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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 2, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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plane smashes into the mojave desert after the engine suddenly stalled. no one was injured thankfully. finally the ugly. a dirty dancing attempt goes horribly wrong. good grief. a bride posting this video online of her father dropping the flower girl on the ground at her wedding in texas. hopefully she is okay. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> we can't let iran have a nuclear weapon. we are in a position to do far worse. >> tuesday, july 2nd, fox news alert, donald trump has a fresh warning for iran after the rogue nation violates a key condition of the obama era nuclear deal. >> and what comes next for the white house, aoc versus cvp.
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the freshman congresswoman terry and border agents after touring the migrant facility in texas. >> how they are firing back at her twitter tirade. >> so shocked, i never expected this to happen. >> he wasn't even born when venus williams became a tennis royalty. >> 15-year-old cocoa will go down in history for stealing her crown at wimbledon yesterday. this is unreal. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ and another one does and another one does
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♪ another one bites the dust ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ >> venus taken down early. 15 years old. >> my goodness. >> what were you doing at 15 years old? >> not that. >> what was that? >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. >> thank you for starting the day with us. let's get to a fox news alert, donald trump issuing a stern warning to iran telling them do not play with fire. >> this after the regime violated the uranium limit on the 2015 nuclear deal. >> garrett tenney joins us with how democrats are more focused on slamming the president's meeting with kim jong un. >> this violation is another part of the simmering tensions between the us and iran. on monday the international
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atomic energy agency confirmed iran exceeded the nuclear deal limits on how much enriched uranium it can stockpile. iranian officials argue they are simply exercising their right to respond to the us leaving the nuclear deal but us officials say it is a deliberate step towards nuclear ambitions. >> no message to iran. they know what they are doing. they are playing with fire. no message to iran whatsoever. >> the president told tucker carlson he received praise for calling off a military strike on iran after the regime shot down a us drone but warned iran not to mistake that decision is a show of weakness. >> i have a lot of great capital and if something should happen they are in a position to do far worse by not doing it, then hopefully we don't have to do anything. >> reporter: the president dealing with iran top democrats
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going after him for his meeting with north korea's kim jong un. here is chuck schumer. >> this was one of the worst few days in american foreign policy in american diplomatic history. he has reality show foreign policy, he wants that photo up. in a short-term in the long run, they are sadly mistaken. >> as for iran the white house is a plan to continue maximum pressure campaign against the regime. european leaders who are still part of the nuclear deal are urging iran not to take additional steps to violate it. >> thanks so much. >> the us looks to solve the border crisis by going to the source rejecting dhs secretary leaves for central america holding talks with the president of el salvador and honduras and attend the first meeting of the bilateral migration task force. el salvador's president admits he wants to improve conditions in his country so citizens no longer feel the need to leave for the us.
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>> the treatment of migrants in the united states and mexico and guatemala. to the people of our country, we have to focus on making our country better. >> reporter: the meeting comes as a shocking photo the drowned father and daughter puts harsh spotlight on the crisis and the length people go to to get to the united states. >> migrants holding facilities at the border will receive $4.6 billion, donald trump signed a humanitarian aid package. the legislation will provide care for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants taken into custody every single month. the president says despite signing the bill he is satisfied with the state of immigration in the united states. >> new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez taking
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on the cvp making serious allegations after touring a texas hold 'em facility for migrants. >> todd pyro live with how the agency is responding to her explosive claims. >> the started with this statement and corresponding tweet storm following a tour of border facilities by democrat politicians. >> these women were told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet and that was them knowing a congressional visit was coming, this was cvp on their best behavior. >> reporter: one of the new york congresswoman's tweets dating in part this has been horrifying so far, hard to underestimate the enormity of the problem. system the cruelty with the demonizing culture that treats them like animals. border patrol chief of operations brian hastings responds. >> we don't treat people that way. we provide freshwater, good
