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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 17, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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reduces tension in e-mails like if you write something, if you add the emoji, it's a tip. >> yeah. >> dana: thanks, rick. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in d.c. where four democratic congress women are not backing down and neither is president trump. the house could vote today on holding two of the president's cabinet members in criminal contempt. plus, the murder of a social media star. a gruesome photo posted online. now investigators reveal a possible motive. and did the pentagon try to turn ticks and other bugs into biological weapons? congress is demanding answers. ticks of war! reporting begins now. our reporting begins with the top democrat on capitol hill
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saying the house went easy on president trump last night when lawmakers voted to condemn his comments about four minority congress women. nancy pelosi says the resolution was as gentle as it could be and they were calling his words racist, not the president himself. >> that language that the president used is not -- it's not of the dignity of the president. by the way, we were offended that he spoke in such a way that members of congress, but we're offended that he said that about people across the country all the time. go back where you came from. that is -- by its definition, those words are racism. >> shepard: the president condemned. the final tally, 240 to 187. the 240 included four republicans that voted with all of their democratic colleagues. president trump as i mentioned, not backing down. the president wrote yesterday that he doesn't have a racist
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bone in his body. today he said that during a campaign rally tonight, he will talk about people who love and hate our country. over the weekend, the president tweeted that the four house democrats can go back to the broken and crime-infested places from which they came. congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york, ilian omar of minnesota, rasheeda talib of michigan and ayanna pressley from massachusetts. the twitter attacks are called a distraction created by a bully. john roberts reporting live from the white house. john? >> shep, good afternoon to you. not only is the president not backing down, but he's stepping it up from. the moment that he was up and around today, he was hammering the four congress women that make up the so-called squad. tonight, the president said i'll
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talk also about people that love and hate our country. mostly love. in a later tweet, referring to the squad as "vicious young socialist congress women" and adding "america will never buy your act." the president wants to court members in the swing states. he says the squad hates america. listen to the rnc chair, ronna mcdaniel on fox. >> only the things that have come out of the mouths of these four freshmen congress women is offensive. it's anti-american and the president is saying listen, i love our country. we should all love our country. >> on the cbs morning program though, it was the four members of the squad that claim it's the president that does not reflect american values. listen to what alexandria ocasio-cortez said. >> a story in america has always
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been about the triumph of people that fight for everyone versus those that want to preserve rights for a few. there's no bottom to the barrel of vitreal that will be used to stifle those that want to advance rights for all people in the united states. >> shep, back to what you talked about at the very top here. also an interesting split between how the congressmen characterized. trump in relation to what he said on the wheat sunday and how nancy pelosi talked about it earlier today. let's listen to what ayanna presley said about it. >> we can talk about and spin out on hate -- about hateful words, which are predictable prompts by the occupants of this white house. i call him that not because i
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don't have respect for the oval office, not because -- >> you called the president of the united states the occupant. >> he's only occupying the space. he does not embody the principles, the responsibility, the grace, the integrity of a true president. so for that reason, i'm not dishonoring the office. he does every day. >> so ayanna presley said she won't refer to donald trump as president, only the occupant of the oval office. listen to what nancy pelosi said about condemning the president's tweets. >> we want to say that he's race it's and the words that he used were racist. that was as gentle as it could be considering the inappropriateness discussing the nature of what the president said. >> so nancy pelosi saying what the president said was disgusting, it was inappropriate. we're not going to say anything
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negative about him. which does stand in contrast to the way the four women that make up the squad are playing it. you can expect to hear a lot from the president tonight, greenville, north carolina. he's expected to whip up the base like a political mix master at 7:00 p.m., shep. >> shepard: thanks, john. lawmakers in the house are expected to take up the topic of impeachment today. al green introduced a resolution claiming president trump is not fit for office citing the president's comments about the four democratic congress women of color. we report that this will likely be a procedural vote to set aside the measure. several steps removed from actually voting on impeachment. earlier this afternoon, speaker pelosi said lawmakers would get rid of al green's resolution. ellison barber reporting live. >> yeah, we expect the house to vote on whether or not to start considering articles of
