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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 2, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> remember that? i don't expect williamson to be top of the ticket but it was interesting to watch experts laugh off candidates. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. >> there is no hope for us if we did not learn our lessons from 2016. anything is possible in politics. >> great work. >> fox news alert. another campaign rally for the president this time in cincinnati, the president wasting no time taking jabs at the so-called squad and the presidential debate, taking a live to the scene for a recap. allies of president obama furious a presidential hopefuls spent two night smashing his legacy on immigration, healthcare and more.
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if president obama is too conservative who will the democrats nominate? the origins of the russia probe. the news is not good for former fbi director james comey. we have senator michael e with a direct call when he joins us live. i am shannon bream in washington. live team coverage of what is really behind the progressive attacks on former president obama but we start with mike tobin at the latest rally tonight. >> the president seemed a little careful tonight to avoid those subjects and took over the narrative. the president did go after the squad saying the democratic party is being led by four left-wing radicals who reject everything we hold dear. he did not mention representative ilhan omar or
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spark the chant send her back, talked about wasted many inner-city but did not go after elijah cummings or baltimore, wasted no time going after democrats applying for his job. >> watching the so-called debate last night and the democrats spent more time attacking barack obama then they did attacking me practically. >> reporter: demonstrators interrupted the speech twice with one group had signs that immigrants build america. another sign that translated as something vulgar. they were escorted out without incident. the president did have strong words for china. he said the nation has taken billions from our economy and stolen intellectual property, china has a deal with the us, he will tax the hell out of them. >> former obama administration officials warning the 2020 presidential candidates to stop using the debate stage to
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undermine the obama presidency in an effort to go after joe biden. david front takes a look at what is really going on. >> the former president's name was invoked multiple times in the debate not always in a good light, tonight those who served with president obama are saying wait a minute, democrats should be attacking donald trump, not barack obama. >> ladies and gentlemen, the democratic candidates. >> is the rate to be donald trump intensifies the conversation on wednesday's debate stage took a surprising turn several times. >> barack obama >> barack obama. >> president obama. >> and those mentions were not always positive. candidate slammed joe biden's praise of his 1-time boss. >> looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't.
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>> you can't have it both ways. you invoke president obama more than anybody in this campaign, you can't do it when it is convenient and dodge it when it is not. >> the former vp says there is no dodging, just praise. >> i'm proud of the job he did. i don't think anything he has to apologize for and it kind of surprised me the criticism. >> former obama chief of staff from emmanuel also came to the 44th president's defense today. >> every element of progressivity from wilson and terry roosevelt of franklin roosevelt to the great society and forward built on the progress of generations, this is enough. >> eric holder summed it up in a tweet minutes after the debate ended. to my fellow democrats, be wary of attacking the obama record, build on it, expanded but there is little to be gained, for you are the party by attacking by attacking a successful and still popular democratic president. as for the former president he
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made it a point to stay out of this election cycle until he feels he needs to jump in. those close to him said expect that to happen once he has announced last summer. still a long way to go. >> many many months. we are on it, thank you. donald trump won a social media battle during the debate by keeping his status as the most tweeted about politician followed by joe biden, to contraband return democratic candidate, not a politician before now, andrew yang. the top tweeted moment from last night's debate was when cory booker told biden he is dipping into the kool-aid and doesn't even know the flavor. and apparent attack on biden's ability to speak for communities of color. the most searched candidate was congresswoman tulsi gabbard who told us last night she thinks people chose to block her at a critical time after the last debate so she is suing the search giant. the washington post reports joe
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biden got the most speaking time in the debate. the justice department will not prosecute james comey. one official tells fox news said everyone involved in the decisions that was not a close call. comey wrote emails detailing his interaction with donald trump in days leading up to his firing. and a friend gave him to the new york times. donald trump says he hasn't heard from the doj about the decision. >> i would be surprised because what james comay did was illegal but i don't know anything about that. >> comey says i'm confident the result of all ig reports will show honest public service to protect this country from a threat this president and his enablers won't. to break down several big
