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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 1, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> were going to present you brad's dream. >> oh my... >> juan: never miss an episode of the five, special report of next. >> brett: president trump announces major new tariffs as trade talks crumble, the republican senate approves a budget and that compromise crafted by president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi while there is a drama over immigration legislation. if federal lawmakers had to the southern border for an in person assessment, we will talk live with the deputy commissioner of customs and border protection, this is "special report" ." ♪ welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. president trump is turning up the heat on china once again after trade negotiations fell
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apart this week in shanghai. the president says he will levy significant new tariffs beginning september 1st. chinese officials say the country may have to change its relationship with the u.s. to decouple china from the u.s. all of this led to market mayhem today. >> after yesterday's modest fed rate cut, right up until noon when steven mnuchin then robert lighthizer came here to the white house to brief the president on the talks in shanghai earlier this week. that's when everything went off a cliff. with this week's trade talks in shanghai producing no progress, president trump to date moved to light a fire under president xi jinping. if announcing a tariff on
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$300 billion in chinese goods. >> i think he wants to make a deal but frankly he's not going fast enough. >> the markets had a heart attack on the news taking more than 600-point swing. the president not worried. >> i'm not concerned about that at all, i expected a little bit because people don't understand what has happened. >> u.s. officials would only say the shanghai talks were constructive but the chinese sources say beijing is in the process of decoupling from dependence on the united states. they now insist they will not change their laws. that could be just tough talk to get the u.s. to back off but it appears things are not moving in the direction president trump wants them to. president trump also weighed in today on the department of justice's decision to not prosecute former fbi director
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james comey for leaking the contents of his memos. >> i would be surprised because what james comey did was illegal. >> sources tell fox the doj recommended charges be filed against him, in an interview with bret baier last year, comey denied he linked in a classified official information. >> i didn't consider it part of an fbi file. i always thought of it as mine. >> documents obtained through freedom of information show comey was interviewed by the fbi a month after he was fired and turned over to the fbi four memos. three were memos he testified about to congress, the fourth previously undisclosed was a four page memo he wrote of the night before the fbi came to collect evidence. the decision to not prosecute doesn't mean he's out of the woods, the doj continues to
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investigate the genesis of the russia probe and whether there are abuses in the process of seeking surveillance warrants on trump campaign officials. >> if there was a misleading of the court by the fbi director, that is a monumental crime and i would focus on that if that's what happened. >> tonight he turns his eye towards politics in cincinnati, it's the first rally since a crowd in greenville, north carolina, started chanting "send them back" in regard to the four women who make up the so-called "squad." the president said if the crowd in cincinnati starts up a chance like that, he will do his best to stop it. >> brett: we will see that rally on fox news channel. final numbers from wall street, the dow lost 281, the s&p 500 dropped 27, the nasdaq fell 64. a budget and debt deal that the very few lawmakers love and
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conservatives loads made its way through the senate this afternoon. in the end, it looked easier than it was but there was plenty of drama on display elsewhere on capitol hill. mike emanuel shows us. >> the senate voted 67-28 to approve a budget and debt package allowing the government to borrow for the next two years. >> the federal government will not approach any kind of debt crisis in the coming weeks or months. >> it also lifts the caps on domestic and military spending. president trump supports it but 23 republicans voted against it. >> this may well be the most fiscally irresponsibly thing we've done in the history of the united states. >> to a partisan showdown in the senate judiciary committee. with chairman lindsey graham frustrated by democrat delay tactics forcing a vote on an asylum bill. >> this is unprecedented.
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>> you're not going to respond to our request? >> they would collect asylum applications at a processing center is not in the united states, allow families to be held together for longer than 20 days, allow 500 judges to reduce the backlog and treat unaccompanied minors the same as other countries so they could be returned to their country of origin after screening. the vote was 12-10 and the bill will be sent to the full senate democrats are furious. >> the president wants lindsey graham to do his bidding and put this bill forward that undoes all of the protections we have four children. >> lindsey graham defended his tactics. >> if you work in a transparent way to try to solve a problem, it can't be told as chairman you can't move on your own bill. >> today, graham confronted the delay and forced a vote.
