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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  July 28, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ we're dancing. not in the streets. van halen. a rare shot of my high school. more happy that it's summer. and you know, we have a water slide segment. they said oh my gosh, you've been on the road. do you have a bathing suit? i travel everywhere in the world with two things in my backpack. board shorts. >> i love that we were working
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with sharks yesterday and thoady it's like water park! >> i watched jaws in homage of the show. >> griff, why you got to do the real thing. >> what is it, national water park day today? >> yes. >> so we brought our own water park to the show. if you're in the area, come on out. we're going to get wet later on. >> they're competing and i'll be the junl. good stuff. if i'm the judge it's going to be tough. >> that's true. >> first in this country always news. and we start with this. president trump doubling down on his criticism of maryland congressman elijah cummings. >> this as the democrats use this as their latest attack on track. >> mark joins us with more on
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the battle over baltimore. >> president trump has tweeted several times about cummings and cummings district. the latest tweet overnight, the president wrote quote, so sad that elijah cummings has been able to do so little for baltimore. baltimore ranks last in every category. congress cummings was born and raised in baltimore representing his district since 1996. he fired back writing, mr. president i go home to my district daily. each morning i wake up and fight for my neighbors. it's my moral due toy to fight for any constituents. house speaker nancy pelosi calls cummings a champion for civil rights and also writing we all reject racist attacks against him. now this back and forth comes after republican strategist was
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on "fox & friends" saturday discussindiscussing what she foe baltimore area. >> a lot of people said he hasn't been there in a while. it's atrocious. there are homeless addicts, needles that they have used. and it's really right next door. >> baltimore's mayor is pushing back calling the president's comments unacceptable. this is the front page of the baltimore sun, says "trump blasts city and cummings." the story getting a lot of attention all over the country. >> thank you very much. this is a feud back and forth which of course nancy pelosi and others, as they've done in the past, always will say well president trump is a racist. this is what, he's making this about race. when you step back and look at the conditions in west baltimore, i'm not from there, whether it's education rates, crime rates, it's a systemic culture of poverty who trapped a
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lot of people there who felt like they're left behind. it's the men and women who deserve the same choice and anyone does. that's the case that president trump is making. if you've represented that district or 10, 20 years and you're not doing everything outside of the box to make it better, are you doing enough? >> cummings has a large district, baltimore and above it. we're not talking specifically just about baltimore but that is his area, west baltimore is a part of it. we got trust into the conversation in the wake of the freddie gray riots that we saw in 2015. but the homicide rate is up 18. pete: compared to last year, 184 homicide this year compared to 156 last year. if you look at nonfatal shootings from 2018 to 2019 you
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have a 31% increase and perhaps some of what mark referenced showing are some of the harshest hit areas. and unfortunately west baltimore mahas the same challenges that e saw four years ago. >> there are parts that this doesn't apply to and parts that do apply. i've said this since day one. when you try to engage issues like this on twitter, president trump often does, i know he feels like he's reaching the heart of the people. you have to be careful when you read it. when you read no human being would want to live here. even if you're well-intentioned trying to draw attention to people who have been left behind and you feel like you're being a voice for those people when they elected representatives in many cases have in a sense abandoned those areas and not really given
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the due diligence to those areas, i understand that intention. but sometimes it doesn't read necessarily. you have to realize that there are people living there and they may not be able to pick up and leave. and maybe they don't want to. maybe they love baltimore and they're fighting hard every day to have their elected representatives hear them. i would be careful having debates like this on social media. >> but me brings attention in niz own way and he believes giving voice to people who have been voiceless for a long time, including one baltimore resident, talked to the cameras about elijah cummings and his feud with president trump. listen to her. >> he has never done anything for not one person i know of. i never heard anybody say anything about him. donald trump this and donald trump that. why is this man taking care of people at the border. we hungry. we need a place to say.
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it's sad. he's worried more about them than his own people. it breaks my heart to see this. >> you're the chairman of the overnight committee, you're doing all of this but are you fighting for charter schools, are you fighting for the people that lift people out of their situations and give them a choice? >> this is key to hear from the residents. people argue that politicians go into washington, d.c. and become a political minnesotas with democrats and republicans alike, and they forget the people that elected them. they forget the local issues because they become embroiled in the national politics. cummings is out there talking about issue of the border and national issues a lot. this may have been a way for residents of that district to redirect his attention and say hey listen, don't forget about us. >> you're talking about the conditions on the border all of the time. what about the conditions here. >> you have a good point about
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whether this should be debated on social media and a lot of people feel that the president was wrong to go after cummings in this way. >> but that doesn't put a limit on this discussion. >> it's worth pointing out whether or not hypocrisy exists in this debate unleashed. if you look back to 2015, i mentioned the freddy gray riots, president obama, april 28th, 2015, obama calls the riots quote criminals and thugs and then oosk this baltimore sun head line december 8, 2015, brand2015bernie sanders calls i. >> is this a reaction that he had? >> he walked in the neighborhood and talked with residents, visited. >> here is sanders in his own
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word. >> anyone who took the walk that we took around this neighborhood would not think you are in a wealthy nation. you would think you are in a third world country. we're talking about a community in which half of the people don't have jobs. we're talking about a community in which there are hundreds of buildings that are uninhabitable. >> yeah. >> and once again. >> third world country. >> i don't think this came at all from a racist place at all. >> of course not. >> bernie sanders was trying to draw attention to a reality and saying listen, what's going on in this area of baltimore is not good for the people of baltimore who are there trying to get the attention of elected officials. i have a national platform. let me make that case. i do think it's better to do it vocally in front of a camera. >> why is it better? it's the a new medium. >> when you're on social media, you're often inclined to vomit
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out word. you say something, you can't take it back once it's out there. >> sure you can. you tweet something, you correct it if you want to. >> you hear the tone of his voice and the inflection of his voice. >> i think we're arguing over a medium. they make the same critique and bernie sanders wants socialism. cummings was not a cosponsor of the investing in opportunity act. does he believe in investing in charter schools? let's have a debate about policy. they both diagnosed the problem. >> they did but i will argue when you cannot hear the inflection in someone's voice. and the same way i could make a comment to either one of you on twit thary would read differently than if i sat at a podium and said it in a microphone. you don't hear where i'm coming
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from as in the same way on social media. this is for everyone who holds a position of political leadership. if you're going to tweet something, once it get out there it sticks and it's hard to take it back. >> it will be in front of a podium before. >> say i before you tweet. we all saw it. just do it. >> are we going to hear about this on tuesday night when we get to the next democratic debates? what was joe biden -- remember, kamala harris made race front and center if an uncomfortable way for joe biden. we'll hear what joe biden has to say. we have michigan voters who are slamming the front rupper out there. take a listen to this. >> joe biden, in my opinion, is hillary clinton 2.0. he's just about the worst thing that the democrats could do. >> some haven't forgiven biden about his recent comments. >> i did not buy his explanation and i do not feel that he gave a authentic apology. >> you have a problem with biden
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and his support of the crime bill. >> it eradicated my community. >> clearly indictments that have been made of him by his opponents are sticking to voters. >> i hope joe biden studied. i said listen, i don't know why he showed up and it seemed like he hadn't been prepared on the issue of civil rights. his record is shaky to some. hopefully he's able to answer. i don't think that kamala harris is going to back down when she saw that was an issue to help her get momentum from people in the polls in the country. >> biden has to move it forward to attack trump and not having no answers for the past. >> he's going to have to. >> but it's go time for the lesser known candidates, the one-percenters out there. >> how about the zero-percenters. >> bill deblasio. >> it turns out even his own staff thinks that his
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presidential bid is basically a joke. here's a quote from an article that came out from the new york post. i think he knows that he can't win. it's just a lot of eye rolling. he's doing it because he has a big ego and needs to prove something and i don't think he's going to quietly go away and become a an adjunct professor. >> you know when you have a bad day when you're a di kid and yor mom said, you're still number one in my book. >> imagine his mom saying, you should just step out. >.i talked to democrats and republicans and everybody has had enough of him, particularly when he was out of new york city during the blackout. >> talk to the nypd officers here. >> every time there's a major issue that happens in new york that needs to be addressed by him, he's somewhere else doing something else. >> we've got a lot this morning. pour a cup of coffee. >> tell us what you think about
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"fox & friends," baltimore or deblah mo. mexico, a new push to create jobs in honduras. retired i.c.e. director tom homan weighs in next. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance.
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where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. cummings. 17 minutes after the hour an we have this. president trump calling out democrats and robert mueller over last week's hearing tweeting the democrats were trying mightily to revive the tarnished witch hunt hoax until robert mueller put on a show of ineptness. he has no facts on his side. hear to weigh in, dan hoffman. boy, we had quite a week last week and now obviously the president weighing in. however do yohow do you feel ab?
3:18 am
>> my experience of working many years against russian services, i could see vladimir and the kremlin breaking over vodka bottles how he's poured gasoline over the fires. he mounted really effective influence operations. injected our political process with a virus. >> dan, did you learn anything new? there were two -- mueller was in front of two hearings, the judiciary committee and then the intelligence committee run by adam schiff. did you learn anything new about russian interference? >> no. i read the report, cover to cover. and the part about russia's systemic and sweeping interference, efforts to interfere in our election, hacking into the democratic national committee, weapon uponnizing information through wikileaks, using our social media networking to mount influence operations all with a kremlin return address because putin no knew that was the besty
3:19 am
to soil our democracy, there was nothing new to me expect obviously the partisanship that we're seeing. they love the see it bleed over into health care reform, immigration reform and other things as well. >> chairman nadler of the judiciary committee now subpoenaed grand jury testimony from mueller because presumably mueller didn't provide the answers that the chairman wanted. the president tweeting about that saying, quote, we gave nadler and his trump hating dems a complete mueller report, we don't have to, and mueller himself, now both were a total bust and they say it wasn't good enough. nothing will be good enough for them. do you think the move to subpoena grand jury testimony is a bridge too far? >> what's interesting to me when i read the report is how little was redacted. the russians used the internet
3:20 am
research agency to run the social media network intrusions in our country. no much was done that was meant to be discovered. i'm not sure any more information is going to help much. >> lrt. all right, dan. thanks very much. have a good sunday. as 2020 dems gear up for round two of debates this week, will faith play a role in the spich to voters? jonathon morris, his take on whether they're doing enough to address voters' religious beliefs. we'll tell you coming up. ♪ ♪
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wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. quiek headlines. one person is dead and at least
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is others injured after a shooting at a new york city park. gun fire ringing out just before midnight. as hundreds were leaving an annual block party in block lynn. no arrests have been made. a manhunt is under way after an off-duty officer is killed. los angeles police say juan diaz was at a taco stand when he confronted a man who appeared to be vandalizing something nearby. the man ran off but came back and shot the officer. a procession and vigil were held for the two-year veteran of the force who dreamed of being a cop since he was a kid. as 2020 democrats prepare to take the debate stage this week, will faith be a part of the discussion and could they be underestimating how much voters value their faith. >> here toway in jonathan morris.
3:25 am
what do you think? it drives me crazy when politicians use religion to make political points. i've seen them on issues at the border and immigration. do you think this is going to continue to play a role, not only religion but people's faith to try to appeal to the evangelical voters? >> it's a little bit like when you speak spanish and you try to speak spanner. if you've seen cor cory booker,o else did it. >> a couple of others. beto o'rourke. >> exactly. if you don't speak spanish, don't speak spanish. i would say the same thing. if faith is not a big part of your life, if religion is not a big part of your life, don't fake it because people know it. so just don't do it. on the other hand every one of these issues you mentioned immigration, how about health care. so many of the big issues right now during this presidential election have moral element to it, ethical elements to it. and you have to come up with deep reasoning.
3:26 am
you can't just say my faith tells me that you're wrong. no. you have to give explanations. republicans and the democrats. >> we have a montage of the candidate stumbling. >> speaking spanish? i would love to see it. >> take a listen. >> i'm walking the way of religious progressives. >> i stand before you today clear eyed about the fight ahead and what has to be done. with faith in god. >> in terms of uncertainty i often turn to scripture for inspiration to keep the faith and to stay in the fight. >> so those are pretty benign examples. but your point is if it's authentically of who you are, let people know about it. it's part of how they decide whether to support you. but if you pander as a politician, people are going to see through it. >> that's why trump does a great job of getting through all of that stuff saying this is what i believe.
3:27 am
even when he says crazy stuff. people have saying at least he tells us what he thinks, what he believes. whereas when you're using faith just to tap into an audience, it doesn't work. i'm not suggesting that's what they're doing in these clips that we saw. but if you believe it, show it. but if you don't, don't even talk about it. >> what's interesting is what does the electric know. >> i think a lot. >> what americans know about religion. this is a general perspective. 80% know the christian tradition. what is easter. 60% know the meaning of ramadan.
