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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 2, 2019 1:00pm-1:59pm PDT

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england. the 19-year-old driver says he of july just could give the was coming home from work when a president the upper hand. truck smashed through the as grady reported, it was barrier. m june's pace, but she says she's fine. her car did get hit with debris. the economy still churned out i no word on why the truck driver drove into oncoming traffic. that's a 3.7%. this is fox news channel. so more proof that theout. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. let's ask larry and heather. what do you think, heather? >> neil: well, the economy and jobs still looking up. >> i think that this jobs report will the president escalating this morning was a healthy number. look, 164,000 jobs added is not trade spat with china take it down? welcome. a blow-out number. i'm neil cavuto. but unemployment holds steady at the good news is it's friday. the bad news is it caps a not so 3.7%. the lowest in 50 years right great week for stocks. in fact, this just could end up now. what is more important is that being the worst week for stocks wages for blue collar workers this year. all because this mess with are rising. china, the whole mess that we're lower income americans are rising. having back and forth is getting that's what matters the most. and the fact that the worse by the day. participation rate is going up. more people are confident that they can get a job, they're beijing said they will retaliate coming off the sidelines and for the added tariffs. we have no idea what the finding a job that they're happy response will be. with. >> neil: you know, that's the what we do know, the latest argument behind we can wait this round is coming september 1 just out. the chinese not so much. in time for the back-to-school
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john layfield, do you buy that? shopping season and for >> i don't, no. retailers, the get ready for i think the chinese are playing christmas stockpiling season. that doesn't mean there still chess and president trump is won't be a deal. but increasing signs it might playing golf. i don't think it's the same not be happening any time soon. game. the chinese are killing the clock. let's just say that things are i don't think we're any closer getting nasty. so time for us to get going. than last september. we hear that we're having trade we'll have more from the deals imminent and the chinese have to make this trade deal. new york stock exchange where i don't think we're any closer they're feeling the heat and than a year ago. other experts on the political i think the chinese are preparing for a long, long fight with this. ramifications. hi, grady. our economy is good. we can wait it out as well, >> hi, neil. happy friday. which doesn't portend to an easy not a good day here or good decision off ramp for this trade week. possibly one of the worst weeks war. >> neil: larry, i'm wondering with the chinese promising to dipped after the fed retaliate, what are they going announced the rate cut and dropped even more when president trump tweeted about new tariffs to do? what do you think? on china yesterday and then that larry, can you hear me? continued with today's sell-off. >> well, neil, i'm jump in. white house economic adviser larry kudlow explaining this the chinese will keep morning the president's decision stimulating the economy. they already have. to impose the tariffs after the they're manipulating their u.s. team met with chinese trade currencies, cutting taxes, propping up their economy making officials. >> we're looking forward to our dollar extremely strong.
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meeting with the chinese team in that's causing our exports to be early september and continuing very expensive. the negotiations. the issue here is when the team they're manipulating their currency. came back, ambassador lighthizer here in the u.s., we don't do that. we shouldn't. and secretary mnuchin reported >> neil: one of the things -- we lost larry. i hope to get him back. the potus. the president is not satisfied john, one of the things that has with the progress on the trade come up here, be careful what deal. you wish for. >> the tariffs set to start in the president plays tough and he's tough on this. you know, you're going to get about a month on $300 billion into the fall where the latest worth of goods from china. waves of tariffs will affect basically everything that is not mostly consumer items. already subject to a tariff. there won't be any industrial there's things that we buy all pass-through like you had with the time. the other tariffs that took like iphones, laptops, game longer to gel. then you're doing it at a tough consoles and tvs and things you time of year. get at the grocery store like the start of the fall, fall alcohol, condiments and spices. buying season. get ready for the holidays. and the markets like what do you think? >> i completely agree. predictability. we got that in the jobs report. i think the president is tough u.s. companies adding 164,000 talk. china has to be dealt with. i'm not sure this is the right jobs in july. job growth is slightly slowing way. it's tough talk. he has backed president xi in a an hourly wages increase by a corner that he can't come out little bit. but unemployment still near a of. there's not an easy off ramp for 50-year low at 3.7%. president xi.
