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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 23, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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if you want to join us, go to our website for more informati information. >> it's going to be so much fun. >> head over to fox nation. >> have a good day. >> thank you. >> bill: thank you so much. fox news alert. at this time tomorrow, bob mueller gives his testimony. what will he reveal in an anticipated public hearing? it is interesting. i am bill hemmer. good morning, everybody. welcome to new york city. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. it's going to be a big day tomorrow. i'm sandra smith. in a letter sent last night, the justice department is warning the former special counsel to limit his testimony to what is in the public version of his report. meanwhile, president trump saying mueller has nothing to gain tomorrow, insisting it will end badly for democrats.
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>> no, i'm not going to be watching. probably, i may see a little bit of it. i'm not going to be watching mueller because he can't take all those bites out of the apple. we had no collusion, no obstruction. we had no nothing. the democrats were devastated by it. they went crazy. they've been off the deep end. they're not doing anything. all they care about is a funny investigation where the report was written, it said no collusion. there is no nothing. they're wasting their time. >> bill: catherine herridge, a preview now. how are you doing? good morning to you in washington. >> good morning. this two-page letter is dense. it's essentially saying that the left and right hand boundaries for testimony tomorrow on the one hand, the report, and on the other hand, the public statement. it reads in part "should you testify, the department understands the testimony regarding the work of the special counsel's office will be
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governed by the terms you outlined on may 29th, specifically that the information you discussed appears in and does not go beyond the public version of your march 22nd 2019 report to the attorney general or your ma" that means nothing beyond the reductions were blacked out sections and more significantly, nothing more about uncharged third parties, and that exception would include the president. "any testimony must remain within the boundaries of your public report because matters within the scope of your investigation recovered by the executive privilege. it would include discussions about the investigative steps or decisions made during your investigation not otherwise described in the public version." this creates new obstacles for the democrats who want mueller to comment and go beyond the report into his findings. >> bill: so we are hanging on every word tomorrow. every question, every answer. we will see how it goes.
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meanwhile, you have the fbi director on the health. what is not about? >> sources told fox news they plan to ask him about a story we broke here at fox news last night. through government whistle-blowers are alleging a homeland security pilot program designed to screen individuals held by customs and border protection agents against an fbi database for violent crimes was derailed. >> we have a great tool that was mandated by and approved by congress. and we are not using it. >> u.s. citizens -- illegal aliens in this country are and have been harmed due to our agency not collecting dna. >> his testimony begins about an hour from now when it comes on the eve of tomorrow's mueller hearing. reluctant witnesses came
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forward, inspector general's investigation into alleged surveillance abuse, targeting both trump campaign during the 2016 election. as you know, he recently found two senior fbi executives excepted to gifts in violation of federal policy. one executive licked evidence that was under seal. the other lied about receiving the gift. neither executive was prosecuted under -- lying to federal investigators. or contempt of court. >> bill: okay, catherine, thanks for that. catherine herridge in washingt washington. >> sandra: now a major policy shift aimed at beating overcrowding at our southern border. announcing a fast-track deportation program that extends the authority of immigration officials to deport undocumented migrants without a court hearing. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with all of this.
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>> well, authority for the states back to president bill clinton and a bill passed in 1986 with overwhelming democratic support. it gives u.s. officials the authority to deport not just migrants got out the border itself, but anywhere in the interior of the u.s. it is called expedited removal. it was used by president obama, as he too try to deter a surge from central america. report migrants before they set down roots, get married, have children, it sends a message to the rest of central america. whether you are at your job, get caught without a driver's license, you don't get to stay here just because you have passed a border patrol. >> all president trump is doing here is actually going back to the statute. so if congress doesn't like the statute, they shouldn't be blaming president trump. president trump is enforcing the law, or he is trying to. it is congress that needs to get its act in gear.
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>> so the administration says this law is necessary in response for the spiking of tensions because of the overcrowded conditions in detention centers and of course the backlog and backlog in immigration court where arrivals don't see a judge for up to 12 months, and in some cases, it drags on for years. so the migrant's will only spend 11 days in custody, not 50. some lawmakers are proposing an operation safe return. expedited hearing so that immigrants are not released before seeing a judge. >> this is strictly a pilot program, and the goal again would be to show central americans that on a bipartisan basis, we are going to say no. we are not going to let you exploit our laws. it is going to take some time. >> so this comes as a crackdown in mexico is showing results at 36% reduction in migrant traffic there, cutting the flow at the u.s. border. now the migrant protection program, which has 20,000
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migrants now waiting for their court dates in mexico. moments ago, sandra, president trump tweeted that guatemala has not agreed. back down to an agreement. basically that means that honduras, they will not be required to stay in guatemala. he is playing hardball. we could see terrorists also feed on remittance fees, which is the number one source for the government. i want to say that senator feinstein has been critical, saying expedited removal is an attack on migrants. they deserve their day in court, and we should only be deporting criminal aliens. >> sandra: william la jeunesse. thank you. >> bill: how are you doing, he go? sitting there, listening to those lusty reports. karl rove was on with sean last night. here is how he flames dominic frames the two critical questions. >> lay the predicate for the iga
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in the ag. that is really what is going to get to the heart of what happened in 2016. remember, mueller is not appointed until may of 2017. the abuses took place in 2016. more importantly, every time the democrats go after one of the so-called obstruction charges, ask mueller do you stand by your statement that this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime? >> bill: that last part is so important. careful listening on that. what do you think? >> it is definitely important. both sides are going to fund the testimony pretty frustrating because the doj's instructions to mueller about not going beyond the words that he used in the report that he issued, which is now three or four months old, means that neither side is going to get what they want. the republicans really want to investigate the origins of the russia hooks, whether -- he is being told exclusively that the
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doj has said that you are not to go into that kind of a thing. >> bill: one did you know that there was no evidence of collusion? is that a fair thing for him to answer? does that go outside the bands of this organization? >> i think the evidence is that he knew about a year before it came out, and that was before the election, and they have very good reason to say how come we weren't told us? there was no collusion. but it was at that stage that the investigation switched to obstruction of justice, and of course, he was more ambiguous about obstruction of justice when the report came out. >> bill: if you are right based on your evaluation, you get nothing from this. so much frustration for both sides. >> i don't think this is going to settle anything. the democrats really want this because they say if people have not read the book, they will watch the movie. they will watch the clips, and they hope that robert mueller will say something, but frankly,
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the public has moved on. they know that the report said that there was no collusion. no finding out obstruction. it's a very weak case to you make against president trump. i don't think this is going to settle anything, even though it will be fascinating television. >> bill: that leads us to the next point. newest poll it -- not sure what poll he is talking about. " newest poll: only 11% in favor of starting ridiculous impeachment hearings. well, let's see: we have the best economy in history, the best employment numbers in history, most people working in history, highest stock market in history, biggest tax and regulation cuts in history, best and newest military (almost totally rebuilt from the depleted military i took over) in history, best v.a. in history (choice), and much, much more. gee, let's impeach the president. the "squad" (aoc plus 3) and other dems suffer from trump derangement syndrome. crazy!" he had 90 democrats in the house who favor impeachment. do you believe that number is higher or lower after tomorrow? >> i think it is probably higher than that.
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i think that what that number showed was that that impeachment resolution had nothing to do with evidence. it was all just about unfitness for office. there is an additional number of democrats i think who would say that there was evidence of collusion, or there was obstruction of justice. i think that any impeachment resolution coming along down the road, which includes stuff about russia or obstruction would get a much higher number than that. so nancy pelosi has real trouble trying to tamp this down. >> bill: hugo, thank you. we will see if you are right tomorrow. >> we will. >> sandra: soon enough. a lot more coming up on all this. later in the show, karl rove will join us live. he has some strong thoughts about what needs to be asked in that room tomorrow. we will be speaking to brad wenstrup of the house intelligence committee. they will be questioning robert mueller tomorrow and the second half of the day.
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we will have complete coverage of tomorrow's hearing, starting at 8:00 a.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. >> bill: they are going to take over around the 8:00 hour. we believe that the first one starts at 8:30. take a half-hour break. the next hearing starts around noon. it runs were about two hours. and if they stick to that schedule, we know what to expect tomorrow. >> sandra: it's going to be a big day. >> bill: democrats in the house reaching a new spending deal. new republican -- they do not like it. too much spending without offsets. we will hear directly from the white house on the charge. >> sandra: plus, democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren saying we are headed for an "economic crash." why that senator is claiming warming lights are flashing. plus this. >> bill: they continued throughout the night. standing his ground, refusing to
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design stomach resign. live in puerto rico on what is happening there today. >> there are folks that have supported me. there are people. >> could you give me one name?