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impeachment a little later today. representative al green a democrat, from texas says that yesterday's vote to pass the resolution for president trump and his racist comments makes it clear now is the time to begin impeachment proceedings. >> the president, we convicted him yesterday for his bigotry. after convicting him for his bigotry, we should have the spirit of 1868 when andrew johnson was impeached for his bigotry. >> in the past pelosi says she does not support this resolution. her lack of enthusiasm has been a source of tension between pelosi and the more progressive wing of her caucus, the so-called members of the squad. she says when it comes toe this piece of legislation, this resolution, we'll deal with it on the floor. >> shepard: ellison, the house is debating now on whether to hold the attorney general
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william barr and the commerce secretary, wilbur ross in criminal contempt. democrats say the cabinet members failed to comply with subpoenas about the attempt to add a citizenship question to the u.s. census. the measure calls for the justice department to prosecute the pair. that's unlikely to happen with a republican administration in charge. justice and commerce officials have said that they were cooperating with congress. today secretary ross called the contempt vote political theater. back to ellison now. >> hi, shepard. the president's allies on capitol hill, the commerce secretary himself, they have said that this is political theater. they believe this is an inappropriate use of one of congress' most powerful tools. they said they sat through hours of interviews and turned over tools. they said yeah, you turned over documents but not the ones that we need and they were heavily redacted. elijah cummings says that the departments have refused to
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provide key unredacted documents that they need in order to understand the truth. he said this on the house floor, not just within the last hour. he went on to say it's bigger than the census. it's about protecting the integrity of the congress, of the united states of america. secretary ross was on fox business earlier this morning and he talked about what he feels like is their compliance wick. he talked about sitting through hours of testimony, saying this is silly because they have turned over pages and in his words what is at issue is about a dozen documents, roughly 15 pages, all of which in secretary ross' words the courts did not find necessary to make their conclusion when it comes to this question. democrats say the commerce secretary and the attorney general have obstructed the oversight committee's investigation for months, not just by withholding documents but lying during sworn testimony by saying the department of
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justice asked to add the citizenship question. according to the contempt resolution, the committee has evidence that the trump administration began a campaign to add the citizenship question immediately after the president's inauguration in january of 2017. the resolution goes on to say the administration's efforts followed efforts to promote a citizenship question by a now deceased republican gerrymandering expert. it's rare for an attorney general to be held in contempt but it's happened before during the obama administration. republicans held attorney general eric holder in contempt for not turning over documents related to fast and furious. shepard? >> ellison barber from the hill. thank you. so you're looking to save the government money, right? so where do you look to make the first cut? how about with the teams in charge of keeping nuclear plants safe? what could go wrong there? that's coming up as our reporting continues on this wednesday afternoon. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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>> shepard: the feds would come back on inspections at nuclear reactor to cut costs. the recommendations are fewer and extensive safety checks. promoting this change? the nuclear power industry. supporters say the new relations would provide adequate protection for the public. but many say the cuts could put americans at risk. the u.s. has nearly 60 u.s. power plants with more than 90 reactors. they create nuclear waste that is radioactive and dangerous for humans. garrett tenney reporting live. garrett? >> not everybody at the agency was on board with this. 28-page report makes it clear there was a lot of disagreement over the recommendations among the nuclear regulatory
12:16 pm
commission staff. some of those include cutting back on the number of inspections. according to the report, this option improves efficiency will helping to assure reasonable assurance of adequate protection to the public. it's important to note that the nuclear industry has been pushing for these changes. the report makes clear that even states that -- even states that these recommendations are in large part based on came from suggestions from the industry. that's why the democrat-led house is very concerned about the proposed changes. told the nrc's chair woman that cutting corners on critical safety measures made lead to a disaster that is detrimental to the future of the domestic nuclear industry. anti-nuclear groups are waving arms. beyond nuclear says it's common
