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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 2, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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raymond, the con is yours, my friend. >> great show. i've been watching the thing. happy july 4. nike pulls a shoot after a backlashsh, the national anthem protester colin kaepernick. it's just patriots is under fir as we approach independence day. we will take a closer look. we are breaking immigration new for you tonight. a federal judge is blocking the be here to respond. plus two more polls show just how bad joe biden. in the last democratic debate. it is the tide turning on the forward gp. we will break it all down. new developments in the brutal
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attack on conservative journalist andrey know. his attorney's here exclusively to layout the next best -- she takes to get justice. and tom will reveal the celebrity -- with robert mueller. first, we opened with patriotis and history under fire. a troubling new gallup poll finds thatat only 45% of us adu are extremely proud to be americans. that is an 18 year low down fro 51% just two years ago. most tellingly democrats extrem pride inin the polls fell and t lowest level and the survey history 22%. meanwhile 76% of republicans ar extremely proud of the country. the republicans extreme pride i america has never fallen below 67% even during the obama administration. obviously partn --
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partisanship is accelerating this dwindling price of the country. matter who is elected president who is calling the shots for congress, that should in no way to storeof our love of country. the previous we enjoy and the prosperity all around us, the liberty that will take for granted. part of the problem is that there's so little that unites u today. this is a for public bounded on and idea, not blood or plays, but an ideal of freedom. it was predicated on morality. over the last few decades we have run down the ripped patien of the founders, disparaged eve the founding itselfis and strai our own history. they were fighting over betsy ross' flag, all of which we're going to debate in just moments but this self-loathing, this crusade to strike the memory of any individual that fails to
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measure up to the shifting more of the day would only further divide us and hasten our forgetting of self. history is made -- and amid the failings are great lessons and cannot and should that be forgotten. one quick example, you may not remember the removal of the confederate monuments and statues in my native new orlean in 2017. whatever you last think of the historical figures depicted, they existed. each individual shaped america' story. it is up to us to acknowledge them and explain their legacy t our children.
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he ordered the attack on fort sumter. he designed the confederate flag . it is his post life that is far more important.he he invented that cable power streakers that become synonymou with new orleans andea most tellingly in 1873, he found a political partyn. made up of a white and three people of color the proper blac rights and for the black vote. he had a change of heart and hi later life. the story of redemption redemption like beauregard has been stripped from our physical memory, from our american conscious and announce and out on that sheme is, but many othe. viola to our children to offer them the whole american story, the good g, the bad, the syrian and the glory. how else will they learn how to avoid in the future what emulat and want to be proud of as
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americans. now we turn to the shoe giant nike pulling is fourth of july speakers featuring a betsy ross flag. this comes after an nfl star or former nfl star intervene. he claimed that flight was offensive and racially insensitive. nike and a statement today said they made the decision based on concerns that that sneaker coul unintentionally offend and detract from the nations a paid patriotic policy. he has a super bowl champion an rights attorney. thank you for being here. burgess, do you by nike's explanation that this is racially insensitive, unintentionally offensive? >> no, i don't. this is what we have to look at. it is a tool that sits on the
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board of nike. there are global organizations that can care less about the american way. and the love of the country for our kids for getting these messages more than anything else . i don't buy that they had the power to do this. this is something that they think about for months. >> leo, what is your take?y it is the flight with the 13th colony is what it really is. >> let me just say i loved your opening statement and i'm proud to be an american, but wait a minute, marxist company lacks let me say something basic, tha flag represents a time period when i as an african-american was considered as property, so applaud nike because that is th
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wrong plays for the for the july . mr. owens, that like, if 34 million african-americans were considered property, how could we -- in that particular flight on th fourth of july. anybody who believes in free market, nike has the right -- before we talk over each other, i want to play something for yo and talk about that flag. i went on the streets of new york t today and i asked voters with the thought of this controversy. i want to get your reaction. >> colin kaepernick at nike to rescind the pair sneakers because it had depth that the rest flag on a pretty said that his races. they've withdrawn sales of thos sneakers. without was a good idea? >> i agree with that. if you look at our history, tha is a flag that is not represent the tip of our people.
