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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 25, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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following an investigation in a legislator and post trusts from the people here are presented. >> laura: i love the dramatic music. that made it all the more credible. my new podcast just dropped. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team ticket from here. >> shannon: we begin tonight with a fox news alert. the political firestorm in the wake of mueller's testimony is heating up as house speaker nancy pelosi tries to manage a party pushing for an achievement down the impeachment and moving on. many say democrats say that the speaker is getting numerous headaches because of this. a federal judge in san francisco brought the president's asylum policy. lawmakers on the hill continued to blame each other for the growing crisis at the border. what now? mark morgan committee i'm going to ask what happened
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to those proved wrong. later, we are debating into the death penalty. the big government to resume capital punishment for the first time since 2003. 2020 democrats wasting no time weighing in. welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. quote they'll make the president continues to celebrate in the wake of these be nine hearing best be nine hearing. >> late tonight, president trump had his first official interview and in that interview, the special counsel's investigation amounted to treason. also inside house much mueller's testimony he actually watched. >> i wasn't going to watch it all. i started thinking about it and i watched a little bit at the very beginning and couldn't believe what i was saying -- i ended up watching more than i wanted to. then i watched the afternoon because, you know, it was such a
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big crater at the beginning. i couldn't watch it all. i had meetings, economic development meetings, and move it to another time but i didn't want to do that. but i got to watch it now and it was shocking. >> so the president and republicans say it's over. but democrats are still deeply divided over impeachment. texas democrat al green coos measured to impeach defeated last week tweeted after the hearing, there was no aha moment because we have the report and watch the president's repeated actions and nausea. impeach now. but speaker pelosi and congressman adam schiff still are not sold. speed 24 said tonight that 2020 is the only way to remove the president from office. >> does the we know in the senate it would . i'm not there yet. >> house republicans said this split in the democratic caucus is serious and a fight for the
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sole for the entire party. >> it's more than just internal fights. it's not a family fight, it's a war and a feud. the socialists democrats inside that party are taking the party over. they have been successful. >> tomorrow, the leaders of those two wings within the democratic party are going to meet. speaker pelosi will be sitting down with freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez in an effort to ease the tensions that erupted when pelosi took up the emergency bill that sent $4.6 billion to the border, a move progressives like ocasio-cortez opposed. and there are other potential flash points on the horizon. a spending bill to israel too, yes, impeachment. but the house hits its august recess first thing tomorrow morning, so all of that is going to unfold until september. we've got about five weeks before congress is back in session. >> shannon: it's awfully quiet around here. i do not know if it will this
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time. so much in the air. kristin, thank you. with no clear way forward democrats looking to remove the president from office right now, has the 2020 election become the new fox news contributor jessica tarlov, and senior analyst kurt schlichter. something from "the washington post," "mueller did not deliver what democrats hoped they would, they hoped to win in 2020. it's up to them to convince the voters." do you think they are done talking impeachment? >> i think it's crazy talk. there should not be in the impeachment, there should be an election there that's how we decide things. there is no easy way to get around the fact that hillary clinton was utterly repudiated in 2016. it's time to let the president govern. it's time to let the people who voted for them have their voice heard and let's take it to the people in 2020.
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democrats don't like it because they don't want to have to run on their platform. they don't want to run on open borders, they don't want to run against an economy with record-setting unemployment. they don't want to run paying for other people's college. they don't want to run on their own policies but what they want to do is end democracy and it's not going to happen. >> shannon: and a lot of folks said yesterday the silver lining for how speaker pelosi is she can tamp down this wing is asking for impeachment, but we also have reports facing democrats that are facing primary challengers, there is a big chunk of the party who is like him you told us we were going to impeach, we are waiting for it. they are taking on people like the house judiciary chairman jerry nadler for the primary. >> hakeem jeffries as well for this was going to happen, impeachment question or not. this is what the justice democrats did in 2016, how aoc got the congress in 2018 going after dianne feinstein as well.
