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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 4, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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american pictures coming to us, how you is a limiting independence today and tonight and we will air those tomorrow morning. thank you for joining us and beginning your fourth of july early on "fox and friends first," have fun today and tonight and be careful, goodbye. >> it is thursday, july 4th. pure american pride, just hours from now the president absolute america. >> we take you live to the national off of the patriotism and politics. plus plus 1 sanctuary state governor rolling out the red carpet for nike after arizona kicks them to the curb. >> who was waging the cold war nike started when it scrapped the betsy ross sneakers. >> we are not going to make america great again, it was never that great. >> lack of patriotism by some on the left isn't new. >> taking a closer look at why
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it is a problem to be a proud american. "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> ♪ born in the usa ♪ born in the usa ♪ i was ♪ born in the usa ♪ born in the usa ♪ >> a fabulous song to kick off this fourth of july, good morning and happy independence day, you are watching "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. >> happy fourth to you. >> as we celebrate today we want to know what makes you a proud american. >> send your pictures in and we will show a couple of hours,
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just a couple weeks ago, see the guy centerleft? rudy giuliani and you can see one world trade center in the background, for 9/11 first responders, certainly a proud day. >> i remember you coming in the next day. i feel like i have never been more proud to be an american because i spent the year with a lot of other proud americans like chris cruz of cruz customs flags and congressman steve scalise after the congressional baseball game, so many people make this country great especially our service men and women who we should be honoring today and every day. rob: send us your pictures using the hashtag proud american, we will get more. it will be tough to be seen. military vehicles rolling into place near the lincoln memorial ahead of donald trump absolute to america. >> democrats taking a different tone calling it a political stunned. griff jenkins live on the national mall where the
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celebration is taking shape. happy fourth of july. >> reporter: happy fourth of july to you guys, never too early to celebrate america, we are out here before the sun but a lot has happened. you've got two friendly fighting vehicles right here on the base of the lincoln memorial where the president will speak after 6:00 pm today. you see these brave soldiers from the first battalion third infantry regiment, we know them as the old guy. you see them in arlington national cemetery honoring fallen heroes, they are out here today protecting the president but they pulled out all the stops, this of a lifetime, we will have takes obviously, the bradley fighting vehicles, fireworks, flyovers, all of the bands to the tune of 2 and half million dollars and part of that money is spent for the security, secret service will be sweeping this area all along the mall to protect the tens of thousands that will come out here. the president is quite excited
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about what he is calling the show of a lifetime. you are looking just down towards the monument and beyond that the us capital. it will be a site out here to see. is what the president says tweeting this yesterday, the cost of our great salute to america will be a little compared to what it is worth. we have the planes, the pilot, the airport is right next door at andrews, all we need is the fuel. we on the tanks and all, fireworks are donated by two of the great nights. not everyone agrees with that. he hits the trail with 2020 democrats, they are saying it is partisan and all about the president. >> i don't think he understands this is america's birthday, not his birthday. was to have a military parade. when i think about military families. >> is not show of strength, it is a show of insecurity. every time the president has our country looking like the chest something loudmouth at the end of the bar it makes us all look smaller. >> a parade that is
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fundamentally about him, getting tickets into the hands of wealthy donors to the republican party. what a waste of money. >> reporter: there will also be protests, code pink has a permit for the baby trump balloon although it won't fly because they didn't get the permit for the helium to get it airborne. it will be stationary. we are also told there may be a scheduled flagburning somewhere in the vicinity but all in all we are looking for a big day out here, tens of thousands of people, hopefully the rain holds off but you never know. it is hot and muggy already out here. >> so much controversy over a patriotic day. thank you for that report, we appreciate it. thousands of officers are hitting the streets, water, and sky for the fireworks show in new york city.
