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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 31, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> dana: fox news alert on your money. federal reserve expected to lower interest rates any second now, marking the first reduction since the 2008 recession. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the cut by the federal bank could impact your personal budget, everything from car loans to mortgage rates. we expect this decision any moment. christina, the market expected it as well. >> the market has been expecting it. why? because the federal reserve chairman has been eluding to this cut and keeps trying to be more transparent so that everybody can understand what's going on. so i was at the new york stock exchange yesterday speaking to traders. they said they are waiting for this news to come. >> dana: what happens when it comes? >> there's two arguments. there's an argument saying it's
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already been priced in. there are others who are saying it will be a huge jump in the markets. >> dana: we'll watch the markets. why does it matter to me or mom and dad watching at home? >> a quarter point is what we're expecting. >> dana: it is official. they have now cut. is that what you expected going from 2% to 2.25%? >> it's interesting to see what happens in the rest of this commentary, the press conference and whether or not it signals more cuts to follow. there's a lot of talk about potentially this being a half percent. it's only a quarter, but if he signals there may be more cuts in the year to follow. >> dana: do we need more cuts? >> my view, no. i think the economy is incredibly strong. every piece of data that comes out is stronger than the next. it's more about what's going on around the world. >> dana: i have read that today. europe is seeing a slowdown. are we just trying to get ahead of that? >> that's right. what we're seeing is this little
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slowdown. all hesitation from businesses. last friday we got gdp numbers at 2.1%. no doubt the economy is really good here in the united states, but you're starting to see a bit of a slowdown. businesses are uncertain. why is that? trade dispute with china, mexico, europe. and so this could affect a lot of americans when it comes down to even their credit cards going forward. >> dana: little bit of a market dip there, on this news that there is a quarter point rate cut. we are going to talk about why this matters to moms and dads. i read federal reserve stuff over and over again. it's kind of hard to understand. when it comes to the rate of your credit card, your mortgage and car loan, that could make a big difference. >> let's unpack that. mortgage rates came down dramatically. in november they were 4.8%. they are now 3.75%. as the market starts to lower the yields on bonds, so, too, did mortgage rates go down. that's been happening. >> dana: that's good for consumers who want to buy a
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house. >> if you bought a deal, you got great rates. but it happened already. that cat's sort of out of the bag. what will be interesting is to see how credit card companies and revolving companieds treat this. if you have a home equity line of credit, probably comes down quarter percent. if you have a credit card, it probably won't come down. >> dana: every u.s. house hold accrues $1500 a year. the delinquencies are up 22% since 2015. you pay attention to that. >> yes, 100%. what's happened with those credit card rates, where they can charge them, they will, but not every state lets you charge that high rate. so what's going to happen, you may see quarter point. as the economy grows and credit becomes more available, i think what you'll see offers for more credit cared. >> dana: typically, as the
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federal reserve would reduce rates when the economy is in trouble. our economy is not in trouble but you're saying it's possible the world economy could be coming here. the wall street journal, editorial writing today, that the federal chairman likes to say fed decisions are data dependent. this contributes to the suspicion in markets that the fed is trying to accommodate mr. trump's public demand for rate cuts. the president has not been shy about that. >> we know that. they're supposed to be independent. which is why in this q and a with reporters, we will be looking for signs to say why he is doing it. you have the good numbers. >> dana: he's got different audiences. the president is an audience. moms and dads are an audience. of course, his peers. >> overall, we have a strong economy. the expectation is that you won't see that much of a change with your credit card debt which will pass over. >> dana: stick around, we may
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have to come back to you. thank you. joe biden taking center stage tonight gearing up for a battle as 2020 democrats face off in detroit. there was no mention of the party's front runner in last night's debate. not a single one. here's a taste of what they were talking about though. >> they will be better because medicare for all is comprehensive and covers all health care needs for senior citizens, it will finally include dental care, hearing aids and eye glasses. second of all -- >> you don't know that bernie. >> i do know it. i wrote the damn bill. >> we need to fix the crisis at the border and a big part of how we do that is we do not play into donald trump's hands. if he wants to stir up the crisis at the border. that's his overall message. if there's anything wrong in your life -- >> thank you, senator warren. your response. >> but you are playing into donald trump's hands. if we're going to force
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americans to make these radical changes, they're not going along with it. throw your hands up. [ laughter ] you haven't implemented the plan. >> dana: throw your hands up indeed. i was throwing my hands up when they went into the third hour. i thought it was only going to be two hours. what's going on there in detroit today, peter? >> reporter: well, i just wanted to give you a quick frame of reference for where all of the candidates and their staffs go as soon as they leave the stage there. very nice theater. cnn actually built a tent to host the debate. they have the giant tent. it is very well air conditioned. you can see they have their own shows on a lot of the tv's. these are the tents where -- or the tables where the entire international press corps is going to be camped out eventually. you can see they are slow to come in because it was a very late night last night. and then, this is basically just
