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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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there's got to be a word for that. thanks so much for joining us tonight. we are out of time. back tomorrow, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, smugness, groupthink, guess who's next? it you know the answer. sean hannity takes it away. >> sean: i don't like liars pomposity, or groupthink. to heck with them all to tucker, gray chauffeured welcome to this "hannity" here tonight, all across this country, liberal cities run by liberal democrats. again, all across the country. they are deteriorating right before our eyes and the president is doing the country a favor because now we are paying attention. the human tragedy is catastrophic. the far left politicians in charge, they are failing at a miserable level. their constituents, a spectacular level. what's happening in baltimore, detroit, san francisco, los angeles, so many other great metropolitan areas, nothing short of a national disaster. we have many improvident
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democrats who want to use these cities as a model for the entire country. sort of like except they want these policies on steroids and human growth hormones. that's why 2020 is the single most important election coming in our lifetime. this is going to be a tipping point for the country. the single biggest choice election we will ever have under the leadership of donald trump or the crazy, insane, new green deal of radical socialist democrats. we are experiencing it right now because the president's track record in policies, record raising economic growth. women in the workplace, youth unemployment, by the way, the president is not apologizing at all. for calling out the real human tragedy in this case, baltimore, maryland. good for him. take a look. >> people living in baltimore are very happy that i'm bringing out the fact that it's like living and helping at all it is is a pointing out facts.
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the most unsafe city in the country is baltimore. it's received as much money. it is received top-of-the-line, billions of dollars but somebody said $15 billion over a short period of time. all of this money goes there and, take a look at it. i don't have to describe it. take a look at it. elijah cummings is in charge of it. ends he already takes his oversight committee and finds out what happens in the $15 billion. it >> sean: by the way, 1.8 billion in stimulus money from obama. and the conditions in baltimore, as we're showing again, have become worse and worse, your income, year out. democrats who have been in charge for decades, they continue to win wheel actions. why? they continued to get a paycheck and nothing ever gets better every day gets worse. we have a lot coming up in the course of this monologue in
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including, special hannity investigation into the democratic run city of detroit where democrats have been debating tonight. but first, we turned other breaking news from our investigation into the investigators, looks like the current fbi director, christopher wray, might be covering for his friends in the sewer and the swamp in d.c., according to reporting from the hills executive vice president. investigative reporter john solomon, director ray has blocked the fbi from responding to congressional inquiries about political bias. on christopher steele another report issues surrounding the russian witch hunt. ray also blocks the intel committee request until devin nunes, congressmen, former chair, was forced to issue a subpoena. also breaking tonight, john solomon reporting that director ray is now fighting the public release of documents sent to the fbi just a week and a half before the first finds a warrant was signed by state department official kathleen catalog.
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these documents were directly related to the blatantly false claims made by christopher steele in the fall of 2016. and by the way, a full on warning. another warning to call me before you sign the first finds a fraud and of course, the doj was warned as well. it was a fraud. it's unverified. hillary paid for it. now, my question tonight is, why doesn't ray want you, we, the american public, to see these documents? here with more is john solomon on this breaking news. if director ray doesn't doesn't want to see it, and he is not doing his job, maybe we need a new fbi director because we need to save the single premier law enforcement in the world. this is not some, you know, this is the best law enforcement agency, by far, why would he want this cleaned up? >> listen, i think there's a culture of resisting transparency in the fbi that goes back decades, all the way back to j. edgar hoover. christopher wray's doing a good job of extending that bad part of the legacy, the fbi.
