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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 28, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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morris. pete hegseth. kat timpf. an ♪ jon: another high-level white house shake-up. director of national intelligence dan coats set to leave his report by next month after two years with the trump administration. i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: coats' resignation reportedly coming after repeated disagreements with the president on key national security issues. president trump has announced he will nominate texas congressman john ratcliffe to replace him. david spunt is at the white house with breaking adopts. >> reporter: good evening from the white house. president trump confirmed this about an hour ago here from the white house. john july 12th -- on july 12st, fox news was the first to say he was considering it. late this afternoon confirming this, he wrote: a former u.s.
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attorney will lead and inspire greatness for the country he loves, dan coats will be leaving office on august 15th, i would like to thank dan for his great service to our country. the acting director will be named shortly. dni director coats and the president have had a a tumultuous relationship over the past year with coats contradicting the president multiple times. he was on the defense when the president went on the attack criticizing different intelligence agencies. in an interview last year, coats found out during the interview that vladimir putin from russia may come to white house. he expressed concern publicly. he also contradicted the president on north korea and syrian policy. congressman john ratcliffe, the incoming head of the dni if he's confirmed, is the opposite of coats in that he's a staunch defender of the president's policies. he has an intelligence background from the george w. bush administration. he made headlines op wednesday with his aggressive questioning of robert mueller. listen.
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>> can you give me an example other than donald trump where the justice department determined that a person was exonerated, that their innocence was not conclusively determined? >> i cannot, but this is a unique situation. >> reporter: the president tripling down on his attacks with baltimore congressman elijiah cummings. yesterday the president called the city rat-infested, meaning baltimore, and december gusting in -- disgusting in a tweet. cummings is a fierce critic of the president's border policy. all of this comes as the president gears up for a busy week. tomorrow he will sign the 9/11 victims' compensation bill into law here at the white house, and later this week treasury secretary steve mnuchin will head to china to continue those tariff talks from a few months ago. back to you. jon: david spunt at the white house, thank you. for more on dan coats stepping down as director of national intelligence effective august 15th, let's bring in melissa quinn, supreme court and white house reporter for the washington examiner.
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dan coats and the president had an especially rocky relationship about a year ago after the helsinki summit when the president said some things that seemed to give him, seemed to have him siding with vladimir putin rather than his own intelligence agencies. that's when coats came to the defense of the people who work for him. but since that time they seem to have papered over their differences. are you surprised that now is the time that dan coats is going out? >> well, this had been rumored, i believe, since february. so several months ago, that dan coats may be, in fact, heading out the door. but just like you said, we have been no stranger to the daylight between president trump and the broader intelligence community. and if you remember, right after that helsinki summit last july dan coats came out and reaffirmed time and time again in the broader intelligence community those findings that russia did, indeed, meddle in the 2016 presidential election.
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and, of course, that just, i think, further demonstrated just how difficult of a job dan coats had anding of course, the frustrations as well with the president's own comments. jon: well, and robert mueller reinforced that the other day in his testimony, that russia is still actively trying to influence the election. >> yes, absolutely. and i think that's going to be really interesting to see how john ratcliffe inevitably handles some of those questions when he does go through his confirmation hearings before the senate. he was, as mentioned in the clip earlier, a very, very fierce critic of robert mueller, and we also have to remember that the justice department is undertaking an investigation into how the russia probe originally began. and, of course, that's going to involve looking at the intelligence community very, very closely. jon: what about john ratcliffe? he's a former u.s. attorney. he has an intelligence background. is he going to have any trouble getting confirmed? >> well, of course, the numbers are in president trump's favor. republicans, of course, have control over the senate. but there are some key
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republican senators, susan collins of maine, for example, who came out and defended dan coats and have been staunch defedders of the intelligence -- defenders of the intelligence community as a whole when we have seen criticisms leveled by trump. she is definitely going to be one to watch. of course, any confirmation hearings or any, i think, member of the president's cabinet is going to face very, very tough questions from both sides, him included. jon: senator angus king, who is an independent but caucuses with the democrats, said this i via twitter: the director of national intelligence must provide the president with an honest assessment of the facts that the intelligence community finds even if it's not politically convenient. dan coats has lived up to that responsibility. his departure is a great loss for the country. i imagine we can expect to see more tweets of that kind from others in the u.s. senate. >> absolutely. and i think john ratcliffe's questioning of robert mueller just this week is going to raise concerns among some senators as to whether or not he really can