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>> brett: a delegation of democrat lawmakers is on the southern border tonight to inspect conditions there. we will get a life update from the deputy commissioner of u.s. customs and border protection in just a moment. garrett tenney tells us where things stand tonight. >> i'm here at the border, we are about to cross into see a dead war juarez. >> lawmakers headed to see about the humanitarian crisis firsthand. they met with migrants trying to come to the u.s. and solid living conditions are like for those in custody during a tour of the detention facility. the flow of migrants is slowing, after peaking in may, cbp apprehensions dropped in june and officials expect that trend to continue in july. apprehensions typically declined during the hot summer months but
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today commissioner mark morgan argued to the administration's policies are having an impact as well. without congress taking action, it's a temporary solution. >> this is a crisis, even with the help we are getting from mexico and guatemala but it's not sustainable. >> more than 26,000 asylum-seekers have been sent back to mexico since january as part of the administration's return to mexico agreement which forces them to wait in mexico for months or years while the petition process plays out instead of being released into the u.s. some migrants are opting to head back home instead of waiting. >> we came from nothing, we asked for asylum and we weren't granted asylum. we returned to mexico but we wanted to be in the united states and not mexico. >> dozens of migrants boarded the buses back to their home countries rather than waiting around for decision. >> brett: thank you. let's get an update on the
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border wall, other immigration issues -- robert perez isn't deputy commissioner of u.s. customs and border protection. i want to talk about numbers, i will put up this graphic which is the most recent track of migrants coming in. the yellow line is 2019, it has taken a drop since june but these numbers are astounding, you're looking at 1.1 million by the end of the fiscal year. >> it's unprecedented. as you heard our commissioner mention, we are still in a crisis. there will be a million migrant migrants, it's probably another 20% drop from last month, that is still 80,000 apprehensions along the southern border. we've been sharing and telling folks all along is the
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demographic, these incredible vulnerable populations who are being taken advantage of by alien smuggling organizations who are fueling the crisis. this is a profit-making endeavor for criminal organizations on the backs of children and families and so we are still in crisis mode. >> brett: you're talking 4,652 people a day 24/7, it's not like it stops. >> that's where we were just about two months ago. i have to mention and acknowledge the work we were doing with mexico. now almost two months later, all of the collaboration we have had with them on programs like the migrant protection protocol but also efforts on their southern border with guatemala. it's now bringing those average daily numbers to about 2500 over the last 21 days, that is still a crisis. >> brett: ice which is different, charged with removing
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immigrants in the country illegally has released a total of 218,000 families, people into the u.s. since late december because of the overflow. >> it's because of the oversaturation and the broken system. make no mistake about it, the enduring solution here is to target changes to the legal framework. the progress we have made in decongestant our facilities, especially the children by virtue of the supplemental bill passed a month ago. >> brett: we have a lot of coverage about the conditions and what they are. has it changed in recent weeks? >> absolutely, not just the funding but also the collaboration to work with mexico and all the other efforts that the entire department of put forth. just about two months ago, we had nearly 18,000 people in custody along the southern border.
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as i sit here with you, we have just under 6,000 people in our custody. that is still a crisis, make no mistake about it. as our commissioner mentioned earlier today, the efforts we have undertaken right now are making a significant impact on the conditions on the ground, the target changes to the legal framework, keeping families together through an immigration proceeding, being able to treat unaccompanied children the same way that we would from any other country if they arrive at our border and bring our asylum laws more in line with what a judge would adjudicate that the end of the legal process is what we have to do. >> brett: medical experts from harvard, johns hopkins, san francisco paren rent sick pathologists, they said these poor conditions may be amplifying the spread of infectious diseases and they are concerned about it, saying action is credible. critical. are things getting done? >> absolutely, a big part of the supplement that we received was
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to augment the medical capability, the physician assistants, the nurse practitioners in our border patrol stations. we now have over 200 of these medical professions throughout those sectors. not only are the children getting checked upon their apprehension but they are being taken still to the clip of about 80 trips a day to the hospital if the medical professionals deem they have something serious enough to go to a hospital. >> brett: your professional, you're not a politics guy -- but in these debates, immigration and the treatment on the border has been a big topic. one of the subjects, decriminalization, take a liste listen. >> they have turned our border into a symbol of nativist hostility. >> the criminal courts is giving donald trump the ability to violate the human right of people coming to our country. >> he is using it as a crutch to lock up women and children.
