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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 29, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and that is the story on this monday evening, july 29th, 2019. thank you so much for joining us. as always, the story goes on. we will see you you back here tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. i will see you bright and early. thanks for joining us. good night >> could evening and welcome to tucker carlson. see if he could make democrats to fund the most dangerous and corrupt place in the country. of course, he could. it wasn't hard. he sent a flurry of tweets criticizing the city of baltimore and elijah cummings. he called bart moore quote a disgusting rat. no human being would want to live in. a lot of people have never been to baltimore, claiming to be deeply offended by those remark remarks. one person who seemed to agree
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with him was the former mirror of baltimore. she said something remarkably cerebral stomach similar last year. >> what. we should just take all this down. just last week, we met with the mayor. >> >> tucker: what. you can smell. >> just ten days ago about the deputy police commissioner. people were not talking about that story in georgetown this weekend. in fact, if there's one thing
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that virtually everyone in washington doesn't care about, it's baltimore. baltimore is 40 miles away, but it's a different world. you could live your entire life in d.c. and never visit or think about baltimore. most people in d.c. do just that. or did. then came this weekend, and suddenly, baltimore became a holy ground that only an infidel would disparage. only a hardened bigot would criticize the place. >> this weekend, racist messages from president trump. >> another racist attack on an american member of congress and who he represents. >> the president, as he usually is, discussed.
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>> used as a bait and switch. >> in the most bigoted and racist twit. >> a racist president who attacks people because they are african-american. >> he says he's not racist, but the racists believe he's a racist. >> how do you respond when a racist says racist things? >> donald trump is a bigot and a racist. this isn't even subjective. >> donald trump and his people think white people are so racist that the way to get them to vote is to be racist. >> he's just an old racist. >> sean: got that? it's race baiting says. republicans are fairly easy to intimidate. it's not real. nobody means it. least of all, al sharpton. if you paid him money, he would stop criticizing you.
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the whole thing is a campaign tactic dreamt up at the dnc. once the russian conspiracy imploded and the media moved onto the only only other message they have witches "shut up, racists. meanwhile, baltimore, the actual city of baltimore could actually use some attention. it's good news it's finally getting some. if anything, his tweets underplayed the crisis there. that's a rate of if it were a country, it would have the fourth highest murder rate in the country. reaching a deal with guatemala that declares the country is safe location for asylum-seeker asylum-seekers.
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making people stay in guatemala is a human rights violation, and yet, here's the amazing part. baltimore's murder rate is that dominic double that of guatemal. more than 22% of the city lives in poverty. almost 65% of all children grew up in single parent households. in 2017, one-third of baltimore's high schools had zero students who were proficient in math. in 13 of baltimore's 39 high not a single student, not one student was deemed proficient at math. you'd think that would be a national scandal. you'd think that he would be in a hunger strike until that's fixed. >> anyone who took the walk that
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we took around this neighborhood would not think you are in a wealthy nation. you would think that you were in a third world country. >> tucker: a third world country? wow. wait a second. bernie sanders, a white supremacist? no. actually, he's just an old-fashioned liberal. that's how democrats use to think. if they saw misery and urban decay, they wanted to fix it. not anymore. modern progressive isn't about helping the people beneath you. it's about establishing moral superiority over them. it's a revolution. that's what it's about. so democrats support the status quo, and baltimore. things really began to fall apart after the 2015 rights there. this did i get a lot of attention there. nothing gets attention until tweet dominic trump tweets about
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it. in effect radically restricted the ability to protect citizens. not surprisingly, it exploded. he is very much a part of the problem in baltimore. nancy pelosi defended elijah cummings in the city of baltimore. of course, we know that she grew up in baltimore. her brother was the mayor of baltimore. she has a winery in napa. she's not interested in going back to baltimore. it's easier to give other people lectures about all tomorrow. democrats feel that way. they've given up. instead of trying to fix baltimore's problem, they have decided to import a new population of people, many of them illegal aliens.