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where everybody is going to start lining up to get a position to be as close to this door as possible. this is the door, this is as close as they get us to get to the actual stage where the debate will be happening tonight. so if, once things are done, if kamala harris, elizabeth warren or cory booker wants to come to say why they did a good job or why something needs more explaining, they come out here and everybody is elbowing each other to get a spot and we have them a chance to ask them questions about it, theoretically. if they think things need even more explaining, all the networks have stalls here. ours is right here. this is where shannon bream will be doing her show. >> dana: no one puts shannon bream in the corner. who was the person who had the most explaining to do last
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night? >> reporter: last night here in the spin room, i will say most of the attention wound up being on two people, mary anne williamson, who had the line that got the loudest applause when she said she used to live in grove point and the flint water crisis would not have ever happened in grove point. that was well received. people had questions to her about what she meant when she started talking about dark psychic forces in regard to the current administration. there was a lot of attention on beto o'rourke. specifically, people just wanting to know, did he think that he did a good enough job on the debate to maybe stablize the campaign that has had poll numbers that have been sliding ever since he started pretty close to the top. >> dana: we are showing video from the spin room. i think a lot of candidates have a lot of explaining to do when they go back to their campaign headquarters to figure out how
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they keep going. the voters are narrowing it down. we have more to come tomorrow night. we will check in with you tomorrow. peter doocy, thank you. the healthcare debate took up a huge amount of time. >> we should stop using republican talking points in order to talk with each other about how to best provide that healthcare. >> we don't have to go around and be the part of subtraction telling half the country who has private health insurance that their health insurance is illegal. why do we got to be the party of taking something away from people? used to be just republicans wanted to repeal and replace. now many democrats do as well. tkfp mary anne marsh, colin reed, great to have you here. i know we all watched. i thought it was two hours. but do you know what? got a lot of information out of it. i want to go to you first colin. who won the debate? >> i think senator war len had
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another good debate. she was able to articulate her policy vision. stuff i don't agree with, but i think a lot of primary voters do. secondly, she came out of that debate untouched by her primary opponent. she took no friendly fire and there was none of the differences against her or her record. i think senator sanders at some point if he wants to have a chance in this race, but didn't last night. >> dana: what do you make of that, sanders and warren almost seem to have an alliance of fighting back as revolutionaries against moderates. >> there's no need for them to go at each other yet. they wanted to show a united front, that a liberal progressive could be the nominee. that's sort of what this debate i think will be remembered for. moderates going against the liberals and who won out? i think the media, d.c. bubble, twitter, found the liberals to have won, including warren. i think you had john delaney that made a very powerful case
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for the moderate wing which is sort of the rest of the country. >> dana: you're shaking your head. it didn't feel very powerful, the moderate wing, in terms of their argument. >> especially in a year where people want to defeat donald trump. i think the reason warren won is she didn't draw a contrast between herself and bernie sanders, as the progressive. at the same time, look like a really smart progressive compared to the moderates who are making arguments that democratic activists don't want to hear. >> dana: but some people are out there, like claire mchaskill. she was on television saying i'm just going to try to plainly speak with you folks. this might not work if you try to go too far left. watch. >> if you start saying that we're gonna let folks coming across the border have no criminal penalty and we're going to allow them to get access to
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free healthcare, through the medicade program, you are going to lose a whole slew of the voters. >> dana: you leave washington, d.c. you get more frank with people. >> look, the polling with the moderates, you poll medicare for all, democrats want universal health coverage. >> dana: aoc last night tweeted that's the same thing. >> the minute you tell them private insurance goes away, the polling plummets for it. i think there's a problem that a lot of voters, insiders play this game. lot of voters, you tell them you're taking away their healthcare, support plummets. bernie and warren are going to have to wrestle with that. >> dana: president trump will be happy to define it for them. >> look, lot of those candidates on that stage aren't going very far. but what they did, the purpose they did serve was to push bernie and senator warren to the left on that issue of
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eliminating private healthcare insurance. this is the fifth straight election we're litigating healthcare. i thought these problems were supposed to be solved by obama care ten years ago. >> dana: it's still the number one issue people worry about. joe biden last night tweeted this. let's clear up the confusion about medicare for all. we have the facts. cost three times more than joe biden's plan, only paid for by raising middle class taxes. healthcare probably will be another topic tonight, right? that's where you have kamala harris, joe biden already attacking her. expect fireworks tonight? >> on some topics but certainly on healthcare, no question about it. because it is the number one issue for all voters. that's how democrats won in 2018. no question, you'll see joe biden tonight hugging the obamacare model which was still the most popular thing around. can kamala harris run a contrast? is there a better, different way to go about it.
