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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 16, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> steve: we got through it in a civilized way even though we got a lot of heated topics. >> melissa: begot the talk about it. that's really what it comes down to. it's healthy to talk about it, get it all out there. we'll be back here at noon eastern tomorrow. now, here's harris. >> harris: breaking news as we await remarks from president trump. he is meeting right now with his cabinet inside the white house. this, as his war of words with the so-called "squad" in the house has heated up. this is "outnumbered overtime," and harris faulkner. house lawmakers gearing up for a vote later today on a resolution condemning retreats from president trump on sunday about a group of progressive congresswomen. yesterday, those four freshmen democrats known as "the squad" went after him, calling him a racist in a televised news conference with two of them calling for him to be impeached. the president defended himself again today, tweeting this. "those tweets were not racist. i don't have a racist bone in my body. the so-called vote to be taken in the democrat con game.
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republicans should not show weakness and fall into their trap." congressman chip roy was one of the first republicans to speak out against the president's "go back to where you came from" tweet. he joins me now. congressman, it's been quite an interesting 48 hours. why did you push back? >> harris, thanks for having me on. first of all, we are seeing today is yet another distraction. a distraction from securing the border making sure they make and people are safe from car to life driven profiting on the backs of migrants per the president's right to be fighting back on that. introducing a rule today to push back and make sure we can have people see in guatemala, as the first place. let me say something about the tweet -- all i said was something very simple. if you are an american citizen, the united states of america is your own. but you know what? you ought to well act like it. unfortunately my colleagues are not acting like it. they are direct in things like an upside down american flag and a mexican flag flying over i.c.e. facilities in aurora,
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colorado. the president's 100% right to be taking on these numbers of congress who refused to actually act like they are proud to be american and stand up and defend the united states of america. i said what i believe. if you are a citizen of the united states, then you are, in fact, this is your home. let's act like it. that's the most important thing. >> harris: the president at this point is doubling down and digging in deeper, and we are getting two and 3-minute warnings of the tape may be soon to come from inside the cabinet wanting. we expect them to be asked about his comments both on twitter sunday night and since then. how does the president move past this? does he apologize? what does he do at this point? >> first of all, we should do is be unanimous in voting against its ridiculous resolution. the mega people than senator to pass resolutions, they sent us here to secure the border and make sure health care is affordable. balance the budget, make sure our men and women have a clear mission and the tools to do it. instead we will have a distraction from a ridiculous
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show vote here in washington again. the president, unlike democrats in congress, is trying to issue a rule so that we can stem the tide of people who are coming into the united states, abusing our asylum laws, and profiting cartels in the process. endangering the american people, overwhelming ice, overwhelming the border patrol, while democrats refuse to get the resources necessary for us to do the job. listening to my colleagues, being omar or aoc, undermining our men and women in uniform and defending the borders of the night states. that's what they're doing and the president's right to challenge them. >> harris: for the president have stayed out of this? their sump local analysts who look at this and say, "you have the democrats already fighting amongst themselves. you had an supposed yard having to to push back on talk of impeachment, and to keep her caucus and her entire house membership focused. the president weighs in with this treat. your words are that any american citizen came from here, if they
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were born here in particular. i understand what you're saying. was this a misstep by the president of the united states? >> i will let other people judge this. what's important is to focus on these four individuals in particular, they seem to be running the democratic party now. i don't think speaker pelosi is the speaker anymore. these for another four speakers of the house of representatives. they are calling the shots nec house divided. if we focus on what's really important, if we focus on what the american people sent us here to do, to secure our borders, stand with law enforcement, stand behind the american flag, the market people know what to do. >> harris: i want to get your reaction to representative dave cellini paid pretty outspoken from rhode island. a democrat who says he thinks he knows by the president tweeted about those for progressive congressman. watch. >> i think it's more evidence of the president who's attempting to distract from the real work that's being done by the democrats in the united states
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covers. i would characterize it as major legislation. we are moving forward on the priorities of the american people, and they think the president is attempting to make certain that nobody actually knows about that. >> harris: congressman roy? >> oh, man. where to begin? all you have to do is quote misf staff criticized me democrats -- he said they haven't passed any discernible legislation that anyone could say is good for the american people. the reality is they've been doing show votes and nothing, literally nothing, to advance the ball for the mega people. they are the ones trying to come up with the destruction previous on the president seeking to do that. he strained to defend the border of the united states. when a democratic congress is referring to david straub, that is the story of the day. the democratic party, for months, has denied that there was a crisis. they literally called the manufactured crisis. instead, the reality of the texas border is one where our law enforcement are overrun.
