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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 24, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the service of those values which will not change despite fashion or trend. have a great evening. we have a surprise for you here tonight. continuing coverage live at 9:00, four seconds from now, the great sean hannity. the clock is off, but who's counting. >> sean: good to see you. welcome to hannity. with this fox news alert. the witch hunt is gone. it is buried. the real russia investigation is only beginning. now, today's hearing kept up but will now go in history as one of the single biggest, most epic embarrassments in history, in american history. what happened today should shock the conscience of every american. the liars in the democratic party, their cheerleaders and the media mob, they have been exposed yet again. and you can never trust these
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people, ever. for two plus long years, two and a half years, though they were, now robert mueller, the golden goose. according to them, he was going to swoop in and prove their insane russian lies, conspiracy theories once and for all. and that donald trump is going to be a washed up and impeached and run out of town. well, as a matter of fact, i'm watching the media today, and they were just about more depressed nine they were at election night 2016. all week, they were hyping up muller's testimony. two of the biggest liars in the united states congress. there they were, nadler. unindicted coconspirator, responsible for crimes and misdemeanors. that never happened, and per usual, the two biggest liars in congress were caught lying again.
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robert mueller's testimony, well, the only way to put it, it was an unmitigated disaster. it was ugly. here is just a small sample of what went down. we have a busy show, a small sample. >> mr. mueller, who wrote the comments you read at your may 29th press conference? >> mueller: i'm not going to get into that. >> okay, so that's what i thought. you didn't write it. >> can you give me an example other than donald trump where an investigated person was not exonerated? >> mueller: i cannot, because this is unique. >> time and short. i've got 5 minutes. let's just leave it at you can't find it, because i'll tell you why. it doesn't exist. >> no one's ever heard of, no one's ever seen, no one's ever going to hear of them. no one's ever going to see them. you can charge them. you can charge all kinds of people who are around the president with false statements, but the guy who launches
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everything, the guy who puts this whole story in motion, you can't charge him. i think that's amazing. >> mueller: i'm not certain that i agree with your characterizations. >> only one thing is possible. either still made this whole thing up and there were never any russians, or russians like to steal. russians were lying to them to undermine our confidence. that would seem to be precisely your purview. you stated that the . you weren't interested whether or not the russians were interfering. if he was lying, you should have charged him with line. but you see nothing about this in your report. >> sean: great point. good point. the liars in the media mob, the
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conspiracies conspiracy theorists. they use mueller as their big pond in what was a disgusting political game. they came up empty, but dangerously close to literally creating what was probably unfixable. raises questions about the handling of the investigation. obama's former chief strategist says that this is very painful. the conspiracy theorists over there, they even called the hearing boring, confused, then admitted, even chucky admitted it was a disaster. also called the hearing a disaster. the witch hunt is dead. the media mob is in morning. this is probably the most depressed since they've been since election night 2016 when they got those exit polls.