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we bailed out our farmers to the but none of that matters here tune of $28 billion. contracts we're losing to inside those walls where traders only had the tariffs on their brazil, we're losing for the mind. it will be interesting to see foreseeable future. we won't get them back any time what happens when the marks monh soon. farmers in the midwest which elected president trump will start to have a slow -- patience will ebb on this. that's when the political problem is going to manifest itself to the president. i think that's what china is hoping will happen, why they're killing the clock. >> neil: larry, i apologize for some of the technical problems. john layfield pulled the cord. i don't know why he did that. let me ask you, a lot of people think the federal reserve comes to the rescue and maybe that the interest rate cut this week is a sign of more to come. all the more so because of this. what do you think? >> look, neil, the rate cuts help the economy and the consumer. the consumer is the strongest part of the gdp. with the new tariffs, enter new risks not just for the markets but also for the economy. before it was hey, it's not in
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trade war. if i'm not an aircraft exporter, i don't care. now it is in my back yard. i'm here in new england and i have to tell you, it's on main street. from footwear to lobsters, it's everywhere right now. it's showing up. lobster sales to china be down 70% because of this trade issue. 70% of footwear that we wear is coming from china. this will affect families and the economy and the consumer, which is what is driving the u.s. economy. so i'm not buying it. i think this is a real issue. needs to get resolved to get back to the real economy, which is doing great. >> neil: i want to thank you all very much. larry, i apologize for the technical snafu. now we go to mark meredith in new jersey. the president will be spending the weekend there, maybe plotting his strategy, what to do next. mark? >> good afternoon, neil. the president will be making his
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way here to new jersey shortly for the weekend. it's what he was doing earlier today in washington that is getting a lot of attention. the president announcing this new deal that will allow u.s. beef producers to sell more of their products to european consumers. the president was making this announcement within the last couple hours. he was there with his trade adviser as well as north dakota senator john hovan at his side. the president says the deal with the e.u. will grant american farmers and ranchers to more markets. this deal will increase duty-free exports to the e.u. but 46% in one year alone. >> the agreement we signed today will lower trade barriers in europe and expand action says for american farmers and ranchers. we love our farmers and ranchers. with this announcement, we take one more step in giving them the level playing field that they have looked to -- they've looked forward to this for many years. you folks know that. they want a level playing field.
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that's all they want. nobody can beat them. >> today's deal with europe comes a day after the president said he plans to announce additional tariffs on china. the president tweeting that he plans to impose an additional 10% on about $300 billion of chinese imports starting september 1. a little less into effect. a foreign ministry spokes certain said that china does not want to fight, but isn't afraid to either. the spokesperson went on to say that if the tariffs go through, china will have to take necessary counter measures to resolutely defend its core interests. the white house doesn't appear to be afraid of any possible retaliation. we heard from the president's economic adviser earlier today speaking with reporters saying the u.s. economy remains strong and that he believes that u.s. consumers will only see a minuscule impact if these tariffs continue to go back and forth between the u.s. and china, neil.
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>> neil: thanks, mark. mark with the president this weekend. we should stipulate that a lot of retailers were feeling the heat and consumers would federal the heat. that was hurting all the ney you're big names, not surprisingly walmart and target. by extension, even amazon and dollar store. they were all feeling that. the president was addressing that just a few minutes ago at the white house. let's take a look at the tape that is just coming in.