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our communities are overrun. migrants are being harmed. >> harris: i want to step in because we've heard you talk about that. it's important, but also -- >> of the house nancy pelosi. how much harder did her job just get in terms of keeping democrats from trying to impeach a present? >> if she wants to go down the road of impeachment, she will be maced don't like wasting the american people's time yet again pay that would be par for the course for her. her job has been difficult because it is not actually doing the job to lead the country in a way that the american people want. i think that it's shining through. we now four speakers of the house instead of nancy pelosi and i think she knows that. >> harris: congressman chip roy, thank you for joining me. one of the first people to speak out against his comments sunday night. thank you. also, we have learned no federal charges will be filed against the nypd police officer involved in the choke hold death of eric garner. it was in 2014 on staten island. officers initially arrested garner for selling untaxed cigarettes. a video captured garner gasping
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for air and saying, "i can't breathe." while he was being subdued. david lee miller joins a slight it's outside daily don laxity health the latest >> a few moments ago a couple dozen demonstrators came here to voice their opposition to the justice department decision that took place a few hours ago. you can take a look over my shoulder and see that there are camera crews, as well as a couple other democrats. we are expecting his family to arrive here. this a short time ago, garner's family and civil rights leaders voice their outrage at the decision not to prosecute the police officer involved in this case, for civil rights violations in connection with garner's death. that incident was caught on cell phone video, including garner gasping for breath, saying, "i can't breathe." that phrase became a rallying call for the black lives matter movement. during the confrontation, the officer used a choke hold on
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guard. that's a restraining technique banned by the new york city police department. garner's family met briefly this morning with the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york to hear the justice department ruling. something they said they had already learned because of social media. following that meeting, garner's mother said "the justice department has failed us," and she demanded that the police be accountable for her son's death. >> we are here with heavy hearts, because the doj has failed us. we looked for better from them. five years ago, my son said, "i can't breathe," 11 times. and today we can't breathe. pushing forward because this is not the end. >> the decision not to prosecute was made by the attorney general of the united states, william barr. tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of garner's death. authorities say the statute of limitations on the relevant charges was running out and they
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decided there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case. the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york said that there was an exhaustive investigation. he said the officer's 7-second use of the choke hold did not necessarily because garner's death. >> he made the statement only after he fell to the sidewalk and after the officer released his grip from mr. garner's neck. the officer was not engaged in a choke hold on mr. garner when he said he could not breathe. neither the officer nor any other officer applied a choke hold to mr. garner after he first said he could not breathe. >> officer pantaleos' legal problem is not over. there's a disciplinary hearing, and a short time ago the new york city police to parents of that process is continuing
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and will not be affected by the decision made by the justice department today. also weighing in on this is democratic candidate for president and mayor of new york city, bill de blasio, who occupies the building behind me. new york city hall. he sent out a statement that said, in part, "years ago we put our faith in the federal government to act. we won't make that mistake again. harris, at this hour, more and more demonstrators continue to arrive. back to you. >> harris: david lee, thank you very much. we are awaiting remarks now from president trump from his cabinet meeting. he did in fact address the uproar over controversial tweets about those four progressive congresswomen. a news conference, everything has moved along now by couple days. what he said in where the battle goes from here. ♪ va home loan for veterans it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages,
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>> harris: breaking news, the president is speaking inside the cabinet room at the white house. let's watch. >> president trump: thank you. >> reporter: mr. president , do you think they leave they should not >> president trump: they can go wherever they want or they should say, but they should love our country. they should date our country. we look at what they said, i have clips right here. the most vile, horrible statement about our country. about israel. about others. it's up to them. they can do what they want.