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oh, my gosh. donald trump tenet when a single state. they couldn't believe it. and then the night unfolded and reality caught up. kind of like today. take a look. >> there were times in the hearing when he was sharp as a tank. but we can't avoid the fact that there were times in the hearing that he was not. >> today, he was a witness. he frankly wasn't a really good witness. they needed to bring the reports to life. >> there you go. >> well, it didn't come to life. it's still slumbering. in fact, it is in deep sleep. >> he was the fbi director peered this is not the robert mueller i knew. >> he is not a made-for-tv guy. >> if you are looking for a made-for-tv type of character, mueller was not it. >> you do not have that viral may
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movie trailer moment. >> allowed democrats in particular used the d word. branded this a disaster. you look who's winning now. it certainly seems like donald trump is winning. >> they are sad. they are morning, because donald put a stake through their impeachment dreams. now it's political suicide, because it's finished. it's over. the mob is in morning. he was rightfully optimistic. think about this. this president has lived with us almost since the time he came down the escalator with his wife milani. it has gotten worse and worse every second, minute, hour of every day. in spite of that, look at the success. look at the trade deals. look at the deregulation. a record low unemployment. the best employment situation since 1969. isn't that great for the
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american people? record low unemployment for african-americans, hispanic-americans, women in the workplace. youth unemployment. you have probably never heard the statistics, in spite of this hanging over his head, the daily, and pressure. >> president trump: i think everybody understands what's going on. this ridiculous hoax. this witch hunt that's been going on for a long time. this was a very big day for our country. this was a very big day for the republican party. and you could say it was a great day for me, but i don't even like to say that. it's great. the democrats had nothing, and now they have less than nothing. and i think they are going to lose the 2020 election very big,
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including because of the path that they chose. >> sean: now, for years on this program, and i want to say a very big thank you to the team that we have. i can't mention everybody. i won't even begin to. but you know the people that we have had on. and we have been in the forefront of peeling one layer of the onion after another after another after another. it has been arduous. it has been shoe leather reporting, the way it should be done. we were in the minority as others purge stomach perpetrated the line, the conspiracy theorie told you from the beginning that the president was burdened with an unjust, biased witch hunt. we told you that today's hearing wasn't nothing more than a political stunt, a hail mary, last ditch effort to keep the narrative alive. we told you that the testimony would likely fall on the democrats. we were right all along.
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of course, we have john door, the inspector general. we have the attorney general of the united states saying fall on that he will get to the bottom of all of this. a rigged investigation, a dirty dossier. a real russia influence story, which by the way, it seems, and before even acknowledged today that, well, looks like the russians were trying to hurt president trump the entire time. even "the new york times," recognizing that that russian dossier was likely disinformation from the get-go. only took him two and a half years to catch up. that's sad. this country came painfully close. this great democratic republic, the greatest country god gave man. we came dangerously close to allowing a few people, reckless, lawless people to spread lies, conspiracies, and a hoax, and successfully, trying to undo the
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will of the american people. first trying to prevent their favorite candidate from being indicted. there were successful. they try to prevent donald trump from ever winning. and then, when he won. it is now officially over. i keep saying that his hitchhikers guide to everything ought to be a mandatory reading. chad is with us. chat, big day today. stick a big day, sean. wasn't the end, but the beginning. in fact, one democrat even suggested. that's due to start on friday. the house speaker, nancy pelosi promises additional lawsuits and hearings. to what everyone wants to know , did today's hearing move the meter on impeachment?
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i tried to get clarity from the speaker of the house. listen. >> that information. >> that will be a telltale sign. >> this isn't endless peered >> i also spoke with democratic texas. green said he thought that public sentiment would change if they started and impeachment. that's like saying you have to pass the health care bill first. >> sean: all right, chad. great reporting as always. thank you for your report. one of the most confusing moments again. this is now the sixth time this has happened. it happened earlier today at the hearing. remember, robert mueller, he agreed with bill barr, that
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legal guidance about charging the city, in other words, whether or not department of justice policies prevented him from considering literally charging a president of the united states. a sitting president. he said no from the beginning. by the way, from the office, a legal counsel, it was not taken into account when making his initial decision. instead, he cited insufficient evidence. probably is more understandable today, he contradicted himself. he said the exact opposite. a few hours later, i think the attorney general, bar graciously threw him a lifeline. they corrected what barr said in the press conference. mueller contradicted the opinion again, another flip-flop. is he confused? are you confused? you are not alone.
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and then, moments after he made the mistake, he went to the cowardly shifts committee and corrected the mistake again. pretty much a disaster. watch. speak i'd like to ask you the reason again but you did not indict donald trump. mueller that is correct. i'd like to add one correction to my testimony this morning. i like to go back to one thing that was said this morning by mr. lou. i said, i quote "you didn't charge the president because of the opinion. that is not the correct way to say. as we say in the report, and as i said, we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. >> sean: is understandable. but the key detail. full disclosure.
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sadly, he has a much lower ranking client on his list of clients. that is me. along with attorney for the president, rudy giuliani, who also, i would hire in a heartbeat. it's amazing. i want to publicly apply both of you. i'm very serious here. you've got to complement each other. why would you? i do pay on time. here's the thing. mr. mayor, i remember your press conference. we go back many, many years. we've been friends for many, many years. you have no problem throwing down with anybody. jay, a little bit more behind the scenes, but together, you complement each other. >> a great, great lawyer. >> the both of you are. >> he's the guy.
