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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 2, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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entire point. in the meantime, most-watched, in california, they know that an most trusted, most grateful you ignorant public is much more spend your friday evening with easy to control. us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. the entire democratic field ♪ seems like they want to be president of anywhere but america. ♪ a country they clearly find the lodestone. is disliking the country you >> tucker: good evening, want to run a good wayay to get welcome to a special inside the elected? we will discuss that next, as issues addition of "tucker carlson tonight." for 2 1/2 years, you may have our inside the issues episode noticed, official washington has cracked down hard on even minor continues. ily violations of the law. and it really shows. roger stone, for example, faces a life ending felony trial with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? because he apparently couldn't we know their rates are good, remember details from a totally we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and irrelevant email exchange he i should have changed a long time ago. once had paired paul manafort, it was funny because when we would call meanwhile, will die behind bars another insurance company, in part because he didn't file t hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" paperwork, with ukraine pit if we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, you're involved in politics in and we're usaa members for life. washington, suddenly there is not a lot of room for error -- ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. unless you happen to be jim comey. if you are jim comey, you can do pretty much whatever you feel
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like it if you flagrantly break i felt withdrawn, alone...mile, you become closed off. ♪ the law and brag about it, having to live with bad teeth for so long nobody will touch you. how do we know this? was extremely depressing. we know this because comey actually did that. now, i know how happy i am. shortly before he was fired from there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed. the fbi, comey wrote memos i wish that i had gone to aspen dental on day one describing his meetings with his and not waited three years. boss, the president. comey then lease those memos, at aspen dental, we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. some of which contained classified information. that is a crime. yes to free exams and x-rays how do we know it is a crime? for new patients without insurance. and yes, whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. comey himself conceded that in an interview. watch. call now at 1-800-aspendental. >> i think of a leak as an unauthorized disclosure of classified information. that is how i thought about it as fbi director. >> tucker: so, by comey's own admission, which you just heard, he committed a crime. comey was responsible for the funauthorized disclosure of classified information. tiyet, according to comey, this was legal because it wasn't w leaking. it was "communicating." >> but you did leak memos, i mean, is it okay for somebody at the fbi to leak something, an internal document, even if it's not classified? but i'm more than a number.
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when i'm not teaching, i'm taking steep grades and tight corners. isn't that leaking? >> there is a whole lot wrong my essilor lenses offer more than vision correction with your question. first, i didn't leak memos. with three innovative technologies i asked a friend to communicate the substance of one for my ultimate in vision, unclassified -- clarity and protection... but >> but you -- together in a single lens: >> can i finish my question the essilor ultimate lens package so, i can do more of what i love asked mack >> tucker: it wasn't a leak, i asked my friend buy new transitions with select essilor lenses. to communicate the contents of . choose a second pair of qualifying clear lenses... the fbi has determined that free with purchase of frames. see more. do more. essilor comey's leaked memos did contained classifieded informatn that comey failed to react. keep in mind, this was the head of the fbi. this is a guy who knew what the rules were and ignored them. he committed a crime. comey admits that he committed that crime entirely for political reasons. >> and the president said he was eager to find leakers and would like to nail one to the doors as a message, i said that. >> shouldn't you be nailed to the door, then? are you a weaker? >> plenty of people leak nonclassified information to reporters, and the white house
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and the fbi gets upset about it. speak of the fbi gets upset when people make unauthorized disclosures of classified information. i intentionally gave thisis information to a friend, intending it be gave to the media. i wanted it to get into the media. >> tucker: "i wanted it to get out in the media." a memo with classified material in it. what you just saw is a confession. comey admitted everything, on camera. if you are o prosecuting this case, it would be open and shut. but it won't be prosecuted. apparently, comey will never be tried for the crimes he committed. according to "the hills"'s, john solomon, the doj has decided not to prosecute james comey on the grounds that punishing him for breaking the law would seem,n "petty and vindictive." of course, petty and vindictive describes the culture of the fbi under jim comey. petty and vindictive is the reason roger stone hastu been treated far more harshly by federal authorities than jeffrey
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epstein ever was. petty and vindictive sums up the entire russia investigation, an the effort to destroy donald trump's entire life. comey disgrace to the fbi. he abused the public's trust. in 2016, he repeatedly injected himself into the political arena and by his own admission, he considered the political effect of his actions when he did so. his subordinates, meanwhile, like peter strzok and lisa page, loathsome people, repeatedly conspired to use fbi resources to sabotage the presidential campaign didn'tveen like. ♪ from the very beginning, there >> tucker: welcome back to was an no justification.
