes and terrorist
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organizations. to my former cia station chief dan hoffman is standing by but first lucas tomlinson. >> officials say it at the u.s. military counterattack has been paused but they are not ruling out strikes today were in the last night, strikes were called off and is not immediately clear why. today, iranian state tv show this video claiming what it shows to be the wreckage of the drone was flying in a space. if the second time they have fired on u.s. drones and this time, they were successful for shooting down a drone with over $100 million. if iran is not denying it took action. they were competing narratives about where the drone was flying when it was shot down. iran's foreign minister chose this hand drawn map with cornice that would've put the drone about 8 miles off the coast of iran which is an iranian interspace. the pentagon responded with a map showing a flight path path of its own and denied the drone was flying over iranian territory claiming it was in
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international airspace 20 miles from iranian shores when it was shot down. president trump has not ruled out taking action. >> this is a new wrinkle, a new fly in the ointment what happened, shooting down the drone. in this country will not stand for it, that i can tell you. >> the iranians releases a video of a missile he used to shoot down the high-altitude american drone with a wingspan the size of a boeing 737. late last night, the faa released a statement prohibiting u.s. aircraft from falling over the persian gulf, the area where i ran shot down the american drone. as you can see from its flight tracker radar, there has been a steep drop in commercial airline traffic. today, iranian officials said it almost shot down an american risk reconnaissance aircraft, they said they held fire. >> sandra: lucas tomlinson at the pentagon, thank you. >> bill: >> bill: data hoffman,r
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cia station chief in fox news contributor, good morning to you. a few direct and straightforward questions. first, why pull back last night? >> the trump administration imposed maximum economic sanctions on iran to drive them back to the bargaining table so that we could ask that very flawed and nuclear deal which the obama administration negotiated and if i were to engage in a little bit of speculation is that the administration was prepared to launch a retaliatory strike last night but that they might have wanted to give iran one last opportunity to come back to the negotiating table before doing so. to start those negotiations or make it clear that we are ready, the president has stated so publicly, baby took some other action last night to pull us back from the brink before we launched our own kinetic action. >> bill: i'm just looking at the twitter feed here in the president is firing off at least two, maybe three of these. let me digest these in a moment
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that we will continue our discussion here. if the future possibility for strike has not been rolled out which i think you would agree with, what could or what would be? >> let's be clear, we haven't struck yet but we absolutely can if we were not to strikes, that would also deliver a very serious message to iran and then other enemies we face around the world. as far as the strike that we might be looking at targets, missile sites, radar batteries which iran's revolutionary guard corps which launched the attack on our drone, we would hit those sites as a proportional response. if that would probably make the most sense. it doesn't mean that iran wouldn't themselves then retaliate, but that would be a flexible proportional response. >> bill: i'm going to read for tweets in a moment but if we don't hit back, how does iran take that, how did they react? >> iran has been gradually
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escalating their nuclear blackmail threat. on may 8th, they threaten to enrich uranium to weapons grade level if they didn't receive sections relief in two months in that deadline is july 8th. they've been watching kinetic attacks in the persian gulf, so i would expect iran to continue to launch increasingly escalatory attacks if we don't respond. that's the risk that we run but we don't want to draw ourselves and i ran into a war that neither of us want. >> bill: here it is in real time from the west wing. for tweets here, i will read them off the air. president obama made a desperate and terrible deal with iran and give them $150 billion plus $1.8 billion in cash, i read was in big trouble and he bailed them out. give them a free pass to nuclear weapons and soon instead of saying thank you, iran's yelled death to america. i terminated the deal which was not even ratified by congress and impose strong sanctions. they are much weakened nation
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today when they are causing major problems throughout the middle east. on monday, they shot down an unmanned drone flying in international waters. retaliating last night on three different saying how many will die? how 150 people. if tim is before the strike, i stopped it. if not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. i am in no hurry, our military has rebuilt, new and ready to go. by far the best of the world. sanctions are biting and more added last night. if iran can have nuclear weapons, not against the usa and not against the world." that from the president one moment ago. a clear position that this administration wants to prevent iran from going nuclear. >> let's be clear that iran struck one of our unmanned
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drones. they have not struck any of our u.s. ships, they have not targeted u.s. servicemen and women in the gulf, and so the president felt like if he were to take an action which caused iranian death, they would be further escalating this engagement with iran and drawing the risk of a war that neither country. if they were to launch an all-out war, that would be regime suicide. i think the undercurrent and with the president is saying is there's an off-ramp here but time is wasting. iran can come back to the negotiating table, fix that flawed nuclear deal, deal with the sunset clause, the sponsor of terrorism along with their ballistic missile capability but time is running out. if the president has made that clear. >> bill: it is clear that he wants to sit down with the leaders of that country. do you see that happening? >> there was no indication that iran is ready to do that just yet. they certainly have had every opportunity to do it.
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if the sanctions or crippling their economy and causing them to make some decisions about where to put their money, whethr to invest it internally, domestically, or to pay for their proxy militias like proxy militias in iraq. this is a challenge for iran i don't quite seem to reach the tipping point when they're ready to negotiate and that's why where we are at right now is so dangerous. >> bill: terrific analysis, thank you. we will come back a bit later today when there's more news on that. it >> sandra: meanwhile, this morning we are expecting to hear more about the deaths of american tourists in the dominican republic. confirmed two more u.s. citizens have died while being on vacation in the caribbean. health officials insist autopsy results will reveal nothing mysterious took place, but we are still waiting for that information to be made public.
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live in a dominican republic with more on what we are learning there. >> good morning. we are learning about a press conference of going to be held today at the ministry of tourism in about two hours and yesterday, the minister of tourism sent fox news a statement saying they conducted some tests on their own. if he said those results from whatever test they've conducted could be ready on friday or on monday, but the calling of this press conference today would suggest that maybe those results already today. all of this happening just after an 11's death was announced that's happened in the span of about 12 months. the latest involving a louisiana woman who was honeymooning in the dominican republic. then returned home and died. the numbers keep going up surrounding the semi mysterious cases. if it's only causing more concern among tourist which is a big part of the economy here. >> i would assume more press
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release going on at but as of now and not a lot of information has been found out. if there's a lot of rumors being circulated, so i wanted to be addressed and address correctly. >> new jersey congressman echoing that sentiment in a way he sent a formal letter to the fbi and the state department asking for more consistent updates and that the that the state department go ahead and reassess the current travel advisory. the congressman says he's going to be planning a trip to the dominican republic next month, that's in july and also when we should expect possibly the results from some toxicology test from the fbi that they have been insisting involving three of the deaths that have happened in the past 12 months. thank you. >> bill: is looking at these tweets again, a few phrases stick out in my eye. cocked and loaded last night, no hurry, and asked the question as to how many people die and the answer came 150 from one of the
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generals. >> sandra: so it leaves a big question, what will the response be from the united states? we expect to learn more as hours go on this morning. >> bill: mike pompeo is going to be at the white house this morning and in the meantime, this happening in california. >> today, for the first time, somebody went to one of these witnesses and actually asked the real question, what is the cause of death? and what we learned, chief gallagher is not guilty of murder. murder. >> bill: this was bombshell testimony in the trial of a decorated navy seal accused of war crimes. a witness testifying that he was the one who killed the nicest prisoner and not the accused eddie gallagher. so where does that title go next? >> sandra: plus, a huge explosion blocking a major u.s. city after an oil refinery goes up in flames. we will tell you what's that that boy is off. >> bill: also, joe biden trying to ease tensions with fellow democrats on the left. this has gone the racial. we will tell you why next.
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6:17 am
tensions over his remarks over working with segregationists in the senate. biden did not apologize despite calls from several candidates to do so. "wall street journal" editorial page assistant editor and fox news contributor, good morning to you. the headline of your paper, joe biden's race card education prayed he preaches political stability and the left says he is soft on segregation. some might consider this friendly fire. >> certainly fire from within the democratic party and his rivals for the nomination, he is a leader. he is previously playing the race card against republicans and now it is people in his own party taking a shot at him. >> bill: here is what cory booker says, the second graphic year. corey share directly what he said publicly, including helping vice president biden understand why it's painful to so many. cory believe the vice president biden should take responsibility for what he said and apologized
6:18 am
to those who were hurt. booker was on cnn the other night saying you don't joke about calling black men boy. >> that's right, this is from a common biden made it a fund-raiser, referring to a couple of jim crow democrats that he worked with when he first got to the senate in the early 1970s. he said one of them never called me boy, but he did call me son. the larger point he was trying to make was that sometimes you have to work with people even when you vehemently disagree with them, but his reference to them, just really racist segregationist senators have so many of his democratic rivals upset about the comments. >> bill: let me go back to "the wall street journal" piece aired joe biden is not a conservative but he is learning what it feels like to be one. no reasonable person would
6:19 am
interpret this as racially insensitive and was immediately censured by his democratic competitors as though he had defended jim crow. they are going to be on stage in less than a week's time. >> he was trying to say you have to work with people, i want to work with people but maybe he should take this lesson to heart as well but he called the vice president mike pence a decent guy. essentially retracted that when he was under pressure from the left, so i think given that he has the front runner, he can expect to have more of this discussion at the debates and on the campaign trail. >> bill: have a great weekend. >> sandra: a brazen attack at the phoenix airport, brand-new video showing a man storming through security and assaulting tsa officers. what happened next? we will have that straight-ahea
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6:24 am
frustration grew at that point, really going to take back. >> sandra: a little bit too far there. a victory for religious liberty yesterday, the supreme court ruling that a 40-foot world war i memorial piece cross does not violate the separation of church and state allowing it to remain standing on public land outside of washington. let's bring in our panel, general counselor and american legion national judge advocate. great to have both of you here this morning. i'll start with you first, what did you make of the ruling? >> this is a great victory for us. we have six votes to overturning bad precedent that was really terrorizing our veterans memorials for decades, so we think we actually put the nail on the coffin of this against veterans memorial. >> sandra: the supreme court
6:25 am
ruling on the cross and the way the justices win on this. the majority seven of the nine justices agree that that cross should stand in the point is, it's not just that cross but others like it as well. >> that's correct. if you go to our web site for the american legion, we have almost 3,000 memorials that have been identified by our members throughout the nation. this memorial for this grave site for these 49 heroes from world war i will stay, many people and american legion same mission accomplished. i say let's continue identifying more of them and preserve them for future generations. >> sandra: a look at the headlines here in "the wall street journal," this is the editorial board there. they write this morning justices liberate a public cross, a step towards reviving the proper meaning of the establishment clause, which the justices determined ultimately prohibits
6:26 am
the government from establishing an official religion or favoring one religion over the other. today, obviously or yesterday with this ruling, they rejected that argument. >> they certainly did. we have seven votes to preserve this memorial but we had crucially six votes to overturn decades of precedent that really was terrorizing these veterans memorials and threatening them with destruction we have a lot of cases that are going to be affected, the ten commandments memorial in arkansas and many other memorials and monuments that are going to be affected by this, not just veterans memorial. if you can learn more about those cases at our web site. >> sandra: this is been a long progress >> sandra: process coming leading up to the decision yesterday. the aclu blasted the decision as a blow to the separation of church and state. i will go to you on this. here is their statement.
