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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 3, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the wrong team. [buzzer] >> the opposing team running off the court in celebration after being handed a win. it happens. jillian: got to go. have a good day. ♪ ♪ welcome to my house baby take control now ♪ we can't even go down ♪ we don't have to go out. brian: this was not a song that was in my head but it will be in my head the rest of my day. ainsley: is this your house? do you spend more time here? i think you do than your house out in long island. brian: it's close. especially with our new offices. which mine is probably the biggest in the whole building. are you jealous than that. ainsley: way far away from the corner. in the middle of the two corners. ainsley: we didn't get the corner offices. that's okay. too much to vacuum.
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brian: absolutely. griff: we do have news. brian: good news. griff: very good day but we start with a fox news alert. navy seal eddie gallagher waking up this morning a free man. found not guilty of murdering an isis prisoner. >> he is going to face sentence today more than likely converted to time served. ainsley: vets around the nation are applauding this verdict. many people are happy with the way this all turned out, todd. his wife stood by him the whole time. >> good morning to you griff, ainsley and brian. gallagher's lawyer a two year nightmare. he and his wife reacting to the nightmare being over. >> happy and thankful. happy and thankful. thank god and i leave with you my wife. >> i was feeling like finally vindicated like being terrorized by the
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government my husband fought for. i hope this will be a lesson to everybody. >> found not guilty premeditated murder and attempted murder following the death much a captive isis fighter. he was rcialg found guilty of posing with a corpse. a max of four months in prison. in light of the fact that he already spent nine months in prison in advance of his trial, the 40-year-old is expected to go free when he is sentenced on that charge later today. one of the controversial moments when a key controversial witness said he and not chief gallagher killed the captain by captive by covering breathing tube. they will talk about where their lives go from here. back to you. brian: thanks, todd. think how much credit sean and i know eddie knows. this sean gallagher has been
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in his defense as well as his wife. unbelievable. ainsley: he will be on the show later on along with pete hegseth. pete defended him on air and said look, it's easy for us to be here in america and judge what's happening overseas. until did you go over there, you can't judge, you can't tell individuals -- i mean, this was an isis fighter, guys, this was a guy who wanted to destroy us. brian: also, keep in mind the president said i wanted him to face a court. why is he in solitary confinement and brutal prison on the west coast where sexual predators are so prevalent he is afraid to let his family go visit him. while he prepares for defense can we move no him into sanitary conditions after all he has given to the country. the process has played out and they have found him innocent. griff: interesting what they find out. he was charged with murdering an isis war fighter and he is not guilty. ainsley: not guilty of war crimes. griff: in a case that separated, really divided
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the special operations community. for somebody who has bore witness to these fights you cannot put restrictions on a war fighter fighting the most dangerous enemy. that came to the front. it will be interesting to see pete has a lot of experience in this conversation with eddie. ainsley: the supreme court voted 5 to 4 to stop the president's appeal. remember the president wanted that citizen question on the census the 2020 census and the media said that he was defeated. the president said that he is vowing to do whatever it takes to make sure that question gets on there. brian: the president says i'm going to give in on this. very sad america the supreme court ruled against him when the supreme court of the united states won't allow a question of quote is this person a citizen of the united states to be asked on the 2020 census. going on for a long time. i have asked the department of commerce and department of justice to do whatever is necessary to bring this most vital of questions in this very important case to a successful conclusion. keep in mind. he said go ahead do the census. keep the citizenship
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question off. he is going to fight other battles. he is going to move on. the question is did the administration use the right move? why didn't they just say let's go back to earlier when we had the citizenship question on they're there? why did you go back and say use different means to present your case? ainsley: you might ask why is this important? maybe you haven't filled out a census in forever. you don't see the census and you haven't gotten one in the mail for a long time. part of the voting rights act of 1965. this is how the congressional lines are drawn. that's why it's so important. griff: talking about important issues. there is a new poll out. people are probably going to be talking about this over the fourth of july holiday. >> say don't talk about politics but you always talk about politics. immigration topping the list. 42% immigration. 38% healthcare. 23% terrorism, national security. 22% economy and jobs. 20% environment climate change. 17% guns. 16% national debt. ainsley: number one immigration. so important. it can determine the fabric
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of america. a lot of republicans are saying if they lost texas because there are so many people moving from california. so many illegal immigrants moving in. if the laws allow them to vote, then the country could go in a totally different direction. brian: what have we been talking about on the couch you on the weekends, you at the caravans, you at the border. we have been there twice we have been saying huge problem at the border. humanitarian aid. we need border patrol agents. more funding, we need a wall. what do the democrats say? manufactured crisis it's no big deal. hiewmplet aid up for debate. went up to the last minute. nobody seemed to care. this is us at the border. while i'm sitting there talking to them. this is not a unique experience. those people have just walked up under the bridge because it was raining. while we were doing a stand-up by the car. cubans were coming up from the other side. they had 8,000. they had 88,000 in june. 144,000 just in this sector
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rio grande sector in may. we were saying it's a crisis. democrats ignoring. all of a sudden so overwhelming with this debate on the humanitarian aid, democrats go i will go to the border and see what's going on. we showed you what was going on. they begged for help did the border patrol going on. now they are enemy number one for not giving what the democrats claim are proper care to those here illegally. griff: i just within the last 15 minutes was in contact with one of the chiefs there? the rbg sector. they tell me they are going to build another shelter. there is a report that's come out on the rbg sector heaviest traffic fiscal year 2018 more than half a quarter of a million of arrest in that area. because of the amount of manual power they are having to put on the facilities, on processing this surgeon of immigrants they could be
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down to as little as 10% on the border that image you were showing is a point called ring con. sometimes they see 1,000 migrants come there so the conditions that everyone is decrying it's on the cover of the "new york times" today. these conditions were created by a crisis that was ignored by lawmakers that no one has covered for more than a year. brian: can you please show people this. we come in and showed video of everything they are showing now. ainsley: the border agents have been on our show. nancy pelosi come down here. we will show you what we are dealing with we need more money. 14 house democrats go down to the border, wow, this is a major problem. the agents are like i know. this is what we have been telling you about. we need more money to build more facilities because if you look at this report, 88 men were in a cell of a maximum capacity of 41. they have to put them somewhere. brian: they are vilifying the people that put them there, but these people came
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on their own volition and we have nowhere to put them. dan crenshaw, a texas republican, said this about why we are at where we are at right now. >> they fought us tooth and nail against that $4.5 billion of hiewmplet aid that the president needed, that dhs needed that hhs needed in order to better conditions at these facilities. they fought us for months on this. they said there was no crisis. we asked for a vote in the house 17 times. they refused to do it. don't talk about what the actual problem is which is tens of thousands of people coming across and overwhelming our system, okay? and then they have to answer the question should we have a system at install they say no. then what is the point of even having a border if we are not going to enforce any kind of management over who comes in and out of our country interest? they don't want to answer these tough questions. griff: congressman crenshaw is on the house homeland committee who is going to have a hearing over this oig
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report. his report is like great. maybe democrats will finally listen and do something. listen, almost 3 billion of the 4.5 billion that's now been finally approved for humanitarian aid goes to the office of refugee resettlement. that's a little bit in the weeds but basically the hhs secretary that just deals with where to put these people because the border patrol cannot do it on their own and it is a far cry to blame the people charged with enforcing our laws when you are not giving them the resources to handle a job beyond what their duties require. brian: aoc says no beds. and i decry the conditions and i'm not giving any humanitarian aid. how can you do both? tammy bruce weighed in. >> now they are being used as props. they are being used to win the news cycle. the democrats have had a bad few weeks. the debates were just awful. the president is making not only international news, but is he changing the world. and so what do they do? they're using these poor
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individuals as props for them to get more political power and to win a news cycle. everyday that goes on, the democrats lose more and the president of the united states becomes -- it's more apparent he is the man who is making this nation better. ainsley: iit's a tough situation. it really is we all have hearts. we look at this video of people behind the fences and they are sleeping on top of each other. we need more facilities. democrats and republicans as you said over and over, brian, need to work together because these are human beings. these are god's children. we want to do the best thing. i don't like to hear aoc talk about how people were being made fun of. women are called names down there. of course that is unacceptable and that needs to be fixed. that's a different issue. democrats need to work with republicans so we can have more money to help these individuals and come through our country the right way. brian: by the way, the issues, immigration number one. what cory booker's to do eliminate immigration detention centers. is that the policy you want to see for this country?
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just see people walk through. set up turn styles. julian castro proposed decriminalizing illegal border crossings. people on both stages agree with that. come here and no problem. all those idiots coming through here going through process green cards, studying to test. make sure they don't do anything to break the through make them ineligible. how do you feel people going through the right way and other people crossing. ainsley: have you talked to any of them? you probably have. brian: they are enraged. ainsley: it's not fair. griff: change the laws. whatever the laws are. get on the same page and supports the men and women charged. we want to know what you think, email them one final thing. i interviewed the guy that built the, quote: cages which is chain link fence rbg which has been the cry he built that in 2014 under obama. he is there today working around the clock trying to help expand the facilities. he built it open so that the
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migrants would be protected from a closed enclosure from their own personal safety. joaquin castro put these videos out yesterday saying they have had -- lawmakers have had their funds confiscated. that's unbelievable. you do not take phones to protect the identity of the migrants who could be threatened by human trafficking. brian: that's why you blur the faces when you show the video. ainsley: good morning, jillian. jillian: iran will, quote: take the next step in uranium enrichment on sunday. that's the warning from the country's president who also says iran will increase production to, quote: any amounts we want. this week iran announced it surpassed its uranium stockpile limit put in effect 2015 nuclear deal. president trump criticized that move in a tweet overnight calling it not good. the los angeles angels honor teammate tyler skaggs in first game since the pitcher's death. players wearing a patch with the number 45 on their
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uniform. beat the texas rangers 9-4. >> we wanted to take him out there with us you know, one more time. he meant so much to all of us. he was definitely my best friend. >> the 27-year-old was found dead in his hotel room monday. the cause is under investigation. the u.s. women's national team is moving onto the world cup final. >> alex morgan leading team u.s.a. 2-1 win over england on her 30th birthday. stopped to sip a imaginary cup of tea making social media go wild. lifted her pinky on proper tea drinking he had get. once again america defeats
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england within the first week of july. this sunday on fox. i heard you guys talking about this. i loved it. brian is shaking his head. brian: you don't put it into another country's face. you just don't do it. you have got to know how to win. ainsley: kind of funny. but i thought oh. griff: moving on to other things since brian feels strongly about it. [laughter] brian: meanwhile 15 minutes after the hour. griff: screaming mad what's happening at the border. take a listen. >> they put them in rooms with no running water. they were drinking water out of the toilet. ainsley: but a group of pastors went to that same facility, and that's not what they said they saw. one of those pastors is here live to tell a whole different story. ♪ ♪
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you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> there's abuse in these facilities. there's abuse. this is them on their best behavior. and they put them in rooms with no running water.