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john would tell you this. he's the guy that was in this from day one. >> going to come up again one or two times, but we are going to have to push it down. the body was buried today. >> sean: it's funny, you were donald trump before. >> please, don't give me in trouble. nobody is donald trump. >> sean: well, that's true. there is a very serious aspect to all of this. our republic came dangerously close to a few powerful people using power and attempting to influence an election. politicians that ignored the real russian influence, and they went after this president with lies and conspiracies. they came dangerously close. that was certainly an attempted
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coup. >> you could probably say that. i would've probably resisted that a year and a half ago. i didn't realize how bad it was. mueller's performance today is really an indication of, there is no case. there never was a case. peter said it best. two years ago, there's nothing there. how come we have an investigation if there is there there. unless there were people, for criminal reasons trying to oust him from office or prevent him from being president. what muller said today, it was beyond his purview to investigate the people were trying to prevent people who were trying to take him out of office. i thought he was appointed to investigate the 2016 election. he said beyond his purview of 16 times. i counted them. the only thing in his purview was framing president trump.
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not hillary, who paid 1.1 million to russians and ukrainians. they are not foreigners? that's not a crime? >> you know what mueller's problem was? defending the. first of all, the exoneration mongers. prosecutors don't exonerate. you are found guilty or not guilty. if we thought we could exonerate him, we would do so. he never had the authority in the first place. i think that's where he got in trouble. it was interesting to me that mueller says we can't exonerate the president. this was absurd. and then, the theory of obstruction. but i think the most telling thing today was one former
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special counsel had to go before the committee after answering the question incorrectly. they didn't know the question was comping. and had to go and corrected. said we never made a determination. never made that determination. and if you read his letter in his report, he said it presented difficult questions of law and fact. you know what happens when you have difficult questions of law and fact? you don't bring the case. and guess what, they did not. >> sean: this whole legal concept of exoneration is ridiculous. >> there's no liability. that's what it is. >> sean: you are right. you don't indict and you don't say anything either. how is it possible that he didn't know who fusion gps was? how is it.
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go ahead. >> absolutely pathetic. he didn't know who fusion gps was because he never investigated the alternative theories of culpability, which a prosecutor is ethically bound to do. he's an ethical prosecutor. bob is an ethical prosecutor. but the guy wasn't in charge. it is too to say this. we went to one meeting today with bob mueller. he didn't know he could in its indict the president until two days. he was not in charge. it was painfully obvious. it was committees. they fought with each other. they all hated the president. they all loved hillary clinton. when he says he didn't know who he was hiring, he doesn't look at resumes. he doesn't do fbi background checks. he doesn't realize that he hired the council to the crooked clinton foundation. >> sean: stop right there. mr. mayor, he did not know that
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he had been the lawyer for clinton. he did not know what fusion gps was. he didn't want to know what happened on both sides of the trump tower meeting. the russian lady actually met with fusion gps twice. he didn't want to know about the dossier. >> it's incomprehensible, like the report. here's what you had. here's what became clear today. the mueller report was not offered by bob mueller. it was run by the deputies. the fact of the matter is, this is what rudy and i know, and our colleagues know this. they did not abide. the summer of last year. this nonsense they knew from the beginning. that's why he had to correct it, because it wasn't true. while there was intentional or
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unintentional, that's irrelevant. you cannot defend the indefensible. >> sean: we now found out last week that all the hiring was done by andrew weissmann. withholding evidence. we can read the great book. >> we kind of memorized it. >> sean: we kind of did. tens of thousands of americans lost their jobs. he became in charge of everything. here's my point. he's the biggest, most corrupt prosecutor you can have, with the most abusively biased one side democratic team. he still has no goods. he convinced mueller not to look at the dossier are. >> he was involved in this back in 2016 as solomon has now uncovered. he has a real invested interest in this. way beyond what's healthy for a
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prosecutor. now, mueller has some sort of a weird attachment to him, which i can't quite figure out. mueller has never been unethical prosecutor. we are going to add to the chapters. offering a ukrainian oligarch freedom. the ukrainian oligarch has more honor than you do. but five other people. this guy was pretty close. that is a serious, serious crime. that has got to be fully investigated. if he did it, he's got to be prosecutor. >> sean: this prosecutorial tactic, this has got to stop. is there anything of greater value than your freedom?