6:27 am
it sends an obvious message of religious favoritism in today's decision holding otherwise deeply disappointing. wanted to get your response to that. >> that is deeply disappointing to the american legion as a whole. for over 100 years now as we celebrate our 100th anniversary, one of the things that we wanted to do was preserve the memories and instances of the great wars. this cross, this memorial is a tribute to those 49 people just like the other memorials that you can find throughout this country. if we start tearing down these memorials, these tributes, these remembrances were veterans, i don't see an end to it. it's really sad that people think that we have to do that and punish people that have given them the right to be able to say that. veterans are here fighting for you, they fought for you just like the people overseas are doing today or do we have to
6:28 am
help their families, we need to take care of this and preserve this. and keep moving forward. >> sandra: i know vice president mike pence put out a statement saying the cross will continue to stand as a reminder of the bravery and devotion to our country by those who fought in world war i, today's decision honors our fallen heroes of the symbols of faith that commemorate their sacrifice. great to have you want with us this morning, thank you for being here. >> bill: one of the decisions handed down by the supreme court. next hour, we could get a decision on a case that may impact the future of politics and executive power in america. if that happens, we will take you live to the supreme court and bring that to you then. >> sandra: plus, shocking testimony and the edward gallagher court-martial case and says the prosecution witness said on the stand yesterday that he killed the ices prisoner the navy seal is accused of murdering. so what happens now in this cas case? >> i think there are things when
6:29 am
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>> we heard from a lot of people who have colluded for over two years to take down my husband, so to hear today that someone has finally had the bravery to stand up for the truth was refreshing after all of these years. >> bill: that is the wife of a man on trial after a box bombshell revelation. testifying on the stand that he killed a young ices prisoner and not the navy seal on trial. fox coverage now, fill up holloway has the legal side of this. the one to start with jonathan hunt reporting on that trial in san diego, california.
6:33 am
hello to you. >> good morning to you. it was truly a moment right out of a hollywood scripted court to see the way team seven member cory scott set on the witness stand it was not has prosecutors alleged, chief edward gallagher gallagher's knife that killed the ices fighter with whom he is charged of murder, but it was in fact done by scott's own hands with scott saying and i quote, i held my thumb over his tube until he quit breathing. meeting scott blocked a breathing tube that had been inserted into the fighter's throat and asphyxiated him. with that, prosecutors suddenly had to treat their own witness as hostile and they accused scott of protecting gallagher by making the story up after scott got immunity from prosecution saying scott never said anything about killing the prisoner in any of his previous interviews
6:34 am
with investigators and adding you can lie about the fact that you killed the ices prisoner because you don't want chief gallagher to go to jail, to which scott replied i don't want him to go to jail. after that extraordinary day in court, chief gallagher walked out with his attorneys and family and his wife predicted her husband will soon be exonerated. she also lashed out at those she says have done so much damage to her family. >> they suffered, my son was pulled out at gunpoint, my daughter had to live without her father. this is the worst-case scenario of what you can expect as a military family after nearly 20 years of service. >> defense attorneys are now suggesting that the u.s. navy simply drop the case. the navy issued a statement saying emphatically they will not mean that, and it is up to the jury to decide the
6:35 am
credibility of all these witnesses. >> bill: jonathan hunt, thank you from san diego. >> sandra: how will the bombshell impact the rest of this trial? let's bring in philip holloway. good morning to you. hope a lot changed since we last spoke. that was a bombshell in that courtroom yesterday and no one saw that coming. >> this was truly the perry mason moment that most criminal defense attorneys wish for but they never see in their careers. but that being said, i think it's a little bit premature for chief gallagher and his family to celebrate. this is not a complete exoneration but i do think it's time for the navy to hit the pause button on this case to take a few days to stop, to reassess, to figure out just what happens and what this means with respect to their overall case. one of the first questions at the navy needs to figure out is why were prosecutors surprised? where they surprised because they were focused with laser
6:36 am
beam intensity just as the defense has alleged on chief gallagher? or were they surprised because this was a witness who was now testifying with an agenda designed to run their train right off the tracks? that has to be one of the first things that prosecutors need to figure out before i think they should move forward with this trial. >> sandra: the key part of this as he was testifying that key prosecution witness cory scott, seal team seven medic, he was testifying with immunity. so there's one point that you're making that he surprise the prosecution with this, that he did not tell them this in the preinterviewing process, it's another thing that now some are making the case that he decided to do this, he said he did not want to see gallagher jail so he can say this on the stand that he killed him and that he gallagher doesn't go to jail. >> 's immunity has to do with
6:37 am
his testimony. if they can't use his testimony against him. hypothetically, they want to try to prosecute scott for this murder, it would be a practical impossibility. but theoretically, it's not. if they had some other independent evidence i could support a case against scott, theoretically they could make it because he did not get transactional immunity. let's go back and look at the big picture here. gallagher is accused of things in addition to the charges with respect to this ices fighter. he is a war crimes that are unrelated to what scott's testimony had been about so far. he is accused of indiscriminately shooting at civilians, he is accused of obstructing the investigation and even accused of charges related to illegal drug use, so there's a lot left here for this jury to consider and in the end, it's going to be up to the jury to determine the credibility of all witnesses. i will say this, if it appears to this jerry that this witness was testifying with an agenda
6:38 am
against the prosecution in favor of the defense, it actually could backfire and damage the defense credibility in the overall defense case, so it's premature for gallagher and his team to call this exoneration because it is far from that. >> sandra: as you heard from a reporter they were on the ground he was inside the house does happen, and he gallagher and his wife and a mode hugging and smiling after that happen, gallagher's attorney who has been on this network several times to this case said at the news conference "he is expecting a not guilty verdict." do you? >> i think it's too early to tell. i understand the defense counsel wants to put on the best possible face, not only for immediate purposes but their clients have confidence going forward so i understand that the looking at it from the 10,000-foot level, there's a lot
6:39 am
more left of this trial, there were other charges that are unrelated completely to what payoffs are testified to you. i think this is a little bit premature to celebrate if you're the defense because there's a lot more of this trial left in the navy so far intends to go forward. >> sandra: to be clear, that star witness testified yesterday during that bombshell moment that he did see eddie gallagher stabbed that ices prisoner so the navy is still pursuing murder charges here so we will watch where this all goes. what a day that was in court yesterday. we really appreciate your time. thank you. >> with the first pick in a 2019 nba draft, the new orleans pelicans select zion williamson. >> bill: how about that? the most dominant force in college hoops goes pro, zion williamson number one overall pick last night bringing a new hope to the city of new orleans,
6:40 am
quite the emotional night for him as well. have a listen. i didn't think i would be in this position. my mom sacrificed a lot for me. i wouldn't be here without my mom. if she did everything for me and i just want to thank her. >> bill: that is beautiful stuff. the pelicans need help too. he is said he is looking forward to helping to turn things around in new orleans. beautiful stuff right there. we were hoping he came to new york. i was a longtime fan, cheering for that for six months but they got his teammate rj barrett with the third pick, they got five starters from that team. three of the top ten of that nba draft last night from duke. impressive. >> sandra: and a big thanks to mom there, got to love that. >> bill: in new orleans, you're welcome, by the way. >> sandra: president trump taking aim at the fbi saying
6:41 am
investigators are looking into whether he was spied on during the 2016 campaign. brand-new reaction next hour from all the headliners, making member of the house oversight committee congressman jim jordan will be here. >> bill: plus brand-new reaction from the president on iran. when he is saying this morning, marc thiessen reacting to that up next. >> what i'm really appalled by is all the people in washington who were spending so much time trying to blame donald trump for this escalation of tensions. donald trump didn't put our mind on a japanese oil tanker or shoot down a u.s. drone. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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6:45 am
stopped it. not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. i am in no hurry. sanctions are biting and more added last night, iran can never have nuclear weapons, not against the usa, not against the world. fox news contributor, good morning to you. he also cohost a brand-new podcast called what the hell is going on? pretty good title. here reaction from the west wing so far this hour. >> trump is exercising strategic patience, he was right not to retaliate yet and the reason for that is first of all, he doesn't have to show that he's willing to use force because he's demonstrated his willingness to use force twice in syria already and second of all, his administration has drawn a very clear redline with the iranians. delivered a message that a single american is killed by iran or its proxies, it would be a disproportionate military response so i don't think it's a coincidence that they bombed a
6:46 am
japanese tanker, not an american tanker. they shot down an unmanned drone has the president pointed out is that they're being very careful because they don't want to war with the united states. with fact that he was ready to go and then called it off at the last minute because it was disproportionate should actually be a message to iran that if you kill an american and escalate this any further, there's going to be a disproportionate response. >> bill: what i found interesting about the tweets that we read live is that they came out in a series. it tells you that was very careful language used in when dealing with matters like these, it's evident that you find it rewarding there but it begins the following way. if president obama made a desperate and terrible deal with iran, $150 billion plus $1.8 billion in cash, he bailed them out. it gave them a free pass nuclear weapons and suing instead of saying thank you, iran yelled death to america. do you believe he would be of the same mind that you are
6:47 am
expressing today if president obama was in a similar circumstance and he held fire the way president trump has thus far? >> i think of president obama was imposing the kind of crippling sanctions on the rollback strategies at the park trump administration is taking, then yes, i would be able to support him but the problem was president obama was trying to pursue a policy towards the soviet union as opposed to the reagan rollback approach which is what donald trump is doing so i support the rollback approach that president trump has taken. but let's keep in mind, joe biden said the other day this is a self-inflicted disaster. a number one, way to go keeping politics of the water's edge but it was the obama-biden administration's iran nuclear deal that flooded the iranian regime with cash, pallets of unmarked bills, sanctions relie relief. that fueled the imperial expansion of terrorism that trump inherited when he came into office.
