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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 1, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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panel.l. great job in new york and washington. shannon bream, the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here live in detroit. shannon bream takes it away. shannon? >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night," special coverage of t >> welcome to fox news at night, special coverage of the second round of democratic presidential debate. live in detroit, 10 different candidates facing off tonight, last night, exposed deep divisions between moderates and progressives, tonight the highly anticipated rematch of former vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris. she was not the only one taking direct aim at him tonight. repeated attacks on everything from immigration to criminal
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justice reform. we got fox team coverage tonight, bret baer, and peter doocy on spin room duty again. we start with kristin fisher for look at the night's highlights. >> reporter: joe biden defended himself more forcefully than he did in the first debate but still struggled to effectively attack one of his biggest competitors greatest weaknesses. kamala harris's record as attorney general of california. he was more effective in attacking the new healthcare plan but harris had response ready. >> the senator has had several plans so far and any time someone says you are going to get something in 10 years you've got to wonder why takes 10 years. you can't beat donald trump with doubletalk on this plan. >> your plan does not cover everyone in america. in 2019 in america for democrat to be running for president with a plan that does not cover everyone it is about excuses. >> reporter: it wasn't just harris going after the front runner, almost every other
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candidate did as well. listen to this exchange between biden and julian castro on decriminalizing illegal border crossings. >> if you cross the border illegally you should be sent back. it is a crime. >> one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't. >> we need guts on this issue. >> just enough to say the plan doesn't make sense. >> reporter: one of biden's best defenses came when kirsten gillibrand a taxes record on women. >> what did you mean when you said when a woman works outside the home it is resulting in deterioration of family? >> my decease wife works raising our children. came to syracuse university with the answer was wonderful. i'm passionate about making sure women are treated equally.
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i don't know what is happening. >> there was plenty of other crossfire among the candidates. totally gathered made a very effective argument attacking kamala harris's record as attorney general california saying she's not the progressive prosecutor she claims to be. >> in the case of those who were on death row, innocent people, you blocked evidence from being revealed that would have freed them until you were forced to do so. there is no excuse for that other people who suffered under your rain as prosecutor, you owe them an apology. >> my entire career i have been opposed to the death penalty and that is never changed, that is my background, that is my work, i am proud of it. >> gabbard's argument was the argument biden tried but struggled to make. the question now is did the former vice president to enough
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to convince democratic primary voters that he is ready to go toe to toe against donald trump? >> there were questions about that on stage tonight. we will have totally gathered with us later in the hour. thank you for the wrapup. we will turn to bret baer for his key moments of the night. another eventful night, what stood out to you? >> joe biden was under attack a lot of the time. it started with a handshake with kamala harris when he said to her the microphones are on, go easy on me, she did not and there was an exchange with bill diblasio where he went after joe biden on deportation under the obama administration and ended up the vice president basically said he wasn't going to say what he told president obama blaming him for deportations even though
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most other times he claims president obama, says his name again and again to link with him. i had 3 different moments and someone who had a good night tonight was cory booker. he attacks joe biden a number of times but specifically on criminal justice reform and his record. >> a person enjoying this debate most right now is donald trump, pitting democrats against each other. i was raised by two civil rights parents who told me always keep your eyes on the prize. we can't have it both ways. you invoke president obama more than anybody in this campaign, you can't do it when it is convenient and dodging when it is not. if you want to compare records i'm shocked that you do. i'm happy to do that because all the problems he's talking about that he created -- you are drinking the kool-aid and don't even know the flavor.
