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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 17, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> amazing how time flies five years ago. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher, a man with a long memory. we are out of time, always goes faster than you think it will. we will be back tomorrow, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. "hannity" from new york. >> sean: i get an email today that says "help save tucker." i said what is wrong with tucker? tucker is fine. he is theare. we are glad you're okay. welcome to "hannity," tonight the disgraceful radical extreme democratic socialist party. they had what will likely be the first of many failed votes to attempt to impeach a duly elected president. will somebody please give these people a copy of the constitution?t. we will have more coming up. also, we begin tonight with the members of "the squad" ramping up their attacks on anyone who dares to disagree with the radical socialist ideas. the 2020 hopefuls have been put
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on notice. everyone in the democratic party, you better fall in line or a, you might be called a racist, or b, they are keeping, "the squad," the equivalent of an enemies list a fellow democrat could oppose them so that they can campaign against them. it is getting that ugly. "the squad" has already lobbed racism charges against both president trump and their own speaker, nancy pelosi. while nancy pelosi is powerless to defend herself, the president is firing back in a big way. just moments ago, he wrapped up what was a massive rally in w greenville, north carolina, where he had a very special message for the new radical leaders of this democratic extreme socialist party. take a look. >> so representative omar blamed the united states -- [booing] for the terrorist attack on ours country saying that terrorism is a reaction to our involvement in other people's affairs.
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her colleague representative rashida tlaib agreed with omar's characterization of 9/11 and said members of congress who support israel forgot what country they represent. cortez said that illegal immigrants are more american than any person who seeks to keep them out ever will be. can you believe that that is what she is saying? she describes contemporary america -- that is you, that is me, that is all of us -- asan garbage. garbage. and they are so angry. even yesterday they went on the stand, and the anger -- they were trying to be nice, but it them to do that. >> sean: smelly walmart voters, deplorables, people that cling
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to their god, their guns, their bibles, their religion, few politicians calling out the radical base of the democratic party, but that's why you, we, the american people elected donald trump despite what new york, california, washington, and other liberal states wanted. and while the media mob, the democrats attacked the president, they do it compulsively, obsessively, the approval ratings among republicans keeps going way up. today, new poll numbers actually increased by five points. according to another poll, 49% of likely voters, certainly a plurality, believe the accusations of racism against president trump are nothing more than a political ploy, and it is up six percentage points over the last poll conducted. here's why. let me help educate the radical masses. while you may not like it, the term "love america, leave america," nothing to do with race. and by the way it is hardly a new characteristic or concept to the loudest critics of what we
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call the blame-america-first was it racist for kamala harris to tell president trump that he needs to "go back from where he came from"? she did that today. get this, in 2016, scores of celebrities, other media elites, they all vowed to leave the united states if president trump was elected. oh, yeah, their names. there is nothing racist about that. they did not like him. the only problem, none of them left. even offered a plane with caviar and champagne, but they had to promise to never come back. tonight to the media mob on the democrats focused their daily attacks on the president, every second, minute, hour, of every 24-hour day, it's one pathetic last ditch effort to take the president down. they still have not accepted the 2016 election results of we, the people. the nine month fbi investigation, we'll use the words of lisa page, nothing. they found nothing. peter strzok, no there-there as it relates to conclusion,
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conspiracy to conspire with russia.o bipartisan senate investigation come as a result, nothing. the house investigation, nothing. mueller concluded no conspiracy at all with russia, nor collusion. and of course, no obstruction as per the deputy attorney general and office of legal counsel. so the phantom charges of obstruction and collusion all fell short. and the likelihood is that one week from tonight -- i am looking forward to this -- when mueller testifies before congress, and i would eveny arge at this moment, if he is filthys enough to testify before congress, he will have to answer real questions from real republicans, the odds are very high that it will be another boomerang against the democrats. even if devin nunes is right, they are likely coordinating what they are going to say and how he will respond. why do i suspect that they would do something likesp that? now what do democrats have left in their playbook? russia, russia, russia. that is a dud. obstruction, obstruction, a dud.