6:48 am
when donald trump came into office, the deal with that they were going to behave better but instead it was behaving worse in syria and lebanon and iraq and yemen so what they did was they pulled out of the deal and they imposed crippling sanctions on the iranian regime. they have pulled back funding, they have cut the funding of the iranian military and the revolutionary guards of the sanctions are working. that's why because the sanctions are gripping them and trump knows the sanctions are the key to all that he needs to push back. >> bill: going to have some sort of extended nuclear battle here that develops into some sort of military strike path, congress may have a voice in this. "new york times" writes this, that's our editorial board. i was struck by nancy pelosi's tone when she left the meeting yesterday, she said we are dealing with a country that's a
6:49 am
bad actor, we have an untrustworthy nation in the region. she gets it. wondering how those in congress lineup with the administration here but ultimately if you were able to turn some of these european capitals against the business with iran, they may come on board and smiled. but so far, they have >> ironically, the iranians actions -- what is their goal? their goal is to get the sanctions lifted. they are crippling the regime, crippling their ability to sew terror in the region so the tribe european allies saying they put these terrible sanctions on, america is responsible for the explanation. but trump by not responding to this is basically showing it is iran that is responsible for the escalation and so he can go to the u.s. allies and say you don't want me to respond militarily, this is an article i've attack on a nato ally.
6:50 am
when everyone was freaking out that donald trump wouldn't endorse article five, now my response as i want you to impose sanctions on the iranian regime. that's our allied response. what are they going to say? so it makes the case were sanctions stronger, allied unity stronger and if iran crosses trump's and kills any americans in an attack, if they escalated further, no one's going to be able to criticize the president for responding to that. when the decision was delivered clearly, hands off our men and women in iraq and in that regio. we will see if they listen. thank you for sharing your analysis today, nice to see you. >> sandra: boeing headed for the stars joining the race to return nasa astronauts to space. in american capsules. we go behind-the-scenes for a look at the star liner. and some of the 2020 candidates pushed further and further to the left, newt gingrich calling them the anti-american party. if the a-team is going to take that one up top of the hour.
6:51 am
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>> sandra: boeing now joining the push to return american astronauts to space onboard american capsules. a star liner set the blast off this summer and fox news is getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes look. live from the kennedy space center this morning. >> good morning. spacex has already done and now it is boeing's turn. both commercial space companies aiming to launch u.s. astronauts from here at cape canaveral by the end of the year. boeing gave us some incredible access to their star liner
6:55 am
production facility, an enormous building were space shuttles used to be serviced. three star liner capsules are in various stages of assembly you can clearly see the shape of the capsules that will eventually carry astronauts to space and then return to earth with parachutes and airbags on the bottom to soften the landing on land, not at sea. all of which boeing has tested. going is hoping to launch an empty capsule to the international space station by september and if all proves well, then launch a crude mission on the star liner with three astronauts on board by the end of the year. spacex was planning to launch two astronauts on its second test next month but that is now sliding after an april explosion of a dragon capsule during a test. if the dragon that exploded was this one, the capsule that successfully flew to the space station with a space mannequin on board in march. boeing's star liner will launch from the rocket, and boeing's chris ferguson who flew on the
6:56 am
space shuttle three times will be on board that second test flight. >> i think everybody should be excited about the fact that the nations getting ready to go back in the space again from u.s. soil right here at the kennedy space center. it's pretty exciting. right next to us. >> u.s. taxpayers to spend $6 billion and boeing and space texas crude programs in the contract contract with russia ends in march. back to you. it? interesting stuff. >> bill: minutes away, we might learn how 11 american tourists died under mysterious circumstances, news is we get it from there. it also become a supreme court decision could happen at any moment. come on back, top of the hour. four course feast wednesday and more. five days. five deals. fifteen dollars. see you before six.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking slow turkey. talk to your doctor about chantix. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. any minute now, we could get a supreme court decision that could impact the future of executive power in america. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." it is friday. >> bill: i am bill hemmer, good morning. now hang in the balance. on the docket, you have to be decided the constitutional basis for adding a question about citizenship on the census and whether or not it should block states from drawing partisan electoral maps. shannon bream is live at the supreme court, she is on standby officially, explain to us what is at stake today. >> good morning, this first case we are looking for is the census
7:01 am
case, whether or not it should be included in the 2020 forms. there is a sense of urgency here because those need to get to printing. the government has stressed we need a decision as soon as possible and get that work underway. opponents have said for this they worry that people who are minority populations and those who may have a question about the residency or citizenship aren't going to fill out the forms because they're going to be intimidating >> sandra: intimidated or worried about answering that question. if their argument is that they will be undercounted for representation for federal funding is so they really fought hard to show that there is some correlation between including that question and not getting an accurate reading. the administration has set all along there's a legitimate purpose for including this question and that we want to count the people who were here and can be a part of the legal voting process so that's a big one we are waiting for. i would expect it's going to be a very close case when we do get it. >> bill: with regard to gerrymandering, they afforded some states to go ahead and redo the districts. how could that affect elections
7:02 am
as well? >> for these two gerrymandering cases, in both cases the parties and control their have tailored the districts they are to benefit their party. so the supreme court has never struck down the concept of partisan gerrymandering that is going to be very interesting to see -- because you can see statistically, it does work when people are able to do those districts. if you watch the election, it benefits that power. >> bill: thank you, you are on standby, the supreme court. >> sandra: a stunning new development, president trump just moments ago saying he ordered strikes on iran, pulled
7:03 am
the plug 10 minutes before they were set to go down, this after iran shot down a u.s. navy drone flying over the straight of hormuz. we were cocked and loaded to retaliate last night on three different sites when i asked how many would die. 150 people was the answer from the general period of 10 minutes before the strike, i stopped it. not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. i am in no hurry, our military is rebuilt, new, and ready to g go. air force correspondent is joining us live here in studio here in new york. >> good morning, president trump saying he called off the strike as he wanted to avoid those 150 deaths but according to iran, president trump actually made a final attempt at dialogue last night, sending a back channel message to the iranians saying he wanted to talk, no word on whether they would take up the offer. if the decision to attack was made after the drone was shot
7:04 am
down on wednesday evening. the video from iranian state television today where they claim to have recovered to breathe. the operation to strike iran is already underway last night, planes were in the air and ships were in position, came down to stand back. president trump gave nothing away. >> iran made a big mistake, a very bad mistake. you will find out. you'll find out. >> the prospective targets included the radar installation and the surface-to-air battery that was used to down the high altitude drone which president trump said was unarmed and unmanned and over international waters adding it would've made a big difference had someone been inside. they were also now reports that israel are concerned that the administration has not been strong enough on iran, officials saying that without some kind of
7:05 am
military action by the u.s., even a limited one, they believe the iranians will continue to escalate. and amid the heightened tensions, national security advisor john bolton will travel to israel on saturday for a trilateral summit with the israeli and russian counterparts. some believe that russia may be the only country that has leverage over iran i could now help de-escalate tensions. >> nice to see you. what is your message today? >> trying to create escalation and shooting down the drone, they want to see the u.s. giving in and say okay, we are lifting the sanctions. they are actually blackmailing the u.s., it should be more sanctions, more pressure on the iranians because they say okay, we forget about the sanctions,
7:06 am
let's move on. so they are escalating the situation. the u.s. will decide when and how to retaliate. >> sandra: does israel believe that more sanctions of the way we should pressure iran? >> absolutely. and many europeans because trying to speak with them, to negotiate with them, it doesn't work. the sanctions led by president obama was only of approach that put more pressure on iran. joining the u.s. to apply more sanctions, it is affecting the economy. it showed the sanctions are actually very effective. >> bill: those who would order another point which is without an effective u.s. response, iran will not change behavior and will not de-escalate. do you agree with that? >> they will decide when they will react, whether god forbid somebody will be killed from the u.s. armed forces, another attack on a drone, but has strikes twice in the past. everyone knows the capability of
7:07 am
the u.s., they will decide to retaliate, it will be very painful. we all know that. >> sandra: president trump has received criticism in the wake of all this for pulling out of the nuclear deal and what the impact of that has been. senator lindsey graham took that head on. >> we didn't think anybody ships, we didn't dismember yemen. we are not supporting them and not the largest state sponsor of terrorism so what are they trying to achieve? they are trying to bring trump back to the negotiating table through intimidation. >> i agree with senator lindsey graham. i think we all support being able to pull out from the iran deal and the consequences and paying the price for these deals. so we support this attitude to put more sanctions, put more pressure but they would continue with provocations on the time would come they would have to pay a price for that.