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they can leave, they can stay, but they should love our country. they should work for the good of our country. i thank you very much. i've had a very good relationship, and frankly it's a very complex situation. the obama administration would not sell them the patriot missile's. they need the patriot missile's for defense. they would not sell them under any circumstances. turkey tried very hard to buy them and they wouldn't sell them. this went on for a long period of time. it was as soon as they found out they would have to buy the missiles, not as good, but a comparable missile from russia, almost everybody started rushing and then think of turkey, "okay, we'll sell you the patriot missile." it was only when they found out they couldn't get it.
10:14 am
then they say, "let's go, we will sell you the muscle." by that time turkey had already signed and paid a lot of money to russia for the muscles. they were not allowed to buy here. foolishly because turkey is a nato member. turkey is also ordered over 100 f-35 planes. substantially over 100. and they have plans to order more. but because they have a system of muscles, made in russia, there are no prohibited from buying over 100 planes. i would say that lockheed isn't exactly happy. it's a lot of jobs. frankly i've always had a very good relationship. we have pastor brunson who came back at my request, what i called -- he was going to be in jail for 25 years, and i called president erdogan and i said, "listen, he's a religious man, he's a pastor. he's not a spy, he's not the things they said." we had a couple of conversations
10:15 am
and i was able to get him back along with many other people. i was able to get back people, but the press doesn't want to write about. our ambassador for hostage negotiation said, "trump is the greatest of all time." i tell you that because you will never say it. but i got 21 back. i don't pay, either. unlike the $1.8 billion paid by the obama administration to get hostages back. i don't pay. because once you pay, it doesn't work out. so what happens is we have a situation where turkey is very good with us, very good. and we are now telling turkey that because you have been forced to buy another missile system, we won't sell you the f-35 fighter jets. it's a very tough situation that they are in and it's a very tough situation that we've been placed in. the united states. with all that being said, we are working through and we will see
10:16 am
what happens. it's not really fair. i don't stick up for countries. i don't stick up -- other than a good relationship with president erdogan. he wanted to buy our patriot missile. we wouldn't sell it. he really wanted to buy it. when he made a deal with another country, russia, to buy their system that he didn't even want, then all of the sudden we say, "oh, okay, we will now sell you the patriot." because of the fact he bought a russian missile we are not allowed to sell and billions of dollars worth of aircraft. it's not a fair situation. your stomach to add to that? >> no, sir. i think you explained it well. >> good. you said it right there. [laughter] >> president trump: what we are doing with china, for small, peter thiel's friend of mine. he's a tremendous contributor. he spoke at a convention at the republican national convention. peter is a brilliant young men,
10:17 am
one of the most successful people in silicon valley. i guess he was an original investor in some of these biggest companies, including facebook, i understand. he made a very strong charge. he is one of the top. he made a very big statement about google and i would like to recommend to the various agencies, including perhaps our attorney general who is with us, to maybe take a look. it's a big statement. google is involved with china and not a very positive way for our country. we will look at that. i think our other agencies will be looking at. we will see if there's any truth to it. but that's a big statement made by somebody who is highly respected. so we will certainly take a look at that. >> reporter: they said they won't play ball with the asylum
10:18 am
plan. >> president trump: we will see what happens. we were sending hundreds of millions of dollars -- are you talking about guatemala? and honduras? we were sending hundreds of millions of dollars to guatemala and honduras. we are not going to send it anymore. we haven't been sending it for the last year, because they weren't doing anything for us. they were forming caravans and sending them up. and in those caravans you had some very bad actors. you had some people who are not people that we want in our country. so, i realized that in the middle of their city or town, when you form a caravan, if the government is that all governments, they don't have to allow that government to come up. if they are not going to play ball, that's a key with me. you won't play ball with them. you don't give them any more money. they will will they have been rippins off for years. i'm not a fan. until they shape up -- now all of a sudden they came down supposedly with the
10:19 am
supreme court rulings. i sort of wonder, did it come down because they wanted that ruling to come down? we were giving them hundreds of millions of dollars like fools, for years. all they did is send us up a lot of people, caused a lot of problems, and a lot of the people in those caravans were criminals. hardened criminals. dangerous people. and why not? i would honduras or guatemala or el salvador, why would they keep their criminals where you can put them into the caravan, lose them in a caravan, and send them up to the united states? we take everybody. the democrats don't allow immigration laws that mean anything. it's horrible. it's horrible. how they are taking -- just that one situation, which could be taken care of very easily. how they won't even give us a vote on that.
