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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 24, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> hey, visit me at fox nation. we will be alive onstage in florida and at the plaza live in orlando. and birmingham, alabama. >> sandra: fox news exclusive breaking overnight. telling us that iran is at an inflection point and about their recent attacks are all about changing the status quo, so what does the trump administration do next? that's a big question this morning. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> i'm trace gallagher in four bill hemmer. new sanctions will be targeting them, and over in 33, this is the message they are sending. iranian lawmakers shouting "death to america." the parliamentary session yesterday. so here come the sanctions.
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here's what we know so far, the trump administration looking to choke their administration even further. more attacks on u.s. drones, and that conversation dominating the sunday show yesterday. >> i'm not looking for war, and if there is, there will be obliteration like you've never seen before. you can't have a nuclear weapon. >> there will be new sanctions. the world should know that we will continue to make sure it's understood that we are denying iran the resources to implement terror. >> it is like somebody setting fire to a basket full of paper and then putting it out. he helped create the crisis, then stopped at. >> steadily marching up the escalation chain. i fear that if iran doesn't have a firm set of boundaries, we are going to see an attack on a u.s. ship. >> sandra: we have live
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coverage for you. general jack keane joining us in moments with his analysis. we begin with catherine herridge. she's live in washington on her exclusive reporting. catherine, good morning. >> thank you, sandra. good morning. the dia provided immediate analysis of iran's military. >> we map those things out for the chairman, for the secretary. so that they can have a sense of what their capabilities are, the possible reactions that they might take if pressure is put upon them. >> he believes that iran is likely at an inflection point. they said that the iranians probably think that they are in a good position, their influence on the iraqi government and their longtime allies will probably remain in power. but he said there are significant and growing negatives from tehran, the u.s. withdrawing from the iran deal, and the sting of sanctions.
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>> i would say they are probably at an inflection point right now. the campaign is working. the president has asked the question before does this have an impact on the iranian people? it has an impact on the entire nation. the economy is moving into recession. they are struggling. >> high security installation near the pentagon, fox news went inside the secretive agency, embedded with special operations to track saddam hussein, and led us to usama bin laden. now, the contest between natio nations. of all of the competitors of the united states, is try another one that concerns you the most? >> china is a long-term concern. you've got russia, even though they have thousands of nuclear weapons, locked up from that era, they are declining power. especially economically. >> director ashley said china
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and russia are also working together to block u.s. interest. >> sandra: let's bring in retired jack keane, and fox news senior strategic analyst. general keane, good morning to you. so is this maximum pressure campaign working, general? >> very much so. president trump, really on the strategic offensive with the iranians. it's a comprehensive campaign. actually, they change their behavior in the region and also behavior with their own people. and clearly, the maximum pressure campaign dealing with sanctions is really working. you know, the iranians, and they precipitated this crisis, this recent crisis in the golf four or five weeks ago when they started to -- why were they doing that? they were doing that because they want to the international
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community to put pressure on the trump administration, to ease up on the sanctions. then a drone gets shot down, and the iranians believe that what will take place is that the united states will begin to walk up the ladder of escalation by responding to that with an attack and retaliation, but what happened? the president exercises restraint, does not issue it, now has leverage with the allies to give him some assistance. and secondly, he's increased the sanctions. so this thing has just really backfired in the iranians face. >> sandra: on that point, it could be any moment, any hour now that we learn about more sanctions on iran. where more can we possibly hit them, general keane? you look at what has happened to the iranian economy since we pulled out of the nuclear deal. sanctions on iran's exports.
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they have been cut in half. the imf says their economy has contracted almost 4% in 2018. it is on pace to contract 6%. their currency has lost more than half of its value. where are the other places that we can have them, general? >> they really hit them pretty hard in the energy sector and petrochemicals. and they are just going to go down the line of anything that is being exported out of the iran that generates revenue. manufactured goods, et cetera. any banks that are still doing business with them and going around the united states. going around the dollar. financial markets, which is what we have shut down. so i mean, we are into the fine print now in doing this, but i totally agree with the pressure here on the iranians to curb their behavior. we will see where this goes. i do think we will see secretary pompeo in the next few
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days put together a coalition of partners to help protect the shipping lanes in the persian gulf and the gulf of oman. and i believe that he has more leverage to do that now as a result of the presidents restraint. not executing the strike. i also think it is worth a try to try to get them to assist in participating in the sanctions as well. so we will see. i think there is potential here for some progress on the part of the trump administration and our allies and partners. >> sandra: we await any type of announcement that could come at any point today. inflation, over 37% in that country according to government statistics. 12% of working age are unemployed in that country. so as we watch that situation developed, we going out to israel. investor john bolton warning them not to mistake u.s. prudence for weakness. in the wake of the president's most recent decision not to hit. i caught him here.
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he said that they or any other hostile actor should not mistake them for weakness. no one has granted them a hunting license in the middle east. he said the sin a meeting with the benjamin netanyahu. >> one of the things they are discussing there, certainly, is the iranians threat to break the threshold. 3.6 enriched uranium. as a result of the nuclear deal, that we pulled out of, and they are threatening to increase that enrichment of uranium and reportedly to increase it as much as 20%. if you got to that level, you can move very quickly to weaponization. that would alarm the israelis quite considerably. i don't think they iranians will go right to 20%. i think a strategy -- they are pretty smart. what they are likely to do is
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boss to the threshold. go a little bit above it. then go to the europeans and scientists luck, where about the structural because the united states pulled out of the deal and the tension that we have in the middle east. we are willing to go back to the threshold restriction, but you've got to help us economically. because the sanctions that the united states have imposed on us. you've got to give us some relief. that's a smart play on the part of the iranians. hopefully what secretary pompeo and investor bolton are able to do with our allies is not fall for that deal. >> sandra: got it. general keane, we appreciate your analysis this afternoon. >> good talking to you, sandra. >> trace: another big breaking story this morning. the supreme court could hand down a ruling on citizenship in the 2020 census. it could impact the use of executive power and the future of american politics. we are alive at the supreme court with more. >> this could easily be the
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busiest week of the supreme court term. the reason there are 12 different opinions that have to come up before the end of this week. the justices will break for their summer recess, come back the first monday in october 2 here next year's opinions. a lot to get through. we are looking at two that have major implications that will be handed down later this week. the first is the limits of partisan gerrymandering by state legislators. north carolina republicans are accused of going too far one redrawing congressional lines for political gain. maryland politicians accused of doing the same thing. what the supreme court has to decide is the limits of this gerrymandering. it is possible that lens would have to be redrawn. that could happen in other states as well, which would have a significant impact on 2020 election. the second case that we are looking at, the 2020 census, they want to put a question on next year senses that would
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indicate whether or not someone was a u.s. citizen. critics say those who are not legal citizens but living here won't fill out the form, skewing the numbers, giving us kind of a false idea of how many people actually living in the united states. those in favor say it's a perfectly legitimate question to get the right numbers. the warning buzzer goes off up 9:55 this morning. this would be the first time though that such a question would be on the census, going to all households, since 1950. again, at 12 cases to get there. also important, the clock is ticking because they need to be printed in the next couple weeks. folks behind the scenes are waiting to see if they can actually put that question on even though they don't go out until january. shannon bream and i will be here all day. we will see you later. >> trace: thank you. life for us of the supreme court. we are very concerned about this in california because the democrats are screaming. that is one of the areas when you have one of those districts
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that could be redrawn. >> sandra: absolutely appeared a lot of breaking news should be happening around us 10:00 hour eastern time. it is great to have you here. >> trace: it is like back in the day. >> sandra: it will be a fun week. he will be joining us all week. gunman opened fire on a rookie police officer last week. >> no, you are not in trouble, dude. [gunfire] >> sandra: he was shot and killed in the line of duty within days of each other. live report on that coming up. >> we have got to very, very substantially reduce the burden of student debt on our people. >> trace: bernie sanders pushing free tuition. that's his new pitch, looking to
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wipe clean student debt. but who's going to pay for it? we will look at the next. >> sandra: desperate search for a missing college student, who was last seen taking a lyft right from the airport. >> the police have said they have no reason to believe -- but at this point, it's been seven days. ♪ limu emu and doug.
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they're completely different people. that's why they make customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need. yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. [ limu grunts ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> sandra: fox news alert, president trump delaying a deportation for immigrants to get an immigration deal done. tweeting at the request of democrats i have delayed the illegal immigration removal process for two weeks to see if the democrats and republicans can get to gather and work out a solution to the asylum and loophole problems of the southern border. if not, deportation start." nancy pelosi is saying time is needed for comprehensive immigration reform.