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the arguments of the fbi is making in this court case against us in the united were not releasing these dart documents are preposterous. one of the reasons is, fbi agents have a presumption of privacy not to be questioned about the public about their conduct in investigations. they argue that this document would harm national security, and give aid to tears, this incredible over the job language. people who have seen the document, including mark meadows, the congressman from north carolina, roto letter this week and set i went and saw this documentary is not classified. it was transmitted through nonclassified email and all it is as open source intelligence they could've gotten on the internet and yet chris wray is fighting us in trying to get that information. i think that's what contracts earns the people that i talked to tonight. >> sean: we want is to be cleaned up. we want to have the premier law enforcement agency in the world. it has been. the 90s 9% are and not to clean it up is a disservice to
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all of those good that obey the laws, do the right thing, protet and serve this country and what is a very dangerous job every day. john solomon. thank you. we will have more breaking news tomorrow, by the way. now, before we get back to the disaster that i just said, liberal run cities and states, we have other breaking news first. the all-important investigation into the investigators is ongoing. while the democrats, russia wish con, just suffered yet another devastating setback. the dnc's frivolous lawsuit falsely accusing the trump campaign of hiking. i was just thrown out of the folk federal court and the judge was not particularly inclined in the ruling here and he with morn this breaking news, do going for the president, is the president's attorney, jay sekulow. jay, what you have? >> look, this is as you just say huge. it was basically the dnc's trial of the russia hoax. they basically took this whole
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wikileaks inquiry that went on and tried to turn it into a federal lawsuit. a judge appointed by bill clinton when he was president said that the allegations are divorced from the facts for the evidence doesn't support the allegations. they also raised serious issues involving the freedom of speech, freedom of association, so what you have here is an attempt by the democratic national committee to litigate the federal court, allegations of russia collusion, russia conspiracy, involving the trump campaign, not only as a projected by the department of justice in the mueller report but it's rejected by a federal court judge, as his head, appointed by the federal clinton, who throws the case out and says, no evidence. the evidence was divorced from the allegations. there's nothing that would back up what they asserted. so this is a very, very significant when in federal court. a very significant win for the president. i think i'm a look.
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this was the inquiry of this whole russia hoax. they couldn't win on a collusion eight conspiracy, they can win on instruction, so in a civil litigation, in federal court, against the campaign, his where you have come at the end of the day, this was a hoax from the beginning. >> sean: okay, jay sekulow, the attorney for the president. thank you, sir. we now turn our attention back to the city of baltimore where the president this week has been routinely bashed by the democrats and of course, they will cheat the media mob for what are the dilapidated conditions in baltimore. some including speaker pelosi even a clue using the president of the united states of racism. and what are you here, she made her criticism at a five-star dining hotel facility. but the president is not the first person to sound the alarm about the tragedy of baltimore. 27 movies actually named rockville, actually documenting
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the horrific living conditions of baltimore's poorest neighborhoods. we are not making it up here we've got the video tape your list go to it. ♪ >> has never been a rat problem in baltimore. it >> sean: more recently, baltimore county public activists named kimberly clay sk started filming areas of west baltimore which is absolutely covered in trash for a luckier screen. piles of debris, human waste, dead rats, living rats, needles, in every direction. this is a neighborhood where people live. this is a neighborhood where children are supposed to be safe into play.
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that is unacceptable. that is how many decades now? of liberal democratic rule? just today, place like document and even more garbage piled high all over the place. not a city official in sight. no cleaning crews, no garbage truck had a can, just a neighborhood covered in just pure trash and meanwhile, a very different story at the presents and sillies in the border. remember, remember, facilities that members of the so-called squad are calling concentration camps. while the residents of baltimore, they are suffering under piles of garbage mounting violence, rats, illegal immigrants who have been detained by federal officials, they are provided everything. food, water, clothing, shelter, medical care, medicine, baby formula. diapers. even space for recreation. they even have a soccer field. basketball courts, they have televisions and they have telephones. that's not the case in the city
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of baltimore. officials can't even clean up piles of garbage and, no outrage from the squad and no outrage from congressman cummings. the struggling cities of baltimore totally ignored by those who claim to have a monopoly of compassion. on the poorest among us, on every democratic group, it here with more, as the person to shop that footage, kimberly clay sick. i know you've taken a lot of heat. i don't see this as hyperbole. there are 17,000 homes we have been able to discover and i will go through some of the statistics in a minute that are empty in baltimore. is it as bad as your showing us? >> actually, and i'm so glad you showed my video from this morning and the fact that nobody has come to pick up the trash or even evaluate and try to find out how they're going to pick up the trash, but it's actually worse than you saw my video. i'm so glad today some reporters from the baltimore side was down there to document and for
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anybody on city council or for a rub coming or anyone to say that i've done this to shame baltimore in any way, because that is what they're saying about me, is ridiculous. they should be ashamed of the living conditions that they are constituents are living in. but i have to point out, i'm sure because they don't donate to campaigns or they are not tourist areas and make you money for the city, i'm sure that's why they are forgotten but that is not morally correct and we hear how they always talk about good morals and look at how they are doing now. this is their own constituents, their own voters. >> i want you to stay right there as i go back to my monolog. i want people to know, the video you shot, we are going to continue to show up unit and then ask you one question after i give you the statistics about baltimore b. of. we will get back to kimberly in a second. baltimore is a human tragedy. 2017, baltimore named the most dangerous big city in america. that will year, more people murdered in baltimore than ever before for 2018, the sorties
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murder rate was higher than in the country of honduras. people are trying and dying from honduras to come here. if they come here, don't go to baltimore. it's not a good place. it'll be worse than that from which you came. and believe it or not, this year baltimore's murder rate is on the rise again. during the first half of 2019, a 16% increase in murders, 20% increase in nonfatal shootings. even as the city loses population. we're going to show you what obama bernie sanders and even the former mayor had to say about baltimore. it's coming up later in the show but they don't paint a pretty picture at all. today, nearly 17,000 abandoned and structures in the city limits. zero students. nine. now one student in 13 baltimore high schools. not a single kid. i was able to be found proficient in math. you got to be kidding me. five schools, high schools, enrolled zero students.