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>> my only concern is for the people who are already here. doesn't make a a school better when people move in who don't speak english? it doesn't improve the education? is it fair to the taxpayers? every thought about that question marks >> i think our greatest asset is our diversity. >> that doesn't mean anything. i asked you a sincere question. does that dominic and improve a school when a lot of people move who don't speak english? does a school get better? >> absolutely. >> yeah, schools get a lot better. it actually turns out that the schools haven't gotten better at all. immigration has been devastating for baltimore. a lot of cities like baltimore. the last thing that we need is a lot of poor desperate people. illegal immigration drives down
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wages for low skilled workers nationwide. it sucks up education and health care dollars. democrats do not care about that. why? because illegal immigrants are a viable boat, and vote for them. he joins us tonight. another lecture on racism from people who clearly care very deeply about baltimore and what's happening. do you think any of the people lecturing about baltimore have been to baltimore or know anything about baltimore or were living baltimore on a million years question mexico it's the sort of place you travel through quickly. but no. i don't think that the various worthies who have been telling trump that he is a racist, and
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all the sympathy for baltimore, particularly care about what's happening there. the fact of the city does, as you pointed out have by far the highest murder rate in the country. there are suffering places all over the united states. i really think that a very high murder rate such as baltimore shows really a level of depravity and to degradation tht surpasses anything we could find anywhere else in the country. >> what's so interesting to me is that baltimore is not. it's right in the middle of the border. washington new york. baltimore is in between them. philadelphia. and yet, it's completely ignored. completely ignored. why is that question mexico well, it's very interesting. baltimore, if you look at it objectively, there's no reason why baltimore should it be a super thriving city. it's practically a part of the washington community. part of the washington metropolitan area.
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washington is one of the richest regions in the entire country. there is so much money in fairfax county, even howard county, which elijah cummings represents. you've got johns hopkins, you've got the federal government. does really no reason why baltimore should it be a thriving metropolitan area, except that it's run by corrupt and corrosive democratic machine that doesn't really care what it does except extract money and favors. the last two mirrors out of baltimore have had to resign out of disgrace. >> if you are a republican, particularly our republican member of congress, it's very easy to intimidate you. everyone also to do that. calling you a bigot. if you are running the rnc.
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when it it just be easier to pay him off than to have to respond to his criticism? >> it may have. certainly corporate america has done that. i mean, al sharpton. if you notice, al sharpton sold his life story to his organization for $900,000 to the national action network in order to give them a future source of income, he said. you know, making movies about him. so, he is well-equipped for this type of thing. >> tucker: he certainly is. just find a donor to set aside a million bucks, send it to al sharp. once a week, he'll do something nice. it's just easier that way. [laughs] good point. chuck baron, good to see you tonight. thank you so much for >> thanks
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tucker. >> tucker: he is the center befn baltimore. he knows a lot about the city. we are happy to have him join us. here's greg carson. thank you very much for coming on. so, you've spent a good chunk of your life in baltimore. it's a sad city. i think it's a city with a lot of promise. >> as a pediatric neurosurgeon, i spent many hours, sometimes operating all night long trying to get children of baltimore and other places around the world a second chance. usually we were successful, but a few days later i was in a horrible dilemma, because some of those kids had to go back to baltimore where they were and tested with rats and roaches and mold and violence.
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sometimes i would even consider extra test so they could stay in the hospital. now, fortunately god's given me an opportunity to do something about it. that's one of the reasons i'm delighted to be a part of this administration. while i was there, i worked on a lot of issues with many politics, politicians, including elijah cummings. i don't think he's a bad person i think he is actually working hard to try to help people. i certainly don't think president trump is a bad person. he's working very -- i asked him what would you be willing to work with elisha cummings to bring some relief to the people? in the meantime, he's going to continue with the programs. invested into the areas that are distressed. governor hogan is doing a good job.
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also, unemployment is at a very low level. manufacturing has come back, what wages are going up. prison reform. all of these things are happening. these are not things that a person who is a racist would do. we allow ourselves to be distracted by the sinks. i think what president trump was trying to say is that rather than spending your time talking about our great border agents and investigating endlessly into things that you can't find anything on, why not spend some time working more to these people who are suffering and that he is willing to work with them? i think that's what we should be asking for. >> tucker: i wonder if a city in which 65% of all kids are growing up in a single-parent household, i wonder if you can get anywhere without addressing that. >> you need to address that. you need to address the family issues. there was a poverty study, and it concluded after a massive
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study that there were three things a person could do to reduce the likelihood of poverty. number one, finish high school, number two, get married. number three, wait until you're married to have children. have moved us in the opposite direction. we should actually utilize the data. see when i'm so glad to hear you say that. it's an obvious point. secretary carson, thanks very much. >> always a pleasure. >> tucker: well, the left tars its enemies as racist. it's interesting, though. al sharpton is often the person who seems to articulate the message. hilarious once you know the details of al sharpton's career. stay tuned, because we have them for you after the break. ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent.