7:08 am
were knocked at her saying they would say as they say let's tal talk. >> the time that he was there, the persian gulf. graham said iran should expect severe pain. >> you're trying to negotiate with them at the same time that they are sponsoring terrorism in new york. it's been $7 billion a year on terrorism. look at the list. he will find the fingerprints of iranian money. whether it's lebanon, syria, even gaza, you find the fingerprints. >> sandra: i repeat my call for all peace-loving countries to stand by the united states in its effort to stop iranian
7:09 am
aggression. >> they are against the u.s. and europe as well head i think have to come together. all the western democracies, and stop iran's aggression and to do that is to put more sanctions and i think we iranian people will support you, we know you are suffering, putting all these efforts to support aggression and terrorism. >> bill: trying to get leadership in the economy is on bended knee and could go down even further. it is caused quite a bit of pressure on the iranian people. this weekend, there's a big meeting in israel. john bolton will be there and so will his russian counterpart. what will come of this, do you believe? >> the fact that you have a meeting over these important people to discuss original issues is important. i think the focus would have
7:10 am
been on fear but today we see what's happening in the straight of hormuz they'd spending a lot of time on this issue. >> bill: ben hodges said russia is our best chance to cooperation. >> i think russia, china, the europeans, you cannot support the iranians, you cannot allow them to do whatever they're doing. >> sandra: placing blame squarely on president trump for what we are seeing happen with iran. sorry, it was a tweet. president trump's iran strategy is a self-inflicted disaster. two of americans vital interests in the middle east are preventing them from attaining a nuclear weapon in a sustainable energy supply through the strait of hormuz. trump is failing on both counts.
7:11 am
>> we have enough politics, we have elections in september september 17th. i will say that pulling out from the iran deal was the right decision for them and it is supporting the decision with the president to pull out from that because otherwise it would be able to build a bomb and threaten. >> bill: they still may have that capacity. how long do you believe they are, how far are they having that capability? >> i think they are lying. continuing to enrich uranium and viewing documents in the past rather than negotiating. >> bill: what are they lying about do you think? >> about ballistic missile tests. >> bill: they don't have the capacity or suggesting they're not going forward with it? >> i think they are continuing
7:12 am
for military capability. waking up one morning and they announced. >> bill: you're saying they are further advanced than we know. >> what you're seeing now is the distraction of they're trying create chaos which is focusing on the main thing, preventing them from acquiring nuclear capability. >> sandra: what you want to see come from this meeting happening as he just mentioned with the ambassador heading over to israel? what will come from that? >> we hope to see more cooperation. to my news alert now, the dominican republic. we are monitoring this for you. going to bring in the news from that as we get it.
7:13 am
>> bill: are they going to far? why the former house speaker newt gingrich argues the left is growing more un-america un-american. gingrich explains, coming up in a moment right here. >> you now have the president says keep america great wish i think is a great campaign slogan for next year. the democrats probably say no, keep america weak. the president says i'm proud to be american. whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. look for savings in your weekly paper.
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make your xfi even better. upgrade today. call, click or visit a store. >> the democrats have become the party which is genuinely anti-american party, and that's pretty remarkable. if you want to be a democrat today, you go to a normal democratic meeting and start talking about how wonderful america is a how great founding fathers were, how remarkable the constitution is, you would be booed off the stage. it? that was former speaker of the house saying that the left has become the anti-american party. there is 18. if fox news chief national correspondent is the cohost of fox business network, former advisor to president bill clinton and fox news contributor, good morning to you. start this off for us.
7:18 am
>> just big picture, i think it's always hard to question the americanism, the patriotism of either party. i think they should just refrain from that. individually, in this fox news out that i saw that newt gingrich went after alexandria ocasio-cortez and set it as an example of comparing the detention camps, the centers, whatever you want to call them at the southern border to concentration camps. every week, it sounds like we say here and with the latest absurd political thing that was said. that takes the cake. and again, i was stopped short of saying it's anti-american what's not patriotic. >> and anti-semitic. i say this as a proud american too. i saw that and she said institutionalized concentration camps and my blood curdled. and that's not a political comment, not a partisan comment on it says is an american and a jewish american who is proud of my country and proud of israel.
7:19 am
that's why i'm saying it, i agree. >> got into this whole debate over the definition of the detention camp in the definition of a concentration camp, the key phrase and that was all due respect did to you was never again. >> when she analogized institutions that were used for the mass slaughter of others to legitimate institutions of government whether you like them or not, pursuant to our laws, that is a political obscenity. >> the whole discussion in a somewhat troubling. they are turning on themselves more than i think the republicans are going to be turning them over to the 2020 election. if >> 2016 was pretty rough-and-tumble. i was very saddened by those comments as well and i am episcopal but i feel the same way. when those comments came out, i felt sick and what an absolute
7:20 am
insult. >> bill: just coming back to newt gingrich's comments, being booed off the stage. >> my take is that the democratic left as you say it is not anti-america, but they are anticapitalism and they are antitraditional values. other than joe biden, i think most of the democratic candidates don't accept the tenets and principles around which our society has been organized. i am not a socialist. >> bill: at the back that up, a sensible guy, a moderate democratic governor out in colorado, key swing state for both parties, he is on the stage in california two or three weeks ago and said you can't be for socialism, you're going to lose to donald trump in in the leftg activists there booed him not off the stage but said we want to hear socialism. i think newt gingrich makes a great point in this fox news op-ed. he is citing polling data that is as a majority of the country likes the term socialism.
7:21 am
they think it's about helping people and doing good. and trump campaign officials have told me this privately so they're trying to shift the message. it's like venezuela pendants and you get into the details. >> sandra: the response changes. he's trying to say it's about free markets versus government control because the word socialism is confusing to some people. >> president bernie sanders, he want to see with the stock market is going to do if that happens? that is one of those frightening things right now is talking about all the good things that are going on right now. if you really want to lose the s&p all-time records that got hit last night? this month alone up over 7%, all the things that are going on right now whether it's china, iran, and look at it. stick to the economy and the strength. to make the point, keeping
7:22 am
america great, the president's campaign slogan for 2020 is exactly what trump has done. as a bit of a different take, says make america even greater and that he writes new and undecided voters are those who have soured on mr. trump understand this president comes with drama. they require fresh reasons to give him four more years and a campaign that mostly highlights first are my compliments is also a reminder of what didn't get done. it's not a position of strength. >> that is a fair point because there is a big success and the president's launch. the crowd, the energy, the enthusiasm which should be with the opposition party. they should have the energy. he's got the energy and raised 2,425,000,000 bucks. that's big money but i would say he didn't outline a vision. there was only one night. but he didn't say we would do it for more years. a lot of grievance about the past, need to start looking forward to. >> he pointed out in this piece,
7:23 am
talk more about infrastructure which is usually something that is bipartisan. talk about doubling down and making those cuts permanent and start to push more deregulation. >> how about an agenda that focuses on health care, on immigration, certainly you are exactly right, he should talk about the all-time strength. >> are you talking about democrats and republicans right now? >> 's right to say that he should trump the economy. >> would it behoove your own party to focus their methods? >> i should talk about the income equality, the lack of training and retraining that exists for working-class voters. neither side has a proactive agenda. >> he is running against its experienced guy in bob dole, might be the republican equivalent of joe biden, he was bridge the 21st century, he was looking forward. there is still time to do this.
7:24 am
the election is 500 days away. for purposes of this, talks about more tax reforms, talks about supreme court nominees, government reform, another bipartisan page on more criminal justice. >> if they can do tax reform for individuals, the big mistake was eliminating the deduction in blue states, and not cutting personal rates more. if they can come out with a platform to do that and have the democrats who want to increase taxes, republicans cut individual income taxes, that is a winning issue. >> amen. >> i am not for trump that's really. >> you are right about that deduction because that has hurt them because so many americans filed a tax return this year i got a big shock in it and a lot of those, undecided voters for the republicans. >> an interesting moment for the front runner for democrats,
7:25 am
joe biden and whether or not his strategy to bring up ray so early on in his campaign is backfiring. "wall street journal" basically says the race card education, lindsey graham and an incredibly important moment where he takes the back of joe biden and said this. >> i don't want joe biden to be president for a lot of reasons but one of the things i like about joe biden, he's a decent man. if there's not a racist bone in his body. he is my friend and what he did back then and what he would do in the future is try to find common ground the people he disagrees with. if that can't be done, america's best days are behind us. >> that brings us back to the newt gingrich op-ed because there were some of the democratic party who are so crazed right now, they're trying to turn joe biden into a racist. >> which is ridiculous. >> not just the one that was cited this week, where he cited folks like james eastland who
7:26 am
were segregationist democrats, who evolved over time that their records were bad, no doubt about it. and biden cited them by saying he works with them even if he disagreed. he didn't say he disagreed, he said he went to the judiciary committee as a new member and fought them. people like cory booker are not taking that. his campaign says this from the call yesterday, share directly what he said publicly in the conversation. including helping vice president biden understand why the word boy is painful to so many, corey believes that vice president biden should take responsibility apologizing to those that were hurt. my feeling, my thought then goes to how directly to they go after him on this next week when they are on the stage together? >> i think they're going to, their strategy is to knock him out and believe for the rest of the field it will be much
7:27 am
smoother. it's absolutely contrary to the democratic party's interest. i think everything lindsey graham said, didn't want him president would be my own worldview and the fact that we are committing fratricide on joe biden now is friendly fire harbinger. >> i'm actually shocked that it's already beginning. >> i'm sorry, but isn't he spartacus? you shouldn't be taking cheap shots at somebody who may in deed to be his candidate if he is going to have to endorse at some point. >> at those debates, folks like cory booker stuck at zero, 1%, 2%, they have to take shots. >> bill: thank you. in a moment here, more breaking news. a large explosion rocking a major american city. >> the fire is not under control
7:28 am
yet. right now, companies making sure the fire does not spread. >> bill: right now what we are learning about that huge refinery blast, light from the scene in a moment. top republican lawmakers say the more they dig into the action taken by the fbi, the more leaking and bad actors they find. ohio congressman jim jordan is here to weigh in on all of that next. >> is not only that they knew it was false, then they actually worked with the media to make sure it gets reported so they can use the same media reports to justify their surveillance. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. i never thought i'd say this but i found bladder leak underwear that's actually pretty. always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected and pretty.