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baltimore's unemployment rate is the third highest of any major city in america. the poverty rate, look at this. a whopping 22%. household media and income, 11,000. less than the national average. and sadly, baltimore is not the only city suffering beautifully can, look at chicago. by the way, the murder rate per capita is higher than in baltimore than in chicago, nearly twice the rate pretty out of eight people murdered in chicago come another 40 people injured. gang violence there. typical weekend. spiraling out of control still. look at san francisco. the homeless population has become so large that the city is offering them a one-way bus ticket anywhere out of the city. and not too long ago, we documented the conditions, just 1 mile away in one direction, nancy pelosi's gated community with the wall and everything. her office, 1 mile and the other direction. in the middle, let's see. drug use, right there out in front for every kid to see. needles, thrown everywhere.
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it there's no facilities, people, on the streets, in the small stenches out of control. right outside angie's house. we saw the same thing in los angeles. homeless encampments have been huge and massive. and while people are unable to address that problem, it's getting worse. and don't forget about the city of distributed motor city. one of the greatest cities of all time. now home to the second highest murder rate of any major city in america. along with the highest unemployment rate, almost triple the national average. in today, we sent lawrence jones to detroit where the democrats are to see what life is really like for residents there. let's take a preview. >> tell me about the crime. >> oh, my god. it's horrible. my kids said did you all hear the gunfire? they jumped on the floor and that's where they slept. they refused to get back in the bed because they heard gunfire. it's horrible.
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>> ever wonder why new york, california, illinois, cities like detroit come baltimore, people are leaving? that's why. and by the way, what else to the cities have in common? all of them come exclusively run for decades by democratic liberal politicians that claim they love and care about people so much more than republicans. you don't have to wonder what years of constant lift policies, what this results in. it's playing out right before our eyes. i guess what? the 2020 democrats, they want to take these failed policies nationwide, put little human growth hormone in there and they want all of us to suffer this way. we go back to kimberly clay secure those numbers are shocking. is that the city you know? >> yes pay that is what all of the residence that i spoke to set as well and it's strange to me that the mainstream media will go out of their way to pretend that nothing is going on. the residents are crying out for help and, you know, to ignore
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that, i don't understand why they are doing it but they are doing it and for city council, if you look at my twitter feed right, city council member emailed me today and asked me how dare i bring shame to the city and it's like residents they keep calling me, they are sending me videos, they are sending me pictures of the rats that they find, i mean, -- >> sean: i want to give you a choice. living in this part of baltimore or living in a detention center that people are comparing to auschwitz and concentration camps. all think i'll choose the ones with the soccer field, baby formula, cots, blankets, and pillows. i'll take that city. >> absolutely. it's cleaner, three meals a day, people seem to actually care about you. there is security there. i mean, this is a part of the city. of course i would choose that over west baltimore any day. >> please give doing what you're doing good we will keep showing the american people. the people in baltimore are part of our american family. they deserve better. they deserve a lot better.
