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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 17, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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contest. >> we are down to it. three, two, one. who is winner? >> right here. >> i think both of you are. >> everyone is on winter here. >> see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning everyon everyone. president trump goes to north carolina for a campaign rally today after house democrats vote to condemn his attacks on four progressive lawmakers. they are firing back. good morning. it's wednesday. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. we've got a good show for you today. what do you have on your hotdog? >> sandra: bill, i'm from chicago. chicago style dog. everything is on it. wrigley field. best place to have a hot dog. we will leave it there. i am sandra smith. congressman doug collins challenging nancy pelosi over her use of the word "racist" over the president's comments,
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claiming that violates house rules. >> every single member of this institution, democratic and republican, should join us in condemning th the presidents rat tweets. anything else is a shameful evocation of our oath of office to protect the american people. i urge a unanimous vote. >> how -- which she like to rephrase that, in? >> i have declared my remarks. >> i make a point of order. those words are on parliamentary. >> bill: i went from there. meanwhile, the so-called squad and their house with the speaker, warning about singling them out. here's what they said on cbs. >> are you speaking to nancy pelosi? >> our teams are in communication. >> but shouldn't it be face to
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face? >> i agree. >> she is the new member, not the speaker. >> we can sit down with her at any moment. she is speaker of the house of your cheek and asked for a meeting to sit down with us for clarification. >> sandra: wow. we are live in washington with more on this. >> good morning sandra and bill. they join democrats on tuesday, voting to condemn president trump over remarks that he made over for members of congress. nancy pelosi labeled the comments as racist. they later ruled that her words violated house rules on decorum. the hearing from the house members. the president has been treating and talking about. here's more of what they had to save on cbs. >> i am dealing with the biggest bully i have ever had to deal with in my lifetime. >> he is only occupying space. he does not embody the
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principles, the responsibilities, the grace, the integrity of a true president. >> this week, democrats are also expected to weigh in on an impeachment resolution brought by al green. democrats may decide to table the idea for an hour send it to a committee. they've got a few options here. congressman greene has introduced impeachment resolutions before. we expect to hear a lot more from the president and a whole lot more when he is at a campaign rally tonight happening in greenville, north carolina. >> sandra: or we could hear from him a whole lot sooner than that. we will be watching the twitter feed. today, preparing once again to reprimand the trump administration. this time, the focus on commerce secretary wilbur ross. >> that's right. the house is expected to vote to hold wilbur ross and bill barr in contempt. this all has to do with the recent fight over the senses. they demanded documents from both of them about the
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administration to out a citizenship question to the 20/20 census. democrats say that the administration refused to comply with -- he has been tweeting so far this morning, writing in part "so much opportunity, yet all they want to do is go fishing, talking about the witch hunt there. however, even if the house approves the criminal contempt citation, some see it only as a symbolic move because it is unlikely the justice department would pursue." >> sandra: thank you. we will have more reaction, by the way, to all of this. iben carson will be joining us this morning. he will be our headliner. newt gingrich is also on the lineup. he will join us up 11:00 eastern time, just a couple of hours from now. >> bill: in the meantime, the chaos that we saw on the house
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floor, forcing the white house to call a meeting after the senior trump advisor, jared kushner, now putting forward a new -- >> allowing the best and the brightest to come throughout the world to compete based on a judges criteria to become american citizens. this bill also creates the gold standard. a lot of input from politicians. security professionals. >> bill: here we go at the starting point. senator ron johnson, good morning to you. about to hold a roundtable. what can you tell us about the policy that you think would be effective? >> good morning, bill. we do need to change our laws, primarily we need to change that initial hurdle race on asylum claims. best estimate is only about 50%
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of people coming in from central america actually have a valid claim. and yet over the last five years and nine months, 1,086,000 people have come in as part of the family unit. we have only removed 5,021. about 1% of the people coming as a family unit. that is a huge incentive. people realize that if they come in here, on a company child or part of a family, bringing a child with them, they will be basically waived into the united states, they can meld into the united states. they will never have a day in court, and they will be able to stay at in america long term. 495,000, almost half of that 1 million have come in illegally. so the problem is growing. it is out of control. it's overwhelming. >> bill: how much buying and is there to the idea in congre congress?
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>> i haven't heard a democrat say that this is a manufactured crisis anna matter of months. it is so overwhelming. i am hoping to have a signed letter for a pilot program that we have been working on. we call it "operation safe return." basically making the adjudication process very efficient. rapidly and more accurately determine those who don't have a good claim. return them to their home country. hopefully we will have bipartisan support as a strong signal to the human traffickers to say that we are not going to allow human traffickers to exploit our laws any longer. we start changing them, and really a plea to central americans, don't mortgage your home, don't give these traffickers, don't indict yourself to these people. some of the most evil people on this planet. you will suffer abuse. come into america if you have a valid claim the legal way. not using human smugglers. >> bill: we will see how far
6:08 am
it gets. while i have you here, i don't know how much members of congress are paying attention to this. getting a lot of attention in the media. here is the squad. >> we can talk about and spin out about hateful words, which are predictable prompt by the occupants of this white house. >> the presence of the united states, the occupant. >> he is only taking up space. he does not embody the principles, the responsibilities, the grace, the integrity of a true president. >> bill: that was this morning. rashida tlaib said that they acknowledge the fact that we are women of color, so when you do single us out, be aware of that. some of us are getting death threats. senator, i don't know how this is reverberating through the halls, but what is your sense? >> from my standpoint, i'm
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trying to address these serious issues facing the nation if not for the overwhelming news coverage of this, i would be not paying attention to them whatsoever. i do think that they represent an extreme part of the democratic party, but i am highly concerned that the growing socialism within the democratic party. that is what quite honestly gives president trump the best chance of reelection. when the american people start taking a look at things like the green new deal, the tens of trillions of dollars that that would cost. medicare for all, as well as all private health insurance, they are not going to particularly like those types of proposals by the radical left. the growing socialist in the democratic party. >> thank you for your time. ron johnson. sounds like you're campaigning already. something you're very used to there in washington. we will check out the roundtable later on today. at least 25 senators. high hurdle, but the initial steps must be taken, and that is what this immigration proposal
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is about. >> sandra: very interesting reaction from the senator on all of that. meanwhile, the notorious drug lord, known as el chapo, will be sentenced for his crimes. jurors found him guilty of murder, conspiracy, and drug trafficking earlier this year. bananas is live this morning. good morning. >> he will be sentenced to life in prison at the very least a day. that is the mandatory sentence that he must give el chapo by law, based on the severity of his crimes. whether or not he will speak in court. his lawyers anticipate that he will, and if he does, what will he say? will he apologize? will he claim his innocence? they say that they suspect he will be transferred to a super max prison in colorado. america's most secure prison facility.
6:11 am
remember, he successfully escaped prison twice in mexico through an underground tunnel. before today's sentencing hearing, his defense ask the judge for a new trial, claiming jurors were tainted. a juror told vice news that seven jurors had heard about news coverage that he raped 13-year-old girls, but the judge ultimately denied the request for a new trial. now they say they're going to appeal. >> i am very disappointed. i think we should at least hold a hearing on it. i am sure he would get a new trial. definitely. >> prosecutors suggest el chapo be sentenced to life plus 30 years. at least one of his victims will make us victim impact statement today about how they survived one of his murder plots. the government is also demanding that el chapo pay back all of the profits that he made
6:12 am
trafficking drugs like cocaine. the total bill -- $12 billion. the defense is that they may have asked for $100 billion. he doesn't have any of that money. >> sandra: bryan llenas, thank you. >> bill: now, a major round up of ms-13 gang members. nearly two dozen suspects. they are accused of are so brutal, authorities described them as medieval. >> sandra: president trump set to travel to north carolina for a rally later today. will this war of words have an impact on the race for the white house? rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel will join us later on that. >> bill: bob mueller's testimony is a week from today, we believe. will the delay tactics work for them or against them? >> jerry nadler so that this would happen to end a half months ago. we will see. we have questions for him.
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get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at >> this resolution to hold attorney general barr and secretary wilbur ross in contempt of congress is necessary to preserve the integrity of this body and of the united states census. >> bill: we believe that is going forward today. defending a criminal contempt vote against the ag, bill barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross. the house expected to take action at some time today. sol wisenberg, former whitewater deputy independent counsel. good morning. i don't know what happens after criminal contempt. what comes of this? >> do you really think ag barr is going to authorize this?
