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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 29, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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group think, but we have good news for you, ladies and gentlemen. this show may be ending, but a new show is beginning. the 9:00 p.m. hour. hosted by the man who has been there many years. sean hannity watchity. >> we want to be humble and not pompous like the rest. tucker, great show. buckle up. welcome to tight. breaking just moments ago, the aclj judicial watch have equally, on their own, unearthed some of the most damning evidence, exposing a two-tiered justice system , with hilary clinton's attorneys. her lawyers, to dispose of evidence and refuse to comply with federal law. trust, he donald trump would never receive this kind of special treatment. we have a full report tonight. but first, we begin democrats
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have accused the president, of rush a. no. race itch. i for bet what weekend it is. because it's always something. all because he dares to speak the truth and we have all the facts laid out, about human suffering ah, tragedy, not just in the city of bolt baltimore but in pretty much every city in this liberal country. for months, we have been chronicling on the unnecessary human crisis daft netter most liberal cities in america. and detainment centers for illegal immigrants. give jenkins took a tour of one of their larger facilities, you know, the once liberals of course comparing to nazi concentration camps. there's food, water, medicine, beds, blankets, pillows. medical attention. baby formula, diapers. soccer fields, tvs, phones, all courtesy of you, the taxpayer. not ideal b. they didn't respect
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our laws and sovereignty and they are here illegally, but they are definitely trying. a much different story, meanwhile narcotics city of baltimore. over the weekend, the president called out 13 term congressmen, eliegia comings, for failing to address the dire problems in his district, which is experiencing record violence, poverty, far worse than the facility griff jenkins went to, and corruption on a nearly unimaginable scale. wait until you hear the amount of money i'm going to actual about in a minute. democrats are now vigorously, they are just defending comings with another round of identity politics. fame, selective outrage and attacking the president, calling him a racist. every minute, every hour, every day, because the mueller thing fell apart for them. he called
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daylitmore "dangerous." he said it was rat infested. just last year, the baltimore mayor, literally said, she could smell the rat when is walking through a neighborhood in her own city. she said it. watch. >> about a year ago, city leaders identified some of the sea city's most violent neighborhood. >> what the hell. we should just [bleep] all this down. ooh we want can smell the rat. >> baltimore's violence reduction initiative is about taking steps, at in the communities of the corner stones. >> oh, my god. can you smell the dead animals. >> you could smell them. the mayor of baltimore said that, in case you were wondering. no outrage from democrats over those comments and no outrage when senator beers compared baltimore to a third world country. if you're a liberal, can you say t. if you're a liberal accused of sexual assault, like the
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lieutenant governor of the common wealth of virginia, if you choose to rape, there are no believers. only if you're a conservative, or appointed by trump. obstruction of justice. hillary can do whatever she wants. trump has no obstruction. >> the fact of the matter is america is the wealthiest country in the history of the world. but anyone who took thea walk that we took around this neighborhood, would not think you're in a wealthy nation. you would think that you're in a third world c. a community that does not even have decent quality grocery stores where moms can buy quality food for their kissed. a community in which the dream are getting a higher education for kids, is as real as going to the moon. >> beers called baltimore, l a third world nation. since then, the conditions in
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baltimore, they have gotten dramatically worse. the city's treasure mismanagement. their rodent infestation has become so baidarkas recent documentary entitled "rat" film, highlighted the local government's massive urban planning. vacant buildings, lining many streets in the west and east parts of baltimore. nearly 17,000 abandoned structures in the city limits. the city's educational system. let's look at the records. it's also in a state ruins. look at the last year for which we have dated. 2017. investigation. zero. pay attention. zero students in five baltimore high schools and one mid will school were proficient -- one middle school were proficient in math and english. there wasn't one student proficient. and total, 13 high school students has zero students proficient in math. just like nancy pelosi needs to
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focus on, let's see, the needles all over the streets. people urinating, the feces in the streets in her home districts. looks like the representatives that are elect friday baltimore need to focus on their disin grating districts. let's open your eyes. baltimore's unemployment rate is the third highest of any major city in america. the poverty rate in baltimore ah, chopping 22%. household median income is $11,000 less than the national average. but the most dire issue in baltimore is violent crime. look at this. 2017. bammore named the most dangerous city in america. that year, more people murdered in baltimore than ever before. if you look at it on a per capita basis, there were more than twice as many shootings in baltimore than in chicago. yeah. that chicago. 2018, the city's murder rate was higher than in the country of