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the first time drones will be used to keep watch over the crowd of millions. crews unloading hundreds of pounds of fireworks on the brooklyn bridge, ready to light up the sky, the fbi says there are no credible threat against the celebration. >> the white house vowing to appeal a court order blocking emergency funding for the southern border wall. the ninth circuit court of appeals ruling the $2.5 billion of pentagon funds were not approved by congress and did not fall under unforeseen military requirements, the ruling follows a lawsuit by the aclu after the president declared a national emergency in february to tap pentagon funds for the border wall. we will keep you posted how that goes. the police officer who froze during the deadliest mass shooting in modern us history is our job. body camera video shows cordell hendrix cowering in a corner one floor below the gunman opening fire at the mandalay bay resort in las vegas. hundreds admits he was terrified with fear. 58 people died in at 2017 shooting.
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the police union fighting to get his job back. >> a sea of blue saying their final goodbyes to the 9/11 first responder luis alvarez, the former nypd detective losing his battle to cancer linked to his months at ground 0. his family honoring the hero in an emotional funeral service. >> i love you, dad. i promise to keep walking the brave line, to be the man you inspired me today. >> i pray the angels let you in just as i know you will be there to lead me in, just as you promised. >> john stuart who fought alongside alvarez to extend the september 11th victims compensation fund was there. not there, new york city mayor bill diblasio and andrew cuomo. bill diblasio did attend alvarez's wake.
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lewis was 53 years old. >> the debate over nike's patriotic shoe design heating up. 2020 democratic candidates defending the company for pulling the sneakers as american brands respond with their own ways of displaying the flag. >> arsht center -- aishah hasnie joins us with more. >> it was inevitable the candidates away on this. julian castro supported the decision to pull the sneakers featuring the betsy ross american flag. the company did that after it spokesperson and former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick raised some red flags of his own. >> i was glad to see that. my hope is they didn't just do it to do it, they understand the significance. there are a lot of things in our history that are still very painful. >> data o'rourke telling jewish
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insider, quote, i respect the decision and grateful for the conversation it is producing. gavin newsom looking to profit off of this after arizona's governor announced his plan to withdraw incentives for big nike plants to be built in his state. newsom tweeted hey, nike, we are quick johnson over the border, thank you for doing the right thing. california is open for business and welcomes those that represent the best of our american values but not all americans think the flag is offensive. the tennessee smoky posting this picture of the betsy ross flag design on its field tweeting colin kaepernick, after a lot of thought we decided it is best to just do it, hashtag america. they later apologized to colin kaepernick after coming under fire for that tweet. people heading back with this picture. take a close look at this. you can see the betsy ross flag displayed next to the american
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flag at president obama's second inauguration in 2013. if it wasn't a problem then, why is it a problem now? and 9 line apparel printing t-shirts with the flag design, the owners will be on "fox and friends" at 6:45 eastern time to weigh in. lots of controversy. >> i didn't know about that. that is interesting. >> glass slipper still fits, the cinderella run at wimbledon continues. >> done it again! >> coming up, stunning upset over venus williams, the american advances to the third round with another win in straight sets, facing slovenia's paloma tomorrow. she is fantastic, what an inspiration. time is 10 minutes after the
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hour. the president breaking from tradition with his salute to america event and the leftist media is targeting the celebration. >> what is the message donald trump is trying to send? the message is a threat. >> the most insecure man i have ever seen. >> can the president keep politics out of this? ned ryan talk about that coming up. >> we asked you to send photos telling us why you are a proud american. >> this photo with their son who is a young marine. >> fabulous picture. this pint sized patriot insists on wearing red, white and blue. rob: this photo of her proud american you can see right there. jillian: another cutie, look at her. ♪ i just want to go back to dodge ♪
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>> what is the message donald trump is trying to send by rolling tanks? the message is a threat and i suspect the threat is to fellow americans. >> we hope never to see the spectacle of our military force being on display as a show of force to our own people. >> the most insecure man i have ever seen. >> the president's critics calling the salute to america a political stunt. >> what tone does the president need to strike to make sure patriotism prevails over politics? >> former presidential writer for george w. bush, ned ryan, thanks for being with us on this holiday. the president received a inaugu