6:17 am
i don't think that is going to happen anymore than that doj eric holder was going to authorize prosecuting him for contempt. keep in mind that there are two different offices of legal counsel opinions under two different administrations. democratic and republican that have held that you cannot apply the criminal contempt statute to an executive officer claiming executive privilege on behalf of the president. that is 1984 under reagan. 1995 under clinton. i don't understand why they didn't go for civil contempt. civil contempt, you can go and get a declaratory judge. why don't they do that? it would be easier for them. why? because i think they are afraid they are going to lose. they don't want to spend the time to litigate that. this is a really political point they are making by saying you're a criminal. >> bill: you are saying it has no feet, but they will do it
6:18 am
anyway. because they will do it because it looks good to say we are holding you in criminal contempt, but in substance, it is meaningless. >> bill: how you been listening to the calls for impeachment? here is ken starr on where that issue is. >> we are in a stage in our history where impeachment is becoming the tool of first resort as opposed to last resort. my thought, you and i know, that is not what the founding generation wanted, not what they intended. we need to bring this back and have a debate. but let's put the impeachment talk aside. >> bill: so my sense is that there are 60 or 70 democrats who support it. that word was dropped a lot at the press conference on monday. does nancy pelosi fight back on this? does it go anywhere? >> i think she's not going to let it happen because she could
6:19 am
have done a lot of things in the last 12 months to bring it along, and she hasn't done so, so i think -- and a lot of it has to do with not litigating some of these issues in the courts, which could have set up an impeachment vote. i don't think she's going to do it because she believes that it would be politically damaging. i certainly think -- now you can make a case that -- you can certainly make a case that impeachment, that an inquiry should begin if you look at all of the things that the president has done. i'm not saying that i agree with that, but you can make on nonprivileged case. the tipping point would be his tweet. it strikes me as a constitutional matter. very weak. >> bill: a week from today is mueller day. it was supposed to be today. that was punted for a week. do you think it happens? >> i think it's going to happen. i don't think it will have much effect, but the problem again here with the democratic members of the house, the president is
6:20 am
not letting people like don mcgahn -- people who are actually witnesses to his conduct, come and testify. that would be the dramatic testimony that we have an watergate. having witness like a john dean or bob haldeman. that would be something that could move the needle on the impeachment questions, but he's not letting them do that. but again, bill, the minute they take over the house, they could have subpoenaed don mcgahn, and when he said i'm not going to come, they could have served it up, it could have been well along in litigation already, and they didn't do it, and i don't understand that. i just don't. >> bill: so you believe that, and you believe no effect at the end of the day. we shall see. thanks for coming on. sol wisenberg. thank you. >> sandra: it was a scary sight for some beachgoers after a plane makes an emergency landing in the ocean.
6:21 am
more of this shocking video next. new developments on north korea. is there a rogue regime ready to start missile testing again? >> now they are interested -- the relationship is very good. i think we have made tremendous progress on north korea. again, time is not of the essence, but i think that good things will ultimately happen. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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6:25 am
decorated by president ford back in 1975. he went on to become the court's liberal icon. he died yesterday from complications of a stroke that he suffered on monday. >> sandra: fox news alert. nearly two dozen ms-13 gang members now charged with the brutal murder of seven people in southern california. federal authority saying that 22 suspects engaged in what are described as medieval style killings. >> by this action, we have taken off the streets nearly two dozen people associated with the most violent arm of ms-13 in los angeles. where they gang is believed to have killed approximately 24 people over the past two years. >> sandra: christina pullman joins us live from los angeles. christina. >> sandra, 19 of the 22 ms-13 members arrested are in this country illegally.
6:26 am
they believe that the suspects are behind nearly 200 crimes over nine years, and some of those murders include hacking people to death. los angeles u.s. attorney says solving the murder case is a severe blow to the gang members who took part in the brutal gang violence. they released photos found on the suspects phones, showing them up with machetes, guns, and showing gang signs. the 78 page indictment in this case provides gruesome details, including that six of the killings involved gang members trying to move up in the gang's ranks or gain entry. prosecutor suck suspect that the victims whose heart was cut out was a rival gang member. >> he was abducted, choked, driven to a remote location in the national forest, where it the six defendants hacked him to death. >> prosecutors say that they
6:27 am
dismember the body and threw it into a canyon. 16 of the 22 are also believed it to be connected to other murders, most thought to be a rival gang members. they may have been targeted for snitching on ms-13. one was a homeless man who was temporarily living in a park that they consider their turf. they say the arrests have already brought some relief. >> oh, my god. thank god. thank god. for the last three days or so, we haven't seen too many around here. so thank god. >> prosecutors say that 16 of the 22 people are eligible for the death penalty because these crimes are so cruel. sandra. >> sandra: christina coleman, thank you. >> bill: terrorist a suspect wanted by the u.s. government is now under arrest in pakistan. they track down the man
6:28 am
suspected of masterminding an attack. >> sandra: plus, president trump heading for a rally in north carolina later today. will his feud with those four democratic congresswomen died down, or will it be mentioned tonight? we will get insight from ronna mcdaniel. she will join us next. >> this is a distraction. this is a person who really wants to vilify, demonize not only immigrants but communities of color. oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪
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>> bill: 9:30. quick check of the markets. we have been on a roll. off about ten points. 0.4% of the overall doubt. in the middle of earnings season, here is where that happens. the fed watch continues. end of this month, you think? >> sandra: so they are pricing and a cut.
6:32 am
that can lead to a sell-off. we will see. that is the question right now. all right, president trump meanwhile heading for north carolina later today after a few years back and with those for progressive congresswomen. footing to condemn the attacks on them. one democrat introduces articles of impeachment. all the chaos last night. >> the democrats are going to stop here they are so focused on going after this president, so focused on actually getting to impeachment, that they will not stop at anything, even if it means breaking the rules on the house floor, where there is a certain level of decorum that you must maintain. they are solely focused on doing whatever they can to stop this president instead of working on what can help the country. >> sandra: let's bring in ronna mcdaniel. a good morning. nice to see you. i am sure you are watching this
6:33 am
back and forth, and you're in the middle of it. do you wish this hadn't happened, or is this a strategy that is working for the president? >> i think any time the president can call at members of congress who are saying "abolish i.c.e.," comparing our men and women who serve on the border to nazis, equating america to al qaeda, some of the things that have come out of the mouths of these four congresswomen is offensive, and, anti-american, and the president is saying listen, i love our country. we should all of our country if you let's work together to make lives better for americans, and he's going to do that every single day feud he's going to north carolina, where he gets to say sense i have been present, we have added jobs. wages are out, jobs are coming back to this country, unemployment is low. they are going to canyon to
6:34 am
double down on divisive rhetoric, and he is going to talk about how we are making america great again. >> sandra: it was within the democratic party. those four democratic congresswomen were having at it with nancy pelosi, and then the president tweeted this, and the conversation then became about him. and then it was these democrats against the president, and it was no longer this feud with nancy pelosi and members of her own party. >> the democratic party is now a socialist party. these women have become the de facto speakers of the democratic house. that's the facts. he saying do you want socialism, or do you want what we are delivering? more jobs, strong economy. it is a very clear choice. nancy pelosi, with what she did yesterday, said i am going to bring votes to the floor that will divide our country, but i'm not going to pass usmca that will bring more manufacturing jobs. i'm not going to get anything
6:35 am
done that will help the american people on a policy level, but i will double down on division, which they have done since day one. by the way, 80 times democrats voted no for humanitarian aid for the border. 80 times democrats have voted no, so they can talk all they want. they are not getting anything done except they are ongoing never ending temper tantrum and war against president trump. >> sandra: they appeared in an interview on cbs this morning, and they were asked very specifically about meeting with nancy pelosi and how this goes forward. here is some of that. >> just as there were members of congress that did not vote for the speaker on the house for the day of our swearing and, just as there are members who challenge her conclusion, to disagree wit. so do we from time to time, but that does not mean that there is a fundamental fracture or dehumanizing --
6:36 am
>> is she, according to you, being disrespectful to women of color because of your color or because she doesn't like your policies or the tactics that you all are taking? taking? speak up i clarify. i did not say that she was disrespectful of women of color. i found some of the comments disrespectful, and that was my personal opinion. i did feel that singling out on the basis of one vote was creating an opening. but that doesn't mean that we fundamentally disagree. >> sandra: what was your take away from? >> well, i think they're trying to sugarcoat division within their party, but make no mistake, the leaders of the democratic party are now aoc and these other freshman congresswomen who are pushing a radical progressive agenda that will totally reshape the united states of america, and we are going to fight it in every
6:37 am
state. the president assad america will never be a socialist nation, -- >> sandra: we will wait to see what we hear from him later today. the approval rating among women is down, and the trump campaign is watching this initiative to court female voters. how do you do it? how do you win over the female vote? >> we had thousands of women showing up, probably more than any democratic candidate showing up for this rally. lesson. women right now can't vote, but they can vote with their pocketbook. over 50% of the donations are coming from women. more than any other democratic. women do care about health care. they care about the economy, and they know that under this president, things are getting down at every single level.
6:38 am
they care about our military, our veterans. we are whole issue voters, and when the president goes to them in november of 2020, and he says are you better off than you were four years ago? women are going to look at their lives and say yes i am, and vote for him. >> sandra: i want to know more about those campaign fund-raising numbers. you hear from some women, and i know you heard this, even among the president's supporters, female supporters, some question his rhetoric. and with some time, that he didn't tweet the things that he did, and i just wonder if he is going to change any of that. >> the president has delivered. he made promises on the campaign trail, and now he can go back to women voters, voters of every ethnicity, and say iran on these things, and guess what? unemployment is at an all-time
6:39 am
low. this is the thing that is disconcerting about the media. they want to focus on the tweeting on the rhetoric, but american voters are interested in the policy and how it is affecting their lives. americans across this country realize that their countrie live better, and that is because of president trump. they know that the democrats have delivered a big, giant goose egg. >> sandra: the headlines are out there. g.o.p. mega donors pouring money into his campaign, record shattering fund-raising numbers. final thoughts? >> we are raising record dollars, the enthusiasm is at an all-time high, and we are going to see it again in north carolina when the president goes to this rally. >> sandra: ronna mcdaniel, thank you. >> bill: breaking now, wanted by the u.s., he has been arrested in pakistan.