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>> client, with a tweet saying we know the flavor but cory booker had a good night, a strong night for him was the joe biden antagonist, second moment, tulsi gabbard had a strong night on stage. kirsten mentioned the attack on kamala harris's record but there were other moments where she talked about bringing us troops home. >> it's not about arbitrary deadlines, it's about leadership, leadership i will bring to do the right thing, to bring our troops home in the first year in office because they shouldn't have been there this long. for too long we've had leaders who have been arbitrating foreign-policy from ivory towers in washington without any idea of the cost and consequence and told that it takes on our servicemembers. we have to do the right thing, end these wasteful regime change wars and bring our troops home. >> last night we saw the battle between the progressives and the
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more centrist democrats. senator michael bennet played the role of john delaney or governor bullock from last labor had a very impassioned moment in the key moment for him talking about schools and race. >> this is the fourth debate we have had and the second time we have been debating what people did 50 years ago when our schools are as segregated today as they were 50 years ago. we need a conversation about what is "happening now" and when is a group of kids in this country that don't get preschool through no fault of their own and another group does equal is not equal and we have a group of k-12 schools are good because family spend 1 million bucks and you get the detroit public schools that are as segregated as they were, equal is not equal. >> reporter: education a big
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issue for him, the school system in colorado. if biden's chances fall down it is possible someone like michael bennet might end up in a fight for safety for the centrist or moderate choice. last night we had the most searched member of the stage, marianne williamson. you will see andrew yang in a lot of searches tonight, a lot of donors and a lot of attention but he was concise, focused and personal and expect that he will make the third debate stage. >> he made a plea for that. talking about universal basic income for everyone and talking about that in the context of michigan and taking away a lot of jobs and going across american industry. a breakout might remain cory
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booker, thank you for being up late with special analysis, thank you. from the green new deal to medicare for all take a listen to what america would look like under these democratic candidates. >> we need to be honest about what is in this plan. it bans employer-based and taxes the middle class. >> we cannot keep with republican talking points on this. we got to step up. >> everything must be sublimated to the challenge and crisis is x essential which is dealing with the climate threat. >> there are consequences if somebody crosses the border. a civil action. >> reporter: tonight's candidates in contrast to the america we see now. in contrast to what we heard, the policies of donald trump now under donald trump, look at the
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house minority leader, congressman from california standing by. we will come back to him. peter doocy is checking with the candidates with the readout of everything. what is the latest kick you >> in the spin room not far from where you are standing it is really cozy today. there seems to be a lot more interest in members of the international traveling press in the candidates who are debating tonight and forgive me for looking around and trying to figure out exactly where these candidates are. i'm going to use my long arm to reach in. i have a question for secretary castro. are you going out? just going to trade places with this gentleman, excuse me. if we speak to the issues of people, families who are
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suffering because of police violence. whether those was on stage care about the fact that they have to get on the streets and protest this corrupt administration and are we going to make sure as they recover from hurricane maria we are going to support them. i wanted to make sure we bring in everybody and this debate. >> we are live right now. >> when you are talking about that you challenged him and said you kind of revolved. talk to me a little bit about what -- you are thing you've evolved from the obama legacy, why do you have to say that? >> i said that i've learned the lessons of the past. we have to acknowledge, trump has been so much worse -- >> we are going to continue
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reaching in 2 candidates who left the stage and bring you back whatever we get. >> it is good that you are as tall as you are because you can see over the crowd and all the hotspots we will check back with you. let's bring in house minority leader republican congressman from california kevin mccarthy for some reaction tonight. it is great to have you with us. i want to ask you to react, peter was just there, pointing the fingers at congress about a lot of things on the issue of immigration and said there are things in the law that need to be changed, to do things like stopping family separation and continually pointed at lawmakers and said a lot of it has to cleaned up by you guys that you are not willing to do it.
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how the response? >> congress needs to fix this law but it is not the republicans fault, democrats have done nothing in their first 200 days, they deny there is even a crisis. if you listen to the debate tonight the person who was attacked the most wasn't even there, it was former president obama. think of what democrats edited shows this democratic party use the new socialist democratic party. there is no longer illegal to cross illegally into america. they want to guarantee an income for those who are not unable to work but unwilling. one person who won the night, i commit to tulsa because kamala harris did not see that coming. she thought she was always on the offensive and she got on the defensive tonight and i don't think joe biden survives piece of the attacks on the former president, even from his own cabinet member castro. >> he was clearly the target of all these folks standing on stage with him. we talked about this, everybody else is trying to get in on that
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came with the exception of congresswoman gabbard because she did defend whatever points. you mentioned the idea of socialism. it is something pete buttigieg brought up on night one last night, no matter what we propose from the stage whether it means left or right, the republicans in the white house and this president are going to try to call a socialist whether it is accurate or not because it scares voters majority respond to him. >> listen to their policies. they are for open borders, taking away any private health insurance so you can only have it from government, they want to guarantee you an income even if you are able to work but unwilling to work, that is the prime definition of socialism and the green new deal dictating from your house whether we can have a dairy, whether you can fly.