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>> bill: how about this? we've got a rare moment. here is the tweet from the president. "this was a real compromise in order to give another victory to our great military and vets." sir, good morning to you. thank you for your time. >> a lot of conservatives aren't happy with it. go ahead and make your case. >> i think it's important to talk about the moment we find ourselves in. one of the things we work
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finding out, when they took control of the house was that they would use the debt limit, which is important to be extended for our united states to be used as a leverage point against this president for all of the things that he is doing. regulatory lay, building a wall, so this deal that secretary mnuchin did it with schumer and nancy pelosi extends the deadline and ensures that nancy pelosi surrenders her arms, surrenders her only ability, her leverage point, to have what we call legislative appropriations bill, so there will be no restrictions on the president's ability to build a wall if you're no restrictions on the deregulatory -- >> bill: they call them poison pills, right? this will go two years. that takes you pass the next election, obviously. correct? >> it does. it's a two-year extension feud
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we will continue to be imposing cuts to nondefense spending. this president has proposed more spending reductions on any president in history, but at the moment, we find ourselves -- >> bill: you are looking at $22 trillion. and you know, conservatives and the republican party are going to hammer you on this. here is mike johnson. he writes out of louisiana "this proposal increases spending by about $2 trillion in the next decade. it only provides $77 billion in offsets. no new controls have been put in to control runaway spending." what do you say to those members of congress who may give you a no vote on this? >> i love the conservatives who are bringing attention to the problems that we have with fiscal problems in this country. it more spending cuts than any president in history, and we have been negotiating for five months. we are now up against a deadline, headed into the august
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recess, where we needed extended, we need to continue to rebuild the military, and of the same time, we have been able to get nancy pelosi down from about $300 billion less than what she wanted to spend, and we have ensured that there will be no new legislative writers to stop this president's agenda on deregulatory agendas or building a wall. >> bill: with regard to the wall, they cannot stop it unless they take it to court, so there is no poison pill on that. in regard to the hyde amendment, no federal dollars in support of abortion in this agreement. >> you have that right. the hyde amendment, all of the pro-life protections that have been in years past are protect protected. no new legislative writers that they were seeking to rule them back would be something that would be considered. and i think the proof is on the footing. yesterday, the head of the
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appropriations committee, pat leahy he, he was very concerned with this deal. he thought it gave great release of momentum to the administrative accomplishments of this president. this is something that we think is very important. we get through the next two years. the work that the president is taking part in each and every day to roll back the regulatory state, will continue. >> bill: will it pass? yes or no? >> i am not the way up in the house. we put forward the deal that congress needs to get it done this week. we will see how it goes. >> bill: indeed we will. thank you. north lawn from the white house. thank you. >> sandra: a war of words between the president and congress woman, showing no signs of cooling down yet. >> i'm not going nowhere. not intel i impeach this president. >> sandra: so does anybody
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benefit from this? the a-team is on deck ready to debate this right here on "america's newsroom." plus, outrage over this video posted online, showing new york city police officers getting drenched in buckets of water. strong reaction coming in from nypd brass. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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6:00. but we did get the rain. >> sandra: it was some serious weather. >> bill: it was just dropping straight down. >> sandra: we got that one, right? all right. onto the fox news alert for you now. massive protests turned chaotic. police firing tear gas to disperse hundreds of thousands, demanding that the governor there stepped down. following the publication of all my messages with his aides in which they mocked women, victims of hurricane maria. the governor defending himself, saying he has apologized. >> every thing that was said, i assume responsibility for. some of that language is not mine. >> it was someone else who said "i would like to shoot the female mayor of san juan." and it was you who said he would be doing me a great favor.
6:26 am
>> i was elected by the people of puerto rico. >> those people on the streets today, saying we want you out. >> sandra: we are live in san juan with more on this. bryan llenas. >> sandra, good morning. it has been the front line over the now 11 days. the end of the road, that is the governor's mansion. this is where police first confronted protesters. as you see, this is rubber bullet casing all over the road here. you can see it there. these are all over the place here. even the smell of teargas still in the air. there was confrontation after the police say that they had worn pro stressors four times to stop throwing rocks. so they unleashed teargas. people had to disperse throughout the streets. we don't have any word on injuries, but we do know that one car was lit on fire here from one of those teargas canisters. earlier in the day, take a look at this video. some 5,000 protesters walking
6:27 am
the expressway, blocking the highway, protesting and asking for the governor to resign because they believe that he has crossed, and there has been mismanagement of millions of dollars. and then interview with shepard smith, he said that he named one person who supported him, and he named the mayor of san sebastian. we spoke to him last night, via facetime, and he says he doesn't support the governor at all. i am not supporting him. of course not. that is totally incorrect. i am not advocating for him to stay. i support his resignation. it needs to follow the process out by our constitution. >> he came out with a facebook live video before speaking to our shepard smith. by the way, he has not spoken to puerto rican media at all, so that made headlines here.
6:28 am
you know who isn't a fan as we well? that is the president of the united states, who had this to say yesterday afternoon. >> the governor has done a terrible job. you have incompetence, totally grossly incompetent leadership at the top of puerto rico. the people of puerto rico agree. >> if you look over here, there are boarded-up businesses here. and all the way down there, you see someone who has it -- there is graffiti. every single day, they repaint as if it is new again because there are tourses coming in. i spoke to some people here throughout the day, and they say that they want no man land in the united states, they will apply more pressure, even going as far as to say they want to hold back any money for the government until he resigns. sandra. >> sandra: very interesting developing story there. bryan llenas. >> bill: fox news alert your
6:29 am
new happening. that is the attorney general, bill barr. he is delivering a keynote address here in new york city. as you all know, this is the day after the justice department penned a letter to bob mueller, saying stay within the bounds. don't go beyond the public version. here is bill barr dropping in for a moment. >> i want to give you an indication, insights into the technological field. the prognosticator in this are arena. i remember distinctly a meeting that we had in the attorney general conference room, someone you may know at the time, assistant director. he later became director of public safety in new york. he was trying to explain to me what he thought the fbi was thinking the trajectory of the wireless industry would be. now, in those days, our phones, they were like world war ii --
6:30 am
>> bill: big topic here. we will gauge reaction tomorrow. because at this time tomorrow, sandra, we will be in that bob mueller hearing. we just want to share a little bit of what the attorney general has to say. >> sandra: and also new this morning, police have made up public video, showing a young american woman and her boyfriend two days before they were found along the highway. what we are learning this morning about that investigation. >> bill: also, in a moment here, lawmakers getting ready. preparing for weeks now to take on the former special counsel. brad wenstrup is one of those do any questioning, and he is coming up live as we roll on next. of savings and service.
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>> sandra: fox news alert now as we await robert mueller's testimony happening less than 24 hours from now. the justice department has a warning for the former special counsel saying "any testimony must remain within the boundaries of your public report because matters within the scope of your investigation were covered by the executive privilege." brad wenstrup serves on the intelligence committee. and i believe that you go in the afternoon, is that correct, congressman? >> that's right.
6:35 am
we will follow later in the day if you'd >> sandra: so the doj with a letter last night, worn, warning him to stay within what is already within the public report. >> i think that mr. mueller will try to stay within that. the whole thing is highly unusual that we are even doing this. it is usually not allowed.someone in his possession would be testifying over his work. but nonetheless, here we are. and i think he will try to stay with it. we had an fbi agent who was part of the mueller team had an interview with the intelligence committee, and he basically did the same thing. we've all read the report, so there isn't much to go into further. there is obviously an obsession to continue by some, to go after president trump and his team, and i think that is going to be just one more opportunity for them to try to make a public spectacle of it, even though the report has said no collision.
6:36 am
that was our conclusion at the end, and they seem to want to keep this dynamic going as long as they can without looking at the origin of this entire conspiracy that we have been having to deal with for the last couple of years. >> sandra: it is our understanding that there will be two different focuses for the hearing. what will be the focus of your committee? >> well, i think that we are going to want to find out some of the things that we haven't heard about, like i'm curious for example how was the special counsel able to reach back and how many years, 10-15 years into paul manafort? i don't have a problem with that necessarily. it has nothing to do with russian collusion, but why then weren't they willing to go and look at the origins of this? wouldn't it be fascinating if
6:37 am
mr. mueller actually said to mr. jerry nadler or adam schiff, when did you know that the dnc and the clinton campaign paid for the dossier that was created by a british agency with a russian health? they conspired this entire thing. that would be an interesting question, but we have not heard that from them. the mainstream media, and it would be interesting if we hear about it from mr. mueller, but i doubt that we will. >> sandra: "the new york times" this morning will present to make or break moments for democrats. do you think tomorrow changes things? >> i don't think so per se because the american people are already on to what is taking place. we see how many millions of dollars has been spent on this whole event. it is not on issues that affect everyday americans. and i think they're kind of tired of it. think about it. they have heard adam schiff say for over two years i have clear evidence of russian collusion,
6:38 am
yet none has been presented or found, so i don't think it will make much difference. i don't think it will be -- i don't think it's going to affect the american people very much. >> sandra: how have you had members of your party been preparing for this tomorrow? >> well, we just have gotten together and set for one thing, we are going to watch and see what happens during judiciary because we don't just want to recreate this and ask the same questions and go down that road, so we just got to gather talk about the things that we are curious about through this whole investigative process, try to ask those questions when we get that opportunity. >> sandra: what other questions do you have? >> we've got several. i don't want to show all of our cards obviously before we get there. i think those are some of the main concerns and about the process of the whole investigation, and why it took so long for example would be
6:39 am
another part. we concluded our investigation long before. now mr. mueller had plenty of opportunity and plenty more assets, so you thought maybe he was finding something that we didn't, but i really wasn't the case. i don't know what they were doing for the last year. >> sandra: we are all going to be watching this very closely tomorrow, and you as well when your committee holds a hearing in the afternoon. we really appreciate you coming on with us this morning. thank you. >> thank you so very much. appreciate it. >> bill: news today, democratic hopeful elizabeth warren with the warning for america, saying we are in for an economic crash. peter doocy picks up that story. he is live in washington. what is she saying? >> as you know, joe biden wants primary voters to know that a year like 2008 as possible again because that's the year that he
6:40 am
and barack obama took office. elizabeth warren wants voters to know that it is possible again because a terrible financial crisis could be just around the corner. "with an economy that is vulnerable, we need to reduce the odds of the potential shots i can send us into another downturn. that means congress should eliminate the debt ceiling, and the trump administration should replace the trade war by tweet with china with a coherent strategy." "we can raise incomes by raising the minimum wage, strengthening unions, ensuring that women of color get bus wages they deserve, and empowering workers to replace 40% of board members by big american companies." focusing on economic issues. but so is president trump, and he does not see the same kind of warning signals that she is flagging down, and they think a plan like this one could
6:41 am
backfire. >> when you have these big increases in the national federal minimum wage, yes, some jobs, some wages go up for some set number of millions of workers, but we also lose millions of jobs. >> we hear a lot on the campaign trail from democrats concerned with low wages, but we do not hear very much about the potential for an economic doomsday like this one that warren is forecasting. bill. >> bill: we will be watching that. charles payne has got a few words. he is coming up next hour if you think you, peter. >> sandra: all right. it doesn't happen every day. i triple play. the minnesota twins pulling it off yesterday and again with the new york yankees. hitting the ground to third. he makes my cash, starts the triple play. the twins went on to win that game 8-6.
