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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 16, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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correct? >> one small step for our show. >> have a great day. go to fox nation to watch the "after the show show" and brian's radio show. >> bye, stay within yourself. >> bill: good stuff. good morning and breaking now the house to debate a resolution to allow the story as they vote to condemn the president for the tweets he made about democratic lawmakers as we say good morning. tuesday. bill hemmer live in the middle of july in new york city. >> sandra: that was some energy. >> bill: three hours to go. keep it cranked up. pedal to the metal. >> sandra: good morning everyone. i'm sandra smith. president trump saying the women should apologize for what he says is their own anti-american hate. >> bill: then in turn democrats announcing the president's remarks as racist and the two sides will hold dueling news conferences this morning but not before both sides were on fire.
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>> if they're not happy here they can leave. they can leave and you know what? i'm sure there will be many people that won't miss them. but they have to love our country, they are congress people. >> sadly this is not the first nor the last time we hear disgusting, bigoted language from the president. we know it's who he is. >> bill: we are live on capitol hill to take us through it now. good morning. >> good morning, bill. this controversy is really consuming capitol hill. some votes have been postponed as democrats try to push through this resolution condemning the president's remarks. but president trump is not backing down. in fact, about an hour ago he was back on twitter saying, quote, the democrat congresswomen have been spewing some of the most vile, hateful and disgusting things ever said by a politician in the house or senate and yet they get a free pass. why isn't the house voting to
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rebuke the filthy and hate-laced things that they have said? but the house is voting today about the president's remarks which democrats call flat out racist. the rules committee said last night and they said the president has crossed the line. >> we're at a point now where i think that we have to send the united signal, i hope it's united, this is not acceptable. not acceptable. and you know what? there is a line where you cross where comments are racist. and you either believe it or don't. i think many of us believe this crossed the line. and to not respond to it i think would be quite frankly a dereliction of our duty. >> it's not only democrats. nearly 30 republican members of congress are condemning the president's remarks. tom cole is one of them. he said he does not believe this measure is helpful.
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>> this is flowing fuel on the fire. to bring it here with no consideration by the committee, no deliberation whatsoever, and to trot it out on the floor to make in my view what's more a political point than a thoughtful discussion. >> in terms of timing this resolution should come up for debate sometime this afternoon and the vote at 6:00 or 7:00 tonight. it will put republicans in a tough spot. they are going to have to publicly either rebuke or defend the president and this is going to put them all on record about where they stand on what he said. >> bill: thank you, we'll wait for the news conferences when they begin live on the hill. thank you, kristin. >> my proposal is we take obamacare and we build on the parts that have been taken away and we add a public option. which means that anyone who has
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their employer-based health insurance they like, they can keep it. >> sandra: a familiar pledge by former president joe biden as the frontrunner unveils his own healthcare plan in des moines, iowa saying it will build on and strengthen obamacare. that's where we find peter doocy this morning to give us the details. >> sandra, when barack obama said if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it, the fact checking website political fact said it was the lie of the year for 2013. now it's back. >> if you like your healthcare plan, your employer-based plan, you can keep it. if you have private insurance, you can keep it. if you have no insurance at all, you are in the exchange or in fact you can buy into the medicare-like exchange.
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that's the add-on to obamacare. >> the medicare for all crowd, though, is arguing that would be impossible. bernie sanders campaign manager says this in a statement, a public option would be both a policy and moral failure at a time when the american people want medicare for all. it is destined to field because a buy-in approach is unaffordable for those who need coverage the most. insurers would dump the sickest individuals and causing it to be inefficient and insufficient option. i also had a chance to ask joe biden last night a question about counting votes in congress and why things would be easier for what he calls the biden plan than obamacare. >> mr. vice president, you are talking now about public option as part of your healthcare plan. that was very tough when obamacare was first coming around. >> sure was. >> it didn't happen. >> can you imagine what medicare for all if you think
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that's tough? >> even though biden's promise is similar to barack obama's he also told me there are no plans to have barack obama come out and try to help him sell this. biden says he needs to do it on his own. sandra. >> sandra: good stuff. peter doocy in des moines for us this morning. >> bill: want to bring in guy benson fox news contributor, host of the guy benson show. good morning to you. let's pick up what joe biden said to steve doocy. he said imagine medicare for all would do essentially. >> i think the vote wrangling for medicare for all single payer healthcare would be awfully difficult considering the house and senate bills would outlaw the private insurance of 180 million people. we were arguing if 5 to 10 million to keep their plans. big promise made and broken. multiply that by a significant factor and you've got a lot more people with skin in the game. i think he is right about the
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difficulty of getting the votes necessary in congress to pass medicare for all. it's just really striking, bill, watching him make the exact same claim almost verbatim that was as peter doocy pointed out the lie of the year. >> bill: my hunch is -- i don't know what your take is on the back and forth. bring up to speed where you are now between the president and these four democratic congresswomen. >> one more piece on healthcare. biden is going for the public option. supporters of single payer who have said out loud the entire purpose of the public option is to put private insurance out of business and get to single payer eventually. that's one of the knocks against the public option plan. >> bill: he has a single payer option in his plan. we'll get the details as the campaign rolls on. give us your take of the lay of
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the land in washington >> another food fight. president trump not backing down. one thing that is interesting. i've been clear on the radio yesterday. i think the president should not have said or tweeted what he did. it was wrong, inaccurate, politically stupid as well. last time there was a big issue about bigotry and inappropriate comments in the building bemind me it was omar and anti-semitism. we got a resolution watered down to condemn all forms of hate non-specified. there will be a different standard applied by the democrats today for some reason that i can't speculate on. >> bill: last week nancy pelosi was a racist from the women of color. >> three days ago. she might be one tomorrow. >> joe biden was hit with a busing comment as well. here is newt gingrich and how he characterizes it now. >> what president trump did today is forced pelosi to
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defend the people that she spent all last week attacking. and so if you watch it, it is almost crazy. last week guess who the racist was? it was nancy pelosi. this week it's donald trump because the only battle cry the hard left has is to call bad names. >> bill: similar point there. if you cry racism too often, it is diluted. we know this through our own history. and you have to be careful with this. do you believe this is something that continues as a story as the president tries to frame these freshmen congresswomen in one corner and his campaign in the other? >> oh sure. i mean i think the trump campaign would be delighted to elevate the so-called squad. i think they have very serious problems ideologically. there are some anti-semitism problems on the part of omar and tlaib as well. the way you elevate them there is a lesson being learned this
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week. but overall, bill, i think what speaker gingrich said at the end was exactly right. many on the left in the democratic party have forgotten how to argue on the merits or in good faith or on policy. it is just identity politics all the way down and the huge fight we witnessed over the weekend that was jaw dropping within the democratic party was people brandishing their various identities as weapons and shields back and forth. it was the natural sort of conclusion of where they've been pushing us for a very long time. i think a lot of conservatives were watching and saying welcome to our world, madam speaker. >> bill: thank you, guy, good to get your perspective. much more on this. next hour counsel to the president kellyanne conway is the headliner at 10:30 eastern time for new reaction and a lot of things. we have a long list coming up next hour. do not miss that. >> sandra: we look forward to. that onto this fox news alert for you this morning.
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flood alerts in a new part of the country as remnants of barry move out of the southeast where the biggest threat now is. >> bill: also the white house rolling out new asylum rules. will they hold up in court? we'll look at the legal ramifications and whether or not the policy can dissuade those from making that dangerous trek. >> sandra: the battle brewing on capitol hill over the president's tweets slamming the four progressive lawmakers. some republican lawmakers weighing in on what some critics have called racist remarks. republican senator john barrasso will join us next. >> president trump: when i hear the anti-semitic language they use. when i hear the hatred they have for israel. i do not believe this is good for the democrat party. certainly it's not the party that i've known over the years. ? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance.
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>> president trump: as far as i'm concerned if you hate our country, if you aren't happy here, you can leave. and that's what i say all the
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time. that's what i said in a tweet which i guess some people think is controversial. a lot of people love it. if you're complaining all the time, very simply you can leave. you can leave right now. >> bill: that from the south lawn yesterday. house democrats getting ready to debate this resolution which would condemn the president's tweets saying the four members of congress should go back to where they came from. wyoming senator john barrasso is on the foreign relations committee. we brought him on to talk about this an the ongoing matter with iran. how are you? good morning in washington, d.c. you had a private meeting yesterday with senators. what did you talk about with regard to the tweets and what did you come away from that? >> so many of us said we aren't going to comment on every tweet. for me this doesn't fit the sentiments that i have. i would much rather be focused on the policies rather than the people. the policies are terrible. they are left wing policies, radical policies, extreme policies that i think would
6:16 am
hurt our country in terms of the green new deal, in terms of medicare for all, in terms of open borders. so we're talking about the things that unite us, we have a strong, healthy, growing economy and those are the things we ought to be talking about. >> bill: what the president would argue he would say this isn't personal, it's politics. do you see it more personal than politics based on that answer? >> well, the way i like to do things is deal with the policy. i'm happy to label the policy because it is extreme. it is so far out of the mainstream of america and certainly what i hear about in wyoming every weekend that for many people it's scary. it's not where this country needs to be headed. we need to be headed in the way we're heading right now. take a look at where we are. 50 years since the launch of the flight to the moon today. our economy is the strongest it has been since that day. unemployment numbers way down, wages way up. it's a result of the policies
6:17 am
that we have put in place under this president and a republican controlled senate and house. >> bill: this serves as a huge distraction. if you talk about the policies and taking questions on this instead, senator. >> my goal is to talk about the policies. i would rather talk about what joe biden and bernie sanders are talking about with healthcare, which is going to make healthcare more expensive. people losing control of their healthcare decisions, longer waiting times. i think those are the policy issues we ought to be discussing. the green new deal would be a big green bomb. blowing up this strong, healthy, growing economy and what is happening at the borders in terms of the democrats who want to get rid of ice and the department of homeland security which was set up after 9/11 to help keep us safe and say eliminate it? you can't have a country with national security if you don't have border security. they're saying let them all in. >> bill: sounds like a campaign issue and we'll push further on
6:18 am
that as we move forward. in the meantime one major issue is iran. the foreign minister saying they'll talk but remove the sanctions first. give a listen. >> i think the united states is playing with fire. had we wanted to develop nuclear weapons we would have been able to do it a long time ago. in any negotiations, you need to find a win/win situation, otherwise you end up with a lose/lose situation. >> bill: is there a door cracked open here? >> i would hope so. the sanctions have been working. they have been biting. the economy is reeling in iran. i was off the coast of iran last week with our naval troops on the u.s.s. abraham lincoln. that ability to show force is something that will also drive iran to negotiating table. i think it's much more important that they talk and
6:19 am
negotiate before sanctions are relieved. their goal is sanction relief. that's not our goal. our goal is iran without a nuclear weapon. they are on the path to that weapon. the iran deal was a bad deal for a number of reasons. gave money for terrorism, allowed them to continue with their ballistic missile program. no one wants war. america is prepared if necessary to go there. that is the last option, not the first. what i heard in the persian gulf area over the weekend, bill, was that president trump's decision to not take military action was so well received in the area it unified -- unified countries, allies of ours in the area against iran seeing them as the aggressor. >> bill: what is what was interesting. had we en interested in developing nuclear weapons we would have been able to do that a long time ago. the reference is back to 2003. the last clip, senator, one more comment on this.
