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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 2, 2019 6:00am-8:59am PDT

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how about everybody giving a big wave. so long. >> bill: good morning, everybody. fox news alert. the job situation holding steady for the month of july. labor department reports we had 164,000 last month. unemployment rate holds steady 3.7%. right around the number we expected. so more on the jobs front throughout our show this morning on that breaking news. and we have more breaking news. last 24 hours major decisions from the white house. the trump administration has made both a bold move in russia as well as the war in afghanistan as we say welcome to friday here. good morning, everybody as we get rolling for the next three hours. i'm bill hemmer. smitty, snow and ice to see you. -- nice to see you. >> sandra: the trump administration making history
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deciding to pull out of a reagan era nuclear arms treaty with russia and the pentagon will withdraw thousands of troops from afghanistan as a potential deal with the taliban hangs in the balance. >> bill: kevin corke begins all of that from the north lawn. good morning. >> the u.s. has long contended that that treaty tied its hands with respect to china. for that matter the russians were not in compliance. i want to share part of a statement from the secretary of state mike pompeo. it reads in part dating back to the mid 2000s. russia developed and tested and fielded multiple battalions of its non-compliant missile. the u.s. will not remain a party to a treaty deliberately violated by russians. it dates to the cold war. reagan and gorbachev signed that treaty in an effort to
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de-escalate nuclear tensions but it has changed says u.s. and nato allies with the russians consistently violating the terms of the deal. >> this decision is supported by all nato allies because no international agreement is effective if it's only respected by one side. russia bears the sole responsibility for the demise of the inf treaty. >> you see the nato secretary general weighing in. u.s. and taliban could reduce its military footprint in afghanistan, the longest war in american history under a deal. u.s. force strength could drop to 8,000 an for a bit of perspective consider in 2011 it was over 110,000. reduced all the way down to 8550 right before the end of the obama administration, down to around 14,000 here under
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president trump. a tweet from lindsey graham saying this, mr. president, keep your foot on the throat. meaningful counter terrorism force is an insurance policy against another 9/11. fight them there so they don't ever come here again. don't to get. we expect an announcement from the president today as he talks a bit about an au trade deal. something that will make agri-business leaders in america very happy. that's coming up later this afternoon. >> bill: thank you, sir. kevin corke from the white house. >> sandra: north korea firing what appears to be more short range ballistic missiles today. it marks the third round of weapons tests in just over a week. greg palkot is live with more on that. >> another provocation from north korea. in fact, the third missile test in eight days and it does seem to be similar to the other two tests described by south korean authorities this morning as short-range ballistic missiles being involved.
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distance traveled only 130 miles into the sea of japan off the east coast of north korea. still the speed of the missiles described as super fast and could do a lot of damage to population centers in south korea, including u.s. military bases. a big reason for this latest north korean activity seems to be u.s./south korean military exercises set to start on monday. while much more low key than the past drills that we have witnessed firsthand, they are seen as a challenge by pyongyang and president trump called them off last summer as an act of goodwill. regardless north korea's action continues to fly in the face in the words and actions from the summit at the dmz. resumption of denuclearization talks were supposed to happen in mid july. secretary of state pompeo defended the trump
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administration make nice approach dealing with kim. >> having a meeting with chairman kim didn't give him a darn thing. it was an attempt that is ongoing to engage diplomatically, to achieve an outcome that for decades has not been achieved. >> reacting to these latest round of tests president trump, too, has weighed in and said he doesn't have any problem with them. no agreement between the united states and north korea regarding this type of missile. there has been a ban on this kind of testing, however, of these kind of missiles, by the u.n. sanctions against north korea since 2006. back to you. >> sandra: greg palkot on the breaking news overnight. thank you. >> president trump: republicans are working every day to build up our country, the rage-filled democrat party is trying to tear america apart. a vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of
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radical socialism and the destruction of our great, our beautiful, our wonder full american dream. on issue after issue democrats have forgotten who it is that they're supposed to represent. our shared republican agenda is pro worker, pro jobs, pro family, pro growth and 100% pro-am can. i was watching the so-called debate last night. the democrats spent more time attacking barack obama than they did attacking me practically. >> >> bill: big line. pointed out one of the recurring mentions from the second night of debates, former president barack obama and hits he was taking on stage. newt gingrich former speaker of the house. sign up for his free newsletter.
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thanks for your time. you have a cottage industry going there. go ahead and frame the argument that the president is making there from last night, sir. >> look, i think kim strassel did a great job with the column where she said the choice is between the left and crazy left. the crazy left is winning. i watched the first night. it was amazing the level of anger that you got out of bernie sanders and senator warren. these are really angry people. and it was kind of amazing to watch them. it's the opposite of how people normally win the rack obama with a big smile. you watch ronald reagan with a big smile. i don't remember us electing an angry president in my lifetime. yet you have these people who were almost in a rage. you also had the fact that they are all drifting towards cloud cuckoo land.
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when you have a number of moderate democrats on the stage. they'll all be gone soon because they aren't getting enough support to survive. one said if we go down this road of taking away everybody's health insurance we'll be lucky to carry two states. that was a democrat in the debate warning his follow democrats that they could be throwing away the presidency. we have to take that seriously. the president is watching all this and he is exactly right and he wants to stoke the fire a little bit obama. president obama is no longer radical enough for the left wing of the democratic party. you will have biden defending obama while the rest of the party attacks him. on things like deportation president obama deported more illegal immigrants than any other president in american history in terms of the affordable care act which was not affordable, but it didn't cover everybody that left
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wingers want to cover. so you go down a list and realize there is a real fault line in the democratic party and we're watching it play out in these debates. >> bill: to that point a little bit you mention the strassel op-ed. the title for our viewers here, the left versus the crazy left. if you look for a moderate president you won't find one in the democratic field. from ohio in 2016 here is how -- won by eight points. this is a battleground that we've been going back for decades in ohio. it takes it almost out of the margin of error from 2016. see where they are now. mr. speaker, you had 17,500 in that arena last night. then you ask yourself what's the appeal and what's going on in middle america? limbaugh framed it this way with hannity last night. >> everybody wants to improve that your life for their family and themselves. he has a bond with his voters that nobody can break. there is not one person, sean, on that democrat stage the last
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two nights that can even be on stage with trump and not be overshadowed simply by his presence before he opens his mouth. >> bill: what about that? that presence, that personality. look, he walks out on that stage and the joint goes crazy. you can't ignore that. >> first of all, this is one of the amazing charismatic leaders in american history and only the hatred of the left and hatred of the elite media blocks them from seeing and realizing that. he is both a very, very smart guy but also turned out to be very charismatic. what's part of that charisma? wages are going up. if you are a regular blue collar worker you had the best pay raises in the last two years you've seen in 20 years. jobs are getting better. if you're african-american you have the highest employment rate in history for african-americans. if you're proud of america the president says he is proud to
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be an american. you have your choice a bunch of democrats who seem confused what country they want to be president of. a guy in a place like ohio, i was born in pennsylvania, my wife from wisconsin. you get into classic america, get out of new york city, get out of los angeles, and to some extent get out of washington and the rest of the country people are still very proud of america and they actually want a president who is proud of america. they are also watching and saying look what he is doing to the chinese on tariffs. he might like president xi but tougher than any president in modern times in dealing with the chinese. he just put sanctions on the russians. every time you turn around it turns out this guy is real and the stuff he is doing is real. with mitch mcconnell's amazing leadership in the senate they have done the most from a conservative standpoint the most extraordinary job of filling up conservative judges
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way beyond anything i would have thought possible two years ago. so i think there is a reason. this is a charisma based on results, not just a charisma based on froth. >> bill: thank you, mr. speaker. sounds like a campaign and the american people will make a decision in about a year and a half. newt gingrich. thank you for your time today. much more on all the big stories coming up. next hour our headliner deputy press secretary hogan gidley will rejoin us at 10:30 eastern time. what is going on with china, economy. >> sandra: afghanistan, a lot going on. minutes away now from the opening bell on wall street. markets reacting to yet another solid jobs report. unemployment holding steady at 3.7% plus there is this. >> president trump: china has been taking money out by the hundreds of billions of dollars a year. we have rebuilt china. so now it's time that we change things around. if they don't want to trade us
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with anymore, that would be fine with me. we would save a lot of money. >> bill: beijing is vowing to retaliate. what happens next in the trade war. breaking news on this for the world's two largest economies. we'll bring it to you. maria bartiromo will break it down for us in a matter of moments right here. >> sandra: the justice department deciding not to charge james comey for leaking those memos to the press. but does that mean he is in the clear? former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy is on deck and will join us next. >> you cannot take classified documents out of any controlled space and put them somewhere and store them in an uncontrolled space. it is no different than the hillary clinton issue. look, this is bigger than just these memos. you may have gingivitis. and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, receding gums, and possibly... tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax.
