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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 2, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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good to see you. >> tucker: that is it for us tonight and for the week. tonight's last special is out of time. we will be back though, 8:00 p.m. on monday and every weeknight, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a great weekend. ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity." i'm jason chaffetz in tonight for sean. breaking this week, we learned that fired fbi director james comey is in some serious hot water. "the hill"'s, john solomon, inspector general michael horowitz found that comey lacked candor and leaked confidential government documents. james comey was even recommended for prosecution but solomon and fox news are reporting he won't be charged, for now. we saw a similar result a few months ago when a still unnamed fbi deputy assistant director was referred for criminal prosecution for purposelynn leaking sealed court documents.
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yet, the department of justice refused to prosecute. but while the disgraced former fbi director has escaped criminal charges, for now, the department of justice's investigations into fisa abuse and the origins of the russia witch hunt are still underway. yesterday, on twitter, freedom caucus chairman mark meadows of north carolina pointed, out, "as the ig reported on comey, we are getting the sound of silence. no comey tweets, no softball interviews. let's be tougher when you get questions by a department of justice inspector department general. the truth is coming. his actions will come to light and the verdict won't be pretty." unsurprisingly, the b always indignant james comey responded writing, "i love transparency. i just wait for the facts before i talk aboutal them. i'm confident the results of all ig reports will show honest,
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public servants work hard to protect this country from a threat this president and his enablers won't acknowledge. and, @ me next time, bro." james comey may want to get off of his high horse on this one because as the ranking member of the house intel committee pointed out, comey could be in serious trouble. watch this. >> look, i haven't disclosed who we have referred, criminally,y but i think one could guess that it's highly likely that we would name people who leaked classified information. they are not going to act on any of our referrals. those have all been given to the u.s. attorney in connecticut. my guess is the same holds true for the ig. everything is going to be given to the attorney in connecticut. so, if i was james comey, i wouldn't be walking on the cornfields of iowa yet running for president. >> jason: according to reports, one crucial piece of evidence surrounding the doj's investigation into fisa abuse will soon be available. that would be bruce ohr's three 302s. joining us now to explain is fox news contributor's sara carter, and the author of the upcoming book, this is going
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to be a good one, "witch hunts, the story of the greatest mass solution in political history." fox news political analyst, greg jerry. gregg jarrett. thank you both for joining us tonight. gregg, i want to start with you. you are in the studio with us in new york. what troubles with me as this is now two people in a row where the inspector general is recommended criminal prosecution and the department of justice is not prosecuting. >> it's got to be frustrating for horwitz and his team of lawyers. because they presented two cases now. the first one, against an deputy assistant director to the fbi's total slam-dunk case. and yet, the doj doesn't want to prosecute. now we've got comey, who stole government documents, leaked them to the media, and to friends, he admitted that he leaked them. and apparently some of these are classified.pp that's a violation of the espionage act, whether it's intentional or grossly negligent is what hillary clinton did and i name in my book 600 individuals who did this and got
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prosecuted for it, yet james comey does not? i think it's a mistake. however, i do sorts of understad that if a prosecution is going to be made over all of this, you want to go with your best case and may be william barr and the doj is waiting for the ig's criminal referral on fisa abuse which would include that and man we just saw on your screen, james comey. >> jason: sara, james comey is not out of the woods yet. there still is this ig report that more and probably, you have durham who is pursuing things and couldn't bring up a number of charges along the way? >> absolutely. it's not just frustrating to horwitz. if we want to go back to this decision, not to prosecute comey for leaking these classified memos. it's frustrating to the american people, and i see that on twitter. i see people responding like, is there a two-tiered justice system? what's going on here?ng i think we'll just need to take a deep breath. i'm being very vigilant and cautious. i think attorney general
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william barr is goingan to do te right thing. but i'm being mindful, and i think it's very important for the american people to do the same, because john durham is the man in charge here, and he is putting together his case, and he is working diligently,, according to sources. but it's a very tight ship. nothing is leaking. we know that he's looking at all aspects of how comeys was involved in thee beginning of te investigation into president trump and russia. he's looking at all of those imaginations. everything that happened out over the very beginning of the investigation, that's what's important here. and now that we know judicial watch is getting those documents, those 302s, from bruce ohr and his interviews with the fbi agent, i think the american public will have a little more light on what was going on there and then that second report that's coming out from horowitz on russia, that's going to be a big one.