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and these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet. griff: before congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez visited the clint border facility on monday making those claims group of pastors visited the same place on friday and they have drastically different positions. kevin walsh. pastor, let's be clear about something, there is unbelievable surge at the border so facilities that are usually holding about 400 to 500 are holding well in excels of 1,000, sometimes 2,000. it's not a good situation. but, barreled on what you saw, is it the same as what the congresswoman says? >> so let's be clear, we definitely need to do what we can to improve the living situations there. but the pastors and i that walked through that detention center first of all we saw a clean place, a safe place, a place stocked
3:21 am
with food and the idea that abuse was going on there is something that we just didn't find any sign of. in fact the border agents we met were very kind, considerate and compassionate people. we were astounded at the report that we experienced as we walked through the clint facility. griff: the deputy commissioner of the cbp told me they hold their agents to the highest standards of conduct. what did you see in there? was that standard being held in the facility you were in? >> yeah. we saw bins of toys that the actual agents had brought for the kids to play with i saw stacks of movies that were personal movies that the agents brought for the kids to watch. we saw agents holding children. this motion that there was abuse and, again, outlandish behavior going on by these agents was just not -- it was not just something that we saw anywhere in any room
3:22 am
at any time on that premise. there was no sign whatsoever of that kind of behavior. griff: pastor, what you saw in terms of overcrowding, it was bad? >> yeah. and, again, let's be clear, this is not an ideal situation. this is not what we would want for these precious, beautiful children who are in this very, very difficult situation. we would want to improve that again, we went in as an intervention because of the report that we had read. i went with dr. sam rodriguez from the national hispanic christian leadership conference. so we went in to see what was going on to see if there is anything we can do to help these children. and while there are certainly improvements that we could make and should make and hopefully will make now that we have appropriated the money from congress. there was just not a minuscule speck of evidence of any abuse going on in that detention center. griff: when did you see anything that would lend itself to a racism charge and, two, did you see anyone
3:23 am
drinking or being told to drink from toilets. >> absolutely no on the racism. and the reason is because the agents there are, first of all, most of them were latino brothers and sisters. the notion there was this racism was not founded anywhere. the idea that anyone was drinking out of a toilet. totally absurd. griff: pastor, we are almost out of time is it your conclusion then that the congresswoman is not being honest about her depiction of what she saw? >> here's the deal. congresswoman is entitled to her opinion. but in her opinion should never shape the truth. the truth doesn't have a side. the truth stands on its own. and people with integrity have got to make up their mind to stand on the side of truth. and the facts that we saw were there. >> pastor wallace, thanks for being here. have a great fourth of july. >> you too. griff: heddie gallagher now a free man found not guilty of
3:24 am
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griff: quick headlines, a new dual mock lawmakers online. fredericka wilson says the bullying needs to stop. >> those people who are online making fun of members of congress are a disgrace and they should be prosecuted. griff: wilson blames the president for causing people to lose respect for congress, the media and the white house. and, this the anti-trump group gets a permit to bring its baby trump balloon to tomorrow's salute to america's celebration in washington but the group did not get permission to fill it with helium so it will not fly and it will not be in the president's view. ainsley? ainsley: all right. thank you, griff. a fox news alert. decorated navy seal eddie
3:28 am
gallagher found not guilty on murder charges in the death of an isis fighter. >> i'm happy and i'm thankful. thank god and i leave with you my wife. >> this vindication, i hope, will be a lesson learned to everybody that we need to uphold innocent until proven guilty, due process. and we need to afford the benefit of the doubt to our war heroes who we send over there to fight these evils. brian: former nypd commissioner bernie kerik was on board early. he helped put together his legal team and joins us now. commissioner, what did you see in the gallagher story that made you think you had to get directly involved? >> i think one of things, brian, early on when i heard the story and i talked to a number of people that worked with eddie gallagher. that worked with the chief basically told me it couldn't be true. it wasn't true people in his
3:29 am
platoon in addition to his family and sean gallagher and his wife andrea. i was pretty convinced early on as you know that he was not guilty. ainsley: commissioner, he faced seven charges. he is innocent on six of those. he was found guilty because he took a picture with a dead corpse. what was happening yesterday when they announced we all got that fox news alert on our phones that said not guilty. what was going through your mind? what was the scene like? >> the scene was, you know, was gut-wrenching. you know, we all had a knot in our stomach pretty much. there were two times during this trial that i saw eddie physically tense. one was when the ncis agents said he drug his kids out of the house in his underwear at gunpoint. and then this, when the jury came in from deliberations, stood up, and announced the verdict. i will could tell eddie was tense. it was gut wrenching.
3:30 am
and it was for everybody, from the attorneys, me, his wife. and it was a great day when they announced that he was not guilty. brian: it's interesting, commissioner. you helped put together an a-1, a top-grade legal team. so he got the proper definition. that's what the president wanted. the president god involved and said why is he in this horrific prison? he can't meet his family. he can't even meet with his legal counsel while he waits for trial that will decide the balance of his life. the president made sure he was treated with respect leading up to that. how important was that? >> you know what, brian, that's one of the most important elements of this whole case that the president did get involved then. and i would ask the president to continue to be involved and ask the question of the secretary of the navy and the navy in general why did they lie to congress? why did they lie to the white house counsel? why did they say there was
3:31 am
evidence there that would prove eddie gallagher murdered this terrorist when they knew, they knew they didn't have the evidence they continued to portray this story. we have a video. it's horrific. it's terrible. you can't imagine what it's like. and it wasn't there. ainsley: interesting when the prosecutor's witness was called to the stand and he was there with eddie fighting for our country overseas and he takes the stand and he says, shockingly, i was the one that killed this kid, this isis fighter. i put my thumb over his breathing tube. and that eventually led to his death. i think everyone realized across america the jury was going probably to allow eddie to go free. is he a hero. anyone who fights for our country my gosh who are we to judge what happens overseas and i know many people have said that on our network. but, how does the seal community move forward, commissioner? >> you know what?
3:32 am
the men -- the kids, children i call them, the ones that testified against eddie gallagher, that's not what i consider the seal community. i have met dozens of the men that work with eddie gallagher, have worked with him throughout his career, that is the real brotherhood, that is the seal community. eddie gallagher is the best representation of our navy seals. and that's what people should realize. that's what they should know. that's what they should remember. brian: he is lucky to have you in his corner. sean a great brother and of course a dedicated wife. clinton lorenz and others also in military prisons right now hoping for their day in court to free themselves. by the way eddie gallagher is going to come on live with us with pete hegseth his good friend in two hours. ainsley: and his wife who stood by his side. thank you, commissioner, for joining us. forget in god we trust. these in no god we trust
3:33 am
banners are popping up in one city. they aren't going anywhere any time soon. brian: kicking off proud american coverage with our friend anna kooiman. she is in your town in south carolina. anna, what do we have? >> hi, brian, and ainsley. we are on board the uss yorktown. associate this aircraft carrier with world war ii. but it mrs. played an integral part in another part of american history the space race. we will tell you more as "fox & friends" rolls on. ♪ ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression
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tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor. it's got to be tide. ♪ we're one big country nation ♪ that's right ♪ ♪ brian: just my opinion, if the president wanted better song than the rolling stones, that song, country
3:37 am
nation by brad paisley is perfect for the theme to his speeches. ainsley: brad paisley better than rolling stones. brian: i don't think the rolling stones loves the fact the president uses it brad paisley wouldn't mind it. griff: get a little brad paisley. ainsley: talk about patriotism. we have 40 of july tomorrow. nike released that tennis shoe up north they call it sneaker. that's why i hesitated. anyway, they released this tennis shoe right here. colin kaepernick gets upset offended by betsy ross flag. outrage is growing about this issue. brian: going to go out july 4th, obviously. a remake of the air max one so they are looking at a shoe they rolled out 15 years ago. colin kaepernick has not formally commented and he called up and said a lot of these hate groups are using the betsy ross flag.
3:38 am
we think it's a bad symbol. really? what if one of the gang members started using or one of the hate groups started using a nike swoosh. would they stop using nike swoosh. i believe the raiders use logo. did that stop the raiders from using the raiders cap? no. you can't control if someone is going to use a logo in a negative fashion. that is not an excuse not to roll this thing out. griff: there are so many angles on this. at one point they put betsy ross postage stamp hero to women for her contributions honored in philadelphia. colin kaepernick has a problem. i will tell you who else has a problem with this story. rush limbaugh. here is what he had to say. >> did he not tell us that he was kneeling to protest police brutality? did he not tell us this? he did. that's all it was. he was protesting the fact that the cops are shooting people like him. it was all about the cops, except it wasn't. it was about the flag all
3:39 am
along. he was taking a knee because he opposes the country. he opposes the national anthem. he opposes honoring the flag. this proves it. they always lie to us they hide so many of their real core, even when they are in the process of displaying it, they still deceive. brian: the governor of arizona came out when he heard about this story and said listen, nike was going to have 500 jobs and build a factory here. i'm telling you right now i no longer support it and no longer any state subsidies for it. new mexico says we will take it. he is willing to forego it. 13 stripes and 13 stars. now 13 stripes original colonies. we put the stars on for the states that come. essentially if you are against the 13 stars, you are against the 13 stripes, you are against the flag. griff: i'm from washington. i report on congress all
3:40 am
day. mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader weighed in on this publicly. it may surprise you. he says this. >> we are in a political environment where the american flag was become controversial to americans. i think we have got a problem. i hope nike either releases these shoes or some other shoe maker picks up the flag, puts it on a pair of shoes and starts selling it. i will make the first order. ainsley: new balance make their shoes here in the u.s.a. it's a matter of time before some company is going to say great idea. i'm going to create a red, white, and blue shoe. actually we will have one on in the next hour at 7:20. reading this article too that said many of them sold, resold on some site where they resell items stock x. they are not selling them anymore. they were selling them for $2,000. people love them. brian: i worry the big picture, everyone little by
3:41 am
little is anything at the ends. not celebrating thomas jefferson's birth day in charlottesville, virginia anymore. dancing around the edges. what the president said early on. soon we are going after george washington because he had slaves. you are getting to the fabric of our country. because we want to judge them by the ideals of today. also, i think it's very interesting that must have been a restraining order not only on mitch mcconnell's staff but on the cameraman. everybody was zoom out. i saw more corn than did i mitch. i thought he needed a bull horn to find them. can anyone zoom in? ainsley: let's zoom in on one of our -- we are celebrating independence day and kicking off proud american coverage. brian: our friend proud american correspondent "fox & friends weekend" co-host is now finding herself in australia. anna kooiman live from uss yorktown and patriots point, south carolina. ainsley: anna, welcome back. an an good morning. back for the third year for the proud american coverage. i will be here all day today and tomorrow. we are on board the uss york
3:42 am