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reelection next year. he represents one of the most competitive districts in the state of texas winning by less than 1,000 votes last year. he is the eighth house republican with plans to leave congress rather than run again in 2020. >> what do you think about the decision to not prosecute james comey? >> president trump: i haven't actually heard that. i know there are a lot of things going on. it's a piece of it i guess. i haven't spoken to them about that. i would frankly be surprised because what james comey did was illegal. so i would be surprised but i don't know anything about that. >> bill: the president from the white house yesterday sounding off on reports the justice department will not prosecute james comey for leaking memos to the media. andy mccarthy, how are you doing? good morning to you. i think there is real confusion on this. want you to clear it up. hillary clinton was under the gun for classified material on her computers. james comey you pretty much
6:18 am
admitted that he had this material at his house which is a violation of f.b.i. procedure. leaked it to a friend and professor at columbia. wound up on the front page of the "new york times." why do you not take action in either case? what is classified? >> bill, first of all we don't know -- everybody ought to take a deep breath until we see the i.g.'s actual report that lays out the fact. at the time director comey said he tried not to put classified information in his memos and what we later learned was that the f.b.i., after looking at them, up classified two of them at the lowest level. that doesn't mean everything that was in the memos was classified. that means in two of them, two things were classified or some information was classified that was at the lowest level. we don't know that those are the memos or the memo that was leaked to the "new york times." we don't know that. i think my advice to my friends
6:19 am
here is that one of the big complaints that we've had for a long time is we need to stop politicizing the criminal justice system and get to a place where we can remember that you can i just think that -- i've said this a million times and i'll say it again. if your price tag on trying to get accountability and find out what happened in connection with the investigation that are attendant to 2016. if the price tag is you want to indict everybody who made an error of judgment you're never going to find out what happened. >> bill: this is bill barr's department of justice. what they said late yesterday is that they could not prosecute the case because they could not determine james comey's intent. so -- >> i have a lot of faith in attorney general barr in terms of his judgment on what ought
6:20 am
to be prosecuted. i happen to know jim comey for 30 years. it is hard for me to believe he would willfully leak classified information. i just -- until somebody shows me that happened i'm not going to believe it. and i just think people ought to remember number one, we don't know all the facts yet. number two, it's a much broader investigation that involves a lot more than this one aspect of classified information. >> bill: on that point in the next 30 seconds you're saying this one slides but maybe the next one does not. is that what you're saying? >> i'm saying that everybody ought to take a deep breath and the objective ought to be to find out what happened. then if it turns out there is wayward behavior that's prosecutable we can deal with it then. i think we'll find people who made errors in judgment doesn't mean they committed felonies. >> bill: thank you. good to get your analysis and explanation. appreciate that. have a good friday.
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>> sandra: the nypd catching one of the suspects responsible for dousing a police officer with water last week. the charges he is now facing. >> bill: big labor with a warning for democrats ahead of the election of 2020. do not take union support for granted. details on what they're saying. plus this from last night cincinnati. >> president trump: they are a party, frankly, of socialism. the republican party is the party of freedom. we're the party of the american worker, the american family. >> sandra: the fight against socialism has become a rallying cry for republicans as the president hits the campaign trail in ohio last night. here to react next a democratic leader from the battleground state of ohio. this was me six years ago... and this is me now! i got liberty mutual.
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>> you guys saw it four years ago. one of the craziest one trump was attacking one of your hosts. primaries go in strange directions. it doesn't make sense for democrats to be attacking barack obama. the best strategy is pivot against trump. all our candidates have plans to get to universal healthcare. trump is in court now trying to get rid of the affordable care act and gut protections for preexisting conditions. >> sandra: i'm not getting a
6:30 am
lot from you. democrats are having the wrong healthcare debate. are you getting it wrong on healthcare? >> you know, it's a big tent party. a lot of different plans. most american people support the affordable care act, want to see universe aal coverage, drug prices go down. all candidates are fighting in different ways to get to the end goals. what is donald trump doing? he is in court trying to gut all of that. i would say overall our candidates again it's a big tent. i'm neutral like the dnc is. we have a lot of candidates vying to win and they have different plans. it will be sorted out. contrast that back not to obama which it didn't make sense. contrast it back to the president, rob portman who votes against healthcare. that's the contrast that democrats should be drawing. when you make that contrast, ohioans are much more in favor of what we're saying. we're saying is similar to what john kasich said as governor. one thing of ohio.
6:31 am
every ohio republican is at 45 or under in the approval ratings. trump is deeply under water. the only public official in ohio above 50% is sherod brown because he is fighting for workers and healthcare. >> sandra: representing your party, offer more solutions. that healthcare piece in the "new york times" is saying why not focus on affordability when it comes to healthcare. >> thank you so much. >> bill: good debate there. that conversation continues. markets open. down at the open. we're watching china and american economy. jobs are decent. unemployment rate 3.7%. maria will break it down when we come back right here next. own little world. especially these days. (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that? (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it.
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6:35 am
last month. unemployment did stay at that 3.7% level hovering a 50-year low. here to talk about it is maria bartiromo from the fox business network. huge week for markets. not just on the jobs number. we have the interest rate cut this week. make sense of all this for us and how is the stock market reading this situation? >> the stock market is reacting to the july jobs report and the president and the tariff situation. the china escalation is getting worse here. let me tell you first about the july jobs report. good report. shows growth in jobs, most sectors actually saw job creation, construction, manufacturing. services, big move in services job. 133,000 jobs created there. healthcare. the weak spot was retail. a decline of jobs in retail. that's the area you want to watch when you consider the president's 10% tariff on the
6:36 am
300 billion in chinese imports coming in. we're going to see everyday items go up in price probably. things like children's toys, apparel, etc. it will hit retail. the retail sector, while the consumer is doing the better than you saw that in the gdp. consumers driving the economy as opposed to businesses who slowed down on cap x spending. an area to watch given the tariffs. >> sandra: you want to see the consumer doing well. china, the president was really tough on china last night. how is this playing in particular how did it play in the state of ohio for the president? >> the president has to do this by the way. the chinese keep ren egging on everything. the chinese had agreed in may and they walked away. they walked away from agreeing that they would make intellectual property left against a law. they wouldn't put that in chinese law. they went back on the idea that they keep buying out silicon
6:37 am
companies and forcing the transfer of technology and even renegeed stopping bringing fentanyl into this country. all these things important to the president they renegeed on. the president had no choice. how does it impact things later? i was initially worried about this. i've spoken with enough economists this morning to change my mind a little. they don't think it will have a material impact on overall growth. they say it's a fraction of actual increases in cost. >> sandra: does it surprise you? >> yes. i thought the consumer would ultimately pay that increase. it's a tax, the tariffs. i'm getting a lot of disagreement about that. maybe it's not as bad given the fact it's 10%, not 25% the president could go to. frankly, he is really put out the narrative, the president has, that china is a national security risk. we understand the national security risk. >> sandra: he said we've taken the toughest ever action to stand up against china's trade abuse.
6:38 am
last night going hard on china. want to ask you about this in the huffington post. big labor puts 2020 democrats on notice. sendsing a warning to 2020 democrats. we are caught -- we can blame this white house all we want but this isn't new. more often than not the republican party is bad for workers, the president is bad for workers but let's be honest about the democratic party's record. so don't take us for granted is the message coming from them. >> i read it, we want trump. you're seeing labor leaders saying thank you, mr. president, for changing nafta, usmca needs to come to the floor. nancy pelosi playing politics not going to the floor. labor loves usmca. they may say we want to make sure that we're not going to
6:39 am
get underpaid because mexican workers are getting paid lower. all those tweaks have happened and why he replaced it with usmca. they hate and nafta. i think labor is beginning to side with president trump. >> bill: thank you, ladies, 20 before the hour. police asking for the public's help to find a missing woman in california. her name is heather waters last seen july 16th. they can't search for the mother of three because they aren't sure of her last whereabouts. christina coleman joins us to fill us in on what's happening here. >> heather water's mother said waters would never willingly leave her children. she was a loving mother of three children, 4, 10, 14. a vigil was held to bring attention to her mysterious disappearance. the married 33-year-old mother of three was last seen in the pleasant valley area 50 miles east of sacramento july 16th.
6:40 am
police searched her home but no luck. waters' mother said her daughter was recovering from a broken collarbone and complaining she had been released from the hospital too soon. her family is heartbroken that she vanished. her children were too emotional to show up at the vigil. her mom said it was hard for her to come to the vigil since she has no idea where her daughter is right now. russell is sleep deprived and scared. >> my daughter was the most beautiful, strong person that i know, and i really miss her and i'm praying that anybody that knows anything, just anything that can lead to finding her. her children miss her terribly and it's been a painful thing for my family every day. >> also missing waters' car, no one has seen her black infinity coup. two ribbon stickers in the back
6:41 am
window and the lid of her gas cap reads his queen. it's unlike her daughter to not contact anyone. her 4-year-old grandson is worried and keeps looking for his mom. they can't really tell him what's going on right now. >> bill: tough story. thank you for that. in los angeles sandra. >> sandra: on the world stage including pulling thousands of troops from afghanistan. and a historic move in the future of u.s./russia relations, dan hoffman is on deck to discuss all that. >> bill: president trump calling out liberal leadership that he says is destroying some of america's inner cities. is he right about that argument? the a-team will take it up and we shall, too, coming up in a matter of moments here. >> it is about time this stuff is called out. the democrats run cities or towns or states, with one party rule those places are suffering greatly.
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>> bill: we have significant news on the foreign policy front today. the u.s. withdrawing from a reagan era nuclear arms treaty for russia citing persistent violations by moscow and north korea launching a third round of missile tests in a week's time. dan hoffman, good morning to you. mike pompeo tweets this. the u.s. and nato agree russia violated the inf and leaving the agreement is in the best interest of our security. treaties are worthless unless respected by all. so much for going easy on russia and putin. trying to get russia to agree to this and it hasn't worked. why not? >> russia has been violating this treaty for years. i think we have to consider this in the context of our overall relationship with russia. and under kgb operative in the kremlin vladimir putin russia behaves like a rogue state.