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provide that honest assessment to the president. of course, he is known as being a very staunch defender and a close ally, and there may be some questions as to whether or not the president is installing somebody in this key role who is going to be just loyal to him and for that purpose. jon: and that's where dan coats seemed to find his footing, when the president attacked some of the agencies that fall under the director of national intelligence and he leads, obviously, all 16 of the u.s. intelligence agencies, dan coats fired back. >> yeah, absolutely. if you remember just last year when he was testifying before the senate saying that he does, indeed, believe that kim jong un is not ever going to give up his nuclear weapons, which the president has a much more cheery outlook for that direction, the president called the intelligence community passive and naive on some of these other threats facing the country. but dan coats has, for his two-year tenure as the director of national intelligence, really been a vehement defender of the intelligence community, and i
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think that's going to be a big question as to whether john ratcliffe will follow in those footsteps. jon: in the meantime, the president has this ongoing feud with congressman elijiah cummings of maryland. where is that headed? [laughter] >> well, the president is continuing to punch back just like we saw over the last two weeks with his criticisms of those four democratic congresswomen called the squad. i don't think that the president is going to back down from his criticisms and accusations about how elijiah cummings is handling his position as the member of congress and, of course, elijiah cummings is no stranger to fighting with the president as the head of the oversight committee and, as we saw last week, congress, the democrat-led house definitely intends to charge right ahead with their investigations into trump. jon: does the president believe that by attacking elijiah cummings and oversight that he can perhaps bring the house back into republican control over the next election? >> that certainly seems to be,
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perhaps, one of his goals in mind particularly as we head to 20. as you know -- 2020, as you know, we're talking about his tweet, his criticisms of aoc and the squads, what we're not talking about are issues like health care and the economy, issues that i think some of those democrats running for president, representing more moderate districts may like to see the conversation focused on. that's taking away from that. jon: melissa quinn, who covers the white house and supreme court for the washington examiner, thank you. >> thank you. jon: the woman who is supposed to replace disgraced puerto rico governor ricardo rossello doesn't want the job. justice secretary wanda vazquez hopes the governor will appoint a new secretary of state before he steps down this friday. former secretary of state luis rivera morin would have been next in line, but he and more than a dozen other government officials resigned in recent weeks. this all comes after massive protests over leak ared,
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obscenity-laced online correspondence in which puerto rican victims of hurricane maria were subtled. -- insulted. house democrats are not done digging into the russia investigation. they're now working to secure grand jury information relating to the probe to decide whether to begin impeachment proceedings against the president. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler saying this: >> he has to defend the constitution against these kinds of unconstitutional and illegal deeds, and he has to make sure that a prime minister who does that pays -- the president who does that so that kind of conduct is not normalized and legalized for the next president. jon: garrett tenney has more on all of this from washington. >> reporter: house democrats are trying to get as much of robert mueller's evidence as they can for their own investigation. on friday the house judiciary committee asked a federal judge to give them access to the
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evidence mueller's team presented to a grand jury. congress has not had access to that information which is generally protected by federal law. but in court filings, chairman jerry nadler told the judge that evidence is essential to their investigation and to determining whether to move ahead with impeachmentpeachment proceeding. here he is earlier today. >> what mueller showed, possible violations, of course, all the things that might cause us to recommend articles of impeachment. they have been recommended to the committee, and we are investigating and determining whether we should report those articles to the house. jr. as for republicans -- >> reporter: as for republicans, gop lawmakers had even more questions about the origins of the russia investigation. the justice department's inspector general and a u.s. attorney are now investigating various aspects of the probe's beginnings, and republicans are now even more anxiously awaiting
