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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 17, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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components entertain adults and children. today disneyland attracts 14 million a year. >> can't get the song out of our head. love it. >> sandra: thank you for joining us for those three hours, everybody. outnumbered starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert. new reaction from the squad after house reaction tweets president trump sent in dispute with four democratic congresswoman. now alexandria ocasio-cortez and her colleagues are keeping up the fight. this is outnumbered and i'm melissa francis. here today my partner harris faulkner. fox news contributor emily compagno. former ohio senate democratic minority leader capri cafaro and joining us on the couch, the man who likes to get himself in a lot of jesse hot water. co-host of "the five" and host of hot waters world.
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>> jesse: i like hot "watters' world." >> melissa: can you interpret it different ways. >> jesse: i know which way i'm going to interpret it. >> melissa: house speaker nancy pelosi took to the floor to call for a vote to rebuke the president in controversial tweets. in interview this morning the squad ramping up their criticism of the president. >> he is only occupying the space. he does not embody the principles, the responsibility, the grace, the integrity of a true president. >> i'm dealing with the biggest bully i have ever had to deal with in my lifetime and trying to push back on that. >> we are -- business as usual that's been washington. we were elected for that purpose. >> america has always been about the triumph of people who fight for everyone. >> melissa: meanwhile tensions erupting on the house floor last night during that vote republican congressman doug collins
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challenging the speaker over how she characterized the president's tweets. and the speaker's words were eventually ruled out of order. here is how that played out. >> every single member of this institution democratic and republican should join us on condemning the president's racist tweets. to do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office. >> i was going to ask the gentle speaker of the house if she would like to clarify that comment. >> i had the words approved by the particle mane tarren. >> words are unparliamentary and ordered to be taken down. >> the in the end former republicans and justin amash voted with democrats to condemn the president's tweets. earlier president trump tweeting so great to see how unified the republican party was on today's vote concerning statements i made about four democrat congresswomen. they are now the top most
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visible members of the house democrats now wedded to this bitterness and hate. this was the first time since 1984 that the speaker of the house was ruled out of order and broke the rules of the house. quite a day. jesse, you know, as i watched that last night all i could think about last night these people are voting on words. >> jesse: not actions. words. >> melissa: we have so many problems that they could be working. before the august break to get things like immigration done and you want to bring that video back up and say well you spent time voting on words. >> jesse: well, it's funny because you see how fast nancy can deal when she wants to. she really put the pedal to the metal there. 24 hours she whipped up a vote to condemn the president. that was a show vote. how about closing the asylum loophole. boom fix the asylum crisis
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we are done there. she doesn't want to do that she will play games with this stuff. they had teeth last night. republican unity very strong. this is a base election. reuters poll showed that republicans support actually went up for the president after this weekend. for me, personally, it was not about race. it was about patriotism, love it or leave it is not racist in my opinion. but, the democrats, they are kind of in a tough position. because, if you are a swing state democrat in a county that trump won, and you are now on record as saying trump's racist, that's not good. and the president has forced all the democrats to coalesce around a very nationally toxic squad. i don't really think it serves them very well at all to do this and it makes them look like they don't care about wages or healthcare. >> harris: can i bring up some other numbers too. it's kind of on line jesse with the swing voters. group leaked an internal poll we know this week to axios. and it was 1003 participants in this poll.
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the poll found ocasio-cortez had just 22% approval rating. representative omar of minnesota had 9% approval rating among those 1,003 likely general election voters who are whited. and have two years or less of college education. and it also found if all voters hear about is aoc it puts the house majority at risk. she is getting all of the news. and defining everybody else according to one of their democratic sources. capri, i put this to you. this is toxic for your party. >> it is. and i have been saying this all along. when we are defined as socialists, if aoc and the quote, squad is whom is representing us nationally, look, i am a democrat from a county that donald trump won in the state of ohio. part of my district that i represented for a decade. and so this is an issue and i think that, number one, the people we talk about winners and losers in this show vote, the absolute
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loser here is the american people because we are not doing the work of the people but just two quick points that sort of stuck out to me. one being this parliamentary sort of the rules issue that got nancy pelosi. this is actually classic because when you are in the minority, the only -- one of the only tools you have to fight back against the majority is parliamentary procedure. and they used it well. and i think that sort of dampened the strength of whatever the democrats were trying to do there they were trying to put the republicans on record so they could run fill in the blank is a racist. i don't know how effective that will ultimately be. but the other thing i came away with is out of those four republicans that voted for the resolution, one was fred upton from michigan. and to me, this was emblematic of the difference now between establishment republicans like fred upton who was chairman for a long time of the house energy and commerce committee, one of the most powerful committees in congress.
