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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 2, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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that's my number two story, i also have a book that came out. >> okay, we are going to be cooking with our chef, he is going to be telling us how to make food for fourth of july. >> bill: good morning. brand-new information on the u.s., after tehran officially breaks the limits on enriched uranium that the world has been watching. critical moment as we say good morning. i am bill hemmer. >> sandra: good morning to you, bill. good morning, everyone. i am sandra smith. sparking this response from iran's foreign minister. a one-word tweet. "seriously?" >> bill: meanwhile, the president issuing a stern warning to the islamic republic. >> they know what they are doing. they know what they're playing with, and i think they're playing with fire.
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>> sandra: kevin corke live from the north lawn for us this morning. >> so great to be with you guys. welcome back. great to see all together again on this tuesday morning. the white house has made it abundantly clear, they know what the iranians are doing, but there are critics out there, sandra, who would suggest that it is u.s. policy towards iran that have actually made things worse. laying this all out. you heard about it in the introduction, you folks at home. maximum pressure will continue until its leaders alter their course of action. the regime must and its nuclear ambitions and its maligned behavior. now, this is them violating the deals, legendary. even some european signatories have previously said, sandra, that the regime was in fact living up to his end of the deal. which of course the u.s. has already withdrawn from.
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the iranians are tweeting about this. you have the one-word tweet, which was pretty provocative. i have another to share. he says bluntly "we have not violated the jcpoa. but white house officials say what he's not telling you is his country's push for nuclear weapons is the reason that we are here in the first place. president trump is determined to stop them from threatening the world. new found nuclear capabilities. >> you can't let iran have a nuclear weapon. you can't let these countries have nuclear weapons. too devastating. so they're having a lot of difficulty in the country right now. and hopefully at some point they will come back and they will say we are going to make a deal. >> make a deal, maybe. we haven't seen any hints of that, but there is certainly a sense here that while the white house is watching the regime's behavior very carefully, hoping that our european partners will continue that pressure that we heard the president talking about on the
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iranians, trying to get them to the negotiation table and hopefully end their pursuit. that is something of course the iranians they will never happen. public events for the president today, he had a very eventful and long trip over to asia, but if that happens, we promise to let you know. >> sandra: we know you will. kevin corke, thank you. >> bill: more breaking news now. we have brand-new numbers from president trump's campaign, and they are raising some money. a whopping $105 million in the second quarter alone. columnist for "the wall street journal" with us now. good morning. >> yes, it sure is. the president knows how to raise money. he is bringing in a lot of it. >> bill: barack obama did this very well. i have heard the trump team say that they made $1 billion. >> i wouldn't be surprised. the money keeps getting bigger and bigger. remember, barack obama wouldn't
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abide by the funds because he was such a good fund-raiser, he could get more money. >> bill: so the question is the digital investment is significant. making double that. >> but we also know that there are candidates who have more money and don't win. >> bill: that's a fact. they crash and burn. in the meantime, it looks like joe biden is slipping a little bit. warren and harris are elevating their status after the debates from last week. i think individuals are fun to try, but i think the issues and themes are something that cannot be overlooked. it told us a lot. >> it sure did. joe biden was under fire for things like he did in the '70s. you wonder if barack obama had been there, would he have been asked mr. obama, you want so that you believe marriage is between a man and a woman. why should we give you this nomination? they are all running to the left of where obama ran into thousand eight. >> bill: the somewhat suggest
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that you have to position yourself that way during a primary. i would suggest that you have to defend those positions. >> there is always tension in either party. the republican party, the primary voters are more conservative than say the average republican voters in the general view of the democratic party works the other way. primary voters are more to the left. you are stuck with those positions. the key is to not dig yourself and so hard where you win the nomination, but because of the great line of attack for your opponent, the favorite word for the democrats today seems to be "for you." and "trillion." it's just not going to work. the president is already hammering them. health care for illegal immigrants. i just don't think that those are winning -- >> bill: which shows that the american people -- >> and i think if anything is contribute into the president's fund-raising, and might be the democratic primaries. >> bill: we talked about this
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yesterday with byron york. the headline is "anti-trump fever takes threatening term." what he reflects on is the reactions of antifa in portland, oregon, and he also talks -- when you make personal information public. we are 16 months from an election. if we are seeing this today, how bad could this get? >> this could get very bad. i wouldn't say it was inevitable, but it is not surprising, people calling for members of the trump administration and republicans to be harassed at restaurants. we have people appearing at universities who are conservative, and there is violent demonstrations. remember the one -- heather macdonald going out to california and being set on fi fire. the left seems incapable of policing itself. there is no way to describe antifa, except as a menace.
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you show up en masse. >> bill: here's just one more point. "our friends on the left keep warning about the rise of political violence on the right, and we will join them in urgent prosecution if it happens. we will denounce the severe beating about the left-wing mob games to andy ngo in portland, oregon, on saturday." >> that is the question that we are asking. "the wall street journal," i am very proud to say, always against violence from every corner. but it seems that for some people there are no enemies to the left. it is amazing. this man was really savagely beaten. there is no other way to talk about it, and some people seem to be excusing it or kind of shuffling their shoes in silence. they don't want to come out against it. kind of the implication is that he was asking for it. it is absolutely appalling, and there is going to be more violence. even worse is if the police, as some of the reports have it, looking the other way.
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>> bill: we will see what happens next. thank you, bill. bill mcgurn from "the wall street journal." >> when you're standing there and you have some really talented military people saying i would rather attack from over there, then have them hit us over here, fight them on our land, it is something you always have to think about. >> sandra: talking to our own tucker carlson, saying that pulling our troops from their remains a very tough decision. live at the pentagon with the latest details there. hey, lucas. >> he comes andrew. jim mattis and other officials here long warned president trump not to pull all the troops out of afghanistan, saying that more attacks against the united states could occur, just like they did on 9/11. president trump indicated he understood the risks. >> could you see getting out entirely? >> the problem is i would like to just get out. the problem is it just seems to
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be lab for terrorists. >> the interview came hours before the taliban claimed responsibility for a massive bombing in downtown kabul that killed at least six people, injured more than 100, including at least 51 children from two schools according to afghan officials. 14,000 u.s. troops remain in afghanistan, but it is down from a high of nearly 100,000. late last week, the body of james janssen arrived at dover air force base in delaware. he was one of two american soldiers killed in a gun battle in afghanistan last week. mike pence and acting defense secretary mark esper were on hand to receive him. secretary of state mike pompeo visited kabul, saying he was open to pulling out american forces. >> while we have made clear that we are prepared to remove our forces come i want to be clear. we have not yet agreed on a timeline to do so. >> this all comes out as another
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of u.s.-led peace talks kick off in qatar. >> sandra: at the pentagon for us. >> bill: tucker -- that interview was quite revealing. quite revealing about where the president is on the war. >> sandra: wide-ranging interview. we will have more on not coming up here to be one more news right now. accused of plotting isis inspired attacks on several landmarks. one suspect was under surveillance for a year, we are told. some more on what police say they were u up to. >> sandra: meanwhile, congresswoman alexandria across your court has finally making her way down to the border and had this to say about the conditions that she saw. >> the idea that we have to choose between people is all false notion. no child ever has to suffer for the benefit of another. >> sandra: we will bring you
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the bombshell allegations from the congresswoman and how border control is responding. tom homan will be your life. >> bill: also, speaking out about it being brutally attacked amid growing calls for a federal investigation on behalf of the justice department. one of them is a u.s. investor to germany. ric grenell, he is our guest next. >> then they started dumping what i believe were milk shakes and eggs, throwing them on my face, which blinded me. and all this time, i kept thinking where are the police? with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor
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and receive your free information kit. so, what's your "better?" >> healing people chant "no hate, no fear," i am bashed on the back of my head. i put my hands up to signal to them that i will sen surrenderi, and i wasn't there to fight. later that night, after arriving in the emergency room, i had a ct scan, which confirms that i was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. >> bill: there is the conservative a journalist, andy ngo, describing that assault in portland. at the mayor of promising an investigation after senator cruz called him out for not taking
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action to stem the violence. this went on for some time, folks. the u.s. ambassador to germany, ric grenell, calling for the u.s. department of justice to investigate. he is with us alive from berlin. caution to the viewers, a little bit of a delay. thank you for your time today. it is good to see you. i want to read your tweet. "i spoke with andy ngo. he is stronger trying to recover. making sure his brain bleed it doesn't get worse. this attack on him must be investigated." a couple things here. he spoke to him, how is he doing? you are a friend of his as well, he took quite a beating there in portland on saturday. what do you believe the justice department can do about this, do you think? >> yes, so first of all, i spoke to andy yesterday. i spoke to him today. as he said, and he has a friend of mine, and when i watch this
6:16 am
horrific beating, and when i saw the video of him appealing for help from the police, i knew i had the ability and the responsibility to speak out and to define this issue i in a way that others weren't. and it's very troubling to me, bill, because this was something that could have been avoided. this group in portland targeted and to you. they that they would roughed him up. he was trying to do his job, and he was a very courageous, brave young man to do it. but they knew who he was. they knew that he is gay, that he's asian, and that he is conservative. we are now in a situation where the largest gay and lesbian groups have stayed silent, not only stayed silent, but their spokeswoman has tried to change it around to say and he deserves this. this is such an outrage to me that i had to speak out.
6:17 am
i don't know of a human rights campaign with a gay and lesbian group, i don't know if they are silent because he is conservative or because he is asian. either way, it is completely wrong. this is an organization that demands to have a voice, and if they are not going to use their voice across the board in every situation when a gay person is bashed like this, then they should cease to exist. this is across the line for many people, and we are not going to take it anymore. >> bill: one more thing here on that, chad wheeler is the mayor in portland. he tweeted the following. "portland has always been a beacon of free speech. we will do everything to make sure that those who committed violence are held accountable." what you expect from the mayor, and also back to the justice department, what you expect from that? >> well, i have asked the justice department to look into
6:18 am
this, too investigated because the information that they have that the mayor's office, that the mayor had, that the police department had come all of this information was known beforehand. they targeted andy, and of the local authorities didn't do anything about it, so while the mayor now wants to believe that this is about free speech, this is not about free speech. you don't show up with a tire iron to do some sort of a free-speech rally. they looked for andy, they targeted him. so this is something in america that cannot happen. and what i have also justice department is to look into the facts, let's go back and let's dig up who didn't ask action. we certainly have seen this. this is what happens when you have -- "law & order" are put on hold, and it's a sanctuary city or a sanctuary place, that message is a very strong message to people. you get to do what you want.