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those reports. >> i think we're going to see the next chapter begin to open very shortly with the inspector general's report looking at the origins of this monstrous lie that somehow the president was a tool of the russian government. we now know that to be a lie, but mueller had no interest in determining how did that lie get into the body politic. >> reporter: this next week house democrats plan to fight for additional evidence by filing a lawsuit challenging the administration's claim that former white house employees have absolute immunity from testifying before congress. and and to that point, the judiciary committee also plans to enforce subpoenas for former white house counsel don mcgahn to testify. jon? jon: garrett tenney in washington, thank you. diplomats from iran and several world powers met in vienna today to try to salvage the iran nuclear deal. representatives from germany, france, britain, china, russia and the e.u. discussed the 2015
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agreement. the united states pulled out of the pack last year and has begun imposing new sanctions on tehran which recently surpassed the uranium enrichment levels agreed upon in the accord. iran's deputy foreign minister says the nuclear deal, known as the joint comprehensive plan of action, can be saved. >> both sides, as i said, have complained, complaints about each other. i think the atmosphere today was constructive and the discussions were good. i cannot say that we loved everything, but i saw -- i i can say there are lots of commitments to the jcpoa and its survival. jon: the emergency meeting comes amid escalating tensions between iran and britain, each of which has seized an oil tanker from the other nation. missile defense officials say the united states and israel
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carried out a high-altitude hit to kill engagement with an anti-ballistic missile interceptor system in alaska that they co-developed. this comes after u.s. officials say iran successfully test fired a medium-range ballistic missile last month. ellison barber is in jerusalem with the latest on that. >> reporter: jon, this is the first time the arrow 3 system has successfully intercepted a missile simulating a ballistic one. the israeli ministry of defense says the weapon system successfully demonstrated hit to kill interceptions with ballistic targets outside of the atmosphere. the system is a joint israeli-u.s. development, and the test took place in alaska. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it intercepted targets at heights and speeds not known until now. >> translator: today israel has the ability to act against ballistic missiles fired against us from iran and from any other location. this is a great achievement for
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israel's security. all of our enemies should know that we will overcome them both defensively and offensively. >> reporter: iran test fired a medium-range ballistic missile on wednesday. a u.s. official told fox news it flew over 600 miles from southern iran to an area in northern iran outside of the capital, tehran. arrow 3 is the top tier of israel's multi-layered shield which includes the iron dome and the arab two system, all of it meant to help defend from rockets fired by gaza and remember -- lebanon. president trump began imposing harsh economic sanctions on the regime. iran has taken steps to reduce commitments it agreed to in the 2015 deal. they say the u.s. is engaging in economic terrorism. iran and the remaining signatories met in vienna on sunday. britain, france, germany, russia
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and china are trying to salvage the nuclear deal. an iranian official called the talks constructive but said they did not resolve everything. iran wants to sell its oil as it did before the u.s. reum posed -- reimposed sanctions. the official says iran is going to keep reducing its commitment to the deal until an agreement is reached that secures iran's interests. jon? jon: ellison barber reporting. thank you. italian police now launching an investigation into the leak of a photo of one of the two americans arrested for the killing of an italian police officer. the image, which was leaked to a respected italian newspaper, shows one of the teen suspects blindfolded at a police station in rome. that teen is one of two san francisco natives arrested while on vacation accused of stabbing officer mario regga on friday during an apparent drug deal gone bad. police claim both teens confessed to taking part in the assault. authorities are now searching for a 2-year-old boy
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jon: the fbi is desperately searching for aidan sal see toe, a missing 2-year-old boy whose parents were found dead on wednesday in an apparent murder-suicide. now police are fearing the worst after finding a body in a remote part of montana they believe could be aidan's. christina coleman has more from our west coast bureau. >> reporter: yes, jon, we just learned within the hour that authorities found the body of a 2-year-old in that remote area of montana, and they believe this may be the missing child from oregon, aidan. the body hasn't been positively id'd yet but was found in the
3:20 pm
same area where aidan's parents were seen by a couple of witnesses days earlier. the parents were found dead on wednesday z in a car. the fbi says the parents ran over spike strips after leading police on a chase in montana, and then the dad shot and killed the mother and then shot himself inside that car. this is a picture of aidan, their 2-year-old son. investigators say aidan was last seen on june 4th. he was seen on surveillance video at a walmart in medford. they were purchasing camping equipment. according to police, aidan's relatives say his parents were homeless and camped out in medford from time to time. his mother was supposed to start serving a prison sentence in jackson county, oregon, a week later, june 11th, for a 2018 burglary. the boy's dad, daniel, was also linked to the crime, but they never showed up to prison. felony warrants were then issued for the couple's arrest. the couple was then seen on surveillance video on july 25th, the very same day they died.