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>> jason: let's talk about the 302s because the 302s are the summaries of the fbi's interviews along the way. what do we expect or what we think that these 302s could potentially tell us as they have interviews and discuss these things? >> likely it's gonna show that the fbi and the doj was warned that this guy, christopher steele, had phonyed up a document called a dossier. it was a fabrication. he was not credible. he was not reliable. and yet, comey and then others stated to the fisa court that he was. they knew he was in. in fact, they had fired him for leaking and lying so they used bruce ohr in an information laundering scheme. he was the conduit. they knew that they couldn't go back to christopher steele that they had fired. that would break rules and regulations. so it was a sleazy, slimy operation. they used ohr as a conduit. he would get information from steele, feed it to his handler,s his handler will give it to peter strzok, who would give it
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to mccabe, who would give it to comey, and they were cleansing their fingerprints. their dirty fingerprints off of the steele dossier by using that guy, bruce ohr, as the conduit. >> jason: sara, bruce ohr happens to be married to a person named nellie ohr and fusion gps, which i think had less than 20 something employees, employed this guys wife, and so, how do you see this playing out, and what are the 302s from your reporting and your research going to show us about why bruce ohr was doing? >> well, remember. nellie ohr was hired specifically for this. she was hired specifically because she's a russia experts. apparently, she is fluent in russian. she was focused on the trump campaign and any kinds of russia contact, so that's what makes this so terrible, and also the fact that bruce ohr really never reported that to the doj. even more importantly about bruce ohr. and i think a lot of people have them forgot about this, under
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pressure from trey gowdy, when he was questioning him behind closed doors, bruce ohr admitted that he had told people within the department of justice, tar particularly the criminal fraud division, which was then headed by andrew weissmann, who then became a part of the special counsel, the right-hand man, the second in charge next to robert mueller, all about this. so there were three people at senior-level doj officials that actually knew about bruce ohr and his contact with christopher steele, two of which were working for the special counsel. so all of this is going to come out, and gregg is right on the money. the most important thing that those 302s, i believe, are going to reveal, is that he warned people thatin christopher steele was anti-trump and that there was information that was not verifiable and that this would look really bad and if that's the case, this is a potentially big criminal liability and problem for people in the fbi.
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particularly for comey, who signed off on the first fisa warrant. >> jason: remember, there were multiple fisa warrants going to the court, and part of what i am really curious to see when they go through these 302s, first of all, hats off to judicial watch for having the legal capability and financial wherewithal to go through filing these suits and prying open documents and making them available. they make congress just to look tactless. t i think -- i'm not even the former chairman of the committee issuing subpoenas, and they wouldn't respond to me, but judicial watch can go out and get this because they have the support of the court. congress can't ever go to the court to actually get these things loosened up., so, and it underscores how christopher wray of the fbi is sort of his twin brother of james coming up yet he obstructed lawful subpoenas from people like you in congress in order to cover up and hide incriminating information.
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>> jason: sara, this took so much time, and i'm sorry, but under attorney general jeff sessions, we got nothing, ever. there was no response to this. it was only since attorney general barr came in, and the president said we had to release these documents and declassify them. >> that's right, jason. what was so difficult was this constant battle. this judicial watch was so great at that. fighting them in the court. because no matter which way they turned, the doj, and the fbi, were more concerned at that time about protecting themselves on the reputation, and not doing what is right for the american people. and this is something that weri have to come to terms with as a country. the most important thing that we can do now, regardless of what is discovered, is to discover the truth.ow that's it. that's what the american people want, that's whate the american people need. because we should not be a two-tiered system of justice.