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remember what castro was saying and all of them agreed. they were for an open border. this is socialism at its best and the interesting part is the latest poll, the most requested endorsement for the democrats, the former democratic president xi jinping after that aoc and nancy calls herself a socialist democrat. that is why the party has passed joe biden by and socialism continues to rise and has taken over this party. just before we left the house, nancy pelosi surrendered to the socialist wing of the party. >> we saw tonight a heated discussion back and forth between the various candidates on the stage about handled in civil court a criminal court, seems there's still some disagreement but the one thing cory booker kept going back to this idea that person living the debate the most was the president because they are dividing and conquering and hoping to so division among them
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but the role of the debate, republican or democrat is to look for the differences in the candidates. do you see that there are some differences or do you think they are monolithic and trying to move further to the left? >> they are guaranteed moving further to the left, not sure cory understands what a debate is, you're supposed to debate ideas. they believe in the idea of an open border and guaranteed income but they also want government to be the answer for all their problems and they've moved so far to the left on not sure they took field democrats with them. i don't think joe biden survives. think about the turmoil of the last week, nancy pelosi surrendering to this socialism, two debates that only talked about socialism and then you watch the arm of the democratic campaign committee actually fire their top 5 people. they are in a spiral down not knowing where to end up.
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>> we will see because so far polling is with the vice president but after round to we will see where voters go from here. in the meantime kevin mccarthy is in the house, thank you, great to see you. more infighting on its way tonight. live with critical analysis right after the break. untry givs is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. ♪ how do you like it, ♪ how do you like it ♪ ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it, how do you like it ♪ all you can eat is back. how do you like that? applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> we are up here with makeup on our faces, playing roles in this reality tv show. it's one reason we elected a reality tv star as our president. >> andrew yang questioning the
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whole idea of primary debates, two days, 6 hours and 20 candidates later, let's get a final checkup of the performances of the moderators. with the list of media buzz, howard kurtz. your take for tonight. >> the cnn moderator did not have to work as hard because these democrats came ready to rumble. the heated debate and it was very heated really turned on the counterpunching and personal attacks. the moderators made a decision to give a whole lot of time to joe biden and kamala harris for the slugfest, we saw a more energized and prepared joe biden and in my view that was the right decision because those are the two top contenders on stage, here is dana bash with pointed questions for senator harris and the vp. >> vice president biden's campaign calls your plan a have it every which way to approach and says it's just part of a confusing pattern of equivocating about your healthcare stands.
12:23 am
>> he said in the past the democrats who want to keep the private insurance industry are defending a healthcare system that is not working. >> sort of like waving a red flag and the bulls came charging and they took each other on which is what you want to say, shouldn't be just about moderators questions. >> they talk a lot about immigration among other things, healthcare, the big first focus, issues of buzzing and racism in the economy, they covered a lot of ground tonight. >> some came from the liberal opinion host, don lemon who was ripped on twitter by donald trump, called him as dumb as a rock last night when he called the president a big it. he was more cautious in his racial rhetoric, what he called the president's racist tweets on baltimore. he asked kamala harris about immigration and whether she was for open borders, take a look. >> you have indicated you don't think it should be a criminal
12:24 am
offense punishable by jails across the us border illegally. how the response? >> with all due respect after the last debate i went to a place in florida called homestead and there is a private detention facility being paid for by your taxpayer dollars. >> you saw that completely ignoring the question, didn't follow up. didn't answer the question. >> it gets a little tricky because there were several questions. even with the follow-up question sometimes saying we didn't answer what we asked you, there was a lot of that tonight but a really good candidate can take any question and turn it into an answer they want. we saw that with senator harris,
12:25 am
but if there was a question they didn't want to answer. >> politicians are very practiced at that. joe biden had a better night than last time. kamala harris was under the fence not just with biden but things about her record but as we saw earlier told the gabbard doing that as well. it was like everybody brought out there bazookas and firing their opposition research. biden defending his own long record questioning cory booker has mayor of newark and others questioning kamala harris, california attorney general, kirsten gillibrand pulling out an old op-ed, biden appeared to raise questions. i was a single father for 5 years. they were well prepared and it made for good tv. wasn't much of a seminar as last night but on the other hand people like to see these candidates mix it up.
