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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 31, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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versus extreme radical, even more radical, radical versus radical, and no such thing as a moderate in the democratic party. but rush will join us on tomorrow's show. that's all the time we have left. let your heart not be troubled. laura is next. see you tomorrow night. >> laura: seven others hit the stage and they hit each other over medicare for all, open borders, race, and a lot more. in moments, we are going to talk to reince priebus, dennis kucinich, brian york, and dan bongino among others. last night we told you the real meaning behind bernie's flailing arms, john delaney's cool and that grin, and what do the
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candidates unknowingly reveal tonight quick to are bodily which expert is back. she'll be with us to tie it all together. we go live to detroit where shannon bream is here with one on the ground reaction you can't miss about tonight's debate. shannon? >> a lot of interviews here in detroit, laura, and we saw a lot of what we saw last night, ideological split on big things primarily health care. again, candidates going back and forth whether private insurance should be done away with altogether, along with caution from some saying you will scare off americans who will never vote for a candidate who is proposing something like that as they went back and forth after each other, senator cory booker said, listen, i'm worried the person enjoying us fighting each other this much is the man sitting in the white house. here is senator booker. >> the person enjoying this debate most right now is dying donald trump trying to take away american health care.
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again tonight we are playing into republican hands who have a very different view and trying to divide us against each other. >> again, that is what debates are about. of course there were plenty of infighting between democrats tonight. former vice president expected to take a lot of heat from senator kamala harris pair that has happened along with senator senator booker. and another interesting dustup was between congresswoman tulsi gabbard and kamala harris. went after her heart on her record as the attorney general in california and about where she should've done things that matched up differently and the promises she made, harris fired back at her pretty well too. multiple fights here, that's what debates are about. by the way, congressman gabbert is going to be our live guest as we continue to live from detroi detroit. >> laura: rock star panel tonight, we've got reince priebus, former white house chief of staff.
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byron york, "washington examiner," fox news contributor. and dennis kucinich, former democratic congressman and former 2008 candidate. harvey dillon is with us, trump advisory board member. what are president trump and his allies thinking tonight watching what happened in this second democratic debate? >> as i was watching it, i thought they were to go statements to make their president trump very clearly because, number one, democrats are debating throwing off 200 million people off private insurance. they are trashing barack obama, talking about medicare for all, another 32 trillion. the second winner is joe biden because one thing i learned in 2016 is when it was all trump all the time come on the matter good, bad, in the middle, trump always won in that battle. all about joe biden, constantly attacking him, it was all about biden. plus 20 going into the debate.
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if anything he was helped by the debate and ultimately it was a good night for him and a great night for the president. >> laura: byron, what stood out when i watch the thing is my goodness, if barack obama showed up on stage, he would be one of the more conservative people on that stage. they would have to attack him standing right there. this was amazing to see, the party of doom and gloom, pretty much everyone was doom and gloom instead of biden who said, elect me and we are going to do obama 3.0. >> he's always been the candidate of restoration. there are candidates of transformation, he's the candidate of restoration. watching this, if you are a democrat and you truly think the house is on fire, we are in a big emergency because of donald trump, the debate started out with 40 minutes of arcane discussion of health care in which they did discuss whether or not to take away people's private insurance, came to no particular conclusion, and
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nobody gave that sentence of emergency that the democratic base is feeling for they weren't seeing it in their candidates. >> laura: dennis kucinich, you argued a lot of these issues in the past that you have to take on the big dogs in your party in order to be a transformational candidate. but tonight, it was in awe the thing to watch because, again, barack obama a two term president, extremely popular. global superstar, but pretty much all of them were hitting obama without necessarily saying it. obamacare, trade deals, they did it last night too. biden is there saying it, that was the party of hope and change. >> there is a couple of things here. first of all, we have to acknowledge that some of the deficiencies of the obama administration created the opening of donald trump. as far as health care, there is a real divide among democrats on health care and there has been for decades.