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>> tucker: like 1.7 children. that's the lowest we've ever ha had. fewer than 1.5 children per family. hungary has lost more than half a million people in the past 30 years. at this rate, and unless something changes dramatically, there will be no more hungarians. the neoliberals who run the european union strongly agree on what hungry should do to fix the
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problem. give up. the hungarian hungry's prime minister, victora different idea. he has decided to affirmatively help gary and families grow. the government is giving young women $35,000 low interest loans when they get married for the first time. if these women have three children with their husbands, the loans are forgiven completely. if they have a fourth child, they are exempt from income taxes for the rest of their lives. grandparents can take time off after the birth of a grandchildren. they encourage the creation of healthy families. the hungarian government wants to help people get married, steam dominic stay married and
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remain close to their families. hungry's leaders actually care about making sure their own people thrive instead of promising their nation's wealth to every immigrant. here's the least surprising part of it all, people absolutely love it. and why when it they? victor's government just won his third landslide victory in a row. the lessons are so obvious that you have to wonder, why isn't anyone trying that here? any time america has a debate on just about any issue, you can count on one thing. al sharpton's going to show up. what is he going to say? he's been called racist. president trump's tweets about baltimore are no exception to that rule.
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>> he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color. he doesn't refer to any of his other opponents or critics as invested. he's playing a race divisive card. >> tucker: he's playing a racial division card. but when al sharpton tells you that, you know you are living in a cartoon world. he sells racial division more than al sharpton has. it's gone down my given chills, actually he knows a lot about al sharpton's history. we're happy to see you. thanks for coming on. so, when you hear al sharpton accuse someone else, what's your response customer >> well, there are several responses. many, i will not repeat on this channel, or i want to have a job. this is beyond ridiculous.
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this is dangerous. this is a thing about al sharpton this is someone who started out with tea on a someone who went to ferguson in 2014, did a press conference, left and never went back. i would bet he has come back today. but i want to use a quote that really sums it up. you know, i like history. i want to get this one right. i want people to pay attention. booker t. washington said "there is a certain class who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out, they have not only a decent means of making a living, but also a way to make themselves prominent before the public. that is al sharpton.
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the candidates, for years, democrats who have kissed the ring of al sharpton. i would ask the black people in this country, what does al sharpton produce for solutions? there is not a in anyone's mind that they are logical about it. >> tucker: so why are republicans so easily intimidated? what would your message be to them? you are not going to change al sharpton. he's got a great gig off camera, as know. but on camera, he has this amazing ability to intimidate a lot of republicans. >> stop being so risk-averse and afraid to get into a combat situation without sharpton, unless you take on the haters and you produce results for
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those communities. go into those communities. work with the black committee. they've gotten better, certainly under president trump, who said what do you have to lose? he went into those communities. i would say to the president, continue to go there. he's done great things for liberty square to detroit. to the politicians, tucker, you and i have seen this for too many years. risk-averse politicians who sit around. we need fighters for the american people, fighters for american values and the promise that our declaration of independence. if that's not your strongest fighting point as a politician, get out of washington. >> tucker: exactly right. if al sharpton intimidates you, get another gig.
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david wild, good to see you tonight. thank you. got a fox news alert for you tonight. capital one has announced a massive data breach that has affected of huge percent of the american population. 100 million americans and 6 million the person who exploited this vulnerability has been arrested by the fbi. that's their position as of tonight. they also say no credit card numbers were stolen. this remains under investigation. we don't know the full framework of the story at this hour. this comes just days after this affected more than a hundred million americans. you can find out on our facebook page.
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continue to follow the story of course. well, congresswoman khalid calls herself a socialist. she wants to dramatically increase the minimum wage. stay tuned for the answer. plus, o'rourke wants to spend $500 million to fix education. how's that going to work? we'll tell you. ♪ when you're not able to smile, you become closed off.
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with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at >> tucker: while no matter how dumb the thing she says are, we are told that ilhan omar is above all criticism., another key criticizing ilhan omar is immoral. in fact, it can amount to violence, is what they say. what's interesting is that ilhan
5:34 pm
omar seems to have no problem with political violence if she sees something she doesn't like. over the weekend, ill hunt retweeted. imagine being ron paul's next her neighbor and having to deal. >> tucker: now to be clear, ronl doesn't wear a toupee. he attacked rand paul without warning. he needed surgery and was out of commission for a long time. but ilhan omar apparently found it funny. as she described it, somebody did something. well, senator bernie sanders is running for president on a platform that would demand
5:35 pm
everyone in america to make $15 per hour. that would be the minimum wage. it turns out, sanders doesn't even pay his own campaign staff $15 per hour. there are a lot of phonies in washington. khalid said that $15 isn't enough. watch this. >> we can't allow people to be living off of. i can tell you, everything has gone up. >> tucker: okay, so $18 an hour is minimum, or you'll be living at a poverty level. but if you want to get a job that keeps you out of poverty,
5:36 pm
take this advice and don't go work for congresswoman khalid. last week, her office post of job listing. they were paying a wage of, brace yourself for 15 an hour. it turns out that lowballing your own employees, pretty common for a socialist. well, america spends more on education than virtually any country on earth. but the system is dominated by mediocre people on the left. not enough money and of course, racism. he invests in a plan that he says will fix education. $500 billion, that's the price tag. he would also ban corporal
5:37 pm
punishment in the schools. education isn't political enough already. beto o'rourke is on his way out. never been a more annoying person running for president probably in the history. he joins us again tonight. so, you've read over beto's education reform plan. what you make of it? >> it's really frustrating. here you have another democrat coming out and saying, hey, we know public education is bad, but we can fix the problem by throwing more money at it.