10:20 am
we've had many interviews of the people in these caravans. some of them are very bad players. you had interviews, some of the folk who are perhaps in this room might be in this room, said, "is your crime?" and the man said, "murder." and the reporter said, "murder?" it's a very famous click. they were interviewing to show how wonderful the people are in the caravan. and you, sir, what was your crime? "murder." the woman goes, "whoa." i'm surprised you didn't cut it. it must have been a live shot, you would have cut it. but a pretty famous shot. you have a lot of that. as far as those countries, we were supposed to have it but we didn't. mexico, because of tariffs -- but that doesn't matter. because they've really been doing their job. they've only had one week in june and june was down 28%.
10:21 am
one week. 2,000 soldiers, they started with. now they have 6,000 soldiers on their southern border. they used to have like three soldiers. they had nobody. they wouldn't do it. for 45 years, 50 years, people have tried in the state department, one of mike's people said the woman we respect has been a judge in mexico for 20 years, she laughed when we said we were asked we would ask for these things. she said she's been there for 20 years but they can try to get it for 45 or 50 years, the things that i asked for. they all laughed. i got it done in one day. i said, "if you don't do it, we will put tariffs on." and every car that comes through that used to be made of the united states, now mexico has 30% of our car business. but that's not going to happen anymore. no more companies are going to leave, because we have reasons they can't leave anymore. there's no reason for them to leave anymore.
10:22 am
in fact, the opposite. they are coming back. but now we have 21,000 soldiers, 6,000 on the guatemalan border, which is obviously -- that makes it much less important, you understand. it's very hard to get from guatemala to the united states. we will have about 16,000 or so, may be more on southern border. we are using the mexican immigration laws. and those laws so you can actually tell a person, "i'm sorry, you can come in. get out." or they can take them back to a point of origin. so we are doing very well, but we have no help whatsoever from the democrats. just the opposite. they want open borders, they obviously don't mind crime and drugs and human trafficking, which is a tremendous problem. and it's human trafficking mostly in women.
10:23 am
with their big, wonderful hearts. human trafficking with women, with three, four, five women put in the back of a van or the back of the car. and they go through areas where the would have a while but there is no wall right now, because you can't come come to reports of entries. we do well on the border considering we have absolutely no help from the democrats. not only no help, just the opposite. we have a big lawsuit against nancy pelosi in congress having to do with the wall. he saw two weeks ago. we also have one that we are appealing to the supreme court. i think it was just put i hope you will be successful in that. but we are building a lot of wall right now. it's being met with force, there's no question about it. the democrats are fighting us on the wall. so people can come through, but now it's happening with mexico, 21,000 soldiers. we are hearing that even the cartels are saying, "wow, this
10:24 am
is hard to get through." because the cartels were bringing tremendous numbers of people into our country. through diversion and other tactics. and money. so we are doing well on the border considering we have no help. i think we are doing well even if we did have helped. and i want to thank mexico, because they have gone above and beyond. i think beyond, mike, what we thought. we never expected 21,000 soldiers. we expected a smaller number than that. at the same time, they are helping themselves a lot. because they were having a lot of crime, and the border was really -- the borders were run by the cartels. and mexico is taking back its country. i give the president a tremendous amount of credit for that. because that's been going on for a long time. thank you all very much. [reporters asking questions] >> president trump: we are doing well with china, but you will see whether or not -- we are talking to china about a
10:25 am
deal. we will see what happens. we are doing very well economically because they are paying this billions and billions and billions of dollars. >> reporter: the phrase, "go back to your country," to citizens and women of color who have been born of this country? would you be willing to -- >> president trump: i think it's terrible when people speak so badly about our country. when people speak so horribly. have a list of things here. i'm not going to bore you with it because you wouldn't write it anyway. but i have a list of things here said by the congresswomen that is so bad, so horrible, that i almost don't want to read it, it's so bad. i think what you have to do is you have the same list as i do. you should repeat some of that. when the democrats didn't want to mention the name of the congresswomen, not so long ago, and what they did and the way they are treating israel is a disgrace.