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food, sanitary items. >> hector guys a of the national border patrol council refuting aoc's claims. >> grandstanding, those attentions under constant surveillance, we call for cvp to release that to the public to make sure we can disprove what aoc is saying. >> there is also the facebook group containing racist and sexist groups, carla provost stating these posts are completely inappropriate and contrary to the honor and integrity by cnx from our agents day in and day out. any employee who violated our standards of conduct will be held accountable. the target of those posts was reportedly migrants. and members of congress. >> democrats appear to be focusing a lot of their energy on illegal immigrants. >> airy fleischer says that does not bode well for their party in
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2020. >> they are sowing seeds of distraction for the party and the general election. somebody said, wish i could review it was and credit them that if you cheat trying to get into college you go to jail but if you cheat trying to get into america you get free college. what matters most is the appeal of racial politics and it is identity, racial identity the divide instead of unites and they parceled out. it is the wrong thing for them in the general. democrats of given up something that is part and parcel of what makes a great country and that is the moral distinction of being able to say we welcome illegal immigrants, we don't welcome illegal. to the democrats all one in the same. >> during the first 2 nights of the debates, 12 of 20 candidates raise their hand in favor of providing illegal immigrants with free healthcare. >> students at the university of utah are the life of mackenzie l
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luwok. his accused killer attacked his estranged wife with a butcher knife, she is willing to testify against him. >> he was trying to do anything. >> amazon has removed the gruesome murder novel. the suspects also published last year in which the victim was burned alive. los angeles angels in morning after tyler skaggs is found dead. the 27-year-old discovered unresponsive in his hotel room in dallas the cause of death is unknown but fell play is not suspected. the team posting online, quote, tyler has and always will be
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part of our agents family. he grew up as an angels fan and was living out his dream. he leaves behind his wife of 7 months. fans making a memorial outside the stadium. rob: mike pence addressing the opioid crisis in new hampshire speaking at a roundtable with former patients. in 2018 new hampshire saw 420 deaths in the state due to opioids as officials call on congress to pass legislation to distinguish fentanyl knockoffs so it is easier to prosecute traffickers of the drug. take a look at brand-new military tanks, donald trump says they will be on display at the july 4th celebration in washington. >> we are going to have some tanks stationed outside, brand-new sherman tanks, brand-new abram tanks and some incredible equipment, military
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equipment on display, brand-new and they were very proud of it. >> preparations underway for the salute to america event which will include fireworks show and a flyover by the blue angels. >> this is something. a 15-year-old americans shocked the world at wimbledon. stunning venus williams with a major upset. >> the florida phenom beating the 5-time wimbledon champion in straight sets in london, 15 years old, she said she started playing tennis as a little girl because of venus and serena williams and is the youngest person to win a match in this tournament since 1991. >> she was mad. >> you go, girl, that is the
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young star. >> they are killers, they hate to lose. >> you have to be happy for her. >> i will try. the president of el salvador holds his own administration accountable for their role in the border crisis. >> any other country, our country, it is our fault. >> so what is his motivation for taking the blame. we will ask brandon judd when he joins us live. >> a high-tech dad gets the scare of a lifetime when a drone captures a shark circling his kid. we are coming right back.
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country, it is our fault, we haven't been able to provide anything, not a decent job, not a decent school, the best thing we can do is fix the problem, make our country a place -- migration is a right but it should be a luxury, not an obligation. >> a big statement. el salvador's president take responsibility for the recent migrant surge and death that the southern border. >> president of the national border patrol council brandon judd joins us to react. admitting that you are at fault for something is always the first step so what do we need to see from here? >> reporter: you have to look at the reason why he is admitting fault. el salvador figured out what mexico figured out a long time ago. the amount of money or remittances sent back to their country from people that come to the united states illegally amount to millions of dollars per year the goes into their economy.