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in 2000, i went to the democratic platform's committee to present medicare for all and it was shot down by the gore campaign. and the support for medicare or for all is growing. you wouldn't know it by tonight's debate, you would know it from yesterdays with bernie sanders. >> laura: we had the laning for john delaney the only one with business experience other than andrew yang. i ran two health care companies -- medicare pays 80% for what doctors need to cover their costs. medicare for all will crater whatever it's going to crater, which is medicare but we've got kamala and they are mixing it up in the beginning over this medicare for all conversation. it's hard to follow for most people who don't know the issues for this is how it went down. >> vice president biden's campaign called your plan "a have it every which way approach" and its "part of the
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confusing patter down the pattern of equivocating your health care stands." >> he's probably confuse he's not listening. >> you should get something good in ten years, you should wonder why it takes ten years but it will require middle-class taxes to go up, not down. >> the cost of doing nothing is far too expensive. >> laura: did joe biden win that exchange? >> i think he pointed out that kamala harris is all over the place. he could've pointed out that bernie's plan eliminates private health care altogether. he just came out and set it and owned it. kamala harris' a problem as i wrote in a "wall street journal" op-ed issue flip-flopped on every single issue. she wants to have it every single way. every 30 minutes of discussion and her having five times the airtime of the other candidates, she still wouldn't say how much it's going to cost and what it really accomplishes bit i do think biden did a better job in
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that exchange then kamala harris. >> i would have to agree and that senator harris has been all over the map. her proposal on the so-called medicare for all really isn't. it looks like a duck, but it quacks like an insurance compan company. >> laura: okay. by written, the most upsetting blow to harris, again, who was built up much like beto o'rourke was built up, buttigieg was built up, that it was harris, she's been built up for weeks and weeks and weeks, this was another moment for her to shine. this was the most devastating blow to her. watch. >> she put over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations and laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. evidence that would've freed an innocent man from death row until the courts force her to do so. she kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use have them as cheap labor in the state of
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california. there is no excuse for that and the people who suffered under uranus prosecutor, you owe them an apology. >> laura: she answered no, that's not true, but i do not know who is going to fact-check kamala harris. that might work in the general for a kamala harris. she's tough on crime. in this primary in this temperature, does that work? >> it doesn't work. you can't have it both ways. also, these candidates that are not kamala harris and not joe biden, they are preparing, preparing for these attacks. tulsi gabbard went they are ready to attack kamala harris because she's in the second position. these other candidates are on the attack. here is one thing that reminds me of 2016, the difference between 2016 and now. the one thing democrats are getting right the rest of the field is they are all attacking biden. all trying to take him down but it's not going to work right now but they are all attacking him. 2016, the republican candidates
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did not attack donald trump. they were afraid to attack donald trump. they only attacked each other, not each other out of the game and trump was standing there and afraid to go after him. they are not afraid to go after joe biden. they know that if they don't knock him down a couple of notches within the next two months, things will be very difficult bit i also think the dnc is on the brink of losing complete control over this primary. >> laura: explain this to us. important point that everybody needs to listen to what reince priebus telmex is saying. >> once the field starts to narrow, it takes nothing -- if cnn wants to do a debate every single night with seven of these candidates, they can get three times a viewership. if you are 1% in iowa, we are all 1% in iowa, lara is at 30%. >> laura: exactly. >> why would we not have a debate every night on cnn, the three of us, to catch up? the reason the dnc needs to get control is these 19, 18, 15
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candidates are going to go on their own, go rogue, and this is about to break loose. i think you are seeing this start. >> laura: byron, interesting. i like the injury, palace intrigue at the dnc. >> this is the last time you'll see most of these candidates on stage in the debate. the rules change the next time. you have to have to qualify for the debate at least 2% in the polls, either nationally or in the number of staples. right now, six or seven members -- b1 let's get some telmex be one who would you think are not going to make it? >> the ones who stay in are the top four, bernie, biden, harris. warren, booker may be, buttigieg. that's about it. the rest of them are going away. >> laura: your point is that they can still pop up on cnn.
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>> what's to stop ten of these candidates if they get knocked out? what's to stop those ten from doing a debate on cnn? >> they have not tied to debate calendar to the nomination process. >> laura: i get what you are saying. >> they have not tied it to the rule of the nomination. it's a free-for-all. >> laura: dennis kucinich, you and i talked about this before the show began. i keep thinking about the guys -- they could be guys or gals, who are master campaigners. barack obama, bill clinton, donald trump, george w. bush. that's not because they won, but they were phenomenal retail politicians. who on that stage tonight, other than biden, has that kind of common touch? can be a little self-deprecating. can the slur his words every now and then. i do not think anyone cares about that.