6:42 am
holy moly. we like seeing those. >> bill: it's rare. it's rare. i triple play. thank you. the senate expected to vote today on reauthorizing the victims 9/11 compensation fund. this has been debated very publicly back and forth. 9/11 first responder john feal is here next hour. we will get his reaction. >> sandra: plus, president trump thing that we are ready for the worse when we release new video of the british oil tanker seizure. >> instead of being respectful and thankful, they put their finger up in the air. it is finger. the phone. they put their finger up in the air, and they disrespected the united states. new align whole food probiotic.
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>> let's see what happens with iran. we are ready for the absolute
6:46 am
worst, and we are ready for sense too. but we are ready. >> bill: it has been a daily thing up your tehran releasing this video. the crew captured on board though oil tanker on behalf of the revolutionary guard. i want to bring in john, how are you doing and good morning to you. where do you think we are right now? what brings the temperature down, if anything, john? >> really has the president said, it is kind of in iran's hands. they have been ranting and raving, trying to intimidate the united states, the europeans to back off on the sanctions, but instead, all they have gone so far most recently as the brits deciding to you stop up family of the european naval effort to -- >> bill: which is so contrary to what they expected, i am so
6:47 am
certain. tehran, correct? >> i am certain. they were hoping that the europeans would back down and oppose the united states. instead, we got a larger western naval presence off of the iranian coast. >> bill: i thought that this coming from the president was the most interesting. "i think iran doesn't know where they are. they don't know whether they are coming or going. what about that psychology? >> i think the president is right. the iranians are pulling out all the stops. trying to escape these crushing international sanctions that the united states has imposed on them, and nothing is working. most recently, just yesterday, the united states claim sanctions down on chinese oil trader that is one of the last remaining loopholes that the iranians have to get their oil out to the international markets and earn any revenue at all. the u.s. is now clamping down on that loophole.
6:48 am
>> bill: i think it's really interesting. how they are reacting. everything was coming. it was really a contrarian view. in power at the end of tomorrow, did you see him? "congratulations. the new prime minister of the united kingdom. he will be great." so he goes to the microphone, and he is full of optimism. here he is from earlier today. >> we are going to energize the country. we are going to get things done. we are going to take advantage, bringing in a new spirit of "can do." we are going to believe in ourselves and what we can achieve." >> at a minimum, it's going to be great entertainment, but it was very dragon.
6:49 am
reagan-esque. things can only get better with a better relationship between the president of the united states and the british prime minister. so we are going to keep our fingers crossed. >> bill: do you think that that is the effect of that? how does this relationship play out? >> well again, the relationship with theresa may was always very frosty, very cool. the president obviously likes johnson, so i think things can only go on an upward trajectory here, and i think what we spoke about before, bill, iran is really going to be the test case for this. the brits are getting more aggressive, getting tougher, and i think boris johnson has got every interest in getting closer to the united states and donald trump and combating iranian escalation in this direction here. >> bill: it could be a very interesting new phase here.
6:50 am
john hannah, thank you for your time. >> sandra: outrage over this new video showing a new york city police officer getting drenched with buckets of water. reaction pores on this morning from top city officials. stripped of her title over some controversial tweets. now, the former pageant winner claim she was punished for being a conservative. we will hear from the now former miss michigan in our next hour. >> they didn't even give me time to explain. they just saw this one tweet, immediately thought i was racist, islamophobic, and d crowned me. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, i'll wake up ready for anything? oh, we've got your back. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. prove.
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>> sandra: growing outrage over new video of new york city police officers getting dressed with water and pelted with
6:54 am
buckets as they try to make an arrest. the police chief calling it "reprehensible." laura ingle's tracking all of this for us. laura. >> receiving equal condemnation as officers are doused in front of cheering bystanders, who only seem to drag on the may help you check out this first video, taken by someone in harlem. getting pelted with water and it with a red bucket thrown at one of their hats. this is in the middle of them handcuffing summa as the crowds at jump and holler with glee. the second video caught in brooklyn, they are seen walking away from people throwing buckets of water at them, as bystanders can be heard laughing, even cackling at some points. reaction is, again, tweeting this. "the videos of cops being doused with water and having objects hurled at them as they try to
6:55 am
make an arrest in harlem is reprehensible." we have made remarkable progress together, but every new york new yorker must show respect for our cops. they deserve nothing less." anti-comp lawmakers have gotten their wish, and the nypd is now "frozen," adding this in a statement. "we are approaching the point of no return peer disorder controls the streets, and our elected leaders don't allow us to take them back. we need to draw a line. in situations like this, we need to take action to protect ourselves and the public." bill de blasio calls it completely unacceptable, but many are pointing to de blasio and his administration for the growing lack of respect due to his policies that have tied the hands of law enforcement. >> bill: this from a moment ago. congressman ilhan omar speaking
6:56 am
moments ago about whether or not the president's are racist. to some pretty stunning words. we have that for you, and we will play it for you and a moment. working to expand fast-track deportation's the country. our a-team will analyze. they are on deck, and they're ready to go. come on back. >> it is just a matter time until a terrorist gets into this crowd and comes in and hurts us.
6:57 am
6:58 am
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>> sandra: an ongoing war of words heating up you just moments ago, minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar calling president trump "are racist." we'll come our brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. she is a key member of "the squad." at a concert, we have the click. here it is. >> we are talking about the president, people will say his remarks are racist. we forget the inherent racism that has always been part of h him. and how much she always takes an opportunity with others, to vilify them. >> bill: let's begin with you, mark. >> good morning to you. representative omar here at the muslim caucus of america event, the meeting where she has been
7:01 am
able to speak for the last 20 minutes. as you displayed in that clip, she was speaking about this latest back and forth between her and the speec president tru. she talked about him, and she believes that he is are racist. she talks about his stands on the central park five. the case about the five men that were incarcerated and then released it several years later. the representative talking that she feels that this is a chance for not only the muslim-american community but minority communities all across the country to really stand up and organize, going into the 2019 and 2020 elections. she is not the only member who has been on stage. we have heard a number of people speaking out, but i also want to show you this tweet, this one coming from president trump. he says "in 2016, i almost won
7:02 am
minnesota. the fact that minnesota is having its best economic year ever, i will win the state." he also goes on to talk about alexandria ocasio-cortez and three others that have been known as "the squad," these members of congress, ever since the rally in north carolina last week. we are hoping to get a chance to hear from the representative one-on-one. she is speaking about 50 feet or so from where we are. once she gets off the stage, we will see if we can talk to her to address not only the latest tweets, but any other comments that she may have. >> bill: okay, mark. thank you in washington on that. >> sandra: let's bring in our a-team. political science professor, and senior advisor of economics, matt gorman, former communications director for the national republican committee, and a liz peek. why don't we start off with you
7:03 am
first? the latest comments from ilhan omar on that stage a few moments ago, referencing inherent racism and the president. >> i think that they are god's gift to republicans. there is no denying that. aside from her comments, they are setting the agenda in a very real way. we saw her she did leave a few days ago, calling for $20 minimum wage. their statements and agenda are giving us the answers for democratic presidential candidates but also these folks -- i work for jeb bush. that romney, we fought it out in debates. democrats outback, videos and sound bites, waited for the general election. now that she was on the other foot. they will be answering for that in the next year and a half. >> sandra: does anybody come up as a winner? >> president trump needs the targets, and adversary, and yes, it will be the democratic candidates. it will also be the four known
7:04 am
as "the squad." he can't go after hillary clinton. that is old and tired. he can certainly go after these people who are becoming not only the phase of the democratic party because he has forced the democrats to support them, but yes, they are reeling off policy after policy, very popular with progressives in california and new york and not the middle. >> bill: before we go to jeanne -- it should have said omar from that conference there. go ahead. >> you know, i think when the democrats nominate a candidate, that candidates will be the face of the democratic party. granted, republicans would like to make these congresswomen in the face of the party because they think that that makes the democrats particularly vulnerable, and i think democrats do themselves a disservice when they rely on these women to put forward an
7:05 am
agenda, but i think once you get a nominee, that person is going to have to speak for themselves, and that's what the president doesn't want. he doesn't want to run against one of these nominees. he wants to run against these congresswomen. that's why he keeps talking about them. they are taking the bait because they keep responding. >> bill: i mentioned rashida tlaib. apparently yesterday, she said the following. >> i'm not going nowhere. not until i impeach this president. >> bill: that was a familiar common, minus the abuse of language. when she first went off. kellyanne conway made the point repeatedly that these women can't help themselves, and they love the attention. >> you know, a clip resurfaced over the weekend of rashida tlaib being pulled out of a 2016 meeting where trump
7:06 am
was speaking i think to the detroit economic council, yelling, screaming, really kind of looking like a crazy person. i think we are going to see more of that. i don't think they can help themselves. they hate this president with a vitriol that honestly and pastimes would be pretty shocking i think to voters. >> bill: you believe that? >> oh, i do. that they hate him? oh, yes. we rarely have heard -- i think people are becoming immune to the vitriol. you can say anything you want about this president. that was not historically the case. people had some respect for the office. that has been abandoned wholeheartedly. >> please. if you watch the video, somebody yelled i think from the crowd as she was being pulled out "get a job." v2 this is before she was a member of congress. speak out some random person yelled "get a job," now she is a
7:07 am
member of congress. she has really antagonized the president. you guys are right. the president thrives when he has an enemy, but the nominee will not be picked for another year. we have a vacuum right now in terms of leadership. the squad fills the void. >> we will know earlier. we should know earlier who the nominee will be. rashida tlaib, don't go anywhere, that is the republican's calling card for 2020, and i think it is a horrendous mistake for republicans to bank on the fact that they can run 2020 against four freshmen congresswomen. how many of you know any congresswomen, freshmen or otherwise in any other -- >> bill: aoc is the topmost recognized in the united states. go ahead and frame the argument. karl rove with hannity about how they are actually advancing the idea. >> they are doing this all on
7:08 am
their own, helping to advance the conservative agenda all on their own. helping to enthuse and motivate conservatives all on their own. setting up a situation where the president can be reelected in 2020 because they have tainted the democratic party as being as far left as they are. >> i think that is exactly what republicans want. they want these four women to be the poster children, poster women if you will love the democratic party. they have to fight against that. they fight against it by uniting the party. by not going as far left as they did in that first event, calling for medicare for all and all of these things. they fight against it by -- democrats, if you talk to that migrant background, the things that they care about. so they represent very, very distinctive blue districts in our country. and that is -- >> bill: 92%. i'm not making that up.