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honduras. what? that's where citizens are fleeing to cecocele at the u.s. border. and this year, baltimore's murder rate is on the rise again. through the first half of 2019, a 16% increase in murders. 20% increase in nonfatal shootings. it's no surprise that baltimore has seen a huge decrease in population. there's a mass exodus going on and i can can't blame people for this. losing nearly 300,000 people in just a couple of decades, including a 20000-drop since 2010. even "the new york times" call together "tragedy of baltimore." now, who can blame people for leaving? just like they're leaving in droves, as a mass exodus out of these highly regulated, high-tax states like this one. that i'm stuck in because work makes me stay here. new york. or new jersey or california or
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illinois. without a doubt, we are now witnessing a human crisis. we have got to do better. the people in those detention centers that broke the law, didn't respect our borders, our sovereignty, they are living better than the people of baltimore and other big liberal cities. how is that possible? but they're calling those concentration camps and comparing those to nazi anemone. they have failed their citizens for decades. liberal democratic policies have failed the people of baltimore. just like the people in san francisco. just like the people in los angeles, new york city, especially de blasio and elsewhere. congressman eliegia come m liege a nice guy, in wash for 23 years, all while his district is becoming worse and worse and worse, but of course, he's lark out at the president and of course, baltimore is just one of many major cities, run by liberalism, experiencing these serious problems, which is why on this program, we have
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investigated multiple cities which are deteriorating right before our very ice. violent crime, homelessness, drug addiction, poverty, violence. wreaking havoc in metropolitan areas, all while democrats in those big cities are unwilling or unable to address these very real problems. by the wake if you're going to leave new york, fine. if you're going to go to the carolinas, fine. don't bring your idiotic liberal policies with you. if you're leaving, the great state of california and moving to a state like texas, don't do to texas what you did to california, what you are now trying to get away from. and san francisco, one of the most liberal instance america. imagine this. one mile from nancy pelosi's gated community home, one mile in the other direction to her office. the homeless problem there, spiraling out of control. needles all over the streets. public defecation.
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you'reination and much worse. l.a., we have gone to l.a. like we went to san francisco. experiencing similar problems, yet the democratic legislators have failed to address these very real issues which have real consequences for everybody living in these cities. like the mob, they are lark out at president trump. the evidence is overwhelming. the statistics are there. if you really care about people, all you people on the left, if you care about people, how about you fix these cities, because that's our national treasure. our kids are dying, violence out of control. drugs out of control, and poverty everyone. we have sent our own lauren jones like we sent him to san francisco and l.a. , tab we sent him to baltimore to talk to residents about what life there is really like. let's take a look. >> when you look at baltimore and everything that's happening, would it be safe to say that baltimore is in a crisis?
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>> well, i would honestly say yes, you know, from the drug selling, to the killing, you know, the poverty, you know it's just crazy. >> what do you see when you see baltimore? poverty? crime >> i see poverty, crime, i see crime as a way of life >> i'm actually afraid to raise a family here and this is my home >> the crisis is not just the crime. but the crisis starts downtown with the government. >> tell me about your leaders here >> the leaders >> yeah, your elected officials. what are they doing? >> i think they sold out. >> when you look at baltimore, describe what do you see. the boarded houses, drugs. tell me what you see. >> i see something going wrong. i've been here 58 years, and it was such a pleasure to live
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here. and i'm almost in tierce at what it has become >> i love baltimore but baltimore is like a sewage right now. you know, the president called out and said it is rat infested. it's true >> it's been so much attention to the president. that tells you something right there. >> joining us from baltimore, as he joined us from san francisco, as he joined us from l.a. and new york and other cities, that are in a decline. fox news investigate reporter, our contributor, special correspondent, lawrence jones. guest permits to san francisco. one mile from nancy pelosi's gated community. is her house. the other direction, there's her office. in between, we have got drug addicts, people urineating, feces all over the street, and she's work 30 million bucks, 50 million bucks. she can't get a facility built
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out of her rich friends's money, get people a hot meal, a little drug counseling. what do they just walk around the other way, she goes from her hews to the office so she doesn't have to see it? >> well, what you just describe would is a pattern of behavior, sean and many people of baltimore say they don't see their elected officials. i'm standing behind city hall and many of the calls are death, poverty and destruction. a lot of the corrupt practices have caused in environment for many of the people in baltimore and they're frustrated and sad, and who can come and actually fix this. look. you don't have to tell me about the failing liberal policies. i've been to all the cities and saw what happens to community so there has to be a response, and a conservative method here. i'm pounding the pavement to show these people that there's another way. it won't work.