6:19 am
all "law & order" is suspended, and what i'm saying is that this cannot happen in america. and we have to do something about it. see who didn't ask. >> bill: there is a history with this group. virginia, washington, d.c., same year. berkeley, 2017. richmond, virginia, 2017. it appears that whenever reporters that they do not approve of get close to their group or their protest and they capture images on video or film, that person is then seen as a target. and they make a move to confiscate the material. so in a larger sense, you are making a case about the gay groups not speaking out about andy. in a larger sense, what should the federal government do when groups like these planned to get together again?
6:20 am
>> look -- i want to get to the bottom of a fax to figure out what did we know and who didn't act? who had information and didn't use it to protect people? that's what we have to know. we cannot stop every single radical group. i understand that. but what we can do is use information and data to figure out what they are going to do and respond. that's what the local government was supposed to do, and that's what they didn't do. now what we have is almost like an acquiescence from the 325 group, trying to say well, he deserved it. or their spokeswoman is attacking him and justifying this. this is going to create more. this is why i decided to speak out. we can't have a situation where people feel free to act against law enforcement. in today's world. >> bill: i have 30 seconds left. quick answers here. is nato now paying their fair
6:21 am
share? is that happening? >> since 2016, $41 billion has been increased from nato allies -- that is $100 billion promised. that increase is directly the result of president trump and his pushing and his focus on edge. >> bill: last question, 15 seconds. iran is appealing to the european leadership to get around sanctions. cannot be stopped? >> the europeans are very united with us. we all agree that the americans and europeans, that's before cannot have a nuclear weapon. the tactic of how we get there is where we disagree. but i will say to the iranians out one way to burn the europeans on diplomatic efforts is to go back on your words on the jcpoa. >> bill: come back soon. u.s. ambassador to germany.
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thank you for your time and thank you for being with us. >> sandra: president trump has unveiled his plans for a fourth of july celebration. joey jones is here to respond. ♪ july fourth lands on a thursday
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6:26 am
the defense argues that he is a victim of targeted fixation. >> we are going to have a great fourth of july in washington, d.c. it will be like no other. we are going to have planes going overhead. the best fighter jets in the world. we are going to have some tanks stationed outside, and we have some incredible equipment. military equipment on display. brand-new. we are very proud of it. >> sandra: well, that was president trump on fourth of july celebrations in washington. the salute to america will feature tanks and other military equipment on display in washington. the president wants. similar to the one that he saw in paris three years ago on bastille day. the plan was eventually scrapped due to the cost involved, but there are still some concerns about the logistics of transporting these big tanks, and critics accuse the president of staging a partisan celebration. joining is now with direction to
6:27 am
all of that, form a -- your response to the president wanting to do this, are you in favor of those? >> good morning, thanks for having me on. am i in favor of? i'm not against it. i love parades when we win, and when we bring our troops home. i would love to have a celebration like this. with that being said, when your biggest critics are spending a few dollars, when the biggest thing that they have to say is that it cost too much money, i just watch the democratic debate where they give away the farm. the same day that i read "the washington post," complaining that it cost $30,000, i saw a report circulating that president trump got the cost of an f-35 down 25% from the obama administration. many in congress would spend on things i don't get to enjoy, see, or celebrate, and on a day
6:28 am
when nike won't even put out a pair of shoes with the american flag on them, i think it is a good idea to celebrate our country with a bit of grandiose. >> sandra: "the new york times" has been talking about this, referencing pentagon officials, saying that because we have the most powerful military in the world, there is no need to broadcast the strength of our military. you know, if we don't do it this way, do you have any other suggestions? is there another way to do it? because the president says that he is looking to do just that? >> there is something uniquely american where we can celebrate our country without needing too much on the national mall. having said that, i helped remove barricades when president obama was trying to make a political statement, blocked us from our own war memorial. if you are talking about a present overdoing it, i would much rather that they side for patriotism then up blocking your veterans from going to their own
6:29 am
memorial. the fact is there is nothing that the president can do, even a celebration, is going to make everyone happy. it is going to give people a reason to complain, especially our press who does not have a good relationship with him. i listened to one of president president reagan's fourth of july addresses, and the whole theme of his address was the idea that we are americans before republicans and democrats. i wish this president could inspire an entire country with his words, but i think we are beyond anyone having the opportunity to do that, so the least he can do is throw a party where people can be distracted for a little while, and i don't mind not at all. >> bill: very interesting to hear that from you. the potential political statement that some see this as being by the president, there is talk about these things, joey. you know the weight of these things. 16 tons. getting around some of these popular downtown areas and the infrastructure, it is questioned whether they can even hold these things. these are some of the questions
6:30 am
involved. general keane made the point that he has spent most of his life on military bases. it is an opportunity, days like this, jim open it up and let the american people's touch and feel and see if our american milita military. johnny joey jones, thank you as always for your service. >> bill: the white house calling on iran to end their nuclear ambitions after tehran briefs the ambitions of a nuclear agreement. daniel hoffman, he is going to talk about what happens next. >> sandra: also, tragedies for major league baseball after 27-year-old tyler skaggs is found dead in his hotel room. >> he has such an amazing player. it was just so heartbreaking to hear that he has passed. we are all sad to see him go so soon. ♪ hoo
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>> bill: quick check of the markets right now. we are rolling. well, we kind of art. there we are. down 50 points. we were looking at records, sniffing around for records on the dow. i do believe that the s&p 500 got there yesterday. the china deal. at the white house when he got home yesterday. >> i tell you what is happening, our treasury is taking in billions and billions of dollars of money that normally would be for china.
6:34 am
so, we will see what happens. we hope that we can make a deal, but it has to be a fair deal. we had a deal as far as i was concerned, and then at the last moment, china decided they didn't like the idea, and they changed it. i said that's all right. you pay 25% tariffs. >> bill: so the question, what is the status today? we will get answers from peter navarro. he is going to be our guest later today. we look forward to hearing what he has to say. >> sandra: we do appear at 11:00. 27,000 on the dow. >> bill: what is the percentage on that? [laughs] 0-something, right? >> sandra: back to our top stories. violating the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal, president trump speaking exclusively with our own talker color tucker carlsont night. >> hopefully we don't have to do
6:35 am
anything now, since we terminated that horrible deal, which was a truly horrible deal. you can't let iran have a nuclear weapon, and certain other countries. so, they're having a lot of difficulty right now. and hopefully at some point they will come back and say we are going to make a deal. we will see what happens. >> sandra: daniel hoffman, fox news contributor. good morning to you. indicating that tensions are escalating because of our withdrawal from the deal. while the president is making the case that they violated the deal before we ever pulled out of it. >> first, i think it's important to highlight that iran is not seeking to hide the fact that they are now stockpiling low-grade uranium in violation of the jcpoa deal. the foreign minister announced it to iranian journalist. it seems to me at least pretty clear that iran is seeking albeit with nuclear blackmail to induce the europeans and the
6:36 am
united states, to give them sanction relief. that was also behind some of their kinetic attacks in the persian gulf recently. >> sandra: you mention his response to that from the white house. it was "seriously?" where do you see this going next? >> we are and very tense. matt, obviously. they have threatened to enrich uranium to weapons grade levels if they don't receive some sanctions really flagellate. and of the united states has made it pretty clear that any attack on u.s. servicemen and women on our ships i think would result in connecticut tax on iran. they know that. they don't want to risk that. but they are practicing -- what i think we need is some diplomacy from the united states and europe to get together to present a united front, which the europeans have been unable to do this far with us to the extent that we need. continuing to demonstrate that we will deter any connecticut
6:37 am
tax on our people and on our installations. >> sandra: we heard from the president himself that the united states is going to keep up with this maximum pressure campaign. as far as sanctions are concerned, what more can we do? >> i think we've got to hold it to the maximum sanctions, and they have set a precondition for negotiations, which is is that united states returned to you that nuclear deal, which we are not going to do, but the president has said that we will hold talks with all those preconditions. we want to get the europeans behind us, and maybe the iranians, and this effort to gather and stockpile low-grade uranium, may do it. maybe that europeans will join us and a hard front against us before. >> sandra: meanwhile, meeting with kim jong un on north korean soil. here is senator chuck schumer. >> this was one of the worst few days in american foreign policy
6:38 am
and american diplomatic history. in quite a long time. he wants the photo up, he wants that. he has no strategic long-term sense of where to go, what you do, and if anyone thinks this doesn't hurt america in the short-term, they are sadly mistaken. >> sandra: how do you respond to that? >> very strong response. listen, kim jong un's minions would never take the most innocuous, let alone denuclearizing the korean peninsula without authorization. what the president was doing was using some of the political capital that he has built up, in the singapore and hanoi to jump-start the negotiations, which really haven't begun in earnest. by doing that, i think he framed the debate. the onus is now on kim jong un to do what he promised to do, begin negotiations. we stick with those maximum pressure sanctions, and we have a stronger case to be made for
6:39 am
those other countries like china and russia on when we are willing to enforce the sanctio sanctions. >> sandra: finally, would you say that this meeting with chairman kim and the president was a step in the right direction? and a move towards peace? >> i think it was a bit of a political gamble on the part of the president, but it was absolutely the right thing to do. i think it's too early to judge the success or lack thereof of this move. for some, it strains logic that kim jong un would be willing to trade his nuclear capabilities for energy and food and integration in the world economy. but one thing i have learned is that nothing is certain. the president is doing his best to bring peace to that region, and it's a shame we don't have bipartisan consensus for the effort the effort. >> sandra: grade analysis. daniel hoffman, thank you. >> bill: shocking news from the world of sports. ellie angels pitcher tyler skaggs was found dead in his hotel room yesterday afternoon.
