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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 31, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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to see you tonight. >> things a lot. >> tucker: that's it for tonight's debates. recap tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. have a great night. sean hannity is next. >> sean: all right, tucker. thank you. welcome to this breaking news debate edition. there are no moderates that are running for president in the socialist party. you are either more radical or less radical. the narrative from fake news, cnn about a politically diverse set of candidates. that's just the newest lie. they all support some version of this insane new green deal. they all support raising your taxes, and they all support government run universal health care. guess what, they want free health care for illegal
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immigrants. they all want to buy into the lie. this is on human growth hormones and steroids. it's applied to every aspect of our economy. if we have no oil or gas, it will destroy this economy in weeks or months. the impact will be seen immediately. we will show you the very worst moments. 2020 will be the biggest choice election in our lifetime. this is a tipping point for the country. anyone that doesn't tell you that is not telling you the truth. it's that dire. we will either continue down the path of freedom, constitutional government, prosperity, capitalism with government trump, or we will plunge into the depths of soviet.
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poverty will immediately follow thereafter. we have some major breaking news surrounding mr. super patriot himself. jim kony. our friends have just obtained some very compelling documents. he probably doesn't want you to see them or know about. as it turns out, in june 2017, 1 month after comey was fired, agents showed up at his door. why didn't we find this out sooner? they were there to retrieve his pacified documents which he was storing in his home. he was grilled about the documents in an interview. by the way, that would be called an interrogation for the rest of the world. keep in mind, these are the very same memos about confidential communications of the presidential president of the united states.
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mr. super patriot, comey never should have had those documents at his house. oh, yeah, leaking classified material is a crime. i don't think this is his biggest crime, in my humble opinion. i've told super patriot jim comey, i'll say it again. jim, you have the right to remain silent. my advice now more than ever, you need to shut up. take my advice. this is a big discovery. i'll be honest. as far as the sins of jim comey and things that i think are important, the legality issues of it, this is the low-hanging fruit. this is the least important. what he did on pfizer and elsewhere will be far more important to the american people over time. >> well, it's part of. comey took the fbi files that he had on president trump.
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kept them at his home, which is illegal. he used them for political purposes paired he leaked them to "the new york times" ." coincidentally, his friend robert mueller, disappointed. look, no leak of the memos. no special counsel. this is a pretty big deal. now, we know for the first time that the fbi was investigating his creation and handling of these memos. they show up at his house, they are interviewing him, and he still has these memos. come on guys. this is a violation of president trump's rights. he keeps them there at his house. he doesn't tell them that he is leaking them. he admits to at the next day. unfortunately, the president is the victim here. he is the victim of several crimes, in my view, committed by
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comey, in terms of taking fbi files and leaking them. >> tucker: tom, we are going to continue to watch judicial watch. this is important. i have a funny feeling, and my sources are telling me it's going way further than that. other huge massive breaking news tonight. investigative reporter, the hills executive vice president, johnson john sullivan. he has referred james comey. we will put it on the screen and keep it there. look at this. he is preparing a report on his conduct. it will likely conclude that he
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leaked classified information and lacked candor. that would be lying. joining us to break it all down, executive vice president. i'm taking this two ways. if that would be a violation of the espionage act. 18 usc 1,000, his leading statements. to me, this is the least significant. but, there is a guy named christian saw ca who spent a year in jail because of picturee was proud. he went to jail. if this is the attorney general's final
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decision, that would be a disaster. we don't have equal justice or application of our laws. but if he is believing that more severe crimes were possibly committed and can get back to this, i would be okay with that. >> yeah, that's exactly what i'm reporting. my headline says it all. he's got a day of reckoning coming out, but there is more ahead beside this. i can report tonight that attorney general barr. i can also report that there is going to be a very report. this is a man who preaches morality and follows the rules. this will not show comey as a rule follower. he will be a rule breaker for the second time of the year.
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according to my story that says they are learning some very troubling information about the fisa process. everyone remains under significant scrutiny. james comey gets a break on this one. the reports are. >> sean: that attorney general declined to prosecute. that's not a final determination necessarily, is it. >> no, it is. on this matter, it is close. the justice department has decided not to prosecute comey. hillary clinton and comey get one outcome. people like flynn and christian and others get a different one. i think you have to look at the bigger picture. the attorney general here is looking at the possibility, can i when this case a new york customer if i lose the case in
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new york, what message does that sound that an fbi director got let off? >> sean: how many people got in trouble for lying or lack of candor? >> well, there's a lot over the last few years. james comey and andrew mccabe. you just talked about those documents that tom got. when the fbi agents showed up at his house and they collected his information that he had wrongly taken from the fbi, he did not tell the fbi, by the way, i sent this on to other people. he kept that a secret, which caused the fbi to be in the dark for several more weeks. >> sean: hugeness. james comey, declined by the at. but apparently, also, a lack of candor. it means they felt he was lying. general flynn is now awaiting sentencing on this issue.