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no matter how much they try, this corruption. >> lawrence, are they noticing that donald trump has record-low unemployment, the best employment situations since '69, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace. are they taking note as that, as the rhetoric of oh, concentration camps. if i had a choice, i'd rather be in what they're calling a concentration camp for people that violated the law and our borders. we've been there. we saw grigg jenkins report, than i would baltimore in its condition >> you know what, sean, most of the people here don't pay attention to the news they just pa-- they don't pay attention to the nudes. they don't know what's going on. what the media plays, they're not concern. their kids are being shot up.
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no kids in sight and it's the summer. the drug dealer vs. taken over. this shouldn't happen in america. >> sean: shouldn't happen in america. well said. perfectly said. lawrence, thank you. and by the way, the news out of baltimore, as sickening it is. 13 people were killed. 19-year-old was killed i17-year-old was shot away from a quadruple shooting over a one week period. one week earlier. this is our country's national treasure. you can't allow this to happen anymore and say, donald trump's to blame or people are being treated poorly at the border and it's like auschwitz. no, that's not fair. and people know it's a hi pershly. go back every two, four years. republicans are racist, sexist, zeno phobic, they want dirty water and grandma, grandpa eating cat food, and then we kill them.
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and those far from perfect, those that broke our laws, didn't respect our borders and sovereignty. at least they're safe and protected. they get food, water, medical attention, baby formula, cotts, blankets and pillows and recreational facilities. more, apparently than people are getting in baltimore. in san francisco, a mile away from nancy pelosi's house and on wednesday ah, woman holding a 5-week old baby was robbed at gun point in baltimore. last week ah, shocking video emerging showing a city employee viciously beaten and robbed by a group of individuals on electric scooters. even the deputy's police commissioner and wife, they were robbed at gun point. you can't make this up. this is a city in crisis. it's corrupt, and i have a suggestion, mark meadows told me elijah comings is a nice guy. i don't know elammia comings. maybe he should sit down with president trump, and see what he
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can do for the city. two of the past three mayors of course forced to resign over corruption scandal. the other, preside over the 2015 riots you may recall. that's where the city was set ablaze. stores a lot and cars flipped as the city descended into many days of an arc. at the time, president obama had this to say about the city of baltimore. >> my understanding s you've got some of the same oregon newsers now, trying to go back and clean up in a handful of criminals and thug who is tore up the place. >> sean: imagine how the media mob if president trump said that. don't forget. 1.8 billion authorize from then president obama's timorous bill was sent to baltimore. how is it possible they wasted all that money? where was it spent? what do we have to show for it?