6:40 am
police say that the 27-year-old was unresponsive, foul play is not suspected. fans reacting to the sad news on his last instagram photo that was posted only hours before his death. it showed the popular pitcher with his teammates. >> these people are just players on a baseball team. our family appeared we would come here, cheer for them, cry for them. so it is hard. it it is a hard thing to go through. >> he was able to come back and start hitting the ball. everybody loves a comeback story. it's a bummer. it's heartbreaking. >> bill: there is a memorial for him at angel stadium in anaheim, california. that game in arlington against the rangers was postponed. tyler skaggs, dead at the age of 27. a man at the top of his game. that is just really stunning,
6:41 am
shocking to see something like that. >> sandra: really is stunned his family as we await more details. he will be remembered and missed. >> bill: the angels have a great fan base too. they will get a lot of support. >> sandra: fox news alert now, denying exclusive allegations from alexandria because he of court. >> you don't treat people that way. we provide food. we provide sanitary items. >> are you saying that she is lying? >> i am telling you what we do. >> sandra: she is claiming is that agents told detainees to drink water from the toilet. plus, this. >> the thing that nobody can figure out, do they really think this is a positive? do they really think this is okay? because it is not. it is destroying the city.
6:42 am
it is destroying the whole way of life. and it is not our country. it is not what our country is all about. >> bill: president trump think that the federal government may have to step in to solve the homeless crisis plaguing some of our bigger cities. a moneyman charles payne will dig into this. here to react. during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. don't miss our 4th of july special with the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed now $1299. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep.
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>> this is them on their best behavior, and they put them in
6:45 am
rooms with no running water, and these women were being told by officers to drink out of a toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet, and that was knowing that a congressional visit was coming. this is them on their best behavior. >> bill: that was a fiery visit. the new york a progressive democrat, alexandria ocasio-cortez, sounding off that border patrol firing back on those, saying that the allegations are simply not true. tom, good morning to you. feels like a jail, the entire system is broken, your reaction to some of that from the border visit yesterday. >> they are jails. they were built to detain people until they got put -- and turned over to i.c.e. these facilities are not built for women and children. they have been begging congress for months so that the is that families can be moved into a
6:46 am
proper facility with proper care. >> bill: on the toilet comments that seem to be getting the most direction, they said no one is drinking toilet water. they are drinking from the sink attached to the toilet. it is what you would find in every municipal jail i in the united states. >> absolutely. this is an exact replica of what i.c.e. uses. the cells are only so big. two separate lines. one to the sink where you can get water to drink. so alexandria ocasio-cortez is clearly intentionally miss misinforming the american public. she lost all credibility. i think people are learning every time she opens her mouth that she is wrong. >> bill: she did not say this herself. she said one of the women or one of those being held said that they drink from the toilet. >> she forced her way into cell. so if someone tells you to drink out of the toilet, you don't
6:47 am
question that? it is clear by the picture to the right. i don't know if you have it up. it is clear from the picture that this is an appliance, a piece of equipment, i drink out of the same piece of equipment -- >> bill: in a moment here, we will share it with our viewers. in the meantime, we have the story about facebook. apparently some of these border patrol officers are bad mouthing some of the migrants. these posts are completely inappropriate, contrary to the honor and integrity that i see from our agent stay in and day out. they will be held accountable. >> i talked to him the first -- she is a great leader. they are taking this very seriously. anyone who has participated in something like this will be dealt with. we have to remember, though, this is social media. there are 90,000 members.
6:48 am
we don't know who is actually doing this it. it is going to be fully investigated. >> bill: it was a private page. >> it's a sad situation. it's a distraction from all of the good work that the men and women are doing every day. >> bill: to my things, quickly. i do believe we have it now. this is the image. go ahead and describe it to us. >> is one apparatus -- you can see it. the same apparatus, there is the sink on top where you can draw the water. now if someone says i will drink out of the toilet, you drink out of the same piece of equipment. two separate waterlines. people will say why are they the same apparatus? because jail cells are small. they try to save space and make them more comfortable for the people in that facility, so that is what we're talking about. they are not drinking out of the toilet. it is just ridiculous on its face. >> bill: one more thing here.
6:49 am
president trump as the i.c.e. rates will resume after the fourth of july. >> after july 4th, a lot of people -- people who come up, they may be here for a short while, but they are going back to their countries. they go back home. >> bill: wasn't scheduled? was it delayed? >> what we are talking about, those who get due process at great taxpayer expense, if those orders don't mean anything, if they are not carried out, the reason that this happens is no one is leaving. they need to leave. >> bill: who is the target? anyone who is illegal? >> i think it's going to be a little bit of both. they need to establish credibility in the system. so family members that have had due process, have seen a judge, and are ordered removed. >> bill: would you defend it
6:50 am
publicly? >> you can't demand due process just because you don't like the decision of a judge. what would happen to us? integrity of the system. if congress doesn't like it -- they came to the table, when the president threaten to establish rule of law and arrest people who were ordered removed. it wasn't enough to bring it to the table. talking about arresting illegal aliens and due process -- >> bill: we are out of time, but thank you for your spirit >> sandra: former nfl start colin kaepernick blasting in nike about some shoes, featuring betsy ross flag. what responded in them pulling the shoes from store shelves. our a-team will dig into that. with all that usaa offers
6:51 am
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>> bill: there is a new social media challenge that is all the rage online. schmidt he has tried it, and their entire family as well. the bottle cap challenge. that's pretty good. oh, that takes some skill. >> sandra: it's not like it's all the way out. >> bill: wow. some celebrities taking the internet by storm. so they say. the challenge is to twist off the cab loosely screwed on the bottle using a backspin kick. >> sandra: so that's great. obviously the point is not having the bottle tip over in the meantime. >> bill: spread all over the place. >> sandra: i think i heard jillian this morning, she asked how come they are not showing the entire bottle? did somebody prop it up? >> bill: i don't know. what do you believe when you see it? >> sandra: i don't know. i know that i could probably take you on. >> bill: oh.
6:55 am
[laughs] no, i think we hang. i think i will take that challenge. >> sandra: awesome. let's do it. >> bill: my bottle is going everywhere. >> sandra: all right, back to the news of the day, protesters storming the hong kong legislature yesterday. [chanting] as you can see, the scene playing out there, tearing down portraits of lawmakers, spray painting pro-democracy slogans on the walls, hundreds of thousands took to the street on the anniversary of the former british colonies returned to china. live from our london bureau. greg. >> hi, sandra. reaction coming in fast and furious to yesterday's violent protests in hong kong. today, authorities were condemning the damage of the city's parliament building.
6:56 am
they are crawling at crimes on. hundreds of activists mashing their way into the building. police are standing by. they are angry and part about that, could send hong kong residents into the chinese justice system. yesterday, president trump add this to say about hong kong. >> i hope it gets old. i spoke with president xi have china. we had a great discussion. we are talking about doing something. we talked about it briefly, but it's very sad. i rarely see it in a protest like that. >> they blasted president trump and others for interfering. they have an endangered -- that hand over by the british colonial rule in 1997.
6:57 am
president trump added that protesters were looking for democracy, that a lot of people want democracy. apparently echoed by hundreds of thousands of people. >> sandra: we will continue to watch it. great, thank you. >> bill: reaction after a conservative journalist was viciously attacked at an antifa rally. what the mayor's thing today, and watching the video of the knights of the alleged hate crime against jussie smollett. accusing the actor of staging the entire thing. >> do you want to take it off? dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra.
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- don't let an amazing adventure pass you by. tripadvisor makes it easy to book your tours,
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attractions, and experiences ahead of time. so you never miss out on can't miss adventures! book things to do on tripadvisor. >> sandra: fox news alert. brand-new reaction, calling for a federal investigation following the latest antifa violence in portland. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. members of the radical groups brutally beating a conservative journalist, leaving him injured. andy ngo now speaking out about the attack. and ric grenell last are on our show, calling on the department of justice to investigate this matter. >> this was something that could have been avoided. this group in portland targeted andy. they told him that they would rough them up. he was trying to do his job, and he was a very courageous, brave
7:01 am
young man to do it, but they knew who he was. they knew that he's gay, they knew that he is asian, and they knew that he was conservative. we are now in a situation where the largest gay and lesbian group in the united states has stayed silent on this attack. >> sandra: william reporting live for us. william? >> supporters on the right one payback and are now posting ads on social media for march and august of two "and to antifa." this comes, with antifa supporters hitting it journalist a andy ngo with pepper spray, eggs, and potentially, please say, cement milk shakes, causing a brain hemorrhage. here he is on talker last night. >> when i realized what was happening, it was too late. the mob of people all dressed in black and wearing masks started beating me with their fists.
7:02 am
some of them used objects to hit me. i was kicked some more, plunged some more, and all of this time, i kept thinking where are the police? >> taking heat for the incident, portland's progressive democratic mayor ed wheeler accused by ted cruz of biased against conservatives, ordering his police officers to let citizens be attacked by a domestic terrorist. the mayor tweeting, he denies the charge, saying "over the weekend, some chose to engage in violence in portland, which is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. we will do everything we can to make sure those who committed violence are held accountable." the man in the middle is accused of beating two men with a metal pipe. one requiring 20 stitches to his hut, the other two accused of throwing drinks. they promised to see the city, and if found, those who beat her client. >> this cannot go on in america,
7:03 am
and i do intend to hold the city government and potentially the mayor liable to the full extent of the law. some have asked the doj to investigate, saying that they tied officers hands, that they can't get involved and use tactics to stop these kinds of things, where as a police chief says they get criticized when they don't intervene, and they get criticized when they take too much action. >> sandra: more in that coming, william la jeunesse. >> our message to iran, they know what they are doing. they are playing with fire. so, no message to iran whatsoever. >> bill: new election to pour in. coming after the regime announced a major break from the 2015 nuclear deal. officials thanks they are stockpiling more enriched uranium then they are permitted under the obama era agreement. an agreement that the trump administration does not like.
7:04 am
trey yingst live with more. the story. >> bill, the standoff between the united states and iran continues after iran reached about uranium stockpile limit laid out in dust before nuclear deal. mohammed's array of said that iran believes that they have not violated the deal, transparent in the agreement. they do not possess more than 300 kilograms, a limit that was surpassed yesterday. threatening to break another commitment of the deal. the united states unilaterally withdrew from the iran nuclear deal before imposing sanctions on iran. their economy crumbled, and they have ordered a series of attacks on infrastructures before shutting down a u.s. drone. they sent to carrier strike group, and today, u.s. central command confirms that nearly a dozen fighter jets were deployed
7:05 am
last week. the president said in the oval office that they are playing with fire. >> mr. trump needs to understand that when you use the language of a bully against a civilized nation, they become more united. if he were to understand this notion, a lot of the problems they face in the region would be resolved. >> european countries have tried to find a way to relieve their economic pressure, and you have japan and iraq volunteering to mediate. so far, no response. >> sandra: violence in portland. let's bring in our a-team, juan williams, fox news analyst, lauren claffey, former deputy assistant secretary for public affairs at the department of homeland security.