6:40 am
from 11 years ago, left 166 people dead. judgmental hall has that story. he is live in london. >> hi, bill. this has been a long time comi coming. $10 million bounty on his head, yet he has been moving around pretty freely and pakistan. giving speeches to large crowds. now, he is arrested. he was the alleged mastermind of the mom buy at terrorist three day rampage in the indian city that left 166 people dead, including six americans. he founded the group, which was behind that attack. he has for many years lived freely and pakistan. addressing this large rally. he was actually arrested several times but was routinely freed by pakistani courts. some people are saying that it has taken far too long. it comes out an interesting ti
6:41 am
time. the prime minister is heading to washington over the weekend on his first official business of prime minister. an attempt to prepare their relationship with the u.s. which has been soured for some time. the main topic of conversation over this weekend will be ending the war in afghanistan, bringing the taliban -- >> bill: thank you, ben. >> sandra: facing the legal challenges the administration tries to solve the crisis at the border. will the new rules hold up in court? >> bill: looking forward to hearing from him. there is a window of opportunity to reach a deal between the u.s. and iran. some dispute that today. daniel hoffman will answer it as to what is going on behind closed doors. coming up next. i speak of the iranian regime was struggling to figure out what they are going to do with their economy.
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>> sandra: small plane making an emergency landing. the crash happening in shallow waters. officials say that the plane experienced mechanical issues about a mile offshore. pilots and everyone on board got off safely. they are investigating the cause of that crash. >> bill: it's a good day for that pilot. well done. fox news alert. heighten tensions with iran, they say they believe that tehran -- as iran's foreign minister here in in new york is pushing back against secretary mike pompeo. daniel hoffman, trying to read between the lines. former cia chief, fox news contributor. good morning to you. my sense is that there is a lot moving behind the scenes that we don't see.
6:46 am
there is a lot of crosstalk publicly. what do you think is at play here? >> the first key point that i would make is that this administration has showed extraordinary restraint in the face of black male and shooting down our drone, using their proxy militants to launch attacks, including against that has enabled us -- that very flawed iranian nuclear deal, the nature of the iranian threat, but some space domestically, where we can bring democrats and republicans together. which is essential to achieving a new deal, and then lastly, messaging iran, making it clear that the sanctions are going to continue. showing restraint, but we want to get back to the negotiating table. >> bill: that is pretty clear. here is mike pompeo on a potential deal. >> we continue to execute, we
6:47 am
can negotiate a deal that will prevent iran from getting out nuclear weapon. >> bill: i don't know if the iranians would agree with that, but you believe that both sides can negotiate. >> neither side wants war. certainly iran doesn't appear that would be regime suicide. there are two ways to negotiate. back channel discussions between the united states and iran, which reportedly has taken place. where we discussed negotiatin negotiating -- and then secondly, perhaps the requirement for the united states, issuing clear rules of engagement so that iran understands where the red lines are. their aggressive attacks against our people and those against our allies. >> bill: they would like to talk. we will see what happens. quickly on north korea, i just want to play this. there is a key line about the president not being in a rush.
6:48 am
>> at some point, i am in absolutely no hurry, but at some point, i think we can probably do something that would be very good for them and for everybody and of the world. >> bill: i have heard him say this repeatedly. why do you think that is important? >> i have always felt going back to before the singapore summit that we shouldn't be in such a hurry. this is a wickedly difficult challenge for us, brought about by decades of failed diplomacy on our part. and of course on the part of the north koreans. complete and full denuclearization is really often in the future here. what we are trying to do is impose these crippling sanctions. they are a brutal regime. they terrorize their own citizens. they have a massive level of weapons of mass destruction. biological and chemical weapons, so it is a great challenge for us, but again, we are showing great restraint as we try to pursue these negotiations.
6:49 am
the plan -- >> bill: wicked challenge. it to borrow a phrase from you. if the u.s. and south korea are conducting military exercises, we know that the north does not like it. do you think kim would go there? >> it is important to highlight the fact that we have canceled the most high-level military exercises. the ones that are coming up next month are significantly reduced. i think kim jong un is just looking to blame us for the failures of his own economy. there was a report today that half of the north korean population is under nourished. it does portray the united states as their enemy and up blame us for their economic problems. and again, kim jong un is also negotiating to negotiate? he's in a tough place, and he wants us to be out of the peninsula. that is probably part of his
6:50 am
strategy. >> bill: interesting stuff. significant yet again today. we will see you, sir. >> thanks, have a good morning. >> sandra: the head of planned parenthood saying she was fired in a secret meeting after less than a year on the draw appeared was she let go because she was focused more on women's health than on politics? the a-team is here to take that on. >> bill: more businesses just like them. we will have a look. >> i don't have a choice but to increase prices. i just hope that the public still rewards us for giving good service and having good food. no matter what i wore, i worried someone might see
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> bill: washington monument marking a milestone in history. an image of the apollo 11
6:54 am
spacecraft, honoring the 50th anniversary of the launch. neil armstrong and buzz aldrin would become the first to walk on the moon about four days later. the display will appear for two hours, every night, leading up to the 20th, which is saturday. cool. >> sandra: the houses set this week for so to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2024. although it is unlikely to pass in the senate, it has become a rallying cry for democrats. a seattle-based restaurant chain declares bankruptcy, citing the increase in minimum wage as one reason for that. we are live in seattle with th that. >> good morning, sandra. this is 1 of 35 restaurants owned by restaurants unlimited, filing chapter 11 bankruptcy. most of those are along the west coast, where minimum wage is high, $16 an hour here in
6:55 am
seattle. it is one reason why they are declaring bankruptcy. "the company's profitability have been significantly impacted by progressive wage loss. the result by an aggregate of $10.6 million. the restaurants raised menu prices and even added a surcharge but still lost money. that wasn't enough. >> i think what restaurants unlimited found out is that they can't have the full impact of that for their customers through higher prices. people can stay home, eat out less often. >> nearly all of the democrats running for president in 2020 have come out in favor of raising the federal minimum wage. it has been at $7.25 for ten years. they just issued their report on $15 per hour and said that
6:56 am
$17 millio17 million people woue lifted out of poverty, but there would be a big price. they would lose their jobs those companies got more efficient. 29 states right now have laws that have their minimum wage set up of the federal minimum wage. >> sandra: dan springer in seattle on that. thank you. >> bill: more from the four progressive democrats today, firing back at the present, also hitting nancy pelosi, the speaker. they also had some choice words. about speaker pelosi. the a-team ways and on that. plus, ben carson is our headliner. he is coming up shortly. come on back. was an instant sad i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. and we're usaa members for life. when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint.
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trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better >> sandra: fox news alert. the war of words goes on, passing a resolution condemning president trump's tweets, but not before high drama and chaos erupted yesterday. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. tensions erupting over nancy pelosi calling the president's tweets racist. meanwhile, president trump defending himself. they have fired back. >> there is no bottom to the barrel of vitriol that will be used and weaponize to stifle those who want to advance rights for all people in the
7:01 am
united states. >> this is a distraction. this is a disruption on our leading and legislative and governing. a consequence of the american people. i am dealing with the biggest bully i have ever had to do in my lifetime, trying to push back on this and trying to do the job that we have to do. >> bill: on cbs today. we are now live on the hill. good morning. >> good morning, bill. the tweets considered racist by many are officially labeled as such in the congressional record. the democratic led house voting to approve a resolution condemning "the president's racist comments directed at members of congress." here is some of what happen. >> every single member of this institution, democratic and republican, should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. >> i would ask if she would like to rephrase that, in. >> i have cleared my remarks as
7:02 am
parliamentary before i read them. >> those comments were reviewed for about an hour. delivering a ruling that pelosi's words were not in order. for a while, the speaker of the house was not technically allowed to speak on the floor. democrats voted to strike the words from the congressional record, all of it making an extraordinary vote even more unusual. in the end, 240 members voted in favor of the nonbinding resolutions. for republicans and one former republican. siding with democrats. the president claims he does not have a racist bone in his body, and all of this is a democratic con game. you heard from the squad just earlier. all four of them disagree with that. this fight is certainly not over. he hinted on twitter today that this is something these people will continue to talk about. he has said that the focus he
7:03 am
has here is criticizing them is anti-american. they say no, it is blatantly racist in their view. he will talk about people who love america and people who do not. he will continue to talk about this and the squad at his rally this evening. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: let's bring in alisha finley. brad blakeman, former deputy assistant, angie needs a no, professor of political science at iona college. yesterday was a big day. we will hear from the president later today. >> he is trying to put nancy pelosi and the squad on defense by painting them as the base of the democratic party. it's quite amazing that the squad is more radical than nancy pelosi. this is apparently a strategy. i think he is getting a little push back. i don't think this is playing as
7:04 am
horribly and places like pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin. >> bill: let's remember you remember. pelosi was called out of order. the speaker of the house represents the entire house. she is supposed to be the representative of every member of congress. yet she took it upon herself to call the president racist. so she passed to the rubicon, and the fact is this was a set up because she supposedly cleared her comments with the parliamentarian before she made them, yet blindsided her caucus and her leadership when she did that. >> we have to admit president trump is like the darth vader ninja of media. he can control the media like nobody we have ever seen. that is what he has done. he didn't want to talk about the labor secretary, he didn't want to talk about the i.c.e. raids,
7:05 am
didn't want to talk about health care, what the republicans are doing on that, so what have we done? we have all done it. i've done it. it is going to continue. he is magnificent at controlling this. >> bill: he took the heat off of speaker pelosi and her fellow democrats. >> he did pelosi of favor, he is painting them -- this is what everybody is talking about. how radical are the democrats? raising their hands to give health care to illegal immigrants, talking about taking away private health insurance. this is exactly what he wants to do. >> bill: rashida tlaib talking about speaker pelosi. >> she is speaker of the house. she can ask for a meeting to sit down with us for clarification. we are women of color, so a -- >> bill: our apologies on tha that. be aware of what you are doing,
7:06 am
especially because some of us are receiving death threats. our backgrounds, experiences, so forth. the point is it wasn't just about president trump. it was about their relationship. >> there is dissension within the ranks of the democrats. trumps problem with these four individuals, what they say, not who they are. it's just what they say. calling i.c.e. the equivalent of concentration camp guards. calling the president a racist. this has been all in the works for a very long time. he should be removed, he's a criminal, yet they are not holding impeachment hearings. they are having a nice recess, and they will bring it back. the two gayle king pressed them about meeting with the speaker and whether there is a willingness to do that. our teams are talking. doug collins was on fox earlier today and responded to that. he stated it like this.