3:28 am
>> think about immigration, for example. we can't be treating them like animals. everybody agrees with that. how do you fix it? it's not as simple as well, let everybody in. that is so bad for the immigrants. i lived in the bronx for four and a half years. mostly immigrant community. the people over here illegally live in a terrible situation because we tell them you can't come over here but we're going to have a porous border. going to let you get in basically. that's bar bad for them and thet of america. they have to live in the shadows. they don't even learn english because they're afraid if they go some place to a school or educational institution they're going to get sent back home. that's a terrible way to live. and the democrats are going to be saying in this whole cycle we have the moral high ground. we have the moral high ground
3:29 am
because we're proimmigrant. don't tell me that's the moral high ground when you're treating a huge portion of our society as second class citizens that's what we're doing. >> the challenge when politicians speak about faith is to not lecture people and not say well if you were a person of faith you would do this or support that. it has to be a way to embrace people. otherwise it's a turnoff to young voters. if i support this i'm not welcome in the community of faith. that's tricky for a politician because they're used to talking in a way that's polarizing and divisive. you can't do that. >> both sides should learn from our president, donald trump. just be who you are. just be who you are. >> that's a good point. >> people will -- we can elect an atheist, we can elect an evangelical, a catholic. as a country we're at a point where we can separate this
3:30 am
person and recognize no matter what their faith or not faith, they can still be a good leader. don't fake it. >> we're going to keep you on as our referee. thank you. our next guest has a message for i.c.e. detention facilities. the left is working hard to keep critical information from you. retired i.c.e. director tom homan explains why coming up next. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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♪ it is sunday, july 28th, 2019. this sunday edition of "fox & friends." on behalf of griff and jed and i, we're glad you're here. lots to cover. who better than tom homan to talk about, retired i.c.e. director and fox news contributor. thanks for being here. you've got a great op-ed about i.c.e., detention facilities and the stats. we're going to get to that in a moment. but mexico will help honduras create 20,000 jobs this year to help curb flow of immigrants into the u.s. mexico wants to help honduras with jobs and the flow of migrants. do you believe it's going to happen and will be helpful? >> i believe mexico is going to
3:35 am
try. whether they're going to be successful with 20,000 jobs, we'll have to see. think about this. mexico is going to try to create 20,00,000 jobs. this is on top of what motion cois already doing, sending soldier to the mexican border. you know, their activity this past month has been astounding. this -- they got an agreement with the president. the president made the agreement with mexico that no other president is able to achieve. this is great news all the way around. i hope it works. what's really sad if you think about it, the country of mexico is doing moder to protect our southern border and sovereignty than the democrat leadership in congress. >> i want to get to those siding with the trump administration paving the way for using the dollars for the border wall. are yo you surprise snd.
3:36 am
>> the president's attorney looked at this closely and decided to do it. it's unfortunately that the president has to go to the supreme court and do something. congress should have stepped up and done. there is no downside in securing our southern border. no downside in protecting america. congress should come forward willingly like they have in the past year, they've always funded border barriers and fencing but they refuse to do it under this president. i'm glad it's a victory. this president has won this issue and he'll continue to win. >> i was in california on thursday and got an exclusive up side look at thiz the i.c.e. facility. you have an op-ed out saying that the left is trying to get critical information from the pupublic. what do you want people to know? >> that was a great piece you
3:37 am
did on friday. it's great that we educate the american people. when you have people like alexandria ocasio-cortez, that dangerangers me. i've been talking, saying, you need to get cameras in there and show the american people that the left is not only intentionally misleading, they're out and out lying. you saw the facilities. when i was the i.c.e. director and goi to the national sheriff's conference, i can't tell you how many sheriffs walk up to me and they want a contract with i.c.e. they would complain, we want a contract, we could use the money, however your standards are too high. we're not going to have these standards frp people in the country illegally when we don't have the same standards for people we detain in the jail. the detention standards for i.c.e. are the highest in the country.
3:38 am
anybody that looks at the i.c.e. website, go in there and read it. you'd be empressed how much effort and money is being spent to make sure we got the best facilities in the country. >> and tom giles, the field director for i.c.e. pointedded out the national detention standards are far higher there. i want to give to the numbers of your piece which is what americans should look at. that is 72% of all migrants who came in an i.c.e. facility are congressionally mandated to be detained. 90% arrested by i.c.e. are convicted criminals or facing criminal charges. we found there 1700 detainees at the facility, more than 1,000 had been convicted of a crime. >> and thank you for saying that, griff. the entire op-ed, that was the two most important pieces i want to get out there. for the democratic leadership and those running for president, they want to get rid of all
3:39 am
i.c.e. detention. what they failed to tell the american people is seven out of eight people that are there is because congressman dates it by statute because they're a public safety concern. something they don't want to talk about. when you look at i.c.e. in the street, nine out of ten people, 87% of everybody they arrest either has a criminal history or pending criminal charges. these contract facilities protect community safety and public safety because we're detaining a lot of people that are a danger to the community. these contracts that we have, they do it very well. better thatten the government does it. not only do they keep people they're mandated to keep, they keep our community safe. enough from the left on the false narrative. thank you, griff, you did a great story. we've got to if keep doing the fight to educate the american people. >> and especially for the stats
3:40 am
which i think if people read it will be asounding to many people who don't realize what's going on. thank you for providing that clarity if your op-ed. >> thanks, tom. there might be a political motivation from the left if you tonighyoudon't know these stats. david ortiz is recovering at home seven weeks after being shot in the dominican republic. he's released from the boston hospital following three surgeries. detectives say ortiz was not the intended target from the shooting last month. and a 5-year-old boy is hailed a hero after saving 13 people from a house fire. the young man waking up to flames before warning family members in chicago. >> what you think. i was scared. i got everyone out of that house. because i was trying to save them. >> wow.
3:41 am
hero in the making. hero already. no one was hurt in the fire. the boy said he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. and a 7-foot alligator is found taking a dip in a family's pool. what? a florida woman spotting the creature in the middle of the night after hearing splashing sounds outside her home. the local shawche sheriff's offt an alligator trapper to tak gett out. what would you do? >> you're in florida. >> i would be terrified. >> 911, the alligator removal service, like all of those things you have listed on your refrigerator. part of that common occurrence of the day. here's the weather real quick across the central plains, a little warmup. storm though with that overall. a really nice weekend. 98 degrees in phoenix. what time is it there?
3:42 am
3:41 in the morning. few for showers in florida. one big of batch of storms into nebraska could cause a little localized flooding and maybe severe weather later on in the day. things continue to look well across the country. guys? >> thanks, rick. two lawmakers and now the president are looking to label antifa a terrorist organization. and one unlikely group appear to agree with them. students. >> if they're going there with the purpose of inciting violence, that's a terrorist organization. >> if they're creating violence, then, yeah. you try hard, you eat right... mostly. you make time... when you can. but sometimes life gets in the way,
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i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪ green things and brown just eat the food. i'm allergic to all things green. (mom sighs) ♪ ♪ kraft. for the win win. welcome back. antifa protesters routinely take to the streets with violence prompting two gop senators to introduce legislation to label antifa as a domestic terror organization. our next guest went to george
3:46 am
mason university to see if students there disagree. >> the definition of terrorism is using violence or threats of violence to achieve political means. do you think antifa falls under there. >> if they're inviting violence, that's definitely a terrorist offerings. >organization. >> any violence by definition is terrorism. >> would that be considered a terrorism? yeah. >> here to weigh in is former antifa member gabriel. you were both on george mason campus asking students about antifa. did what you find surprise you in. >> it was suppliesing in a way. i think at a certain point when antifa commits themselves to violence for political goals, it's easy for the students to see that's a dictionary definition of terrorism. i don't think either one can
3:47 am
deny that falls under the definition. and one reason we've seen a rise of the groups is a lack of accountability. students look around and see that no one does anything. it's time for our lawmaker to intret threaten antifa. and watch what happened when i asked the students. >> yeah, definitely. they make us look more violent. >> violence isn't going to get anyone to listen from either party. >> violence is not the way. >> even though i don't support trump i don't think violence is necessarily the answer. >> violence is never the answer. >> gabriel, you know, they're staying -- students can see through what antifa is. when you were a member of it and knowing about it, are they worried about the affiliation they might have and how it affects the views of the left? >> i think so. the left are trying to wash their hands of this. but antifa essentially has
3:48 am
become a militant wing of the democratic party. and unfortunately i have a lot of hope that there are a lot of liberals that want to denounce antifa but i can't say the same about the professors or administrators. like professor bray from dartmouth college. he wrote a book advocating for violence against conservatives. >> you talked about how it gets downlaid. if they're the militant arm of the democratic party, you have op eds from news week saying ban antifa. i've met golden retrievers who scared me more. you see an attempt saying antifa, not that bad. >> i don't know many golden retrievers with molotov
3:49 am
cocktails trying to kill people. when you downplay the violence, it makes it more likely to happen in the future. it's also the threat of violence. we covered a story at ut austin. antifa put out a statement theying any students who joins a conservative group, we're going to publish their information, address, phone number so you can know if you're a conservative on campus, you're not well come here and we're going to threaten you. that is common around the country and cannot stand. measures like this will prevent that from happening. >> very briefly as the 2020 election approaches, will antifa get more or less aggressive? >> i think so. just as 2020 is coming up, this is going to get much worse. their fear that president trump is going to get elected to a second term. that frightens antifa to their very bone. >> thank you for your time. have you ever wanted to connect with your loved ones on the other side?
3:50 am
psychic medium laura jackson is going to teach you how to do that coming up next. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
. welcome back. well she's a renowned cycle medium who brings the mystical into everyday life. >> and now this wife and moth of three is helping readers unlock their gifts in her new book. >> here with more is laura lynn jackson. good morning to you. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> thank you. such a pleasure to be here. >> i'm so excited about this segment. i'm fascinated with people who have gifts such as yourself. you have a gift to be able to
3:54 am
communicate potentially with people who have a past. how does somebody like we look for signs in everyday day. what can i do? >> i love that question. the gifts that i have to tune in and to perceive, you know, energy and get signs and messages from the other side, that's a gift that belongs to us all. nobody needs to go to a psychic or a medium to communicate or connect or get guided by our team of light on the other side. our team of light is god. it is the angelic realm. and then we have our loved ones who have crossed who are always invested in our journeys trying to help guide us. i always say they've been trying to get your attention whether or not you realize it from the moment they've crossed. and a they've been guiding you your whole life. there's something called the fault signs. >> and you're saying that we're missing these signs of this secret language as you write. what are the signs?
3:55 am
>> yeah. we miss a lot. and i think the beautiful thing we can do is tune in, open our hearts and our minds to the language and the signs and the messages they're sharing. there is some default signs that i've learned that they've shared with me that they send us right away. putting pennies, dimes, nickels in our path. it's easy for them once they've left their physical bodies and turned into light energy to manipulate small objects. finding a coin when you're having a difficult day or feeling grief over the physical loss of your loved one. now that we're in the day of cell phones, they love messing with our cell phones. >> really? >> the electrical devices. most of the times we miss it. one of the chapters in the books talks about exactly this. it's about how they can use our cell phones to get through to us. a lot of times all of the calls that we get that we think are
3:56 am
robocalls we need to pay a little attention to. >> you say they'll put creatures in our path. every now and then i'll be on a busy day and i'll see a butterfly or something and it feels like it was meaningful. >> that too. i have a couple of stories to share about both the electrical signs and the creature signs. this is something we can all do for ourselves. we can create our own language. these there default signs they're sending. >> give us a quick example. >> the electrical signs, it's in the book, one of the chapters is i was doing a podcast with a woman named suzanne sean he was saying wow i had this experience. i went to a memorial for a friend who had crossed. my cell phone was on silent and i came out and there was a voice mail message. she listened to it, 15 seconds of the most beautiful music. she tried to call the number
3:57 am
back and you couldn't. >> check out the book. thank you for being here. >> can't wait to read it. >> thank you. >> more "fox & friends" is coming up on the other side. ♪ ♪ . but it's not really somethig you want to buy. it's not sexy...
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ ♪ national water park day and of course we've brought tight the fox square. you guys are going to be competing in some of these water events. how is that water slide looking are you scared? are you excite snd. >> scared? >> competition can strike the fear. griff, you've stepped up to the plate. you've got to win this thing now. >> we're playing that song "redneck yat club. yacht club ."
4:01 am
i grew up in the south. >> the official vehicle of the redneck yacht club is a pontoon. i rented one a couple of weeks ago, held out for a week on it. you feel like the captain of the universe when you're driving a pontoon. the last time griff was involved in water sports he lost his shoulder for about six months. but you're fully healed. >> be careful out there. >> the wing is back and ready and i would never count you out ever. so over the next couple of hours we'll be back outside. >> i wish you could participate. >> i wish i could. i am the one that would be most enthusiastic about the water slide. the only thing that keeps me going is i get to ref and see you guys duke it out. >> next summer is your summer. >> i'm going to win it all. >> the thing that kept me going is staying active on the road covering the immigration issue. we have a lot of news to get to. this is one that may not get a lot of attention but we want to
4:02 am
point it out. this headline says mexico to help create 20,000 jobs in honduras to curb migration. when you have to look at the border crisis as a big picture pretty much at all times. one thing we've seen is of course mexico helping as well. so not only is mexico trying to do something about honduras, which is the origin -- they start in honduras, guatemala and then mexico and then our border, motion cois helping in the migrant protocol, making them wait in mexico while their asylum claims play out. more than 20,000 since january of this year. mark morgan weighing in on what this whole big picture looks like. >> mexico now has agreed to assist in unprecedented ways. never in modern history has the government of mexico stepped up the way they're doing. they're providing thousands of troops on the southern border,
4:03 am
increasing interior enforcement and assisting on the border to include the migrant protection protocol. any individuals that you just described, what will happen is they'll present themselves to the u.s. border, we'll send them back to mexico to wait while they're going through the asylum process. >> this starts knot of the border in washington, d.c. where democrats have been fundamentally unwilling to do anything to assist this president in addressing the emergency. he wants to build the wall, through the emergency he's going to get additional funds to do so. he's had to go south of the border to address wit the national guard. now mexico is saying we have a problem on our hands and we need to do something to address it. if we don't curb the flow into our country, the problem that existed in the united states becomes our problem. all of this happens because president donald trump has remained laser focused on
4:04 am
focusing on our porous border. i remain skeptical if mexico will create 20,000 jobs. but it only helps putting american first. >> i'm skeptical as well but it's a big accomplishment as a first step from the president. but it's sad that hea had to go to those lengths that he couldn't go to congress saying let's get it done. the president tweeting saying, democrats don't care about border security. they refuse to give the votes necessary to fix the loophole on asylum. they want open borders which means crime crime crime. there he is holding the democrats accountable. i would encourage dus encouragee democratic debates coming up. i want to hear them. if they don't like his approach or the wall, you may have a different approach but you have to address border security and will they.