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families belong together." >> it is a little bit crazy for people to do what they have to do, which is to get a quality education and then find themselves in the absurd position of having to pay that debt off for decades. well, we are going to change that. >> trace: bernie sanders set to reveal a plan to wipe out $1.6 trillion in student loan debt. he says he wants the federal government to wipe the slate clean for 45 million americans. the plan would include all private and graduate school debt, and he plans to ask wall street to pay for it. let's bring an byron york, chief political correspondent at the "washington examiner" and fox news contributor. great to see you. bernie sanders has long been saying college should be free. first time we are really hearing that it should be free and we
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should repay the debt for these other people. we are talking graduate school and other things. what are your thoughts? >> all student loan debt. i think this is an example of the war ratcheting up. we are seeing inside the democratic primary. so many candidates trying to get attention. not long ago, one of the more minor candidates propose to kind of have a modest debt forgiveness plan. elizabeth warren propose to increase that. she propose to forgive $640 billion in student debt. now bernie sanders has upped the ante and says let's just forgive all of it. $1.6 trillion. so i think you see this kind of thing in our race with so many different candidates jockeying for attention. they are not debating what effect it would have on the economy, whether adding $1.6 trillion in taxes on wall street would have any negative effect on the economy. >> trace: the push by coming even from some moderate
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democrats. they are saying that some of these guys who went to graduate school that are now with these really good firms with big time jobs it -- that it doesn't seem fair. >> right. the argument is that it is too preferential to people who have college degrees or professional degrees, then they have more lifetime earning potential. now there is also just the obvious question of is it fair to forgive the student debt when so many people have struggled for so many years to pay off their student debt? maybe they have just paid it off, now they see everybody else have their debt forgiven. >> yeah. the thing is, when this idea of you know it president trump saying that he now would rather go after hillary clinton, he would rather go against joe biden and hillary clinton. i want you to play the sound bite from nbc. >> we spent a lot of time
6:20 am
talking about it. >> i would actually rather run against biden. that would be my preference. >> why? >> sleepy joe. she was not sleepy. >> trace: does not tell us that he thinks it is going to be he invited? >> there is no doubt that he has been focused on biden for quite a while. i think we have seen him and more competitive situations and some people may have thought. still, he seems focused on him, and if you listen to the present, he is basically suggesting that joe biden's age is a problem. he has somehow slow down. these are two men in their 70s who would run against each other. but biden would indeed be 78 years old on inauguration day 2021, which is the hi donald trump would be after leaving after eight years as president if he were to win a second term. >> trace: we've got to go here, byron, we talk about joe biden being up by 15-20
6:21 am
points and a lot of these polls. the question then becomes how does biden go with the rest of these people? >> this is the question of the whole primary, where you have this centrist candidate, so-called centrist candidate leading, but done all these other progressive candidates. you add up all of their support, it's a very substantial number. >> trace: byron york, go to see you, my friend. >> sandra: the famous tight roping siblings have done it again. this time, 25 floors up in times square last night. >> here we go. >> okay. >> if you can make it in new york, you can make it anywhere if you'd >> what a sight it was for so many down below. the brother-sister duo shutting down traffic at the crossroads of the world. suspended between two skyscrapers. we will have details on all of this and a heart stopping moments just i had. >> trace: mesmerizing. ♪
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♪ >> trace: living on the edge, they are. two members of the flying wallendas family made their way across times square on a tight rope stretched 25 stories high. >> i'm going to do this. new york city, what do you thi think? >> perfect. >> thank god. you're amazing. yeah, baby. i will hear you. >> trace: last night, nik wallenda was joined by his
6:26 am
sister, lijana. it was a triumphant return for lijana, after she fell and broke in nearly every bone in her fa face. they want from opposite ends of high wire, suspended between the towers, crossing each other in the middle. it is kind of a bygone era. these people are just mesmerizing when you see them. >> sandra: you know the energy you can feel walking through new york city, let alone times square. you kind of heard that from nik, getting the crowd going. made that return after such a horrible accident that she had. two years later to be up back there. so you want so talented. if you can get somebody's attention for three seconds, people gazing up in the air. >> sandra: already, moving on, the search is on for university of utah student who disappeared after ordering of lyft. she texted them around 1:00 a.m. to let them know that she had
6:27 am
landed safely. she got into us before ride and has not been heard from since. we are live with more. >> every adult is entitled to disappear, but nobody leaves dominic believes that the 23-year-old dead. where did she go? i want o'clock a.m. to an industrial unfamiliar part of town. her friend say it is a mystery because she did not have a regular boyfriend. she tells her parents, she arrives late, she is a student at the university of utah. she takes us before not home or to her sorority, but an area north of salt lake. she hasn't been seen since. her car has not moved from her apartment. luggage missing. missing a wedding and midterm exam is. >> for her not to reach out to me on anything, is very unlike her. very uncommon. she is usually in touch with me
6:28 am
almost every day. she texted her family that she landed at the airport. she wouldn't have done that if she wanted to purposefully disappear. mckenzie, if you can hear this, we are all worried and looking out for you 24/7. >> trace: police are not saying where she won, but lyft says that her route contain no irregularities. the driver continued providing rides that night, and they have no information that would lead them to believe that she is harmed or has been in danger. they are concerned for her welfare. here you have someone who appears to be a serious student, doing something a little bit out of character. what she was doing up there, who did she see? it's a missing piece police are not seeing or not sharing. >> sandra: our best to that family as their search continues. william la jeunesse. >> trace: the second officer to die on the line of duty in just four days.
6:29 am
>> officer down. >> trace: that's new body cam video showing the scene from when a gunman opened fire on iraqi police officer last year. the latest on both cases. plus, there is this. >> the license. the foul. to be protective netting. >> sandra: another scary moment playing out where yet another fan is hit by a foul ball. will it be mlb or u.s. stadiums in general forced to make some more changes here? we will have more on that through just that. and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.
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6:33 am
body cam video showing the moments after. we are live in chicago. the fallen missouri officer recently joined that force, right? >> yes, officer michael lanngsdorf only about three months ago joined the police caught that focuses on building community relations. the north county police company of chief says that he responded to a call about bad check about 9 miles northwest of st. louis. about 5 minutes after arriving, police received a call that an officer was down. michael langsdorf later pronounced dead. they set a suspect is in custody. they will be holding a press conference where we expect to learn a lot more about this officer killed in the line of duty. >> sandra: another officer killed in california if your new video from that shooting? >> yes, we have a small clip of a body camera that shows the
6:34 am
sacramento police officer being ambushed. they were apparently at this house to assist a woman getting belongings from the home. they knocked at the front door and were ambushed by the male suspect who fired at the police officers for hours, it hitting and killing 26-year-old rookie officer o'sullivan. here is a portion of that disturbing video. >> you're not in trouble, dude. [gunfire] >> of the 5-year-old was arrested for the murder of sacramento police officer, tara o'sullivan. they say he had for weapons in different rooms. officer o'sullivan could not be immediately rescued because the attackers high-powered bullets would have pierced the officer's vest. sandra. >> sandra: thank you. >> trace: fox news alert. we are awaiting supreme court rulings on 12 major cases,
6:35 am
including president trump bid for the 2020 census. let's bring in former counsel to the senate judiciary committee. do you care to weigh in on which way you think the census thing might go? >> there are a lot of interesting questions in this case. this is the week that some of the biggest cases will get the cider. from the oral argument, it looks like the liberal and the conservative blogs were aligned, as you would expect them to be. it most likely looks like 5-4, upholding this question, but you never know. but if it goes that way, there are lots of other interesting questions. this case is on its surface about senses and citizenship issues, but beneath that, there are all of these legal questions about who has the ability to s sue? when can they second-guess the executives, things of that nature. it is actually a very technical
6:36 am
case but beneath all of the fleshy politics. >> trace: it's fascinating because it talks about the fact that democrats are just thinking that this could change in their opinion some congressional districts because of undercounting hispanics, especially in states like california. speak about is certainly what their fear is. it is all conjecture. a case that is ultimately about administrative law, which sounds drive. it is so, so hot, one of the hottest cases of the term because there are these political stakes that are perceived in it. the very nature of citizenship and what it means for this country has become a liberal controversy. >> trace: when you see congress getting involved in this, and i want to play this sound bite from eric swalwell. play this. >> latino families in america are under assault by this president. right now. for many latino families, there
6:37 am
is nothing this president will not do to break up your family, cage your children, and every seer existence by weaponizing the census. >> trace: so when you see congress getting involved in this, you see the 2020 candidates using this as one of their platforms, what do you make of that as to how it plays into the rest of the argument? >> well, certainly. this is part of a question here, the role of congress. they can write the census questions if it wants, but in fact, delegated to the congress, that they will return the most useful results for the government. but this census question, the suggestion from rhetoric like that, that this is something n new, is not reflective of the actual history. the u.s. has after this very question or questions like it since 1820 and one form or
6:38 am
another on the census. it did stop asking it every ten years of everybody in 1950, but there is still acid -- there is nothing particularly new here. it doesn't reflect the rhetoric that you see in the politics. it's a question that is common in the rest of the world. even if they conceded the argument while challenging this question. this question of citizenship is information that would be very useful for the government to know. so i hardly think it supports the kind of rhetoric. >> trace: so when you talk about rhetoric, you hear these democratic candidates saying if this question is in the census, we need to redo it. that is pretty much political? >> it largely is, but if they want to assert a more focused role on what the census should have, they are free to do so. but it has left the administration set these policies, ask him to second-guess it.
6:39 am
right now, on the basis of that inflammatory rhetoric, i think it is very misguided. >> trace: the supreme court is in process right now. good information. thank you, sir. >> sandra: more breaking news. the string of american deaths out of the dominican republic, we are now learning that the number is going up. 12 americans have now died from suspicious causes there. we are going to tell you the action that one resort in the dr is taking now. plus, there is this. >> president trump is iran policy is working. probably the first time that we have had the initiative against iran. they are relaxing stomach lashing out because of the depression levels of activity. >> trace: ramping up the pressure with iran. florida senator rick scott will be here to respond next. a way to create energy from household trash.
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>> trace: two weeks after jon stewart's blistering testimony on capitol hill capitol hill, mitch mcconnell has agreed to meet with first responders and other advocates for the 9/11 victims compensation fund. ahead of a vote in the senate on reauthorizing the fund which expires at the end of the year, we will continue to bring you the latest on the story. >> if they can't have nuclear weapons. you want to talk about it, good. otherwise, you can live in a shattered economy. >> do you feel like you are being pushed into military action against the lijana? iran? >> john bolton is absolutely a hawk. but that doesn't matter because i want both sides. >> sandra: sounding off on recent escalation from iran as we await details on what those new sanctions targeting tehran will actually look like.