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same thing happened with michael cohen. i think that if the attorney general, we are going to have equal justice under the law, there better be other issues here, or this is going to be a very dangerous tipping point for the country if hillary and comey get special treatment, but everybody else gets put in jail and prosecutor. that's a problem, john. >> yep. absolutely. he will be judged on the final product. >> sean: i suspect you are right. i suspect there is a calculation that there are bigger issues at play here that we don't know about yet. but we have been on the periphery of breaking. i know enough that there are a lot of other bigger issues about to come down. so, i am giving the benefit of the doubt knowing what i know. >> i do agree with you. the >> sean: on jim comey
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specifically. >> yeah. he signed the first pfizer. that's going to turn out to be a fraudulent or misleading fisa. there's a lot more to come. >> sean: day of reckoning for comey is definitely on the horizon. joining us now, more reaction is fox news contributor, sarah. the story of the greatest mass delusion. he didn't get away with it. on the surface, let's see. we see what has happened to other people, but i, through my sources suspect that if his analysis was right, why would they pick what was the most insignificant, the lowest hanging fruit to make their first prosecution?
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>> it's troubling, because it's not just christian saucier. david pretorius it does appear to be on equal justice. he's overlooking the gross negligence provision in the espionage act passed by congress in 1948 to eliminate intent. but i agree with you, i think the attorney general may feel as though his bigger hammer against comey's pfizer abuse and lying to a court. >> sean: and i would imagine, sarah, that there are probably intelligence issues. we know comey was warranted
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directly on two separate occasions. the dossier was now unverifiab. i would assume that that would carry much bigger weight and penalty if james comey was in fact referred to prosecution like he's been referred to prosecution on the documents in his house. >> absolutely. the former intelligence surveillance act is what they are looking at. we've heard from a number of sources. i've got to tell you, it's a very disappointing judgment if the attorney general decided not to use this as part of the prosecution. when you consider what greg said, how many people have been prosecuted for this. and remember, this is what set off the special counsel for two and a half years, is the fact that comey leaked these documents to a friend of his to go to "the new york times," to
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basically start a special counsel to investigate an issue that should never have been investigated to begin with. >> sean: y instead of declining to prosecute, why would he wait to make the decision? >> why wouldn't he add that to a future prosecution? why not add that? >> sean: why would the attorney general decline and not just wait? >> well, it's a very good question, and maybe he will reconsider. i would encourage him to look at the negligence statue. >> sean: just because he declined to prosecute at this moment, that doesn't mean he'll decline forever, and is a question much bigger now. he can reverse his decision making, as long as the statute of limitations hasn't run. that's not going to run for a while. the interesting thing is, now we
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know why comey fessed up to congress that he leaked government documents to trigger the special counsel. because the night before, the fbi had shown up at his house, and he had been forced to hand over his classified documents, one of which literally said at the top of it secret. he said, oh, that's the wrong title. yeah. right, mr. comey. this guy is the most sanctimonious, vain person, who preaches ethics, morality, and honesty. he is the antithesis of all that people dominic. people who bought his book should demand a refund. people. >> sean: there are deeper investigations going. we will be following closely. my monologue is still coming up. it's just not going to be an
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opening monologue. the media has been saying, it's a debate between the moderates and the more radicals. i'm like, no. it's a debate between the radicals and the extreme radicals. speak or write. this really is the left versus the far left. may be this is elizabeth warren's point and bernie sanders, is to drag that center part so far and change everyone's ability and focus on the issues. they can't retreat on that. the goal, as a socialist, remember is to just incrementally change the rejection reject
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to >> sean: they all want this green new deal. it's just a variation of the same thing. they all want, let's see. no walls. free health care for illegal immigrants. they want medicare for all. every position they take is more radical than the next. but fundamentally, they all want to transform america into this radical, extreme utopia. raise our taxes to the point that they are redistributed it. everybody paid a lot more. those plans are not going to work out well either. >> no, but first things first, if i may come on the prior segment, i can't remember in american history where an fbi director or former director has to have his home searched by fbi agent dominic the speaker beform
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was his son, don jr. he said, 2020 is going to be a choice between socialism and liberty. that's all we have to know. think about everything that's on the stage tonight and yesterday. ocasio-cortez's green new scam is a watermelon. it's green on the outside, deep red communist on the inside. it's about taking control of everything in america. no more gas engines. no more airplane travel. every house has to be destroyed and rebuilt until it's politically correct and environmentally friendly. then, we have medicare for all. i lived in england, sean. nationalized health care is a disaster. when rich, famous people get sick, they don't fly to canada. they don't fly to cuba. they come here, because we have the best medicine in the world.