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it was always just a tonight inside the issues at a hillary clinton campaign talking special hour. bill de blasio is running for president, he's got no chance of point. being in the white house, but an excuse for her humiliating election defeat. his campaign is still having an comey knew that. everyone who paid attention to that knew that. effect. it is solidifying his position as the single worst mayor in the instead of behaving responsibly, he indulged the same conspiracy 400 year history of new york city. he stands apart, but a lot of theory that was pushed for two years. rescuing jim comey for his bad mayors, bill de blasio is and is in his own category. here is the latest. crimes, that he admitted to, would not be petty or vindictive, just the opposite, it might reassure the rest of us on thursday, he and his staff that justice is in fact blind in this country peered where losing faith in. devin nunes represents the state of california. went to an airport following the residential debate in detroit. de blasio and his guards were traveling with him and force the rest of the flight to wait in congressmen, why wouldn't doj their seats for 10 minutes so prosecute jim comey form that he could board the plane first. why? committing a crime that he has well, he would have plenty of emergencies that might justify admitted to committing? that. for example, 900 classrooms inth >> well, tucker, i agree with new york city have just tested positive for lead. the city has tens of thousands everything in your opening s of people living on the streets. statement. i think every american should watch what you just said. i want to actually make sure, though, that you understand what the middle class is fleeing. john solomon reported on here. i think it may be taken a little enew york's population is actually in decline for the first time in decades. so de blasio has a lot to
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worry about. out of context. there are emergencies he could the ig who reportedly according to solomon sources made a righto be dealing with, but of recommendation, okay? course, yesterday, he wasn't just because the doj is not dealing with any of them. no, he had a different kind of going to act under that emergency. de blasio was racing off too recommendation does not meanec appear on a taping of the view. that he's not going to be further looked at so remember, possibly the dumbest show on television. the u.s. attorney in connecticut in fact, not possibly, the single dumbest show on television. now is taking all of this and that's what everyone else information in. had to wait for de blasio to get to the view. d so he's taking in our criminalal referrals, for example. wis campaign can't end soon so look, i haven't disclosed who you have referred criminally but one could guess it's highly enough. his time as mayor can't end soon likely that we would use people enough. that i have leaked classified information. well, joe biden is running for so they are not going to act on president, as well. he is currently leading the any of our referrals, those polls on the democratic side but have all been given to the u.s. attorney in connecticut. my guess is the same holds true for the ig. that doesn't tell you much. there isn't in fact, a single everything should be given to the attorney in connecticut. politician called joe biden in america. so if i was james comey, i there are really two joe biden's wouldn't be walking in theey and they have radically cornfields of iowa running for president. different views. one has been along for around a long time, we will call himm >> tucker: so if comey, this old joe biden, and sounds like a minor detail, but new joe biden. so new joe biden is the one running for president right now i don't think it is, if he is tt and that's too bad because alloe old joe biden had something
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happens, with his house be rated by, say, 30 armed federal agents going for him. with amphibious vehicles and the old joe biden, for example, believe that executing terrorists and mass murderers is probably not a bad idea. new joe biden has a different view. j >> i support the death penalty. collusion of cnn? >> well, i would guess probably not because i believe u.s. the biden crime bill, the only t attorney john durham is actually reason why, if mcveigh is convicted in oklahoma, he gets put to death. a man who does see the blind the bye didn't bill, i wrote the lady, that doesn't -- is not partisan at all and law. unlike what you saw with of the mueller dossier team which we >> by the way, congratulations, now know he wasn't even charged jill, ending the death penalty. >> tucker: old joe biden cared with that investigation. so i don't believe you will see that, but i do believe that about protecting america from james comey will be held accountable, and there is one dangerous drugs on the people other point that is important to who sold them. new joe biden doesn't care at all, even though right now make: the ig also has important america is in the words drove powers. academic it has ever seen. the ig does not have the power, though, to investigate or compel >> hold drug users and people to be interviewed that traffickers accountable for their crimes. don't work with the department of justice or in the government. we can sense federal and state so, i have always been hesitant drug offenders observing short to, although i appreciate with sentences were relatively minor the ig is doing, they i are drug offenses to boot camps. limited where john durham is not regional programs at former