7:07 am
>> that's amazing to me that members of her own party are refusing to talk to the speaker. this is a two-way street of communication. i have never seen communication not be a two-way street. if i wanted to talk to the speaker, i would go talk to the speaker. it really shows you that chaos. >> this is nothing new. does anyone remember john boehner resigned? paul ryan resigned? speakers have been dealing with this. every speaker in modern american history, and nancy pelosi is dealing with exactly what they were dealing with. you have these very big caucuses. very diverse. they don't agree. she has a challenge on her han hands. i think this is a gift for the president. i think he has been -- she would like nothing more than these congresswomen to keep on going because this is playing right into his 2020 strategy. >> bill: allysia. >> i think that is true in some cases, but he needs to persuade
7:08 am
women in particular. those are the demographics that he lost in 2018. and i don't know that this play as well in those areas, allowing democrats to portray him as a xenophobe, which i don't think anyone thinks that he is. >> sandra: we talk to ronna mcdaniel on that earlie earlier. an initiative to retain those women voters. and some that have left him. >> let's remember that after all the rhetoric, what does it come down to? it's the economy. women are doing very, very well in the trump economy. unemployment, jobs, as far as advancement and salary. so when he makes the appeal to women, he's got a record to run on. i think that transcends a lot of what we are here now. we are a long way off, but if the economy stays as good as it
7:09 am
is, especially with women and minorities, i think trump has got an important hand to play. >> bill: more to come on this. we have another debate coming up. bernie sanders is going after joe biden in no way that we probably have not heard publicly until now. here it is. >> joe was a strong supporter. how is not going to play in the midwest, which was decimated? michigan, wisconsin, other states were decimated by these terrible trade agreements? i don't think that they will be very kind to him. >> it's the same debate we are seeing between pelosi and the establishment in the house and the new congresswomen. we are seeing it on the campaign trail. it is going to continue. it's a healthy debate for the democrats do have, but sanders is feeling the heat. you really see elizabeth warren coming on very, very strongly.
7:10 am
her fund-raising numbers in particular. she is taking the wind out of sanders progressive sails, and he is fighting back. >> sandra: bernie sanders also took on joe biden in that same interview. the difference between joe and me on foreign policy, domestic policy is pretty significant. so will we see more of those? >> well, i think so. in part because biden is still the front runner here. i think bernie is facing some squeeze, as you mention from elizabeth warren on the left. at the same time, he needs to fight for these middle class or their working-class voters in ohio, wisconsin, michigan. that is where biden is still doing very well. in the debate with kamala harr kamala harris, how she really benefited from going after bid biden. that really irked biden. i think he is attempting a similar strategy if strategy. >> you have to be selective before you are alike.
7:11 am
you better take on joe biden in these debates because he is the guy to beat right now. we have seen him slipping in the polls. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren -- from vermont and massachusetts. they should be shellacking him. that's not happening. a line in the sand between biden now and sanders. he says he is not forth medicare for all, yet bernie has told us or will be telling us more that his plan, his medical plan requires $40 trillion over ten years. there aren't enough rich people. >> bill: one other topic here. planned parenthood has ousted its director after only eight months on the job. she was a doctor from harvard. she believes that she was trying to treat abortion as a health issue, while others were trying to frame it as a political fight. why do you make of these development? >> i think again there is trouble within that organization
7:12 am
because they have been so radical and militant as a political organization instead of a health care delivery system. basically, it's all about abortion. she tried to broaden the base of planned parenthood, and she tried to soften the stance on abortion and the political radical net so that organization. >> bill: 's first doctor to lead in 50 years. >> she did try to broaden it. they want to focus on what they feel is under assault in terms of roe v. wade. the blue states like new york trying to protect it. they feel like they want to have someone who's going to be an advocate, and she wasn't willing to do that. to be dumped i don't think this will play well for them politically. basically pro-life groups have been really successful in persuading people, winning over public opinion. i think that is what the left needs to do here. what they should want to do. and i think basically ousting her as someone who is trying to make the appeal to our broader array -- that is really going to come back to hurt them.
7:13 am
>> sandra: apparently after a secret meeting, she was out. i am sure that we will hear more about that. thank you to our a-team this morning. >> bill: the supreme court remembering john paul stevens today. he passed away at the age of 99. he was appointed to the court by gerald ford in 1975. leading liberal voice on the court for nearly 35 years. we have a look at the life and the legacy now. good morning. >> good morning to you. even in recent years, he maintained that his conservative principles never changed throughout his time on the court. the justices around him and throughout the country that became more conservative. stevens was born in 1920 in chicago. he served in world war ii, earning the bronze star. stationed in hawaii. later in life, he was often described as a judges judge. he earned a reputation, which is
7:14 am
exactly what president ford was looking for in 1975 to help restore confidence in the government after watergate. on the bench, he was known for his big rimmed glasses, bow ti bow ties, lawyers arguing before the justices. and while he became a leader later in his career, he still maintained his independent streak, such as his dissent in the le landmark flagburning cas. "it has been an irresistible force, susan b. anthony, abraham lincoln. booker t. washington. and the soldiers who scaled omaha beach. if those ideas are worth fighting for, and our history demonstrates they are, it cannot be true that the flag that uniquely symbolizes their power is not itself worthy of protection from unnecessary desecration." he was a private person who
7:15 am
rarely did interviews, but he described his strategies from the bench. >> my philosophy is to ask questions when i think the answer might need a little bit more deciding. the question should be designed to help understand what the arguments on both sides are. >> stevens died after a brief illness at the age of 99 in florida. his impact on the court will be felt for generations. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: breaking news just now. el chapo, the drug kingpin has been sentenced to life in prison for ten counts against him, 1-8, life in prison, to run concurrently with count nine, for which you will serve 30 years, to run consecutively. count ten, 20 years. so life in prison for the drug kingpin. that sentence just coming down a few moments ago. >> bill: 62 years old,
7:16 am
notorious drug lord brought to the u.s. to stand trial after he twice broke out of prison in mexico. the sentencing is and in brooklyn, new york. >> sandra: they also ordered him to pay $12 billion. the trump administration launching a new plan to transform what they call america's broken immigration system. >> a more secure border, it will solve the humanitarian crisis. long into the future, it will protect americans. >> sandra: how does the white house plan to do all of this, and will congress get on board? retired i.c.e. director, tom homan. >> bill: this from a cabinet meeting from yesterday. the housing secretary, dr. ben carson. he was there yesterday. he is here today. live with his reaction in moments.
7:17 am
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7:21 am
between different nationalities and races and between political parties. >> sandra: sharee murray, jamaican immigrant and businesswoman will be running as a republican against a democrat in 2020. the 38-year-old launching her campaign today. alexandria ocasio-cortez won her seat after defeating joe crowley and the 2016 primary. no democrats have announced any primary challenges against her yet. >> we have an immigration system and a border system -- we want to keep all of our citizens sa safe. a modern american immigration system that allows the best and brightest throughout the world to compete based on objective criteria to become american citizens. this bill will also increase the gold standard for border security. we want to spend a lot of time
7:22 am
at the border. >> bill: white house senior advisor jared kushner outlining his plan on immigration. 600 pages. it would and some of the legal loopholes. retired i.c.e. director, tom homan with us now. thank you for coming back here. we don't have a ton of detail. what do you understand about this and how it came together? >> i was first briefed on this plane a few months ago. jared kushner -- very good start. because front and center, more security. closing the loopholes that are causing the current crisis. it is based on the merit system, but family-based migration is still in there, but is it is about the sons and daughters, not so much about cousins and as such. i think it is a good place to start. the white house is throwing out a plan.
7:23 am
so throw it on the table. we can fix some of these problems. >> sandra: the point just to get enough support to enact change. to have something actually passed. is this possible with what has been presented? >> i think we should start a discussion. once you put up plan out there and let the other side react, do i think this plan is written will pass? no. i think it's a start. i think it will be tweaked by the right and left. congress doesn't do the job, i made it clear. you can keep vilifying the men and women of i.c.e. and border patrol for congress' failure. fix the loopholes, we were not have this issue. i am hoping that this plan starts a discussion. >> bill: which loopholes are you referring to? asylum? >> detaining families, long
7:24 am
enough to see judge -- >> bill: i apologize. i just want to get that. how many days will that be extended? >> it's open-ended, right? we detain families about 40 days. 45 days. long enough to see a judge. so i don't think that number will change very much. >> bill: what would that do to those who are crossing the border or trying to? >> i think once the families realize that they are not going to be released into the u.s., they just don't show up. less than 2% -- they ignore the judges order at the end. when families realize that they will be detained long enough to see a judge, i think that is going to cause a decrease in border crossing. >> sandra: i will ask you about these new asylum rules. the american civil liberties union filed a lawsuit on this as i expected. immigration officials trying to figure out how to carry out
7:25 am
those. what is your reaction, tom? >> i think it's a good policy. all the trump administration is doing is going by the rules of international law. to qualify for asylum, you have to have to be escaping your own government for persecution, race, religion, political beliefs. so it shouldn't be about getting to the united states. as soon as you escape the country's aggression, you should claim asylum. so you should -- guatemala should claim asylum in mexico. what is happening around the border, with 90% losing their cases, it isn't so much about fear and persecution. it is about getting to the united states. hopefully this will stop that. >> bill: how many of those seeking asylum would fit that category if the law is changed and upheld by the courts? >> just about all of them. let me clarify that.
