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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  July 13, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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arthel: barry officially making landfall in louisiana and downgrading back to tropical storm but the danger is far from over as heavy rain rolls in the region. i'm arthel neville. eric: arthel, thinking about you and your family, you're from new orleans, mom is okay. i'm eric sean, power has been knocked out to tens of thousands of people in louisiana, that's where the storm came ashore and hit the coastal city near lafayette, just southwest or so of new orleans, louisiana and mississippi declaring state of emergency, rainfall predictions topping 20-inches for some areas
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that are already water locked but all eyes on the swollen mississippi river and the communities surrounding it, jeff paul light in baton rouge, 3 rivers that come together in one place, hey, jeff. >> hey, eric, yeah, this is the mississippi right here and to give you an idea how full it is right now, backed by outer bands, this is the guardrail that leads to steps and it's supposed to be all the way down 10 more steps and you can't see the end of the guardrail, that just shows you how full and flowing the mississippi river is in baton rouge, it was going to be a rain event, as you take a look over to the side, the flags tell the story of the strong gusts as they start to roll in, now, a few of the locals out here referenced in what happened in 2016, they had pretty bad
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flooding, several people were killed, a lot of homes destroyed and because this storm sort of started little later than they thought it was, they thought it'll roll through the morning, now it's rolling through, all the safety precautions they had in place they should still be following them. take a listen to what he had to say. >> the other thing that gives us cause for concern is, the levels of rainfall that we are talking about in those rivers are also going to fall in louisiana too, this is a very serious storm, that's the real message, this is going play out over the next 36 hours or so. >> we got a chance to drive around, so far not too much flooding but as the governor alluded, this is not going to be over a few hours, this is marathon, 36 hours and as you take a look behind me, this place is deserted right now. normally a lot of people checking tout weather, checking what it is, they all listening to warnings and staying inside
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as hurricane and tropical storm barry starts to move through, back to y'all. eric: jeff, thanks so much, the in new orleans press conference, let's listen to what they are saying. >> move in after the storm passes and by ensuring that our communications and coordination with other federal state and local responders was perfected and to that angle we have officers in emergency operation centers throughout the area, i think many of you know that we have all to request for help, this morning we had a number of people stranded, we were able to working along side from officials in one of our surface assets to coordinate the rescue of those people, we've also completed medical evacuation of
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gentleman suffering from heart problems and by helicopter, from there officials took him to medical care and we are currently in the process of computing a second medical evacuation from the same area and will probably be effective by a combination of surface assets from the perish marine patrol and coast guard assets in the area. the coast guard as i said is working closely with our partners in particular in contact with governor staff here in louisiana which is what we expect the first really bad impacts from the storms, it's really important that people allow those parts of louisiana around louisiana in general and even to arkansas and tennessee take the storm very seriously. as you all know, more people die in these storms from high water than they do from high winds and we do not expect high-wind event
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after about some point this afternoon or this evening. although we were able to conduct search and rescue operations this morning in advance of landfall, our ability to do so will procure and although we are the best at conducting search and rescue from the air and from the surface, we can do so in some really challenging conditions, there's certain air-conditions not where boats will be at jeopardy, i expect as the storm moves north, we we will come from the south and continue surveys and select our staffs, crews along with our partners to those areas that we see people may need assistance. it's important to emphasize that the best way to get help is to call 9-1-1.