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where people like hillary clinton and others get a break, and the rest of the american public have to pay a heavy price and a burden, like christian's dossier, took pictures on porting nuclear sub and then was put in prison. it's just not right. so i think, right now, we are seeing something different. >> jason: gregg and sara, thank you so much for the first glimpse by the way that we are going to get to get to see when durham is also looking at should happen as soon as monday when we expect the 302s from bruce ohr to be released. don't you want to watch the show on monday night when sean will be back in the chair. i think we will have some interesting news. but tonight, the spygate controversy continues. iowa's senator chuck grassley, one of my favorites in the united states senate, he says the pentagon failed to meet his release for documents on contracts with the fbi informant stefon helper. he is the shady cambridge professor who is suspected of spying on members of the trump campaign. joining us now for a reaction on this and of the news that james comey won't be prosecuted, at least for now, a republican
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congressman ted mcclintock of california, and andy biggs, a congressman from arizona. i served with both gentlemen in congress, while i was there, and i think you both for joining us tonight. when you got word of john solomon's reporting and what will fox news has been able to report, that james comey would actually not be prosecuted, or help be held accountable for releasing and having clipped classified information in a nonclassified setting, what was your reaction? >> my first reaction is, this is the same thing we've seen prosecuted over and over again. in other words, he lied and he leaked classified information. he not only lied and leaked classified information, he has admitted it, so -- and he did it for political purpose. so the elements of the claim are all obvious, so i'm thinking that they think that they need to hold off on indicting mr. comey until the horowitz
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report comes in and mr. durham's finished his investigation. i believe this is just a postponement of the inevitable for mr. comey. >> jason: when you heard the news and saw this information, what was your reaction? >> it's one of two things. it's either the same double standard that we have seen play out in case after case, which your prior guests mentioned, or as andy says, and i tend to agree with him, they've got much bigger fish to fry with james comey, and they don't want to get sidetracked into charges like this when there are much bigger issue is still a foot. and we will find out, as all of this unfolds and unravels. >> jason: well, and i hope that is the case. i'm kind of stuck on the fact of the inspector general, michael horowitz, issued a statement, rare enough that an inspector general would put out.
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this document talking about the deputy assistant director that he there was a sealed court documents and that the deputy assistant director of the fbi, we don't know the person's actual name because there are multiple people with that title, but they gave this information to a reporter and the departmenn of justice had decided not to prosecute. congressman biggs, how do we get to the point where there is anig equal application of justice? because i got to tell you, your rank and file person in the military, or some other place, or a contractor who has classified information in a nonclassified session, guess what, they are going to go to jail? and that's probably the way it should be. but here you have the deputy assistant director not prosecuted. i don't understand it and how is congress going to hold the doj accountable for that?ng >> we have to hold them accountable. i mean, but you've seen what the people on judiciary are concerned with. they wanted interview everybody tried to impeach president trump they are not interested in this. but i am. i don't think it just ends at doj or with the fbi itself.
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i think this goes across dod, we are saying that, that they don't want to give information, either. we are seeing a lot of agents choose to withhold information from congress and congress has got to hold people in contempt and, you know, but, right now, we are feckless. you used the word feckless, and i can't help but agree with you. i get frustrated at the stonewalling we get from administrations that are of the same party, and they redact documents, and they will say itn is for national security. you have seen this, just like i have, weight becomes unredacted. it was only because they were embarrassed at the corruption and the level of corruption in that bureaucracy. it had nothing to do with national security. so we have to push forward on this. >> jason: what andy biggs is talking about is exactly right. i hope this time after time on a daily basis, things that were redacted because they were
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politically embarrassing, not because they were actually true classifications. but how do we get past this? how do we hold these people accountable? d because then when you do have somebody who has admitted in interviews on television saying i've leaked these documents on purpose because i wanted them to be out there in the media, where do we go from there? >> as you know, the most closely guarded secrets in the u.s. government are unclassified but embarrassing. i think this whole thing is nowt unraveled to the point where it's taking on a life of its own. the facts are coming out. i mean, the reason why chuck grassley is so insistent on getting the facts from the pentagon is at the same time it was giving a massive $400,000 contract to stefan helper, to write a report that investigative reporters are now calling of dubious value. at the same time he was getting that payoff, he was spying on the trump campaign. so, things started to unravel. they take on a life of their own.