7:09 am
>> that is not what won the house. >> sandra: going back to rashida tlaib's words, "i'm not going nowhere until i impeach this president." lindsey graham has some strong thinking on this push for impeachment and where it goes. >> they make it a primary. there are 31 democrats that hold seeds where president trump won their district. if they go against aoc, they get the primary. if they vote for impeachment, they will lose their jobs. so i really do believe impeachment would be bad for the country. >> we also object to the bad grammar. [laughs] >> i think impeachment is a very treacherous path for these people to take. it is a recurring theme. and we are going to see it with the mueller hearings tomorrow. that is what this is all about. a stage for this. but the truth is there is no grounds for an impeachment.
7:10 am
and it is going to hurt the democrats as they perceive that i think. >> i think she's absolutely right. with the mueller hearing tomorrow, democrats are running into the same trap here they are hyping it up, saying that there's going to be all this information. look. i think besides the doj framing the report and saying that -- robert mueller is a pro. he is not a college kid getting ready to wing and exam. he has testified in front of congress over 60 times. >> bill: i thought this letter that came from the department of justice was very interesting. here is the president. sound bite number one on whether he will be tuning in tomorrow. >> no, i'm not going to be watching. probably. maybe. i'm not going to be watching mueller because he can't take all those bites out of the apple. we had a total no collision
7:11 am
funding. the democrats were devastated by it. they went crazy. they got off the deep end. >> bill: quick predictions on what happens tomorrow? >> this is his 89th time. i totally agree. he is not going out of any box. he is not going to be roped into anything. and i guarantee if it's boring, the president mates live tweet it to show how boring it is. he may do it anyway. please do. >> sandra: they will try to push him out of the scope of that report. >> aoc, may be rashida tlaib. others. definitely aoc. as we talk about, i expect some -- >> she is very good, by the way. >> democrats have to show the american people -- three years that this probe has been going on for some purpose. that this is actually good for the american people. the people who didn't bother to read the book are going to tune
7:12 am
in. i think it is going to be a massive snooze fest. he is going to stick to his script, which is the report. they can make him reiterate charges or evidence of obstruction of justice. >> when he took to the stage there, i believe it was in late may, some of the words that he used, reference back to his report, did go beyond the scope of the report. they are going to hope that that happens again. there were some questions in "the new york times" today to try to push them to say yes, we didn't get to obstruction of justice because he is a sitting president. that is their hope of the take away. they are going to want to know lots of things, like what was the fisa court determination? >> devin nunes told me he is training his members to -- we have seen time and again when
7:13 am
lawmakers frankly -- i thought that they were most effective in questioning when michael cohen was before them. they were literally reading off of pieces of paper that had been prepared for them. >> we understand that they are rehearsing this morning, so they should be arguably well prepared. you are not going to get them, laying it out with a "yes" or "no" question. he will not go beyond that. >> also, he is prepping as well. he is a lawyer for a long time. before he started testifying before congress, so i wouldn't rule him out either. >> is going to be a long day. >> you have to get ready. >> sandra: so we will be watching. the president may watch some of it. >> i hope he tweets. >> highlight reel. >> nice to see you all. in the meantime, boris johnson elected new prime minister of great britain. the new head of the conservative
7:14 am
party replacing theresa may, taking office officially tomorrow. here is low tweet from the white house. we are live in london. hello. this is an incredibly difficult time. he becomes the 77th prime minister of the u.k. overarching issue over a year. the second issue is doused before following the seizure of the british tanker last week. to the top of the agenda. we will see how quickly boris johnson can get on top of those issues. this came after a month-long battle between boris johnson and jeremy, the foreign secretary. in the end, he won by a massive 67% by the conservative party members who voted, not the party, mind you. i was after theresa may stepped
7:15 am
down. this is what he said. >> we are going to take advantage of all of the opportunities. a new spirit of can do. we are once again going to believe in ourselves. >> boris johnson was born in america, in new york. he was a journalist before being mayor of london, than foreign secretary. president trump has often spoken favorably of him. >> i like boris johnson. i always have. he's a different kind of a guy, but they say i am a different kind of a guy too. i think we will have a very good relationship. >> boris johnson really was elected to get brexit through. it is an issue that continues to divide the u.k., and he is leading them on october 31st. just three months away. there have been a number of resignations from the cabinet,
7:16 am
people who say that they want to serve under him because of his stance on brexit. he is reaching out across the party divide, trying to bring people together, to heal what has become a fractured british political system. >> bill: very interesting times. >> sandra: senator elizabeth warren out with a new warning now. a saying that the u.s. is teetering on the brink of another economic crisis. >> bill: following up now on a story, beauty pageant winner telling her side of the story now. she says she lost her crown over her conservative beliefs. we will hear from her. she will make your case coming up live next. >> there shouldn't just be diversity in color but thought and mind-set, political affiliation. i am so glad to be the voice for this right now. with your sleep number setting. can it help keep me asleep? yes, it senses your movements and
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7:21 am
in the meantime, back to his story. >> sandra: the former miss michigan is speaking out, her crown being stripped from her. cathy zhu claiming she was taken without her title was taken from her because of her conservative views. pageant organizers say it was because her online messages were offensive. kathy zhu joins us now. good morning and thank you for coming onto "america's newsroom" this morning. >> hi. thank you for having me. >> sandra: you were told that your comments, your tweets were offensive and problematic. what is it that the pageant took issue with? >> they took issue with two tweets, one about black on black violence, which was a response to another tweet, and another one about the good job where i refused to wear a hijab because it is in my religion. it would not be right for me to do so. >> bill: they took away your crown. did they warn you?
7:22 am
>> no. the state director texted me, saying that there was a big issue with my twitter post, and i said which one? she said it is a big issue. she never specified what i was, then she called me briefly for like 5 minutes, quickly said it is a big issue. your tweets are racist, islamophobic, and that's it. two hours later, an email came saying that i lost my title. >> bill: do you regret posting any of that? would you rather have it back? >> not at all. everything i said was based on statistics. black on black violence, you can find that information easily. the hijab tweet was my experience. i experienced that, no one else knows what happened except me. just two years ago saudi arabian women were allowed to drive, and i think that it's really important, we should focus on that detail instead of the actual tweet.
7:23 am
empower women. >> bill: did you present that to them, about saudi arabia? did you make your case? >> they never asked me to explain. they saw the tweet, they said i was racist, islamophobic, they stripped me of my title. >> sandra: we have seen it reported that you deleted one of the tweets. is that the case? >> i deleted the hijab tweet. >> sandra: i? >> the screenshot was already posted everywhere. the other one is still up and still there. >> sandra: somewhat say that that was a bit of a red flag, perhaps that was a red flag to the pageant that you would delete a tweet. >> i deleted a tweet a year ago. this happened a year ago, and for some reason, they did invent me well enough before they crowned me, and they decided to strip me of my title. this happened a year ago. >> bill: you were at the
7:24 am
university of central florida knights, right? now the university of michigan. we will read it for you and get you to react on this. "it has been brought to our attention that your social media accounts contain offensive and inappropriate content and in violation of our rules and conditions, specifically the contestant requirement of being in good character and whose background is not likely to bring into disrepute any person associated with the organization." the questioning of character and they clearly don't want anything that is controversial. what do you take from that statement? >> they reduced my character and my morals and who i am to one single tweet. and i don't think that's right. i think you should look out the broader version of things. it is wrong for them to strip a woman's title only because she has a lot of opinions and knows how to speak for herself. >> sandra: i know that you are
7:25 am
now taking issue with the pageant itself. are you taking issue with passions and how they are held and how they examine the women who enter them? >> i don't have any issues with pensions in general, but i do think that pageant should really stand up for themselves and say hey, we support free speech. we support conservative women and liberal women. it doesn't matter what stance or side you're on as long as we hear your voice and empowers y you. >> sandra: has anyone else come out and called you or written u.n. called humans you and said that they support you? >> no. none of the girls that i met actually contacted me, but i still follow them on instagram. i have no hard feelings for them. they were so nice to me, and it was great while it lasted. >> bill: any chance the crown comes back, or do you think it is gone for good? >> even if it were to come back, i wouldn't want to puke standing my ground is much better than
7:26 am
receiving crown and getting the title of miss michigan. i don't really want that back anyway. >> bill: last question, what have you learned through this? >> i learned that it's really hard being a conservative nowadays, especially with the media, though organizations basically disowning you for having a different stance. different than what the media wants to hear, so also never take tweets out of context. always look out the full conversation before you judge someone's character. >> sandra: what are you going to do next? >> i am going to continue what i'm doing, i love this passion that i have. i firmly believe in all the things that i advocate for. >> sandra: the former miss michigan, kathy zhu, thank you for coming on the program. >> bill: thank you. fox news alert. we mention this in a moment ago.
7:27 am
president trump will speak at the student action summit at the top of the hour. we will see if he has got anything to say about the so-called "squad." >> sandra: big vote happening today on the 9/11 victims compensation fund. we will talk to you and i advocate, john feal will join us next. >> trust me. you are not fixing their problems, but you are removing this 15 year unnecessary burden placed by their own government upon them. it ends now.