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right now the president of el salvador is fighting for economic aid so he is making an admittance their country is at halt to get that economic aid from the united states which will then go back into their economy. he is taking blame right now looking for that economic aid. rob: an article in bloomberg i these countries don't spend a lot on therefore because they don't mind that people leave and come to the united states, when democrats say we should send more aid to northern triangle countries what do you think? >> that is exactly what they are looking for. they send people to the united states to get the poor out of their countries knowing that money will come back again, those remittances will come back to their countries but now that they are fighting that economic aid from the united states to
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bolster their economy to provide necessary needs of their own citizens they are going to start standing up and taking that responsibility. they should have taken the responsibility to begin with and we never should have been put in this situation we are in but if we can get out of the situation that is what we have to do. we can look back in hindsight and cast blame but now we have to move forward and make our borders safe. jillian: the numbers is 22% of el salvador's population lives in the united states, nearly 1/5 of their population. how much more do you see that number growing until change is implemented? >> you will see them continuing to send people. all you have to do is look at the month of june. our apprehension numbers are going to be around 95,000 people which again if you compare that to the obama era we are well
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above anything president obama ever had so these numbers continue to be very large comparatively speaking. we are thankful they are going down based on the agreement donald trump got with mexico but those numbers need to go down even further and we need to put the pressure on northern triangle countries which is what donald trump is trying to do. >> the president said he would do these raids advice would start deporting illegal immigrants out of the country, nancy pelosi called them a couple weeks and as far as we know nothing it appears is going to get done. the speaker of the house play the president on this? >> i don't think so. if you look at what the president is doing he has to take a step back and say if i go forward with the raids everybody is expecting those raids to take place a they will be in hiding. you've got to get these individual they false sense of the good, regroup and say when
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will we go in and do these raids? take a systematic approach to this but you have to do it where they are not expecting them to come in the front door. he is taking that step back and preparing these raids because we have to enforce the laws, the interior enforcement is part of the broader border security plan and he is going to push forward with it. shannon: thank you for your time, appreciate it. it is 20 minutes after the hour, nike just pulled plans to release these american flag sneakers for the fourth of july. rob: guess which former quarterback should be behind this move? >> carly shimkus has reaction online. ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis
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jillian: welcome back. do you find this offensive? we are talking about sneakers nike is pulling the plug on featuring the original american flag design and you will never guess why. rob: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here to explain why. carley: they pulled a sneaker featuring the betsy ross version of the american flag, colin kaepernick complain. the shoe was supposed to go on sale this week but nike asked the sneakers to be sent back to them. a nike spokesperson responding saying nike has chosen not to release it as it features the old version of the american flag.
2:25 am
colin kaepernick told the company the flag was offensive because of its connection to an era of slavery. some people on social media very upset over nike's decision. tommy on twitter says we should be offended by the nike symbol. paul says nike is literally anti-american. mickey chinese and saying he said him taking a knee was not about the flag. nike -- despite -- the face of one of their campaigns despite initial backlash. the company and it up increasing sales over signing him. jillian: i think the sneakers look cool. rob: a holocaust survivor calling for alexandria ocasio cortez to become out of congress. carley: he offered to tour auschwitz with her. and word marsenburg is his name
2:26 am
and he says she should be removed from congress, spanning anti-semitism, hatred and stupidity, people on the border are not forced to go there, they go on their own will. if someone doesn't know the difference either they are playing stupid or just don't care. ocasio cortez sparked backlash after comparing concentration camps to migrant detention centers, folks on twitter continue to talk about this. andrew says i have to side with the man who survived the holocaust was another twitter user, matt uses are endless rhetoric is harmful. tin says as bad as the situation is for asylum-seekers at the border it still wasn't auschwitz. ocasio cortez more fired up the never before having toward the border yesterday. she describes the facilities as inhumane. jillian: another internet challenge we should try. carley: this one is super impressive, you need to put on a pair of sneakers to do it. jason is declared the winner of
2:27 am
the bottlecap challenge. the goal is to untwist a bottlecap by lightly kicking it. john mayer tried it as well, the original video that went viral. people are impressed by this and rightfully so. it is better than another challenge and throwing cheese at a baby's phase, we are trending in the right direction. >> you can't see the bottom of the bottle, someone is holding onto it. rob: i think it is just a fact, there is no way. how would you do that? >> everybody was really athletic. rob: john mayer can do this? appreciate it, 27 after the hour. a conservative journalist attacked by antifa breaks his
2:28 am
silence. >> i kept thinking where are the police? now police arrived. i eventually stumbled away bleeding. jillian: his plea for help as pressure mounts on portland's liberal leaders. rob: are your proud american, send us your pictures coming up thursday, stay tuned. ♪ ♪ try new pepto liquicaps for fast relief and ultra-coating. ♪ nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea ♪ get powerful relief with new pepto bismol liquicaps.