town here patriots point, south carolina. a lot of us associate this aircraft carrier with our american war history, also played an integral part in the space race. a vietnam veteran and part of the navy seal team that rescued or at least recovered three astronauts off the coast of hawaii when apollo 8 capsule splaciousd down. all part of the mission you spent about a month and a half training for; is that right? >> very true. all of that is very true. frank boreman, anders and lone wolf were the lovell were the. >> we are coming up on apollo orbiting the moon 11 times how significant was that making us land on the moon possible. >> if apollo 8 had not done what they had done and circle the moon 10 times, 11 might not have been that big
3:43 am
a deal. it is a big space race, you know, that went on. >> of course. >> with the russians and americans. >> right. well, take us back to that night. the way you tell this story, you paint the picture of the night sky lighting up and the way that it's all reflecting off the parachutes. paint the picture for us. >> all right. now you are talking about actually before it landed? yeah. well, we were right beside it coming. in we were 6,000 feet above the ship, the yorktown, and the people in the helicopter, the captain, he was -- gave us a thumb's up that we were the ones that were going to pick up the capsule. >> and be part of history being made? >> yeah. and they were burning the fuel off for the retrorockets fuel. so we wouldn't get burned. ainsley: they were looking out for you? that's why you were wearing your wet suit. >> anyway. we didn't take the cameras and take the pictures at the
3:44 am
right time, but we are going to make a picture of it anyway. >> you are having an artist commission this for you now. so awesome. you are in such auction of what's going on around you. you had a camera around your neck and so did your buddies and forgot to take a picture. >> yeah. we got to get it painted. it's going it turn out good. >> thank you for your service and what you did and thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming on. back to you in new york. ainsley: that is wonderful. thank you so much. i know everyone there watches fox news. thank him for his service. that's awesome. brian: meanwhile, jillian meajillianmealy is upstairs poio give us the rest of the news. jillian: that's right. the president of south bend police union demand pete buttigieg step down from a shooting probe in his 12eu. >> i would tell him he needs to recuse himself from this investigation. he has used this incident to
3:45 am
further his political campaign and he cannot be unbiased about this. jillian: that response comes after buttigieg said all police work takes place in the shadow of racism. officer ryan o'neil is accused of shooting and killing eric logan last month. investigators say logan was armed with a knife. doctors say a mole infection is to blame for killing a patient at a children's hospital. the patient, one of six people to develop an infection at seattle children's hospital over the past year. discovered aspergillus mold in may. people were weak immune systems or lung disease have increased risk of getting sick. several operating rooms at the hospitals are closed. the fbi is investigating a major security breach at u.s. air force base. documents allegedly taken from ohio's wright patterson air base by a contractor. police finding them during a search of his home on unrelated drug warrant. it's unclear what type of
3:46 am
information the documents reveal. so far no charges have been filed. in no god we trust, an atheist group is stirring outrage after hanging signs with that phrase in fort worth, texas. the city won't take them down because they aren't illegal. >> i don't agree with them either. thousands and thousands and thousands of americans have died for our right to express our opinion. one way or another. it doesn't mean we are all going to agree on it. >> the atheist group says the sign is an initiative to change the u.s. motto in god we trust to out of many, won. >> we are already celebrating on fox square. griff: that's right. we are getting barbecue ready with chef george deron. what are we making? it smells good. >> everybody knows great things happen tea. twisted version of tea using twisted tea to make barbecue
3:47 am
sauce from scratch. you are going to be surprised. ainsley: show us what to do. >> i have already roasted toe made toes and onions. the following ingredients, brown sugar, molasses worcestershire sauce. brian: i did not know we were allowed to do this at home. i thought we had to buy this in stores. >> when you make barbecue from scratch using something called twisted tea flavor. all ingoo ingredients go into this. i'm sure our viewers have made barbecue sauce from scratch. twisted tea noncarbonated hard ice tea the flavors are a world of a difference. it's a great way to kind of. griff: how much tea do you have in there? what's the secret ingredient the twisted tea? >> very good point. about a bottle or two cups of twisted tea inside of there and letting it simmer
3:48 am
down. reduction so all the flavors caramelize. great alternative to beer and wine and cocktail. very refreshing. fourth of july. the tea is good. so, remember, when you put this barbecue sauce on the chicken on the grill. you have to put it at the last five minutes because there are sugars in there and you want to make sure that doesn't burn off. the last five minutes that's how you grill. britain. brian: how about this for a question stand back. the vet you have to bang the bottom. yours comes right out of the blender. >> a lot of those have high fructose corn syrup the brown sugar and molasses. if you are looking for barbecue always look for molasses and not high fructose corn syrup or make it with twisted tea at home like this. griff: george, thank you. now we know how not to have voicviscosity.
3:49 am
ainsley: did i not know that. griff: "new york times" slamming america ahead of independence day. listen. >> the truth is, how great america is really depends on how rich you are. brian: our next guest fled communism and will make a powerful case for america and push back against the "new york times" who seems to hate this country ♪ everybody is just getting by ♪ everyday america ♪ a little town ♪ in a great big land ♪ being detected was not an option. if i was recognized the whole operation was blown. the element of surprise was imperative. wow. he won't even recognize you. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card
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3:52 am
brian: hey, do you think america is great? please stop telling that to the "new york times."
3:53 am
>> there are specific times and places where you can confuse america for a developing country as elections are tampered with, water can't be drunk from taps. citizens don't trust uniformed officers. infrastructure is crumbling and where a dual system is emerging when public services are for sale to the highest bidder. america may once have been the greatest but today, america, we're just okay. ainsley: well, our next guest fled oppression and persecution for communist albania for the united states. he says the "new york times" got it all wrong. brian: joining us with more is peter homage. how has "new york times" gotten it wrong is this the america that they described. >> absolutely not. american exceptionalism is based on freedom and liberty on the founding documents of this country. goes founding documents and freedom and liberty that we provide to this nation. we developed the greatest nation on earth. arnold warned us great
3:54 am
sizzles are not murdered they commit suicide. our nation is committing suicide by promoting socialism in our country by importing the failed ideology of eastern europe. we escaped that thousands and thousands of people would love to have the opportunity to come to the united states to live the american dream. last year alone, approximately 100,000 albanians escaped socialism from albania searching for freedom and opportunity. when tries to denigrate united states, i think every american should get concerned about it because the greatest of this nation is based on the relationship between the individual and the government. for the first time in the human history, you have the individual actually holding the government responsible instead of the government being served by the individual. we have the government serving the individual and the individual became supreme to the government. and those are the founding documents. these are the historical and
3:55 am
ignoring that. ainsley: it's interesting. i watched the entire video afterwards i thought gosh, that's very depressing. they focus on everything negative about our country but we have so many more positives. what is it really like to come from a country where you are fearful? >> look, as i said, you look at thousands and thousands of people wanting to come over here from socialist country. brian: what about your story? >> my story is very simple. i think that my father was willing to sacrifice his life. he died in concentration camps so his sons could live in freedom. he took us with nine months before we came to the united states through different refugee camps where we were processed and fingerprinted and background investigation was conducted. but, the fact that we wanted what the united states had to offer, that freedom, that opportunity, we were willing to sacrifice anything and everything that we could that we had just to come over here and live the american dream. i was able to come to college over here. i paid for it. i was able to go to law
3:56 am
school and become an attorney. i paid for it. i worked in different positions in the united states, including the administration. i'm living the american dream and so are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who escaped eastern europe. you can talk to any one of them and they will tell you the exact same story. look, you have george soros right now spending millions of dollars in eastern europe trying to maintain socialism where the government has commands and control over the individual. he just did it in albania june 30th. i mean, there are allegations that millions of dollars are going to eastern europe trying to maintain that kind of command and control over the individual. we reverse that we for the first time in human history the united states had the government serve the people instead of people serving the government. ainsley: peter lumaj, thank you for joining us. brian: america more than just okay. ainsley: america is great. >> absolutely is great. happy fourth. ainsley: thank you, you too. tanks are rolling in to
3:57 am
washington for president trump's salute to america. some are calling this unamerican. really? ♪ ♪ so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
3:58 am
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♪ ♪ we're an american band ♪ ♪ we're an american band ♪ brian: what's that? ainsley: those are some fireworks. tomorrow is the fourth of july. this is live from nevada. brian: that's pretty cool. we encourage you not to do this at home. ainsley: not to shoot off fireworks. can you do sparklers. brian: not in new york, you can't. ainsley: you can't use sparklers in new york? >> you can use sparklers?
4:01 am
>> nobody uses sparklers. they blow things up bottle rockets. ainsley: didn't you write your name as a kid? griff: of course i did. if you are asleep 3:00 in the morning in nevada. you are not under attack. it's just the day before the fourth of july fireworks. you are hearing. go out and enjoy it. brian: i have two dogs one is deaf and one isn't. amazing the different reaction. one walks through like nothing is going on and the other is scared to death. we definitely know dogs react negatively. griff: i have the thunder jacket. he is terrified. wear his little jacket and survive. ainsley: a lot of people are buying those i'm sure in preparation for the fourth of july. we talk about it because the celebration is going to happen in d.c. the president has been talking about it on the mall. and he is really fired up about it. he is excited. he is saying let's bring in the tanks. brian: his big fourth is salute to america. that's what he is going to call it. the pentagon and great military leaders are thrilled to be doing. this and showing to the
4:02 am
american people everything we are paying for. the military hardware. we have the best military in the world. he has put $770 billion into it over the last two years. and probably another $700 billion into it this year. ainsley: he is going to have fireworks. military. griff: go back to d.c. today to be out there on the mall for you guys tomorrow morning. i have been covering the fourth of july for a while. i have never seen an m 1 a 1 abrams tank or bradley fighting vehicle or any planes flying over. this will be quite exciting. ainsley: when you see those planes flying over gets you fired up. think about our military and that represents america. have you had criticked. so many critics out there saying it's going to ruin the sidewalks. it's going to damage our roads. i'm like, what? brian: i have always said keep the tanks off the sidewalks. that's always been my pet peeve. here is some critics saying that they're making this too partisan. >> and this is nauseating,
4:03 am
chris, because this is not just obnoxious tackiness, this is actually dangerous. because it's fundamentally unamerican. >> the message is a threat. i suspect that the threat is to his fellow americans. and i hate to say that but i think donald trump styles himself a tyrant. >> adding more of a sign of his neediness and his insecurity and there is a certain silliness about this as well as obnoxiousness. >> critics concerned the president is hijacking the holiday, putting politics over patriotism and forcing taxpayers to foot the bill. >> it's fourth of july on the national mall has been a tribute to universal american themes. this year by design it will be much more about him. >> for lack of a better word, it's very soviet. >> it's about bolstering himself up, looking like a dictator from another nation. >> so i guess they are against it? i'm sensing? it's going to be a little bit different. salute the military and salute the veterans. you want a military parade. mattis said it would be too costly.