5:38 pm
throw more money at it. $500 billion. but here's the truth. you are not going to fix racism by locking up teachers in a room and telling them about their white privilege. this isn't about fixing education. if this was about fixing education, the democrats would just embrace school choice. this is about one thing and one thing only. buying off the teachers union. you know that this is what it's about. it would be a student loan forgiveness after just five years for any teacher who worked in a government school. so if you worked at a government school for five years, you get all of your students loans forgiven. runs of $200,000 in student loan debt learning about, i don't
5:39 pm
know, early childhood education. then they end up as a gym teacher, teaching puts it little 8-year-olds how to play dodgeball while being racially sensitive. after all of that, we are supposed to beak dominic get together and we are supposed to. somehow, that's going to magically make all the problems for the kids in inner-city baltimore go away. because now they don't have to worry about drugs and violence and gangs are any of those things. this is totally ridiculous, but this is what the democrats that democratic party does. if they really cared about helping minority students, they would embrace school choice. >> tucker: yeah, he could go to an all boys boarding school.
5:40 pm
waiting for superman came out, a documentary. we are not going to defend this anymore. they hurt mostly poor black kids. whatever happened to that? now democrats seem to have forgotten about that and they are for teachers union' . >> it's the people like beta or rourke, it's sanders. it's elizabeth warren and people like that. they need teachers unions in order to win the election. that's what this is all about. it's about winning elections. it doesn't matter what happens to these kids. >> tucker: right. i think you've just summed it up right there. it's always about power. justin, thank you very much for that. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: well, there was an awful shooting in gilroy, california. democratic presidential immediately responded, of cours
5:41 pm
course. demanding that you give up your constitutional right. we will tell you what they said. ♪ >> exclusives from your favorite fox news personalities. it's all there. it's worth taking a look at. you can do it right now, in fact
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♪ >> tucker: a lot of democratic primary debates over the next couple of months. none of them will be on this channel, but a single person on fox news can be counted on to answer a question. cnn was there to cheer them on. cnn is in the clear. they will be hosting debates, but will those debates be fair? he's only officially endorsed one, kamala harris.
5:46 pm
up to personally campaign on her behalf when she was running for the california attorney general. not just important for the state of california, but for the entire country. sounds like that would create at minimum, a concern of bias at cnn. so far, he has not. i don't expect him to do that. he is willing to dodge. imagine, the head of a news channel endorsing a candidate. cnn says it's not an endorsement, but it was. well, mass shooter killed three people and wounded 15 others. at the gilroy garlic festival in
5:47 pm
california. demanded immediate restrictions on the right to bear arms. you must give your arms because some lunatic in california. speaking vaguely, but what he wants is not a secret at all. his solution to gun violence is to make everyone in america less free. again, you give up your rights because some little dominic luna in years past, the democrats would say i'm not for banning bonds. i'm not for compensation confi. >> we've heard a lot from democrats about how they want to reinstate the so-called assault weapons, which is really just a ban on rifles.
5:48 pm
we are looking at statistics. democrats want to just broadly paint everyone with the same brush. if you look at the numbers, there are more people killed every year than there are with assault weapons. if you look at the numbers at what they're proposing, especially after california, we've already done this before. the data from the clinton justice department shows that there was not an effect on crime due to the clinton era assault weapons ban. murders, homicides with firearms, the vast majority, 80% or more are committed with handguns. so if they really want to solve the problem, they have to get honest about the fact that they want to ban all rifles.
