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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 19, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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back to the mullahs in iran. keep pushing the envelope. the president acts quickly and decisively. see you next monday. >> i'm tammy bruce in for laura ingraham.ra we begin with a fox news alert. the u.s. military is stepping up its resense in the middle east as tensions escalate. this comes after two british oil tanker were seized and one day after the u.s. shot down an iranian drone. the president says their aggression will not be ignored. >> this only goes to show what i'm saying about iran. trouble. nothing but trouble. iran is just showing their colors. going to work out nicely.
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iran is in big trouble right now. >> fox's gillian turner is live in washington with a late-breaking story. gillian? >> breaking fight, u.s. central command confirms to fox news the acting secretary of defense mark esper, has authorized the deployment of forces to saudi arabia amid the rising tensions with iran. this movement provides an additional deterrent and ensures our ability to defend our interests in the region from credible threats. iran seized two british operated ships, a move that senior trump administration officials are calling piracy and escalation. one ship has p been released by the other with 23 on board remains out of contact. according to the ship's operator is under the iranian military's control. the president says this is all the proof he needs that nixing the nuclear deal was a good call.
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>> it goes to show you i was right about iran. >> despite his show down with the british ambassador in washington who now resigned, the u.s. coordinating closely with its closest ally.. >> we'll be speaking to them. theyll have a new prime minister coming soon. that's a good thing for the u.k. >> earlier today, iran state tv showed this video of a warship and claimed the drone shooting the footage is the same one the president is military and the president's national security team said they destroyed yesterday. the secretary of state says fat chance. >> it went down. y fact that they didn't know or lied about it, i can't account for. it >> and this just in now. the u.k. government ordering all british cargo ships to stay out of the strait of hormuz until other-wise notified and threatening "serious consequences" if the situation is not resolved soon. tammy?
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>> all right. gillian, thank you so much. we'll continue to monitor the situation in iran and bring you any new developments as we get them. now, but first, it w a week of controversial tweets and rally chants that experts assured us would finally sink trump's presidency. >> good luck. >> thank you, donald. thank you to help us raise money to sign up more democrats. >> there's no question that donald trump will lose the popular vote in 2020. well, it's curious then isn't it, that as the weekends the left and not the right is in complete disarray. it began with democratic leaderships hurried decisions to back aoc plus three. as laura said all week, pelosi and company had no choice. they're petrified of the new
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radical freshmen. how did the squad repay old nancy? by taking more pot shots at her. >> she's speaker of the house. she can ask for a meeting to sit down with us for clarification. the fact of the knowledge is racial justice has not worked for a long time. acknowledge the fact that we are women of color. >> then squad member ilhan omar pushed a resolution rooted in anti-semitism. >> i believe that truly achieving piece means ending this occupation and ending the occupation means being honest when israel takes steps to undermine the costs of peace. >> that speech sent high profile house democrats into a fit of rage. it certainly didn't help aoc and the other squad members mend fences with colleagues. the "wall street journal" reported that on wednesday evening, "three of the four squad members sought to patch up relations with other democratic freshmen and requested a meeting over drinks.
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it did little to mend relations." trump's senses must have been tingling. he said this before leaving for new jersey today. >> i think these four congress woman,some worse than others but if you look at the statements they made, what they call the people of our country and our country garbage, when they hit israel the way they have hit israel so hard, so horrible, to me that is a disgrace and we should never forget it. dealing with people that hate our country. >> meanwhile, 2020 democrats struggle to get any one's attention. unable to run against trump's economic success. they play for headlines by worshipping at the alter of woke socialism. >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants.ha
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[applause] >> i believe that we must make public colleges and universities tuition-free t and eliminate student debt and we do that by placing a tax on wall street. >> i officially support congresswoman jackson lee's bill to create a commission to study reparations. >> medicare for all means that everyone will have access tore healthcare. >> those looney tunes make clinton adviser look like a rationale adult. >> so busy talking about how they want to outlaw private health insurance, which is a total i don't understand this. focus on trump. he's the worst thing that could happen in this country and he'sd right there damaging everything that democrats believe in. instead of doing that, they're playing a purity game to be the most leftist. it's crazy. >> the publication axios traveled to warren michigan to talk to swing voters there. trump won michigan as you will recall in 2016.