6:44 am
warning iran of obliteration like you have never seen before if war breaks out between out to nations. join us now. rick scott. the armed services committee. he sits in studio. great to have you. all right, so obviously you were breached in a capacity that you probably can't share a whole lot of with us. what can you tell us about how we proceed from here? >> first off, this is all happening because the sanctions are working. all causing problems for israel. in venezuela. so now what they're doing, they are attacking ships, shooting down drones. think about this. this is a terrorist group. we have to do everything that we can. i am glad the president is being cautious. like john bolton said, don't take prudence for being weak. so you do it's a great point to
6:45 am
make here general keane said that appleton so that very clearly. they are easy for the world to understand the message that we are seeing and hearing. the president went further and then interview to make the case that he would like to sit down with iran and go to the negotiating table with them. here is more from the president. >> i'm not looking for war. if there is, it will be obliteration like you have never seen before, but i'm not looking to do that. you can have a nuclear weapon. you want to talk, go to. otherwise, you will have about economy for another three years. >> sandra: he would be willing to sit down with iranian officials with no preconditions. do you support that idea? >> absolutely. look what he did with north korea. that doesn't mean he's awake. he's got to do the right thing for america. saying what he really believes. he doesn't want more. you can have iran having a nuclear weapon when they chant "death to america." they say they want to obliterate
6:46 am
israel. they better understand that they better do something. >> sandra: very concerning situation for all americans to look at the tensions escalating between the two nations. the trump administration says more are coming. what more can we possibly do when we look at their economy already suffering like it is. where more can we sanction them? >> i am not sure what else we can sanction, but look at what they have done. this ruined their economy, most of their economy. very difficult for them. it is a big deal. hopefully it means they will spend less time helping maduro in venezuela. i hope iran does the right thing. >> sandra: none of this matters unless they come to the negotiating table. do you think they would? >> you would hope that they would. if you're a leader that cares about his people, his economy, it is going to be tied to having
6:47 am
a relationship with america and europe. you would think he would come about so far he hasn't. >> sandra: he writes that china gets 91% of their oil, so why are we protecting the shipping lanes for other countries, 40 compensation? they should be protecting their own ships on what has always been a dangerous journey. we don't even need to be there in that the u.s. has just become by far the largest producer of oil. no nuclear weapons and no further sponsoring of terror." he makes a very good point. we are not buying that oil anymore if you'd we have become so energy independent in this country. >> i think what he's done is because a conversation about what a lot of america should be doing, whether it is nato, dealing with north korea. this is legitimate. so i think it's outstanding. but let's remember, iran, they are not our friend.
6:48 am
they want to annihilate israel. they are not going to help us. >> sandra: does it behoove us to engage is much as we are? >> engagement, absolutely. from the standpoint of making sure that they don't have the resources to support these groups. absolutely. to get out of a horrible treaty. >> sandra: democrats say we are in this situation not because we pulled out. >> think about what the treaty did. we gave iran a lot of money, billions of dollars. we said you can continue to enrich uranium. it didn't prevent them from long term nuclear weapons. >> sandra: is your party divided? on how to respond here? >> washington is pretty dysfunctional. i don't think anyone agrees. i do believe that we all
6:49 am
understand what's going on. we have a lot of issues that obama didn't address, whether it iran, north korea, the china trade policies. venezuela, cuba. and president trump is willing to do it. it's hard. he is willing to sit down with people. he is willing to put things on the table, so i think it's possible -- >> sandra: big decisions to make. senator, great to have you here. >> trace: there is a new trust in the case of jennifer dulos. the attorney now claiming that she had an imagination, and she has written manuscript similar to the now famous "gone girl." these bizarre new details are next. >> sandra: with so many drones in the sky, what can be done to keep them away from airplanes and ourg airports? that needs . small things. big things. too hard to do alone things.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> sandra: one may be the loneliest number, but sarah could be the luckiest. setting a record payout for its game, when -- get this -- all zeros came up as i went a numbers. 1,000 tickets were sold for $1 each. those will fetch a sum of $5,000 apiece, and another 1,000 tickets sold for $0.50 each. those will fetch $2500 apiece. so i guess we now know how many people go out and just pick all zeros. >> trace: it's kind of odd when you have people who didn't win. >> sandra: do you play the lottery? >> trace>> trace: occasionally. >> sandra: all zeros. >> trace: investing in technology to counter the danger appeared one company has developed a system that identifies the presence of drones and can launch countermeasures if needed.
6:54 am
claudia joining us from california with details on the story. claudia. >> good afternoon. in the background here, the faa says that there are thousands of reported drones near runways every year. the best-known incident happened overseas in december at gatwick airport in london. john spotted, forcing shutdown. leaving passengers scrambling. drone activity has grounded flights in dubai, israel, new zealand, and newark, new jersey. drown actually struck a commercial plane in quebec city, canada. they say the threat of catastrophe warns tougher action by the faa. >> this is a systemic aviation problem, which means it's a problem for the faa. passing rules or regulations isn't going to fix the issue at
6:55 am
hand, which is a safety and security of air airports and our city against on misuse of dron drones. >> the faa says it is working to identify and respond to drone threats, but they say what is really needed is a nationwide system that did tax thought location and presence of a drone and whoever is operating it. talk companies, they have contracts with a dozen airports were about a million dollars a year. their system uses rooftop sensors and radio frequencies to detect drones an unauthorized airspace fear just from a financial aspect, the chaos caused by a drone flying around an airport is equal to roughly $400,000 a minute, a big reason why anti-15 technology is it taking off at airports around the world. >> sandra: all right. two left wing candidates
6:56 am
targeting student dad, how do they pay for it. bill bennett is our headliner. he has something to say about all that. he joins us next hour. eddie gallagher set to resume her shortly, after bombshell testimony from a medic on the stand last week. he says he killed the prisoner gallagher is accused of murdering, so where does this case go next? >> any reasonable professional prosecuting office would have dismissed this case several times over. termites.
6:57 am
6:58 am
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7:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. any moment now, the supreme court could hand down key cases, with days to go. we are waiting on one of the court's biggest decisions of the year that could impact major scope of executive power in this country. welcome to our brand-new our inside "america's newsroom" this morning. i'm sandra smith. >> trace: and i'm trace gallagher and for bill hemmer. the much-anticipated decision has been for several legal challenges and heated debate since the census was first announced. >> sandra: shannon bream is on the watch this morning. she is live there. good morning as we await the news. >> good morning. let's talk about these two cases. they both have potential impact. let's start with the gerrymandering cases.
7:01 am
they essentially are wary of state legislators -- they have been more open about it than others, drawing congressional districts. obviously, that can impact to ends up across the street here on capitol hill. the republicans are accused of being too partisan. the democrats are also. they have never tackled partisan gerrymandering. they have struct on other examples. if you are dealing with race and other issues, we will wait to see what we got on that. the other potential impact long-term on election is the census. the 2020 census to go out next year. this administration decided to add a question about citizenship. for decades, for centuries, there have been questions about citizenship in some form or fashion on the census. it's only recently that they have been taken off. but this administration said we want to know people status. we think it's a legitimate
7:02 am
question. critics of that idsa is going to undercount certain populations who will be afraid to answer that question and may not complete the census forms. so they think it will allow underfunding for people for federal programs, impacting schools, hospitals. this kind of thing or the congressional districts that people will not be counted ful fully. so it has been a very heated battle back and forth on the question. and it will test the limits of executive power to the executive branch to do things like add this question. we stand by now. the opinions are coming. we will let you know as soon as we get them. >> trace: president trump turning the screws on iran, preparing new sanctions after their military shot down a u.s. spy drone. he says he's not looking for war. instead, he would rather talk with tehran. general jack keane earlier on "america's newsroom." >> the president exercises
7:03 am
restrained, does not issue an attack. now has leverage with the allies to give him some assistance. secondly, he's increase the sanctions. so this thing just really has backfired in the iranians face. >> trace: life for us at the pentagon. >> officials confirm the u.s. military launched a cyber attack against iran, following the downing of the american drone. iranian forces were quiet, but tensions remain high pure national security advisor john bolton had this blunt warning for iran. >> neither iran or any other hostile actors should confuse this for weakness. no one has granted them a hunting license in the middle east. >> from the uss abraham lincoln strike group remaining in the area, along with 70,000 troops,
7:04 am
including fighter jets. american officials say the cyber command launched of the targeting iranian intelligence used to down the u.s. navy drone on thursday. we have learned that they shut off radars around time the u.s. was poised to strike. not clear if iran shut them down deliberately in anticipation of a strike. mike pompeo has arrived in saudi arabia, iran's biggest rival and hastily organized trip, following the shootdown of the navy drown. in recent weeks, six oil tankers have been attacked in the gulf of oman, blaming iran. la trump administration is believed to announce more sanctions later on. marcus burk arrived for his first day on the job. the former army secretary took no questions. >> good morning. good morning.
7:05 am
mark esper must still be confirmed before he becomes defense secretary. >> trace: life for us at the pentagon. thank you. >> sandra: let's bring in today's headliner, former secretary of education, fox news contributor. dr. bennett, good morning. thank you for being here. you have certainly seen your share of the 2020 candidates. taking on the president for why we are where we are today. >> i was a little more hawkish on this with tom cotton. i would have been predisposed to strike. the qualifications, i don't have the particulars that the president does or the responsibilities that he does, and second, i am not inclined to second-guess him or jack keane. i think as he points out, it may be a good turn of events. you may be picking up more allies with this and increasing sanctions.
7:06 am
by putting it away, it is not away forever. he can still use it if need be. might disposition is based on these particulars from the long history of iran. it has a lot to answer for. a lot of american blood on the hands of iranians. >> trace: you made a good point there. you talked about how a lot of conservatives are saying what the president did by not going after iran is letting them dig their own hole. you talk about sanctions, so the rest of the world knows that they are enriching uranium. they attacked these oil tankers, they went after the drone. now the rest of the world is saying maybe iran is not such a good citizen after all. >> may be the president is a man of restraint. you like back to the campaign, we were talking about how can we trust this guy? now he is being criticized on the other side for being too dovish. keep them guessing, mr. president. that's just fine.