7:06 am
tom bevan, cofounder and editor at real clear politics. we are going to have to find you a longer title. a lot is changing on this story. where do you see this going, as we continue to get reaction? >> well, just imagine the outcry if this had been you know a bunch of trump supporter's or right wing folks beating up a regular journalist. this would be a massive story, and it hasn't been handled -- it hasn't been portrayed in the same way. there has been silenced. ric grenell mentioned this from the lgbtq community. >> sandra: the media? how about the mayor? >> exactly. this is a horrific thing. we have seen it in the past. we haven't seen at this graphically caught on tape. it has to be condemned across like political spectrum. arrests have to be made. >> sandra: why is there not more outrage from the media?
7:07 am
>> clearly, it is reprehensible. it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. you can't have this kind of violence. you can't have it become acceptable. i think that all corners need to condemn it. i would say that we live in a society where you have people who are white nationalists and neo-nazis kill people in charlottesville -- i think we all remember that. launch an attack on jews, i think that is the largest number ever killed -- so by comparison, it is not of that magnitude. >> bill: 's when this group gets together, violence follows. >> ema and nationalists? >> bill: washington, d.c., berkeley. >> i think that they are extremist. the pattern of them fighting against hate, which is put forward by the people on the
7:08 am
other side. >> bill: andy ngo is hate? >> they were fighting against those neo-nazis and fashions, and andy ngo gets in the middle of it. it becomes a fight between people who are on one side or the other. >> bill: those are not the facts, juan. i'm sorry, andy ngo has reported on the group for some time. he captured images and video, and that's when they went after him. to try to gain back the images that he had -- >> i do think that juan has a point here. antifa was organizing a counter protest, so there is a lot of tension in portland broadly. this is a failing on the state government as well as the local government, because we do have to protect free speech and people's right to peacefully assemble, but the moment that they become violent, you lose that right. so the state really needs to step up because there has been a pattern of increased violence --
7:09 am
>> bill: now and at this table is arguing against peaceful protest. that's cool, but this was not. >> they need to step in and increase the police presence. they need to send the national guard if they are going to have this. and he is probably just going to be the first casualty of this, trying to cover it, one person that is may be caught up in this infighting. we have to not only think about andy -- >> sandra: as a conservative journalist, he has gone and spoken out against far right mob mentality is, and "the wall street journal" took that on. he is beaten as he attempts to cover a portland protest. "he is often criticizing antifa as dangerous and militant, and he also denounced far right online mobs in this newspaper. he publishes his own conclusions like other journalist, no matter his political views." >> i agree, some folks on the left have tried to say he's not
7:10 am
a journalist. they say he is an agitator, basically asking for this. that's reprehensible. he is a journalist, and he has every right to be doing what he's doing. letting folks see what has actually been happening, and again, because he is conservative or viewed as conservative, it just hasn't gotten the same attention as i would have otherwise. >> bill: just to round out the argument, you wonder who else is covering this. we have for a few days now, and you wonder where the presidential candidates are on this. andrew yang sent this out. "i hope he is okay. journalist should be safe without being targeted." we heard from ric grenell a moment ago. >> i want to get to the bottom of the facts to figure out what did we know, and who didn't act? who had information and didn't use it to protect people? we cannot stop every single radical group.
7:11 am
i understand that. but what we can do is use information and data to figure out what they are going to do and respond. that is what the local government was supposed to do, and that's what they didn't do. >> bill: so let's see how the mayor reacts to this. topic number two. >> sandra: let's move on to 2020. some of the new polling that is out there. throw it up on the screen. 2020 presidential candidates, joe biden is still the leader of the pack out 22%. there you have it. kamala harris has surged ahead. she is now second only to joe biden, polling 17%. elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg rounded that out. >> this is interesting to me because in that poll, biden was still in the 30s. kamala harris was more around 12, basically tied with elizabeth warren. she is surging to tie. without a doubt, she had a good debate.
7:12 am
but the difference in the cnn poll that we just put up, only five points. 17-22. in that case, you really do see an incredible shrinkage and an incredible surge. >> sandra: do you look at a lot of polling data? >> let me just take this time to plug it doesn't -- that is why we look at an average. the draft that we saw for biden was dramatic. a more dramatic that we have seen otherwise. though polls that have come out, biden is on the slide, and kamala harris is on the rise. >> let me throw it in there. elizabeth warren has had a little run. >> bill: i just think focus on individuals. that has been overdone. i think the themes from last week are really something that is going to play out in the primary. i don't know, after the other night, whether or not you can attack back, no matter who the candidate is, when everybody
7:13 am
raises their hand. here it is. cnn. "should the government provide insurance to undocumented immigrants?" 59% say no, well, every hand went up. >> i'm kind of curious because part of joe biden slide is i think because he has kind of the over 50 crowd it locked in. so really the reason why they keep battling ove over the younr voters, which i think it is also why you see support for things like across the stage, health care for illegal immigrants. some of these more liberal extreme policies. and i think that is going to be something that we see throughout the debate, trying to get the younger crowd. that is split across the democratic primary right now. >> bill: do you think that they will be okay? >> i think it is going to be hard. that is the campaign. you raise your hand, i was surprised. i thought that that number would be higher, the people who oppose it. it is not as bad as i thought.
7:14 am
>> i think this is a poll of all registered voters. not democrats. so to be your point, younger voters who are democrats really are outraged when they seize the detention camps and hear about children being separated. so i think these candidates are going to be very clear to a democratic audience and democratic primary. >> sandra: take a look at these fund-raising numbers. trump 2020. if you $4 million that they have raised, $105 million. the president's campaign manager for 2020 says it is massive fund-raising success, a testament to the overwhelming support for president trump. no democrat can match the full of enthusiasm or president trump's outstanding record of results. that is the question. >> it's a huge number. going back to our previous discussion, they have handed president trump an advantage on
7:15 am
this question of illegal immigrants. they were talking about not only free health care but decriminalizing border crossin crossings. amnesty for people if you haven't committed a crime, you can stay as long as you want. immigration is in the mix. immigration is number three. on that issue alone, the democrats have really handed an advantage to trump. >> bill: barack obama raised a lot of money, but these numbers are staggering. >> it is the best thing that has happened to the republicans because it is the first time that we are having a national conversation about what democrats have been talking about over on the side. it is energizing republicans in a way that we haven't seen before because they understand what they are actually against with the democratic party. >> i just wanted to say on the numbers, which i think the president has done an outstanding job. you've got to put all of the democrats together, versus one candidate on the republican side. it's incredible fund-raising
7:16 am
apparently for pete buttigieg. >> sandra: if the election were held today, who has the best shot of beating president trump? >> i think the polls still indicated it is joe biden. sandra: anybody else on that? >> i think it is changing all the time. >> i think kamala harris. >> bill: right now, everybody is right. >> i'm not allowed -- >> bill: the trump team says that they have to raise $1 billion for him to win. >> i don't know about that. >> bill: it's real money. thank you, juan. >> i'm voting for bill hemmer and sandra smith. >> sandra: we will take you on in that bottle challenge. [laughs] >> bill: won't happen. >> sandra: two other big headlines. president trump sat down with
7:17 am
their own tucker carlson, stepping up his attacks over some of the biggest technology companies, accusing them again of political bias. could silicon valley soon find itself under federal investigation? >> bill: also, bit later, taking on homelessness. it may be high time he tackled the problem himself. the moneyman, charles payne, taking this on. >> do they really think this is a positive? do they really think this is okay? because it's not. it is destroying their city. it is destroying the whole way of life. at newday, your service is your down payment. "i got it!" so bookers are booking a one, two, three, that's a four day weekend "awesome" and with getaway deals on accommodation starting from 15 percent off, you can be a booker at booking dot com
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7:22 am
hello, sir. >> hello. >> bill: what is your view on that? >> it is a desperation time. these are like modern day dickens hotels, right in front of us. very rich towns. seattle, los angeles, new york. you know, at every red light, i like to see someone who has four or five umbrellas. you know, maybe we need some sort of intervention, when it comes to the mental illness part of it but also the veterans. it is a tragedy, and i think a lot of this has to do with city policies that make these places too expensive to live in. too expensive to have any upward mobility. there is a sort of interesting -- >> bill: there is acceptance of edge. some cities like seattle and elsewhere. many would argue it is a local issue, and there is not a case
7:23 am
where the federal government to get involved. >> i think many people would, but at some point, the federal government's job is to look out for americans and our safety. again, we start talking about the reemergence of medieval diseases in the midst of our cities, and one of the richest of cities and of the world. that's a red flag right there. huge red flag. >> sandra: i wanted to get your quick thoughts on something that was discussed with tucker carlson last night. on big technology companies, we have heard the president time and time again say that he believes that these companies are biased. he even suggested that there may be some sort of wrongdoing or illegal activity. he didn't say whether or not he would push for full on investigation. federal investigation of those companies, can he do that? >> i don't know that he's going to do that. he seems very reluctant. we are talking free-market principles. i had the pleasure of having
7:24 am
dinner with jack dorsey, and one-on-one lunch with him. he admits that there is bias in twitter. >> sandra: by the way, here is the president talking to tucker on that. >> you just saw that what the tech companies are doing may be illegal. is there a role in the justice department? >> a lot of people want us to take action against facebook and twitter, and frankly against amazon. amazon also. a lot of people want us to take action. >> sandra: he stopped short of saying whether he will encourage that. >> i think ultimately something is going to happen because you have enough people on both sides of the aisle who see a problem there. they are so big and so powerful, and then they do those little corporate virtue signaling things. we are going to make sure that nothing comes on about the census report. i think it ironically underscores the fact that there is a political bias there. sort of an ideological bias there. they can't help it.