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>> that's a shame. we've got a history. we have to really -- history is history. by take it away. i don't think it is races. >> he shouldn't have that much power as an athlete. >> i think that colin kaepernic is a joke. >> everybody is the first amendment right to speech but -- thatho betsy ross is offensive? represented by a group of peopl that are known races. so when you look at that, that obviously they shouldn't of don that. >> the founders?
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>> i'm talking about kkk members . >> raymond: okay, i read an article today, that the flag was used, the betsy ross flag, was adopted in the 1980s by the nazi party. none of the people i talked to today had heard of this connection. a group of extremists had heard of this. why should they be allowed to hijack american history? if they show up with the statue of liberty, should we then strike the statue of liberty? >> this is what the problem is. we have the greatest country in history of mankind, living the american dream, a little bit of history here.
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slavery has been around for 3,000 years, 4,000 years. by the time the words "we, the people" were written, they were in slavery, and that slavery --y these kind of people, the elitists that telling our young people that this country is not for them is the worst thing. we should be proud of the sacrifice of every single culture that came through. >> raymond: burgess, i want to give leo a shot. >> mr. owens and i, considered property. as mr. owens is saying, we have made progress, kids in birmingham, alabama, killed in a church, we had to go through losing lives. with all due respect, how in the world can you simply say that flag is okay when you and i were considered as property. >> we are not property today. we are free, we are successful we live in a country that gives
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us the american dream. we are afforded the opportunity is. >> i've got to play this forpp you. this is senate majority leader mitch mcconnell commenting on this betsy ross flag controversy. >> we are in a political environment where the flag has become controversial to americans, i think we have a problem. shoes u or some other shoemaker picks up the flag, puts it on a pair of shoes, and start selling it. i'll make the first order. >> raymond: leo, does that make mitch mcconnell a racist? >> we are not talking about today's flag. let's be clear, that flag that is on the nike shoe, which i'm glad they pulled, represents a flag of 240 years ago when i could not sit next to you because i was property.
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>> raymond: leo, leo, at leo my big concern here -- wait one second. if we start playing this game will be go back and find every sin of history and use that to enlighten it all, we've got to strike down monticello. we should rip down mount vernon. it is a corrupted founding. >> a black man who loved this country, throwing out our history, we had people who helped our country to grow socialist marxist division putting our country down, our god, country. >> raymond: i've got to get to one other topic. there is a mural in a school district. the school district is sending $600,000 to erase it. here's the rub. it was created by a leftist intramuralist to actually
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depict washington with in the background. you see the native americans. it was a critical commentary on washington to broaden theth perception of this founding father. is this a good idea to strike this? >> is it a good idea to take this mural down? yes. in 1936 how many blacks, how many native americans participated in whether to put that up there? not depicted, but how many blacks and native americans were involved in the decision-making to put that up there? zero. >> it depicts something controversial. that's not a lily white gilded portrait of washington. it shows the sins of the man and his glory. i defend that. burgess, very quickly.
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>> we have black racists today let's learn our history, let's be proud of it, let's realize you're the greatest country in mankind and the freest black americans in our world. >> raymond: i have to leave it there. thank you much, gentlemen. politics taking center stage in the democratic party.k today mayor pete courted african-american voters at jesse jackson's rainbow push coalition.n. it's become a popular stop for the 2020 democrats but pete buttigieg made it as a time to make a push. >> costs the descendants the victims hundreds today. each year we do not act the bill grows larger. some of this theft came a verys long time ago, that doesn't make it better. it makes it worse. >> raymond: i knew poll reveals why buttigieg is so
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desperate to end this. joining me is the chairman of the american conservative union and with me and said juan williams, cohost ofn "the five." a new poll has buttigieg at 0% among black voters. joe biden leagues leads that 31% . my first question, why is biden beating everyone else with black voters. >> i don't think it is too hard vice president of the first black president. he has a long history with black voters. i think there is a certain sense of familiarity, a certain sense of trust. you saw what happened in the first debate where kamala harris, a commanding performance, she clearly put him on the defensive. and when she did that, i thinknk she ate into the defense that she was the inevitable winner of this contest. >> raymond: when you look at these polling numbers, your thought on why biden is still