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>> [question inaudible] >> which process are you talking about? >> the confirmation process. >> because i felt that congressman ratcliffe was being treated very unfairly. i read the press. i think i am a student of the press. i could see that the press was treating him very unfairly. he's an outstanding man. i asked him, i said, do you want to go thrwo or three months or want me to maybe omething else? he thought about it. i said it's going to be rough. i can see exactly where the press is going. fake news. he's a fine man. he's a fine man. so we hadn't started the process. i thought it's easier before we
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start. i read things that were just unfair. he's just too good. he doesn't deserve it. >> [question inaudible] >> what? >> [question inaudible] >> that might be. i like sue gordon. sue gordon is there now. i like her very much. i've always liked sue gordon. >> [question inaudible] >> could be. we'll make another choice. sue will be -- she's there now and certainly she will be considered for the acting. that could happen. we'll probably be talking about it either later today or next week. you like sue gordon? >> [question inaudible] >> no, i think he was just treated very badly, very harshly by the press. he really had a decision to make. you want to go through this for -- it could be months. i said i think i see exactly
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what they're trying to do. nobody understands the press. i think i understand them as well as anybody. i didn't think it was fair. >> [question inaudible] >> no, they didn't. i think he would have had support, but again we were very early in the process. we hadn't even started. so we were very early in the process. i think he would have had good support certainly from the republicans. >> [question inaudible] >> i haven't seen that. the democrats were chilly. that's for sure. but the republicans i think would have been very good. a lot of the republicans didn't even know john. so i think he would have good receptivity. he was getting that. i believe he made the right decision. >> [question inaudible]
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>> you understand? i -- >> [question inaudible] >> no, you vet for me. i like when you vet. the white house has a great vetting process. when you vet for me, i give a name, give it to the press and you vet for me. a lot of times you do a very good job. not always. i think the -- if you looked at it, if you take a look at it, the vetting process for the white house is very good. you're part of the vetting process, you know? i give out a name to the press and they vet for me. we save a lot of money that way. in the case of john, i believe that he was being treated very harshly and very unfairly. >> [question inaudible] >> no, i'll tell you what, i
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thought he would have had very good support. the republicans love john ratcliffe. he would have had very good support. he wasn't in that world that much. i think he would have picked it up very quickly. i think he would have had great republican support. probably no democrat support,o get some. but i think he would have done fine. it would have been a long, hard battle. >> [question inaudible] >> that's okay. i don't mind that. the tweet itself was just really a repeat of what i heard over the news. i know his house was robbed. i thought that was too bad. that was really just -- that was not meant as a wise guy tweet. his house was robbed. it came over the news at a certain moment last night. i had just mentioned it.
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>> [question inaudible] >> well, i think john, number 1 -- you have to understand, we're so far behind. we have been treated so badly. i don't blame china. i blame our past leaders, our past president, our past trade representatives. they've done a terrible job. china -- we can't just go and make an even deal with china. we have to make a better deal with china. right now they have a very unfair playing field. i'm turning it around. so we're getting 25% of $250 billion and now 10% of probably close to $350 billion. a lot of money. china has to do a lot of things to turn it around. you'll be seeing. they have to do a lot of things. it goes on september 1. frankly, if they don't do them, i can always increase it very substantially.
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in other words, i can increase it if i wanted to a very much higher number. >> [question inaudible] >> well, it's in a process right now. i know the case very well. it's a very sad situation. it is heartbreaking. that's in a process right now. i'm not going to get involved in the process. as you know, they'll be making a final decision over the next ten days. so i won't interfere with the process. >> [question inaudible] >> well, we've been moving it down. we've been moving it down from syria. we defeated the isis caliphate. we have now 100% of that. we have 2,500 prisoners. europe is going to have to take them or somebody will have to take them. but we have 2,500 isis prisoners. we've told europe, hey, some
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come from france, some come from germany. they're going to have to take them. we'll see what happens. we've pretty much reduced -- we've taken it way down in syria. ultimately it's down to a very few people, if any. with respect to afghanistan, we made a lot of progress. we're talking. but we've also made a lot of progress. we're reducing it. we've been there for 19 years. we're serving as policemen. we could win afghanistan in two days or three days or four days if we wanted. i'm not looking to kill 10 million people. >> [question inaudible] what about it? >> [question inaudible] we can win that war very easily. i could win that war in a week if i wanted to. i'm not looking to kill 10 million people. okay? many of them would be innocent people. i'm not looking to do that. i'm not talking nuclear, by the way. i'm talking totally conventional. i'm not looking to kill millions
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of people in afghanistan. >> [question inaudible] >> that i can't tell you. we'll find out. >> [question inaudible] >> i hear he's done a good job. i don't know congressman hurd. we differ on certain subjects. i heard he's done a good job. it's too bad he's leaving. really don't know him. >> [question inaudible] >> i do have a short list. i have a list of a few people. we're looking at very well-known people. people where the vetting would go easily because that's what they've been doing. they're in the intelligence world. so we do. i have a list of three people that i'm going to be working on over the weekend. we're going to bedminster.