7:25 am
listen, these are mostly san francisco silicon valley kind of companies. it is rfs, and they cannot avoid interjecting their own echoes and beliefs. >> sandra: twitter is a major tool for this president as well. >> it is. >> bill: a big story that developed yesterday. here is the president on twitter. "people are leaving new york like never before. and if they are a victim of harassment like what they are doing to our great nra which i think will move quickly to texas, where they are loved. texas will defend them & -- then use you, just to complete the job. it is very hard and expensive to live there. using it as a bludgeoning tool. always in search of a crime. "what is this all about? >> you mentioned the nra, and of course, any woke town or city,
7:26 am
there is a major war against the nra. they have the organizational on the ropes right now. one of the things that they are going to start going after, trying to hit them with an avalanche of lawsuits. the nra has its own issues right now. some controversy going on there. maybe this could be the demise of the nra. there is a point that a lot of these cities are actually using progressive ideology to go after the nra. but trump's other point i think is more prevalent to the wider audience. it's the same thing with allie. we just talked about seattle, new york city. these towns that have the highest levels of income inequality, their numbers are off the chain. from 2017-2018, 18,000 people left queens. 17,000 left brooklyn. they left manhattan. a thousand left the bronx. people are leaving. these are middle-class workers.
7:27 am
sometimes they are even black people, the reverse migration. they cannot afford to live in the cities anymore. this is why aoc was against amazon. because they were bringing great jobs, but the people who lived there when you get those jobs, and ultimately, couldn't afford to rent. so you know, there are a lot of people who are concerned. >> bill: that had to do with investigations of -- >> yes, his own personal -- >> bill: thank you so much. >> good to see you guys. >> sandra: breaking news on the jussie smollett case, doing a deep dive on the case files, and finding brand-new video from the night of that alleged atta attack. what it shows about that a legit hate crimes. details on that straight ahead. >> bill: one of the bigger moments in the first democratic debate, all of the candidates raising their hands in support of health care for illegal immigrants. will that come back to haunt
7:28 am
them? ari fleischer think so. he is our headline coming up in a few moments. >> dumped the democrats have given up something that makes us a great country, the moral distinction to be able to say we welcome illegal immigrants, not illegal immigrants. ♪ limu emu and doug.
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7:31 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. no president trump putting iran on notice, stockpiling more low enriched uranium then permitted under the 2015 nuclear deal. the president warning that they are "playing with fire." it is time for our headliner, ari fleischer, fox news contributor and studio for us. good morning. thank you for being here. the present, very firm. iran is playing with fire here. full pressure campaign continues. what does he do next? >> thank goodness. they are playing with fire. just so you understand how bad
7:32 am
the deal is and why america had to withdraw from this, did you know that in october of next year, the arms deal was scheduled to be lifted from that agreement. people are focused on nuclear. all kinds of other provisions. in just four years, the ban on providing support for the ballistic missiles expires. >> bill: that was only five years into the deal. >> correct. >> bill: that's terrible. >> of course, it is now 5-10 years. why on earth would hear a band the united states and the civilized world release before from their obligations of that? >> bill: did you catch rex tillerson's speech yesterday? he came out and blasted it. he said this is a terrible deal to begin with. and he's making the case that the trump team is putting their foot down, and we will stop it. >> that question is now what will iran's behavior going to be like? their economy, they have a
7:33 am
tremendous amount of young people who are essentially western oriented. they don't care for the theological government sitting on top of them. the future of iran is very, very at risk. i think some more instability the president can create for iran, that's the best chance that we have of resolving this whole thing peacefully from inside. >> sandra: how do you create more instability? >> keep the financial pressure on them. >> bill: it works, right? you are not quite sure what these european leaders are going to be. he says "britain will keep it trading with iran." they said the following about unity with european leaders. i am not so sure that you are convinced of this, but this is what he said. >> the europeans are very united with us. we all agree that the americans on the europeans, that iran cannot have a nuclear weapon. the tactic of how we get there is where we disagree, but i will say to the iranians out one way to burn the europeans on
7:34 am
diplomatic effort is to go back on your word on the jcpoa. >> bill: where they disagree is the economic sanctions, or whether they should go away. >> i am sorry to say this, but there has been hundreds of years of european acquiescence to tyrants like this. they have just kind of got along, and that's the case again too. it has always taken american leadership to get them to take tougher action or tougher action is required. if you leave european leaders on their own, they will acquiesce. >> sandra: meanwhile, transitioning to a different kind of tension rising at our southern border, the discussion over these detention centers. candidates now weighing in. cory booker's campaign put out a statement on closing those detention centers, saying "without waiting for congress to act, they will be treated as criminals, closing the facilities, and the use of for-profit detentions the facilities. those seeking asylum to
7:35 am
virtually eliminate immigrant detention." you were on "hannity" last night. you are on fire. >> they are planting the seeds of destruction for their party and the general election. the fundamentally wrong thing is because the thing that matters to them most is the appeal of left-wing politics, the appeal of racial politics. >> this whole debate saddens me. i am and always will be a george w. bush's comprehensive immigration reform republican. i want immigrants to come to this nation because we are the best on earth. we are a good place, and we want to help people who are suffering and hurting, but you have to come here legally. that is what america is about. that is our history and future. when i hear democrats say that this about open borders, borders that are open. because you can no longer detained under the democrats plan if someone comes across the border illegally. you can no longer deport if
7:36 am
someone comes here illegally. the democrats want to make it like a traffic ticket. decriminalized entering america illegally. it will create a surge of illegal immigrants. >> bill: how do people react when there are no borders on health care, college education, no borders on the actual border? >> drivers licenses, all of these enticements that they are offering, it is going to attract more illegals, and as this is why border security must come first. i think -- i have only reached this conclusion recently. they want more illegals to come here, they want to create a path to citizenship, and they want to win my collections. that's what it comes down to. >> sandra: last week, the second debate, hands up on the stage for health care for all illegal immigrants. bernie sanders campaign just announced its fund-raising numbers. $25 million. just like we heard from pete buttigieg recently. they are raising big money on these issues. >> this is what is going to bite
7:37 am
the democrats. you heard everyone put their hands up. everyone who came here illegally. not to mention the last decade. this is going to kill them in general election. think about the blue-collar working american struggling to pay for health insurance, then they are told your taxes are not going to support providing health insurance to the illegals who came here. >> bill: you are saying that trying to win back wisconsin and michigan, pennsylvania and ohio to the lesser degree it is not the way to go. >> i think that the democrats play identity politics to a fault. it is going to hurt them in the general election. >> bill: good to see you in person. ari fleischer, thanks. anna moment, getting more news out of chicago. fox news now digging through hours of surveillance, discovering new video. it places jussie smollett and the brothers who worked with him to say that he hired them for a hoax -- back on that story.
7:38 am
live in chicago. >> fox news obtained this video -- it very much appears to show jussie smollett and the brothers walking around the area of the alleged hoax right before it happened. this new video shows them walking towards the direction of his apartment building. you can clearly see a flash of red brimmed hat. police note that he purchases that have, along with items like the thin white rope to be used during the hoax. it shows him walking in the middle of the street in the same white sweater he was later seen wearing when police arrived. as you can see on this video, it was such a frigid night, there is hardly anyone else inside, other than jussie smollett and the brothers. it shows the jussie smollett in the white sweater, perhaps a cell phone in hand. then a very short while later,
7:39 am
the osundairo brothers are shown walking down the same sidewalk. the attorney for the brothers says that they were likely arriving early, kind of circling the area, waiting for him to return. we reached out to jussie smollett's legal team for comment, and so far, we have not heard back. >> bill: out of chicago. >> sandra: and isis inspired terror plot, three suspects in custody. we will have an update ahead. >> bill: also, and a brand-new controversy -- have you heard about this? blocking the sale of sneakers with the original u.s. flag from betsy ross because colin kaepernick apparently complained. the a-team is back on that next.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
>> sandra: nike pulling a brand-new american flag sneaker there appear a reports that the special fourth of july shoe featuring the iconic betsy ross flanker being pulled from store shelves because colin kaepernick found them offensive. we are back with our a-team. somebody needs to explain what is offensive about the sneakers. do you see anything, juan? >> i didn't. but then i heard and read that in fact thought flag from a colony from betsy ross has been really co-opted by the patriot movement, by white nationalist, but there was an incident in
7:44 am
2016 at a high school basketball game where an all-white team he used it to try to suggest that white supremacy will rule, all that kind of thing. you even saw the schools in michigan say about that flake had become a symbol of exclusion and opposition to diversity. >> sandra: you know, they might be hurting themselves by doing this. the arizona governor put out -- to build a manufacturing plant, he is ordering them to withdraw those incentives for the company now. he said "instead of celebrating american history, nike has apparently decided that betsy ross is unworthy and has bowed to the current onslaught of political correctness and historical revisionism." >> i think that this walks a fine line because in one regard, juan has a point that the flight has been reappropriated for terrible causes.
7:45 am
we don't want to be promoting it. this is still a part of our history, and we see all throughout the country this discussion around do we take down confederate statues because of the history of the country? do we need to go back and look at the way and which we are portraying american history to make sure that we accommodate for some of these discussions? i think there's probably a middle ground, but i don't know that we need to be saying that every single part of our american history that was under slavery, as bad as i was, should be rewritten. >> sandra: if i'm a shareholder of nike, i'm probably asking who is running this company? it colin kaepernick is calling the shots? >> their sales have been of 15%. they are no worse for wear in this becoming their brand. it is not really surprising that they have done this. but it does point to the fact that all corporations now, it's a political correctness minefield out there. some companies like gillette
7:46 am
have leaned into it and abrasive, while others are struggling with that. this is a perfect example. >> bill: the arizona governor went on to say this. "nike has made its decision, and now we are making ours. i have ordered them to withdraw all financial incentive dollars under their discretion, for the company to relocate here." that was a factor that they are going to build, and maybe they still will. >> was this intentional? how many pairs of shoes did they make? what are the marketing dollars for nike? >> bill: the history of colin kaepernick -- you point out that they hitched their wagon to colin kaepernick. should i have seen this coming? >> you could make the argument that nike is operating under the idea that any publicity is good publicity, and the star of controversy like this will help them be talked about and help them sell more shoes. >> sandra: history was made at wimbledon yesterday.