10:26 am
not only -- it's what they say about our country. it's my opinion they hate our country. and that's not good. not acceptable. thank you very much, everybody. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> president trump: thank you very much. >> harris: the president of the united states in a lengthy meeting with his cabinet members inside the cabinet room at the white house. and a topic coming up than once, about those sunday tweets on the four congresswomen. let's bring in chief white house correspondent john roberts come alive at the white house. look, they came to talk about their focus. foreign policy, border, et cetera. what was the mood among those cabinet members in the room, john? you were there. >> the mood at the end was sort of while the present was answering some questions, we got to sit through that. but we were in there for most of the entire meeting. secretary carson went through what hud is doing with
10:27 am
opportunity zones, jared kushner give a briefing on where they are with immigration. alex azar from hhs talked about lowering drug prices, and progress being made at fighting hiv/aids, and alex acosta say goodbye. it was his final meeting. the president wanted to get back to business here. he didn't want to seem to want to talk too much, even though he's been tweeting about it all morning, this feud that's been going on between him and the four women who make up the squad. the freshman congresswomen up on capitol hill. when the president was asked about it, rather than seizing out yesterday, he kind of brushed it off a little bit saying that they should love the country and work for their country. "i've got i've got a list of bad things to say." but he didn't go much beyond that. he wanted to get us out of the room and then we asked some questions about some of the other news of the day, including turkey and google and whether or not they are working with china trade and his new asylum rule. he was happy to jump onto that, and at the very end was ask another question about his feud with the congresswomen. i just get the sense that he's
10:28 am
trying to move on even though on twitter he is still very much embroiled in it. >> harris: is interesting, too. as dr. carson was talking about the president, "would you rather have a nonpolitician get things done or a person with a silver tongue who gets nothing done? "the president quipped back, "i thought i had a silver tongue." but those opportunity zones in urban areas, which the president has touted as helping people of color, that sort of action. i'm seeing on social media, people talking about the fact, "are we going to have a fight over words or can we talk about getting action done?" in a place where there is no action is clearly down to the border. that came up more than anything. >> harris: >> absolutely pray tt says he wants to make a difference and work together with the democrats on making some immigration reform. at that if the democrats will come to the table on the new immigration plan, which would be a merit-based system which would also provide for border security, then he said, "we will
10:29 am
make that a 2020 election issue." hopefully, and these are his words, if we were in fact the white house, which he said he feels good about, they will implement the plan. i think this immigration plan that jared kushner outlined today really is not something that could even get in front of congress. it simply as an election-year issue under the guise of potential legislation to try and get this done. i think they will fight this in 2020, no question, harris. >> harris: john roberts come i think you for bringing us that information out of that cabinet meeting with the president of united states states. i appreciate your time. how does congress, specifically the speaker of the house, navigate the politics of impeachment with four freshman democrats are now fighting on twitter and news conferences with the president of the united states? the power panel, next. ♪ need money for your family, call newday usa. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and
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>> they can go wherever they want or they can say. but they should love our country. they shouldn't hate our country. you look at what they've said, i've got clips right here. the most vile, horrible statements about our country. about israel, about others. it's up to them. they can do what they want. they can leave, they can stay. but they should love our country. >> harris: moments ago we were watching it together. the president and has cabinet meeting, responding to a question about his feud with the women you see on the screen there, four progressive congresswomen in the house pair the power panel now. judy miller, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research. lisa boothe, former spokesperson for the national republican congressional committee. both fox news contributor's. this is sticking for a second day. why? >> it's sticking because it's outrageous. because what the president said is simply un-american. >> harris: which? the tweet sunday night? speak of the tweets , the continuing tweets.