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the facts, the truth will set our nation free from this whole russian collusion nonsense, and at the same time, those same facts may start putting behind bars some very high officials in our intelligence and justice agencies from the obama administration. the truth will out, i am convinced of that. and as those facts come to light, they will damn thoseee responsible, and hopefully we o will never see this kind of threat to our democracy again. a threat from within. the use of the most terrifying powers that we give to our government, powers to destroy people's lives, turned for political purposes, to intervene in elections, and to undermine the constitutionally elected president. >> jason: i'm glad these two are on top of it. the best serving in our at united states congress. thank you. as you talk about that helperan contract, let's remember, our government, out of your wallet, took more than c $1 million and put it in his wallet. congressman grassley, i mean, senator grassley, he wants to see those contracts. senator grassley better get those contracts because we
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coughed up a million dollars and he needs to see what was goingr on there, and i think he and his staff will do a great job once he gets thosenk documents. thank you again gentlemen for being here. coming up, why are 2020 democrats suddenly attacking obama? spoiler alert, they think he's too conservative. we will explain, after the break. don't go away. ♪ ♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. ♪now i'm gonna tell my momma♪ ♪that i'm a traveller ♪i'm gonna follow the sun♪ ♪now i'm gonna tell my momma ♪that i'm a traveller transitions™ light under control™
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10:23 pm
you were vice president of the united states. i didn't hear whether you try to stop them or not, using your power and your influence in the white house. >> you're electing me to lead. >> mr. vice president, it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't. >> you can't have it both ways. you invoke president obama more than anybody in this campaign. you can use it when it's convenient and then dodge it when it's not. >> jason: last night, president trump brought up the bizarre debates during his rally in cincinnati, ohio. take a look. >> i was watching the so-called debate last night. [boos]s] and i also watched the night before -- that was long, long television.ed and the democrats spent moreha time attacking barack obama then they did attacking me, practically. [cheers and applause] it's true. and this morning, that's all the fake news was talkinge] about.
10:24 pm
>> jason: as only the president can say. and joe biden, who seems to beho running on obama's legacy, said he was surprised by the left turning on one of their idols. >> i must tell you, i was a little surprised at how much hate was coming about the president. i mean, i am proud to have served with him, i'm out of the job he did.k i don't think there's anything he has to apologize for and i think that, you know, it kind of surprised me. the degree of criticism. >> jason: joining us now is american conservatives chairman matt schlapp and former economic advisor to president obama, austan goolsbee. gentlemen, thank you both for joining us. austan, is the road to the white house for democrats paved by bu can be the hardest, toughest, and most liberal against barack obama? is that where we are going?