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rockets rolling down pennsylvania. 1991 when we finished desert storm we had tanks as a celebration of our troops, this is absurd and ridiculous. he had a tremendous speech a month ago about d-day, the sacrifice and all these things and i was reminded again, when i wrote for president bush i remembered writing for some who is president of all the american people, not just republicans. what is the message we want to communicate to the people and i hope trump reminds people we are celebrating our independence. people made tremendous sacrifices for us to become who we are today and this is about what can we do? what frustrates me, we are expecting things from our government. sound like this is
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very unsophisticated. why do you think that is? >> first of all trump derangement syndrome, they have no ability to be objective. they lack any perspective on history. they can't remember what happened 20 or 30 years ago. frustrates me they don't have perspective but i don't expect them to because they are deranged when it comes to trump. he has been able to give great speeches focusing on patriotism, love, duty, all these things and i expect we will see that today and he will prove his critics
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wrong yet again. jillian: he wants this to be a nice time for america but 2020 is just around the corner. do you think that is at all the back of his mind when he makes that speech? >> know. trump is a showman. he has always been about big things and the biggest stage, he is the president of the united states, has the biggest bully pulpit, why shouldn't he be able to do these things and highlight again, the thing with donald trump from the day he started running, deep love of country and deep sense of patriotism and the president of the united states, he has the opportunity to use the bully pulpit to promote patriotism and love of country, by all means do it and let's see how it goes. i think it will be a great spectacle. i'm curious to see if it goes well tonight will this continue as a tradition? we will see. jillian: he could start a tradition for the next year, the next president --
2:19 am
rob: politics in this speech i assume he will stick to that and you do as well. >> the thing that troubles me is he will say things that are patriotic about who we are, constitutional republic the values and principles and people on the left to hate those ideas so much will say that is political. now it's not, just a celebration of who we are as a people. rob: we appreciate it. celebration, very important message to remember today to defend this country. many families have to make the ultimate sacrifice. jillian: goldstar mom joins us with the story and how his legacy changes lives. we have that next. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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rob: inviting the atf and cdc to investigate the mysterious death of american tourists. the country's tourism bureau says the agencies can look at the incidence in whatever capacity they need to. there is an fbi team on the island assisting toxicology tests on the bodies of 3 americans, 13 us citizens have died since last june in the dr. hopefully we get answers. china accused of planting spyware on tourists phones. several reports the chinese government's plot to stop people at their borders forcing them to give up their cell phones. the government collecting personal information including text messages so they can be reviewed and compared to a list of suspicious activity.
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jillian: today we celebrate america's independence, that would never have been possible, would not be as great without the sacrifices of our heroes like seal team 6 member aaron ron who was killed in action in afghanistan in 2011. i'm joined by aaron's mother, karen. thanks for being with us today. your son made the ultimate sacrifice, by extension you and your family made the ultimate sacrifice. i want to thank you for that. a lot of people will be celebrating with barbecues and fireworks. why do you think it is important to remember people like your son? >> from the inception of our nation brave men and women have understood that freedom is never, will never and it will never be free and freedom is always recovered to fight. i just think back to our founders and you go all the way there and think about the effort and bravery to create a dream
2:25 am
most of them never lived to experience. it is so humbling to me and throughout our history, 41 million people served this nation during times of war, 1.3 million have given their lives like my son did and i can tell you one thing, he would do it again if he could rise from the dead, because he believed in representative republican the noblest form of government devised by man. jillian: we are looking at pictures of him on screen and you said he was the love of your life so tell us a little about aaron. i was reading his military resume and he seems like a pretty impressive guy. >> he had a ridiculous record in the military. what a warrior but to me he was my boy. so many people look at people who fight for their country and think they are just like those little green soldiers we played with as kids.