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this was going to happen the matter what, but impeachment is definitely good fodder for it that i find these challenges from the left to be utterly ridiculous, when you look at hakeem jeffries going 80% in line with "the squad," going after elected officials of color trying to make an argument that we need to be more diverse and resented it. hakeem jeffries looks exactly like his constituency. this will continue. nancy pelosi i think is on sure footing -- i think she has them under control for now and i think she will with aoc when she explained how important 2020 is. >> shannon: i don't know. i'm interested to see what aoc has to say after that meeting. i will be watching her twitter feed very closely. i will be watching for her read out of the meeting. in the meantime, there's been this discussion that moderate democrats, this is where the
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speaker trying to stop thing, they are worried about their swing districts if they are out there on this idea of impeachment, but an opinion piece in "the hill" tried to draw parallels with the nixon attempts at impeachment and moving down that path before he resigned, and they say it's actually not, you know, it's not true but democrats would be a political peril for them doing this. they say the opposite proved true during watergate. they won huge in the midterms, are appalled by nixon and republicans supporting him. nobody could predict that a year earlier. arguments for the people who want to keep pushing it? >> gosh, that's a terrible argument. this is a complete different situation. shannon, i am frankly terrified right now. i'm terrified i'm going to overdose on schadenfreude watching these democrats tear themselves apart. it warms my heart. look, they are going through
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what we went through on the republican side. for a long time we had republican establishment that talked a good game and told on base, i'm going to give you what you want and we threw them out. that's what jessica calls the "justice department" and i call the damn socialists are doing now. >> but they aren't winning -- -- >> "he's terrible!" but they aren't going to impeach because they know it's political suicide. i'm going to get a bucket of popcorn, get my two dogs, and i'm going to watch the fun. >> shannon: jessica, a word from you? >> i think his dogs are adorable, but his political analysis aren't as good at as his puppies. the good news is that we elected moderates, the justice democrats are the only success story out of any of that with aoc. she is in credibly powerful and rashida tlaib and ilhan omar, they make a lot of noise, but we
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elected more moderates and red districts, purple districts, people like katie hill and lucy mcbeth, that's where we will be investing our dollars and hopefully hold onto those seats. but it will not look like what we are talking about, it'll look like joe biden for sure and we are going to run smart down the middle election and we look forward to a democratic president in 2020. >> i certainly hope not. >> you'll be fine. >> shannon: in the meantime, jessica and kurt, thank you very much. say hi to the puppy. okay, and fox news alert for u.s. officials confirming to fox news tonight that iran did test fire a ballistic missile wednesday. this all continues as iran continues to hold a british oil tanker and 23 crew members captive. tensions in that region as quitting tonight. correspondent mark meredith tracking this. >> good evening to you, shannon. u.s. officials say that iran
8:10 pm
tested a medium-range ballistic missile. this test believed to have taken what wednesday night. it flew from southern iran to an area outside of tehran. white house officials say they are aware about the reports of the launch but on commenting. bret baier sat down with mike pompeo today about dominic before the news of this broke out. but >> we are fine with them having defense of weston's systems. every country can do that. but they cannot conduct assassination campaigns for they can arm hezbollah. they can arm the huthis in yemen. >> this after iran sees and continues to hold a british flag tanker. all 23 crew members, none of which british or american, remain on board but are held
8:11 pm
that in the rainy import beer there are developing in north korea. the countries news agency says that the test was how does a solemn warning for south korea. south korea says they tested two short range ballistic missiles for these missiles flew a few hundred miles before ending up in the ocean. these are the first test to happen after last month's historic meeting between president trump and kim jong un. they met face-to-face at the militarized zone, even briskly walking into north korea pair the trump administration, shannon, calling on the north to abandon its nuclear program if the country wants to have a better relationship with the u.s. >> shannon: mark meredith, thank you very much. tonight, will a burned-out vehicle hold the key lose in a horrific murder case? acting commissioner joins us to talk about that. mark morgan, going to talk about the border. and what ever happened to the
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>> shannon: under the new asylum policies on hold thanks to a single federal judge in san francisco. he's requiring a rule that that ruling came hours after a different judge here in washington upheld the asylum guidelines. william la jeunesse has details from los angeles. >> migrants around the world gather in cities like tijuana to apply for asylum in the u.s. >> these people have gone through hell just to find a safe place to cowrite a life, a safe life and the good life for their children. >> the adventures and
8:17 pm
>> i am disappointed. we've heard so much about america and how great this country is. >> wednesday in san francisco, federal judge john taiga are appointed by president obama rud against it. >> this with and make asylum at the southern border. >> the aclu ruled that it would leave them vulnerable. >> mexico isn't secure for us to say and that's why they are leaving the country. >> migrants pass through seven countries before leaving the u.s. others from haiti, cuba, central america travel to guatemala and mexico. >> if you are mexico and you are going and unless you are lying and you shouldn't be in the u.s. u.s.. >> the rules discourage country shopping. another federal judge in
8:18 pm
washington, d.c., upheld the rule, and the man who appointed him enjoyed a rare judicial victory. >> the asylum is a very big ruling. we appreciate it. >> ultimately the supreme court could be asked to decide this conflict. in the meantime, the california judge's injunction means that the u.s. consider apply lum claims regardless of how many countries they come through to get here. >> shannon: while the ministrations fighting the court battle, over in capitol hill members continue to point the finger at each other as the crisis shows no signs of abating. >> instead of addressing the root causes of migration, the trump administration has choses to the dehumanize immigrants. >> what's the humanizing is to continue to bring the same witnesses to talk about this over and over again but what's the humanizing is doing s and not doing anything about it.