10:25 pm
>> i mean, i don't know what it says that i 100% agree with president trump. they are attacking barack obama more than they were attacking president trump. i don't know what they were thinking, and all i can think is they were trying out different things. you know, it's an early debate. they're going to trial various things but the popularity of president obama among democratic voters, they should have checked their polls. i mean, that it's pretty high and they are going to get the vice president made the nominee if they continue that. i think if the next debate or the next public saying, these people are going to be backing up just because they hear that truck. this was really dumb. they should not have done that. >> jason: i agree with you, and you agree with donald trump. i hope we got this on tape at some point. matt, what was your read on this
10:26 pm
democratic debate, because they spent a lot barack obama? >> let's get specific here for a minute. i was shocked and tweeted out after the debate that obama has become a bit of an albatross just like the clintons. it's, like, going to unite the clintons and the obamas together, the fact that both of them aren't heralded as heroes anymore by the democratic party but specifically, calling obama's policies of deporting illegals here who commit additional crimes, calling that racist, asking joe biden if he called out president obama at the time for deporting illegals, actually, president obama deported more illegals thanle president trump has, and they are calling that racist. they said obamacare was immoral. didn't cover enough people. it was kind of like a poultry first step to get health care to the american people. obamacare is outrageously expensive and it has left millions of americans with worst health insurance, but it's
10:27 pm
usually republicans who are making the argument, not democrats. so, when you look at the actual policies, criminal justice reform, basically, they are saying he was immorally tough on inner-city black kids. it's amazing that this is coming from democrats. i think the democrats have lost their heroes, jason. there is not any previous president they can point to you and say "this is our hero," and their hero today, unfortunately, our socialism and the leaders of socialism. i think it's a very sad thing for the country. >> jason: bernie sanders, right here, on top of the ticket, he's not even registered democrat. he calls himself a democratic socialist by definition. but i got to tell you, i voted again against the affordable care act and so did every other republican. i'm telling you, if you watch
10:28 pm
the first, you had to get back past 25 minutes just to get through the introduction but the next 20-25 was all about how bad the affordable care act is and how expensive it is. >> yeah, well, not exactly how expensive it is but they want to do more then what's in the affordable care act. to disagree a bit with matt and with your vote, jason, if you look at the affordable care act, in the polls now, it's got about 70% support among the american people, and when president trump attempted to repeal it and restore the stuff about pre-existing conditions, et cetera, that was massively unpopular, and he couldn't even get his own -- >> jason: got rid of the individual mandate, which was absolutely necessary. he was unable to get his own party to back him to vote to repeal it and if the democrats,t now, to some minds, in this debate, it was in all of the
10:29 pm
candidates. there wereri definitely some prominent ones who were criticizing the affordable care act. >> this is important, let me jump in here. joe biden, who was the vice president, as you know, the man you served, he didn't at one point on this conversation about obamacare, this huge argument, he never invoked the name barack obama. and he said he also agreed that it wasn't enough and they had to do much more. now, we were promised under obamacare that if we spend these trillions of dollars, that the american people would beil coved and even though trump was able to repeal the individual mandate, even up to that point, we all know that millions of americans were left unprotected by the bill, and actually got worse, and couldn't keep their doctor or their plan and so for joe biden to say that obamacare didn't get it done is
10:30 pm
amazing. >> well, no. that's not right. >> be specific. >> millions more people -- are you going to let me tell you what the department of health and human services data show, or keep interrupting? it shows that million more people got coverage that had before. millions of people. >> listen. on medicaid! >> the reality is, during the democratic debate, they all beat of the living tar out of the affordable care act, and when yound talk about giving illegal immigrants -- >> every single one of them! that is so fundamentally, wholly wrong. >> jason: we will watch the tape, they all raised their hands. but last question. joe biden, he is part of the past.