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one man that they spoke to named anthony said the following. his antics, mannerisms and personality i can do without. he added, our economy wouldal he to really crash for me to vote against him so this week was supposed to sink trump. it didn't. rush limbaugh probably summed it up best. >> i say letwa them continue. i hope they continue to illustrate how wacko, how morally bankrupt and substantively bankrupt they are. i hope omar keeps talking. i hope alexandria ocasio-cortez keeps talking. >> all right. joining me now to respond jeffery lord who worked in the reagan administration and mark levine, a democratic member of the virginia house of delegates. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having us. f>> thanks, tammy.
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>> both of you-- look, we do hear the nonsense coming out of the democrats about healthcare. at least they're talking about healthcare. we me that that mattered in 2018 in the mid-terms. we know issues matter and the approach can be different. jeffery, in all seriousness while they're going to an extreme on healthcare, isn't that the thing that they realize matters to the american people and shouldn't the republicans doing be more on that atto leas? >> yeah, nancy pelosi recognized this in 2018. tried to keep them focused on this. yes, republicans should have done it. they should have done it the day after trump was sworn in. but that said, what these people on the far left, the squad and all of this are doing, is redefining the 2020 election campaign is keep america great versus hate america first. you can bet nancy pelosis are upset with this.
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they don't want to get near it because they know it's political craziness. >> i'll tell you, mark, we saw this leading up to the trump rally. we saw the speaker of the house try the distance herself with the four freshmen. she did and effective job. representative clay joined in and was moving them away as well. they know we have seen through at least one internal democratic poll that they're toxic. they talk of socialism is toxic. four of the democrats with trump swing voters. are you at all concerned about the nature of how they're talking about issues and how it's clear that democratic leadership, if there is any doesn't seem to have any pull with these individuals. what is your take on that? >> these are four members of congress. they represent their districts. they're giving their opinion and representing their people. they have every right to do that. they don't represent the democratic party.
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they represent themselves. that is fine. they should do that. what you'll find is democrats are talking about healthcare. we're talking about waying to get healthcare prices down, ways to expand medicare, which americas like. republicans want to cutre medicare. other than that, they have no plan at all except to keep prices going up. donald trump, rather than he focusing on issues is trying to being a racist as he can be. he's not attacking aoc on what she says. he says send her back to where she came from, including these members of congress who were born in the united states who had families here longer than donald trump had here. >> mark, so what we do know, of course, as this fight started?-- as this fight began, the president's approval rating has gone up. there's clearly an issue how these women are handling their job.
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they're supposed to work for the people. maybe you would run for a local city council and have that influence. jeffery what is your response?oc my response about race, tammy what the squad is saying, they want to be judged on their skin color. there's a cultural problem in the democratic problem for its entire existence. they wrote six political platforms supporting slavery. now they moved on to color politics, this is the problem with race. >> they switch sides.
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you tell me a republican that's demanding to be recognized for their race. namely one. >> gentlemen, here's what we know. the american people want people to get work done for the entire nation. congress is to come together to work together for the nation. this is not-- if it was working, you wouldn't see nancy pelosi and representative clay and many others negating and pushing back on what was being said. clearly it's going to be a problem for 2020. not just for the presidency but for the house of representatives. some of the whisper is that they could lose the house of representatives. mark, are you not worried about that at all? >> i'm not. i forgot there was a republican. he said he's a color. he's white. i forgot his name. >> all right. that's it. you said you're not worried. mark, you're not worried. we'll move on. >> no. n's important.rr >> gentlemen, thank you. two big developments tonight. a special counsel himself
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testifying next week. two sources tell fox news that republican house investigators are continuing their investigation into nellie ohr and her opposition research on the trump family and now we understand that includes possible dirt on first lady melania trump. we're learning more about the democrat strategy for mueller's capital hill hearing. catherine herridge reports from aspen. >> tammy, based on our reporting, the mueller session will be scripted with house republicans and democrats meeting behind closed doors to craft their questions and carve out a strategy. house democrats are know cussed on allegations of obstruction against the president. a handful of incidents weighed out in the mueller report including allegations that the president wanted to fire the special counsel to end the probe. chairman nadler told msnbc that the administration played fast andch loose with the truth.