6:46 am
one example. this week president trump imposed additional sanctions on russia for poisoning a man with the soviet nerve agent and for russia they want to portray the united states and west at large as the enemy against which putin needs to defend russia. russia would like to potentially use his military capability as bargaining chips to reduce the sanctions so hurting russia's economy. >> bill: nato is on board. quickly. >> we will not mirror what russia does. we don't want a new arms race. and we have no intention to deploy new land-based nuclear missiles in europe. nato continues to aspire for a constructive relationship with russia when russia's actions make that possible. >> bill: across europe they're
6:47 am
on board this idea is the point to be made there. at the same time in asia, dan, you know gordon chang the asian expert. he was with sandra and me the other day. north korea has fired off a few missiles this week and they did yesterday apnot dismiss the fac tariff talks. do you buy into that argument, dan? >> i think it's certainly possible and also possible that kim jong-un would have factored in china's potential response to those short-range missile tests when he decided to conduct them. i think there is no question that china knows it's a delicate balancing act. the more they're needed to deal with the crisis we're facing in the korean peninsula then potentially it's an opportunity for them to exact benefits on the trade front. but the president made it clear he is not doing that and that i think has been the right response. gordon chang noted the president has had a muted
6:48 am
response to north korea's tests and at the same time holding china accountable for their grossly unfair trade practices. >> bill: it could be tied together then, the point to the made in the geopolitical sense. >> sandra: there is a lot tied together in the korean peninsula including are you shall yeah and the relationship between south korea, japan and the united states' relationship with allies and enemies in the region. >> bill: good to get your analysis from washington, d.c. today. thank you, dan. >> sandra: it is shark week and our next guest may have found the way to out maneuver one of the world's biggest predators, the great white shark. >> i'll combine my experience as a magician and some of the technologies i've worked with into an attempt to hide from the greatest predator that ever lived. ...when a plan stops being a plan and gets set into motion.
6:49 am
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6:52 am
>> bill: we've been watching the story a couple weeks. nypd making an arrest against the water dousing incident. the 35-year-old suspect captured on surveillance throwing water at a pair of traffic cops. the video shows him recording it on his phone. that will lead to a dead end. new york lawmakers and police unions introducing a bill with throwing water on officers a felony in new york. >> if i don't understand how a shark perceives the world i'll be in trouble. >> watch out, watch out. >> if he can pull it off it could be the key to developing underwater cloaking technology. >> this suit really changed everything about how we get in the water, interact with and study white sharks. it could be a game changer.
6:53 am
>> sandra: you have my attention. it is shark week and my next guest is on a quest to outsmart the world's most fierce predator developing a first of its kind under water suit with the goal of making our guest invisible to great white sharks. joining us now is illusionist andrew mayne. how do you outsmart a great white? >> that's the challenge and, you know, i try to figure out how does a great white see the world. talked to some of the leading experts on shark to figure out if you want to fool a great white shark what would it take. the problem is if you don't fool the great white shark the outcome isn't in the best case scenario. >> sandra: why are you doing this in the first place? >> my mom asked me the same question. you know, it seemed like it
6:54 am
would be an interesting challenge. in magic we're used to performing for audiences and people. but there is a technology behind magic. could you apply that to other animals? you take great white, which has got one of the greatest abilities to sense things around it there is and the challenge of trying to fool a great white seemed like it would be a lot of fun. >> sandra: these are massive creatures that can do a lot of harm. so you've got this suit that makes you invisible to the great white and a shield. what can you show us and tell us about that? >> that was in case the suit doesn't fully work you need a way to protect yourself there. it's the shield i used under there and first as i had to go test without the suit. i was in the middle of the water with a dozen great whites and curious and came up and wanted to see what this idiot was doing there. the shield was a way to make
6:55 am
sure their teeth didn't occupy the space my body was taking up. >> sandra: what happens when you go on this adventure? >> it's a process. first you have to figure out what works and what doesn't work. figure out what doesn't work in a safer environment. i started in the bahamas with reef sharks. worked up to a tiger shark. seeing how they sense things. testing things out and then went to australia where i was in the middle of a breeding ground where there were just an enormous number of great white sharks. no cage, just out there with the great whites and see what works. >> sandra: what kind of scares have you had? >> a lot. i can scare myself out of a swimming pool. i'm terrified of sharks. i'm extremely prone to sea sickness which makes for -- i've been the perfect person to do the shark week special. it's one of these things where you don't know what to expect and the thing i found out i didn't know sharks can see where you're looking. with great whites i had to find
6:56 am
that out. you keep track of how many are in the area around there. the moment you lose track is when you need to turn around because that's when a great white is sneaking up on you. >> sandra: we can see it tonight on discovery at 9:00 p.m. eastern. andrew mayne, brave man. >> bill: don't lose the shield. brand-new reaction from the white house after a table report on the american jobs front. our headliner white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley. he is on deck. so come on back coming up. norwegian cruise line. feel free.
6:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. major news on america's longest war. the u.s. is preparing to withdraw thousands of troops from afghanistan. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," it is friday. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. fox news is told the planned afghan troop drawndown is part of a proposed peace deal with the taliban. no such deal has been finalized. rich edson is watching the story to pick it up from there. >> good morning, bill. if the taliban agrees to negotiate a larger agreement, u.s. officials say that u.s. troop levels could go from 14,000 now to anywhere between 8 and 9,000. the taliban would have to negotiate with the afghan government and they have refused to do so thus far. officials are stressing these talks are still ongoing. state department official says we have not adjusted our troop
7:01 am
levels in afghanistan to reflect our discussions with either the afghan government or the taliban. the presence of u.s. forces has long been conditions based. adjustments over the years have been conditions based. any future reduction or withdrawal of forces will be conditions based. the leader of the negotiations is leading discussions with the taliban in qatar trying to end the 18 year war . there he was the former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. they peaked at 110,000 in 2011. president trump wants to get out of afghanistan. after two decades there the u.s. is just becoming a police force. lindsey graham, especially on foreign policy an ally of the president. mr. president, keep your foot on their throat. a meaningful force is an insurance policy against 9/11.
7:02 am
fighting them there so they don't come here again. the united states needs to guard against isis and al qaeda growth there. challenges still in the way of any type of agreement. first, if the u.s. and taliban do agree to something, trusting that the taliban would stick to that agreement and on top of that trusting that the taliban would ever negligent with the afghan government. >> bill: rich edson from the north lawn. >> president trump: when i was watching the so-called debate last night-, and i also watched the night before and the democrats spent more time attacking barack obama than they did attacking me practically. democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, and they're the party of socialism. >> sandra: that was president
7:03 am
trump in the battleground state of ohio last night. a state that he won handily in 2016 using his cincinnati rally to unleash on what he is calling his quote extremist left wing opponents. let's bring in a-team as we wrap a busy week. cheryl casone is here, jenny zaino and ed rollins. fox news contributors. let's start with you. reaction to last night's rally by the president, ed. >> the president can do that every week. 115,000 people applied to get into the place last night and lined up at 5:30 in the morning. the democrats have to beat each other up for the several months and year he can rally his troops and that's what he is doing. cincinnati is an important part of the ohio. he won ohio by eight points last time. used to be a swing state. now it's pretty safe. >> jeanne. >> what we saw the president do
7:04 am
is a realization he needs to win in the rust belt suburbanites. the chance he prompted at the previous rally is something he tried to avoid last night and i think that's important. he not only has to rally his troops. he has to rally the people in the rust belt, sub urbanites. he has to make sure these people don't become so frustrated with the rhetoric they say home in 2020. >> bill: a few more things cheryl. jump in on that. we don't want any controversy and it got a laugh in the crowd. >> you mention the left wing extremists. one things he did pick up in and continue to do this if he wants to win in 2020 is talk about the far left wing progressive policies. we saw on the democratic stage this week the unbelievable, unrealistic plans in particular when it comes to healthcare and
7:05 am
immigration that the democrats are throwing out there. that's his sweet spot. he can rally the troops but likely pick up a few of those swing votes out there. if the democrats keep eating each other up on this debate stage and they kept doing it this week he has a good shot picking up the middle ground and having a solid win in 2020. >> sandra: new reaction from newt gingrich at the top of the show this morning. >> it was amazing the level of anger that you got out of bernie sanders and senator warren. it's the opposite of how people normally win the presidency. i don't remember us electing an angry president in my lifetime. >> sandra: interesting reaction there from the former speaker this morning. as you look at the importance of battleground ohio and you look back at those 2016 results of the president winning nearly 52% of the vote how important is ohio
7:06 am
>> critical. where i differ a little bit with the speaker, we are an angry electorate today. no mr. nice guy. whoever the democrat wins will basically be as polarizing as he has been. a question of who can get their base out and the democrats obviously have lots of fights ahead and they're going to the left. >> bill: i think about the comment from gingrich. an angry president in my lifetime. humor goes a long way. you learned that with reagan. >> reagan was always -- we were always about addition and trying to add to our base. we won 44 states in 80, 49 states in 84. we added a million votes the second time. always trying to reach out and add. today we're in a polarizing situation. our he trying to antagonize the other side and make sure your side turns out.
7:07 am
>> bill: we mentioned this last hour. the left versus the crazy left and summarized the past week. now jeanne you get into the back and forth over baltimore and larry hogan was with us yesterday. the governor in the state of maryland. we talked about the amount of federal dollars going into west baltimore. the president isn't backing down. a lot of people think it's a racist charge directing his attack toward elijah cummings. here is how limbaugh sees it. >> this thing that trump did about baltimore. it's about time this stuff is called out. where the democrats run cities or towns or states with one-party rule, those places are suffering greatly. the people there are suffering. drug addiction, they're suffering drug infestation and they're suffering filth. and nobody ever calls them out on it because you can't. because the democrats supposedly are the ones with compassion and you can't criticize them. they deserve to be criticized
7:08 am
and called out. >> bill: a lot of this comes back, jeanne, to what you do to help the people living in these communities. it is not just money. you need strong political leadership to change generations there. have we advanced that discussion this week? >> i don't think so. i don't think calling people and a place rodent infested is advancing a conversation. there is investment financial and otherwise that needs to be made but i think the rhetoric has become so obviously partisan but also racist sounding to many people and it is coming from the president of the united states. he is also the president of the people who live in baltimore. and so i think again he is running as the incumbent president this time. not the challenger. so he has now four years behind him and it is fair the say, mr. president, what have you done about baltimore, a city within the country that you run?