5:49 pm
what they are proposing, they have an assault weapons ban. it is illegal to bring a firearm. it is illegal in california. you can't do any of those things, and yet you have statements that they keep making on a broader public scale of taking away the constitutional rights from the rest of americans, while not actually solving any kind of problem when it comes to crime. >> tucker: i wasn't paying enough attention today. i may have missed. why would a 19-year-old do this? he said he was really angry. why are people doing this customer is anybody asking root causes to these questions customer >> you are asking this question. i think that's part of the reason. they don't want to address the bigger problems that why is it that we've seen more teenage or
5:50 pm
middle lower 20 aged males who are in isolation or angry peered why is it that we are not talking about the culture that has led to more of this happening? why is it that we are not talking about the real numbers? you keep hearing the statement that there is a gun violence epidemic in the country, but when you look at the data and the facts, it's actually not true. again, you never want to narrow people down into statistics. but because people like kamala harris and joe biden and beto o'rourke are blatantly generalizing gun owners as part of being the problem when they specifically are not, you have to follow the facts where they lead. the facts don't show that, an assault weapons ban will reduce crime. be, they don't shoot dominic show that mass shootings are on the rise. they have stated in their research that they are not on the rise. democrats don't want to look at
5:51 pm
the core issues of why these are happening. >> tucker: no, they definitely don't. well, google, it's not really a partisan issue. it's a threat to anyone who values the free exchange of ideas. ♪ woman: my reputation was trashed online.
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i felt completely helpless. my entire career and business were in jeopardy. i called reputation defender. they were able to restore my good name. if you are under attack, i recommend calling reputation defender. vo: there's more negativity online than ever. reputation defender ensures that when people check you out, they'll find more of the truth, not trash. if you have search results that are wrong or unfair,
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visit or call 1-877-866-8555. ♪ >> tucker: will get a lot of work on this program to expose the bias and corruption at google which is the world's most powerful company, by far. google and dominic doesn't just have it out for conservatives. google is hostile to anyone who challenges the status quo. just after the first presidential debate, where
5:56 pm
gabbert was the most searched presidential candidate. she's the first presidential candidate to sue google. thanks very much for coming on. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: tell us the point of this suit. >> here's the bottom line. this is really about the unchecked power that these big tech monopolies have over our public discourse and how this is a real threat to our freedom of speech and to our election. we've got to understand here that google can do this to me come as a sitting member of congress, running for the highest office in the land. if that means they can do this to any candidate running for any office anywhere in this country, and frankly to any person in this country. that's why it's so important. that whether you are a progressive or conservative,
5:57 pm
whether you consider yourself on the left or the right, we all have to stand united to protect our freedom of speech. because, look, today, tomorrow, it could be you or someone else. >> tucker: you are exactly right. god bless you by the way. why are you the only candidate who saying this question marks the go i can explain that tucker, but i do know how important it is that we protect our freedoms in this country. it's something, i think that people take for granted unless they are the ones under attack. these freedoms are enshrined in our constitution. i love our country, i love our people. this is why i'm standing up and fighting for these freedoms, even when these freedoms allow those who say things i may disagree with, to have the freedom to do so. these are the principles i stand up for it, that even you and i may disagree on things, i'm willing to give my life for your freedom to do so. >> tucker: so, you filed this
5:58 pm
lawsuit, and god bless you for doing that. what should members of congress do? speak of washington needs to act. there is no question about it. we are talking about google, facebook, twitter. these are big tech monopolies that have this unchecked power to influence our public discourse, to influence what kind of information people are seen. google is in control of 88% of all internet searches in the united states. i believe it's 92% of all internet searches in the world. so google is controlling, when you type into that google search box, what pops up. the information that you see. so it's important that congress takes action, because right now this is unchecked. if got their secret algorithms. they can control the information that we see. they can control what pops up in our first facebook fee. they can censor things they disagree with.
5:59 pm
google has a shot out those who have not broken any of their terms of use. it's really important that congress takes action to provide this oversight and accountability's, and ultimately to break up these big tech monopolies. >> tucker: are you going to bring this up in the debates this week? >> i look forward to doing so. this is such an important issue that is integral. we all must stand up and protect. we want so important. i spoke to to a right winger t, who i think disagree was 's the one we are out of time. amazingly. unfortunately. that's how fast it goes. enjoy every moment. we will be back tomorrow at
6:00 pm
eight. we have good news for you, ladies and gentlemen. the show may be ending, but a new show is beginning. the 9:00 p.m. hour, posted by the man who's been there many years. sean hannity. take it away. >> sean: we want to be humble, not pompous and arrogant like the rest of the media mob. tucker, hope you had a great weekend. thank you. great show. buckle up. glad you are with us. welcome to hannity. the judicial watch have equally on their own on earth some of the most damning evidence exposing a two-tiered justice system. her lawyer cheryl mills and samuelson to dispose of evidence and refused to comply with federal law. now, trust me, donald trump would never receive this special treatment. first, we


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