6:20 am
how do you get to a win/win? for iran i would guess you take the sanctions off. for the u.s. and the rest of the world is that you lower the level uranium enrichment and prove it with verification. >> it is. they want the sanctions to be relieved first. i want the sanctions to be there to continue to pressure them to make that first move. maybe they've done it now with their willingness to talk. it is time to start talking. let's do the talking before the sanctions come off to see what, in fact, you are going to get. >> bill: thank you for your time. john barrasso from wyoming. thank you for coming back to our program. >> sandra: google now under fire after an investigator calls for an investigation about their business in china saying it is putting our national security at risk. charles payne weighs in next hour. as accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein sits in jail
6:21 am
waiting for a decision on his bond request a lawyer for one of his accusers speaks to fox news. what he says about accusations of hush money next. >> all of the attention is not attention that they want, but it is attention that the case needs in order to get the right result. sun care is self care. i used to not love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy and that it was going to clog my pores. but what i love about olay regenerist whip with spf 25 is that it's lightweight, it's barely there. and then i can put makeup on over it if i want or if i'm not working, you know, just roll. it's perfect for me. i'm busy philipps, and i'm fearless to face anything. getaway deals starting from 15 percent off
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>> bill: happy end to the search for a missing california camper. rescue crews found 60-year-old cheryl powell and her dog near a playground in a national forest yesterday after searching for about four days. she says she got lost after running away from a man who threatened her with a knife while she took the family dog for a walk. apparently she was dehydrated but otherwise okay. good for her. good stuff there.
6:25 am
>> sandra: fox news alert now on the jeffrey epstein sex trafficking case. the lawyer for one accuser say two key witnesses stopped cooperating in a civil suit last year. she asked the judge to deny epstein's bail request. we are joined live with our reporter. >> during yesterday's two-hour bail hearing prosecutors making the case that jeffrey epstein should not be granted bail because he will try to intimidate witnesses. last fall they say he paid co-conspirators $350,000 in hush money payments days after the miami herald published its investigative piece on epstein. defense says these payments were not witness tampering. there was no criminal case at the time. victims' attorney told me those
6:26 am
payments lined up perfectly with a civil case he was pursuing against epstein on behalf of his client annie farmer. >> we were trying to get witnesses against him. we were talking to employees, former employees, trying to get their depositions and we would find that as soon as we found one and they started to cooperate, mr. epstein would get them an attorney and they would stop cooperating. >> annie farmer was one of two accusers who faced epstein in court for the first time she was sex trafficked by him when she was 16. accuser courtney wild said epstein sexually abused her when she was 14. she called epstein a scary person. wild is holding a press conference today. the judge also unsealing epstein's financial assets monday showing he is worth more than $559 million. he has some $56 million in cash.
6:27 am
prosecutors say epstein is an extreme flight risk because of his wealth. bolstering that argument investigators said yesterday they found piles of cash, diamonds and a saudi passport in a locked safe in epstein's home. the expired passport had his photo but a fake name. the judge will make a decision on bail thursday. >> sandra: thank you, brian. >> bill: another alert. we'll hear again from lawmakers both sides republicans and democratic leadership will hold two separate news conferences. we're expecting the president's battle with these progressive lawmakers to be front and center. that will come up. so we'll have that for you when it begins. >> sandra: plus the white house rolling out new restrictions on asylum claims as some groups move to challenge them in court. so will they hold up? former new york assistant attorney chris staszak is here to weigh in on that. >> almost 90% of the people pouring themselves into our asylum system really don't have
6:28 am
a shot at obtaining asylum in this country and they are clogging the system for legitimate claims of persecution.
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>> sandra: record breaking day yesterday, fox news alert here is the dow opening one minute ago on wall street and the dow is down eight points to start off the morning as the commerce department reports retail sales up .4% in june. that is the fourth straight month of growth for retail and some positive earnings reports on wall street. we'll see where things go. possibly the market taking a breather after another record-setting day. >> bill: it has been a smoke show the last two weeks. >> sandra: two record-setting days in a row. we'll see if that continues. it's early. >> bill: another alert now. president trump saying the weekend ice raids were a huge success claiming many
6:32 am
undocumented immigrants were detained as justice and homeland security departments roll out new restrictions on asylum claims. william la jeunesse is live in l.a. what's the fallout? >> exactly what took place over the weekend is a little confusing in part because of the president who said on friday the operation would start on sunday. then yesterday he said it actually began last week. we know that sunday was quiet. there was no mass operation. we know publicly i'm told by ice agents that basically the publicity blew up the operation. you can't sneak up on somebody when you tell them you're coming. the president is also right saying on any given day not just in those nine cities ice is making arrests of other criminal aliens and priorities you never hear about it. here is the president on friday. then yesterday talking about going after specifically some 2,000 newly-arrived central american immigrants, criminal
6:33 am
records with an outstanding order of deportation. >> president trump: it starts on sunday and they will take people out and they will bring them back to their countries or they are going to take criminals out, put them in prison or put them in prison in the countries they came from. we're focused on criminals as much as we can. >> the truth is, it started a number of days before yesterday. yesterday was very successful. people come into our country illegally and they go out legally. >> the target is mostly central americans. why? the backlog in the courts 900,000 cases. some are going on average three years to complete. there are 1 million people who ignore deportation order and for some judges their first court date available is 2023 which explains this new asylum order that is supposed to take effect today at the border. it could effectively shut down immigration from central america a real game changer. it requires immigrants to apply
6:34 am
for asylum in mexico and guatemala and be denied before reaching the u.s. for most that isn't going the happen. the attorney general says it's necessary. people are gaming the system. they are supposed to be victims of persecution, most are not. the loophole incentivizes people to break the law. >> what it also does is it will stop people who are fraudulently frankly clogging our asylum system and mike, we have over 300,000 case backlog in asylum. and they are getting in the way of people who have legitimate asylum claims, legitimate persecution claims. remember, asylum is about safety, not forum shopping. this regulation will stop the forum shopping while preserving safety. >> several interesting things here. number one, publicly guatemala and mexico haven't agreed to this deal. safe third country agreement. aclu says anyone who shows up at the border and claims asylum
6:35 am
has a right no matter where they come from. they'll challenge that. they say mexico is not canada, it is not a safe third country. the 35 day window on the tariff deal where mexico needs to perform. that's coming up in a few days. mexico has detained and deported more people than ever before. this is kind of in flux at this point in time. >> bill: an update on that. thank you from l.a. >> sandra: let's bring in chris staszak. former assistant attorney general in new york state. good morning and thank you for being here. will these new rules face legal challenges? >> they will definitely face legal changes. i believe the aclu has said they'll challenge the president's plan. but i think the thing that everybody has to keep in mind here, irrespective of what the politics are, whether you like president trump or don't, there is a serious problem there. it was best illustrated by the horrific image of a dad trying
6:36 am
to swim across with his little girl and they drowned. one way or the other there is a problem that has to be fixed here. president trump has announced a plan. if congress doesn't like it then they can compromise. one way or the other there has to be a fix. >> sandra: you mentioned the aclu. they make the case the trump administration is trying to unilaterally reverse our country's legal and moral commitment to protect those fleeing danger. that was in their statement and they said this new rule is patently unlawful and we will sue. wanted to make sure we got that in there since you mentioned it. here is nancy pelosi on these new asylum rules. she says quote, this asylum rule is an abdication of american humanitarianism. the administration overreached their authority with these restrictions which will be swiftly and successfully challenged in the courts. does this give us some taste do you believe of what we're about to see as this battle heats up?
6:37 am
>> definitely. what speaker pelosi just did is staked out her ground. president trump has staked out his. this is going to play out in the courts. they'll make their arguments to a federal judge and one party will be happy with what that outcome is and they will probably appeal. but i think as you explained clearly earlier today, the asylum that is in question here is not just when people want a better life. we're a country of immigrants and most americans came from somewhere else at some point. but this asylum in this case is only supposed to be used where people are facing persecution, torture or death. so if they are on their way to the united states and they can find safety somewhere else, i think as a common sense solution irrespective of politics, if you can protect these people, any people coming whatever country they're coming from and address that problem, i don't see why anybody would have a disagreement with that. it is not a right for anybody to come into the united states or for us as americans to say
6:38 am
hey, we want to go to china today and just walk in there or walk into mexico. we can't do it, either. you have to control your borders. >> sandra: here is the acting cbp commissioner mark morgan defending the new rules. >> this is basic international law. if you are fleeing a country and you are seeking asylum the standard is you seek asylum in the first country you come to. that just makes sense. >> sandra: final thoughts before we move on. >> sandra, i think that makes sense. again, if it's about safety and protecting people who are in trouble, there should be no issue with giving them that safety whether it's in mexico, guatemala or somewhere else. it doesn't have to be the united states if they aren't legally entitled to come to the united states. >> sandra: i want to move on now. the house is expected to vote on holding ag william barr and wilbur ross in contempt pushing the passage of the citizenship question on the census.