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>> we'll ask questions designed to get the information out there that we want. designed to show what his report found that is at odds with what the administration and the attorney general have been saying. a >> republicans emphasize that no charges were brought against the president and they're expected to exploit the genesis of the fbi russia probe and why mueller left stones unturned. a former fbi agent, peter strzok and lisa page's political bias as well as a review of former fbi director james comey's motivation and credibility. separately sources confirmed to fox news that republican house investigators are seeking the opposition research from nellie ohr that focused on the trump family. during her closed door testimony last year, ohr told lawmakers that she was willing to provide the trump travel. fox news reached out to nellie ohr's attorney and asked if she was still going to provide the research if she needed a subpoena and what accounted for the six-month delay. there was no response, tammy, tr
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needed a subpoena and what accounted for the six-month delay. there was no response to our questions. >> thanks very much, catherine. here with more, two members of the house judiciary committee congressman matt gaetz and andy biggs. thank you for joining me tonight . i appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> matt, what kind of circus are we expecting that week? that's what we've had from the democrats till now. what do you think will happen when this commences? >> the principle obligation from the democrats is to use this committee hearing as a launching off point to continue a witch hunt that the american peoplele would like to do away with. it's almost six and ten americans that oppose the impeachment. now the democrats are presenting impeachment in drag.
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they're dressing up a nonimpeachment endeavor and try to get a license to continue their activity. meanwhile, we want to support the work that attorney general bill barr is doing to figure out why in the world we have 22 months of the united states of the us being accused of being a russian agent with zero evidenc2 all the way through. we want to know when robert mueller found out there wasn't collusion and expose the bias as well. >> this is one of the problems when you don't control the house of representativeses t anymore. we have a chance to change that. but andy, what is interesting is the american people want action they want answers. we know that they're not reacting well to this. it continues despite that. don't we want some real questions? this is where the republicans are going to have to deliver as well, really use this as an opportunity to get some answers. what do you think we can expect on that end?
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>> i think we're working hard to put together a list of questions that we think are important things like the origins of this investigation and the special counsel, what mueller knew, when he knew about president trump not being a target anymore, the investigation.iode why he waited till after the mid-term elections. tammy, you'll see a dud from the democrats. i'llm tell you why. mueller has said, he's only going to rely on what is in his report. of expectations-- >> you can't-- look, he had that weird press conference. him taking this case in the first place. he took it and it was only political from the c start. any person agreeing to take this case is part of the problem. the choices he made with who he hired. i hope the republicans are not preceding with the presumption
11:18 pm
that he will play it tight, this is a man with a agenda and it's to the republicans to at least expose that in the nature of how they handle the questioning of mr. mueller. would you not agree, matt? >> i would. we have to do more than just question robert mueller. we have to expose the bias investigation that was run and expose the substantial omissions in the mueller report. there were factual mistakes. people that had ties to the u.s. state department and western intelligence who were identified as only having ties to russian intelligence.en and there were circumstances where russians try to undermine our confidence and duly elected president by feeding lies into the steele dossier paid for by democrats. that is the real collusion we have to ask about. >> i hear you. i'm going to ask andy this as well. if you could ask one question what would it be, matt? quickly give me one question. >> i think that we're going to ask a question about how he selected his team, the conflicts of interest that he tried to vet through.
11:19 pm
>> andy, what about you? >> i want to know when he knew donald trump wasn't the target and why they waited so long to reveal it to the american public.ld to wait till after the mid-terms. >> good. those are substantive questions. i appreciate that. we'll have to hear that. congressman, thank you so much. i appreciate you joining us. coming up, when this special edition of "the ingraham angle" continues. we break down the worst media offenders of the week. you don't want to miss is coming up next. moving is hard.