4:05 am
if you listened to them a few years they were talking about how important border security is and now there's radio silence on that. >> that's a great point. one of the things that the president did this past week was he used a fast track authority to deport anyone who's been here for less than two years, a law that was signed in 1996 by bill clinton. president trump reaching back to the democratic playbook saying we've got to do that. i was out in california at the epped oend of last week lookingn i.c.e. detention facility and we had former i.c.e. director tom homan on the show, here's the headline i.c.e. defengs detentin facilities. the left is working hard to keep information from you. 72% of all migrants detained in an i.c.e. facility are congressionally ma mandated to e detain. 90% of migrants arrested by i.c.e. are convicted criminals
4:06 am
or facing criminal charges. >> i want to hear the same thing in the debates but i don't think we will. the modern democrat party has become the party of illegal immigration. they've embraced. the ivory towers say no human ir patrol, you don't want to build the wall and you might want to tear it down. you mischaracterize at every step. that's what gets folks like tom homan so fired up. take a listen. >> as a director i spent a lot of time and effort, a lot of money on making sure that our facilities were first rate. i've been talking to i.c.e., you need to get the cameras in there and show the american people that the left is not only intentionally misleading, they're out and out lying. the detention standards in i.c.e. are the highest in the
4:07 am
industry that's a stone cold fact. anybody who went to the i.c.e. website and look at the national detention is standards. go in there and read it. you would be impressed at how much money is being spent to make sure we have the best facilities in the country. let's tell the american people to truth. >> let's not forget, tom homan was working for the obama administration. many of these quote cages were 3weu8built in 2014 during the oa administration. >> because congress addressed it then. >> the i.c.e. facility i was at that we did the story yesterday, that was built and opened under the obama administration. it is you see here, they're playing corn hole, they were getting dental care. they have a comfortable existence while they have to be mandated. that all is a pluct o product oe obama administration. what changed? well, it got political.
4:08 am
>> the stats are pivot tall. pivotal. this could be shocking to a lot of people around the country, 90% of migrants arrest rd convicted criminals or facing pending criminal charges. that changes the perception with which you view the actions that president trump thaz taken. tom homan has been a force to be reckoned with. he's deeply disturkd wit disturw the border officials have been vilified. when you look at the statistics of what's happening, they can't sit well with this. this is a very different story that's being painted by democrats who are talking about the generalities of separating children from their parents at the border, things are not happening. >> a bunch of former obama staffers got together and wrote an op-ed in the "washington post." this is a portion, it says we're
4:09 am
african-americanssafrican-amerie patriots and refuse to sit idly by. it goes on to criticize the trump administration. barack obama himself tweeted out saying i've always been proud of what this team accomplished during my administration. but more than what we did, i'm proud of how they're continuing to fight for a america that's better. lots of vagueness there. but obviously this team fully against what the trump administration is trying to do. >> that's fascinating to me that he weighed in on twitter like that. my perception is he was taking a step back. why hasn't he stepped up to endorse joe biden. well, former presidents stay out of primaries. they don't get involved. but this is a pretty vocal display that he has here that he is going to weigh -- i think you're going see him emerge and he's going to have a lot to say
4:10 am
about what's going on. i can't really blame him for that. in hi mind he worked hard to achieve things and that's at stake potentially with trump's relks. reelection. >> you have to give president obama a little bit of room here because, you know, he has this vague comment. but since he's departed office, his legacy to protect but also he's america's first african-american president. a significant milestone in our country. and since he's left racial politics has emerged. kamala harris putting it at the feet of joe biden. president obama gets a little bit of a pass but if you're going to get in, get us and tell us how you really feel. >> you talk about race. the op-ed talks a lot about race and the conversation being had about that but then it slips into policy saying we decry voter suppression.
4:11 am
they're against voter id. i can translate this if you want. we demand equitable access to health care? employment is great right now. quality schools? does a moderate democratic party believe in school choice, vouchers, charter schools? they don't. we can pull it into a policy discussion while they want to make it about race. when you take it to the policy discussion, president trump and republicans win every time they're open to new ideas are the foundation of our country, like capitalism which is not a new idea. >> i'm curious from you the viewers too. do you think president obama will weigh in more and do you think it will be impactful. if he spoke out on bhoof of joee biden do you think that would help? >> would you want to hear from him rather than hearing from a
4:12 am
bunch of staffers. >> i don't know that joe biden would be his pick to be honest. >> when you've got to field they've got, they'll probably start ne new knocking on the doa former president. i don't know if it will be effective. he's running to be the next president of the united states but first he's got to make it through round two of the democrat debate. >> what is john delaney's plan to stand out in the crowded field? we'll ask him next. she joins us live. stay tuned. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real.
4:13 am
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we really pride ourselves on >> temaking it easy for youass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ 2020 democrats gearing up for the next debate. what are they planning to do to stand out from the crowded field. let's ask to to democratic hopeful john delaney.
4:16 am
welcome to the show, as always. >> thanks for having me. >> you have a crowded field here. we saw two crowded debate stages people with lots of name recognition. how do you pl plan to make heady in this group? >> we have to remind the american people that they have a choice to make. becan let the party go too far to the left and put president trump on a path to reelection or we can run on common sense solutions to all of the issues that the american people face, whether it be health care, pharmaceutical prices, infrastructure in their community. what's going on in public schools. that's one of the things that i plan on making sure that democrat primary voters understand, they have a choice and the whois is incredibly important. >> you're sounding like a moderate and sometimes you sound terribly reasonable to be honest in terms of your approach to the issues and i don't know if there's room for that in the democratic primary.
4:17 am
when we're talking about providing free health care to illegal immigrants and everyone is raising their hands with joe biden saying wait, wanting to throw in a caveat. you're in a party where the voters ma i have the expectation of something radical. is there room for you? >> yes. i think most democrats still self identify as problem solving moderates. i mean i am focused 0 solving problems. i'm got of that. but i think what's going on right now in the democratic primary is what i like to call is the social media primary where a lot of the canne candids are trying to move the goal post as far as possible and running on impossible promises. when we get close to iowa and new hampshire, those voters are very much kind of common sense voters. have a lot of experience. been through this before. they know the way that you win -- think about obama and bill clinton, the last two
4:18 am
democratic presidents, they were more center left candidates. if you look at exampling example that, we put up people to the left and they didn't win. we need to get back to the on the ground campaigning. >> i don't know. it's a very different world. a few years ago you had democrats talking about the importance of border security and look where we are. i wouldn't want to be you right now. >> that's one of the reasons i've called for the national service plan. >> talk to me about that. >> i agree with you. i think we've got a significant disease in this country right now which is how terribly divided we are. and i think it's really tearing the country to pieces. i've called for a big national service plan where every young american serves their country obviously in the military or they can do community service, be part of something i'm calling the climate core or do infrastructure, get assigned all over the country to actually serve the country for at least a
4:19 am
year. and i think it would be transformative. it would change how we think about our responsibility and our relationship with each other. and our responsibility and our relationship to this magnificent country. i think we need something big and transformative like national service to really break through and remind the american people that we're all in in together. and this notion of common purpose is the beating hart to what we are as a nation and we cannot continue to be divided as we are now and we need something big to change the way we think about it. >> you just launched this recently so i'm curious to see how this place out in terms of the primary and the general election should you be able to rise in the polls. i want to ask you about universal health care. new numbers are showing that the current health care system is covering nine out of ten people. and you now have many democrats calling 2020 hopefuls calling for the elimination really
4:20 am
essentially of obamacare by putting in a fuel blown government run health care system where people's options to pick their own health insurance and have that freedom of choice is virtually obliterated. does this make sense for democrat to come on the stage saying that the obamacare that we fought so hard for, yeah, that didn't work. we're going to get rid of that. >> fixing th fixing the affordae act should be the first priority. there are things that we can do on a bipartisan basis to improve it. i think every american should have health care as a right. it's smart economic policy. but i absolutely believe that americans should have choices. the democrats who are running on this single pair health care which effectively tells 150 million americans that their private health insurance is illegal. that is a terrible idea. but making sure every american has health care -- we have universal health care right now called the emergency room. if you go into the emergency
4:21 am
room, by right they have to take care of you. that's a dumb form of universal health care. we ought to give the american people choice choices. >> sounding terribly reasonable. good luck talking about choice and options among the field. looking forward to what you have to say in the debates. more great white sharks infiltrating cap cod. the question is why. an expert explains why we should not panic, although i'm already panicking, coming up next. ♪ -keep it down there. i have a system. -keith used to be great to road-trip with. but since he bought his house...
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oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. welcome back. quick headlines for you. a saxophone player a going viral with the help of his furry friend. watch this.
4:25 am
♪ >> that's beautiful. a twitter use passing by this duo on wednesday. and this, one of the biggest online stars is getting its own cereal. ♪ ♪ >> kellogg's is releasing a new limited edition baby shark cereal, the colorful treat will feature leafs and marshmallows. available next month. ♪ >> you missed the griff jeng u s dance. great white shark fever is sweeping cape with over 100 shark sightings. >> this video showing a great
4:26 am
white jumping in front of a boat steeling a fish off of a boy's line. >> what you need to know this summer. let's ask this animal expert. jeff, they got a lot of sharks up in cape cod. >> i'm looking right now out at the water and i'm going fishing today and i cannot want to catch a great white. >> what's the reason? is there a reason why we're seeing more of this? give us some context, will you? >> absolutely, guys. it just comes down to natural wildlife behave your. essentially along the coast of new england, especially in the cape cod area, we've had a stabilization of the environment. this ecosystem, this gorgeous coastal habitat which many ofous treasure is healthier now than it's been in a century. with good conservation we've had a huge increase in great white
4:27 am
sharks favorite shark which are seals. our harvest seal and gray seal population has exploded. if you were here 20 years ago you rarely see a gray seal. i look out every day and see a gray seal. you increase their population and of course you increase their number one predator, the white shark. >> i got to tell you. i saw "jaws" when i was a kid and i hear more sharks. that doesn't make me feel calm. why should i not be nervous by the idea that there's more sharks out there. >> what's interesting is here we're seeing an increase in great white sharks. around the world we're seeing a dramatic decrease in our shark population. we've lost just last year 100 million individual sharks. and we know that an ecosystem, you know, complex marine
4:28 am
ecosystem are at their healthiest when the number one predator is there, right? so here's the thing to remember. i don't know if this is going to re/marelax you or make you more nervous. are you someone who likes the swim? >> i do. yes. but you know, not necessarily with the sharks, if you know what i'm getting at. >> just know in your entire life of multiple decades, and i will not be a fresh person to tell you how many decades i think you've lived, but i will say in your life experience being in the motion, take calm anre assurance knowing you're never more than 100 yards from a shark. yes, we're seeing an increase in sharks in cape cod by we're not seeing an increase in negative human and shark interaction. we had the terrible tragedy last year when the young man from brazil was eaten by a shark,
4:29 am
killed by a shark. but those are anomalies for the most part. >> i'm an east coast surfer from florida of course and in cape cod we're getting the sightings. in fact there was a surfer bitten just in the last 24 hours down in jacksonville. a nip on the arm. the fact is with the presence of the white sharks in cape cod should the beach goers and the surfers take extra precaution because of the extra sightings? >> i think a little caution and a little preparation is worth a pound of cure and one long tourniquet. i would definitely say you want to be more prepared and open minded. there are com common sense thine can do. we've had a rough spring with lots of water. lots of water in new england means murkiness. sharks become confused. if you've being approached by a
4:30 am
16 or 18-foot great white shark and he wants to eat you, he's going to eat you. when you walk away with a minor flesh wound, that shark was trying to assess the situation versus being the predator we've come to imagine them to be. there are common sense things you can do. you like to sur. surf at the time when the water is clear. avoid bad water conditions. i wouldn't do it at dusk and dawn. enjoy yourself, keep your eye open but don't do it with a ham hock stringing around your neck. >> it's good that the seals are back. sock suggesting there are too many, that you overcorrect and you draw more sharks than you want. >> it's an interesting conundrum. we want to see vibrant animal populations because we know these species like gray seals and harbor seals are as much of
4:31 am
this area than we are, and they're integral to the ecosystem. but sometimes management comes into play. and we know there's been competition between fishermen, we've seen stocks of certain fish species go down. these are all real questions we need to ask. >> the question, jeff, you're going fishing right now. if you catch a great white, we want an exclusive on the video. you'll get it. >> thank you for joining us. now on to a fox news alert. police clashing with protesters in hong kong. we'll take you there. plus we're bringing a water park to fox square for national water park day. you do not want to miss it. these kids are warming up. ♪ ♪
4:32 am
4:33 am
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4:35 am
. well, take your pick. attacks by antifa rioters have happened across the country for years now focusing on and taking on nonviolent folks on the other
4:36 am
side, reporters, peaceful protesters, they come out with masks and bats. two republican senators ted cruz and kennedy from louisiana sponsored a bill declaring antifa a terror organization. president trump weighed in on twitter say agreeing with them saying consideration is being given to declaring antifa the gutless left radical wham jobs that go around hitting nonfighters with baseball bats would make it easier for police to do their job. right now there's an unnecessary gray zone where are they peaceful protesters are not. when i see a group coming at me wearing masks to hide their face because they're cowards carrying weapons, they don't look like peaceful. >> and you see the footage. it's not peaceful. you look right there. looking at berkeley, california,
4:37 am
does that look like a peaceful protest to you? it doesn't do the country to correlate what are peaceful protests going on with what antifa is engaging in. the fact that journalists can't go to cover an event in the united states of america would risking they'll be confronted with violence from antifa. i'm glad to see that. >> it comes as no surprise that they've escalated the violence. they started to put their mark on this when president trump was inaugurated on january 20th. they said we're going to oppose this president. but it's getting some backlash. college students, george mason university students are saying that antifa should really be a terrorist organization. take a listen. >> the definition of terrorism is using violence to achieve political means. do you think antifa falls under
4:38 am
that? >> if they're inciting violence, that's definitely an terrorist organization. it's by definition terrorism. >> if they're going and attacking people -- would that be consider a terrorist group? yeah. >> common sense. a lot of these folks identified that they're liberals, not conservatives. but they see the violence is clear. gabriel who was out with with him, a former antifa member, agrees with the president. >> just as 2020 is coming up, this is going to get much worse. their fear that president trump is going to get elected to a second term, that frightenensens antifa to their bone. >> and your point is extremely valid about this is not about left wing, right wing, all sides coming together of all ages and groups condemning violence in protests is pivotal.