3:21 pm
but on that day aidan was not seen in the video with them. the medford police just put out a statement expressing their condolences to families and those involved in the search. they also thanks them for their cooperation. now, as for the body found in montana, police say the cause and manner of death will not be disclosed until an autopsy can be conducted next week in montana. police investigated the car aidan's parents were found dead in. aidan was not inside the vehicle at the time, and police say there was no evidence he had been inside that car recently. jon? jon: christina coleman, thank you. one man was killed and at least 11 others injured when gunfire erupted at a large outdoor event in brooklyn, new york. the shooting occurred just before 11 p.m. during the annual two-day party known as old-timers day in the brownsville neighborhood. police say a 38-year-old man was killed when at least two gunmen opened fire. public advocate jama, i williams says the normally e peaceful event has never seen such
3:22 pm
violence before. >> this was a mass shooting, and it happened at a revered event that happens annually. a revered event that our seniors come out to enjoy themselves. damn it, somebody shot it up. jon: no arrests so far as police continue to investigate. authorities in canada ramping up efforts to find two teen suspects wanted in connection with the death cans of three people -- deaths of three people including an american woman. officials are going door to door using military aircraft, drones and dogs to scour a growing search area. jacqui heinrich is following this story for us. >> reporter: an update from police just over an hour ago, they've gotten more than 200 tips in the last five days, and none of them have established the suspects are outside of the gillam area. that's where the search has been focused since police found the burned-out car the fugitives
3:23 pm
left behind on tuesday. the air force is assisting with the aerial search, and police are now scouring waterways, homes, massive abandoned buildings and rail lines. today they tweeted these new images of the search. so far officers have cleared more than 250 homes, canvassed the entire fox lake area, and they're still combing through swamps, dense forests, rugged hills in gillam. the fear is that the teens may have skipped town, and police say it's possible they've changed their appearances. a source close to investigation says they might have offered someone cash for a ride. police are urging the public to report all tips no matter how hesitant you may be. this is the last known video of them seen july 21st in saskatchewan shopping. earlier this to morning about 100 miles away, a homeowner said they inadvertently helped the suspects continue on their journey when their car got stuck on a trail. it wasn't until later that night they realized from pictures on social media they'd assisted two men wanted for murder.