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11:23 pm
first, msnbc's andrea mitchell denied that any of the four squad members are socialists. >> there's not a single member of these congress-- congressional representatives that avowed socialists. >> tammy: today "the washington post"-- they're repeating the same claim. phil rucker remeeted the same false claim. >> this debate is not about socialism.m. it's what the president started on sunday, which is a racist attack on these four women of color.nt >> tammy: oh, boy. adrienne that, when did we enter the twilight zone? you might have the answer. i don't. >> first of all, andrea mitchell is wrong. there's many socialists in the democrat party. that's where the party has steered to the left. we've seen it the last 1, 1 1/2
11:24 pm
years. and alexandria ocasio-cortez is a self-avowed socialist. same with bernie sanders. she totally missed the mark. we look at the other presidential contenders, so many of them are so far to the left and embracing socialist policies like the new green deal. the democrats are no longer moderate. they're very close to socialism. >> tammy: yeah, alexandra wouldn't you say that this might indicate that they know this is troubling and not a good position to take and a way they're helping them along to erase the negativity that the americans see socialism at? >> journalists are smart. they know that aoc and her socialist views are toxic when it comes to voters. if i were aoc, i might be offended by andrea mitchell. she wears that socialist badge so proudly and they're taking to take it away from her.
11:25 pm
>> tammy: good point. excellent. it would not be a worst in media segment without the ladies at "the view." >> why can't he be brought up on charges of hate speech? why can't he be sued by the aclu? ii don't get it. >> obviously maybe you know where joy behar can get a free pocket constitution. that was a confusing position to take. >> all of these years when the liberals were throwing out the bill of rights, i thought they didn't like them. not that they didn't understand them. particularly the first amendment. we know liberals love to embrace it except when it doesn't embrace what they like. so youou know, i think that joy behar's comment on the view is quit a problem for civics in our country. >> tammy: we know that that is a position of the european constitution. maybe that's what they prefer europe and how they approach these issues as opposed to the
11:26 pm
american way. >> if they know that the democrats-- they only believe in the first amendment of free speech when it comes to what they want to they don't think the leader of the free world, the president of the united states, has a right to free speech. doesn't work that way. >> tammy: there you go, ladies. i want your thoughts on donnie deutsche's latest brain spasm. >> i want to talk to the white people out there. okay? we're heading to such a dangerous place. guess what? you look at history, it can happen here. maybe it's the jews next. >> adrienne that, considering what has been said by the aoc plus three, why do democrats ignore their own violent rhetoric? >> if you look at the anti-semitic comments that rep omar has made, rasheeda talib has called israel racist.
11:27 pm
these two congress women support bds. they're totally anti-israel. so it's rubbish basically that donnie deutsche is trying to present-- portray president trump being anti-israel. it's just patently false. there's no greater friend to israel and the jewish people than president trump. we see that every single day. whether it's him moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem or so many other things that he's done. he has to look at this squad and look at their anti-semitic comments before he makes these fear mongering, which is totally harmful for ourco country. >> tammy: alexandra, the problem is that it's so disconnected from the reality that we all know that is what is so bizarre here. are there still people watching these programs that don't know? you think that's the case? quickly.
11:28 pm
>> i think the best way donnie deutsche is hoping for representative omar said that it was all about the benjamins. it's about amnesia for them. >> tammy: thanks,al ladies. great stuff, this is a fast-paced dynamic. thanks. the hidden face app danger and the left goes after an a-list actor f for his conservative laura and raymond arroyo explain in this week's friday follies. n
11:29 pm
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>> it's friday. that means it's time for friday follies.or a viral app makes privacy of the past and another american flag under attack. joining us with the details raymond arroyo and "new york times" best selling author. tell us about this new viral app that has everyone horrified. >> and the possible dangers laura. celebrities have made it explode. it's called face app. it's a sensation. it takes a picture, maps your face and ages you up or down. the jonas brothers, mario lopez have posted pictures of their geriatricselves. it's a best seller on the apple store. here's the problem. users have to download the app
11:32 pm
and upload personal pictures to it. all that data is stored on russian servers and shared with companies like facebook and google. senator chuck schumer asked for an investigation citing privacy concerns. the democratic national committee has warned campaigns to delete the app. they're worried. there's cause for you authorize when you download the app every photo on your device. this app has access to it. that's what you authorize it. it's an irrevocable royalty free license. i read the terms of privacy this is like a twilight zone episode. the whole town takes part in this. i don't like it at all. >> let me say that someone sent raymond the aged face. >> we're not showing that one. >> where is your aged face?