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okay, we'll try racism, racism? that will be a dud too, use the playbook that they use in every single electionud season. but it is not every two and four years anymore. as i have laid out and to show you ad after ad after ad. no, it is every day now. you have hysteria boiling a ove. the democratic congressman al green, he actually launched what was the first of probably many pathetic attempt to impeach the president, was soundly defeated in the house of representatives. this is a nationalen embarrassment. will somebody please get these radical democrats a constitution? and tell them to read it? if not maybe we can have somebody read it for them. whenever they want. because they clearly do not understand >> i just heard that the united states house of representatives has overwhelmingly voted to kill ths most ridiculous project i have
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ever been involved in, the that -- on impeachment. i want to thank those democrats, because many of them voted for the vote was a totally lopsided 332-95-1. >> sean: congressman green is doing the bidding of the new leaders of the democratic party. remember this from newly elected congress woman, remember tlaid said this. so so welcoming and warm and inclusive. take a look. >> when your son looks at you and says mom, you won, and i said, baby, they don't, because we are going to go in there and this [bleep]. >> sean: and during an interview today on cbs today, tlaib offered no apology or retraction for her vile comments about the president of the united states. why would you ever apologize?or >> from day one, i believe that he has committed impeachable
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offenses. >> even if you believe that, the fact that you called him -- >> i did not do it on the house floor. i'm going to be unapologetic in my selves. 70% of americans curse. this is who i am. i am rooted in where i have come from. and it is very common for me and many of my residents to say things like that.. >> you do not regret that? >> absolutely not. i'm not apologetic. >> sean: they are in a very dark, very scary place. there are no more moderates in today's extreme democratic party. as socialism has completely and radicalism has completely taken over. even liberal nancy pelosi, the san francisco liberal treat, is too moderate. the squad is controlling all aspects of the democratic party's message and their platform, and anyone who gets in their way or does not fully support the radical dreams is accused of either bigotry or whatever, and today congresswoman tlaib was the second member of the squad to actually accuse her own house speaker, nancy pelosi, of
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racism. this is number two. two of the four radicals that are leading in the house and influencing the 2020 democratic candidates. let's take a look. >> are you speaking to nancy pelosi? >> our teams are in communication. >> shouldn't it be a face-to-face? >> i agree. right, right. >> i am very protective. with all due respect, she does not need protection. i want to know if you are talking to the new member, not the speaker? if rewrite is a down with her at any moment, any time, with any of us. >> as speaker of the house, she can sit down with us for clarification. the fact of the knowledge is i have done racial justice work in our country for a long time. we are women of color, so be aware of that and what you're doing. >> sean: pretty serious accusationg against the so-calld speaker.
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really, the speaker in name only, nancy pelosi. and as i keep reminding you, she is now nearly a bystander in this new radical socialist extreme democratic party, r whih is why she cannot even defendy, herself from their attacks. remember, she asked last week, if you have anything to say, say it to my face. what did aoc do? she went to twitter and runs out publicly and attacks her again. take a look. >> are you concerned that the president is goading you? >> yes, and you know what, with all due respect, let's not waste our time on that. we are talking about what we are going to do to help the american wepeople. our caucus is unified on all of that. throughout the whole campaign, i said to the candidates, don't even mention his name. everybody knows who he is. you don't have to describe him to anybody. we are not having him set our agenda. we are setting our own agenda. >> sean: she is not setting the agenda at all. ocasio-cortez, tlaib, and omar and pressley are running the show. they are all sucking up to the new leadership.