12:17 pm
sense for any technology requires more inspections, not less. whether it's an automobile or an atomic reactor. the nrc still has to vote on the changes before they take effect. lawmakers are pushing for a public comment period before that happens, shep. >> shepard: garrett, the agency did something similar already this year? >> yeah, in january the republican majority reported to scale back tougher rules that were reported after japan's nuclear disaster in 2011. those regulations would have required nuclear plants to beef up their security. shep? >> shepard: garrett tenney from washington. one day after saying iran would be willing to put their ballistic missile program on the table under certain conditions, the country's foreign minister is saying something different now. the diplomat says that iran has
12:18 pm
no choice but to make missiles. trey yingst has more. >> shep, it appeared to be a major break through yesterday when iran's foreign minister put ballistic missiles on the negotiating table. he has sense walked back those comments. speaking in new york city, he indicated that iran will continue to manufacture missiles for defense purposes. the iranian mission to the united nations called it hypothetical and missiles were n nonnegotiation. the ayatollah said the europeans have not held up to their end of the bargain in the 2015 nuclear deal. the ayatollah said why they should fulfill their agreements. iran's economy crumbles assange shuns remain after the united states pulled out of the nuclear deal last year. the sanctions are the primary
12:19 pm
motivator for iran breaking the deal earlier this month. >> despite a huge impediment after sanctions, the islamic republic of iran has made significant progress in equality. >> now, shep, the u.s. sanctions target iranian individuals and industries. they don't imply the country's ability to stop jailing journal itses, give women more rights or improve the human rights record. talk of a motive in the kill oh, my gosh:a social media star. coming up, what prosecutors say may have caused her boyfriend to cut her throat and share the photo with his followers online. plus, instagram catching a lot of heat for not removing the graphic image sooner. my body is truly powerful.
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>> shepard: the boyfriend of a social media star that turned up dead may have sliced her throat in a jealous rage. that's what the district attorney investigating the case told a local television station. oneida county's top prosecutor said the couple went to a concert in queens new york and she kissed another guy there. then investigators said the suspect and devins were arguing when he pulled the car over in utica and there they say he may have flipped out, sliced her throat and then posted the gruesome pictures on instagram. police say when they found the 21-year-old, he cut his lone throat and posted that online slowing his bleeding neck next to her body.
12:25 pm
the cops arrested him. doctors say the accused killer is seriously injured and in the hospital and is expected to survive. people are blasting instagram for not taking down the picture, which show devin's body several hours later after police had already shared the images -- or people had already shared the images hundreds of times. the spokesperson for the site said "we're taking every measure to remove this content from our platforms." fox news and facebook have a partnership to deliver news on facebook watch. but fox news is solely responsible for its content. so what for this guy? >> well, look, he's charged with second degree murder, which is about the most serious charge that you can be charged with. he's facing a maximum sentence of life in prison. >> shepard: as the story goes from the prosecutor, she kissed a guy, he got pissed off and
12:26 pm
slit her throat and posted pictures online. >> not reasonable behavior in any way, shape or form. in no way did a kiss merit this response. but it will be crucial for the prosecution. that he intended to do this. they'll look to witnesses, look at video, see if they can establish a motive, a timeline as to when things happened. >> if they can come up with a defense where they said he just flipped, will they get something less than murder 2? >> i don't think so. in a case to avoid trial, the d.a. i office might offer him a plea to voluntary manslaughter, which is a b felony, which he could serve 25 years or as little as five years. >> shepard: and then the whole instagram thing. people are understandably upset that these shares happen and all of a sudden this picture of a dead girl is all over instagram. >> it's disheartening.
12:27 pm
it will be interesting to see how quickly they remove these pictures and the other social media sites. there could be potential legal exposure with respect to the parents. they shouldn't have to be tortured by the images online. >> shepard: you wonder if things like this don't tune up people that are already not half with it. >> it has the possibility. >> shepard: that's one of the things that prosecutors are worried about. pictures like this spread and, you know -- >> the most disturbing thing is that there are people lauding this type of behavior online, almost encouraging it. >> shepard: really? >> yeah. people from the involuntary celebrant community applauding him. it's disgusting. >> shepard: and you know, one of the things the prosecutors and the families are asking, please don't share the pictures. if it shows up on your feed, don't share it, report it.