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>> dana: can she explain her bill? >> that's her problem. she's had a couple different problems on healthcare. that will hurt her tonight if she doesn't nail one down and stick to it, especially on a topic that's so important to democrats. at least democrats run on healthcare. republicans don't. >> dana: elizabeth warren had a line last night where she talked about some big ideas for democrats. to me, she was trying to grab that mantle that, i am not the establishment, i am different. let's listen to elizabeth warren on that last night. we don't have it? okay. ly tell you what she said. she said, we are not going to solve the urgent problems with small ideas. we are going to solve them of being a democratic party. big structural change. is that what you think the voters want on the primary side but not the general election? >> i think policies elizabeth warren are popular in a small area. i think when they are litigated out and the cost associated with some of these things, i think they're far less popular.
11:15 am
some of these candidates are going to need to start attacking elizabeth warren because she is on the rise. >> dana: do you think she has been able, at least with democrats, to put, as president trump calls her, pocohontas, behind her? >> i don't think she's put electability completely behind her. competency is warren's strength. nobody questions how smart she is, how big a brain she has. she knows exactly what she thinks. she is the most clearly defined democratic candidate, i think, of all 20 you will see on these stages. but her electability i think and the fact that she's moving towards bernie sanders, closer to him than the rest of the field, will stick in a lot of democrats minds. >> dana: you don't think so? >> elizabeth warren is the most formidable candidate in this field now because she took such a beating in the beginning on that very topic when trump went after her. not only is she still standing, she's visibly in second place. >> dana: what about mary anne williamson? you look at the google trend
11:16 am
people, who is mary anne williamson? most googled thing last night. except montana, when people are googling whether is steve bullock, which is the governor of montana. what do you think? >> people wanted to know who she was. mary anne williamson won't be the nominee and unlikely to even make the next debate. >> dana: did she make it more entertaining? return to love. lot of love. you guys are gonna return to love on "the daily briefing." we're gonna see you a little bit later in the show. >> what did you mean when you said you aren'ted going to be as polite in the next debate? >> we'll see. >> dana: joe biden promising no more mr. nice guy tonight. so what does he need to do? i'll ask former obama communications director. she's here next. plus the white house taking aim at the high cost of prescription drugs by looking toward our northern border. we'll have debails ahead. if you're the spouse of a military veteran,
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11:21 am
campaign is here in new york which is terrific. question for you. was it interesting to watch last night? president obama was hardly mentioned. maybe they moved on? >> he's the most popular figure in the democratic party, by far. >> dana: everyone wants his endorsement. >> one of the most popular figures in the country. i think people felt the need to make their own argument. >> dana: when joe biden, obama's vice president, now candidate. when he tried to harken back to the obama days, how does that sit with democrats? >> it's nice, right stphr right? i think there's a great deal of affection for the president and for vice president biden because of people see him, lot of african-american voters as a defender of obama for eight years. always there for him.
11:22 am
this is why you see biden have the durable poll numbers that he has despite -- >> dana: right. last debate people, oh, wow, he didn't even do that well. he told peter doocy we will have to see what he means by won't be so polite. see what they said to kamala harris. >> my mother raised me to be polite and i intend to be polite. i will express differences and articulate them and plan out where we have differences of opinion. i believe democrats and the american voters have a right to that. there's no reason we can't be polite. >> dana: this is kind of considered a rematch. they will be on the stage again tonight. do you think biden is prepared for it this time? >> the weird thing about last time is i don't think he was unprepared. he had an answer for her question about bussing. he understand what her situation was. he was able to say, in your case, x, y or z. he just did not execute well at all.