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limited. military bases where young the u.s. attorney looking at this. so, there are a lot more people adults would serve their time to need to be interviewed, even under military style discipline. to speak with a rational way to go about it is making sure you in our investigation. are not putting people in jail who, inin fact, have not commitd we would love to have a law enforcement arm that we could go out and conduct more interviews.em violent crimes. you should put them in work but, the fbi and the u.s. attorney in connecticut, they programs.or you should put them in positions where they are on probation, have, they are building their team. they have a lot of people out. et cetera. >> tucker: oldon joe biden was there will be a lot of people liberal. that are interviewed because we he is not conservative or want to make sure is that it's anything, and he was for legal not just james comey that gets looked at, but this whole fiasco abortion,th most of the time. but he was moderate in some way that has occurred. you just touched on a little bit ways. he opposed taxpayer funding for abortion because he recognized that for some s people, it's in your opening. don't forget, the worst that's repugnant. new joe biden though is not moderate in any sense. he's a radical. he wants taxpayers to cover abortion. been done, the leaking is really bad, and it was wrong, and it was done to incite a special that can take place all the way to the moment of birth. counsel and poise and of >> biden voted in 1977 and again in 1981 to end federal funding for abortion for victims americans. but the worst i would argue of all of this, the spying on the political campaign began in the of rape and incest. in 1994, he won't do it first place, long before they told congress it began, so this constituent, "the began in early 2016, and it was
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done in conjunction with the government should not tell those with strong convictions against abortion searches you and i that hillary clinton campaign. we must pay for them." it doesn't get worse than that. he supported the hyde amendment >> tucker: yes, by the obama since its passage in 1976. last night, he changed his tune. >> if i believe health care is a administration, who are still venerated like gods for some reason. right, as i do, i can noma longer support an amendment that congressman, thank you very makes that right dependent on much. good to see you. >> thank you, tucker. someone's zip code. >> tucker: thanks. well, russia and robert mueller were the story of the century on cable news. certainly, they were the reason cnn existed for more than two >> tucker: new joe biden is years. better than old joe biden in one then, robert mueller testified way, probably just one way. before congress, and suddenly old joe biden didn'tvi care about china and in fact, there is some evidence joe biden tried to get rich from china. the story one way, it was his relatives did. new joe biden at least pretends invisible. for instance, two nights of that he worries a little bit democratic debates, and russia about china. sometimes. >> china is going to eat our and mueller were basically on lunch? come on, man. they are not bad folks. but guess what? were barely mentioned at all. they are competition for us. did the scandal go away? recent author of the book "panic attack and radicals in >> while trump is tweeting, china is making vast investments in new technologies. the age of trump" answer these you bet i'm worried about china. questions like this one. robbie, why did this story, the hacking of our democracy, we are at war, i think you will remember, how did this story evaporate into nothing?
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>> right? it was the story of the century. let's invest in america. >> tucker: so good for new i mean, if they had spent as joe biden for recognizing that much time talking about mueller and russia collusion during the debate as they have spent night after night on some of the other networks, they would've spent that china is a threat, or at the entire debate on this subject and never touched a least mouthing the words. new joe biden wants free second of policy. health care for illegal aliens. i think, you know, i don't think old joe biden voted to pass the the candidates want to talk firearm owners protection act. about the mueller stuff anymore. new joe biden wants to get rid i think they know that the kind of voters they have to attract of the second amendment. old joe biden voted to pass the to have hopes of competing with firearms under protective act. donald trump are interested in new joe biden says that what policies are you going to supportar that are going to make america's english common law system is racist. our lives better? it's too bad old joe biden isn't there was always this kind of the one running for president instead of new joe biden. fiction that was being pushed by so many inn the media that the he probably be a pretty decent way we get rid of trump, who we don't like, is the mueller president, actually. so, the new joe biden probably not going to wind up in the white house. investigation, collusion, bringing up these things -- but are the other democratic candidates, are they any better? there's no other way to get rid of him. and we are going to have and based on the debates we saw this week, the answer is no. election in a year and a half. the field appears to be trapped in an alternate reality where they want to give all you could defeat donald trump if you are more invested in sort of their wealth to the poor while giving lectures about how they