7:09 am
you can't simply say it's everybody else's fault. so i agree there is lots to be done in baltimore and big cities across the country but he also has to understand that as president, he has had four years. what has he done? it's not enough to say it's all bad. what have you done to make it better? let's start there. one thing he can point to are job numbers among african-americans. those are numbers. there is a positive way to do this. i don't like the negative rhetoric. he has things to run on that are positive. >> sandra: he points to that, the jobs market, the healthy jobs market and the number of dollars that have flown into cities like baltimore. here is the president, number 7. >> president trump: you see our inner cities. we spend billions and billions for years and years and years and it is stolen money and it is wasted money and it is a shame. for decades these communities have been run exclusively by
7:10 am
democrat politicians and it has been total one-party control of the inner cities. for 100 years it has been one-party control and look at them. >> sandra: what we know now is baltimore is asking for more money, cheryl. >> what the president is talking about to expand on that is -- these are policies that were pushed under president have a solid stock market and a obama was we created welfare solid jobs number. states in a lot of these cities we just got it out today. that have proven to be you were talking to marie about that earlier. talk about the low levels of unsuccessful. instead of handing people money unemployment. there are federal grants that the record low number of didn't go anywhere and political corruption at the state and city level if you talk about not just baltimore but let's look at chicago, you unemployment for all have to be you do demographics. the tweets, >> bill: we're east coasters here. how do these arguments land in the middle of america? >> the economy sells everywhere. if you convince people -- the president's theme said i made
7:11 am
tough decisions to get this economy moving. rebuilt the military. working hard on getting a strong economy, creating jobs that will last for a long period of time. those are all tough decisions. i'm now taking on some foreign trade partners who have cheated us for many years. the reality of cities of baltimore and others are terribly depressed places and we don't have the kinds of resources to throw in there any more. tons of money have been spent on the places. the best place chairman cummings his house gets broken into the day before this even starts. if that's not the most telling tale. we as republicans have become a sub urban rural party. you can't become a racist party in which sub urban women start worrying. >> bill: i want to say one thing here. it was a home he owns that was renting to someone else. >> still a break-in. >> he wasn't living there. >> we're talking about a president that has a history of
7:12 am
being a real estate executive here in new york city. he has been trying to get a lot of private companies and businesses to go in and do public/private partnerships in cities like baltimore and chicago and other depressed area. he talked about that many times. he has gotten pushback. it's unfortunate. that's a good way to restore sometimes troubled areas like what we're seeing in baltimore. parts of new york, too. >> sandra: we'll have you guys back later in the hour. >> bill: 12 past the hour. proposal to limit asylum sparking a heated battle. lindsey graham pushing the bill through on a party line vote. outraged democrats say he broke the committee's rules. >> the committee can't be a place where nothing happens because the house may not pass it. we all agree on our side this will fix the problem. we have a right to vote. >> i am sick at heart at what we have done. i hate being here right nou. i hate what has just happened here.
7:13 am
>> bill: what did happen. gillian turner fills it in from washington good morning. >> senator graham did reach his boiling point over what he sees as congress's inaction when it comes to abating the immigration crisis at the southern border. he wasn't the only one. democrats accused him of breaking long-held senate rules in order to jam an asylum bill through the system. things got heated and personal real quick. >> if you tried to work with me for seven weeks on something important to you and me and my crowd did not show up so you couldn't move forward, i don't think you have much choice. >> i wasn't here last week because a member of my family was being buried that day. >> i am sorry about your loss. i did not mean it in those terms. >> he stopped just short of
7:14 am
calling graham a hypocrite. >> these rules are no longer in effect. the same republicans who voted for them six months ago say to heck with it, tear them up. tear them up. that's what we're doing. just tear them up. >> the primary feature of graham's bill calls for asylum seekers from guatemala, honduras, el salvador to make their claims at refugee centers in mexico and central america. instead lodging them at the u.s./mexico border. additionally the bill would require that families stay together for 100 days. 500 new immigration judges get appointed to help stem the flow. and officials return unaccompanied minors, children, to their countries of origin rather than allowing them to sfwer the united states in the first place. graham insists his bill that closely mirrors president trump's own proposals protect americans from drug smuggler,
7:15 am
human traffickers who are exploiting the existing laws. democrats say graham's plan will make a major problem much worse especially for children seeking refuge here in the united states. >> bill: thank you. watching it from washington, d.c. thanks. >> sandra: reports of new evidence found in the case of a missing connecticut mother of five. what a blood-stained shirt could mean to the search for jennifer dulos and what it could mean for her estranged husband. >> bill: it has been 32 years since president reagan made history signing a nuclear treaty with russia. the white house now pulling out of that agreement. does it mark the beginning of a new arms race? we'll tell you next. >> president trump: i will say russia would like to do something on a nuclear treaty and that's okay with me. they would like to do something and so would i. with our service, veterans like us earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets us borrow up to 100 percent of our home's value, instead of just 80 percent like other loans.
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>> sandra: tragedy strikes the kennedy family once more as the granddaughter of robert f. kennedy has tied. 22-year-old was rushed to the hospital yesterday after paramedics responded to a call from the kennedy family compound in massachusetts. there are reports she died of a drug overdose. she was a student at boston college due to graduate next year. had written about her battles
7:20 am
with depression. >> bill: tough story there. our best to the family. prayers to the kennedys. the meantime new developments in the case of a connecticut mother of five jennifer dulos. investigators found a blood-stained shirt and sponges and mops with a small amount of blood. this two months after she disappeared. tim gallagher, former special agent in charge of the f.b.i. field office in newark, new jersey. go ahead and analyze based on the reporting we're getting here how close are police to solving this? >> good morning. thank you for having me today. unfortunately this is another piece in a mountain of evidence which indicates that jennifer dulos meant with a violent demise. what she may have been wearing when last seen and coupled with the fact there is blood on it. they're running it through the lab to see if it's her blood. who else's blood is on it.
7:21 am
does it lead to a current suspect or somebody else? >> sandra: seems like the case slowed down for a bit. i understand that happens. what are the possibilities that more evidence will come in that would ultimately lead to finding jennifer dulos? >> this isn't television the way these cases are solved. we have a crime scene that seems to be stretching throughout the whole state of connecticut. we have evidence being found 30 miles away. investigators are putting together the timeline. who is there and when are they there? using video, phones and eyewitness testimony to place people in certain places at certain times which would confirm their story or start to poke holes in their alibi. >> bill: they've been searching for a lot. how do you find a shirt in a trash can stained with blood? how do you do that? >> there are several things that could lead you to that. it could be eyewitness testimony i saw this car. >> bill: maybe someone is talking? >> could be someone is talking.
7:22 am
electronic devices which someone had on them at the time they dropped it off. surveillance cameras at homes. surveillance cameras at businesses. all those things will lead you. >> bill: what you are suggesting as you've husband, r the girlfriend, and you are looking for ping messages. perhaps they show up in a certain area and you go right to it, right, tim? >> absolutely. you can triangulate with a court order to where they were at a certain point in time if they had their phone on them that could be something to provide evidence that could lead to evidence which would give investigators someone to talk to or turn up as another point in an arrest warrant for murder. >> sandra: norm pattis is defending the estranged husband confirmed prosecutors turned over the 26 cds on the trash dump.
7:23 am
he has been saying where is it? the police say they had it, nobody was showing it to him. how does that change the story? >> he is a criminal defense attorney. his job is put the videos in the best light for his client. he has them in his possession now and investigators will continue to build more evidence against the individual who turns up in those ly put out a statement quickly. we know the connecticut state police are conducting a person responsible for jennifer's disappearance. thank you for your time today. >> sandra: investigators in canada scaling back a massive manhunt for two teenage murder suspects. what investigators are now saying about that case. >> bill: president trump firing the latest shot in the escalating trade battle with china. one of the big stories we'll talk about with our headliner hogan gidley from the white
7:24 am
house. he joins us live next. >> president trump: for the last 30 years china has taken of hundreds of billions of dollars out of our country and now we're stopping the theft of american jobs.