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stories of the night, who sits on the senate judiciary committee where you had some fireworks today. it was an effort by the chairman, senator dianne feinstein said it is going to peel things back like minimum standards for detention centers at the border, democrats fought this and here is what senator leahy had to say. >> these rules are no longer in effect, the same republicans who voted for them 6 months ago say that, tear them up. why are we so eager to discard our norms and principles? apparently the answer is for
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legislation that the president once in this political on immigration. >> what is political in the partisan sense today? >> political innocent elected officials in a political branch of government trying to do the right thing. what was really a political maneuver was democrats fireworks in opposition to this bill which is trying to undo a massive humanitarian crisis caused by drug cartels and facilitated by a distortion of us law. >> does the bill have any chance in the house? is it worth fighting for? >> it is worth having the message about reforming the for his decision about why we need to reform our immigration laws and why we need a safer agreement with countries like mexico and guatemala. a safer agreement would make clear somebody has to apply for asylum there rather than here if they cross the borders of another country we deem safe. >> what you make of critics who say those countries are not really safe, there are all kinds of problems with government, they also have issues and dangerous conditions people are
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coming to get away from and ask them about that. >> say you are from el salvador and honduras and claim your subject to political persecution there. you are not going to be subject to the same type of political persecution there that you would be in your home country so relative to their home country it is safe. mexico and guatemala are safe relative to those other countries. more to the point we are attracting people to come in these caravans and enriching the drug cartels by allowing our laws to be disloyal. lindsey graham's bill would fix that and that's why i support it. >> you saw some of the debates, the american think this is why donald trump won the democrats debate last night, the democrat base has become so radicalized the positions necessary to win support, socialism, the green new deal and impeachment among them are rappelling to the rest of the country and ensure a loss in november 2020.
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do you think that is accurate? >> i love the fact that he uses the word repellent. that's a really good description. underused. in this case absolutely right. the democratic party has moved so far to the progress of left it is scaring people before realizing they are embracing something we have rejected in this country which is a bigger command-and-control economy, they don't want that. >> one of the things i was surprised did not come up was judges on the supreme court. often a debate question but not much discussion the last couple nights about it but this is what chuck schumer said. >> the parade of narrowminded often bigoted people put on the bench because they were members of the federalist society is unprecedented in this country. unprecedented.
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>> responses characterization. >> it is false, defamatory and manifest reckless disregard for the truth. if putting forward people he deems racist let them call them out. i want names. this is wrong, this is not fair to the president or of those he has nominated. if there is someone, anyone he deems unfit he shouldn't the letting them through. i would like -- as for the federalist society this is an organization that facilitates debate and exposes people to both sides of the discussion. it is unfair for him to denigrate that association. we are going to discuss this, i take issue with his words. shannon: fox news alert, the pentagon is preparing to withdraw thousands of troops from afghanistan but one official cautions that is subject to a peace deal with the
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taliban and. there have been 8 rounds of negotiation led by donald trump's afghan envoy. so far no deal has been finalized, there are 14,000 american troops in afghanistan in 2010 there were 100,000 us troops under the obama administration. the trade war with china is coming, north korea fires off another lunch, trump downplaying both of his events. robert spalding next. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans
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no kidding. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy. easy?! easy? easy. because now xfinity lets you transfer your service online in just about a minute with a few simple steps. really? really. that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> >> until such time as there is a deal we will be taxing the hell out of china. that's all there is. if foreign countries don't want to pay a tariff i have a
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solution. make your product in america, not the match on back to the united states, come on back to ohio. >> fox news investigates an inside scoop on the tariff talks with beijing. donald trump says the us is prepared to living new tariffs on $300 billion of chinese goods next month as trade negotiations between the world's largest economies stall so edward lawrence has his own inside book from his chinese sources. >> donald trump lighting a fire under xi, for tariffs into effect on everything china imports. the directive inside beijing is to decouple from reliance on the united states and replacing what they buy from the us with other sources or make it in china and chinese sources telling us they refuse to add back in any of the concessions removed from the trade agreement, and want the us to trust china about the total property rights.