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commanding and even ahead of kamala harris? i would thought she would win black voters giving her strong stands in that debate.s >> couple of interesting things in these polls, i would take these poll numbers that show biden a commanding double-digit lead among african-americans going to the screen room, two prominent african-american candidates, kamala harris cory booker, or black candidates, how is joe bidenca doing so well, and they all said, just like juan said, he was right there at barack obama's side. to me, not a democrat, it seemed like at some .1 of these black candidates was going to stand up and have the moral voice to try to pull these photos back. i think that is exactly what kamala harris did. most of these, the number two
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pick biden voters is bernie sanders. what you are really seeing is potentially african-american voters are black voters getting behind kamala while bernie benefit from other voters, if biden continues to have shaky performances. >> raymond: i want to ask about something else buttigieg said today, here he is on criminal justice reform. watch. >> i believe we can and must achieve a 50% reduction and incarceration in this country without an increase in crime. [applause] we can do it by legalizing marijuana and eliminating incarceration for simple drug possession. we knew but abolishing private federal prisons and putting an end to petty fines and fees. >> raymond: juan, you heard buttigieg's pie-in-the-sky approach. how does that stack up against trump's actual criminal justice reform which people on the right have been giving him kudos form. >> i don't get a bite has to
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stack up. clearly what buttigieg is talking about his perspective. he's talking about reducing incarceration rates.ti i think across the aisle there are republicans concerned who agree with this point. i think lots of people know we have over done incarceration how we are in talk about how we need to get back in society saying, hey, we want people who are contributing to our society. >> raymond: for the first time, it might republicans actually be -- trump certainly got the largest share of that african-american support then his most recent predecessors. >> outlook, i think the key for president trump, for all republicans, the question about is the economy doing better. and i think for voters, no
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matter what their heritage ethnicity, skin color, the idea the more economic opportunities the problem for mayor pete buttigieg, he is in a tough job spent a lot of time in south bend, the problem, he says, we should, we should, we should, he is the mayor of a town that has substantial racial strife that had big policing problems that has alienated the african-american community, and to sit there and talk about well, we showed in the future decriminalize marijuana, well mayor pete, what have you been doing in your town, that is a fair attack. >> raymond: juan, quickly before we are out of town, do you agree that this will hurt buttigieg, the shooting in south bend, the way he handled that? >> clearly, he even said it in the debate room, he said, i failed in terms of trying to heal what was being talked
11:20 pm
about, and i think that message is across the nation in terms ot the black community. they don't see mayor pete as having any substantial ability for that record. >> raymond: thank you. we will check in with you soon. we have a fox news alert. a federal judge is blocking trump's policy on detaining asylum seekers. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan is here to tell us how this can further complicate the border crisis.inin all of that next. stay here. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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awarded "top pick" by cnet. demo at an xfinity store, call or go online today. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. >> raymond: this is a fox news alert, a federal judge now blocking trump's policy keeping thousands of asylum-seekers in detention, pending immigration cases. demanding a bond hearing in seven days, if not those illegai immigrants must be released. joining me now is tom homan former acting ice director and fox news contributor and gunther sanabria, i will get it rightut immigration attorney general what effect will this ruling have on the border crisis, tom? you ran this show for a while. >> it will continue and it will get worse. the reason coming across now to bring a child and will be detained, and if detained a fewo days. but children are coming becausee they can't be detained more than
11:24 pm
72 hours and the sponsors or give it to hhs. so if they want to expand who e they can't detain, what do you think will happen? you think there is a crisis now hold on tight because it will get worse. >> the bond you cannot hold them more than seven days. do we have the facility? looking at some of the facility which i will get to in a moment do we have the facility to hold this volume of people? or do we want to release everything if it is a seven-day retainer? >> the capability of detention funding from congress, they can put their hands on , 10,000 more beds in a month so they can certainly withstand detention. if you look at what ice does like last year, 92%, 92% of everyone remove from the united states were removed from a detention bed.