7:26 am
mexico, if you are seeking asylum from mexico, you have to consider the united states. if you are denied asylum by one of these other countries, you can still claim asylum. you have to go to that for safe country first and consider if they are before move on. >> sandra: what is the immediate impact that this is having at our border? >> well, i think it is going to call some controversy. you are saying it already, that the groups are going to have to claim asylum. waiting to come to the united states. i think that they should have to claim asylum in mexico and plead their case there before moving onto the united states. >> bill: just one final question here. they consolidated with 25 senators. how difficult is those to get through this congress or even the next one? >> extremely difficult. this congress isn't working together. not even talking.
7:27 am
especially in terms of immigration. i testified last week about the division on the hill. just the worst i have ever seen in 34 years. i hope that it comes to something, but i am not overly optimistic. >> bill: is this a pipe dream, then? >> it is the start of the discussion. the administration says you put a plant on the table, let's have a discussion. if the democrats don't come to the table, then we know it is all about politics and not about securing the border. >> bill: we will see what happens. thanks so much for coming back. tom homan. >> sandra: thanks, tom. a tanker going radio silence whilst dominic while passing through the strait of hormuz. >> bill: new fallout and no war of words. the president sounding off on those for progressive democrats. they have responded in an extensive interview earlier today. the housing and urban development secretary ben carson was in the cabinet yesterday.
7:28 am
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... ... ... ...
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7:32 am
>> you look at what they have said, i have slipes right here, the most vile, horrible statements about our country. about israel. it's up to them. they can leave that i can can stay. >> sandra: president trump doubling down with his back and forth, with congresswoman, the president defending his tweets against lawmakers who are accusing trump of spreading racism and division. secretary of housing and urban development was in the cabinet meeting and dr. carson, mr. secretary, good morning to you, welcome to america's newsroom. so we heard from many of the lawmakers yesterday. but within the president's own cabinet dirks view the president's words, view his tweet as racist? >> well, you know, i have an
7:33 am
advantage of knowing the president very well, and he's not a racist and his comments are not racist. but he loves the country very much and, you know, he has a feeling that those that represent the country should love it as well. >> sandra: 3 of those congress women are born in the u.s., they are all-american citizens, mr. secretary. the president suggested that "they can about back to their countries" so that they can go wherever they want, but didn't name any of those countries away. did the president mean because he's not taking back going he said. >> well, i think you can see what the president means by look at his accomplishment. look at his policies, you know, under this president you see the rising tide lifting all boats. you see low unemployment, you know, record-low for blacks, hispanics, you know, for all the
7:34 am
the demographics for our nation. yesterday, i talked about the opportunity zone. what's happening in some of these place system just as stonishing and talking to some of those people there i go around and listen to what they have to say. and they are as stonished. they say i didn't think this could ever happen. just a couple of week ago, the president signed an executive order establishing a council eliminating the barriers to affordable housing. who's going to benefit for that? so when you have someone who's spending much time and effort, trying to elevate those who are vulnerable and who are suffering in our society. i think we should pay a lot more attention to what they are doing than what quarterback is saying. >> bill: when the cameras went waxer did he talk about this more in that cabinet meet? >> when the cameras went away,
7:35 am
we kind of went around the table and talked to the secretaries about the good things that were happening and you know, that's another topic. if you go to and you look under accomplishments, you'll be as stonished and there are a lot great things going o. >> bill: i don't mean to harp on this, but specifically about the progressive congress women come up again? >> that was not the topic. >> bill: okay. toilet take you back to philadelphia on is the night. ilan omar was quoted as saying the following. i believe as an immigrant, i probably lover this country more than anyone that is naturally born, and because i am ashamed of it continuing to live in hip ocincrease. they will will you america the great, but we don't live those values here. end "d." just go ahead, based on your life experience, what do you think of that comment? >> well, you know, i have to
7:36 am
look at my own situation, born and growing up in dire poverty with a lot negative around me, but also, recognizing that i live in a place where, you know, throughout help of my mother, who helped me to realize i wasn't a victim, that i had access to all kinds of things and was able to go on, become a neurosurgeon, now a cabinet member, and these are things that we want people to recognize in our nation and we want to create opportunities for them. all the policies that we are now a spousing are creating self-sufficiency in people and those people that cannot become self-sufficient, making sure we take care of them in the most efficient manner. >> sandra: can you tell us a little bit, mr. secretary, about these opportunity 39 came up as well in yesterday's meeting. >> yeah, the opportunity zone is
7:37 am
a game changer in this country. throughout 2017 tax cuts and jobs act, has created an opportunity for all 50 governors, and the governors of five territories, to create opportunity zones. they can dedicate 25% of the economically zones, to invest in capital gain over the long-term. that's the difference between some of the other problems and they are going to be investing this money somewhere, any way. to create a program to invest in those areas which of course traditionally investing in economically, have had i profound difference. last week, i was in salt lake city ah, multi family was being completed.
7:38 am
on a treatment center and training center so we can get people with autism into a self-sufficient atmosphere. that project was completed with opportunity from dollars. >> bill: thank you for coming back. and it is t has been some time. don't be a stranger. >> thank you. >> bill: right now, officials saying, they believe iran has seize aid tanker that was traveling, run nag story from the middle east pure o.tre, what have we discover bod this? >> the iranians today, are admitting they do have control ctrl of this uaeoil-boyed tanker that disappeared into the duffle. according to iran, the trafficker had technical difficultes at sea, at which point they toed it to shore. the vessel holds up to 25 crew members, and the ship is owned
7:39 am
by a panamanian company. the region is questioning the story line of the iranians regarding what happened. according to reports this week, the u.s. military is trying to set up a maritime coalition to operate in the gulf to prevent attacks by iran or iranian-backed proxies. this summer, oil tankers were targeted at two separate incidents, adding to already rising tensions. salvage the iran nuclear deal. iran has broken two key commitments bypassing the thresholds, and the euforeign policy peace saying tuesday, it's not too late to find a solution. >> iran's actions are still reverse i believe and do not indicate an un quiv cal decision or intention by iran to reverse its nuclear program. >> now this week, iran foreign minister is in for meetings all the the unite would nations and
7:40 am
they were open to talks regarding the ballistic missile program. >> from jerusalem. thank you. >> sandra: while visitors might have another reason to cheek the fed chairman illnessing of potentially cutting interest rates may happen. so what would that do for the market? >> also facebook planning for digital occurrence ewe'll tell you what the issues are and what the idea is. the the money mainman is walking in right now. >> look what has happened everyone that facebook has run its social experiments on us. their motto has been move fast and break things. they certainly have. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week.
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7:42 am
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7:44 am
they are suggesting to beings to go higher. suggesting an interest rate being be coming soon. charles payne, also making money. >> you know, here's the thing, wall street is perplexed over
7:45 am
the federal reserve right now and i don't think they're listening to jay powell, of course listening to him, and read what he says and i think he he'd his own epiphany. it dovetails with where president trump is coming from on these markets q. they hiked rates in december, it was a huge mistake. on january 1, the first tell from powell, he said wage inflation is not price inflection. historically, the federal reserve, are when wages goes up, unemployment goes down, they start to put road blocks in our economy through rate hikes. he said that wasn't necessary. in early january. >> inflection does not appear to be -- what are they saying they are seeing on that front? >> i'm glad you brought that up. that's one of the things they're worried about, is a lack of inflation. in fact, on friday, the new york fed chairman -- the chicago fed chairman, said they have to lower rates at least 2 more
7:46 am
times and between 21, they'll have inflection to where they want it to be. we hear inflation, and we get nervous and we recoil. we're always happy when our paychecks inflate, our homes inflate. the value of our baseball cards inflate. we need some kind of inflation. deflation is what we had during the great depression and it it could become a death spiral. jay powel saying, yesterday, he was in paris saying other countries monetary policy influence the economies of other nations. so if america isa 2.5% in our rates, japan is at zero. and are sweden and at a less negative number. we're in a globe global exempt we've been reminded of that over and over again . >> he said that, huh. >> yeah, if you listen to jay powel, decent want the typical federal reserve to save the economy from recession.
7:47 am
he never wants a flashing warning signs of recession to come up. i think he is determined to keep the expansion going. he has said it over and over again. he is so proud what the federal reserve did to bring the country out of the great recession. >> >> sandra: i'm hearing gold relocks. you don't. it too hot. >> l he's going to move faster than they have traditionally moved. wall street always equates rate cuts with recessional bad economy. he's not saying that. he's saying why even let it go get to that point. >> bill: facebook was bethlehem erred yesterday. brown the democratic senator from ohio said this from the hill. >> facebook is dangerous. now, facebook might not intend to be dangerous, but surely, they don't respect the power of the technologies they are playing with, like a toddler whose gotten his hands on a book of matches. facebook has burned down the house over and over and called
7:48 am
every arson a learning experience. >> the facebook didn't find the matches. they created them. let's be clear. okay. they didn't stumble upon a bunch of matches. they are biz net lab, trying to find the are latest match. in europe they have a chart saying why we should break up facebook. they are saying that subscriber growth has gone flat. but revenues from subscribers have gone up. in wall street, that's a buying opportunity for a lot of these politicians, it's called, too much power. let's break them up. >> doug: i'm still hearing a very bullish charles payne. >> i am. the consumer numbers and retail sales are just absolutely phenomenal. just a riminder. >> sandra: stunning data on the opioid crisis. what federal documents are now revealing about the tense of billions of pills flooding our country, and fueling this deadly epidemic.