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rob: a check of headline starting with a fox news alert, donald trump issuing a stern warning to iran warning it leaders not to play with fire after they violated the uranium limit on the 2015 nuclear deal, the white house plans to keep, pressure on iran until it leaders alter the course of that. jillian: the cvp pushing back on
2:32 am
alexandria ocasio cortez who says migrants are forced to drink from toilets after touring a texas hold 'em facility. the cdc says it is not true. rob: memorial services begin for 9/11 first responder with alvarez weeks after appearing before congress with john stuart. the former detective passed away from colon cancer after the 2001 attacks. new york city officials give them apostasy to the city to honor his service. jillian: the mayor of portland breaking his silence after conservative journalist is viciously attacked during an antifa protest. rob: last night that reporter telling fox news breaking silence took too long for the police to get involved.
2:33 am
jackie ibanez has more with the fallout from that brawl. >> reporter: that journalist turning to the public for help in identifying his attackers tweeting a link with photos of 3 expects, no one covering the portland demonstration saturday when a mob of masked protesters started pummeling him before throwing milkshakes mixed with quick dry cement, without an officer in site. >> i lost control of my go pro camera i was holding which was stolen for me. i kept thinking where are the police? i stumbled away bleeding and from there a swat team informed me to get an ambulance i would have to walk to the police precinct, walk back in the direction of the demonstrators who just attacked me.
2:34 am
>> reporter: he was brought to the emergency room where a ct scan showed he had bleeding in his brain, three people have been arrested in connection with the protest. former antifa member joined us earlier saying violence is the only way antifa knows how to communicate. >> the idea was to fight fascism and nazi is him. what i eventually realizes they are not willing to fight fascists, they fight anyone who supports the first amendment or stands in their way. >> reporter: the mayor coming under fire for his hands-off policy. republicans like ted cruz calling for a federal investigation accusing ted wheeler bordering his office is not to get involved. mayor wheeler is the police commissioner, responding in a sweet saying dear ted cruz at least get your facts straight, i ordered no such thing, the mayor says he will do everything he can to make sure the attackers are held accountable. jillian: thank you very much.
2:35 am
rob: decorated navy seal eddie gallagher lies in the hands of a military jury. they must decide if you guilty of war crimes including murdering and isis prisoner. closing arguments, the defense seems as he was subject of fixation by military prosecutors and the case has huge gaping holes. gallagher could send life in prison. jillian: the estranged husband of a missing mother of 5 trying to stop them, attorneys claim the absence of his wife, jennifer, deprives him of due process. he and his girlfriend are free on bond after being charged with tampering with evidence. the couple tried getting rid of items that had jennifer's blood. her body has not been found. rob: one big city allowing homeless people to camp on sidewalks now. austin, texas changing an ordinance to decriminalize camping anywhere in the city
2:36 am
except city hall. republican governor greg abbott intends to overturn the ordinance, putting public safety and common sense first. jillian: donald trump considering delaying the 2020 census days after the supreme court blocked his administration from adding a citizenship question. >> go through all of this, don't ask whether somebody is a citizen, whether somebody is a citizen so we are trying to do that. jillian: the supreme court says there needs to be a clearer explanation for the citizenship question to be added. the census was supposed to start printing yesterday but appears to be on hold.