7:29 am
always discreet boutique.
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7:32 am
fox news alert, massive fire breaking out in major u.s. city. here's the scene at a philadelphia refinery, this broke out at 150-year-old oil refinery and that is where our own jacqui heinrich now is in philadelphia for us. >> good morning, the fire is
7:33 am
still burning and what gets you first is the smell. from a few miles away, you get hit with his nauseating smell of gas, but fire officials and health department says it is safe to breathe. we want to get straight to that video because that is what tells the story. this is the scene at 4:00 in the morning, a vat of butane exploded causing the initial blast. if this is a huge complex, the largest on the eastern seaboard. it produces more than 300,000 barrels of oil per day so it's incredible no one was hurt. there were people working close by at the time and they were able to get out of the way. if the fire spread and triggered several more explosions, people reported hearing a three to five blast. it was a smoke that prompted the department of emergency management to put out an order for neighboring dreams. if it stretch several thousand feet into the air and one man told a local news station he could feel the heat coming off the fire from 5 miles away. traffic was also shut down for hours including part of the highway, just this hour, department of health as
7:34 am
preliminary testing found no ambient carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons which are combustible for hydrogen sulfide's in the air so it's free to breathe and no evacuations are in place at this time. that being said, it still smells like gas from miles away. at least 120 firefighters are on scene still working to put out this fire, the next steps are going to be figuring out what triggers that initial explosion and of course, a cleanup which could take days. to my thankfully injuries reported. >> the big thing that we have to understand is that there were a number of players at the top level of the fbi that continue to work with the media in an inappropriate manner in order to spin a narrative that we are still dealing with two years later. it's time the american people judge for themselves what declassify everything and make sure that the truth comes out.
7:35 am
when that republican congressman mark meadows during a hearing yesterday, his reaction there and the panel continues its investigation of the very origins of the rush of probe amid allegations against bi spied on the trump campaign and then leaked information to reporters. our headliner today, ohio republican jim jordan, member of the house oversight committee, good day to you and thank you for coming back. you are in the room yesterday when hope hicks was there, what happened? >> democrats knew that before they brought it in. this is another political stunt from the democrats. here's the bottom line. if the president was falsely accused, do you investigate how the false accusation happened or you continue to investigate something bob mueller spent 22 months on and come back and said no collusion, no coordination, no conspiracy, do you continue to investigate that? obviously the democrats have chosen the latter and that's why they bring hope hicks in even
7:36 am
though they knew before she came that she wouldn't be able to answer questions because of the privilege you have when you're a top advisor. of the democrats stay on message? >> that the bulk of the questions, he went right into asking questions about her time as an advisor to the president, which they obviously knew was off limits so of course, white house counsel to object each and every time again, i think all this underscores one fundamental thing. this is why the investigation, the attorney general of the united states is doing its own reporting, never forget what bill barr said when he testified in front of the united states senate. he said there was leadership of the upper echelon of the fbi. we know that's the case. all these people had been fire left under investigation by the justice department. a he said there's a basis for his concern about what took place and then fourth he said to terms that are scary.
7:37 am
he talked about political surveillance and unauthorized surveillance. and he is going to get to the bottom of that. that is why his investigation is so important. >> bill: devin nunes was with us yesterday. he said he heard there were a lot of questions about. what was your take on that? >> i had two other hearings i had to be at, there for the first hour of the questioning, have to go back and look at the transcript. >> bill: mischaracterization or do you know? >> seeing what may or may not have been asked about that, i would hope that they would have asked about those kinds of questions. but this is a democrat, it's largely a political stunt. think about this. they're going to continue to investigate something. bob miller spent 22 months on but even prior to that investigation when we depose
7:38 am
jim comey last year, we asked him about this and he said after ten months at the fbi investigating this, they had no evidence of any coordination, conspiracy, or collusion between the trump campaign and russia influencing the election. so 32 months, 19 lawyers, 40 fbi agents, $30 million, 500 witnesses, no evidence for the democrats say we are going to bring it hope hicks even though we know, that's what they did. this is why bill barr's investigation. >> sandra: i want to move to this political peace. but another note on that since you were in the room, the transcript revealed that the chairman referenced her as a lewandowski on several occasions, did you hear that? >> he asked a lot of questions about corey lewandowski even in the first hour. >> sandra: and had to correct them and say no, my name is mrs. hicks. >> your doing things like that.
7:39 am
>> sandra: to be clear, he did apologize in some way and said he was preoccupied when she corrected him. i want to move onto the political political peace, hope hicks testimony, a huge gift in a legal battle with trump and the exclusive, judiciary chairman also the democrats to sue former white house counsel. >> again, this is where they're going to go, this is impeachment, they just won't call it that. they don't have the guts to vote on it but this is an inquiry of what they're doing, just haven't officially went down that road and had to call at that. they're going to do what they're going to do, the american people understand it. they understand that there is no basis for it, but they're going to continue to go down this road and it's unfortunate. i keep coming back to the investigation that matters, the investigation that matters is the one bill barr is doing or he's looking at this idea. think about this. a letter to the attorney general a few weeks back and said this.
7:40 am
if they can do this to a president of the united states, imagine what they can do to you and i. if they can use one party's opposition research document, dress it all up and make it appear like it's legitimate intelligence, take it to a secret court, get a warrant to go spy on the other party's campaign, if they can do that to a presidential candidate, imagine what they can do to you when i and that is what is so scary and why his investigation and the origins of this whole thing is so important. >> bill: thank you for your time. the republican from ohio. to my financial markets, keeping a close eye on what's happening in the middle east, developments there, tensions escalating between u.s. and iran and the cadet impact of this monstrous runner, we see that stocks hitting all-time highs. so will it continue? charles payne will join us next. get the recipes at
7:41 am
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>> sandra: take a look at markets this morning finishing off a big week for the dow up 50
7:45 am
points, not a huge gain but still adding what we've seen this week, the s&p 500 hitting a record high yesterday, a broader snapshot of the market. charles payne now debating on the fox business network beta what a month it has been in. >> this is so fun because mei was such a disastrous month. june is going to be one of the best junes on record right now if it keeps going like this, perhaps in the top five, top three and the moral of the story is the market. so it's crazy because the things that were holding us back, those headwinds i talked about become a potential tailwind and there's a sort of sigh of relief and maybe we'll start focusing on other things like corporate profits and earnings ratios and things that wall street typically would prefer to focus on. >> bill: you had a good week, didn't you? >> i did. >> bill: what are you seeing out there as he watched that? >> is not an amazing story, you
7:46 am
might be too young but you are an oral historian. there was a time that this would happen in the last 48 hours happen, oil prices would have an extra $14 and they used to call that the premium, the geopolitical premium. $20 of that would just be the cautious nature of it. but because we are energy independent right now, that oil that is going to the straight of hormuz is not going here. it is absolutely amazing because oil is not $120 a barrel, the stock market and the dow jones industrial average is not down, people need to understand this puts into focus just how amazing our energy revolution has been. >> sandra: that could at least play out in the stock market. we didn't even see that yesterday. >> he was the most amazing thing about yesterday's session. the news that we knew about the u.s. navy drone being shot down, we knew that before they open. so they open like gangbusters,
7:47 am
immediately s&p 500 at an all-time high. senator lindsey graham puts out this real top hawkish tweet right around 10:00, 10:20. dow jones industrial average, we start to see the slip, we were on the verge of losing the entire rally. >> sandra: don't forget, the president sent out a tweet that iran made a big mistake. >> if you look at the timing of those tweets, it was a hawkish nature of lindsey graham who was really good friends with president trump. the idea that you have to hit these thugs, that's when the selling picked up a lot of momentum. and then 12:20, we could to see president trump and he shows a temperament that i think a lot of people certainly in the meeting did not describe -- despite his own personal record, as being a hawk. his temperament was amazing. we turned it around, we were on the cusp of giving it all away.
7:48 am
he reminded me of election night. if you remember when those tallies were coming in, the futures had the market down 900 points. when he gave his acceptance talk, it was very presidential, for lack of another word. in the markets turned around. >> bill: one last thought he, rights trump tariffs incredibly useful in advancing our national security and goes on to explain why. he is using the tariffs as a tool. but is not a good long-term strategy? >> at the weapon you hope you don't have to use just like we are hoping we don't have to retaliate with iran. it was the only weapon, other things that could've been done. i love what andy has to say in terms of the relationship we've had was not free-trade. it's really not free-trade if one party is cheating. it's not free or fair. he talked about the national security implications of this also and in the final line of his peace, under trump the republican party remains the
7:49 am
party of free trade. he wants people to know we want free-trade. we would like a terrorist free world but china built this fortune on double-digit tariffs. have a great weekend, guys. >> bill: full steam ahead, the women are rolling in the world cup, their latest triumph on their next challenges very soon coming up. dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star. who need money for their family. veteran homeowners
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>> bill: the ladies are rolling, an impressive win in the women's world cup, defeated sweden 2-0. fresh from france. a fox headliners 24/7. good morning to you. so they are rolling, no stopping. it >> this was the first tough challenge and they pulled it off. it's a top ten team. the first goal came in the first 3 minutes of the game which was huge. goal courtesy and i know that her parents are really happy about this one because when she scored her first world cup goal in game one, her dad was cheering and carrying on, whatever they said, my little girl just scored a goal which i thought was a really sweet moment.