12:28 pm
>> these sites have to act more aggressively and the spread of these photos are stopped. >> shepard: i don't know how you do that but ought to be a way. thank you. that tick you picked up in the woods, was it a result of government research on bio weapons? a member of congress is demanding to know did the government try to weapon ize insects? el chapo in court today. he's complaining. he says he's being tortured. el chapo, you're going away forever. first, very hot temperatures moving in across the country. 90% of americans will see 90 degrees. is that right, rick? >> yeah, maybe not 90% over 100 but it's hot. couple things to keep in mind, take care of the elderly, take care of your pets and look after anybody that might be living on
12:29 pm
a fixed income. it's really hot and you'll need the ac. this is the current heat index. here's the bulls eye across the country. today it's creeped up across the eastern seaboard. 103 in new york city. 102 in raleigh. we have storms across the ohio valley and the northeast. this will knock temperatures down after the storms and knocks the humidity down for tomorrow. so a break for the northeast tomorrow. it's going to be short-lived. all of this heat across the center part of the country and expands to the east by the time we get to friday. this is actual air temperatures today. the central part of the country, the worth of it. north plat, nebraska, 100 degrees. friday, air temperatures go up across the eastern seaboard. then we really go up for saturday. today, it's hot. tomorrow it's even hotter here. what it feels like with the humidity. dew points, that's how much
12:30 pm
moisture is really high. feels like 105 in dc right now. as we go forward the next three days, take a look. you stay warm. kansas city through the weekend. memphis, atlanta, you're warm. you're not too far off where you should be. once you get to the mid-atlantic atlantic, new york city, actual air temperature saturday of 98. that will float closer to 110. it's hot and uncomfortable and dangerous. take care of those around you. we'll continue to track this from the fox weather center. right now "shepard smith reporting" will be right back. hi i'm joan lunden.
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>> shepard: bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news headlines. the drug lord that had a doctor kept people alive for more torture. he's is complaining about being in jail. and opioids a bigger problem in
12:35 pm
the burbs. and in florida, officials have a plan to keep people from sleeping in the park. ticks and other bugs are not just annoying. they might have been weapons of war. that's what house lawmakers are looking into now. a republican congressman from new jersey is calling for a review of pentagon experiments from decades ago to find out whether the military tried to turn ticks and other insects into biological weapons. if so, whether they helped to spread diseases across the country. jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. jen? >> shep, if passed by the senate, the inspector general will ask to investigate whether these experiments in the 1950s for weaponizing tick borne diseases could have led to lyme
12:36 pm
disease, an infection disease that leads to neurological damage. the link was outlined in a new book "bitten, the secret history of lyme disease and biological weapons." the writer was tasked with growing microbes for ticks in the 50s and finding vaccines. it was said that the outbreak may have been a bio weapons experiment run amuck. >> there's concern that there might have been accidental releases and exposureexposures. i'm concerned that this could be attributable to a bio weapons
12:37 pm
experiment. it's all in secrecy. >> chris smith from new jersey is a co-sponsor of the amendment. it could help reverse engineer a vaccine. more than 300,000 people a year are diagnosed with lyme disease. >> shepard: what do they say at the pentagon? >> research goes back to the 50s. many of the scientists have died. he says "dod takes extreme care in all of our research programs to ensure the protection of our personnel in the community. one of two military research bases alleged to have been involved with the bio weapons research was the army's fort detrick in maryland whose labs were capable of breeding millions of bugs for months. shep? >> shepard: gross. el chapo speaks in court, whining and complaining to a
12:38 pm
judge. the same drug lord that beat his enemies to a pulp, burned bodies and buried a man alive. he said his time behind bars is torture. then the judge in new york sentenced him to life in prison, plus an additional 30 years for good measure. according to our producer that was in the court, the mexican drug boss told the judge that he's been denied access to freshwater, air and sunlight claiming he had to cover his ears with toilet paper to drown out the noise. nobody wept for him. bryan llenas reporting live. bryan? >> shep, not only did joaquin el chapo guzman complain about his solitary confinement the last 30 months, he also showed zero remorse in a ten-minute speech to the court where he admonished the judge for not giving him a fair trial and denied the request for getting a