7:28 am
7:29 am
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7:31 am
>> sandra: the senate today with a critical vote to set to confirm marcus berg. hey, lucas. >> hey, sandra. the senate is expected to
7:32 am
overwhelmingly confirm mark esper in a vote today. he will then go to the white house to be sworn in in the oval office. he will be the first confirmed defense secretary since jim mattis resigned. he will follow closely in his wake. >> so, is it safe to say that you are aligned with jim mattis? >> i don't know -- i don't know how to pick between the two, but clearly, i share his views, and i have expressed a publicly. >> he faces a host of challenges, including the ongoing hostage crisis. five days after iran sees no british oil tanker. afghanistan also looms large. president trump pulling most of the troops out as soon as possible. there have been a rounds of u.s.-led peace talks with the taliban. an american professor kidnap and cobble along with his australian colleague in august 2016. navy seals try to rescue them
7:33 am
on successfully. the prime minister told bret baier good news might be coming soon. >> there may be some announcements about others who are being held. >> i think two or three americans, one australian who has been kidnapped. who has been held. pakistan is playing their part. we are very close, we hope to receive some good news over the next 48 hours. >> u.s. special operations officers continue to look. >> bill: thank you. new this hour, a bill to permanently extend the 9/11 victims compensation fund is expected to pass in the senate. it would replenish the funds that were set up after the attacks to pay for the medical treatment for the first responders who suffer illness as a result. they came from all over the
7:34 am
country too. john feal in washington, d.c. welcome back to our program. it is nice to see you. if the senate passes it, will the president signed it? >> thank you for having me. thank you to fox, everybody at fox news. you guys have been amazing. i can't thank you enough. and you guys truly helped us get here today. the bill is going to get past today, and it will go to the president, who will sign it on friday. the white house called me this morning. for the men and women i keep bringing down here after 15 years, and i am just so ecstatic for them. we are not going to celebrate. i think we will hug and cry. so we're going to help tens and thousands of people. getting the legislation passed, adds to the resume, but the friendships formed and with all of you guys in the media, that is important. >> bill: i'm sorry, sandra.
7:35 am
that is something that we have always tried to figure out. how great is the need? how many people is it? you said tens of thousands. >> 20,000 people have been compensated. we expect another 20 to come forward with more illnesses. this is not just a saying this. this is what the cdc has predicted. you know, louis alvarez, who died on june 29, sadly, 18 people have passed since him. all of these men and women were helping. leg louis alvarez, who passed away, over 12,000 people right now with certified cancer. it is only getting worse. not better. getting this bill passed is not going to save anybody's lives, but it will offer financial relief and comfort and take away the burden and the stress of those who lose a loved one that
7:36 am
is destitute. that's all that is. >> sandra: before he passed away, he gave his first interview on fox news, and it was so moving. he wanted his legacy, and for people to look back at his life as someone who fought for our first responders. this has been such a personal fight for you, john, and we have spoken several times, what has this flight been like? why have you taken this so head on? >> great question. not many people ever ask me that one. yeah. it's personal. before everybody got sick and denied benefits, they got hurt. i spent 11 weeks in the hospital with gangrene. but you know, there is always someone worse off than you. and i saw that firsthand. i've been to 182 funerals now. and i'm blessed. i'm lucky. i lost half of the foot, i spent
7:37 am
11 weeks in the hospital. look at me. i'm loud, obnoxious, i'm in the face of elected officials. i've now helped pass five bills. one in michigan, new jersey. if i continue doing this the rest of my life, i'm going to take the worst day of my life, make it worth the rest of my life. >> sandra: you face criticism for not moving fast enough on this. rand paul, the cost involved. where would you characterize this battle today? obviously, you got the phone call from the white house today. the response that you saw from lawmakers. >> well, mitch mcconnell has been nothing but gracious. he kept his word. when we had the meeting, i can tell you he is keeping his word. while we don't always agree on everything, he has kept his word, and he helped us get here today. as for rand paul, you can't pick
7:38 am
and choose when you want to be a fiscal conservative. they both signed on to the tax code. whether you are for it or against it, by saying it our bill, over 71 years, that it will add to the deficit, it is just ludicrous. it is insulting to our intelligence. shame on them. they've got to live with that. they will present the amendment today, and they will get shot down. they will not get to the threshold that they need, and we will get a bill signed and passed. tens of thousands of people, not just in new york. these are people that went to the pentagon, you know -- 435 congressional districts represented at ground zero. >> bill: september, october, november. they came, they volunteered. >> when i got hurt, i had an ambulance from michigan take me to the hospital. i didn't have a police escort to bellevue.
7:39 am
you know, everybody from every state came through. and that is what america is about. it is the spirit of the american people. the humidit humanity. we will come to gather and take our worst day, worst week, certainly our worst 18 years, make it our finest hours. make a bipartisan bill, come together, and it will go to the president's desk. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: senator elizabeth warren sounding the alarm about the u.s. economy? she says we are going down the same road that led us to the 2008 crisis. moneyman charles payne has something to say about that. he will join us next. plus those. this. >> you've got to stay away from this car, all right? >> bill: a police officer risking his life to save the life of another man.
7:40 am
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>> bill: the president is going to make a speech at the student action summit. in washington, d.c. we will see what he has to say coming up. we will be monitoring at coming up shortly. >> sandra: ... "we are heading for an economic crash." charles payne, host of "making money," i am sure that this caught your eye. the coming economic crash and how to stop it. she even tells us how to stop it. >> yeah, she does. i think it's a smart political move because of anything goes
7:45 am
wrong, she can say i told you so. or something happen. she can say i was the first political candidate ahead of this. so i think it was a smart move. let's not forget, barack obama, he was running as an antiwar candidate. the financial crisis fell to his left, and it became anti-wall street movement that swept him into office. i think she is wrong on household debt, since the great recession, americans have become extraordinarily responsible. the composition of our debt is dramatically different, whereas we had all this crazy credit card debt. it is significantly better than it was. >> sandra: they are holding onto a record amount of debt. >> the debt goes up as wages go up. all of those things go natural naturally. disposable income, the ability to service our debt is extraordinarily low.
7:46 am
significantly lower than previously, 2007, 2008. corporate debt obviously is an issue. >> sandra: hold on. let's be clear about what she is actually saying. >> corporate debt. >> sandra: i see the manufacturing sector, a precarious economy that is built on debt, both household debt and corporate debt. that is vulnerable to shock. i see a number of serious shocks that could cause our economy shaky foundation to crumble up your shockingly, she done refers to a number of proposals she has made on the campaign trail to prevent this. >> getting rid of $600 billion, student loan debt. the manufacturing plants, more spending, more debt. universal child care, making small businesses pay wages they can't afford. the as are actually the thing is that she was really concerned about these other things she talked about that it could
7:47 am
actually trigger the recession. >> bill: to the plan at that larry kudlow is living on. watch. >> the economy is in a strong prosperity cycle. you had in the last week or so huge in job numbers, tremendous boom in consumer spending. it looks like new pickup in manufacturing. people have more money in their pockets. >> bill: he didn't have anything negative to say. >> larry kudlow is living on planet earth, united states, july 2019. elizabeth warren is living somewhere in the future. something that she thinks will happen. >> bill: $15 minimum wage? rashida tlaib, this past weeke weekend. spea>> we can't allow people toe living off of these wages.
7:48 am
it is enough -- it is not enough to support this family. we need $20 per hour. $18 per hour. it is not enough. everything has gone up. >> bill: what would be the effect of a $20 minimum wage? >> we already saw this office saying that people will lose their jobs. the low number was 1.3 million. 1.7 million. at $20 per hour, by the way, it would hurt the poorest households more than anyone else. it would be astronomically disastrous. by the way, some people living on tips, they do extraordinarily well. i took my goddaughter out, she graduated with honors, i took her out sunday for brunch, and believe me, the tip i left there -- the waiter was like be quiet, be quiet.
7:49 am
don't mess this tips thing out. >> sandra: we saw what happened with bernie sanders. imposing the $15 minimum wage on his campaign workers, and they lost their jobs. >> he stepped right into it. why not $100? >> sandra: why stop there? >> bill: new moment, new warning this morning. about aspirin. why a new study says that millions of americans should not be taking it to prevent a heart attack. what's that all about? the doctor is in the house next. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at
7:50 am
hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams.
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7:53 am
>> bill: now we get to the brand-new study, revealing why millions of americans who take an aspirin a day to prevent a heart attack may need to rethink about the idea. marc siegel, fox news contributor. it has been this way for a long time. what does the study say? >> we found out that aspirin helps prevent heart attacks, so we knew a long time ago that if you give an aspirin pill to someone who has had a heart attack or stroke, it decreases the chance of having another one. what the studies show, to answer your question, is that we have been looking at the idea of people taking an aspirin a day,
7:54 am
81 milligrams, who haven't had a heart attack, who haven't had a stroke, who decide for themselves going into a pharmacy, i may be at risk. 30 million over the age of 40 have been doing that. one quarter of all people in the united states over the age of 40 that haven't had heart disease or taking an aspirin. 6 million of them without even talking to me, without even consulting a physician. now, i don't have 30 million patients, but i'm going to tell you, you better talk to your doctor about this. you know why? there's a risk of bleeding. there is a risk of an ulcer. >> sandra: a patient comes to you and says i heard this is something i should do. what are the questions you ask k the patient to determine whether this is a good routine for them? >> great question. what are your risk factors? do you have heart disease in your family? i cholesterol? high blood pressure? how old are you?