10:31 pm
he's been in washington for 40 years. i've never had anyone walk around saying we need more washington, we need more bureaucracy, we need more government spending. how does joe biden make his case at the same time they are all trying to distance themselves from barack obama? it's got to be embarrassing that the president did not endorse joe biden. >> i agree with you. i agree with you that joe biden is challenged. he's got to get more disciplined. and b, he's got -- the election is going to be about the future so he can just be about the past. that said, if you look at the democratic voters who are going to decide who's going to be the nominee, they massively supported barack obama. so my prediction, a, my estimation is that's why joe biden is leading by huge amount, and b, if other candidates continue to push thet line that barack obama is not enough, they are flying in the face of --
10:32 pm
you saw pew research interviewed all americans, who was the best president of their lifetime? barack obama was number one. >> jason: last word from matt. >> the reason why joe biden, and i found myself rooting for him, i think i agree. he could be better than this i think. but the reason why he has done so well in these polls is really an astounding support from african-american voters. these are voters that cory booker, kamala harris, and others have not been able to grab, but the question is, will he continue to get the support from african-american voters if he jumps on board, like all of these candidates have, the idea that we should decriminalize crossings of the border, that we should give free health care to those who come to this country illegally, and if he keeps this policy that he's had on criminal justice reform, that has been punitive in these inner cities with these young kids, that's a real question, if he can hold onto that, i agree, he can still get this nomination. but i think he's on a perilous course with these radical
10:33 pm
policies. >> jason: gentlemen, thank you so much. us.preciate you joining coming up in a special edition of "hannity," rush limbaugh weighs in on the human crisis at america's biggest, most liberal cities. stay with us. ♪ ad no symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine... man 1: ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. woman 3: i knew for years. vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks. vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. vo: tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions... vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa
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♪ >> for decades, these communities have been run exclusively by democrats. and it's been total, one party control of the inner cities. if the democrat record is one of neglect and corruption and decay. a total decay. the democrats have taxed and regulated jobs and opportunity out of the cities and out of existence. if they have squeezed the blood out of them. >> jason: that was president trump last night,
10:38 pm
highlighting the failures of democratic leadership in places like baltimore. and it's not just baltimore. liberal cities n across america are grappling with the rising homelessness, violent crime, and a full-blown public health crisis paid listen to rush limbaugh talking about the destructive democratic agenda to sean last night. >> they look out over this landscape, they see nothing but suffering. they don't see anybody other than in pain. victims of this, victims of that. there isn't anything they talk about that involves improving life. they talk about jobs, not careers. they do not offer anybody anything uplifting. and they haven't created a group of voters that even things uplifting. their voter group is mired in all kinds of misery, injustice, to the point that they are covering up george washington in murals in san francisco rather than cleaning the human feces off the streets out there. >> jason: that's right.n joining me now for reaction,
10:39 pm
baltimore reaction is a political activist, along with the author of stealing, charlie hurt. kimberly, i want to go to you first. your heart is dear and near to baltimore. since the president has drawn attention, particularly to baltimore, what's been happening there in maryland? >> well, it looks to me that everyone has started to go to work. first time in a long time congressman elijah cummings tweeted out a picture of him and his senior home in his district he's actually getting out there and talking to constituents. councilman president brandon scott proposed to do more town hall meetings and get out there and talk to constituents and go door-to-door. i saw today, i was there today, and i saw city dump trucks, i saw the city had their landscapers out there looking at the place and assessing it and trying to figure out how to start cleaning it up.
10:40 pm
so trump tweets, and a lot of people were upset, but guess what? he tweeted, and now they are getting to work.d that he should probably tweet more often. >> jason: as you see this situation unfolding in baltimore, what's your reaction to it? >> well, the first thing of courses, you know, just the sadness. how tragic it is for literally for five decades now, democrat politicians have been in charge of places like baltimore l and detroit, where i lived and worked for a number of years. it's their policies that are ona display and in live action every single day, and of course, they are paneling all kinds of false promises about trying t to fix things, about lifting people up and, of course, none of it amounts to anything, and the result is this in human squalor, this poverty, this violent crime that nobody in america should have to endure it. yet, it reigns in places like detroit and baltimore and democrats just sit back and they think well, we don't need to
10:41 pm
worry about these voters, theyit are never going to go to anybody else, and of course, republicans stupidly have ignored the problem, as well, largely because they are afraid of getting involved in nasty arguments about this stuff, but donald trump doesn't care. and if people are going to call him racist for calling out the squalor that elijah cummings has left in his district, he doesn't care. he cares more about those people and the fact that it is absolutely inhumane that people live in these kind of conditions in a country of as great as america. >> jason: that is something that bernie sanders even called out when he was there. kimberly, when you have people highlight the plight of these major inner cities, often times what you hear is racism, racism, racism. somebody who's, i'm not african-american, and if i were to talk about it, i mean, you can't claim racism with every single time we point out a problem in one of these cities. how do we deal with that?