11:23 am
so he needs to execute a lot better. and the other thing that's interesting, this time you have biden in the middle, harris on one side and cory booker on the other. last time harris was the only one getting tough shots in at biden. booker already laid the groundwork. interestingly, he laid it last week, he got into a tift with biden over his record on crime. i think he intentionally did that last week so he does haven't to come at biden full frontal. >> dana: ease up into it? soften up the ground? there was a moment last night when elizabeth warren sort of questioned everybody. she put a challenge to them. why is anybody wanting to run for president anyway? i wanted to get your reaction to that. let's watch. >> i don't understand why anybody goes to trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for.
11:24 am
our biggest problem in washington is corruption. it is giant corporations that have taken our government and that are holding it by the throat. and we need to have the courage to fight back against that. until we're ready to do that, it's just more of the same. well, i'm ready to get in this fight. i'm ready to win. >> thank you, senator. >> dana: do you think she won the debate? >> i don't think primary debates that there's a winner. i think there are people on the stage trying to accomplish different things. >> dana: that debate, in which case you had two big presences, bernie and warren. everybody else is relatively moderate. the progressive candidates like warren can hit the moderates and not hurt them. >> dana: okay. >> moderates can hit the progressives and not hurt them because they're going for different voters. now, what senator warren, that argument she made there, more moderate on the stage, the
11:25 am
response is, don't assume lack conviction. >> dana: i also want to win a general election. >> her argument is just assuming everyone agrees, everybody wants medicare for all, they're just not going to say it. some have a different opinion. >> dana: there was a new person on the debate stage, governor bullock of montana. top google search for montana was who is governor bullock? they were also looking to find out who mary anne williamson was. how do you think he did in terms of his review? >> he did great. he's a personal friend of mine. i think he introduced himself very well to america. i think he did as much as you could possibly hope to get done on your first debate. and i saw some of the coverage of him, which is what i think you want if you're him is an alternative to biden if biden doesn't do well. >> dana: i was a little concerned.
11:26 am
did you see what he was riding in in detroit? one of those electric scooters? he likes that mode of transportation. he's going to be on the show. i'm not for the scooter. >> apparently this is his first ride on the scooter. >> dana: pretty bold to do. if you wiped out, that would be the end. >> he's got to take some risk. >> dana: we love having you here. thank you. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: you can catch the governor of montana, steve bullock, on friday. he will be here. it will be fun to talk to him about scooters, but all policy. candidates clash on immigration and whether we should decriminalize illegal border crossings? it was a little messy, but we'll discuss it. investigators reportedly find a new clue in the search for a missing connecticut mother who vanished more than two months ago. we'll have those details coming right up.
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>> dana: trump administration is aiming to try to lower prescription drug prices with a new proposal that would pave the way for americans to import certain drugs from canada. you've got jillian turner from washington to explain this to us. how would it work? >> reporter: so just a short while ago, the administration announced it's hard at work on this new policy. they say it will allow persons to import lower priced drugs from other countries both legally and safely. health and human services secretary is leading the effort. he said right now the plan is focused on low cost canadian drugs specifically. >> access to affordable prescription drugs can be a matter of life or death for american patients. the president has heard how much this matters to americans and we at hhs have heard the same.