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who comes close to a retail politician with some pizzazz? i didn't see it. i try to look at it as an analyst. i did not see that kind of obama/trump go get it. i didn't see it. >> it's still early. >> laura: marianne williamson, may be. >> it still early in the campaign. and you can't speak elected to some of the office these people hold without having some skill at retail. i would not write anybody off right now. although it's true a presidential debate can determine if someone's going to be visible to the american people, there is still a lot of movement. again, tonight -- you picked it up. tulsi gabbard, for example. that exchange she had with -- b1 it shows her vulnerability. kamala harris' vulnerability. if you can't answer tulsi gabbard -- i like tulsi gabbard. you think you are going to go
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toe-to-toe with trump? >> a prosecutor is good on offense and she's good on offense. but senator harris didn't do well on defense. >> laura: democrats have a new phrase. we can't answer or don't want to answer this question. watch. >> stopped using republican talking points in order to talk with each other about how to best provide health care. >> your question is a republican talking point! >> we cannot keep with republican talking points on this. you've got to stop. >> open borders is a right wing talking point. >> laura: that's a cute trick, isn't it? >> it's lame when you hear it again and again. what they do not like is the republican reality outside that room. the reality that donald trump has been the best president ever for criminal justice reform, which is something,
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african-american jobs, rising tide for all americans, for everything in our economy. they do not like those facts. they are painting and conjuring a picture of this dystopian america where the seas are rising, we are shivering in the huddles and cages in the streets. i do not think it's working. it's very fake. laura, you are pointing to this. most of these candidates are totally fake. kirsten gillibrand, thanks for playing. go into ohio and explain whiteness to white women? what is that? it's crazy. i think you are right, biden is the only one authentic but he's got his own problems. i actually think he improved from the last debate. >> laura: this is a nightmare for harris tonight. we haven't even gotten to the trade stuff, what happened on immigration. castro embarrassed himself on immigration. to that point how biden
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positions himself, i think he rose above all of this. he was up there defending obamacare. all the rest of the people are trashing obamacare. >> not a great place to be either with the american people. >> laura: it's fairly popular. >> it's better than green new deal and medicare for all. here's the issue you hit on. the problem democrats have, all these positions come in green new deal, medicare for all, reparations, job security, mandatory paid vacation, how does that play out in pittsburgh, milwaukee, columbus, cleveland, what do those people think of those positions? it doesn't work. you are talking about, i think cory booker said something about the paris claimant accords being child's play. >> laura: a no-brainer. >> president trump said it well when he said we are about pittsburgh, not paris.
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trump wins that argument every single day. they can have their debate as byron opened up. they can have this esoteric debate. but in the end, it's the positions of this president that is going to help them win in the midwest and these positions are going to kill the democrat party. >> laura: spew environ, and a ly we are talking about >> laura: trillions and trillions of dollars, anybody who wants to come in when you boil it all day down, unless you're a murderer, but if you show up you are going to stay. we will die in 12 years. climate change, rising seas, flint, michigan, segregation in the '70s, relitigating busing. this seems like a total disconnect what you will, dennis kucinich, talking about your whole life. rents previous from the midwest, the rust belt is where this election will be won or lost in my view. >> last night was a more
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progressive crowd in immigration for the last debate they all raised their hands and said they were in favor of d decriminalizing illegal borde. last don't like tonight you had joe biden saying that it's illegal to cross the border illegally. he is not in the majority. all of this is going to be on the record so they all came out and say we are in favor of effective open borders. they can try to change that when the general election comes around that we've already seen it. >> laura: later on, we'll talk about how de blasio three times tried to take out joe biden on the issue of immigration. he went three times to bite at the apple of deportation which again, dennis, i know you are more progressive than some of these midwest centrist democrats, but you still have to put together that electoral math. how do you put the electoral math together when it's basically open borders, and less
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spending, guaranteed incomes, reparations, green new deal, medicare for all. >> laura: i would presented in a different package but i would say medicare for all mandatory. i think they can win on that. i also think you can win on jobs and wages. >> laura: 99% of america has seen a wage increase. "the wall street journal" piece today was devastating on that. 99% of americans have seen their wages basically go up. big screaming headline in the journal today. >> the question is by what degree. >> laura: more than under obama. >> look, i'm not arguing about the obama administration here versus the trump administration. i am speaking in a relative sense whether or not there is hope for particularly working-class people in ohio who have been shut out of a lot of the gains in the economy. >> laura: does anybody on that stage really think that they are
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going to do a better job at creating jobs than donald trump or they are going to do a better job at health care reform than barack obama? >> i don't see it -- >> where it is is rebuild the infrastructure. >> laura: the democrats don't want to build the infrastructur infrastructure. >> laura, huge mistake. >> laura: castor arguing this is not a good economy tonight. >> that's ridiculous for they would have nothing to complain about. they would have to demonize the president, which is getting very tired. not talking about solutions for americans, they have a completely altered view of reality. other countries can come in and stay here but the taxpayers are going to pay for it. with what money? they really fail at that, and when it comes to donald trump getting up against any of these, they can't wait to see it. and not going to see it as many of the other guest have pointed