2:26 am
they fight, they drop, you throw another one up, they fight, they drop that there is a cost behind every single one of those and there is a family they love it aaron left behind a wife and two little babies and the daughter 9 weeks old on the morning he died. the sacrifice -- what they want to say most is don't disrespect the sacrifice these men and women have made or the fact that my grandchildren grow up without their dad for your freedom. i don't say that condescendingly. they do it for my freedom too and their freedom so we need to live lives that honor that level of sacrifice. jillian: couldn't agree more. it is a shame that patriotism is becoming taboo in some circles in this country and looking at your son and all he did just enforces why patriotism is so important. you are the vice president of
2:27 am
moms for america and something pretty special going on today for the past couple days. tell us about the organization and what you're doing. >> can't believe today's finally here. at 10:00 am this morning moms for america is hosting a rally for freedom on the capital lawn. if anybody wants to join us we would love you to come out at 10:00 am. we are group of moms fighting for the preservation of liberty, freedom and american way of life and this rally in particular we have brought in 50 goldstar family members from across the nation to allow them to have their voice heard. and their spouses, their fathers, brothers and sisters, their children, their parents, and so today they will have their voice heard on the capital lawn and they will get to say why it is they are standing up in this fight against this creeping socialism in american
2:28 am
government, that is what we are targeting today. jillian: a pledge that moms for america has written. in recognition of the tremendous sacrifices made through our nation's history and in honor of goldstar families, the ultimate price for freedom. i affirm my oath to support the constitution and will do everything to make sure american never becomes a socialist country since this is not the form of government for which our loved ones throughout history gave their lives. you want that to be read in front of congress. >> we want it read in front of congress and signed by every member of congress, freedom is not -- freedom is an american issue. we want every single member of congress. we were shocked when people remained seated when the president made the statement in the state of the union this year that america would never be a socialist country and almost
2:29 am
half of congress remained seated. i don't believe they think that. we were just given an opportunity to sign this pledge and let the american people know they do believe in freedom. >> thank you for your service and sacrifice. rob: this morning, jillian is live at the betsy ross house in philadelphia. an important history lesson. >> as there has been so much talk about the first flag. we decided to the betsy ross house to talk about the history of the betsy ross flag coming up when "fox and friends first" continues.
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jillian: a look at top headlines this one, military things rolling into place for the salute to america. donald trump's celebration is set for tonight and military flyovers. a separate parade for the national park service. rob: the nationalization sarah story, the declaration of independence, the constitution and human rights. 7500 people across the country this week. carley: let the games begin. today is the 103rd annual fourth
2:34 am
of july hotdog eating contest at coney island. you are looking at 11 time winner joey chestnut weighing in on top of the empire state building. competitors have 10 minutes to eat as many hotdogs as they can. when they get $10,000. rob: all they get a 10 grand. carley: a lot of money and a lot of hotdogs. >> america's first leg defined by betsy ross being criticized with some calling it offensive. carley: we sent jillian to philadelphia to learn more about how the stars & stripes actually began. what can you teach us and good morning. i love the headband, you look fabulous. >> reporter: had to be festive. we are in america's most historic square mile. that is what old cities:philadelphia we are
2:35 am
outside the betsy ross house. i visited this place as a kid. when you come to philadelphia it is one of those places. let's bring in scott, president and ceo of the museum of the american revolution a couple blocks away. thanks for being here. >> reporter: it has been a topic of conversation, this flag, america's original flag, the betsy ross flag, there's question as to whether or not betsy ross even sowed this flag with that is history as we know it, the oral story. >> one of the enduring mysteries of american history, dig your didn't she? what do we know about betsy ross? she was a flag maker and pollster by trade. she made plans, many for naval ships. the street we are standing on in philadelphia, we know she had an active business along with many other women in philadelphia. >> reporter: as the story goes it was 1776, 1777, d-day double on the date exactly but the
2:36 am