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>> you can offer a get out of jail card if somebody tells you their very comic version and it works. they can sing, but you can't compose. >> here's the part of this. sean, this is the story. the democrats lost. the president of the country one, and the case is closed. there is nothing left. >> sean: i have a follow-up to that. how important is it, though. it was paste paid for. it was used as the basis of an application, and we now know that it was unverifiable. guys signed it. >> the new volume starts now. it's much more serious than the phony allegation. i guarantee you, sean, there were real crimes.
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they could be really big. i'm not sure how high they go, but they go pretty darn high. it better be investigated so that it doesn't happen again. >> sean: i want to say to both of you, and this is important to know. this was a very hard job that both of you have. you had the entire media industrial complex spreading lies and conspiracies. you have to democrats spreading and conspiracies. you had more miss information that i think i've ever seen in my life. this is an important moment for this great republic. had this gone the other way, this would have destroyed the greatest country god gave man. it is that serious. it is that deep, the corruption, the abuse of power. >> it's our honor to this. >> thank you. that was not the only glaring inconsistency from the hearing. in fact, there were many
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puzzling moments. many are now wondering what role, if any, mueller played in the special counsel investigation. here is the ranking member of the house judiciary committee. i really wasn't worried about you and jim jordan. i felt confident and you guys. what about some of the other republicans? i was impressed with everybody, and i think you all did a great job, you in particular, sir. >> thank you, sir. we knew it was. it was an important moment for our country. we believe in our country. we believe in freedom, and we believe in what we did today. that is pointing out the truth and inconsistency. that's what people needed to see. >> sean: tell us your big take away from today. i have two single you out for special praise, because we were able to see and learn so much about this case that we hadn't previously known, because you single-handedly released the
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closed door testimony. we got to see jim jordan's work and devin nunes' work and ratcliff's work. boy, you guys behind the scenes when nobody was looking and no credit was given, while back you laid the foundation for all of this happening today i've read those closed-door testimony hearings. they were blockbuster. >> they were great. i think the take away today is pretty simple. we showed that collusion and conspiracy were the same thing. there is no democrat that can go out and say that. we can't do that anymore. mueller put that to a complete rest today. the second thing is, when the democrats at all their tricks and said there was obstruction. he refused to talk about things
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actually in his report like the dossier or, like the interview of other people, while we know that he wouldn't talk about it, we do know that that is why this next level is so important. we know that this is put to rest her. no obstruction. definitely no conclude gnomic obstruction, no collusion. >> sean: now, as we said, the curtain is down. it's dead and buried. we better get this right, because there really was russian interference, except it was paid for. we had people within the highest ranks of our government abuse their power in an attempt to rake a presidential election and take down a newly elected president. congressman collins, we will not stop until they are held accountable. thank you sir. all of you who watch this program, you familiar with using
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gps. hillary clinton funneled money through a law firm. they were trying to make it out to be a legal expense. it wasn't. fusion gps then hired a foreign national to impact our elections. he's a former spy. you know his name, christopher steele. he couldn't confirm his own dossier, the one that was used it to get him to spy on the trump campaign. yes, the trump presidency. hired christopher steele. hillary paid for it. the dnc paid for it. the fbi helped pay for it, and in oligarch helped pay for it. if you can get people to pay for the same lies, using gps is at
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the very center at the real investigation and defies abuse, which appears to be fraud committed by judges. i'd love to hear from them. with the purpose of spine on the president. we'll bring us to the origins of mueller's witch hunt. very well be a key part of russia's campaign to interfere with our elections. in other words, even "the new york times" now recognizes that it was russian dirt from the get-go, designed to impact the election. the whole dossier that hillary played for was russian disinformation, likely from the beginning, "the new york times" said. this is amazing. robert mueller didn't seem to know what fusion gps is. he also didn't know that ronald reagan had made an appointment for him.