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out tonight, most of these people are going to take the consolation prize and go for the most part. but i do not see how many of them are going to do better than trump on a lot of the issues they talked about. biden, the leading candidate, he took some hits for the fact that his administration had deported many. >> laura: i do want to get back to what i mentioned, hitting biden, other 2020 dems also piled on the president, obama's legacy. >> the issue came up with all those deportations, you are vice president of the united states, i didn't hear whether you'd stop them or not using your power, influence in the white house. >> the president came along and said he's the guy who came up with a dreamer dreamers. comparing him to donald trump i think is absolutely bizarre. >> i do not hear an answer from the vice president. >> he moved to fight mentally change the system. >> mr. vice president, you can have cannot have it both ways but you
7:22 pm
can't dodge it when it's not. >> laura: president obama had a lot of deportation so the conclusion is that obama was too conservative for this democratic party. >> it's a tough sell in the democrat party and that's why biden is 20 points up. biden has to be careful here. the party, me and others -- it's easy for us to dismiss this entire field as completely wacko, but the one guy that is not necessarily in that category is plus 20 over the rest. so i think it's important for the party to focus in on joe biden, talk about the fact that he's for the green new deal. he came out in favor of it. 93 trillion -- i think it's important that we don't lose sight of that. i think that barack obama is far too popular still within democrat bays. it's much different than bush in '08 and 2010 when you had cruz
7:23 pm
and mike lee end. >> laura: 65% of democrats want to continue obama's legacy. >> i do not think biden laid to rest concerns about his age, about his sharpness. there was enough halting this in his performance. difficulties in formulating ideas. i do not think this is going away and the agent is going to be a problem from now on for hi. >> i would have to agree with byron to the extent that the vice president seems to interrupt himself a few times. he broke the flow of his own presentation which didn't help them. i also think that cory booker did a pretty good job in putting the vice president to the test. >> laura: was cory booker not catching on why is cory booker not catching on? he's articulate, we were arguing
7:24 pm
newark police policy. we were arguing nypd, we are arguing new work, then we are arguing -- it seems like, not saying it's not important, but for a democrat primary, it seemed to really granular. i think most of it went over people's heads. >> even if you do not get it to the granular aspects of it, biden had good points how he lied and the aclu accused booker and et cetera. comes across, if you turn the volume and look at the body language, comes across as very shrill, hyper, in-your-face, we saw that in the kavanaugh hearings, see that in all of his performances overall. it's up at 11, this is spinal tap, this one note and it's too much. people don't want that. i think they want a biden that's functioning for that's what is the problem. biden halting, the kind of mini
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strokes type of situation. that was discomforting to watch. >> laura: panel, thank you for joining us. please stand by, we are going to check back and knew a few moments. i want to go back to detroit where fox's peter doocy live from the debate spin room. peter? >> laura, a widely held positn among democrats tonight that too many people are deported for illegally emigrating into the united states. at one point, cory booker asked joe biden why it is that when he was in the obama administration, he didn't do more and he's got a problem with it. booker at one point said you can't have it both ways. you invoke barack obama's name more than anybody for the good and now you're saying you have a problem with him, also something that bill de blasio challenged biden directly in this exchange. >> did you say those deportations were a good idea? >> i was vice president.
7:26 pm
i'm not the president. i keep my recommendation in private. unlike you, i would expect you to go ahead and say whatever was said privately with him. that's not what i do. what i do say to you is he moved to fundamentally change the system. that's what he did. but much more has to be done. >> this was a real pile on. joe biden and the obama administration's immigration policies and part of biden's defense saying wait a minute, i'm not the only person on stage who was in meetings with barack obama. julian castro was and i never heard him mentioning anything to the former president about too many people being deported. castro said to biden, that means one of us learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't. it has been revealed as your mentioning earlier, some of the guests had some problems with the obama administrations tenure that we did not know about.
7:27 pm
>> and peter, interesting. if you think democrats would back off their extreme open borders rhetoric, guess again. back to see what he saw, tom homan acting i.c.e. director and the fox news contributor. there were kids in case is cages, conversations about the horrible separation of children from their parents. decriminalizing the border. every time we revisit this group of democratic candidates, things seem to go more left. i didn't think it was possible. >> i think it's possible. i think it's going further left and everything they mentioned is not going to solve our number one crisis on the border. it's going to make it worse. their ideas are going to bring more people and entice more people. when you want to give away free stuff, free education, free medical care, let's decriminalizing legal entry, let's give citizenship to people who enter this country illegally and refused to leave after a
7:28 pm
federal judge orders them to leave? it's going to bring more. >> laura: why do you need immigration form if once you are here you stay. it's not like when the copperhead sieve -- why? if you say anyone who is here can stay, it doesn't make sense to do comprehensive -- julian castro said tonight not only he would end family separations at the border, he'd also implement this. >> the only way that we are going to guarantee you we do not have family separations in this country again is to repeal section 13-25 of the immigration and nationality act, we do a 21st century marshall plan with honduras, el salvador, and guatemala so we can get to the root of this challenge so people can find a safety and opportunity at home instead of having to come to the united states. >> laura: your reaction to that? marshall plan plus no consequences if you come here. it'll be civil penalties like
7:29 pm
jaywalking. >> if you want to make illegal immigration legal, that's just a problem on the border. it's going to increase bring his plane is ridiculous. i guess he's admitting now they aren't coming here because of fear of persecution from the government. because that's what they are claiming, right? if it's really a poverty issue, none of them qualify for asylum. let's shut the door right now. he just admitted that asylum is a big problem but not coming because of freedom fear of persecution, they are coming because the economy, poverty, better life life, . >> laura: that's economic circumstance. that does not qualify the conditions for asylum. otherwise millions and millions and millions of people would want to come here because they live in places where they do not have a good income. >> would like to hear one thing. i'd like them to ask them this question. if you do not want people deported, after they had due process in front of a federal judge, what is your option? that means everybody comes in illegally, gets to stay.