4:39 am
>> democratic senate come along cruz and kennedy. >> he said this is the militant wing of the democratic party or are they going to look away and hope it goes away. >> they should come out. headlines for you starting with a fox news alert. we're looking live at hong kong where thousands of protesters have flooded the streets to rally against alleged police brutality. the two sides now facing off in the streets. 13 people were arrested during yesterday's clashes. the unst began last month over a china-backed extradition bill. dramatic video shows a man rip off a car sunroof which he uses to try to attack a police officer. he is now facing assault and mischief charges. you can see him standing on top of the car in the midding of a busy seattle street, ripping off
4:40 am
the sunroof charging at a officer. and this michigan millionaire is giving away 10 million collars this weekend because he feels like being nice. the investor is offering the cash to anyone who follows him on twitter and retweets his post. bill joined us last weekend after he gave 30 grand the and a new car to a veteran after president trump retweeted him. those are your headlines. griff, you got me over there? >> i got you. it is national water park day. what better way to celebrate than with our own water mack set up on the square. this is like a big day for you, national water park day. >> this is what we live for. this is awesome. >> are you guys having fun? >> yeah. >> what have you got here? when i was a kid we had one slip and slide. this is the next level. >> this comes down into a pool.
4:41 am
obviously the kids are having a good time with it. >> absolutely. and you know, you've got this -- they can come and do the whole thing. but this isn't the only one you've got. in fact we have another one over there. what have you got? >> thanks for being with us this morning. so if you don't want the slide itself you can do the slip and slide, old school made great again. >> yeah, we have over 40 unique water slides, a lot of stuff to choose from. >> dwrif and i are going to do a contest as well. griff, are you going now? >> no. >> a few more hours of the show to go. go ahead, guys. >> that's nice right there. if you want this in your back yard, you can. >> we do back yard, park and rec things. >> where is jedidiah? >> i'm down here. >> come on down to the bucket. do we have a video camera down
4:42 am
there? follow us. >> we don't. >> we got to talk about beat the bucket. what is that? >> it's an alternative to a dunk tank. everybody knows about a traditional dunk tank. this is a nice option for younger kids. >> so what is this blue thing in front? >> makes it a competitive thing. they move the blue thing back and forth to defend it. >> they try to block it. >> and then that automatically fills up. >> automatically fills up. hook it up to the hose and let it go. >> can i put pete hegseth in there and will i get him wet? we'll definitely do it later. >> you can rent all of this stuff. >> our website is betty's we do a lot of ymca, summer camps this time of the year. it's fun. >> we're going to have you back later and have some friendly comp tings betweecompetition. i'm doing th the dunking.
4:43 am
>> national water park day. >> appreciate you bringing this. >> see you guys coming up up. a big sunday show ahead, stay tuned.
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
. call it the podcast primary. democrats logging more than 1200 podcast appearances ahead of to to. but will the campaign strategy work? >> here to weigh in is michael knowles, host of the michael knowles show. are we at the podcast primary at this point? >> we absolutely are. totally unselfishly as host of the michael knowles podcast, i encourage conditioned dates and the sitting president to come on podcasts. as you see from 2016 to the
4:47 am
present podcast audiences are way up. about 36% of americans had ever listened to a podcast in 2016. today that number is over 50% ap and the audiences skew much younger. unlike in 2016, in 2020 millennials will approach if not surpass the baby boomers as the larger eligible voter group in america. this is important for democrats who rely on the young voter to go out there. but president trump can't afford to ignore podcasts either. it's an intimate. to ignore podcasts would be like ignoring the television in the '50s. >> let's take a look at the 2020 democrats who have logged the most apersons. mary anne williamson, to andrew yang, 98 appearances, mr. joe
4:48 am
biden, 371 appearances, one day, 23 hours and pete buttigieg, tim ryan, yeah, one day, nine hours, 54 podcast appearances. what do you think needs this the most? i think joe biden could benefit from this a lot. he needs to get his personality out there especially to the young voters who are drawn to the aoc wing of the democratic party. >> of course. joe biden has been in politics is since the mid 19th century. if he wants to prove to voters that he's got modern appeal and relevance, he has to do it. podcast as a medium cuts across all sorts of candidates. you have fringe and dates like mary ann williamson, who are benefiting. and you have people like joe biden who is establishedment as it gets, they're -- joe biden is
4:49 am
also not ignoring podcasts and i think president trump should ofo kus on it as well. he's the king of social media when it comes to politics and the new frontier is podcasting. >> what you lay about about the millennials listening to the podcast -- in full disclosure i ran a half mayor thoon with my 18-year-old daughter, i was listening to led zeppelin, she was listening to a podcast. >> technology is changing rapidly, so are the media. and if twitter was the key to 2016, if youtube was the key to 2008 and 2012, podcasting is the key to 2020. >> thank for being here. peand i hope you book some of te big guns on your bed cast. >> that'podcast.great to see yo. a doctor joins us live to break down the latest fact versus fiction in our health edition coming up next.
4:50 am
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♪ well, it's time to separate health, fact versus fiction. >> yeah. we're breaking down the craziest health stories of the week. like is crying actually good for you. >> here to help is the doctor. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> every week there's stories that we don't know what to do with and we sum them um and you're going to guess. >> fact or fiction, crying may actually be good for your health. >> fact. >> why did i know you were going to say that? >?>> you cry when you're sad. >> crying is an expression of emotion. and a study came out saying it
4:54 am
is good for your health and particularly your spons responso stress. they studied 200 women, measure ared their heart rate and breathing. women who cried had lower breathing rates when they were performing a stressful task. crying may help you cope with stress. let that emotion out. >> no crying on this show. >> moving on. number two. so for blood pressure, it's only the top number that actually matters. is that fact or fiction? >> i don't know what either number means so i'm going to go with fiction. >> you're all correct. this is actually a very large study that came out this week. when it comes to blood pressure we have two number numbers numb. they're measuring how much pressure your blood is exerting on your arteries when your heart is beating. traditionally the top number is the one that the doctors look ad
4:55 am
at. but this study found that the lower number was also important in terms of predicting your risk of heart attack and stroke. you want to pay attention to both numbers, generally 120 over 80 is what you want to aim for or lower. >> lower or better. >> you don't want to put a lot of pressure on your arteries. spicey diets may be linked to dementia. >> this is hard. depends on what's making it spice ya. >y.>> i can't remember. i'm going to go with fact. >> you are correct. >> depends on what's making it spicey. >> there was a study that came out looking at chili powder and peppers and associating that with a higher dementia risk. these were chinese subjects and found that those who have the spiceyest diet had a higher risk of dementia. however there are studies in the
4:56 am
past to link spicey food to a lower blood pressure. >> we've got to get to the last one. >> this is a good one. paleo. the paleo diet has some links to heart disease. fact or fiction. fact fact fact. absolutely. this is a study that came out this week. paleo is where they encourage high protein, low carb. >> i would put fiction. i was thinking of something else. i'm switching my vote. i'm switching. >> wrong answer. >> this is what i want to be right. >> red meat actually in the paleo diet increases a compound that is linked to heart disease. whole grains are important you want to incorporate in the diet. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. he's collaborated with big names like keith urban and billy ray cyrus.
4:57 am
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just to help you improve your skills. boom! mad skills. education to take your trading to the next level. only with td ameritrade. jedediah: you guys ready for that? pete: yeah, it's sunday, july 28 and i know every july 28 it's national water park day. jedediah: and there's a bit of a dunk, it's not a dunk tank, but it's this thing where you throw the balls and then water and a little bucket can fall on someone and i've decided i'm going to throw and pete gets wet pete: um, that is fiction, okay? griff: [laughter] pete: she might not be able to do the obstacle course but you are more than capable, my dear, of sitting underneath the water
5:01 am
bucket as griff and i compete at the end, whoever can hit it first the bucket of water will fall on jedediah. griff: and i've been sizing it up out there, right? it's down, through, roll back. jedediah: you study it and you both want payback on me and i see how this goes now, but it's not going to happen. pete: the only way you're a fair judge is when the water hits you on the head and you can say who did it to you first. jedediah: i don't trust you people just so you know. griff: it's going to be fun but before we play we must work and there is news this morning. president trump doubling down on his criticism of maryland congressman elijah cummings in his district in baltimore. jedediah: as deputies use the feud for the latest attack on president trump. pete: even a few tweets a few moments ago, mark meredith joins us live in washington with more on the brewing battle. >> good morning to you, pete. this morning president trump is back on twitter defending his comments from saturday, about maryland democratic congressman elijah cummings. the president accused cummings
5:02 am
of ignoring his district needs and now the president is adding more, and this is what he had to say on twitter within the last half hour or so. he goats "the democrats always play the race car when in fact they is done so little for our nations great african american people. now lowest unemployment in u.s. history and only getting better. elijah cummings has failed badl" congressman cummings was born and raised in baltimore, represented his district since 1996. on saturday he fired back from the president's initial tweets from yesterday. he wrote "mr. president, i go home to my district daily, each morning i wake up and i go fight for my neighbors this is part of the tweet. " house speaker nancy pelosi calls cummings a champion for civil rights and she had to say "we all reject racist attacks against him and support his steadfast leadership. the president also mentioning pelosi on twitter within the last half hour, and this back and fourth comes after republican strategist was right here on fox & friends on saturday, discussing what she found in the baltimore area.
5:03 am
>> the conditions in his own district and a lot of people said he hasn't even been there in a while are atrocious and it's abandoned row homes, homeless attics, and empty needles that are used and it's really right next door. reporter: baltimore's mayor is pushing back quite a bit saying this is completely unacceptable, and the hometown newspaper quotes several city leaders say they are outraged over the president's tweets making front page news not only in baltimore but all the way across the country. guys back to you. griff: mark thank you very much you know that most recent tweet i'm not sure it's entirely fair to point just at elijah cummings as the president did. baltimore has had a lot of problems and we saw those during the freddie grey rights that happened back in 2015, and elijah cummings district is not just baltimore but when you talk about the actual numbers in baltimore and some of what kim was trying to point out it is
5:04 am
not better. look at the homans in baltimore, this year compared to last year. an 18% increase this year, 184 compared to 156 this time last year, when you look at the non- fatal shootings in baltimore , this year to last year, 414 this year, only 316 last year, up 31% increase. pete: griff i love you but it's totally fair to call out a member of congress whose been there for two decades and his district hasn't gotten any better. president trump watches these hearings and watches elijah cummings trash him and his voter s by extension and then he says why don't you take a look in your backyard? and lives of your forgotten men and women have not gotten better he is the see something say something president. like it or not he uses his twitter sword to do it and then it triggers a conversation about do democrats really serve the inner city well with their policies, pumping money at failed bureaucracy, failed
5:05 am
public schools not willing to let police actually police those areas the way they need to to provide safety for those citizens? that's the policy conversation president trump wants to have yet they make it all about race. jedediah: i think this is about policy and what i'm most interested in hearing from in instances is not from politicians, but people in the community living that every day. we have heard from some of them coming forward saying if they feel their politicians have neglected them if they feel the living conditions they are living in are less than what they should be i want to hear their voices and i want to hear them, all on their elected representatives. i don't care if they are democrats or republicans, to do the job that they were elected to do because those are the very people that elected you and trusted you and put you in there , thinking that you have their back and if they are dissatisfied those are the voices, if nothing else it highlights an issue that there is an issue in part of that district that needs to be addressed and i don't really care who addresses it but that those people are offered a better opportunity and a better -- pete: elijah cummings had his
5:06 am
chance to address it for decades and he hasn't gotten it done. griff: we go back, you got to look back at what democrats were saying at that time. let me show you the new york post headline from april 28, 2015. obama calls baltimore rioters which was breaking out on that day. criminals and thugs and the baltimore sun headline december 8 a few months afterwards but bernie sanders starting to weigh in saying he was likening west baltimore to a third world country can you imagine if president trump were to say that? by the way here is sanders. pete: yup it's on tape. >> anyone who talked the walk that we talk, we took, around this neighborhood would not think you're in a wealthy nation you would think that you were in a third world country. what we're talking about is a community in which half of the people don't have jobs. >> [applause] we're talking about a community in which there are 100 buildings that are unin habitable.