7:47 am
watch. oh. >> bill: its next. >> sandra: oh, sorry. we are talking about that in the next segment. >> bill: the whole idea about whether or not this is planned, just to draw attention, for nike to do a campaign like this, it's not a lot of money. >> to your point, nike has decided that their business strategy is to go after people who idolize colin kaepernick, which makes a lot of sense because they're the ones buying the shoes. so every time there is an instance like that's where they can make us stand towards african-american rants and countering drawing awareness around this, i am actually curious for the arizona governor, i think that he is also making this were some of the people in his base, but not having nike --
7:48 am
maybe he disagrees -- as a politician, -- >> i guess i am cynical because i am coming from politics. he has to wonder if he is going to lose local jobs. i think there are a lot of landmines there. >> sandra: i want to point this out because i do think that the markets tell us a lot. nike's share, they have doubled in value. they see their strategy is working. >> again, they made this decision. this was a more controversial decision, to release this big ad campaign with colin kaepernick almost a year ago when they were in the thick of the kneeling controversy in the nfl. i was really controversial. >> bill: it's kind of like let's go out and get some attention. >> i'm a big baseball guy. what i notice is that the yankees no longer play one
7:49 am
version of "god bless america." they have taken it down because the singer was also historically singing songs that were racist. and i think this is what we are seeing now. as culture gets reflected, nike is taking advantage. >> sandra: is that good or bad? >> come i think it's important, but again, where still polarize. as opposed to saying historically we've got to come together as an american people. >> sandra: will come back. thank you. >> bill: and a moment here, the sensational win rocking wimbledon. >> sandra: there it is. >> bill: it was coming. >> sandra: i know that you guys have something to say on this. >> bill: 's she's 15 years old, the youngest qualifying ever in wimbledon. beating the five-time champion, and her personal idol, venus williams. more on that major upset coming in just a minute. >> sandra: team usa will go
7:50 am
head-to-head against england. i will be happening later today. just in time for the fourth of july. we've got a preview. ♪ ♪ play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums
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7:53 am
[cheers and applause] >> standing ovation. cori gauff just beat venus williams. >> bill: we have a new american star, don't we? stunning us, she is defeated by 15-year-old cori gauff. she is the youngest player ever to qualify for the tournament, beating her idol in round one. we want to bring in
7:54 am
carley shimkus. hello, you too. >> sandra: i could really wait to talk about this. this is really good. >> she's four years younger than venus was when she met her wimbledon debut. she had two titles before cori gauff was even born. >> oh, my gosh. >> she got into tennis because of venus and her sister, serena. you see stories like that, you have to be happy. the next big thing for america. >> sandra: does her future looked bright? >> unbelievably. >> like she said, she went into this match, saying let me see how many games i can get against her, i most definitely would not have won. >> bill: the obvious question is how she felt about being her idol. this is what she said. oh, okay. she said "i met her before, but i really didn't have the guts to say anything, so it was now or never." and it was now was now.
7:55 am
>> good for her. >> bill: the women are back on the pitch today. >> they are. things are getting a little chippy between the two teams. team usa is being accused of arrogance. the british media calling it "spygate." checking out the hotel and beyond. where the finals are going to be played, so team usa knows that they are going to beat england, and they are already looking ahead towards the finals. so the u.s. had coach says no, that's ridiculous. this is a staffing choice, not a team choice. we have to be prepared for all options, which i totally agree with. >> bill: they are also saying that the american women have been arrogant. >> yes. absolutely, you know it, though? the last time the u.s. played england was in nashville in march, the 2-2 draw, so it's going to be a big game. >> they are getting into their opponents heads, and i don't
7:56 am
mind that. i like the hotel visit. >> exactly. >> sandraspeak to productions? >> yeah, u.s. to win today 3-1. she has had two goals in each of the last few matches. >> okay, i'm going 2-1, team usa. >> sandra: wow. >> bill: it's going to be tough match. i really talk much. my favorite player's number 23. >> sandra: are you really not going to give us a production? >> bill: the u.s., 1-0. >> sandra: okay. >> the netherlands. >> that game is going to be on sunday. 11:00 eastern time. you should be a sports reporter. >> bill: thank you, carley shimkus. >> sandra: making stops all throughout the state this week. we are going to be alive from the campaign trail next. like the old "tunic tug". but always discreet is less bulky.
7:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert on the 2020 euros for the white house with many top democrats focusing on iowa. we are there. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: how are you feeling? >> sandra: pretty good. >> bill: interesting day so far, isn't it? who knows what happens this hour. i'm bill hemmer. amy clover tri, beto o'rourke, bernie sanders among those holding events and i want today. the numbers for the front runner slipping and the numbers for elizabeth warren and kamala harris surging. hey, peter. >> good morning, bill. his campaign just announced a few minutes ago he has not lost a step in the fund-raising department, raising $24 million in the second quarter, including
8:01 am
6 million transferred from other accounts. almost identical to the splashy amount that amount that mayor pete announced yesterday. this will help them remain stable. the frontrunner has experienced as well. the last time joe biden came to iowa, he had a double-digit le lead. that has been wiped out. it shows joe biden matches 22%. now the contender who challenged him on stage in front of 18 million people, kamala harris, registers at 17%. ahead of warren and sanders and pete buttigieg. that doesn't mean other contenders are going to start taking aim at the weekend front runner to try to search like the senator from california. amy klobuchar, the first of many, one of the only democrats not running on medicare for all. >> i think you focus on issues, and if you have a disagreement
8:02 am
with one of the other people on the stage, you make that clear, and i did some of that on the health care proposal where i didn't want to kick 4 49 million people, half of americans basically, although their health insurance and four years, which is what the bill self. i would rather do us a public. i made a difference when it comes to the different proposals that we all have two pay for college. and i think, i hope we have a better discussion and a more thorough on that. >> after the first debate, the first in the nation caucuses the first major retail politics up for many in the top tier. biden and bernie and mayor pete and kamala harris are all going to be at either backyard barbecues or fourth of july parades, shaking hands with some of the most influential early state voters anywhere. >> bill: there we go. peter doocy, thank you so much. >> sandra: let's bring in tom.
8:03 am
it lets start off first with some of these fund-raising numbers. bernie sanders, the latest to come out. $24 million in the second quarter alone, 18 of that range from grassroots. 16 million from prior accounts. over 99% as expected would be of donations worth $100 or less. that is big money, considering you just saw in that cnn poll, he has lost four points since may. >> good morning. i think there are two takeaways there. clearly, senator sanders, his very energetic base remains dedicated to him. there is a problem with that, however. if he doesn't win the nomination because as in 2016, some of those letters may say that he is not a credible candidate of the democratic left, instead of someone who's trying to ride his coattails, so we will not turn out for the nominee.
8:04 am
the fund-raising dimension here, with a lot of different candidates. i think that is the reflection of the fact that tipping towards president trump on the democratic side is so profound that that in and of itself will get a lot of democratic supporters to go and give big bucks to their preferred candidate because they genuinely hope that that will be the person who eventually dethroned as the president. >> sandra: throw up that latest cnn poll again. we are talking about biden. obviously, this was taken post debates last week. kamala harris and elizabeth warren, meanwhile, making strides. here is up 9% in the latest po poll. elizabeth warren up 8%. now you have iowa. what do these candidates need to win over voters in iowa? >> well, they clearly believe that they have to keep challenging joe biden on either the narrative that he is to
8:05 am
moderate or, as kamala harris was doing, on the idea of the former vice presidents racial past, but i think the key factor here is that the trump campaign will look at those numbers, as early as it is -- remember, we are still barely in july 2019, they will look at those and think it is great because they will hope that it will force him to go to the left, and it will force as other candidates, who are rising up with a sense of aspiration and opportunity, to keep doubling down on left wing sentiment. all of these little sound bites that are coming out, from senator klobuchar not chucking the americans off of their plans, you can guarantee that the trump campaign is looking at that to bring it out at a later date. >> sandra: amazing to think how those debates changed everything in this race. you see some points there for harris and some of the others,
8:06 am
including elizabeth warren. the president, meanwhile, and his campaign team have announced the numbers. $105 million. 51 million total. 105 million. a big campaign dollars coming through the door there as we continue to watch how all of this plays out. early on, we should point out. iran, i want to ask you about this, tom. iran is now denying these claims on the part of the white house, that prior to pulling out of the iran deal, we had already seen some of this activity take place. that is being blamed for some of the escalating tensions that we are seeing. so what does this administration do next, and what do we do next? >> i think the administration strategy of maintaining the sanction pressure, which is destroying the iranian economy, really imploding the economy, it creates fissures in the regime towards more moderate elements,
8:07 am
and of the supreme leader, which is good for future negotiations. the challenge at the moment specifically, however, i think for the trump administration, is to try to persuade the europeans that they are going to have to come on board. breaching its commitment to the europeans, to everyone, quite frankly, the amount of material that it is enriching, they will probably breach a level, the intensity of the radioactive material, that is developing, that will -- the trump administration, allow them to say you have to make a choice here. do you keep appeasing the iranians and allow them to develop a nuclear weapon, or double down? but i suspect we are going to see it in the near future more acts of aggression from the iranian simply because they feel the economic pressure that they face is so catastrophic. they are without many options other than to lash out.
8:08 am
>> sandra: what does that time frame look like? you heard that president say that they are playing with fire, and the way that iran responded to that, the foreign administrator, he responded with one word. "seriously?" on the accusation that is started prior to pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. what are we looking at as far as a time frame? how we respond, and where iran goes next. >> i think we will see some kind of -- probably through a proxy group, it may involve kidnapping or a strike. maybe something more serious. that is the hard-liner angle. they will be trying to persuade the europeans to get our back, get the americans to drop sanctions. that won't happen, so it is hard to say where the coalescence will come diplomatically. i suspect the best probe is two weeks from now where they go, to enrich uranium. on the europeans will say we are
8:09 am
going to sort of join the american pressure campaign and hopefully with president trump giving this narrative of listen, all i want is a nuclear deal. that might empower them to say you can at least go and talk. that is the diplomatic outlook. i suspect that the likelihood in the near term is not likely. >> sandra: you tom, we appreciate it. >> thank you, sandra. >> we obviously have a very serious threat in this country. 16 attempt and terrorist attacks, what it says to the australian public, that this court has not gone away. >> bill: that is australia's home affairs minister, after police arrested three men attempting isis attacks in sydney. one on surveillance for over a year, benjamin hall live in
8:10 am
london now with the latest. what we are learning about this. >> hey, bill, you heard it right there. 16 attempted terrorist attacks since 2014 alone in australia. and it is a real reminder of the threats of extremism that australia faces, but also some of the amazing work that police have done. in this latest incident, three men were arrested over a plot to attack a variety of sydney targets, including police stations, defense buildings, courts, churches, and diplomatic missions. a 20-year-old a dual citizen had been monitored, as he pointed out, for a year, sons arriving from lebanon. charged with a terrorist act and preparing to enter afghanistan on behalf of isis. both charges carries a sentence of life in prison. the 23-year-old and 30-year-olds are also going to be charged along hialongside him, and theyo
8:11 am
know each other by sharing extremist views online. due in part to their support of the war in afghanistan, there have been a successful terror attacks in australia since 2014. stabbings, shootings, hostage takings, and at least five people have been killed. then we have at least 150 australians who joined isis in iraq and syria, and that makes it one of the highest countries per capita. the debate on whether to revoke citizenship to those who want to fight with isis. there have been five who have their citizenship revoked. still over a dozen who are asking to come back to australia. the australian government doing everything that they can to keep them while away. >> bill: thank you, benjamin hall. >> sandra: he just wants to know she's well. those are the words from fotis dulos' sister. it the missing connecticut mother of five who has been
8:12 am
charged of her disappearance. the search enters five weeks now. >> bill: back at the bargaining table. how concerned should we be? the president's top trade advisor, peter navarro, and he will join us live next. >> we have been kicked in the teeth and punched in the guts for a decade. people around the world knew china was cheating. now wedo are in the negotiation process. ly time... ly time... ...and downtime. ...and you time. ...and forgetting what time it is...altogether. modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business is making time, our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at buy a home with no down payment. at newday, your service is your down payment.