11:25 pm
once they get released, as you can see, immigration said which means they were not in court. so detention works. a consequence works. and so unless they will provide a solid address and they will show who they are without a doubt, they should be detained. >> tom: come through your reaction. isn't this a challenge? how many people are showing upup for actual immigration hearings? >> gunther: we don't know how many are here just because theye applied for asylum but this is the problem. this is bottleneck caused byy donald trump. donald trump stopped the bond hearings and the power of the judges have to decide a case. this is what is happening. we have overcrowded jails and overcrowded systems. the judge said enough. we can fix this problem. the bond hearing, that is what we are going to do. there is no reason why we are holding a mother, father and child in a detention center waiting days and sometimes months for a bond hearing. this is our system, our legal system allows the judges to grant based on certain
11:26 pm
requirements. they have the requirements, than they should be on bond. speak to look at the data, the data is clear. and which means, they go to court. that is just a fact. but those numbers are not accurate. >> they are absolutely accurate. >> come on now come if you look at those claiming asylum, at the border, almost half of them -- >> wait a second. >> 100% of my clients -- >> they are your clients but he's talking about the national numbers. >> all you have to do is go to the doj stat website, and 90% of us and she had. one thing they never want to talk about -- those who claim asylum, half of them do not follow the immigration reform. this is -- >> quickly, quickly
11:27 pm
>> gunther: immigration causes a lot of problems because they don't do their job properly. they are not prepared or trained in a year ago, they are noted to a hearing, year and a half later. they don't get the notice correct. it is incredible that they will find a way from central america to the united states, but they can't find a way to an immigration court in the city, they live. i guarantee they will find -- they will find a way -- >> i have to get to this important report, a new report for the dhs office of inspector general. it calls on the trump administration to take immediate steps to address the conditions in the rio grande valley border patrol facilities. as we reported that area is one of the busiest and easiest foron illegals to cross because there is little or no border wall in place. the rio grande serves as a a natural barrier, which as we
11:28 pm
have shown you, not much of a deterrent. laura ingraham went down there in del rio and yes, they are overcrowded. but the asians we saw our working and going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure all of these immigrants are cared for and protected. now, here is what they didn't share in the ig report, the media report. there is 124% increase in apprehension versus the same period in ma 201-7700 people a day cross the border illegally. in may 2019, nearly 5,000 are entering daily so tom you have been in these facilities. what is this new ig report getting wrong about the crisis of the border in the media coverage?ge >> tom: they are not built for women and children. and congress, fund hhs, money to buy to get more hhs beds to
11:29 pm
house families to have the proper facilities but congress will not do nothing about the crisis. >> isn't that part of the backup. you don't have ice or hhs with the facilities to house the families and the children, court order by law have to be housed separately and make comfortable. >> gunther: we were never prepared to jump from 500 to 5,000. but that is not new. this has been going on for a year. president trump has been told over and over by immigration attorneys and judges to provide more resources to process the people. >> raymond: he's been asking congress so very quickly, what is the answer? how do we stop this extraordinary flow that we are seeing, tom homan? >> tom: we close the loopholes. if the family comes across asylum let's hold them long enough to see a judge. that is only way to guarantee a judge.le we built the first familyet detention center and 90% of the cases we sent them home. the border numbers plummeted.
11:30 pm
it works. >> raymond: i wish i had more time because i could be here all night. thank you, tom, guenther. new details about president trump's fourth of july salute to the america. is he politicizing or encouraging patriotism? a live report, your thoughts in a hot debate next. is he politicizing or encouraging patriotism?
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washington, d.c. it will be like no other and i hope a lot of people come. it is going to be about this country and the salute to america.ho >> raymond: raymond arroyo -- we are learning exactly what the president has planned for his july 4th extravaganza. it will feature music and flyovers, fireworks and much more. fox kristin fisher's life at the white house tonight with a story, kristen. >> raymond, this is shaping up to be quite a spectacle. president trump is promising the biggest fireworks display ever. there is going to be a flyover of air force one, marine one the blue angels and more. and then there are the tanks which is one of the more unique and controversial aspects of the president's' fourth of july plans. several u.s. army tanks will be on display on the national mall including some m1a1 abrams.