12:26 am
a little hard to follow the details with the charges flying but people have a good sense of these. >> a lot more personal stories. thank you very much, appreciate your time. the son of usama bin laden, air to the al qaeda leadership thrown confirmed dead. congresswoman tells the gabbard joins me in the spin room next. h or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith, who met with humana to create a personalized care plan. at humana, we have more ways to care for your health, and we find one that works just for you. no matter what your name is.
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>> shannon: we are alive from the sit room in detroit. >> we are live in detroit. special coverage of round 2 of the democratic primary the bait. peter doocy is talking to someone recognized in the world of politics. >> reporter: somebody we
12:31 am
normally just see in the basement of the russell senate office building live on fox, you are a surrogate for joe biden. >> senator where from delaware, friend of the vice president big fan of his and i think he had a very strong light. >> he took a lot of incoming. >> there were 10 candidates on the stage and i think at some .7 a rate of them were literally attacking him. he was and did center of the stage, he was dead center their fire and i think he demonstrated tonight he is capable of pushing back. i look forward to seeing them on the debate stage with donald trump. it will be very engaging demonstration. >> do you think any of the attacks against him were disingenuous from the other candidates? too calculator was a fair critique or fair question of his record?
12:32 am
>> while he has said since he got into the campaign democrats attacking each other on debate stages is not constructive. miami he was genuinely surprised somebody made an attack that mischaracterized his record and his values and when that happens again he will push back and he did so tonight on stage so there were folks trying to miscast or twist or mischaracterize his record in a way that doesn't reflect his values he pushed back forcefully. >> my last question would be joe biden seemed to try to distance himself from the obama administration's deportation policy. is it a mistake for him to try to get away from the obama administration? >> joe is proud of his 8 years as vice president. this is a job interview for who we will choose as the next president of the united states. his 8 years as vice president is his in most important in many ways. i do think -- >> sorry alive television. we got another candidate. you were taking heat on social
12:33 am
media for your line of questioning of joe biden. would you have done anything differently? >> the starkness of his statement that affordable daycare would lead to deterioration of the family and that was avoiding responsibility, these are quotes from something he wrote, i wanted to know if he still believes that and what he meant because the truth is my mother worked outside the home. my grandmother worked outside the home. i am a working mom and the primary caregiver and primary wage earner and have been and i needed affordable daycare, couldn't have done my job without it. we have a misogynist in the white house. donald trump demeans and degrades women every day, particularly women of color and
12:34 am
we signed 2018 that american women are on fire, came out in record numbers, ran in record numbers and won. our nominee needs to not only inspire women but need to know the nominee has their back. i wanted to know if he still believes that or what he meant then and he said he didn't. >> he is the undeniable front-runner right now. do you think it will be as strong a front runner for your party? >> i had an opportunity to share my vision and why i'm running for president. i have a different record than anyone else running. not only do i win in red place and blue places but i bring people together legislatively to get things done. my broken promises bus tour was that, showing democrats how i will beat trump. i will go to his backyard, talk to voters who voted for him about his broken promises, he lied to them about things they
12:35 am
need and their families like lower prescription drug prices. i wanted to show people tonight how i would beat donald trump. >> thank you. back to you. >> thank you. a lot of activity here. let's go, talking about how candidates went after joe biden tonight. let's show you what we were talking about. >> we will not be taken to task by senator biden or senator bennett's plan. >> what he is saying is absolutely inaccurate. >> don't know what math you do in new york. >> one is learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't. >> if you cross the border illegally it is a crime. i didn't hear your response when the issue came up with other deportations. >> you need to be a lot of questions. >> i keep my recommendation in private. >> what the president helped author in 94 was a mistake. >> at this -- always
12:36 am
unpredictable on live television, following the debate we have tells the gabbard with us, great to have you tonight. the google search tonight showing you are one of the most, one of the biggest names tonight. i know you had some problems, they did not treat you fairly after the last debate, tell us about that. >> in the first debate on the first night i was the most searched candidate of that event. google chose to arbitrarily block google accounts for several hours at the time that was most critical for our campaign. i am suing google for taking that action, they provided a valid expiration why that was done. it was not because of me but because of this monopoly, this power these big tech monopolies have to shut out people arbitrarily. this is a threat to our freedom of speech and an important thing
12:37 am
for us all to stand united in calling out and to protect because whether you are democrat or republican, on the left or on the right, for a big tech monopoly to have this power this affects all of us. >> reporter: a lot of conservative outlet say social media doesn't treat them fairly, sound like you are making the same assertion. >> i am. one of the problems is we are seeing that people seem to feel like this is a left right issue rather than seeing it for what it is which is a free speech issue and how dangerous it is that you have these big tech monopolies like google and facebook that literally have the power through their algorithms and the things they choose to do, the people they choose to shut out to influence our fair elections. this is at the heart of the action i am taking. i'm taking it on behalf of the american people. >> we cover that a lot.