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and now what is trump's republican party? so there is a huge schism here. this is trump's party now. it's not the party of, you know, the 90's and even george w. bush. >> melissa: emily? >> emily: just to respond to what you were saying i totally agree this was largely and weak symbolic action on the part of the democrats and also really transparent. and it failed because it wasn't executed without them attacking one another. and i think it kind of illustrates that the democratic party at this point especially on the hill right now, they're taking it one step at a time rather than having that larger, broader view, which the voters have. so that looking back we can say oh, how did you fill your time and what things did you accomplish rather we say we don't care about that. the parliamentary procedure has no effect on kitchen table issues. >> capri: agreed. in this day of social media and whatnot people's displeasure in condemnation of remarks happens all time all the way anyway. i don't need that procedure
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to illustrate to me who feels a certain way. >> melissa: that's so true and such a great point. the american people i think no matter what side you are on, you view it from i have a very busy day i'm going to dip into it. did they make any progress on the issues? how is this impacting me? you may dislike what the president tweeted you may think it's racist and may bother you or not. doesn't have any impact on your bills, your mortgage, your life. that sort of thing. and to see them spending a lot of time on this, you know, it just kind of boggles the mind. >> harris: so we have the pictures of the four republicans and one independent of the 197 who usually vote like republicans. and jesse, you mentioned the cohesiveness among them. they stuck together. you know, the story isn't that there were four votes yes, g.o.p. the big story is that there were 197 or rather 193 who didn't. will hurd then followed up with, you know, it may take
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some time but what he would like to see is that there be condemnation by nancy pelosi on democrats who said things that are offensive so on and so forth. we have been talking about that since monday. >> jesse: nannies already healed vote condemning hate last month when omar popped up. >> harris: she didn't name the perpetrator. >> jesse: they watered that down. they will didn't need to hold a second vote like they did yesterday because we are all against hate and we know hate is bad. let's get onto the business of america. if you look at pelosi's congress so far. cut down the government. bungled the impeachment and. nothing. hairs airlines she is trying to keep the party from cracking up. >> jesse: she is not doing a very good job. >> harris: all right. we will move on. house speaker nancy pelosi attempting to put on a united front after that resolution. we will move forward now. calling the squad members our sisters. but, in that new interview, those progressive democrats also renewed their rift with the speaker. what? >> our teams are in
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communication. our chiefs are. >> shouldn't it be a face-to-face? >> she is the new member. not the speaker. she has every right to sit down her any moment at any time with any of us. she is speaker of the house. she can ask for a meeting to sit down with us for clarification. acknowledge the fact that we are women of color so when you do single us out be aware of that and what you are doing. especially because some of us are getting death threats. because some of us are being singled out in many ways because of our background, because of our experiences and so forth. >> harris: meanwhile, some moderate democrats reportedly saying that congresswoman ocasio-cortez' chief of staff should resign over his recent criticism of certain democrats. here is democratic congressman henry cuellar. >> certainly this group called the justice democrats, i think they are not democrats quite honestly, they are socialists. and they want to impose their vision to texas, and we certainly know that in
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texas our vision is very different from what this social what i call this justice democrats, which are really socialists, they are not really democrats. >> harris: capri, not to pick on you but you are the democratic on the couch today. look, in recent polling also showed that when democrats are identified as socialists, president trump, if it were held today, wins re-election by as many as 6 points or more. this is problematic. if you are being defined, again, not just by four women who are outspoken, whatever, they don't agree with the speaker, but call themselves victims because they think that she is picking on them because of the color of their skin, and they are socialists, where does that take your party? >> well, there is a lot to unpack there but, let me just say this. there is no accident that we continue to hear president trump and republicans talk about socialism, talk about socialist, democratic socialist. >> harris: because it works. and it's also true.