3:24 pm
the last time the fugitives were spotted was more than five days ago in gillam where people are sleeping with guns by their side and closing their businesses early. >> we're not used to this. it's a very safe community where, you know, everybody's just -- nobody locks their door. and, you know, everybody's worried. it's definitely an experience. >> reporter: what people don't have or police don't have right now is a clear motive for the killings. so far bryer and kam are facing murder charges in the death of leonard dick and also suspected in the murders of that couple, china deetz and her australian boyfriend, lucas fowler. police are reportedly investigating nazi images one of the suspect's shared online, but they are considering all possible motives. jon: jacqui heinrich, thank you. bernie sanders takes the his presidential campaign north of the border not looking for canadian votes, but for cheaper
3:25 pm
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3:29 pm
medicare for all plan. peter doocy joins us from detroit with more on that. peter? >> reporter: jon, earlier today bernie sanders wanted to show how much more high-saving insulin -- life-saving insulin costs here than just over there in canada, and the way that he did that was he filled up a bus that the campaign rented with american diabetics, he took them across the river into windsor, ontario, where many in the party stocked up on several months' worth of insulin at a pharmacy where it costs 10-12 times less over the counter for those with inadequate insurance coverage than it would in the states. >> we import products from all over the world, don't we? food you're eating, you're getting lettuce and tomatoes coming from mexico, you're getting the shoes you're wearing coming from china. you've got poultry from all over the world. yet somehow or another we have not been able to re-import from canada into the united states
3:30 pm
the products being sold in this pharmacy with fda approval. >> reporter: the trump administration has explored doing something similar to what sanders sought today by giving the health and human services department the okay to negotiate directly with lawmakers in florida on a plan that would allow officials there to import drugs from canada in an effort to bring down the costs. but federal regulators need to be sold on the idea first, and so do doctors in canada, specifically regarding the trip today. we're learning that doctors over there are starting to worry that americans driving north to stock up on cheaper drugs are going to leave them with their -- with bare pharmacy shelves. a group of 15 medical groups north of the border wrote to canadian health minister complaining that drug shortages could create major problems with access to medication if their resources have to serve sick canadians and sick americans. for now, it is perfectly legal
3:31 pm
for anybody that cannot afford to pay out of pocket for insulin here to flash a passport, go to a pharmacy and tongue on a 09-day supply of -- 90-day supply of medication. and there were several people in our traveling party that did that today, and none of them had any issues with cbp on their way back into the u.s.. jon? jon: peter, so we are looking forward to another round of democratic debates this week. what's the expectation? >> reporter: the expectation is, for sure, that joe biden will have prepared differently for this debate than he did for the last debate. his performance was not reviewed well by people in the pundit class back in miami about a month ago, and the day after his campaign expenditure sheet revealed he hired a prominent democratic debate coach. he also said recently that he's not going to be as polite toward kamala harris or cory booker who have each been challenging his
3:32 pm
record on civil rights issues or race relations. and so there's going to be a potential for a big fight here in detroit, and we're not going to know a tunnels until -- a ton else until these candidates hit the debate stage on tuesday and wednesday because many of them are forgoing events for additional debate prep, including many who are hunkered down already here in detroit in hotel rooms with their teams. jon: peter doocy, thank you. new reaction from the trump administration after the supreme court rules in favor of the white house in one of its many border wall battles. mark meredith is in washington now with more. >> reporter: the white house says it's thrilled with friday's ruling by the supreme court to allow the president to redirect military funds to build the border wall. the court says the money can be spent now even as a lawsuit challenging the president's order still works its way true the courts. -- through the
3:33 pm
courts. the trump administration says the $2.5 billion will go a long way to insuring border security. the money is expected to fund projects in california, arizona and new mexico. acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney told fox's chris wallace the court made the right decision. >> four miles a week by the fall, probably higher than that in the next year, and we're still on schedule to have 450 miles of wall built by the end of 2020. >> reporter: kevin mcaleenan says the situation on the border is improving but remains a crisis. he says the court's decision will help speed up construction. >> it was a big victory at the supreme court to allow the department of defense to move forward with that $2.5 billion to really accelerate the progress on the wall. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi calls the court's decision deeply fraud. she put out a tweet shortly after news of the decision came down calling the wall wasteful and ineffective and, quote: our founders designed a democracy