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they have not been served by these failed policies. joining us now is more, secretary ben carson. you know, dr. carson, this is every big liberal city in america. we are now chronically the same failed policies and we've got these idiots that are in detroit and they want to implement not only the same policy is about they want to implement it nationwide and worse. does that then become america? >> unfortunately, it has become to a large degree. you know, we have gone from i can do society to a what can you do for me society and this really does need to change. you know, a lot of this has been focused on the present president and his language. the only thing the president is guilty of is not being politically correct. and bringing attention to things that are supposed to be slipped under the rug. you probably know some people who, you know, are extremely messy and then when somebody is coming over, they sweep
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everything in the closet and covered everything over and act like, you know, this is what's going on. we can't have this because these children, they deserve so much better. you know, -- >> sean: we have failed everyone of those kids. it is almost mathematically impossible to have 13 high schools that don't have a single child proficient in math. that is -- that's not their fault here that's not their failure. it's the failure of the people that are in charge of those schools and the politicians that allow that to happen. what did they do it with the $1.8 billion that obama gave them? >> there have been billions and billions of dollars over the years but we will continue to put money in there but we are going to have, you know, some real controls on it. we invite the people -- calm going to be in baltimore tomorrow, actually. at one of the neighborhoods and
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an opportunity zone and i want to look at some of the things that have been done that are positive and contrast it with the things that are negative. i've invited congressman cummings, i hope you will be able to join us. >> sean: don't hold your breath. i bet he doesn't go. >> you know, the president and i talked about this today. he wants to do something for the people in baltimore. that is really what he wants to deal. >> sean: let me ask you to speed would it be possible for hud to go into these 70,000 abandoned homes, check out whether or not structurally they are able of being saved, got them, rebuild them with a partnership, perhaps a partnership with home depot, you know bernie marcus come i'll call him myself and asked if we can get a cut rate on everything we need for supplies. i bet he would say yes and two seconds. >> this is one of the whole purposes of the opportunity zones. this is a game changing program in which people can invest
6:21 pm
unrealized capital gains in these areas that have traditionally been neglected. and, already, wonderful things are happening all over. marilyn has a hundred 49 of them. baltimore city has 42 of them. congressman cummings has 31 of them. this is an incredible opportunity to do something. >> sean: let me ask you, would you pick the detention center that we showed that griff jenkins was at or would you pick baltimore to live in? i think i would pitch the dissent detention center. at least it has a soccer field, tv, phones, medicine. >> but baltimore does have some nice ways is to have. i will tell you that. i was there for a long time. it can be done with mayors. >> sean: we have failed those children as a country. that is an abysmal failure to me. that's not on those kids. that's on us. that's on the policies and the politicians that allowed it to deteriorate into that whole.
6:22 pm
that is on the adults. >> we are willing to help those adults. they need to be willing to work with us though to get it done. soon all right, thank you so much. ben carson, you will be in baltimore tomorrow here we have a lot more on this coming out. dan bongino, geraldo rivera, they weigh in on the crisis in baltimore. yes, they want to do this to every city in america. you won't believe by the way, how much the greener deals going to cost the average american family. for year one, the price tag, we've got it, we will tell you about it. it's shocking, it's staggering, and more, straight-ahead. ♪ let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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>> sean: the media's fate, selective, moral outrage. once again, coming up the president's comments involving baltimore. even defending bernie sanders
6:27 pm
after resurfaced video showed him saying the city resembles a third world country. take a look. >> the fact of the matter is, america is the wealthiest country in the history of the world. but anyone who took the walk that we took around this neighborhood would not figure in a wealthy nation. he would think that you were in a third world country. a community that does not even have decent quality grocery stores where moms can buy a quality food their kids. a community in which the dream of getting a higher education for many kids is as real as it is going to the moon. >> doesn't stop there. remember, and major public officials including the mayor and then president obama, they were raising the alarm bells, too, about crime and the poor conditions in baltimore. of course, their name is in donald trump. take a look. >> about a year ago, city
6:28 pm
leaders identified some of the city's most violent neighborhoods. to target under baltimore's violent initiative. the violent reduction initiative is about taking steps to reap communities of the cornerstones that contribute to crime. >> i think we have to give them credit me and my understanding is you have some of the same organizers now going back trying to clean up in the aftermath a handful of protesters -- criminals, i mean, and thugs, who tore out the place. >> former secret service agent and fox news contributor, dan bongino. well, i kind of know that dan bongino knows marilyn because i snuck down once and i did what was really supposed to be a fund-raiser vote became a fund-raiser for dan bongino because i wanted him to win. true or false, dan bongino? >> absolutely true.