11:32 am
we all know how unfair it is that other countries are paying lower prices for the same drugs and we're taking action. >> reporter: he all insists the new plan got plenty of safety measures built in. the fda will have oversight over any imported drugs and states as well as drug wholesalers and pharmacists will act as intermediaries to get those lower prices. now, this is a move the administration believes will satisfy lawmakers on both sides of the law who have been crusading here in washington against rising drug costs. >> because of the way that insurance has raised deductibles and co-pays, most of the savings that the big drug companies give to the pharmacy benefit managers, the intermediary, are not given to the consumer. >> i do believe we should be able to import into the united states from canada and from other countries fda approved
11:33 am
medicines which would substantially lower the price. >> reporter: now, the drug lobby here in washington though is already up in arms over this announcement. they say drugs from overseas are regulated and dangerous. they are warning this could worsen the nation's opioid crisis. >> dana: we'll see how it turns out. next the battle over immigration evoking debate last night in detroit. >> a sane immigration system leads a sane leader. we can do that without decriminalizing, providing healthcare for everyone. >> what you're saying is ignore the law. laws matter. it matters if we say our law is that we will lock people up who come here seeking refuge, who come here seeking asylum. that is not a crime. >> and right now if you want to come into the country, you should at least ring the
11:34 am
doorbell. we have asylum laws. but you don't decriminalize people just walking into the united states if they're seeking asylum. of course we want to welcome them. >> dana: let me bring back our panel. david, immigration, it's going to be hot and heavy again. it's the perennial issue until we figure out a way to solve it. democrats seem to be in between in terms of delineating between legal immigration and illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. >> this is another example of one person throws out a policy proposal and they all move toward it. this is glenn castro's idea in the last debate. you saw warren and bernie pick up on it. you have to distinguish between asylum seekers who are fleeing a terrible situation and war and the drug dealer that's going to just walk across the border. donald trump is not going to make that distinction. he's already running an ad
11:35 am
showing that he wants open borders. that's a dangerous debate. i think biden, one of the moderates -- >> dana: many democrats are saying we are not the party of open borders, but the president is defining this. he's not waiting until the general election. do you think they have a problem here? >> democrats aren't the party of open borders. that's what trump and others have put on the democrats. what the democrats could and should do is come out with their own policy to show, we used to have an immigration process in this country that was predictable, where people knew how long it would take to get them in and they could do it. asylum is legal and you can apply for it. a really smart person i was talking to earlier today talked about you can invest money in those countries that people are fleeing from. >> dana: who was that? for every sort of refugee situation. i was surprised not a single democrat said why don't we try to solve this problem at its source so they don't want to come here in the first place. immigration, it's not something that all of a sudden happens.
11:36 am
>> let's be clear. the situation at the border began, got worse and exacerbated under barack obama for eight years. democrats in their rush to blame donald trump for everything have gone so far left on this issue that they've got obama's former dhs secretary saying, hey, guys, this isn't the solution. running left of barack obama on the issue of imgraying is not the way to win back states like michigan. >> dana: let me get into one other issue. that was one that didn't come up last night. impeachment. while the number of democrats on the house side -- 114 lawmakers are saying now we're for impeachment, couple more senators have come on board. the candidates last night had opportunities to bring it up and didn't. why? >> because of all the testimony, at best, was a wash. look, mueller may have had some great statements, but as far as moving the needle towards impeachment, that showed everything. if elizabeth warren and bernie
11:37 am
sanders didn't ring that bell last night, no one is. plus, you go on the trail, no one asks about impeachment. couple activists on twitter tweet about it all day, but everyone else is asking about healthcare, the border, education funding. >> dana: did that give nancy pelosi some cover last night? seeing the candidates don't want to talk about it, she doesn't want to do impeachment? >> since the mueller report, his testimony last week, how many house members have come out for it? hold on. hold on. two senators have come out. of the democrats who are running for president, half of them last night all support it. warren was the first one out of the gate. >> there's no emphasis on it. they don't talk about it. >> everyone talked about it last week. they don't hear about it on the trail, to your point. but talking about issues and getting to understand where all those candidates are on issues was time better spent, even though it was three hours.
11:38 am
>> those 31 democrats in trump held districts do not want to have that discussion on impeachment. i promise the republican campaign committee will squeeze those democrats on the right. that's the only way democrats can lose the house next year is if they go so far left against nancy pelosi. >> dana: what about tonight? do you think impeachment comes up tonight? >> yes. >> if they're probed by the moderators, they'll have to answer it. i doubt anyone voluntarily brings it up. >> they know it's not a winner. >> until all the evidence comes up. >> dana: democrats have been saying that for a long time. >> they never got the full report, number one. number two, the reason the judiciary committee is going to court is to get the unsealed indictment, which is where all the evidence is. when that comes out, anyone who doesn't support it, you have to suspect their intention. >> voters do not care about this issue. >> the more they learn about it, the more they care. >> dana: i was in three states. mountain western states.