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i'll be working on that over the weekend and monday i'll give you an answer. i do like sue gordon very much as acting as per your question. >> [question inaudible] >> say again. >> [question inaudible] >> i think we real -- we have a lot of good people. we have three people specifically. i can tell you. i can tell you. they're right here. >> who are they? >> it's too early. you want a piece of the list? >> [question inaudible] >> i don't want to say if they can be trusted or not. history i'd say is not so good. they don't like us much either. we've brought them down. we brought the numbers of soldiers down substantially. they're coming down. we're talking to them. we have a lot of advantages making a deal with us. we're doing very well with pakistan. i met a gentleman that i liked a
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lot as you know last week from pakistan. i have a lot of respect for. a good friendship, a good feeling, a good chemistry. i think pakistan will help us and i think others will get involved. but we've been there 19 years. we're not really -- let's put it this way. we're more policemen than anything else. that's not for our soldiers. i said it a lot.millio people. i'm not talking nuclear. i'm not talking nuclear. we would win that war in less than a week. i have that as an option always. that's what we're not looking to do. >> [question inaudible] >> with russia, we have been speaking to russia about that, about a pact for nuclear. so that they get rid of some, we get rid of some. probably have to put china in there. right now we're number 1, russia
1:19 pm
is number 2 and china is number 3. china is quite a bit down in terms of nuclear. they're much lower. we would certainly want to include china at some point. i would think that the relationship is good. we're trying to have a good relationship. it's very hard in light of the phony witch hunt, which is now dead. i'll say this with russia. if we could get a pact where they reduce and we reduce nuclear, that would be a great thing for the world. i do believe that will happen. we have discussed it. i also discussed it with china. i discussed it with president putin and with china. i will tell you, china was very, very excited about talking about it. so is russia. so i think we'll have a deal at some point. the particular pact you're talking about that expired as of today, they weren't living up to
1:20 pm
their commitment. i said if they're not going to live up to their commitment, then we have to -- we always have to be in the lead. you know, i've redone our nuclear. we have new nuclear coming. i hate to tell that to people because it's devastating, but we always have to be in the lead. hope to god you never have to use it. >> [question inaudible] >> we have new everything. we have the finest military in the world. we make the finest equipment in the world by far, whether it's fighters, whether it's missiles, whether it's ships. whether it's submarines. there's nobody to compete with us. if we could hold off spending by getting a pact with russia and with china, that would be very good for all three countries.
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>> [question inaudible] >> you're talking about the trade on beef? >> [question inaudible] >> the e.u. is very tough to deal with. they're very difficult. they have barriers on beef. we broke that barrier today. i appreciate it. it's a group of countries as you know, we love those countries, but with dealing them, they're very difficult. we did a very big deal today, beef. we'll be selling them a big percentage of their beef. that's great for our ranchers and farmers. we were happy to do it. >> [question inaudible] >> auto tariffs are never off the table. if they would not treat us fairly, which they're not. right now -- look, the e.u. has tremendous barriers to us. but we just broke the first barrier. maybe we broke it because of the fact that if i don't get what we
1:22 pm
want, i'll put auto tariffs. it's all about the automobile and all about the tariffs. if i don't get what i want, i'll have no choice but maybe to do that. but so far they've been very good. i want to thank mexico, the numbers are way, way down apprehensions. the numbers are way down. mexico, they have about 21,000. they now have maybe more than that on our border. they have another 6,000 on their northern border. okay? the northern border. near guatemala. mexico is doing a great job. >> [question inaudible] >> i would love to see before we talk about secretary, i will tell you, i would love to see the democrats sit down and work out the loop holes in 20 minutes. that's what it would take and work
1:23 pm
asylum fix, an asylum bill. lindsey graham is heading it up. we'll see what happens. >> [question inaudible] >> i'll always help our farmers. our farmers were targeted by china. our farmers, they're great patriots. i'll always help our farmers. there will be a big time when the biggest beneficiary of what we're doing with china, you're seeing it with the e.u. they couldn't do the cattle things at all. beef. they couldn't do it at all. now all of a sudden this came out of nowhere. our farmers will be the biggest beneficiaries. they know that. they're great patriots. >> [question inaudible] no, what happens is china devalues their currency and china is pouring money out.