7:55 am
do you have gout? i need to go over all of that. patient by patient, whether they should be on an aspirin or not, and the older they get, because over the age of 70, half of people over the age of 70 are taking this aspirin without checking necessarily. it is a higher risk of bleeding. the study show that the risk of cleaning outweighs the benefit of preventing heart disease. i still think it's a personal decision between you and your doctor. >> sandra: that statistic of half of the people over 70, people who don't have heart disease and have not had a heart attack or any problems, right? >> that's exactly right, but we like to say that you may have one knowing that you don't know about. if you have high cholesterol, if you're overweight, if you have diabetes -- that is the biggest one that i left out. if you have a family history, i might want you on that aspirin. >> bill: 15 seconds. this could be a confusing
7:56 am
message for those who believe that they have been doing the right thing. what is the message that we take away? >> that message to take away is see your doctor if you do not stop now without talking to your doctor, but your doctor may cause you to rethink this. we need to come here. your risk of bleeding versus the heart attack. >> sandra: president trump making an appearance. we could be seeing him now at a conference of conservative high school students. will he respond to the latest of the congresswoman's attack, calling him a racist? the latest from the white house next. >> thank you, atlanta. thank you, dallas.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. president trump is set to talk at any moment on the heels of the administration to expand fast track deportations across the united states. we will see what the president has to say when he began shortly. welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> bill: good morning to you. i'm bill hemmer. he will speak out the student action summit, releasing new information that border agencies will now have broad authority to deport undocumented migrants. explaining that move. >> it is a headshaking surprise for me when i hear elected senators and frankly the bill
8:01 am
that this is based on his bipartisan, who still oppose actually enforcing the law. president trump is enforcing the law, or he is trying to. it is congress that needs to get its act in gear. >> bill: a brand-new hour begins with john roberts there. good morning. >> this was a law that was actually passed back in 1996 during the clinton administration to allow for the swift deportation of people who were undocumented -- misrepresentation in the original application of the law, which began around 2004. targeting people within 14 days of arrival and within 100 miles of the southern border. under this expanded application of the law that the trump administration wants to take, people can be targeted within two years of arrival and beyond 100 miles of the border, basically anywhere in the country. the expansion being undertaken because detention facilities are full, resulting in more migrants being released into the
8:02 am
united states. "the new designation as one more tool for dhs, utilizing specific authority from congress to confront the ongoing security and humanitarian crisis in the southwestern border and throughout the country. we are past the breaking point and must take all appropriate action and within the country's interior. this makes it clear that if you have no legal right to be here, we will remove you." the aclu says that they are going to challenge this in court immediately. california senator dianne feinstein said "today's announcement of the administration will quickly deport immigrants anywhere in the country without giving them their date" is just one more attack on our immigration system and the rule of law. what we are seeing is a sustained attack on immigrants. considering our country's history as a beacon of safety, it is a shame that the president feels the need to go after immigrants in this matter. i urge him to reconsider his calloused actions."
8:03 am
guatemala also knew dominic in the cross hairs. save third country, where migrants from other countries could apply for asylum in the united states. the president reading "guatemala, which has been sending large numbers of people, some with criminal records to the united states, has decided to break the deal they had with us on signing a necessary safe third agreement. we were ready to go. now we are looking at the "ban,"tariffs, remittance fees, or all of the above. guatemala has not been good. big u.s. taxpayer dollars going to them was cut off by me 9 months ago." this first came up after a constitutional court blocked jimmy marella's -- cabinet meeting last tuesday, i asked the president about it. speak out so if they are not going to play ball, that's okay. we don't give them any more money. they have been ripping us off
8:04 am
for years. i'm not a fan. >> some breaking news in just the last half hour. customs enforcement giving us a readout on the number of people arrested in those expanded interior enforcement actions and an operation that targets them between july 11, 899 people with final orders of removal works arrested by i.c.e. of those, 605 had criminal convictions. 93 were facing pending criminal charges, and the other enforcement actions, 35 people arrested. 18 where members of family units. 17 were so-called collateral arrests, they were arrested by i.c.e. >> bill: john roberts from the white house. >> sandra: the justice department warning robert mueller to read strict his testimony.
8:05 am
the special counsel prepares to me before two house committees tomorrow on the investigation. brad wenstrup joined us earlier, and he will be one of them questioning mueller tomorrow. >> i think that mr. mueller will try to stay within that scope. we have all read the report, so there isn't much to go into. i think we will see some theater. there is obviously an obsession to go after president trump and his team. i think that is going to be just one more opportunity for them to try to make a public spectacle of it even though the report has said no collision. >> sandra: joining us now. fellow at the national review institution. good morning to you. now less than 24 hours from the beginning of the testimony, do you expect him to stay within what is already i in the report? >> i do. he already said that it is his
8:06 am
statement? they have said to stay within those parameters. there is no reason to think that he would go beyond that. he has been a man of his word. i think that the reference to theater gets it just right. democrats are going to be hoping basically just to get more. the worst aspects of the report, if not illegal, but immoral behavior. lies told by the president -- i think you are going to see a lot of focus going back to the trump tower meeting where donald trump jr. met with representatives from russia who had said that they have dirt on hillary clinton. a lot of criticism there. ... was appalling. so again, i think it is political theater. we got the information there. black-and-white. from nonstop. they are hoping to get some new
8:07 am
sound bites for cable news. >> sandra: the question is whether or not they will. the warning from the doj to not have robert mueller say anything beyond the scope of that report, but both sides clearly see this as a political opportunity. and we heard that they have been preparing for this. republicans, democrats, questions that they will ask. yes or no type questions. we are going to see some serious strategies deployed in these hearings tomorrow. >> one risk for the democrats i would say is that the more you make this case towards impeachment, there is this logic where they will have to vote on it eventually. congressman al green avenue texas show that any member can go rogue. nancy pelosi doesn't want that. she can't stop him from introducing the resolution, which is privileged. they can table it, they can refer to committee. i think pelosi wants to drag her feet on this as long as possible. say we are investigating.
8:08 am
pelosi can say now that voters should decide. i don't know. that case is made in public, there was obstruction, a very big debate. there is just sort of this internal logic that is going to push them towards another vote on impeachment. >> sandra: again, we are awaiting the president to see if he has any specific words on the upcoming hearing tomorrow when he takes that stage. meanwhile, what we do know is that walmart and rashida tlaib intend to go to israel. he took this on this morning in his peas entitled "thelma and louise go to israel." he can ban them from coming, but he does not plan to do so. he writes that the democratic party's thelma and louise, though they are taking their act to israel, and a great gift to you donald trump,
8:09 am
benjamin netanyahu is going to let them in. he makes the case that this will help highlight the divide within the democratic party if they were to actually travel day. >> i think that's right, given their histories -- i think it is quite likely that they will offer some inflammatory rhetoric. they are pushing for boycotts and sanctions, basically treating israel like a pariah, worse than iran or north korea, even. that is a very extreme position. it helps republicans. sending all my back, that they should go back to their countries where they came from, when they are of course american citizens. >> sandra: the squad is now in the driver's seat of the democratic debate. they are not letting go, no matter what it means, taking the whole car over a cliff. great to talk to you. >> thank you. >> bill: also knew this
8:10 am
morning, there is an investigation underway into the mysterious death of a student at the university of mississippi. she was said to be discovered by a sheriff's deputy about 20 miles from the ole miss campus. they say that they suspect foul play. we pick up the story from there. >> hi. they say that she had -- she was the type of person who would help anyone out. they can't understand why anyone would want to see her harmed. they discovered the victim's body near harmon town. the body was found by picnic table. and she had been shot eight times. back in her home in suburban st. louis, her father posted on facebook that we were visited by the police who communicated to us that our beautiful dear
8:11 am
alexandria was the victim of a homicide. a student at the university of mississippi, ally was studying marketing, leading fitness classes. the interim chancellor issued a statement, saying we are truly saddened by the death of alexandria. she was a valued member of our campus community. we extend our deepest sympathy. the investigation continues into who is responsible for ally's death. >> bill: thank you, jonathan. her case continues with the former fbi detective later this hour. we will bring this to you. the live picture from washington, d.c. >> sandra: we are watching the stage right there as we mentioned in washington, d.c., the president could speak at a summit there. we will see what exactly he speaks on. we will bring that to you as it happens. >> bill: 's dramatic rescue on camera, police saving this man
8:12 am
from a burning car. saved his life. >> set up. >> he -- i driver not only survive, but he basically walked away from it. it was crazy. >> bill: she is right about that. reaction coming up in a moment. >> sandra: heighten tension with iran. pushing propaganda, claiming that tehran busted a spy ring. could we be heading for armed conflict? >> let's see what happens. we are ready for the absolute worst, and we are ready for sense too. but we are very geared up. whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow.
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>> bill: a fiery car crash leading to a dramatic rescue. hitting a tree, left his lexus fully engulfed in flames. that did not stop a police officer, former mma fighter from going into save his life. >> i got out of my car, people started yelling, i grabbed a fire extinguisher, which didn't do much at first. i thought i could control the fire. it became pretty clear that i had to get inside of the car. i got him from there. then i got his arm, able to find him. >> bill: the driver is able to walk away.
8:17 am
no serious injury after this. he is okay because of that officer. from california. well done. >> i think iran doesn't know where they are. i have been watching and reading a lot of reports, and right now, they are a very mixed up country. they don't know whether they are coming or going. they have tremendous problems economically. their country is in turmoil. they are having demonstrations all over iran. their inflation rate is at 75%. they have a lot of problems. >> sandra: that is president trump lasting iran, saying that they are lying. let's bring in harry kazianis, good morning to you. give us your take on the situation with iran at this moment, considering all of the developments. >> the president is spot on here. the iranians are on the ropes.