6:39 am
what do you expect to happen here and where do you think it will all end up? >> it will end up in the court and not happen overnight. we're talking about years. the best example i use with respect to this question and contempt is when eric holder was held in contempt by a republican congress he never went to jai. ultimately it was dismissed and i think it took two or three years. the same thing will happen here. executive branch doesn't want to give certain information. the legislative branch wants it and why we have courts. this is exactly how the constitution is supposed to work. >> sandra: what you are hearing from republicans and you continue to hear from republicans don't have time jim jordan says the question is very simple, why don't democrats want to know? republicans make the case why isn't more information better when it comes to the census when we want to know exactly who is in this country? final thoughts, chris. >> that's a good argument to
6:40 am
make. there are arguments on the other size. if the census is designed see how many people we have in the united states, as long as the questions are not specifically designed to discriminate against anybody, just gathering information, it shouldn't be an issue. >> sandra: chris, great to have you on all that this morning. thank you. >> bill: basketball's reigning mvp trying his hand in another sport. how about baseball? check it out. [laughter] hang in there, folks. that's milwaukee bucks forward giannis. taking swings. there you go. he is 24 years old known as the greek freak. never touched a baseball until yesterday. he admitted he would make a terrible baseball player. >> sandra: if you're a superstar in one sport it will
6:41 am
translate to another sport but not always the case. >> bill: we'll see when he throws out the first pitch how that goes. >> sandra: wish him good luck with that. brand-new poll out this morning on the state of the presidential race on the democratic side. why things are getting awfully tight in one key state. >> bill: smitty, the war of words over the president's tweets slamming four progressive lawmakers. has the mainstream media been too quick to call them racist? howie kurtz is taking a deep dive on this. closer look in a moment coming up next. >> president trump: they hate our country. they hate it, i think, with a passion. now it's possible i'm wrong. the voter will decide. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa"
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6:45 am
the surface. as required by california law they let the great white go once they knew it was a shark. the captain said the whole experience was like winning the lottery. >> four democratic congresswomen of color has talked about the racist tweets aimed at them by the united states. >> president trump sparked a storm of outrage after a series of racist tweets against women of color. >> yesterday the president unleashed a racist outburst of -- >> they serve of ugly reminders of donald trump's racism. >> there is a sample of the reaction from monday mainstream media for the most part calling tweets targeting four women of color by women of color racist. howie kurtz host of "media buzz" watching a lot of this. good morning to you. lay it on us. what is your observation of the coverage? >> there has been thunderous
6:46 am
media condemnation of president trump's attacks on these four freshmen as he knew there would be as he actually wanted in my view because he gets the democrats to defend the four freshmen and then he can argue they are siding with women who he calls socialists who hate america. as far as the straight news people. most of the anchors you showed. many outlets have just skipped the critics part and say racist attacks, racist tweets. i think a better approach is for journalists -- i'm not defending the tweets by the way. lay it out but not say it's racist. that goes to motive. you say in his heart he is a racist. i believe how john roberts did it at the white house when he said to the president does it concern you that these tweets are seen as racist and being embraced by white nationalists. >> bill: post has been cautious in the terminology it uses to characterize individual statements because the news organization's job is to inform
6:47 am
its reader as dispassionately as possible. it is rooted in the history of racism in the united states. we have concluded that racist is the proper term to apply to the language he used on sunday. answer that i have a few more for you. >> i understand that argument and so the "washington post" flipped after executive editor reached that concludes it. go back to africa that i understand their reasoning. people are smart enough to make up their minds for themselves. since the president denies any racist intent and people can accept or dismiss that it's fine to say racially charged. insendary, i don't think the media have to go so far as to say we don't believe the president. we think it's racist. opinion people can do that. i think news organizations need to be more cautious. >> bill: you meet at the intersection between media and politics in the trump era, you would agree on that, right?
6:48 am
>> absolutely. >> bill: in the political sense is the strategy to emphasize these members of congress, make them the face of the party and over time you consider their policies and then we forget about this dust up going back and forth over the past 24 hours. >> it's the trump strategy and he used it before. he knew there would be a week or more of intensive coverage of this but it becomes a debate or he would like to turn it into a debate about alexandria ocasio-cortez and ilhan omar. omar has been criticized for democrats for anti-semitic comments that she made. the more he can run against the party of alexandria ocasio-cortez or omar or whoever is the democratic nominee fires up his base. he decided to pursue that strategy and the media i think don't want to play into his hands. don't want to play but you have no choice when he has created
6:49 am
such a firestorm. >> bill: she made the comment about the benjamins a few months ago late winter, early spring. a week ago nancy pelosi was accused of racism, the women of color comment from aoc. >> and that is why -- >> a week before that joe biden on the busing issue. you wonder in this political campaign, is racism the phrase, is that the subject line that too many things are often put into as a characterization, howie? >> i think often that's the case. it is an he's charge to reach for. i also think the democratic party itself is spending too much time debating busing in the 1970s and going after pelosi because she dismissed what aoc called women of color. by inserting himself into the center of a firestorm president trump taken the onus off the
6:50 am
democratic party. >> bill: i know you'll be watching the press conferences coming up. >> sandra: do you remember this? >> who will keep this promise to the american people. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. period. if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan, period. >> sandra: it was june of 2009. more than 10 years ago. joe biden is making almost the exact same promise. can the democratic frontrunner win back voters who went for donald trump in 2016? our a-team will debate that next hour. >> bill: barry no longer a hurricane. some parts of the country still dealing with the threat of devastating flooding. it will be around for a while. who is facing the biggest threat today? we'll tell you. >> i implore you to remain alert and aware. in fact, we're seeing more storm vans -- storm bands
6:51 am
beginning to make their way over the state. longer hours... eyes today are stressed! but ocuvite has vital nutrients... ...that help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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6:54 am
>> bill: fox news alert. no federal charges for the new york police officer involved in the death of eric garner from 2014. the question was over civil rights in this case. garner was the man who was being apprehended seen on video for selling cigarettes. heard on camera saying i can't breathe. previously a state grand jury did not indict on criminal charges. that just in here. >> sandra: fox news alert now. the remnants of barry still bringing heavy rain and flooding as it moves north through the tennessee and ohio river valleys. jeff paul is live on the ground in baton rouge, louisiana for us this morning. >> those remnants of barry have now moved well north of the baton rouge area. several rivers throughout the state and region here in
6:55 am
louisiana remain very high and in some portion those water levels could rise. those waters not anticipated to cause flooding in any of those surrounding communities where they have a sense of relief today knowing they did not get the forecasted 15 to 24 inches of rain. the governor here in louisiana saying it could have been a lot worse. believes the provisions they put in place were not a waste considering as many as 90 people were rescued throughout 11 parishes in the state. >> we are in better shape today than we've ever been to take a storm. i won't be anything but thankful. there will always be work to do and lessons learned. we're thankful that mother nature wasn't more severe with us on this occasion than she could have been. >> what's left of barry is moving through arkansas where there are flood warnings in place. also concerns further north in illinois where parts of the
6:56 am
state were already recovering from previous heavy rains and now preparing for several more inches of rain as barry continues on and seeing on the radar there is possibly some rain in iowa, nebraska and south dakota but that is unrelated to barry. sandra. >> sandra: jeff paul in baton rouge for us, thanks. >> bill: minutes from now lawmakers on both sides hold separate news conferences. the president's tweet slamming the progressive lawmakers should come up. stay tuned. more reaction from the white house, counsel to the president kellyanne conway will be our guest in 30 minutes. come on back. >> president trump: it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me and all i'm saying they want to leave, they can leave. ng bucket lists bookers know summer is for booking it like booking a beachside resort, and ordering two more tacos than you need to. check. showing the deep end who's boss! check. starting a scooter gang with the fam. check. "awesome"
6:57 am
bookers know summer won't last forever. "you're gonna thank me" so be a booker at the world's number one choice for booking accomodations.
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7:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. house republican and democratic leaders set to deliver remarks this hour amidst the latest drama. president trump not backing down from his attacks on four progressive congresswomen and they are firing right back. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. a third of the way through. hour two starts nou. it is punch and counter punch as the president and democratic lawmakers trade blows from both ends of pennsylvania avenue. here is just a sample. >> president trump: if you are not happy here, then you can leave. as far as i'm concerned, if you hate our country, if you aren't happy here, you can leave. these are people that hate our
7:01 am
country. john, they hate our country. they hate it, i think, with a passion. >> this is the agenda of white nationalists, whether it is happening in chatrooms or it is happening on national tv, and now it has reached the white house garden. >> bill: a-team is already out of the gate. david drucker, lauren claffey, department of homeland security and mo elleithee, spokesman for hillary clinton's 2008 campaign. are you all right? >> i hate this week. this is just gross. what are we doing? this tweet storm. we should be better than this. we are litigating fights that we should have put to bed a long time ago. and i don't think anyone is looking great.