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8:15 am
>> bill: so the sister of a man accused in connecticut is now defending him. she says the man she practically raised is not the person portrayed in the media and that her brother "despite any personal differences with jennifer truly and sincerely holds her in his prayers and would want nothing more than to know that she is well and could ultimately return to her children." we now enter week six of the search. they have been an bidder bidder to your divorce battle, centering around the custody of their five children. >> he has been very clear, made very clear to chairman kim himself sanctions will continue on your country. he has been very clear and very transparent and public with the press right there every single time to see what's happening in his conversations with chairman kim. he says if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work. >> sandra: that was
8:16 am
kellyanne conway earlier defending president trump is meeting with kim john on. peter navarro is assistant to president trump and director to the office of trade and manufacturing policy, which makes you a very important men of the moment. i know, peter, that you are intensely involved in all of the construction of these deals, trades, sanctions. talk to us, what was the take away from that meeting? >> well, i think the g20, the handshake seen around the world at the dmz, i think it makes a strong case that we have not only the best president on economic policy but also foreign policy. on foreign policy, at least since the days of ronald reagan, at the g20 and osaka, it was truly remarkable to see his
8:17 am
personal brand of diplomacy, working with leaders across the board and the spectrum, saudi arabia, turkey, brazil, japan. and basically, i think what we saw was a man capable of promoting peace and prosperity, but at the same time, advancing american economic security interest. he had a very warm breakfast with the saudi team -- it is unique that as the price of oil goes up, he can ask them to pump some more oil to get that down. that is not in the wheelhouse of previous presidents. but president trump knows that it will be the fastest route to recession. >> sandra: i want to stick to north korea here. a lot of the critics say this was merely a photo up and nothing got done there. i know you're saying that this is how the president operates, and this is what needs to happen in order to head towards
8:18 am
denuclearization. what steps were taken then, and what steps will be taken to further put pressure on north korea by this administration? >> the thing about the world we live and, if president trump were not in office, we would see nuclear bombs detonating underneath north korean soil, making bigger and bigger bombs. we would see missiles flying over south korea and japan, going further and further towards american shores. we are not seeing any of that, what we have now, peace and prosperity on the peninsula, as we move towards denuclearizati denuclearization. i think that what's important to understand, secretary mike pompeo is in charge of that pure negotiations with president trump, of course overseeing that, and what we can expect is further movement. we can move slowly, but we are moving. >> sandra: what happens with
8:19 am
sanctions? do we decrease after this? >> it will be up to the president and mike pompeo to make that decision. but my point here, sandra, is we are seeing form -- barack obama, he basically had cold shouldered diplomacy. he wouldn't be to these people who could harm us. the president now talks to everybody and does it in no way in which basically increases national security of this country. that is a good choice. >> sandra: i've got so much i want to get to here with you. i want to move on to iran. iran is engaging in this activity prior to the united states pulling out of that nuclear deal. was that happening? do you have evidence of that? >> this is not my lien. i'm not going to comment on th that. the strategy, as president trump has described it, the economic
8:20 am
pressure on iran, that is all i can say. >> sandra: the heritage foundation was on here yesterday, and they are making the point that the united states has provided hundreds of other areas, that can be sanctioned, and we are not doing that. not following through, and enforcing sanctions that are currently out there. could the united states be doing more? >> i don't mean to disappoint you, not my lien. >> sandra: let's move more into your lane. larry kudlow was on this program last week, your colleague, and he quickly shot down reports from "the wall street journal" that there were preconditions met heading into that meeting with the president and president xi. what did we get, and are we moving closer to a trade deal with china? >> there is absolutely right. there are no preconditions. that was a very interesting meeting. which is what we got. we got a bullish scenario in
8:21 am
which we went back to the bargaining table. already firmly engaged with the chinese side. with president trump, clearly overseeing the whole process. we have as a starting point, the ending point where talks go do down, which is the agreement across seven different areas such as technology. we have a commitment from the chinese to make an immediate significant purchases -- >> sandra: i have to leave it there. how would you characterize and word, on the current trade negotiations with china? where are we? >> bullish. >> sandra: thank you. very interesting. peter navarro, great to have you on "america's newsroom." >> bill: you wanted one word. you got it. democratic candidates on key issues come you saw the last week. are they to extreme fourth mainstream voters? howard kurtz is here to analyze. up next.
8:22 am
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8:25 am
even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. >> sandra: breaking news right now for you. we are just now learning that mike pence has been called back to the white house for an undisclosed emergency. what we know right now is that he was on board air force to win the plane was suddenly diverted. he was headed to an event in new hampshire. that has not been canceled. so media reporter just informed us of the situation there, that he was called back to the white house. all we know, it was described as an emergency, and that air force two has been diverted. he was on his way to an event happening in new hampshire, and it has now been canceled. we do know that he has been called back, and we will update you again shortly.
8:26 am
>> bill: meanwhile, 2020 democrats taking some far left positions on several issues. some now saying that if they lean too far left, they can win. blowing their chance to beat trump. how are we doing? good morning to you. back to your piece. for those whose most fervent desire is to take donald trump out of the white house, there is growing concern that the democrats are blowing it. how so? >> over at "the new york times," trunk and win, but it is standard political practice as you know, to move left in the primaries, and go back. look at what we have here. ten candidates on the debate stage, supporting health services were illegal immigran immigrants, not taking on julian castro, calling for decriminalization of the border
8:27 am
crossing. elizabeth warren and, harris backing medicare for all plan that would blow up, bullish, get rid of private health insurance. everyone knows that donald trump will through these and other physicians back at whoever the nominee is in the fall of 2020. >> bill: they are marching so far left that they will go over a cliff. he made this prediction. >> i don't think joe biden is going to become the nominee. i think his timing is wrong, and i just do not believe he will become the nominee. i believe that others will come up and there will be a lot of opportunity. i actually think bernie sanders has the best chance of becoming the nominee because of where the democrat party has moved. it is no longer the democratic party. it has become the socialist democratic party. >> i'm going to disagree. i don't think that bernie is getting much traction lately. i do think a lot of people in
8:28 am
the media think it based on one subpar debate performance that joe biden is thinking and collapsing. sure. the cnn poll that showed him going down ten points. i think that they are getting a lot of good media attention. she is handling herself well. let's not rush to judgment. nobody is voting until next year. what we can say is that some of these positions are way out in left wing, things that nobody would have said. >> bill: eight months to iowa. you have been following this, getting a lot of attention here. from two hours ago, new york's ambassador warms an investigation. >> this is what happens when you have areas where "law & order" are put on hold, and it's a sanctuary city or a sanctuary place, that message is a very strong message to people that you get to do what you want.
8:29 am
this cannot happen in america, and we have to do something about it. let's look at the facts and see who didn't act. >> bill: are others covering, as you observe in the media -- are they watching the story or not? >> it has sort of been off to a slow start, but it is getting more traction. i think the reason is a lot of the violent incidents, conservative writer in portland, andy ngo, put up those video showing how badly beaten up he was in that portland protest. and it is true. i am not saying that this was done deliberately, there is no evidence of that, but inexplicably, the portland police failed to act, failed to intervene. and the portland mayor, ted wheeler, who, for a start, could apologize to andy ngo for the way that he was so badly treated. he has not expressed much empathy. they say maybe there is something to that. i think we all need more answers. at this is becoming a symbol of
8:30 am
what some in antifa are capable of doing. >> bill: you may have your next piece. thank you. >> sandra: the president's historic meeting scoring warning, why he claims that could hurt the u.s. in the long run. >> bill: congressional democrats getting up first look along the detention centers. why that is causing a lot of controversy. >> what we saw today was unconscionable. no child should ever be separated from their parents. no child should ever be taken from their family. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get
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order now and we'll send you our most popular treatment boosting accessories. a $50 value absolutely free! go to or call... get moving today!