8:18 am
they are basically in a depression right now at this point, and i think the president has done the hard thing. what he could have done, just let this be for nuclear deal go forward, but we all know in 10-12 years, the deal would have ended. and probably they would not have wanted to renegotiate the deal, so he did the most difficult thing he could. he put the pressure on the iranians, and now they are just trying to do anything to try to resolve this, but making up lies about cia officers is not a good idea. >> sandra: john hannah, he had this to say on iran strategy. >> they were hoping that the europeans were going to be intimidated here and back down, and instead, we have got a larger western naval presence off of the iranian coast. they are pulling out all the stops, trying to you in any way that they can, trying to escape
8:19 am
these crushing international sanctions that the united states has imposed upon them, and nothing is working. >> sandra: what you hear time and time again is that they will not negotiate or open talks. it has been crippling their economy. >> i think that's silly. i think the iranians -- they realize that. i think the deal that would make sense is that the iranians would never say that they would get a nuclear program or any type of weapon, but they have to forgo any ballistic missile technology because even if they are not building nuclear weapons right now, if they are building missiles that can carry them in the future, that is an existential threat. so that is a two-part deal that could be done. that question as well they come to the table? >> sandra: now to the situation in north korea, published on,
8:20 am
north korea tensions could return them to the brink of nuclear war. you write in this piece that the north korea leader seems to believe that president trump broke a promise. it could return the u.s. and the north to the brink of a catastrophic nuclear war. it could all be due to us simple misunderstanding. please explain. >> there were reports that the north koreans were upset that somehow president trump made a promise to kim jong un about a month ago now that he wouldn't conduct any joint military exercises with south korea. i am here to tell you that i have asked multiple senior officials. nobody can corroborate that story. now, did president trump make a promise after the first summit in singapore that they would not do that at that time? yes. he called them war games, he called them expensive. that is all public record.
8:21 am
but they aren't going to just sit idle. they have to train. he debuted a brand-new missile to the entire world, so i think trying to put these sort of things on president trump, it's a big mistake. >> sandra: you said that the talks remain so fragile. no matter how seemingly inconsequential, it matters. we will keep watching all of it. harry, thank you. >> bill: here is a live image now. he is in the room, set to address the action summit. we are going to monitor that for some news and a moment. plus, there is this. roll it. >> the people of puerto rico, like me, no one has given them what i have given them. the leadership is corrupt. >> sandra: the latest on political unrest in puerto rico, as the governor says he is staying put, despite massive
8:22 am
protests asking him to leave. >> bill: if you haven't seen this yet, it has gone viral. new york city police officers being harassed by people in new york. what the union is saying about that. a ton of reaction to this. come on back in a moment. ♪all strength, no sweat... ♪no no no sweat... front slams on his the hbrakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them!
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8:26 am
your office? >> that's right, but i was elected by the people of puerto rico. >> those people are on the streets, saying we want you out. >> i am in a position to apologize to everybody, to make the effort for reconciliation, and now, disconnected from the political whims, my focus is to make sure that the policy that we have enacted moves forward. >> sandra: puerto rico's government democrat governor says that he will not seek reelection, but he also will no. >> it wouldn't happen if we didn't have a retrogressive completely lazy mayor in new york city, who is absolutely destroying the quality of life in the city. he is a disgrace, and actually even democrats don't support him and are embarrassed of him. to let that happen to new york city -- that poor police officer -- his morale has been destroyed. >> bill: the former
8:27 am
new york city mayor, rudy giuliani, reacting to this video that shows new york city's finest drenched with buckets of water while they are on duty. two videos of the spirit or angle has the recap. what happened there? >> there are two separate cases here. both appear to be recent and have received equal condemnations as officers are being doused in front of cheering bystanders. check out this video taken from someone in harlem as to nypd officers making an arrest getting pelted with water, hit with our red bucket aimed at one of their heads. this is in the middle of them handcuffing someone, as the crowds jump and holler with gl glee. they are calmly walking away from people throwing buckets of water at them as bystanders can be heard laughing, even cackling at points. reaction is coming in from law enforcement. the chief of patrol tweeting this.
8:28 am
"having objects hurled at them as they make their way through harlem is reprehensible. cops and communities have made remarkable progress together, but every new yorker must show respect for our cops. they deserve nothing less." while bill de blasio have called the incident completely unacceptable, some law enforcement has lashed out for what they call the lack of respect being shown to shown to nypd officers. >> you look at this progressive mayor that has tied their hands. he has taken away many of the tools that they could use. you create are reactive or less than reactive police department. you need a proactive police department. >> they say the people who committed these acts are currently on identified, and an active investigation is underway. we will have more. >> bill: laura, thank you.
8:29 am
>> sandra: the trump administration plans to step up deportation of undocumented migrants. while mexico was doing on the other side of the border to curve migration. >> bill: at this hour tomorrow, bob mueller will come to you nearing the first -- the first half of the hearing on the hill. back back-to-back house hearings. karl rove has a very interesting take on this. the key questions he says must be ousted tomorrow. he is up live to tell that story next. >> a lot of great things are happening, but the democrats, they don't want to talk about that. what they are doing is just hearing after hearing. it is nonsense. the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. prpharmacist recommendedne memory support brand.
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because i know there are so many address myof you veterans, who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. >> sandra: fox news alert, the president now taking the stage in washington. he will be speaking to a group of young conservatives this morning, and this all of course with the backdrop of the mueller
8:33 am
hearings. we will hear from robert mueller himself. he will be questioned before two house committees, expected to talk to this crowd on conservative issues. taking the stage in washington. we are going to listen in together. [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]
8:34 am
♪ [cheers and applause] >> sandra: president trump soaking at all in here in front of that group in washington. he is expecting to speak to a young group of conservatives. >> bill: we have been watching the monitor. they are fired up. here we go. they are vocal as well. in the nation's capital, washington, d.c. the video we saw. it looked like it lasted about
8:35 am
15 minutes. it was clearly, based on what we could observe, a campaign video that all of america is going to be seeing over the next 15 months or so. here we go. the summit is now underway. >> president trump: i'm excited to be here today with thousands of proud young american patriots. your great people. [cheers and applause] you are the future. on behalf of my entire administration, thank you to everyone at turning point usa is teen student action summit. what a group. what a group. they don't realize there is more of you than there is of them. they just haven't figured that out yet. they will understand. they'll figure it out. they are still trying to figure out what the hell happened. how did this happen?
8:36 am
you've come to our nation's capital from cities and towns across america. you've given up a big part of your summer, which many young people are not willing to do, and we understand that too, but what you're doing is fun, and it's important. so important. you've paved your own way to get here, and in some cases, it wasn't easy, and you've done it for all of us. you've done it for one simple reason. you are loyal to our nation. you are devoted to your fellow citizens. and you will always put america first. [cheers and applause] i want to thank my great friend, and he's a young friend. he's a pretty young guy. charlie. how old are you? he's a young one. he gave me a number. i won't say, but he's younger
8:37 am
than he even locks. he is an incredible guy. his spirit and his love of this country. he's done something that is just incredible for somebody really of his age. tremendous talent to do what he's done, building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. i want to thank you, charlie. really incredible today. the young leaders here today are part of a movement unlike anything in the history of our nation. there's never been anything like this. the fake news doesn't even talk about it. when i say it, they don't correct me. they don't say oh, pinocchio. they can't because it's true. it's true. they can find fault with anything, but they never talk about that. there have been some pretty good movements where they won new hampshire. a state someplace.
8:38 am
but they didn't win the whole ball game. you can see it. we could feel it. it's a movement about reclaiming your future, rebuilding your country, renewing the values that are the true source of american greatness. we lost those values. we are getting them back rapidly. just backstage, a gentleman, very rich gentleman in this case came up, sitting in one of these rows, i assume. yeah. there he is. he said sir, thank you for saving our country. i said thank you very much. [cheers and applause] and you know, i said thank you very much. i looked at charlie. i said do you have any idea how many people say that? i gave the commencement address at the air force academy recently. they said would you like to shake the hands of all the
8:39 am
cadets? i said how many other? they said 1,100. i said yeah, that sounds okay. [cheers and applause] do other presidents do it? yes, they do. do all of them? what they didn't say is they start, then they peter out. that son was beaming down, and if somebody -- some of the women, they had some women in the class, their hands were very strong, okay. they were all shaking. they were a little nervous. but you know, we are shaking 1,100 hands. saluting, shaking, turning, spinning. all different directions. i felt like a great fighter pilot. >> bill: this is -- we want to bring this to you because we are watching for any comment on
8:40 am
mueller. we are going to squeeze and karl rove. fox news contributor with me now. good morning to you. you had two critical questions last night on "hannity." tonight, you have one. you believe that this is a contrarian force that works in favor of this president. explain your case. >> i do come out it from a slightly different viewpoint. before the mueller report, two things happen. the president's approval and disapproval rating stabilized and began to rise. now they are sort of in the mid 40s. the percentage of people who said that they are opposed to impeachment grew after the mueller report was released. dramatically among independents. the swing voters who will decide next year's election, so the democrats are putting a great deal of emphasis on the mueller testimony. i think republicans should not treat him as an adversary. >> bill: the president is
8:41 am
talking about this right now. i apologize for the interruption there. >> president trump: this is before she got into congress. who elected her? she screaming like a total lunatic out one of her rallies. and she starts screaming. this is not a sane person, folks, when you look at this. this is what we are up against. the democrats i guess are forced to embrace her. i call it aoc plus three. okay. [cheers and applause] not that aoc is a bargain because she's not. she is bargain. we will go into it. i will tell you all about aoc. i've got more on aoc. [cheers and applause] aoc. but you know, what's going on with the party, having to embrace them, and your other
8:42 am
friend from an incredible state, a state that i'm going to win. minnesota. and you know i am going to win the state? because of her. i almost won at last time. minnesota is a very -- we almost won at. i wanted to go there one more time. i said i'm telling you, i'm going to win minnesota. you know who thought i was going to win michigan and wisconsin and north carolina? bill clinton. he was telling everybody you better be careful. he told people. he said that once you don't want to run against, trumpet. why? oh, no. that's good. no, no. you know i actually knew him very well. we got along very well until i decided to run for office. they don't want to listen to him. he was the only one with the instinct. so he came back and said you know, he's doing very well in
8:43 am
michigan. they said no, don't worry about michigan. we haven't lost michigan in decades. he came back and said you know, he was in wisconsin for something, but he said he hears that i'm doing well and wisconsin. they said forget it. a republican can win wisconsin. and we won wisconsin. then he came back. he came back. and i say this with a certain all-time affection. i had a very good relationship with him before doing this. but he said you don't want to run against trump. they said no, no, we like him. remember president obama? he will not win. you will not win. yeah. did obama get up pinocchio? that's right. he said he will not win. the anger was unbelievable. you know, he was a liar.