7:30 pm
just say it, that's what you need to do. just admit it. if there is no integrity in the entire system, the judges order doesn't mean anything and everybody gets to stay, that's open borders for just say it. it's not a republican talking point, that's what they are talking about. they ought to just say it. >> laura: there is a moment where cory booker was asked a question and he would not give a straight answer. watch. >> you would have a plan that would "virtually eliminate detention." does that mean the migrants would be released into the united states? >> you are playing into republican hands. if you have no justifiable reason to be here, you are returned. if you are, like the people i met who were survivors of sexual assault, who wouldn't we let come to prison for asylum? we are featuring our values butchering our values. >> laura: the man doesn't know
7:31 pm
what qualifies as an asylum petition. that doesn't qualify for asylum, as sad as it is. >> two points. 81%, everyone i.c.e. arrest is a convicted criminal. they need to be detained. it's a safety issue. 72% of every alien in custody of i.c.e. is statutorily mandated by congress to be detained. congress has said they have to be detained because they are a public safety threat. how do we get around on that? they are not being honest american people bid these people are in jail for a reason. they are being detained for a reason. they are a public safety threat. >> laura: a good moderator would follow up and say, so criminals in custody should be released. but that's not the question that was asked. >> absolutely. >> laura: the point he made was if they do not have a justifiable reason for being here, they should go home. what does that mean? that's not in the u.s. code. >> he needs to look at the data.
7:32 pm
there's over 700,000 people in this country who had dueverybod, then remove from a bed. once you get released, chances of getting removed are very slim. >> laura: some actual real fact-based analysis. all right pure before tonight's debate, political had lined the debate claiming, democrats reckoning on a race comes to detroit. was that the case? dan bongino, pastor gerald scott, and my d.c. panel are back with us in moments. though don't miss it. next. [ alarm sound ]
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ask your doctor about trulicity. >> laura: dems not only went after the president on race tonight, but they were also at each other's throats. biden, booker, harris all had to answer for their past tough on crime stances. was this a reckoning on race the media was typing? dan bongino, former secret service agent, fox's contributor, pastor gerald scott, founder of the national diversity coalition for trump. dan, let's start with you. don lemon has really outdone himself. i want to play for you a few snippets of how he was raising the questions, especially on this. let's watch. >> why are you the best candidate to heal the racial divide that has been stoked by the president's racist rhetoric. after the racist tweets
7:36 pm
attacking baltimore and congressman elijah cummings, the mayor of baltimore slammed the tweets and said to the president, "help us." >> laura: i remember that see in an article in 2016 that race relations had worsened, dan, under obama. remember that. >> you weren't expecting don lemon to do journalism. i hope you were being sarcastic. it's don lemon. nobody takes them seriously. getting to the real core of the issue because we are conservatives, you, me, pastor scott, interested in solving problems regardless of the militant component of someone's skin. i want to praise donald trump and i mean that. you can argue about the language in the tweets all you want to. fine, whatever. i'm from queens but language doesn't problem me. i like solving problems. thank god president trump tweeted about baltimore. you know what happened? for a week, about 4-5 days, we've been talking about a problem in our account
7:37 pm
america, the citizens of inner cities who have been entirely left behind because a cancer of liberalism that has burned their cities to the ground. for four days we've been talking about it because of, who? donald trump. i do not care if there was a grand strategy or not. it was the morally right thing to do to bring this up. the democrats are going to have to answer questions about what they did. >> laura: pastor scott, race relations in america i will repeat at the end of obama's second term were worse than they were when he came in. this was after all these police consent decrees reinstituted michael brown, trave on trayvon martin . they are acting from created these problems. they had eight years under obama to do a lot. these cities got worse and worse and worse. >> yes, they did. i grew up in the '60s. in the '60s, we were rioting in the streets, we were getting beat up by the police.
7:38 pm
we had blights in our neighborhoods. towards the end of president obama's tenure, black people were rioting in the streets, black people were getting beat up by the police. there was history repeating itself. even when you said, don lemon having outdone himself tonight, no, he out dumbed himself tonight. he keeps trying to make raise an issue because they cannot engage the president on policy. mueller was a dud. impeachment is not happening. obstruction is a nonfactor. all they have left is the race card. out of all of their cards, the other cards they can't play pit all they have is the race card and they will try to sneak some climate change in. but i saw in the 2000 campaign, elmer getting al gore told us that we would be submerged under polar ice caps by now. >> laura: what happened to hope and change, dan bongino?