10:42 pm
>> you can't, but unfortunately, i got the same thing, and i am african-american. i feel like they had nothing else to say.g they have nothing else to point to because as far as racism goes, you can't prove it or disprove it. but it's not racism at all. i think it's racism when you do nothing about it. i mean, face it, these constituents live in impoverished areas so they can't donate to campaigns. they don't have an area where there is ahe tourist attraction so none of these areas make money for the cities and that's what democrats are about. making money for themselves. it's a fact. >> jason: no, and if the only solution is more government handouts. charlie, one of the things i think republicans have to do our offer real solutions. i applaud donald trump for pointing it out, okay? but now, how do we pivot and actually offer solutions in contrast to democrats questionn i hope the president and the rest of us take the fight to these big cities and compare and contrast democratic solutions, which haven't worked over the last several decades, versus republican solutions.
10:43 pm
>> well, obviously, it's smart free-market ideas. talking about freedom and thingk republicans do have to offer to people who livimportant than tat education. but the first step, i think, that republicans have the stickf their chest out and say to heck with it. you can use these against us and call us racist but actually, we care and we are going to try to offer our solutions and just sort of go right on through and, you know, do their best. but i do think of you know, it's not about racism for democrats. it's about power. and they need these constituents, these voters, in order for these democrats to stay in power.ns and if they lose those people, then the democrats lose power. and i think that's the most important part.
10:44 pm
i wish people in baltimore understood, if they concentrated on this and decided to do something and punish democrats, they could actually take power away from democrats. and that would probably be a very smart thing, and it might kind of wise democrats up a little bit about this, and stop taking people for granted. >> jason: kimberly and charlie, we appreciate it. i really do believe you have to talk about policing, you've got to talk about schools, you haveo to talk about the breakdown of the family, because if you don't talk about those three things, you will never, ever solve this problem, and i hope that discussion continues on america. thank you both for joining us tonight. major breaking news on multiple fronts, straight ahead on this justice in america special, eight more covington kids are filing lawsuits for deaf and defamation -- good for them. and a trump victory for rapper a$ap rocky.
10:45 pm
you are going to want to hear that story. you won't admit it in public but i know you do. stay tuned for that story. ♪ [ alarm sound ] [ alarm sound ] hello. what is happening? what is all of this? move! everybody get out of here! why'd they kidnap bunch of normal folk like us? there's no escape. you have no idea what you're up against. [ screaming ]
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♪ >> jason: welcome come back to this special edition of "hannity," justice in america. you remember the covington catholic students slammed by the left and mainstream media for wearing maga hats? well, they are not finished fighting back at. jonathan hunt is live from our west coast newsroom with the latest in that case, plus, more details surrounding american rapper a$ap rocky, who has been released from swedish jail with help from president trump. jonathan? >> tonight with the covington students, eight of them filing this lawsuit. they are not names,m simply referred to as the "covingtons boys" who were involved in the cancer with nathan phillips, a native american on the mall in washington, d.c., in january.