5:07 am
pete: if you look at communities around the country, black unemployment, hispanic unemployment at all times record lows which if you have a good job and an opportunity to lift yourself up that's a good thing and president trump, famously said he was trashed for it by the so-called mainstream media. what do you have to lose to these communities that the have been bought and paid for members of the democrat party has taken them for granted for years, their votes, yet not delivered on a better life for them and their families this is yet another crystallization of that discussion. jedediah: and also you have to be able to call these things out whether you're bernie sanders or president trump, i don't care republican or democrat you have to be able to draw attention to the communities that need the help of elected officials without immediately the knee jerk reaction is always racist, but let's look beyond that. like forget the tweets. forget about that and let's talk about what's actually going there and what the constituents are telling us, because they deserve better. griff: let me tell you what bernie sanders does not want you to bring attention to and that is another story in the news today on health care. remember, bernie sanders is the
5:08 am
father of taking private insurance, throwing it out the door and putting a government plan in place, because he says he wants access. well, guess what? access we are learning, 9/10 people actually have coverage but before we get to these numbers, let us play you a little bit of montage on what the 2020 democrats who have all pretty much fully embraced medicare for all are saying. >> well healthcare is a basic human right. >> we will have medicare for all, where tens of millions of people are prepared to stand up and tell the companies and the drug companies that their day is gone. that healthcare is a human right >> we can guarantee healthcare is a right not a privilege. raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. >> [applause] pete: so if you're from west baltimore and you're looking at that saying what about my health insurance and quality premiums and things i should get that's the disconnect in the democrat party but if you look at the
5:09 am
stats if they are yelling about access almost 91% of americans do have access to health insurance. the problem is with obamacare and government-run systems and the meddling in the free market, premiums and the costs have sky rocketed do you really think government, jed, is going to bring costs down? jedediah: no and it's the issue of nobody likes to talk about quality or choice because if you remember you can keep your doctor that promise is broken a lot of people, they could no longer use the doctors of their choice. you have to empower the individual in the system so that someone out there feels that they are in control of their own healthcare, their own healthcare decisions. that is what's key here but what's interesting is i joke to john delaney, running for president in 2020 and spoke to him last hour with a packed stage and a lot of big names to compete with but he talks about how he backed universal health care but he also believes in the importance of choice. take a listen. i do think we need universal healthcare. i think every american should have healthcare as a right and it's also smart economic policy
5:10 am
but i absolutely believe americans should have choices. the democrats were running on this single payer health care, which effectively tells 150 million americans that their private health insurance is illegal. that is a terrible idea. jedediah: yeah, so delaney is running at the wrong time because there's no room for him in this party and i asked him that is there room for you and he feels that there is. auto it have some doubts about that but the things he's saying are terribly reasonable and they sound like listen, he supports universal health care and he does support a heavy government involvement in the industry i do not but also listen if you removal of the choice on all of the options you'll turn off such a large segment of the population that it still feels that when it comes to their personal health nothing gets more personal than your health. they want more control of that situation. griff: here is the problem and that is when john delaney or bernie sanders and everyone else we see on this stage on tuesday and wednesday talk about universal healthcare. you're playing to this belief amongst progressives and liberal
5:11 am
s that the healthcare system is in a meltdown. it's not. nine out of ten people according to the national center health studies numbers show that so the 90% covered what are you doing about the cost? all that we're getting so far is an offer like we'll let the government take care of it and as he points out traditionally that hasn't worked out. pete: you want the government to run your healthcare? ask a veteran, ask the vet how it's going with the va bureaucracy who spent $180 billion on that system to serve a small sliver of the population and the care ends up with wait times, they can't get into see a doctor. that's what you want for the whole population? good idea. jedediah: what good is the access if you can't afford it and you don't have any say in which doctor you go to and you feel like your whole health dynamic is being run by a washington bureaucrat. because i know -- pete: exactly what will happen. jedediah: you don't think of it like that. you think of the government, it's do good government, but this is a bunch of bureaucrats who sit in a room and make rules about your personal decisions and your life. that is not going to resonate
5:12 am
with a whole bunch of people. i respect with john delaney for standing out but i need to see the real solution. we'll turn to headlines for you now. you're looking live at hong kong , where thousands of protesters have flooded the streets to rally against alleged police brutality. the two sides now facing off as riot police fired tear gas over the crowd, for a second straight day. 13 people were arrested during yesterday's clashes. the unrest began last month, over a china-backed extradition bill. >> and the father charged in the death of his infant twins after leaving them in a hot car is reportedly on suicide watch. juan rodriguez sobbed in a new york courtroom as he pleaded not guilty to multiple charges including manslaughter. authorities said he is in consolable. he told police he thought he dropped the two off at daycare is due back in court on thursday >> the long time voice of iconic disney character has died.
5:13 am
>> i traded my wand to get you that case. >> and i traded mine to get a chain for your watch. >> oh, mickey i can't believe you gave up what means the most to you, for me. jedediah: the official voice of mini in 1986 carrying on the role of theme parks more more than 30 years and she was married to the voice of mickey mouse, until his death in 2009. pete: really? jedediah: that's what it says. i did not know that but the cause of death was not reported and she was 75 and will be missed greatly. i absolutely loved the voice of minnie mouse and i grew up with her and she will be greatly missed. griff: indeed. well this week i got an exclusive look at an i.c.e. facility in california. our next guest, an angel mom, who says she broke down after learning her son's killer stayed there for more than a year. you will talk to her, next.
5:14 am
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united rentals. >> you mean humane treatment? >> yeah, i think it is. i think it is. it's a blessing to wake up and have a little bit of freedom and get out and watch tv, and be able to talk to other detainees, and other places, you don't get that treatment. griff: we took you inside one of the largest i.c.e. facilities in the nation, the same place where our next guest said her son's killer was held for a year and a half. dominique durdan was on his way to work in 2012 when he was hit and killed by an illegal immigrant with a record of drunk driving convictions. his mom joins us and now you saw
5:18 am
the piece we did and you reached out to me on twitter with this heartbreaking news, just share with our country your reaction to what you saw in my piece? >> i came in a little late, so i didn't know it was him but once i noticed the front entrance, i started shaking, and i started breaking down, because it took me back to a place where for a year and a half, i went to that place every week to sit there, make sure the killer of my son wasn't going to be released, and i had no idea why i couldn't even be in a hearing, why i couldn't sit back watching him try to defend himself. i had to sit upfront or in a holding visitation cell with his family members. i had no idea, it was club med behind the door. they had soccer, games, lawyers. i had no clue and just to hear
5:19 am
that, it took everything in me not to run out of the house screaming. it just, my son's taxes that he paid as a law-abiding citizen paid for his killer's comfy stay griff: and sabine, as we saw they are able to get dental care , they have 24 hour health care. you were by the way at that facility as well because when you're there, there are six justice immigration courtrooms actually on site but i think, you know, what we want to talk to you about is really, do you think that it's fair? we talked to tom homan, he says they are doing the detention standards even better than what the guidelines are set for and we have people calling these concentration camps but do you think that these people who are getting their day in court are being treated fairly? >> they shouldn't have that kind of luxury.
5:20 am
we have american citizens out on the street that wish they could stay there for a weekend, and i noticed one thing that illegal aliens, whether they get caught, or whether they just sneak in and don't get caught, it's a win -win for them, and they go to club med, they get their dental, medical issues taken care of. if they don't get caught, they work under the table, make tax- free money an send it back while our american citizens don't have that. it's not fair. they should have three warm meals, and get out out of this country. deported swiftly. griff: just quickly do you leave the trump adminitration is doing the right thing when it comes to the immigration issue? >> i absolutely stand with my president, yes, sir. griff: all right, sabine durden, thank you for joining us and again our thoughts and prayers go out to you. thanks for being here. thank you, griff, appreciate it griff: joe biden taking some heat for voting for the iraq war
5:21 am
back in 2002. will his record keep coming back to haunt him? we'll ask mike had when he joins us live, coming up next. you ever wish you weren't a motaur? sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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pete: been at the top of the charts for like 18 weeks back with quick headlines country music star refused to perform his hit song to pete buttigieg at a new york city event. the rapper rejecting the 2020 candidates request, according to the daily beat because he didn't want it to appear as if he was endorsing a candidate. he's collaborated with each people on each iteration keeping it on top of the charts, no to mayor pete and this as kim
5:25 am
kardashian west announces her collaboration on prison reality star in washington, and writing in part, we filmed the documentary i'm working on that will be out on oxygen and i hope you will learn about the justice system the way i have. no word yet on when the film will come out. jedediah: good for her. griff: interesting. ahead of this week's next round of democratic debates joe biden trying to explain his 2002 vote in support of the iraq war. >> the mistake i made was trusting president bush who gave me his word he was using this for the purpose of getting inspectors into see what was going on, whether they were producing nuclear weapons. jedediah: here to weigh in fox news contributor mike huckabee. mike, welcome to the show. >> thank you very much. good to be with you. jedediah: joe biden has a lot of issues to contend with, maybe he will do a little debate prep this time around to make us all happy, but what do you think he's going to say about this vote on the iraq war if he's asked about it?
5:26 am
>> well joe has a lot of things to have to answer in his so-called experience, because it's his experience that's taint ing his campaign. joe's changed his positions in almost everything. he's making mitt romney look consistent. that's just how joe flies, and one of the things that i think joe's problem is, everything that he has taken a position on through his long political career, let me say his long political career, dating back to the early 70s, he's basically switched his position. this vote on the iraq war, his excuse for that is i trusted president bush. well, if he did, and he was wrong to trust president bush, i don't know that he was, but if he was, then it shows that he doesn't have good judgment, that he can't assess things very well all the more reason not to let him be president. pete: you know, former secretary of defense famously said biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy decision over the last 40 years and he also didn't want to do the binned la en raid and barack obama overruled him.
5:27 am
do you think foreign policy, i mean, doesn't feel like a foreign policy moment, will this really hurt him or is it how he has to explain everything away? >> i just think that it's the cumulative effect of biden's experience that's going to hurt him. what you just said the bob gates quote is just devastating but also very accurate and people who served with him everyone likes him on a personal level. i don't know of anyone that doesn't like joe biden just as a good old joe biden but i don't know that many people who say now there's a brainiac, there's a guy we should put ahead of mit or harvard. nobody that i know who knows him says that about him. griff: governor, you had a great politician, and i want to play a sound bite here, a montage actually of what voters feel, and as a great politician you understand, it's the will of the voters that matters the most. listen to this and then i have a question for you. >> joe biden in my opinion is hillary clinton 2.0, just about the worst thing that the
5:28 am
democrats could do. >> some in this group haven't forgiven biden for his recent comments about working alongside segregation senators. i did not buy his explanation and i don't feel like he gave an authentic apology. >> you in particular have a problem with biden in his support of the 1994 crime bill. griff: those are democrats and independents so governor i ask you if you could give biden some advice now on what he needs to do, what would it be? >> quit talking. just quit talking, joe. and there's a reason i say that and it's because there's an maximum politics that goes like this. when you're explaining, you're losing, and it's just as simple as that. when you have to explain your position, or in his case, his many positions on the same issue , you're losing ground, and that's what we're seeing. his poll numbers are beginning to plummet. when you have democrats who are calling him hillary .2-0, when i heard that i thought if i were
5:29 am
biden that would sting deeply. griff: so for tuesday if you're biden you go on the offensive and never look back? >> yeah, i think that's a large measure of what he's got to do. he can't just sit there and let people like kamala harris knock the stuffing out of him, and give a benign smile. he's got to either fight back, or he needs to dropout of the race, because he's going to be the target as long as he's the front runner. they are going to go after him and he has to fight back. he needs to learn something from someone he doesn't care much more but as a much better politician he needs to learn from president trump. jedediah: governor appreciate your take. i've just got to say i think he's not very good at this. i think sometimes there's an unwillingness on the part of alan a lists that just isn't very good at this. hillary clinton was not a good political candidate and neither was joe biden and that might be his unfortunate reality. >> yeah, i think you're right honestly. i believe that assessment is
5:30 am
very accurate. he's good campaigning for other people. he's not so good campaigning for himself because he can talk about their records. the problem is when he has to talk about his, he's in deep trouble. jedediah: that's right. pete: governor mike huckabee, thank you very much for your time on this sunday. >> thanks, you got it. pete: well the internet going wild over favorite mexican food. >> you can't beat a taco. pete: the social media firestorm , coming up, next. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service.