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and they want to turn it into a system where you get in line and you wait for a year for an operation. it's about control. it's about control. that's all it is. >> for everyone watching, the democratic candidates want this nation to look like either baltimore or chicago or san francisco or los angeles, or flint. remember, these are the people, their party, their philosophy, even less extreme than their philosophies have brought us death, destruction, poverty, hopelessness. a lack of a future, with people feeling trapped like there is no way out. so far right now, there are other states and other cities these individuals can go to that are not socialist, that actually have some value with people to look forward to the future. but the democrats certainly want the entire nation to look like
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that giving no one a choice. >> sean: congratulations. fox nation. always good to see you. if you are just joining us, the inspector general, michael. prosecution on two issues as of now. at the moment, they are declining. but apparently the investigation is getting better. two, violating the espionage act. we will deal with that in my opening late monologue. also, the radical extreme socialist debate. much, much more, straight ahead. ♪ beep goes off ] now that you have new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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♪ >> sean: massive breaking news tonight. the hills john solomon.
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possible prosecution over to specific issues. one, a violation of the espionage act, leaking classified information paired second, being left in candid. having lack of candor. that means line. of course, we are just hitting the tip of the iceberg, exposing corruption. that's our other big issue of the night. three plus years. they were complicit in political persecution. all things trump. they dragged this country through the mud. after mueller's testimony, they all wanted to pretend like it never, ever happens. in fact, after years of nonstop reckless coverage, robert mueller never came up during the democratic debates on fake news,
6:26 pm
cnn. yes, conspiracy tv. instead, we got a wild dose of politicians who are totally divorced from reality. that will literally put all of us into poverty if their plans are ever implemented. universal health care, may be, maybe not, private insurance options, or the criminalization of health insurance, or the decriminalization of illegal. oh, yeah, don't forget. the new green deal. number oil. no gas. the lifeblood of this economy. no more fossil feels, no more cows. no more gas powered trucks or plows. no more of any of that. in government funded, everything is free, free, free, whether you are willing or unwilling to wor work. according to democrats, the
6:27 pm
world will come to an end in 10-12 years if we don't adapt their socialist policies. if the world is going to end in ten years, let's just throw one of a party and go out with one smile on her face. let's take a look. >> i have seen the mothers. i have seen the cages of babies. we must be a country that. we cannot make it a crime. >> just to clarify, would you decriminalize illegal border crossing? >> i happen to believe that when i talk about health care, it is a human right. >> if you think any of this markedness is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the
6:28 pm
dominic what this president is bringing, i'm afraid that the de very dark days. >> they are very clear. we don't have more than ten years to get this right. >> as i sat at the top of the show, this is the biggest choice election we will see in our lifetime. a tipping point for the country. tonight, thanks to the presidents pro-growth economic agenda, he's gotten us out of the horrific biden economy. by the way, it's booming like ever before. we now have the best employment situation since 1969. women in the workplace, youth unemployment, they are infinitely better. all of setting records in terms of the employment situation in the country. we are energy independent for
6:29 pm
the first time in 75 years. you want to talk about raising the standard of living of all americans. even the lowest paying jobs are 80 grand a year. that is going to be good for the forgotten men and women in this country who deserve hope and opportunity to build wealth for their children and their children. rising median income. a record-setting stock market. america now is thriving. here's a question. are we, are you better off than you were two and a half years ago? the answer speaks for itself. what do the democrats will running for president want to do? they want to flush this prosperity that we have built up in the last two and half years and then drag us back to and then below the horrific times of obama and biden. let me tell you this, you get rid of oil and gas, let me tell
6:30 pm
you what's going to happen. this economy will tank in hours and days and weeks. it's over. bad idea. here are some of the worst moments from tonight's debate. take a look. >> it cannot go on this way. when i am president, we will even up the score and we will tax the plot of the wealthy. speak of the people in this room and the democrats watching tonight are the last best hope for humanity on this planet. >> donald trump from charleston to baltimore, to even the border, is using the tired old language of demagogues, of fearmongers, of racists. steam dome asked let's start
6:31 pm
of course, being less than candid, lack of candor. but we can't have a two-tier justice system either. i think we really have to. >> it stunning. >> i accept his judgment. i've known him for 20 years. i have no desire for him to be like mueller. i want him to do what he thinks is right by the law and not prosecute anybody. there's no reason to continue that practice. if it's true, and we will know pretty soon, it's stunning, beyond stunning.