10:35 am
the assumption that somebody who disagrees with donald trump is disloyal to america is an outrage. and yes, when he said is racist. he's not walking it back, he's trying to change the subject, would you just saw, harris. in that very wandering, meandering press conference. he said what he said. he's not backing down, and he's putting nancy pelosi and those who don't want an impeachment in a very difficult situation. >> harris: lisa? >> i don't think the dynamics of impeachment have changed because there are still 31 democrats in districts that president trump won. so i don't think that dynamic is going to change because of that. also, keep in mind that alexandria ocasio-cortez accused nancy pelosi of racism. her chief of staff likened centrist democrats to segregationists, so that's where we are today in the use of the sorts of terms and words. keep in mind also, i think there's a certain political calculus and in elevating these members of congress pretty look about xes's report on a poll
10:36 am
showing how toxic members like alexandria kazu cortez and ilhan omar are to swing voters. it's a benefit some don't like to some degree to elevate them and make them the defining face of the democratic party. we went was cheney, republican of wyoming, says some things progressive democrats have said are racist. watch her. >> our colleagues are wrong, when they tell americans, as congresswomen pressley did just last week and, for any individual seat of the table is only valuable, only legitimate, if that person espouses some preapproved set of beliefs deemed appropriate based on the religion or gender or race. when they see that, that is racist. if you want to ask this question several times a democrats yesterday, i'm still asking it today. should posey take a look at some of the comments from people in her own party that some see as
10:37 am
anti-semitic, offensive, racially? religiously can make whatever the case. the president since he's got a horrible list. should she look at a resolution for democrats, as well? >> we have already done a resolution, the congress condemning some of ilhan omar's earlier statements. >> harris: they didn't name her. they took a back door out on that. that could have been for anybody. lisa? >> even members of the democratic party called out leadership on that, saying, "why can't we just caught up directly connect why did we need this watered-down version?" of absolutely didn't caught up. this is all politics. keep that in mind. the only reason that the police took any aim at aoc in recent days is because we have this poll that was out apparently in may, making the rounds in the democratic party among top democrats showing how toxic these numbers are. among these swing voters. deciding to call out some of these members. it's all politics. >> harris: wow. i will bring you back on the
10:38 am
other day when haven't had as much. i don't know when that will be. [laughter] thank you both. let's watch. >> i give people the option. if you like your health care plan, your employer-based plan, you can keep it. if, in fact, you have private insurance, you can keep it. >> harris: if you want to keep your doctor -- wait, different statement! sounds familiar, may be. former vice president joe biden pitching his newly-released health care plan to voters in iowa and pulling out the same line president obama used a decade ago for something very similar. in fact-checking dubbed that the light of the year. in 2013. after it became clear many americans would lose their existing insurance, because of the affordable care act. certainly not keep their doctors, which was the verbal promise. tom bevan now, president and founder of real clear politics. the politics of repeating the line where the sentiment from back in the day with the obama administration.
10:39 am
talk to me. >> is an interesting strategy for joe biden. as you point out, this was a really a sticky point. it was the life of the year. it turned out to not be true. it's coming up in the 2020 election. it's above immigration for voters right now. it's the centerpiece. joe biden is trying to fight off folks in his own party, first of all, from the left. who all want single-payer or medicare for all, medicaid for all, whatever they are going to call it. he started to fall back on a more incremental approach of saving obamacare. along with that comes the baggage of obamacare. for him to replace his line risky strategy in the way he's going about it. >> harris: has anybody done the calculus on how the line of thinking, that you're going to keep something of your attached to, a "bf deal. close with was, vice president at the time.
10:40 am
can you do ditch it and come through with something fresh can make it's not necessarily binary option fe choices. why choose the one that he has? >> everybody he's running against in the democratic primary wants to scrap the current system. we saw it play out, everybody raises their hands and they want to give free health care to illegal immigrants, et cetera. but they also want to take away private insurance for my 80 million americans. some of those folks, john delaney said, "that's not the movie should go." if you are talking about, for example, union voters in michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin who have negotiated as part of your contract these excellent health benefit plans and health care plans, do democrats really want to go to them in 2020 and say, "listen to me, we are going to away and replace it or something else! and i will be free to folks who are here illegally." that will be a right move for him to fight against the left
10:41 am
and occupy that center space. to use that line, declared the why of the year, that's a a lie dicey. >> harris: tom bevan, real clear politics. we appreciate your time today. thank you. this story broke wide open. a hiker was missing for four days, and now she has been found alive. reunited with her family after a terrifying ordeal. what happened to her, next. - my family and i did a fundraiser walk in honor of my dad,