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5:35 am
it's actually el salvador, correct? griff: it is it's a flat pita- type thing and they put meat, cheese, beans very very good. jedediah: refried beans it's really good. they're absolutely delicious but obviously he made a mistake because they were asking what his favorite mexican food was and it's not a food that originates from mexican so social media went crazy. griff: you're looking at it. jedediah: god bless you, leo, you choosing pupusas over tacos makes you the feel mvp of hollywood and the list goes on, and it has made me a bigger fan that's actually a really funny tweet because leo was not in growing pains, it was like did you get it, pete? because you look a little confused. pete: i'm confused. jedediah: so he was making a joke. griff: this tweet, tacos, i'm sorry for your loss. pete: we're just now learning that he was in growing pains.
5:36 am
jedediah: he was? pete: apparently he was, only geniuses prefer pupusas, i can't even say it, over tacos. i'd go with burritos have you tried the taco bowl at trump tower? i hear it's good. >> [laughter] pete: remember the picture? i'm just trying to bring it back jedediah: let's ask for fewer comments. first of all what is your favorite mexican food? for me it's the taco and also did did you know that he was in growing pains? i did not know that. i'm a big fan since titanic and the fact that i know that i also watched growing pains. griff: and by the way we're going to include pupusas as an option in your friends@foxnews .com. pete: we're very inclusive. jedediah: we'll turn to headlines for you now. u.s. israeli forces test a new air weapon defense system, the interoceptor stopped a simulated ballistic missile above the
5:37 am
earth's atmosphere in alaska, and aimed at defending against ballistic missiles firing against iran and other hostile nations and two people are hurt in separate shark attacks in florida and one of the incidents caught on camera, a man is bit in the arm while surfing at jacksonville beach. about 100 miles south another man was bitten in the thigh while boogy boarding and griff will explain to me and weighing in with some tips earlier. take a listen. >> you like to surf, avoid bad weather conditions. i wouldn't be doing it at dusk and dawn. jedediah: both men are expected to be okay. and here is a getaway destination for those who like living on the edge. a turkish design firm unveiling this concept, art, for a hotel, built into the side of a cliff in norway. oh, wow the multi-level structure would feature a see- through pool suspended nearly 2,000 feet in the air and the project has not yet been approved and those are your
5:38 am
headlines. i would venture there. pete: i approved that project. jedediah: that looks pretty awesome. i think i would take that trip. would it be worth living on the edge? griff: only if i can surf when i'm there. pete: in norway? griff: no but in that area there's really one of the only places unexplored is that area, with the waves not a lot of people are there. pete: did the vikings do a lot of surfing? [laughter] jedediah: can't you just be happy with a swimming pool? you got to just go into the danger zone. griff: it's where you go after you surf in norway. pete: what is the weather in norway. rick: i actually know the answer to that question which is incredibly nerdy. the heat wave we had across europe has retreated and moved up towards the north around norway and the arctic circle which is not so great news to have that heat up there so it's actually hot especially in northern norway, there you go you thought you could stump me.
5:39 am
take a look at the weather and show you what's going on here across the lower 48 we've got another hot day, but not nearly as hot as we were a week ago. anywhere you see that red is where temperatures will feel like over 90 degrees that's today. it is going to be warm, not nearly as bad as we were throughout last week, in fact we've got a pretty nice day overall in-store. we're going to see a few scattered showers across the areas of interior up state new york and far northern new england and not wash your day out by any means don't worry about it. feel see the afternoon showers popping up spotty for us in florida again, and same goes across parts of louisiana. heavier rain this morning across areas of the northern plains moving in towards minnesota a little bit later on could see maybe a little bit of hail and strong winds with some of those storms and out across across the west it's just hot, dryer across arizona, around the four corners for the next couple of days we'll see that monsoon moisture move back in. are you surprise i knew the weather in norway? jedediah: i'm not actually. pete: i'm in awe. the reservoir of knowledge, rick
5:40 am
richmuth. rick: it's nerdom. pete: a dangerous place. rick thanks a lot. rick: you bet. pete: well he lost his brother in the sandy hook massacre and has been an advocate for school safety ever since even meeting president trump. griff: now j. t. lewis is running for office in his home state. he's here live, you'll hear from him. >> ♪ ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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5:44 am
chicago. >> what did you think? i was scared. i got everyone out of that house i was trying to save them. griff: no was one hurt and our young hero, jayden espinosa says he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. pete: it's nearly seven years since 20 kids were killed at the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. one of those students was six- year-old jessie lewis. jessie's brother j. t. turning grief into advocacy meeting with presidents obama and trump to push for stronger school safety measures, and now the 19-year-old college sophomore is honoring his brother's legacy with a bid for the state senate. joining us now, connecticut state senate candidate, j. t. lewis thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. perfectionist a big step deciding to run for office. you're doing it in honor of your brother running as a republican challenging a republican incumbent for that seat. why? >> about a year and a half, two
5:45 am
years after the shooting my mom started a foundation, a social emotional learning program in schools, and we wanted to bring it to connecticut a state that just experienced a mass shooting like that, such a large scale, and you think this would be a state where everyone is very open to new ideas that previous ideas haven't worked. we called our state senator and he never returned our phone call we made many calls to his office , never returned the phone calls. fast forward a few years i'm 19, old enough to run, i've had a lot of experience under my belt now, and i'm ready to challenge them and bring real leadership to connecticut. pete: what differences would you guys have on school safety, which is an issue that has been big for you, as far as arming teachers, weapons? >> well so i don't support arming teachers you'd have to have the teacher support to do that. that's a big concept, but as far as armed guards and police in schools i'm very big on that and i'll tell you what in sandy hook there was no armed guard, no police officer, the shooter shot out the front glass doors an killed kids and people ask me do
5:46 am
i wish there was an armed guard? of course i do and as far as the difference between me and senator long on school safety, i will support school safety. he's just getting around to it now six and a half years later. pete: we asked the state senator for a statement and he said i appreciate and respect anyone's desire to run for public office and my experienced record of accomplishments and engaged representation of our community speaks for itself. to be clear my state senate term did not start until january 2015 i will always rise above accusations and political negatives, so he's trying to get out in front of this saying hey, i wasn't representing that district when this happened. >> when you became a state senator for our district and you signed up for that responsibility you should have accepted a phone call from a family that lost a son and a brother to gun violence, and the fact that he didn't return that call is very, it explains the type of leadership we have in connecticut and the type of leadership i want to come in and fix and be a leader that returns a call like that. pete: uh-huh. are we doing enough on school safety these days?
5:47 am
>> no, of course not, and i got into school safety after parkland really. i saw those kids get up and fight their gun control, a cause nobel as it is it isn't working. i want to do something today that could prevent the shooting tomorrow. that was my motto and it wasn't gun control, it wasn't getting done so i started advocating for school safety which is arm guards, police, cameras, anything to secure the schools. pete: guns in the hands of good guys. >> exactly it's that simple and six months later i was in the oval office releasing the federal school safety report with the president whose been very helpful to our family on this cause and really i have to thank him for that, and six months later in the oval office releasing the federal school safety report the most comprehensive school safety report in history with the president so it goes to show you if you put your mind to do it you can. pete: when is the election? >> it's in august of 2020 is the primary. i win that and then november 2020. pete: we will follow it. jt lewis thank you. no matter what you're standing up for what you believe in. that's right we're already getting things done. pete: what's the website?
5:48 am
>> jt for pete: shame less plug, love it. thanks, jt. thanks. pete: you're used to seeing her behind the anchor's desk on the fox news channel now on some level is taking the stage, teaming up with country artist, both of them are here, to perform, live, coming up next. can't beat that. >> ♪ ♪ here you go little guy. a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. the business of road trips...
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5:51 am
pete: welcome back. well you're used to seeing her behind the desk on the fox news channel and now arthel neville is teaming up with country artist. jedediah: joining us now, welcome, everyone. i am so excited and we're getting ready to hear some
5:52 am
amazing music. i want to ask you what was the inspiration for this whole process. so kp, a couple of years ago, when i did a segment on him for fox extra, and he stayed in touch telling me about his various projects he was working on and i took a liking to kp, because not only was he talented and he's a real strong family man and i really admire that about him so one day my husband and i were going through some music and i said do you know what? i'm going to write a song for kp , and he said you will you will so then here we are today. jedediah: pretty saw som stuff. pete: and kp, on your side, did you ever think this kind of collaboration would come? >> no i was just already thankful that she allowed me to be on her show and just gave me that opportunity so when she introduced this song, i like just fell in love right away. >> and so what happened is i wrote all of the lyrics and then i collaborated with kp on the melody and my husband helped
5:53 am
with all of the instrumentation so i was able to talk to that. >> definitely. it's all fun to collaborate. pete: what was the inspiration for the lyrics themselves? >> so that's a good question. you'll see the hook in there. it was a fall morning, and i just started writing, and then i wrote the song actually top to bottom, sometimes you do it in pieces, and right when i looking for a chorus, i swear to you, a leaf blew in my window. jedediah: wow. griff: wow. it's amazing how it all comes together. let's hear it. jedediah: "driving me crazy ♪ > ♪ ♪
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> [applause] pete: from the song, you can download "drivin me crazy" and support these two, well done. jedediah: awesome job, guys. we absolutely love it. we were dancing away up there. still ahead coming up, jason chaffetz and maria bartiromo joaning us live. don't miss it. >> ♪ ♪
5:57 am
and here we have another burst pipe in denmark. if you look close... jamie, are there any interesting photos from your trip? ouch, okay. huh, boring, boring, you don't need to see that. oh, here we go. can you believe my client steig had never heard of a home and auto bundle or that renters could bundle? wait, you're a lawyer? only licensed in stockholm. what is happening? jamie: anyway, game show, kumite, cinderella story. you know karate? no, alan, i practice muay thai, completely different skillset.
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>> ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, i'm walking on sunshine, i'm walking on sunshine ♪ jedediah: walking on sunshine, good music and perfect for national water park day, we've got our own water park right there. pete: we will be in about 45 minutes jedediah will be seated underneath a bucket and water will be dumped on her health by either myself or griff jenkins. jedediah: i'm going to guarantee to the viewers that pete will be sitting under that bucket and i'm willing to bet money on it. pete: if you're going to be betting bet on me to beat pete because i spent all of my childhood in water parks in florida and now on this special day, they have put on fox square
6:01 am
a water park all for me to beat you, the slide and then to dive through that palm tree thing as you see. jedediah: that's a cool slide. griff: get out of the pool and you go strong like that kid does and then you'll come back and you'll do the dunk tank. pete: i'm happy to be an under dog, griff you are an opponent as always. jedediah: and it's a pretty good slide, when they first started off saying we'll have a water park i was expecting a little tiny pool like the baby pools we have in the backyard. pete: on fox & friends? jedediah: i couldn't believe it. you guys are trying to make me jealous because i can't do this stuff with the baby in the belly but next summer, man oh, i'm smoking you both, man. griff: i actually don't know a whole lot about water slides i'm making it all up. pete: it's working my background is in attaching three slip and slides together, you know, for me, and for my kids, and then sliding as far as humanly possible but when you do it on
6:02 am
lawns you've got to be careful what's underneath. jedediah: that's true. griff: i don't know anything about the water park but i do know a little bit about mexico and the immigration and border crisis, because i've covered so much of it, and we're talking this morning about a headline that you may not hear a lot about, except for here and that is that this is a reuters headline by the way, mexico to help create 20,000 jobs in honduras to curb migration. it's so very important, because we really have to look at the big picture here, and mexico stepping up, in several ways. pete: yeah, i mean, this is, there have been negotiations and discussions between the two countries, about trying to stem the flow of migrants who make their way through mexico to get to the united states. why are they having those conversations? well we have a commander-in-chief whose been putting pressure on mexico to actually do something or else he's going to have to take measures into his own hands which he's already done because democrats won't work with him so to see what the mexicans are doing even if it doesn't all come to fruition is a reflection
6:03 am
of priorities of this president and we'll see what happens with those jobs. jedediah: on that note of democrats not working with the president the president tweeted this. democrats don't care about border security they refuse to give the votes necessary to fix the loopholes and asylum would be so easy, they want open borders, which means crime, crime, crime, and the president has been holding the seat of the democrats to the fire for a very long time saying listen i've been trying to solve this crisis at one point alluding to the fact he got more help from mexico than he got from congress on this issue and it's true, really. i mean, he has tried to put things on the table, solutions that could bring people together to try to prevent, incentivizing this problem and he's gotten nowhere so i'm a little bit skeptical about what's going to happen in terms of honduras we have to wait and see how this plays out but it's a good first step he's even making this conversation so center stage that now you have these central american countries and you have mexico as welcoming to the table and saying how can we help. we have to -- pete: i love what you said last hour abdomen border security. democrats love to talk about
6:04 am
immigration and illegal immigration and giving health care to illegal immigrants and drivers license to illegal immigrants. what do they have to say today about border security? almost nothing. griff: well no that's not true. they say abolish i.c.e. hearing, really, interviewed castro's last debate i'll talk to him again this tuesday and wednesday and he says well you've got to break it apart, i.c.e. and we've got protesters we just saw a few weeks ago. pete: is that border security or border in security? griff: protesting the detention facilities all across the country, out in aurora, colorado well i went out on thursday, and it aired on friday, the detention center that inside look at one of the biggest i.c.e. facilities in the country , and one important viewer was watching. sabine durden's son was killed in 2012 by an illegal immigrant drunk driver and she said she was stunned and broke down to see how good they had it inside that facility. listen here. >> my son's taxes that he paid
6:05 am
as a law-abiding citizen paid for his killers comfy stay in ad elanto. they shouldn't have that kind of luxury. we have american citizens out on the street that wish they could stay there for a weekend. jedediah: this is who i want to hear from. these angel moms, because when politicians talk about this, it becomes a political debate and the truth is this isn't about politics. this is about a solution, because there is the humanitarian crisis, there is overcrowding in these processing centers. there are border patrol abouts that say listen we can't do our job because of the over crowding and this influx of people across-the-boarders that no one is doing anything to stop incentivizing, so this shouldn't be a political talking point and i think when you hear from angel moms it stops being a political talking point and starts being a real story that effected real people and real lives around this country. pete: yeah, i served down at guantanamo bay, cuba with a guard down there and do you remember the misinformation about the horrible treatment of detainees? very few members of congress
6:06 am
went down to guantanamo bay to tour the facility and when they did they are shocked by amount of care that these terrorists who came to kill americans, got to compare that to i.c.e. facilities but the same dynamics at play, very few people do what you do, griff go down and actually see what's happening and when they are honest about it they are shocked by the level of care and frankly compassion that most of these folks in that facility were criminals or at least charged with a criminal offense they get from our government it's a total misinformation campaign to make the president look bad. they didn't say the same thing about obama when those facilit ies existed. griff: and on that note of misinformation, tom homan, the former i.c.e. director put out an op-ed that nails a couple of here is the headline, i.c.e. detention facilities the left is working hard to keep critical information from you but here is a nugget that you really need to see and that is he says 72% of all migrants detained in an i.c.e. facility are congressionally mandated to be
6:07 am
there, nearly 90% of them are convicted criminals, or facing pending criminal charges. pete: so we're protesting outside of an i.c.e. facility, we're protesting our government holding almost overwhelmingly illegal so they are already here illegally and then criminals as well. griff: correct. jedediah: i don't think a lot of people know that's why the stats are so important. i think the stats are jarring once they get on to the public and tom homan sat on the frontlines of defending border security agents and trying to get a lot of the misinformation that came from the left. listen to what he had to say about that. >> as a director i spent a lot of time and effort and a lot of money on making sure our facilities were first rate and so i said, i've been talking, you need to get cameras in there and show the american people that the left is not only intentionally misleading. they are out and outlying. the detention standards at i.c.e. are the highest in the industry. that is a fact. that's a stone cold fact and anybody that wants the i.c.e. website and look at the national
6:08 am
retention standards go in there and read it . you'd be impressed how much effort and how much money is being spent to make sure we got the best facilities in the country. enough from the left on the false narrative. let's tell the american people the truth. griff: you know, to tom's point by the way, nine democrat california congress members went into that same facility we went to a year ago on august 15 and came out and said oh, their detainees are being mistreated that they lack inadequate resources, the i.c.e. director of the la field office that gave us that tour said he hopes that all of the critics and members of congress will come back and see what he showed us to see the truth. pete: do you know whose being mistreated? the citizens of west baltimore, living in these terrible conditions that the president is pointing out saying okay democrats are obsessed with the border making our border patrol agents look bad, they want the border wide open yet you have citizens of all races and creed saying what about my backyard where i've got an opioid drug problem or open trash on the
6:09 am
street where my elected leaders aren't serving the interest. if you want to have that debate president trump is happy to have illegals versus citizens of any race, color and creed that's the disconnect democrats are missing today. jedediah: well guess what week it is everyone. it is debate week. i have mine ready. i love watching the debates but guess what? voters in michigan are already starting to doubt joe biden, and they have given him a nick name and it's not a good one. hillary clinton 2.0 nobody wants to be called that because she was not very good at winning elections in the past and campaigning but take a listen to michigan voters slamming joe biden. >> joe biden in my opinion is hickenlooper 2.0 just about the worst thing that's democrats could do. >> some in this group haven't forgiven biden about his recent comments about working alongside segregation. >> i didn't buy his explanation and i don't feel like he gave an authentic apology. >> you in particular have a problem with biden and his support of the 1994 crime bill. pete: these are not republicans.