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they will not change their laws. donald trump saying the tariffs on the next round of $300 billion with the chinese imports will start at 10% and may not stay at 10%. >> i did more than anybody thought with a $250 billion and the 10% is for short-term period and i can always do much more or i can do this depending on what happens with respect to a deal but in the meantime we are going to pay -- they are going to pay a tariff. >> china agreed about agriculture from the us. it has not happen yet. he's frustrated with how slowly china is moving but saying buttigieg once a trade deal in the end and there is another meeting scheduled between the two trade teams in washington in september. we have to see if that meeting happens well under tariffs. shannon: donald trump says he's confident in his trade strategy, what it may be costing you, the
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american consumer so what now? brigadier general robert spalding, still 4, how china took over while america's elites left. good to have you with us. i want to read something from the senior vice president at the us china business council, he says concern this escalation will drop the chinese from the negotiating table as opposed increasing leverage. he talked about the concept of decoupling where china is advising let's walk away from the us and produce the same products ourselves. is the strategy working or not? >> the chinese are the ones that walked away from the deal, 150
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page agreement, the they wouldn't want to have any part of it and that is 2 months ago i have been saying they are not going to have a deal, they will wait to see what happens in 2020 so they don't want to deal. what they did want and what happened energy 20 was delay as long as possible imposition of further tariffs, they like their control of an economy. they learned after 2008 to rely on their state owned enterprises and have worked ever since to strengthen the part of the economy driven by their state owned enterprises so the chinese don't want a deal, they are trying to delay, to wait for the elections of 2020. >> the president has said as much but the first time chinese toys, clothing, shoes and consumer electronics like iphones will face a penalty, that will add to the tariffs on $250 billion worth of the chinese products trump announced in may and potentially lead to higher prices for americans and that is potentially where this will be tougher for the
12:21 am
president as the cost of everyday living in america on these goods is going to go up. >> when we talk about the price of goods going up there is no mention of the fact that after 2001-2017 we lost 3.4 million american jobs in manufacturing in the united states and 70,000 factories, each of those jobs had 4 or 5 jobs in support of it in the local communities. all those communities have been devastated not only did you lose these jobs in rural communities but fentanyl cause tens of thousands of deaths in the same communities so we may have higher prices on some goods but more americans are going to be deployed in factories as long as we stay true to the path. >> let me ask about north korea and concern for the administration, another launch and north korea just carried out its third missile test in just over a week. if anyone thought donald trump's
12:22 am
personal friendship with rashida tlaib make the threatening moves go way it is time to think again. do you view this as threatening? what do you think is the message behind this? >> you have to look at the fact that central command, iran as a problem, the european command, russia is causing the problem. if you looking at the command north korea is causing the problem. what do all 3 of these things share? they are all having strong economic relationship with china, there are tens of thousands of north koreans working in northeastern china and sending money back to the regime to keep it going. so every time we look to north korea and say you launched another missile it is not just a threat to the united states, it shows the effort china makes to have distractions that keep us from looking at what they are doing. >> it also means china will not be the best partner in doing things like enforcing un sanctions against north korea.
12:23 am
>> china is going to do what is in china's interests. they believe the united states is sowing to send in hong kong so there's tremendous fear by the chinese communist party about the freedoms we hold dear and one of the things they believe, we love those freedoms for the sole purpose of wanting to overthrow the chinese communist party. it is a fear that drives them to do a lot of these things. shannon: thank you for weighing in. for more, the chinese army is releasing propaganda video for its hong kong based troops. chinese troops promising -- the antiriot drills whether the military winter intervene in the summer of protest. this week hong kong police arrested 44 people on writing charges carrying a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. a handful of american flags and pro-trump signs at the hong kong protest. some demonstrators saying the
12:24 am
star-spangled banner. that is why they are carrying the stars & stripes in hong kong. protesters said they want congress to pass legislation the targets trade regulations for beijing if it violates human rights. a so-called tough guy accused of toughing water at nypd offices busted, details next. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. is eligibility for a va loan country give our veterans for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i got real relief. i got clearer skin and feel better. now, watch me. get real relief with cosentyx. >> shannon: fox news has confirmed reports that a property owned by dem >> fox news confirmed the property owned by democratic congressman elijah cummings has been broken into. he was not there at the time. baltimore police unclear if anything was stolen but congressional security officials are probing it and to see if it were is a random incident or if it is connected to his feud with donald trump. attorneys for the trump organization calls a political hit job after the manhattan the should subpoenas for documents related to stormy daniels helps money payment. michael:pleaded guilty to federal charges in relation to