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their beliefs are beyond scary, it would destroy america as we know it. we know about their dreams to turn america into a socialist eco-state, known as the green new deal, but perhaps even more alarming are their views by some in this group before on israel. and the jewish people. congresswoman tlaib, who you just saw, actually wrote p the for louis farrakhan's racist, anti-semitic newspaper. she also pals around with a known bigot, her name is linda sarsour. she was an invited guest at tlaib's swearing in. sarsour blamed her bad reputation on the "jewish media." and as you canse see, congresswoman omar also hangs out with linda sarsour, no surprise there. she has tweeted anti-semitic tropes, and wants to accuse members of being in control by "jewish money." remember the phrase it is all
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about the benjamins, omar even accused evil israel of hypnotizing them. but in the interview with gayle king, congresswoman omar said she had no regrets.. she regrets nothing. actually burst out laughing when they asked about anti-semitism. let's take a look. >> often times there are things that you might say that might not hold weight for you, but the way that we hear and consume information is very different than how the next person might. >> so you don't regret your words either? >> i do not. >> you are not anti-semitic? >> oh, certainly not. >> would you like to make that clear? >> nothing i said, at least to me, was meant to be for that purpose. >> sean: at least to me. okay, well, yes, no, anti-semitism. no laughing matter, neither is al qaeda or the way americans talk about those that killed 3,000 of our fellow americans on 9/11.
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or the terrorist group hezbollah. yet congresswoman omar thinkss that to be somewhat funny as we previously have played on the program. her behavior, obvious beliefs, are pretty vile, pretty v sickening. omar plans to introduce the resolution for her support on the anti-semitic bds movement which is a boycott all things israel. and omar and other members of her squad are now the perfect representation of today's two-faced democratic party. built on selective and phony and feigned moral outrage. each week they call trump, other republicans, racist, sexist, you heknow the routine. yet no outrage over omar's virulent anti-semitism. no concern over tlaib's work in farakkhan's paper. meanwhile democratic ralph northam, the governor of the commonwealth of virginia, is sleeping peacefully in the governor's mansion after his fellow democrats did not seem to care that he dressed up either in blackface or a ku klux klan outfit.
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i wonder if donald trump did that, how they would react. 2020 democrats are kissing the ring of al sharpton, known for anti-semitic, bigoted language. we played a lot of it last nigh night. hillary clinton's mentor, her mentor, robert byrd,en used to e in the ku klux klan. al gore's father tried to block the 1954 civil rights act, the historic legislation. lyndon johnson relied on republican support to get it passed. the democrats went through with a filibuster. the list goes on. we don't even have time to list all of the creepy, crazy, sleepy uncle joe's racist remarks and policies over the years. and let's talk about charges of sexual misconduct. again, feigned moral outrage. only when it is a republican or donald trump or donald trump supporter or donald trump appointee. remember that the "i believers"
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in the kavanaugh hearings, they are nowhere to be found when a democrat is accused of wrongdoing.he case in point, the governor of virginia who gayle king interviewed, two women, one accused of a rape and other violent sexual assault, both telling people at the time that he is still in office and i have not heard a word from one of the "i-believers." keith ellison got a promotion. bill clinton serving twoha terms as president. what about the issue of russia collusion? two and a half years of conspiracy lies and a hoax, hillary clinton's bought and paid for dossier put together by a foreign spy with funneled money, filled with russian laws, as john solomon will join us in a minute, points out. even the fbi knew 90 plus percent of it was a lie. and now we also know that it was unverifiable, because christopher steele never stood behind his own dossier. i have no idea if it was true he said under oath. the media just spent months hyping phantom claims of obstruction against trump. did any of them ever talk about hillary's subpoenaed emails that she deleted and the bleach bread
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and the hard drives, the acid wash, the 33,000 emails. and beating up the devices with hammers, removing sim cards, and by the way, other evidence, all of that happening. so when you turn on conspiracy theory, democratic state tv, either msdnc or fake news cnn, and you hear the echo chamber and their full typical daily freak out mode, know that it is more selective moral outrage. they don't really care about these issues, they only care about them if they can use them to bludgeon a republican, a conservative, or trump or anybody that likes trump. nobody calls their bluff better than president trump. lindsey graham will join us in a moment with reaction. we turn to a very important story that we told you about last night. from "the hill"'s john solomon investigative reporter last night he presented an incredible new piece of evidence proving the fbi knew christopher steele's dirty russian dossier that hillary paid for was untrue, was