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>> these children should not be treated like criminals. >> the only way we're going to guarantee these kinds of family separation so tap it in the future is we need to repeal this law. >> brett: from a professional point of view, decriminalizing the illegal entry into the country, what does that do? >> 26 years in this business, i will tell you that our colleagues in the department over at citizenship and immigration services, they will tell you we are the most generous nation from a legal immigration standpoint. we will bring in about a legal immigrants to our ports of entry. we also process over 400 million travelers through our ports of entry. i would respectfully give anybody some caution and advise caution in doing anything that might incentivize people coming to our border other than through a legal port of entry. that is a dangerous trek, a dangerous journey and it's littered right now with criminal
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elements. >> brett: you're saying if you decriminalize, you take that away, it draws more people in? >> it may incentivize people to enter in places other than ports of entry. the ports of entry are the legal avenues to enter the country. you are getting these vulnerable populations out of these situations where they are in the middle of deserts, crossing dangerous rivers and they are now traveling among the very dangerous criminal elements. if drug smugglers, gang members and the like, it's something i would caution anyone against. >> brett: deputy commissioner of u.s. customs and border protection, we appreciate your time. the u.s. gives iran a break over nuclear technology, up next. ♪ limu emu & doug
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glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. ♪ >> brett: a u.s. official tells fox news north korea has fired off two short range ballistic missiles similar to the ones launched two other times in the past week. the u.s. u.s. military is asseg how far and how high those missiles traveled. president trump seems to be taking it all in stride. >> we never made an agreement on that, i have no problem with what happens.
3:20 pm
short-range missiles are very standard. >> brett: this launch comes one day before secretary mark esper departs for asia including a stop in south korea on his first over seas trip. secretary of state mike pompeo is currently on a trip to asia now. iran's president says u.s. sanctions against his foreign minister are childish and a barrier to diplomacy, the penalties were announced yesterday. today the trump administration defied many of its own supporters by taking a softer stance on one element of dealing with iran. correspondent rich edson tells us how tonight. >> the trump administration is keeping part of the iran nuclear agreement at least for another 90 days, despite what sources say is opposition from secretary of state mike pompeo and national security advisor john bolton, the united states is extending waivers to permit russia, china, and some european countries to continue working with iran on its civil nuclear
3:21 pm
program. sources with knowledge of the situation say last month officials were preparing to amounts of the united states would eliminate the waivers. treasury secretary steve minutia and argued to renew them again, he ultimately succeeded. >> i believe the president is going to end these waivers. secretary steven mnuchin listened and -- >> they help preserve oversight, reduce proliferation risks, constrain iran's ability to shorten its breakout time to a nuclear weapon, and to prevent the regime from reconstituting sites for proliferation sensitive purposes. the state department announced the decision hours after the administration said it would sanction iranian foreign minister. president hassan rouhani said
3:22 pm
the sanctions show the white house is shaking. >> may be one can't interpret what they are doing and any other way calling it childish. >> of the announcement, he tweeted it has no effect on me or my family as i have no property or interests outside of iran. thank you for considering me such a huge threat to your agenda. if senator rand paul recently met with him, he tweeted if you sanction diplomats, you will have less diplomacy. state department officials say despite these sanctions on iran's foreign minister, the nine states is still committed to diplomacy. iran says the u.s. sanctions zarif because they fear his negotiating skills. >> brett: up next, open season on joe biden in the democratic presidential debates. first, beyond our borders. at least 51 people were killed when terrorists in yemen fired a ballistic missile at a military parade and coordinated suicide bombings targeting the police station there. dozens of other people wounded,
3:23 pm
rebels claimed responsibility. congo's presidency says the border is open again with rwanda hours after its neighbor close to the passage over the deadly ebola outbreak. the closure occurred as the first case of direct transmission of the virus was confirmed. in the congo city of more than 2 million people on that border. british police have ordered the evacuation of the town of 6500 residents over fears a dam could collapse. residents were told to leave their homes over a significant threat to life. the 19th century reservoir has been damaged by days of heavy rain there. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. what is happening? what is all of this?