7:39 pm
again, this was flint, michigan, going back to bussing. talking about lead in the water. i mean it's stuff that needs to get solved, for sure. but this was just a series of doom and gloom stories where the country is on the right track. going in the right direction. things are looking up for everybody. but they have to pretend that they are not getting better and just say that trump is a racist. i think it's wearing really thin. that's the sense i get. i might be wrong, i think the race of session is solving nothing but obfuscating the real problem. >> the are absolutely not wrong. effectively a 50/50 split congressional district here in florida. it goes democrats, it goes republican for there is a broad swath of people with a lot of ideas, unlike liberals, i do not hate people with a different
7:40 pm
political ideology from me. i talked to democrats at the gym -- can we speak candid and cut through the bas? liberals give up on america as a long time ago. no problem to say it. they hate freedom, they hate free markets, they hate public safety, they hate giving parents school choice. anything that involves freedom or the constitutional republic as we know it, they hate. is is wearing thin? of course it wore thin. it's why we got donald trump because he could not take it that he fired back and said of apologizing every time some lunatic in the media this and generally threw the r word at him. he fought back. racism is always going to be a problem. as a percentage of the population racism is a systematic problem is infinitesimally small. >> laura: the former hud secretary for obama, julian castro, no chance he'll be in
7:41 pm
someone's cabinet someday. pastor scott, he was acting that baltimore was created by trump for you or the hud secretary for president obama. why didn't this get fixed under obama and every failing american city is democratic leadership. period! >> during that boring debate, that ratings nightmare boring debate they just had, they were trying to tiptoe around the fact that the major issues that they said needs to be fixed in america were issues that were predominant during the obama administration. and they are trying to make this big race issue as if blacks are waking up in the morning saying, we hate whitey and whitey is waking up in the morning saying, i hate blackie. that's not happening. trying to make it there and if they want the racial divide so they can blame it on this president and they act as if the
7:42 pm
president, if you were alive in the '60s and you had a civil rights encounter, that immunizes you from criticism by the right people that president is right. there are areas in baltimore that are rat infested, dilapidated, rundown places that no human being should have and to live in. because he said it, there's a scripture in the bible that says, "by therefore become your enemy because i tell you the truth," and i did not see any resident from those areas, no resident in those areas have come out and said, hey, it's not so bad here. we like it here. >> laura: like elijah cummings in 1999, dan. this is what elijah cummings said about baltimore. >> this morning, i left my community of baltimore, a drug-infested area, where a lot of the drugs we are talking about today have already taken the lives of so many children.
7:43 pm
the same children that i watched, 14 or 15 years ago as they grew up, now walking around like zombies. this is only 40 miles away from here. >> laura: okay come in ten years later, dan, the problem is apparently worse. eight of those years were obama years. >> there is also a video of a prominent maryland senator calling it a " "g damn ghetto," baltimore. i opened it up saying, you do not like the president's language, you do not like his style? i get it. suggesting that it's racist, it's utterly, completely ridiculous and absurd. people have used the same language. you just played the clip. please point out a few facts, baltimore has the same homicide rate as new york city despite one 14th of the people.
7:44 pm
i'm sorry, not race, number of homicides. i saw a stunning number, if there to baltimore city high schools, do you know how many kids were proficient in math? zero. none! how do you do that? >> laura: it's a failed state. >> they deserve better. >> laura: the nightmare that has to be fixed. but the idea the democrats who have been in power for decades in these cities have the answers is demonstrably false. dan and pastor scott, great analysis as always. love having you on but we are going to get back to our superstar panel, ryan's privates and dennis in just a moment, peter doocy is standing by. >> we expect candidates in a few moments. cory booker is just getting his closing argument and he might've had the most clickable sound bite of the night. it was an attack he hinted was coming about joe biden's record on criminal justice.
7:45 pm
he said that biden supported the 1994 bill that led to mass incarceration. biden shot back saying that booker was a supporter of stop and frisk as the mayor of new work, and that is when cory booker said this. >> there is nothing done the entire eight years he was done as mayor. nothing done to deal with the police department that was corrupt. why did you announce on the first state a a zero-tolerance policy of stop and frisk? >> there is anything in my community, you are dipping in the kool-aid and you don't know the flavor. >> laura: booker also owns the distinction, the first person interrupted by a protester, somg that was a problem throughout portions of the debate last night. it sounds like people were shouting about various things as you can hear.