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unverifiable trash before it was used to acquire a fisa warrant against trump campaign associate carter page to spy on then campaign donald trump, then transition team trump and then president trump. according to solomon, the fbi constructed a spreadsheet showing the validity of each of the dossier's lies. 90 plus percent garbage. they knew that it was garbage. they were warned before they even signed the fisa warrant, it was garbage. and it is important to remember what rod rosenstein said about fisa warrants in may of 2018. take a look. >> there is a lot of talk about fisa applications and many people that i see talking about it seem not to recognize what a fisa application -- a fisa application is a warrant, just like a search warrant.ti in order to get a fisa search warrant, you need an affidavit signed by a careerwa federal law enforcement officer who swears that the information is true and correct to the best of
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his knowledge and belief. and that is the way that we operate.ed if it is wrong, sometimes it is, if you find out that there is anything incorrect, that person is going to face consequences. >> sean: oh, face consequences, much more coming up on this story. we are joined by the executive vice president, investigative reporter of "the hill," john solomon. i want you to add context and texture, especially in light of rod rosenstein's remark. if i remember correctly, didn't he sign the four fisa application, the third renewal application? >> he did, by my reporting last night and the reporting that i did today, it is clear to me that at the moment rod rosenstein signed the fourth fisa warrant, the fbi was acutely aware of the credibility issues with christopher steele. and specifically the key claim that they made in all four fisa warrants that carter page had met with the two russians. by that point, the fbi was acutely aware that those
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meetings likely did not happen and could not be corroborated, there is no evidence that they corrected that information before the court, so as the deputy general said, there should be consequences for not disclosing that information. he is accuratebe there. >> sean: not only that, their own spreadsheet, they knew 90% of it was garbage, that is even before all of it was signed, is that what you're saying? >> absolutely, not any doubt about it from my reporting today and several members of congress who are confirming what i reported last night, they had been told in recent days. >> sean: john solomon, joining us now with reaction, our top story and that story, south carolina senator lindsey graham. kathleen kavalec, bruce ohr, the first fisa warrant was ever signed, saying that steele hates trump, and it is unverified. they used it anyway. then you heard what rod rosenstein said.
10:20 pm
and you heard john solomon. help me out, senator. it sounds to me like a premeditatedmm conspiracy to commit fraud of the court to undo a first stop and then undo a presidential election, that's how i interpret it. >> mccabe also said without the dossier there would have e been no warrant issued against carter page. so mccabe says under oath it was outcome determinant. and everything you say about the garbage of the dossier is true, but this is when we t had mr. horwitz looking into this. and i cannot wait until he tells us what he found. >> sean: where do you go with this? you are the one guy that can bring them all in. and i really do hope, senator, that thebr people that did this were also involved in rigging the investigation into hillary. the evidence is pretty overwhelming that she violated the espionage act and then obstructed justice, from my little tv studio, the little that i know about these things. >> i've been wanting to ask
10:21 pm
comey, why didn't you tell the president in january 2017, here is the dossier, i can't verify it,he why don't you know about it? and use the same document and told the court that it was reliable on four different occasions. i want to know, will mccabe reaffirm again, that without the dossier, there will be no warrant. i want to find out that did papadopoulos tell them upfront that i was working with the russians, that would be a crime and i would never do that. i want to know a bunch of hthings. >> sean: i want to know aun lot. you will get to the bottom of all of that. let me ask you this question.he we have new leadership. the 2020 democratic hopefuls all seem to be reacting to and adopting the policies of the squad, as i guess they are called now, and i think i look at the new green deal, and i look at every democrat saying t yes, medicare for all, everything is free. no oil, no gas, no planes orno cows, and i said that is the end of the united states as we know it if that is ever implemented. >> the policy choices would
10:22 pm
devastate free enterprise and make us weak. it would be the end of isreal as we know it. it would be devastating to the american way of life, our prosperity. compare that to what trump is doing. name one person in my lifetime that has been a better friend to israel and has the strongest economy in decades, and the military on par with what ronald reagan did, and a foreign policy that makes sense. i think compare and contrastst campaign is going to lead to a very big trump victory. >> sean: okay, so in the time that donald trump has been elected until now, do you think that he has lost any, or some of the supporters?e they seem pretty passionate in north carolina, and do you think maybe the best employment situation since 1969 and record low unemployment for all of these demographic groups, and some that vote democratic, do you think he has a shot at those voters now?