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the normal political process for are racist and evil. replacing the president if you don't like them. the actual american electric, by the a way, is less excited about those ideas. >> tucker: but it lazy democracy. >> right. or nothing changes, the they always say they do. they always say they are about democratic party will lose once democracy but this was an extrajudicial means of dealing again. with the president that they don't like. i mean, it was day after day. every new development, these thank you for joining us tonight. other journalists, promising two days of debates, and this is a generalization. i think there are a couple of their viewers, just stay through the same candidates. to the next commercial break. if you stick with us, it's coming next. the development that will be the tulsi gabbard, for example. end of the trump administration. john delaney. tim ryan. but the front runners were it was like reminiscent of, youu know, puritan sects who are always promising the end of the pretty focused on the world.d shortcomings of the american people. america isco a crappy, racist on some specific day. and then it doesn't happen. and it's like oh, we read the passages wrong and is actually country that always a lot to the world. >> i don't think that is the next week, and they get excited for it again. that's what it was like for so long.ed message of the front runners where there is only one >> tucker: but those sects have been thoroughly discredited. front-runner, joe biden, everyone else's trails have by digits. they tried to create this we have laughed at them, as you argument that somehow bertie and just did, but the people who elizabeth warren are cofront pushed this hoax on us, who runners. you can combine their numbers, and they called, for example, me, a traitor and a tool of putin, ant at the same time, look at the
9:12 pm
really used language that was thursday debate.u totally was totally over-the-top bernie and elizabeth born in the and unsupported by fact andto middle -- >> tucker: may i stop you really wrong, in my opinion, not right there? one of those person has that's true, but we are pretty early. i mean, jeb bush was leading the apologized. why? >> it's still going on to some rest of the pack by that kind of extent. i saw after the debate, the next morning, i'm seeing people, journalist, some of them margin four years ago. do you really believe joe biden, promising like, tulsi gabbard going after kamala harris had having watched him carefully, something to do with russia and it was trendy because russian two debates, is capable of sustaining a winning presidential campaign between bots were treating about it. now and the november after this? like no, it's just too >> i think he has to stick to two candidates having a really interesting debate about harris' his guns. he has to be the old joe biden, record on criminal justice issues that should be the job i did that has served it's not everything you like and the american people for the last 40 years, not be pulled to the disagree with is some grand side. let's understand, we have a conspiracy, which is what these field that is big, it's hard to get your message across in a other networks have peddled for couple of seconds of sound bites. at the same time, you are a forever. i wish they would admit that this has gone way too far. two-time vice president selling it would be great to talk about policy again. with someone selling crystals i have policy differences with the trump administration. i would love to see them talked and bill de blasio on the other side.
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about. it's just been nothing but this you have to compete withth that. for years. >> tucker: yeah. hasn't helped anyone. it's hurt the country. as the field shrinks down -- great to see you. >> tucker: don't put biden the democratic debate on near too many democrats because he looks bad? [laughs] >> don't put him next to random tulsi gabbard got into it with kamala harris. harris is now presenting to be a crazy ladies selling crystals, crusader for prison reform, some guy who wants to give everybody $1,000 a month. justice reform, but as gabbard put him in an actual policy pointed out, for six years debate. let him and kamala hammer things harris was the ag and she sent a bunch of people to jail for relatively mild crimes. out of how their plans work, how they are funded, instead of millions of people saw that having these that don't teach exchange between the two of them, and some naturally would like to find out more about what the american people anything. kamala harris did as the if he has to get through the attorney general of california. but as of right now, the state "american idol" phase of the campaign, and then we'll get to see the real joe biden. of california is making that information very hard to find. as long as you constrain him to twicerd severe, that a parent or 22nd sound bites that are made corrections in california releases a report on newly to go viral,oi we are not incarcerated people in the state. going to see the real joe biden. the reports provide information on offenses, sentences, demographics, and a lot more, >> tucker: it's very important information. but until recently, anybody could read these reports online. that's called transparency he's been around 40 or 50 years, because it's our government, right? supposedly? as you said, i think we would've not anymore. seen the real joe biden.
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this is a conversation i often has, has it occurred to you at department just redesigned website and now, all reports prior to this year, the center of gravity and the immediately, including those party has really changed, and the crystal lady, some of the covering kamala harris' wackos really represent six years as attorney general mainstream democratic views now? have been nse, that's the >> absolutely not. i think you look at the clinton electoral map from 1996, that is what dem for, the mississippi corridor, the rust belt, the midwest. talk about union jobs. the first two debates, eight hoursou of talking, the only educated question that was answered was joe biden talking about bussing from the 1950s. when we get back to kitchen table issues that people care about, that is when you will see real change in the electorate. as long as we are all about medicaid for all, free taxpayer-funded abortions, illegal immigrants, all of this crazy issues, you're not going to see the real democratic party shining through. >> tucker: they brought that stuff up.