8:44 am
did you give up on me at a pinocchio, "washington post"? he said he will not run. these papers are so bad. so yesterday, we had a story in one of the papers that i thought was good, but really not. the wall. we are building the wall. [cheers and applause] let me just tell you this. there are areas where they have walls that are falling down, walls that are in such bad shape, we are hoping to renovate. we have a provision. we can rid of it, but we can build new. we -- generous when you have a wall that is falling down. this one was there in the first place. typically, so these walls are old, crumbling. they are of no use. they are falling down. so we rip it up, build a brand-new foundations, brand-new
8:45 am
beautiful fittings, take a wall that is to were 3 feet high, some of it only to stop cars from coming across. so we rip it out, it will take about a minute. we put in deep foundation. we put in 30 footballers, you loaded up with concrete. actually, inside this thing, we have both. steel and concrete. we are saving that for later. he is building a steel wall. not concord. sorry about that, folks. you do have to have vision. it is much better for the security of the division. so we are building the wall, donald trump has built almost no wall. what a lie that is. we are building 50 miles here.
8:46 am
50 miles there. all in the right location. we had to take it down. in some cases, if they are good enough, we are renovating, but generally, some of these walls are worthless. literally, you just drive right over them. they are laying down. they gave me no credit. they say well, he has renovated. well, that is a brand-new wall. it just shows you how dishonest news is. this is what we have to deal with. but i get used to it. many of you are going to be in politics. get used to it. get used to it. together -- is this true? we believe in the american constitution, and we believe judges should interpret our constitution -- you will be seeing this. [cheers and applause] we believe in religious liberty, the right to free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms.
8:47 am
[cheers and applause] second amendment. what a group. [crowd chanting: usa] look. they are in the process of trying to take your arms away. you have the second amendment. [boos] they will do damage to the second amendment, the likes of which -- that's where they are coming from. just remember i said it. hopefully they never get the chance. that's why the election coming up -- i always say this is the most important election. the most important election we have ever had. certainly the coolest. that's for sure. but it was -- i believe the most important election because our country was going wrong.
8:48 am
it was going wrong. when you see all the incredible numbers coming up and all the success that we are having, that we are respected all over the world, we have a really good man, he is going to be the prime minister of the u.k. now. good man. he is tough. he is smart. they are saying britain trump. they say that's a good thing. they like me over there. that's what they need. he will get it done. yours is good. i think nigel is someplace in this audience. where is nigel? here someplace. i saw him. i said what is he doing here? he is older than most of you. nigel. nigel. i tell you what, he got 32% of the vote from nowhere. over in the u.k. nigel, thank you, nigel.
8:49 am
i said what's nigel doing here? he's a little older than you folks, but he did a great job, and i know he's going to work well on some tremendous things. we believe in the american dre dream, and not a socialist nightmare that these people are trying to put on our shoulders. we know that strong nations must have strong borders. we are building a strong border against so much. you have no idea. every time i announce -- a section of wall, congressman. i get sued by nancy pelosi. we won that suit. can you believe it? we won a couple of them. we had one judge. the ninth circuit. you know what that means, right? it is sort of like an automatic
8:50 am
victory. we did win one last weekend. nobody can even believe it. you know what's happening, right? so as of today, this is so important, war and peace and security, that is the most important, but they say the most important things a president can do is the selection of supreme court justices. [cheers and applause] neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. we have to go. already, we have to go. some go a long time, and they don't get any. so we have two already. they are great, and they are good. what people don't talk about, i just signed the 124th rural district judge, federal judges under me. within a couple of months, i will be up to 147. think about that. 147 because normally when you become president, you go in and
8:51 am
you say do i have any judges to a point? no. because it is such an important thing. these district judges, they are the ones doing trials. this is big stuff. then you have court of appeals judges. supreme court judges. we have two in the supreme court. many that we have appointed. the courts are a whole different thing, but i will be up to 147, not including the two supreme court justices. now, percentage wise, i blow everybody away except one person. one person i will never be. you know who the one person is? who? >> george washington. >> president trump: george washington. he's got 100%. george washington. but we are going to have a tremendous percentage, and after six more years, it will go to a level that nobody --
8:52 am
george washington is hard to beat because he put in 100%. he was the first. but i have many more than george washington. remember that. he didn't put into many, but he had certainly the highest percentage. that is a record that will never be broken. we believe that every young american should love our country, honor our history, and always respect our great american flag. [cheers and applause] how about the betsy ross -- was on that terrible? they try to take your heritage away from you like that. as in that? [boos] is on that terrible? then you see the picture of president obama with the same flag up. why didn't he take it down? it's really very unfair what they do. they try to demean and be a little, and they are very good at it. they are better than that then they are at politics or policy.
8:53 am
look at their policy if you'd open crime, drugs, human trafficking, which is a phenomenon that you would think is thousands of years old, and that would have been their prime. now, it is now because of the internet. women, mostly women are being traffic, and they go not only in this country, all over the world. it's never been like this before. they snatch women, and they traffic women, and they sell women, and we can get the democrats to even give us a modicum of the money that we need at the border, especially for the wall. i'm taking money from here and there and there, let's take it from here. we have all these different sources coming from all over the place because they won't approve it. five years ago, they all want today. five years ago, six years ago, they all voted for it. they never got a bill, but they all voted for it. today, they make it so tough. i'm doing everything i can, but
8:54 am
this should just be nice fat fat somewhere i can get the best four or five contractors, not worry about it. and if the lawsuit happens, i have to undo it. you have a contractor, he's going to build 67 miles of wall. we are being sued. we are taking it from a certain area. so we are being sued. we have to wait for the suit. how would you like to be building like this? it's not good. but we are getting it done anyway. it is not working without the wall. you've got to have the wall. when they bum-rush you -- they did that last week. they rushed in. tremendously large number of people. by the way, you know why they are coming out? we have created the strongest economy in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] they are not coming up for
8:55 am
safety. you ever see these people? they fly their flags, they come up from guatemala, who by the way, went back on their word to us. we had an agreement, and then today or yesterday, they announced they can't do it because they had a supreme court ruling. in other words, they didn't want to sign it. so they were supposed to sign it, a good thing for us. that's all i have to tell you. they went back. so we are going to do the tariffs. or people don't realize we won the band. one of the journals, we will call it -- >> bill: there are a number of topics he has gone through here. it seems to be a new characterization for the four freshman congresswomen in the house. i just want to squeeze karl rove in here to put a bow on this. eli don't want today about it.
8:56 am
it has always been a part of him, the inherent racism. he has turning volley on that. do you believe they are doing this all on their own? actually helping the prez and the more often they talk. go ahead. >> we hear these weird ideas. abolish the department of homeland security, customs enforcement. we hear the over-the-top rhetoric. this new tape that has surfaced now congresswomen rashida tlaib, before she was elected, literally standing up at a meeting of the detroit economic club in president trump, screaming at them at the top of her lungs. they are being semihijacked by a group of four left-wing freshmen members of congress who are drowning out -- all they are doing to pass major issues.
8:57 am
the voice calling for the president's impeachment. left-wing socialist mind-set, the call for impeachment are not advancing the democratic party. >> bill: kellyanne conway was with us. they love the attention. i imagine that they will. >> oh, yeah. they have a good foil here. think about it. he is sitting there saying i want to protect our borders. i want to abolish the department of homeland security. people want to get on an airplane with a box cutter, we shouldn't have people at the border. we have to get rid of all those things that we built after 9/11 to protect and make america safe in the new environment that we find ourselves in. what better foil than this group of four? >> bill: w we will see how
8:58 am
nancy pelosi wrangles that are not. quickly, tomorrow night, you will be hearing from bob mueller. you have one critical question. i want to squeeze it in. >> i have to go. they will bring up the issue of conspiracy and collusion. they have to be reminded that the mueller report said that they did not find anybody associated or coordinated with the russian government. then they will spend a lot of time, the democrats are, on the issue of collusion. or obstruction. whenever they bring up one of these instances, the republicans just need to ask mueller do you still stand by the statement in your report that this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime? do you still stand by that funding, dr. mueller? they can help continue the progress that he has enjoyed as a result, which is it is
8:59 am
favorable, driven up the percentage of people who say that they oppose impeachment. >> bill: karl, thank you. i just wanted to finish our conversation there. thank you, sir. we will give it a go. as for now, the speech continues in washington, d.c. sandra. >> sandra: it does indeed. keep america grade. then leaving. speaking to a group of young conservatives. he says maybe he will watch a little bit of it. we will see. >> bill: we believe here is the format for tomorrow. brett and martha come on out about 8:15 in the morning. said to run about three hours. 30 minute break. it will begin around noon eastern and that will last about two hours. we will see what we get when it's all done.
9:00 am
tomorrow is the hill. >> sandra: tomorrow is the day. tune in for coverage starting live at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. thank you for joining us right here. it'll be a big day tomorrow. we will see you then. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, president trump speaking moments ago as the feud between them and the so-called "quad" flares up again. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, my partner harris faulkner. fox news contributor emily compagno. syndicated radio host and fox news contributor, leslie marshall. joining us on the couch, david avella. gopac chairman and veteran republican strategist. we have a lot of questions for you today, as he is out there at what felt like a campaign rally. we are going to dig right into that and get your reaction. >> david: excited to do it. >> melissa: let's do it. moments ago president trump speaking at the turning point usa teen student action summit in washington, d.c. the president going direct the at the so-called "squad."


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