6:29 pm
i appreciate that. >> the statue of limitations have run out. no one caught me until i just admit it. but in reality, this is not the kids fault. that no kid in 13 high schools is proficient in math. that's not their fault. it's the fault of the people who have been leading that for all of these years. you get $1.8 billion in stimulants and obama makes them spend 200 million on the environment? how about tutors for reading, writing, and math first. then we will worry about the environment. maybe get rid of the rats. >> how about knocking down these slum dwellings. these horrors that we are looking at right now. you know why they don't knock them down? because the owners have abandoned them, owing real estate tax. so the city carries the unpaid real estate tax as an asset on its books so we can borrow more money to keep the city going.
6:30 pm
>> sean: why don't we find out how many are structurally sound and you partner with bernie mark bernie marcus. get the best price you can possibly get on materials, let people -- >> i won't work in less baltimore -- baltimore has to agree to give up on the unpaid real estate taxes because no developer in their right mind will take the responsibility. >> can i say something about president trump and baltimore? in april 2015, freddie gray riots show you assigned me on the coverage of the riots in baltimore. viewed extra mint oppressive, very, violent. destruction of property, trashing stores, making a troubled neighborhood even more desperate. then next morning, the very next morning, i got a call, i was in a baltimore radio station, like candidate donald trump, track me down to share with me in
6:31 pm
april 2015 how dismayed he was over the conditions and he was seeing on television it during gray riots. so president trump is not new to this issue. he has been paying attention. >> sean: i will tell you, dan, you know, the six officers in that case, the expectations of guilds or universal. everybody was told those cobs were guilty. i was sitting here saying, i don't think so because i went down and we did our own investigation. those cops were never going to be found guilty and then one by one, they didn't get the verdict they told they were going to get by the same politicians that have allowed this deterioration. >> yeah, me, there were a press conference is given beforehand by people in charge who basically indicted and convicted them right there. it was grotesque. you know, i have to say though, i have a little bit of a beef with you tonight geraldo.
6:32 pm
i will address it with you out of respect for you. you tweeted earlier and you seem to kind of say that this was racially charged by president trump. i've got to be candid with you man, i don't know where you're getting that from. i don't know why pointing out the fact that the neighborhood they live in is rat infested or that a politician like elijah cummings who may be a nice guy, i don't care, i don't want to date him, i don't know the guy. all i'm interested in in his leadership. he has failed. the fact that elijah cummings has an elevated knowledge and content of his skin and happens to be black is entirely completely 100% irrelevant and t as racial as completely fabricated. >> it is not irrelevant. here you have a situation we have dr. carson saying the president is being criticized for being politically incorrect. you've got to separate the rats from the people. you've got to be careful, particularly coming a week after the send them back baloney which
6:33 pm
had clearly racial overtones. the week after come you've got to demonstrate some sensitivity. he's the the president of all the people of all it's more just like president of every place else. he's got to use sensitive language. >> for two years, geraldo, i sat in those streets and shook hands with people for two years. whether it was lexington market or a middle street, no one is going to lecture me about malt baltimore. tell me this. what the hell has sensitivity done? let me just point out to sean. geraldo, explain these to me. they have not had a republican mayor since may calvin 60s. since the 40s, what is happening? they have some of the worst schools in the country. they have a higher homicide rate than new york, despite when were teens of the people they had a cake can get an education. they have no jobs, and since the 1950s, do you know what was one of the wealthiest deities in
6:34 pm
america and the 1950s? do know that geraldo? >> wait a second. it you want to string people along with you. you want to join -- we are all americans here. >> those people deserve better. >> he wasn't calling people that. he was telling the truth. >> you are putting words in his name. >> economic opportunity. >> sean: to keep electing the same politicians that don't resolve this problem, that's putting good money to bed. we need a massive change. the president is doing baltimore a savior. speak well, you don't insult everyone in a way that makes them feel inferior. i'll let you guys battled it out. >> sean: when we come back, now, there are the same politicians, they want to be your president. and they are offering those same
6:35 pm
failed policies except, on a nationwide scale which would be a financial disaster for every american town and city, small and large. we have a new study tonight revealing just how much the initial cause will be for you and your families. that's next. also, later, lars jones looks at the city of detroit where the liberals running for president have been all day. the story you will only hear on hannity. ♪ and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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still in the green you meet deal making headlines again as a study shows the radical policy will cost swing state households at least $70,000 each. within the first year of being implemented. this after an outside group found the policy to be
6:40 pm
practically impossible after it crashed the government's own economic modeling. on the show, we vote on all of the utopian promises and agree new deal for you which would be a disaster. this would lead to policies that would overtake this country's economy almost instantaneously. cripple to great economic growt growth, the facts have not stopped. almost the entire democratic 2020 field of candidates from embracing some version of this radical vision moving once again that the squad, they are the ones truly running the show. not pelosi, not schumer, for sure. what are this, water that, water my world, everything my world. jesse watters, hello.