10:23 pm
>> i think that he has united the republican party. everybody believes that president trump is doing a a grt job with a few outliers. if you're a strong national security guy, he is like reagan. if you believe in cutting taxes as a conservative republican, he did it. if you believe as a conservative judge, nobody has done better. from a republican point of view, you don't have a lot to complain about. compare that to our friends on the other side who are cracking up. >> sean: all right, senator, tell us how you really feel. lindsey graham on "hannity." i can see that you really want to revise and extend your remarks.ou thankk you, senator. when we come back, media fawning over the squad. they love the squad. we have the tape to prove it. we will have the reaction, t jeff lord, joe concha, jim jordan, gregg jarrett weighing in on this huge big breaking news from john solomon. we have a lot of ground to cover. we are glad that you are with us.. news that you won't get anywhere else. i will tell you that. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> i have to say this. and i will say it just once. o what happened to me with this witch hunt should never be allowed to happen to another president of the united states. never, ever again. [cheers and applause] >> sean: the president earlier tonight, northol carolina, slamming the two and2 a half year political witch hunt, it does not stop there. because democrats voted to hold bill barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross in contempt over the controversy of asking about citizenship on the census. which isn't being asked on the census. here with reaction is jim jordan and the author of the upcoming book, a sequel to his number one
10:29 pm
best seller, "witch hunt: the story of the greatest mass asdelusion in american political history." fox newsws legal analyst gregg jarrett. you know, the president is right here, but i only see one way in preventing that. and we havee had issues with the cia in the past, the church committee, et cetera. and i guess i ask you, how do we possibly prevent it, jim jordan, if, in fact, the people that were involved in all of this based on the reporting of john solomon, are not held accountable? >> read in the letter, if they can do it to the president of the united states, they can do it to you or me or anyone in the country. a that is scary. understand that it is about the dossier. i john solomon's reporting is so good. when james comey said it was salacious and unverified, turns out that was an understatement. it was complete garbage, but they took it to the courty and but for the dossier,
10:30 pm
they do not get the warrant. the final point, when jim baker, the postst with him, sean, we asked him why, he said he reviewed the fisa, this is one of the very few he reviewed, we asked him why, and he said i knew that it would be in a committee room like this someday. they knew from the start that this thing was a problem. and they did it anyway, and as the president said, if they can do it to a president off the united states and his campaign, imagine what they can do to you or i. >> sean: they were warned, jim jordan, about the first warrant, it is not verified, it is political, hillary paid for it. steele hates him. now we know according to this report tonight that the fbi knew before they signed the warrant, they knew then that it was 90 plus percent was b.s., and baker's comments are a key, and we also have jim comey, you are right, he signed the october 2016 fisa application, and then in january of 2017, he salacious and told the president it's
10:31 pm
salacious and unverified, signed one the month before, gregg jarrett would know that, not me. >> they signed three more, sean, and even one, renewed the third fisa renewal happens after bob mueller is already named special counsel. so they surveilled an american citizen for the better part of i year on something that was complete bogus. >> sean: gregg. >> congressman jordan is absolutely correct. all of those people who signed off on it, from rod rosenstein to andrew mccabe, sally yates, james comey, they were lying to a court. that is a felony. it is a crime. in fact it is five other felonies ass well. and it will not be enough for people like james comey to say oh, gee, i put my name on that, but i was trusting in the work of others. that is not a defense to defrauding the court because he affixes his name for a reason. he is swearing under oath that the information he is providing is authentic, it is true, and it is verified.