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we do know 26 was allocated for the environment of baltimore. how about let's keep people safe and feed them first. how many 2,000 square foot homes could of course built. how many homeless shelters? rehab facilities? obama's federal government is spending 200 million for the environment in baltimore. fast forward. a few years and president trump's pro-growth agenda. what do we have? a million new jobs created for african-americans. 7 million fewer americans in poverty. minorities now seeing the lowest unemployment rates in history and special tax opportunity zones. but the left wants to you think, this president is racist. joining us now, the son of the president and we'll get to al starton later. erik trump is with us. you're in the construction business. i was in the construction
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business for 10 years. not quite the trump level. the hannity watchity brand is not quite that big. how many 2,000 square foot homes could you build for $1.8 billion if you had the money? >> a lot. and that's exactly my father's point. baltimore is broken. my father is right, and democrats are broken. they runaway from t. how long is baltimore been controlled by democrats. you take the top 10 most dangerous cities in the country, they're all controlled by democrats. and they're trying to runaway from t. he's brought more attention to baltimore not that last 72 hours than elijah comings has brought to baltimore. comings has been there 13 terms now. and my father is right. and he's calling people out and since they have no rebuke to it, they say he's a racist ah, sexist. if he calls out anybody than a white male, he's immediately racist.
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he's immediately sexist. he's immediately zeno phobic. whatever they want. you know, that's what the democrats do, and people are tired >> sean: they do it every year >> doesn't that stuff really exist. it doesn't get the attention because people are drowning it out with this nonsense. even their own party are calling one another racist. kamala harris called joab racist last week. my father is calling out a real problem that exists and it's very, very sad >> sean: there's the reverend al sharpton. so he's down in baltimore tonight. i don't know what he's there to go, he's calling the president names but every democratic 2020 hopeful really, that's really
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going to help a lot. >> you know, sean, i don't know what that nonsense s. keep doing t. you're walking my father right into 2020. he's going to have an overwhelming victory. the democratic party, they don't what happen they stand for want define what the democratic party stands for. i can't do it, and you and i are a student of politics at this point. they don't stand for going. they're totally lost. they have got one narrative and that's condition that disagrees with them. as obvious as it is to disagree with what's happened in
10:22 pm
baltimore over the last 60 years, anybody that disagrees with them. and they're not going to win on that platform, competent when you've knot the greatest economy in the history of the world. when our country is doing great. have the lowest afunemployment ever, the lower hispanic unemployment ever, and this nonsense, because they have no other narrative of their own and they are a party that's totally lost. it's not going to work. and by the way, anybody who has ever driven your course i-95, who's driven through baltimore, thans city is broken. so my father is bringing attention to a place that needs help. it's tragically really sad, and what happens, elijah comings calls him a racest. he spent the last two years, on absolute nonsense witch hunt and put no time on his own city. he should start focusing on the city, instead of conspiracy theories he's made up.
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>> congrats to you ah, baby is on its way >> a couple weeks. >> all right. congratulations and directly ahead. rush limb buy weighs in on the crisis if baltimore is no, mike huckabee and larry elder. we have with the late-breaking developments and news. hilary clinton does not want you to hear. treatment that would never ever happen to donald trump. we have got the evidence tonight. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office
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and go see, fast & furious presents, hobbs & shaw. august 2. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: these are the things you are not supposed to say. you're not supposed to criticize anything the democrats run. you are not supposed to criticize anything my minorities do. it's been two and a half years that they have been trying to run donald trump out of office. if i were him, i'd be fed up to. but what he saying here is the
10:28 pm
absolute truth, but it's not supposed to be said about any place where the democrats are in charge. >> sean: all right, rush limbaugh explain being how the left wing media's reaction to them is nothing but moral outrage. they used to say it every two and 4 years, now, they say it every second, minute, hour, every day, whatever the talking point s. if it takes forever now to defend him and get there they'll do that here. fox news contributor, mike church worker huckabee. syndicated host, larry elder. you know, larry, we've been friends for a lot of years this has been a particular pet peeve of yours. it really makes you angry, that here you have the 2020 candidates wanting to kiss al's ring. and reverend al has a history. we have a lot more tape we can