story goes george washington visited betsy ross because they had connections, they knew one another and she made other things for him a couple years prior to that and in this area, the timeframe she lived here was three years, 1776-89. he brought her a sketch of a flag with 13 stripes, 13 stars. the interesting thing was the star originally had six instead of five. >> a 6 pointed star inspired by a flag that descended in george washington's family with the american revolution. the star pattern was not standardized nor was the arrangement of the 13 stars. congress in 1777 said the flag of the united states with 13 alternating red and white stripes, 13 stars, presenting a new constellation in a blue field but didn't say what the pattern would be. there were hundreds of flags
2:37 am
made with all different patterns. >> reporter: couple blocks away a lot going on, the july 4th festivities. we are here all morning long and there is a flag shop that has been around since the 1800s and a couple minutes ago, they are practically selling out of the betsy ross flag. i asked why, i know why, everything going on this week. carley: that is very interesting. and take back and make it a symbol. >> people want a set -- >> thanks to scott, appreciate it. rob: pc police versus patriotism. some on the left moving further
2:38 am
and further to the left leaving american pride behind. on this independence day we take a look at how patriotism is becoming a political target. here to react is a visiting fellow with the independent women's forum. thanks for coming on this morning. things people embrace and took pride in not so long ago today they have an issue with. why do you think that is? >> we have seen a waning in american patriotism. many people on the left think american exceptionalism is fading, pete buttigieg saying america isn't as great as advertised, new york times had a video saying when it comes to america it is just okay and even the notion that america is the greatest nation on earth is outdated at best and at worst completely inaccurate. if you have a country pride you must be zeno phobic or racist because it is based on the idea that for america to be exceptional, it has to be flawless in every area.
2:39 am
it is okay to say america's history has problems, doesn't mean it isn't exceptional. rob: we got a tutorial on the betsy ross flag. let's talk about the shoe that started this conversation, nike shoe they were going to bring out and release and colin kaepernick said no, he pulls a lot of weight around there now and here's the statement from nike who made the decision to halt distribution of the air max one based on concerns that it could then intentionally offend and detract from the nation's patriotic holiday. let's look at a picture from not long ago, 6 years ago, barack obama's second inaugural address, the first black president in the united states and you can see the betsy ross flag flanking the current american flag at the top. nobody had a problem with this 6 years ago. >> reporter: this is why giving this information, learning about the betsy ross flag is so important because when people don't have the proper
2:40 am
information they tend to be outraged about things that aren't supposed to be a big issue. when it comes to nike is laughable to say they are doing any of this because of the issue of human rights, because they also removed one of their products in china. the designer of that nike product was standing up for the pro-democracy group in hong kong. night he is very inconsistent with their decisions. it is a business decision with them which they can do in the public and decide whether they want to buy nike anymore. >> if anybody think the major corporation has any morality at all all they care about is profit and their figuring out what to say to get to that point. we appreciate your time, thanks so much. jillian: independence day celebrations kicking off from coast-to-coast and proud american correspondent, got a bird's i view on one tradition. >> one day, it is red, white and blue everywhere.
2:41 am
thank you. >> an exclusive first look at this salute from the shore even from the carolina coast. ♪
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rob: we are celebrating independence day with more proud american companies. carley: saluting the troops from south carolina. rob: live this morning from patriots. >> reporter: good morning and happy fourth to everybody at home. the fourth of july is about family and friends, barbecue and red, white and blue. one organization up and down the coast line, tech out salute from
2:45 am
the shore. >> so many individuals join the forces on the beach on that special day. from that point forward we formed a military flyover the coast in myrtle beach and traveled the coastline. >> in hilton head, look forward to this flyover every year. what can we expect in this parade? >> two f 18s followed by c-17s, many are amazed by these great planes, the might of our military. >> reporter: this parade of planes, not just vintage planes but active military like d c-17s for the u.s. air force and we are getting a tour. how would we get something like a fire truck, tank, helicopter in here? >> great question and i will show you how it works.