7:49 am
♪ ♪ cake in the conference room! showing 'em you're ready... to be your own boss.
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7:53 am
numbers are staggering. >> it's something called the automated report, consolidated system. arcos, d, ea keep ace database school. been revealed to the public now that, 76 billion pills, not million, billion, were contracted from 2006 to 2012. 36 pills per person in the united states certain drug companies were involved. rx was involved. purdue was involved, which we talked about before w oxycontin, two main pills are involved. oxy codon't and oaks cot in, and hydro codon't. oxy codon't is oxycontin and
7:54 am
it's also percocet. hydro codon, out there vicodin. these are the main culprits. you ever hear of the blue highway kentucky, ga g up to ohio. that's from these pill. florida with the billboard that is say next stop, pain mill. pain clinic. you know, at the side of the road. that's these pills. these distributors, these drug company, made this possible. and of course, and i said this on the show before, doctors had teosinte prescriptions. >> you mentioned these states put tup there. west virginia, a lot of numbers on the screen, look to the far right of the screen, approximatelies per person. west virginia, 7. kentucky, 63. south carolina, tennessee, 58. there was money to be made in this, doctor as a physician, how do you manage this? >> l i was about to say this. i'll start as a physician and actual, i almost never prescribed these things. bill. i want to know what the source of the pain s are you having a
7:55 am
muscle spasm in your badge you don't get an opioid for that. wisdom tooth? okay. maybe a of days of opioids. maybe ibuprofen. first diagnose the problem, then treat t. we were told 15 years ago that there are a hundred million chronic pain sufferers in the united states. after that, it became hard for a physician to say no to a patient who said they were in paint we don't want our patients to go away, feeling bad and mistreated. on the other hand, we enabled this epidemic. 76 wil io76 billion pills. >> sandra: in 2017, there were over 47,000 over doses over 17,000 deaths, according to the cdc. >> and you know what, once you get to a prescription pill, you end up with heroin. when a doctor stops the prescription, when the prescription pill is no longer
7:56 am
available, 75% of heroin users started off on prescription drugs. so we enable the problem. pharmacies, drug companies, doctors, enable the problem. >> bill: do you think we're turning the corner on this epidemic? >> this helps. spotlight suggest help. we're starting to turn the corner. there are still people in chronic pain that need these medications but it is way over prescribed. we're starting to turn the corner now. >> bill: in a moment, the president in a really in eastern north carolina as fight over his tweets simmers back in washington. will that come up tonight? what's his message. live from the white house in a moment. we will check in. come on back. ♪ limu emu & doug
7:57 am
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8:00 am
another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: pump getting ready to head to north carolina for a really later today, amid the fallout from his fiery feud, ongoing with progressive democrats. welcome back to "america's newsroom. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning, your action around the concoming what they call the president's racist tweets. attacking four congress women. they were speaking today. but first, hud secretary, ben carson, just about 30 minutes ago. >> he's not a racist. and his comments are not racist but he loves the country very much and, you know, he has a feeling that those who represent the country should love it as well. when you have somebody who's
8:01 am
spending much time and this much effort trying to elevate those who are vulnerabilit and suffering in our society, i think we should pay a lot more attention to what they are doing than what anybody is saying. >> bill: so from the white house now, roberts, kicking offerdate from the north lawn. john, good morning. >> bill, good morning to you. even though his tweet on sunday about the squad, got himself in a whole a lot of hot water to, coon demolition permit his remarks, the president as he heads to greenville, north carolina, indicate that this squad will figure prominently, tweet tweeting a short time ago. big really tonight in greenville, north carolina. lots of great things to actual b. including the fact that our economy is the best it has ever been. best employment and stock market numbers ever. i'll also talk about people who love and hate our country. mostly love. 7:00 tonight. within the last half hour the
8:02 am
president refer to the squad in another tweet as quote, the vicious young socialist congress women. the president is trying to make alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilan omar -- the message to do voters of the industrial heartland and other swing states s they don't like america. if you vote democrat in 2020, you're vote for example people who want to turn the united states into a socialist country. as the president tries to make that argument, the four freshman congress women who make up the squad were on cbs this morning, keeping up the drum beat against the president. listen here. >> there is no bottom to the barrel that will be used and weaponnized to stifle those who want to advance rights for all people in the united states. >> the president is still trying to recover from that tweet when
8:03 am
he jumped in the middle of the feud between nancy pelosi and the squad o. friday, the president seemed to have the political hard round, saying the squad owes pelosi an apology but with the treat on sunday, he unified the democratic party against him interview this morning, it is clear that the disagreement with the squad and pelosi is still simmer ming acknowledge the fact works r we are women of color. when you do single us out, be arwear what you're too. some of us are getting death threats and some of us are being singled out in many ways because of our backgrounds, because of our experiences and so forth. >> the president will try again tonight to, put that tweet behind him and focus not on the personal background of the squad, but on their policies. listen what the rnc said in america's newsroom. >> any time the president can call out, to a bolkaleti i shall
8:04 am
i.c.e., and people who have not served over access, and some of the things that have come out of the mouths of these four freshman congress women is offensive r anti-american, and president is saying, i love our country. we should all love our country. >> 7:00 today, greenville, north carolina. eastern side of the state. expect fireworks. bill. >> bill: thank you, john. john roberts on the north lawn. saundra. >> sandra: all right. john roberts, speaking out presley, explaining why she calls trump the occupant of the white house. >> he is only occupying the space. he does not embody the principles, the responsibility, the grace, the integrity of a true president. and so for that, i'm not just dishonoring the office, he does every day.
8:05 am
this is a distraction. this was a disruption, leading, letting and governing on the issues of care and concern and consequence of the american people. >> well, there they are, all working together. martha mccallum, and story continues this morning, and they all sat down there they took on the president but they were press bod engage want to know speaker of the house. >> i thought one of the most entering moments was one of the quietest moments. congressman cleaver, presiding over all that have chaos and mess that we watched unfold as americans left today, put down the gavel and walked out. he is the head of something that is known as the civility of caucus. he said, if this is what our government has come to, we are in serious trouble. my i think people to, alexandria
8:06 am
ocasio-cortez and members of the squad. really, there's a lot self-promotion going on in all of this, and i think that there's a lot of criticism of the president, you've got both sidings of the spectrum who are talking about things that i think most people feel do not really relate to them personally and what they want to see. alexandria ocasio-cortez says she's concern for rights for all people. how about the rights for citizens who have had their loved once killed by people who are here illegal least at what point, you know, they're standing essentially for open borders, medicare for, all of these things that americans disagree w. so you have to september fact that you are not talking about rights for all people. she's talking about rights for some people, in some cases, who are not citizens-country and there is division in this country over whether or not that is correct. she needs to recognize the other side as well. >> the president went on in a tweet yesterday to thank his party for sticking with him on
8:07 am
this. so great to see how unified the republican party was today on today's vote. i cleared my remark . >> i dare anybody to look at any of the footage and see if there was any unfairness. unfairness is not enough. we want to just fight. i abandon the chair. >> that was quite a moment he want's looking into the chamber and saying, this is dissolved into something. you know, talk about what america is and what reflects the values of the people. what we're watching going on
8:08 am
there does not and i think people are sick and tired of it in many ways, and you know, the president's sort of reasoning for what he said, which as id, a lot of people thought was out of line, people in his own party, is frustration. you know, that is the main line coming out of the white house o. clear the president is frustrated what, do you number two-ranked say things that go a little too far. clearly, he is frustrated at the language of what's been going on in this debate and i can expect we're going to see some of that tonight at 7:00 as well. >> fair enough. we'll see what the president says and there are on going questions now, we had ron johnson early her morning, to react to that. and he thinks this will play in favor of the president. >> if not for the overwhelming news coverage, i would be paying attention to those individuals whatsoever. i think they represent part of the extreme democrat party but
8:09 am
i'm highly concern the growing socialism between the democrat party and that gives trump the best chance for re-election. >> tom friedman argue that is forgotten then and women are now part of the demolition permittic party and they look at these four women who have every right to say they have absolute freedom speech. they can argue whatever they want. but the inordinate amount of attention they're getting personally and they're drawing to themselves, personally. and you listen to rashidda talieb saying, i am being attack because of my personal background. i think the president should make more clear f what he says is the truth, is that he's upset about their policies leader
8:10 am
mccartney. we will see where it all goes and we'll be watching for the president's mens tonight, watch at 7 column. bill. >> will huge master mind of the deadly attacks in india, arrested in pakistan. the radical cleric, who is also. he had in the u.s., founded a group that carried out coordinated attack that is killed 166 people in that city, back in 2008, 11 years ago. benjamin has the story and is live in london with more now. >> for a number of years now. it's been 7 years since the u.s. put a $10 million bounty his head. and president in the last hours, tweet being this case, saying, after a 10 year search,
8:11 am
the so-called master mind of the mum by attacks has been arreste in pakistan. great pressure has been excerpted over the last two years to find him. he was the alleged master mind of those attacks in 2008. a 3-day rampage na left 166 people dead, including six americans. he founded the al qaeda group, which was behind the attack. zaed had lived in pakistan and in plain sight, was involved in large reallies and was arrested but freed by pakistani court and some of saying arrest has taken far too long. pakistan did nothing until the white house exerted more pressure in the last couple years. the arrest comes at a very interesting time. prime minister is heading to wash on his first official visit as minister and that is seen as a trip which will try to repair
8:12 am
the relationship with the u.s., which is frankly for some years now. it remains to be seen if saed will be expedited. how to soft afghan war and whether they can help on the taliban side. >> thank you, ben. >> a mystery over a missing oil tanker, iran saying it helped the ship to shore after mechanical problems while the u.s. paints a much different picture of what happened. >> also, a fierce fight on the florida house. democrats voting to condemn the if the's tweets. could it all be part of the political strategic plan. the former house speaker, newt beginning rich weighs in on that, coming up next. >> when you come to the house, it is a place of dignity and decorum if we don't maintain decore um on this floor, we evolve into something we need to
8:13 am
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8:16 am
which could play right into the president's hands. my next guest, telling a washington examiner, quote suggest useful to remember, trump does not play tick tack toe. he place chess and is setting up a much deeper fight. and wants the democrat to identify with this. i think the president is often inartful, but remarkably
8:17 am
effective. newt beginning rich is the former speaker of the house and joins us now. mr. speaker, good morning to you r. tell us what, is your thinking on this? you're making the case, this was very purposeful on the part of the president and it's all playing in his hand. i think the president is making two strategic steps here. one s he wants to make sure the democrats embrace the radical wing of their party and speaker fellows setrying very hard to separate them. and it's going to be pretty hard not to believe they're all on the same team. and we're going to end up with kevin mccarthy as speaker of the house. if they get identified with these radicals, they are just going to lose and i think in that sense.