10:29 pm
air if we want to. they are failing on a spectacular level. >> they really are. thomas once said this, as a black man, i am offended whenever a white person takes al sharpton seriously or pretend to. baltimore leads in homicides. 73% are unhappy with their education system. only 12% believe that the city is doing something to fight crime. bernie sanders toured a a neighborhood in baltimore, in 2015, west baltimore and pronounced it similar to a third world country and said the conditions were unconscionable. his words norths mine, finally, president trump once called new hampshire a state, according to
10:30 pm
the 2010 census, was 1% white. nobody called trump racist then. as rush said, only when he's criticizing somebody who's black, he's a racist q. he criticizes a white person and there's a long list, not a problem. >> i do know this, governor, in the biden-obomb years, the people that were hurt the most. 13 million more americans on food stamps. people in poverty and people that were hurt the most were minority-americans. the people dispro portionately, positively impacted by deregulation, and tax cuts because of the trump plan, would be minorities as well as in the record wees state on a fairly regular basis. >> well, what the president said was indisputably true. larry mentioned born beers's comment. that's only one of the things. you've got the mayor of baltimore you talked about earlier, who clearly said, we
10:31 pm
have got rats everyone. "the baltimore sun" wrote an editorial, basically agreeing. so, i guess we either have one of two things. either beers, the mayor, who is african-american, and baltimore sun editors are all a bunch of racists or donald trump isn't. you can't have it both ways. and i think it's also important, if you listen to eliegia comings and the dressing down he did of the homeland security chief in a congressional hearing and he was talking about it's your responsibility for those kid on the border. well, i'm sorry, representative comings, but who's upon responsibility is it in your district. that's what the president is saying. that's not racist. >> sean: none of us would want to be in a detention center. i'm being very clear on that. but grif jenkins, down there people are safe, people have recreational activities, soccer fields, food, water, medicine, medical attention.
10:32 pm
baby formula, diapers, cots, blankets and pillows, and they're not dying like they are in some of these liberal cities. not ideal. don't break our laws, respect our laws and boards and sovereignty and don't have to be there. but let's see. baltimore, a mile from nancy pelosi's house on the streets. i think i'll take the detention center that the squad wouldn't vote for, larry. >> layer: right. and trump did criticize nancy pelosi's district, talked about needles in her district and nobody called him racist then. baltimore has been run by black people for a long time. the mayor is black. when freddie graced, the attorneys were black, the president was black and they're still yelling about constitutional racism. and trump says something about baltimore is no, he's called a big on the. the city 100% democrat in the council, and majority of the council members are black. , i guess you can't say going about moltmore >> sean: you know, you see this
10:33 pm
you look at nancy pelosi's district. you see baltimore, you see the violence in chicago. most people didn't know it's as bad as baltimore. this is our national treasure, governor. this is our american family that is suffering needlessly, and the people to claim toft most passion are screwing this up as bad as you possibly can. $1.8 billion, obama gave baltimore. what did they get for that $1.8 billion? >> plot a whole a lot. that works out to about $3,000 for every single person in baltimore. i'll tell what you this president's giving baltimore, the lowest rate of unemployment for african-americans, the best program out of poverty ah, good paying job. and that's what the president has delivered. the democrats are scared to death. they'll figure it out. >> sean: all right. thank you both. when we come back. the media once again, defending the squad. we have a full report, despite
10:34 pm
yet another example of ranked hip ocincrease. tammy bruce. much more when we come back. breaking news about hilary clinton. her two attorneys. special treatment. no republican or conservative or anybody that was prosecute by the rob mul -- robert mueller ad his witch hunt team. i have a vision correction number,
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♪ ♪ >> sean: just moments ago, the president tweeted "election cummings never even went to the southern border." way down and the wall is being built. getting stronger, and by the way, on that issue, the president had a huge victory. remember his emergency order? yet, the supreme court weighed in. the president does have the
10:39 pm
right as previous presidents have. i told you this would happen, to reallocate the funds. yes, the wall will be billed. -- built. also tonight, the squad, the new face of the democratic party they are back in the spotlight. congrescongresswoman ta36 appean cnn, fake news. and made a series of baseless accusations, which are interesting, 0ing it's the squad, of four women who have the most influence on over the 2020 democratic hopefuls. all of them have adopted this silly new green deal of theirs. >> our president has a hate agenda. he doesn't have a policy agenda. that's where he falls down on. we can see it from far away that he's incompetent, that he hasn't been able to follow through on the promise that he may come and people are hurting more and more.