2:37 am
rob: the women's national team in the world cup, they are facing off against the final four at 3:00 eastern time on fox. jillian: if usa wins they will face against sweden or the netherlands or the championship. rob: fox, the other fox, fox network, shepard -- jillian: also in the fox family. >> that was a wonderful transition. jillian: i thought you were going to say that was the worst transition. >> you can always count on me, wonderful. forecast not horrible, on the warm side. if you are tired of the heat it is sticking around the next couple days. we are talking temperatures early this morning in the upper 70s, 90 ° once again. pay attention to a cooldown in minneapolis, that is a little bit of a cold front, no surprise. when you get one of those you see the possibility of thunderstorms firing up on the frontal boundary, something we are watching along there. otherwise in the middle of the
2:38 am
country temperatures will run up to 90 ° or so and that is working its way to the east coast, looking at 70 °, 72 right now. the time we get going to the fourth of july that is going to be getting closer to 90, 95 °. it will be incredibly hot all the way into the holiday weekend. jillian: it is july. rob: it is 94 in phoenix. jillian: for rob it is. might transition -- my transitions are better. rob: 38 minutes after the hour, incredible first-hand view of a pilot rescued after an emergency river landing. jillian: kim kardashian backtracking after backlash over her new line, her response to the online firestorm.
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>> america will never be a socialist country. >> the the purpose of health and human services is considering a
2:42 am
plan to adopt socialist price controls from foreign countries, the drug pricing index, american medical innovation, dealing access to existing life-saving therapies and fewer cures. mister president -- >> facebook headquarters is evacuated over a chemical nerve agents care. workers told to get out after a package tested positive for possible sarah and in california. the poisonous gas causes paralysis or even death. they removed the package and working to identify the substance found. the fbi is investigating. rob: hundreds deployed to help the border crisis but the head of the agency said it shouldn't end your travel plans. they can handle shortstaffed airports without sacrificing wait times, the plaintiff agrees 12 million people during tomorrow and sunday.
2:43 am
the president signing a bipartisan bill for major reforms, taxpayer modernizing the agency technology and is more protection to low income taxpayers, they create an independent after identity fraud and penalties for failing to file. jillian: kim kardashian will rename her new swimwear line, she was accused of cultural appropriation for naming a kimono. the mayor sent a letter begging her to change the name and instagram post, kardashian center brands and products built with exclusivity and diversity at the core. a new name hasn't been announced. do you think she should change the name? your response has been overwhelmingly -- people need to stop being offended so easily. >> can't have anything in this country without hurting someone's feelings, you worked
2:44 am
hard for your brand. gary right soon everything will just be called stuff so people without stuff complain it is a reminder they don't have stuff. rob: i am offended by just about everything these days. 23 after the hour, all eyes on iowa, 2020 democrats headed there this week, the postdebate race hits up. jillian: the next guest says some of the need to do damage controls. and "fox and friends". >> we deliver this, white house supervisor kellyanne conway, newt gingrich, jason chaffetz and superstar tommy laren and remember the conservative journalist attacked in portland, we have the attorney to meet
2:45 am
dylan, vowing to season into oblivion. >> see you in 16 minutes. pampers is the first and only diaper with three extra absorb channels.
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♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ what's wrong with being ♪ what's wrong with being ♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ jillian: usually re-react but nothing to say when looking at this beautiful picture of a sunrise and a ship in washington dc. rob: not one to be messed with.