11:33 pm
it was so funny. >> oh, no. not showing that. >> a friend of mine uploaded this picture. it came back as an arroyo embryo. look at that. i never looked like that. >> you look the same. >> i look good. >> you look like a disney character. you looked the same. raymond does the oney that makes him look younger. >> you think i'm crazy? i submitted a picture of you laura. it came back aged up. >> i'll take that. that's a great lady. >> just age naturally. why do we need a preview of how bad we look? if you're lucky enough to get old, embrace it. >> all i can say is people have too much time on their hands. >> i agree. >> when you download an app, you have to put your apple i.d. in. i change that once a day. i always forget it. making new pass words. >> i have to share this with
11:34 pm
you. we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing. aldrin and armstrong were the first on the moon's surface. they commemorated it this way. >> on july 16th, 1969 mike greatest good fortune, i was able to join neil and mike on the saturn five that day. now i look forward to america's leading role in a next step space alliance. >> buzz aldrin still kicking. unbelievable. despite the pictures and the testimony, there's still those that renews to believe that the united states ever went to the moon.ic >> we nevers went to the moon. let me prove it to you with 13 reasons why the moon landing was fake. >> was the moon landing faked?
11:35 pm
>> i don't believe anyone has ever stepped on the moon. >> laura, this all reminded me of a day back in 2002 when a militant moon landing denier bart sibrell hounded buzz aldrin outside a hotel. this is what happens. >> why don't you swear on the bible that you walked on the moon? you said you walked on the moon and you didn't. calling the kettle black?-- >> will you get away from me? >> you're a coward and a liar-- >> aldrin popped him in the mouth. the first time an astronaut sent a layman to the moon without rocket propulsion. a small smack for humanity. >> "fly me to the moon" became the unmentioned theme of this entire landing. in houston in 1969, sinatra sang at an event commemorating. that denier, he tried to press charges against buzz aldrin. the judge threw them out.
11:36 pm
>> i interviewed the first female chief flight director on my podcast. she is really cool. she told me her life story how she gott. in nasa. the people behind nasa in the original moon landing and all the engineering that went behind it, they are the-- think of the astronauts and they're amazing. the unsung heros, the people in the early 60s doing hand calculations. propulsion calculations. >> we have to get to chris pratt that is getting razzedo wearing this t-shirt with a flag. yahoo published the story. some charging that pratt was wearing a white supremacist dog whistle, this is the don't tread on me flag.