7:07 am
>> sandra: here is just a sampling of what we have heard from kamala harris and others over the weekend. >> i don't believe that anyone should seek credit for it an issue of their own making. we have to be smart about what we do. >> it was limited strike. >> oh, well i'm sorry. i just didn't know that it's okay to simply attack another country with bombs. that's an act of war here. at this entire is something that donald trump solely has pushed us to. >> sandra: 2020 quickly approaching. the debates happening this week. we are sure that that is not the less that we will hear about. >> no-fault of the iranians from these democrats? again, all of that american blood on their hands. do they have anything to say about these people who willfully kill our people? shame on them. >> trace: speaking at 2020
7:08 am
candidates, bill, you are the perfect man to ask this question to you about these proposals. maybe we just pay everybody's college debt. you went to graduate school, you name it. we will pay everybody's. whatever it costs. >> i wish i could have happened to me, but i don't think it's good economic sorts good policy. the problem started in 2007, i'm sorry to say. the bush administration, when we shifted from private-sector to to the government. the government has largely created this mess. now they are going to try to solve it? i don't think so. by the way, little known fact. people don't know this, but a lot of the student loan payback, it doesn't go back into a student loan fund. it goes to pay for obamacare. check that out. that's really pretty interesting. finally, this fits the problem in the wrong place. there is something called the bennett hypothesis.
7:09 am
i didn't name it for myself. someone named it for me, but my argument was the more federal aid there is or federal spending, the higher tuitions will go. what, you can just track that through the years. now supposing we make color true for everyone, what do you think the first thing colleges will do? raise tuition yet again. so bernie wants to pay for it with tax on investments. again, redistribution of wealth. >> sandra: somebody has got to pay for it, right? we sort of set up this full screen, showing the proposal from bernie sanders. now elizabeth warren, who is calling for universal free public college. the cost over ten years? $2.2 trillion. $1.25 trillion for elizabeth warren. she has got 250,000. bernie sanders what a limited 100% of college debt. elizabeth warren, 95%. to the tax that you are talking
7:10 am
about, bernie sanders wants to tax wall street. elizabeth warren wants 2% tax annually on families making over $50,000. >> this is a poker game. they keep raising. of course, it is coming at us. i expect the next move will be warren will come after sanders by saying i'm going to make everyone go to college and make it free. so everyone has a college education. why haven't they thought of that? talking about wall street, remember who they are really talking about. people who invest money in iras, people who save money, and employers. will come out of our money. it isn't free. it comes out of our hide. it's progressive, and it's a bad idea. president trump should be able to shoot this one down pretty easily. >> sandra: it would be over $50 million, 2% fee on fortunes
7:11 am
greater than $50 million to be clear, right? >> trace: you are saying every stock purchase, the money would come out of that because that is some of what would pay for those $2.2 trillion. i want to get your thoughts on the president saying this about the biggest mistake he made in office. watch this. >> i would say if i had want to overcome i would not have appointed jeff sessions to the attorney general. i would be my one -- >> in your mind? >> obviously, he regrets it. we all saw that. we saw him talk about that very often. it's a sad situation to me because i know that he had high regard for jeff sessions, as i did. very strong senator. the first two, fourth donald trump, but something happened. he seemed to shrink. just seem to diminish him. he wasn't finding his way very effectively. think of bill barr in contrast to him. he has sort of taken the reins. and of course, the president is
7:12 am
looking out of situations where when he resigned, he had a series of dominoes that led to the special counsel and two years of that inquiry. one understands how painful it has been and why he might have regrets. but i have great regard for jeff sessions. i still do. i know the president of and must just be shaking his head, as a lot of us are. >> sandra: great to get your thoughts on all of that. >> you better. thank you. >> sandra: bombshell testimony out of the trial, turning it on its head. he announced that he in fact was the one who killed the prisoner. what happens next escort resumes today? >> trace: another bizarre twist, this time in the case of the missing cannot get mom. the lawyer for jennifer dulos' strange husband she has a history of disappearing and calls into question one of the key points of evidence in the entire case. coming up.
7:13 am
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>> sandra: the lawyer for her
7:17 am
estranged husband, fotis dulos, now saying that the missing mother has an "history of disappearances." norm pattis telling "the new york post" that jennifer disappeared from new york and lived for years under a different name over a family dispute. he says she has plenty of motives for hurting her husband. a friend said she was "afraid for her life before her disappearance." >> trace: and a gallagher back in court today after a dramatic twist in the murder case. another seal claimed responsibility for killing the teenager he is on trial for killing. prosecutors say that despite the testimony, they will not drop the charges. gallagher's attorney say he is innocent of the charges against him. >> it's an entirely invented story to try to say that chief gallagher is behind this. there is no evidence of it whatsoever. the people that are trying to blame him are just disgruntled
7:18 am
members of his platoon that weren't even in the same building as him. >> trace: joining us outside the naval base. jonathan. >> good morning, it could be another dramatic week in the trial of chief edward gallagher, and it could end with the jury getting to decide the fate of the seal who is accused of the cold-blooded murder of a wounded fighter anorak. prosecutors were rocked last week by testimony from another seal that he, not gallagher, killed the fighter when he plugs the wounded man's breathing too. we expect to hear from a prosecution expert witness who will testify the cause of death was not association but knife wounds. of course, two seals have already testified they saw gallagher stab the prisoner in the neck. his lawyers insist that those claims are lies from seals who simply did not like their boss.
7:19 am
>> it comes from the fact that eddie gallagher is an old-school hard-charging warrior, and these younger millennial seals, they were just there to be able to say that they were seals, they went there, then they could get out and go on to their future careers without former navy seal tagline on their bio. speak up but one of the so-called millennial seals who says he saw gallagher stab so prisoner is the same one, cory scott, who said it was he who actually killed the prisoner. of the might be left wondering if both of those statements can actually be true, and if not, whether this witness who turned out in effect to be a star witness for the defense, has any credibility. it will be up to the jury to decide that matter, and therefore, the expert witness we are about to hear on the cause of death is going to be absolutely crucial in the outcome of this stunning case.
7:20 am
trace. >> trace: it comes down to who do you believe your jonathan hunt life for us in san diego. >> sandra: we bring in andrew cherkasky, jack officer. good morning to you. hopefully we can make some sense of what is going on in that courtroom and will continue to do so. this case has taken some wild twists. >> it is truly made for tv. so many pieces to this, but the prosecution has got a tremendous amount of eyewitness testimony. they don't think that that is enough to sustain a conviction. >> sandra: they are going to be calling at the special officer. he surprised everyone and that bombshell by saying he killed that isis prisoner. what do you expect when he is called bike up to the stand in that courtroom? >> well, what he said was that he saw gallagher stab the prisoner, but that he then
7:21 am
asphyxiated him by holding the breathing tube. that's still a problem for chief gallagher because he may be liable for attempted murder or questions one way it or the other whether it was the cause of the death. in either case, it will be of further tax on his credibility. >> trace: but the cause of death, it will focus on what was the cause of death? if it was his fixation, if it was stabbing, then all of a sudden, you've got some more proof one way or the other. that's going to be critical, right? >> i think it's going to be very important what the experts say about how they can assess what exactly is the cause of death now that there's two different versions of this kind of late-breaking testimony certainly throws into flux the expert testimony in that regard, but one way or another, he still is potentially liable for attempted murder. that is still life without the possibility of parole as maximum
7:22 am
punishment. >> sandra: to be clear, medic set on the stand that he saw eddie gallagher stop that isis prisoner in the next. he had been granted immunity, which obviously comes into play, speculating why he decided to surprise the prosecution in the room by saying that last week. he was then asked by the prosecutor, brian john, if he was taking responsibility to prevent eddie gallagher from going to jail. he answered yes. >> this is exactly the stuff that you see on tv. i mean, you have the prosecutor getting out of that witness the fact that there is a tremendous bias there. he doesn't want this individual going to jail. he wants to see gallagher walk free, so he has real potential to be fabricating information here because he's never set it before. his statements previously have been contradictory to that. >> trace: what about when this general comes in and says that he knows that eddie gallagher
7:23 am
did not kill this isis soldier? what will that do? >> we have actual u.s. seals coming in and giving their testimony, including scott himself. you have this general coming in. it's going to be a question of what that connection is. is there a bias there? is he testifying on something he knows. the judge has to be real careful on what he allows. they will not testify to something that they don't actually know. >> sandra: the wife of eddie gallagher, who has appeared with several times, maintains his innocence thereof, as well as eddie gallagher himself. what she's pointing to is what she labels "witness inconsistency." she says that they are taking responsibility. she says "i feel that every single one of they brought
7:24 am
forward was pretty inconsistent." can they make that case? >> there are certainly inconsistencies. you see that anytime you have eyewitness testimonies. there have been consistency with more of the major aspects of it, so the task of any good criminal defense attorney is going to be how much those inconsistencies matter. does that show someone is lying, or is it a matter of an innocent mistake on matters that are peripheral to the real issue? >> trace: we have to go. what is your take? >> my final take is that i think there is a lot of evidence on both sides. this is absolutely fair to go to trial and for the questions to be asked. i think he's going to be found guilty on at least some of the allegations and potentially even that attempted murder, if not the murder itself. >> trace: andrew cherkasky, great to see you. >> sandra: meanwhile, fox news alert to the supreme court. striking down part of a federal law blocking trademarks for names and logos bearing immoral
7:25 am
or scandalous images, including profanity and sexual imagery. they said it -- his clothing brand, denied by a federal tribunal. elena kagan saying that it disfavors certain ideas. at 2017 decision when they struck down a similar band on derogatory remarks that may affect raises cultures and beliefs. that coming from the supreme court as we await more. >> trace: president trump says he will push back his move if democrats come to the table and get a deal done at the border. we are live without on capitol hill. >> sandra: gearing up for the first presidential debate. all of them jostling for attention. who does the president want to
7:26 am
face, come the general election? we have some thoughts on that next. >> asking you to decide who to vote for, but what i am asking you is who you want to see on the debate stage today. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis.
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7:30 am
go to, or call 1-877-236-1855. >> trace: breaking right now, president trump will push back i.c.e. rates, at the root of the border crisis. millions will be deported if they don't get this done. "i want to give the democrats every last chance to negotiate changes. this will fix the southern border together with the help that mexico is now giving us, probably won't happen, but worth a try. two weeks, and big deportation begins." mike emanuel is live for us and capitol hill. >> it has baffled lawmakers for a long time. congress is scheduled to leave
7:31 am
for the independence day recess on thursday. they could do some easy things to address parts of the illegal immigration problem. >> they could do a bill that would have border security. they could put in some permit systems. they could take care of all the kids that were not here on their own. by the way, those are all things that donald trump wants to do too. but he says i will do all of that, but i also want to have all walked so that we have long-term lasting security on our southern border. >> but he want something many democrats reflexively oppose, suggesting that it is all about next year's election feuds because i don't like this deportation thing at all, and i think he uses this to do worse things to come. he thinks that he can win reelection. this is his political game. this is not an accident.