2:46 am
>> reporter: how are you doing? you are going to take me up in this plane. >> 90% of bomber crews in world war ii, this is by the dutch. >> can we get there and get a treat? ♪ >> small amount of people who get to do something like this. why did you decide to get involved in salute for the shore? >> such a great organization that gives thanks. when you see the patriotism and you look down there. on this one day, it is red, white and blue everywhere. you look down on a great big thank you. >> we try to do it every year.
2:47 am
>> reporter: friends at home, the july 4th holiday, you can leave a message for the military. and paint the world, red, white and blue. you can leave a message for a specific military member or just for the military, and use the hashtag proud americans and love to see how you and your family are celebrating. hope the weather is fantastic wherever you are. >> you look patriotic and fabulous. >> tune in for coverage from our patriots later on on shows to come and we will be right back. with all day comfort for all day fun...
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>> good morning, welcome back. days after was blocked by the supreme court the justice department is explored way to and citizenship question to the 2020 census, donald trump tweeting we are moving forward as we must because of the importance of the answer to this question. doj lawyers have until 2:00 tomorrow to come up with a rationale for adding the question that could sway the supreme court's decision. rob: before and how cornerback has died at 38 years old, name the hefty lefty, hospitalized last week battling an infection. he also had to be at hard issues due to his weight. the university of kentucky school record for passing yards
2:52 am
and played three nfl seasons for the giants and colts. former empire actor jussie smollett is asking for chicago's lawsuit against them to be removed to federal court, attorneys are you it makes sense since he lives in california. the city sued jussie smollett for the $130,000 spent investigating the alleged hoax attack. all charges were dropped against him relating to a false report, the special prosecutor to re-examine that case. carley: a softer side by cuddling scared and altering fireworks tonight. in animal shelter inviting inmates from nearby jail to comfort dogs upset by the loud noises. >> the upside for the inmates is they are part of something positive, to be compassionate about something. it is a win-win for everybody across the board. carley: and also bring homemade
2:53 am
doggie sorbet. did you know there was such a thing? rob: a lovely story. jillian: seems like a perk. rob: freedom fireworks and food on the national mall in dc, just your own backyard, to celebrate. carley: having a patriotic party for your holiday bash. and why you are a proud american. our copy editor crystal sent this photo of her father henry who served in vietnam. rob: look at this photo, from connecticut, brothers serving together, james farrell and his brother captain john farrell. carley: army ranger michael barratelly and his brother second lieutenant joe smith, looking handsome in uniform. ♪
2:54 am
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try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra. ♪ america ♪ america ♪ all success ♪ be noblest. rob: beautiful job there on the flag early in the morning there. millions of americans ready
2:58 am
to break out the grill and celebrate independence day. carley: we thought we would bring patriotic treats to your party. joining us is lifestyle expert who has beautiful table scapes. i learned that on the cooking channel. >> so what we have done here is an epic cheese platter and what i have done is made it look like an american flag. you just have to put a little bit of thought into it. what i have done here is i have some olives, some figs and pecans and sir watchys and blackberry gochhis. carley: cookie cutter? s. >> cookie cutters on the cheese. parmesan and jaroburg. rob: love the cheese. >> fruit. >> now what we have here are
2:59 am
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3:00 am
>> and if you follow me on instagram tutorial on how to make all of these. rob: happy fourth of july. get out there and really enjoy it. watch the fireworks. carley: remember the spirit of the day and our nation's fallen heroes who have served as well. rob: see you later. ♪ ♪ ♪ freedom ♪ freedom ♪ freedom ♪ yeah. >> good morning and happy fourth of july. >> amazing stuff today celebrating this amazing country of ours. >> everyday on "fox & friends" is the fourth of july. today is the actual fourth of july. happy independence day to awful america. thanks for joining us. nowhere in this great country where you find a more patriotic show than "fox & friends." and you know we h


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