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>> capri: for a small minority. >> harris: how come you are the loudest? >> capri: they're the loudest penny in the jars. they are not the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. they made the argument here that speaker pelosi should call them. no. you need to call speaker pelosi. yes, you are the freshman member and because of that, you need to make the effort to reach out to the speaker of the house. the speaker of the house is not there to reach out to you. that's just my personal opinion. >> melissa: how do you go over and knock on the door of the office and have a conversation. >> because there might not be cameras there, melissa. >> harris: and then it didn't happen. but you have your phone and they like to tweet and take video of everything anyway. >> harris: speaker told them you better not tweet. >> melissa: that is amazing to me first of all they are clearly not communicating at all. i also thought it was really interesting you brought up aoc's chief of staff, when he tweeted at representative shareef davis vote in
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support of a racist system that's what it was and the caucus hit him back for singling out a woman of color. she is native american. >> and lbgt, gay. >> melissa: you can't criticize anyone who is a member of a protected group. so, jesse, can you never tell me that i am incorrect or wrong or disagree with me about anything because i'm a woman. is that fair? >> harris: not fair. >> jesse: not fair. right all of the time. never been wrong. >> harris: is he right about that. >> jesse: here's the deal with what they said. listen, they have not been singled out by nancy. they have singled them out themself. these are freshman. they burst onto the scene. impeach the mfer. abolish ice. get rid of the border. the jews are blamed for everything. when you criticize them republican or democrat on policy, ideology or behavior, they play the gender card and they play the race card and then the
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media protects them and gives them these bullet proof vests. you are not allowed to criticize them and the media builds them up to be stronger than they actually are because really they are the tip of the spear for the resistance. it's been very effective that way. it's a double-edged sword. if you embrace them your numbers go down. if you criticize them they will destroy you on social media. >> melissa: we will criticize you all day long and you can't criticize us. >> harris: of course we are joking. we never criticize you. >> jesse: i'm the perfect person. >> harris: i see you taking notes. i know this, capri, about this. you want to hear from everybody. your party is not listening to everybody right now. if you are not one of these women or one of those people who are actually part of the bigger squad they say they have, nobody is listening to each other. how do we move forward on what things like jesse and melissa and emily have talked about, the border crisis this and so forth. this is distraction for all of washington right now. >> capri: this is distraction, period. again the american people are losing. the best way to deal with it
9:15 am
is ignore them. >> harris: do you know what we're not talking about, too? the 2020 democratic candidates. they can't get a breath because all the oxygen is gone. >> capri: i don't care how many interviews they do. ignore them. don't give them any oxygen. don't will give their bills any hearings if they had bills. >> harris: aoc is going to end out starving out her party the way the president said she starved out her district in new york on the amazon deal. emily? >> emily: i think this was a failed opportunity on the left side to have this rallying cry against everything, right, again. they are still fish fissures. another thing this demonstrates is pelosi has obviously been in washington, d.c. long enough to know when to cut a deal and stand her squad. the squad are too idealistic to know whether to do either. it's a different philosophy and this is going to prove a problem with them and her for a long time. >> harris: that's so well put. mnuchin has been talking with nancy pelosi in late day meetings about the debt
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limit. i mean, there are big issues that face us right now. wow. okay. we will move on. no doubt we will come back though at some point. the dnc is set to release a finalist of qualifying candidates for its second debate. wow, we get to talk about the candidates now? [laughter] what this means for joe biden as he seeks to rebound from the hits he took from senator kamala harris in the first go around. plus, the president's feud with the so-called squad, told you we would get back. expected to come up at his campaign rally tonight. what this means for 2020. keep watching. >> the president delivering, they are going to continue to double down on divisive rhetoric. he will talk about how we are making america great again. ♪ ♪ is that net carbs or total?...