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he also didn't know that one of hillary's attorneys was on the team. she's done a phenomenal work herself. take a bow, catherine from the washington bureau tonight. you deserve props. there were not many people in every news division in america that did the digging and the hard work you did. you work so hard. everyone of my sources said, oh, i just spoke to catherine. oh, i talked to catherine yesterday. katherine harris has been asking the same questions. you did it on your own. learned that information from me. you were working your off. you should be proud of your hard work, because you were standing alone looking for truth. i applaud you for it. >> i have always believed that the facts have a power all their own, and they can speak for themselves. right out of the gate, robert mueller said that he would not address the origin.
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key details on the table. the fbi probe began with a tip from a foreign politician, not an official. the intelligence network that includes the u.s., new zealand, and the u.k. multiple trump team members, including former were prosecuted. the mysterious professor who planted the russia-clinton email story, apparently lied to the fbi with no consequences. >> he charged michael collins with false statements. he charged michael flynn, a three-star general with false statements, but the guy who put this country through this whole saga starts at all for three years we've lived with us now. he lies, and you guys don't charge him. i'm curious as to why.
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>> mueller: it's obvious that we can't get into charging decisions. >> former special counsel was not familiar with fusion gps, the firm behind the democrat funded dossier. that matters, because it was used to secure surveillance and multiple renewals. >> when you talk about the firm that produced the steele reporting, the name of the firm the produce that was fusion gps, is that correct? >> mueller: i'm not familiar with that. >> is not a trick question. it was fusion gps >> it standard for the russians or any former intelligence service to collect information about those campaigns. investigating the source of the dossier is like a counterintelligence 101 and a major gap in the mueller report. >> sean: great reporting,
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catherine. you should take about tonight. you were ahead of the curve when so many of your colleagues and news divisions failed. i want you just say something. think you are for being with us. i will get your impressions and where do we go from here, because there really was a whole lot to the story that i am shocked robert mueller apparently knew nothing about. >> well, if you go through and look at all the questions that the house intelligence committee was asked, of course there was no obstruction. jim jordan did a great job with that. but what we ask are very specific questions. all the things that you've been covering for years. i think we were a little taken back that it not only would mr. mueller would not answer.
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he seemed to not know at times. >> sean: i've got to tell you something. he's either not watching the show or he's not remembering it, because you are right. speaker not only that, he also. do not know or want to talk about it was really baffling to me. >> sean: you know, jim jordan, you'd be a very good talk show host, because you have an ability to list things that i envy. i watched you today, and you really hit an important nerve here. i want you to explain to people the significance of where you went. >> the guy who started it all lies three times for the fbi on february 10th, 2017. they don't go find him and get a second interview. anyone associated with the trump campaign who made a false statement gets charged.
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the guy who puts it all in motion lies and you don't do a thing. you've been talking about. all of it underscored why the investigation is so important. that goes to the heart of this when it all started in 2016. >> sean: i think you had a great line of questioning yourself today. decided to inform themselves and kept digging and digging and digging and doing hard work behind the scenes. you, mark, devon, and jim. we wouldn't be here today. we learned a lot and how you all were working when nobody was looking. >> thank you, sean. i
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robert mueller sucked the life out of the impeachment movement altogether. terrible distraction for the country. i think this really showed the bias and the double standard. when people who supported trump, they threw the book at him. when people at christopher steele who hated trump, was engaging, robert mueller was hear no evil, speak no evil. i don't understand why it's in robert mueller's purview -- he did not write this report, okay? the fusion. it's referenced in a footnote. it's very clear that robert didn't write it. >> sean: this is the question that's most often asked.