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you call 9-1-1 and you get the entire enterprise, every local correspondent will know where you are and we can dispatch the closest asset, social media, not the best way to do it. call the coast guard directly is not the best option, i cannot emphasize more strongly that 911 is the best way to go. so with that i'm happy to take your questions and then afterwards we will give you a quick tour which i said supports four different coast guard sectors who are actually conducting the tactical operations. >> you mentioned that there's more assets coming into the area from coast guard session, can you give us a sense how many aircrafts, how many boats? sure, we currently have aircraft prestaged in air station in houston and new orleans and we have another in mobile, alabama. eric: coast guard, we have seen such wonderful work in the past
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when the coast guard has been called into action with those orange helicopters plucking desperate families off the roof of their homes, we saw that during katrina, we saw it in houston and they did it at 4:30 in the morning and group of people were stranded on the road because the water had gone up to their rooftops so imagine the bravery and courage of coast guard at 4:30 overnight to go in and save the lives of families who are stranded on the small island that are being by barry. hi, adam. >> hey, eric, flooding for days, big part of the reason for this is you take a look at satellite radar here over the last 3 hours, the majority of the heavy rain continues to linger off of the coast, this still has to run up on the louisiana shore, will do so over the next several hours, the heaviest rain yet to
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comings one area that's being battered and that's all the way in portions of alabama, mobile getting training line of rain, that's where the heavy showers are right now. if i run you in louisiana coast, even though we are seeing heavier rain, the heavier rain offshore and will change and entire system continues to lift to the north, winds have been an issue so far and these are all indicators that pick up winds and the winds knocked them out, widespread currently we are seeing spots to 40, 50, i will get out of the way, closer to the intensity that you're expecting from this runs up to 70 miles an hour on eugene island off the coast. here is tropical storm barry, very slow-moving storm. it's been going anywhere from 3 to 5 miles an hour, from where you sit this afternoon by early tomorrow morning you're running into central louisiana, going to continue to track very slowly to the north, still by the time you
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get into tomorrow morning, likely tropical storm before eventually falls apart. eric, i want to let you know this is a rain-maker the entire way as it moves north from louisiana, yeah, 36 hours or so, anyone in the path will be dealing with heavy rain. eric: inch has to be careful, adam, especially because of the flooding that's expected, thanks. arthel. arthel: tropical storm berry rain water also threatening to breach levies and flood walls along the waterways, this would worsen widespread and what could be life-threatening flooding across coastal communities, for more now mika, geo physicists, you heard adam say it's a rain-maker, the coast guard updated and remind us that people die in high-water events and not high-wind events keep in mind that the mississippi river is at flood stage, all of the above, what makes barry so menacing right now?
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>> you can get flooding down the mississippi which is already having lots of rainfall, lots of high water to start with, you can have flooding from the storm surge, the storm pushed forward, that's like having the entire ocean level temporarily rise higher than it was in the first place, and you can have flooding from the rainfall itself. there's 3 different types of water coming down all at the same time, all of them can be very dangerous and it's going to be a drawn-out disaster because we've got the risk of flash floods not just right now but for the next couple of days. arthel: right, right, give us the scientific yet layman's explanation of what causes the storm surge and why this part of the country is so vulnerable to flooding. >> what's going on is that we've got warmer waters means that you have bigger storms that have more water in them, the water evaporates more easily, when storms move forward the low pressure of the storm actually pushes along a bulge of water,
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it's not a wave, bulge that comes on shore and stays there, sometimes we call it a storm tide to have that level up there, if you have a high tide on top of that, it's raising the base-water level even higher and then you have the normal storm waves and suddenly you're looking at possible overtopping of levies, you're having more water coming on shore, there's reasons why a bunch of the coastal roads were shut down early. even ankle-deep is enough to knock down adult and you don't know what's in the water, you can have downed power lines, contaminants and all sorts of wildlife in the water, you want to stay out of the water. then with the mississippi because we've done so much engineering over the years to prevent flooding, that means we've kind of offset the problems so that it's safer for longer but when it breaks, when it overtops it's a much bigger disaster than it was in the first place, all of these
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coastal ports are actually sinking over time where we talk about it sometimes of everywhere is going down lower which makes all the floods even more intense. arthel: yeah, erosion. mika mcken non, always great to have you on, we will talk to you again. thank you very much. >> absolutely, be safe. >> thank you. our coverage of tropical storm barry continues, coming up update from the director of the national hurricane center, stay with us. ♪