11:37 pm
in 1775, it was a symbol of liberty and freedom. they're claiming that it's a symbol of white just because some white supremacist used this flag?-- this one attached to bryn franklin to be taken from us. >> why can't we say the antifa face masks remind us of domestic terrorism? and storm troopers and evil forces and we never want to see them again? they play this game with american symbols. >> this will knock you out. betsy ross' flag is out. we can no longer fly the gadsden flag. the smithsonian asked kathy griffin to donate this dress holding up the decapitated head
11:38 pm
of the president. so we're going to preserve this dress-- i don't know where i'm going. if that goes into the smithsonian, i'll never walk in again. >> do they have ait blue dress exhibit with monica and kathy?-- >> call monica lewinsky. >> can that go next to the red ruby slippers. >> wonderful. all-american dresses and the ladies that wore them. >> disturbing. >> tammy: thanks, guys. great stuff. next, a new asylum rule could alleviate the crisis at our southern border. more proof the left is mindlessly attacking the president's border policies. a video you won't believe when we come back. policies. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good,
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>> making the rounds on social media about the deportation of criminal aliens. they broke our laws and have to be held accountable. that's why deportations are up 80% of criminals. we're going to keep focusing on threats to our security. >> that policy comes from a place of like white american nationalism. >> donald trump has embraced this rhetoric of racism and xenophobia that is not good for our country. >> this administration has not done anything moral. >> this is awful. we have to advocate for people in congress like ocasio-cortez
11:42 pm
who is helping people overcome these kinds of things. >> tammy: campus reform quizzing college students from one of america's elite schools. georgetown university. they're quick to call the president racist obviously but turns out that obama made that statement, not donald trump. now see how they respond. >> i thought it was the trump administration that saidsp that. >> never occurred to me that it could be obama. >> you think it's a practice of white nationalism to deport criminal aliens? >> i think the way trump doing it is. >> i don't know a ton about obama's deportation policies. were a lothat they more humane than the ones currently going on. >> it cost $54,000 a year to attend georgetown. think about that. are they getting their money's worth?h? all right. now a follow up to the exclusive report we brought to you last
11:43 pm
night. at least five of the 22 ms 13 gang members arrested in connection with a killing spree in california this week sought niasylum in the united states. the trump administration rolled out a new asylum rule on tuesday. you may not have seen that.n that change impacts central american migrants crossing thth southern border. they're now ineligible for asylum in the u.s. if they pass through another country along the way. the question is, of course, will it work. here to discuss is art arthur, a fellow for the immigration studies and allen orr. this is a situation affecting every single american. i have to ask allen, what is interesting here is that i believe that we all want america to do well and we want people to thrive and america has always been a beacon for immigrants and those that need help. even the european union has a
11:44 pm
rule about stopping in the nearist countries that you come to when you're seeking asylum. wouldn't that make sense if you're fleeingki a horrible situation, to want to find asylum and safety as soon as possible? why is it wrong to recognize importance of that rule and apply it here? >> i don't think it's wrong. i think it can't be done from the president's office. it has to come from congress. that's the way our laws work. so he's rewriting, doing what the claims the obama administration did wrong, which is rewriting of rules that should be rewritten by congress. but your right. in europe, there's safe countries that we're saying now these people are coming through central america that we have already said is innovated by ms-13 should stop in mexico. we have travel advisories ourselves to be safe from kidnappings. it's not a safe zone. doesn't work that way.
11:45 pm
the policy side, mexico has not treed to take these individuals back. it ends asylum for everybody in central america. >> tammy: we have a whole frame work here for americans and obviously we're caring about those that are migrants trying through as well. when itou comes to the national security issue, he's declared that we have a national security emergency. isn't this exactly the kind of rule that we need? the president is an executive individual. he's a man of action. congress has not been willing to work with him. that's obvious. so from the conservative perspective, is this a proper thing for government to do, sir? >> tammy, if you take a look at the immigration and nationality act, the attorney general has given the authority to said conditions on eligibility. congress has given the attorney general almost a blank check as
11:46 pm
relates. i disagree with the fact that the president doesn't have this authority.y. again, this is logical to do. the double tree regulation in europe does what you say it does. all seven countries in central america and mexico are asylum-granting countries. it covers internal problems and general conditions of violence that american law doesn't. american law is very limited. you can only get asylum based on race, religion, national political opinion. >> tammy: that brings up an important point for allen. if we really do want people-- i understand your arguments are technical. the fact is, when it comes down to it, if someone slings something awful, don't we want them to get security and safety as quickly as possible? principally, isn't that a good goal to have?
11:47 pm
>> since we were supposed to talk about national security the people in cages at our seborder should not be a threato the largest most powerful nation in the world. >> tammy: i would love an answer. >> sure. i'm a democrat from california. we all just want answers, this>> is what the frustrating to the american people. gentlemen, thank you for joining me. there's a threat of a lawsuit already planned to stop this. if you really care about migrants and asylum-seekers, want them to get the help they need and that is to push them through another 1,000 mile trek makes no sense unless it's political. thanks, gentlemen. planned parenthood abruptly fires their ceo over philosophical differences.s. laura's interview with a pro llife ob-gyn is coming up next. life ob-gyn
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>> there's pro life leaders calling him the most pro life president there's ever been. >> this is the most pro life president in history. >> today we can say that the pro life movement is at our strongest position after a half century of turmoil.