11:34 pm
and each one weighs more than. 60 tons. they've had to be transported to get here. you will not see them moving because they could really rip up the roads which the officials are worried about. they will ask the federal government to reimburse them for any to top it off, president trump himself will be speaking at the lincoln memorial. he is promising to deliver a a nonpartisan speech one that will focus on patriotism and not politics. critics like 2020 rivals, the president is showboating and wasting taxpayer funding chose to inflate his ego. her arm forces and military not politically propped and we know the most powerful country in the world. we don't need to brag about it. it this isn't north korea but then again president trump saidd it is a celebration for all americans and not a political rally. raymond, the big question is, of course, how much is this going to cost? "the washington post" is reporting that national park service said about $2.5 million but of course, that will only be a small fraction of the total a
11:35 pm
price tag. and the trump administration so far is not saying exactly what the final cost will be in the end to taxpayers. >> raymond: kristin, thanks for the report. joining me to debate july 4th celebration is marc lotter who is the director of strategic communications with president trump's reelection campaign. and luis miranda, the former dnc communications director. marc, what do you say the critics who say this is a taxpayer-funded trump rally? you heard kristin's report and what it will cost. >> i think it is nonsense anday this is obviously a celebration of not only the independence but united states military. i will tell you the founding fathers closed out the declaration of independence by stating they pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to this country, they knew it would take more than a piece of paper, men and women fighting to save and establish thise country. the president wants to honor the people who are still fighting to protect that freedom. >> raymond: luis, i spoke to a
11:36 pm
number of people on the streets of new york today and got their reaction to this. i was surprised by the reaction. i will play it for you to get your reaction. >> i think he should, it is great. we should be more patriotic. i'm all for it. >> i think july 4th celebrating the country is a good thing. >> it is more about the people of the country but i'm a veteran. i don't want you to say look i'm the king. >> i'm very patriotic and i think it's a good job being patriotic so i love it. >> we will actually be going to that in washington. why wouldn't you want the president of the united states to address the country on its birthday? it's not political and to be honest, i'm shocked it hasn't been happening before. >> your reaction. what is wrong with that?t? the president is the president and why shouldn't he celebrate america? it's just a speech. >> one of the problems he will politicized and already
11:37 pm
politicizing and giving out prime spots so that they can rake in more fund-raising out of it. that is what the problem is. unless they start doing that for the dnc on the other side, it becomes a political event instead of a celebration of america's independence. i don't think there is anything particularly wrong with putting on a display of support for the military in some ways. u you know, i grew up in south florida, and we have an annual air show in fort lauderdale with the blue angels, the thunderbirds. so you know, there was a place for that. i just think what he's trying to do here it compensates for insecurity. this is a guy that has "time" magazine covers with his golf clubs, who fired jim mattis because jim dared -- >> raymond: but luis, it is a parade and a concert. he's only speaking for a little bit of it. the fireworks are long after.
11:38 pm
an hour and a half to two hours after he speaks. i get people are worried about the one speech, but the day of festivities. i want to show you how the media is reporting this and then i want marc to jump into this. >> this is a part of the tough guy image. >> this is exactly the founding fathers meant. it is not supposed to look like north korea or the soviet union. >> it is obscene. >> the president doesn't speak at the fourth of july. i think it is awful. >> raymond: john adams said the day should be celebrated with palm and illuminations and noise and display. your reaction and to luis'is critique that you are all giving away privileged tickets, reserve tickets to donors. is that happening? >> at the other end of the national mall at the capital, i was there and there is no general admission line. all those tickets are given out by leaders.
11:39 pm
i'm sure nancy pelosi controls who is going to be on the house side of that. this year, i don't see any outrage. it happened every year. this is just part of nonsense. so the people who have been around forever like gene robinson and the others, i don't remember the outrage and commanded, three days of attention during that liberty celebration over the fourth of july, standing on the uss john f. kennedy giving a speech with fireworks in the background, the military was where was the outrage then? this is trump derangement syndrome gone amok. >> raymond: i have to get your reaction before we run out of time. let me ask this, luis, 52% of americans support the president speaking at his celebration at lincoln memorial and only 34% oppose it. it seems the majority of americans, why opposed to something like this?