8:19 pm
>> shannon: let's talk about that with mark morgan. good to have your back with us. i think the average american feels external frustrated. a gallup poll that measures the number one problem that people report, immigration is now number one top of the list that americans believe facing this country. is the highest it's ever been since gallup has been tracking this. and yet neither side seems to get anything done on capitol hill. >> that's frustrating but at the same time i'm glad of the american people understand that this is a crisis and this is something that's going to impact this country for a very long time and it's been an issue that congress has known about for decades and has not been able to do a thing and congress today know what they need to do, meaningful legislation to address loopholes in asylum and they refused to do it, shannon. >> shannon: are both sides still playing politics with this? republicans have at the white house and both sides of congress but it's not been solved in either of those scenarios. with a divided house and senate, how do they get anything done? >> that's why i say congress has failed.
8:20 pm
it's not political party or the other. it's congress. what i'm being told right now unfortunately, i don't have hope they are going to pass meaningful legislation they need to address the loopholes in the asylum process. >> shannon: heading into a 2020 election. i want to ask you about the wall. "washington examiner" said this, the trump administration has not installed a single mile of new wall. a previous fence was parked in 30 months since president trump took office despite the fact that his administration promised a big beautiful wall. >> what i can tell the american people is new wall has been built. >> shannon: not replacing something that was replacing something or needed fixing? >> that is new wall. if you ask a border patrol agent where you had a dilapidated, ineffective barrier, or you had a vehicle barrier that was hard for people to walk over and you've got a 30-foot wall system that has new lighting, it has roads and technology, that's a
8:21 pm
new wall. 52 miles of that new wall system has been built. another 52 miles on track to be built and within 18 months, a total of 205 miles of new wall will be built. if we can get the dod funding, that's going to be another 250 miles of wall. >> that's been another court battle as so many of the president's policies are. i want to ask about this young man born in dallas who said he was held for 23 days in a facility. he's francisco edwin alecia it was inhumane how they treated us. i was ready to sign a deportation paper not to be suffering there anymore. i need to get out of there. he didn't get a shower, lost 26 pounds because he didn't have food. what do you make of this case? >> what i will tell you is any allegation of that is just false. any allegations of inhumane conditions is just absolutely false. again and again, we've had so much congressional oversight.
8:22 pm
we've let cameras in. that's just false. what i will say this individual provided conflicting stories about his own citizenship. it's very complicated. we held him in our facilities for a while as we are trying to figure out that he was transferred to i.c.e. i.c.e. went ahead and released him as this investigation is still continuing with respect to actually what his citizenship actually is but let's neck no mistake that he wasn't held in our facility for three weeks because we were investigating what country he was born. the reason he was held in border patrol for so long because i.c.e. doesn't have beds, because congress refuses to fund i.c.e. beds. that's why our facilities are overcrowded. we've got to ensure we are being intellectually honest when we talk about this issue. >> shannon: thank you for joining us tonight. we know you are very busy. good to have you. breaking news on two major fronts. we have the long-awaited center into a report on russian election interference and a dead
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>> shannon: the senate intelligence committee released findings of its investigation into 2016 election meddling. complete with numerous warnings about the all new and continuing catherine herridge takes it from there. catherine? >> senate investigators concluded the russian government began targeting state and local voting systems as early as 2014. while the report found no evidence both were changed over the machines when the politico by the overall russian operation exploited the seams between federal, state, and local government caught flat-footed. the fbi alerted states to the threat of cyber attacks in the fall of 2016 but the warnings
8:28 pm
did not provide enough information or go to the right people. >> wanted to come in and rattle the doors, rattled the windows. they found the doors unlocked and the windows wide open. in many ways, we were just lucky they didn't either change both totals or move voters from one person to another. >> democratic leaders calling out on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and his colleagues to move forward and stop blocking legislation. >> the same from the folks who continue to ignore this administration's progress in correcting the obama administration's failure on this subject in the 2018 election. therefore, i object. >> former white house counsel don mcgahn with no agreement whether his testimony on
8:29 pm
allegations of obstruction of justice public or private, there preparing lawsuit as early as friday. >> the excuses that the white house gives testifying the setting are the same excuses for all the other fact witnesses. >> house republicans saw the mueller hearing high risk and it failed to deliver the gotcha moment democrats were looking for. spewing the house of rubber senators tonight planning on accelerating the next two years, a plan the president endorsed in part of his own hello, chad. >> hello, shannon. lawmakers may be sheepish about what they just did but if someone tries to change the name of the bills they just passed right away. the house approved the bipartisan budget act. pretty innocuous title, right?