12:38 am
i know you don't have much time and we don't either so a couple more things. you said tonight, sounds like you didn't get to finish, you made the accusation tonight that donald trump is in some way supporting al qaeda. is that in connection with our partnership with saudi arabia? support of saudi arabia? >> his support and alliance with saudi arabia that is both providing direct and indirect support directly to al qaeda, saudi arabia continues to be the propagator of this ideology that provides a fertile recruiting ground for terrorist groups like al qaeda. this ideology is what drives them and is connected to what is happening in syria. >> 8 us partnership with saudi arabia when it comes to managing problems in that region because across party lines there has been a lot of discussion and talk about the fact that saudi arabia is an important partner when it comes to fighting terrorists. >> if you look at where that
12:39 am
partnership has gotten us, how can you say saudi arabia is a great partner fighting terrorism when they are fueling and funding terrorist groups in yemen? they are providing arms and support to al qaeda in yemen to fight against the who thes. they are strengthening al qaeda. let's see where our partnership with saudi arabia has gotten us and waiting a genocidal war in yemen, taking lives of tens of thousands people and causing millions more to suffer. see where that partnership with saudi arabia has gotten us and they are pushing for a war with iran that would be far more devastating, far more costly than anything we experienced in the war in iraq, there is so much at stake here and this is the kind of seachange in foreign-policy i will bring as president. >> the discussion about syria and competing interests there and you discussed that endlessly but a lot of competing interests. something for the us to navigate. we know you speak with the
12:40 am
experience of a combat veteran which gives you a unique perspective so thank you for popping in and we will see if we get some reports for the next round. >> hope to see you before then. >> more from the spin room next. who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. i/p ú:]÷ug< dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. ♪ my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis
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>> mr. vice president, you can't have it both ways. you invoke president obama in both ways. you can't inv >> you invoke president obama more than anybody in this campaign, you can't do it when convenient and dodge it when it is not. shannon: guy benson and molly hemingway. a lot has been made of the races tweets and how close he is -- with them not endorsing him. senator booker called him out now you want to distance yourself on immigration policies and those kinds of things, how does that play? >> bill diblasio really pressuring him to explain where he differs from president obama or if he would renounce any of
12:45 am
president obama's positions and he didn't do a particularly great job handling these attacks but he did respond saying he wouldn't get into what he privately told obama. it is order some people were taking it to kamala harris, and whether it was but obama going after her for medicare for all, talking about the irresponsibility of that plan or told the gabbard talking about her criminal justice record where she was targeting people, kamala harris did not have good responses and lack of response might be more interesting than what is happening with joe biden. >> when the vice president seemed to be, off guard by the attack became his way and senator harris got a lot of attention because she was showing up as moving into another tear but did she get the same treatment tonight not
12:46 am
expecting she was going to be the recipient of so much incoming? >> differently got some frontrunner status tonight. the other candidates are well of the fact that it will be hard to chip away at joe biden's lead. they need to look at the person second closest on the stage, others before and bernie sanders have been there it would be a different issue altogether the other candidates came prepared for attacks on biden and senator harris and there was probably a good half hour or 45 minutes when she was quite in the middle of the debate and cory booker was dominating, we are talking and being asked questions about the back-and-forth system and you could just raise your hand and you are going to get to talk against the you have a lot of back and forth from people like michael bennett and secretary castro, people who are longshots for the nomination but got more time than you would expect. >> we heard again. a lot of people figure the more
12:47 am
progressive group last night, bill the body within the last night and he said we shouldn't be apologizing for the fact that we want to do a radical restructuring of things, that is what i'm going to do as president, democrats need to stop shying away from that. >> is not going to be president so it's not terribly relevant. he was playing the delaney role from last night tonight going after a frontrunner from the opposite end of the democratic spectrum and was effective occasionally are trying to press biden on certain points but when it came back to him, just reminded most viewers of why he is not terribly like stephen in new york city where he is mayor and doesn't play on a national stage. the things that is fascinating and almost baffling to me is the extent to which almost the entire field is seating the ground of defendant obama and obama's legacy to biden on some of these huge issues they are debating at great length whether it is healthcare or immigration, either explicitly or implicitly the rest of the field is taking shots at barack obama.