10:32 pm
so comey and the other people that i mentioned are in a world of trouble. i guarantee you that horwitz, the inspector general, has the goods on them. >> sean: one week from tonight, we have booked you to be on this program, and you will be hereu hopefully one week from tonight, if mueller testifies, why do i think like everything else, that i suspect that what t the democrats are fearful of now and what we see emerge, they don't want republicans to ask questions, which is amazing, because the rule is to say that they must. but what i think will happen here is that mueller has already said what he has to say. he will refer to the documents. unless devin nunes is right and talking with each other, which would not be a good thing, but you are going to ask questions, won't you have an opportunity to ask questions of robert mueller? what are the things that you think you might be going into? without giving away everyhe detail. >> we are working on that. the whole committee, all of the republican committee is trying
10:33 pm
to figure out what is the best approach to take. i will tell you this, he did sign on that fourth fisa as well. bob mueller did not sign in, but they signed it after he was named specialas counsel. i'm sure that someone will ask about that question. but there are a whole bunch of others that we want to get into as well. >> sean: gregg jarrett, what would you most want to ask for? >> i would certainly ask that question, but i would want to know, why did you not recuse yourself when the president in the oval office talk to you about his reasons for firing james comey the day before you took the job to investigate the president. under regulation, you cannot be prosecutor and a witness in the same case. >> sean: great point. we will see if he shows up a week from tonight. i don't know if he will show. when we come back, joe concha, jeff lord, going to weigh in on your corrupt media fawning all over the squad. that is next.
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book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. ♪ ♪ >> sean: we have predicted mainstream corrupt media mob running interference for the squad in their feud with the president. they can't help themselves, why? because they are state tv. you have conspiracy tv msdnc. and fake news cnn. take a look. >> today i thought they were very committed and compassionate, committed to making change that they think is better for the constituents who elected them. >> a lot of people believe that the right of americans is to criticize thee country. >> that's why they threw the tea into boston harbor. that was the very beginning of the american experiment to that you have the right to complain.
10:39 pm
>> the women at the center of the controversy say republicans putting the president first. >> endangering lives of these four congress women that he targeted in the racist tweets, do you believe that he would have blood on his hands if there was a racially inspired attack? >> sean: fake news cnn did a focus group with conservative voters about how they felt about the controversy, and they are not buying the fake news media narrative, cnn had to hear this. take a look. >> he was saying that if they hate america so much, because what we are seeing out of them, hearing out of them, they hate if it is so bad, there are a lot of places that can go. >> i am a brown skinned woman. i am a legal immigrant. i agree with him. >> do you think it is racist? >> not at all.h i'm glad the president said what he said, because all they are doing is they are inciting hatred and division. and that is not what our country is about. it is not about that at all.