3:34 pm
governed by the people, not a monarchy. new jersey senator cory booker also weighed in on the wall, he did it on twitter as well, writing quote: diverting military funds for a vanity project is exactly who donald trump is. i will continue to fight back and join with those challenging this wrong and misguided decision. it's also likely to come up this week when democrats hoping to take on the president in 2020 meet for their second debate, this one happening in detroit. reporting in washington, mark meredith, fox news. jon: a top government watchdog has joined whistleblowers in rebuking customs and border protection for failing to collect dna from detained migrants to be checked against the fbi's database for violent crimes. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has this exclusive report. >> we have a great tool that was mandated by and approved by congress as a law, and we're not using it. >> reporter: three government whistleblowers are speaking out alleging a homeland security dna
3:35 pm
pilot program designed to screen individuals held by can customs and border protection agents against an fbi database for violent crime was derailed. who's slipping through? >> u.s. citizens, lawful permanent residents and illegal aliens in this country are and have been harmed due to our agency not collecting dna. >> reporter: separate from dna family screenings, the whistleblowers provided fox news with government records. in 2010 the already-approved dna collection did not go forward after then-secretary janet napolitano got a waiver from then-attorney general eric holder citing, quote: severe organizational, resource and financial challenges. so it was never meant to be on pause permanently. >> no one that we've spoken to that has read those documents can reasonably state it's an indefinite pause. >> reporter: in 2016 the whistleblowers say they were -- and while it still wasn't operational, improved technology
3:36 pm
could have slashed processing times. >> they would wipe this area inside their cheeks six times, close the cover, drop it into this envelope, it would be sealed, placed into a box and that would be shipped to the fbi that night for processing. >> reporter: so we'ring talking, what, 15, 30, 45 seconds? >> yes, ma'am. reporter: last spring then-homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen was peppered with questions about the program's status. >> we're working on the pilot right now -- >> the pilot's occurring right now? >> yes, sir. well, we're in the planning stages. >> there is no current pilot program, it's basically dead in the water. >> reporter: they filed this complaint with government investigators. the office of special counsel said it, quote, fully supports these whistleblowers and, quote, there was a substantial likelihood of wrongdoing by cbp. based on a variety of factors, homeland security said, quote, there are currently no plans to change this waiver, but dhs is moving forward to verify
3:37 pm
familial relationships. the other response here is that other agencies are picking up the slack. >> we know i.c.e. is not collecting, far from correcting dna from everyone we turn over to them. >> reporter: catherine herridge, fox news. jon: in afghanistan a deadly explosion rocks central kabul injuring the current president's running mate. immediately after the blast gunmen stormed a building belonging to the vice presidential candidate. the attack is just the latest incident in a chaotic campaign that's been marked by violence and accusations of fraud. the election is scheduled for the end of september but has already been delayed twice this year. the explosion killed two people. so far no claim of responsibility. police in hong kong clashing with pro-democracy demonstrators for a second night in a row. [background sounds] jon: thousands of protest theres gathered at two locations in the
3:38 pm
central part of the city after a mid-afternoon rally against police use of tear gas last weekend. officers once again fired tear gas as demonstrators threw bricks and other objects. protests have taken place in hong kong over the past two months, originally against a proposed bill that would have allowed suspected criminals to be extradited from the city to stand trial in mainland china. they since have morphed into an increasingly violent movement and a broader push for full democracy in the territory. california residents are packing up and leaving the golden state. what's forcing families to get out? ♪ ♪ xcellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa"
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we carry flowers that signifyn why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor. join the fight at ♪ ♪ jon: the high cost of living in the california is forcing many residents out of that state. they're heading to places like
3:42 pm
nevada and arizona, and the distance and expense -- the difference in expenses is pretty surprising. ben brown explains. >> welcome home. reporter: after living in california for the past five year, billy mitchell moved. >> that's ridiculous. i mean, the house i was living in -- i was in orange county, fullerton, and it was maybe about 1300 square feet, one bathroom. it was a nice place and all, but it was about $150,000 more than this place. reporter: his new home in hend henderson, nevada, is on about a third acre of land with a pool. in comparison, the house in nevada costs 300,000 where in l.a. it would be $700,000. >> they're coming here buying a brand new, luxury house in the henderson hills, in -- >> duncan also made the move from california and spent the