6:41 pm
lisa, you break this down. got to do it the right way. sorry. i've been on tv since the beginning of the fox news channel and i've got to take lessons from the new guy. unbelievable. but in all seriousness -- >> no, you know tae kwon do. >> sean: no, i don't know tae kwon do or karate. that's not what i do. >> what do you do? i can't keep up with you. see when you really want to know what i do? eclectic blend tempo, jiu-jitsu, boxing, and generally, situational street fighting to win very quickly pay that's what i do. see when i'm looking at this end it will destroy the economy overnight. >> absolutely. this isn't even about the climate, sean feared we know that because alexandria ocasio-cortez and her
6:42 pm
chief of staff said this is a bout changing the entire economy and all you have to do is look with the green new deal does to that. i asked, for what? they are talking about outlawing and eliminating major industries in the united states and for what? because america only makes up a small portion of the global omissions worldwide and so would democrats essentially are asking us to do is to walk our economy off a cliff and who do you think is going to be the beneficiary of that? it's going to be countries like china. we are sending jobs and manufacturers overseas to countries like china were just going to keep admitting freely. >> sean: by the way, i forgot to mention, firearm training, too. >> i'm gonna get a license to kay. i'm a little nervous over here. >> sean: out no need to be nervous. i only strike when first attacks. but in all seriousness, you know, i guess it sounds great on paper. everybody has a natural fear in life.
6:43 pm
i'm i going to be able to afford my house? a safe neighborhood, good schools for my kids, take my kids to disney when there are years old? go out to dinner twice a month? you know, those are all natural fears people have but that's only one tiny part of what they are proposing. >> well, $70,000 in a tax cut for an average family? that's a little bit more than crumbs. we can't afford that. and then they say will come you can't afford not to do it or else you're going to die. that's not a deal, that's a death threat. this is what this is. this is a trojan horse for socialism. i actually have the green new deal right here, it's probably the only document in d.c. dumber than the mueller report look at what it says. they are going to give you a free house and then they are going to give you free money if you don't feel like working. eliminate oil and gas, the internal combustion engine, and airplanes and cow flatulence so you're going to have no nascar,
6:44 pm
and old motorboats no gas grilling, note hamburgers to grill it on, and then they are going to uproot every single house and everything will building in the united states. i mean, i'm just from all the hammering. not even that, it says here, the native americans have to sign off on every single green new deal project. that's actually in the thing. so it boils onto the spirit how will you pay for? this is a direct quote. the question is, how hot are we not going to pay for it, but what are we going to do with the new shared prosperity? they think wrecking the u.s. economy is going to create wealthy that's how dumb they ar are. >> well, i also say how john they are as well. part of the reason why we've been leading in the world reducing emissions is because of natural gas and with agree new deal does is take us entirely off of fossil fuels and use this entirely renewable. it's idiotic. >> sean: all right guys, good to see. it is everybody's world tonight.
6:45 pm
great job everyone. when we come back, we continue an exclusive hannity investigation. this time, we've been to san francisco, event to ocasio-cortez's domain, we've been to los angeles, and baltimore page and i, we go to detroit where another liberal city is in crisis after decades of liberal politicians running it. that's next. he's good musical ♪ motor? nope. not motor? it's pronounced "motaur." for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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>> sean: we showed you last night of pulling conditions in the democratic run city of baltimore appeared tonight, we want to tell you about another liberal city pretty much destroyed kind of like san francisco, right here in nancy pelosi's house in los angeles. 2020 democratic hopefuls, they are there in detroit this week trying to win their party's
6:50 pm
nomination. to oppose the green new deal disaster, what they probably won't talk about are the liberal policy failures that took place in the motor city, now going on decades. according to the most recent data available, detroit has the worst unemployment rate of any major u.s. city, whopping 8.8%. and has raised the poverty rate 39.7% for the second highest murder rate only behind baltimore and the worst violent crime rate as well. lawrence jones, our traveling correspondent, it was sent to detroit to see what people have to say about the way their cities being run. take a look. >> so the leaders, do you think they are representing the community effectively? >> who are they? >> you don't know who their leaders are? you never seen the coming ounce? >> no. it's hard when it comes to campaign time. everyone talking a good game but nobody's doing it. >> elected officials the provost's all this change, are they delivering?