6:32 pm
>> sean: here's my interpretation. what do i know? i don't know a lot of anything. i kind of see barr as a really thorough, extraordinarily bright human being. then i'd say that probably barr has recognized the fisa abuse issue. if he was warned that its unverifiable. hillary paid for it. we now know, according to the memo, the bulk of that information was in fact, the dossier, the the know your tim. the russians were favoring hillary.
6:33 pm
he's not playing checkers. he sees that there are bigger fish to fly down the road. but what do i know? >> i think you know a lot about this. if bill barr said, there may be a case there. that's what you want for now. the point is, if you've got some doubt about the validity of the case, just don't throw it up against the wall. >> sean: would you want the first case you brought in jeopardy of not winning? >> you know a lot about prosecution. the worst thing you could do is overcharge somebody. it taints the thing that really is so strong. >> sean: you are the lawyer. i'm learning from you. >> i used to do this for a living. there's two ways to do this.
6:34 pm
throw everything including the kitchen sink at the accused. make sure that when you charge him, you will not be undermined before because you overcharged. they tried to scare people. the fact that barr is showing some prosecutorial discretion, it's a step in the right direction. if he does bring a charge against comey, i'd hate to be comey. >> sean: i think i'd hate to be comey. he has the right to remain silent. i advised him to take that right seriously. i'm just going to advise him, not only do you have the right, if i was you, super patriot, i would just shut up, because you are hurting yourself every time you open your big mouth.
6:35 pm
i can't be any more blunt than that, because i'm a talk show host. >> that only hurts you down the road. so if there was an abuse of the pfizer process, if there was a misleading of the court, by the fbi director, that is a monumental crime, and i would focus on that. >> sean: all right, senator, i know that you will be going through all of this. we appreciate you being with us. when we come back, if you are just joining us, the inspector general has broken the news that john solomon just told us. for the time being, the attorney general has declined. apparently there are bigger issues at play. more than we know about. another video has surfaced. water being doused on new york
6:36 pm
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♪ >> sean: of major news. we've got two stories. part of what we've been waiting for, john solomon, investigative reporter, the hill. possible prosecution over two issues. leaking classified information and line. the may read this again. john solomon reporting tonight,
6:41 pm
the doj's watchdog, inspector general. a report on jim comey's report. violates the espionage act. it shows a lack of candor. that means he lied. there are other big issues at play, according to numerous sources that john has, i have, and others have. i'm watching this closely. we know what's coming. we know pfizer is bigger. sounds to me, sean, like the attorney general is being extraordinarily precise and careful and understanding the magnitude of what we are dealing with here. that would mean the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in history, which we have been pointing out to be true for quite a long time now.
6:42 pm
>> i think a lot of people. he was a nonpartisan referee who is going to call balls and strikes. this is a major blow to everything that he's been talking about. this idea that he did nothing wrong. this really blows not only the wind wind out of his sales, but really undermines the argument that they've been making. that should trouble every single american. i've said this before, sean. donald trump kicks back better than anyone else. he has the resources. one of the things he always talks about is that he knows that he's the president. he's got money and he's got resources. he's been trying to make sure that this doesn't happen to any other american. he's got the resources. he knows how to fight better than anyone else. but when he speaks out and he fights on these issues, it's not just for him. it's for every other american
6:43 pm
that worries about the highest level of government targeting them. >> sean: big news, joe concha. as i spoke to my sources, what they are telling me tonight is that the attorney general has taken all of this seriously. he's taken this job 15 steps further along than anybody knew. jim comey, for example, has told us that we don't spy on october, 2016, despite multiple warnings that he hated trump. hillary paid for political documents that he didn't verify their dirty russian dossier that even the russians recognized. the pfizer warrant to spy on the president. that would mean he signed documents to spy in spite of what he said. it seems to me that the
6:44 pm
attorney general is going to take this piece by piece, bit by bit, and he is going to go methodically slowly, get to the bottom of it. >> well, it's certainly a lot different than what the previou previous. i'm curious to see how the media will now cover this particular story by john solomon, who's only been nominated. he has the resume, certainly. there is no reason to doubt his sources and what he's found tonight. all i can do is think back to the media darling who did hundreds of interviews, who sold more than 600 copies in week one, and nobody decided to really ask him any tough questions. all they wanted to hear about was how horrible donald trump was to work for.