3:43 pm
day driving around vegas. >> this house in this particular area just doesn't exist in pasadena. if it did, which it doesn't, it would be $4-5 million. reporter: no state income tax, job creation and the ability to save money with cash left over are all factors enticing people to leave the california hills for the nevada desert. >> you've got to be thinking about quality of life, about taxes, about cost of living, right? those are really important factors to a lot of households that are considering where it is they would like to go and get a job or where it is they would like to retire. reporter: like nevada, statistics show arizona and idaho are also seeing a heavy influx of new residents from california. and in sin city your new neighbors are likely from the golden state. >> 50% of the population migration is coming from california. >> reporter: ben brown, fox
3:44 pm
news. jon: oakland, california, becomes the third major city to ban facial recognition technology used by police saying the system discriminates against minorities. brett larson explains. >> reporter: technology is advancing at a rapid pace. your face can be used town lock your smartphone or as a pass word b but in the hands of law enforcement, the technology can be abused. an attorney with the american civil liberties union told fox news facial recognition technology could be used by the government to identify people who, quote, attend protests, political rallies, church or aa meetings, and that's something that shouldn't be happening in the back room of a police station. the city of san francisco has already banned the use of facial recognition by police and now just across the bay the city of oakland will do the same thing. oakland city council president rebecca kaplan explains the lack of standards around implementing the technology and its potential use in persecution of minorities
3:45 pm
were concerns, especially with reports that the software is less accurate for women if dark-skinned people and particularly inaccurate for black women. oakland police have asked for the council to reconsider. the ban won't become official until september when the council reconvenes for a final vote. in new york, brett larson, fox news. jon: a multistate police search is on for the pink lady bandit. why police gave her that unusual nickname. ♪ you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, every day can begin with flakes. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear. and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear.
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jon: the search is on for the woman authorities have dubbed the pink lady bandit. the fbi says the suspect robs
3:49 pm
four banks in three states, all happening within a week. the suspect's nickname comes from the pink handbag police say she carries during the robberies. there's a $10,000 reward for information that leads to her arrest. two people recovering after separate shark attacks along the eastern coast of florida just an hour apart from each other. an arizona man suffered a bite to the leg yesterday afternoon at new smyrna beach just south of daytona beach. an area dubbed the shark attack capital of the world. and another shark bit a professional surfer about 100 miles north in jacksonville. luckily, frank o'rourke walked away with just a minor injury to his arm, but his friend describes the terrifying incident. >> shark pretty much came fully out of the water. his tail, like, splashed everywhere. he was saying i think i got bit, i think i got bit. and i was, like, you think you got bit? you fully got bit. jon: despite the attack, to
3:50 pm
o'rourke plans to get back in the water as soon as his injury heals. tropical storm eric is barreling along the pacific about 1700 miles southeast of of hilo, hawaii. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking the system from our fox weather center. >> reporter: hey, jon. actually, if you look off the west coast of the americas, not a lot happening back across the eastern areas, although you do see a couple of thunderstorms, but this is the area we're paying attention to as some of these low pressure systems have been firing off off the coast, running deeper out into the pacific ocean. a tropical storm right now, you see the circulation slowly moving, and it's still a long, long ways off of land, likely becoming a hurricane tomorrow. you see the hawaiian islands still a ways off. it's going to take a good five days until we begin to approach this. this is the possible track and, again, with this much time the, there's plenty of things that can still happen, perhaps going from a category one to a
3:51 pm
category two storm, but eventually weakening, hitting some upper-level winds, hitting rough seas also. this is getting you all the way into friday morning. so a wide area where this storm could still turn. it's something we're going to have to pay very close attention to, but this may be one of those storms that's going to be passing by the island, although typically and historically they do turn farther to the south. back here across the states, it's been mostly clear throughout the day as you're looking at, by and large, clear conditions from the west coast to east coast, but one spot we're paying attention to, a cluster of thunderstorm is running into the northern great lakes, and everything there highlighted in that red box is a tornado watch. we've got a severe thunderstorm warning currently for minnesota, portions of central wisconsin. we could see a couple of small twist-up tornadoes. if you're outside of that region, as i said, it's been dry, and there's a good chance it's been hot. current temperatures especially