12:29 am
the payment. he says he made at donald trump's direction. the adult film performer and alleges she had a one night stand with businessman donald trump, the president denies all wrongdoing. new york city police arresting a so-called tough guy in connection to water dousing incidents involving nypd officers. mark meredith fills us in on the latest. >> reporter: new york police say the last couple weeks officers have been doused with water while on the job. police say they made another arrest tied to these incidents but some new york officials say it's time to throw the book at those who throw water. >> new york city police say this surveillance video from last week shows a disturbing trend. watch as an and a white shirt identified as 35-year-old stephen larusso of brooklyn walks up to 2 officers and begins spraying them with water. he left moments later but tonight he's under arrest facing
12:30 am
charges of harassment and obstructing a government administered. new york's police commissioner tweeted about the so-called tough guy writing, quote, such behavior will never be tolerated. the charges come after similar disturbances in the city have gone viral. police have made multiple arrests but some new york lawmakers say more needs to be done. they want to make throwing water at police officers a felony. >> this legislation will criminalize this despicable behavior. >> community leaders say they are on board. >> we need our police. >> donald trump is criticize new york's mayor bill diblasio on the situation, bill diblasio is running for president fired back at trump last week tweeting crime has gone down year after year in new york city and not just because you finally left town. bill diblasio is back in new york as the new case is making national headlines. >> got hit. >> karen claims he was brutally
12:31 am
attacked in manhattan tuesday because he was wearing a make america great again hat. >> one guy jumped on top and grab my head. it all happened in 15 seconds. >> the victim says 15 young people were involved in the attack. the nypd confirms to fox news they did respond to be assault tuesday night. so far no arrests in the investigation into what happened is still ongoing at this hour. shannon: thank you very much. the tragic story coming in. 22-year-old granddaughter of robert f kennedy has died at the famed compound in massachusetts. sasha kennedy who was the daughter of courtney kennedy hill, the fifth of 11 children born to the late new york senator. the family right our hearts are shattered. her life was filled with hope, promise and love. according to boston 25 news she
12:32 am
died from a drug overdose. prayers are with the kennedy family and running this on the fox news at night team know what a young person passes away from drugs it is terribly painful. we will be right back. and ask their boss later. [do you want breakfast or no?] free cancellations! [definitely breakfast.] how good is that? be a booker at
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♪ >> i think biden did okay, he >> i think biden did okay, he came limping through it but he got through it. i think he was okay. i think kamala had a bad night last night i would say but it is boiling down to 4 or 5 of them. >> the collection of progressive positions on stage like to criminalizing border crossings, abolishing private healthcare and using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions. jonathan hunt monitoring the polls to see if the candidates are in or out of step with american voters. hello. >> we have fascinating results
12:37 am
from 2 new opinion polls. government run healthcare was front and center in the democratic debate this week and take a look these numbers. in the fox news poll the majority, 61% of democrats who say they plan to vote in their state's primaries favor getting rid of private health insurance but only 43% of voters overall feel the same. a merit poll drilled down on healthcare finding 64% of registered democrats support medicare for all while 90% support medicare for all with a private insurance, registered republicans with 14% and 46%, back to fox news 4, 82% of democratic primary voters say they have a favorable opinion of donald trump's healthcare reform as opposed to 52% of all voters. on immigration issues the fox
12:38 am
poll found 75% of democratic primary voters favor allowing refugee political asylum. 50% of voters agree with that idea. a slight majority, 51% of democratic primary voters support decriminalizing entering the united states without proper documentation. 34% favor that idea and on the question of providing health insurance to undocumented immigrants 53% of democratic primary voters say yes compared to 32% of voters overall. a lot of food for thought and debate among democrats vying to be there party's presidential nominee. >> with all those positions in mind, the last couple nights exposed a growing rift within democratic party. progressives even suggesting the obama administration was not left leaning enough. joining me to break it down,
12:39 am