4:04 am
he is asking the parks department to give him 2.3 million. they want to get an exact number. ainsley: he went to france for bastille day he saw what they do over there. we need to have a celebration like this. that's awesome. never expected the critics, never expected for people to say we shouldn't have a parade like this. griff: it's hard to get to the soviet criticism. i'm not sure exactly what she was thinking about there. ainsley: what would she say if president obama had brought in tanks? griff: for the critics out there we will see what happens. he is not going to make it by himself even though he has been accused of it. see if it's a beautiful celebration on the 243rd celebration. brian: petrie is a medal of honor patriot he responded to what's going to be tomorrow. >> our president is doing this to recognize the sacrifices of many service members and military that are serving today and their families. >> when people argue the
4:05 am
cost i look at this and the cost was worth it for all of our american citizens. when it comes to thanking our veterans and doing the right thing, the cost is worth it to me. >> absolutely. >> it should be to everyone else. brian: wow, stunning. ainsley: that's pretty powerful. that's where the president's heart is with that even with that. they did a survey. only 45% of the country say they are very proud to be an american. had 5%. 70% in 2002. what about you? are you proud to be an american? has anything changed slowly but surely they are trying to tear away at the flag and founding fathers. we will discuss that other big story is immigration. another study shows top issues of the day according to a harvard harris poll is immigration is now front and center. 42% say that is the number one issue with you. we know what's happened over the last few days. democratic congress men and women have flooded to the border and suddenly saying this is horrific. this is terrible and trying to blame this administration
4:06 am
or worse yet border patrol. but this is an old story that they are trying to now get ahold of and in front of. griff: that's right. the conditions you are seeing. the shocking images have been created by a crisis that the leadership of the border patrol and cbp have been going to congress on the house and senate side pleading for help, testifying of the crisis coming. our great producers here on "fox & friends" put together a little flashback of some of what they had to say. listen. >> funding directed within the supplemental request help to respond to the humanitarian crisis? >> unquestionably so, sir. >> without it, dhs will not be able to provide appropriate facilities and care. migrant also remain in custody at the border longer than necessary. >> i wish i could tell you when our operation also return to normal. but as long as we face this crisis, i will continue to ask for dod support. ainsley: that's pretty interesting. so may 9th was the first one and june 11th for second
4:07 am
sound bite. june 20th is the third. they are begging for more money. democrats still not going to the table with republicans on this. not willing to give money. aoc says i'm not going to give you the money but then has the gull to go down there to the border and talk about how bad the conditions are down there even though she voted twice not to give the funding that those border patrol agents went to washington to ask for. brian: it was wasn't a manufactured crisis. it never was a manufactured crisis. there is a huge problem at our border. president obama talked about it. jeh johnson sat here a former homeland security secretary and discussed the challenges he had in 2012 and 2014. now it's worse than ever. we tried to highlight that over and over again. listen. >> you are looking at a facility that should be handling 300, maybe 350 people max. it is now handling multiple thousands. >> we have a caravan come through here every five days. and we have been for two years. >> we had an ms-13 member that was part of a fake family unit. we intercepted the communication that he was sending back to central
4:08 am
america. basically telling them that there are gaps in our policies. >> there they are. they have two more. >> both of them actually tried to run. this one here was hiding underneath this brush on my left. >> here comes some more. i told you they just come up the road. >> they are coming in the country. >> yeah. they just got dropped off by a smuggler not an hour since we landed come down to the border and see what happened already. the border patrol has just made this apprehensions. it just keeps coming and overwhelming you can see the manpower. brian: they were screaming out for help. they were begging congress to act. they had 90 plus house members not vote for humanitarian aid and then you cacome down and hold a press conference and decry humanitarian conditions. it's unsuccessful to hijack this story for certain number of democrats say look what we have discovered. these are people speaking out begging us to come down and cover the story because
4:09 am
it's being ignored by those same people who are criticizing them for humanitarian conditions. ainsley: how quickly they changed their tune. remember when border patrol agents said we have a crisis. please do something about this, washington. democrats responded this way. >> this president just used the back drop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis. >> president trump must stop holding the american people hostage. must stop manufacturing a crisis. >> crisis on the border is a manufactured crisis. >> they are engaging in what i would call manufactured moral crisis. >> this so-called crisis at the border is fake. >> this is a crisis of his own making because it was a campaign pledge. brian: right. campaign pledge, manufactured crisis from the california governor, which is just -- he should just resign at this point. to say it's a manufactured crisis at his border in texas, new mexico, in arizona. it's a flat out crisis. everyone is ignoring it.
4:10 am
then they go down there and decry the conditions after refusing to write the check to help. griff: they are right. it's manufactured not by the president. it's manufactured by the inaction of congress to reform the asylum laws. because all of those border patrol officials we played that clip of saying we are at crisis levels we need financial and manpower assistance we're also saying please act, please stop coming down here to the border and go back to your home in congress and act to change the asylum laws because those catch and release asylum laws are what is driving -- it's the driving magnet bringing people from these countries. ainsley: many are scratching their heads saying why is this just now a crisis when in january they were saying it's manufactured. this is a op-ed from the "new york post." here is a seeingment from that says she, alexandria ocasio-cortez and other democrats are seeking to spin what is radio avery real crisis of the administration's moral failings. but, if they want someone to blame for the conditions they encountered, they can
4:11 am
start by looking into the mirror. brian: it's 100 percent correct. the conditions are not great. they were never great. the border patrol was the one with the bull horn begging everyone to say help me out. no one can work the border they were so busy pro-saying people. the president said since congress is not acting i will give you national guard. california said you are not taking my national guard. got michigan national guard, kentucky national guard working the california border because that liberal governor won't put his own people there because of the manufactured crisis which we all now admit is very, very real. griff: you have inspector general report coming out. they will hold hearings on it next week about the situation the rio grande sector. the heaviest trafficked sector. and maybe the lawmakers democrats will listen this time. brian: i hope mark morgan and kevin mcaleenan will sit there and taking beating. when they go to testify they have got to yell back at elijah cummings and company for ignoring them. ainsley: they haven't said whether or not they are going to testify.
4:12 am
kevin wallace a pastor in chattanooga. several pastors went down to the exact same facility that aoc went. to say and he said it looked completely different than the way she describes it. listen. >> we definitely need to do what we can to imperuvian the living situations there, but the pastors and i that walked through that detention center, first of all, we saw a clean place, a safe place, a place stocked with food and the idea that abuse was going on there is something that we just didn't find any sign of. the people we met were kind, compassionate people. we were astounded at the report and reality that we experienced as we walked through the clint facility. brian: if is crowded. it is not nice. they are doing the best they can from what they have. number two, guess what? those people that i saw six weeks ago, do you know where they are? they are in the middle of the country. they are put on buses and caught and released. so you don't like the
4:13 am
conditions? well, also keep in mind the story doesn't end there. the story, nothing is stopping them from continuing to come. they continue to flood the border. and those people that were captured illegal immigrants. they were let out and told to come back. the average wait? two years. what are the chances in two years they are going to go and find a judge and appear in two years? griff: there has been a lot of talk about that. talk more about this throughout the morning. the rbg officials are reaching out to me this morning telling me they could, as they erect another shelter to try to deal with this exploding problem, they recollected be down to only 10% of their force on the actual border itself. brian: shelter? tent, that's what they're doing. they are putting up tents. that's all they can do. it's not their fault. ainsley: going to congress and ask them to give them don't have to use tents. overcrowding, overwhelmed. changing baby's diapers instead of being on the border. congress needs to get together. they need to fix this problem. brian: right. ainsley: hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: let's begin with this fox news alert.
4:14 am
dozens of protesters are arrested at ice demonstrations across the country. [chanting] blood is on our hands. blood is on our hands. >> police arrested 18 protesters in boston as they railed against the trump administration's border policies calling for the abolishment of ice. 18 other people were taken into custody in rhode island as they yelled shame outside an ice detention center. right now, a jim beam bourbon warehouse is up in flames. look at this. the fire breaking out overnight at aging facility in kentucky that holds 45,000 barrels of bourbon. at least two buildings are damaged but no one is hurt. the cause of the fire hasn't been identified. but it could have been sparked by lightning. the man known as the father of the ford mustang is dead. auto industry icon lee iococca passing away from complications from parkison's disease in blair, california. >> you are proud of this
4:15 am
car, aren't you? >> if you can find a better car, buy it. >> iococca rescued chrysler from bankruptcy in the 1980s after congress approved 1.5 billion-dollar bailout. in a statement the company says, quote: he was one of the great leaders of our company and auto industry as a whole. iococca was 94 years old. brian: great person. ainsley: that's sad. thanks, jillian. brian: 15 minutes after the hour doubling the state's gas tax. our next guest a republican lawmaker says it won't just impact drivers. it will kill business. he has got a solution. stick around. that's my way of saying i hope you don't change the channel ♪ that's what i want ♪ that's ♪ what i want ♪ that's what i want ♪ and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice.
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brian: here we go. illinois residents are being taxed to the max again. first round of tax increases starting this week starting with the doubling of the gas tax setting to cost drivers $100 or more each year. experts warn it could drive out small businesses heading for the gates anyway. joining us right now is illinois state representative republican david mcsweeney. all right. david, you are in a extreme minority in the senate. what is the problem with
4:20 am
raising taxes on the people of illinois. >> we are going to drive more people out of this state. we have a tax massacre here in illinois. we have a governor who is committed to raising taxes. just double the gas tax. increase the income tax. illinois state house i have been the leader fighting tax increases. what we need is public employee pension reform. we need medicaid reform. we need to cut spending what the democrats in the state are focused on is raising taxes. and raising taxes will just simply drive more people out of the stated of illinois. we need real reform. brian: when you talk about raising taxes. you nortz talking about building subsidized buildings. you are talking about paying off pensions when are unaffordable. correct? >> absolutely. in fact the benefits continue to grow every year 3% compounded. inflation only 1.5%. a state controlled by the unions. the democrats continually want to raise taxes. there are some republicans who joined with the democrats for these massive gas tax increases. they are going to drive more people out of this state. we need to cut spending. we need real reform.
4:21 am
president trump's economic policies have helped create economic growth. brian: right. >> instead of using that money to actually pay down some of the debt. they are spending the money. we need to cut spending in this state. we need to cut taxes. we need to reform property taxes. brian: republicans are the ones do that and democrats have no appetite to do it. here is an idea of the illinois tax hikes and what it is going to mean. they are doubling the state's gas tax 38 cents from 19. cigarettes dollar. 5-cent for plastic bag tax. people carrying everything out in their arms like costco. david, you are losing people, too. people don't want to pay money in taxes. you said you lost net 45,000 people already this year already? >> that's including migration. we are going to lose a congressional seat. there is going to be a tax rebellion in this state. people are sick and tired of these tax increases. they are sick and tired of increased spending. no reforms. the corruption in the city of chicago. we need real reform in
4:22 am
illinois and i'm fighting for that reform. brian: but you are a lone voice. like california, like new york. republicans have very little play in these cities. and they are drowning in red ink. thanks so much. republican david mcsweeney putting up the warning flag no one is watching. we are, david. thank you. >> i will keep fighting. brian: you got it. forget nike, the company doubling down on pulling betsy ross flag sneakers. one police officer and air force vet designed his own patriotic shoe and the money helps our heroes. that story coming your way. that officer will with us live. puberty means personal space. so sports clothes sit around growing odors. that's why we graduated to tide pods sport. finally something more powerful than the funk. tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor. it's got to be tide.