7:54 am
so 18 goals in a group stage, they won all three games. 18 goals is a record. >> sandra: made the prediction that they were going to win, you said it was either going to be 2-0 043-0. >> you said 3-1 so everyone is talking about how many goals the u.s. have scored and obviously that's a big headline. i think equally impressive as they haven't let anybody score goals on them because their offense is great, defines a little bit of a question mark. >> bill: next opponent is? >> spain on fox sports wine, that's all you need to know. if one that we are all going to be gathered around that tv. we will all be watching. usa wins again. i will say 4-0. how good is spain? >> spain is good, they made it through the group stage. they are absolutely good, team usa will if they beat them, play
7:55 am
tougher components, france being one of them, france wins their next game, they will meet each other in the quarterfinal, and when i was down there, that is what everybody said to me. if everybody in france was talking about playing team usa because they want to beat us. the number one and that would be huge for them. it was amazing. it was so cool to see so many people from this country travel all the way to france and if you do that, you are a diehard fan. and it was really awesome to experience that level of enthusiasm and a lot of people said they're going to stay for more than one game and make it this whole lifetime experience. >> bill: what do you think monday? >> i'm going to write this down. >> sandra: i will say or repeat, they beat spain 2-0. >> i'll meet you in the middle and say 3-0.
7:56 am
we will set money on it. that's allowed now, we can do that. thanks, guys. appreciate it. >> sandra: fox news alert now, details on a showdown with iran after calls off a strike on the regime at the very last minute. the latest from the white house on that just moments away. >> the president said from the standpoint that this cannot stand to be shooting down an american air flight. and he was very clear that there will be action. ner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ a cockroach can survive heresubmerged ttle guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah. not getting in today. terminix. defenders of home.
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8:00 am
>> sandra: president trump says he approved, then called off air strikes on iran after learning how many casualties there could be on the ground. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: i am bill hemmer. the strikes ordered as retaliation for shooting down an american drone over the straight of hormuz pure the president tweeted this two hours ago. we were cocked and loaded to retaliate last night when i asked how many will die 150 people was the answer from a general period of 10 minutes before the strike, i stopped it. here's what the israeli ambassador of the u.n. told us last hour. >> the u.s. will decide to retaliate, it will be very painful. we support this attitude to put more sanctions, put more pressure but if they continue, i think the time will come. >> bill: this hour, the latest
8:01 am
of what we are learning from the white house on the north lawn. good morning. >> president trump is scheduled for his intelligence briefing within the next half hour then on to his weekly lunch with secretary of state mike pompeo as we wait to say how or if the administration will respond to iran shooting down that american drone. u.s. officials say they have targeted the radar installation and service to air battery iran used to shoot down the drum before president trump called off the strike. the president tweeted this morning "not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. i am in no hurry. our military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go." sanctions are biting. after president trump had said yesterday that iran had made a big mistake in shooting down that drone, he then also stressed his aversion to military action in the region. >> i said i want to get out of these wars, i campaigned on that. this is a new wrinkle, a new fly in the ointment, what happened shooting down the drone.
8:02 am
and this country will not stand for it. >> after a briefing here for congressional leaders of the white house yesterday afternoon, majority leader mitch mcconnell said the administration response would be measured. iran's ambassador to the united nations told npr yesterday that his country cannot negotiate with someone who was threatening it. for the past year, the trump administration has applied what it's called it's mashup wow maximum pressure campaign against iran. targeting its top exports, top officials, the administration said over the past month government has seen a greater threat from iran and blamed iran for striking two oil tankers last week. >> sandra: let's bring in chris wallace, ankara fox news sunday. you're going to have a big weekend, big sunday. a lot of big guests coming up so what did you make when you learned this morning via tweet from the president that he did confirm that he called off those strikes when they learned of the
8:03 am
casualties? >> i have to say, i things it raises as many questions of the answers. first of all, we know there was a big national security council meeting with the president yesterday where they discussed all of this, and usually the pentagon is very sophisticated in being able to -- he wrote various target packages, here's what we would hit, here's what the collateral damage would be, and any discussion of what collateral damage in terms of the debts on the ground would be is discussed at that point before the president gives a new order as to what various targets he wants to hit. so the idea that 10 minutes before the strike has the president says how many people are going to be killed if we go ahead with those strikes, that usually is discussed in depth a great deal for that. hours before that ever happens which raises the question, this is a president who on the one hand talks very tough and has
8:04 am
ordered strikes in the past, missile attacks against syria for the use of chemical weapons but has also made it clear in that photo op yesterday that he does not want to get the u.s. more deeply involved in endless wars and a war with iran would be a very ugly and prolonged conflict. so it does raise the question does the president have the stomach to get deeply involved perhaps in a confrontation with iran. >> sandra: lindsey graham saying that iran shot down that unmanned drone over international waters. so lindsey graham says iran has to knock this off and we need to inflict severe pain. we know the president is about to have this briefing in the next half hour or so. how do you expect the united states to respond or proceed after that? >> your initial point is absolutely right, it is iran
8:05 am
that has shot down are drowned, it is iran that has attacked those two anchors, so let's make it clear, they have a responsibility but the president has to decide how the u.s. is going to respond to that. there's a price to action and obviously, that is the possibility of escalation, the possibility that the iranians could shoot down a u.s. warplane just as they shot down the u.s. drone but there is also a cost to inaction and remember, when president obama decided a few years ago, he declared that red line and would strike back if syria launched another chemical weapons attack but then backed off that and a lot of people including donald trump as a candidate and even as president said that there was a real cost of that in terms of the u.s. threatening to do something and not going ahead and doing it so there's a cost to action and also a cost to inaction. with the president is going to do now, who knows. there was certainly a possibility that he will go
8:06 am
ahead and order another strike when he has assured, they will not be as many casualties on the ground but on the other hand, it sure does seem like he doesn't have much of an appetite for a strike. i thought it was very noticeable in the photos yesterday on the one hand, he said this was a big mistake and on the other hand, he said i don't think it was intentional and it may have been somebody operating in the dark down the command line. so it appears that there is kind of a conflict within the president's administration about whether to escalate the military situation here or not to. >> sandra: the developments yesterday were fascinating. we will see what happens in the hours ahead and we will watch your show this weekend but i want to ask you first about 2020 democrats, then some infighting particularly around comments that joe biden made about a segregationist senator and his relationship with him. the hill takes the sauna and a piece this morning saying the 2020 dems attacking joe biden and in that they right
8:07 am
democratic lawmakers say that senator cory booker, another white house hopeful taking shots at front runner joe biden are playing with fire and could wind up helping president trump win reelection. lawmakers fear the 2020 presidential primary field is becoming a circular firing squad with trump winding up as the beneficiary of interfering into that. so i just wonder from your perspective, do you think this infighting is going to hurt joe biden's chances or effect democrats in general of running up against the president? >> i think the more important point, we haven't even gotten to the first debate yet. we are eight months away from people voting in iowa. the idea that democrats are going to stand down and not argue with each other is foolish, crazy, and my guess is counterproductive. of course, they're going to go after biden on the stage in those first debates this next week and throughout the rest of the campaign. as someone once said, he's got a double-digit lead, people are
8:08 am
going to go after him and the argument that you have a tough primary fight that necessarily is going to hurt the eventual nominee, it didn't hurt barack obama after he went on for months with hillary clinton in 2008 and it didn't hurt donald trump when he fought for months with republicans in 2016. you can make the exact opposite argument that it toughens a candidate, it shows him the kinds of things he's going to have to face and better to face in june of 2019 then is in october of 2020. there was obvious they not going to be a unilateral cease-fire and i'm not even sure it makes sense. >> sandra: a long way to go, i'm going to promo your show coming up. to tune into fox news sunday, chris will be sitting down with her folk and senator tom cotton who sits on the armed services committee and governor of montana steve bullock that is at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. thank you to chris wallace.