7:25 am
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7:28 am
>> bill: it is almost 10:30 here in new york. fox news alert north of the border. police in canada are scaling back the manhunt for the teenagers suspected of killing three people. investigators there is no way stopping the search but it is intriguing. >> they're not giving up. frustration is setting in as tips keep coming. in some cases they're put up on social media first and by the time they get to police it's too late to confirm if it really is a sighting of the two suspects. it has been 11 days since police in canada have had a positive location for suspected
7:29 am
killers at a store in manitoba. two days ago a tip was put on facebook a construction worker saw them driving in ontario 1400 miles from gillam. one showed a gun to the worker. police haven't been able to confirm the sighting. they're accused of ordering a north carolina woman and her australian boyfriend traveling together in british columbia and charged with the murder of a botanist. hundreds showed up in australia to remember fowler and his father spoke about their loss. >> our tears will still blur the words. but with time there will be fewer tears and more laughter. our dear chynna, we can no
7:30 am
longer hug our boy. please hold him tight. you are in our hearts forever. >> the rcmp scaled back its search around gillam. now the trail has gone cold and that is gut wrenching for the families of the victims. chynna's mother is sickened and wants the evil, evil boys caught and brought to justice. the search continues today. >> bill: it is remarkable stuff to hear that father talk. powerful stuff. thank you, dan on that story. >> sandra: big number, what a morning it was, what a number it was as well on the economy this morning. the jobs report revealing employers added 164,000 new jobs last month. unemployment holding steady at a record low territory 3.7%. here is a look at the dow right
7:31 am
now. down 200 points. a lot of this feeding into expectations and got the interest rate cut this week and a lot of stuff that the market is responding to this morning. let's go to the white house. hogan gidley, white house deputy press secretary. i'm sure the white house would like to take a victory lap on another strong jobs report. >> i get asked how are you doing? i said i'm tired but never tired of winning. today is a perfect example of that. another victory not just for this president and the affirmation of his policies but a victory for the american people. we have more jobs available than people to fill them. more people are employed in this country than ever before. we know the numbers of record unemployment for african-americans, hispanic americans, asian americans. women employed at record numbers for the first time in 70 years. this is all in a testament to what this president has done
7:32 am
with the massive tax cuts, restructuring the tax code. deregulation. getting government out of the way and allowing the american people to thrive. this is what it's about. you are seeing the results of his policies today. >> bill: there are some head winds. it is pretty clear. chuck schumer is supporting the battle against china. move to that talking. chuck schumer from capitol hill yesterday. >> we have to be really tough on china. they've taken advantage of us. america has lost trillions of dollars and millions of jobs because china has not played fair and being tough on china is the right way to be. >> we've heard from several democrats. making the case they ripped us off to the tune of trillions of dollars. you are getting agreement on this across party lines. that's the point to be made. the second point to be made and that's a question. whether or not you can get to a
7:33 am
deal. and right now, hogan, it appears on the outside it will be very stubborn. can you say whether you get it done before the next election? >> reversing decades-worth of the american worker, the american businessman, american industry and companies being taken advantage of by china is not going to happen overnight. this president has come in and called out what we know to be the case about what china has been doing. whether it's forced technology transfer or technology theft. this is what everyone across the globe understands and recognizes. but this is the first time a president has come in and no more are you going to take advantage of the american people. >> bill: you've seen the progress made at home for the u.s. economy. will you step on your own success? >> no. the president has been very clear china wants to make a deal. he has a great relationship with president xi. we had a deal in place. at the last minute they came back and tried to renegotiate
7:34 am
that deal. we understand that. the president said he is not going to sign a bad deal. they also promised a couple things. they would buy more agricultural products and they haven't done that. the president said okay. this is taking a little long here and we want to put more pressure on you guys. it doesn't hurt us at all. it makes china contribute and it is a testament again to what this president understand as a businessman and gets what the economy needs to be spurred on. >> warren saying this we must be tough on china but this haphazard approach of tariff by tweet is hurting farmers and consumers. ther beyond more and more escalation. if you could bring this back home because this fight was goi to translate to more jobs, better economy, more manufacturing back here at home. we talked to the head of the democratic party in ohio and he is making the case this is not an economy that is benefiting all americans and pointed to
7:35 am
pockets within ohio that has not seen the promises the president made follow through. how do you respond and we've heard some of that on the stage at the debates. >> we won't take a lecture of economics from an avowed socialist like warren who wants to erode and roll back all the tax cuts and tax you at home more. take more money out of your paycheck and wants to fight the president at every turn. she is on the left and she does not like success for all americans. she wants to pick winners and losers like socialism does. the fact is the president will continue down this path because this path is clearly proven to be successful. she doesn't like it and i understand that. when your agenda is making america socialist and when you want infanticide and open borders and standing up for anti-semitic comments it is problematic to try to push those policies. instead she is trying to erode
7:36 am
what this president has done and socialize and take over, rather, a complete government approach to healthcare. it's not going to work and the president knows it. >> bill: we'll see how the debate lines. lightning round. what is the message to russia? you're withdrawing from a nuclear deal established by ronald reagan. the message to putin. >> secretary of state pompeo made the point it is all on russia. they had a chance to work in the treaty and let us in to inspect. they did not. nato stands with us. our partners and allies agree it's right to pull out of this deal and we're out. >> bill: do you fear an arms race at this point forward? >> i don't. the president has a good relationship with vladimir putin but it is another instance where this administration has been tougher on russia than has anybody else. >> bill: baltimore here at home. what do you gain from having this back and forth with elijah cummings?
7:37 am
>> the president of the united states has always told the truth. he has done it in this instance as well. for so long people of baltimore and around the region have said i wish someone would draw attention to the poverty, to the crime, to the infestation of rodents in that town. and finally this president does and somehow they're saying no, that's not right. even people on the left when bernie sanders called it a third world country, everyone knows there has been a problem in baltimore. this president is calling it out and put forth plans to fix it. whether it's opportunity zones, many of which in baltimore. criminal justice reform. massive influx of cash into h b-cu's. the president understands there is a problem. he is listing all those in the process. >> sandra: does the president have any plans to travel to baltimore? >> i don't want to get ahead of what we may or may not do. the president recognizes the issue there. he is considering all those options because he wants the
7:38 am
people of this country to understand there is an issue there. >> sandra: does he believe it is something he should do? >> he does a lot of things for a lot of different communities. pointing out the problem is part of it. using the bully pulpit to expose the rampant corruption in the city is important and he will try to fix it in the ways i just mentioned. >> sandra: democrats at the border see the impact of the president's policies. what can you tell us about that and what are they seeing? >> interesting the democrats are on the border considering they're on vacation nor the next six week. this president has done everything within his legal authority. we have a major supreme court ruling that allows us to free up some of that money to build the wall. not to mention the fact we now have an agreement with mexico and safe third agreement with guatemala. those countries are doing more to protect the american people and communities than the democrats. for them to go down there and say they're outraged is fine. you voted against the funding many times and you still offered not one single solution to the problem. i'm glad you recognize it and glad you found jesus but it is
7:39 am
time to fix the problem and they're nowhere to be found. >> bill: 23 house democrats are down there today. maybe chris wallace would call it a rolling thunderstorm. thank you for coming back here today on this friday. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: we have this. we're learning more about a devastating motorcycle crash in new hampshire that killed seven people back in june. federal investigators found disturbing new details about the suspect. that story on that suspect coming up. >> sandra: plus jim comey calling out a top republican lawmaker as the justice department decides not to prosecute the fired f.b.i. director. the a-team will return and join us on that straight ahead. first here is the president. >> president trump: what james comey did was illegal. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need.
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7:43 am
>> sandra: we're learning new information about a deadly motorcycle crash in june that left seven bikers dead in new hampshire.
7:44 am
according to a federal inspection report the truck driver was high on drugs at the time and reaching for a drink when the accident happened. investigators say the driver's pickup truck crossed lines and collided head on with those bikers. >> bill: james comey clashing with the republican mark meadows on twitter after the justice department declines to prosecute the fao*ird f.b.i. director james comey for leaking the measures of his interactions with the president. hello to our a-team. ed, what's classified and what's not? what applies to hillary clinton and james comey? why do you choose the prosecute or choose to pass? what's up? >> the president can determine whenever is classified. the f.b.i. director can decide what's not classified. what he should be charged with is incompetence. he clearly messed up the hillary investigation, he messed up this whole drill on the idea i'll write members of my meetings with the presidents and send them to a college
7:45 am
professor friend of mine. he was covering his tail. >> bill: is that a legal word? >> i'm not a lawyer and been around a lot of lawyers. >> i think we have to remember, too, comey is still under investigation. the fisa investigation may hit him worse than this might. also the investigation of the u.s. attorney in connecticut, durham, who has a lot of power to take him on. so i think while he is not being -- going to be charged here, barr's decision, he very much is still vulnerable to those two investigations. we have to see what happens there. >> sandra: mark meadows tweets as the i.g. report on comey approaches we're getting the sound of silence. no comey tweets and no softball interviews to which james comey respond. i love transparency. i wait for facts. i'm confident the results of the i.g. report will show honest public servants worked
7:46 am
hard to prevent the threat of this president. at me next no bruh. >> that's james comey and a sense of humor. he is funny on twitter. here is the thing. the fisa story will be the interesting piece of this. the fact that mark meadows was coming out and speaking ahead of all this is a little premature. we don't know what the final report will be on the origins on the investigation and that's where james comey could get into trouble. of course he is trying to cover himself with the diary or whatever you call it. that was -- the classifications became classified after he released it to the "new york times" and you could argue both sides on that one. >> bill: ed, if you're comey and prosecutors cannot determine intent on this charge are you concerned about the future or do you think it --
7:47 am
>> this process. i have a lot of respect for comey until he stepped all over himself in the hillary investigation and certainly what he allowed at the top of his administration to be some bad guys and he should have cleaned them out early on. he himself talks about transparency. quickly put millions of dollars for a book and put out his side of the story. it would have been better if he resigned or the president would have asked for his resignation on january 20th and he could have gone away. the fisa investigation, we don't str a clear story on it yet, was a bad effort on the part of the f.b.i. and i think it stamers the f.b.i. somewhat. if i was in charge of fisa i would make sure every single thing came in with a lot more documentation than in this case. >> sandra: when do we see the i.g. report? >> maybe this month, right? >> i think we're supposed to see it. great point. we haven't seen it yet. also when that comes out, sandra, it is not going to be good for comey. he is not going to be charged
7:48 am
obviously but he doesn't look good in any of this. i couldn't agree with ed more. the minute he stepped out and spoke to the public about the hillary investigation he lost a lot of respect he had for the fine work he had done prior to that. things have gotten worse from there for him and i don't think it will get much better. >> bill: in this case the i.g. referred him for prosecution and bill barr's justice department passed. >> they're being criticized for that decision. again, we need to wait for the next piece of the puzzle to drop and where james comey will get into trouble. there is a lot of information that investigators can use not only from the recent conversations but what was in his book to a bigger perspective. >> sandra: we'll get final thoughts to ed. >> he damaged his reputation and damaged the department which is extraordinary element of investigation and thousands of people work very hard. for whatever reason he got into politics and he made some bad judgments for whatever reason. >> bill: ed, jeanne, cheryl, thanks for being here on a
7:49 am
friday. thanks. >> sandra: moving right along. 85 years after one of america's most notorious gangsters was shot dead at the move -- movies by the f.b.i. the family is digging up his grave. >> it will be interesting to find out whether or not it is him in the grave. [do you want breakfast or no?] free cancellations! [definitely breakfast.] how good is that? be a booker at i've always been amazed and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke
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[woman on pa] introducing togo's new hot chicken trio. the new brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, bacon, and fresh avocado. the hot buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. and the tangy barbecue. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo?