12:39 pm
new trial. his lawyers said the jury was tainted. they reported five jurors broke the rules by consuming news coverage. >> chaos would have ensued. we would have been back here for round two. that was something that the united states government could never have. they fought desperately against it. that's why the judge ended this. >> prosecutors say el chapo was a ruthless drug lord that interrogated and tortured rivals, cousins, anyone. they connected him to ordering or taking part in 26 murders. >> we can ensure that he spent every minute of every day of the rest of his life in the prison here in the united states. same fate awaits anyone who
12:40 pm
would seek to take his place. >> el chapo's lawyers say they're appealing the case. shep? >> shepard: the feds want his money, too, huh? >> yeah, they do want his money. it's interesting how they arrived to this number. they're saying that el chapo now has to forfeit all of the profits. the gross profits that he made in drug trafficking all of these drugs, primarily cocaine, over the course of two decades. they arrived at a specific number. $12,666,191,704. the government got to this number by interviewing witnesses and then the estimated all of that -- they try to figure out how many kill lows he moved. they got to 528,000 kilos that he moved in the united states and multiplied that by the average price of cocaine in the united states in the late 90s. that's how they got that number. they say that estimate is conservative. the defense says el chapo
12:41 pm
doesn't have a penny of it. they deny it exists. >> shepard: 12.5 billion. bryan, thanks. since el chapo has a tendency to escape from prison, analysts say it's likely that he's heading to the super max prison. the penitentiary of the rockies. it's south of denver. one prison expert tells reuters news agency it's built into the side of a mountain. el chapo will have notorious criminal company in there if he ends up in there. current inmates include one of the boston marathon bombers, a conspirator in the attacks of 9-11. matter of note, no one has escaped from this prison, not once since it opened a quarter century ago. analysts say it's highly unlikely el chapo will burst
12:42 pm
out. you never know. a global health emergency just declared. the reason? ebola outbreak in africa. the virus has been spreading about a year. doctors say the total number of confirmed cases is around 2,400 with 1,600 death as tributed to ebola. this makes it the second deadliest ebola outbreak in history after the one five years ago in west africa. the organization is not recommending new travel or trade restrictions for good reason. that would force people to use unmonitored border crossings, which could increase the spread of the disease. according to the who, a global health emergency involves serious outbreaks that could spread beyond bonders. the doctor coordinating the response said the world needs to support these governments and help stamp outthout break.
12:43 pm
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>> shepard: yesterday we told you about meth gators or the fear of meth gators. cops in tennessee warning people not to flush their meth was that could create meth gators, ultra aggressive gators. cops in north verge people are using wasp spray as an alternative to meth. they're getting a meth like high because it's cheap. it could be deadly. local media reports cops are working with poison control centers to come up with a treatment and warn don't drink
12:48 pm
wasp spray. on average, 130 americans will die of an opioid overdose today. another 130 tomorrow and every day this year. that's according to the centers for disease control and prevention. it's an unrelenting epidemic. one that tears apart families, separates children from their parents and created a generation of addicts. new data from the cdc shows the suburbs are getting hard hit. jackie deangelis rolling with more. >> we're waiting for the crucial ruling in oklahoma on whether or not johnson & johnson can be held responsible for opioid addiction and overdoses. a lot of people digging into this topic and trying to get to the bottom of how its impacting certain communities. so a popular misconception is
12:49 pm
you're seeing more in rural office. cdc data showing while that used to be the case, now it's the metro areas and the suburbs of those areas that are seeing the more overdoses overall. what is interesting is, axios points out, there was an inflection point and 2013. that was around the type that fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, started killing more people than heroin. so opioid usage has risen in urban areas and also the suburbs as well increasingly becoming a problem. >> we just got word, jackie, overall overdoses are down. >> yeah. >> it's an interesting report and gives us a glimmer of hope. the "new york times" reporting using cdc da that that drug overdoses dropped for the first time since 1990. so for three decades, we saw the overdose numbers going up and up
12:50 pm