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griff: we are back with a
4:26 am
fox news alert. navy seal eddie gallagher waking up this morning a free man, found not guilty of murdering an isis prisoner. brian: he will face sentencing today but for a much lesser charge and keep in mind already served nine months in prison. ainsley: todd piro joins us now as the family and veterans around the nation are applauding this verdict. todd? todd: good morning to all three of you, gallagher's lawyer calling it a two-year nightmare the navy seal and his wife reacting to their nightmare being over. >> happy and thankful. >> yeah happy and thankful. thank god. i leave with you my wife. >> i mean, i was feeling like we are finally vindicated after being terrorized by the government that my husband fought for. i hope this will be a lesson to everybody. >> 19 year veteran deployed numerous times not guilty of numerous charges including premeditated murder and
4:27 am
attempted murder following the death of a captive isis fighter. he was found guilty of posing with a picture of a corpse a charge that carries a max of four months in prison. in light of the fact that he already spent nine months in prison in advance of his trial as brian said, the 40-year-old is expected to go free when he is sentenced on that charge later today. one of the key moments in a controversy-filled case when a key prosecution witness said that he and not chief gallagher killed the captive by covering his breathing tube. keep in mind though that gallagher could still face an administrative punishment from the navy. back to you. brian: we will see how bitter they are after losing that controversial case. thanks, todd, by the way eddie gallagher coming up in one hour and three minutes. ainsley apsz you see all that video of his wife. she stood by his side throughout the entire thing. she is going to be on with us too 8:30. griff: great interview there. nike cancelled production of betsy ross flag sneaker you see there after normer nfl
4:28 am
quarterback colin kaepernick complained the american flag symbol is offensive. ainsley: now one iowa police officer designed his own honor and respect sneaker to show support for his fellow first responders donating all the proceeds to help heroes suffering from ptsd and depression. brian: that mine behind that mission marianne officer. veteran himself ron slagle. ron, people should go out and buy your shoe. people going to buy the air max 1. 15 years since it was designed first with the flag on it. if you are upset about that we should go out and buy your shoe, right? >> absolutely. [laughter] brian: what will happen with the proceeds once we get it? >> well, the proceeds actually benefit two different projects. one is code 9 project based out of new york city. the other one is blue help. ainsley: what did you think in the beginning when colin kaepernick decided to take a knee because of police officers and brutality he said and then to see that he
4:29 am
said that sneaker was controversial? what went through your mind. >> at first the kneeling and objection to the police officers in general is a disgrace to the actual profession. the betsy ross objection with the shoe for nike translates into a loss of history. and i believe at times that's the biggest loss we have is really knowing what the history about that is. griff: ron, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell weighed in on this. i want you to take a listen to what he had to say. >> if we're in a political environment where the american flag was become controversial to americans, i think we have got a problem. i hope nike either releases these shoes or some other shoemaker picks up the flag, puts it on a pair of shoes, and starts selling it. i will make the first order.
4:30 am
griff: ron, where does mitch get a pair? >> well, mitch and everyone else can go to and order their shoes today to continue to honor and basically give honor and respect to the law enforcement and military members that are out there giving us the freedom that we have. brian: one of the things that kaepernick said reportedly to the "wall street journal" a evidently there is a white supreme police group using that symbol and they don't like the mixed message they get. i'm wondering if one white supremacist group use a nike swoosh or raiders jerseys and logos for the raiders. the raiders haven't stopped using their jersey to play football. why should we back off the original flag? i believe at times most people can be offended by anything. i believe as americans we need to stand up for what's right. stand up for what's
4:31 am
fundamentally correct in our system. ainsley: what does the flag mean to you? >> the flag means freedom. i served my country for 8 years in the air force. i continue to serve my city as a police officer. the flag is a symbol of what we fought for. and a lot of americans are still fighting for today. griff: all right, ron. thank you. this is a great story coming on the eve of fourth of july. how are you going to spend the fourth? >> well, i do have to work for about 16 hours that day with all the activities going on in the city. but, after that the family and i will get together and we'll go watch the fireworks and celebrate together. and celebrate this great country we all live in. ainsley: all right. ron, thank you so much. thanks for working on a holiday and giving up that, you know, the beach for a barbecue so you can keep your community safe. what's your website again it's and it's live today. >> there it is, look at the bottom of your screen. >> thank you. brian: thanks, ron.
4:32 am
>> thanks. ainsley: it wouldn't be independence day without the fireworks. we are starting the celebration early. we are lighting things things up. we are live and that's live. brian: that's live? ainsley: yeah. it's live, brian. ♪ light them up, up, up ♪
4:33 am
4:34 am
most people think a button is just a button. ♪
4:35 am
that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer. ♪ griff: we are celebrating independence day with more proud american coverage. brian: this time we are touring one of america's historic cities charleston, south carolina. ainsley: that's right. proud american correspondent and former "fox & friends weekend" co-host anna kooiman joins us live from patriots point. welcome back home, anna. >> oh, it feels amazing to be home, ainsley. it's such an honor to be back on "fox & friends." ainsley, you know, since we are both carolina girls, we know about the magic of charleston. it's not just the beaches and being out on the water
4:36 am
the shopping and the southern question scene it's the historic sights as well. one of the best way to seat city is by carriage. we are taking you on tiewmplet let's watch. >> one of the top activities for visitors to charleston, south carolina, y'all is taking a horse and carriage tour. so we have come to the old south carriage company because you know we can't leave town so we hav until we he shown you all the historic sites. my friends would love a tour. what do you say? >> we don't give away anything for free. we are going to put you to work. >> you are going it put me to work? are you kidding me? >> this is larry. we are going to get you to do some grooming. >> >> you look so good. do you mind if we take a selfie? let's see. after all this hard work that i have done, can my "fox & friends" and i finally get a,000 please? >> yes, i will turn you right over here to elizabeth. >> nice to meet you, elizabeth. >> hi, nice to meet you.
4:37 am
>> so what's the name of this horse. >> this is mack. i call him big mack. this someone of charleston's most famous churches saint episcopal church. that beautiful street is the french quarter. the site that you see beside you on the left that was where the original south carolina institute hall was located. so coming up in front of us, a big, beautiful white church that is saint michael's episcopal church. that's the oldest church building on the peninsula. and it dates back to 1752. george washington sat in box number 43 in that church and you can go sit there today. in front of us is the old customs and exchange building where the declaration of independence was first read aloud here in the city of charleston. an area where the constitution walls ratified. only three places in the united states including boston and philadelphia. they built it upon our old provost engine a haunted dungeon today.
4:38 am
>> not just historic waterfront part was just constructed in the 1990s. the city has a real knack for mixing the old with the new. >> the pineapple, for example, it used to be a sign of wealth and status. now it's a sign of southern hospitality and welcoming. >> do you want to drive? >> i thought you would never ask. >> all right. here you go. you got the whip in one hand. the reigns ithe rains raines in. thank you for visiting charleston. >> i could stay forever. >> i could stay forever. what a great hat too. our tour guide brought up a great point worth mentions charleston many of the beautiful buildings were built on the backs of slaves. and i wanted to mention, too. a big thank you to old south
4:39 am
carriage company for that incredible tour and those horses lauer bear and big mac get buckets of ice to help with the heat. whatever you are celebrating at home fourth of july fantastic weather. send pictures sending pictures red, white, and blue. we want to see how you are celebrating the fourth of july. ainsley: down there on the coast of south carolina. can you go to the website and click on the schedule and you can see where the flyover is going to occur in your town because everyone goes to the beaches as you know, anna. you are are going to go up on a plane with this great organization. but they, two men started it in south carolina. mr. powellson is a friend of mine. he said he was sitting on the beach and he knew our men 11 years ago were fighting for freedom to sit on the beach. how can they honor them. they started this flyover. no matter where you are in south carolina the flyover comes along the coast you stand along the beach and salute all of our men and
4:40 am
women that are serving overseas. it's awesome. >> yeah. my folks, ainsley, have a little place in hilton head and they like to go there as well. yesterday we were just with the air force hearing about how much it means to them to look out over that sea of red, white, and blue. it's one of those pinch me mommy's for them. and one of the young guys actually was about in tears talking about how moving it was. so, we will bring you that story tomorrow. ainsley: i have never seen it. i'm leaving today to go down to the beach. i'm going to go out there on the beach and on the shore and i'm going to salute, anna. i hope you will do the same thing. it's going to be great. >> yeah. absolutely. wearing our red, white, and blue, eat some hush puppies and sea crab soup while you are down here, too. griff: how cool is it being on the u.s. ss yorktown. anybody can visit. tourist des continue nation years ago for fox news you i was there shooting a war stories for fox news. >> 300,000 visitors come to
4:41 am
patriots point every single year they tell me. and as you saw earlier in the show and you can find this on social media as well. we did an extended hit. an extended version of the story we did at 6:30 with the u.s. navy seal who helped out in the space race as well. there is a lot of history here. not just american war history but after apollo 8 had orbited the moon 10 times and did big splash down and recovery a thousand miles off the coast of hawaii. the uss yorktown came and picked those three astronauts up and we got to talk to one of the divers. yes, it's such a cool place to be. i love charleston, south carolina. i'm so honored that you brought me back from australia this year. thank you. ainsley: so glad to see you, anna. are you going to get to see your family? are they going to be hilton head for the fourth? >> they are in charlotte taking care of my baby so i could focus on this. brian: keep in mind, can you expense all of this. [laughter] ainsley: tax write off, too. >> that's a good way to think about it.
4:42 am
brian: great job, an. >> that thanks, brian. brian always has the money on his mind. brian: always about money. thanks, anna. check with you in a little while. final safety preparations underway in our nation's capital for tomorrow's independence day celebration like no other. and our next guest is helping bring fireworks to washington. ainsley: the president tweeting thanks to phantom fireworks and fireworks by groochy for their generosity and donating the biggest fireworks show washington, d.c. has ever seen. ceos bruce zol dan and phil grucci. brian: legendary family on long island. ainsley: greatest fourth of july celebration in our nation's history. that's awesome. steve: and dan joins us now to give us a little preview. tell us exactly what you are going to be doing on the fourth. >> i'm going to be nevada
4:43 am
selling fireworks to a lot of the people. those are my plans on the fourth. ainsley: what was your reaction when you saw the president tweeting about your company? >> we are very flattered. phantom is very appreciative and honored to be a part of a special celebration celebrating our nation's independence with a march qui event like we will have tomorrow night in washington, d.c. brian: what's going to be different about it? what should we expect? >> you should an expect an absolutely epic fireworks show. again, phantom fireworks teaming one fireworks by grucci. i think mr. grucci has a very special show planned for the country. everybody will be amazed when they see it. ainsley: i remember when i was a little girl my mom always told us an experience she h a guy next to her at the beach had an incident with his hand and i won't go into detail. you can only imagine what happened because of improperly handling fireworks. so, tell folks at home who are going to be lighting fireworks this fourth of july how to be safe. >> yeah. great.