9:15 pm
free health care to illegal aliens -- it's not spirit biden is for that. by the way, i agree with you, biden is probably the sanest of the front runners, but biden has endorsed giving free health care to illegal aliens. that's demented. >> let's understand, as the policies get refined, as all of these things come g out, we are going to get more moderate policy positions. when you arewh running against 5 people, you are not goingeo to t good policy and talking points. as we get past that and get into the fall, move into iowa,sh new hampshire, south carolina, we are going to get more stain policies. right now, anybody who stumbles hooff the street who can get a couple don democratic candidate on the debate stage if you just declare. >> tucker: we will see. i'm just saying, biden endorsed that he didn't have to crap
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donald trump was supposedly racist for calling elijah cummings district dirty,. plus, another google employee fired. that ahead, as our live special continues. [ alarm sound ] [ alarm sound ] hello.
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♪ >> tucker: welcome back to our live inside the issue special. news cycle being denounced as a racist and a nazi for calling baltimore a dirty, dangerous place, but he's right as we know. it turns out that burglars targeted a home owned by congressman elijah cummings who represents baltimore just last week. coming from someone who is undergoing what more than 7,000 residents expense all year,
9:21 pm
but on m twitter, they've artie tried to claim that he is a law-abiding citizen, it must be the work of a rogue, out-of-state trump supporter. or the russians! newark congressman johnny was felly at tweeted in response, "donald trump hated rhetoric and racist rants are reckless and dangerous." moron. just one problem. cops say the burglars took place hours before the president even tweeted about elijah cummings. and yet, despite that, it's investigating whether a threat nexus exists for elijah cummings even though what happened to cummings happened before the president tweeted about it. that tells you a lot. well, it's pretty clear that google isn't simply just a business enterprise. though, it is the most powerful business in the history of the world. it's also an ideological organization. to its core. google cares what you are able to see and what you are able to
9:22 pm
think and the exercise the kindr of control over their own employees. kevin would know that firsthand. he spent three years at google working as an engineer.r. he said he faced relentless bullying and intimidation from google for his views. one manager added him to an internal blacklist until finally google fired him last year. kevin joins us tonight. kevin, thanks very much for coming on. so, you believe that google knew what your politics were, you are conservative, harassed you for those views, and then ultimately dismissed you on the basis of that? >> yes, that's true. so basically what happened is when i joined google, i saw a lot of employees being w mistreated and abused and harassed for sharing conservative views or just for questioning company policies and i raise these issues through all the appropriate channels, hr, bps, eventually wound up filing a charge with the labor board
9:23 pm
and google knew about this and opened a federal investigation. i was working very closely with an investigator over there. what happened was google decided they did not like this investigator, and they made a lot of false accusations against me, and they fired me. they said, in writing, that the reason they fired me was for participating in this labor investigation. they are basically during the government to do anything about it. >> tucker: i don't think that's legal, is it? i mean, you can't fire someone for initiating a labor action, can you? >> i wouldn't think so. i have appealed the decision and the labor board came back and basically denied it. they did not cite any case laws. they didn't have a reason for it's basically their will against anybody else's. >> tucker: right, the most powerful country, company in the country. how ideological is the management at google? >> it's highly ideological. you can see it at every level of the organization.
9:24 pm
one thing i've noticed is thaty handling of routine issues is plagued with bias. they will get reports by a liberal reporter and they will jump on it and they will fix the issue very quickly. in contrast, one thing that i saw when i worked there was if you do a google search for a crippled america, which is donald trump's book, you will get results that would show "mein kampf," instead of "crippled america." i reported that. and they took nine months to fix that bug. they just stalled at every opportunity. they assigned it to people who no longer work there. they made every excuse in the book to avoid taking down something that made donald trump look bad and i saw otherno incidents just like that. >> tucker: do you believe that google will attempt to influence the election outcome or will attempt to try to prevent trauma trump from being reelected? >> i do believe so.