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>> harris: progress in the store in california, a hiker who was missing for four days found alive. sheryl powell said she got lost after a man with a knife chased her off a trail while her husband was looking for a place to park. robert graves in los angeles with more. robert, every part of the story is incredible, including the men with a knife on a trail. >> her family stressing relief after the rescue. family members and authority so they were surprised that such an experience hiker would disappear in the span of a few minutes. powell says she heard her husband yelling after her and their dog, but that she had to keep running from the knife-wielding man who had threatened to assault her. >> he threatened, "if you don't give me -- if i can't have my way with you, the first thing that's going to happen is i'm going to take this knife and
10:46 am
slice up your dog." >> oh, my gosh. >> that was troubling, to say the least. >> powell says that she had no supplies and she got lost while running away from the assailant and traveled by night to avoid dehydration. eventually finding water on the second day. >> i tried to eat the inside of cactus, i tried to -- a couple of flowers, they were to drive for my mouth. i find a big slab of rock, i'd clear out the ground, take out the pine needles that were all around me, and i would just sleep on the dirt. >> miley the dog's parking awaited rescue workers to their location. it was about two and a half miles from where they had disappeared in the remote sierra nevada mountains. she was found near big pine in california, that the town about 250 miles northeast of los angeles. the woman's daughter rode on her facebook page yesterday, "she's
10:47 am
alive! this is the happiest day of our lives. we can't thank everyone enough." the county sheriff posted on its facebook page that it's "actively investigating the circumstances surrounding sheryl powell's disappearance." officials describing powell as resilient but exhausted as she was in the hospital last night for observation, harris. back to you. >> harris: a true survivalist in every sense of the word. great to see you, robert. thank you. iran's foreign minister is suggesting for the first time, the country's ballistic missile program could be on the table. as part of future negotiations with the u.s. but he says the u.s. would have to ease sanctions on iran. this, amid lingering tensions over present trips decision last year to pull out of the 2050 nuclear deal. retired army lieutenant colonel daniel davis is with me now. is this a change for iran? are they bending?
10:48 am
>> they've been pretty consistent from the beginning. it was done with the intention to negotiate a better deal that would put more concerts on the nuclear program and would include the missile program into it. this maximum pressure campaign that many of his aides have been very enthusiastic about has had the exact opposite effect. it is now kozan go beyond limits are restricted by. of course the nuclear weapons have not been part of it. the missiles. both sunday and monday, the president and the foreign minister have now said that they are willing to talk. if there was ever going to be a shot for him to move in and make this negotiation, this is going to be the time. but i will tell you, if we think we are going to negotiate a better deal, that means we're also going to be willing to give something. the big question is, is washington willing to give something in order to get something to back >> harris: what would you suggest we give >> one of the first things, we
10:49 am
could give provisional release of our allies who want to buy some iranian oil. that could be a relatively minor thing, but we have to be able to have a dippel medic off-ramp to lower some of the pressure, which i could do so we can get to the negotiations. >> harris: would not have a different level of capitulation if we weren't doing so well in our own oil production. i was reading recently that on the world stage, the united states is doing pretty well. and that complicates the situation for iran. >> it certainly makes it better for us, because we don't have to have this deal. our military will keep us safe no matter what. deterrence will keep iran from doing anything unprovoked. you make a good point, because the term middle east is a lot less important today than it was because it lowers our reliance on that area. >> harris: i don't want to turn you completely into diplomat here because your lane
10:50 am
is military. they do go hand-in-hand. what are we concerned that iran would do militarily at this point. you call it unprovoked, what do you think they do because they are inextricably connected. both diplomatic and military. what maxim pressure is doing is pushing them to a point where they may do the thing that we'd want them to do, taking action which could cause a war. we have to be willing to back off of that a little bit for tactical purposes. >> harris: one last question. the president talks about how things are different with iran. how different are they? what has changed? >> the only thing they're willing to put the ballistic missile program on the table for the first time, that's a different thing they haven't been moving down my willing to talk about. as you put in their opening, the putting something for that. to give something we haven't had, we have to be willing to give something we haven't given. that's to be seen whether we do.
10:51 am
>> harris: colonel davis, thank you very much. >> always my pleasure. thanks, harris. >> harris: a big frightening catch. fishermen discovered their haul is a great white. plus, apollo 11, 50 years later. the legacy of america's first mission to the moon, as president trump vows to return there and beyond. ♪ ["space oddity" by david bowie] because with my type 2 diabetes, i'm more likely to have a fatal heart attack or stroke. lower a1c helps, but type 2 diabetes still increases my risk of a fatal cardiovascular event. because type 2 diabetes is more than a1c. wow-these are great answers! and that's why there's jardiance- the first type 2 diabetes pill that offers a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit for adults who also have known heart disease. because jardiance can reduce my risk of dying from a cardiovascular event.