4:44 am
love. to say so, with fireworks, common sense will get you a very long way. approach fireworks as something that requires some common sense and some respect on the user's part. but, first and foremost, fireworks are not for children. so, fireworks should only be handled and used by adults. who are is going to be shooting the fireworks show at your party should not be drinking any alcohol they are actually shooting the fireworks in there make sure you have a ready water source somewhere nearby. a hose works great. we have a fire extinguisher and a safety bucket you can put some water or something. in and make sure you are shooting the fireworks from a flat hard surface. so you minimize the risk of anything tipping over when you are shooting the fireworks. griff: you are shooting fireworks in the middle of night in nevada. what have you got there? >> we have got some great stuff over there. some of the items we have got over there we will shoot for you tonight we actually have right here on the table next to me. these are some of our most popular fireworks that people come in when they
4:45 am
want to put on the big shows. something you will see similar tomorrow night in washington, d.c. these are the items right here. brian: why don't you just let them all off now? ainsley: wake up the neighbors. >> and there they go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: celine dion is probably singing somewhere and upset. but we are happy. griff: dan, thank you so much. this is amazing to have live fireworks. get any calls or complaints
4:46 am
people little bit off on fourth of july coming a little bit early. ainsley: it's 4:45 on the east coast. brian: dan is under the table holding his ears. griff: well done. ainsley: the celine dion comment is pretty good. brian: all right, jillian, what do you have on your mind? jillian: i would be so angry if i lived there. it's 4:45 in the morning. ainsley: get up and make a drink and enjoy it. jillian: headlines we are following. a cryptic message is convincing the vatican to open up sealed tombs. the family of a teenage girl who went missing in 1983 appealed to the catholic church after receiving anonymous clue to, quote, look where the angel is pointing. referencing a statue in a cemetery. there is evidence that a nearby tomb was tampered with. police will open them back up next week. a journalist attacked by antifa is calling out police for what he says is them
4:47 am
refusing to break up a violent protest and the mayor is also under fire accused of telling cops to stand down. andy ngo slamming the department after he was brutally beaten in portland. >> what is inciting the crowd and empowering them and elm bolding them to do more is the inaction of the police because they know they can attack people and not face consequences. >> martha: it's unbelievable. jillian: that video is hard to way. police posting video of the suspects in hopes of identifying them. just two presidential candidates speaking out on the assault. andrew yang and congressman eric swalwell condemning the attack without mentioning antifa. peyton manning reportedly turned down a role on monday night football to avoid criticizing his brother. sources tell yahoo sports that the two-time super bowl champ would have been uncomfortable covering his younger brother eli who plays for the new york jintsdz, not to mention former teammates that are
4:48 am
still playing. brian: this is what i don't think wrong about that. if you watch eli manning he doesn't make mistakes. he would not have been forced to comment. jillian: maybe an excuse. maybe factual. who knows? brian: put it this way he doesn't need the money. ainsley: that would be hard. if your brother made a mistake and brian started talking about his mistakes i might just deck you. [laughter] brian: you can easily get around that just don't do the giant highlights. we will have to see. thanks, jillian. ainsley: thank you, jillian. brian: kamala harris surging in the poll now second among 2020 democrats. will it last? question mark? griff: rachel duffy here to weigh in next. brian: dash, dash next. being detected was not an option.
4:49 am
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>> it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two united states senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public school and she was bussed to school every day. and that little girl was me. >> it was one of the most talked about moments of last week's debates. kamala harris taking on joe biden. that performance cat that pulling kamala harris to second place in a new national poll trailing joe biden by only 2 percent now. here to weigh in is fox news contributesser and host of
4:53 am
moms on fox nation rachel campos-duffy. hey, rachel. >> hi, ainsley happy fourth of july to you and your family. ainsley: hope you are doing well. you are expecting another baby. so cute. let's talk about kamala harris. that was a powerful moment, the quinnipiac polls only have her trailing by 2% behind joe biden. why do you think that is? >> i think this poll reflects the fact that democrats want somebody who they perceived can be strong and tough and take on donald trump. and what you are seeing is them projecting forward to the 2020 debate. she was able to show off her courtroom skills. her prosecutorial skills. she is prepared she looked tough next to biden who seemed weak. backtracking. he would have looked stronger frankly had he stuck to defending his moderate positions or positions that look moderate next to the rest of the candidates. she looked tough and strong
4:54 am
and someone who could take on donald trump in 2020. and in a debate. remember, donald trump is sort of unrehearsed, un, you know, he doesn't take to all the training and he doesn't come in with prepared remarks and so. ainsley: uh-oh relost rachel. i had so many questions for her. if you want to catch more of her go to walch her series it's called moms. it's coming. >> truly a blue collar billionaire. he speaks for the people. that resonated with a lot of people. is he our protector. i really feel we have a president that protects us and our children. >> what's interesting in other elections you see politicians who have wealth sort of really kind of apologize for it. but in a way i feel like when i talk to other moms,
4:55 am
they say that it's his wealth and the fact that he didn't really need the job that made them feel like he has nothing to lose. is he really just going to look out for me and not some other interest. >> rachel, tell us about your show, your series. >> it's really excited. aired on fox nation. if you don't have fox nation you should get it. this show is interesting because women, i think are a sleeper vote for donald trump. many women don't like to deal with the confrontation and judgment that comes with saying that they are going to vote for donald trump. so they don't tell anybody about it. i know because i had so many women come up to me and say i am voting for donald trump. and i kind of knew who was going to win by so many people that were voting for him but weren't comfortable saying it out loud to a a polster or putting a sign. this show talks to a lot of women who are really strong out and proud but also there is a couple women on this panel who say they did feel apprehensive saying it. they weren't out and proud but they did cast that vote.
4:56 am
ainsley: i know some of the experts have said the one area that president trump needs to work on are women in america. and even lindsey graham was praising kamala harris. she is doing better in the polls. he said watch out for her. she is a force to be reckoned with. do you believe that? >> i think she is a force to be reckoned with in the primary where her radical positions. and they are radical, play really well with the primary voter. she is senator in that you have one of the adages of politics is you have got to win the election that you are in. so she she is playing hard for the democratic primary voter. my question is her views are so far extreme how is she going to moderate them to win over so many democrats and independence like the people in my husband's district who voted for donald trump and changed tickets? can you win those over with those positions open borders, with socialism, with so many of the other positions that they have. i really question whether you can make that hard of a turn.
4:57 am
ainsley: yeah, you don't just look at the gender, put that aside and vote on the one whose record is in line with yours or issues in line with yours we have got to governmental this is about capitalism vs. socialism. ainsley: thank you, rachel, more information coming now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? buy 1 get 1 50% off dog and cat fourth, with food, deals like... for all-day, all-night protection. and holiday dog toys, apparel, beds and more! plus, treats members get 50% more points on all purchases! now that's a celebration... ...petsmart!
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. . . .
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♪ connell: wow, you're looking at this live right now in beautiful nevada. and it is night. actually, this is earlier, almost live. seems like live. griff: almost live. before the sun is up in nevada. that is outside of las vegas. clearly as you point out last hour, celine deion, all the other residents in nevada getting a little wake up.
5:01 am
ainsley: that is one of the companies the president was tweeting about because there are several companies that donated fire box for the big celebration down in the d.c. on the mall. connell: president want to change it a little bit. bringing military hardware. tanks arrived already. griff: military tanks arrived in the nation's capitol. connell: this is part of a magical event that will include a parade and flyovers. blue angels will be there and various other military aircraft. ainsley: hillary vaughn from fox business is live at the national mall with preview of independence day celebration. hey, hillary. reporter: the tanks have arrived. the president will celebrate his 4th of july with fireworks and fighter jets and battle tanks. here are two military vehicles arrived behind me on flatbed trailers. these are bradley fighting vehicles. there will be two u.s. army, m-1 abrams tanks arriving.
5:02 am
they took a train from fort stewart in georgia to a rail yard. the question was how to get them to the lincoln memorial here. these tanks weigh 30 tons each. the abrams weigh twice as much. the question was, do they take the brim? will they be too heavy to arrive directly on the road. they did arrive by flatbed trailer. they needed a crain to get over a overpass because they were two tall to cross under it. they will roll up to the lincoln memorial where the president will be speaking. there will be knifeovers. the event includes b-2 bombers and f-22 fighter and blue angels and marine one will fly over. this will be the longest fireworks show the capitol has ever seen. the national parks service set aside $2.5 million to fund the celebration. but the fireworks are free because the president tweeted
5:03 am
they have been donated. back to you. ainsley: thank you so much, hillary. connell: will the tanks stay in the trailer or roll in the streets. ainsley: because so many complained about it, and the sidewalks are massive, they decided to bring them in on the flatbeds. when they got to an overpass t was too tall to go under. it would have knocked over the bridge. they brought in a crane. connell: lifted it over the air to drop it on the other side. griff: has our colleagues quite upset about it. connell: how do you know? griff: we put a montage clip for our viewers to see. >> this is nauseating, chris. this is not just obnoxious tackiness. this is dangerous. it is fundamentally un-american. >> the message is a threat. >> i suspect the threat is to his fellow americans. i hate to say that i think donald trump's styles himself a tyrant. >> more a sign of his just neediness and his insecurity. there is certain silliness about
5:04 am
this, well as obnoxiousness. >> critics concerned president is hijacking holiday, putting politics over patriotism, forcing tax payers to foot the bill. >> 4th of july on the national mall has been a tribute to universal american themes. this year by design it will be much more about him. >> for lack of a better word it is very soviet. >> about bolstering himself up, looking like a dictator from another nation. connell: say the same thing about, said same thing every day, just move the topic. they find everything that he does so repulsive and so ridiculous and so overblown. ainsley: shouldn't this be a bipartisan issue? we're celebrating america. connell: in a way we never done before. president will make a speech. it will not be about politics but about the country. some pointed out vip, gopers might be in the front row or get good seats. griff: earlier on the show, leroy petrey, medal of honor recipient. talking about this day means to
5:05 am
him. >> i think about the vietnam veterans who fought unpopular war and came back to an ungrateful country. i look at it our president is doing this to recognize the sacrifices of many servicemembers and military that are serving today and their families. i joined prior to 9/11. it was time of peace and you didn't get a lot of thank you. to even get one it meant a lot. to get a big one, recognize across the country, it is amazing. connell: we'll see how it comes out. president says we'll change things a little on the 4th of july. i don't know if you notice the president is disruptor, does things his way. ainsley: he does things in massive, big way. not just a few fighter jets will be in the air. it is like a whole, six different aircraft. it is awesome. i love it. i love the celebration. connell: what we did, we asked are you proud to be an american. "the new york times" says we're just okay. we think too much of ourselves.
5:06 am
ainsley: we used to be great. now we're okay. connell: "gallup poll" said 45% of americans are extremely proud to be an american. what dangerousdoes drew think? ainsley: i may not have served but i love america for all per imperfections and her flaws driven griff ali says it is honor to be in this country where freedom has been paid if full with the blood of our own. connell: kevin says as an immigrant who became a citizen more than proud to be an american. where do you weigh in. another poll was done, what do you care about most? immigration over health care. the other poll said from cnn of all places, what do you think about the border, is it a crisis? ainsley: 74% said yes, it is a crisis. >> no kidding. ainsley: 23% said no. like what they said in january, when the democrats were saying it was manufactured. in january, 45% said yes it is a crisis and 52% said no.