7:32 am
his announcement that he was seeking reelection. >> lawmakers in the house and senate are working on $4.5 billion packages to address the humanitarian crisis at the border. last week, the senate democratic leader floated an idea decide to take some pressure off the border. >> allow people from el salvador, guatemala to ask in their home country. why are they making those dangerous, often expensive trip? their daughters are threatened, their sons are threatened with murder. there is lack of safety. >> the senate version of the humanitarian aid bill passed a 30-1. so senate leaders are hoping if they get big bipartisan vote on the senate floor about the house will take the bill, and it will go to the president's desk. if not, they may not end up sending a bill to the president in that two week window. >> trace: mike emanuel life for us on capitol hill.
7:33 am
>> are you prepared to lose? >> no, probably not. probably not. it would be much easier for me to say well, yes. no, i am not prepared to lose. >> is mike pence 100% on your ticket? >> 100%, yes. >> sandra: let's go to the "america's newsroom," assistant to george w. bush. editor of "the wall street journal" editorial page in fox news contributor. mary anne marsh, former advisor to senator john kerry. everyone had a response to that. >> first of all, the president does not prepared to lose. if anyone wants to win, it's going to be this president. that is all his life is fun about. winning. as far as who he would like to face, joe biden. >> sandra: funny, he actually said that in this interview. >> i actually think that
7:34 am
hillary clinton was a great candidate. she was very smart. very tough. she was vicious. >> you would rather run against her though, wouldn't you? you talked about her in your announcement. >> no, i would actually rather run against biden. i think that would be my preference. >> why? >> sleepy joe. she was not sleepy. >> initially, he wanted to run against him. he didn't want to. he really did his research. now he sees biden making all of these mistakes. in fact, he is running like trump, taking pages from his playbook. refusing to apologize. democrats don't want to see that, especially when the apologies that he owes people are to women and voters of color. he could use that against him all day long. that would only help them. >> joe biden has nowhere to go but down. he is leading all of these polls.
7:35 am
he has got to start going to the left a little bit. he's got to join the rest of the forces. >> but he seems to be adopting that strategy. i don't think it's a good one. the premise originally was that he would be a moderate voice. he has moved left on abortion. not necessarily happy with that. it wasn't satisfied with the explanation. he is basically down the line on the left now. and i think if he's going to capture those moderate and conservative voters in the democratic party, and yes there are a lot of them, he has really got to be a centrist and not just moderate and language. >> that is one thing. he was poorly received at planned parenthood. he didn't do great, but he got a very poor reception there. >> sandra: what could the president do to get more support? that is what we have at this point in general election matchups. it does show him falling behind
7:36 am
these potential candidates on the left. "the wall street journal" editorial page by andrew stein is saying what about nikki haley on the ticket with the president? >> it would never happen. the power of the incumbency would be ruined if he were to find another running mate. first of all, there is no need to do it. the fact is that a small fringe may think that haley is the right person. the fact is that president got elected with mike pence. there is no reason not to. he has been terrific. he's got his own base of evangelicals. there is no good reason to reject mike pence. >> it was interesting. when initially asked about putting him on the ticket, he hesitated. now you have nikki haley to try to get women to support trump. you could put gloria steinem on the ticket, and women will not vote 4. >> sandra: whoa, whoa. >> and, hold on.
7:37 am
those two things together. if i mike pence, plan b. >> sandra: "wall street journal" representative, do you want to respond to that? >> it's an interesting argument. people shows that women do not vote for vice presidential candidates. i think the answer is that regardless, and nikki haley is great. i think mike pence has served honorably and well. it is president trump that people are voting for. >> trace: you can all way and on this, but we will start with you, mary. the question seems to be do they debate each other, or do they debate those who are not in the room at the time? >> i think it's going to be both. elizabeth warren and the other top-tier candidates, so i'm going to try to set the stage for wednesday and thursday by going after biden and sanders and making them defend something for 24 hours. so their job is they have the most to lose. they have to make sure that they
7:38 am
don't lose anything more. >> sandra: there is a lot of infighting. >> we have 24 or 25 candidates. they have the most to gain, and it will be at the expense of biden and sanders. harris thursday night on the stage with biden. she could go after him on his commandments about segregation. >> republicans can sit back and watch the show. a balancing act between beating up on each other and getting both president and there. you have to be selected by the party first before you are elected by the people. the party has swung so far to the left and will go further left, and i don't think they're going to select somebody who is electable. >> trace: it is early, but who is this critical for? >> i mean, i think for the second tier candidates who have not raised a lot of money, bumping around the low single digits, they need a viral moment. if it is attacking joe biden, that's fine, or sanders, they
7:39 am
need 30 seconds that is going to get replayed on social media to kind of defined them. a there is this great piece published on, by mary anne marsh, the challenge is to stop and not lose more ground in the polls. for everyone else, it is a fine line between standing out and stunned to get some attention." >> it is and less, looking at how many lower tier candidates there are. they will all try, and they will likely fail, but the one to watch he says, harris is elizabeth warren. she has the most momentum, climbing in the polls. she could catapult herself to the top of sheath please that's right. >> trace: lastly, the pete buttigieg controversy going on. a lot of people have been in his face. this is the way that he handles this, it is critical to going forward. >> wright, and it has been very weak.
7:40 am
he is in charge of his city, the police report to him and his department. the fact is you have to have the facts come out. you cannot let the mob rule. i thought he was very young presidential. he did not exert leadership in that town hall meeting. and i agree with marianne. i think these lower tier candidates, it is a breakout moment. after this debate -- >> sandra: real quick. final thoughts. >> he has no premise. south bend is not in great sha shape. you need to have a good story. >> he said his rationale to run is that america needs a mayor. his record is under scrutiny. >> sandra: i'm losing track. who are you supporting? >> i just tried to call it fairly with everybody. >> sandra: thank you very much to our a-team. >> trace: full-blown crisis on
7:41 am
the streets of los angeles. the homeless population skyrocketing. >> sandra: from the west coast to the far left, senator bernie sanders bringing his plan to wipe out $1.6 trillion to the american people. the big question today is who pays for it all? money men charles payne takes that one on next. >> it is a little bit crazy that people do what they have to do, which is to get a quality education, and then find themselves in the absurd position of having to pay that debt off for decades. this is the couple who wanted to get away
7:42 am
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7:45 am
>> trace: well, 2020 presidential candidate bernie sanders that he reveal his big plenty of why about $1.6 trillion of student debt over ten years. and he wants wall street to pay for it. charles payne, the host of "making money."
7:46 am
>> what the heck? >> trace: all of the money -- >> all other answers -- >> trace: every little transaction has money going somewhere. >> and i don't know if anyone has sat down and on the numbers, but i don't think talking to trillion dollars over ten years, i am not sure that's even possible. again, here is a major in this country where the talk is about how to pay this off, how to get a political solution. there some real issues here. how did it get this way in the first place? you have a lot of people who don't finish college. a lot of folks don't finish. that's where the problem is. if you have a college degree, ultimately you will get a pretty good job. you have a chance of getting a pretty good job. while it may take longer, you will be able to have a pretty good life. pay off your lens, get a house. about 50% of those people who
7:47 am
don't finish and still have the debt. we've got to be careful because we are talking about now a society where we are going to push more people into the college system if he has his w way. >> sandra: does he do it in no way that actually does get the attention of those who think this is a good idea. this is how he broke down the numbers. on this. this is his proposal. half percent tax, tax on bonds, then he goes way out to the fraction of a percent beyond derivatives. 10-year revenue. i mean, he makes it look like we will just take a little here and there, and it will add up. >> that's why i think the numbers don't add up. i think the idea is for them to get this open. once you open the door. that was too low. we have to make it 1%. you know, that was too low. that is the standard, that is how we will pay for it, just like the alternative minimum
7:48 am
tax. started out with those kinds of numbers, no you go anywhere in the world and ask anyone how crazy that is. and our country, transaction taxes around the world. they always start low on paper. >> trace: with uncovering a lot of this in our life. it's been a homeless problem. the homeless numbers in san diego have gone down. watch. >> some of the things that we are doing that i think is really having a dramatic impact. shelters with services, storage center for belongings, helping to clean up our streets and sidewalks. it starts up in overall attitude that says our riverbed is no place for a home. >> trace: the numbers are going down, and they are going up in los angeles. >> to me, i hate to say this, but this is more of a cosmetic solution. i know homeless people,
7:49 am
particularly in new york, and they hate those shelters. you get ripped off, being up here they are the most dangerous places on the world. >> trace: and you cannot do drugs or drink alcohol in the shelters, so these people -- >> cosmetic solution to a much deeper problem. >> sandra: the homeless crisis here, some of the numbers. 60,000 people homeless today. the rate is up 12% from 2018 olympia 56% of homeless women are victims of domestic violence, and 150 veterans fall into homelessness each month. the numbers are staggering. >> they are staggering. one of the richest counties on the entire planet. they have to figure out what other policies are driving these. >> trace: good to see you, my friend. >> sandra: see you at 2:00. scary moment. on another dodgers fan it in the head by a foul ball. how major league baseball is responding today. up, banana!