10:50 pm
phillips played a drum and sang as covington students and nicholas sandmann and his classmate gathered around. the students were criticized by some as being aggressive and described as "maga hat wearing teens." among those names in the new lawsuit, having libeled the boys, the comedian actress, catherine good friends, anna navarro, a republican set of strings frequency and in contributor, and senator elizabeth warren. last week, a similar lawsuit brought by nicholas sandmann against "the washington post" for defamation was dismissed as in that other news you mentioned, a$ap rocky has been released from a swedish jail, as they consider the assault cases agai, who were accused of beating a
10:51 pm
19-year-old, seen in this video obtained by tmz. a$ap rocky thanked his supporters via instagram, saying it was a difficult and humbling experience. among them, supporters, president trump, who t tweeted "get home, a$ap." i'm sure the fans of a$ap forever are booming around the walls of the oval office tonight, jason. >> jason: jonathan, thank you.s and it's a$ap, it's not a.s.a.p., and learned. joining us for more reaction to tonight's top legal story, emily compagno and criminal defense attorney, jonathan billboard who are both joining us here in studio. orthanks again. i want to talk first about a$ap because i got to tell you, president trump put the full weight of the white house behind us. you have robert o'brien who is a special emissary there, who
10:52 pm
actually went to sweden come and help secure his release, but for the president to put all of the weight in there and make this happen, it actually worked. >> right. i think it's an indication that he is the leader of all ofic us. it doesn't matter who everyone's voting for. he is still everyone's president. i want to point of her viewers s two small things. number one, the response by the prosecutor general sweden was less than, shall we say, negotiating style when he responded and essentially said look, what no one has the power to influence or even try, not even me. so thanks, but no thanks. the fact that a$ap rocky has been released prior to his august 14th decision date means he will likely not serve any jail time, even the six months the prosecutor requested. >> jason: they do things different and sweet and then y they do the united states. >> yes, they do things much differently. here, this type of case, low-level brawl in the street, people would get slapped on the street and have a drink. here, a$ap rocky was locked up for a month and then all of a sudden the judges like oh, you
10:53 pm
can go home now. you can stick a fork in his case because it is done. >> jason: let's go to the covington case because these kids are not stopping their they are going to take the fight on. how is this different than the other lawsuit that they put in place that was tossed out? >> four main differences the attorney stated. number one, they are suing individuals, not the institution.f and under kentucky state law, this is an easier case for them to make. number two, the individuals they are pursuing are high-profile. they really had argued a significant impact on that social media frenzy, and the third thing is the fact that these are the group, not individuals on the plaintiff end. that was something the judgment mentioned in the original case. fourth and final thing, unlike the 250 million that the original suit was, these kids here are only suing for the cost of the university of kentucky tuition, no more than $50,000 each. >> jason: do you think they have a better case now than then they did in the first lawsuit? t >> i think sometimes you just have to punch back. this is probably going to be an uphill battle based on, look, it's the same essential fact as the case the federal judge dismissed.d.
10:54 pm
however, it's no fun getting sued. so the kids are really sending a message that you cannot get awa, with making these kind of disparaging remarks to satisfy your agenda against the president of the united states andy he was kids to do it. i like the message. >> jason: it is the right message. some people some people said they jumped to conclusions but these other people, they never did apologize and set the record straight. >> which was the point that was underlined in this particular suit that they filed. they said look, every single one of these people refuse to retract and they included examples in contrast by those high-profile figures who did ino fact retract and apologize for the initial statements. >> jason: now, with senator warren, she hasn't issued any sort of attraction. do you think a judge is going to live differently on a member of congress than they would, say, a celebrity or a newspaper? >> not really, but i do think that a member of congress is going to use this lawsuit to better her position in the democratic party. we will see. although, that's what really got
10:55 pm
her in trouble to begin with, so if she's smart, everybody will retract, everybody will apologize, and let these kids live their lives. >> jason: they jumped to conclusions. they went after teens without knowing the real story, and it was so fundamentally wrong. thank you both for joining us tonight. i really do appreciate it. stay with us as this special edition of "hannity" continues, right after the break. we've got good stuff for you. thank you. ♪ for you. thank you. ♪ i have a vision correction number,
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>> ♪ >> jason: welcome back to this >> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity" justice in america. if you like tonight's show you will like my new book. it's available for pre-ord now. democrats have been trying to
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invalidate the last election and will do everything to win the next election and won't play by the rules. that's what the book is about. sean back on monday. the "ingraham angle" is up next. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is a special "ingraham angle" from washington tonight. the democrats have declared war on law and order. mark fuhrman and john yoo will explain in moments. responding to the latest attempts to indoctrinate your kid by controlling what they read and how they are taught.e we highlight the biggest media fail with a special nod to cnn's lemon's debate performance. and we will expose the biggest political hoax of the i want to exwh


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