11:40 pm
>> he is the president and nobody is saying he shouldn't speak. i do think democrats are wasting their time fighting over this. it will look bad when he makes it political like he's done p because he's done this plenty of times and really it is about his ego, but it's not worth getting into it because at the end of the day, the focus should be on the nation's independence. you know the founding fathersn meant for this to be a day we all celebrated democracy representation. we fought the revolutionary war precisely because we had taxation without representation. >> raymond: i have to go guys. >> it is fine. >> raymond: it is about celebrating america, and i think we are in agreement that is a wonderful thing. and having a president isn't bad either. happy fourth of july to both of you.o coming up brand-new video by fox, jussie smollett and theid brothers at the scene of that hate crime hoax. plus, the attorney here is to reveal new details of his attack on the next legal move to shut down antifa. stay there.
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>> raymond: just when you thought that jussie smollett saga had ended, it is back. in a file by the chicago police last week, smollett was seen on police body camera in his apartment after the alleged attack still wearing the noose around his neck. you can even hear the police ask, do you want to take that off? if that were not bizarre enoughc more videos discovered by fox news raises new red flags against smollett. for all the details, we go to matt finn in chicago, matt. >> raymond, fox news obtained a video freedom of information request and really it appears to show for the first time jussie smollett and the brothers walking around the area of the alleged crime the night it happened. the first piece of video shows the brothers walking toward smollett apartment on the sidewalk. check out the chicago police and the brothers say this is the brothers and in it clearly a flash of a red hat.. the police notes and surveillance video shows the
11:45 pm
brothers apparently purchasing a red hat along with other items like a thin, white rope to be used during the alleged hoax. also the new video shows smollett walking in the middle of the street in the same, white sweater he was later seen wearing when the police arrived. he might have been smoking on that walk according to the police notes. as you can see on the video, it was such a frigid night in chicago, hardly anyone else in sight other than what appears to be smollett and the brothers. in this piece of new video from a barrage appears to show smollett in a white sweater calm with a cell phone in his hand. a very short while later what appears to be the brothers walking down the same sidewalk. the attorney for the brotherst tells us that they were likely early and kind of circling the area waiting for smollett to jussie smollett and his team maintained he was the true victim of a hate crime and had nothing to do with a hoax. >> raymond: thank you, matt. we turn from an alleged attack to an actual one captured on
11:46 pm
video this week. last night, we told you about for assault on conservative journalist andy ngo. the authorities in portland who did nothing to intervene. tonight, we began with andy ngo earlier today with the police. i just kept thinking at any moment, after the first punch to the back of my head that the police would swoop in and save me, but it never happened.av how many more people have to be beaten in the city of portland and attacked before they change policing? it has remained the same which is a policy of not engaging with militant protesters. >> raymond: joining me now is harmeet dhillon, the attorney for andy ngo.ic thank you for being here. how is andy doing tonight and what new information have you learned about the attack on your client? >> well, andy is struggling to be frank.
11:47 pm
a lot of the speech epic that you see is lower than his normal ways, talking and normal way of speaking, so it is troubling for anybody that knows him to see him like that. but we will be sure to get neurological tests going forward and that he recovers fully. he is a bright, young man and published a piece in "the wall street journal" about his ordeal. but what we have learned since the attack, a lot more details who did what and in what sequence. there's been a great amount ofof people on the internet helping to source identification from different angles of the attackers. so with all of the pressure that has gone on the press, from the press on what happened there, we have had a lot of pressure on the police to identify specific surveillance and then seek from the public to put a face.. so the police department put out pictures of people and asking for the public to help identify
11:48 pm
and putting out a reward as well. >> raymond: it is terrifying.op i'm reading reports of fiberglass in the glove, steel knuckles, it is terrifying what is going on. you tweeted out earlier harmeet, you would sue oblivion the people who did this but are you talking about the antifa protesters or the city themselves? you alleged that stood by and did nothing. >> i'm going to reserve judgment who needs to be sued because that is an open question but today, history between the police department and mayor's office, pointing fingers at each other over the situation. what is an disputable watching the crowd situation there is that the police staffing was understaffed for this type of event that it was. anticipated riots. they've had these riots frequently, and they don't
11:49 pm