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3:28 pm
barack. >> day spent the debate on the legacy of barack obama. >> i've learned the lessons of the past and the vice president hasn't. >> you invoke president obama more than anybody in this campaign come you can't do it when it's convenient and dodge it when it's not. >> the trump administration was attacked too for detaining migrant children. >> they are children. >> harris later hit biden because she thinks he leaves millions uninsured with a policy modeled on obamacare. at >> for a democrat to be running for president for a plan that does not cover everyone i think is without excuse. >> biden shot back medicare for all costs trillions too much. >> that's a lot of money. if >> won criminal justice came up, cory booker coined a phrase
3:29 pm
that sums up his frustration. >> you're dipping in the kool-aid and you don't even know the flavor. >> kamala harris stood out and tulsi gabbard studied her resume. >> 1500 people for marijuana violations and laughed about it when she was asked if she smoked marijuana. >> not all went to jail under attorney general harris were prosecuted by her, now she is shrugging off attacks by a congresswoman who once visited syrian dictator bashar al-assad. >> i take those attacks only with so much seriousness. >> did joe biden protect his lead? he's confident in his performance but he admits his closing could've been better. >> that was not an announcement of a campaign in 3030 or an atm number. >> i should've said text. >> it's a curious calculation candidates made to attack barack obama's legacy. if somebody other than joe biden
3:30 pm
wins the nomination, they might call him and ask him to help campaign. >> brett: thanks. an idea to keep the roads safer maybe backfiring. illegal immigrants who have been given legal permission to obtain driver's license in new york are actually scrambling to turn back the clock. eric shawn explains. >> it is called the green light law. new york state issuing driver's license to undocumented immigrants. supporters say it makes the roads safer but critics fear it will do something else, enable noncitizens to vote illegally by using the licenses to register. >> we have individuals here in the county of suffolk who successfully were able to register to vote even though they are in our country illegally. on top of that, they went out and voted. >> a curious development in his district where letters had shown
3:31 pm
up in the mailbox of the suffolk county board of elections. letters from noncitizens who voted illegally and wanted to be taken off the roles before they are caught breaking the law. voting records show they falsely claimed to be u.s. citizens when they registered. in the letters, they asked to be taken off because they are not a u.s. citizen yet. my union rep made me sign the voters card even though i told him i don't want to. he just said sign it and let's see what happens. >> how many undocumented people do you think are illegally voting? >> i wish i knew the answer to that. >> voting rights activists say undocumented immigrants illegally voting is very rare. a study found 30 suspected cases out of more than 23 million votes cast and the said election boards have safeguards to prevent it. >> the public should be assured that folks are not doing this to try to steal our elections.
3:32 pm
these are mistakes, it's not systemic or widespread, it is not calculated as part of a conspiracy. >> a lawsuit has been filed against the green light law in upstate new york. it claims the state law is unconstitutional because it forces state officials to violate federal law. >> brett: former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski says he is strongly considering running for u.s. senate in new hampshire in 2020. he tells fox news he's looking very hard at taking on incumbent emma craddock senator jeanne shaheen. the president slaps new tariffs on china, eases up on iran, and gets a deal on the budget. we will get reaction from the panel when we come back.
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♪ >> we've taxed china on
3:37 pm
$300 billion worth of goods and products being sold into our country and china eats it because they have to pay it -- what they do is they devalue their currency. my people came back, they're going to meet again in september. in the meantime, they are going to pay a tariff. [reporter questioning] >> brett: new tariffs on china after a briefing today from the treasury secretary and robert lighthizer, the trade representative after their meeting in shanghai that fell apart. they are at the white house, it wasn't looking so good. according to our friends,
3:38 pm
chinese sources tell us the directive in beijing is to decouple from reliance on the u.s. they refused to put back in any of the concession language they'd deleted out of the trade deal, they also say they don't care about the election in 2020, they think trump is unreliable and feel the democrats would be just as bad it so china wants to pull away from reliance on the united states. it could be posturing. charles lane, opinion writer for "the washington post," mollie hemingway sr. opinion writer at "the federalist" and we welcome back fox news contributor steve hayes after a year in spain with his family. what do you think? president trump is still in office and he is levying tariffs on china, what do you think? >> what we've seen today in my view is why trade wars aren't good in the first place. the administration is right that the chinese didn't make good on their promises to buy more u.s.