11:39 am
i was around, met a lot of people. i was asked about a couple things, healthcare, immigration. it doesn't come up, the mueller investigation. even during the week of the testimony it didn't come up. we'll see. it might come up tonight. should be fun to watch. we won't have mary anne to watch tonight. maybe she'll tweet. maybe she will tweet about it. all right, guys. we appreciate you being here so much. david, mary anne and colin. you can catch colin reed's column on fox about the debate. next, breaking news in the case of the missing connecticut mother. police reportedly believe a blood stained shirt found in their investigation was worn by her the day she went missing. it was found in a trash bin in june, along with a bra, two mops and sponges with small amounts of blood on them. police are still working to uncover what role her estranged husband may have played in her disappearance back in may. cold blooded killing twof women who made it a mission to curb
11:40 am
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>> shepard smith at the fox newsdesk. digging up john dillinger. officials giving the okay to exhume the body of one of the nation's most famous gangster. a judge sending a senior citizen to jail for feeding stray cats. new this afternoon, that judge is defending his decision. there's also the woman who scammed people out of millions and millions of dollars then
11:45 am
used the cash to cast spells to keep her out of jail. today she might want a refund. also, the economy's good and everything seems fine. the markets are in great shape. you lower interest rates. why is that? top of the hour as fox news continues. >> dana: heart breaking tragedy in chicago, where two mothers who worked to stop violence and crime in their neighborhood were gunned down over the weekend. one was only 26. both volunteered with mothers against senseless killings. they were at one of their meeting spots when shots rang out. two men were also wounded. police say they believe one of those men may have been the intended target. at this point, no arrests have been made, but police are asking anyone with information to contact them. the green new deal makes
11:46 am
sure every american is guaranteed a government job if they want. that is a disaster. you might as well fedex the election to donald trump. >> dana: that criticism of the green new deal at last night's debate triggering a strong defend from alexandria ocasio-cortez. this comes amid a study on the cost of her plan on sweupb state house holds. power the future, a group critical of the conventional wisdom about climate change is one of the organizations behind that study. daniel turner joins me now. daniel, good to have you here. tell me, what does your study say it would cost people, the families out there in america, if we were to implement the green new deal, as best you could estimate? >> thanks for having me on, dana. it would cost them more than they can afford. we looked at the pricing of things like getting rid of fossil fuels by 2030. when you talk about things in the green new deal like eliminating airplanes, combustion engine. what does that mean for your average american family, for your average household? we determined that it is $70,000
11:47 am
in the first new year and $60,000 in perpituity becomes expensive. >> dana: $70,000 in the first year. the green new deal was quite unspecific, right? quite vague. given that, i'm kind of surprised that it's only $70,000 in the first year per household. >> this is a floor. this is a conservative estimate. i think the numbers are going to be quite higher. look at what people have in terms of a combustion engine. if you are from queens, like aoc is, she thinks it is a car. if you're from rural america, a combustion engine is farm equipment, an atv, an airplane or boat. how do you get goods and services around your community when you eliminate a combustion engine? >> dana: daniel, last night on "the five" we talked about this and your study. my co-host, he was kind of skeptical. take a listen.
11:48 am
>> sure. >> i think you guys questioned the source of these studies. >> the whole idea is you have somebody putting forward ideas. then you get these advocacy groups friending they are impartial in terms of saying it's going to cost you so much in order to scare everyone away from thinking for themselves. >> dana: i went on to try to defend you, but defend yourself. >> i apbl not impartial. i started this to be a voice for energy workers in rural america. if you are a coal minor or you work in the oil and gas streurbgs people like alexandria ocasio-cortez, michael bloomberg, who has pledged $500 million. they are targeting you. your job, your community, your way of life. why is the opioid epidemic so severe where the coal industry has dried up? no one asks those questions. juan is right. i am not unbiased. i want to fight for energy workers. >> dana: not unbiased but he's questioning your numbers.
11:49 am
what about that? >> you can read all the methodology online and see. we're using general information. how many cars exist in the state of alaska? x. great. if we have to turn every one of them into an electric vehicle, because this is what the green new deal mandates, what is that going to cost? that is just math. math is not unbiased. i all wonder why aoc is never forced to explain how we get rid of fossil fuels by 2030. when you ask her that question, she attacks you. >> dana: they say conservatives have no plan. they have no plan for climate change, for cleaning up the environment. i'll give you the last word and you can tell me if that's true. >> i don't think we need a plan for any of those things. look at the quality of life we have in america. you were talking about immigration. why do people want to come here? because it's clean. life is fairly good. >> dana: what about people worried about climb change going forward? young people in america maybe turning away from the republican party because they don't seem to have a plan. >> yeah. you know, the only thing i can say about that is, i'm 44. i have been hearing about the
11:50 am
end of the world for about 30 years now. so when one of their modelling predictions comes close to true, maybe then we can talk about climate change. up until now, it has been nothing but scare tactics and lies. i'm gonna push back against it. >> dana: the modelling came up last night as well. greg guttfeld was defending what you said as well. you have to come back and talk to us more. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: all right. switching gears. calling all chocolate lovers. snickers is pledging to give away 1 million candy bars if the official day of halloween is changed to the last saturday in october. the reason behind this is that celebrations are crammed into one week night. remember that week night is a wednesday night. if it was on saturday, kids could stay up later, eating their candy and the party can start in the much safer daylight hours. right now there's a petition going around that has nearly 125,000 signatures, so you might want to put your name on that. next, an 11-year-old reporter
11:51 am
getting crossed for asking some hard hitting questions to senator elizabeth warren. who does jaden jefferson plan to grill next? he will tell us. he's here. after the break. wow!