7:50 am
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when it comes to reducing the evsugar in your family's diet,m. coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. >> although on-2 comes home, and belanger gets off foul. just beyond the protective netting. just reading his lips. he says "smoked in the face." >> trace: another young fan
7:54 am
hospitalized, this time at dodger stadium. and it is a frightening trend. the question is of course what can baseball do about it? joining us now. what can you do? >> i think one day we will look back and say wait, their use to not be safety netting all around the park? not that long ago you went to hockey arenas and there wasn't netting all around. now there is after a young died. a woman was struck in the head, and she died. her husband apparently made an undisclosed settlement with the dodgers. on the back of every baseball ticket, it basically says you're responsible for your own safety. this goes back to a baseball rule established in 1913. there's talk about about trying to get people citations for walking with your cell phone in the street. certainly driving. if you're out on a ball game, there is the potential of
7:55 am
baseball's flying, don't look at your phone. let's say you're just a kid, looking around. here's what happens. safety netting is going to be coming. the chicago white sox announced it -- >> sandra: what's the argument against it? >> obstructed view. or you want to bring your glove to the ballpark. they announced at the summer they are going to install protective netting that goes all the way down to the polls on both sides. baseball made all the saved and netting that goes to the ends of the duck out. they want to push it further. young fan was injured at a cubs game last month. very sad. >> sandra: so they've already made changes. they expended a protection but don't like to at least the far ends of the dugout. >> she was seated in the fourth row, just beyond where that netting is. >> trace: it affects the players. you see cody bellinger, some of
7:56 am
them looking around like wow. >> sandra: they feel horrible. >> it's a terrible feeling. you want to have fun, but the role basically says if they provide a place to sit in a safe spot, that is why we are legally covered. >> sandra: thank you, jared. fox news alert now. president trump stepping up sanctions on the iran, aiming to deter further aggression. well more pressure bring tehran's leaders back to the negotiating table? plus, taking jobs that sleepy joe biden. polling does show him trailing the former vp. how does he pull ahead? help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. ...and got them back on track. get started at
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burying them in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. freshen up, don't cover up. febreze >> sandra: fox news alert. any moment now, bernie sanders about to announce what he has been touting as a series of groundbreaking bills on college affordability. among the proposals, he is expected to pitch that, canceling the entire $1.6 trillion in u.s. student loan debt. we will keep an eye on this and have more for you as it happens. the trump administration set to announce a new round of sanctions on iran, forcing them to the negotiating table. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. welcome to you. >> thank you very much. i'm benjamin, and for bill hemmer. calling off the strike on iran.
8:01 am
warning they won't hesitate to do so again. the cyber attacks have failed. chief white house correspondent john roberts live on the north white house lawn. >> benji, welcome to the side of the pond. expected to slap new sanctions on iran at some point today. we have no idea what the timing will be or what they will entail. at the same time, as you mentioned at the top of this, threatening to shoot down another u.s. drone if the white house continues to put the squeeze on tehran. "the enemy dispatched its most sophisticated, smartest, and most complicated surveillance. everyone saw it. we confidently say that this crushing response to the intrusion can be repeated, and the enemy is aware of this." president trump is saying his
8:02 am
preferred course of action is not to engage militarily with iran, and that he is prepared to hold talks without preconditions. at the same time, promising that if it comes to war, iran will pay a heavy price. >> i'm not looking for war. if there is, it will be a obliteration like you've never seen before. i'm not looking to do that, but you can't have a nuclear weapon. you want to talk? good. otherwise, you can have a bad economy for three years. >> iran is still talking tough. there were restraint that he showed, putting them in a bit of a box. any further action may be seen as a deliberate provocation. striking the tone of moderation earlier today. listen here. >> we welcome any reduction of tension. we do not want an increase in the tension and the problems after that.
8:03 am
we refer all parties searching for the roots and because of these problems and tensions, the economical terrorism brought against the nation of iran. >> as all of this is going on, the president has turned his attention to shipping in the persian gulf, suggesting that america shouldn't be picking up the tab for other countries. "china gets 91% of its oil from them, and many other countries likewise. so why are we protecting the shipping lanes for other countries 40 compensation? all of these countries should be protecting their own ships on what has always been a dangerous journey. we don't even need to be there in that the u.s. has just become (by far) the largest producer of energy anywhere in the world! the u.s. request for iran is very simple -- no nuclear weapons and no further sponsoring of terror!" the president believes that by showing the restraint that he did, not only does he put iran in a box, that any further
8:04 am
action could be seen as deliberate provocation, but also looking to deliver some of these other countries to his side to put more pressure on iran. when you talk about countries like china, those are countries that get along very well with iran. benji. >> benjamin: thank you very much for that. >> sandra: for more, let's bring in mike huckabee from arkansas. governor, good morning to you. the president promised strong response to iran. we await. these sanctions could be announced at any moment from the white house. what do you make of our response so far? >> i think it's been exactly the right thing. he didn't intervene militarily, which he could have done after the drone she down, but that would have been an escalation that probably would have led to an unnecessary kind of conflict that we might not have been able to extricate ourselves from. instead, he is going to put
8:05 am
sanctions. the economic pressure is the one thing the iranians really can't afford to have. i would point out something. in his tweet, when he mentioned that it is the chinese and the japanese who depend on most upon iranian oil, this is one of the reasons that america being independent for its energy for the first time in over 60 years, why it is so important. we don't need iranian oil, middle east oil. of the other big factor that will come into play, all of these sunni nations that are more worried about iran than we have to be, that is the pressure. >> sandra: considering how energy independence we have become, if you could stand by for a minute, bernie sanders, as we mentioned, making his proposals for college debt and how to pay it off for his presidential campaign. >> ending the absurdity of sentencing an entire generation, millennial generation, to a
8:06 am
lifetime of debt for the crime of doing the right thing. that is going out and getting a higher education. ten years ago, the united states government to build out wall street after their greed, their recklessness, and their illegal behavior drove us into the worst recession in modern history. today, the major wall street banks are larger than ever. their profits are soaring, and their ceos receive huge compensation packages. our proposal, which cost $2.2 trillion over ten years, will be fully paid for by attacks on wall street speculation, similar to what exists in dozens of countries around the world. the american people build out wall street. now it is time for wall street to come to the aid of the middle
8:07 am
class of this country. this wall street tax will have the added benefit of controlling wall street recklessness and reducing the likelihood of another major economic crash. in 1944, as world war ii was coming to an end, the u.s. government did the right thing and pass the g.i. bill. made higher education free to those who served in the armed forces. that not only improves the financial well-being of millions of men and women, but also laid the groundwork for a great expansion of the american middle class. in the 1960s -- >> sandra: you been listening to 2020 presidential candidate bernie sanders on his plan to wipe out all student loan debt. all $1.6 trillion of it. he wants wall street to pay. governor huckabee, you've been
8:08 am
listening. what did you think? >> well, why stop at student loans? let's go ahead and wipe out everybody's homelands. there's a lot of people who are in trouble because they bought more than they could afford. their rates went up. what about car loans? let's give everybody every car appeared by the way, i really resent it when he says we are going to pay off the college loans because of what we did in 1944. he must not have remembered or even acknowledged that people did something for their country to get that college education on the g.i. bill. what he's saying is let's just let people burn our fly, let's let them sit during the national anthem, and were still going to pay off their college loans. i am all for getting college paid for by people who want to serve in our military, maybe through some other means, but just to pay off the loans, they took those loans. i'm sorry that took out so much, and they can pay it back, but somebody should have told them. by the way, i was against the
8:09 am
bailouts back in 2006. i thought it was a disaster. 2008, rather. it was a total disaster. that's the one thing bernie said that was right. >> sandra: it's amazing. 45 million americans have student loans. the difference between what you just heard from bernie sanders, he says it doesn't matter what your income level is. elizabeth warren wants to do the same thing. in her proposal, but she caps it at households with incomes over $250,000. interesting where things are going this early on in the 2020 cycle. mike huckabee, thank you. >> benjamin: some big decisions this morning and the supreme court. we will have to wait until at least wednesday to get a ruling on the citizenship question on the 2020 senses. live out the supreme court with more. >> going to be coming back wednesday at 10:00 with the additional eight opinions. the two big ones, citizenship
8:10 am
and gerrymandering, both with 2020 election results. those will not be issued until later this week. there is an interesting case i want to talk to buck, dealing with a businessman, who has had a business since 1991. it is a variation of the effort. of course, we will not say ad on television, but it is all over clothing and other items. in the past, they have not allowed him to pursue a trademark because the word was viewed as "scandalous." they will not allow him to get the trademark. the other two, as we mentioned, they will have impacts on the 2020 election, testing limitations of gerrymandering by state legislators. accused of going too far when redrawing congressional district lines for congressional gain. maryland democrats accused of doing the same thing. it is possible that congressional lines would have to be redrawn there and in other states. the second major case that we
8:11 am
are looking at four, the 2020 census, they want to put a question on and that would indicate whether or not someone is a legal u.s. citizen. critics say those who are not legal citizens will not fill out the whole form, skewing those numbers. others say that it gives a false statistic of how many people are living in the united states, but those in favor say hey, it's a very legitimate question. so we know how many people are in the united states. important to point out that 1950 was the last time we saw a census question going to all households. at last year tell mike to mike -- >> benjamin: david, thank you very much. >> sandra: new details on the number of american tourers who have died under mysterious circumstances and the dominican republic. the steps that one resort is now taking to keep guests safe. >> benjamin: plus, the
8:12 am
american college student who vanished after taking us before. >> sandra: taking a shot at joe biden, heaping summer praise on hillary clinton. john sununu will weigh in on that next. >> michigan, pennsylvania, i won places that she didn't do a good job. what can i tell you? maybe i did a great job. you have to give credit. many say she was a lousy candidate. i actually think she was a great candidate. she was very smart, she was very tough. she was ruthless and vicious. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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8:16 am
>> sandra: president trump taking aim at joe biden while offering rare praise for his 2016 opponent, hillary clinton. >> i actually think that hillary clinton was a great candidate. she was very smart. she was very tough. she was ruthless and vicious. >> you would rather run against her again, wouldn't you? you spent a lot of time talking about her. >> no, i would actually run against biden. i think that would be my preference. why? >> sleepy joe biden. she was not sleepy. >> sandra: former white house chief of staff to george w. bush. good morning to you. that is not the first time we have heard president trump say he would prefer running against joe biden over the rest of the field or over other clinton in this particular case.