8:30 pm
later, tried to rename it the kick the can down the road act. the house rejected his effort, to kick the can down the road? that's exactly what this bill does. the bipartisan act snaps 8-year-old spending restrictions and extends the federal credit line until july 2021. the house approved the measure overwhelmingly, 281 to 149. only 65 republicans voted yes including leaders like kevin mccarthy and with steve scalise. most republicans balked because it failed at deficit reduction. mike johnson chairs the johnson says, "our nation is more than $22 trillion in debt and simply cannot afford reckless measures like this one." that's 132 republicans voted no. secretary chairman steve mnuchin press congress to raise the debt ceiling now where review government could run out of cash
8:31 pm
during the august reset. government revenues are low in part because of the big tax cut law. house speaker nancy pelosi kept her side together on the bill. the 219 yeas meant they could approve it without republicans at all. >> taking action to avoid another government shutdown. >> senate democrats planning... [knocking] really? here is dirty little secret. this bill doesn't avoid government shutdown. there is no money in this bill to fund the government. to avoid another shutdown, congress has to approve spending bills before the october 1st deadline. one invasion fights for border security, i.c.e., and a wall. the house has gone until
8:32 pm
september 9th, but mitch mcconnell blends down my plans to vote >> shannon: tonight, front-runner joe biden telling voters it's no more mr. nice guy at the second democratic debate. >> mr. vice president. quick question for you. what did you mean when you said you won't be as polite in the next debate? >> we will see. >> shannon: biden hinting he'll be a challenging senator kamala harris just as she did to him in the first matchup. with 33% support among democratic primary voters. and under the democratic presidential hopefully is suing google. hawaii congresswoman pelosi gabbert is claiming the tech giant suspended her campaigns advertising account right after the first primary debate.
8:33 pm
in a statement of fox, its internal system did suspend the account but google denies the election interference charges. an anonymous person has filed a federal labor commit down the complaint against vermont senator bernie sanders must rest illegal retaliation against standards and comes a bigger fight over wages. the administration announced its reinstating the federal death penalty after the 2020 democrats respond racism and put a stop to it. does it work as a deterrent? we will debate. both sides next. recognize you. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon.
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8:38 pm
of those teenage fugitives 15 miles from the u.s. border in north dakota and minnesota and that is where the search was on checkpoints and the urgent message not to approach if you see them. 18-year-old 19-year-old ken mcleod are wanted for the murder of leonard dick and her at the couple was traveling in british colombia when they were found shot to death july 15th. they were seen on surveillance video hugging two days prior. as police began looking into their deaths, a search was already underway from 300 miles away. the teams thought to be missing telling the parents they were heading to the uconn to find work. authorities finding their burned-out camper van on the highway. during that surge, the police discover the body of the other man identified as 6-year-old leonard dick, a college botany
8:39 pm
professor. investigators believe the suspects first went north when they killed the couple and a professor and sins have been heading east. a toyota rav4 they were seen driving was spotted earlier spotted in saskatchewan and have found burned-out in gillam, manitoba, later that day. >> its challenging terrain. i think a lot of challenges, which is why we have deployed so many resources, including the emergency response team. the police officers that are up there are trained for these type of situations. >> the last two sightings were three days ago the police believe the boys are still in that gillam area and warning that they are armed and dangerous. >> shannon: thank you very much. today the justice department announcing it will reinstitute the federal death penalty and carry out executions.