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>> melissa: president trump heading to the battleground state of north carolina for a campaign rally tonight. it's the state that he narrowly won in 2016 and the president sending a tweet suggesting that he is going to talk about the squad, quote: big rally tonight. lots of great things to tell you about, including the fact that our economy is the best it has ever been. best employment and stock market numbers ever. i will talk about people who love and hate our country, mostly love. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel tells "america's newsroom" that the candidate can't go wrong calling out those who she says are anti-american. >> any time the president can call out members of congress who are saying abolish ice, comparing our men and women who serve on the border to nazi, so many things that have come out of the mouths of these four freshman congresswomen is offensive. it is anti-american and the president is saying listen, i love our country, we
9:22 am
should all love our country. let's work together to make our lives better for americans and the president is going to do that every single day. >> melissa: meantime mark sanford floating the possibility that he will challenge the president for the g.o.p. presidential nomination saying he will make a decision over the next month. sanford, a vocal trump critic lost his g.o.p. congressional primary last year after the president endorsed his challenger. jesse, i will start with you. what do you think of the challenge from sanford? >> jesse: dead on arrival. >> melissa: isn't he hiking somewhere? >> jesse: yes. >> harris: are we allowed to talk about all the other stuff he has done? >> jesse: we don't need to go down that road. the point of tonight is going to be a lot of fun. the president is going to be running for re-election. he doesn't want to make it a referendum on his presidency. he wants it to be a choice. he has to create a contrast
9:23 am
like a tv executive does he will have to cast his political opponent. got back from overseas. in between democrat debates. july not a lot going on. he elevates the squad like he did with rosy or cnn or crooked or jeb he creates his political enemy and then he creates a contrast. right now if you put the squad on a tv screen and you put trump on a tv screen the rest of america will choose trump. there is no doubt about it. he will set the terms. he will make this about america first, socialism vs. capitalism, insiders vs. outsiders, citizens vs. non-citizens, and i think he will go scorched earth and dare anybody to try him. >> capri: you are proving the point though this is -- on one hand you heard ronna mcdaniel saying, you know, trump wants to bring people together who wants to work together you are proving the point by saying he is putting citizens against non-citizens, et cetera. his rhetoric is divisive.
9:24 am
>> jesse: i think when you guide o. divide citizens vs. non-citizens, that's a natural dividing line. >> capri: fair. but you know what i'm saying. >> jesse: porous border. >> capri: i will give you that you know what i mean here. what i'm saying is if you are basically saying we are pitting this group against that group, this group against that group, this group against that group, somehow that uniting? >> jesse: i think he wants to not unite central america with north america. he wants to unite americans within the united states. >> emily: you are so clever. >> melissa: how about, emily, if he highlights the fact that i'm thinking about j.p. morgan conference call in earnings report consumers are in fantastic shape that they have tons of confidence. that wages are way up. >> harris: do you think he will read that as a tweet? i don't know, i'm just asking. >> melissa: people feel good no matter what people say about the tax cut or how they sell it. he is looking at consumers that have the best balance sheet they have had in decades in terms of what they owe and what they're making. >> emily: that actually answers your question in
9:25 am
response to what you are saying basically the president is creating a binary choice. he is saying the alternative to me and the existing administration and the existing 121 months of economic growth and amazing numbers is unpalatable, it is essentially a socialist left. and what i am also going to say one thing he should talk about tonight at the rally is actually thom tillis up more re-election in north carolina. that senator just introduced a bill there that allows victim's families to sue sanctuary cities. if the president touches upon that tonight, he will hit two birds with one stone which is elevating tillis and also addressing immigration. >> capri: i hope he actually focuses on policy and not personality. i say the same thing for democrats focus on policy and not personality because it's a waste of time. >> harris: something happened at that cabinet meeting nobody has talked about. dr. carson was on "america's newsroom" this morning. while you are focused on the words as you say there is a lot of action to talk about. dr. carson who has not yet
9:26 am
exitside highlighting the urban development zone and 21 cities that the agency had has actually gone to so on and so forth. there is a lot of policy. there is some action. it just doesn't get the heat on twitter that some of these other things. >> capri: president trump doesn't talk about it. >> harris: he is the only one that has to talk about it. >> jesse: trump doesn't talk about the economy? that's all he talks about. >> harris: he has cabinet members that can talk about the action thereof too that cut across all sorts of cultural and racial lines as well. it is a total picture to look at. low hanging fruit is the politics of it all that keeps everybody battling out. >> melissa: speaker pelosi in the hot seat after a democrat makes a renewed push to impeach the president. the first votes on this could happen later today. the fallout and what we can expect to happen. >> donald john trump, president of the united states is unfit to be president. ♪
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♪ >> donald john trump, president of the united states is unfit to be president. unfit to represent the american values of decency and morality. respectability and civility. honesty and. impugnibility and integrity. >> harris: stealing his party's thunder al green of houston took to the house floor to introduce articles of impeachment against president trump last night. immediately, like within seconds after the vote on the resolution condemning the president's tweets. the texas democrat says he expects the first votes on his you resolution later today which could keep the pressure on speaker nancy pelosi, who has so far managed to head off any impeachment efforts. any vote would come too soon for most democrats who would
9:32 am
rather focus on other issues, they say or punt the measure to one of the house committees. here's some reaction today. >> this is going to have to be resolved in the first instance by the judiciary committee. >> if it comes on the floor, i'm going to vote for it. >> i'm going to focus on prescription drugs, infrastructure, that's where i'm going. >> most hill observers expect democratic leaders will either table his motion effectively killing it or toss it to one of the house committees. i do want to add this. al green told texas monthly recently that he has a lonely mission. although now 84 democrats are in support of impeachment. a growing list. and you say what, jesse watters? >> jesse: it's a kamikazey mission. they have a quarter of the caucus behind them. >> harris: 84. >> jesse: going to divide the caucus. the g.o.p. is going to stand united. the american public this does not accelerate wages or healthcare for them.