7:02 am
now look, the guy who oftentimes gets told to go back to where i came from, right? i was offended by that. i was offended by the president's tweets. it does lean into the worst of our history. telling people of a different skin tone to go back to where they came from. i was born in new jersey and grew up in arizona. i lived in d.c. for nearly 30 years. so this is where i came from. when the president says things like this and questions people's love for this country, that's the other thing. when he is out there saying if you criticize me you don't love this country. he spent -- he built his political career criticizing his predecessor. he had a right to do that. these people have a light -- right to criticize him. we're turning our politics into a gross blood sport that it doesn't need to be. >> bill: david, what do you
7:03 am
think? >> well look, i think you are going to look at this based on your political persuasion. a lot of voters will listen to what the president is saying and say finally somebody is willing to say it. we've been taking a lot of this incoming, a lot of accusations of racism directed at us for years that weren't fair and true. either turn about is fair play or actually i'm glad somebody finally said it. here is the problem for the president. those aren't the only voters that exist and he isn't running in a republican primary in 2020 but running in a general election campaign. that's about addition, not subtraction. where the president is soft and has to worry about his 2016 coalition among women in the suburbs, disaffected republicans that may like his policies and many do but don't like the way he behaves. this causes him a problem he doesn't need because he has the rest of his base locked in. they aren't going anywhere. >> bill: now he gets the four of them on stage yesterday. you want to read the latest tweets? >> i just want to say i don't
7:04 am
subscribe as a political analyst theories of nice level chest. he is doing this to go this and the ball goes over and it banks in off the backboard. it doesn't work that way. the democratic nominee will be the face of that party not the squad. that's who he is going to run against. and none of this over complicated strategy if that's what it is, is going to help him. >> sandra: we're waiting the hear from leaders of both parties and why we have this shot up. when that happens we'll bring that to you. our eye on capitol hill. meanwhile our eye on the white house as well lauren. right now the president is tweeting this moments ago. he said those tweets were not racist writes the president. i don't have a racist bone in my body. it's a democratic con game. republicans shouldn't show weakness and fall into their lap. this should be a vote on the filthy language, statements and lies told by the democratic
7:05 am
congresswomen who hate our country. omar is polling at 8%, cortez 21%. nancy pelosi tried to push them away but they're forever whetted to the democratic party. see you in 2020 writes the president. lauren. >> i think he is trying to backtrack so hard on this one mostly because he sees it as an unforced error like charlottesville it is because his play now is for suburban women who have said repeatedly they are in favor of a lot of republican policies, national security and fiscal conservatives but have been consistently turned off by the rhetoric in washington and the civility of the tone right now. and he has played into that and i think he has to backtrack. you have seen him do a subtle message shift over the past 24 hours to not only change the conversation to the squad but also to broaden his attack not just to if you don't like this country go back to where you came from. if you don't like the policies and what we're trying to achieve here. he is trying to shift to a more
7:06 am
patriotic attack and more of a patriotic if you don't like america then you should leave. that will play to his base but it does not work for the broad -- >> bill: we have all been here before and seen how it turned out. let me just backtrack a little bit from the white house yesterday. it was made in america day. the third year in a row for that. first you hear from the president and a few other reactions in a moment. watch here first president trump. >> president trump: and the democrats in this case, if they want to gear their wagons around these four people i think they'll have a tough election because i don't think the people of the united states will stand for it. >> bill: that comment right there goes to all the commentary that you guys are offering for the election of 2020. rashida tlaib yesterday afternoon when the squad, can we say that now? the squad was on the hill. >> many members of congress have called for his impeachment
7:07 am
because of his utter disregard and disrespect of the united states constitution. we remain focused on holding him accountable to the laws of this land and accountable to the american people. i urge house leadership, many of my colleagues to take action to impeach this lawless president today. >> bill: if you were with us yesterday many people were making that exact point. to go ahead and push the issue to impeachment that gives people like nancy pelosi more headaches. >> nancy pelosi has been careful about the impeachment issue around the mueller report. this goes deeper. it gets to something that is much more intertwined with the soul and fabric of our nation. in who we are. and what donald trump did this weekend from a political perspective was reunify a democratic party that was starting to show some fraying
7:08 am
and starting to show fissures. you are seeing this fight between nancy pelosi and members of the squad and others. everyone is now unified and they are pushing back. pelosi is out there defending the members of this caucus. i think it is going to now heighten some more of the conversation about holding the president accountable and you will probably see a little more unity from the party. >> bill: on that exact point. >> sandra: from the former speaker of the house to the current speaker of the house newt gingrich said this is nancy's problem. >> i think nancy has a huge problem. partially generational. she is a grandparent. this new group are people who look at her as two generations older. they think she is the problem, not the solution. they think they were elected to clean out the congress, not to become part of the congress. >> sandra: she is about to take to the microphone a short time
7:09 am
from now and we will hear from her. how does she handle this? >> i think the president has made it easier for her to handle this. the former speaker is right. nancy pelosi does have a problem. she has a lot of new ambitious members who have a different idea how you govern and congress's role in american life and impeachment. not all of these things are helpful to the swing seat democrats that made that new majority. nancy pelosi understands that. a lot of the democrats from deep blue districts have no idea what they're dealing with. the speaker is trying to keep it together. whenever the argument and debate is about democratic disarray and intraparty warfare as they try to navigate this period during the presidential primary it is a problem for them and helps the president. when the president attacks the way he did in a very visceral, personal way and allows democrats to say we need to put all of this aside and stick together because this is the
7:10 am
larger enemy. in fact, he has reminded them as a matter of politics he is the bigger opposition than is pelosi or aoc and that's i think the danger in a lot of this for the president and republicans when they were in the middle of watching the democrats sort of replay a lot of what we saw with house republicans after they won the majority in 2010. they count shoot straight except at each other. >> bill: joe biden on the campaign trail. before we go there you said you can't predict the strategy of the banked shots going in, off the wall. sglaots -- >> addition over subtraction. appeal to people's greatest concerns some of what the president did in 2016. he is wasting his time around the edges here. he will have an opponent next year. nobody is going to care about the squad or speaker the way they do today. >> bill: limbaugh has a different take on that. that's what i was trying to establish here and we'll debate
7:11 am
this point next here. watch. >> every time this woman omar has opened her mouth this year. every time, she has said something offensive, something insulting about america. they would not denounce her, they would not censor her. now pelosi is trying to get a house censure of trump because of his tweets. this is made to order. he is maneuvering pelosi into defending these women who are on a total anti-american tirade. >> bill: let's pick up that point. >> he is right, though, in the fact that now pelosi gets to be the savior for the squad and they were calling each other racist last week. it is a complete shift and a lay-up for pelosi. why wouldn't she do this? it's great for her. >> bill: lay-up. you need a bank shot off the house.
7:12 am
>> bill: quick last comment, mo. >> this is deeper than just politics. i'm glad that we're having this conversation as gross as it is. we have a lot of racial division still in this country. the president has shown that this last weekend. the more we take about it, the better it is. >> bill: thank you all. you guys come back. >> sandra: fox news alert as president trump's secretary of defense faces questions at the confirmation hearing today. he became acting defense secretary a few weeks ago and formally nominated to lead the department yesterday. lucas tomlinson has the late freft the pentagon for us this morning. >> it has been seven months since the pentagon had a senate confirmed defense secretary. expect fireworks from some democrats on the committee from presidential hopeful elizabeth warren who wants to use his confirmation hearing to challenge trump's policies. he wants to continue to focus on the rising threats from
7:13 am
moscow and beijing. >> the growing threats such as china and russia warrant a refocus to high intensity conflict across all the military services. this requires us to modernize our force and capitalize on technological advancements. >> he is a west point graduate and served on active duty, gulf war veteran and worked in top policy positions on capitol hill. he was defense top lobbyist and army secretary. he had to step down yesterday due to a decades-old law from being the official nominee and acting defense secretary. navy secretary richard spencer took over in the acting role yesterday afternoon. esper hopes the senate will
7:14 am
vote on his nomination this week or next week. warren wrote i am concerned by the cozy relationship between defense contractors, the dod and white house and troubled by your unwillingness to talk about your conflicts and interest and -- warren has received nearly 32,000 dollars from defense industry for her 2020 campaign. raytheon gave her campaign $8,000 in 2018. >> bill: iran saying they could -- the foreign minister said talks are possible but only if sanctions are lifted first. trey yengst picks it up from jerusalem. >> iran's foreign minister reiterated the new position of
7:15 am
his country that they are open to negotiations with the united states as long as the trump administration lifts sanctions on iran. those comments made today during an nbc news interview. back to you. >> bill: apologize about that, trey. nancy pelosi is taking questions now. republicans first, watch. >> this is the greatest nation that has ever existed. the exceptional nation and they are wrong when they fail to recognize that no people have ever lived in greater freedom. and then they go on and fail to provide the resources our men and women in uniform need to defend that freedom. our colleagues, our socialist colleagues on the other side of the aisle are wrong when they advocate abortion up until the moment of birth including partial term abortion, late term abortion and when they refuse to mandate care for babies who are born alive. our colleagues are wrong where they say we should open america's borders, abolish ice and abolish dhs and they're
7:16 am
wrong whether they advocate policies that would eliminate all private health insurance in this country, destroy medicare, and force the american people to pay for free healthcare for illegal immigrants. they are wrong when they pursue policies like the ones we'll be voting on today that will destroy 4 million job for low wage earners by mandating a $15 minimum wage. that's not compassion, that's a callousness born of ignorance. they're wrong when they say their programs help people at the lower end of the economic spectrum. every one of their socialist programs would create massive new government dependency and end the very economic growth we need to insure everyone can prosper. our colleagues are wrong when they advocate packing the supreme court and abolishing the -- they're wrong that any individual seat at the table is
7:17 am
only valuable, only legitimate if that person espouses some pre-approved set of beliefs deemed appropriate based on their religion, gender or race. when they say that, that is racist. so no, our opposition to our colleagues' believes has nothing to do with race or gender or religion. we oppose them and their policies because their policies are dangerous and wrong and would destroy america. the issue here is the content of their policies and we will continue to stand up and fight against what we know is wrong for this nation. and with that i would like to turn things over to congresswoman fox who is the republican leader of education and labor committee. >> thanks. thank you very much. we are going to be voting today on a very, very bad piece of
7:18 am
legislation hr582 which more than doubles the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour by 2024. this is a radical and unprecedented mandate. over its 80-year history the average federal minimum wage has been $7.40 an hour with a median of $7.33. both just slightly higher than the current federal standard of $7.25. they claim the federal minimum wage has never been lower doesn't hold water. in fact, only 2.3% of hourly workers are paid at or below the minimum wage currently. >> bill: we will leave it for a moment here. when the questions come back to the story of the day we'll bring you back. liz cheney said the following. we oppose them because of their policies, not because of their race. republicans go first. democrats follow in a moment. >> sandra: she went on to name a list of those policies that
7:19 am
they have touted that they're against making it very clear it is not about race, gender, or religion. this is going to continue. more from that and also from the democrats. we expect to hear from leaders of their party shortly. kellyanne conway coming up as well. stay tuned. we'll be right back. it all takes cash. getting that cash is just a phone call away. call newday usa. the newday usa 100 va loan lets you take out an average of 54,000 dollars to pay debts or put in the bank and it lowers your payments over 600 dollars a month. and because newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va they can close your loan in 30 days or less. they even do all the va paperwork for you. helping veterans get the financial peace of mind they deserve. that's what newday usa is all about.
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7:23 am
>> sandra: fox news alert now. subcommittee hearing this afternoon on lessons learned from investigations into russian disinformation attack. impact on our elections and what can be done to stop them. catherine herridge following all this live from washington and she has what we can expect when that hearing gets underway this afternoon. >> good morning. the house hearing is focused on the russian disinformation campaign targeting european elections and what lessons can be learned for american voters in 2020. the european commission recently released this report that found the russians spread bad information to amplify political differences and furds divide a country's citizens. it reads in part evidence collected reveals a continued and sustained disinformation activity by russian sources aiming to suppress turnout and influence voter preferences. there was a consistent trend, malicious actors using disinformation to promote extreme views and polarize
7:24 am
local debates on unfounded attacks on the e.u. russia is a declining power and president vladimir putin relies on information warfare to weaken adversaries by sewing division. the select commission on intelligence led by richard b*ur and ranking democrat mark warner are in the final stages of their report in russian election interference in 2016. it indicates putin relies on an network of rich russians to further his goals and implement his foreign policy objectives. based on our reporting the senate committee wants to make their report public before the august recess and what we hear from intelligence officials is that they do expect the russians to rip up the playbook in 2020. >> bill: local politics sparks a national backlash. >> all those in favor say aye,
7:25 am
opposed. that passes unanimously. >> bill: that was easy, the decision that got national attention and was just reverseed in a city in the state of minnesota. >> sandra: a lot of people watching that. >> the house is about to debate a resolution about thinks remarks about the democratic lawmakers by the president. kellyanne conway is our headline this morning. she is on deck and joins us next. >> he does not know how to defend his policies so what he does is attack us personally.