10:40 pm
>> sean: as presidential candidate, kamala harris. teaming up with as core, with legislation that would be the first step towards implementing the infamous, radical new green deal that, gets rid of oil, gas, the combustion engine. everything from the minute your born to the minute you die is free. guaranteed. good luck with that. oh. and we'll get rid of means and cows too. new york times, by the way, is trying to do damage control for the squad calling them, quote, the new target for the right. let's see, antisemitism doesn't put them in line for criticism. okay. joining us with reaction, fox friends, weekend co-host, and fox news contributor, tammy bruce is with us. tammy, did you get know invite to pete's wed something because i didn't. >> sean, this is an official,
10:41 pm
made for tv invitation for sean hannity watchity to the wedding. i came prepared tonight. >> wow. you know, tammy, just when i thought i had one over on him. l thank you. but do i give good wedding gifts. you made a good choice financially i want one for the after party. if i'm going, listen, pete, just get over t. i'll going to have a fox team crash the party. hannity watchity and as many guests as possible. >> as many as you want. >> sean: congratulations again. all right. the squad. you look at the radicalism. antisemitism and other influence tammy, is what stands out in my mind. nobody has a democratic hopeful for 2020 is talking about nancy pelosi's policies. they are adopting the squad's policy >> and this shows the lack of
10:42 pm
leadership. it's ageist and sexist. they are also ignoring nancy pelosi. they're ignoring the nature of what the president is flushing on a daily basis for the american people for them. it's the shallow excitement, the shocking things that are being said every day that are hostile and negative, and y they seem addict to the coverage of these women, who are really moving policies forward, and making statement that is seem to be meant to divide the american people o. a complete disconnection from being able to look at and report news and maybe even have an opinion about policy. but in this case, i think they are defending these women because they really want them, they think that being on television and being exciting or being shocking is the thing that matters. americans know that is not the truth. we know that we want -- look. you can have a big personality like the president and then you actually can get things done and they want to have a distraction
10:43 pm
from the president and these these young women are going to provide that. they're destroying the party and destroying what any democratic leadership, sergeant, the moderate leadership, which i don't put pelosi in, wants to accomplish and other clip saying they are the democratic party for the president. >> seems like everybody's afraid of them and they are so radical and so extreme and frankly, a number of them are quite bigoted, and i don't think it's going to work well to call america a garbage country or compare the concentration camps of nazi germany to the treatment we're giving facilities down at the border or to say, israel has hypnotized the world and we want to boycott israel, just the way we boycotted the nazis. >> no one exposes today's modern agenda. rashida tlaib talked about
10:44 pm
president trump having a hate agenda. i can look at her and say, she has a hamas agenda. in june of this year, she criticized "the new york times" because they, in her mind, favored israel when hamas was launching rocket from the gaza strip and she said didn't reflect well enough for the palestinians and other gaza strip. and we know it's controlled by hamas. this partnership between kamala harris and comrade cortez is a reflection in the fact that cortez, like bernie sanders, is the modern soul of the democratic party. everyone's bernie. in 2016, the system vision against him by the establishment. now, you've knot liz warn, and cortez is the soul >> sean: kamala harris is trying to partner. quick answer. pete, first. i don't think the democrats can stop the squad.
10:45 pm
>> no. the squad is the future. it's what the educational institutions have create. it's the future for demolition permits. >> sean: tammy, can they be stopped >> no, pelosi has tried and failed. it's a shallow framework. they are devoid and where you want when it come to the nature of why they're doing what they're doing. and as a result, this squad as they like to call themselves are running and boy, is that going to back fire in 2020. >> sean: isatin sight. hannity watchity plus a thousand. >> as many always want, brother. i know where you go, a party follows >> sean: pete, you are going to regret what you just said in a major way. thank you both. all right. now, breaking news. investigative report, moments ago, we just got our hands tuning new document in the hilary clinton e-mail investigation. oh. special treatment that no other american would ever, ever get. it'll blow your mind.