8:17 am
joe biden still leads the crowded field of democrats for the 2020 democrats. >> i think in terms of the comparison with mrs. clinton, he makes a very good point. she has been part of a very successful campaigns, residential campaigns in '992 ad '96. she has gone through and built a great staff, and whenever she speaks, it's preplanned and premeditated. the president knows that biden has a propensity to say really dumb things on the campaign trail. i think he's counting on the fact that biden really does not understand how hard it is to run for president, has not really -- it appears, not really put together a very good team, and continues to have foot and mouth disease. >> sandra: you know what? joe biden has members of his own party, other 2020 contenders
8:18 am
going after him. kamala harris, over the weekend, turning back the clock. she said "let's start the next chapter. let's turn the page. so there is some of this infighting with in the democratic party. >> it will begin this week with the two debates. the democratic members, having the two debates. joe biden really is the one that has the most to lose in these two debates. he's got to demonstrate that he is all there. he's got to demonstrate that he knows how to speak to the new democratic party. and he probably has to demonstrate that he can out out-pander the other gang of panderer's. >> sandra: certainly, the country will be watching as the democratic candidates shows who they are. as fo far as fox news polling is behind, you still have him behind the 2,020th candidates in
8:19 am
general election matchups. if it was held today, joe biden would be at the president by ten points. of course, it is early on. what can the president do to pull ahead in these coming months as we await the debates? >> just continue to be presidential. you are fox poll has to understand that it is polling the old way, and with all due respect to all of them that are out there, they've got to reform their process. there are folks who deliberately don't answer their phones when they are called. there are folks who give wrong answers, and this is becoming more and more of a problem in the polling process. until we get six months away from the election, none of them even indent what is going on at the moment. >> sandra: sounds like you're suggesting he shouldn't be worried. >> he should not be worried. look. the far left party that the democratic party has become is
8:20 am
nowhere near mainstream america. and it is mainstream america that elects presidents. >> sandra: great to get your thoughts this morning. thank you. to speak on security advisor john bolton warning iran not to test the united states. >> neither iran or any other hospital actor showed a mistake u.s. prudence and discretion for weakness. as president trump said on friday, our military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go. >> benjamin: set to put new sanctions on iran. will they bring the rogue regime to the bargaining table? plus, this. >> hey, hey! watch this. go, go. come get your money. >> police officer. >> benjamin: the child brought to safety from a burning home.
8:21 am
>> break the glass. to stay low. and boy did we. we locked it in and rode that low rate from navy federal credit union all the way to our first house. it's a split-level ranch. so cute! navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission.
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8:24 am
>> sandra: body cam footage showing the moment i quick thinking police officer pulled up crying 3-year-old girl through the basement window of a burning house. >> hey, hey. go, go. >> sandra: quite a scene there. daniel rodriguez had to kick in the window to pull the little girl to safety. with the help of a neighbor, he went back to free her grandmother. both, we are told, are expected to be okay. >> the sanctions, which have put a lot of pressure on the iranian government, kind of at an
8:25 am
inflection point now. this object that we have seen is a reflection of them trying to kind of change the status quo. >> benjamin: that was lieutenant general robert ashley speaking to our own catherine. , his comments coming as they threaten to shoot down even more at u.s. drones. former policy advisor to president obama's campaign. to thank you for joining us. sanctions are putting the iranian economy and free fall. a very real threat. new sanctions, new cyber attacks. but still, iran won't come to the table. why want to come? what will it take? >> i think general ashley is right. the sanctions are working to a certain extent. they are starting to feel economically strangled, and part of that is because the european companies, although they are not sanctioned, because europe
8:26 am
didn't put sanctions back in place, they don't want to continue to do business with iran after the secondary impact. especially companies that want to do business with america. american companies. so iran is cornered. they also feel like the trump administration is nefarious about diplomacy. this goes to the approach. i think president trump is right to put pressure on iran, but he also needs to open up a diplomatic channel, and president trump as administration seems divided on this. they are the hawks like mike pompeo who wanted to do an air strike, and there are others who are isolationists, who don't want to do either. he seems to be wavering in between. he needs to come up with a policy and get his entire team on board with that policy. >> benjamin: giving a big interview this weekend in which he laid that out and talked about the two sides of the
8:27 am
administration. listen to what he said. >> do you feel like you are being pushed into military action? >> i have two groups of people. it does and hawks. >> you have some serious talks. >> if it were up to him, he would take on the whole world at one time. that doesn't matter because i want to sides. >> benjamin: deciding not to go through with that. does that mean there is red li line? any more offensive action from iran that the u.s. will strike? >> no, i don't think it does. i don't think it is clear at all when this administration will be willing to use force. that's part of the problem. they need to set up policy on what will cause them to use force. it needs to be clear, and everyone in the administration needs to be in agreement on th that. president trump needs to give that directive. they don't need to make the public. they don't have to know exactly what will cause him to use force. it should be clear, and we should be ready to strike if we have to.
8:28 am
certainly another military provocation. especially with american lives. they probably should be responded to to make sure iran respects that we are willing to use our military if we have to to defend american personnel, and to make sure that iran knows there are consequences when it supports terrorism and violence against americans. >> benjamin: perhaps there's a bigger picture at play here. president trump tweeting this. "china gets 91% of its oil from them. and many other countries likewise. so why are we protecting the shipping lanes for other countries (many years) for zero compensation. all of these countries should be protecting their own ships on what has always been a dangerous journey. is that china that suffers from the rising oil prices? should we be trying to find a solution here? >> well, president trump has a point. it is going to be very costly if we have to protect both tinkerers in order to respond to
8:29 am
iran. they should step up if they want to make sure that they can continue to receive oil, and to protect them, making sure that they don't go up. that is of course what iran wants. they want oil prices to go up. they can't sell as much of their oil as they used to be able to, so when the prices go up, that helps them get the revenue that they desperately need. certainly going into those meetings, president trump should try to take leadership on this. getting some support for protecting the tankers. i think he will get it from these countries, but it would be great if china and other countries would as well. >> benjamin: we have to leave it there, but we will see how this plays out over the week. >> sandra: we are now learning that the secret service has told the press corps there to stay inside pure john roberts reporting now that a suspicious package was found near the norte white house. parts of pennsylvania avenue have been shut down.
8:30 am
we will bring you more information on this as we get it. now to this fox news alert. still awaiting big decisions from the supreme court. which way will they ultimately go when it comes to that citizenship? on the census? >> benjamin: plus, college student vanishes after taking our rideshare at the airport. do authorities have any leads? >> where could she have gone? things are adding up. >> if you can hear this, we are all worried and looking out for youne 24/7. it all takes cash. getting that cash is just a phone call away. call newday usa. the newday usa 100 va loan lets you take out an average of 54,000 dollars to pay debts or put in the bank and it lowers your payments over 600 dollars a month. and because newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va they can close your loan in 30 days or less.
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>> sandra: fox news alert now. at least 12 american tourists have died in the dominican republic. the hard rock hotel now announcing that they will remove liquor from all of their hotel rooms. what we are learning now. jeff, good morning.
8:34 am
>> this latest death reporting a 56-year-old man who owned and operated pizzeria in new york. officials here locally, saying that he had respiratory issues on june 12th and then died on the 17th. all of this happening as at least one resort announces that it is making some changes. the hard rock hotel says that they will remove all liquor dispensers from rooms, but bringing on board a u.s. health care facility to make sure it's on site health clinic is up to all u.s. and international standards. when we sat down with the tourism and minister, he said there is no mystery surrounding these doubts. we asked him how he would respond if the investigation shows otherwise? >> the results of the investigation, you will learn, and we will learn if there is something that feels the appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken, but we cannot anticipate the results of
8:35 am
the investigation. >> the tourism minister went on to say that the dr has nothing to hide. it has been exaggeration sealed by speculation. families who lost loved ones say that they are not buying this explanation. >> don't believe anything the dominican is saying. keep pushing. we need to find the answers. we need to figure out what people are dying from. they will not be honest with us. >> both officials here locally in the dr and families just like the ones that you heard from, they are all waiting for the same thing. toxicology test, and those are the ones that they have are currently assisting with. we may not know those results until next month. >> sandra: jeff, thanks. breaking news, this coming from our reporters in the white hou white house. an overhead announcement was just made that the press pool has been called to gather immediately for an unannounced
8:36 am
reason. the white house, the pool, as may call it, we are waiting for them to get on the bridge now, and we should be getting more guidance on this. separately, we just told you about the press being asked to stay inside. they were all knocked out of the white house because of this suspicious package that was found. we are monitoring that situation. this is separate. now, and overhead announcement has been made inside the white house. called together. an announcement is expected. no reason for that announcement has been given. that's all we know right now as we await that. we will bring that to you, but we are monitoring the situation for you. benjamin. >> benjamin: thank you. we are awaiting a major ruling from the supreme court on whether the white house will answer the question on citizenship in the 2020 census. let's bring in judge napolitano. pleasure to see you.
8:37 am
this is a major case. a couple of days delay. it we may expect our ruling, but breakdowns were as the implications here. >> the government argues that knowing the citizenship of people and where they reside will help the government allocate resources as well as representation in the house of representatives. the people challenging those argue that the first amendment, which prohibits congress from interfering with speech also prohibits compelling speech. so forcing someone to answer a question that they don't want to answer for whatever reason is considered compelled speech. the challengers also argue that this question, the citizenship question, did not come about in the right way, they did not follow the procedures in order to bring it there. i think the supreme court will probably rule on the broader issue, which does the government have the right to ask this question? do you have an obligation to
8:38 am
answer? those are the two arguments right there. >> benjamin: you expect this to go 5-4 on the conservative end? >> yes, i am hoping that we will not go through what we went there with the obamacare decision. where one of the justices change their mind, and instead of coming out 5-4, it came out three days later the other way. that's just speculation on my part. but from the oral argument, which is now two months ago, it appears that it is 5-4 in favor of the census question being on. from justice ginsburg's long, lugubrious lament about the ideological argument, we haven't seen it, i think she was probably referring to this one. the implication would be that she did not prevail, or she wouldn't be prevailing about the outcome. have i made this clear?