1:24 pm
that will pay for the tariffs. it's a total misnomer. i don't say that with all countries. but with china, they're very highly sophisticated. so are we. more than anybody would understand. all you have to do is ask china. ask china. but let me just explain. so china is devaluing their currency. they're also pouring money in. their currency is going to hell. but they're pouring money in. that will totally pay for the tariffs. they're not being paid for by our people. it's being paid for by china. because of devaluation and because they're pumping money in. thank you. thank you, everybody. >> [question inaudible] >> you interviewed the wrong farmer. number 2, any amount that china sucks up, we're making up out of
1:25 pm
the billions that we take in. remember this, our country is taking in billions and billions of dollars from china. we never took in ten cents from china. out of that many billions of dollars, we're talking a part of it and giving it to the farmers because they've been targeted by china. they come out whole. you interviewed the wrong farmer. >> neil: all right. i don't know where to begin here. just to be clarifying, china isn't paying these tariffs. you are. you know, indirectly and sometimes directly. it's passed along to you through american distributors and their counter parts in the united states that buy this stuff from the chinese and have to pay the surcharges. not the chinese government. i don't understand what he was saying about the devaluation of added cost in china. be that as it may, this latest
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round of tariffs that kick in on $300 billion of goods, that will be felt been consumers directly. that happens on consumer items rather than industrial-related items. wanted to clarify that. governments don't pay this. you do one way or another. rich edson is at the white house on all of this. rich? >> good afternoon, neil. the president also saying that china has a lot to do before the united states would consider avoiding the tariffs the president is forecasting that he said he would put on $300 billion of chinese imports. he said he's willing to go higher on the tariff rates if china doesn't reverse its policies as these negotiations are on going. more on trade earlier today. the president announced the e.u. beef deals for american farmers to sell more beef to the european union. the president says that is the first barrier. the e.u. has huge trade barrier.
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the auto tariffs are never off the table. much of the conversation the president just had focused on john radcliff, the congressman that will stay in congress. the president said he was withdrawing his name of consideration to be the director of national intelligence. the president says that radcliff received unfair treatment from critics and he said it was a good idea to avoid the process altogether. he said he could have gotten republicans on board that would have voted on his confirmation because congressman radcliff is out on the house side. he said he will have a decision by monday. the list is down to three people for national intelligence. makif kamala harris.. she said it will slow things down. the pool of choice they have. the two dozen candidates they have. not one impressing them. depending who you talk to.
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>> neil: we will know september 1 if people will be hit by the tariffs. imagine if you're restless and gen x. what are they doing now? rivaled. the united states postal service makes more
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e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals. delegates, how do you vote? (cheering) ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes... that is freaky. (applause) now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money. make it simple. make it ship sticks. >> neil: all right. you are looking at las vegas,
1:32 pm
nevada. hopefuls will be there this weekend. one democrat that won't be there, the former first lady of the united spping some on the left, some, to get her into the race because they really don't like the two dozen or so candidates in the race as things stands now. what is that saying about the 2020 field if her name is even coming up? we have lauren, kevin and brad here with us. you know, brad, it's nothing new in prior election cycles, no matter how many people are in the race, there's always a yearning for somebody that is not in the race. in 1992, when bill clinton ran, everybody wanted mario cuomo. this is not new. what do you make of it? >> it's a slap in the face to joe biden. if joe biden was doing well in this campaign, you wouldn't have people on the left out there like michael moore who said we need someone else that
1:33 pm
represents going back to the obama era. joe biden seems weak and frail and struggled with the debates. so the fact that people are trying to tap michelle obama says they're not too happy with joe biden. >> neil: i don't see a lot of people pushing for this. they might want to wait it out. i understand someone not in the race looks good from afar. i get that. but i'm wondering what this says about a party kind of wondering about the good things of the obama administration and the controversial things about the administration. joe biden dealt with that directly. how d look, people have been asking for michelle obama to run 2016, there with ven when people that liked the idea of michelle running. so she would secede barack obama. so she's very admired. we know shes the most admired woman in america. the fact is, yes, she could beat donald trump. we have other candidates that have the ability to beat donald