6:10 am
these are independents and democrats trying to decide who to support in this primary, and that means that the charges leveled against joe biden and his track record have stuck inside the mind set of voters, which is not good news for him. griff: well listen, he is still a front runner, he is still the person that many democrat voters across the country view as best fit to beat trump and remember that's where democrat voters go but he's got to come in from every direction and he's not doing well as you point out. jed. we had governor, mike huckabee, whose been a very politician in his career and i said hey look if you're joe, what do you do. here is what he said. >> just quit talking, joe and there's a reason i say that and it's because there is a maxim in politics that goes like this. when you're explaining, you're losing and it's just as simple as that. when you have to explain your position, or in his case, his many positions on the same issue , you're losing ground and that's what we're seeing. his poll numbers are beginning
6:11 am
to plummet. when you have democrats who are calling him hillary 2.0 i cring ed and i thought if i were biden that would sting deeply. pete: the advice he's giving joe biden is stop talking? that's why he called him that, he didn't want to talk and then he was forced to talk and then he didn't know what to say and now he has to go into another debate where he's facing people charging him at being racist or supporting racist policy he's explaining he's losing and out of step with the party it feels like a fading candidacy. jedediah: i actually disagree with that advice respectively. i think he has to do a lot more talking and get better at it and define himself, people are like well who does he stand for. his name recognition is so high and i think he is the guy that the washington establishment believes is the best person to beat donald trump. i don't know in this climate he is the best person to beat donald trump but the only shot he has is to get out for those voters and make a case for what
6:12 am
he stands for because the biggest problem joe biden is people are confused he has all of these policies and now he is looks confused about what he stands for and it's not a winning message to voters. griff: tune in tuesday or wednesday and we'll find out if joe gets things back on track. jedediah: turning to headlines one person is dead after a shooting at a new york city park gunfire ringing out just before midnight as hundreds were at an annual block party in brooklyn. no arrests have been made. mayor bill deblasio tweeting in part we'll do everything in our power to keep this community safe and get guns off our streets. >> a funeral was held for ole miss college student, family and friends gathering at a church in the hometown of st. louis. and her classmate is behind bars charged in her murder. he's expected to plead not guilty. 21-year-old was found dead shot several times near campus last
6:13 am
week. pete: fans at a 14 and under basketball game get a special treat from lebron james, watch this. the nba star throwing down a monster slam during warmups of his son's tournament in las vegas and he shares a lot of videos, his son is a pretty darn good player too and he's going on to steal the spotlight with his own dunkin' a championship winning performance and i'd say athleticism runs in the family. griff: like dad! stop it, you know, don't show me up. pete: like your dad is lebron james you'll say dad stop it? jedediah: sometimes you do get a little embarrassed about stuff like that. pete: he's not embarrassed his dad is lebron james. griff: president trump doubles down on his critique of the city and congressman cummings as
6:14 am
democrats attack the president. former congressman jason chaffetz says baltimore is the example of liberal policies that have not worked. he joins us, coming up next. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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6:17 am
griff: democrats wasting no time calling out trump over his criticism of congressman elijah cummings and the conditions in his baltimore district. pete: but he's certainly not the first one to point it outback in 2015 president obama called out the city's dire shape and bernie sanders made his message even more clear as well. watch. anyone who talked the walk that we took around this neighborhood , would not think you're in a wealthy nation, you would think that you were in a third world country. what we're talking about is a community in which half of the people don't have jobs. >> [applause] >> we're talking about a community, in which there are hundreds of buildings that are
6:18 am
unin habitable. pete: here to react fox news contributor jason chaffetz, chair of the house oversight committee and author of the upcoming book "power grab." jason thanks for being here. bernie sanders went on to say in 2016 residents have lift spans shorter than people living under the dictatorship in north korea. that is just a disgrace. the president's making a critique. what is it? >> well he's just pointing out the facts that's why you have people on both sides of the aisle pointing out that baltimore is dealing with things most of the country hasn't dealt with but they've been there for generations that if you want different results you'll have to do different things. they have things such as food deserts where grocers won't even go into parts of the city and consequently the people are left to eat what they can find at the local liquor store. that is an issue that we're not dealing within other parts of the country but they are in baltimore and if you keep doing the same thing you'll get the same results. griff: but jason is it really fair for president trump to single out elijah cummings, his
6:19 am
district, by the way, is much larger than just west baltimore and really, the problems in baltimore from the crime and poverty is also part of the failure of local leadership. >> oh, absolutely, the local leadership is the problem. it is very much a problem but president trump is also pointed out the problems in san francisco and los angeles and the homelessness problem. these are systemic problems that are obvious to anybody whose been there. i've actually walked that district with elijah cummings. i have been there. it is horrific. it is difficult, but the president is pointing out the obvious. pete: he is. where does this debate go? what can elijah cummings do, positions could be change to effect conditions there. >> well i've got to tell you. i saw firsthand i was the chairman of the oversight committee, elijah was the ranking member, donald trump and his first 30 days of his presidency reached out to elijah
6:20 am
cummings was working with him one on one and i even said i'm the chairman of the committee and republican and you're interacting more with elijah cummings than you are with me so the president feels like his hand was written bitten in this situation, i see the personal attacks and understand that washington d.c. is a very difficult place. washington d.c. politics is a full contact sport, but i've got to tell you every time i've seen the president reach out his hand and try to do something it's met with personal attacks against the president and if you think the president is just going to sit back and take it you're wrong. he's going to fire back and point out the obvious. griff: well he sure has and i suspect we may get even more of it in the coming days, jason chaffetz thanks for coming on. pete: thanks, jason. pete: well mayor bill deblasio slow to condemn these attacks against new york city police officer. it comes years after police turn their backs remember this they turned their backs on the mayor during the deadly ambush attack on two officers that's at the
6:21 am
funeral. griff: the widow of one of those officers says he needs to do more and she will join us, next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ prpharmacist recommendedne memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life.
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6:24 am
pete: quick headlines of what's happening this week. president trump set to sign the 9/11 first responder's victim's compensation fund tomorrow. the bill will extend funding for families and victims and emergency workers, who suffered 9/11-related illnesses. and on tuesday, round one of the second democrat debate, 20 democrats taking the stage over two nights in detroit we'll be covering it the next morning on fox & friends this could be the last time we see several candidates as the dnc's donor and polling thresholds will double for september's debate. better make it, there will be high stakes. and on thursday, president trump
6:25 am
and vice president pence will travel to cincinnati for a keep america great rally and president trump won the state, in 2016, by 8 percentage points fox & friends also covering that , jed down to you. jedediah: thanks, pete. a shocking series of video show new york city police officers attacked and drenched in water while trying to do their jobs. one even hit in the head with a bucket as onlookers cheer. our next guest is calling out new york city mayor bill deblasio saying he hasn't done enough to condemn these attacks on police. she is the widow of nypd officer , who was ambushed and killed along with his partner, in an unprovoked attack in 2014. at her husband's funeral officer s turned their backs on mayor bill deblasio protesting his lack of response following those deaths . joining me now, nypd officer's widow. thank you so much for being here thank you for having me. jedediah: i want to first say we are so deeply sorry for the loss of your husband and we are so grateful for his service and so
6:26 am
sorry what you have had to endure and the loss of him. i want to ask you about bill deblasio though and what you make of these kind of delayed responses to the attacks that you see going on right now against police officers. is he doing a good job in your opinion? >> it is law enforcement. this is not a job for everyone. it requires special professional existence, and when the police officers put on a uniform, they make the ultimate sacrifice and we definitely need to support the police officers. this is fact, this is disgraceful the way they treated the police officers this way, because police officers in the uniform they represent safety and security. when people see they treated police officers this way, they're fearful. if the police officers cannot protect themselves whose going
6:27 am
to protect them? this can escalate, people pita-type they have no consequence of attacking the police officers. it can get worse. jedediah: you know, former mayor , rudy giuliani had come out and blamed partly bill deblasio for what's happening saying that bill deblasio has been responsible for anti-police rhetoric and he put some of the blame on him. do you think that bill deblasio was partly to blame for his new tone now, where people feel that they are entitled to be aggressive toward law enforcement in new york city? >> i think we should always support the police officers, because it is who we are. jedediah: now, you are the best person, one of the best people to speak on this issue because you actually suffered the loss of someone. when you see these videos, as someone who suffered a loss of your own husband, who served
6:28 am
this city proudly, when you see videos of nypd officials under attack, how do you feel? >> i feel that is disrespect, disgraceful, and police officers are doing their jobs. they are protecting our city. jedediah: i want to say a little bit of mayor deblasio condemning the nypd attacks and then talk to you about that. let's take a listen. >> first of all the moment that i heard about that incident, i condemned it and i made very clear and i want to make it clear here. anybody who interferes with the work of a police officer is going to be charged and is going to suffer the consequences. it's illegal. it's inappropriate. it's not acceptable. jedediah: so what do you want to see happen to someone who assaults a police officer, whose aggressive toward a police officer. what do you think is proper treatment of that person?