8:18 am
the president successfully unified the democrats. and i think a major theme next year, much as there was in 1984 with president regan is going to be patriotism, and every time the president says patriotism, the left wing media, the propaganda wing of the democratic party yells racism. and the number of times, the various left wing media, using the word "racist" or "racism" is interesting and does the average american think, for example, f object to a thousand people attacking a federal building in colorado, tearing down the american flag, defacing t hanging it up, upside down and putting next to it ah, mexican flag. if you object to that, are you a patriot orratist? the left will scream racism ract the rest of the country going to scream. i think the president is sitting
8:19 am
up a big national dewait next year over the nature of patriotism and whether or not you're allowed free speech if you're a conservative, not just if if you're a radical. >> when it comes to the recent instance, pertain to the president's tweet, i guess it depends on who you ask. hakim jeffs was on this morning, making the point that it is a unifying force for the democratic party. >> the progressives are not the problem. the new demolition permits are not the problem. the blue dogs are not the problems. the chief is the problem. that's a unifying theme, not just for a democratic caucus butt nation. the existential threat to our democracy, to our way of life, to our values, is so severe. >> he's making the case. obviously, this could unify his party. >> just as you had the other
8:20 am
night, you had all 10 candidates raise their hand over things like open borders and medicare for all and so forth. there's no question in my mind, the demolition permittic party is going to be remarkably unified, but remarkably left wing n. 1972 when they nominated george mcgovern, he was seen as almost everybody as so radical b. the rest of the nkemdiches can say not me. what's happening now is just the opposite. they're all the same person. doesn't matter whether they nominate biden or kamala harris or bernie sanders or senator elizabeth warren, they're all the same left-wing, hardline, fringe politicians. so they are going to get 40% of the vote under any circumstance and they're going to have huge enthusiasm, they may in the process, square away most americans. >> the president's got a rally leader today, down on this the president believe that is issue
8:21 am
is do you think people who are hard line, left wingers, people who can't even tell the truth about the holocaust, people who can't tell the truth about 9/11, people who lie about the border, which clearly, aoc did. if you think that's appropriate, you ought to be a left-wing democrat. but if you think america is a country worth defending, if you think our board servant worth defend defending, if you think we have a right as americans to expect the ruling of law then you're going tend up being with trump. i think that's his basic them attic from now until election day. have the two choices. a hard left choice and other rest of us. >> he'll be rallying later today. speaker of the house, newt beginning rich. always good to talk to you. >> breaking news. in new york. a notorious drug lord, el chapo, juan guzman has been sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years. he did not go quietly today away. he and his lawyers are say being
8:22 am
that trial in a moment. coming up next of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico.
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8:25 am
moments ago, the notorious drug lord, walk keen "el chapo" guzman, convicted of murder, drug trafficking, sentenced to life in prize o. outside the court house in brooklyn with more. brian. >> bill, good morning,wa keen el chapo cuz medical marijuana, suddend to life in prison, plus 30 years, without the possibility of parole. but the highlight is when el chapo spoke for 15 minutes. he was donning his classic mustache and spoke through a translator. he thanked his lawyers, he thanked his wife ask two
8:26 am
daughters for his unconditional support w. launched into a 15 minute ditribe and talked a lot about how he has been experiencing tort in your solitary confinement. he said he was forced to drink unsanitary water, no sunlight in his cell. said he had to use ear plugs made out of toilet paper, to block the noise from air ducks and he admonished and went after the judge, and he said, he did not receive a fair trial. he said quote, there was no justice here. he admonished the judge for denying his request for hearing -- for having a hearing about maybe having a new trial. the fact want matter is his defense says that he keep thes pointing to a "vice" news recall who says, there were five jurors, linking to media coverage and you're not supposed to do that. and that is enough to have a new trial. the judge denied that q. el
8:27 am
chapo said, it's clear that the u.s. is no better than any other corrupt country and then, really, the big thing here, he showed no remorse and his lawyer talked about that very fact moments ago. is is half the jury cheated and lied to the judge. so respectfully, you know, i don't know what they expected today. would remorse have changed the statutory minimum of life in prison? of course not. i don't know that, why are the rules dinner fromwa keen guzman. he wanted justice. that's what he was mourning today . >> andrea velez, said that el chapo tried kill her. she forgives him. and she hopes he can forgive her. the prosecution says, this is a message to anyone out there that leads to want to lead a cartel. the united states will bring them to justice. >> never again will guzman over
8:28 am
our borders, making billions, while innocent lives are lost to drug violence and drug addiction. >> the rates of the white house. heating up. two front runners, trade over house care. pitting medicare for all, against obam bomba care. and ms-1313 members, charged with grizzly murder in california. describing the carnage as medieval. we'll have a live report from los angeles. >> ms-13 has spread like a cancer throughout the united states and throughout central america. hi walter.
8:29 am
8:30 am
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8:32 am
inception more than 20 years ago. >> more than two dozen problems of that notorious ms-13 gang charged for murder in california. the suspects killed 7, using medicare for sheeties and baseball bats what they describe as a medieval level of brutality. christina coleman is live in l.a. to follow on that story today. christina. >> bill, violent murderous ms-13 gang members are something president trump talked about repeatedly. now, we have this indictment, alleging that 22 ms-13 members are suspected of nearly 200 crimes over the past 9 years, including those vicious killings. u.s. attorney, nick hannah released photos, on the suspect's cell phone, killing ms-13 members with a medicare for chety, guns, and flashing gang signs. the indictment are provides gruesome details like a rival gang member, targeted for crossing out ms-1 ms-13 graffit.
8:33 am
he was abducted, choked, and. >> dismembered and one of the defendants allegedly carved out his heart before throwing the body parts into a canyon. >> 16 of the 22 people are charged are believed to be connected to the murders of 6 other people. most thought to be rival gang members. one of the victims was a homeless man, who was temporarily are living a park that the gang members considered their turf. 19 of the 22 ms-13 members charged are in this country illegally. while their arrests were not part of an i.c.e. operation, the president says deporting violent dwang members is high priority. >> they're monsters. bikini removing ms-13 by the thousands during my administration and i tell my people another much easier to go the other rout. i say, focus on the criminals. focus on the people that are killing people. >> prosecutors say both the
8:34 am
extreme level of violence, and the young anxieties of the defendants in these cases are incredible disturbing. only three of the 22 named in the indictment are over the age of 24. >> what a for that is from los angeles. is thank you. >> fox news alert now, a house vote on holding attorney general barr, and secretary ross in criminal contempt for failing to combelie with congressional subpoena on the 2020 census. this move will escalate the already heightened tensions between the president and house democrats. joining us, assistant are u.s. attorney, and fox news contributor. why are democrats pushing for in. >> l i think it's part of the 2020 election theme they want to have that trump is driven by racism and it's basically going to be their theme and what they're trying to press here is what was the origination to put
8:35 am
to put the question on the census. >> what cothey believe this will reveal? >> they think they were going to reveal much of going. i think they're going to keep the issue alive. >> why not turn them over then, the document. >> in principle, the justice department cannot want to turn over going that is thereby tive and they always have their eye on the next controversy where wynnstar. >> why does this fight go? >> it goes until it goats overwhelmed and they'll have this road today. it'll be, of some historic significance because for example, we have only had one attorney general whose ever been held in contempt b. pactically, it won't have any significance. it's more, i think it's more 2020 election stuff than going more real than that.
8:36 am
this is just near political theater. it doesn't really have any substance and basis. we produce to the committee, over 14,000 pages of documents. the issue here is about a dozen documents roughly 15 pages, all of which the courts didn't find necessary to make their conclusion. >> the final thoughts on that is correct before i move on. >> no, i think he's right. i think it's political and he's quite right to point out f they had legal significance, the courts would have said so. >> the house, yesterday, passing resolution, end, to condemn the president's racist comments were the words used by nancy pelosi against democratic congresswoman, democratic congressman al green, filed articleless of impeachment for the president here. is.