9:25 pm
i think that's a major threat. they have openly stated that they think 2016 was a mistake, they thought that trump should have lost in 2016. they really want him to lose in that's their agenda. they have very biased people running at every level of the company and they have quite a bit of control in the political process so that that's something we should really worryte about. >> tucker: and yet, congress is sitting back and acting like it's not happening. it's disgusting. kevin, thank you for sending that along. i appreciate it good to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: it's friday, so that means dan bongino is ready to explode with his weekly news explosion. must-seemu television on the wa. but first, it's time for "final exam." can you beat the news professionals that are remembering everything that happened in the past week? cable news' favorite game show. in fact, cable news' only game show, next. ♪ here, it all starts with a simple...
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glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. ♪ >> tucker: it's time now for "final exam," where hardened news professionals compete with one another for the right to hoist the coveted erik wemple coffee mug aloft. this week's first contestant is fox news headlines 24/7 reporter, carley shimkus. she will be competing with america's newsroom anchor, william bill cameron. great to see you guys. amen. it's great to see you both. this is another contest where you just can't pick a winner and you can't decide who to root for so i'm going to let nature take its course. >> i'm rooting for >> and i'm rooting for carley already, tucker. >> tucker: the kind of man he is. so hands on buzzers.
9:31 pm
i ask the questions, the first one to buzz in getsis to answer to the question, critically, you must wait until i finish asking the question before answering. every correct answer is worth one point. each incorrect answer subtracts a point from your total. best-of-five wins. are you ready? >> we are. >> yeah. >> tucker: perfect. okay. question one. which 2020 democratic candidate candidate told a child reporter that her cat was dead? >> wait, we need the judges on this one. >> tucker: our judges are saying it goes to carley because mr. hammer buzzedd early. >> you are kidding me. >> tucker: coiled steel, lightning fast. >> the answer is, marianne williamson. >> tucker: marianne williamson's cat passed away, is that correct? >> that's right. sadly, it did.
9:32 pm
>> do you have a pet? >> i had a cat and the cat died. >> tucker: boy, is that grim. >> i heard that her cat isow sliding down a rainbow into a pool of jell-o in the heavens above. >> tucker: into a love pool. question two. which democratic candidate prepared for the debate this week by going for a run around the city of detroit? which candidate went for a predebate run around detroit? who looks like they would go for a run? >> i think it's beto. >> tucker: you think it's robert francis o'rourke? beto? >> how are you doing? how are you feeling about the debate? >> i am feeling good.
9:33 pm
running and thinking through what i want to say tonight. >> tucker: he is running. >> i would have said cory booker, because he's began. >> he did the thing where he ran across nebraska or iowa or whatever. >> tucker: that was nice. 1-1. okay, moving to question three now. last question on the democratic 2020 field. candidate julian castro has an identical brother and people often confuse the two. joachim came out with a solution, he recently changed his appearance in what way?se >> oh, i'm gonna take it. okay, i am unconfidently going to say he grew facial hair. >> that's a good one. >> tucker: he grew facial hair? did he grow facial hair? >> good to see you. it's the first time i've seen you with the new beard. is that to distinguish yourself?
9:34 pm
>> that's one of the reasons. itre helps. if they could tell right away that i'm not the one running for president. >> i think he said he was going to do that. >> tucker: very good. a carley, i'm impressed. okay. so it's carley leading mr. hemmer by one. prince harry of great britain is very concerned about climate change. so concerned he recently told reporters he's going to limit the number of children he has with his wife to how many? carley? >> two! >> tucker: two. just two? is that correct? >> now to the royal revelation. prince harry saying he and duchess meghan are going to have two children maximum. the plan is to have only one more child out of concern for the environment. >> that's it? wow. >> tucker: impressive. all right. our judges are saying carley is fast on the buzzer. so going into the final question
9:35 pm
which is, by the way, a two-pointer. potentially, we can have a tie here.. this is a multiple choice. here's the multiple wait for all of the options. you often see some unusual things on the las vegas strip but this is a new one. a massive swarm of what kind of insect has taken over? is it a, ladybugs, b, grasshoppers, or c, honey bees? bill hemmer? >> you're going to break the darn thing. >> i had nothing to do with that. >> i do believe it's grasshoppers, tucker. i do believe. >> tucker: it was grasshoppers? correct? to the tape.e. >> the bright lights of las vegas have attracted an unwanted new visitor. a horde of grasshoppers. at first glance, it looked like the apocalypse. the insect invasion no desert mirage. the grasshoppers swarm is so
9:36 pm
massive it can actually be seen from outer space. bug experts say the grasshoppers are attracted to the bright lights in vegas. >> tucker: amazing. amazing. okay.pepe so this brings us to an unusual place. we have a tie. >> good game! >> tucker: we resolved that with a sudden, hold on. no. we never end on a tie. it's a sudden death. we have a bonus question for you. the traditional bonus question is what is typically, what is the capital of burkina faso. but we haver asked it too many times and our audience is awareu of the answer. so the judges have asked that we increase the intensity and the difficulty of the question. okay? prepare, get ready. here's the question. sudden death. no, not multiple choice. one question, one answer. this is tough. what is the capital of canada? >> go.