6:45 pm
>> sean: but if i'm right that this is, in the end, the fact that he hasn't violated the espionage act. they have put people in jail before. perhaps the most prominent case. he decides not to prosecute. that would mean they don't have equal justice. i suspect the attorney general is thinking let's get to all of the facts. and for the time being, he would have the ability to go back on this. compared to pfizer abuse the plot to undo an election, first, alter that election with lies, i think that would be more important. what's especially ironic is that
6:46 pm
if "the new york times" is right, this was likely the dossier that hillary paid for. this was likely russian disinformation from the beginning. that tells me that that information was being used against trump. >> yeah, absolutely. how does the media cover this? they have bought into the narrative for so long. as joe pointed out correctly, dominic. i think what we are going to see is, do they even cover this? will there be a story tomorrow based on his reporting? will they actually cover it? don't think so. >> at the end, it doesn't matte matter. it finally shows how dishonest
6:47 pm
they are. it shows that he was the bad guy in this. they can't ever claim again that they are neutral. >> sean: okay, in 2007, i said that journalism in america is dead. it's not dead on the show. that's all i'm going to say. good to see you both. another video surfaced. nypd cops doused with water. what are we going to do to stop this? i have the answer. we will check in. the nypd union wants to make sure the mayor of new york. they are unhappy with his leadership. straight ahead. ♪ . ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪
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♪ >> sean: we have been reporting on the show, disturbing new trend emerging, where people are dowsing new york city police officers with water. tonight, another disgusting, despicable video emerges. right now, he was in detroit. by the way, he says he may come on this show. i hope he does. people are coming up to show how they feel about their mirror, his betrayal of the force. their feelings about these outrageous videos that resurfac resurface. >> bill de blasio can't run the city, can't run the country. >> mehr de blasio is the candidate. is he qualified?
6:53 pm
>> absolutely not. that's a lie. he should finish the job he ran for. he promised people that he would take care of their problems, and instead, he's decided to take this run when he's left so much to do in new york city. >> harassed, assaulted. >> the disorder in this street, the disrespect of police officers. the antipolice rhetoric. people think it's some sort of game to attack our police officers, to throw water on them. video taping. i mean, it's disgusting. >> sean: fox news investigative reporter and our correspondent. i want to get to bernie bernie. this is what i would do.
6:54 pm
i'm not the police commissioner. you were. you were also they had of corrections at one point. every one of these who are out there disrespecting our cops. i would charge every single one of them with assaulting a police officer, which is on felony. >> you know what, it should be done at the scene. criminal mischief, assault. >> sean: is that a felony, to assault a police officer? >> there are other charges, sean heard there are a number of things the cops can do. but keep in mind, these cops work for a mayor. they are afraid of the mirror. look what he did in the garner case. he is not supportive. >> the cops can't do their job. you are going to put handcuffs
6:55 pm
on cops, they can't do their jo job. oh, my gosh. they lied. you helped them. what did they tell you tonight? >> they made it very clear that they don't like the place. the they have complete anarchy. as a result of that. >> sean: no cop is going to take a shot at saving people under these conditions. am i right? we've got a huge announcement straight ahead. [ alarm sound ]
6:56 pm
[ alarm sound ] hello. what is happening? what is all of this? move! everybody get out of here! why'd they kidnap bunch of normal folk like us? there's no escape. you have no idea what you're up against. [ screaming ]
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and not waited three years. at aspen dental, we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exams and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes, whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental. >> sean: special announcements. make sure to tune in tomorrow night. rush limbaugh. we've got comey, we've got the
7:00 pm
deep state, we've got radical versus extreme radical, even more radical, radical versus radical, and no such thing as a moderate in the democratic party. but rush will join us on tomorrow's show. that's all the time we have left. let your heart not be troubled. laura is next. see you tomorrow night. >> laura: seven others hit the stage and they hit each other over medicare for all, open borders, race, and a lot more. in moments, we are going to talk to reince priebus, dennis kucinich, brian york, and dan bongino among others. last night we told you the real meaning behind bernie's flailing arms, john delaney's cool and that


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