contributing editor to the daily caller darren hunter, welcome to you both. ted miller who was comedic asians director for jeb bush said this. it is mind-boggling that there would be several candidates taking shots at barack obama when he is probably popular, trump isn't in the whole point of the enterprise is beating trump. what is going on? >> we had a little bipartisanship, republicans want to the obama administration was an unmitigated disaster and last night democrats agreed. for different reasons but the principle stands. very interesting. at how far the left of the democratic party has moved in just the last few years, barack obama was incredibly progressive, incredibly left-wing and it isn't good enough anymore. kind of fun to watch when they attack their own and joe biden didn't know how to respond to it. he was really taken aback by the harshness and criticism of the
12:40 am
obama administration from the left. >> he suggested reaction to the debate that he was sort of surprised they went there. terry sullivan, campaign manager for marco rubio put it this way. obama lost. his record is too right-wing manages of healthcare and immigration. kind of nuts to watch. what do you think is you watched. >> i agree which is to say 95% of democratic voters still support president obama and his policies and i think there was a pretty significant gift by some of the candidates on stage last night to vice president biden because they made it more about obama than biden and the more you can tie himself to obama the better i think he will do in these primary states. an interesting move. i wouldn't recommend it if i were advising these other candidates. one thing that unifies the democratic party is wanting trump to be a one term president
12:41 am
and why they went after president obama last night i'm not sure what the strategy there was. >> you remember when senator booker turned to the former vice president and said you have been clinging to president obama and wanting to talk your involvement in the administration and whenever negative things, deportations that happened under the obama administration, booker saying to him you don't want to be associated with him when you don't want to be attached to his policies that spending a lot of time otherwise associating yourself with him but the obamas they out of the endorsement camp. >> that is kind of tradition but when your record is being insulted i think the president would weigh in and talk about it. i'm personally enjoying it. he could've said i'm proud of everything we did, the record number of deportations was an accounting gimmick, they counted people they turned back at the
12:42 am
border is deportations to inflate those numbers to seem tough on the border but overall it is tough to defend the obama administration that we were told for years you can't change obamacare because it is settled law, can't even tweak it, now democrats want to scrap it completely. amazing how quickly this changes so they have to cannibalize themselves. i'm perfectly fine watching, that made the debate last night, what was otherwise born, made it somewhat interesting. >> your is what donald trump said about the debated his rally tonight in cincinnati. >> the rage filled democrat party is trying to tear america apart. they reject everything that we hold dear. >> bringing in the folks on capitol hill, the freshman that he's not very happy about but he
12:43 am
continued to talk about all these extreme positions. when you have the candidates talking about things like packing the supreme court, legalizing constitution, crossing the border illegally and all kinds of other things, taking way private healthcare, are they making the president's job easier by taking such progressive positions? >> not every candidate is. you had a couple candidates like pete buttigieg and others who have not taken that position but it is a fair point to say a lot of the oxygen and coverage are on issues that aren't where the democratic voters are. i recognize the polling shown earlier in this segment but realistically half of all democratic primary voters self identify as conservative or moderate and most general election voters go to the rust belt industrial midwest so to win the general election you have to have policies that are more aligned -- >> i think the democrats are lucky the readings for these debates are so low because of those voters, the blue-collar workers, like i grew up and
12:44 am
actually watched these debates interred with these people are advocating and promising to do to the american people the numbers, the forward fallout from underneath them so they are lucky -- that they are not paying attention right now. >> to be fair in 2016 we had a similar component in the republican primary, we can't find the democratic party based on some of the candidates that are running but i recognize the debate is different from the country as a whole. >> whether folks want to watch them or not we are watching them and recover them so you know everything you need to know. thank you both, good to have you. corey lewandowski could be ditching the swamp for the granite state topping the 2020 in the 60, donald trump's for campaign manager is seriously considering running for senate in new hampshire in 2020 against democratic senator jeanne shaheen. mitch mcconnell's democratic challenger catching flak for appearing on a comedy show that
12:45 am
appeared to poke fun at the bluegrass state appearing in full frontal with samantha be. surrounded by banjo music, horses with feet and crying chickens. talkshow mocks kentuckians and they are not happy about it. media reports suggest russian bots are behind a boost to tulsa gabbard's presidential bid. on twitter new york times writer warns russian bots could be boosting her to so racial discard. she grabbed headlines after criticizing democratic senator kamala harris's passed as a prosecutor last night. congressman bill heard the only house republicans announcing tonight he will not seek reelection in 2020. he becomes the sixth gop lawmaker and third house republican from texas to announce his retirement in the past 2 weeks. the babylon be facing numerous fact checks, legitimate or never to silence them? we go to the source next.