11:51 pm
now president trump has governed as the most pro life. in history. >> you heard it. pro life advocates are unequivocal that president trump has probably the most pro life record in history for any president. abortion providers though they're not happy or unified. earlier this week, planned h parenthood secretly fired their ceo after eight months on the job. what was the reason? apparently she said she wanted to focus on women's healthcare and worse for planned parenthood, she refused to use trans inclusive language. here we have omar hermada here. planned parenthood apparently is at a cross roads. a lot of people focus on the nr at a crossroads, leadership challenges there, what about this? she's only on the job eight months. she says she wants to focus on
11:52 pm
healthcare and whatever that means. but then she wouldn't use trans inclusive language meaning what? men that identified as women who claim that-- no, they can't have abortions because they're still biologically or genetically male. i'm not following this but seems way off the rails. >> laura, it's not p.c. to say >> laura, it's not p.c. to say that men can't get pregnant anymore. they can't biologically. and dr. wen knew that. that's why she refused to use that trans inclusive language. in addition, she said it would turn people off in the midwest and the south and it does. it makes no scientific sense. >> and planned parenthood is having all of this upheaval. the pro life movement is growing by leaps and bounds. i want to play with you a montage of past comments from
11:53 pm
planned parenthood leader where's they were claiming it was an organization about what ms. wen said meaning healthcare. let's watch. >> the vast majority of the services we provide are preventative care. hethey're family planning, birth control, but also cancer screenings. >> planned parenthood provides cancer screenings, breast cancer screenings. >> we don't ask to be treated differently. we ask to be treated the same. >> so there you have it. cecile and the other guy, this is the healthcare provider. she echoed that. >> yeah, they know that they're not telling the truth. everybody knows that planned parenthood is an abortion provider first and foremost. they provide other services to cushionn that. their primary objective is to provide abortion services. i think the plan that came out and showed a bright spotlight of do. they
11:54 pm
in a 1995 there was a piece about the ousting of another leader at planned parenthood at the time. sources inside planned parenthood and outside said that mrs. meraldo had aroused opposition on her emphasis of reshaping planned parenthood into a broad health organization. and meraldo was the leader at the time. this is repeating itself. >> it is. they'll go through any lengths to prove they are just a women's healthcare t organization that cares for women. in actuality all they are is an abortion services facility that focuses on terminating pregnancies. they don't want anything to do with women that want to maintain a pregnancy. they don't want anything to do with women that look to put their child up for adoption. all they want to do is abort
11:55 pm
babies. >> doctor, a lot of folks have asked me about this. i didn't have a goodf answer. for ob-gyns today, is there a lot of pressure within the medical establishment for them to basically be okay with the abortion procedure or even learn about abortions? i know there's conscious objections and so forth and you can opt out. does the medical establishment give more to aspiring ob-gyns that you need to not be a problem here when it comes to abortion? >> sure, there is. that pressure is getting stronger. a lot of residents who want to train in ob-gyn are told that if they're not okay with abortion they shouldn't be choosing ob-gyn. there's a lot 0 pressure for them. our national organization, the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists is tied at the hip with
11:56 pm
planned parenthood association. they support abortion on demand amount huge number of us that are ob-gyns that are pro life and don't agree with that whatsoever. i think that they are scared of us uniting and scared of the voice we have and try to quiet us. >> tammy: when you think of ob-gyn, it's delivering life delivering babies. makes sense for obgyns to be pro life. i'm so happy you'rebi on. thanks for being out there we appreciate your voice on this. keep up the great work. >> thanks. >> take care. >> tammy: we will be right back. ..
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>> tammy: that's it for the special edition of "the ingraham angle," i'm tammy bruce in for laura and graham. first of all and what is thinker grating, there's a lot of people >> the is it for this special edition of the ingram angle. i'm tammy bruce. a lot of people put the show together. the los angeles team putting this together.
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