12:48 am
joe biden handle it at times, is playing defense on barack obama's legacy, but most democratic voters the vast majority of democratic voters view obama's legacy very positively as do although i disagree most voters on the independent side of things as well and it is a huge advantage for biden that he is almost getting by default and i wonder how long they will keep letting him win on that terrain? >> one word from you or two if you use both names but tell me who you think was the winner of the night? >> marion williamson. >> that's not my answer. joe biden. >> biden. >> thank you for staying up late with us, great to see you all
12:49 am
tonight on night 2 of the debate. more from the spin room in detroit next. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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♪ >> shannon: the spin room very active right now. many of the candidates making the rounds. you can see >> the spin room very active. you can see behind me not all of them have come out to chat with us but peter doocy is out there.
12:53 am
what have you got? to >> reporter: so far we have seen every candidate on stage except joe biden. they've come out to talk about what they did right or what they would have done different way. one of those candidates is right here, secretary castro's staff eagerly trying to bring them over and we will have secretary castro in a second, secretary under the obama administration which we know from when we hosted a townhall a few months ago. we are live. i wanted to ask you joe biden came after you. he said you have a problem with the obama deportation policy i didn't hear you mentioning it at a meeting with obama in the cabinet room. respond to that. >> only one of us was critical
12:54 am
of some of the things going on in immigration during that administration and that was me. i learned the lessons of the past and the vice president hasn't. those lessons or how cruel you are to these migrants, mitch mcconnell and these white ring republicans are never going to come to the negotiating table. secondly we can't wait on immigration reform. we need to move forward on that and if we want to guarantee that no future administration can truly separate little children from their parents then we need to repeal that section of the law that i talked about. i learned the lessons and the vice president has not. >> thank you for your time, running out of live show. there are candidates all around us marked by these signs, michael bennett is nearby. you can see bill diblasio head and shoulders above everybody else.
12:55 am
we are going to continue looking for sounds and we will let you know what we get. >> much like round one, after those round of debates, and on return customer. more from the spin room live from detroit after this break. r. bloom, there it is! bloom, there it is! bloom, there it is! this bloom-ified menu starts at $13.99. offer ends soon, at outback. is eligibility for a va loan country give our veterans for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. a(p7 (carrying up to 50 times its tbody weight.essly marches on. it never questions the tasks at hand. but this year, there's a more thrilling path to follow.
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♪ >> shannon: back here alive at the fox theater in detroit. the second round is >> back here live in detroit the second round is done. the next time the debate stage will be we believe much less crowded because the qualifications change. last night exposed the divisions between so-called moderate democrats and more progressive candidates. the former vice president joe biden was asked if he was progressive enough to be up against the president head to head. these candidates set their
1:00 am
sights on the vice president, he took a lot of incoming but so did kamala harris, who is fine with the vice president in the last debate. likely the last debate stage appearance for some of these contenders. to make the next round? thank you for joining us, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from detroit. >> i needed to create a plan that was responsive to the needs of the american people, responsive to their needs understanding that insurance companies have been jacking up the prices am i devised a plan with 10 years of transition. >> you should wonder why it took 10 years. >> i believe we should finish the job we started with you for the care act with a public option because everybody in his audience a chance. >> if you cross the border illegally you should be able to send back. it is a crime. >> look like one of us is


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