7:26 am
in an emergency, who do you want by your side? a new proposal in congress wants to put the insurance companies and the government in charge of your healthcare by price fixing. letting the government set prices means fewer doctors and a race to the bottom when it comes to quality care... insurance companies and the federal government getting in between you and your doctor. call congress. make sure doctors and patients are making the most important medical decisions and keep the insurance companies and government out of it.
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7:29 am
>> sandra: leader kevin mccarthy taking questions on capitol hill. >> the real challenge was the other side of the aisle made sure no one voted for it. i always believe you'll have a process in the house and a process in the senate and there was an ability to find compromise on both sides. unfortunately i think there is a belief on the other side of the aisle they want to keep the issue out there. everybody wants to be able to protect somebody who really has a challenge when it comes to asylum. what is happening today is individuals are coming from other countries passing one, two, three other countries and never claiming asylum. we found through our own court system. when you come here and claim asylum you do get to be able to have your day in court. 80% of those don't hold up. there are other ways to deal with it. the obama administration had where you could claim asylum in your own country in the consulate itself. if your court case came forward
7:30 am
you could come to america. we want to make sure we protect those who truly need it. this is a system that has created a loophole that puts in doubt protecting those who need it in a time and we should act. i watch the speaker ask the president to hold off on an action that the court has asked this country to take. he did. but nothing happened inside congress. the response and ability lies with us. ice and border patrol have to uphold the law. we should make sure that we fix this problem because we do have a crisis, yes. >> were the president's -- [inaudible] >> i don't believe the speaker of the house was racist when those individuals on her side of the aisle claiming the president is racist when she claim she was racist either. i believe this is about ideology and socialism versus free development it is very clear what the debate is
7:31 am
happening. i understand what i listened to their press conference yesterday. they talked more about impeachment than anything else. even one of those individuals, not the first time they talked about impeachment. on the night of being sworn in, they brought all their supporters together and they spoke about impeachment in words i will not use here. this is more from their base is about politics. it is unfortunate. we need to get back to the business of america. [inaudible question] >> ye, it is. >> do you have a resolution like this on the floor today, though? >> i will vote against this resolution if you are asking. it's all politics. if you look at the resolution itself and look at the rules of the house you can't name the resolution of the force. if they are concerned most about this let's go through every comment individuals have made on the other side of the
7:32 am
aisle. are we bringing a resolution on the floor about their comments? no. when they question a person's faith, where they can believe if somebody of the jewish faith could support america or do they have to support israel? when the questions and comments individuals have made. that's why this body should be better than this. the individuals that you continue to play politics with less, let's solve the problems before us. >> there is a perception, whether rights or not that the republican party and members have not -- the president said these comments are not racist. >> i think the president clarified this. >> if it is a situation that those comments are -- if you don't believe it, isn't the problem with the optics of the pairts that members will vote today on your side of the aisle with the president and what he said. >> i think this party has been clear. we're the party of lincoln. this party believes in the content of the individual.
7:33 am
i've watched from our own actions. i've watched an individual in my own party do something that we disagreed with and we took action. i've watched the other side of the aisle when it came to questioning a person's faith and a person's loyalty to am no action was taken. i've watched what was written in a resolution using words that you can't even use on the floor. i've watched a press conference that only talked about impeachment. i've watched a chairman of the judiciary committee that handles impeachment use as their platform to win the chairmanship he would be better to impeach the president. long before the mueller report came through that said no collusion. let's not be false about what is happening here today. this is all about politics and beliefs of ideologies of what individuals have. yes, sir. >> do you think that there are a -- [inaudible question].
7:34 am
>> i do think we can get this done. i would say to the speaker, if we are as close as i believe we are and we need a day or two longer we should stay here and make sure we get it done. there is a real concern. i don't think it's a question on any side of the aisle. when the debt ceiling can hit is early september or maybe sooner. we should not leave for august without dealing with that. i would say if we can't get this done we should do it 30 day. i don't think it's a deal. i would rather get a cap agreement before we leave in july. i think we're close to making that happen. last question. >> do you agree with president trump that -- [inaudible] >> i think speaker ryan worked very hard and he was a good speaker and a great speaker. speaker ryan is a very good friend of mine and watched what
7:35 am
he was able to achieve with this president. tax reform that has not been done in 30 years. all those statistics that i laid out for you in the economics of where it was was a team that was built. you are quoting something based upon a book that i have not read and haven't talked to speaker ryan i know that's not the words he used. these are two individuals who worked very well together. i know someone can take a language out. in there they talk about mr. ryan talking about the president coming from business. that's exactly what america need. a president who could come in and shake up washington speaker ryan was perfect in the job where he was at. the knowledge what he had. that combination together was able to make sure in this congress we got tax reform done. remember this. article 1, section 7, tax reform doesn't start in the senate, it starts in the house. without speaker ryan and without president trump it never would have gotten done. thank you.
7:36 am
>> sandra: that was leader kevin mccarthy wrapping a news conference on capitol hill amid controversy over the president's latest tweets. he was asked about the president's tweets whether they were racist. his answer was no. this is about ideology, about socialism versus freedom on the resolution that will be voted on on the house floor he said it is all politics responding to the controversy. it is time for our headliner kellyanne conway counsel to the president. you were listening. we await the response from democrats: they're expected to hold a news conference shortly. your thoughts at this moment? >> the democratic response is very predictable. you hardly need to cover it. racism, xenophobia and it is getting tired. these four that cause trouble in their own caucus were under fire a couple days ago by
7:37 am
senior democrats, elected officials. william lacey clay, nancy pelosi and even pressley threw shade at nancy pelosi in the so-called press conference. more like a gaga in front of suply can't. she said our squad is more people. nancy pelosi said they're four people. a glass of water could have won their districts. these four women are distinctive for one important reason. the only four democrats to vote against any form of humanitarian aid at the border. they have no moral authority to talk about the border and the kids and the humanitarian crisis there. they are the only four democrats to vote against a democratic package and the package that got signed to law. i was at the border on friday. the aid is already making a difference in terms of the
7:38 am
conditions down there. >> bill: but if they were already under fire by leaders in their own party, why get in the way of that? effectively that's what's happened. >> i disagree with that assertion respectfully, bill. the president -- we're sick and tired of many people in this country. forget these four. they represent a dark underbelly in this country of people who are not respecting our troops, are not giving them the resources and respect that they deserve. they voted against the military aid. they voted against pay raises, they voted against the $716 billion that this president put forward. they scoff at things like the v.a. choice act. the whistleblower and accountability act. we're helping veterans in this white house. we're tired of people not kneeling for the flag out of disrespect. we're tired of some of these women palg around with terrorists. one of them is in pictures with somebody who was responsible for the murder of three israeli
7:39 am
soldiers. where is the press? stop being so afraid of and adoring of four people who got here a few short months ago. >> sandra: this controversy is consuming washington the president made it clear where his focus is, on the economy and border but washington and the country is talking about this back and forth now with these four freshmen congresswomen. >> that's what washington does. it's too hard to figure out the substance. i'm one of the people working on drug pricing and healthcare, a big team at the white house. it is going incredibly well. we're upset that 28 million americans 10 years after obama lied to the country you can keep your doctors and healthcare, lied to the country. let that lie fly. everybody talk about adoring and afraid of somebody and you let that lie fly. 20 million americans have no health insurance. medicare for all would bankrupt this country and would have us all waiting in line for care like the veterans were five years ago this month waiting and dying for care in arizona.
7:40 am
that's what we're focused on. >> sandra: to be clear does the president stand by his tweet, does he regret anything and wish he would have said something differently? >> the president explained what he meant by those. he explained if you don't like it here get out. that goes way beyond these four people. that goes to everybody who is tearing down the american flag and putting up the mexican flag and everybody like one of the congresswomen who won't denounce antifa. let me just say about this resolution today. back in march there was meant to be a resolution condemning the anti-semitic comments by ilhan omar. the house couldn't even get that right. march 7th "the new york times" wrote a story quoting someone who said the following. we're having this debate because of the language of one of our colleagues, language that suggests jews like me whose father won a purple
7:41 am
height for fighting nazis in the battle of the bulge are not americans. why the hell can't we condemn anti-semitism? why can't we name ilhan omar. they name president trump in the resolution. they couldn't call a member of our own. dual loyalty. some of the most anti-semitic garbage we've heard in the house forever. >> bill: we're tight on time. your husband penned a piece in the "washington post". the title i deny that trump is a racist. not anymore. you've seen it. do you agree with your husband. >> i totally disagree. i work with this president and i know him. i know his heart and actions and how much he has helped people of color and i go by what people do, not what other people say about them. and also respectfully i'm not going to run around pointing out everybody's disagreements with the people in their lives. i could. i can point out people's disagreement with their former spouses and current spouses and
7:42 am
future spouses and partners. i won't do that. i would caution all those people who asked me to gaggle not to do that. i know what the president has done. people are no longer languishing in prison. fewer people are getting addicted to drugs and in treatment. he is lifting up in this economy people of all backgrounds and races, both genders, all geographic and demographic location. i've been by his side for over three years. we're sick and tired of people denigrating the american flag, american military, veterans and america. people are an all guysing red hats to a swastika. how about it, america should see who they are. >> sandra: we're running out of time. you skipped the oversight hearing yesterday. elijah cummings said he will
7:43 am
hold you in contempt of congress. do you plan to honor that? >> this is the latest example of harassment and embarrassment trying to harass and embarrass people closest to the president. the chairman and everyone knows there is a longstanding bipartisan precedent both parties have invoked that you claim immunity for the president's senior advisors. i qualify as one. this is about me going on tv and stating facts. joe biden and bernie sanders are old, white, male, career politicians. joe biden got elected to the senate 49 years ago. that qualifies as a career politician. i would be happy to testify. i have nothing to hide. i have done nothing wrong. they couldn't get me through the office of special counsel bob mueller. they have the poor man's office of special counsel. $16 million boondoggle that is not independent.