7:53 am
[woman on pa] >> there should be plenty of hair, bones, nails, skin, you know, it will all be dried up. >> sandra: john dillinger there. former public enemy number one shot dead by f.b.i. agents in 1934 after attending a movie in chicago or so the story goes. now a move to exhume the body buried under tons of concrete. matt finn is live at the biograph theater in lincoln park, chicago. >> the f.b.i. says federal agents shot and killed gangster john dillinger right here 85 years ago. ever since that day federal authorities say they've been battling theories that
7:54 am
dillinger was not the man killed. the f.b.i. says the heavily wanted gangster saw a movie back in july 1934 and walked out surrounded by federal agents. pulled a pistol and ended up being shot to death in the alley where his body laid for hours. always urban legend or theories the man shot was not dillinger. the f.b.i. says the body was identified including fingerprints and corpse put on display at the cook county morgue. his father took the body and buried it in a heavily secured grave in indiana. now two people say the corpse may not match. descendants have filed the paperwork to have his body exhumed possibly as soon as as september. an eyewitness to the shooting in 1934 said he tried to help federal agents at the time but he said no use, dillinger was already dead. >> in rapid succession i heard
7:55 am
two shots just instant. a woman screamed. she said she had the leg. lifted up her dress and a man lay motionless on thover him. >> dillinger was public enemy number one but a folklore hero for robbing banks at a time people were mad at the government and financial institutions. >> depression, no one had money, no one could get work and he was like a movie star. was an icon. >> of course, critics say this all could be for publicity and attention. >> sandra: matt finn in chicago. thanks. >> bill: president trump targeting democrats over the state of u.s. cities in the rally in cincinnati last night widening his criticism beyond just baltimore. the political fallout. where it goes as chris wallace is our guest coming up top of
7:56 am
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8:00 am
treaty citing persistent violations of the agreement. here is hogan gidley who joined us last hour. >> it was a cold war-era deal as you pointed out. mike pompeo made the point it's all on russia. they had the chance to comfort and work in this treaty to actually let us in to inspect. they did not. nato stands with us. partners and ally agree to pull out of the deal and we're out. >> we pick up the story live from the pentagon with more from there, lucas. >> the u.s. warned russia six months ago it would do this. new defense secretary mark esper made the case to lawmakers. >> i think the inf treaty has served us well but only works if both parties comply. we can't stand by while russia arms itself with intermediate range missiles, ssc8s, nuclear tipped and have most of europe within their range. >> nato calls russia's new missile the screwdriver because it's messing with the west.
8:01 am
not everyone thinks its wise for the u.s. to pull out. here is the u.n. secretary general. >> the world removes an invaluable break on nuclear war. >> china, iran, north korea are not party to the inf treaty. another reason the u.s. wants to pull out in addition to russia's violations. >> should there be a deployment of land-based intermediate range missiles to the pacific if we're not in the inf treaty? >> it's unfortunate the russians chose to violate it. one party bails out. we ultimately decided it wasn't worth the risk the previous administration took in staying in the treaty with two parties and only one complying. >> the u.s. will begin testing an intermediate range missile in the next few weeks previously banned by the treaty. >> bill: what's on track for
8:02 am
afghanistan? >> the president told tucker carlson he wants to pull some troops from afghanistan if the u.s. can make a deal with the taliban. >> president trump: i've wanted to pull them out. i have pulled a lot out. we were at 16,000. we're down to about 9,000, which a lot of people don't know. we should not have been there 19 years. when you're 19 years you are becoming like a police force. >> the president says he is open to leaving some troops on the ground, bill. >> bill: tracking all that from the pentagon. >> president trump: democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents. they put foreign citizens before american citizens. we're not going to do that. 572 people were murdered in chicago last year. you must have a democrat mayor. do you have a democrat mayor? come on, law enforcement.
8:03 am
democrat mayor. >> sandra: president trump railing against democrats at last night's rally calling out the leadership of major u.s. cities accusing democrats of running urban areas into the ground. chris wallace is the host of "fox news sunday" and joins us now. good morning to you. how was that message received last night in ohio? >> well, the crowd loved it and the reason that he was talking about the mayor of cincinnati is it took law enforcement several minutes to get to those protestors who were anti-trump policy on immigration. they were saying immigrants built these cities and took them a long time to get these folks and take them out of the arena. and so the president was suggesting well, if you didn't have a democratic mayor in cincinnati, law enforcement would have gotten there sooner. you know, i have a couple of reactions to this. one it obviously is more politically palatable for the
8:04 am
president to say that democrats are responsible and democrats have been in most cases for decades running most american cities in ofthe power structure in the cities that they're responsible for the sad shape of inner cities in america. it certainly is more palatable than what seemed like racial attacks from the president. i'm not convinced african-american answer in the inner city will be persuaded by this that the answer is to go for donald trump rather than to go for whomever the democratic nominee is. remember in 2016 the president would talk about the problems in american cities and say to the african-american community you have so many problems, his words, what the hell do you have to lose? the african-american community still overwhelmingly voted for trump. but it may be a more
8:05 am
politically palatable thing to say that democrats are wrecking the cities as the more personal attacks he waged against people like elijah cummings. >> sandra: we had the chairman of the democratic party from the state of ohio on the program earlier and he made this point about the promises the president made and how they're playing out in his state. >> he said a lot of very specific things a few years ago when he campaigned here. he went to youngstown and said don't sell your home. the jobs are coming back. he went to cincinnati and said i'll fix this bridge. the truth is what he didn't talk about last night was all those promises. he can't talk about them because he has broken them all. >> sandra: we pushed back on the fact that the economic statistics in ohio have improved in some cases significantly improved under president trump including the unemployment rate coming down from 5.2 to 4%. growth has more than doubled in the state of ohio. but his point is digging into some of those pockets in ohio that have not experienced the type of growth or the economic
8:06 am
improvement on par with the rest of the country. >> well that's right. that's going to be one of the big issues as you get into the 2020 campaign. i guess it was winston churchill said there are lies, damn lies and statistics. you can use them either way. the president will say and he has a lot to point to. just today 3.7% unemployment, 150,000 plus jobs created in the last month and a lot of the things that you talked about. but there are some concerns as well as you would expect that everything hasn't gone well and when the fed cut interest rates this week, one of the things the fed chairman jay powell specifically mentioned was a slowdown overall in the manufacturing sector. so you can be sure whoever the democratic nominee is they'll accentuate the negative. the president will accentuate the positive and there will be -- voters will have to make up their minds what they see and feel in their daily lives. >> sandra: following that rally
8:07 am
last night we got reaction from newt gingrich earlier on "america's newsroom." here is speaker gingrich. >> you get into classic america, get out of new york city and los angeles, and to some extent get out of washington and the rest of the country, people are still very proud of america and they actually want a president who is proud of america. this is a charisma based on results, not just a charisma based on froth. >> sandra: i'm sure you'll have a lot more coming up this weekend on "fox news sunday". any guests booked yet? >> thank you. in fact the white house just came through. we'll have peter navarro, who is one of the president's top economic advisors particularly on trade and real hard liner when it comes to china. we have the big news just yesterday that the president is going to impose a 10% tariff on the remaining $300 billion in chinese imports into this country and what looked a few months ago like it would be a
8:08 am
huge trade deal with major restructuring of our trade arrangement with china looks like it could be a trade war that goes on for some period of time. peter navarro one of the hard liners in the white house on that subject. can't wait to talk to him about that. >> sandra: the dow is down 275 points right now. we'll see where things wrap as we head into the weekend. peter navarro will be a good man to talk to. we'll be watching, thank you. >> thank you. sandra. >> bill: eight minutes past. back to this alert now. they have more than 20 house democrats going to texas to get a firsthand look what is happening on the southern border today. have a listen on this. >> this is some small indication of what is happening with respect to the rule of law here on the u.s./mexico border and it is deeply troubling. the situation has gotten worse. it has gotten more complex. it has gotten more confusing
8:09 am
and it has gotten a lot more uncompassionate. >> bill: garrett tenney is live in el paso waiting for the group for their visit. good morning. >> good morning. right now the delegation is meeting with immigration advocates and attorneys here in el paso. i actually just got out of a meeting with them with some members of the delegation and both yesterday and today one issue that they all wanted to talk about was the administration's return to mexico policy or migration protection protocols. the policy that forces asylum seekers to wait in mexico rather than being released into the u.s. while they wait for their asylum claims to be processed. now a lot of the lawmakers actually agree with the trump administration that that policy is having an impact in leading to less overcrowding at border facilities for migrants here in the u.s. but they argue those problems are simply being shifted across the border into mexico where those conditions
8:10 am
are now even worse than what they were here in the u.s. congressman got emotional talking about this at a press conference yesterday. >> the way that we are treating migrants today is appalling. i want to focus in on just one policy, the migrant protection protocol. it should actually be called the migrant deterrents protocol because that's the purpose of this policy. it's not to protect migrants, but to deter migrants and immigrants in general from coming to the united states. that is wrong and i believe it's illegal. >> the trump administration the return to mexico policy helps address widespread abuse of the asylum process. according to cbp more than 26,000 asylum seekers have been sent back to mexico since
8:11 am
january as part of that agreement. last night on special report cbp deputy commissioner pointed to it as one example how the trump administration's policies are working, bill. >> bill: many watching on the trip on the border in el paso, texas. >> sandra: lawmakers battle over changes to asylum rules but how will those new rules affect the growing crisis at our southern border? reaction from former ice director tom homan coming up. >> bill: trump campaign slamming biden's idea to -- is the trump team right on that point? >> we'll double offshore -- end any subsidies for coles and fossil fuels but we have to engage the world while we're doing it. we have to walk and chew gum at the same time.