8:40 pm
a federal death row inmate for the first time in 16 years. correspondent chaz gallagher is on the case tonight. >> good evening. attorney general bill barr says this isn't a partition issues because the department of justice under administration's from both parties have sought death penalty against the worst criminals. barr says the move upholds the rule of law and we owe it to the victims and their families to carry forward the sentence imposed by our justice system. the ag also scheduled the executions of five death row inmates, daniel lewis lee a white the premises convicted of murdering a family of three. mitchell who in 2003 stabbed a 63-year-old to death and forced her grandfather granddaughter to sit beside the lifeless body. all convicted killers also being scheduled for execution. and while the ag indicates the
8:41 pm
move is nonpartisan, it's certainly getting democratic resistance. california senator dianne feinstein, the ranking member of the senate judiciary committee said, "the decision by this administration to resume the federal death penalty after nearly two decade hiatus is wrong" in 2020 democratic hopefuls slammed the move as well. california senator kamala harris said, "today is a sad day for the united states. the administration's decision to resume the death penalty is both misguided and immoral. senator cory booker says that change is disturbing and does nothing to advance the cause of justice. from 1988 to 2018, 78 783 had n executed, including oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh. including one woman, most are being held at the super max penitentiary where the death
8:42 pm
chamber is also located. lethal injection remains the only method. >> shannon: debate on this issue turned political today, so how will it impact the 2020 conversations. talk about it with democratic strategist dave brown and american civil rights union ken krukowski. let's start with congresswoman ilhan omar tweeting on this today, saying the death penalty is a heinous totalitarian practice often used against innocent people. it is the very definition of cruel and unusual punishment and has no place in 21st century america or anywhere else in the world. >> it's unfortunate she's quoting the eighth amendment to the constitution because the framers of the constitution affirmed the tech penalty, both at the federal level if the death penalty was legal in all the states when the eighth amendment was ratified, whatever
8:43 pm
cruel and unusual punishment is, it does not include the death penalty. the framers of the constitution said that the crimes were so heinous that some crimes are so heinous that the death penalty is actually just and appropriate in this case. >> shannon: the attorney general announcing that the justice department upholds the rule of law and we open to the victims and their families to carry forward the sentence imposed by our justice system. this goes back to congress for they passed these laws, it's up to them to change it if these lawmakers don't want this to be available. >> keep in mind this has been a pretty long and storied path for the death penalty, going back to the supreme court in the '70s where they found unconstitutional and they reinstated it. 21 states have based on their state constitution that they have chose not to do the death penalty on their own constitution or in some cases a moratorium, so a total of 25
8:44 pm
states of the 50 not actually imposing the death penalty. i think justice breyer in his 2015 dissent which is the last major skates that dealt with this, where he laid out a test and as a court we need to reassess whether or not the death penalty violates the eighth amendment. >> shannon: i think only justice ginsburg joined him. >> she did. but the test i think is really interesting. is it reliable in its implementation? is arbitrary in its lamentation? when you look at how the death penalty has been applied, most statistics back this up in terms of the racial injured traffic disparity and this proportionality, it matters where you commit the crime. three states account for almost 50% of all the federal death sentences. >> shannon: one of them is not california where the governor they are basically said, 700 people facing the death penalty there, i'm wiping it out. nobody is going to get executed. >> we talk about the rule of law, the spring law of the land
8:45 pm
is the u.s. constitution. under our system, congress makes the law, congress created the death penalty, only congress can abolish it. the president's duty like i assume, i don't know california law, i know governor newsom under the company constitution, president trump turned by article two, section three of the competition to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. if congress says that for certain terrible crimes this kind of punishment is appropriate, only congress can change that. as long as the laws are on the books, the president and his attorney general as the ag said, we are going to follow the rule of law. >> shannon: super quick. justice ginsburg out there asked about criticism of justice or goresuch and kavanaugh, my colleagues -- big time happy to agree with justice ruth bader ginsburg, hos
8:46 pm
out of stats some of the them a potential candidates are for trashing when someone like rbg stanza >> shannon: she also says that she does not want them packing the court. president says he's using researching claim that he's having a negative effect on the health of latinos. paging dr. marc siegel who was live on this next who is live on this next. he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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>> shannon: time now for tonight's roundup. the chief watchdog for the l.a.p.d. is closer to subpoena the sheriff's department. those are the so-called gangs of deputies we told you about. l.a.'s board of supervisors supporting to broaden the watchdogs powers allowing them to force the department to provide access to my hand over records and make employees available for interviews. the taxes now for districts to interview as young as 12, the school district doesn't say it has a drug problem but the move is designed
8:51 pm
to keep students safe. finally, soma county california fair doing away with a wildly powerful ticket scramble where tickets change piglets. animal rights activists say it's dressing up the piglets so it's been replaced with a greased watermelon sports. the marine corps announcing 16 marines are facing charges ranging from human smuggling to drug offenses, we are told unrelated to today's arrests. u.s. officials also say up to the tune of 20 navy seals from seal team seven sent home for drinking alcohol while deployed in iraq. general order number one prohibits alcohol use on deployment. tonight, a new medical study raising some eyebrows, here's how "the washington post" describes it.