8:37 am
>> i will quote to impeach him. if you did what the president has done, you would be pushed. what we have done so far, does not sign him and remove him from his job. you would lose your jobs. the president cannot be above the law. >> based on their interpretation of the president's words, and how they viewed them as racist, those who that is their understanding of that, do they have a case for impeachment here, andy? >> to, he in the framer's conception, i don't think this rise to the level of what hamilton had in mind as high crimes and misdemeanors, but you know, gerald ford when he was the minority leader of the house in the 70's, said that an impeachable offense is whatever the majority want house of representatives says, so could they do this by just having the raw votes to get it done? sure. i think the whole reason for having resolutions, they are
8:38 am
trying to spare, as fellows setrying to spare the 41 or so democratus who inhabit seats districts in having to take hard votes on impeachment which they're trying stay a million miles away from. and the reason the reason they're trying to fight this off. it may be an -- >> i've got breaking news to get it. ken starr reactd to all this. we are in a stage of history. becoming first resort as opose to last resort. sounds like he is in line with your thinking on that are. i want to ask but this break news. coming into the newsroom now. federal prosecutors have concluded their investigation into campaign finance violations committed by president trump's former lawyer, michael coen. the federal judge now saying the conclusion of the case, clears
8:39 am
the way for the public release of field search warrant materials. the investigation involveless payment that is coen helped orchestrate the two women, daylight act stress, stormy daniels and playboy center fold, karen macdougall after they claim they had affairs with donald trump. andy, what do you make of all of this? this is breaking just now. >> i would assume this means they are not contemplating new charges, and i think, sandra, this goes to what we talked about when he first pled guilty, which is even though he could go into court and plead guilty to this offense, there was still profound defense that is were available to anybody else who got charged in it. and i think what this goes to show is it's a much tougher case, maybe not that commentary suggested after he fled guilty. the whole fact, he implicated president trump in t. president trump has a lot of defenses, some were available to coen and some are even better than cone would have had. >> sandra: we'll get more equation to that.
8:40 am
andy mccarthy, thank to yous. >> new developments in the standoff with iran. u.s. officials, they suspect tehran is behind the disappearance of an oil tanker from the uae. united emirate that is appeared to turn off its tracking device while moving through the strait. tracking this story from the pentagon with more developments now. lucas. >> that's right. bill. the u.s. police did seize that oil tanker but so far, they presented zero evident. a spokesman for iran's foreign ministry denies the accusation, in a statement saying this latest indent comes after a british warship, blocked irk rannian boats from impeding a british tanker last week, not far from when the uaetanker was
8:41 am
scene, and responder, mysteriously switched off. earlier this month, commands on, board -- in violation of eu u sanctions. iran's supreme already called the action unlawful. >> they make out of place demands, then evil britain and really, their evilness is very clear, commits piracy and steals our ship. it is an act of piracy. >> iran's foreign minister is in new york this week and hinted ballistic missiles could be part of future negotiations. a commentary welcome by the secretary of state, mike pomp. >> the iranians said, they are prepared -- we'll have this opportunity to north a deal, that will prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> u.s. officials tell me, iran has over 2,000 ballistic missiles. >> lucas tomlinson from the
8:42 am
pentagon. >> president trump heading to north carolina for a really tonight others day robert mueller had been scheduled to testify on capitol hill. so what can we expect? bret baier will join us live next. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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serious allergic reactions may occur. i got real relief. i got clearer skin and feel better. now, watch me. get real relief with cosentyx. the estranged husband of missing conclave mother, adds a high profile investigator to his team. pattic mckenna has been hired to look into the disappearance of jennifer dulos. mckinne worked on the oj sism con, and casey anthony cases. accused of tampering with evidence, and hundred everything prosecution in what is now being dealt with as a missing persons case. on. >> president trump back on the campaign trail tonight he want hold ace really in the swing state of north carolina, a state he carried in 2016 by about
8:46 am
three points. host state for the republican convention in 2020. now with meeker the "special report," brit baier. good day to you. greenville, north carolina. far eastern part of the states. john. >> reporter: s, 45 minutes ago, said this will be hot tonight. 7:00 eastern time. i imagine we will hear a lot about what we have been talking about for the past three days. >> i think it will be hot, not only steamy, but hot in rhetoric, after we have seen what the president tweeted and sextuple-- he continuous to seea benefit to painting the democratic party as these four democratic congress women who were having a split with nancy pelosi until this back and forth with the president. >> just want to go through, why don't we start on saturday night. there was an event in
8:47 am
philadelphia and congresswoman ilan omar was there, and part whatever she says, i believe as an immigrant, i probably love this country more than anyone that is naturally born and i'm a shamed to continue living his hypocrisy. walking on the side of the street, somewhere in the middle of the world, they will tell you america the great but we don't live those values here." now, that was not directly eluded to sunday, but tweet storm came out sounds that followed that event. it's almost tailormade for a message to do exactly what you just described. paint a certain corner for the campaign. >> i think so. it's important to put the caveat here that as a candidate, candidate donald trump had some negative things to say about america at that time as well and different circumstances. so have you to put all that have in context. right now, as one of the pillars
8:48 am
for the 2020 race is i am not going to allow socialism to take over. american patriotism and pride. sovereignty, along our borders and stopping illegal immigration. probably late-term abortion and the economy if it tons cook. all of those things, rapped in one, is what we thought will be here tonight. >> here is something you might hear in about a week's time when the democrats go back on the debate stage. canalla harris. i believe this was on cnn. >> there is so much that is disgusting about this. i think it is a turn for this president. it couldn't get any worse. apparently, it just d. how low can he go. >> can he get lower. >> he needs to go back where he came from and leave that office. >> imagined we might hear that comment again on stage. >> the depart bitcoin is next week in detroit. i think all of the democratic
8:49 am
candidates for president, trying to get a little oxygen here. was this a different tweet storm and reaction? >> yes, probably was different than other psyche oles we have seen, about what the president said, and tweeted about. but the bottom line is that most people in america when asked would like the outrage machine on both sides, to stop and that actual stuff gets done, comes why you're hearing senate majority leader mitch mcconnell start with that on capitol hill yesterday and you're hearing frankly, democrats, every time they get to the mic saying this is all a distraction but still, talking about it a lot. >> recall, this is supposed to be mueller day, and the really was planned to counter the mueller testimony when it first came out weeks ago. so we wonder if there will be another next week in that's locked in stone, as mule servant scheduled to testify on the 24th. but we obviously don't have that -- >> do you have a guess on that?
8:50 am
does that happen a week from now. >> i vent turkey does probably happen. democrats really want to have something. i don't think they have ironed out all the details yet. >> good to see, you man. 6:00 tonight. >> five years ago today, a malaysian airlines plane was shot down over eastern ukraine killing 298 people on board. how investigators are now starting to break ground on a criminal case this is the couple who wanted to get away
8:51 am
who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go.
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8:53 am
>> it maybe 5 years since the malaysian airplane was hot do you think soar 298 people on board were killed amount criminal case is now just getting under way.
8:54 am
>> hi, bill. as they wait for justice to be done, it is a fallen day for the families of the victims. almost 200 of them were dead and it's been said this was on holland's 9/ 11. and many of them were from australia, and a group of them protested, where they placed the names of each victims upon a black card. dump international investigations have played the blame on russia. saying the plane was shot down and there's been a hypothesis that russian-backed rebels may have mistaken it for a ukrainian military plane and today, the families have called on russia. to cooperate with the investigation for one. >> take your share of responsibility for the shooting down of mh17 and three, stop
8:55 am
your disinjennuous denials, your lies and discept deceit. >> the joint investigative team, comprised from the netherlands, ah, trail yeah, belgium named four military operatives say they were involved in transporting the missile. three russians and one ukrainian. the e.u. today, bill, also called on russia. to quote, accept its responsibility for this. russia., of course, has denied having going to do with the disaster but with or without russia. 's cooperation, with or without the cooperation of those four -- spectacular performance, that trial is set to get going in march. bill. >> amy kel log, thank you for that story today in milan. >> a joyous ending to a story we brought you yesterday, as a lost two-year-old girl is found safe and sound in northern michigan. her family, said she wandered away from their camp site in the woods while they were packing to leave monday morning.
8:56 am
some residents ultimately found her on their partner about 24 hours later. she had wandered almost half a mile from that camp site. the sheriff said gabby's in good condition and has been reunited with her overjoyed family. thank goodness for that. >> matter of hours, back on the trail tonight. president trump is in campaign mode. swing state of north carolina. what's the message? that's coming up next. and e a veterr need money for your family, call newday usa. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value. we all know some of life's most important financial decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. so, if you're a veteran and need cash,
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how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ it's a small world after all ♪ it's a small world after all >> sandra: there it is the happiest place on earth now in the newsroom vault. with disneyland opening on this date in 1955. the 17-million-dollar theme park born orange groves in california. the brainchild of walt disney. he wanted the park to have educational and musical
9:00 am
components entertain adults and children. today disneyland attracts 14 million a year. >> can't get the song out of our head. love it. >> sandra: thank you for joining us for those three hours, everybody. outnumbered starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert. new reaction from the squad after house reaction tweets president trump sent in dispute with four democratic congresswoman. now alexandria ocasio-cortez and her colleagues are keeping up the fight. this is outnumbered and i'm melissa francis. here today my partner harris faulkner. fox news contributor emily compagno. former ohio senate democratic minority leader capri cafaro and joining us on the couch, the man who likes to get himself in a lot of jesse hot water. co-host of "the five" and host of hot waters


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