12:46 am
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shannon: we begin the western roundup, the oakland city councilman city left city hall to find his suv broken into again. he says his suv was broken into
12:50 am
5 times recently, local business owner said 17 other cars were broken into as well. oakland's homeless population has grown 47% in just two years, donald trump joining the colorado capital's wall of presidential portraits. he or go prankster placed a picture of vladimir putin in the spot reserved for donald trump. in california on the colorado river near arizona, voting to make itself the second amendment sanctuary city. the leaders hope to convince the state government to allow needles residents to buy ammo from out of state and carry concealed carry permits from residents of other states. the 20 website babylon be cities trying to get platforms, accusing them of muddying the details of a news story and fanning the flames of controversy. it has revised its article but
12:51 am
the feud between the intellectual fact checking website and the satire website is raising questions about fake news and whether there is an ulterior motivation in these facts checks. good to have you with us tonight. anyone familiar with babylon be, sees your tweets, read your website, often based in current events but the headlines are over-the-top. are you surprised they are being fact checked and this is not something new. >> we are not surprised or even bothered by it for the most part. they have fact checked us a couple dozen times in some of our content when it gets more viral and widely shared goes beyond the typical reader base. people not file with us are seeing our stuff. if they want to fact check it fine for rate it false or satire ideally and just say this came from babylon be, obviously satire, they are well known satire publication.
12:52 am
the issue is when they imply we have intend like what happened with the latest fact check. >> or purposely trying to confuse people. you had a satirical story on the lawmaker in georgia who had a showdown with a guy at publix but you changed the whole thing and set it in chick-fil-a, georgia lawmaker claim strictly employees later clarifies he actually said my pleasure which is what they always say at chick-fil-a. snopes decided to fact check and told people they thought it was misleading, went on to say we revised some of the wording mostly for tone and clarity into the process of pioneering industry sanders for how the fact checking industry should best address humor and satire. they said what you did was so close to the actual story people may have been confused. >> they went beyond that, saying we managed to fool our readers,
12:53 am
the language they were using in the latest fact check was clearly intended to convey to their readership that we are deliberately deceiving people and that is why we mentioned to our fan base we will retain our law firm and take this seriously. the reason we have to take it seriously is social networks which we depend on for our traffic have relied upon fact checking sources in the past to determine what is fake news and what isn't. in cases where they are calling is fake news and lumping us in with them rather than saying this is satire that could damage us, but our business in jeopardy. shannon: these are some of the headlines you have in fact checked on, democrats demand brett kavanaugh submit to dna test to prove he's not actually have a, aoc repeatedly just freon tv show the price is right. i cannot believe they fact checked these but the final one,
12:54 am
cnn purchases industrial size washing machine to thin news before publication was the last one about cnn got you in trouble on facebook. you actually got a message because snopes fact checked whether they had a giant washing machine and facebook said there may be material that was inaccurate and they were going to spend your account. >> who believes that story was true? is there one person who thought that story was true? some of the other ones, satire ride on the back of truth, the truth is already pointing, that is what satire is a lot of the times, sometimes it is outrageous and silly. in that case it was really outrageous. i don't know anyone believed it was true. it is weird that they fact checked it. it is fine that they did accept at the time facebook was looking to them as the arbiter of truth and they did penalize us for that. shannon: one of the guys from snopes said the question should
12:55 am
be why do we have to address so much material from a particular site so often? it is what is it about your site that makes the content cross the threshold you may be that it is satire. thanks for joining us, keep us informed. battling the bad guy. our courageous midnight hero's next. i would like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans,
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because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value.
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so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. ♪ >> newly released dramatic footage reveals a horrifying scene in a convenience store. and ask felon with a stolen gunshot one man and took eight others hostage, forced an employee to lock the door and barricade it and one of the customers decided to lunge at the gunman. the others decided to jump in as well. the gunman misfired eight times as they were wrestling with him trying to get the firearm away allowing the hostages to escape. he moved in shooting and arresting the man. to all those brave customers who decided to fight back and
1:00 am
prevent more death and destruction you are tonight's midnight hero's. most-watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. heather: good morning, it is august 2nd and this is "fox and friends first". you made it through the weekend. a fox news alert. could america's longest war becoming to a end? the pentagon works to pull thousands of forces from afghanistan, the latest on a plan for peace with the taliban and. >> we are not going to let our country go down the route of socialism. >> donald trump


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