prepare for them properly. this is not a podunk town but a big city. but in terms of actual criminals, they get away with it. or again it is a state that does not ban masks and ironically california does banned masks in the use of a crime. they get away with it the same people and they knew andy's name.ia i intend to sue these people into oblivion to make sure they are never able to do anything like this again. i don't care, we will make sure they feel pain for what they did to andy. >> raymond: harmeet dhillon n thank you we will check in withh you. lining up to audition for a new mueller report movie.. or are they? the very funny tom shillue with a story and a few others. don't miss this. ue with
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
♪ >> raymond: you know the saying there are not small parts, just small actors. apparently, there is both. some actors participating in baseball edition. you guessed it, a fake movie based on the mueller report. >> according to at one point during the dinner. >> the president stated to come i need loyalty. i need loyalty. >> i need to loyalty. >> i expect loyalty. >> what? okay. >> can you imagine if this were
11:53 pm
the mueller report? >> it is. >> really? >> the mueller report word for word, come on. >> raymond: so embarrassing just as hollywood reboots "charlie's angels" again to prove they are really out of ideas, we have a mock audition for a fake mueller's very funny tom shillue, you were captivated by this trailer. why didn't they call you? >> that's what i want to know. i didn't get a call. i would have submitted an audition.. >> raymond: believe me youou would have been an improvement from what i just saw. a lot of people with dramatic readings have the mueller report, congress tried and then we had the one that was on stage, here at a church at riverside, right? >> on the corner of west side of manhattan. actors. a lot of conservatives missed the boat on this. look at these people trying to
11:54 pm
breathe life into the mueller report. it is so boring. it is actually not boring. it is not lawyer like, but it is full of stage direction and i'm telling you mueller report wrote it for these people, for the hollywood crowd. so what is really, this is where he wanted it to be. >> this is a tom steyer who is a billionaire, to raise the profile of the mueller report mueller report again. >> raymond: may be 70 millimeters next time. depictions of smoking youngt people on the rise once more especially on netflix apparently. a follow-up report to the truth initiative 2018 study on the depictions of smoking on the streaming services reveals that netflix "stranger things" is leading the pack of the 13 shown surveyed, "stranger things" 22% of the tobacco depictions and the appearance of tobacco nearly tripled compared to the 2016 2016 season so tom don't you wish they had something like this for depictions? and subversive scenes given to
11:55 pm
our youth? i don't let my kids watch any of this stuff. tobacco was the last thing i worry about. >> raymond: do you have a lighty >> no, i'm not smoking. but it would be interesting. my kids watch almost exclusively tobacco smoking in entertainment.e because i watch all the old movies, we watch casablanca everybody of smoking. we watch get smart together. c i will only watch the old shows because much cleaner content by everybody of smoking. >> you can watch the old news report. >> raymond: johnny carson. it looked like incense. did i end up smoking? no. in a shocking story, seattle this week the university of washington department of radiology, tom, reportedly paying pregnant women to join a study exploring how marijuana use affects unborn infants.
11:56 pm
the university received a grant of $190,000. the national institute on drug abuse study and the women who complete it get $300. talk about payment disparity. to spend however they wish. that is odd. they gave us a statement at the university of washington. the study is enrolling women who are using marijuana so they are not paying to make the women smoke marijuana. it's like dentyne gum 4 out of 5 dentists recommend it for patients who chew gum. so this is only for people already smoking and pregnant. we recommend that you don't do that, but to tell you the truth if someone is smoking pot while pregnant, i would rather somebody do a study, monitor them. >> and warn everybody else. marijuana mommies, not good. >> raymond: not a good thing. tom, thank you. >> thank you for having me on fox nation which you should check t we will be right back. me on fox nation which you should
11:57 pm
check out. we will be right back. ..
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♪ >> thank you for joining us, wish you a happy independence day, time to share our history, traditions with our family and this break is a great time to read something together, that is
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part of sharing ideas, my will riled her series, the immune of power is in bookstores everywhere, go grab it, read it to your family. have a good time. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: you have to be honest with people and let them know that once they pick up they will not be able to put it down. clear the calendar if you're going to pick it up. >> and yours. >> have a happy fourth. fox news alert, democratic socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez doubling down again tonight comparing migrant border facilities to concentration camps. those who tore the same border facilities are shocked by what they call this information the freshman lawmaker is


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