8:09 am
>> bill: another alert now, brand-new this morning. court will resume in a moment after a day of stunning testimony in the murder case of navy seal gallagher appeared on the stand claiming that he was the one and not gallagher who killed an unarmed ices prisoner. gallagher's wife lashing lashing out at prosecutors. >> i want everybody to know that you won't hear our story changed. time and time again, every one of these witnesses that come up is inconsistencies, lies, half-truths, and coverups. >> bill: jonathan hunt watching that trial right now in san diego. what happened? >> good morning. no one could safely predict what might happen in court today after yesterday's dramatic development, the defense attorneys for edward gallagher are suggesting the prosecutors should show up this morning and
8:10 am
simply drop their case. listen here. >> this is a case that should never have gotten to this point. if they had done their job, he should never have been arrested in the first place and so now what remains to be seen whether the prosecution and the navy will admit maybe we made a mistake. let's go back and regroup. >> the u.s. navy promptly issued a response to that saying the government will not be dropping premeditated murder charges against chief petty officer gallagher despite petty officer scott testimony the credibility of a witness is for the jury to decide. we will be back in court in around an hour but with another seal, cory scott now having said it was his hands rather than cheese gallagher's knife that killed the injured ices fighter in iraq in may 2017. and it was clear after that dramatic moment, that chief gallagher and his family feels
8:11 am
that end is near. listen again. >> our family is stronger than ever, my husband is stronger than ever and we are confident we will come out and my husband will be exonerated and it will be known to everybody after way too long. >> but a host of questions remain. will the jury believe cory scott given that he has an immunity deal? could gallagher face lesser charges given the two witnesses have said they saw him stab the ices fighter, and he also faces charges of shooting innocent iraqi civilians, and perhaps the biggest question of all for the community here is how will this trial in the long run affect the community that has seen itself torn apart as seal fights seal in court. >> bill: thank you, watching that intriguing development. >> sandra: republican officials holding a news conference, the deaths of at
8:12 am
least american tourists in that country. but we are now learning about those cases. >> bill: also, top republicans calling out the fbi for alleged spying on the trump campaign. in some lawmakers say the corruption went all the way to the top. former congressman darrell issa has some thoughts on that, we will talk to him been a moment. >> the president was falsely accused. do you investigate how the false accusation happened for you continue to investigate something bob mueller spent 22 months on? wow! that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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8:16 am
>> bill: new right now, just got some breaking news on the jesse small that matter. a judge has assigned a special prosecutor. if this prosecutor would investigate the entire criminal case we are told. we are also told that a prosecutor will look at the entire matter from the very beginning in addition to the actions by the state attorney kim fox that had been debated publicly. smollett accused of disorderly conduct, staging a phony hate crime to raise his salary from the series "empire." they have overwhelming evidence against smollett. so that has movement as of now today in cook county. >> the investigation that matters is the one that bellmawr is doing. if they can use one party's opposition research documents and make it appear like it's legitimate, take it to a secret court, get a warrant to go spy on the other party's campaign, if they can do that to a
8:17 am
presidential candidate, imagine what they can do to you and i. to my congressman jim jordan last hour reacting to claims the fbi spied on the trump campaign while another g.o.p. lawmaker is accusing the sum of the the fbi of working with the media and inappropriate manner. darrell issa is a former california congressman and joins us now. great to have you here, haven't spoken with you in a while. i want to dig into what you just heard from jim jordan when he was speaking to us last hour. the investigation that matters is the one that bill barr is doing. what are your expectations for that? >> the expectation is that he is a professional that will use untainted investigators to figure out whether his own organization, department of justice and fbi did more than we already know. what we already know is in many ways, the equivalent of a water gate break-in. we know that peter strzok for example, one of the highest ranking people in the fbi was
8:18 am
intimately involved and hated the president and of course famously with lisa page said there had to be an insurance policy, what we don't know is who else is involved in this insurance policy and causing the american people to falsely accuse the president of the united states of collusion with the russians for two years? >> sandra: to dig into that second part of what we just heard, if they can use one party's opposition research, he said dress it up and use it to find another party's campaign. imagine what they can do to uni. what concerns usa's investigations have played out in what we learn from them the most? >> what concerns me is that decades after watergate, it looks like it administration at fairly high levels thought it was okay to spy on the president. i thought it was okay to get a fisa warrant and to investigate a presidential, the clear and many of the party during the
8:19 am
campaign. this is exactly what we spent a decade saying should never happen again. this is exactly what president nixon ultimately was impeached or resigned over. so when we look at the obama administration, the question is how did it happen on his watch and how can we keep it from happening again? that's what jim jordan and the oversight committee needs to focus on is how do you keep it from ever happening again because this is not something that will ever be tolerated by the american people. >> sandra: are big questions, and once the american people hope to get answers to you. moving onto chairman of the house freedom caucus, mark meadows. he says that there were several members of the fbi at the top level working with the media. here is mark meadows. >> they actually work with the media to make sure it gets reported so they can use the same media reports to justify their surveillance. when you start to look for the
8:20 am
real they are, it is they are but it's on the part of the fbi actually planting false narratives in the public domain. >> sandra: he went further in that interview to lay out how the fbi weeks to actually get spy warrants. >> is exactly right. the trail of how you start off with a foreign intelligence individual being paid for by the democratic national party and hillary clinton to create this false narrative, it got its legitimacy through these processes of essentially getting multiple sources for all of which lead back to the fbi making those multiple sources occur. to my former congressman from california, great to have you here on "america's newsroom." thank you for joining us. >> bill: fox news alert, kevin mccarthy backing the president on iran. >> he has rebuilt our military,
8:21 am
he struck in syria, he has been very strong against russia with the sanctions and others, so he has a long-term game plan here. >> bill: some others are taking exception and in a moment we will explain why. going fall out now on the downing of a u.s. drone, ken talks with tehran prevail? we will have a close look at that in a moment. get the recipes at
8:22 am
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8:25 am
yes, i can win. not only can i, they know i can. that's why there is such opposition. >> sandra: democrat doug jones narrowly defeating more in 2017. >> bill: mentioned a story a moment ago, developments now in the jussie smollett matter in chicago, assigned to for a special prosecutor to investigate the entire matter. has been on the story from the beginning. going to go live to figure out what is happening inside the courthouse now. good morning, what's happening? >> good morning. the judge that just ruled a special cost on that prosecutor will investigate the case, the special prosecutor will restore confidence in the judicial system here in cook county. the judge ruled that he did not have the authority to appoint her assistant state attorney as the acting state attorney after she recused herself.
8:26 am
the judge said they created this imaginary roll-up and asking the attorney where is state law required that when she recused herself, a special prosecutor should have been assigned. she is the former illinois justice who successfully agrees with the judge and said why did i do it? i just wanted the piece to be restored here in cook county. now the special prosecutor will basically start all over, investigate the jussie smollett case from the start and the special prosecutor could bring those felony charges against them all over again on the special prosecutor also going to look at the actions of kim fox and the tournament if there's any corruption there. so have this this saga has ever ended, now a major critical move with a special prosecutor bring fresh eyes on this case all over again still.
8:27 am
when i quit seems to be the special tipping point moving forward on that? she lost two out of the three but the third one was that state law here requires that when she recused herself, special prosecutor should have been assigned. kim fox did not have the authority to say now my right-hand man is going to be the acting state attorney. the judge upstairs says that will does not exist. you recuse yourself, special prosecutor should have been assigned and that's why the judge decided to go ahead with this. >> bill: many of us thought that story was over. it thank you. >> sandra: a few more days, but we are awaiting a major ruling from the supreme court on whether a question about citizenship can be included in the 2020 census. a decision is expected to have major implications for the scope of executive power. >> bill: also holding a news conference just an hour ago
8:28 am
addressing the sudden deaths of 11 american tourists, why officials say the cause of death and some of these cases is no mystery. >> people are very worried about it. they were employees here that i worried about it. i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda approved and has both. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop.
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at newday usa veterans can buy a home with no down payment. at newday, your service is your down payment. >> sandra: fox news alert now as the abortion debate razors on nationwide. missouri has now become the first state since roe v. wade to not have an abortion clinic. i live in st. louis for us this morning. >> the missouri department of health and senior services has now denied reproductive health services of planned parenthood planned parenthood a renewal on its license to continue providing abortion services in the state of missouri. they had put an injunction in place that allowed the clinic to continue providing abortion services.
8:32 am
that injunction remains in place, the services will continue until further notice and further notice as yet undefined. the judge left the next step undefined while they go back to the drawing board in this case. the reaction out of planned parenthood is that the state has weaponize the inspection process particularly to that inspection process as a reason for not renewing the license. cited a recent inspection report that focuses on four failed abortions, two that ended with women hospitalized with serious complications. there are seven doctors the state wants to interview with regard to the failed procedures. planned parenthood has resisted since only two of the doctors are staffers with planned parenthood. they cannot compel the other five doctors to do the interviews. they wrote in a letter to planned parenthood we are forced to inferred that each physician who declined to participate in an interview has no satisfactory explanation for the conduct under investigation. missouri is now a battleground for the abortion debate. the state just passed
8:33 am
restrictive laws outlawing abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. two pelvic exams are required without consultation and one with a procedure 72 hours later. the medical director's of the first pelvic exam is unnecessary and inhumane. and they announced on wednesday they would start refuting that statement for two pelvic exams we see here today, the state has now refused their license. they are able to provide abortion services in the meantime but if that changes, misery would indeed become the first state it in the union since shortly after the roe v. wade decision to not have a legal abortion services provider. just across the river, illinois recently passed a very liberal abortion law. >> bill: with that fresh news now, good morning. we brought you when you talk about the census question, get to that of the moment but just in a general sense based on a lot we do not know when this missouri matter. but is this the kind of question
8:34 am
that can ultimately wind up in the supreme court? us is the kind of case that these justices would take? >> it is certainly something they're going to bring a lawsuit on but we know the state does have a wide-ranging authority to regulate and make health regulations on abortion that the supreme court has upheld so for those are due to those health concerns causing them not to renew the clinic, if that is brought up, the supreme court will end up taking it. but i have to say, it's the kind of thing that often has been upheld. it's interesting to see the contrast between the different states laws because we see that increasingly where we are seeing a variety of approaches from different states, that's what you would imagine. if one day there were more freedom for states to have their own abortion law, variety and how they look at it and a lot of pulling a showing that a lot of americans think there should be more regulation, even pro-choice americans. >> bill: we will see where it goes from there and we will
8:35 am
leave it at that. if now the census question. clearly not coming today, what is the argument for adding it on the census for 2020? the administration is arguing what? >> the citizenship question is something that for most of our history has been asked on the census in one form or another, something that hasn't been asked of every american in recent decades because there was a shorter form that's used. they are saying let's add the shorter form, we need to know how to proportion all of our government services because we need to know where our citizens actually are. it's a rather than asking it on a subset of the survey the census does, they want to add it back to the full sentences. a lot of historical precedent for this and it's kind of shocking that it's even gotten to this point of a challenge that you have such a high level challenge on something that the government really has broad authority to do to find out how many citizens we have.