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direct director-hurricane center, i want to thank you for work. can you tell us where exactly barry is now and where is it heading? >> eric, really interesting situation. you don't have a lot of the precipitation wrapped around it, damaging winds, look at all the rain, i mean, incredible story when it comes to the rain, some of those rain bands will be setting up around the new
12:16 pm
orleans area, north shore area, one particular problem area it's interesting to note that all day long, the storms looks like they are moving fast but they are going over the same area, the rain bands that don't move, the longer they are there, the problem we are going to have. eric: we saw in houston, have hurricanes changed, climate changed, they seem to move slower and they have more water. >> it's interesting, we've got a volt back in the library at hurricane center with every lurk that's ever occurred. you can almost find an example of previous storm like this one, we have so many people that live by the coast, population increase, we are just more vulnerable to the coast, it's about the rainfall, it's about hitting more people in populated areas, we have to talk about preparation, 87% of fatalities of inland flooding, half of those in cars, it's about the safety and the population
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staying off the dangerous roadways. eric: the water is warmer and the air is warmer, what does that when they move so slowly, like 5 miles an hour or just come back around and sit and stay in one place? >> look at the forecast how slow this is. when you have warm atmospheric and moisture, that's one to have big problems we are having and each one of these is a forecast point and look how close they are together, we are not moving very fast, that's not going to be an entire weekend or early next week, a lot of time to put down a lot of rainfall and cause a lot of flooding, so that's what we are dealing with, this is a big water problems and the winds, you saturate the soil, a little bit of wind can knock down power lines and trees, just a dangerous situations, even tornadoes, some of them reported today as well. eric: some of the folks interviewed in fox news channel, it's windy and rainy, not that bad, you have heavy rain intense
12:18 pm
cell that is will come and if you the ground saturated that's the danger for inland flooding? >> it really is, and one of the images i've been showing to answer that question is this, i'm, just because the rain hasn't gotten there yet, the north side of the storm has been relatively dry, lop-sided very unusual type of storm, look at the gulf of mexico, i mean, look at the moisture that is still pois today move slowly to the north, so the message there is, you know, just because it's starting slow in some areas with not a lot of rain it's still on the way, i see these increase during nighttime hours, we still have to be careful, the next couple of days are dangerous in a lot of areas. eric: finally, intense red, that's over the gulf, that's the heavy, heavy rain? >> it is, really what we are looking at is that actually is a satellite view from the satellite to look at the temperature of the clouds, the colder the temperature that's higher up, that's intense, intense rainfall and you can see the big pocket here, all that
12:19 pm
poised to move north, keep in mind because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't. eric: because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't, especially with the rain, that's what makes these so dangerous, director of national hurricane center, working 24/7, you have the coffee and and let you get back to work, thank you for taking time to join us. >> thank you. arthel: other news recovering, president trump says nationwide ice raids will begin tomorrow, federal authorities targeting immigrants but the plans face fierce opposition, how they are pushing back against the administration. oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years?
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♪ arthel: welcome back immigration and customs enforcement prepare to go begin nationwide raids tomorrow and at least 10 u.s. cities part of effort to arrest thousands of undocumented people with outstanding deportation orders, kristina coleman live in los angeles, kristina. >> arthel, this effort comes just 3 weeks after president trump delayed the mass deportation sweep hoping congress could reach bipartisan deal on immigration reform, now this big effort is back on and so is the outrage across the country, immigration activists and concerned, mass demonstrations underway in chicago where protestors are calling for the abolition of ice and the closure of detention centers, chicago mayor on wednesday announced the city was permanently barring police department from sharing databases with immigration officials. in aurora, colorado u some pulled down american flag in
12:24 pm
front of building and raised the flag of méxico in its place, local media also reporting protestors spray-painted abolish ice messages on blue lives matter flag that flew outside of the facility this ahead of planned raids in denver. people also protested at detention here in downtown la, demonstrators calling for the undocumented migrants inside to be released and the facilities to be shut down. they say the planned ice raids are designed to cause here in the immigrant community. >> i hate to say that. >> but supporters of the trump administration say the planned raids are necessary and will be carried out carefully. professional men and women will
12:25 pm
plan operations to target the people this they know have been ordered by a judge to be removed and will find targets and heart goes out to them, we want them to be safe while they conduct the operations. important thing to do. >> some authorities continue to deny cooperation to federal authorities and for california, democratic governor gavin newsom tweeting a video this week reminding immigrant communities of their rights, arthel. arthel: thank you, kristina. eric: back to tropical storm barry, barry slowing moving inland bringing intense rain and dangerous flooding and much more is predicted, coming up update on its progress, steve harrigan on where it could hit next. that's mississippi.'s so confusing it hurts my brain. ya i hear ya... or say you can't believe...