6:29 am
>> i think we should always protect for our law enforcement. it is always, it's always to stand behind them and let them know that they have support. jedediah: do you have a message for someone like bill deblasio that you would like to send to him in terms of what you experienced suffering from your loss of your husband and what people around the country may be feeling who really looked up to law enforcement as people who protect them day and night who are out there risking their lives every day for us? >> yes, i think we should stop it now. we should do something to stop it, because it could lead to another tragedy because i don't want to see other families have to go through what i went through. jedediah: well i thank you for being here. i think it's incredibly courageous to come here and to talk about an issue, especially when you suffered a loss. we're deeply sorry for your loss
6:30 am
but super grateful you're here to share your story so thank you so much. >> thank you very much for having me here. jedediah: coming up maria bartiromo on this week's democratic debate and an incredible save a baseball fan holding a baby in one hand catches a fly ball in the other, how he managed to make that play , in the game, coming up. at the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's, we carry flowers that signify why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor. join the fight at while managing your type 2 diabetes- why think about your heart? because with my type 2 diabetes, i'm more likely to have a fatal heart attack or stroke. lower a1c helps, but type 2 diabetes still increases my risk of a fatal cardiovascular event. because type 2 diabetes is more than a1c. wow-these are great answers! and that's why there's jardiance- the first type 2 diabetes pill that offers
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>> [saxaphone music playing] griff: well that's your shot of the morning! a saxophone player going viral with the help of his fury friend jedediah: a twitter user passing by this dog and musician duo. pete: a little news for you this morning the video has been seen more than 28,000 times, and counting. jedediah: wow look at that. you said that dogs don't sing and i think this is proof that in fact they do. pete: dogs can't sing. jedediah: i used to have a cat that would meow so i know for a fact that this can happen and i think they should go on the road pete: could we have found a better shot of the morning? jedediah: no are you kidding me? people love animals and humans
6:35 am
interacting as such, griff am i wrong? griff: they do indeed and you know it's the dog singing along, responding to it, just tells us also a little bit of what's happening in slovenia these day, people just walk down the street with a saxophone and their dog. pete: that's some hard hitting reporting right there. jedediah: have you never seen a dog play the piano or participates the harp? pete: no, no, no, and i've never seen a dog sing either. jedediah: i'll teach my dog to sing. i'll bring her on the show. her big skill is chasing her tail in a circle which is quite good for six months old but give me some time and she will be doing "over the rainbow." griff: in fairness to the dog we're not entirely sure the dog likes the sax player's playing music. pete: maybe that's the dog's equivalent of baby shark. he's like i've heard you play this, man a thousand times, stop jedediah: he would get up and leave. no, no, this is his way of saying do you know what? i can be involved too and it's a
6:36 am
duo so you have t remember that. they go on the road and make a lot of money. we'll be talking about them in a few years and pete once again is raining on the fun parade. pete: i'll just have coffee and watch you read some headlines about how that? jedediah: now to a fox news alert. you're looking at thousands of protesters flooding the streets to rally against alleged police brutality. rye on police firing tear gas into the crowds for a second straight day. the two sides now facing off on the streets, 13 people were arrested during yesterday's clashes. the unrest began last month over a china-backed extradition bill. >> now headlines for you, uk labor leader jeremy corbin says he's absolutely prepared to take on britain's new prime minister boris johnson. he'lling the news his summer campaign and policy announcements are already ahead of the uk's general election in 2022. johnson took over theresa may's role as prime minister after britain's conservative party elected him as leader earlier this month. and those are your headlines.
6:37 am
pete: all right well, rick? we're going to head out to you this morning. you've already given us norwegian weather. rick: that's true. pete: give us anything else you want. rick: we'll do the u.s. weather, i just met somebody from arizona so i'm excited. take a look at the weather map and show you what's going on we've got actually a pretty nice weekend in-store for almost everybody, out across areas of the west this is where the heat is we're going to continue to see temperatures a little bit above average, 106 today in tucson, we're also going to see things a little bit dryer. the monsoon began last week and it will calm down a little bit this weekend but it will come back so don't worry we'll get that coming back; however temps today are quite hot all across parts of the central plains not as bad as it was last weekend but we'll be feeling like back above the 90s for almost everybody. only real spot we'll see significant precipitation is in the far northern plains and see a little bit of it right across areas of up state new york parts of pennsylvania. it's not going to be a washout again, so don't worry that much, we will see those
6:38 am
afternoon showers across areas of florida. you're used to them this time of the year you'll see that as well across parts of louisiana. east texas but overall guys we've got a great weekend in-store, great sunday, great weekends out at the beach no big rip current risk nothing. i don't see it. pete: it's great. rick: it's exciting. griff: you got nice weather but rick doesn't have slovenian sax player. jedediah: pete is still complaining rick. apparently he does not think the dog was singing when clearly the dog was singing am i not right? rick: i'm with pete on this one. that is a happy dog hearing that i think it might be like knock it off with the sax, it's hurting my ears. pete: and rick loves dogs. he's pro-truth. jedediah: he always likes my instagram posts when i post things of daisey which is more than can be said for you pete hegseth. griff: rick before we let you go you mentioned you have someone there from arizona do you want to say hi?
6:39 am
rick: where in arizona? >> we're from phoenix. rick: she also said she knew hi was from prescott, like biscuit is what we say, so she definitely is from arizona because she knows how to pronounce my hometown. pete: now i know. thanks, rick. well see that crowd up there? friendly crowd. jedediah: friendly crowd. pete: peaceful crowd. not really protesting, but where could this be going? there are crowds that have form ed over the last couple of years of folks not being peaceful and not conducting themselves properly said wearing masks and bringing weapons and assaulting journalists and other peaceful protesters, they are called antifa. well president trump now joining two republican senators in trying to declare antifa a terror organization. you look at stuff like this and judge for yourself. here is a tweet from the president. he said consideration is being given to declaring antifa. the gutless radical left wack jobs who go around hitting only non-fighters people over the heads with baseball bats, a major organization of terror,
6:40 am
along with ms-13 and others, and make it easier for police, would make it easier foreplays to do their job, so we'll see if action comes to this but a lot of questions raised about antifa their connection to the left and why we allow them to get away with this. jedediah: honestly about time, we've been talking about antifa for so long and it's absurd, some people say well it's just with protest. no violent protests should not be allowed when you have a space where journalists cannot go comfortably to cover a protest without being assaulted, we have a problem, so i was glad to see the senators and the president united on this. i absolutely think this is a form of terrorism, you can't have this in the united states of america. protesting is a right of everyone but you do not have the right as that protest to inflict violence on another person. griff: as a reporter i've covered them and they are increasingly more violent at these protests they do, but you know, mostly protests are young people, right? you want to rebell and stand up for something. well, it turns out, george mason
6:41 am
university, they went and asked, you know, do you think that antifa should be declared a terror organization? here is their reaction they got. >> the definition of terrorism is using violence or threat for violence to achieve political means. do you think antifa falls under that? >> if they are going to insight violence i think that's definitely a terrorist organization. >> if they are creating violence, then yes. any violence for political reason is by definition terrorism. >> if they are attacking people i guess, would that be considered terrorist group? yeah. pete: we had cabot on earlier, he noted a lot of the kids are not conservatives, they are liberals acknowledging a blatant truth and that question needs to be asked of whoever the democrat nominee is, presidential candidates, would you take the next step? and say that these are terrorist activities? it would be interesting, a lot of silence from the left these days on antifa. jedediah: it's not about policies that's what the student s are showcasing they may
6:42 am
not be a republican or conservative or maybe they are but it's not about your political ideology it's about uniting together to protect our rights to protest in this country and protect the value of that so that when people go, i don't care what kind of protest it is any kind of journalist shows up they should be able to cover that without getting assaulted and i think those kids who really in particular value that right to protest are getting a little bit upset about wait a second, you're jeopardizing our right to what we people in this country thought a really long time for what we appreciate. griff: make maybe a moderator should ask joe biden, 2020 democrats are getting ready to bring the heat for this weeks debate, maria bartiromo is on deck on that, but first, she has thrown out the first pitch, in the major leagues now, maria, is showing off her skills in our waterpark, i swear, maria is just warming up, and -- pete: she's going to be throwing it getting one of those kids wet . we'll make it happen, later.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
jedediah: as democrats gear up for the next round of debates this week president trump's booming economy is getting a big thumbs up from american voters. a new poll revealing 51% of them feeling positive about the economy. the last time this many felt that way was almost two decades ago, so will democrats focus on issues like the economy and immigration when they take the stage this week? "sunday morning futures" host maria bartiromo is joining us now, to weigh in, hi. maria: hi, good to see you. jedediah: thanks for being here. what is going to happen here are democrats talking about impeachment or are they going to focus on actual issues the american public cares about? maria: it's such a good question the truth is that the economy is doing so well they don't really want to go there. they don't want to talk about the fact that we're looking at unemployment at a 51 year low, that we're looking at the growth
6:47 am
story continuing. we did get the gdp out on friday , last week, and basically we're seeing an economy that is slowing with growth at 2.1% down to 3.1% in the first quarter and the one issue there was business investment slow down and it was actually down in the stock exchange. that's because ceo's managers are uncertain about the president's trade policy. having said that even there, he has a good story to tell because most people will agree, you needed to push back on china and the president is the first president to pushback on china and tell them that we're not going to accept their stealing of intellectual property any more, so these are the kinds of issues that the president has been focused on, immigration as well, but the democrats really don't want to talk about because it's a good story. and in the next hour, i'm going to have the head of dhs on the department of homeland security secretary, and he's going to tell us that the numbers have actually gotten better because the president's alignment with mexico, the deal they made with guatemala these are things that
6:48 am
are happening that are actually showing the number of people showing up to the border has declined, the number of children in custody are down, all of the numbers are down, and in fact in the month of july, there were no large groups. there have been large groups, 100 people or more, crossing the border, and we didn't have that at all in the month of july. that's because of mexico and the deal that we made with guatemala these are the kinds of things that are good story the dems don't want to get into. jedediah: but why not press them if democrats are saying listen we don't like trump's approach or the wall or supporting that why not press them on what they would actually do in the name of particularly not just immigration which is a very large vague and ambiguous topic but on the issue of border security. it seems like when you're talking about solutions or the economy or the border and you're actively looking for solutions from the democrats they don't bring that to the table but are they talking points? maria: right because for so long they've been calling this a manufactured crisis that they can't go back on their word and say well you know actually there is a crisis at the border so it's one of these issues where rather than focus on the surge
6:49 am
of people coming to the border, that we see every month, they are actually focusing on the way migrants are being treated. they are trying to pinpoint something that's real negative to make the president look bad. meanwhile, you just had the mueller testimony and we're going to have the two men who have been telling the truth now, for two years, that congressman devon nunes and congressman john ratcliffe my special guests after the mueller report that's another thing, they have impeachment balloon last week and now we're seeing democrats have to deal with the fact that there was real wrongdoing at the fbi. jedediah: right. anyone else on the show you want to talk about? maria: jamie dimon, george papadopoulos and he's going to break news coming up he knows who wrote the report and george papadopoulos got $10,000 dropped in his lap and we'll talk more about that. jedediah: awesome thank you for being here and can't wait to tune into your show. maria: thanks. jedediah: it is national water park day and we're celebrating with our own on the fox square and we're putting
6:50 am
griff and pete to the test. oh, yeah that's coming up next don't miss it. >> ♪ ♪ wit looks like jill heading offe on an adventure. jill has entresto, a heart failure medicine that helps her heart so she can keep on doing what she loves. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
6:51 am
low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto, for heart failure. where to next? entrust your heart to entresto.
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6:53 am
griff: quick headlines for you a dad takes his baby girl to the ballgame and makes the play of the game. a san francisco giant fan making a one-handed grab while holding his five month old sleeping daughter. dad, baby and mom even got to meet the player who hit the game winning blast, wow. and get this, a getaway for those who like living on the edge take a look at the concept art for a hotel built into the side of a cliff in norway, the multi-level structure would feature a see through pool
6:54 am
suspended nearly 2,000 feet in the air. the plan has not yet been approved. but i would probably go and stay there, jed? jedediah: well today is national waterpark day lucky for us, we have the waterpark on fox square this morning what are the boys about to do? so we'll have a three-stage competition here between griff and pete and you got to tell us how this all plays out. >> we'll start here with the double slide and race up, come down the lanes, pop out on both sides, we're going to go racing through the double lane slip and slide and finish at the end with the bucket. griff: did double doppler do you get artistic points? >> i think that's a large part of it. pete: whose going to be under the bucket though? is it jedediah? jedediah: no it's you dunking each other. pete: oh, really? the first one there gets to be the thrower? >> yes. jedediah: i'll provide commentary throughout. griff: is there a backflip? can you do that?
6:55 am
rick: something good has to happen. jedediah: you guys got to get up there. good luck to you both. rick: on your mark, get set, go! jedediah: go, go, go, oh, look at him go. he's going in. it's slippery. that ladder is slippery i didn't even factor that in. oh, he's going right to the end. griff is down and he is in. he is in! go, guys! go, go, go! and griff is in the lead, man. look at him go! okay, we've got a dunk. oh, the kids want to dunk. okay, griff.
6:56 am
rick: that's not how any of this works. jedediah: you got to hit it with the ball. the kids are showing you how to do it. rick: that's coming up after the break. griff was ahead however he did not get the artistic style points that pete got from the flip but we'll review that beginning, and make sure that scoring is proper. jedediah: and review the tape. rick: and then the tie breaker. more fox & friends coming up. jedediah: stick with us. >> ♪ ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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7:00 am
well, there you go. request. jedediah: that's not fair! pete: hey, we love griff anyway, you know? jedediah: a fun day. [laughter] ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone, thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, joining me exclusively on "sunday morning futures," two republican house members who pressed robert mueller about what his report found and what it missed, weighing in on that investigating the investigators. and the democrats' next step as they weigh impeaching president trump. exclusive, coming up. plus, his name was referenced more than 30 times during the former special counsel's testimony on capitol hill, george papadopoulos is here live on how his interaction with a mysterious man, why was he


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