9:33 am
i think what's going on here now, they are trying to drive the president's poll numbers down because they can't beat him so they have to impeach him. it goes nowhere in the senate and makes trump look like the victim. if i were a democrat, do you know how i would handle it? i would wait for the mueller testimony is over. >> harris: the mueller testimony, really? >> jesse: yeah, yeah. >> harris: even though the report is out. >> jesse: i'm pretending i'm a democrat. i'm not going to make sense, harris. [laughter] mueller testified. try to capture some of that momentum and you take all this and come into the fall. have all these committee chairs squeeze these guys with subpoenas. hold a bunch of people in contempt. and then late fall, he shallly winter, before the iowa caucus, you impeach. here's the problem. republicans and the white house they just declassify fisa, have you these ig reports. that neutralizes the entire impeachment charade because it shows it was a rigged witch-hunt from the jump. >> harris: your phone is not going to be ringing from
9:34 am
democrats. >> capri: i already deleted your number, man. >> jesse: ouch. >> harris: capri, so 84 of north of 200. that to me seems like more significant number in terms of impeachment. >> capri: because 80 sounds more than 40. >> harris: more than 15 or 20. >> capri: it's still really not even close to even being half of this caucus. i think there is some growing concern they have to continue to. >> harris: let me ask it another way, excuse me. are those 84 in your estimation more like the squad? who are these people. those are loud. if we get to 100 are we still going to be having the same conversation? >> capri: they are individuals probably in very, very safe, democratic districts that are a 60-plus percent dpi democratic performance index. it behooves them to say hey, i'm for impeachment, particularly if they never. >> harris: what is nancy going to do? >> capri: i think she will ultimately kick it to judiciary.
9:35 am
judiciary will sit on it and not have any hearings it. will look like action without taking any action. because, if they table it on the floor, i think it will be a bigger problem. haters hairs emily? >> emily: two things. number one, this is part of the reason why everyone has such fatigue, why the average american has such fatigue with what's going on on the hill. because every day there is something new with impeachment. they don't understand or they haven't learned or they don't care about all the parliamentary procedure things that happen along the way. to them like when you are ready do it and we will be behind it or don't talk about it. distraction and waste of time at this point. i think it exemplifies the fact that everyone in the democratic party at this point on the hill, it's just about themselves. clearly green had written that speech a long time ago. >> harris: no, no, no. this is the third time. >> emily: right. >> harris: he has moved for impeachment. far before the mueller report by the way. >> emily: remember congresswoman rasheda tlaib has 2 20 ads on facebook campaigning donate to me and campaigning for the cause
9:36 am
against trump help me defeat him and she specifically said we don't need more evidence. we don't need to wait for the end of the mueller investigation. we are running out of time. everybody is piloting a ship of one. >> harris: again, i mentioned this is before the mueller report had been completed we heard from al green twice before. why do you think the numbers are greater now from the democrats for impeachment? >> melissa: more and more things they can point to along the way that add up to impeachment. what i am just waiting for when somebody stands up and says they ran out of time to fix immigration or to do anything on healthcare before the break. i'm going to strangle someone at that point. because they are spending their time on this kind of stuff. that's fine if you want -- you can have your dessert after you finish dinner. >> harris: just do what democrats often say on this very same couch. walk and chew gum at the same time. y'all say you can do it. i have bubble gum in my purse. let's move on. the trump administration asylum rules are facing a slew of legal challenges as they try to solve the crisis at the border, what melissa was just talking about.