8:52 pm
donald trump presidency may be making some people sick, a growing number of studies suggest that researchers are identifying correlations between the election and worsening cardiovascular health, sleep problems especially among latinos in the united states. fox news can winner marc siegel joins us live be great to have you doctor. we ask you to look at these studies because they have been published for irreparable medical journal and others coming from respected universities. what did you find? >> all of it is pseudoscience. and number ones you mentioned about anxiety and sleeplessness, one of them looked at 37 patience. the biggest study that came out in the journal of american medical association's network journal which is a prestigious journal, 32 million women who happen to be pregnant during the 2016 election and discovered among latino women, among latino women, there was a higher risk
8:53 pm
of preterm birth, 37 weeks, which can correlate the problems down the line. , diabetes, infection, physical problems, smoking, alcohol, not necessarily the stress of an election, shannon. also no reason to believe this particularly election, though it was stressful would've led to an increase in this kind of a problem. we already have a huge problem in the united states with preterm birth. we have 500,000 preterm births a year, number six in the world. to make light of this, to cast a political shadow is bad science. as a matter of fact, hispanics support the president up to 50%. do you know why? we have the lowest number of unemployed hispanic people that we've had we've been keeping these records. the lowest number on record. also the number of latinos who have been surveyed have proof of the president's,
8:54 pm
when you study 15 million people, you should not draw this kind of conclusions. a mix of science with politics, very bad idea. >> shannon: one professor they quoted said that not hard to imagine there would be increased stress in the past few years, the deportation threats, separation of his children from parents. it's early but we've seen enough papers at this point that suggest that having real-life consequences on health. where are they making the connection? are there hardlines from point a to point b connecting these. coming from people who view it as generally respected. >> there are no hardlines at all. as a matter of fact if you go to the centers of disease control website, you will find that they say stress may lead to preterm birth and i believe it does by the way. stress of living during these times, the discuss of worrying
8:55 pm
where your next meal is coming from. i told you the unemployment rate is lowest on record, i think that would mean less stress. >> shannon: all right. doctor, i'm sorry. i'm out of time. we thank you for looking at these because we need an expert to dig through the information. thank you, doctor. >> no science. poppycock. >> shannon: there you have it. a professional athlete who calls her to call your her hero next her two year old her hero next. at the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's, we carry flowers that signify why we want to end the disease.
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fishing, and working the land. introducing tracker off-road vehicles. designed and built on american soil to kick up american soil. like the tracker 800sx side-by-side starting at the nationally advertised price of only $10999 plus freight. tracker off road. built for love of country. >> shannon: check out this adorable moment when orlando soccer player bumped elbows. within seconds the pair had an instant bond. little joseph was born without his arm just like ticket. so they met back in april and recently reunited. ticket names like she might be joseph's role model that he is really hers. so with all of this and the good connection and kindness to each other, joseph and carson, you
9:00 pm
are tonight's midnight hero. we need more of that in the world. most watch, most trusted, we are glad you spend your evening with us. good night for now from washington, i am shannon bream them. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in general, the left isn't big on admittingn things, obvious things, but in the case of robert mueller's testimony yesterday, they don't have a choice. we are conceding, yes, it was a total disaster and how is nancy pelosi reacting tonight and what doess donald trump jr. think of what happened yesterday? both of them respond exclusively right here in just a moment. but first tonight, the russia hoax ended yesterday. we can say that. it ended not with a bang but with the modeled half memories of a fading old man slipping in and out of focus. america's got transfixed by robert mueller's testimony before congress.


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