5:07 am
so wow, how it has changed. the perception has changed. griff: these photos that you've been seeing being of course with aoc complaining about it, one thing is at least coming out of this positive, almost everyone agrees we have an emergency. we have a crisis. it has to be dealt with. it is worth pointing out that the montage that we put together of border officials testifying before congress, this didn't happen yesterday, last week or last month. connell: the democrats seemed to have hijacked this issue, pretend they just discovered it, can't wait to tell the american people how overcrowded all the facilities are. they have been saying this themselves to months, begging for aid just for this reason. for example, watch. >> funding directed within the siply mental request help to respond to the humanitarian crisis? >> unquestionably so, sir. >> without it dhs will not be able to provide appropriate facilities and care. migrants will remain in custody
5:08 am
at the border longer than necessary. >> i wish i could tell you when our operations will return to normal but as long as we face this crisis i will continue to ask for dod support. griff: let me give you a number, 3400. you haven't heard that once in the news. that is how many rescues in fiscal year 2019 border patrol done, plunging themselves into the rio grande and other dangerous situations to save the lives of migrants now some members aoc are accused them ever being racist and aggressive towards the migrants. 3400 rescues going out of their way to save lives of migrants who may have lost their lives. ainsley: agents say they are overwhelmed. that these facilities are only supposed to host x-amount of individuals. it has more than doubled in facilities. connell: much more than doubled. ainsley: they're getting so many people off the border. that is why they go to washington. we need more money, we need more bed, we need more facilities, we
5:09 am
need you to change the law. they did this month after month. may 9th, june 11th. they come on fox. connell: what is the biggest charade ever, elijah cummings wants them to come back to tell them why the situation is overcrowded. really? they have been begging you to ask for new uniforms or shiny facilities. now you want to be critical of the overcrowding. how are we supposed to take in 690,000 illegal immigrants house them temporarily in order to catch-and-release them down the line? border patrol saying this is not a secret. can you possibly come down, we'll show you what is going on. griff has been in mexico, guatemala. griff: you saw in mcallen. connell: watch "60 minutes." we've been down to the border. this is the example what aoc pretended highlight yesterday. watch. >> you're looking at a facility should be handling, 300, 350
5:10 am
people max. it is now handling multiple thousands. >> we have a caravan come through here every five days. we have been for two years. >> we had an ms-13 member, part of fake family unit. we intercepted a communication, sending back to central america telling them there are gaps in our policy. >> they have two more. >> this one right here was hiding underneath the brush to my left. >> here come more right now. i told you, they just come up the road. connell: they're coming in the country. >> they just got dropped off by smuggler. griff: not an hour since we landed, came down, you see already border patrol just made this apprehension. it just keeps coming. overwhelming. you see the manpower. connell: conditions are not great. but it is not the border patrol's fault. they can't build tents fast enough to house them. how dare the congressional
5:11 am
leaders condemn for facilities they weren't given? they got uniforms. they signed up for the job. they were not the ones who made facilities or tents or didn't address the asylum problem has been a magnet for four or five countries basically to empty out into ours. i feel bad for the men and women doing this, not appreciated but vilified. griff: undeniably the situation was created by crisis ignored by lawmakers. what does aoc propose we do with these people? what does elijah cummings say we should handle people across our border. connell: i have an answer for you. cory booker has a great idea. he wants to virtually eliminate detention centers. have a turnstile, we'll rip your tickets like a movie. julian castro introduced, endorsed by many, do criminalization for border crossings. come for free. ainsley: a few years before the election they were saying this
5:12 am
was manufactured crisis. we knew hundreds of people coming in every month they could not to continue to run with the message. there was clearly crisis on the border. there was a problem down there, now they're thinking okay, there is a crisis. we'll change the narrative. send house numbers down there. create our own narrative, how bad it is. blame republicans. the border patrol agent have been asking for help. republicans have been asking to give money to them. democrats al not allowed that to happen in d.c. they need to figure out a plan. this is number one issue. americans are saying this is the number one issue. this is why they go to the polls. now democrats are getting on board. connell: lindsey graham, nancy pelosi spoke for an hour. they know how to fix it. griff: don't hold breath. connell: i won't hold my breath.
5:13 am
jillian: eddie gallagher found not guilty of isis fighter in iraq. weighs cleared of all charges except one, taking a photo with a corps. he will sentenced for that. gallagher and his wife will join us live for first national interview since a verdict. stay tuned. don't want to miss that. citizenship question is officially dropped from the u.s. census. days ago the supreme court blocked white house efforts to add a illegal status question. president trump tweeting about the high court's decision, calling this quote a very sad time for america. the president also suggesting that his administration will continue its efforts to add the question to the national headcount. florida comes up with a unique way to curb its iguana population. wildlife services encouraging homeowners to kill the animals on their property whenever
5:14 am
possible. green iguanas are invasive species, they can destroy agriculture, spread salmonella. green iguanas appeared in the 1960s. the population is exploding in the warm climate. speaking of florida where crowds are starting to build ahead of independence day. aaa expect as record 49 million americans will travel this week. that includes 41 million people hitting the road. nearly four million americans taking to the skies. about four million people will travel by trains, buses and cruise ships. so if you're lucky enough to get out for the fourth. be prepared for that. brian: save the iguanas. how do we kill the iguanas. jillian: google it. brian: don't mongoose kill iguanas. griff: spent a lot of time in florida. anyway this is important. "the new york times" slamming america ahead of independence day.
5:15 am
listen. >> america may once have been the greatest but today america, we're just okay. brian: wow. is that true? dana loesch not happy about that. she will explain in just a moment. ♪ new align whole food probiotic. a blend of quality probiotics and fermented whole food botanicals, expertly curated to naturally support your gut health every day. go with align whole food blend. from the pros in digestive health.
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5:19 am
♪ ainsley: "the new york times" slamming america ahead of independence day. watch this. >> there are specific times and places where you can confuse america for a developing country. as elections are tampered with, water can't be drunk from taps, citizens don't trust uniformed officers. infrastructure is crumbling. where a dual system is emerging when public services are for sale for the highest bidder. america may once have been the greatest but today america, we're just okay. jennifer griffin. griff: radio talk show host dana loesch joins us to react. i have a feeling you have a opinion on this. >> happy independence day. i have never seen such debbie
5:20 am
downers this is the same newspaper, i know you saw this, had the piece where they were calling to dox border patrol agents. they were encouraging incitement of violence, making private information public shaming them from going to church. this from a newspaper got really upset i was going to fisk, i.e., fact check them. i watched this video last night. and i thought it was a joke, kind of at first, but, no, it is just that is the "new york times." and this coincides with this poll at that came out from gallup mesh sure how proud americans are for their country. for the first time ever, democrats however proud they are of the united states has dipped way low. now only 75% of the americans are proud of their country, when it used to be 84, 85%, even higher than that this goes to show you how blind partisanship and blind hatred in this boo binary tribalism has contributed into gas lighting people about
5:21 am
how they themselves feel about the greatest nation in the world. ainsley: dana, they did say we were number one at some things. watch this. >> besides our economy and military, are we actually number one? turns out a lot of things. civilian gun ownership, mass shootings, tv watching, prescription drug abuse, prison population, oh, almost number one on environmental damage edged out by china. ainsley: dana, your thoughts? >> yeah, you know, if they're going to constantly compare us, also, not very genuinely i might add because we could go into the weeds and spend a lot of time there, fisking every single one of these points. if they want to compare to us other countries, you can't for number of other reasons. also when you look at venezuela, this is newspaper that is cheerleading importation of socialist-style government into the united states. look at venezuela. they're number one for eating animals now because they can't
5:22 am
even, they can't even purchase food. they don't even have medicine. they can't keep doctors in hospitals. yeah, exactly. first off, this is such a great country. guys you covered this. we have the lowest unemployment right now for all demographics, black, white, male, female. the lowest unemployment. our economy is doing great. there are a number of things that have taken place just in the past several years that have put us on such a great track of prosperity. brian: right. >> when you are so partisan, when you are so tribalistic in your political ideology, that you can't even acknowledge that, the problem isn't with america. the problem is with you. ainsley: dana, thank you so much. good to see you. brian: thanks, dana. happy fourth. ainsley: 22 minutes after the top of the hour. it is our top story this morning. navy seal eddie gallagher found not guilty of murder. he will join us live for his first interview.
5:23 am
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♪ griff: time now for the news by the numbers. first, five, how many democratic hopefuls will hit the campaign trail in iowa today. former vice president joe biden, beto o'rourke, senators amy klobuchar and bernie sanders and kamala harris holding events in the hawkeye state. 22%. that is how many democrats are extremely proud to be an american. a new "gallup poll" shows the country's overall patriot system the lowest since the firm started collecting data in 2011. finally 70, how many straight quarters "fox & friends" claimed the title of number one cable morning show. we average 1.4 million viewers every day. for that, we say thank you. brian: i am going to watch for now. that seems like a great show. 26 minutes after the hour. president trump's re-election
5:27 am
campaign off to a strong start in terms of money. ainsley: you're exactly right, brian. the campaign announced it raised a whopping $105 million in the second quarter. that is more than we have seen the democrats raise so far. griff: reporting $100 million in cash on hand. we have senior advisor to the trump campaign, vice president pence's nephew, john pence. early fourth to you. >> good morning. 4th of july early. griff: you have impressive numbers. >> absolutely. it shows the enthusiasm for president trump in this country. millions of donors, the vast majority are small, dollar don't dope fares to keep his vision of keep america great. ainsley: if you look at numbers, buttigieg released numbers for the second quarter and so did sanders. mayor buttigieg has raised almost 25 million, sanders 24 million.
5:28 am
keep in mind the president raised $100 million. why is that because he is the incumbent or america is behind him? >> no. the american people are behind him. we have new donors that never donated to a political campaign. they're behind this president, president trump who is always putting america first. fighting for the american people every day. brian: what is amazing too, what he will be running against, no matter who it is, someone will give away a lot of stuff, promises a lot of things. free health care. there will be single-payer. there will be free preschool. there will be free college. talk about tuition-free college. listen. >> my plan would be to first of all, make community college free of the. >> i believe we must make public colleges and universities tuition-free, and eliminate student debt. >> why there should be free community college, cutting in half the cost of college. brian: should be? is this possible?
5:29 am
>> no, it's not. we know nothing is free. the burden of student debt in this country is criminal pipping millenials, my peers ability to pursue the american dream and we're not going to take the bait. democrats are offering free this, free that, free medicare for anyone that sets foot in this country. and that's wrong. brian: you write it will not alleviate student debt? >> correct. sorry, didn't hear the question? brian: you write in your editorial, it will not alleviate the debt we already accumulated. >> right, brian, it will not alleviate the student debt. more government money, as universities continue to just misappropriate federal funds, it is going to create and exacerbate an existing problem. you can't throw more taxpayer money to fix the problem. griff: john, very quickly, we're almost out of time. there was a moment. all the candidates asked about
5:30 am
free health care to 11 million illegal immigrants. do millenials, do you guys understand how significant that is? >> it is alarming. i talk with my friends. we know nothing is free and the fact that we're going to offer free health care to anyone in this country, we just, we need to be alarmed because at the end of the day we're going to pay for it. future american generations will pay for it. the democrats are now just party of free. luckily because of president trump, they are the party of freedom. i will tell anyone that will listen, any millenial listening now we need to choose freedom in 2020 to elect this president for four more years. ainsley: john pence, vice president's nephew, an advisor to the trump campaign. about to graduate from business school. >> thank you. brian: 30 minutes before the top of the hour.