8:36 am
>> bill: so the question hasn't been asked yet, do you see the court ruling on this? until it's applied and until the questionnaire goes out, is there a case to be decided before the action happens? >> that's one of the real problems here. they are trying to challenge this on a conspiracy theory or really a stretch saying we can ask the question because maybe then people won't answer all of the census questions and is going to make it harder to get full answers on the census. that is pure speculation at this point. and it's also the government has asked so many times in the past, hard to say now that because of the speculation, it can't do it. the supreme court has already taken an expedited consistent manner because they want to have this examined by the summer because that's when the census bureau needs to have it ready to start preparing the census form. >> bill: here on screen now, a
8:37 am
citizenship questionnaire on my number one, administrations would help enforce loading rights. the civil rights groups leading to the undercounting of minority populations in a general sense, that seems to be the argument. yesterday, the white house said don't send this back to the lower courts. make a ruling now. >> we have seen last-minute attempt by the challengers to try to delay this further because they wanted to push it past that summer deadline and effectively be able to prohibited from being in the sense that way, they have come up with last-minute arguments and what they said is don't say go back to the lower court and it can have a bunch more layers back and forth, you caught it before you know, make the decision now and hope the supreme court does. we imagine they could add extra days. monday is currently the last da day. i do think we will see the supreme court uphold this but you will see it may be by four
8:38 am
justices that probably is going to go to some pretty extreme lengths to say government can't know its own numbers of citizens, that's kind of shocking to me that you would have justices that say that so we will see what that looks like but i think that should be an area of real concern. when max already cut you off there, but thank you very much and we will see what happens. thank you, from washington, d.c. >> sandra: moments ago, dominican republic official speaking out about the deaths of at least 11 american tourists at resorts they are. in santo domingo forest. >> that presser here at the ministry of tourism in the dominican republic just wrapped up a little while ago, was very adamant that this has been exaggerated, and exaggeration is what he said by holding this press conference, he is hoping to clarify there is nothing wrong with the dvr. they are very worried right now that tourists whilst upcoming year which is a huge part of the economy.
8:39 am
the minister was also asked about the fbi's involvement. he says their work with american authorities would be permanent. we also asked what his message is to the families that they reportedly american tourists that have died in the last 12 months, the minister said he is sympathetic to those families but again continue to stress that there is no mystery. >> we are sorry, but unfortunately people die in situations that we wouldn't want. these are things that happen and are things that will unfortunately continue to happen around the world. but the dominican republic, we have to say it has made a name in the tourism industry. >> we also noticed that inside the room, it was packed with journalists not only from america but also several cameras and reporters locally here from the dr which seems like they're taking this story very serious in an area where tourism is such a big part of daily life. >> sandra: very interesting to hear the response they are, what
8:40 am
about the response back home here in america? >> we know right now the fbi is currently waiting on at least three toxicology test. we could hear about those results next month. we also know the state department when we spoke with them last, they told us again there was no uptick in deaths that have been reported since then. if one other yesterday tweeted out or at least sent a letter to the fbi and the state department calling for more formal updates and also for the state department to revisit the current level, the travel advisory level here in the dominican republic, something they touched on today's saying it's that level and that hasn't changed since the story broke. >> sandra: jeff paul in the dominican republic for us, thank you. >> bill: mom mike pompeo in the white house, tensions are still out there and still rising, so what then is the next step with
8:41 am
tehran? >> we've got to make sure we are not playing checkers with the iranians. they are great at checkers. change one piece for another. we have to play chess. ♪
8:42 am
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8:44 am
>> a fire and to engage into a little speculation, is that the administration was prepared to launch a retaliatory strike last night but they wanted to give iran one last opportunity to come back to the negotiating table before doing so. >> sandra: president trump approving then calling off air strikes with iran after tehran shot down an american drone over the straight of hormuz. if this amid reports that the president is urging iran to come to the negotiating table. here to talk about all of this is fox news national security and foreign affairs analyst. good morning to you. so what should we do next? >> first, let's understand what is really happening and really beyond the statements made by
8:45 am
officials at this point in time because from the president down to others, they are dealing with a very complicated and difficult matter. so what we would try to do is to put sort of a pressure around the iran regime, isolate the regime and mobilize in the region. they understand the only way for them to break through is to start with these incidents, so they had drones against saudi arabia, possibly them being up behind attacks behind the ships in the last incident, the most important one was to attack an unmanned vehicle or plane and that was a test to us, and let me make one projection here. what the iranians wanted to see happen was an immediate reaction and when that happens, then they're going to call on them and have a cease-fire and go back to the table of negotiations on their terms. the president rejected that and said he would come on my terms and i will decide when i'm going to take action here.
8:46 am
>> sandra: what about that? what about iran coming to the negotiating table urging them to do so, will they? >> the iranians also understand the president is doing putting them on the table of negotiation on the one hand. on the other hand, he continues with the mobilization. what we are doing is consolidating our forces in syria and iraq sure that we have enough in the region if they would refuse to continue in their tracks. so first condition, you stop mobilization and i think the president will reject that. >> sandra: it's fascinating to see all the reaction pouring in and the differing responses from lawmakers and one in particular, the republican from illinois, i'm just seeing somebody response from him and i want to run this by you. to shoot down a $200 billion play in the size of an airliner that could've easily had 35 people in it, there needs to be a response. that's his fresh take on this. are we going hard enough back on
8:47 am
iran? should there be a more immediate response? >> from a psychological and media perspective, political perspective, yes. we are dealing with iran not in terms of everything that's fine except that incident. there is a strategy of surrounding the iranian regime. if we decide to engage earlier, than our preparation for the isolation, then they will win. i don't have the material information that was discussed in the white house in general but for them to make a decision not to immediately react, it means that there is something much lighter and more important to take care of and then we can do the reaction the way that we see fit. >> sandra: he was the president's tweak on one of them this morning on iran. he said i am in no hurry, and the military is rebuilt and new and ready to go, by far the best in the world. sanctions are biting and more added last night. i bond can never have nuclear weapons, not against usa though
8:48 am
sanctions are working beautifully. earlier in this program this morning said that we need to be even tougher with sanctions. there should be more. called on european allies to get tougher on iran. what about the global community especially when it comes to those economic sanctions? >> we have the u.s., we have israel, we have the entire arab coalition, we have other allies in america and eastern europe but at the end of the day, all these sanctions are going to put pressure on the iranian regime. the other arm that we need in my opinion is the iranian people and the other opposition in lebanon and syria and iraq and yemen, this other channel is going to basically take advantage of these pressures done by the sanctions and put their own pressures on the iranian regime. >> sandra: appreciate you coming onto "america's newsroom." >> bill: developments when
8:49 am
they came in on this one from the white house and the state department and the pentagon and meantime, "outnumbered" coming your way in 12 minutes. he was melissa francis. >> we are taking on one of the most popular topics of the day, joe biden calling fellow 2020 candidate after the former vp's comments defending his passwords with segregationist senators, biden still refusing to apologize and not offering the apology that biden demanded either. whether it will impact his front runner status. plus pundit piers morgan and michael moore both predicting that president trump will win reelection. their reasons and whether they are right. all of that plus our hashtag on the cake i "outnumbered" top of the hour. happy friday. >> bill: the democratic governor sending state police around the republican lawmakers. why is that happening? we will tell you the details on that coming up next. who used expedia to book
8:50 am
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i'll pass.
8:53 am
>> sandra: love it. the rolling stones are back, that bans no filter to her returning tonight at chicago soldier field, the tour postponed this spring so mick jagger could undergo heart surgery, the 75-year-old appears to have made a quick recovery and the concert is in chicago tonight. >> bill: i think i remember their last two words. still doing it. back up stage tonight and in the meantime, a controversial climate bill in oregon. the democratic governor there sending the state police to round up republican lawmakers who deserted the capital hoping to block the measure.
8:54 am
trying to figure this out, he is life. what's happening? >> this is extraordinary. right now, you have oregon state patrol officers out there pounding the pavement looking for republican senators so they can haul them back to the capital here in salem so there can be a vote on this sweeping trade bill. of the original that was scheduled for yesterday but the republicans were a no-show. that means two republicans will have a forms of the democratic leadership which is the majority at the democratic governor if she would order the state patrol to assist in finding enough republicans to vote can be take taken. >> in our country, we go by the rule of law and in our legislative process, if you don't like a bill, you build up support and kill the bill. you don't walk out. >> the republican offices were empty yesterday. i'm told all of the 11 senators are hiding outside of oregon. they plan on running out the clock in this legislative
8:55 am
session which ends june 30th. i spoke with one who was in hiding in idaho. >> we do our jobs best when we represent our constituents best and that means doing everything in our power to keep them from being irreparably damaged which this bill will do. >> republicans say that the law will decimate rural and lower income oregonians by instantly raising gas prices $0.22 a gallon and a lot more as time goes by. when g.o.p. senator describes this as item fighters but their personal freedom is in the hands of the state patrol which is working with law enforcement and other states. officials want to comment on how many supers are involved but did respond when asked if they would arrest and handcuff lawmakers. a spokesman said it will go to great lengths to avoid the scenario and no physical contact is permitted absent the permission of the superintenden
8:56 am
superintendent. today's session begins in just a few minutes i am told by republican staffer that no republican senator has been located by the state patrol, so the same situation as yesterday. they will be finding 500 bucks a day by the senate and of course, there's been been a gofundme page to help pay for their funds. >> bill: strange story, thank you. >> sandra: following major developments at this hour after president trump made a last-minute decision to call off air strikes. so where does this all go from here? thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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depend® fit-flex underwear for all day fun... features maximum absorbency, ultra soft fabric and new beautiful designs for your best comfort and protection guaranteed. life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. >> bill: before we say goodbye today, today marks 20 years since we lost someone very near and respected by everyone. he was a pulitzer prize winner, harvard trained psychiatrist, best-selling author, and for many of us, a trusted friend. his son daniel tweeted this about an hour ago. "i miss him with the depth and intensity of anything i've ever
9:00 am
known. sacredness and tears. they speak more eloquently than 10,000 tears and unspeakable love." he also wrote an amazing book about his father. he is watching us from above today. >> sandra: will continue to remember and miss him. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: and we begin with breaking news. so we've been watching what would happen in the state of missouri with the clinic that has offered abortions to women. they had been told in order to get a license renewal, they had to add some exams to women right before the procedure, putting on a second invasive exam. doctors said they would no longer perform that, so the state was looking at license renewal. in just the last few minutes, we have learnt of the state of missouri


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