8:12 am
(groans) hmph...
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>> >> bill: unemployment holding steady 3.7%. the jobs number we were waiting on earlier today. national economic director larry kudlow praising the report on fox business with stewart varney, roll this. >> i know it's a solid report. 164,000 jobs and so forth. manufacturing by the way has been picking up in recent months. one thing i really love in this report, there are two things. here is one. we're seeing the civilian labor force. people are coming out of the woodwork back to work. >> bill: kudlow from a bit earlier. unemployment rate hovering around a 50-year low today. >> just to clarify would there
8:16 am
be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in a biden administration? >> no. we would work it out. we would make sure it's eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those. any fossil fuel. >> sandra: what a moment that was. critics seizing on that answer from joe biden wednesday night. trump campaign saying his ban to ban fossil fuels was a blunder. let's bring in former epa official mandy gunasekara. the reason such strong reactions perhaps he answered too quickly with the follow-up from the moderator. it goes beyond the plan that he initially laid out back in june. >> you're exactly right to point that out. there is no moderate bone left in biden. and no one should be surprised that biden said those things. the obama/biden legacy was the war on coal. what he introduced the other
8:17 am
night was a war on natural gas who will be devastating to the people would work in those areas and workers in the auto industry and need affordable reliable energy to remain competitive. it shows how out of touch both he and the democratic party are. >> sandra: the president's communications director said biden is displaying a lack of concern for auto and manufacturing industries. he went on to say this. the real clear politics about what we heard this week. swear by the radical green new deal which joe biden has done. the economic catastrophe is hard to overstate. we don't know who president trump's opponent will be but biden said goodbye to auto workers and manufacturing. when democrats put it to republicans on what is it that you're doing to make our
8:18 am
footprint less and to benefit the environment, what is the trump administration doing? what do you see as the biggest threats? >> what the trump administration is doing is embracing american innovation in the emergency industry. so the successful energy industry has lifted millions of people out of abject poverty and created numerous jobs and also over the last 200 years the fact the united states and american inbegin yu tee has found the best way to refine this process has extended life expectancy to double. president trump recognizes this and has embraced it and from an environmental perspective you don't have to choose between a growing energy industry, successful economy and environmental protections and why he put in place balanced regulations that continue the trajectory of having the cleanest air on record and leading the world in greenhouse
8:19 am
gas emissions. >> american consumers don't want electric cars despite the fact they've received tens of thousands and millions of subsidies. less than 3% of americans drive those vehicles. it's not to say you should pick one winner or loser in terms of technology. americans love the internal combustion engine. >> sandra: this the rush limbaugh on hannity last night. while we hear from democrats how climate change is such a big issue in 2020 he had this to say. >> it's not even about the climate. it is not about the weather. it's an economic plan. it is. it's designed to get massive federal power, grow the federal government under the pretense that average americans cannot be left to live their lives without ruining things.
8:20 am
>> sandra: biden's plan the federal investment, what does the trump administration see as a reasonable amount to spend on these environmental efforts? >> it depends on what area you're talking about. what matters most importantly is that you have to balance the cost and the benefits. that's what they've done at the epa and the department of energy and department of interior is balance this so you don't riddle the american people with endless amounts of regulatory costs and taxes for no actual benefit. what we have prioritized in this administration is insuring there is a measurable, tangible benefit what limbaugh was right to point out. all the democrat plans for their trillions of dollars will have no meaningful impact on the environment or climate change. >> sandra: mandy gunasekara we hope to catch up again soon. appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> bill: 21 past. fox news alert getting new information on north korea, the latest missile test. president trump responding to that launch.
8:21 am
we'll have the response in a moment. stay tuned for that. it's coming up next. >> having a meeting with chairman kim didn't give him a darn thing. it was an attempt that is ongoing to engage with them diplomatically. to achieve an outcome that for decades has not been achieved. ♪ how do you like it ♪ ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it, how do you like it ♪ all you can eat is back. how do you like that? applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. my bladder leak underwear.orried someone might see so, i switched. to always discreet boutique. its shape-hugging threads smooth out the back. so it fits better than depend. and no one notices. always discreet. what do all these people have in common, limu? exactly. nothing! they're completely different people.
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-and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. >> sandra: commuters in tacoma, shington a plane made a landing on a busy highway. the pilot experiencing a fuel system problem. the plane was dragged off the road to a parking lot and after seeing that it's hard to believe nobody was injured. thankfully. >> bill: he put it down once he cleared traffic. that's awesome. >> sandra: not a car in sight
8:25 am
until this intersection. can you imagine you're parked at the red light and see that? >> bill: great. he stuck the landing. we can say that in washington state. 26 past the hour. the governor said to be stepping down after weeks of protests but no one is entirely sure who replaces him. phil keating has the story in miami today. phil, what's up? >> drama and intrigue, bill, on the u.s. territory today. at 5:00 p.m. about 5 1/2 hours from now, puerto rico should have a new governor but depending on what happens today it could instead have chaos and a constitutional crisis. the man whom the current governor has appointed to become secretary of state and the next governor first has to be confirmed by both puerto rico's senate and house of representatives which seems unlikely to happen in time. the governor promised at 5:00 today he will resign.
8:26 am
the line of succession would go to his secretary of state, if confirmed in time would be pierre. he put out a message to the island's citizens last night saying in the middle of the storm that we all have been living i am at your disposal. offering the best of me so we can get to safe harbor. the storm he is speaking of when the 12 days and nights of massive demonstrations demanding rossello go. it started with a texting scandal making sexist and home -- misuse of disaster dollars. secretary of justice is the second in line to step in as governor vasquez but she doesn't want a job. however, she is now indicating she would be willing. theoretically speaking at this point 5:00 today theoretically she could become a next
8:27 am
governor. as for the other man the house could confirm him today. on the senate side the senate president has delayed any possible confirmation vote indicating there weren't enough votes yesterday to vote on confirmation or not. so monday at the earliest they can weigh in on that. the senate president appears to be also wanting to become the next governor. >> bill: something else. we'll see how it sorts out. >> did you follow? >> bill: i'm kind of there. phil keating, thank you. >> sandra: breaking news overnight the u.s. pulling out of a major arms treaty president reagan signed with the russians. what the trump white house is now accusing moscow of doing. >> bill: administration planning to bring thousands of troops home from afghanistan. more on the implications of two big foreign policy moves in a moment. >> i understand the president's frustration, too hard, too long, too expensive. but at the end of the day these troops are an insurance policy
8:28 am
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>> bill: another alert here. moments ago the president responding to a third missile test from north korea saying the following on twitter. kim jong-un and north korea tested three short-range missiles over the last number of days. these missile tests are not a violation of our signed singapore agreement nor is there discussion of short-range missiles when we shook hands. there may be a united nations violation but chairman kim doesn't want to disappoint me with a violation of trust. far too much for north korea to gain. john hannah, senior counselor for the foundation for defense of democracy. welcome back here. was there an agreement on short-range in singapore or not? >> no, the president is factually right. there was no deal on short-range missiles in singapore.
8:32 am
the only freeze they agreed to that kim promised was on nuclear tests and long-range missile tests capable of hitting the united states. >> bill: what do you think is moving behind the scenes here? gordon chang was with us two days ago. he believes that because trade talks aren't going well china is encouraging kim to do this. do you buy into this? >> it's possible. probably more likely the iranians and north koreans are getting together here knowing that the president is a year out from an election. he doesn't want to get into another major conflict in one of these two parts of the world and therefore they're both escalating in their own ways to build leverage in the hopes they can intimidate the united states into giving them some kind of sanctions relief in exchange for very little on the other side. >> bill: let's see where that goes. you are following what's happening with russia, right?
8:33 am
we withdraw from a treaty negotiated during the reagan presidency. the rub. for years the u.s. has been trying to get russia to sit back and come to terms with the agreement and mike pompeo, president trump have concluded that's not happening. dan hoffman earlier today on what this means. watch. >> for russia, they do want to portray the united states and the west at large as the enemy against which putin needs to defend russia. at the same time similar to kim jong-un, russia would like to potentially use his military capability as bargaining chips to reduce the sanctions hurting russia's economy. >> bill: you have all the geopolitical matters happening now. what is the message to moscow? >> in first place as you said they have been in violation of this treaty for several years. they've rejected every opportunity to come back into compliance. and therefore i think the united states has got to
8:34 am
respond. particularly since the chinese themselves not being a member of this treaty have taken advantage of it to develop the largest ground-based intermediate range missile force in the world. history tells us that if the united states just stands by and ignores treaty violations and allows its most dangerous adversaries to build up their massive military capabilities, that it does nothing to actually enhance international peace and security. it does the opposite. it is entirely destabilizing. the united states needs to respond. >> bill: what's interesting is the reaction from our nato partners. they are applauding this move, john. >> yeah, listen. if you go back almost 40 years, remember, the only reason we ever got an inf treaty in the first place, bill, is because president ronald reagan was prepared to respond to a
8:35 am
russian military -- soviet military build-up in europe by deploying intermediate range missiles on european soil together with very brave european leaders who defied the conventional wisdom and public to stand up to this massive soviet military build-up in europe. >> bill: speaking of the soviet union. they were involved in afghanistan quite legendary now. forces. lindsey graham doesn't like the idea. he said mr. president, keep your foot on their throat. a meaningful counter terrorism force is an insurance policy. fight them there so they don't come here again. i don't know if you would get a disagreement on behalf of the president with regard to the foundation for the argument that senator graham is making there. however, what he said just this week is that 19 years and one
8:36 am
country after a war initially begins, that force doesn't become a military force, it becomes a police force. that is his opinion. what do you think he does? >> well, i think it's just not clear. the president, you know, is signaling that he wants done with this. there may be some kind of remnant of counter terror mission here but i think the danger is that once we withdraw our support for the afghan government on the basis of a very phony promise from the taliban that they are not going to try and reestablish their jihadist tyranny and very much in cooperation still with al qaeda, that once that afghan government is brought down, taliban, al qaeda come back. it is going to be infinitely hard for the united states to conduct an effective counter terrorism mission without an afghan government there. >> bill: do you have a better solution then, john?