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you have made the show number one. i want to ask this question. they asked me all the time, and i'll ask you the same question. will the people that have been involved in this abuse of power, will they be held accountable? will hilary get away with this customer an attempt to undo a presidential election with lies and conspiracy theories? we'll start with devon. >> so remember, sean. there are some that are just like matt was saying. if you lie to congress, those are simple. most of easy ones. to get to the bottom and dig into this, like we've been doing for three years is much more complicated. it's more complicated to prove conspiracy. it's a higher standard. that will be up to the u.s. attorney in connecticut and the attorney general to see what it is if they can get to the bottom
6:38 pm
of and whether or not there were pfizer investigations that were done as a conspiracy. >> sean: we know the answer. we know what happened. jim, will be del mike they beheld the countable? >> was under investigation by the justice department. the hilary case. those of the five key people. that's where the investigation should focus. that's what they are looking into. it was a consequence of devon's questioning that exposed that this investigation did not begin when robert mueller said it began. there were corrupt origins.
6:39 pm
people associated with the obama administration who were stirring this up. that conspiracy that devon outlined goes back to. >> sean: i want everybody to know something here. i'm half kidding. these three men, you guys put your heads on the chopping block, and he once famously said, frankly, anyone of you, maybe even me, we could have had a raid, because that's how corrupt this guy is. thank you for what you did for your country tonight. this is important stuff. thank you. earlier today, senator lindsey graham issues this statement. now, it's time to find out how this debacle started.
6:40 pm
senator graham joins us on. are you confident muller had everything he needed to get the job done? everybody was successful. my question is, hilary gets away with a fixed investigation when she committed crimes? could they get away with it? the people who tried to influence a presidential election, could they get away with it? or are you going to make sure that doesn't happen? >> i'm more determined today after this hearing to get to the bottom of it. the question, did hilary get let off because of the people investigating her wanted her to win and trump to lose, was the reason that she wasn't prosecuted. it was because of political decision, political motivation. one thing i can tell you after
6:41 pm
today, the mueller report is a name only. we'll see, but it clearly wasn't the mueller. it's just a name. i had more to do with the mueller report then probably he did. do you know what bothers me a lot? people around mueller knew he was in a weakened state. this guy served in vietnam, got wounded, did a lot of great things for the country. he should not have been called. >> sean: senator, let me agree with you. when the attorney general agreed to the statement, attorney general, i set at the time, he did a favor to bob mueller. the attorney general was warning that this was going to be a spectacle. it seems like the only person that understood and tried to prevented was the one that was being accused of trying to breag it. you are right. his background was one of a
6:42 pm
hero. the people who used him, the politicians on that committee, and the people on that group that hired and did all this, and he knew nothing and ran the show without them, they are the ones that did this to his reputation. >> the hatred for trump knows no boundaries. the report speaks for itself. i was told by people close to bob mueller that he really shouldn't have to go through this. >> sean: i knew he wasn't capable of this. i am a stupid talk show host. i was told repeatedly that he is not up to the task. >> here's the point. i've been asked for three months, why don't you want to call mueller? nobody will ask me that tomorrow. a letter was sent to me by every democrat on the judiciary committee. here's what i want to say. donald trump is stronger tonight than any time in his presidency.