9:37 am
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♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) if eligible, you may pay as little as $25 per prescription. ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. >> melissa: the president's new asylum rules facing legal challenges from groups led by the aclu. they filed a federal lawsuit yesterday. a lawyer from one of the groups writing, quote: this administration's relentless war on asylum seekers is nothing short of despicable. the new rule would only make the situation worse while jeopardizing the safety and security of countless migrants fleeing percent cushion. but the acting cbp commissioner mark morgan says the people who can actually fix the crisis aren't doing their jobs. >> i look at this as a congress issue, congress needs to act on a bipartisan way to pass meaningful legislation to address the very real loopholes in our
9:42 am
asylum that is causing this crisis. so i agree that congress needs to act and if they do, they can fix this crisis. >> melissa: earlier democratic congresswoman veronica escobar had this to say. >> this isn't about border security. we have more agents than ever before, more walls than ever before, more drones. you name it, we have got it on the border. this is about how we are treating asylum seekers who are arriving at our front door. we are treating them as a national security threat. >> melissa: in the meantime the city of south miami and nine other groups filed suit against florida governor ron desantis to block a new law. it bans sanctuary cities and requires local law enforcement to comply with federal immigration policies. the city says it's a matter of maintaining public safety and the law will divide police and residents. emily, you are the lawyer on the couch. let me ask you about that
9:43 am
last part going on in miami. how does that work out, do you think? >> it illustrates how divisive this is just as a case study let's take san jose, california, after bambi larson was killed by immigrant who there had been nine detainer orders prior to that there was the ignoring of it, there was the sanctuary city, et cetera. public officials came out and said for violent criminals that's where we need to prosecute. drawing arbitrary line we enforce only at this point. but the public and the citizens turned out in droves, broke records for attending these hearings because they said one life is one life too much. and how can you arbitrarily draw this line? why do you get to decide when enforcement is? that's part of the security and faith we have in the system is when we can rely on that enforcement. i think this is just one more example where these cities are divided. it's over simplistic to say police against whatnot. i think it's federal vs. state at a certain level and needs to be a stepped up participation by the citizens so that they know their voice is heard.
9:44 am
quick point if i may on that lawsuit against the administration for new rule. the crux of the argument is that you have to be more than a transit relationship through these southern countries be firmly entrenched. they point to the immigration and nationality act. it is vegas. so botto -- it is vague.the defe country and firmly entrenched, et cetera, let's call upon the members of congress to articulate and specify the policy we can rely on. >> capri: congress needs to do their job, no question about this. long overdue even when republicans was in control nothing got done. >> harris: nor when democrats had bicameral majority. >> capri: i agree, everybody is to blame. first off we are where we are with this. important to note aclu lawsuit with the sovereign poverty lawsuit and others has been filed in california. the federal court will which means it ultimately will end up in the ninth circuit which is more liberal bench so who knows how that is going to come down.
9:45 am
who knows whether they will challenge the standing of these plaintiffs. >> harris: i point to previous presidencies, particularly that one. you had a president who acknowledged as a senator and a senatorial candidate some of the same things that the current president has with our challenges at the border and his answer back was by executive order. stuck with bicameral majority. >> capri: there is enough blame going around for democrats and republicans. >> melissa: say it's about racism or zone know phobia xenor wanting other people to come into this country when they're in danger for whatever reason, when you look at it, it's about telling people don't spend your entire life savings handing it over to a coyote when you might die along the way. you are risking your life for what if you are in danger, go to the next safe place and then let's figure it out from there. it's the lawmakers' fault that people are risking
9:46 am
their lives because that's a way they can get into this country. >> jesse: it's about lines and line-cutting. all these lawyers from the aclu that filed the suit, if they are in starbucks, someone just cuts them in line. fine, order your frappuccino, they will say no, hey, i was here first. that's the deal here. everybody from the rest of the world has to wait in their home country and apply for asylum. it's a process. but if you are from central america, because of the loophole, if you come here, especially with a child, you set foot on u.s. foil, you have to be let. in and to be honest with you, most of them are economic migrants. we have seen a jump in asylum claims. a lot of that is because they realize because lawyers tell them to claim asylum. and that's fine. let them claim asylum. all the president is saying is we have to have an order. we have to have a process. we have to have a border. we have to take care of america first. >> harris: do we need to re-look at those asylum
9:47 am