3:39 pm
agricultural products. that leaves the president and the administration having to respond and this is the way they are choosing to respond. i think the president is wrong when he says 10% of 300 billion is a small number. if you look at the rest of the consequences, they aren't consequences for the united states. 20 billion in revenue, you see bailouts to farmers in a way that a small government conservatives have traditionally opposed. bankruptcies increase and that's problematic for a wide variety of reasons and kamala harris is right, the president is breaking his promise to those farmers. >> brett: i asked senator josh hawley from missouri about this, we are going to air part of that interview next week. here's what he said on the tariffs. >> i think we got to confront china and we've got to get them to start abiding by real trade agreements. >> brett: even if it hurts
3:40 pm
farmers? >> farmers in missouri i think are unfairly being targeted by the chinese regime for retaliation. the president is doing the right thing to stand behind them. let me tell you what farmers tell me, they feel like they have gotten the short end of the stick from china for years and they are for doing what it takes to get that level playing field. >> i don't think anyone likes trade wars, it's not something you like for its own sake but we have a problem with china and it's a long intractable problem that has gone on for decades. there are short-term costs for engaging in a trade war with china in the hope of long-term benefits. a couple months ago there was a setback with china, we thought we had a deal and they backed out of it. they made some pledges they didn't fulfill and this is the follow-up to it. the idea is to keep china from its unfair trade practices which harm americans and have harmed americans for many decades.
3:41 pm
if there's a better solution for how to behave better and how to not be so unfair with american producers, people should start offering those otherwise we are in the middle. >> brett: those chinese sources quoted by fbn, it seems to me a bit of posturing because everything i hear is it is hurting china and can they replace a market like the u.s.? which is a huge market. >> i don't think the chinese probably know exactly which way to turn right now, i think there's a lot of tension within their own government about what the right course is. that may explain why the president's measure does not take effect immediately. the tariffs don't go into effect until september 1st, just before the second round of talks is supposed to start. in the past he has threatened tariffs and not impose them at the end when the chinese have actually come through. i'm just saying that so we are
3:42 pm
all prepared for the possibility that some minor deal will get done. the very interesting word decouple the chinese are throwing it around, there's a lot of people around president trump who think it's time for us to decouple from china. i think they are trolling the trump administration a little bit by floating that term. do you think you don't need us? we don't need you. the danger here is that everyone is going to get what they want and we really will decouple and that will increase a lot of the trade tensions around the world. >> brett: on iran it seemed like the u.s. had the boot on the neck of iran economically, now the waivers -- we are going to issue a statement. secretary pompeo is going to continue to issue restrictions, this will help preserve oversight of iran's civil nuclear program. shorten its breakout time to a nuclear weapon, for brent the
3:43 pm
machine for reconstituting sites. essentially they are letting these civilian nuclear programs go forward. >> i think this is problematic. if you look back at the way the united states constituted the original iran deal, this is part of what they wanted. it puts maximum pressure on the regime but it's not the way to do it. it's maximum pressure with an asterisk. >> i think the sanctions are working, the approach has been working and we are in a situation with iran where they don't have many options and you don't want to corner an animal work feel like faster lash out. the interview was secretary pompeo is interesting where he has been criticized as the u.s. not being tough enough on iran. he said this is absurd, what we are doing is working but you don't want to give them options for maneuvering unless we get
3:44 pm
involved in another conflict in the region. >> brett: he was believed to be behind this softening, mike pompeo and john bolton not as much. >> i see it as part of a pattern, the president under the headline of maximum pressure every so often show some restraint, now he's doing it again. >> brett: democratic presidential candidates gang up on front-runner joe biden, but did anyone really land a blow? (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that? (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. (avo) the three-row subaru ascent. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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♪ >> why did it take so long to change her position on the hyde amendment? >> your argument is not with me, it's with science. >> he wrote in an op-ed he believes women working outside the home would create the deterioration of family. >> your dipping in the kool-aid and you don't know the flavor. >> did you say this was a mistake, we shouldn't do it? >> one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of it hasn't. >> brett: joe biden at the debate last night, also
3:49 pm
president obama took it on the chin for some of his policies. we look at metrics, the most searched candidates, -- during the debate, tulsi gabbard the most searched candidate from the democratic debate. the president weighed in on the debates today. >> kamala harris did not do well last night, i think biden did okay, he came through, he came limping through as i say about him, he limped through it but he got through it. i think he was okay. i think kamala had a bad night, it's boiling down to four or five of them. >> and i think he enjoys being the pundit in chief. >> i agree with the president's assessment of who won and who lost. i did think kamala harris did manage to -- somebody who came
3:50 pm
out of the pack and showed life and energy was cory booker. i think what he brought was aggressive and positive, there was something upbeat and humor full, i hit hate to focus on performance but in an understandable effort to paint the current situation in dark colors because they are running against an incumbent, they're coming off as grim and negative and failed to offer a positive message beyond a lot of ten-point programs. i thought booker was the one who came the closest to doing that. >> brett: vice president biden had some gaffes and had some slip-ups and didn't really take a major blow but also didn't perform exceptionally well even for the biden people who love
3:51 pm
him, i think they are worried about him being on the same stage as elizabeth warren. >> there wasn't a lot to give confidence in joe biden but i think you took all these attacks pretty well, he handled that pretty well. overall, the debate was boring and you're seeing not a ton of interest in these debates that you saw in the republican field when we were looking at the last cycle, it was also very crowded, tons of people were watching and they were watching because they were interested in the debates. last night wasn't super interesting. i thought joe biden did something nobody else did on stage which was defend president obama. it was very weird to see people going after obama and his signature policy accomplishments and he was the only person up there defending what is admittedly a pretty popular legacy. if i thought kamala harris took a lot of incoming and didn't have effective responses to any of it. people started going after her and she didn't have the chops to respond substantively.