8:37 am
>> listen, the solution is more blood, sweat and tears. i think the mission in afghanistan, as frustrating and as long as it's been with the several thousand troops there supporting an afghan government. we're not on the front lines. i think it is a sustainable mission if you believe that things can get much, much worse. it needs a president who actually believes that avoiding a taliban/al qaeda resurgence in the place that spawned 9/11 is important enough to continue this kind of sacrifice. >> bill: appreciate your analysis. thank you for coming back. john hannah there in washington, d.c. thank you. >> sandra: a judge denying bail for art kelly at his arraignment. he is facing multiple child sex trafficking charges in new york in addition to federal and state charges in illinois.
8:38 am
jackie heinrich is live outside the courthouse on that. >> r kelly looked zoned out in court. not saying a word except good morning in almost a whisper. his attorney entered a not guilty plea and the judge denied bail saying he is a flight risk and has a history of obstruction of justice and witness tampering. he is accused of running a racketeering enterprise where his team of managers, bodyguards and assistants recruited young female fans for sex and kept them in captivity and produce child porn. three of the five accusers in this indictment were minors. kellyy forced the victims to call him daddy and keep their heads down in public. kelly is facing separate state and federal garages in illinois. combined he faces a possible sentence of more than 200 years in prison involving crimes against 13 victims. in court to support the singer this morning his two
8:39 am
girlfriends who reportedly live with him. he looked at them twice during the hearing and nodded and smiled. we can expect part of his defense will be to try to diminish the credibility of his accusers. his attorney asked a judge to release the names of the jane does saying the public already knows who that is and her propensity for lying. kelly will try to intimidate witnesses against him according to the prosecution. >> bill: democrats and republicans going at it when the senate judiciary committee room. watch this. >> mr. chairman, i've been -- this is unprecedented. >> no, it's not. >> mr. chairman you are not going to respond to our request for point of order or clarification? >> no, i'm not. >> i decline the vote. >> the panel accused graham's
8:40 am
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>> >> bill: we're getting word. a recommendation issued in the new york police department for the officer who was involved in that choking incident from five years ago, garner died that day. the officer you're seeing there. david lee miller is tracking this and want to bring him in for what he has in our newsroom here in new york. david lee. >> we've just received word from the civilian complaint review board saying that it is going to essentially recommend the firing a deputy commissioner of police who presided over a seven day trial is ruling that daniel pantaleo should lose his job. the decision will be made by the new york city police commissioner. the statement reads today's
8:44 am
decision confirms what the civilian complaint review board. he committed misconduct july 27th, 2014 and caused the death of eric garner. the evidence the ccrb prosecutors was more than sufficient to prove that pantaleo is unfit to serve. the commissioner must dismiss pantaleo from the department as recommended by the ccrb and deputy commissioners of trials. that was who presided over the seven-day hearing. important to note that daniel pantaleo was never charged with a crime. the medical examiner in new york ruled that garner's death was homicide. a grand jury in stanton island would not indict. the justice department also failed to bring charges against officer pantaleo saying there was not enough evidence for a civil rights violation.
8:45 am
the family won a $5.9 million settlement from the city of new york for wrongful death. this decision is the first time that there has been any punitive action taken against the police officer. you see him on the right-hand side of the screen. daniel pantaleo. at this hour there is a news conference with the family and civil rights leader al sharpton and expect to hear soon from the attorney for daniel pantaleo. this news breaking as the family said a shorr way. >> bill: thank you. speaking of the press conference this is garner's daughter at the microphone and al sharpton is there em eloquently. the first time someone officially said that wrong was done. in the same week that a new yorker who happens to be president of the united states
8:46 am
acted like i hate cops and we hate cops. mr. trump, explain how this decision, it is not about we hate cops. it's about this man should not have been on the police force. i don't talk about how we got -- we got the decision and again we're waiting on commissioner o'neill. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> bill: that was brief and we'll wait to see, sandra, what happens ultimately with the decision from -- >> sandra: the reason it's key is because the new york police department commissioner of trials rosemary maldonado is the one who issued this judgment. now there is two weeks for both sides to respond. 10 business days at which time commissioner o'neill either follows through on that recommendation or challenges it. so the final decision lies in the hands of commissioner o'neill. >> bill: garner was the case
8:47 am
where he was being -- in the process of being arrested for selling below market cigarettes on stanton island. that was where the infamous line i can't breathe came from that you still hear today in various parts of the country. secondly, the other reason why it's tension hot in new york. we were with assembly members here on our program yesterday and one of the members of the leading union in new york. they believe the water dousing incidents we've followed for the past two weeks are directly tied to this case. they're making the point that the police officers are afraid to make a move because they will be the ones held accountable and tie it directly to the pantaleo matter now that's ongoing and developing. >> sandra: that recommendation is there and two weeks to respond. we'll see what happens. >> bill: take a break and we'll be right back. it can... with your sleep number setting. can it help keep me asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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>> the committee can't be a place where nothing happens because the house may not pass it. we all agree on our side this will fix the problem. we have a right to vote. >> i am sick at heart a at what we have done. i hate being here right now and hate what has just happened here. >> you think you'll get a lot of votes on the floor for this bill? you think that the house is ever going to take this up? so what's the point? >> sandra: fireworks on capitol hill as they overhaul the objections from democrat. let's bring in and would it be effective? >> firsofall let me answer that question the one congressman asked what's the point? the point is who is trying to
8:52 am
fix the border and who is not. lindsey graham's proposal is an excellent proposal directly addresses the two biggest populations of illegal entry into the united states. family units and unaccompanied children and closes the loopholes we've been asking them to close for two years. graham said enough is enough. i'll make you do your jobs. you haven't done it the last couple of years. >> sandra: let me highlight it. applications filed outside the united states. allow families to be held together for more than 20 days. appoint 500 new immigration judges. unaccompanied minors return to country of origin. how will it impact our policy and better things at the border? >> one at a time. the family. keeping families in detention for up to 100 days will keep families -- when families come across and claim asylum only one way to get due process is keep them in a family residential center. a facility built for families
8:53 am
with childcare and pediatricians and educational program. free movement on campus. detain them long enough to see a judge. we did that in the old administration and held them long enough to see a judge, 45 days. 90% lost their case. put them on an airplane and sent them home. the numbers on the borders declined significantly. it will work. the other part of the legislation about the uncode children they'll treat children from central america the same as mexico. once you're not a true victim of trafficking and you have not been abused on the journey you can be returned to your homeland to reunite with your family. that's two of the biggest game changers in the plan and addresses asylum. if you want to claim asylum do it from your home country. i wish it went further. we need to talk about the thresholds. 90% of the people pass the first question. one out of 10 get relief in
8:54 am
court. we need to fix the first threshold level but this plan, his plan goes a long way to fixing the border problem. >> sandra: here is co-sponsor martha mcsally, co-sponsor of that bill. our current immigration crisis a direct result of loopholes in the laws that encourage illegal immigration. this solution is a humane approach to gaining operational control of our borders and addressing the root cause that causes families and children to go on the journey north. you heard from democrats on capitol hill yesterday during this and on the democratic debate stage this week talking about the humanitarian crisis and they continue to go after republicans for not addressing that side of the issue. does this -- are you optimistic that portrays republicans in a better light? >> it shows the american people the republicans and this president want to secure our border.
8:55 am
no down side, there is no down side. what isn't part of the discussion on the sound bites from congress. this isn't just about fixing the border and enforcing the law. it's about saving lives. if they really care about the children that die coming to the country and 31% of women being sexually aed making this journey. let's make our borders more secure and bank roll criminal organizations that murder our agents. god bless lindsey graham and president trump. they want to secure the border and protect america and thumbs up all the way with it. >> sandra: we see and hear your passion on the issue. tom homan. always appreciate you coming on. >> bill: president obama's policies taking fire from democrats. now his former v.p. joe biden is reacting to that. that's coming up. you're headed down the highway when the guy in
8:56 am
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>> bill: what?
8:59 am
>> sandra: i mean... that was a show! >> bill: it was! >> sandra: it's a friday! [laughs] anything else? >> bill: the in your neck, it's taken care of. >> sandra: you talk about things that commercial and give it away! >> bill: i give you a good prescription! >> sandra: i hope you have a wonderful weekend, bill hemmer. i hope you all do, as well. thank you for joining us. we will see you monday. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ >> kennedy: president trump marking 2020 democrats for attacking former president obama's policies in this week's debates, which expose the parties struggled to find its direction. more than two years after losing the white house. this is "outnumbered," and kennedy. welcome to it. here today begot fox business network anchor dagen mcdowell. another fox news contributor, katie pavlich. another fox news contributor and a doctor, nicole saphier. and a host of "making money" on
9:00 am
the fox business network, the one and only charles payne. cadaver study and hear.


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