10:40 pm
>> is that with the president does? with his own racist comments? >> he did not say anything about color. >> why aren't they racist? why haven't they befriended one of their white female colleague colleagues? >> because they won't. >> sean: here now with reaction, the best seller conservative columnist jeffrey lord, and from "the hill," joe concha, great to see you both. i look at the poll, jeff lord, and it reveals the republicans 88% support the president, by the way,, that is five points higher than it once was. and then you have another poll out there that is pretty much the same thing, the rasumssen poll, they like it a lot, and that they feel that they are trying to use it to bludgeon the president yet again. that is the feeling. >> that is right. and the reason is pretty obvious to anybody who does not have blinders on, the president
10:41 pm
is out there as he was tonight standing up for america. and the squad, so-called, is out there trying to divide americans by race, which comes from the culture of their political party for 219 years on the record for slavery, segregation, lynching, the klan, and now it is identity politics, it is all racist. in the american people don't like it. and they know exactly what is going on with the president, soo they stand up with him. >> sean: you know, joe, every two and four years for a long time, every election cycle, i would play past elections where the race card is played. but now it seems like it is not just every two and four years. it is now every second of every day, that is justt normal course of being for the democrats, but what is so interesting to me is not only are the democrats and the 2020 hopefuls, they are sucking up to the squad and more importantly adopting these extreme policies, and the so-called leadership of the democratic party seems powerless
10:42 pm
and afraid. >> i'm not sure why they are afraid, sean, considering that the squad is not polling in almost every poll that i've seen well. >> sean: that is not fair. now omar has a 9% approval rating and ocasio-cortez is at 22%. you are not being fair. we are calling you out. >> thank you for that, i appreciate that. everything comes down to race these days. and you said that every second of every day you are hearing about the race card. this week we almost all that literally. do you know that -- >> sean: we are hearing about hating trump, whatever manifestation it is for that second.ut >> there is an actuall number around this, that since sunday according to gradient media, the word "racist" has been said on cnn and msnbc alone, more than 2200 times. i don't even know if that is physically or mathematically
10:43 pm
possible, but that is what has been happening this weekend the myopic focus completely. as for the squad, the media loves nicknames. i guess the dream team waskn tan from the '92 team,re so they wet with the jv squad instead. we saw with ocasio-cortez from the beginning, she was on "time" magazine 5 minutes after she was sworn into office, called the phenom, got a "60 minutes" interview only a few weeks after taking office, and in the town hall on msnbc before the presidential candidates did. >> sean: msdnc. get it right. >> a lot of corrections in this segment. i will let you toss it back to jeff lord, please. >> [laughs] >> sean: we can just tell joe to be on time. no offense. >> there's a rain here. give me a little slack. it is a monsoon in manhattan. >> the number that joe cited, it just absolutely is incredible. and i have a column coming out tomorrow in "the american spectator."
10:44 pm
when you have cnn and msdnc standing up for people who are self-identified as anti-semites and racist, that is pretty bad. >> sean: again, the question is trump has lost voters from 2016, looking at the enthusiasm tonight's, and record low unemployment, african-americans, asian-americans, women in the ntworkplace, one has to wonder f people say, wow, we are doing a lot better than 13 million more americans on food stamps and 8 million more in poverty under biden-obama. >> independents are the whole key, sean. >> sean: congresswoman ocasio-cortez has a formidable new rival,oc republican wants to take her seat in congress. that woman challenging aoc speaks next. also lawrence jones asking new yorkers what they think of aoc, we have that straight-ahead. ♪
10:45 pm
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♪ >> sean: the extreme left is running the democratic party the green new deal. higher taxes, open borders, amnesty, and proper radicals who led by alexandria ocasio-cortez. they are setting the agenda. and he went to talk about a dumpster fire, a far left radical socialism that fails every single time it has tried. by the way, invitation to ocasio-cortez, the congresswoman continues, i would like her to spend an hour on the set and we will talk about every issue, take our time. offer her three hours on 618 of the best radio stations if she will come. here is a small sample of what we have seen from the real speakers so far. take a look. >> the world is going to end in 12 years if we do not address climate change. and your biggest issue is -- [applause]
10:50 pm
your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it? how many years until the world ends?o we have 12 years left to cut emissions by at least 50%, if not more. medicare for all would save the american people a very large amount of money. maybe we should not be eating a hamburger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. you make more than $10 million in one year, your $10,000,001 gets taxed at 70%. capitalism has not always existed in the world, and it will not always exist in the world. is it okay to still have children? we are here to say that an agency like i.c.e., which repeatedly and systematically violates human rights does not deserve a dime. >> sean: today we learned that congresswoman ocasio-cortez is also facing a serious challenge in new york's 14th district, because rising g.o.p.