9:37 pm
>> it's ottawa. >> i was going to say that, no! >> tucker: i don't think that's right but let me -- we are going to check with our judges. judges?'t the judges are saying it is ottawa. that is literally the capital of the country. that's unbelievable. bill hemmer. i am so impressed. the man from ohio knows geography. i didn't know it. you win the erik wemple mug. congratulations. bill hemmer. carley, great to see you. >> thank you, tucker.e >> this was lovely. >> tucker: that's it for this week's "final exam." pay attention to the news each and every week and tune in to see if you can beat the expertsd erik wemple mugs available on we will be right back. ♪ tuckercarlson we will be right back. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: it's friday and that means things go boom. time for a dan bongino news explosion. our favorite former secret service agent here with has beentories of what a remarkable week. dan bongino joins us now. hey, dan. >> tucker, always good to see you, especially at the end of the week. let's get right to it. story number three, my top three of the week. it's kind of a two-parter so i cheated a little bit. snuck this in there. democratic debate takeaways. take away one. kamala harris train derailed this week. she was flying to the top, she was creeping on joe biden, had a great performance in debate one, and then ran into tulsi gabbard who just entirely derailed that train, held her to account, kamala harris trying to take ultimate positions on everything. tulsi gabbard called her to account and that didn't work out well for her. so, takeaway number two from the dem debate, there were a lot of takeaways, by the way, so i had
9:43 pm
to kind of distilled is down to two. joe biden has run into doc brown from "back to the future."is remember christopher lloyd? joe biden could be running in the year 3030. he quoted some crazy website, go to jail, 30330. we found out later, it was, a text. we will give joe a pass on that one, but it didn't end well for joe, tucker. not a great debate. >> tucker: that made me feel sorry for him. yeah. >> me too. people threw stuff out but gosh, it was so -- 30330, it's like he was trying to think it through while he was sayingjout it. all right, story number two. the elijah cummings-donald trump feud explodes. tucker, here we go again with the "you're a racist" stuff. everybody these days k
9:44 pm
is a racist racist from the democrats. we had kamala harris, who we referenced before, she kind of attacked joe biden insinuating he might've had some racist past with bussing. everybody's a racist now. donald trump calls out the failures in baltimore, which are obvious. haven't had a republican in a charge there since the '60s. and he tries to benefit the largely failing city and somehow, trump's a racist. everybody's racist. it's unbelievable. the word is entirely losing its impact, which is a shame because real racists will then get a pass. unbelievable. sorry, i need to take a breath on that one. >> tucker: number two wore you out. >> a little bit. story number one, teflon jim comey strikes again. this guy is amazing. you covered it in the beginning of the show very well but hega leaked classified information. leaks it, then says, what did he say, i didn't release it, i communicated it? which, this guy is the king euphemisms.
9:45 pm
but get a load of this one. he didn't know it was classified? no, it was retroactively classified. he tweeted out something the other day with the word bro in it. o like, hey bro, you were the fbi director bro. you didn't know it was classified information? you may want to put that on your resume for your next job, you have a trouble distinguishing what classified information is. just a pro tip from us here on the show. >> tucker: all the people are going to jail for less than dan bongino, thanks for that. appreciate it. >> you got it, buddy. good to see you. >> tucker: that is it for us tonight and for the week. tonight's last special is out of time. we will be back though, 8:00 p.m. on monday and every weeknight, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a great weekend. ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity." i'm jason chaffetz in tonight for sean. breaking this week, we learned
9:46 pm
that fired fbi director james comey is in some serious hot water. "the hill"'s, john solomon, inspector general michael horowitz found that comey lacked candor and leaked confidential government documents. james comey was even recommended for prosecution but solomon and fox news are reporting he won't be charged, for now. we saw a similar result a few months ago when a still unnamed fbi deputy assistant director was referred for criminal prosecution for purposelynn leaking sealed court documents.
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