7:44 am
that guy lied under oath. i would love to testify but i'm taking one for the team. a longstanding tradition to claim immunity. >> bill: kellyanne, thank you. we're out of time. thank you for your time and we'll speak again soon. in a moment what's up at google and china? we'll tell you with charles payne right after this. from the new ultimate crabfest trio with three kinds of wild-caught crab to the return of crab lover's dream! grab your crab crew, hurry in or order it to go! prpharmacist recommendedne memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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7:49 am
people wonder what exactly he knows. and on the surface this is not -- people have asked this question before not necessarily are thaoe treasonous. why would google kick the united states department of defense to the curb to enhance their artificial intelligence abilities and do business with china? oats worrisome. >> google put out a statement says we aren't working with the chinese military. the chinese government that you could argue is sometimes one in the same. the other thing at google there is, this has been reported in the past, there are employees who do not want to do business with those who deal with the weapons of war. that's been stated. >> right. again that's fine except does it apply to china as well as the united states? or does it just apply to the united states department of defense? management, listen, sometimes management does things that isn't always popular with the
7:50 am
company. is there something patriotic making sure they can go through the beautiful campuses where they make 10 times more money for the americans who have to fight the war. and fight a war with less intelligence because they didn't want to share that technology edge with the government. >> sandra: markets all-time high today. another one for the dow. u.s. stocks continue to soar. why is cryptocurrency getting attention. >> facebook wants to come out with their own. last wednesday when powell the chairman of the federal reserve was on capitol hill the first question posed to him was about the libra currency from maxine waters. she doesn't like it, donald trump doesn't like it. i mean, that's unique. libra, you're in trouble. we'll see. >> bill: see you at 2:00. uproar over the pledge of allegiance. reversal and policy. the pledge is back.
7:51 am
>> i have concluded that i made a mistake. and i am sorry. i'm asking for forgiveness. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> that passes unanimously.
7:55 am
>> bill: that was easy. the pledge is back, right. carley shimkus. hello. st. louis park is in minnesota. what happened? >> the city of around 45,000 people. not one that usually makes national news. last month the city council voted to do away with saying the pledge of allegiance before city council meetings. they say they wanted to make sure that people who didn't feel comfortable saying the pledge still felt welcome at their meetings. well, this sparked a critical tweet from president trump. >> bill: there were some? >> a lot of residents protested which is why yesterday they voted unanimously to overturn that decision. >> sandra: they said the pledge is going away. those who probably have never showed up to a meeting before showed up with the flag, they showed up wearing patriotic colors. >> 100 people showed up. one way to get people to get involved in local government i
7:56 am
guess. think about what the pledge of allegiance says. one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. that's a message that everybody should get behind. liberty and justice for all. unfortunately we're seeing a group of people now protesting anything having to do with patriotism. >> bill: they came back to the tent. >> that's the way government should work. you have to listen to the people and what they want. >> sandra: thank you. fox news alert tensions rising between president trump and the four progressive democrats. the house weighing a resolution condemning the president's tweets but the president not backing down. we're live at the white house next.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert now as the feud between the president and four democratic congresswomen heats up amid charges of racism. in calls for impeachment. well -- welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> bill: hour three now. house set to debate a resolution condemning the recent comments and tweets as he defends his attacks just an hour ago after two of the women targeted called for his impeachment. house minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> this is about ideology, it's about socialism versus freedom and clear what the debate is happening. i understand when i listened to their press conference yesterday they talked more about impeachment than anything
8:01 am
else. this is more from their basis about politics. it's unfortunate. we should get back to the business of america. >> bill: john roberts starting his day from the north lawn from the white house. john, good morning. >> good morning. to think the hatfields and mccoys were only shooting at each other. this one is getting hot. president trump and ocasio-cortez going to war with each other on twitter. the president in the last hour tweeting out his weekend tweet was not racist and tweeting this at the so-called squad this morning. the democratic congresswomen have been spewing of the most vile, hateful and disgusting things ever said by a politician in the house or senate and they get a free pass and big embrace from the democratic party. alexandria ocasio-cortez taking it up higher tweeting this. hey, mr. president. remember when you bragged about sexually assaulting women and
8:02 am
feeling their breasts and genitals and then you impose department of education policies to make it harder for sexual assault survivors to report assault? on the white house lawn yesterday, the president simply saying look, if you don't like america, maybe you don't want to be in america. encouraging people who feel that way and only want to criticize the united states, to just leave. listen here. >> president trump: if you are not happy here, then you can leave. as far as i'm concerned, if you hate our country, if you are not happy here, you can leave. and that's what i say all the time. that's what i said in a tweet which i guess some people think is controversial. a lot of people love it, by the way. >> bill: at a press conference following the president's comments on the south lawn, the squad going right back at him with this. listen here. >> our squad is big. he does not know how to defend his policies so what he does is
8:03 am
attack us personally. >> this is the agenda of white nationalists, whether it is happening in chatrooms or it is happening on national tv, and now it has reached the white house garden. >> no one from the republican party has come out in support of the tweet. the house minority leader kevin mccarthy did say that he believes that it was not racist. a number of republicans going after the policies supported by the four members of the so-called squad. but democrats heaping nothing but scorn on the president. first let's listen to senator ted cruz of texas and then joe biden. >> like most tweets the president sends i wouldn't send these particular tweets but i'll tell you the substance of their record is indefensible. >> it is not only shameful but incredibly damaging. we've led the world by the power of our example.
8:04 am
what presidents say, they're the face of america like it or not. they're the face of america. the idea that donald trump says and does the things he does is just absolutely despicable. >> the president is chairing a meeting of his cabinet in about 27 minutes' time. there is the potential -- it's closed at the moment, that might open up so we may be able to hear from the president a little more about this ongoing feud this morning. some other big things in the news as well. the president saying that the administration may investigate possible ties between google and china and then also what might happen in terms of sanctions against turkey. bill. >> bill: we'll watch it all for you. john roberts there. >> sandra: more on this let's bring in john mccormack washington correspondent for the national review. good morning. where does it all go next? >> you know, it's hard to tell. i think what's interesting here is not the republicans circling
8:05 am
the wag yons, kevin mccarthy saying it is not racist but republicans speaking out. tim scott called the comments racially offensive. florida senator marco rubio who has done his best to be a trump ally says it damaged the country. stopped short saying they're racist. in 2016 asked if he felt the personal sting of racism he cited an instance where he was told to go back to cuba. jody ernst in iowa say these tweets were racist. he is referring to some american citizens saying they're foreigners. now, would he say these progressive congresswomen were foreigners if they are white? he is not telling nancy pelosi to go back to italy. it is hard to tell exactly what the impact is going to be here. back in 2016 he made some very racially offensive comments, paul ryan called his comments about a judge of hispanic ethnicity the textbook
8:06 am
definition of a racist comment. president trump was still able to win 77,000 more votes than hillary clinton in three states in the midwest. so at the end of the day it is going to be a choice between trump and somebody else and will people still tolerate or think this isn't as bad as whatever the alternative is? possibly. >> sandra: what you just heard from republican leaders in the house there that we've heard from liz cheney, leader mccarthy. they made the case this is not about race, this is not about gender or religion. this is about their policies as leader mccarthy put it, he said this is about socialism versus freedom and one-by-one took on and named the policies that they have been touting and what they've been pushing as new members of congress. tim ryan, another one of the 2020 candidates, democrat from ohio responded to the president's tweet this morning and said this. >> the president attacked them, brian. he went after them in the
8:07 am
racist kind of way and that can't be tolerated. i support them speaking back out to defend themselves. these are sitting members of congress. people are tired of the racism, tired of the culture wars. this has been going on for 40 or 50 years. the country is divided and we have to heal the country. >> sandra: that was tim ryan this morning. as i mentioned liz cheney pointed out this is about policy. so what wins in all of this? mo elleithee was on our panel earlier this morning. he says he does not like this week at all. but we are having a bigger conversation. he said that can be a good thing. it's tough to see where this goes. we're inching closer to 2020. final thoughts on that, john. >> i think america loses. i don't know if democrats or republicans come out the ahead of this fight. president trump wants there to be a choice between these
8:08 am
progressive democrats who have said very awful things. two wrongs doesn't make a right. i think his approval ratings are stuck in the low 40s with a booming economy is the fact he has said things like this for several years. whether it will damage him further we'll find out soon enough. >> sandra: in a new interview another 2020 candidate the frontrunner joe biden the former vice president saying that he directly went after president trump. he said that he can only stay in power if he divides america. here is a bit more from joe biden. >> this guy has absolutely just thrown them overboard. you know, the idea the only way he can stay in power is to divide america. pit black against white and it goes down the line. that's dangerous. >> sandra: that's what the frontrunner believes the president's strategy is to win the white house again. >> i don't think that makes much sense as a strategy. a much better strategy would be
8:09 am
to focus on policy to say democrats will abolish borders. a policy fight a republican would win. this ugly fight throwing mud against the wall with racially offensive comments is not good for the country. i don't know how it plays out in 2020. >> sandra: a lot of questions going forward. john mccormack. thank you. >> bill: speaking of 2020 the race to the white house now. many 2020 democrats in iowa this week pitching plans on welfare and social security. peter doocy is live in perry, iowa with more today. good morning. >> good morning, bill. joe biden is here in iowa and he is now borrowing a campaign promise from barack obama even though things didn't go exactly the way barack obama said. >> how long it will take.
8:10 am
i give people the option. if you like your healthcare plan and your employer-based plan you can keep it. if you have private insurance, you can keep it. >> biden is also here arguing when progressive push for medicare for all they're trying to undo obamacare. medicare for all supporting senators saying biden's idea of making medicare an option is impossible. bernie sanders writes a public option would be a policy and moral failure at a time when the american people want medicare for all. even candidates calling for medicare for all know it would be tough to get through the house and senate. >> there is no way even if we have 60 democrats right away i don't think it's likely we'll have some kind of massive transformation of our system. >> joe biden believes that even though democrats could not get enough democrats to vote for a public option in obamacare
8:11 am
originally, things have changed. >> mr. vice president, you are talking now about public option as part of your healthcare plan. that was very tough the last time when obamacare was first coming around. >> sure was. >> it didn't happen. >> can you imagine medicare for all if you think that's tough? >> besides biden the only other democrats polling in double digits in the real clear politics average of polls are all pushing for medicare for all, bill. >> bill: peter doocy watching it all from perry, iowa northwest of des moines today. >> sandra: house lawmakers gearing up for a criminal contempt vote against barr and ross. what happens after all that? we'll ask a former justice department official. >> a hiker in california missing for days is found alive and what she is telling us now about that terrifying ordeal.