10:51 pm
star scherie murray is an immigrant and entrepreneur, announced her candidacy today. her first interview. thank you for being with us. we t appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> it is a pleasure to be with you this evening, sean. >> sean: you just heard what she said, we have 12 years, it does not matter how we are going to pay for it. 12 years left, we should not be eating hamburgers for breakfast, lunch, dinner. i don't know anyone that does that. and the concentration camp, et cetera comment, and everything that you just heard, what is your reaction? >> well, it is disgusting. the narrative on the national level needs to be dialed back. and that is why i am in the race. i would like to represent the constituents in queens and the bronx. and we see aoc as from the time she has been elected, she put out a policy like the job killing green new deal. she then went on to kill the amazon deal in new york, which would have put some 25,000 jobs
10:52 pm
in queens. and so these are some of the reasons along with kitchen table issues that i do believe that aoc has neglected in her limelight to focus on in h the congressional district. >> sean: those 25,000 jobs in the district you are running against her, average pay of 150 grand. i did think the governor and the mayor of new york were crazy in their giveaways. it is unfair to give benefits to one company and not another company. that is a different story. but saying do we have to question having kids, they did say the green new deal, whether you are willing or unwilling to work, basically everything is for free. no more oil or gas in ten years. if we only have 12 years left, and we have to do this all in ten years, why don't we just party the next 12 years and it is over anyway?d >> well, sean, you have some points there. and i do believe that we have to start talking about the issues that are important to the
10:53 pm
constituents of the 14th congressional district in queens and the bronx. we have infrastructure that is important to the constituents. the subway system is crumbling. our roads are in desperate need of repair, also, sean, our education. we need to really tackle education system with the diversity in new york, the education system. we really need to start talking about policy that is going to connect with the everyday american. she mentions no children or kids. i am a mom. >> sean: how would you describe yourself politically? a and how do you feel about president trump in the two plus years, two and a half years that he has been in office? >> i migrated here from jamaica, i know firsthand what it is to not just to be an immigrant, but to go through the process, right, and what do i think about what the president is doing? i think that the president is delivering on his promises when he got elected. >> sean: yeah, well, you are
10:54 pm
announcing your candidacy, and we will watch this very closely. i have noticed that a lot of people in the district with 25,000 jobs, $150,000 on average, she let that go. i don't think there was a good move. >> i want to get all of your viewers to go to my website so that they can learn a little bit more. follow me on twitter. it has been overwhelming and a blessing with what i have received so far, the enthusiasm, thank you to all of yourur views and everyone out there that has encouraged the campaign on our launch today. thank you, sean. >> sean: scherie murray thank you for being with us. we will follow your campaign very closely. coming up, a horrific story, california, over 22 ms-13 gang members arrested for what has been described as a medieval style slaying, trace gallagher reports straight ahead. ♪ and it really shows. with all that usaa offers
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>> sean: a gruesome story tonight out of california. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with the very latest, trace. >> of the 22 m the 22 gang members arrestedst california, federal investigators say 19 of them ar in the country illegally. all 19 in the last few the feds say the way ms-13 gang members rise in the rank is by committing murders, and they are now accused of systematically and viciously killing at least seven people using medieval-style killing techniques that law enforcement authorities have not seen in two decades. one victim was killed for crossing out ms-13 graffiti. another was a homeless man who made the fatal mistake of falling asleep in a park that ms-13 considers its turf. 22 gang members arrested are also thought to be responsible for hundreds of other crimes
11:00 pm
crimes and several other states but they are all based here in los angeles. >> sean: chilling. trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom. thank you. thank you, as well, for being with us. it will never be the hate trump psychotic media mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham has some snippy comment, go ahead. hit me with.h. >> laura: no, no. i'm not saying that. s i'm actually -- i'm actually reacting to your -- the people who promised to leave america. screaming in the studio. it is so funny. >> sean: maybe i'm just old but love it or leave it is hardly new. the way people -- they've never heard that before. >> laura: hannity, who doesn't think trump would say that to like a swedish immigrant or a