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♪ >> sean: late break developments tonight on our quest for equal justity and to hold those that have abused power accountable. there's a lot of news coming this week. according to just-released reports, judicial watch. a federal court has issued a hearing about whether to speedup the release of key struck, page, text, documents, and american center for law and justice has now obtained the a obama doj's immunity agreement. with hilary clinton's lawyers, pay attention, i'm not making up. to dispose of evidence and
10:51 pm
refuse to comply with federal law. i'm sure they do that for donald trump, too. this all comes as sources are telling fox news that john dorm, the prosecutor from mass mas, that he has zero owing in on why certain pieces of exculptory material, may of course held from the phasa court, author of "the next red wave." and judicial watch president, let's start w hang on a second. i've never heard, except for struck and paige, destroying their phones h mueller did. i've never heard of the attorneys of hilary clinton, in the cases we know the evidence is overwhelming, she had these e-mails, jordan, and we know she deleted the subpoenaed e-mails. those two lister sat in when she
10:52 pm
was being investigated by the fbi. did any of you ever hear that before? because i haven't, jordan. >> no, first, they were aides to hilary clinton. cheryl mills was her chief of staff and health hearth samuelson was her senior staff and liaison. they become her private r private attorneys at the same time take over these e-mails. calling computers. each had o. these other than the backups, in colorado that had the 22,000 e-mails on them. and guess what? each was going through, as hilary clinton's lawyers and deleting e-mails, sean, show when this investigation began, they wantd to make sure right off the bat, they were immune from the espionage act, the records act, the classified information act. i mean, crime that is bring prison time of up to 28 years if
10:53 pm
you combine them, for each of these actors and yet, they get full immunity. not just that, as you just said, they get the doj and fbi to yeah, to not allot american people to access this information on their computers, via foya and we have got that document right here and then they'll destroy the computers for cheryl mills],heather samuelson, and clienton team >> sean: tom, judicial watch. the hearings about whether to speedup the document release. now, we have a lot of the text messages, but they keep dribbling out more and more, and you keep getting them. how much more do we think is out there? >> there's 13,000 more pages and other fbi is taking the position, they generally shouldn't have to turn over any text messages. we don't know what text messages are being withheld and the court has looked at the production schedule.
10:54 pm
there of course 20,000 records generally, over the last year, year and a half, they have only produced or processed 500 per month, about 600,000. so he's looking, seeing 13,000 records still being produced. he wants to have a court hearin to take another look to z whether or not this is quick enough. i hope he forces the release of these records quickly. >> sean: thank you both. this is important work you're doing. let me given a preview of coming streaks this is week. papadopoulos tapes. exculptory. up next. stung new volvement you won't believe what happened at tech crews at the airport.
10:55 pm
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>> sean: you've seen it before, republicans being pub clickly taunted, attacked for their beliefs, ted cruz, jonathan hunt in our west coast newsroom has the latest on this. no shocker here, jonathan? >> sean, senator cruz was apparently waiting for a flight
10:59 pm
out of lax last night when he was recognized and confronted. this video posted on twitter shows the incident in which senator cruzz smiles as a group of half a dozen people shout praises such as america will not be silenced. the vast majority appeared to be travelers simply videoing what was unfolding in front of them as those involved in the chanting makes their opinions known about senator cruz's support for trump's immigration policies. >> free the children! free the children!ee >> the protesters did not appear to threaten the senator in any way and at no point was he physically surrounded. the protesters standing to the front or side of him and one woman in the crowd who posed for a picture with the senator whose office has not responded to our requests for comment, sean?
11:00 pm
>> sean: it keeps happening. someone will get hurt. it's not good. there will be big breaking news this week. i can't tell you what. i have to tell you we have a big guest coming up this week. laura ingraham is next, let your heart not be troubled. >> laura: i thought i was the big guest the way you did the big long promo. i thought we had a big guest coming up, laura ingraham. i thought, oh, good, can we do it more often? >> sean: if you want to give up airtime. >> laura: i was looking at that video. i'm glad you showed that. when they started screaming free the children, i'm thinking -- it works perfectly with what i'm going to talk about tonight, free the children from the incompetent leadership in urban america. free them from rbthat. they don't care about that. they like to use children at the border as props. they love that, though. we're going to talk about that. >> sean: i would