5:31 am
30 minutes past the hour. fox news alert. navy seal eddie gallagher not guilty in the death of an isis prisoner. gallagher and his attorney join us live for the first interview sips the verdict. that is next. >> happy and thankful. thank god. ict and my wife. but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> america will never be a be
5:34 am
socialist country. griff: decorated navy seal, 19 years of service, eight combat tours is in jail accuse the of killing isis fighter. >> eddie galler faces court-martial. >> stripped of all his rights, due process, thrown in jail. brian: a military judge finally dropped two charges against edward gallagher. >> a sign of a overreach an overzealous prosecution. >> they slandered my husband,
5:35 am
slandered my family. >> in a twist, he hadgy gallagher's prosecutors say they spied on them. >> bombshell testimony. seal team 7 medic cory scott took the stand saying he is real killer. >> the government's witness admits to the killing. it is unbelievable. >> a pathologist testified a isis teenager could have died from a stabbing but he couldn't determine the cause of debt because there was no evidence. >> fox news alert, decorated navy seal eddie gallagher found not guilty of murder charges in the death of a isis fighter. >> this vindication i hope will be a lesson learned for everybody. griff: decorated navy seal eddie gallagher found not guilty of killing a isis fighter. ainsley: we have pete hegseth who covered the case. >> for his first exclusive interview, navy seal operations
5:36 am
chief, eddie gallagher, his wife andrea and attorney tim palator thanks for joining us. a much happier group with some certainty in front of you, i have no doubt. eddie, i want to start with you, for so long americans have seen your picture. they know your story but they haven't heard from you. eddie, as a decorated navy seal found not guilty, what is your message to america this morning? >> i just want to say that i feel completely grateful and blessed to have the support that i had this whole time from the, from the country and from all the troops around, you know, around the country and i want to say thank you to you, fox news, to you guys, pete, for being with us from day one. you guys backed us from the beginning. i want to say thank you to congressman duncan hunter and
5:37 am
congressman ralph norman and also to president trump for intervening when he did. >> he did. we'll remind the audience, when you were in certain confinement, president trump stepped in, made sure you were released before the trial with opportunity to prepare. when i prepared to talk to you guys this morning, so many articles say this is a war crimes trial. you've been called a war criminal. did that frame you, eddie, as a bad guy from the beginning? how have you tried to overcome that? >> yeah. i mean i believe, you know, they tried to frame me as a criminal from the get-go but, you know, we knew the truth the whole time. we knew i was innocent of these charges the whole time. i overcame it by having my strong wife with me the whole time and my legal team.
5:38 am
>> absolutely. we'll get to andrea and tim for sure. eddie we'll stick with you. you've been described as demanding chief, pushing some seals, some would say too far they felt like in some cases. pretty rare for some seals to testify against someone they served with but you overcame that. just talk to us about that accusation of some of the guys you served with? >> can you say that again, i'm sorry? pete: your fellow seals, some which testified against you, originally brought charges. how do you manage the perception that is not something that often happens? >> no. >> there is a little bit of problem with the audio, sorry. >> we can't hear. >> that has always been, i think that, what you're asking about is overcoming the issue of his fellow seals, members of the platoon being ones testified against him. that has always been a problem
5:39 am
for us. we had to make sure we showed the jury not only that the story wasn't true but also to explain to them why they would have the motivation to do this because, you know the seal teams are famously close brotherhood and yet what you see today is with a lot of these teams, there is a certain generation of seals that don't really fit into that traditional notion of brotherhood. there was, during certain periods of time when they relaxed standards, had a large influx of people into the community and so they, they weren't up to eddie gallagher's standards. so that caused some friction. they, they decided to do something that i'm sure that they now regret. pete: absolutely. go ahead, eddie. >> i want to make clear this small group of seals that decided to concoct this story in no way, shape or form represent the community that i, i loved and gave my soul to.
5:40 am
so, this has put a black eye on this community but i want the nation to know that this is not what our community is about. this community is full of elite warriors i've been honored and blessed to work with the past 20 years. i thank everybody that is still serving this community. pete: we thank you. another name came up, speaking of seals is cory scott, medic who admitted on the stand ultimately expiring that isis fighter. did you know that he would say that, eddie? >> i will let you answer that. >> it was something that i suspected, based on some of our preliminary investigations and interviews before the trial. he never came out and told us beforehand. he did use the word asphyxiate. that he wouldn't expand on it.
5:41 am
it wasn't really until the middle of trial during his direct examination when the prosecutor asked him, what happened next? he said i stayed with him until he asphyxiated. the prosecutor went completely over head, at that moment i punched eddie in the leg. i said, we got him. i felt right then if i went into it, he would admit to it. and sure enough he did. pete: eddie, what did that moment feel like there in the courtroom? >> it was, it was shocking but, you know, this whole thing has been shocking. so at that point, you know, nothing was surprising me. you know, i think tim said it from the get go. every day there is something new. you know expect the unexpected, so. pete: andrea you have been by eddie's side this entire time going through this ordeal.
5:42 am
your reaction to this verdict walking out of that courtroom as a free couple? >> it was definitely a very surreal moment to finally what i ultimately envisioned, justice left to be served would happen. so that was a huge moment for us, just to see that now everyone in the country is able to see what we've seen all along, which is my husband is a hero. our family was terrorized, we overcome it and we're better because of it. because we went into this and we gave everything. myself, my brother-in-law, my legal team, my husband especially. so we overcame this, we'll continue to make sure that this does not happen again to warriors in this country. pete: not to mention 19 years of service, eight overseas deployments. you also have kids. talk to us, eddie, andrea, about your children, how are they
5:43 am
pulling through this? how do you explain this to them as well? >> yeah. it is unexplainable. to have a person like my husband that is dedicated since he is a teenager his entire adult life to fighting the war on terror, two decades of service. every single battlefront, every single enemy of the united states. you know our chirp grew up with face timing their father, having him gone working up or deploying to the most dangerous battle zones in the country. then at the height of his career, after being ordered number one chief, number one platoon, he is then almost discarded and thrown away. it is just incomprehensible what our children had to face what they have had to go through. how they had to see their father in jail. they separated him most of his life because of his dedication to service in this country. to be separated from him because he served nearly 10 month in some form of confinement before
5:44 am
his day in court. it is just, it is really hard to put words to. our children are resilient. our children are amazing, amazing individuals. you know, we're just thankful to have him home. we're looking forward to making up lost time. pete: eddie, you wore the uniform for 19 years. you stared down isis on battlefield. did things people can't even imagine. would you do it all over again knowing what has been done to you in this process? >> i would, pete. i wouldn't give back my 20 years i've done. i've been able to serve with some of the most honorable men. you know, i have had to watch my friends be buried in the ground. no, i, i wouldn't give back my past 20 years for anything. i would do it again. i would continue to do it if i could. pete: eddie, ironic your freedom day is america's freedom day,
5:45 am
pretty close, what are your plans for the fourth? generally what's next? i'm sure you were in a tunnel focused on proving your innocence. what comes next for you? >> next is just spending as much time i can with my family and friends, all the people that supported me. i plan on just doing what every american should be doing on the 4th of july, barbecuing, having beers, watching fireworks. pete: sounds like a good plan for sure. tim, the trial is tactically over, briefly update audience what could come next? one charge is still pending. how does this close out? >> sure. he was convicted of a single charge which was taking a photo with the dead terrorist, even though the entire platoon was in the photo the only person charged with that was eddie gallagher, so we have sentencing on that later this morning. and we're hopeful that will all work out just fine.
5:46 am
maximum sentence on that is, well he already served more than 2 1/2 times the amount of the sentence that they could possibly give him. so, it is somewhat anticlimactic, if you will, we'll go through that later today. and you know it is still a serious issue, because it could affect his retirement. so we want to get that done. and then, hopefully by the end of today, this will all be behind us and we can go talk to naval special warfare group one about what happens next. where does, where does he go, how do we transition from here. then get him, get him into his new normal life. pete: new normal. eddie, what's your message briefly to future navy seals, guys would wear the trident, do the things you've done?
5:47 am
are we giving them rules of engagement, empowering them the way we need to do go defeat our enemyies? >> i -- rules of engagement. i will not speak on rules of engagement or anything overseas. pete: sure. >> i will leave that to the people fighting the fight over there. you know the rules of engagement are there but i would say in the future navy seals, you know, loyalty is a trait that seems to be lost. i would say bring that back. be part of a brotherhood. remember, you know, you're there to watch your brother's back. he is there to watch your back. just stay loyal. >> loyalty and honesty. >> and honesty. pete: andrea you have been a powerful voice in this as well as eddie's brother sean. talk about the next step, next
5:48 am
chapter, helping folks like your husband. what have you learned in this process you hope to do to wake americans up to this challenge of warfighters being thrown under the bus? >> yeah, there is a tremendous amount of work to be done. i've always said we seen behind a curtain that we honestly never knew existed in the system. we compared this, called this a travesty of justice. i still firmly believe god called us to this that we could help effect change for countless, countless service members who have been basically done a huge disservice by this system. so you know, we're going to definitely close this chapter, take some time together. we will continue to fight for the wars i don't remember of this country, make sure we're keeping america great and that we're not betraying our war here rose after they go -- heroes after they go to fight for us
5:49 am
and we need to fight for them and that's what we'll keep doing. pete: thank you very much for getting up early in san diego. i know you have to still head to court this morning. tim, you still have something on your docket. i want to thank you, eddie, andrea for your commitment to the nation, eddie, your service to the country and opportunity to have the next chapter. you stood strong amidst a lot of powerful forces. thanks for joining us on "fox & friends." we appreciate it. >> thanks, steve. >> thanks, pete. ainsley: you're a veteran you know exactly what to ask. we can't judge what happened overseas. so many of us enjoy freedoms and many of us pointing at what is going on overseas. pete: he has limits on what he can say, pending photos of a corpse trial. there is second guessing happened here in homes in air-conditioned offices. you know what he had there? he had jury of his peers.
5:50 am
marine corps officers who had been to combat, other senior enlisted officers who were in the jury. they put himself in the seat of eddie gallagher, making tough calls amidst a complex situation. griff: comment he gave you loyalty needs to be returned. men and women go overseas to fight for the person to their left and right, coming from a navy seal in the harsh war fighting situations. ainsley: how is he paying for attorney fees. brian: he is doing it gratis. >> i think so. this is not something paying out-of-pocket. brian: tim deserves a lot of credit. pete: their legal defense did amazing job going the cooperation. ainsley: cory scott, i know he got immunity, will he go to trial. pete: eventually there could be a way for them to revisit that. brian: dedicated seal eddie gallagher speaking out first time after being cleared of murder charges. an american hero.
5:51 am
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5:54 am
>> morning everybody, i'm bill hemmer. big morning, big parade, what is planned for the 4th of july and how will it play? we'll find out in a moment here. iran with a bold new threat. what was nike thinking after all? was the truth about health care illegals would you like to know? newt gingrich is our headliner. sandra and me in about six minutes. john us at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. ♪ griff: our next guest is a true talent that paints patriotic masterpieces while he sings. ainsley: his first "fox & friends" performance launched his career he used to raise more than one million dollars to help our nation's veterans. griff: he has become a viral sensation. painting for celebrities like
5:55 am
arnold schwarzenegger. we welcome back joe emerson. happy fourth. you're in the patriotic spirit. what will you do for us? >> i will do singing and painting. done it here before. we'll do it again. ainsley: we had you on several years ago. you had one child. now you have three kids. live in greenville, south carolina. you brought your wife with you. you were a starving artist. >> i remember we were looking for change in the couch, doing that thing so we could go out on a date to taco bell. drift griff take it away. let's see what you got. >> sounds good. ♪ god bless america, land that i love, stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above ♪
5:56 am
♪ from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ ♪ from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ ♪ god bless america my home,
5:57 am
sweet, home ♪ ♪ -guys, i want you to meet someone. this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets.
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-how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair. overstepped.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> happy fourth to everyone. wear your red, white and blue and celebrate. >> bill: eddie gallagher spoke out for the first time since a jury found him not guilty of murder. i'm bill hemmer. here we go. good morning. >> sandra: good wednesday morning. i'm sandra smith. the end to a trial with many twists including bombshell testimony from a witness who confessed to killing that isis prisoner himself. gallagher facing sentencing today on a lesser charge. >> bill: his long fight for freedom. he thanked his supporters a moment ago. >> i want to say i feel


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