3:52 pm
>> brett: i remember that debate in cleveland more than 20 million viewers, it was a big one. >> joe biden survived but he didn't seem like this looming presence that the polls would suggest, he didn't look like a former vice president. he was just one of the candidates on stage. i think the most interesting take away is the extent to which moderate democrats have shown their faith. they've taken on the elizabeth warren, bernie sanders wing of the democratic party, where i think the center of gravity resides. moderate democrats, second and third tier candidates right now, but they spoke up and said these are wishlist economics, this is fantasy policies that you're talking about, this isn't serious. i think for years we have read about and talked about and listen to analysis of the republican party and the
3:53 pm
ideological divide among republicans. we are finally seeing it among democrats, it has existed for this whole time but i think barack obama being president and having the white house papered over the divisions. >> brett: the question is whether they make it to the third debate stage in september. michael bennet had a good night last night, a couple big moments on education. you had john delaney on the first night, if you look at the qualified candidates for the september democratic debates, there are more that can get in but these are the ones that will be on the stage as of right now. >> andrew yang is close, he would be eighth. you had the picture of beto o'rourke up there, he seems to be dropping out. on the substance of this debate -- dropping out of the attention -- the substance really struck me on the issue of law enforcement generally. it has become in very short time almost a liability to have ever put anyone in jail and the
3:54 pm
democratic party. i was struck by the ferocity of the attack on kamala harris bike tulsi gabbard. in all seriousness, kamala harris had an ordinary reputation as a prosecutor and attorney general, she has been turned into practically attila the hun. >> i think that understates how much of a problem a very important segment of democratic voters have with kamala harris, african-american voters don't appreciate the way she prosecuted crimes and violation of civil rights with that, that is a big problem she's going to have to deal with. >> brett: dancing our way out and saying goodbye to a fox news favorite when we come back. this was me six years ago...
3:55 pm
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♪ >> brett: something to dance about. this man who was called a middle
3:59 pm
aged man in cargo shorts managed to make a big splash on the internet. it went viral at a music festival in barcelona. many comments called the gyrations dad-like dance moves. you know there is some son or daughter cringing somewhere. from that man to the member of our team dancing his way out of here, a special goodbye to skip mccloskey. he has worked at fox news for 21 years. he has been "special report"'s only full-time audio operator, roughly 5,500 shows from brit hume to me anchoring the show, the only reason you hear us is because of skip. i know you hear this. witty, reliable, positive, attentive, dedicated, just some of the words to describe him. you will be sorely missed, enjoy
4:00 pm
retirement just in time for football season. he is a die-hard redskins fan, have a big winning season for skip this year. that's it for this "special report" ." the story guest hosted by my pal bill hemmer starts right now. >> bill: over the past two nights we've heard from 20 democrats want to be president, we will get our first official response from the president himself. good evening everybody, i'm in for my friend martha maccallum and this is the story. a president trump about to take the stage in cincinnati, a state he won by eight points in a state where he's currently trailing a democratic front runner. that rally is not the only big breaking news tonight that we would expect the president to address there. it became official, the department of justice is letting james comey off the hook,


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