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eric: update on tropical storm barry after he declared state of emergency for the state, you talked to arthel in the last hour and governor said that his state has received lots of support from the trump administration and ready for barry, forecasters predicting parts of mississippi could get a foot of rain, steve harrigon right along the coast in st. louis, mississippi, right on the gulf, hi, steve. >> eric, this is about the strongest winds that we've seen in the past 2 days here right along the coast of mississippi,
12:29 pm
you can see that surf churning up pretty good. the winds strong enough to pick up small pieces of sand and blow in your face, right now state of emergency has been declared in mississippi, they've also opened up a number of emergency shelters as well, deployed 3,000 national guards and getting ready for what could be hit the next day or two. sea wall that's been built since 2005. 30-foot storm surge in katrina, since then they built the wall, they changed building codes too, a lot of the houses you see now, 15, 20, even 30 feet up on satellites so they are ready for that. as far as preparations go, they brought in swift boats and high-water vehicles, we were out on one earlier, 5 feet off the ground, going house to house for people who need help, 200 roads already flooded and that could get considerably worse
12:30 pm
especially in towns along some of the smaller rivers inland and mississippi, could get a lot tougher over the next day and a half. eric, back to you. eric: steve we had the head of the national hurricane center on and he was showing how the most intense rain is still out in the gulf, is there any sense of what will happen where you are when that rain hits the beach? >> i'm worried places like the pearl river, places saturated and town that is can be completely cut off. we could be towns isolated entirely by the water, by 1 to 2 feet of rain and that's going to be the challenge for these emergency responders because people can get caught by surprised, how quickly the water can come up so we could see some dramatic swift boat rescues, mississippi is prepared and ready for this, they have their teams in place and they will have to act over the next day,
12:31 pm
day and a half eric. >> you can see how angry the water is behind you, stay safe, my friend, i know you will as we will continue with the coverage and it is the flooding that steve points out that's a real danger over the next few days, steve, thanks, arthel. arthel: eric, we will bring shop owner in new orleans, lauren owns a shop called flirty girl, one of my favorites, lauren, i wanted to talk to you, we saw pictures from magazine street the other day, further downtown towards the garden district where you had street flooding, we are covering this because this is a big storm and want to make sure the people realize it's not time for hysteria, so break it down for us, you're there in nola, where it's at and your shop is closed today? >> the weather that you were talking on wednesday was a lot more than we were experiencing today, right now people are just
12:32 pm
wondering what shops are open right now, so it's kind of like we've got cabin fever but we really didn't have much happen today. arthel: that's the good news, are you in uptown area right now, what's it like? >> it is -- we've got some wind gusts that and lightly misting, nothing is going on, nobody is really on the roads. i think people are wondering what is opened which was the height of the mississippi rivers is really what put everybody on edge, you know that tropical storms isn't really anything that scares us but with the mississippi river being so high it put everybody into a hysteria and on edge and we are okay, we ended up being okay. arthel: that is a good news and we certainly don't want to hype it and we want to acknowledge
12:33 pm
that as well. like typical new orleans, we honker down and grab daquiries, they have great frozes by the way, go grab one of those, on serious note i wanted to thank you, lauren and bring calm to the story, we are concerned but we don't want to overhype this as well, when is your store opening again, by the way, do you know? >> we will reopen tomorrow and i'm hearing that from everybody and we kind of have -- the rolling stones are in new orleans, they honkerred down in new orleans with us, they are playing this weekend, keith richards out with everything. arthel: speaking of concert the rolling stone concert, actually dump the funk, my cousin and my
12:34 pm
brother's band. >> yes. >> they are opening for rolling stones, the concert will happen monday night at the superdome. >> it's happening and we are ready to get back to normal. arthel: all right, lauren, i will see you when i get back to nola. eric: arthel's family waiting like everyone else and if you're from new orleans they have gone through this before. speaking of rolling stones, they tweeted this out. due weather, moving superdome show to monday, hang onto tickets, they will be honored july 15th, we are here with you, we will get through this together. they are being lashed by tropical storm barry. all right, live coverage continues in a moment.