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>> fox news alert. the dow down after the fed reserve announced a drop in interest rates. the s&p 500 is down 1% right now. 347 points down. we'll keep an eye on that. a 11-year-old has taken the political world by a swirl. >> i'm an outspoken critic of the president. what is worst policy he initiated? >> that's hard. he's doing bad stuff every day. when you think about the policy,
11:56 am
i guess it's probably taking children away from their families down at the border. >> dana: that was elizabeth warren. that is jayden jefferson from ohio where he started his reporting career covering local basketball games. he's making a big name for himself on twitter. let's bring him in. thanks for joining us, jayden. how did you land that interview with elizabeth warren? >> when i was covering the event, her press secretary suggested the idea even though i had the mindset that was going to get an interview. her press secretary said that we would have to wait a little bit to get that interview once she was done with the selfie line. we got that interview. so we sat down in one of the rooms and the interview began from there. >> dana: what did you think of the debate? >> a lot of questions were answered. last night's debates were
11:57 am
exciting and intense. there's been a lot of criticisms of the debates including john delaney getting too much tv signs. i've heard that before. >> dana: i think you had a chance to meet maryann williamson or been watching her. what do you think of maryann? >> well, when i think of maryann, i can't comment on that because that's just -- >> dana: that would be wrong. that would show bias. >> okay. we're teaching people here. how did you get your start in journalism? you're 11. a lot of kids are playing games, going to camp. you look to shoot stories. >> dana: yeah, i was never a summer camp-type of kid. for me, always journalism. that's always what i wanted to do. during the summer i wanted to do my own things. journalism helps me. >> dana: so what was the spark for journalism? >> the spark that interested me
11:58 am
is the aspect of writing, shooting and editing video. something i've always been good at and something i like to do. when you connect the dots, that spells out journalism. >> dana: you started in sports and now doing politics? >> no, i never started doing sports although i filmed sports. usually there wasn't a start for sports. just a story i was looking to cover. >> dana: what will you look for in tonight's debate? what do you expect? >> what i expect for tonight a few candidates that i had my eye on and also looking at analysis by just general public to see what they have to say. that's what i'm looking for tonight. >> dana: how do you research? what do you get prepared for another night when you might get another interview? >> i watch the past debates and i also watched some of the candidates speeches and see the
11:59 am
issues that they're tough on. from there, i can see who i'm looking for and to see what they're going to say and how that moves will affect the american people. >> dana: do you think all of your own work? do you have an editor? are you a one-man band? >> it's a whole one-man band operation. i write, shoot and edit my stories. i'm a multimedia journalist. that's how i do all of my stories. >> dana: jayden jefferson, we can always be working for you one day. appreciate you coming on the show. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> dana: bye-bye. all right. that was jay jefferson. a new way to play video games with your mind. sam koonce plays games using
12:00 pm
electrodes through his head. >> i'm moving my mind and fingers. i have to be very concentrated. >> dana: the research is being used to make technology. here's shep. >> shepard: continuing coverage of the breaking news and a look at the dow now dropping precipitously after the federal reserve announcing they're cutting interest rates. usually a cut boosts the market. it seems today the market movers were hoping for a bigger cut and more cuts to come so they're selling. so your 401(k) maybe wait a few days to look at that. still on this rate cut, if you have a car payment or a credit card or you're considering buying a house or something like that, you'll want to hear this. this is the first rate cut in more than a decade and it's a big deal because it's the first time it's happened since we were scrambling at the beginning of


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