8:39 am
i don't know what the answer is. expecting to come out wednesday. i don't know which way it's going to go. if no one changes their mind from what we gleaned from april, it will be 5-4 in favor of the census. >> benjamin: this is both legal and political. hugely controversial at the moment. the 2020 candidates lining up to criticize it. it will be one of the first things. why are the democrats so opposed to this? >> well, the democrats want illegal aliens to be counted in the census because of the perception that they are more likely to increase the number of representatives in those areas, and those representatives are likely to be democrats. >> benjamin: is this perhaps at its core a question of citizenship, who gets representation -- for example, children, noncitizens?
8:40 am
>> you know, the constitution is strangely silent on who is counted. and in the past, everyone who answered the census was counted, whether a child, whether an adult, whether a citizen, whether or not a citizen. because sometimes the answers are given over the telephone. sometimes the head of household is answering for everybody else. so we really don't know what the standards are for accounting. this is the first time since the '50s that there has been some part to determine who are we counting, and why are we counting them? >> benjamin: again, welcome here. >> sandra: the search for missing the university of utah's student, mackenzie lueck, disappear to one week ago after ordering us before right at the salt lake city airport. more on this. >> that's the missing piece of
8:41 am
the puzzle, sandra. waited 23-year-old mackenzie lueck go, and who did she see at 1:00 in the morning after texting her parents that she arrived safely a week ago? they say that she took us before, not to her apartment or sorority, but to an industrial area north of salt lake. no texting, calls, no facebook. no sign of her luggage. she missed work, a wedding, and midterm exams. >> for her not to reach out to me on anything is very unlike her. very uncommon. she's usually in touch with me almost every day. she texted her family that she landed at the airport. she wouldn't have done that if she wanted to purposefully disappear. if you can hear this, we are all worried and looking out for you 24/7. >> police are not saying where she went, but lyft says her route contained no irregularities and ended where she is stipulated. driver continued providing
8:42 am
bright sunlight, and police say that they have no reason to believe that she has been harmed or is in danger. but they are concerned for her welfare. the missing link is where did she go? house, apartment, restaurant? who did she talk to? friends shay done mike say she did not have a regular boyfriend. they may not have known. >> sandra: we hope that we learn more on that. >> benjamin: as we close in on the first democratic debate, is joe biden in danger of losing his frontrunner status? those comments about working with segregationist lawmakers potentially doing some damage. donna brazile ways and next. >> this is about him, showing a lack of understanding or sensitivity. this idea that he was called "son." frankly, i heard from many
8:43 am
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8:46 am
>> benjamin: fox news alert. we are following several breaking stories out of the white house. the press corps have been called to gather immediately for an unspecified reason. we are still waiting for an update there. meanwhile, reporters have been told to stay indoors as a secret service investigates a suspicious package near the northeast gate. officials sang parts of pennsylvania avenue are shut down to you both traffic and pedestrians, following both of these breaking stories. we will bring you updates. >> sandra: democrats tracking for position. at 20 candidates will take the stage over tonight that's frontrunner joe biden show signs of vulnerability and the fallout from his remarks about working with segregationist senators. we will bring in donna brazile now.
8:47 am
donna, good morning. so how are things playing out for bernie sanders at this point? >> well, first of all, over the next two days, you're going to hear many of the candidates roll out their policy proposals. vice president biden has rolled out his proposal and immigration reform. talking about helping those in their region work with their own citizens to improve their lives. of course, beto o'rourke has laid out a plan for veterans. senator sanders has a proposal making college tuition free for all and a limiting college debt for millions of american citizens. so this is an interesting time, sandra. preparing for this debate, the candidates have to figure out a way to basically stand out and to also draw a contrast with each other. i think over the next few days, we will hear a lot more policy proposals and of course starting this week, we are going to see some of the democrats be able to get out of the so-called box,
8:48 am
and they may prove that -- >> sandra: i apologize. when we lead in talking about joe biden, then i ask you about bernie. i meant biden. very nice transition for me there. you know, bernie sanders, now speaking about him. he just made this dramatic proposal on wanting to wipe out all student loan debt. all $1.6 trillion of it. he wants wall street to pay. here he is with his proposal. >> the united states government bailed out wall street after their greed, their recklessness, and their illegal behavior drove us into the worst recession in modern history. the american people bailed out wall street. it now it is time for wall street to come to the aid of a new class of this country.
8:49 am
>> sandra: elizabeth warren putting out similar proposals. what does this say about the direction your party is moving? as we get closer to 2020? >> 45 million americans have an enormous college debt. the question as well his proposal, which calls for 0.5% -- i might be a little bit off. i think it is 0.5% on stock transactions, 0.1% on bond transactions. bernie sanders intends to pay for those transactions. elizabeth once proposal is a little different in terms of -- >> sandra: so i get it. a little bit here, a little bit there. they have all this money, so you can put it altogether. he makes it look attractive to many people, but you have to wonder about the unintended consequences, donna. we had bill bennett with us responding to that. >> now, supposing we may college free for everyone, what do you
8:50 am
think is the first thing that colleges will do? they will raise tuition yet again. talking about wall street, just remember, they are talking about people who invest money and iras, people who save money, this will come out of our hide. this isn't free. it comes out of the consumer in the citizens i'd. it's regressive. >> sandra: final thoughts. >> there is no question that someone has to pay for this, but 45 million americans are suffering right now. they want to hear solutions. >> sandra: done a result, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> benjamin: a new push against the controversial extradition proposal. how activists are planning to voice their concerns beyond china's borders. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
8:51 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. as we told you, the press was called in. they were put on lockdown basically in the white house there, but then they were called for an immediate announcement over the intercom. we now are getting some of the details of her what that announcement has all white hou white house. the pool entered the oval office of a short time ago, what we are hearing is that the president's signing a new executive order on sanctions right now. we also know that vice president mike pence is in that room with the president. john roberts his life for us where the news is breaking. >> we knew that he was at some point going to sign harsh new sanctions against a iran. that is what he is doing in the oval office right now. we do not yet have any detail on what these are going to be. they would likely go through the treasury department, involve financial institutions as well
8:55 am
as materials moving in and out of iran. don't forget the u.s. is imposing sanctions against purchasing iranian oil as well. they have issued some waivers regarding the oil sales. but here is what the president is trying to do here. put maximum pressure on the leadership of iran. in particular, the -- the president said in recent days that he would be willing to meet without precondition to try to get into some sort of new agreement with iran. he believes that he can put the squeeze on iran, he may just bring them to the table. however, iran is talking tough. using their typically obliterate language to say that it's the united states fall, that they are not going to speak with the united states while they are behaving in a belligerent and bullying at fashion. but the president is saying we pulled out of the iran nuclear agreement because we thought it was a bad deal. it didn't prohibit you from building a nuclear weapon. it only gave you a 10-year
8:56 am
window. now iran is saying that they will soon surpass the limitations that were put on them by the jcpoa in terms of production of enriched uranium. that sends a message that says it is not just the united states that is not party to this agreement anymore but iran itself is willing to violate the terms of the agreement. what we are seeing here is the president again trying to put the squeeze on tehran to try to say it is likely to get any better for you. why don't you come to the table? try to find a different way forward. the danger is that iran in the past, as we saw last week, when they shot down that drone, they like to take a very aggressive action to provoke an american response. will they make some sort of an aggressive response to this? now that the president has put sanctions on them. we don't know. we would hope not. if they were, got her bed, to shoot down something that actually had human beings on it,
8:57 am
that would demand a response from the united states. should be coming out very soon, what he said. from the oval office. we will get more details of this. if you will allow me a second to -- sandra, benji, i will get back on my email and see if i can figure out more about what is going on. >> sandra: we will tell you what we are learning from the pool. we will bring you in here. the president just said in the oval office we do not see conflict with iran or any other country. i can only tell you we cannot ever let iran have a nuclear weapon." mike pence in the room. we are learning that the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin, standing alongside the president. he went on to say "i think a lot of restraint has been shown by us. that doesn't mean we are going to show it in the future." >> benjamin: this feeds into what the directors that earlier. they weren't at an inflection
8:58 am
point, that the sanction seven crippling their economy. putting pressure on them. these will really hit the economy hard. inflation is at an all-time high for them. >> sandra: what happens now? part of the agenda, receiving a security briefing at noon. he received it in the oval office. the press was called into the oval office. we now know that the president, per the note from the pool, is going to be signing an executive order at that time. they wrote "in a few minutes," hard-hitting sanctions on iran. the order will deny the supreme leader and others access to financial instruments. the president said "we will continue to increase pressure on tehran. never can iran have a nuclear weapon." the question is what other tools do they have to fit iran financially? whether it is banks, the energy
8:59 am
sector because they have already been so hard hit, and we have already imposed so many sanctions on them. as we await to hear more here, we know that the pool did leave the room already. we are still getting more details out of that out of the oval office. >> benjamin: one of the key points, so where is that they have been giving to european countries. fighting some of these. that really is the lifeline for the iranians at the moment. it also feeds into it. making iran great again. if they change their ways, it will hopefully push them to you that. >> sandra: the president has made it very clear there needs to be no preconditions if they do come to the negotiating table. do you want to negotiate a new deal, and they said we would love to. they should do it soon. if not, that's okay too. certainly an executive order.
9:00 am
new sanctions coming on iran. we will see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right >> harris: we will stay on this breaking news as we learn new remarks from president trump, that he has signed an executive order on iran. as soon as we get that video which will be hot seconds from now, we will get a warning and bring it to you live here. this is "outnumbered," i am harris faulkner. here today melissa francis, jessica tarlov, kennedy, and glad that he is here as always dan hoffman. fox news contributor as well. great to have you today. >> great to be here. >> harris: president trump following through on his vow to impose new sanctions on iran starting today. meanwhile, u.s. officials are also confirming that the u


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