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major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be surprising. ask your doctor about eliquis. arthel: shift gears now, california first state to offer health care to children
12:38 pm
migrants. william has more from los angeles. >> we are the most untrump state in america when it comes to health policy. >> provide health care to low-income undocumented immigrants, the plan expands california's medical cover not just illegal immigrants under age 19, additional 90,000 up to age 26. >> we are providing health care for everyone regardless of immigration status, if you believe in universal health care you believe in universal health care. >> it's crazy what they are doing. >> u.s. citizens come first. >> what they're doing in california, how they are treating people, they don't treat their people as well as they treat illegal immigrants, so at what point does it stop? >> advocates argue a plan to improve immigrants' health by providing them access to needed care but national polls show nearly 60% of americans oppose
12:39 pm
government-provided health insurance for illegal immigrants u in contrast to democrats running for white house. >> raise your hand if your government would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. [cheers and applause] >> currently illegal immigrants receive emergency health care and most state provide pre and post natal health care, doctor visits, lab work, hospital and home care and many prescription drugs. >> we we wanted to celebrate what's right in this country in contrast our approach with the approach coming out of washington, d.c. >> cost of expanded coverage roughly 100 million a year on booming economy and budget surplus, newsom predicted the trump tax cuts would be disaster for california. in los angeles fox news. eric: back with continuing coverage of tropical storm barry, slashing louisiana at this hour, state of emergency
12:40 pm
has been in effect for the entire state as we look live in new orleans, right there on the mississippi, the storm moving very slowly which means it's hammering the gulf coast can torrential rain. thank you for joining us. you are not on the gulf directly, is flooding the greatest concern that you have? >> yes, as you know with the level of rainfall that's expect ed and with saturated, flooding is definitely the issue we are most concerned about. eric: how do you do that, water pumps, infrastructure that new orleans has, $20 billion or so has been put into the state by the federal state authorities, do you have that same type of
12:41 pm
production to help your area? >> we do not, we are about 50 miles from the coast and so we are not really in a bowl like new who -- new orleans is, we he low-lying areas that drain forward naturally, we have to be as diligent as we can and -- and try to make sure that the water is flowing as naturally as possible. eric: what have you told residents? >> i'm sorry? eric: what have you told the residents to do? >> sure, so we've been preparing now for quite a few days and we've told the residents that we expect flooding, we expect some high winds, you know, could cause obviously freeze and power lines to go down and so we are asking everyone to just kind of stay in their houses, let us get everything fixed, if there's an emergency they know to call 9-1-1, we have been through it before, we will do the rescues,
12:42 pm
we are staged and prepared to do all of that and fingers crossed that we don't have to. eric: give an idea for the viewers of what that means, how you're standing by? >> sure, everything from boats and airboats, we have high-water vehicles, we have our, you know, first responders, fire, police ready, we have shelters ready to be opened and then, of course, we have all the utility trucks that are not just the ones from our utility countries here but florida, tallahassee has specifically sent utility vehicles to help us get back up and running if the case warrants. that's what i mean when i say staging. eric: is there that concerned and we hear a lot about the floods, don't drive into standing water, you don't know how deep it is, there could be live electrical wires in the
12:43 pm
water, obviously it's so easy and people don't realize how you can be knocked off your feet if the water is ankle deep and up to tires of the car that's how you drown, have people been given that warning and do you think that they have sufficiently and will sufficiently heed to that? >> yeah, you know, you can issue the warnings and you know the vast majority of people will abide by that and we just hope that -- that the folks that live here have been through it enough that they know to avoid those scenarios, but if not, that's what the rescue crews is for to help out in situations or home floodings that requires rescues. eric: what is the mood like, standing and waiting, is it calm, anxiety and fear or is it just taking it in stride? >> yeah, a little bit of all.
12:44 pm
they see category 1 and everybody has anxiety associated with the floodings and so everyone is paying attention, i think everyone is prepared. we had sandbag locations where people could self-bag and i think we distributed over 140,000 bags, so people were very diligent in getting prepared for this one, so we feel good, we think everyone has done what they could do, yeah, we have to wait now for another few hours until it hits. eric: president of lafayette perish, we are looking at videos and pictures on effort to fill the sandbags, it really is a community effort and something that show it is best of the country and the spirit of our citizens and especially of -- >> i'm sorry, i didn't get that question. you're breaking up.
12:45 pm
eric: i'm giving you kudos because -- >> thank you. eric: we were showing photos of folks filling sandbags, best of, i think, the american spirit. >> it is, and everybody helping each other out, you know, because we have elderly and those that aren't capable and everybody was kind of lending the hand to each other. >> president of lafayette perish in new york and fox news and i can speak to viewers and folks around the country -- >> thank you so much. eric: we are with you and watching, our heart is with you, folks in louisiana. >> appreciate it. >> eric: and elsewhere. arthel. arthel: from the path of the storm, candidates making point to highlight ideology, is that the best strategy at this time in the game?