7:46 pm
>> [shouting] >> to make sure it's a country that puts working people -- [shouting] >> thank you, mayor de blasio. >> please be respectful in the crowd. >> the line to get into the auditorium did start queuing up around lunchtime but as he can see, some of these people wanted to get a really good seat so they were as close to the microphone as possible for that. laura? >> laura: peter, thank you so much. we will be standing by. back to our panel, reince priebus, brian york, dennis kucinich. here are what some dems and said are the greatest threats we face as a country. okay, we don't have it. oh, here we go. we have it. okay, we don't have it. the greatest threats is sound
7:47 pm
bites that don't play. one of the things we got out of this, reince, the democrats, for them, climate change, they will get the young people to turn out for the apocalyptic view of the world, we are in rising seas, reminiscent of gort in 2000. it's no where a spirit we actually heard andrew yang saying people should move to higher ground. we had mike ensley saved the vote for me or basically we will all die. that's his closing statement for a tulsi gabbard said vote for me or basically we will have a nuclear holocaust. i'm summing up. you would never think we had a record economy and consumer confidence, retail spending -- he would never think that. it sounds like we are living in the depression. >> they will have to deal with the trump economy. the trump record is outstanding and i think talking about his record is what republicans need to do. these issues, climate change is an important issue, i guess.
7:48 pm
it doesn't resonate with voters. i hate to break it to everyone and if you are horribly offended by those comments, but again, through the prism of wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan, it's the issue of seeking higher ground because of flooding, the issue that's going to win make the election. who votes in primary elections? another unpopular comments to make is that people who are 25 or younger unfortunately do not really turn out in primary elections. >> laura: they think they have a turnout machine. >> they think they have. but it's a primary election. >> laura: byron, i'm going to play what castro said about the economy. i referenced it earlier. watch. >> there are a lot americans hurting. the idea america is doing just fine. it's wrong. this president always likes to
7:49 pm
take credit. we've had a 168 months of positive job growth, the longest streak in american history. over 80 months of that was due to president barack obama. thank you, barack obama. >> laura: is that sad, because manufacturing jobs obviously is four to 70,000 from trump, which is up, blue-collar wages. >> because the economy is good, they have to convince voters that other things are more important than the economy. indeed, if you look at a number of polls, must democrats cite other issues when what is the most important issue facing the country today. usually people say it's the jobs and the economy. sku and immigration. >> they will put immigration up at the list, health care up in the list. sometimes people will put gun violence. democrats will put gun violence or climate change. joe biden started his campaign with a video about charlottesville.
7:50 pm
the idea is to say that there's something terrible -- >> laura: the soul. he referenced that in his closing statement tonight. >> that's what you do when there is a good economy and you can't talk about that. >> laura: nafta was brought up today and we have not brought this up and it's very important especially to those midwest battleground states. watch. >> vice president, i believe you are the only person on stage who voted for the original nafta. are you ready to say here and now you opposing your nafta? >> your response, sir? >> yes. >> i consider that a victory. >> i love your affection for me. >> we believe in redemption, joe. we believe in redemption in this party. >> i hope you are part of it. >> laura: i do not know if any of them -- how is this working for them on the trade issue? >> you have to start with bill clinton and nafta and the devoid of workers rights, human
7:51 pm
rights, environmental quality principles. there was a destructive undermining of the democratic consistency once the party did not deliver on the promises. >> laura: obama said he wouldn't renegotiate he said that. >> i want to say that candidates do have and climate change, national and global challenge, the potential of wider war, as tulsi gabbard pointed out. >> laura: who had more military involvement than trump. he's taken some of these issues off the table. >> he's taken them off the table -- >> laura: he wants a better relationship with russia but we can't talk with russia. that was mentioned tonight, mueller, trump collusion wasn't
7:52 pm
mentioned tonight. >> that was going on more than a year ago. i saw it coming and i predicted it. the democrats went the wrong way on the whole thing. >> laura: wasted how many years on mueller and russia collusion and they hoped, he's going to testify. now we are learning there -- mueller might be in trouble. >> this point on what's happening here with the democrats in this debate, if the election were just about donald trump as if any incumbent, you are always going to have a competitive race in a presidential race. but what these democrats are doing is taking the voters in pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan who do not like everything that trump does, but looking at the democrats who say i don't like everything trump does but these people are crazy but i talked to people who rep's and farmers across america, asking them, are farmers sticking with trump and they are nervous about the dell make it
7:53 pm
they are sticking with trump. they like what he's doing. they know that they need to take this fight to china. i asked the question. why are they sticking with trump if they are nervous about the china deal? they think the democrats are crazy. and the democrats are killing themselves with these debates. and i just -- i think that the winner tonight, started this thing from the beginning, trump is the winner, and biden is in the second. >> laura: we don't have it yet, but biden might've have made us screw up in his closing statement, people going to his website joe 3030. it can happen. remember that satirical video, trump 2024, 2028? from last night to tonight, the progressives last night, we had