regulations to include economic? >> jesse: even barack obama himself said coming here for a job is not a reason for asylum and it is not a reason to break our laws. >> melissa: we do need more workers in this country and the reason they are saying coming here for asylum than economic reasons because the system is broken. they need to fix it. all right, senator kamala harris stole the show durings the last democratic presidential debate. what can we expect as the candidates gear up for the next round of debates as the finalist is set to be released today. just how high are the stakes for frontrunner joe biden? ♪ ♪ . they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's
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so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. >> you also worked with them to oppose busing and, you know, there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public school. and she was bused to school every day. and that little girl was me. >> harris: ouch. one of the big moments from the first democratic debate as senator harris took on frontrunner joe biden who may be expecting more of the same in round 2. the democratic national committee announcing they will release the finalist of qualifying candidates for the second debate today. they have capped the
9:52 am
participation at 20. senator harris has seen the overwhelming -- seen as the overwhelming winner at the first round of debates. this is according to a national poll with 47% of democratic primary voters saying she did the best job. biden lagging behind at a lackluster 6%. while harris got a decent bump in the numbers. the form are vice president still has a lead of about 12 points in an average of recent polls. capri, what do yo what are you expecting for this round of debates. >> capri: well we still have now there is 20 people. now i guess there is 23 candidates. one has dropped out. >> melissa: three aren't going to get to show up for this. >> capri: three aren't going to get to show up for this. the chances of everybody else coming back to the table are relatively high in this round evening though you have a number of people hovering at or below 1%. i think no matter, what joe biden is obviously coming back, but his poll numbers have dropped by about 17
9:53 am
points over the last, you know, month or. so and there is going to be a lot of pressure on him to see whether or not he can turn around his performance or if he is going to be sleepy joe in the next round and what's -- is kamala go still going to be strong mayor pete makes a good showing? i think there is a lot resting on this next round. >> melissa: when you look at the fallout, since the debate, the one that has gone up the most, jesse, is kamala harris. i mean, she has seen her -- if you look there the difference between, you know, there on june 11th vs. july 2nd, she has seen uptick of 13 points. biden is down, warren is down slightly, sanders is down 6 points. she has really been the one to kind of surge post debate. >> jesse: yes, because she capitalized on the moment and landed that knockout punch on biden. her numbers are way up. biden obviously has to be crisp this time. he has to look steady on his feet. >> melissa: not sleepy. >> jesse: not sleepy.
9:54 am
he might overcompensate because he got crushed last time and the press and his own team through him under the bus. he might have to be too frantic and not hit the right note. warren needs to be on the stage with the rest of the frontrunners. last time she was solo. this time she needs to lock horns with the harris or a biden in order to kind of propel herself upwards. bernie really hasn't done much. he didn't do a lot at the first debate. he stayed in his own lane. he needs to have a good showing because he has kind of plateaued and he needs to say i'm the original socialist. i'm the o.g. you guys are following me and maybe take a shot at joe. >> melissa: emily, joe biden, i don't know that he can bring enough to this debate in the sense that -- i don't know if our audience has done, this but if you go back and look at his closing statement, it wasn't very coherent. i was almost concerned for him at that point. it seems like maybe it's too long a format for him or something. i don't know.
9:55 am
>> emily: right. there is a reason is he called sleepy joe. i think that obviously all eyes will be on him. i think cnn would love it if he is sharing a stage and gets the same debate as senator harris. we should watch out for copy cats. everyone saw what happened. everyone saw the form laugh harris catapulting through the polls after she attacked biden and i also think that. >> melissa: on the heels of last night's resolution vote and all that drama we are scheduled to hear from nancy pelosi at the top of the hour. we will bring that to you live. more outnumbered in a second.
9:56 am
9:57 am
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are yoown a home,, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over $600 a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. >> how do you think this compares to "the five"? >> jesse: so much better. >> better shoes, better show, better discussion. >> jesse: i can't believe what emily said in the commercial break. [laughter] >> jesse: is worse than what gutfeld says in the commercial break.
10:00 am
it's off the record. >> melissa: we'll be back here at noon eastern tomorrow on the couch. here is harris. >> harris: i will be watching jesse on twitter. fox news alert. we are expecting to hear from speaker of the house nancy pelosi at any moment. this would be her first public comment that we know of since the chaos and drama on the house for less than 24 hours ago. this is "outnumbered overtime." i am harris faulkner. speaker pelosi set to speak with reporters after yesterday when the democrat-lighthouse passed a resolution condemning the the presidents tweets aimed at four progressive congresswomen. before the vote, a floor fight erupted. republicans objecting to the use of the word racist to describe the presidents tweets. her words were eventually ruled out of order. georgia congressman doug collins led the g.o.p. charge in the lower chamber. >> when you come to the house


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