1:34 pm
trump as well. kamala harris can beat donald trump, joe biden can beat donald trump, elizabeth warren. some polls suggest that. so we really want to focus on whittling the field down and getting past this huge primary. this is what happens when you have so many candidates. they're all taking shots at the ones leading and it sorts of drag down their popularity. recent polling has shown that the morning consult poll shows there's not much in a difference in the last two debates. looks like joe biden still has his lead despite not really knocking it out of the park. >> neil: lauren, if i'm donald trump, i'm probably loving this, right? i have a good economy. bumpy concerns about trades. good markets. all and all, the kind of stuff that shows i've got, you know, unprecedented republican support. very loyal base. i have a lot of independents
1:35 pm
that might be looking at the economy as democrats are desperately looking for a nominee. what do you think? >> yeah, absolutely. independents is where this election is going to be won. the democrats are fighting a twitter primary where they go after each other based on whatever the farthest left voters will be wanting at that moment. it's really leaving out people like joe biden or potentially michelle obama from even entering into the conversation. that moderate voice in the democratic party is getting drowned out. if you're donald trump, you've love this. that's what you want to happen. you want them so far to the left that they don't resonate with the average american voter. >> neil: i apologize with the truncated segment with the president speaking. we covered a lot. thanks. we mentioned the president. he rips up an arms accord with russia and now the whole world
1:36 pm
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>> neil: well, it was a matter of timing. the u.s. formally withdrawing from the russia arm treaty. during the obama administration, there was a great concern about whether russia was ever going to answer a call about not even doing that. former assistant secretary of state with us. so what next? it's not a big surprise. >> this is one of those events that was significant and not very significant. it confirms the reality we're in right now. the inf treaty eliminated nuclear and conventional ground launched ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. it was really about protecting europe. the history is interesting. the soviets introduced one of these missiles, ss-27 and we
1:40 pm
introduced the pershing 2. in 87, we got the agreement and in 88 we signed it. so it was very significant in that it eliminated -- i'm trying to remember. it eliminated about 2,692 weapons. 846 on the u.s. side, 1,846 on the soviet side. so it was significant in its time. in 2001, we stopped inspections and 2008, the soviets, the russias, broke out and now we're in a position where both aremod. the real question today, does this open the door to a new race or is it really about a new agreement. the answer is really about a new agreement. china has to be in that agreement. so what i see happening is in the next maybe five years, you can see an agreement of the same kind evolving with russia and china signing with the united states that would be a good thing. >> neil: the china race is where we have issues with trust.
1:41 pm
china, trade deal is -- or lack of is a problem. the chinese, you know, keep cheating. keep lying, keep switching positions and all that. so if they did that on trade, how can we deal with them on military issues? >> you raise an interesting question, neil. they've been doing the same thing on the security side with these islands in the south china sea, rapid modernization. one of the things this president is doing, which is very clever, he's crossed the two electric currents of trade policy and security policy. i could see a number of things from north korea to a new inf-style treaty coming off a trade accord. he's linking them and saying look, we'll keep you honest on the trade side and by the way, we're going keep you honest on the security side, too. >> neil: do you think we'll ultimately get a three-way deal? that's a pretty ambitious undertaking. >> it was ambitious in 1979 to
1:42 pm
initiate a two-track way of thinking and introduce the persian two missiles. it took a decade to have something that we could implement. this is the natural trajectory. unless you want nuclear war, ultimately intermediate range missiles have to be limit add again. really, the united states and russia can get there. they're modernizing. china is trying to catch up on a rapid b-line. that's why we have to have them in this accord. eventually in five or six or seven years. could be sooner than that. this president is breaking the norms. maybe it happens faster. they have to be brought into the next inf accord. >> neil: thanks, secretary. have a great weekend. >> yes, sir. you too. >> neil: the president is taking aim at blue cities that have some democrats seeing red. we'll explain. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate.
1:43 pm
with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands?