7:54 pm
progressives on stage tonight, but you had delaney, you had some more blue-collar voices. delaney is really reach, but he's speaking from the private specter. what did you note in the differences of this large panel? >> is a huge difference. when the day comes and you have a smaller field, and you have warren and sanders, that could be really interesting matchup. last night, what was interesting is that there was a lot of talk about what democrats should be. it was the progressives saying that if you do not agree with us, you really are just giving out republican talking points. we democrats believe one thing, and that's the progressive agenda. what you are seeing is this constant tension between them and the fact that joe biden is leading by so many points. that doesn't seem to be actually selling with their voters. >> laura: i'm going to go back
7:55 pm
what i said at the beginning. there was no one on that stage tonight with that charisma, that drive, that singular drive to take this all the way to the finish line except biden. he might've screwed up the 2020, might not be the joe biden 20 years ago. he's done this for a long time. he gets the ebbs and flows of campaigns. he ran himself and lost a number of times too. i didn't see it. maybe they have interesting ideas. but this takes a huge amount to wants to compete at this level, as you know. and reince was there in the trenches. >> biden come biden come by and down that comes across as a guy but he also comes across as a ga tank of gas. the one thing these presidential campaigns do is really passed through fortitude and your energy and i do not know if he's got that. >> laura: he seems tired
7:56 pm
towards the end. >> the party is looking for it center and it split right now. this process hopefully will cause some kind of coalescing where you see a ticket that balances these apparently conflicting interests within the party. >> laura: michael bennet was tonight's john delaney. he was the more business focused democrat. again, seeming to be a little out of step with today's democratic party, actually in favor of having a private sector. watch. >> this has nothing to do with republican talking points or the pharmaceutical industry. this has to do with having faith in the american people that they can make the right decision for their families and they can choose a public option. don't try to distract from the truth. you can't hide from the truth. >> i think delaney was a better delaney than bennett was, but i think the biggest dynamic -- go back to the 2016 republican race. 17 candidates, i think the
7:57 pm
simplest dynamic was trump was big and the other candidates were just small. that's kind of the same thing with this whole group. are any of them of the stature of the president right now? they will grow if they win the nomination. >> laura: kamala harris faded away. >> the reverse is happening here. you have all the same flavor, one joe biden. the problem with bennett, picking looper, biden owns that lane. it's clogged. >> laura: why is biden being kamala harris among african-americans? >> he's been on the scene for so long. >> those people over the age of 50 who are likely after american voters no biden. >> it could be similar what you saw in 2007 with hillary clinton leading against barack obama, leading among african-american voters all over the place.
7:58 pm
once he does well in iowa, they see that barack obama is not a protest candidate. he is a real, bona fide, top-drawer candidate. boom. they support him. >> laura: doesn't make you think also 2016 elizabeth warren should've just knocked down the clintons to run? that was her time. looking back in 20/20 hindsight, that was her time to run. if you want to run -- you've got to take out the clintons to run! trump had to take down the bushes or do what he could to distance himself from the bushes. it's a hard fit now because trump has changed to the chessboard on the issues of trade -- >> chris christie 2012. >> laura: same kind of thing. >> he has changed the chessboard but there's something we have to keep in mind and this is the paradox of a primary season where you are speaking to people vote in primaries but you are speaking to the whole country and you've got to be careful as you talk to democrats that you are not going to turn off and
7:59 pm
defend them. >> laura: they were all out on open borders tonight. other than biden, basically you come, stay, we will embrace you, can't deport, can detain. children apparently who came alone had to be released into the country. those are the people, kids being detained. we do not know who their parents are up there that's why they are being detained. not because we are mean. >> this has a lot of centrist democrats worried because they are basically saying the act of crossing the border illegally is not illegal and you cannot be detained. that is an effective open border policy. that is not where the american public is in last night it was almost sad when the light of the candidates say, if you are going to come in, at least ring the doorbell. >> laura: no detaining, no deportation. >> that's open borders. >> laura: and free health care. >> open borders and a magnet. >> laura: trump wins that any day of the week. all the time we have this week.
8:00 pm
phenomenal analysis from this panel. great job in new york and washington. shannon bream, the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here live in detroit. shannon bream takes it away. shannon? >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night," special coverage of the second round the democratic debates. i'm shannon bream live in detroit again tonight. ten different democrats facing off tonight. last night, expose a radical deep divisions between the so-called moderates and progressives. the rematch of former vice president joe biden and california senator kamala harris. unfortunately for the former vp, she was not the only one taking direct aim at him tonight. biden faced repeated attacks from everything from immigration to criminal justice reform. we've got five steam coverage again tonight.


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