2:49 am
that is a beautiful picture. that is a beautiful picture. we are going to move in land, all eyes on iowa. 2020 candidates warming the state this weekend as dust settles on the first debate. rob: the first in the nation to have their voices heard. rob: who has the edge right now? we start with a new poll from cnn and it has interesting numbers, joe biden's lead has diminished, 22% and look who is surging, kamala harris. >> reporter: we knew biden was going to falter at some point. is debate performance had a lot to do with that. by all accounts, she is being punished because she was it gives table with biden and
2:50 am
harris and as they move into iowa, it is important to continue that momentum not only for the purposes of being taken seriously by voters but as they begin to winnow down the field of the second debate. if you look at the candidates, o'rourke started very strong and now is struggling even to make the stage the second time. having worked for ted cruz, every voter will give every candidate pool consideration, evaluate them individually, have each candidate interview them personally. they make some solid decisions. jillian: you talked about how beto o'rourke is struggling, he is one of many candidates. you can see a full list of candidates. who do you think needs to work on damage control? >> the problem for joe biden is
2:51 am
he is spiraling right now, to stop the bleeding if you will. sanders has a little struggle, and regaining that momentum. the ones you start to see winnowed and dropout, they make and above 2% to make the stage next time, that is the challenge that exists. allowing everyone to be up there doing tonight of debates on the republican side before and after and worked out well but the bad part of it is they had so much -- julian castro had a good performance and succeeding at o'rourke's expense. to increase the number of
2:52 am
donors, it is a single donor and that is the challenge, we try to raise money. rob: to buy more donors. what about mayor pete. i thought he was very pragmatic and sensible and only at 4% but raised $25 million in the quarter too. >> i should have mentioned him earlier. one of the more centrist, reasonable candidates, the other bad part is it pushes them so far to the left they will have a hard time getting back to the middle to compete against donald trump in the fall that mayor pete was one of those. the most difficult moment of the debate was addressing the police shooting.
2:53 am
most americans, when someone can admit a mistake and not blame it on someone else they come across as a real or someone heartfelt and thoughtful and he does a very good job connecting on a 1-to-1 basis. he is sort of a diplomat in terms of the way he addresses his plans. there's a lot to gain here as well. jillian: the question is is he in for the long haul when it comes to picking up those for support against someone like kamala harris who is surging? he was at 17%, 4%. what does he have to do to climb? >> you will have a lot of surges in the next few months. if you think back to 2016, there were 5 or 6 candidates that lead in iowa at one point. it is equivalent to jeb bush who in all the early polls lead and scott walker who led and ben carson who led. you have a lot of the same sort of a dynamic on the democratic
2:54 am
side this year but in terms of regaining support to solidify where you are, the retail campaign going door-to-door, a lot of townhall's and making sure you are connecting with voters. rob: we do appreciate it. jillian: the shopper who left a pint of ice cream and put it back. rob: the show won't go on for rick springfield, why the singer is canceling concert to keeps fans safe. ♪ . .
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. rick springfield calls off a show in the dominican republic over health concerns for fans. the band deciding to move a november event from pung to mexico mexico year. the safety and well-being of our amazing fans, band and crew will always be the most important consideration in any situation. at least 13 americans have died in the d.r. since last summer. rob: a mother is furious at united airlines claiming they put her son on the wrong flight. antwon byrd's flight from atlanta to new jersey went smoothly until the airline put him on a plane to germany instead of sweden to
2:59 am
visit his grandparents. the 14-year-old alerting flight attendants before takeoff when he realized people on the flight were speaking german. united have reportedly apologized for the error. jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first up the good. incredible rescue video. pilot making a safety outside of los angeles. thankfully nobody was hurt. rob: next the bad a dad drone sight is a shark swimming next had-to-his kids. get those kids out of the water. get out, get out, get out. i didn't know why. he brings the drone to me and shows me the frame in the drone and you see that shark swimming right at our kids. it was terrifying. rob: this is off the coach smyrna beach in florida world renown for shark attacks. luckily no one was hurt. jillian: this might make you think twice before buying
3:00 am
ice cream. >> oh put it back. put it back. oh, you are. jillian: this is going viral. a woman lick ago tub of blue bell ice cream and putting it back in the freezer. unclear where it was taken. investigating this can't be tolerated. rob: not cool. see you later. knot i hit the ground. brian: was there any controversy in showing that flag. the nike shoes, the rv park. ainsley: nike no longer going to sell those patriotic shoes because collin kaepernick complained. griff: yesterday first day on email chain looking who is going to be good or bad. collin kaepernick stop talking get on a team and play. brian: why should he. he


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