6:51 pm
>> not to me. >> tell me about the kind had >> all my god, sport horrible. we just had five people shot last night. shooting always back there. my kids say did you all hear the gunfight? and they jumped to the floor and that's where they slept. they refuse to get back in the bed because they were too scared. >> tell me about the housing situation here. >> oh, well, the housing -- they need to build more rec centers, give some back centers to give the young kids something to do in the neighborhood. there wouldn't be so much crime around here. >> see her getting out of here? >> yeah. >> why? >> it's time to go. nothing's here. nothing's here. >> i feel bad that i want to go. i've been here 66 years and i want to go. i'm tired of looking of this mess. >> sean: joining us now is hannity special correspondent and investigative reporter, also
6:52 pm
with us, the seal of the national diversity coalition for trauma, that would be darrell scott. i actually preached from the pulpit of his church, it was the worst hour you've ever heard but i did it. i tried. lawrence, let me share with you. i'm watching the people in baltimore, i'm watching your imports infant at san francisco, l.a., event of baltimore, now you're in detroit. those are our fellow citizens. they are suffering. and they deserve better. the question is, why are the same liberal politicians elected every cycle? >> that's a good question. i don't know it's it's because people aren't showing up to the polls but it's a depressing state here. i went to detroit without the camera crew and came back an hour later and it's a crime scene. a homicide. within an hour of going to one location, it was already a crime
6:53 pm
scene. when mothers have to tell their kids to sleep on the floor, can you imagine that? for the audience out there telling your kids that they have to sleep on the floor so they don't get gunfire? that is a tragedy and like i said last night, there has to be an opening for conservatives and republicans to go on these communities. i don't think these people care about much at this point. they just want someone to fix the pain. >> sean: you know, i've gotten to know you. i feel like the pastor in the streets and i know because you asked me to help whenever i could and my answer is always yes. you are helping our fellow citizens out. you took a lot of for supporting donald trump he had a lot to her by the way, anyone who is friends with donald trump gets a fair share of heat. but, we have record low unemployment right now for african-americans. the best employment situation
6:54 pm
since 1969. record low unemployment for hispanic-americans. asian-americans, women in the workplace. that doesn't sound to me like a racist president. it that sounds to me like a problem solver who is willing to call out a problem for what it is. and i think donald trump to the bed best thing that baltimore has ever seen because now we know how bad they run this plac. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. back in 2011, donald trump told me that he believed unemploymen unemployment, under deployments, contributed to a lot of the crime and the disparity that existed in the black community and that if he became president, and he set this eight years ago, that he would do what he could to address those problems and he's doing it. but irvine blade is a reality throughout america. the politicians show up every two to three years, they shake their head, they promised to
6:55 pm
come back, but win or lose, they don't come back. and what donald trump has done, he is called the mayor to examine, to address, to acknowledge that this depressed conditions exist in america and it has to be something done about it and that's why we formed urban revitalization coalition so that we can revitalize these neighborhoods. sue and absolutely pay lawrence, great job. special correspondent, you need to give us all in your prayers. we will tell you what's coming up, next. ♪ ic eed to the ford hurry up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards. it all adds up. don't you love math? so get here asap because tasty deals and summer go fast. get in or lose out on 20% estimated savings
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♪ >> sean: fake news president of sand and zucker, we might know who he is supporting for president in 2020. not surprising, zucker hosted a power player breakfast for san francisco d.a. kamala harris. we reached out to fake new cnn
7:00 pm
for comment but he's too busy looking at ratings and sobbing because they can't get a million viewers in a single hour of any show. sorry, jeff. that's all the time we have left. thank you for making is number one. laura ingraham is here. let not your heart be troubled. how are you? >> laura: i'm great. we just got finished watching you on one screen and trying to watch the debate on the other. >> sean: i wouldn't have wasted my time. >> laura: i have to say this was interesting. it was actually quite substantive. when the democrats are struggling to answer trump on trade, that's really good for america. i'm happy if they're going to be fighting over blue-collar workers. that's what the election should be about. the forgotten man and woman. if that's where the debate is, that's an excellent place for this country to be. >> sean: how about they start in l.a. and san francisco and detroit where they are, baltimore?