6:43 pm
the need to find out what happened was greater than it was before. it's clear that bob mueller was not in charge of his investigation. we need to find out how this started. >> sean: we need to senator senator graham, that changed the course of the cavanaugh hearing to take control of this. your country needs this. this is important. this republic came dangerously close to allowing lies and conspiracy theories. your country needs you. that's just the fact. >> there time is coming. the president is potomac has gone through hell for two and half years >> they've tried to ruin his family's life. it's their time. the only way you will ever stop
6:44 pm
this. >> sean: i believe you. thank you for what you are doing to get to the truth. joining us now is on "the new york times" list. number one best seller. freedom of the press. i had to talk this man into doing radio. this is a fact. i made him do it. he was reluctant and resistant. what i love about you is your brain more than anything else. you are a great constitutional scholar. i worried about a republic after i saw today. i've been worried for a while. >> as far as robert mueller goe goes, he was in no condition to testify, but on the other hand,
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he was on no hands to be on the special counsel. the victim here is not mueller. the victim is the president of the united states. i want people to keep something in mind. it was a prosecutor's brief. it was their best shot. there is no reply report by the president that was supported. there is no evidence. no cross examinations, no challenges of any type. so this is a really soviet style process we are going through. and i want to thank the democrats, because they will reveal themselves as the crowns that they truly are. if the democrats were truly interested in overwhelming russian involvement in our campaign, then why didn't you
6:46 pm
call barack obama? dominic and joe biden to testif testify? they are in charge of our government. they are the ones who allowed the russians to have overwhelming influence in our campaign, and they kept their mouth shut, because they thought hilary would win. where any of them? that's that. i want to talk about obstruction of justice. these liberal democrats who ran this operation are such incompetent. they cited three statutes that don't apply. moreover, what document did the president impose. what resources to the president
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withhold? not one. no conspiracy, no obstruction. let's talk a little bit more about obstruction. >> sean: we got about 45 seconds. >> it's too late then. let's talk about muller's purview. christopher steele. russia's role. the fisa applications, medicaid's coup attempt. fbi placing spies on the trump campaign. the obama administration's unmasking of citizens. all outside the purview. we never heard the end of it. >> i'm done brother. >> sean: there are only a couple of us who put our neck out from the beginning on this. you were one of them. thank you.
6:48 pm
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>> sean: a big announcement. we will have an exclusive interview. the president wrecks to all of what happened today and so much more. for more reaction to mueller's testimony. radical resistance revenge. also, another book that's going to be number one, greg's book "witch hunt." sara carter. a part of what i call an ensemble team to this show, i
6:53 pm
guess i get credit because of my name on the stupid show, but really, honestly, it was a team effort. all of you worked so hard. this was really an effort. i'm peeling the layers of the onion. speak of the layers of the onion, yep. >> sean: all of you deserve credit. >> today's hearing. the democrats actually did a favor for the american people. with absolute certainty now after what we saw today, there needs to be at doj. there is a doj investigation at the beginning of this russia investigation. look, sean, what we saw today was actually painful to watch. it was painful to watch robert mueller stumble around, not able to answer the question. what we saw, as a nation, was how flawed this report was. the next step, we know there's not going to be an impeachment. they are not going to move towards impeachment.
6:54 pm
they just can't. this country must move towards an investigation that routes out those people that started this conspiracy, this misinformation campaign against president trump. it needs to go all the way to the top. we need to know who weaponized the intelligence and who targeted president trump once and for all. >> sean: we are going to get to the bottom of it. your opening monologues scare me some days, because you are so accurate, that's why. because you're right, and you are passionate about it. if we don't get to the bottom of this, this will happen again. they might be successful. >> you are absolutely right, sean. the problem is, they are trying to remake america. what we saw today was struggling, stumbling. this guy was nothing more than a shield of trump hating, hilary
6:55 pm
loving lawyers who slapped his name on a report and tried to change the presumption of innocence. this has been happening for a while. >> sean: i poorly managed my time. i've got to get greg in here. >> yeah, it was an important today, because americans saw as the curtain was peeled back. this fraudulent investigation was exposed. the great and powerful mueller was not. he was oblivious to basic facts, uninformed about the law. he wasn't in charge of this investigation. he didn't write the report. he didn't sit in on interviews. who was in charge? andrew weissmann was in charge. >> you three have been amazing. thank you
6:56 pm
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>> it's come to the surface the president will join us for an exclusive interview reacting to all of the events from today, the conspiracy, the lies, the
7:00 pm
propaganda, the misinformation. we will need b of part of the media mob. where going to hold them accountable. we will have the president tomorrow night to. >> this is one of those. >> the dog's name was snowball. snowball was my first dog ever. i cried when she died. >> iodide when troy died. we were commiserating with each other. you're big mma fighter and type of guy now, and imagining you with a little puff ball dog, that is just the funniest thing ever. now you have a big dog and that fits your mma image that's all i'm saying, hannity. please forgive me. you know i'm an animal person. >> you are making fun of my