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>> people living in the streets. >> neil: the president blasting big cities run by democrats. could enough voters rebel and flip those seats or flip out? because the president is aiming for some of those blue cities either to make a statement or finish a vendetta. brooke rogers joins me. we talked briefly in the break. what is he doing? what is the strategy? >> i don't know if there is a strategy. in his mind, someone took a punch at him. he's punching back. if you look at his m.o. over the last couple years, when a politician comes after him, he goes for the throat. that's what this is about. i don't think he's trying to appeal to voters as much as trying to get back at
1:47 pm
representative cummings. >> neil: could he tip any elections? he couldn't tip a blue state. maybe he could. or is this about putting>> i do chance of winning cities like baltimore, san francisco or any of the other cities that he's taken shots at. this is much more about changing the rhetoric about this issue. it's a classic political tactic to say when you're being attacked, look at your own district. look at your own neighborhood. >> neil: and your forcing the other side to spend time and money in areas that they deemed safe and they didn't have to. >> right. you're pushing the ball back to them. they have to defend their own record and defend themselves. if you look at the rhetoric since then, people have been coming to baltimore's defense. it's changed from representative cummings criticism of the border situation to now he's on defense. i think that was the whole point of trump's comments. >> neil: you think it could help
1:48 pm
him run up more of the popular vote? this was about the vote. this could help him. >> i think most of the rhetoric he's using is more divisive. he said they're rodent infested, no human being would want to live there. people in those cities, they may acknowledge as i think most serious people would that there's crime problems. they don't want their city being talked about like that. i think that will backfire. >> neil: yeah. brooke, thank you from the "new york post," a very good read. who knows. it could flip around. meanwhile, next time you order food for delivery, check if there's a bite missing. gen-x is next. from any one els. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances.
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>> of the total millennials are notoriously cheap, so will these new batch of tariffs that kicking on chinese goods make them revolting and not buy anything at all? internet radio host sensation mike conzelmann, fox news contributor, cat, does that mean, because these will be a fy immediate if they go into effect, would you be less inclined to buy stuff? what do you think? >> no, i would not be less inclined about this is speaking as someone who is terrible with her money, i once spent $20 on post meets to get a single slurpee delivered to my house. i felt kind of bad for the delivery guy but then i didn't when eyes are that was judging me. i should probably watch a little
1:53 pm
bit more. i wonder how the narrative will change around this because trump keeps coming out and saying china is paying for these when the reality is, the amount we've gotten from china isn't even enough to cover the agricultural bailout let alone the price hikes and the other industry struggling because of it. >> i don't think it's on anybody's mind, not just me but i think a lot of younger people don't really -- they get their news from facebook or google. >> suddenly if the price of an item goes up 10%, if a good chunk of it -- >> you would question it, what's happening, how do we fix it? this is such a higher level than what we can deal with, we are just stuck. >> the reason i wanted to ask you guys this is another survey you might've heard, millennials are having problem with dating because it's so expensive. 30% say they can't afford datin
1:54 pm
dating. >> come on. >> it's expensive. >> i can't afford dating. >> you are married. >> story of my life. 100 bucks to take somebody out on a date and it usually ends up going terrible. if you itemize it, what is it, 20 bucks for a movie ticket? another $20 per candy for yourself, go to a restaurant that's not food chain. >> get creative, go to a museum, drink 40s in the park. >> do you split the cost? >> no. >> is always up to us, that's why i'm stuck. >> this is another one that's interesting, food delivery drivers apparently admit to eating some of your food before
1:55 pm
dropping it off. they are not only overpaying for stuff but they are eating -- >> as someone who doesn't cook, this is literally my nightmare. this is -- in manhattan, now it's explained. >> here's his address, ladies. >> why there was a thumbprint in my mashed potatoes, people doing this. >> eating mashed potatoes with your bare hands is a new low, i've got to say, i've never done that. i've had every meal i've eaten delivered since 2015. i'm a little disgusted by this but i feel like i am out of the tax break because i have all these dependents i didn't even know i had, i've been feeding people out here for years. >> are you a generous tip or? >> yes. >> they say 28% admitted to this, can you imagine the actual numbers?
1:56 pm
>> it's got to be obvious with pizza. >> not if you are taking the topping off. >> it's got to be fries, chicken wings. >> this is my nightmare. >> i wish we had more time, can we get you back? >> yes, please. >> i might not be back. >> that will destroy that. let's take a real quick peek, i want to look at how we finish out the week, the worst week for stocks this year, a tough weekend a lot of markets getting ready to the possibility of a trade war, these poor people, the congressman john delaney on what he wants to do to save the world. ♪ >> dana: hello everyone, i'm dana perino, this is "the five."
1:57 pm
♪ after a week highlighted by democratic debates, president trump finally getting his chance to respond, the president not holding back at a rally in ohio by unleashing on his 2020 rivals, singling out elizabeth warren and joe biden will also going after their party's progressive policies. >> while republicans are working every day to build up our country, the rage filled the
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