8:12 am
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and i found out a lot more. it's pretty simple. a reverse mortgage from aag can give you the retirement stability you're looking for. maybe you want to check it out. if you're sixty-two or older and own your own home, give aag a call to receive your free imformation kit. you'll receive the imformation you're looking for as well as tell you how much cash you may quality for. and receive your free information kit. so, what's your "better?" >> bill: police arresting a suspect in the murder of an african-american scientist -- an american scientist on the greek island of crete. they say he attacked suzanne
8:16 am
eaton and leaving her in a bunker on the island. she vanished the second of july. her body was discovered six days later. >> sandra: house democrats planning to vote on criminal contempt charges tomorrow against a.g. william bar and secretary wilbur ross after failing to comply with subpoenas over the 2020 census. ian, good morning to you. they wanted the documents behind why they were pushing to get this question on the census. what do you think happens here? how does it play out, ian? >> tomorrow they'll have the vote. we all know how that vote will be. after they vote to hold someone in contempt it is up to the justice department to enforce that criminally. we know that won't happen. it's a republican administration. their next option is to bring a civil suit th. happened in 2012 when eric holder didn't turn over fast and furious documents.
8:17 am
the obama justice department didn't bring criminal proceedings but they went to civil court. it took six years for that to be resolved. if house democrats bring a civil action and follows the same course it wouldn't be settled until 2025 well after a new administration. >> sandra: this could clearly escalate already heightened tensions between democrats and this white house. >> certainly. i think what we're seeing here with house leadership is their strategy. they are looking for death by a thousand cuts. they don't want to go down the impeachment road because politically it's bad. they want to get subpoenas and con tempts votes and they can try to portray this administration as lawless and they'll put that in their political commercials. the trump administration has the ability to say it's presidential harassment. i think those two strategies will neutralize each other. when you have people like omar
8:18 am
and alexandria ocasio-cortez coming out and calling for impeachment that throws a wrench in the plans of the democratic leadership. >> sandra: here is a quote from the hill on the contempt vote answering that very question about escalating tensions between democrats and the white house. while the vote signals the intensifying tension between the house and democrats it is a symbolic move. unlikely the d.o.j. will bring criminal charges. here is the latest that we heard from democratic leadership speaker of the house nancy pelosi on this issue. >> as an injunction against putting citizenship on the ballot. we have been printing the census forms. we fully expect the census to go forward. the president's effort to put the citizenship question on the census will continue to be challenged in court. the supreme court destroyed the
8:19 am
administration's argument that the question was needed to support the voting rights act. really? including their rational was based on a contrived pretext. >> sandra: that is what john roberts questioned was the rationale for adding the question. >> he didn't say it was unconstitutional to put the question on the census. unfortunately there is not enough time to print the census and get it out. they can't resolve it there. i think it's right. there is so much going on and a bit a boy who cried wolff now as we see investigation after investigation, none of which has particular merit and then subpoenas being issued all over the administration, i think people have tuned out. i do see this being played out in the long run through political campaign ads and what not. as the news cycle looks at it, it will be a short story and we'll move on to something else. >> sandra: you never know. the criminal contempt vote will happen tomorrow for barr and
8:20 am
ross. we'll see. thank you. >> bill: 19 past the hour now. a desperate search in the state of michigan. troopers along with search dogs trying to find this toddler whose family says she wandered away from their campsite. an update on the search for the missing 2-year-old. >> sandra: president trump defending ice deportation raids as new asylum rules take effect. will this two-pronged plan to deal with immigration actually work? >> ice raids were very successful. people came into our country illegally -- illegally. many were felons, many were convicted of crimes. many, many were taken out on sunday. you just didn't know about it. with sofi, get your credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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8:24 am
underway for a 2-year-old girl whose family says wandered away from a campsite in northern michigan. she was camping with her family at the end of a trip while they were packing up to leave yesterday morning, they then noticed she was not there. police are combing through a wooded area and they have only found the little girl's pink jacket. several hundred yards from the campground and using canine teams to search for the missing girl. >> bill: president trump saying ice deportation raids over the weekend were a big success but they do not necessarily appear to be as widespread as originally thought. hector garza. is it fair to characterize they weren't as widespread as we were originally led to believe? >> ice has been conducting
8:25 am
targeted operations for quite some time. ice is always conducting on a regular basis. now the roll-out was sunday. sunday is a day that we allow different operations where a lot of criminals were arrested. something that is so important that people need to understand is that we always prioritize dangerous criminals first. we don't go out there and target families and children. we go out and target ms-13, street gang and all the dangerous criminals that are committing dangerous crimes in the united states. >> bill: you are looking for people who have committed further crimes here. >> not only people committing crimes here in the united states but also those people that have killed in their countries and people that have murdered, assaulted, robbed banks in their country and try to hide in the united states. those are the people that we're always targeting. >> bill: do you have any numbers so far an the latest raids? >> no, we are don't have the numbers. they will be made available through dhs. when they come up we'll discuss
8:26 am
the numbers and how important that president trump continues on this mission. president trump is right. we target dangerous criminals. >> bill: lee zeldin on the raids. >> with a democratic presidential primary there is a calculation byville filing our great ice agents and going after customs and border patrol and calling them names and calling for them to be defunded, the call for them to be broken up that they will get votes as a consequence, which is greatly unfortunate. >> bill: it crosses into the political argument. what do you think of the point he is making here? >> first of all some of these people that are vilifying law enforcement have lost their mind. law enforcement are protecting our communities, borders and schools and protecting our banks. we do an amazing job every single day. we need to stop vilifying law enforcement. that needs to stop.
8:27 am
we can't afford that. it's not good. >> bill: what do you think about the new asylum laws that broke news on our program here yesterday. if you did not request asylum in a country and pass through it you are no longer eligible according to this rule to request asylum in the u.s. how many people -- >> continued efforts by president trump in order to stop this crisis on the border. we have a do nothing congress and president trump is taking efforts to make sure that we solve the crisis. for example, with the migrant protection protocols we've seen the numbers on the border lowered by 30%. in june it went down to 100,000. two more weeks we'll see the numbers even lower because of the work president trump has been doing. >> bill: on that point the weather is changing. things are getting hotter than a few months ago. that could play a part in this as well. do you know how many on the border would fit the category that this rule has been created
8:28 am
for? >> well, the majority of people from central america and majority of people abusing the immigration laws. most of theme people never show up to immigration court hearings. they show up at the border, claim asylum. we release them and when they are supposed to show up for court they disappear and never show up. when these people have removal orders they have an outstanding warrant with the police. you are subject to arrest and immediate removal. a lot of people are abusing it. >> bill: do you know what the percentages is for those who have come from central american countries through mexico specifically. >> the majority of people are from mexico. we do have people from sent -- apologize. central america. we're seeing people from cuba, africa. we're seeing 57 different countries we are apprehending on a regular basis. >> bill: a statement from jerry nadler. president trump's latest effort to undermine the rights of
8:29 am
asylum seekers is reprehensible. unamerican and illegal. it violates the immigration and nasinality act prove president trump ignores the law to appease his base and keep the united states from being the safe haven. your comment on that statement from the democrats. >> that's not accurate. what president trump is doing is trying to solve the immigration crisis to make sure american lives are saved and making sure migrants coming to the u.s. border aren't victimized. he is wore -- worried about the victims and family units. what nadler is saying isn't accurate. president trump is trying to solve the border crisis and humanitarian crisis and quite frankly is doing a great job. >> bill: hector, thank you. >> sandra: new warnings from north korea as it prepares to resume nuclear talks with the
8:30 am
u.s. what the rogue nation is threatening to do now. >> bill: the feud in washington president and progressive lawmakers how to impact the democratic race. good question for the dnc communications director. we'll talk to her coming up next. >> we aren't going to allow him to continue his throwing of the vile of garbage that constantly comes out of his mouth.
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
>> sandra: new warnings from north korea as the regime prepares to begin nuclear talks with the u.s. the north is threatening to restart nuclear and missile tests if the u.s. conducts joint military drills with south korea. benjamin hall is live from the london bureau with more on that. >> you'll remember 20 months ago that first nuclear summit president trump said that he would take a break from all the large-scale military drills with south korea. kim jong-un at the same time said he would have a moratorium
8:34 am
on nuclear testing and missile testing. next month sees some smaller level drills between the u.s. and south korea. they're smaller than those we've seen in the past. now today north korea saying that they would violate the understanding between the two countries and they've threatened to restart their testing. this all comes just days after president trump had praised kim jong-un. >> president trump: you have a man when i came into office all he was doing before under obama was testing nuclear weapons and blowing up mountains. and now he is not doing it. >> today a north korean official ministry said if the drills are realized it will affect north korea/u.s. working level talks saying we'll make a decision regarding these talks with the u.s. while watching what moves the u.s. now takes moving forward. last month president trump revitalized effort to try to persuade the north to give up its nuclear weapons after his
8:35 am
spur of the moment meetings between the two koreas. negotiations with expected to start in the coming weeks but this latest expression from the north. the south korean military command said they will continue to do so with an eye on the diplomatic and political track. tensions rising ahead of any potential talks in the coming weeks as both sides try to find a breakthrough moving forward. >> sandra: benjamin hall in london for us, thank you. >> these four women are distinctive for one important reason. the only four democrats to vote against any form of humanitarian aid at the border when the vote was taken two weeks ago. no moral authority to ever talk about the border and the kids and the humanitarian crisis there. >> bill: that was kellyanne conway last hour. she was hot on fire as the house debates a resolution condemning the tweets from the president over the past couple
8:36 am
days. xochitl hinojsa, dnc communications director. i have four minutes to see how much we can get through. kevin mccarthy said all he heard from the press conference was impeach, impeach, impeach. nancy pelosi tried to stay away from that. has this been a master stroke to get your party to talk about the i word again? >> so i think that everyone can agree that donald trump's remarks yesterday were just bigoted and inappropriate. no matter if we disagree on policy, healthcare, immigration, name the issue, the fact of the matter is we should not be attacking women of color the way that donald trump did. i don't think bill, you agree with the president's comments or any american would agree. that does not excuse the president from what he did. >> bill: back to the point then
8:37 am
about impeachment. you know the leadership doesn't want to deal with this. >> no, not at all. that's not what is happening. what is happening here is nancy pelosi has been very clear we need a full and thorough investigation of the facts. you have robert mueller who is going to testify, his testimony was pushed back. they'll question him and there they will determine what the outcome is of that investigation. they aren't determining the outcome of the investigation before they conduct the investigation. they're doing their constitutional right of oversight and appropriate for any member of congress and leadership. >> bill: i hope the hearing happens next week. it's on the schedule for now. here is ted cruz from earlier today about the squad these democratic freshmen women we referenced. >> the conference is terrified of the freshmen and terrified of the radical activists behind those freshmen.