3:52 pm
off to east of us, large areas running up into the mid 90s, the lower 90s, that humidity continues to linger. feels-like temperatures, a lot of spots middle 90s across portions of transaction, triple digits, tennessee texas even in the mid-atlantic, 94 degrees. this continues to shift off towards the east. jon, 97 is what it's going to feel like in d.c. tomorrow. i know we're in the heat of summer, and it continues to feel very hot, very steamy. and, of course, the week ahead we're going to be watching that tropical storm. jon: a lot of red on that map. adam klotz, thank you. russi taylor, the woman behind the voice of minnie mouse, has passed away at the age of 75. taylor lent her voice to the iconic character for more than 30 years, taking part in hundreds of projects in television, film and theme park attractions. walt disney company ceo bob iger praised taylor's contribution to entertainment, calling her a
3:53 pm
disney legend beloved by fans everywhere. taylor died yesterday in glendale, california. her cause of death is not released. saving lives at a young age, a chicago boy is now being called a hero for helping more than a dozen people escape a fire. we'll tell you what he did next. ♪ ♪ >> how did you know to do that? >> because this was a fire. >> how did you know to go tell her? >> because i'm smart and i'm brilliant. ♪ ♪ dietary choices are crucial to help manage blood sugar, but it can be difficult to find a balanced solution. try great-tasting boost glucose control. the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs is part of a balanced formula that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. in fact, it provides 60% more protein than the leading diabetes nutrition shake and contains only 1 carb choice. enjoy the balanced nutrition of boost glucose control as part of a healthy diet.
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jon: here's a couple asking wedding s to give them a different type of guest. instead of standard registry, they're requesting school supplies. jennifer olson has their story. >> reporter: it didn't take long after matt cameron popped the question for his future bride kelly do him one in exchange. >> we got engaged on a trip to belgium and kind of immediately thinking of wedding plans. >> reporter: that involved giving back. >> we didn't need much of anything. anything we did need we could handle on our own. >> reporter: so they decided in lieu of gifts, they'd ask their wedding guests to bring school supplies for a child. >> each guest got a little description of who they were buying for and what size they were for uniforms and what grade they were in for the specific school supplies they needed. >> it was a really good thought she had, but it doesn't surprise me at all that she had this idea and followed through with it. >> reporter: matt says it was better than any gift.
3:58 pm
>> i wasn't particularly a fan of the whole gift wedding -- or wedding in general idea anyway -- [laughter] so to me, it was a great cause x she thought office an awesome idea. so it worked out well. >> reporter: over 70 guests gifted backpacks stuffed with more than just school supplies. >> uniforms, water bottles, cleaning supplies, belts, underwear, socks. >> reporter: all to be donated to a high poverty school where many can't afford basic supplies most take for granted. >> being a teacher, i know that a lot of kids come with nothing to school. and you see the kids so excited about the little things, a new backpack, new shoes. it's so important that they can start school excited, and a lot of teachers spend a lot of their own money for the kids, and this
3:59 pm
helped out a little bit. >> reporter: it turns out giving was the best gift they could have received. jon: that's jennifer olson reporting from our fox affiliate in tampa. a 5-year-old chicago boy being hailed as a hero tonight after he warned more than a dozen people to get out of a burning house when the fire alarms were not working yesterday morning. fire officials say jaden espinosa was staying at his aunt's home with his two sisters when he smelled smoke and went outside. that's when he saw the fire and told everyone to get out. >> he hadn't got sent to his aunt's house wednesday, then he would have never been there to get everybody out. >> were you scared? >> yes. what do you think? i was scared. i get all of them out of here. jon: the cause of the fire now under investigation. and that's how fox reports on this sunday, july 28th. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. i'll seal you again next
4:00 pm
weekend. -- see you again next weekend. ♪ ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace, president trump claims victory after robert mueller's testimony as democrats debate what to do next. ♪ >> the democrats had nothing and now they have less than nothing. >> did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> and will the senate pass a bipartisan budget deal that's making conservative spending blocks cringe, we will discuss that and more with white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. then just 2 days before the next democratic debates, joe biden says no more mr. nice guy. >> what did you mean you will not be polite in the next debate.


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