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and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over $600 a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. >> it's a great white! we caught a great white! >> [bleep]! that is a [bleep] great white! >> harris: >> a group of fisherg a catch of a lifetime come reeling in a massive great white shark off the coast of san francisco. the captain of their fishing boats as it was like winning the lottery. they took turns and struggling with the shark, which dragged them to miles out to sea before they cut the line, freeing the
10:56 am
shark as it surfaced. with just enough time to snap, obviously, some videos. selfies. >> four, three, two, one. lift off, we have lift off. >> harris: it was the start of one giant leap for mankind. 50 years ago today, the world stopped to watch the historic lodge of apollo 11. which four days later landed the first men on the moon. president trump paid tribute to that crowning achievement in his fourth of july speech, going the u.s. will return to the lunar surface soon, and someday plant the american flag on mars. i want to bring in our former nasa astronaut tom jones, author of "ask the astronaut: a galaxy the standing answers" " tier i will in fact access to not pay thank you for joining me. what affected that moon landing have on human history? >> i think in the 20th century with this did was jump-start the digital age.
10:57 am
the apollo guidance computer, to use just one example, was the first real-time interactive computer that was portable. you could send that to the moon and back. it helps give the astronauts down and off the lunar surface. so nasa put human lives on the back of this computer. and that started the revolutionary small desktop computer revolution that we are still enjoying today. every laptop in every tablet and every phone, it's a direct descendants of that computer. it's one example of the technology developed. to get us to the moon, they are still affecting our lives today. >> harris: the president says we should return to the moon soon, and also plans an american flag on mars. with the current state of where our space programs are now, is that possible? >> it's technically possible. to do it in five years, and to get astronauts to the moon by 2024. but it will require extra funding for nasa paid their top line right now is about $21 billion a year. they need to go up to $23 billion or $24 billion a year for the next ten years. that's a little over a 10%
10:58 am
increase that would enable us to go to the moon, to return astronauts there for the first time since '72, and use the resources of the moon to contemplate a voyage to mars about ten or 15 years later. >> harris: to our spacecraft needed change, too? >> there is a deep spacecraft called the orion, it's waiting for its second test flight next year, which can go to lunar orbit. the other piece we need is a lander, that we hope the commercial space companies will help nasa develop. that will fly to the moon on the back of a giant booster called the space launch system. the machines are in work. there is more testing to do and i can be accelerated if nasa gets his bumping resources. >> harris: the president has also said that new conflicts could extend to space. he's talking about that space for us. what are your thoughts on that? >> the space force, in some form -- perhaps a beefed up space force or united states command, it could take the
10:59 am
threats to all of our space assets. it doesn't pertain to the moon. >> harris: like satellites and such? >> that's what we have to protect close to us. the ones we use for military, navigation, communications. but we do need to know that we can influence events on the moon. intent to going to the moon. we need need a presence there s well, so we know that the rule of law contracts, legal, standing, exist on the surface of the moon when we are operating there. >> harris: that's fascinating. must be on the more traditional cons like you might think you are talking about space in space. ownership. last word? >> not military conflict on the moon, certainly, but we need to be able to tap the resources there without being interfered with by other countries and economic rivals like china. >> harris: what will you do to celebrate the anniversary personally? >> there's a big party in the mall with protection of the saturn five rocket on the side
11:00 am
of the washington monument. and i will see that. >> harris: tom jones, enjoyed. inc. you so very much. >> thank you. >> harris: i love space. a great way to end today. thank you for watching. the "the daily briefing" starts. >> dana: fox news alert, president trump responding to the criticism over his controversial tweets about four congressman don my carcass women and shows no signs of backing down. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing" ." ♪ meanwhile, the house set to vote on a resolution condemning the president's tweets against the progressive lawmakers, as the drama plays out the president pressing ahead. >> it's up to them. go wherever they want, or they can stay. but they should love our country. they shouldn't hate our country. you look at what they've said -- i have clips right here. the most vile, horrible statements about our country. about israel. about others.


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