8:33 am
>> no woman should ever be locked up in a pen when they have done no harm to another human being. it is a false notion, the idea that we have to choose between people is a false notion. no child ever has to suffer for the benefit of another. that is never acceptable. >> sandra: that was new york at congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, after congressional democrats travel down to texas for a firsthand look at the facility there that
8:34 am
have come under heavy criticism. casey stegall is live and dallas, texas, for us this morning. >> the allegations, about 14 democratic lawmakers who participated. they went through two different border patrol stations that are holding migrant children and family is and around el paso. they have been following those tours, they all came up to the cameras and said virtually all of them were shocked by what they saw and what they heard from migrants themselves while they were inside taking with them. describing extremely cramped conditions, limited access to so banish hours, scarce food. down to alleged abuse by guards and agents, like telling migrants to allegedly drink from toilets. members of this delegation say that this is now a human rights issue. >> i will never forget the image
8:35 am
of being in so and seeing 15 women, tears coming down their faces as they talked about being separated from their children, having no running water, not being able to know when they were going to get out. >> they vowed to get back to work on helping solve the issue, but top officials within border patrol and even the white house have all pushback on many of the delegations claims, denying a lot of those allegations. here is martha maccallum. >> as we said earlier, we don't treat people that way. we provide fresh water, we provide food, we provide sanitary items, as well as items were bathing and personal hygiene. >> customs and border patrol
8:36 am
have apologized regarding that secret facebook group that was exposed, that show some border patrol employees allegedly posting a racist, sexist, and violent comments about migrants on that site. officials within the department of homeland security and above say that a full investigation into that is currently underway. sandra. >> sandra: casey >> in dallas for us. thank you. >> he want stuff out a lot. he wants a little hit. he has no strategic long-range sense of what to do, and if anyone thinks this doesn't hurt america, they are sadly mistaken. >> bill: chuck schumer lasting the trump-kim meeting. he did not like it. erratic foreign policy which will end up hurting the country. analyst and author of "losing south korea," good morning to you. one of the worst days in
8:37 am
american foreign policy, do you see it that way? >> no. those 20 steps, there was some cost to that. he did bolster kim jong un's legitimacy, and when you do that, you make it easier for him to resist their efforts to denuclearize, but there were some really important benefits, and one of them that people don't talk about, that is essentially strengthening the relationship between trump and kim, we are keeping the chinese out of this process, and all throughout the party talks in the first decade of this century, the chinese were all maligned influence. they are not helping us, and i think it was important in a sense to get that relationship back on track. >> bill: interesting point, but he was in korea a few days earlier. >> he was trying to reinsert himself into the process. >> bill: was not what his visit was all about? >> was xi jinping wanted to do, he wanted to dangle it in front of president trump at the osaka g20 meeting on saturday.
8:38 am
this is traditional chinese diplomacy. and it appears that president trump has not taken the bait. >> bill: just watching the twitter feed, you sent something out, linking iran and north korea. do you believe that you can cut off iran's cooperation with north korea. >> yes. iran pays billions of dollars a year for various forms of cooperation. ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons technology, and a few other items. that's about 10% of their gross domestic product. if you do you hang around, that goes a long way to taking the north koreans to a place where they need money. >> bill: so they have this relationship. they are sharing this information. >> they've been doing it for decades. probably the last couple years of the last century. so you go back into the 1990s, some say goes to the early part, i think it is the latter part,
8:39 am
but whatever. we are talking about at least two decades. >> bill: the european allies, that we would like to come around. the sanctions on iran. >> the obama administration push them out with those multibillion-dollar finds because they were handling iran's money. basically, those banks and european companies have gone back into the business of bolstering the iranian regime. it is important for president trump to push it back out. >> bill: are you okay with this meeting at the dmz over the weekend? either way, reconciliation between north korea and the united states, good thing. there are a lot of things that we need to do. nonetheless, i was happy that it occurred. >> bill: here is what i see going on. we have an american economy that is running like a bull right now. really the best in the world.
8:40 am
the american president is taking that economy and holding it over the heads of many in china. north korea, strangling their economy. iran, a similar situation as well. using it as a hedge to try mexico, canada. to try to get deals done in the best interest of the united states. do you see the strategy the same way? ultimately, does it work? >> yes, i do see it the same w way. that is why it when they say there is no long-term strategy, i think that is wrong. you have wrong economy, you can do a lot of good in the world. that is what ronald reagan did. so ultimately, we prevailed over the soviets because we were stronger. i think the same thing is going to happen now with the chinese, iranians, north koreans, and some other bad actors in the world. >> bill: very interesting conversation. gordon, nice to see you.
8:41 am
>> sandra: more gun violence across the city of chicago. injured and killed in shootings within hours of each other. what can be done to solve a crime problem there? >> we are not going to make substantial change in the trajectory of violence in the city. i understand that, and we are working hard every day to come up with a very detailed plan.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> bill: breaking news that we are following, mike pence returning to washington after canceling an event in new hampshire that had been scheduled there. the reason is not known. he was on board air force two when it was turned around. sorting out some of the mixed messages from some of the staff that we are getting. we will have more for you as we get it here on "america's newsroom." >> we are working hard every day to come up with a very detailed plan, and i have described it before, to give people hope and really focus on economic development. >> sandra: chicago mayor lori lightfoot responding to a new wave of violence as a nine people are wounded in shootings there after nearly 60 people were shot over the weekend. five of them killed. former boston superintendent and chief of police. commander for the boston marathon bomber, risk management
8:45 am
practice. daniel, i appreciate you coming on here this morning. this horrific news. one day, this was yesterday. a holiday week. one day alone, nine were wounded in shootings. one of them critically. this violence has to come to an end. >> the superintendents are quite right. the police cannot do it alone. it has to be a united system where the community, the prosecutors, the court, the federal authority, nonprofits, schools, all come together and have a piece in this. you can't have people shooting guns i people walking away the next week free. so the police have done their job arresting the individual, they've engaged in violence, they need to be taken off the streets. probation and parole system that is active and responsive. restrictions that keep people who don't do the right thing accounted. and if you are not going to engage in activity, you need to be taken off the streets.
8:46 am
trying to prevent people from getting in these gangs. prevent kids from having this, that they'll have to be a part of the solution. we also don't want to go so far with the progress of court systems that we throw out the baby with the bathwater, but sometimes the bathtub. >> sandra: this one shooting yesterday, nine shootings yesterday. one of them, 42-year-old critically injured. he was standing nearly on one of the city corners they are. 9:15:00 p.m. someone passing by and white bmw, fired shots. this is according to the police record by chicago police. at no arrest yet in that case. to your points about something happening in the wake of this, you have nearly 60 people shot over the weekend, have there been any arrests? >> yeah, there were a lot. 92 plus guns taken off.
8:47 am
that means that chicago police know who the shooters are, they know what the retaliation is going to be, so that is a good thing. that's a great first avenue, now the prosecutor has you prosecute these individuals, judges have to hold them. they have to know their consequences for their actions. they come forward and help the police making these cases, that they will be protected. we have to have resources, so that they don't have to deal with retaliation from these gangs in neighborhoods. >> sandra: i want to throw some of these stats up there from the city of chicago and what we are seeing. there are two sort of different points to be made here. these are the crime stats so far for 2019. 236 murders. important to point out that that is down 11% from a year ago. shooting incidents, 1229. that is down 7% since the same time last year, but when you look at the weekend ahead of the
8:48 am
fourth of july holiday, this shows a picture where it is getting worse from where it was. 56 shot, 23 shout the same weekend last year. three fatally, so what is happening? what is the overall trend in the city of chicago? are things getting better? >> things are getting better with the overall picture, however, violent crime is still occurring. interracial gang violence. if they don't even know why they are shooting. it is something that they did and their relatives before them did. we need to break that cycle, get them out of that gang life before they get involved. people who don't want to take -- a different thing to be given to them, prevent them from engaging in violence. if they don't want to take the carrot, we need to have a stick and play to make sure that they are held unaccountabl accountab. >> sandra: how is morale, are you hearing with the chicago police department? >> chicago is having a tough
8:49 am
time it went through some very challenging times. an erosion of trust. they are building that back slowly. there were reports of some officers who were not as progressive as they used to be because they are afraid of being second-guessed. hopefully that confidence has been reinstalled by the superintendent. they are doing their job proactively. we can see that with 92 guns taken off the streets in a short amount of time. the police will go out and do their job here to help the community, help the police do their job. those numbers are chilling. the amount of violence that they have to deal with, chilling numbers. we are not seeing the violence of this type across this nation. it is definitely something that needs a whole approach to it. cease-fire with schools. institutional support, mental health, economic improvement. state, federal, and local
8:50 am
authorities are all working together to hold people accountable. >> sandra: it all needs to come together. we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable day week. thank you so much, daniel linskey. >> thank you. >> bill: thank you, sir. pete buttigieg trying to restore confidence in his leadership ability. what he is doing to come unrest in south bend, indiana. we will be there in just a moment. ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ]
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>> bill: why you should mind the gap on the train platform. check it out. 4-year-old boy seen with his family, and down goes frazier. stepping right to the gap between the train and the platform, and halting on the tracks. they sprung into action, pulled
8:54 am
him back to safety. he was not harmed. reminding parents to be vigila vigilant. >> sandra: the dramatic video of the plane crash in the mohave desert. authorities releasing the cockpit video from sunday's crash, gliding over the desert with propellers. the landing. the plan was going about 240 miles when it went down. either the pilot nor the passenger were hurt in that crash. i speak of the most important question is will our policy benefits black americans and all-americans? if that happens, and i can show that, i think the politics will start to take care of themselves. >> bill: pete buttigieg speaking at the rainbow push convention in chicago earlier today after the fatal shooting
8:55 am
of an african-american man by a white police officer about a month ago in his hometown of south bend, indiana. it came up in the debate last week. live with the latest today. >> hello, bill. confronting what some have characterized as his "black problem." he talked about a letter asking for a federal review of that shooting that has caused so much tension. he says he is not waiting for federal answers for local problems. he wants to explore ways that federal support can make a difference. he addressed the fact that he is. is -- >> when you are new on the scene you are not from a community of color, you have to work much harder to earn that trust. it is -- i am committed to doing that work.
8:56 am
now, he is advocating what he calls the "douglas plan." he wants to reduce what he calls sentencing disparities, reduce incarcerations by 50%, create access to credit for businesses in minority areas. poor black areas, and ten years. he references the handling of this, jesse jackson said that he is doing well in an awkward situation. >> bill: thank you. at that event now in chicago. >> sandra: the brutal attack of a conservative journalist at an antifa rally, sparking criticism of portland's mayor. what he is now saying about that as reports for in. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this.
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♪ >> bill: "newsroom news vault," opening on the theme from "rocky" today before get out of here. this day in 1977. "gonna fly now" come composed by then hollywood unknown bill county. sylvester stallone unknown at the time as well, but "rocky" launch both their careers. that song synonymous with the franchise became number one in the country, 42 years ago today. >> sandra: love it! always good. >> bill: one of the first r-rated movies i saw in my life.
9:00 am
felt like i was cheating! >> sandra: everyone should do it. [laughs] i think we will call it a day. the >> bill: we shall! i think it's time. >> sandra: will be back here tomorrow. thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, a conservative journalist hospitalized after a brutal beating by radical leftists, speaking out as a cities democratic mayor denies he ordered cops to stand down. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, fox business network anchor dagen mcdowell. fox nation host, tomi lahren. holding up her new book right there! called "never play dead." it had stores today. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. during the last joining us on the couch, at king's college in new york city, brandenburg. thank you for joining us. a good day to have you here we've got a lot going on,


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