12:46 pm
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arthel: okay, top story barry making landfall in louisiana and weakening to a tropical storm, the big danger, storm threatening to dump rain that could last for days and pose flood-prevention system. casey siegal. >> one thing that struck me when the national hurricane center sent out a tweet saying saying t barry had been downgraded to cat 1 to tropical storm but even though it was on land and downgraded that the threat was just beginning for a lot of people and that really struck me because usually once the storm makes landfall it really starts to weaken and they are usually going a lot faster so they move quickly out of the region rather fast but this one as you know is
12:50 pm
just kind of sitting and moving at a snail's pace and that means it has potential to drop a ton of rain. back here it might look like the ocean but this is lake poncho train, giant white caps that we have been watching, seems to get higher and higher by the hour and just before we started to go live, one of our crew members pointed out some wood pieces that are floating right back there, almost looks like pieces of dock that has ripped apart from somewhere else and floated through here and you can see that it's just really up against the shore and further on that way, you see how close the homes are to the actual party front, the homes are on stilts, clearly the people who build here know that but it's still got to be a little uneasy sitting in your
12:51 pm
beautiful home, this is a debris line back here, right, when we are covering these, we try to look for debris lines because it gives you a sense of how high the water was, see how it stops right up here. but the water line right now is about right here. the home owner tells us it has to do with the wind, it's moving to the west, lift for lake pontcartrain, arthel, you know this, but for viewers at home, lake pontchratrain feeds to gulf
12:52 pm
of mexico. as you know we have been talking about that, sounding a bit like a broken record, not just in mississippi river but in pontchartrain, so that is really what is exacerbating this situation, arthel, that's what makes barry so unique, it is not a very strong hurricane, but the threat has never been of the winds, they have said from the beginning, when we got here days ago that it was going to be more of a rain and flooding event and so far that seems to be what we are experiencing now that barry has made landfall. arthel: yeah. lake pontchartrain is behind you.
12:53 pm
homes on stilts, some of the folks, i spoke to someone who i know personally who lives near there and they are staying home because they said, well, we have a boat if we need to get out, we will hop in the boat and go, they are staying at the home -- at home. >> as you -- yeah, a you know, different way of life here. folks that we talked to if they feel they are in danger, clear property and nothing is worth your life u trying to keep eye on things u -- they will get out. >> we are hoping and pray forking best, great coverage there's as always. >> thanks arthel. arthel: we hope that things calm down, when you do you stay and get you thin-cut cat fish, all right? >> i love it.
12:54 pm
that sounds good. we have good food. that's the upside, we have to come cover tropical storm, hurricane, but boy, there's good eating out here in this neck of the woods, arthel. arthel: absolutely, good people too, casey, take care. eric: the 2020 democratic field busy this week, the candidates making efforts to point out policy differences between each other, so especially to voters in early states, garrett tenney live in washington with what they are doing, hi, garrett. >> health care is one area with big differences among the democratic hopefuls and joe biden is the only top candidate who opposes medicare for all. over the last few days he has not missed a chance to point the distinction that he's been campaigning in new hampshire at house party earlier today, biden touted the virtues of keeping the affordable care act in place
12:55 pm
instead of replacing it with the kind of single-payer healthcare that majority of candidates are calling for and large part it comes down to cost. >> the idea that -- and people who are qualified for medicaid right now automatically be enrolled. cost a lot of money, $750 billion but doesn't cost $3 trillion and can be done quickly and i don't know why we get rid of what, in fact, was working and move to something totally new. >> yesterday biden praised bernie sanders for being the only candidate out there who is honest about the cost and consequences of medicare for all, but sanders isn't happy with how biden has been depicting his plan and he fired back this afternoon in a statement saying in part, at a time when donald trump and the health insurance industry are lying every day about medicare for all, i would hope that my fellow democrats would not resort to misinformation about my legislation, here are the facts under medicare for all
12:56 pm
over 4-year period, we will transition to a system in which medicare is expanded to cover every man, woman and child in the country. now over the last few days biden has also taken in at kamala harris for not being more clear about problems for health care, harris has not directly respond today criticisms but speaking out at event in new jersey and she certainly has not been afraid to take biden up in the past, this feud between the two show nothing signs of dying down. eric. eric: thanks so much. tropical storm barry continues to dump torrential rain in gulf coast. making its way slowly, very slowly inland, continuing coverage live here in fox news channel continues at the top of the hour. ♪
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it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. >> heavy winds, tropical storm barry goes through the coast. tens of thousands of people without power, the number expected to rise as the storm moves inland and massive flooding is predicted. hello, everyone, welcome to new hour of america's news headquarters, i'm eric sean. arthel: i'm arthel neville, barry making landfall at category 1 hurricane a few hours
1:00 pm
ago, more than 100 miles west of new orleans, now tropical storm packing 70-miles-per-hour winds, barry moving up the gulf coast, flooding is the big fear as 20-inches of rain could fall in mississippi valley and mississippi is already at flood stage, casey is in louisiana, casey. >> yeah, arthel, we are up north north shore of lake pontchartrain, so large, north of the new orleans metro area, you have a lot of communities and some beautiful homes out here, but talk about high water is extremely too close for comfort, look at what lake pontchartrain looking like this hour.