8:38 am
the speaker has handed her gavel over to the freshmen. the committee chairs have handed over their gavels and they're terrified they'll criticize them. >> the people terrified are the republicans. donald trump continues to attacks women and people he is threatened by. on his twitter account. time and time again you've seen it with presidential contenders polling well. you see it when democrats are trying to challenge donald trump and trying to hold him accountable. so this is the republican tactic. they go off and attack. they attack these democrats and what you are seeing from the republican party. i didn't see anything from ted cruz right there denouncing donald trump. and so you have a republican party who remains silent. that is problematic and exactly what voters will be looking at. >> bill: we have heard from several. not all en masse. it is true a few days ago nancy pelosi was given the heisman to
8:39 am
these four women. she said as much. >> these four women are women who are wanting to hold trump accountable. it is beneficial to our party and to our country to have a diverse group of voices in our party and as our elected officials. nancy pelosi recognizes that. nancy pelosi as we might have disagreements within our caucus and party that's fine. what is happening is we are all discussing how to help the american people. you have a president tweeting from the oval office and personally attacking these women and the republican party is silent. you just saw the republican leadership out there not even saying anything at all. >> bill: do you support the resolution that looks to go to the floor of the house today? >> absolutely. we support condemning the president's remarks. i think every american would stand on the side of democrats when it comes to this. i think no matter put policies
8:40 am
aside. theology aside. whether republican, democrat. immigrants, what your race. everyone can agree that donald trump should not be attacking women and people based off of their color of skin. >> bill: did you also want to support the resolution that had been originally drafted on ilhan omar when she dropped the word benjamins and many felt it was anti-semitic and the resolution that ultimately passed was considerably watered down. did you think that was okay? >> well, the resolution specifically i think you had republicans who did not end up supporting it and so i think the democratic party has been clear on where we stand. i have think we have been very forthcoming and there is no question about that. i think the question right now is where republicans stand on this. >> bill: no double standard is what you're saying. >> there is no double standard. >> bill: okay. we'll see if it goes forward today. democrats smeared democrats.
8:41 am
bill mcgurn. mrs. pelosi must know the new-found party of the denunciation of the president will not last. democrat on democrat infighting as progressive accuse moderates of racism. comment on that as we conclude our segment here and think about where we were a few days ago when nancy pelosi had been accused of racism herself. two weeks prior joe biden was accused of racism during the debate because of his views on busing that went back decades. >> i think no matter who it is, our democratic leadership, any person standing on the debate stage has fought for immigrants and fought to make our country more inclusive. you have a president who doesn't believe the same thing. the contract is clear between the two parties. time and time again whether it's the policies we support. look at immigration itself. >> bill: do you think in a word that donald trump has given nancy pelosi a bit of cover now
8:42 am
with these tweets this week? >> i don't think that a cover is the way to describe anything. i think what donald trump is doing is disgusting and i don't think that we want -- that's unacceptable coming from a president. >> bill: thank you so much. communications director of the dnc. hope you come back. the list is long. thank you for your time today. >> sandra: lawyers meanwhile ramping up their defense of the estranged husband of missing connecticut mother jennifer dulos as a deadline approaches in the custody battle for their five children. >> i just want to tell my children they are constantly on my mind and i love them and miss them very much. for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get
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or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i got real relief. i got clearer skin and feel better. now, watch me. get real relief with cosentyx. >> sandra: big deadline tomorrow for the estranged husband of jennifer dulos. he is fighting with his mother-in-law over custody of
8:46 am
the five children. lawyers have until tomorrow to dismiss her motion. meantime we're hearing more from fotis's attorney who is hinting at the defense strategy. joining us now is mercedes colwin fox news legal analyst. first of all, custody of these five children. the estranged husband, the father of those children wants custody of those kids. says he is not guilty of killing the missing mother of five. the grandmother, who is currently caring for those children and with her in her home in new york city says she wants them. what happens with the custody of these children first of all? >> it will be a fight. there was a fight leading up to the mother's disappearance. it will be even more contested now especially because all of the allegations surrounding the father. it is very difficult, though, to separate a parent from their children even because as you said, he is presumed innocent. there haven't been charges concerning the mother's
8:47 am
disappearance other than the fact that he obstructed justice and tampered with evidence. but that's not the murder of the mother. so right now what we have these charges regarding evidence nothing to do with the disappearance of the mother. he will go forward and say i'm the parent. >> sandra: he is not even allowed to contact his children while he is out on bail, 500,000 bond and then to get custody of them. it has been a bitter two-year divorce battle that he and his wife now missing were going through mostly centered around custody of the five children. >> immediately once the mother disappeared everyone was focused on the father if he had something to do with the disappearance because of such contested divorce proceedings. the grandparent to your point, the grandmother will say he can't see these children. how can he parent them? he is not permitted to contact them at all. it will be to her advantage. >> sandra: considering it has
8:48 am
been noted about fotis dulos and his now girlfriend seen in those 30 different instances dropping off clothing at dumps along the connecticut highway, norm pattis, you have to wonder what his defense strategy will be in the courtroom. here he is, the latest word from him. he says this, there is an explanation but we aren't going to give it on the bloody clothes. i think when we do it, it will appear a lot less troubling. how would he be able to defend, considering the clothing that was being dropped off at 30 stops blood was even seen on that clothing? >> that's a great question. frankly they're going to focus like no body, no case. they'll focus on that. the dna evidence they will target law enforcement. how is it collected? they say there are videotapes of them dumping the garbage but it will be problematic for them to say he had nothing to do
8:49 am
with it. very challenging for the defense. >> sandra: why aren't they showing the footage? what is the hold-up? he is saying where is the video footage that reportedly shows them at these 30 trash bins. >> he isn't permitted to get that evidence just yet. as it proceeds along he will continue to demand it. he won't be ambushed. the defense attorney won't be ambushed but the trouble is going to be there isn't a body. there is always going to be some air of reasonable doubt when you can't determine how the mother disappeared. she is presumed dead. if the charges ever materialize regarding murder charges we'll have to see. tampering evidence is all he is facing right now. >> sandra: heartbreaking for the children still without their parents. >> bill: "outnumbered" rolling along next. melissa francis has a preview now. >> we're awaiting new remarks from president trump as he meets with his cabinet right now. this as he is not backing down
8:50 am
in his war of words with those four progressive democratic congresswomen as the house prepares to vote on a resolution condemning his attacks on the so-called squad as racist who. will win this battle? the president scores a victory in the heartland where a city reinstates saying the pledge of allegiance at its council meetings. why did they vote to stop saying it in the first place? >> bill: at the moment there is a cabinet meeting at the white house and we've just been told that cameras have been brought into the room talking to john roberts 15 minutes ago or so he said it was a possibility but indeed it is happening. there will be tape play-out of that cabinet meeting and when it becomes available we'll share that with you. quick break, back in a minute right after this. is working to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills
8:51 am
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today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. >> bill: a good ending after a search for a california hiker. people found her yesterday. how did they disappear? robert gray is on that story live in l.a. what did you find out, robert? >> resilient and strong is how rescue workers and family members describe the 60-year-old hiker and say that cheryl powell is exhausted after spending four days without supplies in remote terrain in the sierra nevada mountains found near big pine, california, a town 250 northeast of los angeles. authorities and family said they were surprised the experienced hiker had gone missing. her husband reported her missing last saturday saying his wife and their dog disappeared the prior day in just a few minutes while he parked the car. powell says a man wielding a
8:55 am
knife threatened her and the dog. they ran away even as she heard her husband yelling for them. >> he threatened that if you don't give me your way, if i can't have my way with you, the first thing that will happen is i'll take this knife and i'll slice up your dog. and that was troubling to say the least. >> powell says they got lost while running away and traveled at night eventually finding water on the second day. >> i tried to eat the inside of cactus. i tried a couple of flowers. they were too dry for my mouth. i found a big slab of rock and clear out the ground and take out the pine needles around me and sleep on the dirt. >> the dog's barking alerted rescue workers to their location 2 1/2 miles from where they disappeared. the woman's daughter wrote on
8:56 am
her facebook page yesterday she is alive. this is the happiest day of our lives. we can't thank everyone enough. the sheriff posted on facebook it is actively investigating the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, bill. >> bill: thank you, robert gray in l.a. thank you, sir. >> sandra: we're expecting to hear from the president in a short time. he is holding a cabinet meeting amid a war of words between himself and four democratic congresswomen. we're expecting play back of the meeting shortly and when we have it we'll play it for you. we'll be right back. {tires screeching} {truck honking} (avo) life doesn't give you many second chances. but a subaru can. (dad) you guys ok? you alright? wow. (avo) eyesight with pre-collision braking.
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we'd love some help with laundry. spray and scrub anything with a stain. wash the really dirty clothes separately. new tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry! it's got to be tide. >> bill: "newsroom news vault" taking us out of this world today, apollo 11's first moon landing mission blasting off on this date in 1969. man, was that world history. 76 hours to travel 240,000 miles to the lunar orbit.
9:00 am
on july 20th, neil armstrong walked on the moon, and that historic mission began 50 years ago today. friday is going to be a big day, too. [feedback] ow! at >> sandra: are you okay? right in the last leg of the show. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. awaiting new comments from president trump, from the white house. where he is holding a cabinet meeting at this moment. we are expecting to hear more, it may about the controversy over the president's criticism of four democratic congresswoman known as "the squad." and there is new pushback from democrats and some republicans. you are watching "newsroom news vault" five. at harris faulkner here today, melissa francis. fox news contributor, emily compagno. also contributing, jessica tarlov. in the center seat, you know him, sunday night! goes "next revolution "


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