steadily. the shift that we could see a reversal if this isn't a blip, only time will tell to put it in context, the deaths that we're seeing, the tolls in the united states, roughly 69,000 people died of a drug overdose of some sort last year. >> shepard: protests in puerto rico. demonstrators demanding the governor resign over text messages mocking women and gays and even victims of hurricane maria. we're live in san juan next. first, florida. officials in west palm beach said they're using music to keep homeless people from sleeping in one of the city's parks. not just music by annoying kids music. specifically this music. ♪ >> shepard: the day is ruined. imagine this plus some other
12:51 pm
kids favorites on a constant loop. that's exactly what west palm beach is doing. it's not clear whether the plan is working. one homeless man told the palm beach post that it's wrong. he still plans to sleep there. any parent that has heard this a million times will tell you there's no sleeping. there's no removing it from your brain. ♪ efits wcountry give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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>> shepard: protesters in puerto rico are demanding the governor there step down. that's after the center for investigative journalist released hundreds of pages of group chat messages between the governor and some members of his administration. some of those messages were sexist and including one that made fun of ricky martin for being gay. jeff paul reporting live in san what you. jeff? >> shepard: more than an hour
12:56 pm
away from that fan protest. you can see there's never people out here. a couple hundred people protesting what is happening right now in puerto rico. that line of police that you see, that is about 100 yards in front of where the governor stays. they're anticipating more people tonight. monday, there were several people, thousands of people throughout the streets of san juan. tear gas dispersed as well as vandalization of buildings. they're expecting more people and even more pressure. did spite the calls to the governor to resign, he's not going anywhere yet. >> i apologize for what i've done. i need to move forward.
12:57 pm
>> ricky martin is supposed to be here tonight for the demonstration as well as other stars. there's expected to be upwards of 10,000 to 100,000 people out here. one other thing to adhere, if the governor wereo resign, the secretary of state would take over. that official has resigned. so it would be the secretary of justice. but many here say -- >> shepard: hold that mic up. we're having a hard time hearing you. how is this affecting puerto rico's economy? >> one cruise line, the royal caribbean have cancelled their trips. they're not coming through here. that was out of abundance of caution. we're seeing several businesses boarding up. in some cases, they're allowing people to leave work early to be a part of tonight's
12:58 pm
demonstration. >> shepard: here in new york city, sometimes you'll see people selling knock-offs. in brazil, they aim higher with fake ferraris and lambos. a father and son out of business now after producing the fake luxury cars. both of them arrested on industrial property charges. police say the cars were being sold on social media between 45 and 60 degrees. a lot chainer than the real deal. still alive. no idea where the parties to make them came from. all had the logos from the italian brand. workshop raid came after ferrari and lamborghini complained about the fakes. following up what is anticipated to be the one of the most talked about events. the storming of area 51. the military is warning people, don't come near this base in
12:59 pm
september. yet more than 1.5 million people have signed up, yes, i'm coming. that's up 500,000 from monday. many are already booking their trips. organizers issued a statement that we will all meet at the air 51 alien center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. if we run, we can run faster than their bullets. let's see the aliens. the motel owners in the area say they have a handful of rooms left. one guy has made the trek to scout locations. he says he just wants to watch. >> seeing if we can't find somewhere to overlook the entire escapade. it's to that point where they said, you know, so little about area 51, people are tired of. it they want to see for themselves. >> shepard: dig the glasses. in case common sense is not enough, locals are say it's a bad idea. >> they know where you're at at all times. satellite, ground sensors,
1:00 pm
roving patrols. you don't get very far in there. >> shepard: let's see the aliens. storming set for september 20th. the military reports say see you there. >> neil: the heat wave is on. it's not letting up. temperatures expected to top 100 degrees this week. i could lose weight. big worries. the big apple could see another blackout by the end of the week. by the way, not just the big apple. the heat wave is gripping a third of the country. by this weekend, try 2/3s of the country. still, if you think a little thing like heat will prevent the president's fans from lining up to greet him in greenville, north carolina to see him in person, think again. hardly hot, hardly letting temperatures in the 90s stop